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"Dear Dan" Letters

April 2005

Hi Dan! Your music has helped my husband and I through difficult times. Hopefully our thoughts and prayers will be a comfort to you, as you face your current challenges. Best wishes for the future.~ Tammy


 Dan: My wife and I are big fans of your music and share your love with our state of Colorado. We live in the Littleton area and never miss your shows in Denver or Colo Sprgs. The ones at Red Rocks are especially memorable. We don't hear much news but we pray you are succeeding in your fight with cancer. We think of you often. Regards ~ Brian W and Sherri Lewis.


 Hi Dan ! My husband and I have been fans for what seems to be forever! In fact, what drew me to him was the fact that he shared a love for your music as well as I did. It was something we still share today, and will continue to share throughout our lives. We saw you perform recently at Melody Fair (or renamed Majestic Theater) last year in North Tonawanda, NY and it was magical! The phenomenal way you express yourself through your words and music is so hard to describe..It just seems to go into the depths of the heart and grab hold until you can't help but become emotional. What my husband and I love the most is to go to our cabin nestled deep in the woods in the Southern Tier of NY State, and listen to your music while we enjoy the nature around us. It can literally bring tears to my eyes to feel how you touch the heart so deeply just with your words and music.You are a true artist in every sense of the word. And I can't imagine how proud your Father must have been when he heard the song "Leader of the Band" which is one of my personal favorites. He was blessed to have you express so much to him, and you were blessed to have such a wonderful Father. Just as we all are to have someone so special in the world as yourself to bring such feeling to light. Thank you for bringing so much to my life and to my marriage. We hold you in our prayers and pray that you will recover quickly and fully, and that you can get back to the life you love with the people you love who hold you dear, including myself and my husband. Thank you Dan. Our hearts and prayers are with you, and we will continue to keep you in our prayers even long after you recover. With sincere gratitude and love ~ Joan & Bill Wood


 Hi Dan, You have been my favorite musical artist for over twenty years. Your words are that of a poet, and your music continues to move and inspire me with your deep and spiritual messages.Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you, and that I will hold you in the Light, sending positive energy your way. Thank you for being a gift to the world. Love and Light ~ Beth Johnson


 Dan, as a huge fan for over 20 years, I need to thank you for those blessed years. You are not only a musician of the highest caliber, but a teacher as well. You opened my eyes to so many things I had never considered much, like the beauty of forgotten places, the importance of saving the environment, the waste and excess of human beings, and the inhumanity of war. In every song there is a positive lesson, if we listen. I pray for a chance to learn many more things through your voice. I pray for your quick return to the life God wants for you, as one of his chosen few to be a teacher to people like me, open our hearts and eyes to all the things we have thus far ignored. I pray for you, Dan, with thousands of others who pray and hope for your full recovery. So many people love you, they feel your strength in your songs, please use that strength to fight for your beautiful life. I send prayers for Jean and your loving family as well to be strong in their love and care of your needs. All my best wishes to you, Dan, forever. ~ Lyn B


 Dan, I have been looking at this site since August and have marveled at what people have had to say about you. The lives you have touched have been immeasurable and the life you have led is nothing short of amazing!!!! As so many have shared, you have been with me too, through all the seasons of my life. And now you will be with my 20 year old son as he begins to fulfill his dream. He is embarking on his first US tour with his band. He leaves next Friday and as his Mom I am so excited, incredibly proud and a little bit scared too.I am sending him off with a copy of your song "Icarus Ascending". I have rolled it up and ribboned as a gift to him for what he is about to embark on. Once again, you were there to put in to words all of the things that I wanted to say. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you have given me. I don't know if you will ever realize the enormity of your effect on peoples lives. And I now thank you for what you have given my son. He will venture forth on his journey with the wisdom of someone who has gone before. Keep fighting, Dan. I hold you dear in my heart and close in my prayers. With love and gratitude ~ Tamra Pittock


 Dear Dan - you helped me tell my Dad how much I loved and admired him when I shared "Leader of the Band" with him. After he died, "Bones in the Sky" reminded me that I could still fell his presence by visiting the mountains we both loved. You've so beautifully expressed the feelings I have of love and respect for nature. May God bless you and heal you and may you know the wonderful impact you've had on so many lives. ~ Marlys


 Hey Dan, My wife, Meryl and I were thrilled to have seen you close up at the Garden State Arts Center around 1985. Whatta show. Chris Hillman Band opened up and joined you as the backup band. Even though we're from NJ, Meryl went to school at Bradley in your hometown and remembers seeing you at a frat party or two when you were visiting a local friend. I went to school in upstate NY and we all had your first 2 albums by then and scratched 'em up from overplay. Somethin' about tons of snow and some of your songs.Last night (Fri. 4/8) we saw the Eagles at the Continental Arena. They definitely featured your friend Jersey Joe Walsh. It was during Life's Been Good that I started thinking about you and hoping for your full recovery. Meryl said she started thinking of you also around then. Get well so you can corroborate with your talented friends and knock us out with new music. Your legacy needs to be completed-After all, Life's Been Good SO FAR! All our love and prayers ~ Mark and Meryl Glazer


 Hey Dan, Have been listening to your music since 1978. I love the lyrics and music of all your songs, in fact, I sing along to your albums(CDS) all the time in my car.When you tour Florida (not enough) I make it a point to see you play. My wife is now a fan. My prayers are with you.~ Roy, Ft. Lauderdale


 Hi Dan! Let me say how sorry I am to hear about your illness. My heart goes out to you. You are in my thoughts and prayers every day. My sister, Lori, and I are truly loyal fans of yours. We love your music and enjoy very much when you come back to Peoria to perform. I know you will come through this with flying colors. I am going to give my sister this e-mail address so she can send you an e-mail herself. Take care. Love ~ Julie


 Dear Dan, I remember being introduced to your music back in 1978 when I was a senior in high school. After listening to Nether Lands I went out and purchased all of your previous albums. Your music was a close companion through my years of college in Pennsylvania, and years later my wife and I were fortunate enough to see you perform an acoustic concert in Syracuse. Your music has often expressed how I have felt inside during many peroids of growth and reflection. My family believes that God is still a healer as He has always been. We are praying that you receive the best care you can get from your doctors, and that God touches you and restores you to full health. We pray that you and Jean will be strengthened in body and spirit. We hope you had a wonderful anniversary. ~ Kevin/From NY


 Dan, I have been a fan ever since I heard "Longer" (I was 11 years old at the time) and I am still a huge fan. I saw you in concert in (I think it was) 1990 and I hope to see you in concert again. My thoughts & prayers are with you. Please get well soon. ~ Anthony in NY


 Just surfin around today and joyfully found your site. My heart is with you with your recovery as you gave me SO much of yours through your songs. ~ Jack


 Dan: I spent my teens and early twenties listening to, I got into your music deep! When you are in those years you need a bit of a guiding light. For me your music was that guide. And for that I thank you greatly. I hope that you now find a guiding light for your own trials. ~ Paul K


 Thinking of you from The Netherlands....Michelle Scharft


 Dan and Jean- Happy Wedding Anniversary. Hoping all is going well! Love ~ Dave in Buffalo


 Dear Dan and Jean, Joyful 3rd Anniversary! Dan, you have been an inspiration to many! Thank you for your devotion to express your life's joys and sorrows in your music. I am a long time fan and have taken your records out to listen to during many of life's challenges. Now my children have your CD's and are going off to College. I pray that your health will be completely restored and that many future generations enjoy all of your works and new songs that touch our souls. Blessings and Joy ~ Cyndi Clay Elias (Santa Maria, CA)


 I have read so many inspirational words on this page .... I know I can't begin to come close. As with many of your well wishers your music, words, and artistry have helped me through a number of trying times in my life. I just hope that the knowledge that so many in this world are praying for you and your family, may give you strength and encouragement. I am so looking forward to my next concert. I wish you peace! ~ Kerry


 Dan, I made it through college studying to "Gambler", danced my first dance as a married lady to "Longer", buried my mother to "Ever On" and my father to "Leader of the Band" daughters are dancers and choreographed "Dancing Shoes", Maine and "The Reach" is a place of family, memories and peace for us, Native American and Scottish blood and spirit are part of our family tapestry and treasuring the earth, family and the past are all core values we hold in hope of a better future. What a gift it has been to have all of these important pieces of our lives written about so eloquently, set to music composed so beautifully, and performed by such a gifted musician - and all so seemingly by happenstance. I send our thanks for sharing your gifts and I trust that the universe has put persons in your life that lift your spirits as you have lifted mine and ours! We hope to see you at Merriweather Pavilion soon! ~ Louise Treherne


 Good luck to you man! We want you around for a long time so we can enjoy your music as long as we can! I have two of your albums and you are awesome! Peace ~ Maureen Brill


 Dan: I have enjoyed your music for many years and just this evening my family and I were watching a DVD of yours which included my favorite song of yours, "Leader of the Band." But this evening it was particularly poignant. My father died this last October at the age of 89 and as I listen to the words of your song I found so much in common with them. I, too, have followed a very parallel path to that of my father but in my own way and in my own style. This was especially meaningful in that our parents knew each other well many years ago and my father and I talked about that fact a number of times. My father, Rev. William Kelly, was pastor of the Calvary Presbyterian Church from about 1945 to 1949. In checking your website, this evening, I learned of your illness. I do want to add my best wishes and my prayers for a quick and complete recovery.Sincerely ~ Elizabeth A. Kelly Keys


 Dan & Jean, Best wishes for a lovely anniversary on this day. To echo a sentiment from one birthday is tomorrow, April 8th, & my only wish is for peace & perfect health to you, Dan. I pray for your healing as I listen to your music daily. These eloquent messages are an amazing testament to your power to touch people. Thanks for the incredible art, the beautiful music, & the heartfelt words you have given in this half-life of 53 years...surely it will take you another 53 to finish giving all you have been entrusted with! Thanks to the Living Legacy for providing us a way to be comforted & encouraged by each other, even as we direct our thoughts to you. Far from wanting to intrude, we simply look forward to knowing you are well & happy. Strength, courage, & faith to you & to all who sustain you. ~ Charlianne, OK


 We love your music more than i think you could ever know...You remain in our thoughts and prayers...Hope you get to make it back to Atlanta soon!!!! ~ Marshalle and Floyd Stewart


 Dear Dan, I am sending all my positive energy to you as I know you are healing this very minute. Every cell in your body has infinite intelligence and knows how to get well. I believe in your healing capacity. May I recommend the book, "Ask and It is Given" by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Thank you for all the years of touching music. Being a singer/songwriter myself, you were a huge inspiration to me and now I am sending that inspiration back to you for a complete recovery. With love always ~ Cyndy DiBeneditto


 Dear Dan- I grew up listening to your music with my mother and two sisters. Since I have moved away to college five years ago your music has provided me with a since of home away from home. Last summer when I heard of your illness it touched me personally. You have always been an inspiration for good times and thoughts for all of us. My prayers are with you. ~ Jacqueline Miller


 Dan, I was fortunate to know your father. He was my band teacher in high school and I took private lessons from him. Oh, he was so proud when you cut your first record. A lot of us bought the record on that basis alone. Your music has been there at other key moments in my life, too. I remember very clearly a concert in the winter of 1978 at the Illinois State University Union concert hall. There was snow on the ground and big snowplowed drifts banking the building. It was so cold that I grabbed my girlfriend's hand to hurry her inside and yanked her mitten off. It dropped somewhere in the snow bank but we couldn't find it. From then on, though, the evening was magical. You ended the concert sitting on the edge of the stage with just your acoustic singing "There's a Place in the World for a Gambler". Afterwards we filed out into the bitter cold air and home where I proposed. We've been married since 1979 and celebrated our 25th anniversary last year. I wish you strength, courage and resolve in your fight, Dan ~ Dave Rice


 Dan ~ Just want to wish you luck with your battle. I am 35 and proudly say that I grew up listening to your music and that whenever one of your songs comes on the radio I belt it out no matter who is around or how bad I may sound. Your voice is calming and your songs are magnificent. I am a nurse in a psychiatric facility and I always have your greatest hits cd in my backpack to put on when I am doing my charting . It is a wonderful way to end a shift. You are amazing! Thank you for sharing your music with all of us. I adore you! ~ Anne from Oregon.

 Dear Dan - From The Innocent Age to Full Circle you have given me hope. I have chills as I write this because how do you thank someone for giving them a life they never expected. After spending an afternoon with my father after years of estrangement I heard "Nexus", "Innocent Age" and then "Sand and the Foam" for the first time ever on my hour drive home. "No one to hold you, nowhere to be, deep in my heart lies a sad memory". I lost it. Plain and simple - I lost it. Or better yet - I didn't know it then, but I was to gain because in my "losing it" I found my own innocence. After a lifetime of abuse noone can ever know what that experience was like. Today I am Icarus and I am soaring - I play my own music (okay so it doesn't sound like something you might want to hear, but it's mine), I have a career after achieving a masters degree with a 4.0, I had yet another son - no we didn't name him Dan but should have. My children are succeeding and I am set free. Thank you for all your music and the heart with which you write. I feel I had a soulmate out there singing to me and I always told my husband there would be only one man on earth I'd go out on him with - and then it would only be to lunch. <GRIN> Keep up the Spirit Trail and know that you are loved - Godspeed dear friend and I wish for you what you have given to me... Thank You...


 Dear Dan, Best wishes & all my prayers go out to you each day when I listen to your music either at home or in my car. I have been on this site several times and as you can see you are loved by so many people from all over.You have touched our hearts, minds & lives in every way possible. Now it is OUR turn to Pray for your strength and good health. My birthday is April 10th and the only wish I have is for you to get thru this and

have a peaceful life. ~ Lois


 Dan, Get yourself over the pond when you are fit again!


 As now a cancer patient myself we know what you go thru. The power of prayer has kept me thru these trying times, and we'll continue to pray for you and your family. Take one day at a time, stay positive and we'll hope to hear you in concert someday again. ~ Kent


 I would just like to let Dan know that he has been in my thoughts and prayers since I heard about his illness several months ago. I sincerely hope that he in in good spirits, and that the treatment(s) he is undergoing are being successful. I believe Dan to be one of our greatest artists, and his music helped me through a very difficult divorce several years ago, offering me hope for a fresh start. I would like to offer my support during this difficult time for him and his family and friends. Sincerely ~ Patty Johnson


 Dan, I pray daily and most earnestly for your health and healing. Your musical expression and enormous talent make the world more beautiful for so many of us. I know our Dear Lord gives us what our hearts desire so I ask often for his healing touch on your behalf and I pray for your family to be peaceful and strong as well. You'll beat this no doubt!! Thank you for your courage in bringing your illness out into the open. It has certainly made me more aware of a cancer you don't hear much about or understand. It is now our job to pledge our time and finances to help find answers and a possible cure. I will do that in your honor and for the sakes of all my family and friends. You were chosen once again to deliver an important message to the masses and judging from the responses I have read here, you are doing your job well. You are so very important to the world, be well! See you at Chastain or in NashVegas to celebrate your recovery. ~ Kandy in Western Kentucky


 Dan, Get well. My thoughts and prayers go out to you. I just found out. This world needs your light. ~ Ralph


 Mr. Fogelberg - Keep the faith, sir. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer three years ago, had successful surgery, and I'm back 100%. You can beat this too, and I know the Good Lord is on your side. Thank you for your gift of music to the world for all these years. May God be with you and keep you always in the palm of His hand. We all pray for your successful recovery. Peace, love & blessings. ~ Ellis Kell


 Dan and Jean all the best to you. Dan, I met you at the Kentucky Derby in 1980 when I was but a teenage fan, You let me take your picture. 'As the Raven Flies' was among the first songs I ever learned to play. I've loved your music all my life. All our best wishes. ~ Robert


 Dear Dan, I bought my first album of yours after getting my first job out of college (25 years ago) and fell in love with your music, and you! I bought every album as they came out and saw you play at the Valley Forge Music Fair in Pennsylvania. I loved The Innocent Age and felt so moved by your song "The Reach." Years later, I vacationed up here in Maine. I saw a piece of property for sale described as having Dazzling Sunsets over the Western Bay. I bought the property and ended up moving my kids to the island several years later. All the way home to Pennsylvania, I silently was trying to remember the words to the song and played the album the minute I got home. All the while we were building the house, I remembered your song. I ended up divorcing my husband and in order to feed my kids, and jobs being of short supply on the island, I ended up working on a lobster boat. I was sea sick just about every day but having few choices on how to make a living, I worked on the boat for 3 years. I can't tell you how many times I sang that song in my head. You don't know it, but you helped me through a really tough time in my life and I thank you. When I heard you were sick, my heart fell. I pray for your health and believe you have more music to share with us. I don't understand disease and why it hits the best of people. Stay strong and know that there is a tremendous amount of love flowing your way. Thank you for your beautiful music. ~ Kim Dormandy


 Best wishes of good health and long life from France


 To Danny and family,My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you. Your music has always been such an inspiration to me. It's like you were able to reach into my mind and know my life story, too.We do hope pray that your health is improving daily. I went through the cancer thing with my mother ten years ago this April 19th. Hers was a very fast moving kind and we lost her nine months after we found out she had it, but she was a fighter and a very strong lady in her faith. It pulled us all through rough times. Always keep the faith. We're praying for you. God speed ~ Carol Mason


 Dan are in my thoughts and prayers always to come through this with a victory and then some.My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer and he just marked his 8 yr "cancer free" checkup. I have to say to Dan that he is THE reason I sit here in love with the man of my soul, my beloved husband, Randy. In listening to Dan's music growing up, as I struggled through some very unhealthy self destructive relationships. Dan's music was the reason I believed I would find a man who would love me in all the right ways. Dan's music was an inspiration and a guide for me to seek out true love. I love Dan for this....I still cannot listen to "Believe in Me" without a stream of grateful tears streaming down my face as I am in the relationship of a million lifetimes. I now have what Dan inspired me to thrive and yearn for. I thank God for Dan Fogelberg's music over the years. I can honestly say this his lyrics saved me so that I would hang on for the right man. Believing that he would one day come along... And he did. May God Bless Dan Fogelberg and bring him through this illness so that he can bring us more of the most beautiful lyrics and music ever created by a human being. ~ Lisa Goranson, Chicago


 Dan -- I have been listening to you since Home Free and have seen you many times -- please know that there are thousands of us out here thinking the good thoughts and wishing you well. I look forward to seeing you again soon. ~ Mike


 Hey Dan the man, my prayers and wishes and thankfulness of a strong recovery go out to you,and I am sure that you will be well soon. May you always be 'the leader of the band' . Be strong. I love you, man. Hope to hear from everyone soon about some good news ~ Mark Anderson


 Dan: All positive thoughts and meditations ~ Bob and Greta, Louisville, KY


 God Bless man!! We're pulling for you brother !!!! ~ Brian Lablanc and family


 Dear Dan and Jean, know that you are in our prayers. We are sending all of our good thoughts your way. Bless you both. ~ The LaTours


 I have absolutely lived your music. It brought me back from death's door last year when the Doctors said that there wasn't much hope for me. I spent hours with the head phones and your CD's playing. I gained much inspiration from your music. Now it is my turn to let you know that you and yours are in my prayers daily. Please get well as you are so gifted. The world needs more like you. Thank you for lifting me up when I needed it and I sincerely hope we can do that for you also. Love and prayers ~ Virginia


 Prayers for you today. May God send you his healing touch. Your music and lyrics have brought joy to so many. Thank you for sharing you talent with us.


 Dear Dan, I am a fan from Germany since a time of more than twenty years. I will pray for you and your beloved ones.I am sure you will win the fight against your disease... my thoughts are with you and your family. I know that there is a power that will protect you. I know there is a power that will blend us together. You will recover and enlighten our hearts again. God bless you....


 Dan, I always thought you looked like my dad. I've loved your music since I was a teen. My thoughts and prayers are with you ... ~ Rosanne


 Dear Dan, just another note to say that we hope you are progressing in your battle with prostate cancer.All of us, as fans, have been moved by your music and lyrics in far too many ways to even begin to enumerate them on a computer screen! We are certainly looking forward to "seeing you again" on stage performing the music you love to play,and that we love to listen to soon! Best Wishes!!! ~ Kevin and Family in Dubuque, Ia


 I can't imagine the feelings you are having as you battle this illness. I listen to your music every day. I am amazed at your awesome ability. You have shared your amazing gifts and talents with so many of us. Our lives are better because of you. Our thoughts and prayers are constantly with you. I know you will beat this. Someone who has given so much deserves a miracle.


 Dear Dan - you'll never know how many lives you've touched with your beautiful, moving music. I spent many an hour as a teenager analyzing your music, convinced you must know me because you looked into my soul. From "Home Free" on through "Nether Lands" when I finished school and became an adult and raised a family your music has always been a constant. How can one say thank you? I send you my warmest wishes for a speedy, complete recovery! ~ Susan in Texas


 Dear Dan, I recently saw your concert, which was televised on public television. It was wonderful and it led me to your website. I was so sorry to hear of your illness and wanted to send get well wishes to you. Hope you're doing better. ~ Eileen C. Pearlman


 Dan, In the mid-seventies my college roomate said you were #1, of course I put you just behind Jackson Browne. Over the years I have followed the both of you and have always enjoyed and respected your music. I now have three daughters and we were all set to see you in Jacksonville, FL for the acoustic tour. Needless to say we were very disappointed about the news. There will always be another tour, but not another Fogelberg. Be well & God Bless you and your family, my family and I are praying for all of you! PS... I now have you and Jackson neck and neck! Love ~ The Sacerdote's, Jacksonville, FL


 Dan, I don't know if you are a believer in God and His son Jesus Christ, but I want you to know that I have prayed and continue to pray for you in the name of Jesus Christ for your complete healing. Thank you for your music, it has blessed and inspried me greatly through the years. ~ Tim Stiles, Boise, ID


 Hello Dan, When attending nusing school in Portland, Me in 1976 your music was a part of the whole experience, and has been through the events since. My husband and I are admirers of your talent and art. Thanks for all the fond memories that seem to have your music woven into the background. We are sorry to hear of your illness. Our prayers and positive thoughts are with you. Prostate cancer has affected my family as well, but with dilligent treatment the cancer is gone. Stay strong and fit. Our thoughts and prayers for healing and peace are with you. ~ Lisa and Jim Valentine, North Stonington Ct.


 My aunt Kathleen has loved you for 30 years! We hope this will find you in good health and high spirits. Spring is here and beautiful things are coming ... and so will good things for you. Your long time fan wishes you well ~ Kathleen


 Dan, You sang "Longer" at our wedding. You sing in my car on a spring morning with the the sun in my eyes and the wind in my hair. You sing on a cold winter's night by the fire with a glass of wine. You sing when I remember my grandfathers with "Leader of the Band". Thank you for wonderful poetry you put to music that touches so many of us. Our best wishes and prayers for you and yours as you win your battle with cancer. ~ Monty, Columbia, MD


 Dan, As a huge fan of yours ever since hearing your first album, "Home Free", in the early 70's, I have been impressed with the feeling and sincerity that you put into each and every song you have written and performed over the years. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult period. I know that God will see you through this illness and the treatments that you have been enduring to overcome it. I look forward to hearing and experiencing your next cd. I sit here now listening to your most recent album "Full Circle". I can honestly say that you have once again created an exceptional piece of music that will stand on its own two feet among your great albums of  the past. May God bless and keep you and your family safe and strong through it all. ~ Steve G, Columbia, Maryland


 Dear Dan, My husband was diagnosed with cancer of the inner thigh in December 1995. He is still (Thank God) disease Free. These fights can be won. Hope to see you on the concert stage soon. Our very best wishes for your recovery.~ Lauren Friedman and family


 I've been a fan for years, own many, many of your albums and have seen you live many times as well. I always look forward to a show when I know you're in town. You've been an inspiration to me in so many ways, and one of my secret dreams is to know you personally, and call you a friend. God bless you. I'm pulling for you, and remember that at your next show in the Denver area, I'll be there, front row. ~ Andy


 On a night when the world has lost a great and amazing human being (it´s a few hours after the death of Pope John Paul the 2nd), I wanted to write how much I enjoyed the Soundstage special that I saw last night. A wonderful, kind person sent me a DVD from the States to me during the week. I must get your "Greetings from the West" DVD now. Dan, you're amazing live and what brilliant versions of "Leader of the Band" "Same Old Lang Syne" and "The Power Of Gold". Please get better as the world needs gifted performers like you with your beautiful messages. Just get well. ~ Johnny in Seville, Spain


 Hi Dan, I first heard your words on an album my brother lent me (I took it, actually). That was back in the '70's. You are a part of my life and I will send you some of that stardust so that you may get stronger. ~ Kristina


 I wrote right away when news of your health came in. I now check the site daily, hoping for an update. I work with Angels and you are one of my most special ones. God's speed to a complete recovery. When you do your first return concert the love I know you'll feel will be astounding. The power of prayer holds strong and as another fan wrote, all of us sending prayers and love your way, must have elevated the Rocky Mountains. Much Love to you and yours ~ Vicki Michaud, in Maine.


 Dear Dan: Im a great fan and a 51 year old cancer survivor. I beat it 22 years ago and I'm leading a great-normal life. I have heard you in concert 5 times and share your views on the environment and peace. You're in my prayers!!!! ~ Craig-Madison,Wisconsin


 I remember when I was a teenager, I was laying on my bed listening to a very small transistor radio, and "Part of the Plan" was playing, and I thought, who is this, I really like this song. Then when I attended college a group came to our college and they talked about a new guy, named "Dan Fogelberg", and how he was really big in Tennessee. That was 1979, and they played "Wisteria", and I totally fell in love with this mans' music. I hope for Dan to fight this cancer with a passion, and that he is doing well, because nothing is achieved without passion. ~ Magnolia


 Dan - My parents live a stones throw from you in that beautiful Western Slope town, so I am privy to the local scene. I've seen you and even met you on a few occasions and just wanted to say "Thank You" for always being such a good soul. You always took the time to stop and chat or just say hello to a long time fan like me. It always meant the world to me and my two daughters. They would come back to Denver and tell all of their friends that they met you. So again, "Thank You" from the bottom of our hearts. We love you and wish you a speedy recovery. I know that God will answer a million fans' prayers and help you and your family through these tough times. With much respect and regards ~ David, Kelly, Brittany and Erin, Denver, Colorado


 Heartfelt hopes for a great recovery. You and your songs have meant so much to me since the very beginning. I wish I could repay somehow all of the good feelings you have given me. I respect your request for privacy, but please have someone post something here if you or your family ever feel the need to get a group behind something you need. I am sure all of your fans would love to do something for you. Thanks again for everything you have done for us.


 Dearest Dan and family, unaware of your health struggles, I recently stumbled on to the news of your battle with cancer. I have been such a fan of yours for years and find the news somewhat personally upsetting. I pray for you and your family for strength during this time and I know that the good Lord will be with you. If there is anything this girl from Arkansas can do, please let me know. ~ Penny McClung and family


 Dan, First and foremost, our deepest meditative prayers are with, and for, you and your family. Not that your life is only about music, but I do want to say that you are an awesome inspiration to my musical courage. I am in awe of your composition and arranging, as well as your blessed voice. I look over your sheet music with a fine-toothed comb in hopes of absorbing artistry, so difficult to convey in words. By the way, your "Back To Basics" stop in Chattanooga, TN was fantastic! Yours because I'm His ~ Brian Roos


 Dan - Each day I play your songs and each day I sing along. As I sing in between the words my heart whispers prayers to the universe to help with your recovery. See ya soon. Love ~ Dave in Buffalo


 Dan: My heart & prayers go out to you while you battle this terrible disease. I have "been raised" on your music and have been listening to it for over 25 years. It has helped me through some very tough times in my life. I now have two sons of my own, and am raising them on your music as well. They would rather listen to it than the garbage that is on the radio. My mother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and has begun chemo treatments. I understand what you are going through, and I try to be her support from day to day. KNOW that people everywhere are praying for your full recovery. Can't wait to see you in concert again. My sons and I had tickets to your concert in Atlanta last year. They were very disappointed that it had to be cancelled, but understood. Keep the faith! ~ Pete McCoy, Montgomery, Alabama.


 Dan, I have been a huge fan of yours since the 70's. I have seen you perform many, many times and have been truly transformed by your music. I was saddened to hear the news of your illness. However, I know you can beat it. Lance Armstrong is another of my heroes and we all know what he has done. You can too! I now wear my yellow Livestrong bracelet in honor of you and Lance. Fight the good fight! ~ Dave Meridith


 We share in your burden. We are all praying for you but realize that God is in control of your life and its ultimate outcome. God's sovereignty is what we are all about. We exist for his pleasure and His will. Rest assured that God is in control and placing your faith and hope in Him is all we can do.We will pray fervently for you and a positive outcome. We have enjoyed your music for many years and are your fans. We love you and will keep you in our prayers. ~ Bob, Karen, BeLinda, and Larry


 Hi Daniel and and Jean, I want you to know that my thoughts are with you every day. Not being a religious man, all I can offer is my highest hopes and my own energy to you both on a daily basis. I know Dan and you Jean will get through this physically and emotionally, and your lives will be richer because of this experience. I have followed Dan's career since he has started putting out records, cassettes, and cd's. I too am suffering with my battle right now, and have a companion that loves me and is caring for me through this hard time. Sometimes, I think it is harder on the ones around us than is is on ourselves. Dan, cuddle up with Jean and listen to Charlotte Church's version of the Rolling Stones "Wild Horses." I can't explain it, but when I let music wash over me, life seems a bit more bearable especially that song. Always thinking of ya both ~ Corey


 Dan, From the front and center seat 2003 in Rockford (Rouquefort), IL. Thanks for the music. That was my best perch of many, many shows I've seen you do. Early on I listened to Nether Lands on headphones and just picked out all the parts you were doing. So amazing and intricate. Then Twin Sons came and your guitar playing just blew me away. I went back and snagged Home Free, Souvenirs, and Captured Angel (you're right, the production on Captured was "different"). I listened a LOT. I've stayed a fan of your career, always waiting for your next move. Your standards are incredible. You really put it all out there in your career. You're one of my heroes whether I care to admit having "heroes" or not. Are you underrated? Yeah, so what, you still did (and do) what you had (and have) to do. Thanks for the inspiration in it all. I hope you've turned a real corner on your battle. See you soon. Really. ~ Bruzmuse.


 Dear Dan, I just want to write and say that your music has filled my life for so many years. It's like your soul has the ability to quietly enter and leave lives and take what you heard and saw and put it to music. I hope your journey through your battle with cancer has had its victories. Whatever the out come of this, always remember you are a man who truly "Walks In Beauty". You have done things "In a Good Way". May the Great Spirit guide you and surround you in Rainbows and White Light of Peace and Love. Sincerely ~ Sheri L. Cline


 Visiting this website, even for the first time, is like taking a stroll down memory lane. Your eloquent words have so clearly and vividly articulated so much of my own experience, I feel as if you know me. What a gift it is to be able to reach the depths of people's souls in that way. Your songs of pain and anger, love and exultation have many, many times given voice to my own life experience. I'm glad to learn that you have found love, and send best wishes for your (belated) anniversary. I also send prayers for your recovery from cancer, so that your song may continue to shine like a beacon in this crazy world of ours. My dad was also a "leader of the band," back in Pennsylvania during the heyday of the Big Band, and your song brought me to tears as I drove back home from my last visit with him before he died. My husband and I saw you together at St. Vincent College in Latrobe, PA , back when you and Tim Weisberg were still working on Twin Sons (and the two of us were just dating)- at that point I already owned every LP you'd put out. Now, as we plan to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary next year, the words of your song "Longer" ring so much more true than we ever dreamed. May you and Jean experience such lasting joy! And may all the riches that you've shared from your own life experience come back to you a thousandfold, to strengthen you in your fight. God bless. ~ Janice Steinhagen, Griswold CT


 Grew up with your music. I have seen you about ten times live. Great shows. Hang in there. Attitude has a lot to do with the fight. Don't ever give up. You have a lot to offer others. Thanks.


 Dan, I first began listening to your music while in college during the mid 70's. I loved your music the first time I heard it and I've been enjoying your music ever since! I've never had the pleasure of seeing you perform live but I am looking forward to buying my tickets the next time you are in the San Francsco Bay Area. It may sound a little strange, since we've never met, but I will be praying that God will give and your family strength as you fight this cancer, and a peace in your heart that surpasses all understanding. Thank you so much for your music! God bless you and stay strong! ~ Jay


 Wherever your journey leads, I hope adventure waits for you. ~ lyh


I will make you brooches and toys for your delight

Of bird-song at morning and star-shine at night.

I will make a palace fit for you and me

Of green days in forests and blue days at sea.


I will make my kitchen and you shall keep your room,

Where white flows the river and bright blows the broom,

And you shall wash your linen and keep your body white

In rainfall at morning and dewfall at night.


And this shall be for music when no one else is near,

The fine song for singing, the rare song to hear!

That only I remember , that only you admire,

Of the broad road that stretches and the roadside fire.


I Will Make You Brooches by Robert Louis Stevenson


 Dear Lord: Shower your blessings on Dan and his loved ones today. We thank you for the gift of his talent and the joy it has brought his friends, family and fans around the world. Blessings to all who join this prayer today. With FAITH, HOPE and LOVE ~ JGH


 Dan Fogelberg, It was 1977. I was a Freshman in college and 5,000 miles away from home, suffering from a pretty extreme case of combined culture shock and homesickness. A friend at school introduced me to your music, and I spent much of that year in her room listening to Home Free, Captured Angel and Nether Lands. You will never know how that music wrapped around me, and comforted me in the face of a world I did not understand. Though it turns out that was not the worst year of my life, it was certainly the one for which I was least prepared. When I felt the most despair, you were my refuge and I have always felt blessed to have found that refuge. The highest compliment one person can give another is to say that you made their life better. You did. Thank you. From 28 years and many miles down the road, thank you. A fan for life ~ Bev in Alaska


 Dear Dan, Oh the music you will sing when God brings you through this. I can only dream of being at that concert. Talk with your peers, Van Morrison or Bob Dylan ~ Mark Morgan


 Hi Dan, chances are you probably won't even see this but what the heck. I wish you well in your fight. I like to use this song when the odds are against Stan Rogers. It hasn't failed me yet.....


And you, to whom adversity has dealt its final blow

With smiling bastards lying to you everywhere you go

Turn to, and put out all your strength of arm and heart and brain

And like the Mary Ellen Carter, rise again!


Thanks for your music over the years. My family of 16 has really enjoyed it. I expect to hear more in the

future. God Speed be with you Dan in your recovery ~ Sgt. Wayne M. Lynch Flint Fire Dept...Mich


 Dan, Just wanted to let you know that your in our thoughts and prayers. Your music and your wonderful presence with your audience will live forever. Hoping to see you on the road both in recovery and musically. Take care and God bless... ~ Flick


 Hey Dan, I've been ever fan ever since Champaign-Urbana! I won't tell you how long ago that was, but you know (wink). I've been listening to The Wild Places a lot lately, and especially "Ever On." I do needlework as my sanity check, and I've recently "charted" the lyrics to "Ever On." I want to do it in counted cross stitch and hang it in our new log home. You and your family are in my prayers all of the time. Get better and go do a concert in the small auditorium at the University of Illinois--and I'll come listen! ~ Elizabeth Hewins, San Antonio, TX


 Dear Dan, You have been my all time favorite musician since the early 1970's when I was blessed to hear your first album. I have seen you in concert as often as possible throughout the years in New York, especially at Jones Beach and Westbury Music Fair. I am raising my kids on your music and they have learned how special it is and clearly know the magic I feel. I am aware that you are battling your illness. I want you to know that my heart and my prayers are with you. You have given me so much in my life and I want you to know how truly grateful I am to you. You have truly touched my soul with your music; you have given me an unequaled gift with your music. I am absolutely absorbed and enthralled listening to you. I can't begin to find the words to describe how your lyrics and music make me feel. I want to express to you how deeply I care about you and how intensely I shall continue to pray for you and wish you and your family well. I hope you get this message and take it to heart when I tell you how much you mean to me. Your talent is heartfelt; I so greatly appreciate you. Thank you for being the tremendous, essential part of my life that you are and always have been. Sincerely ~ Meredith L. Bennis


 Dear Dan, My family sends our prayers and best wishes. Your music has meant so very much to my wife (of 31 years) and myself. I love all of your music and all of your Albums. We have been listening to you since Home Free. For us there is no such thing as a best of album, because all of your songs would qualify!!! You have touched our lives with your music like nothing else could! All your fans are praying for you and your family and we know you can beat this !! ~ Brian and Cathy, Va. Beach Va


 Dan and family, Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you go through this difficult time. We've loved your music since the 70's and it hasn't lost its appeal yet. You are a great musician and hope to hear more great music from you in the future!!!!! ~ The McCafferty Family from Indiana


 Hi Dan, I heard about your recent battle with cancer. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. We all want you to see you get better and better each day and hopefully these words of encouragement will help to inspire you in your battle of beating this illness. I still listen to the Innocent Age CD and still remains one of my favorite records. My personal favorite song on that album is "The Reach." I like the piccolo trumpet on that recording. It reminds me of Penny Lane by The Beatles. Was that your inspiration of having that piccolo trumpet for that tune? Just curious! Anyway we want to see you play live again real soon. My best wishes for a fast speedy recovery. ~ Marty Raymondo- Hamburg NY


 Hello Dan, I learned of your music through my brother and am so thankful for his influence. I've never written before but I've traveled the cancer journey from the sidelines many times over. My adopted sister died from breast cancer at the age of 32 back in 1989. My next journey began in September of '99 when my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer, in December of '99, my father-in-law was diagnosed with lung cancer and finally in February of '00, my baby girl was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of 19 months. She had to undergo 24 months of chemo every day, sometimes multiple chemos in one day.


There were times I was beaten down, numb and crying out to God. I lost my mom, my very best friend, I was so proud of her and to this day, I still feel too young to be without a mom (I'm 42). I also lost my father-in-law. My daughter (Kyra Grace) has been my sole strength, she had to be. I had to find a way to continue, to fight for her life. Gracie, as she likes to be called, is now 6 is in remission, she will not be considered "cured" until she's 8 years old. But I don't think we will ever use the word "cure", as for me it seems like it could be a false hope. So we will say she's "cancer free" and quietly thank God. Dan, I've learned there are many blessings that come with a cancer diagnosis... I know that sounds strange, but if you just search, you will find the blessings. One of our blessings were all the wonderful people we met along the way, strangers who helped us, the love we received unconditionally. There was a quote that I use to say to myself all the time: "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us" - Emerson. The other thing I learned through this journey is to learn as much as possible about the disease, about the treatment, the drugs, etc. And if it all is overwhelming, then have someone you trust gather all this information. Because what I learned was that the more informed you are, the better questions you can ask, the more control you have. I managed my daughter's and mother's cancer like a business. It sucked (excuse my language). But I embraced the cancers, learned about them, met with the doctors and managed the maze of insurance billing. It was some kind of therapy for me I guess. But it got me through, I'm on this other side of cancer now. Still lonely for my mom but I see her in my daughter's eyes and hear her in my daughter's laughter. I hope you are surrounded my love and compassion and that you are doing well.


I have one last thing to share with you. I saw you once in concert back in the mid/late '80s (I think) at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, CA (south of SF). I had just moved to California from Texas and didn't know anyone when your concert was announced. I knew I couldn't wait around for someone to ask me to go because I didn't know anyone. The morning of your concert, I purchased one ticket and it happened to be in the front row, center stage! I couldn't believe it! I went by myself, very nervous and thinking - "what was I thinking?" I visited with couples around me before the show and I knew they thought I was strange, a girl with no date but I just held my head high and acted like I had confidence. I then watched your show in amazement your talent, I could actually watch your fingers play cords on the guitar. I left feeling so proud and independent and so grateful. I wish you peace. ~ Suzanne Allen, Santa Rosa, CA.


 Dear Dan, You are in our prayers here at our house. We are huge fans of yours. Please know that there are many people that are pulling for you. God Bless you! ~ Laura, Bob, and Kids in Yorkville, Illinois


 Dan - Once again, just want you to know you are in our prayers. Hopefully things are going well for you since the announcement last year. If so, we would all love to hear the wonderful news. God Bless. ~ GP


 Dear Dan, Here's hoping you make a full and complete recovery and are back to making beautiful music soon, Best wishes ~ Bill Kearney, Barnegat, N.J.


 Hey Dan, I understand the many thoughts and emotions that are plagueing you and your family now. After losing my younger sister to cancer, I can only try to understand what you and yours are going through now. My thoughts are with you as my prayers. Your songs have helped me through many a troubled and not so troubled time. I hope you to have something or someone to help you along as I did. The best ~ P. Sippl, Eagle River Wi.


 Dan, I am another of your many fans who has always been touched by your music - my thoughts are with you - I have always been a firm believer in "one day at a time" - every day is a gift to be cherished. Thanks for the gifts you have given me - your music . ~ Veronica from Pitttsburgh - born and raised in the Bronx, New York


 Dear Dan: We wish you well. You have been part of my life since my brother first brought you home from his freshmen year in college (1970). At that time you were on record albums. I fell in love with your music instantly and bought every album and continued to play them until I wore them out. Eight track was next and I wore them out moving on to cassette tapes. Next I bought all you CDs and your music is now on my computer and MP3. Dan your music has been with me for some of the most important events in my life and continues to give us great joy. All our wishes are with you for a full and speedy recovery. ~ Gary Slatkow


 Dan, Just checking in to say that I hope you are continuing to do well. Keep up the good fight! ~ Angela, Knoxville


 Dear Dan and Jean, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I wish you both well and hope everything is going well for you two. I hope your cancer treatments are being successful and causing you minor pain. My mom is also being treated for plasma-cell leukemia so I have an idea what you might be going thru but hope it has not been as bad. I hope your marriage has been happy and fulfilling and I hope you two can spend many more good years together. ~ Pam MacKinnon :-)


 Mr. Fogelberg: It's mid-April and though many of us have not heard much since your initial diagnosis and press release, as a musician and having you as such a primary influence for my own musical development, I just wanted you to know that I think I speak for many of my musical buddies in that I think of you often, hoping that you are doing well in your fight. I wish you Godspeed and courage! ~ J. Kiekbusch, Rosemount, MN

 Dearest Dan, I have been a faithful fan since 1972. Your music has been a most important part of my life always. When I buried my younger brother in 1982, we played "To the Morning" as his song. My husband and I danced to "Longer" at our wedding in 1982. On April 2, 2005, my daughter, Samantha got married to an awesome man named Brian. Samantha and her father danced to "Run for the Roses" as the father/daughter dance. The whole place wept at this most special dance. We will never forget it. I can remember how every song has played in every facet of my life and that of my family. I was diagnosed with malignant melinoma in August 2003 and had surgery and have been "cancer free" since then. It was a frightening time. Keep the faith and know that my thoughts and prayers and that of my family are with you and your. Get well soon. ~ Chrystal, California


 Through the years of my life your music has been there, a constant friend and companion. I often listen on the way to the place I bowhunt. In my stand 30 feet in the air I often hear in my mind's "ear" the words to Nether Lands, and when I find myself missing either my father or my son, your lyrics speak and give voice to me, a man who was born unable to sing. I wanted to write and thank you from the deepest wells of my heart. I had not heard of your illness until just today. I was silent for a long time, just thinking.


I do not wish in any way to waste your time which I know from experience to be very precious. I had most of my prostate removed via TURP last January. Ain't nothing quite the same after you hit 45, you know? I still bowhunt, look forward to flyfishing, and listening, always listening, because I am losing my hearing. My first wish for you is this: that every day you have to be with those you love is full of that love, no matter what form that love looks like. My second wish is that you are afforded just one one hundredth of the the joy you have afforded me by giving my soul the voice it never had. My third wish is simply this: every bit of healing and peace as you travel this pathway. Hope to see you some time, somewhere along the road, my friend. Warmly ~ Rich Areeda


 I hope and pray that you are doing well! I have been a fan of yours for... ever it seems. My favorite album is Nether Lands and to this day I am still brought to tears when I look out my window at the Divide and listen to that song. I live just outside of Nederland and I can almost see Caribou Ranch from my window. Your performance at Red Rocks a few years ago was one of the best. Thank you. God bless you. ~ Barb


 Many blessings to you from a friend who shares many of your passions and two "old homes" Illinois & Colorado. May your current journey inward provide you with strength and insight. I am most grateful for you dear Bard. ~ Anastacia


 Dan, Still thinking of your and praying for your recovery. ~ Jenny Ranck Dooley


 Hello Dan, Just checking in to see how you are doing. You are always in our thoughts and prayers and we look forward to seeing you back on the stage asap. You have been my mentor since I first listened to you while going to college in Fairbanks Alaska back in 1975. As soon as I heard "Part Of The Plan", it moved me beyond words and I became a huge fan. Your lyrics and music truly inspire me and have gotten me through some really tough times. I have been fortunate enough to see you in concert many times and every tour gets better and better. My wife of 16 years and I, walked down the aisle to Longer as so many other couples have around the world. Your love and appreciation for the environment, native cultures, art, friends and family is reflected so beautifully in your music. "Nether Lands" is a powerful song and one that I can really relate to. Thank you for your spirit and love. GOD BLESS YOU ~ Steve & Marcia Hart -Rancho Murieta, California


 Dan: You have given so much to the world through your musical talents over the past 20+ years. It must be exceedingly comforting and reassuring to now have so many friends and fans ready to give back to you an even greater measure of love, prayers and well-wishes during your time of need. Thank you for the way your music helped define my life as I grew from teenager into young adult. May the Lord use this time of trial in your life to strengthen your faith and reliance on Him, to draw you even closer to the ones you love, and may He fully restore you physically so that you may continue to bless others with your love of life and your love of music. God's blessings upon you, Dan ~ Tommy McDonald


 To Dan, I hope this makes it to you. Just my humble words to a man I have admired for years. I can confidently say that your music changed my life. I still remember the first time I heard your music, the Souvenirs album. It was like an epiphany to me. But Nether Lands remains my favorite collection of all time. Thank you for your music and your inspiration. ~ Rick Otis


 I am constantly amazed by the many ardent fans who take the time and so eloquently express their encouragement to you in your battle against your cancer. I hope it makes you feel good to know what an impact your music has had for so many. Wishing you all the best. ~ Linda Bradner


 Dan: May the healing power of light and love be with you. May all the love and beauty you have created in song, return to you a hundred-fold. Know you are loved by many. ~ Diane Klish


 I just wanted to send my sincere best wishes as well as prayers for Dan and his family. If you need anything do not hesitate to ask. Your fan ~ Matt Parish


 Your songs have filled my life with rich feelings about love and life. We spend time in Santa Cruz and always consider a summer concert at the Winery to be a highlight. Looking forward to to hearing your songs again - real soon! ~ Sara - Colorado


 Dan, I've been a fan for a looong time. Since we both had long hair! You have been able to put into words so many things that I can usually only feel. That's a gift from Spirit. I don't know if you believe in God, or Buddha, or Spirit, or any of the other names for a Higher Power, but I'm sending you my prayers and energy for your full recovery. There is a lot more to say and tell, and I like the way you say it. Get well....soon. ~ Barney, Phoenix


 Hello Dan, I hope all is going better with your recent challenge. ~ E.James Clearwater Fla


 Hey Dan, Your music has meant a lot to my wife and me. She introduced me to your music when I was a freshman in college. We have traveled to many of your concerts and wore out most of your albums. I recently purchased an I-pod and have loaded it with about 1500 songs. Out of all those songs,I still gravitate to yours the most. Thanks, and get well soon. ~ Jim and Janet


 The soundtrack of my life is still full throttle with "Aspen" and ALL of Nether Lands. "Once Upon A Time"...I heard someone who spoke...Damn you are good at emotions and the heartstrings of life. Wish I could feel that kind of thing without being so jaded with age. You have done so much in such a short time. Thank You. ~ Rod Gates


 Dan - Hang in there! I saw you in Tucson AZ in 74, I think I lived your song "Illinois." I was a teenage kid home sick for Illinois (my parents moved me to Tucson and I hated it) when I heard that song it helped me alot! Best to you and yours. ~ JFox


 Dan & Jean, Happy anniversary and may this Springtime be filled with renewal, new beginnings and continued healthy love and spirit. ~ Sally, Phoenix


 Dan, I just spend an hour listening to an old tape of the Phoenix album while driving in my car and thoroughly enjoyed it. Through college and beyond your music has been the place I've gone to when I've needed to reflect and feel at peace. Over the years, I've been to numerous of your concerts when you visit the New England area and I'd love to have the chance to see one of your solo concerts again. I wish you the best and look forward to listening to more of your wonderful music. Best regards ~ Janet Hart


 Dear Dan, I happen to be listening to your "Essential" CD for the hundredth time right now, loving every beautiful note. I 've been a fan for many years but to my great disappointment, have never had the chance to see you live in concert. I only recently heard of your illness. My family prays for you and yours in this difficult time you are all facing, and remember, the Lord does not send us challenges without also sending us the strength to handle them. I pray that all the love and strength you have given to us all through your music will be returned to you a hundred fold. Stay faithful and strong. Warmest regards to you ~ Jeannie Blum, Rochester, NY.


 Dear Dan. Our thoughts and our prayers are with you. May God Bless you and your family. ~ Jack and Michele Gray


 Dan, You've been a part of my life for the last 30 years. I have felt so many times that you were either singing for me or about me because your songs are so personal, so real, and so emotional. I am praying for your full recovery and a return to the art form that you have so beautifully contributed to for so many years and love. ~ Vic


 Dan, I hope that you are doing well. Your spirit has changed and touched an enormous number of people. Your music has made the world a better place. Thank you. Bless you.


 Dan - I was heart broken when I learned several months ago of your illness. I've had you in my thoughts and prayers since. Please know that with so many people sending up prayers and so much faith held for you, it's just a matter of time until your miracle comes through! God is STILL in the miracle business and He DOES hear our prayers! You have blessed so many people with your song, and for those of us lucky enough to have met you, however briefly, have been blessed with your gracious spirit, humility, and humor. God bless you, Dan. I anxiously await the day I hear that you are back in the studio or back on tour!! ~ Julie L. - Birmingham, AL


 Dear Dan - We just wanted to let you know that you have been a part of our lives since the year that we met 1976. From "Looking for a Lady", and "harder every night to sleep without you," we married and moved on to "Longer than there's been fishes in the ocean, I've been in love with you" and "how do we Make Love Stay". Your sweet melodies have been our 8 children's lullabies at home and we never went on a long car ride without harmonizing with you! "Run for the Roses" and "Leader of the Band" are some of their favorites. Now that we are grandparents, "Forefathers" takes on a special meaning and always brings tears to our eyes. But the most profound is the simple tune, we've never heard broadcast on the radio, "The Higher You Climb." Keep Climbing, Dan. ~ Mindy & Curtis Thompson


 Dan and Mrs Dan - We simply pray the Lord's strength and healing over every cell, every organ in your body, over the wonderful threads of love that you both have for each other, as well as many others around this beautiful world. May the Peace of the Lord Jesus continually fill you, refresh you, and guide every step. You have been used to bless us and many others -- may the Lord return some of that harvest back to you in many blessings......Our love to you and those you love ~ John and Melissa K


 Dan, Last week while on a long drive, I flipped off the radio and started to sing. Two hours later, I realized that almost all of my favorite songs are yours. Thanks for being such a constant source of inspiration and reflection for so many years. I am better because of your influence and I'll frequently say a prayer for your healing in return for all your heart has meant to me. ~ Greg


 Dear Dan, I cannot begin to thank you for over three decades of beautiful, soul-blessing music. And I'm praying for you, for your full recovery. It seems I've loved your music forever, but you will be in my heart ever-more-strongly this year (2005) on May 7th, as I attend my first-ever Kentucky Derby--and the lyrics to "Run for the Roses" run through my heart, and my soul, on that day. I'd just this afternoon printed them out to share with my friends on our roadtrip to Kentucky, when I heard of your illness. I've loved Thoroughbreds and racing as long as I've loved you and your music. So this Derby will be especially poignant for me, Dan. I wish you could be there with us, but you'll definitely be there in spirit and in power. I continue to pray for you, that the Lord will heal your body and--selfishly--let you stay with us here on Earth, we who need your sweet words and heart-searing music. Heaven has enough Angels: they don't need you yet. Please hang tough, and run your *own* Run for the Roses, Dan. It's "...the chance of a lifetime, in a lifetime of chance..." Love ~ Marion


 I didn't know the news of your battle. I've seen just now. What can I say in this moment a lot of images, feelings, stories, back to my mind. Learning from you and from your music, I've learned to become a man, but to stay with the soul of a child. You gave me the strength your music gave me, as a present, the beauty of the life...Now I give all this strength back to you. ~ Marco from Rome, Italy


 Dan, I've really enjoyed your music throughout the years. May God bless you and your family as you go through this chapter in your life. Best wishes ~ S. Robarge in S.C.


 Best of luck Dan. My wife and I saw you in NYC Radio City in the 80"s and at Atlantic City NJ recently. You were great! Get better and get back to making great music. ~ Paul Murphy


 We love you Dan and pray for your full recovery! All the best ~ Brad and Angela Eaton, Riverside, CA


 I spent the entire nite reading the posts from all of your well wishers. I know I cannot add anything that has not already been said. I do want you to know that I have listened to your haunting voice and breathtaking music for 31 years now. I am a distance runner and cannot leave for a long run without you in my headset. Peaceful, gentle, loving, inspiring --just thinking of your tunes make me smile and tear my eyes. I am praying for your full recovery,many years of beautiful music to come. Dan, the Lord has blessed you greatly. Thank you for sharing your gift. Sincerely ~ Jeanne from WV


 Mr. Dan. I wanted you to know that I have been listening to you since I was a little girl. I am 27 years old and grew up listening to your music with my mom and dad. Thank you for you gift to us--your music. I am praying for your speedy recovery. ~ Reba, A nurse from Tennessee


 Hang in there Dan, and thanks for years and years of great music. I remember seeing you open for SHF Band here in New York around 1974. One listen and I was hooked. Thanks for the memories, and you're in my prayers. ~ Dennis Richards, Brooklyn, N.Y.


 Today I learned that Dan was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year. I discovered the information while searching the Web for info on alternative cancer treatments due to my father having advanced prostate cancer. The news about Dan was quite upsetting to me personally because for over 30 years Dan's music has been a major source of inspiration, from my all time favorite album Home Free to Full Circle. I have every album he has made and can't wait until his next one comes out. I have had the pleasure of hearing Dan live at numerous concerts over the years and most recently at Deer Valley, UT. If there has ever been more beautiful or more spiritual music made I haven't heard it. Dan is a very special artist who someday will receive all of the credit he deserves when the dust settles. I wish Dan the very best and that he is well and back on tour as soon as possible. Thanks Dan for the music and for the inspiration that only you and your music can give. ~ Buddy Lewis


 Hey Dan, All our love and prayers to you and your family. God Bless you. ~ Greg O'Brien and Family


 "The harder you pray, the better God hears. The better God hears, the more He responds. The more He responds, the stronger your faith. The stronger your faith, the harder you pray." Dan, you've been my hero since I was introduced to your music at a teenage birthday party back in the deep 70's. Your music has had a profound affect on my life and will for years to come. My deepest prayers are with you and your family. Thank you and Godspeed. ~ Brian Wood, Pueblo, CO


 You've gotten us through all the sad times and helped us diffuse them. You've expressed what we couldn't. You've detailed and shared the joy of life with us all. Dan, you have truly been a part of my life since 1975. You've done so much for us, I hope you know that we would do anything you need. Since I doubt you will ever ask, we will continue to keep you in our prayers and stand in line to buy the tickets to your first show after all is well. Peace. ~ Rick


 Dear Dan, I am writing to send my warmest wishes for your recovery. I have not heard any news as of late but continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers daily. Hang in there and know how much support is out there for you. Looking forward to attending another of your wonderful concerts. ~ Mary Jardine Browns Mills, New Jersey


 Dan, As a native from Illinois myself, I've been following your music since my days at University of Illinois. I check your website almost every day hoping for some news. I wish there was some way we could help. I even contacted Lance Armstrong's foundation numerous times to see if they could help but I don't believe I've been successful (unless you've heard from them). After 30+ years of listening to your music and following your life, I know what privacy means to you. Please let us know how you are doing and if there is anything we can do to help.Fight like hell. With love and gratitude for the music ~ Tina L.


 Dan, I just found out. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Your music and lyrics have brought such peace and joy to my life. I'm sure that you will be rewarded for all you have given to others with good health and a long life.Best regards ~ Krys


 Dan, I've stumbled upon your site by accident.I've been a long time fan, and upon hearing of your fight with cancer, I wanted to send a word of encouragement. I beat testicular cancer and have been cancer-free since 1991. I don't know much about you, except through your music, but I will pray for you and your family as I do my own family. Your music has given me many moments of joy and inspiration,especially the album "Nether Lands" and the song "Innocent Age" with Richie Furay. God bless you. ~ TAS


 Dear Dan, I am sending new, but repeated thoughts of hope and well wishes. I had written back in the fall when I first heard of your "fight" and just wanted you to know that I still (as well as my husband) think about you so often and hope that this is finding you recovering and feeling sooooo much better. Today was a beautiful spring-time day here in Wichita and we took the chance to drive out to a nearby lake and just breathe. The air was clear and sweet, the water was peaceful and all I could think of was the first trip that I took out to a similar spot with the love of my lifetime, with your music as back-drop, helping us to fall even more in love than I had thought possible. As we were driving back towards town today, I thought so much of you, wondering how you are feeling and hoping that all of your loving fans will receive some great news soon. You have been such an important part of so many lives for such a long time now. As only two of so many who love you, I hope you realize how strongly we are pulling for you. As a nurse, as well as one who has had two parents fight cancer, I know what sort of battle you are waging. I also know, though, that if all of these positive thoughts, prayers and love can do what I believe they can, you are well on your way to good health and many more years of making our lives so much fuller. Know that your song from Full Circle - "This Heart" - is my theme song these days. In so many different ways - my husband's love, my love of God, our love for you - "in the light of your love, this heart still stands"! Be well and know that you are loved. - Kris and Brian, Wichita, Ks


 Hello Dan, Jean & Families, I hope that today brings you feeling a bit better. Maybe a smile from a dear friend, a hug from a loved one or just the silence of a beautiful day! These are some of the purest gifts one's heart can share. I have learned to live the best life I can from the Creator, you & the dolphins. Let me explain. In 1991 while living in Hawaii (Big Island) swimming with the Dolphins - Full Moons - Your music playing. Yes, Paradise! I was diagnosed with tumors in my left femur. I had bone cancer. I moved back to NM to under go testing and treatment at the UNM Cancer Center. I spent 2 years, 8 hours every day there. Between Physical Therapy and the Oncologist, I lived at the hospital. I was never without your music. Your heart kept mine going. I have lived with cancer up until just 5 years ago. It had spread & I had 5 surgeries. But I never gave up hope or your music. I have even spoken to the Creator telling him to fix me or take me. At that point I was being carried with the softest of wings. With a smile and your music playing I was sent in the right direction to be fixed. It took me 9 years to be able to walk, now I can run. I still swim with the dolphins every chance I get. I ride my horse Aspen as often as I can. I tell the Creator every day Thank You. I have always thought of telling you Thank You but never have had the chance. So if you ever do read this, hear this from me to you. Thank You. May you stay brave in the face of darkness, may your star always shine your light, and may the love of family and friends always surround you. Thank You from a mere stranger. In peace always ~ Maggi Meadows, Edgewood, NM


 Hi Dan Fogelberg ...sure hoping this email finds you feeling good and getting well!!! I was at lunch with a friend today and telling her about your wonderful concert at the Keswick Theater in Glenside, PA about a year and half ago. My cousin bought me a ticket and I hemmed and hawed that night about going because I was exhausted... but I was soooo glad I went..we were right up front and you and your musicians were fabulous! Since then I have been determined to get the chance to take my hubby (who I still consider a hippie and loves your music) and my daughter who is now a freshman at Georgetown and a DJ on their radio see you live no matter where you are appearing! I will be sure to check the website often and wishing you many more years to make your beautiful music...and I am sure we will see you soon, Fondly (and as we used to say in the 60's & 70's ...Peace, Man) ~ Ethel O'Dea


 Dear Dan, I've wanted to write since I first heard of your diagnosis back in the Fall, but never knew, and still don't know, quite what to say. I have listened to your music since the 70's, and was as thrilled when Full Circle was released as I was when The Innocent Age hit the stores. As do all of the fans who have written, as well as those who haven't, I pray for you and your family and hope for a full recovery. There's no way that anyone who hasn't been through cancer can know what it's like, but you have legions of people praying for you and sending positive thoughts your way, and I can only hope that this brings some measure of peace to you and those who love you. ~ Kay Whitley, Columbia, SC


 Dan I miss you. I have the music and its joy, but I miss those concerts at The Mann. Watching you love your music was always such a high. I hope you release some news soon. We all just miss you. ~ Jane


 I am sincerely sorry for your latest challenge life has given you. I too fought the dreaded demon they call cancer and beat it. I have also defeated Hepatitis B and C with the help of the Great Spirit and the love of those around me. Faith is the key. We all are here for a purpose and I simply had not fulfilled mine yet. You too have a purpose and tho' you may have reached so many with your words of wisdom and your beautiful song, myself included, you are not finished. You will go on and life will even feel more valuable than before. I am praying for you and yours so stay strong and believe in miracles. You just heard from one. Warmest wishes ~ Pati Vail-Losh, Littleton, Colorado


 Dear Dan, My nine year old son, Dalton, wanted me to write and let you know how much he loves your music. He especially loves your songs about the sea. I think he has almost worn out "The Reach" and "The Minstrel." He absolutely loves "Half Moon Bay," and constantly raves over how it sounds like 'dream music.' Usually, we listen to so much of your slower, more mellow pieces; he really freaked over "Phoenix" when he heard that, and commented on how talented you are to be able to create many different sounds and styles of music. Dalton has turned into quite a 'Dan-Fan' and even has a pet fish named "Wisteria." It's amazing how your music touches so many lives. We, like so many of your fans, love your music and how it has affected our lives. We pray for your speedy recovery and another chance to see you surrounded by candle light at Chastain Park. ~ Debi and Dalton


 Dan - Your music has and is a very important part of my life. My husband was diagnosed with Lymphoma, Stage 4 this past year and my father was just diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. I have kept the faith for them and will do the same for you. Recovery is all in your outlook on life, and I know that through your words and music that you will make it through this bump in the road. ~ Erin in California


 Dear Dan: Just wanted to let you know that I too shall be praying for your speedy recovery. There could not be anything more sweet sounding than thousands of prayers being heard by God, like in the beginning of the movie "It's A Wonderful Life". I can't tell you how much your music has meant to me and my family. We probably have all of your albums and are slowly buying CD's to replace them. Your Christmas CD is the first one I play on December 1st to begin the Christmas season.We shall be waiting patiently, until you are fully recoverd, for your next concert tour. Love from a devoted fan, since you first began ~ Debbie Pidancet


 Dear Dan- It's hard to remember when I started listening. My brother was a music major at college, we played guitars. (he was and is still much better) I loved your music your words and style from the beginning. I tried to learn the words and songs as the albums came out. If  I happened to have a lady friend I would use the music to try to woo them.Next thing you know I was using the music to lull my children to sleep. I've seen you in Va, Pa, Ohio and on Mud Island in Memphis. The last time was the Cape Cod melody tent, where I now reside. (The Cape, not the tent) I send my best wishes, thoughts and prayers with this message. I've never written a fan letter before, but youve done so much for me, it seemed a small thing to do. Take care and be well. I feel like we are old friends who never had the chance to meet. ~ Bruce Bobal


 Hey Dan The Man, Hope you are doing okay (better than okay). We all love your wonderful contributions to our lives. All these stories with one thing in common -YOU! What a guy you are! Here's to you and yours! Hope to hear good news soon. Till then, we will all be waiting and sending our love and heartfelt comments. You mean so MUCH!!!! ~ Pamela Hunter - N.C.


 Hi Dan, Just wanted to check in and let you know I'm still thinking of you. I told you before that I always thought of you as "a little brother" because we share many of the same insights and I'm as proud of your accomplishments as I'd be of family. The first exposure I had to your music was back in the early 70's when 'Part of the Plan' was first getting air play. That day, I bought Souvenirs and wore the thing out. Thus ended my Moody Blues phase and my Dan Fogelberg phase began, and it continues today. Captured Angel  followed soon thereafter and then, making up for lost time, Home Free. Over the years, not only have I maintained a library of everything you've done, I've made sure family and friends were Dan Fogelberg completists, too. Your music has touched the lives of so many. The only song performed at my wedding in 1979 was your arrangement of 'Since You've Asked'. 'The Reach' helped me comfort my infant son in 1981, and it remains one of those "father and son" bonding things with us still. Two years ago, when my wife was fighting a losing battle with malenoma, 'When You're Not Near Me' tugged at my heart. Like you have done for so many wishing you well here, you have accompanied me through the highs and lows of a lifetime and I just...wanted you to know. I went through my own bout with prostate cancer in 2001, doing the Lupron, radiation, and seed implant routine after having a PSA of 28.8. Now, three and a half years later, I'm still doing well and the PSA remains 0.1. What with all the good feelings flowing to you, I'm sure you're gonna be fine. When the time is right, let us know how you're doing. We all care so very much. Best of everything ~ Larry, Grayslake, IL


 I thank God for singing to me through you! I and my 8th grade students here in Houston are wishing you well! ~ Laine


 Dan - I hope that you doing well and that this is a time of rest. Should be some great music coming out of this. Your fans miss your tours and I pray for a continuing and speedy recovery. ~ Jeff


 My radio stations, which include WXPN out of Univ of Penn and WFUV - Fordam Univ....almost never play your music. What a void....well, I finally heard one today on my way into work..."Place in the World For a Gambler". Reminded me that I owe you a hug and all my prayers and good wishes for your speedy recovery. Love ~ Nancy Levine


 Dan, I don't keep up with news very well, so I'm sorry to say that I just learned of your illness. I hope that by this time, you are completely well or close to it. I will pray for you. Please know that your music has touched my life. Your lyrics are phenomenally real to me. You can make me laugh, cry, and think. I love your songs. Thank you. A few years ago, my husband and I traveled out west. A friend had given me one of your CD's (High Country Snows) and I played that CD over and over and over in our camper. In fact, every time we camp, I have to have that CD. God bless you and your family, Dan. Thanks again for sharing your wonderful talents. Sincerely ~ Marlene Welch in West Virginia


 Dan - I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that your music, literally, formed the back drop of my early adult life - both the good and the bad times. My earliest memories of your music was probably during my high school years in the 70's. Even today, when I hear your songs on the radio, I can think of moments - literally frozen in time - of my earliest love, great times with friends, Fogelberg concerts (Fox Theatre in St. Louis), college - and yes, even the pain of breaking up with that first love. It's funny, those moments seem as crystal clear now as they did then. To me, your music has always had a special way of touching the very soul of people's lives. I sincerely hope that all the letters and e-mails bring comfort to you and your family, and that the thoughts and prayers of all your fans sustain you during this difficult time. Peace ~ Lane Bartram


 As a singer/songwriter at the young age of 43, you have been one of my biggest inspirations. I'm a story-teller, as you are, and have prayed for years that we could write a song together. You are in my nightly prayers. "Beggars Game" is the best song ever written. ~ Rhonda Bennett, Thousand Oaks, CA


 Dan, I wrote to you once before at this site. I haven't heard any updated news on your condition and I certainly hope that that old saying "no news is good news" holds true in your case. You and your music have been a part of my life for over thirty years now and I never grow tired of listening to you. I have every album/cd of yours and play them constantly. Your words and music are an inspiration in all that I do. "Longer" was my wife and my wedding song (25 years this July). I have even dedicated your songs to all my daughters at their sweet sixteen parties. I am always thinking of you and hope you are recovering fully and hope to see you again on stage doing what you do best-make us all feel good! I'm sure all your fans, as I do, wish we could do more for you so I hope these letters help lift your spirits. My wife and I wish you well and look forward to seeing you when you return. Until then we will be pulling for you and know that our thoughts are with you and know how much we care about you. Yours Truly ~ Lenny Rello-S.I., N.Y.


 Dear Dan, I was paddling my canoe across the last lake on my way back to an island within the boundary waters of Canada, just north of Minnesota, where I was from at the time. This was in 1973 and it was the most awe inspiring experience of my life. I heard over a single loud speaker, the songs from your very first album. I thought I was dreaming. I was hearing this incredible voice and music that made me feel like I was in heaven, as I paddled softly to the shore, at the end of my trip. I was only 18 years old then. From that time on I have followed and listened to all of your songs faithfully. I attended concerts in Illinois, LA, and Cincinnati, I graduated from the University of Ill, Champaign/Urbana in 1978. Oh my, that makes me about 49 yrs old now. I have been so fortunate to have had your music, and you, so deeply imbedded in my life. I play guitar and sing, very simple songs. But, your songs are deep within my heart and always will be. Through the years I have played and memorized every song of every album/CD that you have released. I have always wanted to meet you and tell you how much I appreciate the music you write and how much I have enjoyed the talent that you have. It is such a gift and I am so thankful that you have shared this with us all! I miss you and wish you and your family the very best. I am not a crazed fan. I am a hospice nurse (for 23 years) and can appreciate all you must be going through. You are in my deepest prayers and thoughts as you go through your treatment. I wish I could help you, or your family in any way.


You have given such beautiful gifts to this world. I pray that you are going to be fine, I know that this disease can be overcome. You must be so strong, just like the music you write. Please take the best of care. My thoughts and deepest prayers are with you!!! Love, great friendship, and strength to you ~ Kathie Vanderpool, RN (a lifetime fan)


 I remember the night like it was yesterday, you were touring, and there is always such a beautiful energy in the air when you arrived. You had on a tan jacket with tan pants, and I think you had on your deerskin boots, which I love, and you were playing solo. Then Dan, you came out on stage and began playing "Nexus". It was so clear and perfect. You are such a beautiful soul and a beautiful man, and I amongst all the fans love you so much. I hope your health is good, and I truly believe you will tour again someday soon, when you feel it is time. ~ Magnolia


 Dear Dan, I am a Great fan of Yours. All the albums and CD's that you wrote, I have them from the beginning. You wrote the album Souvenirs and the wonderful number "There's A Place In The World For A Gambler", was the reason to be a fan of your music. My family and I wish you all the best and maybe when you are in good health, you could please visit Holland for a concert!! A great fan from Holland ~ Mr. Nico de Vries


 Dan, Just checking in with prayers and wishes for you and Jean and your family.Your music has just become such a part of my life, through good and bad you are always there. Prayers are being said for you all daily. My favorite scripture- And he will raise you up on Eagle's Wings, Bear you on the breath of Dawn, Make you to shine like the Sun, And hold you in the palm of his hand. Psalm 91 ~ Susan K. Nash


 Greetings from the East (lovely Virginia), dear Dan. This has been an especially beautiful Spring and I have often thought of you. Years ago I learned that every thought is a prayer so you see from this website that many prayers are being said for you Dan. Take comfort in that and the knowledge that you have blessed so many with your gifts. We love you and we miss you. We'll be here waiting patiently for you to return when you can. Love ~ Donna


 Hi Dan, praying for you as I always will, enjoying your music as I always have, hope you are well, as we all do... love you more...every day. Get well completely. ~ Devoted fans (many)


 Dan - For months now, I've turned to this site to read the thoughts of hundreds offans who pray for you and to whom you've been an inspiration - to play flute, guitar, write music or lyrics, play piano, as with me, or just to enjoy your talents. You have touched so many lives through your music, but now also through cancer. You continue to inspire and soothe and give hope. I wear my Lance Armstrong bracelet in honor of you, Dan. Can't wait to have you back at Red Rocks. ~ Cherie Orwig, Denver


 Dan, I could spend so much time trying to express all that I feel at this moment, but would never find the words that come so easily to you. You have painted pictures in my mind and soul that will never fade. I feel like there has never been a day in my late youth until now that I don't have bookmarked with a song from your heart. My trying to tell you how I'm feeling is useless, because you already know my heart so well that you have already written a song or painted a picture expressing all that is has to say 24/7. I thank you Dan for all of these gifts that you have given to all of us. Know Dan that we are all praying for you and your family. Our angels are holding you tightly in their wings and passing on the warmth and strength you all need to get through this bumpy part of life's road. God bless you Dan and thank you again ~ Margaret Johnson


 DF, As I sit in my office listening to my I-Pod, I am wondering how you are doing and truly hope that the treatments you are undergoing are not too nasty. I unfortunately know all too well what cancer treatments can do and as you know your faith, and optimism play a role in your recovery. Some days are better than others, but my thoughts and prayers are with you. Your music has been an inspiration and got me back to playing my flute along with you and Tim, that is! My job can be depressing at times but getting back to playing is a real boost. Keep the faith and don't let the bad days get you down. ~ Joanne Richardson, Frisco, Colorado


 Sitting here in Tampa at my desk at work and my favorite Dan Fogelberg song is playing on the radio --"Same Old Lang Syne". Just thinking about you, Dan, and hoping you and your family are doing okay. We care about you and we miss you! ~ Lori Riski, Tampa, FL


 Hi, Dan, I somehow managed to miss this news-just found out today. I'm very sorry you're having to go through this. I've been battling cancer since December 2002, so I know how hard it can be. Surround yourself with loving, supportive people and try to keep a positive attitude. The psychologists I work with keep telling me about the hard evidence that proves what a difference a positive attitude can make. I can always send myself to a good place by listening to one of your songs, even the heartbreaking ones ("Sketches", my favorite). I hope you are doing well. I will pray for you. I wish you healing, comfort, much more music, and excellent drugs. Sincerely ~ Melinda M.-Wesley Chapel, FL


 Isn't it amazing how you may never have met someone and yet you feel like you have known them all of your life? I rank myself as one of your loyal fans and am sending you my prayers and best wishes for a miraculous recovery over this disease. I believe in a God that still heals today and nothing is impossible for Him. You and your family are in my prayers that you will not only beat this but will have the endurance to walk through it with love and determination and faith in the impossible. You have so profoundly touched my life from way back in the 1970's and are still touching it today. The depth of your lyrics, the melodies, the harmonies...everything about you comes through in your music. I had the song, "Longer," played at my wedding for my husband, letting him know that I had loved him even before we had met. To this day, I still relive that moment each time I hear that song. My husband was killed in 1990 and it remains a tribute to our life together in my heart. Please know that thousands and thousands of loyal fans are binding together in prayer for your recovery. I thank you for sharing your soul with us all of these years. I am just giving you back what I can give you in this prayers. God bless you all! Sincerely ~ Becky, Springdale Arkansas


 Dan, You are in my thoughts and prayers and you are unknowingly my mentor. Twenty-five years ago, you became the reason why I wanted to learn to play the guitar. The first album I ever bought was your "Phoenix" album. Since then, I wrote songs for my high school choir and my wedding. More importantly is that my son has been learning the guitar, and my wife, who has lost her eye sight do to retinitis pigmentosa has also taken up an interest. It is all due to your influence on another Illinois native. ~ SF from Logan County, IL


 I first heard your music when the album Twin Sons came out. Thank you and may God bless you and your family. Your music has moved my soul for many years and I look forward to seeing you again play in person. You are the Leader of the Band, and it is your legacy that is living. Again, God bless you with a speedy recovery. Your fellow cancer survivor and fan ~ Rich Palmer


 You have touched my heart, my soul with joy and tears. For me, your voice and thoughts are magical. You have intimately shared yourself with me, the Earth, and millions through your music. I wish you to be surrounded by love as you fight for recovery. Love ~ Grace, Kanienkahaka/Mohawk


 Get well Dan. The world needs poets/troubdours like you. Your music is inspiring. The world wants you here for a long time. ~ Clifford Barnhart


 Dear Dan: My name is Bob Sarlatte. I'm an actor/comedian living in San Francisco, who's made over thirty appearances with Letterman, been in dozens of movies and TV shows, but most importantly (!) a real fan of both your music and your class and style. I have never written anything like this before to anyone in the business, but I am hoping this opportunity to send "good wishes for Dan" is graced with the healing "Power of Gold." "Leader of the Band" of course (like it does for anyone who has a heart, apologies to Bacharach/David) reminds me of my dad, and "Heart Hotels" and "Missing You" are songs my daughters and I danced to when they were little--I was always a sucker for nice singing and sweet arrangements, elements always present in your work. I'm thinking the good thoughts, and yes, saying a prayer or two for your recovery. I expect to see you when your career resumes! Warmly ~ BOB SARLATTE


Over the years, I have worn out my greatest hits album and have loved Dan's soothing, melodic ballads which bring back great memories and friendships. We pray that he will overcome these health issues and beat the odds. May God bless you and keep you and your family strong, Dan. ~ Ann & Vito--NJ


 Dan, It is so wonderful to see how many people love you as much as I do and for as many years...30! Each day I wish you well and send my Prayers. At this time I have 2 brothers that have cancer and I go visit them each day...very difficult times but we know God will be there for all 3 of you. I read a very interesting interview that you had back in 1981 and you discussed "Old Lang Syne" and the question was " does this song have a meaning and did it really happen to you?" I will tell you that the entire song happened to me.! It happened many years ago but I feel like I am still living that part of my life. Thank you for all your wonderful memories. Stay strong always. ~ LDT


 Consider yourself always loved, hugged, and treasured from someone who had not listened to you in a few years, and when I heard you today it still touches everything. You are timeless and your lyrics are eternal. Thank you for what you have given and what you will share with us in the future. ~ A. Robbins


 Dear Dan, Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, as you journey through. I am certain you have received many letters as to how your music has touched our souls and lives. This is the first time I have written-- to anyone--in "the business". I was introduced to your music as a teenager by my older brother, he went to a concert of yours in Stevens Point, WI. After that, your words and melodies carried me through high school, college and afterwards. Now, as a mother, musician and teacher, I want to thank you for how you have touched so many lives. I teach piano, guitar and voice---as well as playing in churches throughout our area. It has been wonderful to add your music to my students repetoire. Especially incredible, is adding the "Paris Nocturne", "Guitar Etude" and "Twin's Theme" to my piano portfolio, as preludes to service. People are truly moved, and it places hope in my heart to send your music to people who have not experienced its beauty. Thank you for all you have given us. God's blessings ~ Julee McVicker


 Dan, I feel as if you are an old, revered, much beloved friend. One of the highlights of my life was discovering your music back in 1976, and it has moved me and spoken for me and been extremely important to me since then. I pray for your recovery with a hopeful heart. God Bless you . ~ Beth Speer Harbeck


 Like so many others, I consider myself to be a "lifelong" fan of yours. In fact, your music has been the accompaniment of all my life cycle events including my wedding on August 22, 2004. It was your songs that my husband and I dedicated to each other for our first dances.I hope that you find comfort in your music during this difficult time as it has comforted so many others during the difficult times in our lives. I wish you strength, continued healing and peace and happiness. ~ K


 Dan, I am the mother of a 14 year old girl, who survived 2 1/2 years of treatment for cancer. She was diagnosed at the age of 6 with Leukemia. Be strong, keep positive thoughts and never forget to laugh. I know it seems like a long, dark tunnel that you are going through right now, but just around the bend, the light will appear. Kind of like going through the Eisenhower Tunnel, and seeing those spectacular snow capped Rocky Mountains at the end of the tunnel. Best wishes ~ Marlene, Florida


 Dear Dan - Prayers and best wishes from a geezer who has enjoyed your music for a long time. I pray that I'll be able to see you in concert soon. Thank you for many good hours of music and God bless. - Bob Jones, Nashville


 Dear Dan - I'm have been a fan since 1972. This is not a feel good thing for me. You have really made an impact on my life and I just want to say thanks for the years of great songs and keep up the good fight! Love ~ Brad


 Hi Dan and family, After a three week hospital stay and on a long road to recovery, I am sending all of you my prayers and wishes as well as the Angels who watched over me. They will guide you as they guided me, although I couldn't get them to get me a popsicle when I really needed one. Take care and get well soon. ~ Chris in Illinois


 Hello old friend. Well, I just celebrated the half-century mark this year. Wow. Do we really go back 30 years? How odd that I just "felt" to search you on the internet now, only to discover your challenge. I always felt a kin to you -- fellow Illinoisian (Springfield -- but with a common friend you went to high school with in Peoria.) And then later I also heard the call of Colorado as you did. But still drove back home a couple of times a year for quite some time. Had to put "Illinois" in the tape deck every time I crossed the state line. In between the years I placed Christ in my life (I discovered He was a LOT better than the drugs in the 70s). And it is to Him I'm praying to on your behalf. May you find peace in your Maker as you go through this fight. Believe in His miracles. I'm making another trip to Illinois in a few days. As usual I'll put "Illinois" in the stereo as I approach. And I'll again think of you and offer up a prayer. I always thought somehow we'd meet. But if not here, let's make a date for paradise. In His Love ~ Kim Patterson


 Dan...while searching to find when you were going to be playing in Colorado I came upon the news of your cancer. It has been over 6 months since that posting and I along with your many other faithful listeners pray for you and your family. Thank you for the beauty of your music and for sharing your wonderful gift with all of us. Yes, I am one of your 30 year fans and can also remember my first copy of Souvenirs, college dorms and Dan playing on the stereo. Two years ago I made a scrapbook page after I took my 2 daughters to see you at Red Rocks. My page included the 8 ticket stubs I had collected over many years and many memories (I even attended a concert at Red Rocks 7 months pregnant!) Your music has been and will continue to be a huge blessing in my life. Thank you. May God bless and keep you. ~ Lori M


 Dan, I am 45 years old and have been a fan since I was 16. I first discovered Souvenirs and was blown away. I have seen you probably 5 times in Nashville over the years. I was at the Opry House when you debuted "Same Old Lang Syne". I knew then it would be a hit. Thanks for all the pleasure your music has given me over the years. I have an 8 year old son and when we get in my car, he always begs me to turn on my "Dan CD." I guess that says it all, young or old, your music inspires. Please trust God with your illness, He's in control. ~ Tim Bowles


 Over the last thirty years, your music has been a part of my life and the lives of my dear friends. It has helped all of us through births, deaths, marriages, divorces, smiles and laughter as well as tears. Through all of these life experiences, your gift of music has helped all of us get through them gracefully. Know that what you do and have given to all of us in your life through your music has made a difference in all of our lives. We are richer through this priceless gift. I wish for you and yours: Prayers, smiles and laughter. I hope that the road ahead is kind to you and those smiles come easy. Thank you again for all you have given to us and I hope to hear more music from you soon. ~ Beege Hanssen , Eldridge, Iowa.


 Thank you so much for many wonderful years of beautiful music, which has touched my heart. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. May God's good grace shine upon you and your family always. ~ Bob, Cleveland, Ohio


 Dan - I have been a fan of yours for many years. Hang in there...keep positive...your frame of mind will carry you through. ~ Jim Snider, Carmichael, CA


 Hi Dan. I wish I could think of something original but I echo everyone else in saying that I send you wishes of strength and healing. I have great memories of your concerts and listening to your music at home, in the car, in a long-ago dorm room, etc. I hope it brings you joy to see all these beautiful messages from people everywhere. I remember once in a concert you mentioned a Tom Robbins book in an intro to "Make Love Stay." You were astonished that no one had read the book. (I promptly went home and began reading everything by Tom Robbins.) It looks like you have made love stay with all these friends you've never met who wish you well. I hope when you get better, you'll come play for us all again. (Please make Minneapolis your first stop.) ~ Claudia


 Life takes many mysterious turns. Back in the 70's I was lucky enough to hang out at the Red Herring and meet this rising star named Dan Folgelberg. Your voice like an angel. Your lyrics touched my heart. I lived above Trenos which was a bar down the street, and I spent many hours at my favorite place, The Herring, drinking Tea and listening to poets and artists. Your songs touched my heart in a huge way. We went to a radio station as a group in Champaign one night and listened to you play. Your album "Home Free" feels like it was written for me. My daughter is attending the U of I now, and one of the first places I walked her to was the Red Herring. (which looks the same). I will always remember that time in my life when so many things were changing. And when I listen to Home Free and Souvenirs I will always think of you and the times in my life in Champaign.

Mr. Fogelberg, Your music has been uplifting, inspiring, and thought provoking. My family wishes you well and are anxiously awaiting for your return to the stage and to the album making. You are in our prayers.


 Dan, I hope this note finds you in good spirits, recovering, recuperating and in improving health physically, emotionally, spiritually. I recently offered the lyrics of "Comes and Goes" to a woman that is very special to me...the lyrics are in total harmony with how I feel at this stage of my a great book, your lyrics are always very visual... Please find solace in knowing the music you have made that sits in my stack of albums (yes, albums) and CD rack will always be some of the best "Souvenirs" anyone could ever have! All thoughts ~ Mark


 You are in the thoughts and prayers of the many fans you brought so much joy to through your music, and who grew up with you as a key element in the soundtrack of life. Best wishes and full recovery to you, Dan.


 Dear Dan, My thoughts and prayers go out to you. Several years ago, my father had prostate cancer, and it was successfully treated after prostate removal. I know that you will have the same success in your recovery. Know that you are a friend of mine and my friends, through the beautiful music that you have given to us over the years. I am 47 years old and am worried about prostate cancer also. Your recovery will be an inspiration to a lot of people. And we hope to see you very soon back on tour. Thanks again for the music. ~ Tracy Davis


 Dan, We are always thinking of you and lifting you in prayer. We pray for healing and for strength and peace. Just know that although we don't know you personally you have touched our hearts in so many ways. I remember falling in love with you when your first album came out! Years later I would meet the man I would eventually marry. He plays guitar and sings and when we met he serenaded me with some of your songs. How could I not fall in love! We always come to see you at Chastain and in fact, had tickets for your concert when we heard it was cancelled because of your health. We have not stopped praying. Thank you for sharing your heart with us and so many others. We look forward to many more years of Dan Fogelberg. "The LORD will sustain him on his sickbed and restore him from his bed of illness" (Psalm 41:3) We are believing! ~ Glenn and Jeanne - Clarkesville, Georgia


 Dear Dan Fogelberg: In the Fall of 1979 while attending Colorado State University, my college sweetheart and I had our first date hearing you perform at Mackie Auditorium in Boulder. After 24 years of marriage we still remember it like it was yesterday. The first time I heard "Full Circle", I thought how appropriate the title, since those songs were reminiscent of "Souvenirs", "Nether Lands", and "Captured Angel". I've enjoyed all your albums and hope Full Circle's title doesn't have another meaning. My wife and I wish you a full recovery from your cancer; there needs to be "Another New Beginnings" album. Sincerely ~ Don and Cathy Reininger, Azle, TX


 Greetings Dan from Rancho Santa Margarita,CA and another long time fan. Blessings and God's wondrous healing to you. I am listening to "The Essential DF" as I work. It never ceases to make me feel better. "May the Language of Love make the Rain in life turn to the Power of Gold and let you Run for the Roses yet again and Longer for the other half of life and may God Make Love Stay so you become the Leader of the Band always." ~ Blair W. Bennink


 Dan, Your music has been such an inspiration to me over the years. Many thoughts and Divine healing prayers are with you. By His stripes you are healed... claim it. God heals in mysterious ways.....Love & Blessings ~ Holly Hefner


 Dan, It's been several months since we heard of your illness and our thoughts and prayers for your returned good health and happiness are stonger than ever! Please be strong and let us know as soon as you are able to bring us your wonderful music and unparalled talent back to the concert stages. Your sweet music and lyrics are a beacon in the night and we miss you! God Bless You.~ Liz


 Dear Dan, Beginning in the early seventies and going for the last 35 years, you have been a big part of my musical journey. Thanks so much for producing such great albums and songs. Wishing you all of the best with your recovery. ~ Dan Connal, Londonderry, NH


 I'd like to thank you for your beautiful words that I'd hear through my headphones, stereo and car radio for years. I'm sending you wishes for recovery and warmest thoughts that peace, love and happiness be yours. ~ Heidi


 Dan - You and your music have moved me through each of the many changes I've experienced in my life since I first heard Dan the Angel sing. You are a man of another world, you are an angel brought to all of us through the grace of creation. It is immeasurable the love and guidance you have spread to all of us throughout the years. I often wonder how deep can this man go? The depth of his love is only rivaled by the purity of his voice. Ultimately all things emerge from Love and hence they return there, for what you have shared with all of us we are all sharing with you. During this part of your journey, you may rest. We (through our prayers and undying devotion) will do the work required to hasten your recovery. Love ~ Dave in Buffalo


 I've never written to anyone in this way, but I am compelled to do it today, after learning of your, your, what do I call it? Whether you view it as temporary setback, a disease, or a struggle, or something else entirely, I want to add my words of encouragement and gratitude to the doubtless many others you have received. Greetings and good wishes from the Land of Lincoln and Boulder. Yes, I am from Illinois originally (tiny town north of Rockford), and during my final years there my bedroom wall held an early Dan Fogelberg poster. Then I moved to Boulder just as this incredible radio station,KBCO, was born. And lo, they played a lot of Fogelberg back then, and I happily kept on buying what you were puttin' out there. Your music and stories are woven into the fabric of my past. I know most of 'em by heart, and I can remember them by the sights and sounds firmly stamped on my soul. Thank you for what you've given me, and I hope a few words from a longtime admirer serve to brighten your day. Dang, it's the least I can do after all you've done for me. With love and gratitude, Elisa Wade, Boulder, Colorado


 Why do I feel the need to write and convey my best wishes and prayers for someone I've never met? The only answer is that over the last 30 years (andI cannot believe it's been that long since my college roommate introduced me to "Souvenirs") I've spent many hours with Dan's music, first on vinyl -then replacement CD's. His words and melodies have given voice to some of the most emotion filled moments in my life. Thus, in the way that must make celebrity both a blessing and a curse for those who experience it, through his artistry I feel a connection to a total stranger. I hope that during this difficult time he is able to find the blessing in knowing that many of us are praying for him and his family. I'm hoping that we'll soon hear more songs from him - songs that evoke within us the feelings of courage, strength, hope and faith that are used to deal with this challenge. All the best now and in the future. ~ Kelly, WA State


 Dear Dan, I was just surfing the music and the net today and found out about your cancer. God I am sorry and pray things go well for you. My wife and I have loved your music since the 70'S. I have a place in Maine and know you have a home somewhere around there. Every time we are there, we pop in a CD and listen to you. My wife and I are both 47 and it reminds us that you never know what life has in store for us. I pray that it is only good things for you and your family. God bless. ~ Steve & Sue Blinn


 Dan and family, My thoughts and prayers go out to you all. I hope you are doing well. Believe in the power of the human spirit. I am a nurse and will never cease to be amazed by the people I encounter everyday. You have touched so many people with your awesome gift of music. I can only hope that there is more to come for a long, long time. Sincerely ~ Beth Bedford, Davenport, Iowa


 Dan, As yet another 30-year fan of your words and music, and also one of "Quad's Children" , I'd like to express my deepest best wishes for your speedy recovery. In many ways, your music has helped define my own Innocent Age and I frequently go back to those great memories through your songs. One of my greatest memories was during your concert at the University of Illinois, just after Innocent Age was released. I believe it was the first time you had been back to Champaign and it was an extremely emotional concert for all of us. You dedicated "Leader of the Band" to "a special person who was in the audience" that night and received two standing ovations, even though it was likely the first time many people had heard the song. Awesome! Wishing you a rapid recovery and many more years of good health and happiness ~ Jim Katsaros, Richmond, Virginia


 Dan, I don't even know where to begin. You could have knocked me over with a sponge when I found out about your cancer! The only other time I got that horrible sick feeling in the pit of my stomach was when I found out that the love of my life, Ed, was diagnosed. Unfortunately, I lost him slightly over a year ago. He introduced your music to me when our love was new 20 years ago. One of my favorite memories is going to your acoustic tour at Red Rocks Ampitheater in the rain with plastic trash bags over us to keep us dry. I don't remember the year, '88 or '89 possibly. The clouds parted just before your performance and the full moon was shining just above the stage in the east. I still remember the warm glow of holding hands with the man I loved while you sang song after song. I never wanted that evening to end. My damaged heart was full and overflowing that night! Believe me, when I say my heart aches for you, knowing what you're going through. I only wish I could touch you the way you have touched me. Like Ed's poems, your music keeps me going! Love you ~ Regina in Elizabeth, CO


 I'm writing to say that my prayers are with you. Your music has meant so much to my life. Thirty years ago I listened to your music and fell in love with a wonderful young man, I was 15, he was 17. Our lives took different directions, but as it is with many first loves, we never forgot each other. Well, now after all these years, we have found each other again and have renewed that first love listening to your music!!! Thank you for all that your music has meant to me and to so many. God Bless you and bring you renewed health. ~ mam


 Dear Dan, Driving home from work today, I heard on the radio about your struggles. It nearly knocked the breath out of me. My first thought was what could I do for someone who has helped me become who I am today, without even meeting me? I felt sad and scared and powerless...knowing that I could do so little for someone who had effected my life so... Now, as I come to this site and see so many people expressing my thoughts exactly, I don't feel so alone. So many things we take for granted in this world, including what touches our soul. Well, as you have given so much to us.. we give back to you what we can. Our thoughts and prayers and good wishes hopefully fill the cup of your spirit with the love that you so gently poured over us in your music. God speed, Dan. We are with you. ~ Cathy Burbules, Latham NY


 My thoughts are with you and I came to your website hoping to find some news. I pray all is going well and you are winning the battle. You have been a part of my life through your wonderful gift. "Longer" was our wedding song! I wish you peace and healing and love, always love. May God smile down on you and bless you. With many thanks for the joy you put in my life through your music! ~ Linda Matson


 Dearest Dan and Family-We check often for news and enjoy reading others' messages. We've grown up with you, my husband and me and our two children. I liked the thought one of your well wishers posted - ' meet in the air' - prevail and grow in grace. Love is boundless and hope infinite...You've given us so much joy - we're hoping you know how well loved you truly are. Godspeed. ~ Binghamton, NY


 Dear Dan, I wanted to share a comforting Bible verse that God has used to comfort me on many occasions. It is found in Jeremiah 29:11 and it says, "I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans for good and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope". I pray that you will earnestly seek the Lord Jesus during this difficult time. He loves you so much. I really enjoy your music and have been blessed by it for years. Thanks. ~ Scott Gilmore-Mission Viejo, California


 Dan ~ Just checking in to let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers every day, in as much as your music and lyrics have been in my soul since way back to Home Free. Every song you've ever written carries such an immense message and vision I feel I could make a movie from almost any song. Love ~ Dave in Buffalo


 Please get well. I cannot imagine this world without your wonderful gifts. May all of the good thoughts and prayers be with you. Sincerely ~ Tara


 It is difficult to put into mere words what your work has meant to me and to my life, and even more awkward now that I have waited until this turn of events to try to say what I feel. You have spoken to my soul from your own for over 30 years, and the difference this has made is manifest in me, in my life, in my progression as a human being. I happened, oddly enough, to have spent most of today listening to a roundelay of the music that brought me to tears suddenly and unexpectedly 23 years ago, an event which launched me on my writing career. I was moved exactly the same way again today, and have been thinking of you intently until just now I happened to click on your site to check on performance plans and learned of your recent reversal of fortune. As you know, there are thousands, perhaps millions, who, as Kahlil Gibrahn wrote, "meet in the air", joined in their determination that you not only prevail in this present trial, but that you grow even more in grace and beauty, because that way your gift to the world will continue to grow to touch hundreds of thousands more. The circle, like the moon, is full and it will remain unbroken. There really is magic every moment. It is your turn to experience it. God speed, beloved friend. ~ JK, Laguna Niguel, CA


 Hi Dan, I pray for your healing everyday as you have been very special to me for many years. Keep the faith and come back to us very soon. ~ Patty from New Hampshire


 Hi Dan, I check in often to see if there's any news of how you're doing. I joked about sympathy pains in my last mail to you. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer well after I 1st heard of yours.I've since had a radical prostatectomy, and fortunately, fully recovered and healthy. After all is done, you will be well too. May I remind you that while we hunger for more of your music, we also have followed you along the way. We are here for you at your next concert, or if you decide to follow a different path in life. Your legacy of magic is already in place. We have a bounty in what you've created.Be strong as you can. Keep your can seem so unfair. However this impacts you, and you must be in healing stages, we are here for you Daniel...without question. My worn albums, and well played CDs continue to lift and keep your music aloft. A lifetime kindred soul. ~ Ron Kolman,Highland Park, IL.


 Dan - we miss you so much and are praying for you daily. It's been a while since we've heard any news and hope that you are faring well with your treatment and staying strong. ~ Marilla

 Hi Dan Fogelberg! I have already sent my best wishes, but wanted to tell you something kind of neat. My son who is 14 told me today "Hey mom, I like this song" Who would have thought he liked MY KIND of music! It's one of your songs, of course, and it's one I learned to play on the piano by heart many years ago. Just wanted to let you know that even my hard headed "Mr Cool" teenager now says he likes your songs too :) :) We hope that you are doing better now... many fans would love to hear a simple word on your website that you are faring well. ~ Janet in KS.


 Dan, My life is fuller as a result of your gift of music... My prayers are with you and your family. ~ John Sepp and family


 Well I thought I was probably your oldest fan, but I guess I am in good company! Your music, both lyrics and instruments have always been a huge joy to me. You have been able to inspire my life, give me hope, and helped express frustrations from time to time. My family has not gone deaf in the process, so that was a good thing. In fact, my children love your music too. I pray that you will recover well and that your doctors do a wonderful job of helping you repair your body. My dad also has had prostate surgery, but it was not advanced. He is doing well, but I know that he had many frustrations along the way. I am sure you could express them in song but I suppose it would not be a good marketing idea! I hope I have given you a laugh. Your fan forever ~ Jacqueline Filloon Eagan, Cameron, MO


 Dear Dan, My thoughts and prayers are with you. It has been many months since I had the opportunity to just browse the web and you came to my mind. I live in a constant state of hurry, as most Americans, and never take the time for the small, simple things in life. I was introduced to you when I was 16, at a party that was quite boring. I have to say that was many moons ago, because I am now 43. As we sat around with our so called boyfriends, an older girl asked me if I wanted to hear some great music. We went upstairs and she put on your album. She asked if I ever heard of you and of course I did not. She just admired you and said you were the best. She was 100% right on target. From that day on, your music has been with me and I am grateful to this person, who introduced me to you.


I too, have had my share of struggles. Many years ago, my son, Nicky, at the age of 5, was diagnosed with cancer. My world shattered and I did not think I could endure chemotherapy and watching my son be sick. How could this happen? Why did this happen? The great unknown...what would be the outcome? God does have a plan for all of us. He gave me the strength to carry on and show me compassion for those in need. Nick's diagnosis turned into a positive experience for me and my sons. I remember driving home with my son, lying in the backseat of my car wrapped in a blanket, so frail and sick from the chemo. I stopped the car, hopped into the backseat, pulled him into my arms and promised him this would all be over soon and he would be riding his bike and playing outside everyday. I kept my promise and that was many, many years ago. My and mother were my life line. Without their support, it would have been more difficult. My son, Nick, will be 18 soon and is a tall, handsome, healthy, great person. One has to have hope. My life turned around from this experience and made me a stronger person. Before Nick became sick, I was living in darkness because of a very trying marriage. The man who was the father to my children, was not doing well with his life, there were more important things as addiction taking over his whole being. Now I had to deal with Nick being sick, but it was all "part of the plan". I moved forward with this great gift called life. I was drowning, so deep and rose to the surface with a new outlook, like a Phoenix. It was time for a change and I am now successful in my career and raised my children to the best of my abilities. Dan, you too will be well, I believe in that. I wanted to share my experience with you because I know what you are going through. The support from your loved ones.. family and friends are the key and you will be able to enjoy many, bright sunny days for a long time to come. You can count on that. We need your gift of music forever more. All My Best ~ Renata


 Hey Dan, I'm a fan from way back in the Home Free days and pray for a complete recovery for you. I've seen you many times over the years and when I first started playing guitar, you were such an inspiration to me and still are. Hey, I would love to hear "Don't reverse the charge" again live sometime!! God bless you and your family. Best wishes ~ Steve Godden


 Dear Dan and Family: My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I was shocked to hear of your illness but as you said, with love, support and prayers for family and friends you CAN beat this illness. I have followed your music for many years and your considered one of my all time favorite musicans. Your music is so moving still and brings back so many memories for me. My almost grown children were also turned on to your music growning up and still to this very day I listen with them. Be strong and keep the faith and thank you for giving me so much pleasure through your music for so many years. Sincerely ~ Deeanna Briggs, Logan, WV


 It's been a while now since the first news of your illness...We sure hope you are feeling better. God Bless. ~kay


 Hi Dan - I just heard the news and want to wish you a full and speedy recovery from your illness. You have been an inspiration to me both musically and lyrically for over 30 years now and I think of you as a friend that is always there for me. I look forward to seeing you play in the UK very soon. ~ Howard Slade, Lincolnshire, England


 From one songwriter to another, I hope you'll find now the guts you've always had every time you've sat down with your guitar and pen and dug inside yourself to let honesty nakedly speak. That is to say, to write a song. Lots of us wouldn't write or pick as we do without what we've heard listening to your songs. And I was looking for a new album of yours from Madrid when I came upon the news of your challenge. Because every time I'm about to record, such as now, I like listening to your songs again. They remind me why I am a songwriter - integrity. So I just thought you should know lots of us are there with ya. Cuidate pues, I'm sure this ain't the last time we'll hear that crow's song, don't worry. Take care amigo. ~ Marco - Madrid, Spain


 Well, I thought it was time again to tell you and those helping you through this ordeal, keep your attitudes up, your smiles frequent, your hope alive, and your hearts filled with what you each mean to one and other. I still listen, I still wish for a day to see that grin as you end a show. It has amazed me at how humble you appear to be by the praise of those that come out to listen to your shows, it shows the sign of how glad you are we showed up. I'm not sure that I'll see that happen again any time soon, but I hope so. Keep the fight in you alive, look into the eyes of those around you, and what you see isn't anything short of love and caring, as it should be. I'm hoping for good news outta your team soon, and I know that your fans will accept the direction you choose to go, and how you decide to share it. May days be better soon for you and yours, Dan.


 Still wishing only the best for you, Dan!


 I have been a fan ever since my brother brought home the "Souvenirs" Album. I think I was in probably in 6th grade! I can remember my brother buying a silk blue "Nether Lands" jacket from a concert you had in Logansport, IL and me stealing it to wear to school in junior high. Everybody asked me, "Who's Dan Fogelberg?" I couldn't believe that they didn't know who you were! Or worse, what they were missing! Your music has always touched my heart and I have always enjoyed the way you've allowed me to glimpse into your life through the lyrics. You haven't been afraid to share your thoughts and opinions. Or your personal heartaches. We need more storytellers like you on the airwaves. I don't know if you will actually be the one to read this, but I just want to say that you and your family are in my prayers. I look forward to hearing good things and more wonderful music from you in the future. God Bless you every day with peace and strength. ~ Lisa L. Volkert


 I spent the weekend listening to hours of the greatest music ever written and performed. NOTHING ELSE before or since compares with Dan's talent. I was brought to my knees with HOME FREE and have continually been amazed by Dan's versatility...ala HIGH COUNTRY SNOWS & FIRST CHRISTMAS MORNING. And I KNOW with the support of his family and friends Dan has many more great productive years left. From one 53 year old to another! Dan, keep up the good fight. So many people love you. I have prayed for your complete and prompt healing every day. I'm sure I speak for tens of thousands when I long for the day you are fully recovered and back at weaving your irreplaceble craft. Take good care, old friend ~ Greg Tuttle


 My Dear Sir, I am so sorry to hear the news. I have been a fan of your for a long time. My most vivid memory of you was at the Warner in Washington DC....a few years back.. My husband and I enjoyed your music in this setting. My husband is also a cancer patient. He has been battling colon cancer for the last two years and is still fighting the fight. Our prayers go out to you. You have been an inspiration to me in your words about nature. I am of the same ilk in that I have always been a strong advocate of many environmental causes. My favorite songs are the ones of the west and Colorado. You have a strong spirit, sir, and let that be your guide. Your father is not ready to see you yet so be strong, be blessed and know that you are not alone. God Bless. Sincerely ~ Trina and Geoff Weir, Round Hill, VA


 Hello to all who read this and to Dan if he reads this email. Just like all the rest I am a faithful fan of Dan and like most who write here, Dan seems to be like a family member whom we love so much. We don't know you Dan but in a way we do because you have brought hope to our lives with your music. We are all with you, Dan. When I listen to your music it brings healing to me. I am grateful for all the music you have given us. I know you will be with us for a long time. I know because I believe you are a great blessing to us all and by faith I know and pray you will be with us for a long time. ~ a fan from South Texas


 Hey Dan - Sitting here listening to Captured Angel . Thank you. I'm sending you some strong prayers right now. Get strong and well. Lots of love ~ Dan Farrell


 Dan, My thoughts and prayers are with you. We last saw you a few years back in Boston-you were awesome!! I hope that you will soon be feeling better and return to the music we all love. ~ Nancy Kirkpatrick (Auburn, MA)


 Dan, I have been listening to your music forever & have seen you perform so many times. I can't pick a favorite song, they are all great! My family and I have you in our prayers as well as your music and the many wonderful memories they bring! God Bless you, please get well soon!!!!! ~ Patti


 Dan, There's still a lot of ocean to be sailed. See you in Maine. Best wishes ~ JL


 Let God be with you and your family during this time. Your music is our inspiration and we would be forever changed without it. May you find strenth and perseverance.


 Dan - we were at the opening night of your tour last year at Wolf Trap...what a night. You were just getting warmed up with the curfew came... We promised to come see you when you toured again... How terrible to find out that you are in the midst of a tremendous battle of your own... how insignificant our desire appears. We have you in our prayers and know that His healing presence is with you and your family at this time. ~ Mark and Beth House, Herndon VA


 Dan, Since my husband and father of our 3 young children is also battling cancer I felt it appropriate to send out our heartfelt well wishes to you. We have learned to never give up no matter what the doctors say, and even if there is no "cure", cancer can be something that we live with. I know how your friends and family must be feeling and hope they can remain strong for you and give you what you need. You're an extremely talented man and your music has given me strength, comfort, hope, and sometimes a moment to let out the tears. Thanks for sharing your music with us all these years. ~ Shelly, Illinois


 Dan: Our prayers are with you, You've given us so many years of great music and memories. We'll be there at your next tour!! ~ Mary Jean and Bob Klatte


 You have given so very many people such incredible inspiration over the decades. I hope that some of the good you have done is coming back now to you! You surely deserve it. Very heartlfelt well-wishes are sent to you and your family.


 Dear Dan and family, I have been listening to your ballads since 1975-76.You, your music, have helped me through some very difficult times. My two daughters listened to your albums even before they were born. I grew up in the country farm land in Athens, Wisconsin and listened to John Denver and Gorden Lightfoot. Then during my high school years, your songs exploded into my life (8 tracks way back then). Your album Souvenirs hooked me and I felt an immdiate connection and peace for my isolated soul. I still have your albums and now some of my favorite CD's which I listen to when I go to work .What I especially love are your fantastic piano reprises to your songs. You are so very blessed with your gifts and your ability to reach out to us simple ones, filling us with peace and lifting souls or spirits. I hope that you are fighting with great power, for you are from strong ancestory. I am two years recovered from a tumor in the nerve bundles just beneath my spinal column which could have left me paralyzed from the waist down. But I refused to let this possible prognosis take away my dreams. I was once an advid horse rider (Arabians). Even though I'm stuck here in the "devil's playpen", I consider myself a warrior women in a thimble. I pray for you and send you my strength and so hope that one day I will be able to see you live in concert. Live, please live for us and make your beautiful ballads and songs on this earth and the angels who hear you and are moved by your heavenly music. Let us know how you are doing... I miss you and look in the music stores for any new releases. Love and good wishes from a farm girl who wants to go back home ~ Lori Boneske

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