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"Dear Dan" Letters

February 2007

 Dear Dan and family, May the Lord keep his hand upon you and your family. I am praying for your healing. The first time I saw you was in AZ while back in 1976. I had one of your albums and have been blessed by your musical talents. I wish I could take guitar lessons from someone like you!  You have such a gift. I continue to pray for your health and peace. Love to you ~ Lisa in MO


 Dear Dan,  You have inspired me through so many phases of my life with your gift of music, and I just want to wish you the best in your health challenges.  I pray God will send healing in your life, friends and loved ones to support you, and peace to conquer all fears.  My best to you and yours ~ Esther


 Dan, You and your family continue to be in my prayers and thoughts. Count me among the many others who view your body of work as the soundtrack to a big portion or my life. Anytime I play those songs I am taken back to important and  meaningful moments and events in my life. I pray for your complete recovery and look forward to hearing good things about your health. Thank you for what your music has meant to my life. ~ David


 Dan Fogelberg and Family, Hello! This is just a wish to you and your family for a speedy recovery. Our prayers are with you at this time, and we will continue to pray for you. You have provided us with countless hours of entertainment with your music and songwriting ability. I want to thank you for that very much! In the past I have seen you a couple of times in concert in Dallas and Austin. The shows were great and uplifting! These are not all my favorite songs of yours, but some that immediately come to mind. "As The Raven Flies", "Illinois","Crow", "The Last Nail", "Same Old Lang Syne", "Run For The Roses", "Leader Of The Band", "Rhythm Of The Rain", "Phoenix", "Wandering Shepherd", and many more. Thank you again! God works in many wonderful ways! Don't under estimate the Power of Prayer! Take Care! ~ Perry Gillispie, Stephenville, Tx


 Dear Dan - I have loved your music since the first day I heard it.  "Leader of the Band" becomes less about my own father and more about me every day.  I am very sorry to learn of your illness, and will pray for your recovery, and for your family.  Every life experience is a mixture of good and bad.  Keep the faith, and savor the good. ~  James H. Keil


 Hi Dan- I have loved your music since I was in my teens and continue to love it now.  "Same Old Lang Syne" touched me very deeply when it came out and is a favorite with me to this day. I went to find out when you would be in our area for a concert, and discovered your current challenges.  You are definitely in my prayers. Moreover, I want to thank you for sending the "sermon" out to men.  My brother was 40 when he was diagnosed first with large cell prostate cancer, then later after further investigation into his biopsy, he also had small cell prostate cancer and was gone at 42.  He was so young, and I was a gestational diabetic pregnant woman stuck in Vancouver, BC and to deliver my first child anytime when he passed in Iowa.  I was unable to be with him in his final days and I would give anything to have been able to say goodbye.  I pray that no one has to endure what he did.  He had no idea he even had the cancer until he went in for his first physical and they took his PSA.  He may have passed on sooner had he not gone in and been checked.  I have a strong family history of cancers of all types in my family, so I am forever vigilant in my health.  Be well, take care, and God be with you and your wife during this time.  I wish you a happy, long life together.~  Wendy


 Dear Dan, Your music has meant more to us than you could ever know.  Dan Fogelberg season at our house is always in autumn.  My husband, Greg, introduced me to your music when we started dating in 1978.  When the leaves begin to turn is when the Fogelberg tunes are in the air here in southern Indiana. Greg's long walks through the forests are transformed by your breathtaking ballads.  We are praying for you, Dan.  We regret that we never have gotten to see you in concert, and still hope to do so one day. We will be praying for you at Mass this Sunday. In Christ ~ Greg and Rhonda Uebelhor and family


 I love your music so much, Dan, ever since your start around '72!! You were the one who inspired me to pick up a guitar and attempt to learn to play!!  (over 30 years ago!) Your songs were the first I learned! I hated to hear about your condition. You have inspired me to get a medical check soon. THERE IS NO OTHER ARTIST WHO I LOVE MORE THAN DAN FOGELBERG!  You are the very best --songwriting, playing, vocals, the depth of your songs, entertainer, you do it all!! No one can touch you!!! And more importantly you seem like a great guy!! I believe good things are gonna come your way, this year AND you will be back to recording and entertaining again soon!!  Sincerely, the very best to you!!! You deserve it!! ~  rocknronnie, Ogden UT


 Dan, Best of luck. I am a 1973 graduate of Bradley University in Peoria, and remember the concerts you did at the Student Center back then.  I have most of your music on vinyl, cassette and now CD.  I hope all works out for you and you are able to make music again - from a fellow musician (bass man) - GOOD LUCK! ~ Chuck


 Dear Dan and Jean, Sometimes in the quiet moments when we have the time,we think about the moments and the people who have reached out and touched the stars. It's during those moments when we want to say thanks. Remember those rare and beautiful people --those special ones. Fight the good fight and remember it is the love that lives on. ~ Kevin O'


 Dear Dan and Jean - I continue to pray for you both for strength and faith. You have given me so much over the years. Your music is a part of my soul and for that I thank you from the depths of my heart. Now it is my turn to give to you. All I can

offer you both is my prayers for a long life together.  I wish I could do more. I also want to thank you for the sermon, as I will speak to my husband about talking to his doctor about prostate cancer and being tested. Since it has never affected us personally we never discussed it. We have been married for almost 21 years and I just can't imagine such a tragic thing happening to us but the reality can. That is a scary thought.  I think that out of it all, for me, your music has been a huge part of my life but if your experience has been for some strange purpose by sharing it with us who would not even think about it otherwise...well then the gift of health and life is much more dear to me than anything you could ever write, sing or perform. I'm not sure I am able to properly thank you for sharing. Be strong. Peace and blessings be to you and your families. ~ Kathy Frischknecht


 Hi Dan. I have been listening to your music for years and just learned about your cancer. I am praying for you and your family... I know it is a lot to go through...  just remember the Shepherd does not bring us to anything that He can't bring us through..  those are easy words for me to say, but I truly believe them. Take care of yourself, and keep singing. It makes the heart happy!! ~ Margaret Baker


 You were a huge part of my musical life in 1974 when I was 13 and in love for the first time. Man you were huge in my hometown of Jackson, MS back then! Best of luck and thanks for the most memorable songs I know. ~ Michael Orkin, Oakland, CA


 Dan, I am only after finding out about your battle and will include your triumph in my daily prayers.  Your music is the soundtrack to my adolescence, and still touches my heart.  Your gift of music and words has always been appreciated.  I am the blessed parent of a wonderful toddler who was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect (technically "half a heart") and has had 2 operations and numerous hospitalizations. I have learned through her spirit and resilience that there is always, always hope, and I look forward to reading about your good health. Wishing you and Jean health and happiness ~ Valerie, NJ


 Dan and Jean - I understand the strength you're reaching deep inside  for.  I lost my husband when I was only 45, and your music brought light to my dark world.  We all have that strength deep inside our souls and my  hopes and prayers go out to both of you.  I am giving you my strength to also use now.


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, Just a note to wish you a long-term recovery from your illness.  My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer four years ago at the age of 40.  It spread to the nodes, but with good medical treatment and prayers she is doing great.  Medicine has come a long way in the treatment of cancer.  I have no doubt that we will see you again in concert. 


 My friends and I had the pleasure of meeting you once in Denver at a drinking establishment.   We were a little "tipsy" that night and quite surprised you ignored that  and gave us your autograph.  It was very kind of you and I have never forgotten that.  That little piece of paper is in a brass box on a desk in my house along with ticket stubs and autographs from other performers that I have had the great pleasure of enjoying.  Your parents raised a real "Cowboy". They must be lovely people.  God bless you and keep you and your wife.  I will be listening to your beautiful music for a long time to come and keeping you in my prayers. ~ Debbie, St. Louis, Mo.


 Hi Dan, I would like to thank you for all the wonderful music you have given us over the years. I connected with a lot of the sentiments and situations in your songs and felt that I was another of the 'twin sons' as it were. When I found your website and found out you had been ill, I was greatly concerned. I'm very glad you seem to have come through it all and are now enjoying good health. May you continue in good health. Once again, thank you for the music. ~ Dave Sharp


 Dear Dan, Yours was the first concert I ever attended many years ago in Atlanta. Chastain Park was one of my favorite places to see you!  My only regret is that I haven't gotten to see/hear you at Red Rocks after I moved to Colorado.  Your music still has a special part in my heart, and always will.  Sending you and your family love, light, blessings, comfort, happiness and perfect health. ~ Valerie, Lafayette, CO


 Dear Dan, I have never written to a celebrity before ( I am 45) but feel compelled to now. Your music has had such a positive impact on me since high school, college and even today. Nether Lands is my favorite, it still gives me chills and sounds divine. My wish for you is strength, courage, wisdom and peace. May light and beauty surround you now during this difficult time. Sincerely ~ Marjorie Faes, East Amherst, New York


 Dan, I listened to your Portrait albums from beginning to end on an extended car trip last weekend. What an incredible body of work. And my hope is that someday soon you will add to it. As much as I respect your privacy, could you please communicate something on this website to all of us who love your music and the gift you have given us? Thanks, and with love along the road. ~ Chris


 Dearest Dan, I was so sad to hear about your cancer and how it has slowed you down. I just wanted to let you know my feelings for your music. The first time I heard your music and knew I totally loved it more than Elton John (which was huge for me) was in 1976. I was 17 years old, just barely married and pregnant with my first child. My husband had an 8-track of Captured Angel and I was hooked. I've went thru that 8-track several cassette tapes,2 albums and now I have the CD which is about ready to be replaced again. When you brought out Exiles, I was going thru my divorce so that one hit close to home. My husband and I remarried 2 years later but I still love that album.We've seen you many times at the different ski resorts and in Salt Lake. I always wanted to meet you because I just knew that anybody that could write songs like you had to be pretty special. I'm sure you hear over and over that people feel like they know you but I only think you must be pretty cool, and I respect the fact you seem to keep a pretty private life away from all the craziness. I wish you the best and I want to say thank you for calming me down during my crazy times. All my family and friends know what a Dan Fogelberg and Elton John freak I am and proud of it!  Best wishes and all the best to you and your family. Sincerely ~ Shirley Sanderson,   Park City, Utah


 Dear Dan, Like so many others, I have enjoyed your music since I was a little kid in the 70's.  I still have vivid memories of my uncle playing your songs on the 8-track.  You have that unique ability to speak to people's souls.  When my own Dad was sick with cancer a few years back, it was songs like "Leader of the Band" that helped me open up and express my inner feelings to him: all the good and bad that transpire between a father and son.  Thank you for sharing your special gift with the world.  I know you will get through this, and make sure to stop in Boston during your comeback tour!!! ~ Andy Williams


 Dan - Hope you are doing better . Listening to your cd Full Circle has made me start playing and singing again. I go all the way back to Home Free, when I just started playing at 10 years young. You've got to get better and get back to the studio. I saw your solo tour years back and it was nothing less than awesome!! Devoted fan ~ Dave Weaver


 Dan: Hope you are doing OK.  "The Innocent Age" got me through high school.  You have given us such a gift with your music.  Hang in  there!! Cancer is "doable."  When I was diagnosed with breast cancer 5  years ago I was so confused, numb and yes a bit angry.  But Thanks to God I  am now 5 years clear!! I look forward to the album you'll (hopefully) do after all this craziness is over.  No matter how long it takes, it will be worth the wait for your fans.  We love you!! Love ~ Melanie Smith, Harlingen, TX


 Dear Dan,  Back in 1977, I loaned a friend an "Eagles" cassette at the end of  our senior year in high school.  At the beginning of our freshman year in college, she told me she misplaced it;  but she replaced it  with a tape called "Souvenirs" by someone I hadn't heard of before.  After listening to it,  I promptly went out and bought all his other albums (as well as Souvenirs) and have bought each one since. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for saving me from disco music!  And  thank you for touching my heart and my life with your artistry. My husband is an Irish folk musician, and has that incredible gift for reaching out to people and touching their lives for a brief moment in  time - a wonderful thing to witness.  You have that gift as well. Thank you for sharing it.  My heart-felt and soul-felt prayers,  as well as those of my husband, are with you each and every day.  My Dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer a few years ago, but he  was quite elderly.  So we were blessed.  It is a slow-moving cancer and so the treatment in men his age is not so aggressive.  I can only  imagine what you and your family are experiencing.  I always encourage my  husband to be tested, but I have shared your "sermon" with him as further  encouragement not to play ostrich and think "it won't happen to me".  I can only hope that my prayers are a meager repayment for the difference you have made in my life through the gift of your music.  I  pray you healed, well and strong, in the love you have shared with those blessed to be a part of your life - be they beloved family and friends, or unmet  strangers.  I wish you happiness, laughter, and love. All the Best ~ Lois Timlin - Springfield, MA and Horsham, PA


 Dan,  I have been in love with your music since I was a very young girl in the 70's.  I had an uncle who was 9 years older than me at the time, guess I was 8...just a babe!  Anyway, Terry was my hero and whatever he liked, so did I.  He used to listen to your music ALL the time and play your songs on his guitar.  Home Free was the first album that I can remember of yours, as that was his favorite at the time.  At one time, when he was going through a difficult separation, he lived with my family...I had to give up my room AND my stereo!  Anyway, he spent hours in there listening to your music and Home Free was his album of choice.  Time passed, he remarried and when I was 15, he and his new wife took me to a concert in Jackson, MS.  That was in 1982. I was SO excited!  It was my first concert and is forever etched in my memory.  He died the next November at the age of 25.  A cerebral aneurysm took his life.  But, a few months before that terrible day, he gave me the best gift I had ever received and it's still one of my most prized possessions.  He gave me his treasured album.  I cried!  And when he passed away, I sat in my room and mourned his death to your lovely music.  Whenever I missed him the most, I could listen to you and feel connected.  To this day, your name and music are synonymous to his memory.  I thank you for the gift of your music.  You have no idea how many times you have pulled me through and lifted me up.  I am saddened by your illness, but am praying fervently for your recovery  May God bless you and your family.  And thank you for your sermon!  As a nurse, I know how bad this illness can be and how devastating cancer is overall.  My husband hates the exam, but I make sure he keeps a check on it.  With deep affection, fond memories, and well wishes. ~ Beverly Fortenberry, Silver Creek,  MS


 Dear Dan -hope all is well Your music is still tops with me. I loved  Full Circle. I wish you a speedy recovery. Take care. Lots  of love ~ Kevin Middleton, Devon England.


 Dan - I just want you to know that you are continuously being prayed for by me and my 10th grade boys Sunday school class at our Baptist church in central KY.  I have used your music multiple times in making points about this or that (specifically "Gambler" about letting their faith shine and "Power of Gold" re: possessions).  My 16 yr old made his dad really happy when he took his Taylor and started learning some guitar tab licks of yours.  Your legacy still lives on... We will continue to pray for you, your family and your impact on both music and the world through both what you have recorded and still will record. My wife and I will always give you credit for getting us married. Thanks and be well, Dan ~ Lewis


 Dear Dan, I wish you all the very best.  I am an Aussie doctor, 47 years old, and have always loved your music.  In fact 'Longer' was the song I chose for my wife and I to dance to on our wedding night.  I have often imagined being a backing vocalist at one of your concerts and how wonderful an experience that would be as I sing loudly to your songs in my car (I can't sing!)   Very warm wishes and positive thoughts from Melbourne, Australia.


 Hi Dan - I have been a fan since the seventies and just to thank you for your wonderful inspirational music and to assure you and your family that you are not battling this fight alone,  there are ten of thousands of your fans, right along side you, willing you back to good health. We light a candle in our parish church in Dublin every Sunday, in which we mention all family and friends who are unwell, and Dan Fogelberg gets mentioned every Sunday. Best regards ~ Teddy O Neill and Family, Dublin, Ireland


 Just today I was looking up singers I loved in my 'younger days'. I am surprised and sorry to hear about the cancer. I send my good wishes and thanks for the years of beautiful music. ~ Nancy in S.F.


 Dear Dan, I pray for your healing. Most of all thank-you for your music.Please take care and I hope to hear more of your great music in the future! A lifetime fan ~ SallieMabry now of Clearwater, Fl


 Dear Dan, The first time I saw you in concert was in Columbus, Ohio around 1971, again in Ann Arbor, Michigan and the last time about five years ago on a hot steamy night in the Detroit area.  I wanted you to know that I have loved your music and vocals.  I started playing guitar at a summer camp in Maine when I was 11. Your music has inspired me to grow with the acoustic guitar and write songs as well.  Like you, I love Colorado and Maine.  I hope someday to get into sailing as I'm learning now crewing on a racing sailboat during the season on Lake Huron.  When I heard you were sick, I felt I should let you know how much your music along with your love of the mountains and sea has inspired me.  Life can be a bitch, but never forget the love and joy your music has brought to so many.  Thank you for all you've given me. Best to you and yours ~ Steve Sweney


 Dear Dan - It's been a while since we have heard from you and I just wanted you to know that I have kept you in the healing light in my meditations.  You are an amazing singer songwriter and have inspired me to continue to write my own music. I anxiously await your next body of music once you are feeling well again. I am sure it will be incredible!   I also wanted you to know that I am a Board Certified Traditional Naturopath and have worked with many men dealing with the same issues as you.  Much love and healing thoughts to you. ~ C.D. Kingston NY.


 Dear Dan, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this challenging time. I have loved your music since discovering you in college (I'm 50 now) and have seen you perform many times in different venues. Your music always touches me no matter how many times I have listened to it and it has been there to help me through good times and bad. I am currently supporting my sister through her battle with stage 4 lung cancer so I think I can appreciate what you are facing. Thank you for sharing your gift of music and lyrics with us through the years and I hope there will be more to come. ~ Jean in NC


 Dan, My name is Chris and I am 37 - just now rediscovering your music. I downloaded "Leader of the Band" from itunes today and played it for my 6 year old son. He immediately declared it his new favorite song and demanded I burn him a CD so he could go to sleep listening to it. I did. The song touched me as a child as I pondered my own identity in relation to my father and now I see my son, like me, is touched as well. I am sorry to hear about your cancer. Just now catching up. I googled you for concert dates, but I see you have more pressing challenges. Tonight, my prayers are with you. ~ Chris


 Hi Dan - I was just thinking of you and hoping that you are still Ok. Very warm wishes ~ Morgan


 Dear Mr. Dan Fogelberg: As a fan for over 30 years I was shocked and dismayed to read your web site announcement of your serious illness. You will be in my prayers immediately and especially tomorrow at Mass.


I saw you perform live several times from Madison Square Garden and 7 standing ovation/encores to a smaller venue in the Star Plaza (bad sound system and all) in Merrillville, Indiana. I have all your CDs and while listening to one tonight I wondered why I haven't seen and new recordings so went on the web. Having been through serious surgery 6 years ago myself I am praying you can make a full recovery. Your talent has given myself and indeed the world so many wonderful songs and lyrics that are immortal. I look forward to hearing of good news and hope my prayers to Jesus and St.Jude will help. God Bless you... Dan. Fond Regards ~ Tom Olsinski


 Dear Dan, I was only three years old when your song "Same Old Lang Syne" was released.  It is how I know you.  It weaved its way in and out of my life even to this day at age 28.  The song brings out such emotions of sadness, conflict, contradiction - yet wakes me up to the choices we make in life and how we deal with the consequences both good and bad. It's a sad song, but also a song of peace, new beginnings, and inspiration.  I just wanted to say sorry about your cancer situation.   My husband and I have also had to deal with cancer in his dad's life - tough times, that's for sure.  One of my close friends was diagnosed with cancer about the same time as you and through a lot of medical work and miracles, she is now cancer free.  I have another friend who has been cancer free for 15 years and going.  I read this somewhere once - "everything will be okay in the end, if it's not okay, it's not the end."  I pray that you can be cancer free too, press forward, and have a long, happy life.  Remember the legacy you molded and built by following your dreams and not giving up.  With that you can take away a lifetime of eternal satisfaction. God Bless ~ Glee from Iowa and Oregon


 I have loved your music for years.  I pray you make more music soon for many years to come. 


 Hi Dan! How are you???  May the new year renew all your hopes and dreams and may all your wishes come true.  Right now the temps are below zero and we have 16 inches of snow on the ground.  The blizzard conditions have everything in a blanket of white, and I think it's absolutely  beautiful. I've been  listening to your "Full Circle" cd today, which I must say gives me  goose bumps every time I listen to it.  I've been thinking about you a lot these days and hope that you are well and in good spirits.  Every time I  pick up my guitar to play, I think of you.  You've been such a huge  inspiration in my life Dan, and I want to thank you.  I know I've  sent a few emails before saying thank you, but I feel today is just as important  to say it as it was back then.  Please know that you have a lot of  people praying for you Dan, and please know that you are loved.  ~ Debbie, Coopersville, MI


 Dear Dan, I was (deeply) saddened to hear of your condition in 2004 and I think of you often. For many years I have been a longtime fan and still am. I have most if not all your (albums-vinyl) (I'm 52). When I hear any of your songs, I seem to have flashbacks of my college years and remember the good ol' days. You are a true legacy in my life and  I can't list (all) of my favorite songs by you. So many of your lyrics are heart written, and many have brought a tear to my eye. I don't think you honestly know how much you have affected so many people's lives with your music. I  am praying and thinking of you and your family often, and will take your advice seriously. Thank you and God Bless you and your family, and we wish you a speedy and full recovery. ~ Dave F. , Greeley, Co.      


 Dan, I can't tell you the countless times I've played your music over the years and every time, no matter what the album, no matter what my mood or the situation, your songs never fail to warm my heart and lift my spirits. Your melodies, your lyrics, your style have struck a familiar cord in my heart unlike any other music. All I know to say is simply thank you. I hope and pray you  will be able to live life to the fullest and keep playing and singing your beautiful songs. You are so special to me and I know to so many others.  Keep the faith, my friend. Happy New Year ~ monti smith


 Hi Dan and family,Man, I sincerely hope you´re rocking and rolling with life! As I write this,I´m listening to "Exiles" which is one of my all tme favourite albums. Then again, you´ve had so many great albums that it´s hard to choose, to be honest. "The Innocent Age" I think is your best work as it had everything but if you´re more rock inclined, like me, then "Exiles" of 1987 has that extra cutting edge , in my humble opinion. Then again, when I lived in the States for nearly two years between 1986-1988 your hit single "Lonely In Love" does bring back a lot of good memories. I remember the period very well in the USA. You along with "Bad Animals" by Heart and "The Joshua Tree" by U2 were very much on the FM stations during that period, at least the ones that I listened to anyhow. "Exiles" does bring memories of a twenty-one year old Irish kid who was traveling about the world. It´s now twenty years on and that Irish kid is now a forty-one year old man living and settled in Seville,Spain-you see, still traveling!


Dan, I´ve written from time to time to this wonderful web site.It gives me, along with thousands around the world, an opportunity to put you into our thoughts for a moment and to appreciate the art you have given to so many over the years. "Seeing You Again" is now playing and I sincerely hope, along with so many, we´ll be seeing you again! You take care mister and hope to get some news about you soon. Let it shine Dan! ~ A fervent fan, Johnny "B" Good, Seville, España.


 Dear Dan,  I've been a fan since the beginning and have seen you in concert many, many times over the years.  My favorite concert of all time was Carnegie Hall in 1979.  I remember you coming out in your tux and how amazing you sounded that night.  I live in New Hampshire now and vacation sometimes up in Tenant's Harbor.  What an inspirational place!  I always play your music when I am there.  I hope you are doing well in your fight against cancer. It is a tough battle but I know you will win!!  I am looking forward to hearing some new Dan Fogelberg music after the battle is over.  Thank you so much for all your music has given me over the years! ~ Annie B


 Dear Dan, It must be wonderful to know that you have inspired so many people in your life.  My first concert was in 1974, in Bloomington, Indiana.  Since then my husband and I have seen you perform live at least a dozen times.  Your music has seen us through all of the important events in our lives.  My grown sons still remember my singing "Run for the Roses" to them to rock them to sleep.  We listen to your Christmas album every year.  We wish you well, and thank you for all you have given us.~ Barbara Harvey


 I am 53 and have been loving your music since high school. I've danced to it, sang along with it,  fallen in love to it, made love to it, and rocked my babies to sleep to it. I felt a kinship with you, especially after you bought your place up here in "the great state of Maine", as James Taylor once sang. All your songs of the sea,  I could imagine I  knew exactly how you were feeling when you wrote them. You have touched me and  so many people with your music. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.. Please know that my family and I will continue to pray for you & your family for God's grace, strength,  and healing. ~ Kathy from Harpswell, Maine


 Dear Dan, Today I thought of you, sorry but I don't know why, I was actually listening to Jonathan Edwards and suddenly you came to mind.  I found your site so I could see how you are. Then I realized that today, I am 17 years CANCER FREE!!!! It makes me very happy to tick off each year especially when I look at my 18 year old boy and remember how little he was when I had the thyroid cancer. And it still makes my heart run cold  but I got through it. I know you will too, I will pray for you. I am a Reiki practioner and will send you energy if you would like.  Then in 17 years, you can send me a note and tell me that you are fine. My love, prayers and thoughts are with you. Peace ~ Lauren


 Please be strong and know we love you. Another native of the rivers and prairies of Illinois ~ Karrie Porter Brace


 Dear and Family, Having lost my wife of 27 years to breast cancer 2 years ago I understand, perhaps to some degree, what you may be experiencing. Thanks for your "sermon" about getting checked annually: I will do so. As an amateur artist I so much enjoy (butchering) playing and singing your songs usually around camp fires with close friends.  Thanks for sharing your life in music; I hope you have the opportunity to create more. ~ Bob Cmolik


 You are in my prayers tonight.  I sort of thought we'd meet one day; who knows, we might still. In His grip ~ Tom K.



 Dear Dan, I have enjoyed your music since my teenage years and still do. (I am now 47 years old)  I love the song where your intro says, "If you are old enough to remember this song, then you probably had to get a babysitter tonight": because the only babysitter we need is for our grandchildren.All my love and prayers for you and your family. Sincerely an old fan! ~ Julie Fischer


 My husband and I were in our favorite little pub tonight on our regular "date night".  We heard the conversation of some young guys playing the juke box. One said to his buddies, "Now when 'Same Old Lang Syne" comes on, we have to, man..."  They all agreed. You have inspired several generations.  We love you and send strength and best wishes.Signed ~ Another Survivor


 Danny please get better. We love you so much and the world would be lost without your heartful songs.Your music brought me to be the musician I am today and my heart can't take another break if you were lost. I have lit so many candles for you that I've kept the dollar stores stock needing serious We luv ya dan. We really do...your friend forever ~ Steven Sage


 I guess I'm really behind on what's happening to one of my favorite singer songwriters, and I must say I am so sorry. You are a wonderful singer and I have enjoyed your music for many years. I have to say I'm shocked to hear of your illness and I will pray for a complete recovery. God be with you Dan...


 Dan, Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Cancer seems to touch us all in some way or another. I saw you in concert in the early eighties, and was lucky enough to see you up close, and in the round. My best friend was a concert promoter in Salt Lake City Utah, and you played at Weber State. I have been a devoted fan since that time, and wish you well with this fight. I lost my dad to cancer, and my wife lost her mom. We will pray for your recovery, and hope to see you on that tour again. Best Wishes ~ Jeff A. Konieczki, St Louis, Mo


 Dearest Dan, Hearing your words and music always takes me back to such a wonderful time in my life. You have affected me like no other musician ever could. My husband and I both adore you and have seen you many times during your tours in Florida.  When someone's music touches you so deeply, you tend to think that it was written just for you. That is the way your music has always made me feel. What a talent God has given to you. It is such an honor to pray for you. Oh, and by the way, we named our son after you and you are the only way I could get my husband to go to the doctor to have his prostate checked. We love you ~ Debbie Arsenault


 Dear Dan, Please imagine the feeling of being told you are completely healed. Feel  how elated you are as if it is happening right now. Now spend as much time as you can feeling this healing emotion so completely deep it goes right through to your Soul (past the inner critic and your sub conscience). Now your Soul can do  the work it needs with the Universe to complete Your reality. Make it so. Work  with the doctors. Take in and accept all the Love and Healing being sent to you  from places you can't even imagine. Feel good, be well! And next time you go on tour (and you will), please play "The Last  Nail". Feel all the good that is being sent to you always! It heals! The friend you never met ~ Keith Pritt


 Dan, I was in Napa CA. last weekend on a business trip and had a great person play guitar at our dinner.  Of course I asked him to play one of your songs and his eyes got big and he told me that he was also a "fan of Dan's".  We talked about your music, what it meant to us and how much your music affected our lives.  Keep on fighting Dan!  You CAN beat this and you will get better.  Thanks for all the great music but remember, all your energy must be focused on you beating this cancer.  I give anything to hear you sing live once again!  My prayers are with you and Jean once again. ~ Terry - Thornton, Colorado


 Dear Dan and Jean:  WOW!  So many people wishing you well...that's wonderful.  Just wanted to check in, let you know we are thinking of you often and sending up our prayers for your complete recovery.  Our years in the "wild places" neighborhood were some of the best of our lives.  Blessings ~ Ron and Janelle


 Dan, I want to send my thoughts and prayers to you and your family.  You and I are the same age and grew up about 15 miles from each other.  You in Peoria and me in the small community of Metamora.  I actually met you at a party in Peoria when I was in my early 20s.  I had not heard of you then, but you were jamming with an acquaintance of mine by the name of Chuck.  I can't recall his last name.  I moved to San Diego in 1974 and really got into the whole Southern CA rock sound. I wore out the Eagles' Desperado album.  I picked up your LP that had "Part of the Plan" and "Illinois" on it.  I started playing guitar at 25 and learned a couple of your tunes.  I now live in San Luis Obispo on the Central Coast of CA.  My wife Deb and I saw you perform at Cal Poly's Performing Arts Center a few years back.  (BTW it was a great show.)  In 2004 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer....53 years old.  What a drag.  The good news is that my doctor was closely monitoring my PSA and saw it creeping up.  I elected for surgery and had it done at Stanford.  Things are good now and I consider myself lucky.  When I heard you had PC I thought that there must have been something in the air or water back in Central Illinois.  Know that I am thinking of you.  Your music has inspired me over the years, as it has many, many others. Take care.  ~ Richard


 Dan, I've been unable to locate an update on your condition. I hope this mailing finds you and your family well or healing. Like so many posting on this site, I too have had the privilege of knowing your music since the 70's and have been a fan ever since. I have come through the years with your albums, cassettes, and CD's... virtually all of them.  I never grow tried of any of it. Your music is timeless, true, and wonderful. It's wonderful to see and experience how the Lord blesses someone, that someone gets it, and that someone shares that blessing with those around... all around the world!!! May God bless you and keep you, make His face shine upon you, be gracious unto you, left up His countenance upon you and give you peace and grant you healing.   Pull through this, if haven't already.  I'd love another CD and concert! ~ Cliff


 Dan - There are no words to really thank you for sharing your gift of music with us!  Your music has warmed my heart since the early 70's.  Because of your music I can always remember the important things in life LIVE each day to it's fullest!. My dad also has prostate cancer. I do not need to say more. My prayers are and will always be with you and your family!! Take care....~ Christie of Indiana


 Dear Dan, I just wanted you to know that you and your family are still in our thoughts and we continue to pray for your health and recovery.   As I read through some of the "Good  Wishes" that have been posted by your fans, I couldn't help but notice how deeply connected we all feel to you.  All these years you have shared your heart and soul with us through your music, and as we listened, we were touched to the core by the honesty and truth we found in your words.  You became a part of our lives.  As I think back to my college days studying late at night, driving through the canyon,  being with special friends, and falling in and out of were there too.  And even though many years have passed, that connection never changes.  You will forever be part of our past, our present, and our future.  (We'll still be playing your music when the great grandkids come!)  I hope you are regaining your strength, and enjoying your life and those you love.  You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. If you need anything, you just post it and we'll make it happen...fasting, prayers, you name it, we're there for you. With love and best wishes ~ Lora Draper, Provo, Utah   


 Mr. Fogelberg, I cannot express enough the heaviness I feel knowing someone else is experiencing cancer. I, too, dealt with it in 1993 and am cancer free now some 16-years later! As an avid heavy metal listener and band member for most of my youth and teen years I sought out more meaningful, lyrically-encompassing music now in my mid-30s. My friend and boss at my comic book shop re-introduced me to CSNY, America and Dan Fogelberg! It's just three of many life-changing things he's done for me for which I'm grateful! Please remain strong and with faith and love you'll get through just fine...a fellow Illinois Boy wishes you the very best, my friend! ~Chris Pratl


 Dear Dan and family, when I was a teenager in the 70's I would listen to this one album rock station in Shreveport, Louisiana.  One day I heard the most beautiful song in the whole world.  I didn't know who sang it or who played the instruments or who the band was or whatever.  It was so beautiful that it stirred in me so many emotions.  Of course I didn't learn the name of the song or the artist for quite a while as sometimes I would catch the song in the middle as I turned on the radio or the song would just be played and there was no mention of the artist or song.  I finally found out one day.  It was "Nether Lands" by Dan Fogelberg.   Of course I went out and bought the album and have been a fan ever since.  Today I watched a 2004 Soundstage concert of you and your band and felt the need to check on you to see how your were doing regarding this illness.  You stay strong and battle this with all you have.  Of course your family and friends love you and are supporting you I'm sure in every way possible.  And remember this:  there are people out there-like me- whom you have never met and whose lives you have changed for the better with your beautiful music.  I will pray for you and your family. Sincerely ~ Megan Watson


 My husband and I are two more souls touched by your incredible music, especially "To the Morning."  The entire Home Free album is my all time favorite.  We wish you and your family all the best as you fight this horrible disease.  ~ Frits & Suzanne Ponsen, Bellingham, Washington


 Dan, you've been an inspirational part of my life since 1974.  Please know that I'm praying for you and your family. ~  J in Baton Rouge


 Dan, I respect your wish to remain a private citizen through it all and I pray for your healing.  I just wanted you to know how much you mean to me as a pro musician.  I sing a LOT of your songs at weddings and I play piano and sing quite a bit, too.  Beats getting a job, anyway! I just wanted to say a special thank you for the major seventh chords you have given us over the years.  Especially the opening to "Heart Hotels".  Leave the "glassiness" of it all. Get well! ~ David


 Hello Dan, I have been checking your web site infrequently every other month over the last few years.  Every time I check I am hopeful it will say you are OK. Finally I am sending you a message although I am not really sure what to say. I am sorry that your health is still not there yet. I really hope things are getting better for you. Hang in there my prayers are with you & your family. I think of you (and my good brother) every time I play my guitar with a pick of yours he gave me. It is amazing how special such a small piece of plastic can be.  I still feel a catharsis every time I attempt to play one of your wonderful songs with the "The Last Nail" still one of my favorites to play. THANK YOU so much for sharing your music & spirit with us. I feel so fortunate to have seen you play so many times and in so many places from Red Rocks to Rochester. I guess I am sounding like a sappy fan but your music has touched my life and still brings back those old feelings and memories every time I listen to one of your albums or a tape of one of your shows. I hope to be visiting your web site soon and it will say you are recovered 100%. I have also taken your PSA advice having turned 50 this year. Take care for now friend ~ Steve Lamb


 Dan,  I just got my most recent check up results back last week and they were all clear.  This month marks the 5 year anniversary of diagnosis/treatment for my fight w/ the big "C".  My joy over this news is muted by finding out (albeit very late) about your battle.  Even after dealing with this, it's still hard to discuss with others who are touched by this.......hard to know their emotions.  Just want you to know how much I enjoy your music.  I can still see the gang sitting in the dorm at college listening to your albums and also remember seeing your shows when you were in the area (remember one in KC in 1981, you had Joe Vitale and Kenny P. from Joe Walsh's band with you....what a rocker that show was!).  All the best and you can do it! ~ Dave.


 I just for the first time visited your website. Your music is beautiful and inspiring!! I seen you in concert about 7 years ago, and I can say it was a highlight in my life I will never forget. Your music to me is moving and spiritual. I wanted to see you again but had heard about your illness. I truly wish you all the best with your recovery, and I found it so amazing how you thought so much of others at your difficult time to write a message to all men as to the precautions they should take and the importance of the exams!! It is very touching. I just love your talent and your love of music that really is so evident.  I hope and pray that I will get the opportunity to see you again some day , very soon performing. But all the same the precious time that I was able to be at one of your concerts is a time I will always deeply treasure!!!! I wish you and your wife all the Best!!! :-) Sincerely ~ Cindy Semelsberger


 I just want you to know how much your music and lyrics inspired me as a young high schooler in the 1970's.  I saw you in concert in the Orange  County area then and I will always remember how powerful your stage presence  was.  Your words and music now inspire my children and cause them to  reflect upon what lies ahead in their very young lives (16, 13, 12 &  4yrs).  We love listening to your music while traveling in the car and we  all sing along!  You are truly and inspiration and have touched  many.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. ~ Elizabeth Harkey


 Hi Dan, My husband and I were married in 1989.  Mark was 49 and I was 47 at the time.  We spent part of our honeymoon in Aspen.  You were in concert that July 4th and we got tickets.  It was the best concert!  And our honeymoon continued to be just perfect with your music traveling with us wherever we went.  To this day, we are never far from one of your cd's.  Your music makes us smile and when friends hear it, they always say, "Wow! What a great voice!"  Anyhow, we heard about your illness and we just want you to know that you are always in our hearts and will now be in our prayers.  We hope that we will one day get to celebrate our anniversary by going to another one of your concerts. Get well soon. ~ Joy Davies, Chadds Ford, PA


 I was sitting at the computer listening to "Stars", and thinking about how incredible a song it is...and how your words painted such incredible portraits, of love, of loss, of life. I have never attended one of your concerts, but I sit here and hope that in the future, there will be a night that my husband and I will share with you...Best wishes and prayers for you and yours.... ~ Doris


 Dear Dan, I was thinking about you this week and wondering how you  are.  I discovered your music in 1977 with Nether Lands.  I have  been a fan ever since.  While I was going through a painful relationship (1977-1980) your music really pulled me through, so many times.  I pray for  you and I hope you are doing much better!  God Bless ~ Martha


 I was deeply saddened and concerned to hear about your illness. I hope you stay strong. There's a  history of prostate cancer in my family. Even the women in my family get it. I made that joke to my doctor before he did the digit, he looked at me and said; "You're joking right? I couldn't let you walk out of here thinking that." As a precaution I now have my dentist check when I get a cleaning. While you're down there... Humor, I think, is all that sustains us. As I type this, my family is listening to Captured Angel. When my son Dylan and daughter Kyra were in utero we played this beautiful album through headphones on mom's belly. When they were fussy infants all we had to do was cue up the CD and their little bodies would relax and unwind in our arms. So I'd have to say you have always been a part of my life. Your music helped me to woo. Some can have Sinatra or Davis' "Kinda Blue", for me it was always "Beggars Game". "Innocent Age" remains the single strongest sense memory of my freshman year at college. The opening notes of "Ghosts" take me immediately to Adelphi University and your solo acoustic concert at Nassau Coliseum. A rented limo and second row tickets to your Greek Theatre show in 1995 was our fist "date" night after we became proud parents. Your Christmas album is the first holiday music that plays throughout our house on Thanksgiving weekend. Thank you for your legacy. Thank you for the memories! Thank you for making a family of four happy with the gift of your songs! I wish you all good things and a speedy full recovery! You are very much in our thoughts and prayers. You have given us so much pleasure that warming your heart in our hands seems to be the very least we can do to repay you!  All Good Things ~ Michael & Jory Lindsay, Dylan, Kyra


 Hey Dan, I was so sorry to read you have been so poorly. I don't know you personally of course, but I just wanted to send you some good wishes and loads of healing thoughts.I hope you are winning your fight, Dan and my wishes extend to your family and friends too. For me illness has really taught me a lot of things about myself that I barely knew, some good some things that needed improving (erm, ok then ...... quite a lot!) But it can be SO tough when faced with the struggle. I love and have always loved your music. All my family and friends do too, we grew up with it. I don't know of a single person in my sphere, who when listening to your music, doesn't absolutely fall in love with it. It's like it's your essence. And a lovely one at that, if I may say so. It's people like you that have the special gift to touch our lives with your unique talent and sensitivity. I have felt inspired to shake off my shyness, etc and pick up my guitar and sing many times after hearing you. For that and everything else you have touched our world with, I want to say a Great Big 'Thank you,' and send you truck loads, convoys even, of Healing Wishes to you.Lots of love~ Katie from Cambridge UK.


 Dear Dan, I am so deeply sorry to hear about your diagnosis of cancer. I am only finding out about your condition now, because some friends and I were discussing some of our favorite musicians over the years and I was telling them that I was a faithful follower of your music and attended all of your concerts here in New York State so I decided to run a search to find out what you have been up to. Two of the more memorable concerts were when I waited outside of Saratoga Performing Arts Center and managed to acquire a second row ticket from a group of teenage boys, with whom I sat for the whole concert. And a second was when I traveled with a friend through a blizzard to SUNY Plattsburgh, slept on the floor of my cousin's dorm room, and pulled my friend by the hand around the crowd of students to sit down in front of the stage on top of a photographer's camera equipment. THAT'S how much I adored you and your music. Not to mention my collection of all of your albums. The only problem was, my cousin's friend was your driver at SUNY Plattsburgh and I had asked him to kindly ask for your autograph, being a young groupie at the time. The night after your concert, in anticipation of the ultimate keepsake, I approached the friend. He proceeded to tell me that when he asked you for the autograph, you became quite frustrated and angry with him and the request, and therefore you didn't bother to leave him a tip. I must admit that I was shocked by this and saddened. Therefore, I am afraid that I let it get the best of me and allowed it to change my image of you. Looking back, at 49 years old, I realize that he may have made the whole thing up, I do not know. But, I want to apologize for giving up on you, because your music has always been calming to me and made me smile through some of my darkest days. I vow to rediscover your music in your honor, and I sincerely wish you and your wife and family the best. My thoughts and prayers will be with you.~ KT, Albany NY

 Dan... I think your music is great; and I certainly enjoy listening to it.  I wonder if you still have a message to share.


 My wife and I have never missed your concerts. Living in Boulder we are blessed with the many times you have played in Colorado over 35 years. If I had one wish for you is they would change the name of Red Rocks to Dan's. Your voice and the rocks are one with the universe. When you play solo there and sing "Make Love Stay", it is magical. NO ONE can touch the energy and harmony that you can create there. Through the years the messages that are carried in your music has always been influential in the way we look at the world and each other. It's Feb, 2007, and as usual we are looking at future concerts and hope we will see you at Dan's this summer. Our thoughts and prayers are with you each day. ~ mr lewis - Boulder Co.


 Dear Dan: I flew from Cleveland to Las Vegas last week over the southern Rockies.  Continental divide, Gunnison, Telluride.  It's hard to tell accurately from the air.  Winds aloft apparently necessitated an altitude of  18,000 feet so the view was incredible, mountains, rivers, red, browns, grays.  Really spectacular. Knew that you were down there somewhere, so I cranked up the IPOD and had myself a Dan Fogelberg festival.  The next time that you look up to the north and see the contrails of a plane off in the distance, know that there's someone, in all likelihood doing the same.  I saw you and Tim back at Siena College back in I think 1977.  I have been a fan ever since.  I will be 50 this year, which is absolutely impossible, and as you suggest, I will be scoped, poked and tested.   Music, it turns out, is not your only gift to us.  I'm working on learning "Forefathers" at present.  Love the song.  Although I am not much for this type of thing, I thought I would share the story above and wish you God speed. ~ DG


 If there is a God, I pray he will help you through this ~ Jack Young


 Dear Dan, Your music shaped my musical tastes in the 70's. I played guitar in clubs throughout the college years and yours were always my favorite songs to perform. We came to your last 2 performances in Charlotte where you again proved that your musical talent is magical. Thank you for influencing my life in a positive way. God bless you for the gift you gave us all and through your recovery. Our best wishes ~ Larry and Suzun McCrary, Charlotte, NC


 Dear Dan:  I just found out from my brother who is a cardiologist in Columbus Ohio that you have P.C.  I used to listen to your music when about 20 years ago and thought you were wonderful.  I am 46, so I am late getting into the CD's etc.  Yes, I still have the albums.  So I went to Barnes and Noble and bought every CD of  yours that they had and ordered my favorite, "Nether Lands".  I listened to them all for the entire day. I was amazed how much I still love your music, talent at writing and I really like your art work.  You are so GIFTED.  Your music talks to my heart.  I never got to see you in concert, but wanted you to know how much you inspired me to get through my day.  Your music got me through some rough times. Thank-you!!!!!  God Bless! ~ Barbara Barga


 Dan, I am sorry to hear about your condition.  I too was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2004.  I had hoped that the surgery would have gotten it all but it did not and I had to have 40 radiation treatments.  I have been cancer free for over a year.  Initially, I didn't have any symptoms and I suggested casually to the doctor on a regular check-up to give me a PSA only because my father had prostate cancer.  My research indicated that you were twice as likely to get prostate cancer if you have one first degree blood relative with it and eight times as likely if you have two first degree blood relatives with it. Upon diagnosis, I notified my brothers immediately and gave them my sermon. I can only imagine what you are going through with your battle. Be assured of my prayers and the thought that because millions of people throughout the world have had their hearts touched in a positive way through your music, that everytime they think of you, there are millions of positive thoughts directed toward you.  Keep the faith because as the "leader of this band," you have a multi-million member orchestra backing you up. ~ Ed, Philadelphia, PA


 Hi Dan. Such beautiful music must come from a beautiful person. It must be very comforting to you to know you have touched so many people.


 Dan - I cannot adequately express the profound sadness I felt when I recently read your web site and found out about your only hope it that you are breaking records (of a different kind) in regards to your condition.    Since the web site notes that you were diagnosed in 2004, and it is now 2007, I simply hope that things are going very well, and life is good for you....that is my wish for you.


As a long time fan, I find that as I enter into my middle years (50 is the 30- 35ish?...right:-)) I find extreme comfort in some of the wonderful tunes and tales that were such a large part of my younger were a big part of that.   Since all the more "mature" favorites of we baby-boomers are back on the road again, I thought you too might be doing a "victory lap" of concerts as well.   While I'm saddened to think that I will not see you in concert again, I'm thrilled to listen to your music again and again with a different ear....time brings many things - experience, change, complexities as well as new adventures.  Your music still makes me think, which is what I enjoy about it so much...and sometimes (especially when I am stressed) it takes me away to some soothing place, and for that, I thank you. I've always admired your talent, your willingness to "put it out there" and your ability to connect on so many levels.   I hope you are enjoying wonderful things....thanks again for your very positive contribution to my life, and I wish you good health and peacefulness. With kind regards ~ Barbi Mason


 Dan, I will say a prayer for you and your family every night. I just want to let you know that your music has always meant a lot to me because of its sincerity. The first time I heard "Leader of the Band," I had tears in my eyes, what a beautiful tribute to your father. I just found out about your illness last night before I went to work. God must work in mysterious ways because when I showed up for work they were doing a campaign for charitable organizations. I decided to have money taken out of my paycheck every two weeks and donated to Prostate Cancer Research. May my small donation help you and others. May each day bring you joy and happiness. Dan hang in there, I am pulling for you as I know many other of us who have been blessed with your songs. Sincerely ~ Glenn Meadows, Holbrook, New York


 Dan, I have been  watching your "Rhythm of the Rain" video with Jeff and Mike Porcaro. Jeff was a  friend of mine and it's always hard for me to watch old videos of his, but this one was especially touching. I had no idea that they played with you. I  spent a lot of time with them in 1990 when this song was first out.  I  have been writing to you for almost three years now, not knowing about this. It  is a great song, and it's so wonderful for me to be able to see all of you  together. I am still thinking of you, I always do, and it's great for me to still be able to see you this way whenever I can. I am absolutely addicted to that video. The closeup of you is the best way for me to keep you right there with me whenever I need to see and hear you. ~ Dana


 Dear Dan, Recently I have tried to make sure that I let people who are important to me or have had an effect on me let them know their importance in my life.  I came of age when you were just breaking out--the late 70's-and laughed, loved and cried with your songs.  I am always amazed and truly awed by persons who can create songs and music that can affect another human being.  What an accomplishment for you!!! I guess through the new-wave technology there is the ability to allow me to say "thank you" to you for your gift of music.  It has carried me a long way.  At age 47 now, there is more time to reflect and remember and I just wanted you to know your place on earth will be secure with a generation of fans.  I am a teacher and have been for 24 years.  I so enjoy it.  I also have been involved in our local RELAY for LIFE 24 hour walk for a cancer cure for the past 12 years.  Our elementary school has a mini-relay each year to raise money for fighting this terrible disease.  This past year we raised over $4,000.00.  It is a lot of work, but such a positive force with the children--to help others we do not necessarily know.   I will add you to my prayers.  I pray you and your family will gain strength from each other as you continue your fight. Sincerely ~ Carole Nicholl


 Hi Dan, Don't want to write a drawn out fan letter, but do want to connect for a moment to say hello, human to human. The fact that you are famous and have shared extremely personal information on what you're going through speaks volumes in itself. We're humans sharing on a human level first, not star to fan or fan to star. I'm a concerned lover of your work connecting to a person who's given me so many moments to love over the years.


I had an interview album about the making of The Innocent Age, and  you said you really dug deep into yourself for that album. To me that means you've got the spiritual resources to face what's going on in your life, as I must face what's going on in mine. The difference is, you've helped me, as a person, as a musician, as a human, by just being the most impeccable you that you are, and being visible for all the world to see. Thank you so much. I need to connect with you right this moment and say thank you, and let you know how much I care. It's the least I can do for you, to give a little, at least in feeling, back. Love, hugs, prayers. Yes, I said a prayer for Dan Fogelberg today. And a few other people I know. Be well, and if you can't be well, be accepting. The Buddhists call this life impermanent. So, maybe there's a permanent side somewhere you can hold onto? I have a feeling you might know what I'm talking about here.~ Jim from Pasadena, CA.


 I decided to check out your web site after having one of your songs stuck in my head since I was a child. I haven't heard it since and everyone I asked was unfamiliar. The song is "Leader of the Band" and it has made me cry for over twenty years. I wish you all the best. I lost my father to Prostate cancer in 2005, and  I as well am a cancer survivor- I have past the 5 year mark. Although they say the Adenocarcinoma will eventually come back- I am here today- I will keep you in my thoughts and in my prayers. Blessed Be ~ Tina from NJ


 Dear Dan, I just wanted to write and thank you for your music. I too have been recently diagnosed with cancer. I have stage IIIC breast cancer. I am going to beat it but it is terrifying and I feel your pain. My sister and I grew up singing and harmonizing to your music and I attribute my ability to harmonize well to listening to your music. ("Wysteria" has always been my favorite). Please know that my prayers are with you. I will be finishing up my radiation treatments in two weeks and finished my chemo on Jan 10th. I have a two year old daughter. I have no choice but to beat this. I hope you are feeling okay these days. God bless you. Sincerely ~ Patty Spitzler


 Dan, I have loved your music for decades.  It has been very instrumental in my taking up the guitar as a vehicle to express myself, and even given me the inspiration to SING out loud. Needless to say, I  feel terrible about the ordeal you are going through now.  Having said that, I hope and pray you keep positive and strong, even in your most weary of moments. Your unique talents have touched so many with the timeless and poetic themes you express in your art.  The world, gripped in so much angst, has been made better by the offerings of your talent.   Thank you for giving what many feel, but cannot express.  Here's hoping for your recovery such that you can return to either the stage or studio, and again extend what comes from your heart and touches all of ours.   Sincerely ~ Michael Steinman


 Dear Dan, You saved my life in many ways.  When I was young I moved to three high schools - I had 'TO THE MORNING' playing on my record player and I have tracked your songs ever since.  Your music was a comfort and my companion during those hard time.  I wrote in my diary "One day I will meet Dan Fogelberg".  Years later I saw you skiing in a race in Aspen Colorado - I was at the end of the ski run and you graciously let me have my picture taken with you.  I found that diary and wrote "I met him!'   You are the only musician I every really followed and all my friends and family know, when asked, who in all the world is my favorite! Thank you so very much for the joy you have brought to my world. ~ Carrie J. McIndoe


 Hi Dan and Jean; As always you are in our prayers. We can only imagine what the past few years have been like for you, but please take comfort in knowing what you mean to all of us here in Montana. Our children, ages 9 and 11 have recently found your music, and have become addicted to it. Our daughter Elizabeth loves the way you tell stories. Christopher uses your music as his bible during Guitar lessons! You sir have made an impact on yet another generation, and with what is being offered in the name of music these days we can only say thank you. We pray that you are finding healing with each passing day. EVER ON! ~ Dale Rodwick & Family


 Dan, I know you have heard this a thousand times, but I wanted to let you know how much your music has meant to me. I was never lucky enough to see you in concert, so I had to resort to the next best thing...watching your concert "Greetings from the West."  I have just finished watching it for the third time..what great memories come back to mind when I listen to your music. I am always touched by "The Leader of the Band" and your love for your father. I can only imagine the joy you both received from that great song. My family with be praying that you feel the love of another Father and His Son Jesus Christ. We are praying that His presence is very evident and that you feel his love and will experience his healing in your physical body, but even more important your spirit. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing gift with all of us for all these years. In Christ ~ The Turner Family


 Dear Dan, I am praying for your recovery and your return to the stage.  WE MISS YOU!!   As 2007 begins, my divorce is final, and as always your music is soothing and healing in a time when life has been tumultuous.  You have been my friend through your music for 30 years, and I want you to know how much you have been a part of my life.  Thank-you for sharing your poetry with me.  Your loving fan from Tucson ~ Cynthia


 Dear Dan & Family, Sending you my good thoughts and prayers as you continue to heal. Thank you for sharing so openly about your battle with Prostate Cancer with continue to be a light and inspiration for others. ~ Rose, Duluth, MN


 Dan, As I read thoughts from your friends and fans, of which I am one, I can't help thinking that you truly deserve this support. You have given much, during happy and sad hours of life - now it is your turn to receive.  No gift is more precious than the gift that comes from the heart. We give you our hearts and wish you the very, very best. Truly, it is only through struggles we become strong.  May the Lord bless you. ~ Lasse, from Norway and Utah


 I have been a fan since I first heard " Souvenirs". My thoughts and Prayers are with you and your loved ones. ~ Beverly


 Dear Dan, Yesterday I heard one of your songs on the radio, and decided to check out your website.  I was awed by what I found there.  Your biography is incredible.  I felt like I found a soul-mate in music.  Then I read about the prostate cancer. What a blow!  I will be continually praying for you and your family, and especially for your healing.  God has a reason for everything and I pray that he will heal you.  May He be with you and strengthen you each day. ~ Kathy Piotrowski, WV


 Greetings!   We are from Alaska & you have been a bright light in our lives since the 70's. Our children were raised with your music, and many, many times over the years your words and voice have encouraged us, especially throughout our long winters.  To celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary in 2001 we made a Special trip to Seattle just for your concert on the pier. It was the perfect evening, your voice and music so beautiful and we loved your sense of humor (What's with all these pigs! remember those silly painted pigs that were out for some art benefit) Good times for sure, Thank you! Sending much Love & Light to you, Dan, Jean, family & friends ~ Barbara & Brad, Homer Alaska


 Dan...your music continues to enrich my life, each and every day.  You are always in my prayers. ~ Rebecca


 Mr. Fogelberg, I join all who wish you well, and please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.  I recently lost my baby sister to cancer in October 2006, and when she passed, I found great comfort listening to your  music.  Mary K, while not a big fan of yours, always loved  your song "Along The Road" , and appreciated the message the song  conveys.  I played that for her right after I got the call that  she had passed away.  And as per usual, I sang along so she could hear me,  and hear you singing as well.  What a gift you have given us over  these many years with your songs, and I truly hope that you realize how much  your music has been a part of countless lives over the many years we have got to  know you through your music. I got to see you one time in concert.  1981, at the University of  Dayton, while I was a freshman at Ohio University.  One of the better road  trips I have ever taken, and you were outstanding that night.  It's a  memory I will never forget, and it is also one I cherish to this  day.  I always found it funny, that certain folks would give me grief in  college because I loved listening to your music, and yet, when  they had a female over, you would walk by their room, and hear your music.  :)  Boy did that tick me off.;)


You have been a big part of my life, Dan, and while we have never met, I always considered you my Twin Brother of a Different Mother.  You captured  in your songs what I was thinking, and what a gift you have bestowed on  me. I love your music Dan, and I love you.   Hope you are feeling better. Regards from the Garden State ~ Steve Basic


 Dear Dan: I saw you and Dave Mason at a concert at what was formerly the Mosque (now the Landmark Theatre) in Richmond, Virginia in 1975. I have always enjoyed your albums especially Souvenirs. I pray that Jesus heal and deliver you from cancer and you will get a total renewal in your health. May God's compassion and mercy rest upon your life during this ordeal and that you will reap the ultimate victory. God bless you ~ Bruce Simon


 I hope you are doing well.  It has been a while since the diagnosis, and I know the fight is hard, but I hope that you are winning. I really wanted to share a memory with you.  I had the opportunity to see you at Western Illinois University in 1976 in Western Hall.  I was actually on vacation - and returned for your concert - a major accomplishment for a senior in their last year of college.  My friends and I waited in line (I wish I could tell you we got the best seats in the house, but unfortunately we got impatient and headed to the nearest bar).  Upon returning the seats that were left was high up.  At first this was very disappointing, but later it afforded me the memory:


You were singing your last song - "There's a Place in the World for a Gambler" - and the entire audience was standing, singing, swaying to every note, every word. It was extremely impressive to see these college students (who had earlier nearly booed off the stage another act earlier in the year) so unified.  Finally, near the end of the song I noticed a young woman peeking out of the curtains of the stage.  I can only imagine what she saw - but her arms were raised and she was jumping up and down - because she knew you had the audience in your hands.  You, I thought, saw her - because your face did light up. I was a fan prior to that concert, and still a fan today.  I wish you well and, since I generally sing all of your songs with you when I have seen you concert, I hope one day we will have another "duet". ~ Cavanaugh


 Dan, as a former Illinoian (Joliet), I send my best wishes for you to  recover completely. You were great when you played here in Springfield MO on your solo tour. Memories are wonderful. May GOD bless you and your family and  keep your faith as I know you will. Regards ~ Dale Augustson Springfield, MO


 Dan, I'm saying prayers for your full recovery! I wanted to thank you for the song "Leader of the Band".  My Dad died  last

year and at his memorial service, I had a power point presentation and the main song was "Leader of the Band".  All of my 7 brothers and sisters were crying with joy during the song, as my Dad was our "leader of our band". If you ever have the energy to write more songs, could you please consider writing a song about a "Mom".  As my Mom is 80, I know in the future I will  need a song that celebrates her life as a wonderful Mom! God Bless ~ Marita


 Hope you get to read this among the thousands of letters. Heroes are maybe something for kids, but we all need them. Dan, you've been one of my life heroes. I know it's just music, but music has a power to change people, stir emotions and help them reach into their souls and more importantly reach out to other souls. Your music has helped me do that in many ways. The last few months I've lost 2 parents to cancer  and a couple of close friends. It's hard for me to think that my hero is fighting for his life too, but I've prayed a lot for you recently. Please get well because there's a lot more music to share, ski trails to explore and waves to sail. Prayerfully ~ Steve Sellers, Pastor, Olympic Chaplain, Olympic XC ski coach ('02, '06, '10)


 May peace and joy surround you, Dan, as your wonderful energy surrounds me through your music.  Safe journey.....


 Dan -- Continued good thoughts and wishes for your full recovery.  My  life is richer because of your music, and I hope yours is richer because of the   fans/friends and support you may have received here.  Be well ~ Claire


 Dear  Dan Fogelberg, I went to the web tonight to see what your concert schedule was, only to hear of your diagnosis.  I am a great fan of yours from the  seventies.  Your lyrics, your music, and your presence.  I don't know  who is more fortunate; you in having such a wonderful talent, or your family,  friends, and fans, for having the blessing of God in having shared our path in  life with you.  I will pray for your peace and comfort. And God willing, I  will be at your next concert, wherever it may be. Peace be with you, Dan and Jean. ~ Tonette Cristaudo


 Dear Dan, I want to thank you for being my "Mr. Holland's Opus." Many years ago, a young girl had no where to turn but to music. I was drawn to your Home Free album and the kindness and strength in your self portrait. From there, I have spent my life as a professional performer/singer and now will become a K-8 music teacher as of next December. Today as you face your own struggles, know that I am singing a heart song for you surrounded in light and love. I wish I could return  the strength you gave, that got me through my dark place. If I had one wish, I would give that to you in deepest gratitude. God Bless You Dan, and peace and strength to those near you. ~ Karin


 Dan & Jean, My heartfelt prayers are with you both as you deal with the reality of now and what lies ahead for you in the future. Only God has the anwers. However, I'm hoping and will be praying your health and future good health. I had been searching for music to sing in recent weeks.  I work for juvenile parole in Texas and have been asked to sing at our Volunteer conference in June.  Anyways, long story short. I've been searching for inspirational songs and for whatever reason your name came to mind. You've always been one of my favorite song writers and musicians over the years and you have such a beautiful way of inspiring others thru your songs.So, I did a search and came across your official website. Please know that you are in so many peoples' prayers and that God has a plan for you and Jean...He always has a plan. Trouble is sometimes it's not exactly what we are looking for, but if I can offer any words of encouragement to you, please continue to reach out to God thru prayer.I'll do the same for you as well.I'm a strong believer in the power of prayer. You both will be in my prayers for healing and blessings. God's Blessings to you both. ~ Roxanne Peeples, Corpus Christi, TX.


 Dear Dan, There is not a day that goes by that I do not think about you and about the many ways that your contributions to the world of music have touched my life. For nearly every situation I have faced, there has been a song you have written that winds up being tied to a memory in some way. I've written you a few letters over the years, never knowing if you had actually received them and read them, but not was in the writing them that I found satisfaction. You have been a solid friend through your music, and as a small personal tribute to you, I did something that close friends many times do. My youngest son's middle name is honor of you and the happiness your music brought to our family. (Incidentally, he is very musically inclined...LOL!). Please know that in my prayers, I not only pray that you will survive this horrendous illness, but that you will do so with quality of life as you so richly deserve. Thank you for your "sermon" to others about being tested. I'm sure you will save lives with your encouragement. Thank you, take good care of yourself, and may you feel the Creator's spirit with you and in you each day. Warmest regards ~ Kathryn Jacoby


 Don't judge an album by its cover? Guess I should confess that I bought Souvenirs 'cause that face was so geee-orgeous!! Then, of   course, I was fast smitten by the music as well. Now, more than 30 years later, I still find myself singing "Sketches", "To the Morning", or "Stars". The lyrics hold up. The songs are beautiful. Thank you for enriching our lives with your beauty.


 If I could only do one thing, then I would free you of the pain, so you could just move on to sing. We'll always believe in you!


 Dan, I often check the website for updates on your battle with cancer.  Know that you are in my prayers and I hope that you are making  progress in your recovery.   I have been a fan since the seventies and Home Free and Souvenirs are still my favorite albums.  Your music has been a constant companion over the years.  It always stirs heartfelt memories of times when your songwriting was there through the lonely times in my life.  Hailing from the Quad-Cities, and now a fifteen year resident of Colorado, I have seen you play many venues over the years- from the Midwest to my all time favorite place...Red Rocks.  As millions of fans across the world wish you and Jean the best- I  too wish you health...Godspeed ~ Holly Charboneau


 Greetings! I dreamt of you last night - you were performing at a concert.  It was a very different concert than the one I enjoyed in the seventies in Dallas, which is one of my absolutely happiest experiences and memories ever!  But it was a concert, nonetheless.  It was a very relaxed affair, with lots of children playing and laughing  and many of us sitting beneath the evening sky in comfy lawn chairs.  It was a happy dream!   The dream reminded me of how many times I have thought of you and your music over the years, and how many times I have hoped and prayed for your health, happiness, and well being. I am also a cancer survivor - I have been in remission for 15 years now. I have lived, but I could not have children.  Talk about your best and worst experience, all rolled into one.  Life is nothing if not a trip! And now,   my husband is also a cancer survivor - 2 and a half years. I am sending you lots of white light and love energy, as well as tremendous appreciation for your music and art, which have encouraged me throughout my life.  Best regards and much encouragement to your wife , Jean, as well!  Later ~  Judy


Hi Dan.  I recently rediscovered "No Resemblance" in my CD collection, and have been listening to it a lot.  What a marvelous work!  So I decided to visit your website to see if you've been recording, and was very saddened to hear about your illness.  I hope that the prayers and wishes of your family, friends and admirers give you strength.  Your music has touched me in so many ways.  One memorable moment was driving to campus in college and hearing "Leader of the Band" for the first time  -- tears welling up in my eyes.  You have a beautiful soul. Wishing you the very best!


 I've been a great fan of yours since I was young (being 41 myself. In fact, I find myself humming or singing some of his songs (especially "Lonely in Love". GREAT SONG) but certainly not nearly the treat as hearing it sung by you.  With a couple of my father's good friends and even a great friend that is close to my age having dealt with prostate cancer, I can only say two things:  I am so lucky not to know personally what this is like, and for those who do--including you--best wishes and I hope and pray for your recovery.  Even further, best of luck in all your endeavors and have a happy life my friend. ~  Ben Gibson, Memphis, TN


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, I only just read that you are battling cancer and I wanted to wish you a miraculous recovery and good health.  You have brought much happiness to so many with your music and beautiful voice and I thank you for it - and for the memories of years past when I listened to a song of yours just today. God bless you always and I wish you a "refuah shlema," and good health.  Be well.  My thoughts are with you. ~ Joy Beth Epstein


 Dear Dan, I will forever be grateful for the first time I saw your first record album while working at a local Utah record shop. I had mistaken you as a musician I saw one night that looked Indian with long hair that got up during the middle of one of his songs and walked off the stage because no one was listening. I tried to find him to tell him how beautiful his voice was but never saw him again. Then, one day I was putting records away under the artist name when I saw your face on a record cover and thought you may be this same guy I saw years ago so I purchased your record, took it straight home and feel in love with your music from the first words "To the Morning".


Thank you so much for daring the odds and taking a journey sharing your God given voice and talent and sharing your loving personality with all of us! I will forever be grateful to fate for all the beautiful lyrics written and sang by you, for the blanket it has wrapped around me when I needed to be comforted and warmed to the way it makes me act silly when I'm having a great day! I wanted to leave you with a message I have remembered from the first time I heard it.     True love is neither physical, nor romantic. True love is an acceptance of all that is, has been and will not be. Some people will never understand these words but, I'm pretty sure you do.


 Dan & Jean.. I hope all the thoughts and prayers are helping and you are dong well and we will be hearing more from you soon.  Please be well.. Your music has brought so much to so many.  Take care ~ Cheryl


 Hey Dan- Just happened upon your website. I'll keep you in my prayers. Hang in there and know that many fans are hoping and praying for a full recovery. Take care ~ John, Wilmington, NC


 Howdy Dan,  Here's a prayer for your cancer to leave your body and  your road of discovery to open into endless new horizons for you to share  with us all. We met on the River of Souls tour in beautiful Tampa Florida  where my Home Free 8-track got to go full circle.  My dear sweet mama, who  will be 83 in May, just last week informed me that her paternal grandmother had  a maiden name of Vogel, which was changed from Fogel one generation before, and  here was the heart stopper for me, that one more generation back had been Fogelberg, but  was changed to avoid the Jewish sound of the I greet you again with an understanding of why your life, music and your heart-felt lyrics have meant so much to me.  Full Circle, indeed.  Mitakuye Oyasin ~  John Kravet at Gram's Place in Tampa


 Hello Dan, It is amazing the power that music has and how it can touch people in so many ways!  It can really heal the soul. I have been playing guitar for close to 40 years and your music and your passion has inspired me since I first heard Home Free in 1976. I now play for a contemporary Christian Band and your music comes out in every song that I write and play. Thank you for this blessing. We have a great God, one that has the greatest healing power of all and I pray today and everyday forward that he will continue to heal you. God Speed My Friend ~ Eric Bryant and Family


 Mr. Fogelberg, Hello! My name is Joe Wilhelm Franklin. I ' discovered ' you after college in the middle to late 70's and have been a big fan ever since. My wife and I moved from Texas to New Hampshire in 1987 when I entered medical school in my middle 30's. Being a poor medical student couple, we have many fond memories of driving  around New Hampshire listening to your music on our cassette player in our Nissan pickup. I have always very much enjoyed your music and, with a spare moment at  work, decided to look up your name and see if I could find your concert  schedule. I read your 'news' section on your official website and was devastated  to learn of your diagnosis of advance prostate cancer. I cried. I'm not sure if it has to do with your vulnerability which you have laid  out in your songs over the last 30+ years, which now has been broached, so to  speak. Certainly, I may have put you on a pedestal and wanted you to be infallible ( which is unrealistic and unhealthy ). Perhaps I connect you to a simpler time in my life and in society and want to keep the image untarnished.  I'm not sure. Regardless, though you do not know me, your music has had a profound influence in my life.


I do pray for you and your health. I pray for you and Jean and the strength, peace and faith to sustain you in these times. I  pray for us, your fans, that we may join our prayers to yours and not lose sight  of the loving God who holds each of us in the palm of his hand. I pray that  someday I may meet you and shake your hand and say " Thank you! " for a job well  done.

God bless you, Dan and Jean. He has us, through you, immeasurably. An admiring fan ~ Joe Wilhelm Franklin, MD


 Greetings from the East, Dan.....I pray that this note finds you on the road to recovery. I haven't written for quite some time but I think of you so often-just about every evening when I sit down to check my e-mail I also check your website for any updates on your condition-hopefully no news is good news! Your name came up in conversation over the weekend when some old friends were over for a visit. It's funny--whenever we get together with old friends (I'm talking friends we used to hang out with in our twenties), they always ask ME how you're doing.  I guess I have quite a reputation for being one of your greatest fans. They all know what I've gone through to see you in concert every time you were in NJ, NY and PA between 1978 to present (twenty-something times?) And I can't forget that very memorable show at Red Rocks while on vacation in CO. I just wanted to send you a heartfelt "I MISS YOU".  Summers just aren't the same without a Dan Fogelberg concert (or two) to look forward to. I hope and pray that you are feeling good and getting stronger every day. Love~ Maureen (Asbury, NJ)


 The first time I heard your music Dan I was a Freshman in High School in 1975.  But, oh what a voice we all fell in love with.  I saw you numerous times in Nashville and was never disappointed.  I cannot say how it felt when I learned so many months ago of your illness. I was stunned.  I work in pharmaceutical research and know there is so much out there currently that I hope you are taking advantage of.   We hope and pray to God that he heals you and your family continues with many more years of beautiful music. ~ Rita Etter, Nashville, TN


 Kind & Gentle Sir:  Until the past hour I had no idea that you had  been going through what you have!  My heart is truly saddened and I will  pray with all of my soul that you make a full recovery!  For a couple of  weeks I have had you on my mind.  Singing "Old Tennessee" in the car and  only yesterday purchasing on CD (I have the LP, of course) "Captured  Angel."  I worked at Tower Records West End in Nashville for 11 yrs., 10  ms. & 3 days until December when the entire corporation liquidated.   Over that time there is no telling how many people that I turned on to the  immortal Dan Fogelberg!  In January I went back to work in the same  building for the F.Y.E. Company.  Yesterday I was behind the counter and  begging my boss to please put in the player something decent to hear in the  store.  I already had pulled "The Innocent Age" and the  "Captured Angel"  CD's to purchase and had them nearby.  I told her I was buying them and  could we listen to "Captured Angel."  She put it in and we heard the whole album.  In a few minutes I waited on a man and wife and they had "The Innocent Age" in their purchase.  I just hollered out loud and the man said he had heard me and my boss talking about Dan Fogelberg and they turned around and went back and picked up the CD!  I was thrilled!  Let there be no mistake, Dan!  You are a true songwriter-poet-lyricist-melody maker  GENIUS!  I have always had the highest regard and love for your  music.  I'll never forget the day me and my friend, Terry, were together  and I bought "Captured Angel" on LP.   I stayed with him for a week while  his mom was out of town and we played that album over and over and over  again!  We were overwhelmed and I have been ever since with your phenomenal  talents!!  I am a struggling songwriter and I will gladly put you at  the top of the list for my inspirations!!  I had never been to your website  till tonight.  Something just guided me there.  I am so proud that I  went so that I can, now, add my prayers for your strong spirit and soul!!   Godspeed, dear friend!!! ~  Rickey Lewis Westbrooks , from "Old Tennessee"  Centerville, Hickman Co., TN (Home of Minnie Pearl)


 I really can't begin to tell you how much your musical gifts have meant to me over the years. I just want to thank you again for sharing your gift and wish you well. ~ Joni Coons


 Dan, We've never met, but I feel like I know you thru your music. Thank you for sharing your talents with all of us. This is a quote from you that struck a chord (pun intended) with me: "You've got to just follow your heart and do your best work. For better or worse, I have followed my heart. There is no doubt in my mind or heart that everything I've done is exactly what I intended to do." Not many people are able to look back and say that.  You've touched many lives. Take comfort in knowing that you and Jean are in the thoughts and prayers of many people. Namaste ~ Chris S - Avon Lake, OH


 Wishing you well.  Thanking you for your  wonderful music. God bless.


 Dan - Just a note to let you know that one of your songs has a new special meaning to so many.  I am not sure if you are aware of the FoBs (Fans of Barbaro).  This is a group of people from all over the world, from all walks of life, who have come together in honor of Barbaro.  FoBs are carrying forth his legacy by working to end horse slaughter in the United States, funding laminitis research in the hopes that other horses won't suffer what Barbaro did, and increasing safety awareness at race tracks.  Anyway, in reading several postings this past weekend, it seems that I am not the only one who can no longer listen to "Run for the Roses" without losing control.  I heard it for the first time since Barbaro's death a couple weekends ago, and could not contain the tears.  (It used to be only "Leader of the Band" affected me that way.)  It now seems to be a very common reaction among FoBs.  Once again, one of your songs has touched the very depths of who we are.  Although written many years ago, the song exemplifies Barbaro and his "lifetime of chance" and, although we all had hoped for a much different outcome, I, for one, am proud to have been afforded the opportunity to have "joined in his dance." Be strong, be well, and know that you are loved. ~ Mary from Illinois


 Hey Dan, It's been a while since visiting your website ....thought I'd check in and see if you were doing any better. I do hope so. I remember the first time I heard your music way back in 74. I had just gotten an apartment, a one bedroom flat....and there were two hippies living underneath me....both of them played guitar and sang, but one of them stuttered kind of badly....but once he started singing, he had the most beautiful voice I had heard. He loved singing your songs and actually I heard your music through him before hearing your album. My favorite one he sang was "To The Morning". He taught me some songs and we'd sit around and pick your songs. I would pitch in and sing along and really came to appreciate your blessed music. One more thing before closing. I met a young lady back in 87 and immediately fell in love with her. I sang your song to her "Looking For A Lady". We were married the next year. She told me not too long ago that it was that song I sang to her was when she fell in love with me. Thank you. I sure wish I could pick some guitar with you one day. Sure do hope you're feeling a bit better. God Bless ~ David Donnelly


 I know our prayers have been healing.  God Bless you Dan, you and your music have been such a huge part of my life. ~ Marie


 I look forward to seeing you soon in concert Dan. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


 Hi Dan! I had no idea you were ill until I did a search on you to see if you were touring anytime in the near future. As the relative of someone who has survived prostate cancer I can definitely appreciate your sermon on a prostate exam. This should be a yearly requirement for every male over the age of 40. As someone who grew up with your music I wish you nothing but the best and hope that you consider touring again at some point. The song "Same Old Lang Syne" has special meeting to me at one point in my life and I really connected with that. May God be with you! Best wishes and regards ~ Louis M. Cusano


 Dear Dan & Jean - Please know that you are in our thoughts & prayers. My husband & I saw your show at the Turning Stone Casino a few years ago - wonderful show! Best wishes to you.~ Tery & Barbara


 I'm about the same age as you are, although I can't believe I'm as old as I am.  It's only my body, not my spirit, that has aged.  I'm still in the early 70's somewhere, being young.....


Your music has been amongst the most beautiful of our generation, inspired and poetic.  One song of yours in particular, was a poignant favorite of mine -"Same Old Lang Syne". I had a lover in my late teens that I never forgot...he was my first.  And as I stumbled along in life, making the wrong choices in love, your song brought back all the memories - and I sang along, pouring all my angst into it. May God grant you a comfortable and content rest of your life......light and life and love.....carrying over to the Other Side..

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