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By Bruce Eder

If James Taylor epitomized the definition and the original, late-'60s incarnation of the term singer/songwriter, Dan Fogelberg exemplified the late-'70s equivalent of that term at its most highly developed and successful, with a string of platinum-selling albums and singles into the early '80s and a long career afterward, interrupted only by a health crisis that led to his untimely death in 2007. He came out of a musical family, born Daniel Grayling Fogelberg on August 13, 1951, in Peoria, IL, where his father was an established musician, teacher, and bandleader. His first instrument was the piano, which he took to well enough, and music mattered to him more than the sports that were the preoccupation of most of the boys around him. At age ten, he was saving and listening to any old records he could find.
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By Paul Zollo

It's one of his earliest memories: He's four years old, standing up on a box in front of his father's big band, baton in hand, conducting. Though his dad stood behind him, doing the real work, for Dan it was a foreshadowing of what his life would be -- following in his father's footsteps to become the leader of the band. "It was an amazing feeling," he declared decades later during a series of discussions for these notes. "To be immersed in music. It felt both very magical and powerful. And I was fearless." That fearlessness has led him far, as he developed into one of popular music's most gifted and successful singer-songwriters. With an early genius for both melody and harmony, a soulfully angelic singing voice, and a natural gift for romantic expression, Dan Fogelberg has created songs that have become so embedded in our collective consciousness that they still resound with authentic magic and beauty years after they first emerged.
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by Rex Rutkowski

Magical. For longtime Dan Fogelberg fans, it really was a magical period, those years between 1974 and 1981 when the enduring singer-songwriter defined what for them became "his sound." -- acoustic-based, romantic themed, "Southern California" style folk-rock emphasizing three-part, "stacked" harmonies. Anchoring that era, for them, were a trio of albums in particular: "Souvenirs," released in 1974; "Captured Angel," which followed in 1975; and Fogelberg's 1981 coming of age landmark double record, "The Innocent Age." Not coincidentally, it also represented the material that radio seemed to embrace most enthusiastically. For those fans, and the new ones surely to be won this year, there is very good news to report: Dan Fogelberg has come "Full Circle."
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Rock Around The World
Radio Interview 1977
"To The Nether Lands
- And Beyond"
Prodigy Chat
June 11, 1997
AOL Live Chat
August, 1997
ET Online Live Chat
December 3, 1999
AOL Live Chat
December 14, 1999
Yahoo Live Chat
December 16, 1999
MSN Live Chat
December 22, 1999
Natalie Davis
Phone Interview June 2000
MSN Live Chat
July 26, 2000


Environmental Politics Spark Dan Fogelberg Show at Irving Meadows
"Best known for his romantic, folk-pop songs, Fogelberg gave his show the spark it needed by turning to environmental politics."
Rock Music Awards
Rock Music Awards
New Male Vocalist
1974 - 1975

Carnegie Hall

One-man show at Carnegie Hall
April 17, 1979

Thinking Girl Heartthrob
Dan Fogelberg: Thinking Girl's Heartthrob & Super Picker
"During Make Love Stay a lovelorn lady tossed a perfectly aimed bouquet that landed smack on Fogelberg's guitar neck and stayed there."
The Days Of Listening
A throwback to the days of listening, not dancing
"It comes down to one person writing it and one person hearing it."
"If I have a real gift it's that I can express things in a way that people can relate to."
Lets Music Do Talking
Fogelberg lets music do his talking
"I'm pretty private, and I think my music speaks for itself."
The Coachmen Song
The Coachmen
"Maybe Time Will Let Me Forget"
Telluride Festival
Telluride turning point
Fogelberg made a change after the '83 festival
"I made this list of who
would be my 'dream band'... and they actually wanted to do it. I couldn't believe it."
Fogelberg Hypnotic
Clean-shaven Fogelberg
hypnotic at arena
"The 33-year-old artist
reportedly has been having fun with his new look on the road. At a recent show, he came out on stage and tinkered with the Hillman Band's equipment like a
stagehand and no one
recognized him."
Beardless Fogelberg
Beardless Fogelberg fools fans
"Those who came expecting the country-folk sound...refused to believe he was on stage with...a rhythm and blues band, as advertised."
Julys Only Platinum Album
Fogelberg: He recorded July's only platinum album
Candid Interview
Dan Fogelberg
A Candid Interview
"It's weird, this mass of
humanity comes in and
out of your life so fast
and the next thing you know you're back in the hotel room alone. That can get lonely."
River Of Souls
Dan Fogelberg's River Of Souls
"I don't have a problem with the songwriting. I just wish I was a little more mature when I performed it. To me, my voice just seemed so high and so young."
Man On The Mountain
Man on the Mountain
"It's about trying to find
your place in the universe. It's about finding peace
with God...."
Skiier News Inteview
Skier News Interview
"I fell off the side of the mountain into a catwalk that I couldn't see coming. Of course, it was frozen solid. I was really lucky that I didn't break both of my legs."

Dan Fogelberg
high on Colorado home
"That was my first real taste of Colorado, and I really liked it. But Aspen wasn't my place - even then, the lifestyle was a little fast-paced for an Illinois boy like me. I was good for about two or three days, then I'd crawl out with my tongue dragging down to my legs."

Dan Fogelberg
Acoustic Art For A Pop World
"Irving was ready for the big time, and he was going to take me and REO Speedwagon along. We were each other's ticket into the LA scene."

The Dan Fogelberg Cult

Dan Fogelberg: Home Free At Last
"I wish I could have maintained my openness, but if you don't protect yourself from the shit
that goes down on a personal level in this business, you'll
be a cripple by 25."

Certificate of Merit
Scholastic Art Award
Illinois Summer Youth Theatre
Illinois Summer Youth Theatre
Red Herring Festival
Herring festival "totally involving"
Fogelberg Delman Unchanged
Fogelberg, Delman Unchanged
Fogelberg Home to Country
Dan Fogelberg comes home to country
"I do those records for so long and then I get burned out being the sensitive singer/songwriter. It's
not always fun - I certainly don't live like that."
Heart Warming Set Soothes Crowd
Heart-warming set soothes Fogelberg concert crowd

Vail Beaver Creek Interview
Dan Fogelberg's Vail/Beaver Creek
B B King Autograph
To Dan
Stay with it - B.B.King
Mysterious Dan Fogelberg
The Mysterious Dan Fogelberg and the Emerging Fool's Gold
"...what comes across is a sensitive soul who loves to rock and tries to roll with life's inevitable punches...."
ASCAP Certificate
ASCAP Certificate

Record World
Record World
February 27, 1982
Hits of the Week

Penny Press
Dan Fogelberg: On the Rise
"Fogelberg is flailing, Don Quixote style, uphill against overwhelming odds, to succeed in the quicksand world of pop music."

Hawaii Certificate of Appreciation
Certificate of Appreciation from the Senate of the State of Hawaii

Rock Award Concert
Fogelberg Wins Rock Award, Approval of Local Concert Crowd

New York Certificate

State of New York Executive Chamber
"Recognized for his commitment to the preservation of our environment."

Leader of the Band #1
Billboard Top 50
Leader of the Band #1
Adult Contemporary

Believe In Me #1
Billboard Top 50
Believe In Me #1
Adult Contemporary

Make Love Stay #1
Make Love Stay
Contemporary Hit Radio
Peaked at #15
Adult Contemporary
Peaked at #1
Tour of America 84
Tour of America 1984
Back Page Charts
The Back Page
National Airplay
Contemporary Hit Radio
January 29, 1982

Animal Shelter Benefit
Pagosa Springs Sun
Benefit achieves animal shelter for Upper San Juan Humane Society.

Elliott & Dan
Elliott & Dan
Live at the Red Herring

Magic in Mancos
Magic in Mancosl

Folk U Festival
Folk U Again Festival


clint eastwood dan fogelberg at ski event
American Ski Classic
From the March 13, 1984 "Vail Daily"

wild places pass
Wild Places Pass
Someone got creative with the back of Dan's pass.

Heart & Humor
With Heart and Humor

Feely Dan
Feely Dan

Own Man
Dan's His Own Man

From The Heart
His Art Comes From The Heart

Run For The Roses
Michael Martin Murphey
"Run For The Roses"

Frankly Fogelberg
Frankly Fogelberg

Peoria Proud
Fogelberg Does Peoria Proud

Telegram Prop
Telegram Prop From "Go Down Easy" Video
Make Love Stay notes
Song Notes
"Make Love Stay"
Newgrass Pasture
U of I Drop Letter
University of Illinois
"Dear Student, I am sorry to inform you..."

1976 Musing
"Each new work of art is like a bird..."
Halloween Concert
Halloween Concert 1981

"In Costume, In Contert"
Portland Monthly article
Portland Magazine 2010
"Wild Child"
Birth Announcement
Birth Announcement
"House of Fogelberg"
Brevard Live


bloom county cartoon
mountainear cartoon
gilchrist cartoon