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"Dear Dan" Letters

August 2006

 Happy birthday, Dan.  My son was born on August 13th, so I always remember your birthday. ~ Pam


 I've been told that August 13th is Dan Fogelberg's birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY...! I have been a fan of yours for over 30 years and I have turned all family members into Dan Fogelberg fans too! Live Long, Live Well, Smile Often. ~ Rebecca Jeffries, Roseville, CA.


 Happy Birthday Dan! May it be a Joyous one! Prayers are still being sent your way for a full recovery.  Hope you and Jean are doing well and enjoying the summer. Hugs ~ Cathy in NJ~


 Dan, As a real Colorado "girl" of 42, your music has been my lullaby since my early teenage years.  I have learned to take from the Reach all that she has to teach to the depths of my soul because of your gift of artistry.  Thank you for your gift to humanity, and I will pray that you can continue to bless us with your amazing poetic talent.  Peace, health, light and love ~ Wendy


 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAN! You have been in our thoughts and prayers this week as we noticed on your site that your birthday is upon us.  We have your albums from our growing up years, but we bought your "Best Of" CD this week in honor of your life, your birthday, and your gift of music to us.  God has blessed our generation with the gifts He gave you, and now we share those with our children. Thank you for all you've given through your life and your music.  A random email from an old friend this week said he played one of your songs with a group recently and he remembered how much I loved your music long ago when we were teens.  I told him I was truly honored that he thought of me when he was playing your music! We pray for many blessings for you and your family, as you celebrate your birthday.  We celebrate YOU! Keep looking UP! ~ John W. & Michele Hall, Nashville, TN


 Dear Dan and Jean, We are praying for you. Your music has guided our lives and has such meaning of us."Longer" was our wedding song and we have seen you perform live 11 times in the 24 years of our marriage...usually on our anniversary. We owe so much to you in the fact that you have given us strength and focus thru the years of our lives, now we hope to give that strength and focus back to you as you conquer this illness. Please stay strong and know that we are with you! Always ~ Tracey and Dave


 Happy, Happy Birthday Dan!!! We miss you and your music so much, but hope you are finding  happiness, health and peace on the path you now have greater need of.  Please know that you are and always will be in our  thoughts and prayers. We love you Dan!!! ~ Donna and David Lester, Great Neck, NY


 Happy Birthday, Dan!  I hope this birthday finds you and Jean fit and happy and living life to the fullest.  God bless you. ~ MaryWH


 Have a wonderful, most Happy Birthday tomorrow !  Many happy returns and Godspeed to you and yours.  ~ Isabel Besse


 Dan, Happy Birthday to you! Love~ Ken Harris-YNP


 I pray for your recovery, Dan, and for your family too. Thank you for sharing you gift with the world. We need your gift, so hang in there. Your "Run for the Roses" is incredible. God bless. ~ Cheryl


 To Dan & his family, I've never felt compelled to write to anyone this way, but Dan, your music has been an integral part of my life for many years, and I hope that God will allow us to keep you around for many more. I'm sure you've investigated all your treatment options, but just in case you are not aware of the Proton Accelerator Treatment for prostate cancer, I would like to tell you that we are having excellent success with it here at the institution where I work: Loma Linda University Medical Center, in Loma Linda, Southern California.  In case you would like to look into it further here is a link: My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family as you go through this trial - in the midst of it all, may you still find that calm center of peace you've shared with us all through your music! Sincerely ~ Ilsa Nation


 Dear Dan, I have loved your music for so many years and was so looking forward to hearing you perform again.  I hope you are in remission and feeling well.  I lost my beautiful daughter at age 6 to a long illness, sixteen long years ago. Through the darkest, painful times your music brightened my spirits and transported me to beautiful places!   Hope to hear about you in the studio or on stage soon again.  My best to you ~ Ellen Starkman  Asheville, NC / Miami, FL


 Hello Dan, I just heard your song "Same Old Lang Syne" on the radio and it moved me, as it always does. I was just a kid when that song came out but I remember it well. I just wanted to tell you that your music is very touching and only a sentimental, warm, kind hearted human being can make songs like yours. My father passed away after a battling kidney cancer last year but he was very healthy and lived a very athletic and happy life after his initial diagnosis 25 years ago. It was only when he reached near 70 that it resurfaced.  I wish you many long, happy and meaningful years to come. You have a true sweetness in your face (I was just looking at your website) and know that you have touched many, even those of us who were small when your music first came out. Also, I don't know if you are familiar with Dr. Andrew Weil or his work, but he is an incredible Harvard educated holistic thinking doctor whose books and website may be of great help to you. God bless you and good luck. Sincerely ~ Karen Jordan


 Happy birthday Dan!! And many, many more.  Time to party!!  ~ Karen, Denver, CO


 Happy Birthday Dan! Your birthday is an opportunity to wish you well because it is a day of great importance not just in your life, but in the lives of all your fans as well.  It is a day that will always be significant for the wealth of beautiful melody, profound lyrics, and scintillating orchestrations which have flowed so generously from your awesome spirit for more than three decades.


I trust that you are making great progress in the battle against your recent illness.  Know that if the prayer, kind thoughts, and well wishes have the power to move mountains, then surely there can be no possible outcome for you than recovery, for your continued well-being matters to a great many individuals on this planet.


I will always remember fondly a summer day many years ago on which a torrential downpour had threatened to ruin an outdoor concert.  Then as though by Divine decree the skies calmed, and in the wake appeared the most glorious summer night which you filled with magic on the stage at Jones Beach.  For this and many other rapturous moments I send you my heartfelt thanks, and warm wishes for health, happiness, and a wonderful birthday. ~ Jonathan Holley, Brooklyn, NY


 Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Especially wishing you a birthday  that surrounds you with love and peace and the comfort of knowing how many you  have comforted through your special gifts. ~ CE


 Dan - I have been a fan of your music for quite some time now.  Your songs and your inner beauty have touched me in ways no other poet ever has.  I wish you and Jean all the best in this difficult time of your lives.  You will be in my thoughts and prayers each day, and I hope to see you on tour again soon.  God Bless you! ~ Jim


 Dan-you and I are the same age. And, it is your music, the elegant simplicity, or seemingly so, of your message and the rhythms and harmonies, the sheer beauty of your talents, that often have brought tears to my eyes and uplifted my heart when it's been down so low. Thank you so very much for your gifts to us. As you, perhaps unknowingly, have traveled through your music with me, I, too, travel with you through your healing. For a few years now, I have been put on notice of an abnormal PSA test result. So, it is only right that, as personal as your music has been to me, now, your personal challenge is shared by me, very personally. Get well, Dan Fogelberg. Live and make more beautiful music. Or, just live, Dan Fogelberg. Live. Yours ~ Jay Miller, Former Judge and always fan of DF.


 Dear Dan, I'm sure in many ways there is nothing I can say to you that hasn't been said before.  I'm a local musician (minor songwriter, singer) in Washington state.  I'm 44 and a single dad of an 11 year old boy who hasn't seen his mother since he was 4.  I've always dreamed of working with and getting to know you.  I'm not sure that I will ever see you in concert, get to meet you or even hear from you but want you to know that I would give up all the above personal dream as well as millions (if I had them) if God, Himself would just heal you. I read your letter to your fans and can't imagine a world where you are not singing and teaching your fans life lessons through your songs.  Your music has touched my life for over 26 years but even more so your wisdom and words.  In your DVD and live "Greetings From The West" CD when you said (paraphrased) "...I want to dedicate this song to my native American brothers and sisters and those who travel the path of heart as opposed to the path of convenience" it touched my spirit. In fact, I just met with my boss to attempt to explain why I am currently making a decision (at my job at a Medical Center) to leave and pursue my (path of heart ) dreams.  Thank you Dan for all you have given.  You and your family are in my thought, my prayers and my well wishes. Respectfully ~ Jim Cull


 Dan, we hope only the best for you and yours.Thank you for the music.Thank you for sharing.~ Donald and Pati Clark


 Dan--Remember the beginning--back to 1970? We listened to you sing and play in your room and the coffee houses around Champaign-Urbana. None of us were surprised a few years later to hear you on the radio in CA. We've enjoyed your concerts over the years from Red Rocks, Co., to the Walnut Creek in Raleigh, NC. Your music marks many occasions in our lives. Keep fighting! Peace and best wishes. ~ Donna and Trent


 Happy Birthday Dan. I too was born 8-13. I'm just 8 years younger. When I first began to listen to you I saw the calendar in Souvenirs. After I learned about your birthday it all fell in place. So happy shared birthday.I make music just west of where you were conceived in Leelanau county.Come sail here sometime.You get all of the beauty but with fewer folks and no salt! ~Bryan K Poirier


 Hey Dan, I just heard the news yesterday morning on my local radio that you are fighting cancer. I have listened to your beautiful music for many, many years. Along with the pure joy of your songs, many of them helped me through very difficult personal times. I will keep you and yours in my prayers - fight hard! Our world isn't ready to be without your music for many years to come! ~ JGM, Vermont


 The very first "record" I bought as a young teenager was Home Free and I fell in love with the music at the first sound of "To the Morning". Even now the intro takes my breath away. I had the pleasure of front row tickets to see Dan many years ago in Charlotte NC and he played a twelve string guitar and I was amazed. Dan's soul through his music will live forever. God Bless. ~ Kim Bailey


 I have been a fan a really long time, 28 years and counting and I am sending lots of prayers and positive healing thoughts for Dan and his family.I've been listening to "Run for the Roses "a great deal in honor of Barbaro and his Kentucky Derby win. Dan, you have a WHOLE lot of people pulling for you to fight the big fight..will continue to pray and light many candles for you. ~ Nancy Woodhouse


 Dan - I am sitting in my office right now listening to The Innocent Age and basking in the memories of your music which has always deeply touched my soul.A friend introduced me to you in the early 70's ... and, although she and I now live at different ends of the country, we still recall with fondness our old "Fogelberg days". So many of your songs have paralleled events in my life ... "Same Old Lang Syne", "The Last Nail", "Reach Haven Postcard". And as I write my own music, your influence is clear.One of my gifts is healing and so, without wanting to seem presumptuous, know that I will do whatever I can to move things in the right direction for you.In the meantime, take good care of yourself and know that we all send you and Jean good energy and healing prayers. Fondly ~ Jim, Michigan.


 I just wanted to let you know that Dan and his family are in my thoughts, prayers and on my list for distance sending of Reiki energy. I have loved Dan's music for years and just wanted him to know there is one more person praying for him. Healing and Peace ~ Lyn Gilbert


 I have had The Innocent Age in my collection since 1981: first as an eight track, then as a cassette, and finally, a cd.I will not pretend to be a perfect fan because I will sometimes go years without listening to you, then I will pull out one of your cds and rediscover you again. I truly wish that I could know you but I feel as if I do . . . through your music.Please take care of yourself and I wish you well. ~ Kathy Cobb


 I started listening to Dan's music in 1972 and have attended most every Chicago area concert since the Nether Lands tour downtown . My favorite was outside at Poplar Creek when I first heard" Bones In The Sky". I looked towards the stars and felt magic. Many times throughout my life I looked towards Dan's songs to get me thru the hard times and shared the songs with many people during the good times. I think "Don't Lose Heart" has helped me the most. Dan, don't lose heart and I'll keep you in my prayers. ~ Rick


 Hi Dan Fogelberg, You are in my thoughts and prayers. Many of the memories of my life are wrapped up in your songs-friends, dating, marriage, and the birth of children. You always sang a song that reminded me of periods of life that were important to me. You have given us so much happiness with your music. I would like to send you my thanks and know there are many people out there sending positive thoughts your way.Warm wishes of hope to you and your family ~ Joni


 Dan, Best wishes for your recovery and deepest thanks for sharing your gift with all of us.For me, "The Reach" exemplifies your artistry and stirs my soul.Thanks for playing it at every concert I've attended.I look forward to a few more!~ Brian, Moorestown, NJ


 Happy Birthday Dan!!! Hope you and yours have a wonderful day of celebration. I recently was fortunate to celebrate my 50th birthday on the quaint island of Montserrat with 10 of my dearest college friends. We were all music majors/minors and your tunes filled the house during dinner and watching the sun set.We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers always. Regards ~ CJ


 Happy 55th Dan! ~ Janice Gladysiewicz


 Dear Dan, I am counting the days and holding my breath in the hope that we will once again receive a birthday gift from you.Wishing you peace, love and happiness on your birthday and throughout the coming year.You and your family continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.Much love ~ Pam


 Dearest Dan - As your birthday is approaching, I am thinking of you now and as always with a tremendous amount of admiration and love. I wish you the gifts of health, hope, happiness, and infinite love ...~ June / Norwalk, CT


 Your music lives on Dan. I listen to it each and every nite and I know each and every word to each and every song which is quite scary I must say! Who loves you Dan..WE your fans....positive thoughts ~Tina Rojas


 It was 1983 and I was young and aimless living in So. Cal. My friend Laura and I decided to camp and drive through some of the western states. We were looking for adventure. Dan, your music was always playing on my stereo. So when another friend whom we met up with in Boulder suggested a trek to Nederland it was a no brainer. I was off to find Dan Fogelberg. To travel a road you may have traveled and to sit on a mountain top with my trusty cassette player and feel the inspiration that must have encompassed you there. The Pioneer Inn was quiet that day, no Dan to be found. Although my friends and I did receive quite an attractive offer from an ancient white bearded man to smoke some happy stuff with him. We politely declined!I wasn't disappointed. I don't seek celebrities. It was a whim, a futile endeavor which was not at all futile. I love telling that story. I love the intense feeling I still get of remembering what it was like to be 23, careless and inspired by your poetry. I remain inspired by your poetry 26 years later. So many of my musical tastes have evolved, but your music is timeless. Ever poignant and ever enduring. I send you the love of an anonymous fan whose soul you have touched. Helen Keller once said "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart." Dan, you have touched my heart. My life. I wish you peace, healing and love. ~ Terry Reid, Hesperia, Ca.


 Dan, just keep the faith and I know GOD will see you and your family through this hard time in your life.I have been a fan a long time.I‚ really like "Leader of the Band." It reminds me of my dad that died in 1977. We will be praying for you and your family. May God bless you.~ Eddie from Alabama


 Though it is slightly early,Happy Birthday! I pray for you every day. ~ Yoshie Kamiya from Japan


 What can I say?  Where can I begin? Maybe it's best to start at the beginning. When I first heard music by Dan Fogelberg, it was as if somebody had reached into a quiet, private part of my soul and was bringing it into the open through song. Just today, all these years later, I found myself singing "Captured Angel", one of my many many favorites.There is no artist that I can relate to quite as much.


I just heard about the fight with prostate cancer as I popped onto the website to see if there was any news on concerts, new music, etc. You will be in my prayers and thoughts.Keep the faith and hang in there.My family has a few challenges also, one of the biggest ones is my son having to deal with autism.But I am a firm believer that where there is life, there is hope.Never give up the fight. I will close with a thank you for all the beautiful music that has played in the background of my adult life. ~Pamela


 I knew Dan when he lived near Nashville.On Aug 13, many years ago, he played the Exit/In, it was his birthday and he was alone on stage.What a moving night.I worked for Hertz and he rented cars from us when he came home off the road. He has moved me as no other singer ever and I am 64 years old.Still loving and playing all his old albums. God Bless You, Dan, for all you have given. ~ Nelda Castleman

  To Dan Fogelberg, Your music has meant so much to me for so long and I send my whole hearted prayers to you and your family.I can remember buying your albums when I was in Junior High school and I would play them all day and into the night. I knew every word to every song.God has Blessed you with a superb talent and you have used it well.May God continue to bless you and your family for many years to come.I will remember you in my prayers every night. Thank you for your music. ~ Julie N.


 Hi Dan, Here is a jingle I recently learned while at a retreat in NM. (author unknown)


Every little cell in my body is happy, every little cell in my body is well. Every little cell in my body is happy, every little cell in my body is well. I'm so glad, I'm so glad, all of my cells are happy and well. I'm so glad, Yes, I'm so glad all of my cells are happy and well...(repeat)


The tune is snappy. Wish I could sing it for you. I bet it would make you smile. It is a playful and powerful affirmation about being healthy and feeling good. You are talented guy. I bet you can make up a tune to go with these simple words if you want to give it a try. Sending a delightful dose of love and playful silliness to cheer you onward. ~ Beverly


 Happy birthday, dude!! I'm a neighbor of yours and a fan and I wish you all the best. You're still young and you're still hot! ~ Marta


 To those of us who love your music, your voice will always be young, strong, and vibrant. Thank you for recording so much and sharing your songs! Best wishes and kind thoughts to you and your family.


 For the last couple of summers I've checked "tour dates" hoping that you'd be coming back to wonderful Meadowbrook Theater in Rochester, Michigan. I stumbled upon your website to hear this awful news. My girlfriend of now 13 years introduced me to your wonderful music, and I've subsequently become enamored with all of it! Your plight is an arduous one, friend, so I'd love to pass along both of our prayers to you and your family. The more the better I figure! Get well, kick this disease's behind will ya!


 There is a place in all of us, where we all know at some place in our soul ... the truth, and the truth gives only peace.‚ The truth is a comforter and brings strength to all of us, even amidst our circumstances.We will definitely continue and think peaceful thoughts for you and yours.‚ Thank you, by the way, for bringing your music to life and our lives over the years Dan. Here is a book for you: Read "Walking On Water" by Madeleine L'Engle? It's about faith and creative-art and an inspiration of a book!!! Especially for the all that are creative artists!! It will speak to you.


 Dan -Though it has been awhile since I last wrote words of encouragement to you - respecting your privacy in your time of struggle & healing - Not a day goes by that your beautiful gift and lasting impact doesn't stir my heartstrings & lift my spirits.What a gift you have.What a gift you have shared with thousands upon thousands of people.I can't even begin to express how much I wish healing for you. Quality of life.Time to feel & express the gift of music you have been blessed with.Time to share what you have felt within during this journey.Know that I will continue to keep you, Jean & your loved ones in my prayers.I thank you - from the bottom of my heart - for all the encouragement I have felt through your music - - and continue to feel.‚ Thank you for sharing the deepest parts of your heart.‚ May God be with you every step of this difficult journey and may you feel uplifted by these words of encouragement.You have been & will always be my favorite musician, for your music has continually touched & inspired the very heart of me and helped me through some very difficult times.Again- God bless you, Dan.‚ MUCH love & deepest appreciation - and MANY prayers continually for you ~ Debbie (in Massachusetts)


 Hello Dan! I was a big fan of yours in the 70's when I was in high school and recently became reintroduced to your music. I still love it and it is timeless. This note brings my well wishes and prayers for you and your family. My father had prostate cancer but was able to beat it. Please get better so I can come to one of your concerts‚ that I never got to in the 70's. I live outside the Boston area but grew up in Valparaiso, IN so like your Peoria roots. Midwestern people are about the nicest around I have found from NY to MT to MA. GET WELL and let me know if I can do anything to help you----Fondly ~ Liz Ritz


 Hi Dan, I was introduced to your lovely music while on a trip to St.Louis from the uk by Steve Scorfina ex reo speedwagon/pavlov's dog lead guitarist, I got the feeling you two knew each other from the past? My thoughts are with you and your family. ~ Billy


 Dan--Like millions all over the world, your music is a part of my family's lives. Music, as you know, has healing powers and yours has healed us many times.Prayers that this wonderful power now turns inward to you and your health returns to its fullest.Be well, and thank you for the music. ~ Brad


 Hi Dan. There is a song by Jackson Brown entitled "Fountain of Sorrow", and one of the lines in the song goes like this, "I'm just one or two years and a couple of changes behind you...". That's you and me.‚ Wherever you were to have written and recorded your songs on all of the albums down through the years, when they were released, I was at that point in my life. Very specific things that just blew me away at the time.I laughed and wept and felt sorrow and happiness, but mostly, I didn't feel alone during a lot of lonely years.Thank‚ you for sharing the deep things of your heart with all of us. Prayers go up for you. I guarantee it.~ Dee Ransom


 Dan Fogelberg, Your music has brought me so much healing over the years. No voice, no sound, no words would soothe the violence as much as yours. I'd play Souvenirs over and over and somehow it lifted me out of the turmoil and to a different place. Eventually I grew, left the violence behind and worked long and hard at healing those deep wounds. All the while, your music carried me, kept me connected to my own emotions, connected to a path on which I could again become whole. I have the great blessing of having survived circumstances that many youngsters don't. And I carry a deep gratefulness in my heart daily for all the influences that brought me home to myself. Your music is among the most important of those influences. I will always be grateful to you. God has given the world a profound gift in you. My prayers are with you. Love ~ Robyn


 A fan since your no nuke concert in Portland,Maine. The words in your songs are so moving they still bring me to tears and move my soul. Prayer & God be with you...~Sharma


 Dan: My wife's grandfather and uncle both died of prostate cancer. So, she insisted that I get the PSA test and digital prostate exam annually. I was very saddened to learn of your condition and admire your efforts to inform others of the need to be examined annually.


I spent many hours of my formative years listening to your music.Your concert in Oklahoma City in the middle 90's was one of the best concerts I ever attended. My wife, Sherri, and I will continue to pray for your recovery and, hopefully, your eventual return to playing for the public.‚ You have been missed.Best wishes to you and your family, and may God Bless You! Love ~ Mike and Sherri Flanagan, Walters, Oklahoma


 Hello Dan, thank you for the chance to talk with you. I'm a registered nurse who's given chemotherapy and care to cancer patients for 18 years. Above that I hold Christ dear to my heart and I know with His help all of our journeys in this life are made so much easier. My prayers are with you in your battle. Also you've been an incredible inspiration as I've been playing acoustic guitar for 35 years, I remember hearing "Home Free" on my local FM station late one night all those years ago when it came out and I just had chills going through me with your wonderful voice and songwriting, I was just playing "Stars" before I got online and decided to look your site up. "To the Morning", "Nether Lands", " Illinois ", "Make Love Stay", "Since You Asked" then list goes on and on of so many favorite songs I have of yours. I play a McPherson guitar, Redwood/Indian Rosewood that just sings. I'm blessed to have it. Again may Christ sustain you through this time, much love to you and yours.~Scott Wigley


 Happy Birthday Dan..soon. Hope all is well. You're in my thoughts & prayers...~ Beth Lee Dearing ,an old friend from Peoria now in Elizabethtown Ky ......From the Opera House at expo Gardens


 Dearest Dan: I've followed your career since your first album--I was 10. Your music has been with me for thirty-four years--I'm 44 now. It's got me through unbelievable heights and depths--including the June 17th, 2006 suicide of my beloved, who suffered from Bipolar Disorder. I wish for you the miracles you've sent to millions of fans since you've been on your own journey. You are a brilliant, caring man and it shows in the spirits of your songs.


I'm doing my best to pass your legacy on to the younger generation, as an advisor and Ph. D. student at UNL. Your music will always live. I wish the best for you, and every male friend I have over 40 is getting a lecture about getting their prostate checked.Get well--the world still needs you--maybe more than ever, since Bush makes Reagan look harmless! :) ~ Jan Jarvis, Lincoln‚ 


 Dan - My thoughts and prayers go out to you! I am a 50 year old firefighter/ paramedic who is required to get a physical once a year along with the old prostate check. As much as I hate the procedure, I know, especially at my age that the process could very well stave off further problems down the road. I have listened to your music, starting with "Souvenirs" since my high school days in the early 70's in So. Cal- I spent many hours in my room just soaking in your great melodies. I serenaded my fiancee (now my wife of 25 years) with my best rendition of "Longer", and spent our honeymoon listening to "The Innocent Age". I own a D41 (sorry, not your model) and can see why you would appreciate the beauty of this fine Martin. Again, get well, and get back out on the road - I would love to see you live doing the old favorites and inspiring me with some new tunes. God bless you! ~ Michael Clonts, Cottonwood , AZ


 Dear Dan (& Jean), Happy B-Day."Everything the Power does, it does in a circle" ~Lakota proverb. Happy B-Day!!!! Here's to another year of life, love, and music. May you be doing what you love most. Thanks for your songs. Peace, ~ Judi C. from Rochester , NY

 Dan Fogelberg is my all-time favorite male vocalist.He has given so much to the music world, and his talent is sooooo underrated!!! My prayers, healing energy, and healing love go out to Dan, his wife and family in this time of trial.I know that all dis-ease can be overcome, and music is certainly a huge healing tool...I am also a music therapist, and I hope alternative healing is also being explored - there is so much we can do naturally. I am fortunate to have grown up in a time and place where Dan Fogelberg's music was forefront and mainstream.The world in general, as well as the music world, is a better place because of him, and I am happy to have this opportunity to voice my thanks to him. Love and Light ~ Corinn Somers


 Dan - I first heard your music in the Rocky Mountains back in high school.I have enjoyed the honest story telling, the beautiful guitars and harmonies you've created over the years.Thank you for all the wonderful gifts of music.Your songs let me know something good can come from that Illinois soil.Peace be with you ~ K.A. Columbia, MO


 Dan:Your music has filled mine and my husband's lives for so many years.We wish you the best and God Speed!!Your music will play on forever in ours and our children's homes. Have a great day! ~ Debra Archie


 We still pray for you every day, Dan. Your name has become a mantra. Be well. Our love ~ Susan


 Hi, my name is Aaron Waisler and I just want to tell Dan to get well soon. Best wishes to Dan.


 Dear Dan, When I first became sober in 1982, there was a few of us that played guitar. I was just beginning, but another friend was blessed with the pure gift of music. He exposed me to your music and for the first time in my 19 years I felt that someone else understood all of the unidentified stuff and feelings drowned by alcohol and insanity. For the first time I found something that "made sense" to me even though I could not express it. I pray that you and your wife are able to "make sense" of this painful and unpredictable time. I thank God for the gifts you have given us. Sincerely ~ MR - St. Louis, Mo.


 Dear Dan, thanks for the reminder about getting exams. It's a great message that all men need to hear. My wife, sister-in-law and I want you to know you are in our prayers for a full recovery. Do not be concerned about returning to the stage. We have your sounds and DVDs to share, so be with your loved ones as much as possible, and your friends and fans will understand. Be well and please keep us updated. Sincerely ~ Charles, Gayle and Robbi


 Dan and family, I still think about you often and wish for a recovery and long life.It is just beyond words what your music means to me.I saw you at the Capitol Music Hall in Wheeling, West Virginia in the early 90's and it was truly the highlight of all musical performances I have experienced!I will never forget it.I can't say enough to express my love of your music. Sincerely ~ Linda


 Dan, Today I found your website as I was looking for some of your song lyrics-every year in the fall we have a big party.Lots of friends come to play and sing and I was going to add some of your songs as my contribution-I play autoharp, the only thing I ever learned to accompany myself with.I've seen you in concert several times and each time was great! Living on a small farm in Tennessee not far from Nashville I used to hope to meet you when I was growing up and listening to your music. I still hope to! I'm a nurse and I often play "Twin Sons of Different Mothers" and "No Resemblance Whatsoever" as background music for my patients. I'll think of you as I sing at my party this year. It's a wonderful celebration of autumn.After going through some more than difficult times this year, our family needs it! That being said, you're in my thoughts and prayers.Thank you for fun, intelligent, sweeping, haunting, toe-tapping music! ~ Kathy Neer


 Dear Dan - it's good to know you are doing good. Hope at some point you will feel like going on the road again. My dad was a high school music teacher for thirty two years and also traveled with a swing type band in the 60's and 70's called the Jack Stalcup Orchestra all over the Midwest. He used to say he'd played every vfw and legion in the Midwest. I had your song played at his funeral. I did not know until tonight that your dad was in music although I had always thought it was likely. Stay well. A fan ~ Robert Stearsman


 Dear Dan, If there has ever been a Dan Fogelberg concert in the New York area since 1973, I have been there. Watching you go round and round at Westbury Music Fair was always a trip, whether you were acoustic or with the band.  Jones Beach in the rain was one of the best shows but all your other Jones Beach concerts were wonderful too. Thank you for always being there in your music to give me solace, insight, hope, perspective and joy.  My prayers are with you and I patiently await the day of your full recovery and return to the concert stage to celebrate that glorious event. With love, hope and healing energy I send you the best I can.  Thank you for being you, the Leader of your band. Sincerely ~ Aileen Gould


 Dear Dan, My husband is a prostate cancer survivor.  "Longer" was our wedding song in 1993.  Your music has been so important in our lives.  Our thoughts and best wishes are with you. ~ Joan Soper


 Dear Dan, your music feels fresh & deep even as our lives change. We hope you'll make music for us longer than, well, you know the rest ... your friend ~ Lisa Jordan


 Dan, you and your family will be in my constant thoughts and prayers. Thank you for the beauty of your music. ~ Nanette


 Dan Fogelberg's music has such a special spot in my heart. Maybe it was because I was in my early twenties when he made his hits. Maybe it was because his music had a lot of play on the radio. All I know is that when I hear the sweet melody from "Longer " it makes we love my husband more. Or when I hear " Same Old Lang Syne" I think about how almost the same situation happened to me. His insightful lyrics in "Run for the Roses" paint the picture of him observing those beautiful horses and all they go through to win. But my favorite is " Missing You". What a line....."If I had you beside me, then I might just sleep through the night". Dan, if your reading this, thanks for all the wonderful images and music you have made. I play your music on those lazy Sunday mornings, drink my coffee and reminisce....~ Patti Weber


 I continue to pray for your recovery and hope to see some good news soon. There are many of us out there that have been inspired by your gift of music and for that, thank-you. Get well friend ~ Cindy


 Hello Dan, It's very unlike me to e-mail a legend such as you. I am watching your music dvd . My wife and I saw you at Red Rocks just a few years ago -- you were great. Your music means much to many people and I will keep it in my heart to myself. Hard to share what you mean to the person's soul! It is up to the individual to decipher your thoughts and your experiences. So I can relate to your music and what it means in daily life. You have had an exceptional outlook on life. Your music keeps me on track no matter how bad things are. Such an artist ,my friend. Wish I could have met you. Be proud and be strong. Such an influence on people's lives. I have much to be thankful for. Thank you, sir, for all you have contributed! Please play again. May you walk with the good spirit ! Regards ~ Gary J Bell


 I last sent my thoughts, wishes and praises for you about a year and a half ago. It's been difficult trying to get current information on how you are doing, however , one thing is still consistent as a result of your influence in my life and life of my children. When I wrote last time I indicated that "Longer" was our wedding song in 1989. In 1993 when we saw you at the Valley Forge Music Fair, my wife was pregnant with our first. Today I still sing my youngest to sleep with "Leader of the Band". He is my second child and is 8. Get this. He sang to his 4 year old cousin, to sleep the other night with "Leader of the Band". Just proof your musical talents and lyrics are timeless and meaningful even to the youngest of hearts. I want this timelessness for you and your family. You should always be together and have the long life that your music endures. Thank You ~ Alan Tate-Marlton, NJ


 Dan,  Continued good wishes for your recovery from prostate cancer.  You are in our  thoughts and prayers and we wish you Godspeed.  Your music is a constant  source of entertainment and inspiration to all your fans. We listen to you all the time when we are traveling from Illinois to Tennessee where we are building our retirement home. Please take care and know you are thought often. ~ Pam Mulinix and Don Hills, Aurora,IL


 Just wanted to let you know that I'm keeping you and your family in my prayers. I often think of you when I think of my younger days, and the hard times I went through. "Part of the Plan" was always a song that I'd listen to over and over again. You are a very talented writer and I love your music. Please know that you touched many of us over the kids listen to you and love you, too. I'm sorry that you have to go through this hard time. Like my Dad always used to say, "Let Go and Let God". He always told us that He has such a strong hold on us and he'll never let us down, even when we fall away from Him. Anyway, I just wanted to send a little message to let you know that I'm thinking about you and your family in these trying times. I feel like I sorta know what you're going through, because my Dad went through 3 years of struggling with Cancer before he died. It's so draining and hard on you and your family. Just remember if it starts to get really hard, to enjoy any and every moment you can. Make them special and as happy as you can. I'm one of your biggest fans. Love ~ Donna Revetta


 Dan,  I first discovered your music while I was at NAU in Flagstaff, AZ.  My roommate was walking through the lobby of a dorm and someone had "Home Free" playing on the record player.  She and I checked all the music stores in Flagstaff, trying to find it without much luck.  So, we both ordered it, anticipating the moment it would arrive.  It still is one of my favorite albums. From that point on I count myself as one of your greatest fans - your music speaks to me.  I first saw you in concert in Denver at Ebbetts Field during Christmas break in 1973/74, an intimate setting.  It was like you were playing in my living room. Since then, I have seen you many more times at Red Rocks, the Paramount Theater and McNichols, never to be disappointed. My thoughts and prayers are with you through this difficult time.  Thank you for your music.  Hope to see you in Colorado soon! ~ Debi Swoboda


 May the healing arms of all loving kindred spirits wrap you and Jean in a protective healing blanket. Please know that we are keeping you both in all thoughts and prayers daily. ~ Carole Rowlands


 Dan,  Happy Belated Birthday to you.  I hope this Birthday finds you in good spirits and spiritually good.  Our prayers and best wishes go out to you and Jean as well as your families.  Thank you for the inspiration and future inspirations to come! An old Blues friend of mine used to say this to all of his friends on their Birthdays, so I will share it with you.  Happy Birthday, Dan.  May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live.  Ever On! ~ Tim Versellie - Clinton Township, MI.


 Dear Daniel, Nine months before August 13, 1951- God gave you life - truly a gift. As time passes, more quickly with each passing year, our lives are filled with many wonderful and difficult experiences, each allowing us to grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Using our God given talents for His Glory, our lives are much like drops of water in this pond of life creating ripples with our thoughts, words, and deeds. God's forgiveness through Jesus Christ gives us life again. His forgiveness brings healing and growth to the inner parts of our soul. The ripples of God's unconditional, forgiving, divine love and truth flow through our souls, our bodies, our families, our friends, our communities and our world. "He sent His word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions." Psalm 107:20


May God continue to bless you with His healing and allow His Word and creation to inspire you to continue the flow of His love and His truth to others wherever His journey for your life may take you. Go with God's Grace, Mercy, Peace, Truth and Love! Happy Birthday!


 Dear Dan, Quite simply, thank you for your lovely music. God truly blessed you. I pray He will help you heal and make yours,  Jean's, and your families' each & every day ahead - bearable.  We would like more of your music, so please take care and give the fight all you've got. Sincerely ~ Donna in Nacogdoches, TX.


 Dan - Every time I hear your song "Same Old Lang Syne" it instantly reminds me of a girl I almost married in the mid-1970's.  After hearing the song a couple years ago I went to your website.  I found your first FAQ that said the story in "Same Old Lang Syne" really happened at Christmas 1975 or 1976.  I was really surprised because a few days after Christmas 1975 was when my girlfriend and I told her parents of our plans to marry.  Then I read your website Discography and found that the song was released on your album "The Innocent Age" in the same month and year that I married my wife (a wonderful woman).  A double coincidence of my past and present life with "Same Old Lang Syne"! Shortly after announcing our plans to marry my girlfriend had a painful experience with my father and soon thereafter accepted an unexpected job offer out-of-state.  We slowly drifted apart.  The last time I saw her was the late 1970's and the last time we talked was the early 1980's when we called each other that we were getting married to other persons. I wrote her a couple letters over the last few years.  I waited and waited for a response.and finally gave up hope that I would ever receive one.  A few days after Christmas 2005 I picked up my mail and was absolutely shocked to find a nice Christmas card, letter, and family photo from my old girlfriend.exactly 30 years (within 1 day or so) after we announced our plans to marry! Thanks for your timeless "Same Old Lang Syne".  And my very best wishes to you and your family. ~ An Anonymous Midwest Fan


 Dear Dan, Your music and wisdom has given me hope, joy, inspiration, and touched my heart since I first heard you on the radio in concert when I was about 14 (1975) (in a concert with poco).  I fell in and out of love in my life with your music almost as a soundtrack understanding and supporting what I was going through in a way that I just couldn't believe. Christmas morning one year my sister and I raced out to the car to put our new cassette of Nether Lands in our cassette player (we didn't have one in the house)  We sat there for hours. I've driven many hours to hear you in concert and always felt so blessed that you chose to develope your talents and pour the love and wisdom of your life experience over those around you. Your music has blessed my life and the lives of my family as it poured from your soul over ours healing all that it continues to do so like ripples in a pond...and always will


I believe that you will be healed as you focus on love, life, living and being grateful for all that you have and are. The prayers of faith from your friends and family and yourself are making the difference.  Eat organic fruit and veggies (exclusively) and fill your life with love and a grateful heart. Replace fear with love and all will be well. You are adored and cherished by more than you could ever know. Feel loved and be well. Sending Joy, peace and health ~ Katheryn Bieber


 I first came across Dan Fogelberg's music in 1979 while I was dating a girl from Memphis Tenn (I'm from the UK).  I thought the harmonies and lyrics were wonderful and immediately bought all the albums.  Then Phoenix came out and "Longer" blew me away; I used to sing this to Little Miss Memphis. "The Innocent Age" arrived and "Same Old Lang Syne" quickly became my all-time favourite love song - I still listen to it and get cold shivers....


I was very sad to hear of your latest challenge and I wish you the strength to fight it and return to either recording and/or playing live again. Whatever happens, I would like to thank you for all the pleasure you have given me through your music since 1979 and I hope you come out at the other end of these troubles and continue to make people smile again and share your songs with us. ~ David Bernstein - UK


 Dearest Dan - I have been in love with you since 1979 ... never having met you, of course, but instead being introduced to your music by a college friend who, when visiting him in his dorm room for the first time, put on a pot of coffee and HOME FREE. "To The Morning" instantly captured my heart and soul. I immediately went to a record store to purchase every Dan Fogelberg album available and fell in love at first listen to every song on every album! During my college years I saw you in concert in Connecticut. Soon after moving to New York City in 1982, I saw you in concert at Radio City Music Hall. Over the years I attended your concerts at Jones Beach Theatre and I have most often attended your concerts at Westbury Music Fair. Once I even impulsively saw you in concert two nights in a row - at .Westbury one night, and the next night at the Beacon Theatre in Manhattan! It was a delightful Dan Fogelberg double feature! And it was also most memorable because at the Beacon you played a song called "Fire and Ice" which you had not performed the night before, and I have never heard you perform it again since. Solo acoustic or with your multi-talented bands, your concerts have always been a highlight of my life and I still fall in love at every listen to every one of your songs! I often think about what one thing would I want to say to you if I ever had the chance, and this was it - I have been in love with you since 1979. I have never fallen out of love with you ... and I never will. Thank you so very much for enhancing my life with your music. I work near Carnegie Hall in Manhattan, and I remember reading somewhere that a concert at Carnegie Hall was one of your most memorable because it meant so much to you and your parents. When I first learned of your illness, I walked by Carnegie Hall and I touched the wall just to feel your spirit echo there. It does - and it always will ...  With Best Wishes to you and yours always   ~  June


 Dan, Whenever someone I know is struggling with life's difficulties, I usually give them a CD of yours with suggestions of songs to help their heart, soul or spirit.  I pray that the muse who gave you the melodies and especially the lyrics has comforted you and will give you hope in the days ahead.  I am 43 yrs old.  I want you to know that you were on the turn-table when I fell in love (more than a couple of times in my youth), you were in the cassette player when I buried my grandparents, you have sung my children to sleep on the CD player.  I think of you first when the big things happen in my have always come through.  I miss you and I will continue to pray for blessings and healing in your illness. May God bless you.


 Here's a suggestion:  Let's take all the money our government is spending on war and allocate it towards cancer research, and war mongers can hold bake sales and walk-a-thons for defense spending.  Okay, so it's not an original idea, but it's worth pursuing.   And with the proper funding, perhaps we can eradicate this terrible disease.  Dan, I thank you for the gift of your music.  "The Lights of Healing" link is amazingly beautiful, but it is breaking my heart.  My best to you and yours.


 Hi Dan, First, let me wish you a belated Happy Birthday! My own is just over a week after yours and with my own "Birthday Wish", I wish for you a calming peaceful recovery from your illness. I pray that whatever dark days you might have experienced through this illness will only shine a brighter light on this, often forgotten and not highly publicized disease, prostate cancer. Here's to seeing you up and about and sailing our Maine harbors and islands soon! God Bless you and yours ~ Kristen Robins, Portland, Me.


 Dan, Just wanted to wish you a belated Happy Birthday.  As it was my son's 17th birthday on the same day, I made him listen to some of my favorite Fogelberg tunes (in exchange, I listened to Nine Inch Nails and Tool, what torture....)  I've always felt that sharing music with my children, no matter what it is, is a way to stay close with them, as they seem to share my love of the "tunes" as they call them. I can be at my lowest in any situation and listen to Nether Lands and still be in awe of the magnificent arrangements and melody (the words are pretty great too). Stay well, and peace be with you. You'll always be my favorite. ~ Becky McQueen


 I am watching Soundstage and Dan is playing his heart out.  I am a PA in family practice.  I exam men all the time and can't tell you how many times they tell me they haven't seen a doctor/PA or nurse practitioner in years.  I give them my speech about how they all change the oil in their cars regularly so why don't they go to the doctor regularly?  A DRE is the man's version of a pap smear. Iif we ladies can do it, so can the men.  All my best to you Dan, hang in there. Sincerely ~ Merry Beyeler, PA in Santa Fe


 Dearest Dan, I happened to be channel surfing and found your PBS  sound stage show -- I have always been deeply touched by you since I first  heard your music when I was 21. It let me know that I too could live a  heart full life -- others like you were doing it.  It was okay to surrender  to the heart.  It was a major crossroads for the path I was already on and  what was to come for me.  You were so brave to put your heart out there and  I told myself that I just had to do the same -- I am not alone.  An  inspiration that is beyond understanding -- a profound dimensional gift for  me.


I now find that you are living with  prostate cancer.  I am so sorry. I know you are surrounded with love as you move through all that is, and  rightly so! I join in with my surrendered heart as well and offer you deep gratitude love and blessings.  You are truly a gift to the world. Mucho love blessed one! ~ Christine, your devoted fan


 I happened on your web site after hearing some of your albums from the 1980's and 90's.  Your music has always been inspiring to me and to my spouse.  Your album containing "Same Old Lang Syne" from the early 1980's is forever associated with the time in my life when I met and began dating my future spouse.  What an exciting time for me. A highlight for us was seeing you in concert at Meriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, MD I believe in the mid 1980's. I was saddened to learn of your condition and we wish you the best for what can hopefully be a speedy recovery.  If you are able, I know many of your fans would like to hear from you. Best Wishes and Peace ~ Bill Neugroschel, Ellicott City, MD


 While unpacking some boxes today I came across some early DF music.  Man, what a wonderful trip down memory lane! Went to check out your status and learned of your illness.  I'm vibing you some healing thoughts.  peace to you and yours. ~ Melissa, Kansas


 Dan, My thoughts go out to you and yours, and I pray that you are on a speedy road, however difficult, to recovery and back to the beautiful music you create and perform.  We miss you!!  I listen to your music often.  This might make you smile: I'm an accordionist who, along with her music teacher (who specializes in classical music on the accordion), started a statewide organization of accordionists in Connecticut.  We have a 25 piece, all accordion orchestra.    Next month, we will be playing with the Waterbury Symphony Orchestra in an all Russian program!!  Doesn't sound a whole lot like the usual presentation of this instrument, does it?  In fact, we are on a mission to portray the versatility of our beautiful instrument. I'd love to know your opinion about us doing some of your music on the accordion. My music teacher and I have talked about it several times, since a lot of your songs have the beautiful, soulful quality that our instrument captures so well.  What do you think? Would it make you happy?  I'd like to think it would bring a smile to your face in difficult moments. In the meantime, I'm praying for you. Sincerely ~ Marilyn O'Neil


 Hi Dan - I would like to see you back on stage soon.  You are such a talented & great songwriter.  I've been to a handful of your shows and have enjoyed your acoustic (solo) shows the best.  You shine brightly when you are playing solo!!!  I wish you a full recovery and am confident you will beat this cancer. Please take care of yourself..........we (your fans) love you!!!! ~ joy


 Stay well, if not in body, in spirit.  If you need to leave this planet sooner rather than later, please know your music and words have left their marks with many who have been inspired and comforted by them. 

I can never look at the Reach without recalling the beautiful tribute you wrote for it.  Your song inspired my boys to design their room with clear instructions for me on how mom will paint 'The Reach' on their walls surrounding their beds.  Each night they look at the pine trees and water on all walls, including the boys who are 'hungry and cold and heading for home', The boat I painted is not a lobster boat, but my sons' small yellow sloop, 'Sunny Side Up.'  I think they believe 'The Reach' is the Maine anthem.  To me, it is a loving tribute to what is right with the State. As my boys sail to dreamland in this evening here in Maine, I send a prayer with comfort for you and your loved ones.  ~ Elizabeth McCarthy

  Dear Dan (and Jean): Happy belated birthday.  I hope you are healthy and happy!  I can't express what your music has meant to me throughout my life, and even if I attempted to, I'd just be echoing the thoughts of your millions of fans around the world.  Suffice it to say I think you are brilliant, you are loved, and that you will continue to make music for years to come. Peace ~ Theresa


  Hi there.  I wanted to wish you well and let you know that I'm a new fan who has just discovered you!  I heard the song "Leader of the Band" on the radio one day and it gave me chills and goosebumps, plus filled my eyes with tears.  I love to sing and so I found the cd soon after and play it constantly so that I can feel that soaring, beautiful emotion that fills your voice and your song.  I'm so touched by this that I'm looking forward to hearing other tunes from the past that I've missed out on, and I want to thank you for putting into words and music the way I feel about my own father with this incredibly beautiful song.


Also, I literally just found out about your prostate cancer just now as I was surfing the internet, and I wanted to say that I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and I hope you'll come through this healthy and vitally alive.  I think you have a wonderful voice and a passionate soul and that I'm so happy to have finally found your music. My love and thoughts to you and your family ~ Tracy Steen


 Happy Birthday Dan!  May your journey through life be rewarding and thought provoking and may God continue to heal you and your spirit. ~ Suzie in Peoria, IL.


 Dan, Happy Birthday!  On Sunday, August 13th, I remembered it was your birthday.  I also recalled that we first met 31 years ago right before your birthday, in 1975, when you opened for the Eagles in Minneapolis. You and your music have been such an influence in my life.  I think of you often, wonder how you are faring, and send love and gratitude your way. You are in my prayers ~ Julie Riddle Johnson


 Dear Dan, This is to wish you a very Happy, Healthy Birthday!!!  I have never forgotten your Birthday since I was back in school and the date was circled on your Album cover, August 13th.  My Birthday is on 8/16.  I am so happy that you are ok and wish you every happiness, peace and most importantly, health in the coming years and many years to follow.


I know how hard it can be to battle Cancer. I have worked for Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in NYC, where I live. I helped my Mom battle her lung cancer and my Dad with his prostate cancer- he was fine after treatment. They are both in Heaven together now with the Lord taking care of them.  You have been such a major part of my life, in terms of you music, since I was a 17 year old Freshman in College.  I will be 48 on 8/16.  I have been praying for you and your wife, Jean, during this difficult time in your life. Please know that your music  still inspires me and moves me and touches me and always will. ~ Jean M. Shea, NYC


 Dear Dan, Well hell I was just doing some research on what you're up to these days and I find out you've got cancer.  No doubt you are living every moment more intensely than you ever have now I'm sure.


The reason I was thinking of you is because I'm building a webpage and I'm trying to get a section of it together that talks all about my musical influences.  (I make my living as a guitar player). So you should know that when I was 12, my Mom had a cassette of "Souvenirs" and the first time I heard it I was captivated by it. I was already quite serious about the guitar by then (I started when I was 8).  We listened to it in the car all summer that year.  I learned every song on it.  It started me thinking about orchestration and how to layer different guitar parts on top of each other, etc.  It took me years to actually get to where I was realizing it in my playing and in my recording.  The other Musician that did that same thing to me about 5 years after that was Steve Morse, guitarist in the Dregs and now with Deep Purple. The first big concert I ever went to was Journey in 1976.  The second one I went to was to see you in Anaheim, California a few years after that.  You played the entire show by yourself.  I was amazed.  I was expecting a huge band with multiple guitars and all that going on. But it was just a great show.  I learned something that nite...that the same song can be articulated in many different ways and still have a big impact. My own music is kind of a mix of jazz and rock with some elements of brazilian and latin and blues and funk and lately lots of 3 against 2 african style rhythm stuff, and a little blues mixed in.  It sounds like a mess when I describe it like that but I think what I'm coming up with is satisfying and worth listening to.  When I was young I thought I would end up playing in a band like yours, but somewhere along the way I became kind of a jazzer.   But I still have the pop sensibility of wanting singable melodies (even tho there's no singer), and layering multiple parts together in a cohesive way.


Thank you for all the wonderful music you've made.  Thanks for what I learned from your music that ultimately made me a better musician.  I wish you well and I hope you will get a lot both physically and spiritually out of your healing process. ~ -Jeff Miley, Los Angeles, CA


 Dear Dan, Happy belated birthday!  Hope things are improving for you.  We wish you and your family the happiness you have bestowed on us with your songs and concerts!  Hang in there! ~ The Mancini Family


 A belated happy birthday to one of my  favorite people on this planet. I'm reading all these wonderful messages  from your fans and cannot add anything you haven't already heard or  read. How wonderful to know you have touched  so many people in your life! My life has been made better for knowing  the great gift of poetry and music you have given to this  world.  ~ J. G. Tampa, Fl


 Dear Dan, Happy Birthday! I was hoping to see some message from you but perhaps you are spending your special day far away from phones, e-mails and other technology. I hope that no news - is good news. I'm the mom of a 15 year old daughter and I'm hooked on one of her favorite bands. Check out the piano playing of Andrew McMahon of Something Corporate and Jack's Mannequin. He's recently beat acute lymphatic leukemia and is quite an inspiration at 23. Thoughts, prayers, love and thanks to you always. ~ Terri Elise Goldstein, Tampa


 Dear Dan - I don't know if you even read these but...  Wishing you the very best of everything (and most importantly restored health) on your birthday and for the year(s) ahead.  Wishing that wherever you are that this birthday celebration is the best one of your life!  You and your loved ones continue to be in my prayers daily.  Keep fighting and remember - you haven't done a farewell tour (or 2) yet!  God's blessings to you and your family.  Love ~ Nancy - Belvidere, IL


 Your music inspired me and helped me find my way through this red road. It is an honor to have an opportunity to let you know. Best wishes and good health. ~ Suzi from Hartsel, Colorado


 Dan, Happy Birthday, I listen to your wonderful music daily as I wish for your recovery and joy. ~ Dave in Buffalo

 I first heard of Dan Fogelberg in the winter of 1981. I was at work and feeling a little low when " Same Old Lang Syne" came on the radio. The keyboard was just so beautiful and then the lyrics came in . Some how they combined and went straight to my heart. By the end of the song I had tears in my eyes and a warmth in my heart to know that someone else had been there. Since that time Dan has been with me. I'm a trucker and have been all over the U.S. and Canada and Dan has accompanied me the whole way. Through the mountain passes with " High Country Snows" and "Sutter's Mill" to both coasts

with " The Sand and the Foam " and the desert with "The Spirit Trail " ( I even lettered my truck my truck with the latter). And of coarse " Leader of the Band " and "Run for the Roses" go without question. Since these times my daughter has grown up and has taken on the same love of music that I have and has embraced Dan and his music the same way. This touches me deeply. She has accompanied me twice to see Dan in concert and comments often how she would like to see him again. Me too. There is a power to Dan Fogelberg's music that I believe to be inspired by the " Creater Spirit " as he puts it. This same spirit will always be with you Dan, as you face these difficult times. After all, this whole thing is simply a learning experience for us all . Thank You for being there and know that we are all here for you. Sincerely ~ Patrick O'Neil


 Mr. Fogelberg,   I have been an avid listener of your music since my High School days in the mid '70s. Your music has touched my heart and soul in more ways than I have the vocabulary to express. You have highlighted the high points in my life and helped soothe the low points. No music that I have ever heard has meant nearly as much to me as yours does. I only just learned of your illness, I have been out of touch with most   things due to Hurricane Charlie in 2004. I want you to know you will be in my prayers every day. God bless you and may you have a long and   peaceful life. ~ BF Florida

 Dear Dan,  Last week the local FM programmed station played one of your songs and I thought, Gee, I haven't heard Fogelberg in a while. Coincidentally, I spotted and bought the Essential Dan Fogelberg CD at Borders.  I bought it, played it and was overwhelmed at how wonderful the music and lyrics sounded after a long time since I played them on my turntable when we were all younger.  It was so good to hear the beautiful melodies and stories, and hear songs like "Leader of the Band" that I have always related to my own father.  The whole Essential DF CD was just one great song and memory after another. I shared the CD with several friends who enjoyed it enthusiastically. So, 30 minutes ago I decided to look for a web site to e-mail you my thanks and appreciation of your artistry.  I was totally shocked to hear of your illness.  I want to add my best wishes to those who have preceded me, the thousands of kind and gentle people who related to your wonderful music.  I hope this finds you and your family in good health and spirits. Thank you for sharing your voice and gentle spirit with us. ~ Mel Miller, San Diego


 Happy Birthday Dan! I hope this birthday finds you on your way to a full and speedy recovery. My sisters and I were saddened to hear of your illness and will be standing by waiting for you to be ready to tour again. Until then we will fill our "Dan" void by listening to your wonderful music and praying for your health. Sincerely ~ Shirley Garcia, Tampa, FL


 Dear Dan – Happy Birthday. Still praying for your healing. Still listen to your music. ~ Mary, Tampa, FL


 A birthday wish for one of my favorite performers and writers. My son shares August 13 with Dan as his birthday.  My son turned 22 yesterday. Since I see no news regarding Dan, I hope all is well and that he is improving.  Right after my 50th birthday a year or so ago, I had a complete physical, including the PSA.  Mine was normal. ~ Michael Keaton


 Happy belated birthday Dan.  Reading down through these thoughts and well wishes seems to put a new spin on an old line, "Such is the language of love". ~ Richard, Sebastian, FL


 Dan, Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday!  Took up sailing this summer on a Sweet 16 sailboat.  It is wonderful sailing silently with the wind and a little frustrating sailing into the wind :-)  Thanks & Blessings ~ Mark in KC


 Dear Dan:  It's been a year since your uplifting letter to your fans was published. Here's wishing you a very Happy Birthday and many blessings in the coming year.   I raise my glass to you right now dear friend, and wish you continued health and happiness ever on! ~ Lesley Hamer, Williamsburg, VA


 Thinking of you today and wishing you peace and blessings on your birthday. ~ Sandi


 Dan - best wishes on your birthday!   Hoping that your health continues to get better every day.  Love you always! ~ Cathy from Connecticut


 Dan,  I guess reading this stuff over the last couple of years you must have figured out that you have meant an awful lot, to an awful lot of people.  Hope these few hundred thousand well chosen words have inspired and uplifted you, as you have all of us.......for so many years.  A highlight of my life was meeting and talking with you after a Seattle concert in October of '93.  I was the last person you spoke to prior to getting into the limo, after I watched you patiently and graciously greet every single fan....waiting in the 1 AM.  We tend to set unrealistic expectations of our heroes, that none of could hope to meet ourselves in every circumstance, simply given our humanity.  It is a rare pleasure to see those unrealistic expectations SURPASSED, with grace and simply with one's valuable time.  I had the privilege of chatting for 5 minutes with the person I most admired on earth.....and met a great guy.  I got home at 3 AM....and my wife awoke knowing something special had happened just by the energy coming from me.  Thank you for that, it was a GREAT thrill for me.  You, your wife, and your health...are constantly in my prayers.  I hope this birthday was a special one, to be followed by many more. ~ Tim Ogard, Seattle


 Happy Birthday Dan... wishing you the very best today and for a long time to come. My prayers are with you and I pray you are doing well. ~ Michele K.


 Best wishes on your birthday, Dan. You are in my prayers every day. "there's a light in the depths of your darkness." Peace ~ JLA


 Dear Dan, I want to send along my best wishes for your birthday.  I hope you are in good spirits and improving health.  May God bless you and Jean and sustain both of you during this time. Best wishes ~ Tammy in Illinois


 Dear Dan (and Jean): We all wait, impatiently sometimes, for news of how you are. I hope you are well and, most importantly, enjoying your life. I remain in awe of your artistic vision and perspective. You have blessed all of us with the beauty within you. My fervent prayer is that you stay strong and do whatever brings your life most meaning. Peace and happy birthday ~ Angela from Pennsylvania


 Happy Birthday, Dan!   Thinking of you and hoping your day was near perfect!  Still love the music - and passed that on to my boys.   Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers and wishing you the best ~ RS, now in DC


 Happy Birthday Dan!  Our best wishes for you as you've reached the double nickel!  From two friends from Illinois whose hearts belong to Colorado


 Just sending lots of loving wishing to Dan on his birthday.  Hope your health is well. I beat lung cancer last year and know you can heal yourself too!! Keep the  faith... In Light &  Love ~ Debra/Miami


 Happy Birthday, friend!  My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family every day!  ~ CG


 Dear Dan, I hope you have a wonderful birthday and many more to come! You look fantastic!   Best wishes ~ Karen Jordan


 Dan - Happy Birthday!  I hope this birthday finds you well and getting better and stronger every day.  You are in my thoughts often and my prayers as well.  Keep fighting and be well. ~  MH


 Happy Birthday, Dan.  Hope your health is steady.  You released Home Free the year I was born... it continues to bring me such a sense of comfort.  Thanks for all of your music. ~ Will in Honolulu


 Dear Dan, Just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you on your 55th birthday and always!  My husband and I are continuing to pray for your  complete recovery. Thanks for sharing your talents with us. Your music is the  best! Love & Happiness ~ Jill Alder, Clinton, NY


 Happy Birthday, Dan. I'm praying with all my might that this birthday finds you strong and healthy. Thank you again for the wonderful gift of music you have given the world. ~ Julia, Michigan


 Happy Birthday Dan.  Hope you had a fabulous  day.  Thank you for your fantastic songs. Listening to them is the best part of my day.  One of my few regrets in life is not  having had the opportunity to attend one of your performances.  I pray  that all is going well for you. I anxiously await word on your improved health.~ Sandy Nichols, WV


 Hi Dan! Happy Birthday from Reno! We miss your concerts and hope you and Jean are doing well. ~ Dave and Alexia


 I had been hoping for an update today about how you are doing since you gave one last year on your birthday.  I sincerely hope you are doing well and I continue to pray for your full recovery.  I am in Maine vacationing right now and enjoying some of the areas that have inspired some of your beautiful songs. I so miss your new CDs and concerts, but your health is all that really matters to all your fans.  God bless and keep you. ~  Linda B.


 Happy Birthday, Dan and wishing many more in the future for you! As many others have noted, I began listening to you in the early 70s and continue to do so almost on a daily basis, into my 51st year :-) Your music means so much to so many, and has touched me deeper than you can ever imagine. Prayers are with you and yours through these difficult times and as always, I await the release of your next   "album" with great anticipation! Love and Prayers ~ Karen in Oregon


 Happy Birthday and many more. God bless you , and your family. Thank you for your music and sharing your heart with us all of these years. Love to you, and prayers also. Be happy, Dan and Jean. ~ Donna Gonzalez.


 HAPPY 55th BIRTHDAY DAN FOGELBERG! It is a gift for all of us to have you on the planet!  I thank you from the depths of my soul for all of the words and music, the concert memories, and for touching a place in my heart that no other music quite reaches.  You are a beautiful and unique individual and you have always been in my prayers and in my heart, especially now, in your cancer battle.  It gives me a lot of comfort to know that you have your wife Jean, to love you and help you though this.  I hope you are celebrating together on some wild mountaintop, or sailing away on a wonderful journey. Peace, love, and friendship, your fan ~ Karen Ward Dorena, Oregon


 Dan, Happy Birthday!!!  It was one year ago today that you gave us a gift (not to mention the many others with your wonderful music and messages throughout the years).  Last year on your birthday you let us know that you were doing much better and on the road to recovery.  I remember sitting here crying while reading it because it had been more than a year before that I heard you were sick (by a dj on the radio) and came to your website to find more news. So it was so great reading your message.  For the past four years on this day I wake up wishing my daughter a second Happy Birthday (her original due date, but she was born August 3rd) and then wish you a Happy Birthday.  I hope and pray that you are doing well.  Peace to you and your family. ~  Linette in St. Louis


 Well, August 13, a special day, Happy Birthday! "Begin at once to live, and count each separate day as a separate life." ~ Seneca.  Growing up with you and listening to you, each album holds a special place at each pinnacle of my life. I am so happy to say that seeing you in person from when Nether Lands came out up until your unfortunate cancellation, also etches memories of my youth shared with so very many others standing around me in the audience having their own personal experience with you at the concert. And as the years flew by and my children grew to your words and melodies becoming all too familiar with each and every song, their profound  messages written from your soul span across the generations. My 80 year old Dad loved your concert at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater,   FL. The amazing thing is how you remained true to your spirit and where your heart led you despite society's demands of what was wanted as cultural acceptance at the time. Your music will remain a powerful, moving gift to many now and many generations to come. Thank you for the depth, breath, and serenity your words and music have given me. May each and every day bring you a new path of peace, vision and fire in your heart to create the next chapter in your   life. Again, Happy Birthday! ~ Lisa Deak, Port Richey, FL.


 Dear Dan,  A most Happy Birthday! I feel truly blessed to have discovered your music many years ago. Additionally, I was fortunate enough to see you in concert-first in Durango, Colorado (Apr. '82) and again at Red Rocks in July 1997.   Of all your recordings, I love The Wild Places album the best. It is a MUST listening whenever I take spiritual treks through Colorado and Utah parks and wilderness areas.    I too had a life-threatening illness, but through my faith, the miracle of medicine, and support of family and friends, I have endured.  It has been 7 & 1/2 years now since my "Gift of Life"- a kidney transplant! I have been able to return back to my music and classic rock band I now have.   I am confident you will see through this period of trial and tribulation and will soon get back to what you do best: write and record wonderful songs! God bless you Dan! I look forward to your next recordings. ~   John Mascaro, Lauderdale Lakes, Fl.


 Happy Birthday!  Coming from another 55 year old fan. I pray you are well and you continue to have the upper hand on the cancer.  Your music has meant so much to me and my family who are also "fans of Dan".  I will continue to pray for you and your family on your day!  Best Wishes ~ Terry, Thornton, Colorado


 Dear Dan, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  With love and prayers to you and your family. ~  KT in Virginia.


 Hello Dan, Happy Birthday!  Wanted to let you know that your legions of fans think of you often, especially on this special day. Best regards ~ David Iden


 Wishing you a happy birthday, Dan, and praying for good health for you. Peace ~ Susan


 Dan, Best wishes for a happy birthday, many more to come. Thanks for the wonderful music all these years. ~ Bob in CA


 Happy Birthday Dan!  Hope all is going positive in your corner of the world. ~ Kim - Peoria


 Happy Birthday Dan,wishing you the best and hoping all is well. Thank you for all your music you have given us.Peace to you. A forever and longtime fan ~ William


 HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN !   I wish love, joy, strength, and good health.  Thanks for many years of enjoyment.  Peace to you and your family. ~  Kelly


 Dear Dan: May God bless you! ~ Mark Maresca


 Happy Birthday Dan!   I hope that today you celebrate good health and happiness.  I think of you often and miss you. ~ Catherine


 Happy Birthday, Dan Fogelberg ! I'm fan since 1974. Your music is wonderful and I hope you have strength for new Songs. All the very best for you and your family. Kind regards ~ Astrid "Schöni" Schönwetter Germany


 Happy Birthday, Dan ...with love and prayers ~ Deborah F.


 Happy Birthday Dan!  And thanks again for sharing  the music with us all these years.  We hope you are well, and wish you and  Jean many happy and healthy years together. ~ The Shannon Family,  Delaware


 Dear Dan, I was informed of your illness in casual passing last evening ( 26th August, 2006 ). I was profoundly saddened that you were first diagnosed in 2004 and I have been blissfully unaware of your circumstance. I have found myself reflecting on my first album, Souvenirs, that I purchased at the age of 17. The year was 1979 and I remember looking at the cover and being captivated by the image looking back. You had the most beautiful face I had ever seen. I then proceeded to engage in a Dan Fogelberg feast, buying any music you had ever recorded, and continued to do so long into my adult years.


It is an absurd irony that you, a man who has composed and produced music and lyrics, assisting me in the transient feelings of isolation and alienation that living life at times encompasses,would be traveling a lonesome road only you can travel. No amount of comfort from those who love you deeply removes this reality. If depth of gratitude for allowing me into your internal world is able to influence an outcome in years, you my friend will live forever. Good luck Daniel and thank you for all you have given.~  Melissa, Australia.


 Dear Dan, My family and I wish to express our thoughts and prayers are with you in fighting this battle.  I have been a fan for many years now and brought my husband in too.  Now our thirteen year old daughter has taken up the guitar and likes to try to play along with your music. Your lyrics and melodies have touched me in ways no other artist ever has.  I have been to almost every concert that you have played in St. Louis and no other group or single artist has ever given the heart and soul that you have.  Thank you for being warm and sincere and putting it all out there. Your devoted fans ~ Joe, Janet & Alayna Gillespie, Highland, Illinois


 Hi Dan, I still think of you often.  I pray you make it through.  I missed your birthday this year as I was traveling in Montana - so belated happy birthday. I will continue to hope for the best for you and your family.  ~ Teri, Mill Valley California


 Throughout my adult life Dan´s songs have brought me inspiration, have comforted me through bouts of broken heart, have given me faith to further seek love and have also caused me to wonder what joys and suffering inspired them. The world is, I believe, a richer place for having Dan´s talents. I sincerely wish him all the best. Regards ~ Alan Anderson, Blantyre, Malawi (Central Africa)


 Hi Dan, I just learned of your battle with cancer today and want to let you know that my thoughts and prayers will be with you each day. Anyway, I cannot begin to tell you how much your music has touched my life since I was 18 years old and heard "Dancing Shoes" for the first time.  I thought it was the most beautiful and tender love song I had ever heard...and still do.   My best friend won the "Miss Druid Hills" contest that year by putting on her ballet shoes and mesmerizing the audience with her interpretation of that song!   The first time I heard "Souvenirs", while living in Colo. Springs,  tears instantly came to my eyes when you sang the last sentence of that song.  I was touched by the true rawness of the emotion and could identify with it.   "As the Raven Flies" and "Crow" are two more personal favorites from your earlier work. Your music has been a source of strength during tough times following a knifepoint attack in Aspen while jogging in 1979.


Please know that the work and passion you have put into your music over the years matters to total strangers like myself. "Phoenix" was my theme song in the 3 tough years following the attack in Aspen that slapped a naive 18 year old girl into realizing how precious each second of life is. That song gave me hope and motivated me to regain my inner strength and pursue life's passion each day.  After starting and selling 3 businesses over the years, I can't say that the "Power of Gold" has been a bad thing in my life (joke) ...but I want you to know that your life matters to many people like myself who have found strength, beauty, and hope in your music throughout the years. Thanks Dan. Love and prayers ~ Marybeth 


 Dan and Jean, Just a note to let you know how much your songs have meant to so many fans of '80s music.  We play "Missing You" every so often on "Saturday  Night '80s," which is heard on over 75 radio stations each weekend across  America, and also on Armed Forces Radio around the world.   We truly  are missing you on tour, and send a lot of love, prayers and thoughts for you  both.  May the powerful healing hands of God make you stronger and better  very soon! With the deepest love and regards ~ Todd  Michaels, Host, "Saturday Night '80s" show


 Dan, I wish you a belated happy birthday, but even more I send you good thoughts and many prayers in your recovery.  You have given us all so much with your special talent and songwriting through the years. I know I have been truly blessed to have found your music and see you perform.  I feel for all the good you have done, this has to come back to you in so many ways.  I wish you and your family many more years ahead together.   Much love and peace ~  Suzanne, Carlisle, PA


 Dear Dan, You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.  I hope you are doing better and that you are regaining your strength.  As I listened to your songs when I clicked on your website, I was flooded with memories of summer nights, snuggled in a blanket, listening to you perform under the stars at Park West (now "The Canyons") and Deer Valley.  If you're in Utah, we try to make it to your concert.  Your music is a staple in my life. My kids grew up with your songs in the background.  You've provided the soundtrack to my life.  Thank you... It's been a joy to have your music with me throughout the journey.  I hope you are doing well.  Life can change so quickly, suddenly all plans change and surviving cancer becomes the only important focus.  In my last email I wrote of a cancer foundation I'm volunteering for, that lets people write their story for free.  I've had the opportunity to read many of these stories, and surprisingly, not one person would trade their experience.  They all said that what they gained from going through the experience was far greater than what they suffered.  It makes me appreciate how valiant the human spirit is, and how powerful our ability to overcome the obstacles in our life really is.   I pray that your life is happy and that you can overcome this obstacle.  I hope this unexpected journey enhances all of your gifts and talents and that what you gain, outweighs what you've endured.  Be well my friend.  Remember you are loved and in many thoughts and prayers. Sincerely ~  Lora Draper


 Dear Mr Fogelberg, I have followed your career since I first heard you during my High school time  1973-1976.  Of course I had a huge crush on you and strange enough we had a Sophomore, when I was a Freshman, who really looked like you when your hair was longer.  When I heard you were ill, it saddened me greatly. In my family I have lost three, Dad, Mom and Sister and my Brother is 4 yrs well from cancer.  He used a product called "Immuncal" and he swears by it. I realize you've probably has many "cures" thrown your way, but it really helped him.  Please know I hope the very best for you and your family and that you will also make it thru this strained time. Thank-you for your beautiful and moving music thru the years, especially those song about the mountains of which my husband and I hope to live in one day in Montana.  My very best to you.  Hang on!!!!!! Most Sincerely ~ Kathleen Guernsey


 Dan, I just wanted to wish you the best.  Your music has meant a lot  to me over the years...The first song of yours I heard was "Part of the Plan"  and I've loved your music ever since.  Hang in there. ~ Michelle from Torrance, CA


 Dan,  May you come through this trial. I would just like to say how much your music has meant to me over many many years, you truly are "The Living Legacy". My thoughts are with you. ~ Kevin,  Worcester, England.

 Thank you Dan for all the wonderful moments we've enjoyed listening to your music. It has been truly awe inspiring to listen and immerse myself in your compositions and productions. I look forward to Christmas each year because I get to hear "Same Old Lang Syne" on the radio. It just kind of 'makes Christmas more Christmassy! You and your wife are in my and my wife's prayers and hopefully we'll get to hear more great music from you in the future. ~ Mike Allgeier - Memphis, TN


 Dan, Just a note to wish you the best as you continue your recovery.  Your music has been a big part of my life since 1975, when I was a rookie teacher in Kansas City.  Both my kids (18 and 22) are big fans as well. Even today, I sing "Wysteria" every time I see the Wysteria plant in my back yard and my wife often breaks out singing,"there's a ring around the moon tonight..." From an Illinois boy (I spent a year at U of I in 1970-71), best wishes. Sincerely ~ Doug Mack - Flora, IL


 I heard the song "Leader Of The Band " the other day and was again transfixed by the beautiful lyrics and music coming out of my radio speakers.  Dan, you have a true gift and I wish you the best and keep you in my prayers always! Sincerely ~ Claudia


 Dan, I thought of something this morning as I was listening to High Country Snows in my car on the way to work. "The Higher You Climb" was playing when it hit me.  The way you put your heart and soul into the songs you sing for us is kind of like the way we're all putting our heart and soul into the prayers we're offering up for you.  The love that so many of us have for you and for the music that you so magically created over the years is so evident in reading the messages on the wishes page.  I hope that you are able to read these messages and that you can feel this love.  You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers and your music will continue to be a part of my life on a daily basis.  Wishing, hoping and praying that we hear some good news soon. Be well, my friend.


 Dan, I've been listening to your Greatest Hits and reliving my old memories.  As a horse racing fan your "Run For the Roses" brought a Barbaro inspired mist to my eyes.  Thank you for the beautiful sounds. I anticipate each Christmas season as I play your disc. God bless you on the continuing journey to recovery and health.  I'm "wishing on the moon tonight". ~ Joe C.


 Hi Dan, I wanted to thank you for your music. The message you send out over the waves are needing to be heard. Spiritually you really touch me. Thank you so much for that.!! You may already know about the Gerson approach but I mention it anyway.There is a website you can check out by doing a google search for it. It's worth checking out!!!. We really love you. There are miracles everyday right.   I am sending you strong healing prayers. ~ With light, Sara & Dave Wardamasky


 Only just found out about what's going on with you. Keep going and keep strong. I first heard your music in the early 1980's when I was living in Canada for a couple of years, and I brought as many tapes as I could find home with me (I live in U.K.). It seems that your music has always been there for me, and has found ways to express in words and music emotions that I've felt throughout my life. I even went out and brought a Batman comic because the story, 'Haven', was inspired by Nether Lands. Thanks for the inner peace that your music always gives me and I look forward to much, much more. ~ Kieran. Swansea Wales


 Dan, I just wanted to wish you all the best in this fight for life. You and your music have meant a great deal to some of us. You´ve always been able to put into words what we feel and wish we could tell others. You were in Johnson City, TN a few years ago and I was on the front row right in the middle. It was probably a thrill of a lifetime for me to be so close to the music. I think I sang along with EVERY song! Hope I didn´t freak you out (my husband has asked me repeatedly NOT to sing in the shower!) Anyway, it was wonderful and I so enjoyed it. I´ll keep my fingers crossed that perhaps, one day you might return. Until then, just stay positive and know you are forever in our hearts! Thanks again for all you´ve given us through the years! A huge fan ~ Ann Cassel

 For Dan, Happy 55th Birthday!  Think of you often and enjoy your music daily in my life.   Your music is truly one of the greatest treasures I have in this world.  I look forward to the day when you return to the concert stage. God Bless you and your family ~ Debbie


 Another man-fan of Dan.  Praying for your comfort and peace. You have touched many to feel our emotions through your lyrics.  Saw you in Lake County, CA at Konocti Harbor Inn a few years ago and it was personal and special. God be with you ~ Bob Pedersen


 Dear Dan, Can another year have passed already?  No matter --- our favorite troubadour is still with us.  Belated happy birthday to a star on whose light I have often depended, as have so many.  Thanks for everything, Daniel...especiall for staying down here with us for another trip 'round the sun.  How 'bout another and another, and as many more as you'd like? Bless you ~  Dean Brehio & Rahamim Mazzal


 Hi Dan, I just learned of your challenging health condition and wanted to add my prayers to the many others who are joined in support of you and your family. Like so many of your fans, your music has meant so much to me throughout my life, particularly during my formative years.  I've shared your music with my wife, family, and friends so they may also surrender to the beauty of your talents and soul. I can't even begin to offer up a favorite composition as I see your body of work as a whole that cannot be broken down and compared against itself. With as much solace, strength, hope, and inspiration as you have provided to others, I truly believe these gifts will be returned to you many times over and this outpouring of love will help to restore you to good health. Stay strong, laugh as often as possible, and keep fighting brother! God Bless You ~ Steve Mentzer


 Dear Dan, Belated birthday wishes to you. I hope the day was special for you and found you in continued improved health, good spirits and fine company. Through a friend of a friend of ,ultimately, a complete stranger, I came into possession of an autographed album of yours, The Innocent Age. I¹ve always loved it. I, it must be said, have lived in a culturally deprived age, since I never got to see you in concert and the signature comes to me circuitously. However, I had the album framed and it hangs in my office where I try to do creative things. It is a reminder of your amazing creative genius and inspires me daily. And each time I glance at it, I also send a good wish your way for the daily courage and vigilance and faith you must continue to have. (Many who have come to visit my space have looked at the album and exclaimed, "Dan Fogelberg! I love his music.") I also have a multi-CD player and one slot is the "Dan reserved" slot. Nothing is ever played in it other than you. Since I¹ve re-purchased all your albums on CD, I am never at a loss. Your music entertains me, uplifts me, touches my heart, and speaks to my soul. I wouldn¹t spend a day without it. THANK YOU FOR THAT! Know that I am with you daily too. Thinking of you & Jean, and sending all good wishes, thoughts and prayers. Love ~ Doris


 Even though I've never met you, your music is a big part of my life.  My favorites are "Same Old Lang Syne" and "Leader of the Band." You are truly one of a kind and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Thanks for many great songs. ~ Mary-Georgia


 Dan - I heard about the challenges you're now facing and decided to send you a note to let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers and to thank you as well for the positive influence your music and your example has had on my life. I started listening to your music back in 1974 when I first heard "Part of the Plan."  I was a freshman at the Air Force Academy and had been playing guitar for about a year.  I bought your Souvenirs album and listened to it about a thousand times.  I explained to each of my roommates at the Academy that Dan Fogelberg was mandatory listening and they never regretted it.  I bought nearly all your albums and learned a great number of your songs on guitar.  I can't tell you how much I improved as a guitarist over the years because of your music.  I'm sure you've heard this over and over again, but simply put, your music touched my life and I deeply admire you as a person, a songwriter, and an awesome performer.


I'm now 51 years old with a wonderful family which includes my wife of 28 years (Anna Marie), our son Joe III (a fire fighter and an awesome guitarist to boot) and our daughter Pam (now in her fourth year of medical school). I've stayed with the Air Force for over 28 years now and I'm humbled to tell you that last year I was promoted to Brigadier General.  I've also stayed

true to the guitar and now own five (Martin HD-35, Martin D12-28, Martin 000-28EC, and two Gibson J-45s).  The one guitar currently missing from my arsenal is the Martin D-41DF, but someday I will remedy this shortfall. I would be nothing without the love and support of my family and friends, but I can honestly tell you music has also had an enormous influence on my life.  It has helped me through some very dark times, brought me a great deal of happiness, and helped me meet life's many challenges.  Your part in all of this was HUGE.


I want to thank you, Dan, for all you've given to me and the millions of other people who love your music.  I would think your legacy will be one which would make anyone very proud and honored to pass along to the generations to come.  I wish you the very best and please know I will pray for you in hopes that God will give you peace and strength in dealing with the challenges ahead.   I ensure, during every one of my yearly flight physicals, that I get a digital exam and fully discuss my PSA results.  Thanks for stressing this. I know it will save many lives. Sincerely ~ Joe Mudd


 Oh, Dan, as I write, light candles, pray and play your music, I am constantly reminded what an enormous part you and your music have played in my life. Each and every morning I begin the day listening to "To the Morning" and saying a prayer. When my own time comes, I have requested a morning service with the song playing. Your music has opened my heart, quelled grief and heightened pleasures for the majority of my 52 years. Do you remember the show, way back, at Wesley Hall at Yale in New Haven, CT. A request for no smoking was made due to the age and timber construction of the building, but when you sang Gambler and hit  Let it Shine, not one hand was without a shining lighter! Prayers for you and Jean are many. May the two of you feel my enduring love and Blessed be, always ~ Vicki Michaud in Cumberland, Maine


 Dan, just another brief note to reassure you that I continue to remember you and your family daily in my prayers..that you would be granted a complete and swift recovery. Your music has transformed and guided me over three decades. In my mind, no artist before, during, or since comes close to transforming souls as has yours. Take good care, my friend. Do what you must in this battle. I will keep up the spiritual fight in your behalf. Sincerely ~ Greg Tuttle, M. D., Chapel Hill/Durham


 Hey Dan. You of course do not know me but I'm a huge fan. Many a rainy day I have sat inside listening to your music, singing along thinking I sounded good harmonizing with you.You, my friend , have written some of the most beautiful lyrics ever. It is my hope today that you are feeling well and are recovering from whatever treatment you have chosen. I have had several loved ones going through the whole cancer scenario and I know the ups and downs. We all really have just the day or just the moment,because life is fragile beyond words. As I sit in the Alaskan rain , I send my love and prayers to you and your family. Take care and keep writing. I just got off the Gordon Lighfoot web site and he was just through an ordeal with an aortic aneurysm. As a nurse I know not too many people survive this, particularly when they burst, as his did.  He said writing got him through the worst of times and kept him focused off himself. Plus he was able to express himself through the written word when the spoken word is often hard to articulate at times such as these.You probably already know this and feel this but ... thought it might help. Take care, go for walks, breathe fresh air and enjoy each and every moment. Love and peace. ~ Kyle from Anchorage


 I guess it was Christmas of 1974 when I went shopping with my friend and her mother.  Her brother had put a Dan Fogelberg album on his Christmas list.  We said, "Who?"  He got the album for Christmas and my friend and I listened to it over and over.  We knew who Dan Fogelberg was then!!!  I have been a huge fan ever since.  You have made such beautiful music and I hope you will again.  I think my favorite song is "Run for the Roses."  But I have yet to hear a Dan Fogelberg song that I didn't love. I pray for your complete recovery and hope it comes very soon.  You have inspired so many people with your music.  You don't deserve to be sick.  ~ Nancy DeSimone


 Dearest Dan, I wish you a very happy belated birthday! I really miss seeing and especially hearing you in concert. The summers aren't the same with out the excitement, awe, peace, tranquility, and down right fun of a Dan Fogelberg concert. I have see at least 6 concerts this summer attempting to make up for not seeing you. It has been fun, but not quite the same at all! I am wishing you well and praying for you just about daily! You are sorely missed at all the venues and your fans are very concerned for your health and well being. May you experience God's deepest Peace, now and always! ~ Laura Boughner, Richmond


 Dear Dan-  Your music is beautiful.  So are you.  Keep the faith and be strong. Sincerely ~ Trang


 Dan, I've seen you in concert and listened to your "albums" for years.  You are a beautiful, talented person and you've touched so many people with your music.  I'm sure your strength and determination will get you through this, along with the prayers of so many people like me.  Hang in there. ~ Maureen


 Dan, I lost track of your music for a couple of years.  In the process of trying to find out if you had made any more albums, I discovered two things.  One, there were three albums that I had never heard of and since have purchased and are enjoying very much.  Secondly, I found out about your cancer.  I want you to know how much your music has touched my life.  You definitely have a gift given from God!  I have been and will continue to pray for you and your family...My hope, from the words in some of your more recent music, is that you believe in God and in his Son Jesus..  My prayer for you is two-fold, First - that you may be healed and can continue to bless us all with your gift.  Secondly, that you would know the peace that only Jesus can give. Please Heal Fast and Go on Tour Soon... ~ Gus Ewell, Loveland, Colorado


 Dan, I can't begin to tell you what your music has meant to me.  My brother and his best friend introduced you to me almost 30 years ago and the three of us continue to be devoted fans.  Both my brother and his friend are musicians and still play your music on a regular basis.  "Wysteria" has been and will continue to be my favorite song, although it is difficult to pick a favorite, as whenever I hear any of your songs I swear that one is my favorite!  I will pray for your healing and for your family.  God bless you, Dan.  ~ Cindy, Austin, TX

 Your songs have become part of the fabric of my life, running through my mind when most needed. Your contribution to American music is immeasurable. May God bless and watch over you. In prayer ~ Anne Kelderhouse


 Dan, I wanted to tell you, I'm one of those older guys in their late 50's who have been with you since "Looking for a Lady" came out. I am an amateur musician and have been forever and your music changed my life back when we were both young and good looking. I've written before, but I felt a need to tell you again the impact you have on my life. Every few days I listen to "The Innocent Age" (my favorite). But that's just the beginning. When you create the music, it becomes a part of you, but when you listen to the music, it becomes a part of your life. You have been an intrinsic part of my life for 35 years. You love Maine and the Rockies. We can relate because we love the Sierra Nevada more than most people can imagine. Every time we're on our way to the Sierra from the Palm Springs area in California, we have one of your cd's on. We ski, we hike, we fish. If it's in the mountains, we try to do it. Though music is a part of our lives, we could never capture the beauty of nature as you have in your songs.  We try to capture what you love and what we love in pictures. We look forward to the day when we can make our way to the coast of Maine, to experience the beauty that you have. If not we will continue to live it through your music.


Dan, I sound like every other fan on this site. Perhaps I am. But, for 35 years we have been together. You just weren't aware of it, but I was. You took me through the hardest times of my life -- divorce, heartache, etc. You've been there, done that, you know. Now, I'm there for you. Prayer, love, support. At your concerts you have given credit to many people. In 2003 at Anaheim, Ca. You paid homage to George Harrison. In the credits of your cd's you credit others including the Buffalo Springfield. You are the greatest singer/song writer of our time, and I think it's time someone gave a little more credit to you. We love all that you have given us. Please, get well, give us more. (sounds selfish, but we miss you dearly). Supportive love ~ James & Ruthie Foltz, Sky Valley, Ca.


 Dan, I have listened to and loved your music for many years. I want to wish you the best while you are battling your cancer. I know what a struggle it is because my husband was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in Feb of 2004. He received a stem cell transplant in July of that year and we had hoped that would save his life. It didn't and he died in December of 2004. I know that those do not sound like encouraging words for you but the fact is that you are still alive and fighting which is a good thing. My husband, Drew, fought to the end and did it with a positive attitude and a great sense of humor. I miss him very much and I have tried to keep hanging in there with that same positive attitude and sense of humor which is what he would have wanted. I often listen to your music and one of both of our favorites was High Country Snows. We heard it at a Bed & Breakfast we were staying at in Yosemite and bought the CD as soon as we got home. I listen to that a lot laying in my hammock at night looking at stars knowing he is listening to it too up there wherever he is. So thank you for your part in that spiritual connection that I have with him. Keep hanging in there and fighting, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Sincerely ~ Sara Medzyk


 Dan, When I was a small child, my mother and sisters gave me the gift of music -- in other words, they allowed me to handle your records and entrusted them to my care. I played them on a little portable record player. I studied every inch of the Souvenirs sleeve in particular, and as soon as I could read I studied the lyrics. Now, looking back, I can say I had the greatest start on the path to poetry one could ever dream of. Your music takes me back to that very special time in my life -- the innocent age most definitely -- when I was surrounded by my family. Now that I'm older, my sisters are all in different places, both spiritually and physically, and my mother passed in 2004. But music has always been an abiding comfort and a healing balm. Thank you so much for the treasure you bestowed on all of us with your music and your words and your spirit which will always shine through. I was so sorry to hear about your illness and wanted to send you my best wishes for healing and love and to extend my gratitude for the beauty you have given to my life. With love ~ Sara T., Manchester, NH.


 Best wishes to Dan, as he goes down this difficult road, from a fan  from back in the 1970s.  "Wysteria" remains one of the most beautiful songs  I've ever heard.  With thanks and hopes for healing ~ Vicki


 I was introduced to your music when I was originally married in 1985 (the first time) and it has been one of the better things I walked away with. I can imagine what you are going through as Prostate Cancer has been part of my life's journey - through my Dad.  I pray that your treatment is successful and that you are soon able to bring your beautiful music to life once more. ~ Janet S. McCarthy


 Dan, a special thanks for everything you've given throughout the  years.  Your music, and spirit continue to inspire.  Your words of  advice regarding prostate cancer helped me through early diagnoses and  treatment.  I'm still in the recovery phase  post surgery, and feeling better everyday. Your message regarding the PSA  test saved my life!  I'll always follow you down  the spirit trail. Thanks ~ Rich  Brinkmann


 Just listening to the Souvenirs album, reminiscing back 30 years to how your music was the soundtrack to high school and some great times.  I wish you all the best and pray for you.


 Dan, Your music is the best.  I wish you a complete and full recovery and hope you put out a new CD in the future.  I will be one of the first in line to buy it.  As so many people have already told you, your music is some of the best out there.  Very touching songs.  “Longer” was one of the songs in my wedding.  Take care and best wishes to you and your family! ~ Ruth D (Illinois)

Hi Dan! Your music has meant so much to me over these years, and your lyrics have inspired me in my own writings as well.  I wish you the very, very best  Dan.  I truly do, and it's a great feeling for me to be able to tell you  that.  Over the years I've often wondered what I'd say if I ever had the chance to meet you.  I could dream about that forever, but I do know I  would say "thank you", in the truest form of the word.  Thank you for being  you and for helping to create inside of me this love for music that I will  cherish forever.  Now I have goose bumps!  Love you Dan!  Please  get well. ~ Debbie Holland, Coopersville, MI


 I pray for you, Dan, and your wife that God will hold you in His Arms and heal you.  You have touched my soul with every song I hear.  The words you write and the melodies you create are awesome.  I have seen you in concert here in Birmingham AL and, even though I haven't seen you for awhile, it seems just like yesterday.  Please know that I am one of your loyal fans.  There is not a day that passes that I don't think of one of your songs and find myself humming it all along.  You have been an inspiration to me musically as well.  My prayers with you always ~ Trisha Southerland


 Dear Dan and Jean, My husband and I love your music, Dan!  We live in Denver, and we have been to Red Rocks several times to see you perform – you are wonderful!!!  We just want to wish you the best of luck and to let you know that you are in our prayers!  I hope and pray you are doing o.k.!!  Please let us know!! ~ Donna & Hoppy Thomas, Denver, Colorado


 Dan, I just want to say that your music has touched my life in many ways over the years.  I saw you in person at the Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio several years ago and have to say that it is the best concert I've ever been to.  Keep fighting because I believe that you still have a lot of music in you to share and may God bless you and give you the strength you need to get through this difficult time.  ~ Nick


 Dear Dan: The eighties were a tough time for me as I went in and out of a marriage. Somehow your music was always an inspiration and a ray of optimistic beauty. I've traveled across Eastern Washington a year or so ago with an old double tape of yours calling attention to the beauty of the land and the messages. All of us are here for a short time.  I'm almost 59 now, and realize how much needs to be done and how little time there is to do it.  So know you have made a big mark on a lot of people.  Take comfort in the fact that miracles do happen.  My thoughts and prayers will be with you for a complete recovery.  Best wishes to you and yours.~ Bill Allen


 Very sorry about your illness--had no idea. One of my new best  friends I walk dogs with at area SPCA has had your illness for 8 years--has been  given "terminally ill" status but has lived 8 quality years, so hope his good  luck blesses you. Haven't been a Fogelberg groupie in my life, but DID see  you in New Haven, CT, maybe 1975??, and you were the best performer I have ever  seen (and I've seen Elvis, Neil Diamond, Elton John, etc.).  You sang and  played piano brilliantly that night--and you seemed to be swooning at your  tremendous reception in the 12,000-seat arena--looked like you couldn't believe  your reception, and I loved seeing you glow that night and your wonderful smile seemingly gasp with delight. Even on your encore with thousands of small  lighters held up by people--you swooned even then, and your humility was a joy  to watch.


I've been playing your ballads" CD from your 4-CD set, and I had  not played you for 20 years and had truly forgotten how wonderful you were and  are.  Never heard the 2 songs, "Only The Heart May Know" and "Sweet  Magnolia."  At first, I preferred your old cuts and skipped over these, but  now I play ONLY these 2 cuts!! Your lyrics are so extraordinary, and yet your  PERFECT voice dwarfs your lyrics!!  Thank you for such divine pleasure--but  we all plan on delaying your visit to a divine heaven for at least another  decade. Remember my new friend's longevity with his prostate cancer.  I  emailed your "Only The Heart May Know " lyrics to Matt, my 14-year-old golfing companion the other night. I want to make sure the Fogelberg torch is passed on. God Bless  You.~ Tom Clarie


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, Just played my old "Innocent Age" CD.  Haven't listened to it for a while, since the "Spring" of my life, before I bore three children and raised them to adolescence.  Here I am on the brink of my life's "Autumn," and I hear your songs from a new perspective.  They're still as beautiful as ever.  I believe "The Innocent Age" is one of the musical masterpieces of the twentieth century--both lyrics and musical quality. I googled you to see what you've recorded lately, and I was so sorry to hear you're battling cancer.  I'll pray you win that battle.  Thanks for how you've enriched my life by sharing your gift of music. Sincerely ~ Sarah


 Hi Dan- I just saw the notice on your web site about your cancer. I hope you are happy, healthy, and strong. I see you've received alot of emails and well-wishes. I want to add to that, because your music had a huge impact on me, way back when I was in college at UVM, and beyond. I saw you in concert one time only, in Plattsburgh, NY, and just missed seeing you many other times. I could never get the timing right! But I loved your music, and I love it still. Take care - I'll get my husband to the doctor pronto - thanks for the reminder. My thoughts and prayers are with you. ~ Karen Ginter-Glaeser


 I adore your music and have grown up listening to your words lyrics and you are the most amazing writer and singer. I have all of your cds. I send you  all my love and support and want you to know that you are a true blessing in  this world. I pray that you will get the help you need. Do not settle -get many opinions and treat it as aggressively as you can. I love you and send you all my hope and prayers that you will  beat this. I wish you all the love and prayers and ask God to help you find the care you need ~ Margaret Trask


 Hi Dan, Oddly, I have for no particular reason; I began pulling out all of my DF CDs. Blasting the ballads and the earthy tunes that reflect your love of nature. So many of your songs do something to me emotionally; they make me cry, dream, reflect and long for something that has been buried somewhere over the years of  unfulfilled dreams. I am sure you have some too and can relate. The thing is, is that you can express, and have expressed so much and so beautifully. Listening to "Longer" brought me back to my younger Hippie days when I used to sit in my Bentwood Rocker, singing my baby daughters to sleep. Today, I sang the same song to my granddaughter. What a thread...full circle. The song moves me to tears, to love and to continuity. For that I thank you. I wondered how much thought you give to what you have done and continue to do for others. People like me whom you will never know. Your music sits amongst the likes of Sting, Van Morrison, Kenny Loggins, Joni Mitchell, CSN & Y, David Sanborn and more recently; Chris Botti. Where is my 2006 DF CD??


Singing to my granddaughter today took me back to my days in high school with all my romantic dreams of what life could be like and of finding someone like you....well, of what you and your musical expression represented to me at least. I wondered hmmmm, what is Dan Fogelberg doing now as "Stars" played in the background. Who is he as a person? What has become of his life.. is he married, a grandparent, happy, sad, dismayed, disillusioned, still writing etc. etc. So, I logged onto your site and there you were, as gorgeous and sexy as ever. I read the bio and thought yep, just like I imagined, playing your baby grand in the mountains. In Amalfi, where else, good wines...of about the complex Caymus Conundrum or a 97 Tuscan over the water hut in Bora Bora, a view of the Caldera in Santorini, a view of the valley in a castle in Tuscany or skiing in the Swiss Alps. I am sure that you have done it all....a good life, as you deserve.


I felt awful hearing of your prostate cancer. What the hell is it all about I wonder? A cosmic whack on the head for sure. I don't know you personally but your music has been a part of me on and off for most of my life and has added a richness as music and good lyrics can. Having been an RN in my past life, I have an idea of what you and your wife must be going through. It is no picnic. I hope you find solace and peace. I hope you find your way and share with us your life through song if you feel that may heal you on some level. The baby boomers will be running to the music stores for sure. I hope at least that my note put a brief smile on your face. You have given me a gift. I wish for you a gift from God, the Universe, the Stars or whatever. Be well. My daughter just telephoned me. I told her that I was writing to you and she said, "oh yeah, he is the guy who wrote that beautiful song that you used to sing to us. I know him. I love that song (Longer)". I told her that I was singing the song to her daughter Alessandra whom I was babysitting for today. She fell asleep in my arms. My prayers go to you and yours tonight. With warm regards ~ Susan


 Dear Dan, I'm am listening to Nether Lands right now (on vinyl!) It such a magnificent album. I remember how much my wife and I enjoyed the last time we saw you perform live (Somerville Theatre in MA.) I just had to write to wish you a speedy recovery and a long healthy future. Best regards ~ Kevin, Beverly MA


 Dan. It is almost impossible to put in to words how much you and your music have meant to me over the years. Since the beginning of your recording career I have  felt like your songs were being written for and about my life. I'm a massive music fan but I can't say that about anyone else. I'm deeply saddened about what you're going through but  keep a good thought with me and for you always. I'm 46 and have been having my yearly checkup for prostate health and all other things for six years now. I want to thank you for enriching my life and I look forward to more in the future. ~ Kevin Guyette, Hendersonville, N.C.


  I am praying for your complete recovery.  We are seeing miracles all around us.  Believe.


 Dear Dan: Your wonderful music  touched my life (and was a huge influence during my days of rockin' and rollin'). I wore out the grooves on those first four albums (and I love those songs dearly). I had the distinct pleasure of seeing you in concert twice. Every note of those beautiful melodies is just as touching today. Thank you for your distinct gift. I wish you well on this particular journey -my thoughts, prayers and positive energies go out to you and your family. Be well. ~ Michael, Yellow Springs, Ohio


 Dan, I was dismayed to learn the news.  I found out about it following Barbaro updates and videos.  Someone had created a video "Baby Barbaro" using "Run for the Roses" and I remembered the first time I heard it how you captured the life of these wonderful thoroughbreds. Also, when everyone else was playing "The Wedding Song" at weddings, my brother and his wife chose "Longer" to play at yours and it was so beautiful. I am praying for you that God's miracle will reach you. ~ Melissa Harden


 As an old friend of Dan's from Colorado in the 70's, I only hope he has the shining light inside him that he used to have to get him through this awful illness. May hope and your strength get you through this. ~ Diane


 This has been a long time coming. I am 52 (almost 53) years old and I was turned on to your music in the mid 70's. In brief, I can't express how much your music and lyrics have brought joy to my life. I have had the opportunity to age with you and see you in concert over the past 3 decades. When friends ask of my favorites I never skip a beat saying Dan Fogelberg. I have been a Registered Nurse  since  1976, and  am extremely aware of the challenges you have been enduring. My dear wife of 24 years attended the "Innocent Age" concert in Ann Arbor, MI..1980, and she has also been hooked. God speed to you and your loved ones. Thank you ~ Bill Vaughan

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