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"Dear Dan" Letters

October 2006

 "Blessed are those who sing the song of hope and whose hearts will always believe."


 Sending positive thoughts and healing prayers your way, Daniel. You are surrounded by a strong supportive circle of friends and fans. We are here.


 As a 31 year old Montanan who's grown up on your music I'd like to say that I don't think the world would be the same place without your imprint having been left on it. As a health care worker I wish you the best in life and in treatment. ~ Sean Satake, Missoula, MT


 Hi Dan!  Wanted you to know that I'll continue to pray for you!  And to let you know how profoundly your music still affects me.   The first time I ever heard your music, it was the song "Wysteria" on an Atlanta radio station.  I was already a musician, having studied piano from age 8 and already beginning to sing a little. I was also 16, in high school, driving my very first car, and literally almost ran off the road (no comments on my driving...ha).  I went out and bought "Home Free" and was stunned.  The first time I heard "To The Morning" on the radio, I had enough sense to pull of the road....<G>.   I've loved your music, your lyrics and your brilliant talent ever since and have been privileged to hear you in concert many times in Atlanta.    And of course, I suffered along with you at all the rainy Chastain Park concerts in Atlanta!   Did you ever do a concert there when it didn't    But hey, I won't ever forget everyone in the audience all huddled together under umbrellas, listening to those amazing, amazing songs.  I ended up getting my Masters degree in music...and there are a handful of musicians who have inspired me to always strive for the best. And you are one of them.  Hope you know how many people you have blessed.   I'm a Christian and truly believe in the power of prayer, so I'm going to keep lifting you up to Him for healing and a complete recovery.  I'm definitely counting on seeing you and hearing you again!   Enough for now...words are definitely inadequate to express how much joy you've brought into my life! You are a treasure. Be blessed ~  Randy Anglin in Buford, Ga.


 I first heard your beautiful music when I was 18 and beginning college. "To the Morning", "Be on Your Way" and "Looking for a Lady" are my favorites to this day. Your music touches my soul. Your poetry pours into me. I have been privileged to hear you perform several times. And now I have heard the horrendous news about your cancer. I was trying to find a copy of the Home Free CD to send to my best friend from college and found your web site. Tears have been flowing down my face as I try to comprehend this. My prayers are with you--for healing and comfort. "Thank you" seems so trivial-but I do thank you for your music. I am the person I am today because of it. ~ Pam


 Hi Dan, like several others who posted here recently, I checked your web site hoping for an update with good news about your health.  I'm listening to Greetings from the West which I just found at Bart's in Boulder and as always am moved by every song - especially this live recording, as I wonder how you're doing.  I think of you sometimes when I'm in the mountains around Nederland, like on a recent hike near Caribou Ranch with wonderful fall colors.  Sending you healing thoughts and wishing you and Jean the best.  ~ Bev


 Thank you for years of sincere, warmest wishes for a speedy recovery.  My thoughts are with your entire family.


 Hi Dan, I am sad to hear of your news and wish you the best. Your music has touched so many lives! Every time I hear one of your songs I always think of Peoria, my home town also. I’m not sure you remember me or my family. I believe you hung around with my older brother, Jeff. He was your age. When my brothers and I hear your songs played at weddings we always reminisce of Peoria and Arcadia. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. ~  Tim Urban, Defiance Mo.


 Dan, My wife Pam and I have loved your music, words to live by for the last 30 years.  We celebrated our 25th anniversary this summer and are so saddened by your illness. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and Jean  We listen to your music and pray for your recovery. God bless.  ~ Richard and Pam Lane


 Dear Dan, I just wanted you to know how much I have loved your music and lyrics over the years. "The Innocent Age" was my favourite album way back as a 19 year old and for many years your songs brought me such comfort and joy that I wish for you that now . I don't think you could realize how many people you gave your wonderful gift to and we would give it back tenfold if it helped you at this time. Good luck and love from all your Aussies mates ~ Sue , Melbourne Down Under


 Dan, I was searching the internet today and found your news. I was shocked and at the same moment saddened by the news of your illness.   You see, I am a 42 year father of a 4 year old and twin 9 month baby boys. I was in Boulder in 1981-1982 when your music hit me the hardest. I listened and understood the loneliness in your songs, but also felt the overwhelming feelings you worked to convey.  It was timely, but also so powerful in staging a certain point in my life where growing up and growing older collide.  I first heard your music in 1981.   I was a high school senior who always looked at the more personal and feeling sides of people. Your music gave me a sense of understanding and insight into my young world. Even today it is engrained in my life and times.  When I hear certain songs it takes me back to Boulder where life was natural, beautiful and ever-changing. Years later in 1999 my wife took me to one of your concerts. You played by yourself. I believe over 13 guitars were used.  I was overwhelmed by your casual nature.. but also by your lonely insights as the "song writer and traveler" where your brothers shared different interests.  I have 4 brothers and a sister. We are all different but very close. I wish you the same in your family. I wanted to tell you to "fight" this illness. look into your heart, your soul and don't give up.  You've been a beautiful and powerful inspiration to many people. and you're not done.  My prayers, my wishes and my support go out to you and your family.  I wish you the best and I thank you for the times I have shared through your music. Get well, be well and move forward! Sincerely ~ Ty


 Dan, I can't say how many times I have listened to your music. It's nothing you haven't already heard. I'm 47,from Nashville, I remember Natchez Trace. You keep on keeping on. We're waiting on you! With all you have given, you just ask and we'll give back! Take care ~ Chris


 Woke up yesterday morning with "Stolen Moments" in my head (for no apparent reason). Started thinking about how long I have considered you to be, in an odd way, my friend. Good heavens I was 14 when I heard "Part of the Plan" for the first time......that's 30 years ago!!!!! Dan, thank you so very much for sharing your gift of words and music. Wishing you and Jean all the Light in the world.  ~ Susan, NJ


 I don't know what compelled me to come to Dan's website tonight, but I am so glad I did.  I've been a fan since the beginning and "Souvenirs" and "The Long Way" are still my sentimental favorites, although being a Kentuckian, "Run For The Roses" is mighty special too!  Dan, there's a prayer in my heart just for you tonight.  Take care, my friend.  ~ Sandi Otte, Safety Harbor,FL


 Hi Dan, hope you are doing well these days. As I battled Lung Cancer last year and beat it, this is one of the prayers I repeated everyday...I BELIEVE IN THE HEALING POWERS OF THE UNIVERSE AND IN ITS ABILITY TO RESTORE HEALTH.  



 Hello Dan, I want to tell you that my prayers are always with you, just as your music is always with me. I have been a fan of yours since your first album and I never get tired of listening to any of your music. I hope your spirits are high because that's what will keep you going. Love ~ Patty from New Hampshire


 I just wanted to let you know I am still praying for your recovery and thinking of you and your family. I hope all is going well with your treatment and your recovery continues at a swift and steady pace. Prayers and love ~ Julie Wilson Hopkins, Arkansas.


 Dear Dan,   I am praying for you and hope your strength and fight will lift you to overcome this. I play your music every time I pick up my acoustic guitar.  Thanks for inspiring me with all your beautiful music over many of these years.  My best wishes to you always ~ Suzanne


 I have been a fan of your music since 1972, and I remember eagerly awaiting each new release as a teenager growing up in East Texas. I would run out to get a copy as soon as word reached me that a new LP was out or I happened across the next LP at the local music store.. Over the years I have listened to the music I love so much. It has remained timeless for me and has allowed me to heal in times of pain and struggle. I was dusting off some old tunes tonite and revisiting some of my favorite Fogelberg songs and for some reason I decided to check out your website.


I am deeply saddened to hear of your cancer and feel compelled to express my sincere gratitude for your music. I wish all good things for you and your family and pray that you will recover. I hope you knows that you have deeply touched the lives of countless people and will continue to do so through the years. God be with you and yours. Best Wishes ~ Gary Chamlee


 Wow...I'm completely out of touch.  I had NO idea of what you are going through, Dan.  Back in the late 70's you touched my heart with your music and inspired a career of my own in music.  Since then I've had a successful run in the music industry and eventually opted to apply skills and talents in humanitarian outreach.  Along the way, Dan, your music has constantly lifted my spirits and given me a spirit compass with which to guide my life. My prayers go out to you, my brother in music, in the hopes that you have clarity and peace in your life.  Know that you are deeply appreciated and loved for your gifts and talents and no matter what platform you are given, you are a voice to be heard. I'm calling my doctor tomorrow. Blessings to you ~ Brian Crowe


 I had to share this.  My 76 year-old mother recently caught your concert on PBS.  She told me "I don't know who this is, but he's wonderful!"  I told her "That's Dan Fogelberg."  She wanted to know where you've been all her life.  I wound up bringing her all of my favorite DF CDs and we spent several hours over the past 2 weekends just enjoying your music.  As it turns out, her favorite song is "Hard to Say."  She told me that it reminds her of my dad, who passed away a couple of years ago.  Although the song makes her cry, it also makes her smile (which is something she hasn't done much of lately).  Thanks Dan. ~ Tammy R


 I am sorry you have to go through this. You have my prayers and best wishes.  I also just wanted to thank you for all the music .It meant a lot to me back in the 70's and 80's when I was growing up.  I grew up with an alcoholic dad and it was nice to have a male voice that sounded beautiful and said beautiful things and gave me a  vacation from my reality. Anyway this isn't about me, it's about you. I wanted to share that piece of info so you would hopefully realize I wasn't just being polite.  I am hoping just by the number of letters of well wishes you also would be given back something that you could use to brighten your day. ;-)  ~ Mary Grace


 Hi Dan! It´s been a while since I´ve actually checked this wonderful site out, in your honour, but it would be so nice to get some official word on you and your health. Anyway, since that´s not forthcoming for now, I just like you to know that a fan in Seville, Spain who comes from Cork, Ireland is thinking about you and your music. Your music is rarely away from the CD player. A goodnight from Seville ~ Johnny (B) Good in Spain.


 Dan. I've been a loyal fan of yours for years. Your music is simply The Best. Sending good thoughts your way.~ Kathie from Arkansas.


 Dear Dan -- woke up this morning with "Nether Lands" on my mind. I always have you on my mind and as all your fans  I love you and know God will heal you and grant you  long life.Please write some more songs for we love your music and let your spirit lead  you to life. You are my favorite singer and I have always been inspired by you. Well God bless til next time.


 Hey Dan.  I have been a huge fan of yours for 30 years! Your songs always inspire me. You are truly a great talent.  I pray that you recover quickly and do whatever your heart desires.  God Bless You..~ LuAnn, Lawrenceville, Georgia


 Dan - I can't tell you the huge part your music played in my life.  I first heard Nether Lands driving up Boulder Canyon for the first time.  I ended up living in Colorado for 23 years and each time I looked at the mountains, your music went through my head, and that album is still my favorite.  I wish you strength and peace in your journey to recovery.  You and your family will be in my prayers in this difficult time.  Just know your music has touched many many lives. ~ Karen - Warren, MN


 Hi Dan I'm an italian fan!! Thank you for your music and your feelings that followed me for so many years, and very good luck for your illness, and excuse me for my bad english!! Love you ~ Alex


 Hi Dan!  Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for sharing your, wonderful whimsical, imaginative,creative, inspirational, beautiful rockin music. Your music always takes me on a journey. I love you and wish you to get well fast! We will never leave you. ~ Anita Faragher


 Dan, Funny how one presumes the right of familiarity when addressing someone they've never met, yet seem that there have been shared times, through their art....your songs. But we are a funny breed, we humans, presuming and asserting and impacting.... Some of those impacts have been positive, sometimes quite poignant too, as your words and music and voice have impacted upon me, and I am sure many others as well. Your songs evoke many different yet powerful emotions; they have added texture to my sadness when sadness wrapped itself around me, with the plaintive sound of the violin introducing me to the passions contained within the haunting song "These Days". Even as I was already familiar with your works on Souvenirs and Home Free, the imagery that comes to mind when I think of your music will forever be the cover of Captured Angel-a beautiful(in a contemporary style) yet fragile angel looking much like a deer caught in the headlights, vulnerability and a sense of being forlorn etched in her face...strength and fragility, innocence and sensuality...contradictions everywhere-not unlike what our species seems to be filled with.


I have shared my life with your songs, and indeed, with your art-this is something you have never known before, but I think it something worth being reminded of-the power of art and the more important-the power of one's passions and principles. You have an affinity with the Earth-its environments and denizens, as do I. Your songs speak of that too, not of just the human condition, and from that point they are also successful-and for that too I thank you. Take care Dan. I wish you and Jean well. ~ Michael Alvarez-Toye, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


 Hi, Dan.  Just sending some good wishes your way.  Your music has been a huge part of my life for more than 30 years (yes we ARE old - ha. ha. Embrace it!)  I am a fan of many types of music but yours touches my soul like no other and for that I thank you.  Stay strong, keep the faith, and know you are loved (truly) by millions.  Much love to you and Jean. ~ Liz


 Dear Dan,  I don't know where to start. I have been such a HUGE fan of yours for the last 20 years. I have always felt you are my favorite male vocalist. I can't tell you the number of times when I've been sad or depressed that I listen to my man Dan & all is much better. I saw you in concert in Tampa,Florida ( I Think) and I remember being mesmerized by your cute self and wonderful talent, I was with my boyfriend at the time who was also a big fan. He played acoustic guitar and we would sing some of your songs together. I so enjoyed your homepage, it brought back so many great memories. Thank You for all the fabulous music & happiness you have given me. Sincerely Yours ~ Wendy Patton


 Hi Dan, I'm a 49 year old man living in the Raleigh, NC area, and I've listened to your music since I've been a teenager.  I've always enjoyed listening to you, and your music leaves me with such a peaceful feeling.  I especially enjoy your song "Same Old Lang Syne", as I have easily put myself in your place in that song more than once.  My grandfather on my Dad's side passed away of prostate cancer back in '86, and my Dad has also lost two other brothers to cancer.  His two sisters had breast cancer, but have pulled through.  I know the devastating effects cancer can have, and I totally agree with you to make sure you get your exams annually.  I will be approaching 50 in February, and will be getting my first PSA test, and have been getting a prostate exam annually for quite some time.  I wish you the best in beating your cancer, and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.  You have been such an inspiration to me growing up, and have been a part of my life.  Take care.  ~ Ron


 Dan,  Words can't express the influence you have had on my life and I'm certain many thousands of others.  You honed your music skills to perfection, add to that your unbelievable song lyrics and you are in a league all your own.  Thanks for all the great songs that I listen to more than often.  Yes, I get my prostate exam every year.  My best friend, a guy I work with, was diagnosed with prostate cancer a couple years back.  He is cancer free now and I will continue to believe that soon you will get the same report.  I'll play "Leader of the Band" and "Make Love Stay " in your honor tonight on my acoustic guitar.  How did you come up with those? Simply brilliant, leader!  Get well very soon and send more songs!! ~ Phil


 I've never e-mailed a famous person before, but I feel compelled to do so now.Your music has defined my relationship with my husband of 28 years. "To the Morning" was one of the first songs we heard together. We've spent many an hour listening to and singing with your music. "Scarecrow's Dream" has the line "garden gate, an empty plate, waiting for someone to come and fill". It was many years after I started my catering business that I realized how applicable that line is for my business. I do not use it however!! Anyway, I heard of your illness and wanted to write and wish you well. You will be in our prayers and thoughts. Thanks again for your wonderful gifts of music to us all. ~ Cindy Gibson


 Dan, Don't think that your fans have forgotten you. We haven't.  I wish you the best of recoveries. Get well! ~ Mark


 Our thoughts and prayers go out to Dan for a full recovery, and hopes that the love Dan & Jean have will get them through this tough time. Dan's music has been an inspiration to us through our 30 years of marriage. The fine music of "The Innocent Age", helped us through the uncertainty of being new parents, for our daughter was born just several days after that album was released. Best wishes ~ Dan & Jean Farmer, Glen Allen, VA


 Dear Dan , As I write this email, I am listening to Home Free.Your music has been a source of comfort, inspiration, wisdom, and insight into life for me. You have an immense insight into the human experience. I hope you know how many many lives you have touched and brought joy to. I am a registered nurse,and both of my parents have battled cancer,my father did not survive, but my mother is alive and well after almost 5 years after her diagnosis. You and your loved ones are in my frequent  prayers and thoughts,and yes I endure the annual ritual of the digital  prostate exam and psa tests. Please take care of yourself,and heal your body, mind and spirit. Sincere thanks and gratitude for over 30 years of beautiful and wonderful music.Best Wishes ~ Jeff White, Omaha, NE


 Hi Dan, I have been listening to your music since your first album came out.  You have such a beautiful sensitivity, passion and depth to your writing and music.  Your music inspired me to write and play guitar.  I never had the opportunity to see you in concert, until a few years ago when you were in Seattle, WA.  It was a perfect setting with the moon over the water and a sailboat cruising by.  My 9 year old son Christian attended with me.  We both cherished the evening.  My son Christian has been playing guitar since then.  You were part of his inspiration.  We will both be praying for you and your wife, sending positive thoughts your way.  Your faith will keep you strong. Peace & Blessings ~ Jennifer


 Dan: I shall keep this short. Lost my dad to cancer a couple of years ago, and it was devastating. Heartfelt appreciation for your attention to details in that we men must have exams. "Forefathers", and "Anastasia's Eyes" have been a staple of mine for almost 17 years. Stay Strong Brother ~ Drew


 Dan, When I was a teenager in high school, I discovered you and sang "Part  of the Plan" all day and night. When I was away at college, your music was what helped get me through feeling homesick.  When I married my high school sweetheart, we danced to your music.  When I gave birth to our two  children, your music filled the birthing room.  When I turned 40, my  husband surprised me with tickets to Westbury Music and a chance to meet you,  but you had to cancel due to a boating accident.  It would have been the 10th time I've seen you in concert.  My dad died in June and we played "Leader of the Band" at the Shiva. I just turned 50 and I now have an ipod  filled with only your music.  Thank you for filling my world with your  songs. My family and I pray for you and Jean every day.  Stay strong ~ Lyn Puleo, Clifton, NJ


 Dear Dan, Once again I am sending up prayers for healing for you.  I beat cancer and I know you can too.  Love to you and your family.  Let us know how you are doing.  We miss you in Tennessee. ~ Angela B, Knoxville, TN


 Dan, May God bless you in your battle. My thoughts and prayers are with you. My first love turned my on to your music when she insisted I listen to "Nether Lands". I was 17 years old and instantly hooked. And 28 years later I'm still hooked. Keep the faith.....~ Greg Gaston


 Dan--I don't remember when I was introduced to your music. I don't  remember not having your music in my life. I'm celebrating my 53rd  birthday today and received an IPod Nano from my wonderful husband.   He downloaded "my music," and one of  your Portrait  CDs was the first thing I tuned in to.  I just visited your web site for the first time (while still listening).Tom Robbins, Colorado, Illinois (well, OK, Indiana)  and, it appears, Santa Fe and Amalfi are just some of our common threads :-) I'm sending you only healing light, love, and prayers and have no doubt that God's grace will lift and carry you through this illness. Thank you for sharing your gifts and your music and for all the moments and milestones you have helped me mark, within my heart and throughout most of the days of my life. Be well ~ Marcia from Irvine, CA.


 Dear Dan,  I check this website daily in the hope that we will soon be blessed with "good news" of how you are winning the battle against this terrible disease, and also to read the posts from other fans and friends who share the same love for you and your music as I do.  Even though I don't know you or the people who post here personally, I feel as though we've become a family of sorts, especially over the past couple of years. Dan, the world is a much richer place because you have shared your talents with so many of us who cherish you and your music.  My hope is that you can feel all of the positive thoughts and prayers being offered up for you and your family by those of us who love you, and may you soon receive some "good news" to share with all of us. ~ Pam


 My best to you, Dan.  You will win this battle and you will go back touring. It is your art and for now, we miss it but most importantly, we remember it . We look forward to seeing you and hearing you once again. ~ Glenn in New Orleans


 You don't know me but I was first 'introduced' to you in 1982 by ' Leader of the Band'.  Dr. James Dobson was later to remind me of this in one of his books -Parenting is not for Cowards. I got nostalgic on that Saturday evening (after 24 years! ) and was browsing the net for anything Fogelberg when I was hit by the news of your illness.  I believe that the grace of my Lord Jesus Christ (who I hope you also believe in, and love) shall be sufficient for you thru these circumstances. Dare to put your absolute confidence in Him for this?  I take the liberty of claiming to be a friend you've not met yet. ~ Olusesan Kuti (Lagos, Nigeria)


 I want to thank you for writing lyrics and music that gotten me through some very tough times, myself. I hope that you and your family will come through these  trying days with flying colors and that you will be able to celebrate with some beautiful songs of hope  - possibly sung by other artist friends to raise awareness and funds for the Prostate Cancer Foundation All of us would truly love to "hear" from you again.  Please may the Great Spirit watch over you and yours. ~ Lynnette in California


 Dan, I wish you the best. One of the most powerful things about music and your music in particular for me anyway is that when I listen to it, I can close my eyes and remember some very good times in my life. I started listening to your music in college.  I then introduced your music to my wife.  When we first met would listen to your music on the way to her mom's house above the Napa Valley. Those were some of the best times in our lives. We have since grown older and had a couple of children. My daughter and I were in the car the other day and I put on The Innocent Age and she said "Dad who is that ?"I told her and she said she liked it alot. She now has your music in her car. Let's face it, your music is timeless.  Get well! ~ Kevin Nomina


 Dan, I have never written to a celebrity of any kind before, and never felt strongly enough about anyone's music to obtain everything they have produced except you. I first heard your album Nether Lands in college and wore it out. I saw you in huge concert halls and small venues. I have to say that I have never known an artist who so completely understands the opposite sex's thoughts and feelings. "Dancing Shoes" remains my perennial favorite as it is so erotically intimate. My husband and I danced to "Longer" as our first married dance. I always felt that your songs said what I was thinking and feeling. I have just about everything you have produced and many of my favorites are ones I'd never hear you play in concert; wouldn't that be a great idea when you are well some of the songs that are lesser known (not strictly those of course). I have every faith that you will overcome this challenge and we will be hearing your beautiful music again. Thank you for your music in all its sweetness.  ~ Donna Fromm


 Dan, Thank you for sharing your life and heart through your beautiful songs. I have been a fan of your craft since the 70's. "Longer" has always been my favorite wedding song. Now I wish you 'longer' in your life and time with those that you love. Blessings. ~ Maggie B


 Hello Dan, I've been encouraging my 4 year old daughter for the last 4 years to listen to me play the guitar!  She's never been keen, and I flattered myself thinking she didn't like the barrier of the guitar between us.  Today she said to me "I don't like you playing guitar, mum - it doesn't sound nice like Dan Fogelberg"!!!  Cheeky monkey!  We think of you often Dan, and hope you and Jean remain positive in spirit.  Much love ~ Pam, Ray, and Holly in England


 God bless you, Dan. Thank-you for your lifetime of wonderful, warm, and inspiring songs and recordings. You will always be remembered and loved, and your music will live forever. There is no other artist like you. You are unique and beautiful. Hang in there. We are all still listening and praying for you...~ Baker Symes


 Dear Dan and family,  Tonight I was at a softball game and I had to stay in the car with my 3 year old as it was too cold to watch outside. As I sat in the car, your song "Leader of the Band" came on and I turned it up loud and sang along with it. I thought that when I got home I would look up your website to catch up. Imagine my shock when I got to your site only to read the news of your illness. I was very saddened. I am 38 years old and I like many others, grew up on your music. You cannot even fathom what your music has meant not only to me, but to thousands all over the world. Each year at New Years I have to listen to "Same Old Lang Syne." It always reminds me of my own long lost love. Your song "Leader of the Band" has always been important to me because you use my hometown of St Paul in it. Your music has shaped my generation and will continue for many years to come. I recently had my 20th high school reunion and we spent a lot of time talking about music and your name came up. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. I know you will be fine. I really look forward to the day you get back on stage. Until then, rest, and get well. I hope you know that your music has touched me and I will pass it on to my small daughter. With all my best ~ Lisa Andrews, Saint Paul, Minnesota


 Dan - I was introduced to your music in '81. My brother in law played "Same Old Lang Syne " for me and I have been listening ever since. This evening, while searching for chords online and listening to some of my favorite songs of yours, I read your biography and found my way here. Although we have never met, I feel like I've received a phone call to tell me that a friend is going through a real tough time. After all, people we respect and admire are like friends. We listen to them, their stories, experiences and draw from them when faced with similar situations. We miss them when they are gone and listen to their voices whenever possible, remembering what it was like to be there beside them when those words were spoken. The words may be those of a child, father, mother or a even a songwriter. I remember where I was when I first heard your voice sing the words I've kept in memory for all these years. We have a connection and though we will likely never meet, we will always have this connection. I will keep you in my thoughts. I offer every bit of energy I have to help. I thank you for your music. Stay strong my friend. ~ Richard


 Dan, I am living in he Netherlands (Europe) and I hope you will recover soon, so that I can enjoy a new album of yours. I myself have a spinal injury and I know what suffering is. But, cheer up, man. And enjoy every second of life. Regards from a sincere fan ~ Roy Schoonheim


 Dan, I wish for you to feel the peace that your music has always brought me. Stay strong and my prayers are with you.


 My friends and family in St Louis are great fans.  I play about 20 of your songs. The next time you are in St Louis look  us up, and we will play a small concert for you, for you to relax and  enjoy... you don't have to do anything. Our thoughts and prayers  are with you. You will make it through. God bless... ~ Mark


 Dan ~ I admire you for talking about prostate cancer. So many men keep their experiences a secret. I am convinced that communication is our greatest weapon against prostate cancer. In 2004, after I was successfully treated at Loma Linda University Medical Center in California, using proton therapy, I wrote a book about my experiences and spent the next year traveling the country doing media interviews and signings at major bookstores, all at my own expense. As a result, I feel I may have saved some lives. Hurray for those of us who realize that spreading the word about early detection, and the types of treatment available, is an important thing to do. Continued good luck to you, I have long been a fan of your music. Sincerely ~ Bill Vancil, Madison, WI


 Dan, I went to the University of Illinois, when you were there and met you on the quad one beautiful Champaign afternoon.  I also promoted one of you early shows at Bowling Green University in Ohio.  You did the show by yourself (no band) for over 2 hours.  I was a little concerned about the fact there was no band around you.  However, to this day it was the best 2 hours of music I have ever witnessed.  Thank You for sharing that piece of your life and good luck. ~ r


 Hi! Just wanted to send my best wishes to you and your family.  I've never  been to one of your concerts, but I have several of your CDs, and a tape.   Please stay strong.  I so want to visit places you have sung about.   Thank you for your music, and the pictures the words paint in my heart and mind.  ((hugs)) ~ Ami B.


 You are an incredible musician, songwriter and singer.  It has always amazed me that many of the songs that you have written have hit so close to home for me.  I've never met you or seen you in concert but through your songs I feel like I know you like a good friend.  We are praying for you in your time of need and I hope this note could at least give back just a portion of the joy you have given me over the years.  God bless you!


 Dan, You are in our thoughts and prayers every day!  We believe! ~ Your friends from Woodruff High School.....Peoria, IL


 Dear Dan, I'm also one who grew up listening to your music. It was especially poignant during my teen years. There was no hip hop back then but a great melody and heartfelt words did the trick. Thanks for all the efforts. I know it could not  have been easy. Yours ~ Glenn Horvath, Germany


 Dear Dan, My wife, Dea, and I love your music.  We have grown up with it, discovering Home Free while in college and then Souvenirs, which my roommates and I had to buy multiple copies of since we wore out the grooves on the vinyl from playing it so much.  Then we felll in love with Nether Lands, still a favorite album of mine, and the marvelous Twin Sons of Different Mothers.  Two of the songs you recorded, 'Longer," and "Since You've Asked," were ones we included in our wedding ceremony in 1984.  Though Judy Collins wrote the beautiful "Since You've Asked," it was your cover that inspired us to include it in our marriage ceremony.  Thank you very much. We continue to listen and love your music.  "The Wild Places," is a

favorite, and the song "Bones in the Sky," helped me get through the grief of losing my older brother, Bill Wood, to pancreatic cancer.  The power of 'Blind to the Truth" and your good version of "Lovers in a Dangerous Time," were such nice roundings to your album. It goes on and on.  I run an ecumenical and inter-faith center at the University of New Hampshire, and we try to bring hope and compassion to this world, and healing in the broken places of our lives.  We are offering prayers for your healing, and peace and joy for you and your family.  Thank you for your great music and spirit. May it go ever on. ~ Larry


 Hi Dan! I was listening to Nether Lands today and re-living my teenage years....and  I remembered how much your music has meant to me through my life.  Your inspirational lyrics and melodies were able to help me through some difficult times. For this, I thank  you.  Your concerts were just plain awesome, kick-ass good times.  For this, I also thank  you!  I was fortunate enough to be able to attend four of your concerts,all in Arizona -- one particularly memorable concert with just you, a guitar and a piano at the Celebrity Theater.  You  made magic!  At your concert in Phoenix in about 1988 or so, I was able to meet you after the show.  You had left your coat on a plane, my friend Cindy (who worked for the airline) was able to get it back for you.  We got backstage passes as a  reward.  Needless to say, some great memories, and it was great to meet my  teenage (and adult) idol!!! My heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time in your life.  If my prayers are answered, I'll see you onstage again   :-)  Please get better!! Love and peace to you ~ Mary Piersanti


 "May the sun bring you new energy by day, may the moon softly restore you by night, may the rain wash away your worries, may the breeze blow new strength into your being. " ~ Apache Blessing


 Hi Dan, my wife and I have seen you live a few times. One time was at an awesome show in Clear Lake a couple years back. I was just like having you in our living room :) Anyway we were thinking of you and hoping you are feeling well. Our prayers are with you and yours and we look forward to seeing you in the future if that's part of the plan.So be good to yourself and thank you Dan for all you have done and all you  will do in the future. I did as you requested and checked my psa -- all fine for now. Thank you my brother from a different  mother. Much love and respect ~ Kirk and Sherry Leick of Sacramento


 I started listening to you in 1978. One life can mean so much to another. I was inspired and touched. I have always felt a connection through your music. I lost my dad two years ago .He died of leukemia. Now I am reading you are sick. I just want to say I am so sorry. Again one life touches another and sometimes no one understands how important that can be. I have never tried to write this kind of email on a computer before. I am not good at it, but I truly just wanted to say thank you for your music when it mattered. And trust me it has mattered alot!  ~ Diane Lucas


 Dan, I am glad to see that there are people who are still praying for your health and well-being.  I am a thirty year-old from living in Utah.  The last concert I saw you at was at a place between Cortez and Durango.  What a great environment to see you in concert.  Another great memory was when I was in college and went to BYU's Marriott Center to see you w/ Timothy B. Schmidt in 1993.  I have introduced your music to so many...even surprised a few.  They never knew you did bluegrass.  I mean, most people my age listen to different music than I do, but I think they appreciate your music. There is a warmth and personality to your music that just isn't present in most of today's music.  I can't thank you enough for being one of music's great pioneers. God bless you for the lives you have touched. ~ Jeff Garney, Sandy, UT


 As a fellow Leonian..I have always felt our kindred spirit. The waters are clear and deep here in Makaha, Hawaii, and my spirit flies. I send you my deepest, and most heartfelt blessings to your recovery.  You have inspired me throughout my life. Thank you! ~ Ms. Sunny Crowley


 Dan, Thank you , and God be with you. ~ Larry and Linda Gilbreath


 Dear Dan~ I was introduced to you in 1978 by a wonderful young student of mine.   I was teaching him History at Irving High School in Irving, Texas.  He was a brilliant young man, very respected and well liked.  He also had acute childhood on-set diabetes. The illness was a source of constant struggle for  him.  At 15 he was already starting to lose his eyesight. Those were good days when the line between students and teachers were well respected. For some reason, however, Donnie gave me the Nether Lands album the  last day of school before the Christmas Holidays.  He wrote a sweet letter  that I still treasure, and said he just knew that I would love your music.   It touched his heart in many ways and he thought I would be touched as  well.  It has remained my favorite album since the first time I played it  (on my 33 RPM stereo!) 


I just repurchased, for the 4th or 5th time, several of your albums.   It seems that when fall rolls around, my heart and soul hunger for your songs. Through the years I have come to your concerts at the Majestic in Dallas (even my husband said you're the best performer!).  Today, my  CD of Nether Lands arrived.  I put it in my computer and listened and sang along with every song.   Years of memories fill my mind and my heart of the times I have shared with those I love, and with myself through good times and bad.  Your  music has been the thread that tied my life together, for I have shared it with  my students, my lovers, my mother and father, my brothers (who are both  musicians) and my friends.  "Run for the Roses" still fills my mind with the beauty you describe with your words.  "Leader of the Band" will forever connect me with a mystical moment with my mother as we left  Durango to return to Texas after a wonderful family ski trip.  She and my 3 year old daughter were driving out of Durango, listening to one of your albums with that song on it, and I told her that it truly described the way I felt  about her and my Dad.  Three weeks later she passed away (at 78 with a sudden heart attack) but that shared moment was such a gift for me.  It led to a wonderful discussion about our lives together and the legacy that she and my dad have given my brothers and I. I will cherish it until the day I die.  I am so grateful for the chance that I had to say those things to her, and I will forever be grateful to you. 


I had just completed the album when I decided to go to your web site.  I can't tell you how saddened I was to hear of your illness.   My hope and prayers will be with you and your family every moment as you face this illness, and I will ask those I love to pray for you as well. Thank  you for your gift of music to the world!  What a legacy you have given us. God bless you, Dan! With love and gratitude~ Claudia Stephens


 Hi Dan,  It's moving to read how your music has been a part of so many people's lives and I know you must be touched.   I was a freshman in college in 1979 when some friends and I drove up to Birmingham for your concert and were invited to sit backstage and later get together with everyone after the concert.  Having a lovely moment meeting you is a sweet memory for me.  You were given a gift and you have used it well.  May you be well and have many more years to sing for us. ~  Katherine


 Dear Dan, From the song, "Next Time" to the song, "Leader of the Band", your music has gotten me through break-ups and helped me cope with the death of my father. Thank you for the wonderful and inspiring music.  My prayers are with you. ~ Lisa


 Dear Dan, I continue to pray for your continued healing. You are very missed these days and were all summer too. I am hoping and praying that all is well and that you are in God's hands and totally at Peace. I hope you are able to sail and enjoy this beautiful Fall. I have tried many times to tell you how much your music and meeting you have touched and changed my life, but at the ripe old age of 46, I am convinced that there are no words to fully explain to you how much you have influenced my life for the better. I don't really think I can adequately put these feelings and memories into words. So I will say again that my life would have been very dark and sad if your music had not brightened it up in so many wonderful ways.


You brightened up not just my life, but the lives of family members and friends as well. I have also met a new world of people who are wonderful. Yes DAN you gave my life so much meaning. You also shared many of my views on nature and life so I knew I wasn't the only person having these intense feelings. That was a great thing to find out at the tender age of 15! You have been motivating and inspiring me for years!   I really do miss you and I wish so much that I could do something for you in return for all that you and your music have done for me. Much Love and Hope to you and yours. ~ Laura Boughner, Richmond, Va


 Words cannot begin to describe the shock and utter sorrow I felt when I read the news of this awful affliction. I feel as though I grew up with you as I have been a fan since 1975. I inherited Home Free (on 8-track, no less) when I took over the payments on my older brother's Pinto.  Your music has been one of my truest and best friends ever since--brightening the dark days; keeping me company on the long drives all over the Southeast; helping me to express the feelings and emotions for which I have no sufficient words.   Though I have moved around quite a bit, musically speaking, your music is like a dear friend that comes to visit for a while after a prolonged absence. The visits always bring back memories both cherished and painful but always marks new happy moments that keep me moving forward. I can never thank you enough for the support and pleasure your music has given and still gives me. Heartfelt prayers and best wishes to you and your family, during this terribly difficult time and always. ~ Jack Gold


 Dear Dan, Thank you for being the catalyst for so many glorious moments and inspiration throughout my life.  A Colorado "native" since 1968, transplanted from Nashville, I grew up with music reverberating through my home.  However, my music flows through the melodies of my writing, for I am not a musician. From high school on your music has provided refuge for my soul.  Lyrics, melodies, harmonies, instruments. each delivering a gift of their own, granting access to a world of inspiration I, otherwise, would not have been blessed to find.  Seeing you perform was magic. I have all of your albums, yes albums, and CDs.  I am hard pressed to say which my favorite is.  It would be like saying which flower or mountain meadow is the loveliest.  Thank you again for the gift of your music and inspiration in the lives of myself and those fortunate enough to hear you. May all the happiness, love and inspiration you have brought to the world in which you live come back to you ten-fold.  My best wishes to you and Jean. My prayers are with you both. Best of life in every moment ~ Carolyn Wright Smith - Carpe Diem!


 Everyone has already said it all. I have been listening to you for years. I even had your Innocent Age album in the labor room while giving birth to my daughter. Get well so the world can hear your beautiful voice again. ~ KPatton


 Dear Dan, Your music deeply touched my life from way back, and I pray that you will be comforted to know that you have been a blessing to so many.  May God bless you and your family right now.  Thank you for letting your light shine.  May it continue to shine through eternity is my prayer. Love ~ Patricia


 Dear Dan,  Since my teen years your songs and spirit have been such a BIG part of every day life.  I feel like we’ve been friends for a long time.  Wish you could know the joy you’ve given me: listening to Changing Horses while backpacking in Maroon Bells, experiencing Nexus while watching whales on a boat in the Pacific Ocean, playing In the Passage while walking down a snowy road in Alaska with the Northern Lights swirling overhead.  Amazing!!  And listening to Phoenix was an incredible way to deal with chemo - thanks for the reminder that we have the power to rise from the flames - each day is a blessing.  You make the best parts of life even more meaningful with your music and your heart - yesterday and right now.  So - is it possible to still have your first crush going on strong at 45? Absolutely. Best wishes for you and all your family to live each day with joy. ~ Alyson in Colorado


 Dear Dan, I'd like to add my name to the countless life-long fans praying for you and wishing you healing and a full recovery from your illness. Of the many singers and songwriters I have enjoyed through the years, you have always been and continue to be the artist with whom I feel the strongest connection and whose music touches me the most deeply. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing gift of your words and music which have become a part of my life. May God continue to bless you and your family with strength, faith, healing, peace, and love! I will continue to keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. May God surround you with His love! ~ Melanie in Indianapolis


 When I was in college-getting my second bachelor's degree, I actually skipped out of class for the first time ever to stand in line and purchase front row seats for your concert in Laramie, University of Wyoming.  Okay, so I wasn't early enough so I sat right in front of the huge on stage speakers in the front row-who cares?  It was Dan Fogelberg!  My professor was many rows back-his wife was jealous I hadn't bought more tickets! That was more than 25 years ago and I still put you on the tape player or CD for that warm wonderful feeling of good music, good lyrics, good times. Stay healthy, and thank you! ~ Bev DeVore


 Dearest Dan: Composer Supreme, You are my soul..... and so I am sending you my heart, my passion, my love because you have always, always possessed them and given them voice.  I pray that you are healing and getting stronger. I thank the Holy Spirit that you have love in your life; I pray that Jean, your family and the other loves in your life are being sustained throughout the long, difficult days. I pray that they appreciate each and every "good" day.  I pray that you are not suffering and that you are finding peace & rest, and can feel the love that you so generously share through music.  I pray for news that you are well and defeating your cancer. I live in hope that you are happy.  And I still await a serendipitous moment which will allow our paths to meet. Always with love ~ bethbg


 I can't help thinking of you at the end of October.  The sky around Boston is painted yellow and gray. Peace to you, joy where you can. ~ Rona Fischman


 Dan, I just bought Souvenirs on cd a few days ago and am singing at the top of my lungs in my car every chance I get. I was hooked on the album in the 70's. Thank you for your wonderful spirit and great talent; I wish you only strength and courage in your recovery and unwavering faith and joy in every waking day. ~ Martha Coffman, Franklin Lakes NU


 Knowing there are no words adequate for the task, still I am moved to add my good wishes to you and your entire family. Cancer is no stranger to my family either, and I know to some extent some of the highs and lows you and your family are experiencing. Recent news regarding my Dad's cancer has sent me spinning yet again, and I find myself wondering "why" for many of the world's ills. And then I put in a favorite DF CD this morning on my way to work and let the music wash over me. And while "darkness obscures the trail" right now, still this journey is one of great wonder, even with the twists and turns. (OK, OK, I could do without a few of the twists.) My Dad, in one of his brief moments of clarity these days, summed it up pretty simply last night: "The Good Lord will take care of me, and I'm not worried. I've had a good life. I am STILL having a good life." At age 85, with dementia ever present and cancer rearing its ugly head once again, he still inspires me to get out and live a good life, to love family deeply, and to try to deal honestly and bravely with whatever comes! That is my desire for you as well. Here's wishing you and yours all good things! Thank you for touching my life with some damned fine lyrics and melodies! ~ Susan Cheatham, Starkville, Mississippi


 Dan, I have listened to your music since I was a teenager in the 70's and did not know about your illness until deciding to see why you hadn't released an album in some time.  Your music has always a beautiful reflection of life and love.  No matter what emotion I am experiencing I can play one of your songs and be comforted or inspired.  My family and I are praying for your recovery. God Bless you and your family   ~ Greg W. Sylvester


 Hey Dan, Just wanted to say you are always in my thoughts and I hope you are doing well and continuing to feel better. Your music has been a special part of my life and you have been a great inspiration to me and many others.  Take care my friend and keep feeling better and stronger.  All my best to you and your wife. ~ Chris Maltezos


 As always, my dear friend, and the GREATEST songwriter, musician, lyricist of our day, I continue to pray daily for your family and for your COMPLETE and SPEEDY HEALING. I know I speak for tens of thousands who long to see you fully healed and once again beguiling us with your musical genius. Take good care and all the time you need to fully recuperate. Sincerely ~ Greg Tuttle, M. D., Chapel Hill/Durham, NC


 Your music has touched my heart and soul through the years. I hope your father is watching out for you and Jean. May you be well soon. Best wishes for strength and peace. ~ MCC


 Dear Dan, You've touched my soul with your music since "Souvenirs". My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Godspeed to recovery. ~ Steve McCarthy, Danvers, MA


 Dan, I'm crying while I'm writing this. I did not know about your illness until tonight when I was putting all your songs onto my IPod and relistening to all the songs that have broken and mended my heart. My heartfelt prayers and best loving thoughts to you and your family, beloved poet. ~ Gregory Reid

 Dan, My thoughts are with you are ongoing and know you have inner strength and perseverance to fight this for your health and well being at this time.  I also was born in August but 1950 and graduated from Peoira High School in 1968.  Your name keeps popping up everywhere I go.  I know there are people I knew who you grew up with and went to the same places and who we both know.  My mother and father and daughter are very much musical.  Working in a urological clinic at one time, I understand your positive power that is needed to go through this, Dan.  You have given all of us so much, now it is our turn to give back to you.  Your voice and talent are truly heaven sent! You are phenomenal!! ~  jb


 Dan, you are in our hearts and prayers as you struggle with this disease.  My father-in-law lost his battle with prostate cancer in 2001.  Your sermon is right on target - the tests are easy and can definitely save your life.   The Innocent Age was one of the first records I ever purchased -  I was 13 and have loved your music ever since.  My sophomore year in college, I was invited to see you at the Star Plaza in Merrilville by a wonderful guy (what a great first date!).  Three years later I stood at the back of a church listening to "Paris Nocturne" and "Since You've Asked" while our wedding guests filed into the church. Sixteen years, 2 kids and several concerts later, we still love your music and so does my 14-year-old daughter.  I wish you and your family peace, strength, and hope in God's healing power. ~ Susan Landers, Illinois


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg. I am a long-time fan of your music and have seen you twice in concert. Once, first row in Boston and another time at South Shore Music Circus in Cohasset, Ma.  Both times I cherish and I look on your website from time to time to see if you have any new concert dates.  I am saddened to hear of your illness and I hope you are recovering quickly.  You are such a prolific songwriter and singer.  Your music has gotten me through some challenging times and always feelslike and old friend when I put it on.  My four-year old son, Trevor, is a big fan already - he loves"Leader of the Band".   Best wishes in your recovery and thank you for your music.  It has impacted my life and the lives of many, I'm sure. Best regards ~ Paula Iken, Hudson,  OH  (just moved here from Mass.boy, I miss the ocean!)


 Dear Dan, I was introduced back in the 70's to your Nether Lands album and became a fan.  I believed that you sang my life in so many ways.  With each album I purchased a part of me was produced in song.  I would listen to you over and over again until the words were memorized.  My poor son grew up with you and when I would say listen to the words his remark would be:  "Mom, I grew up with Fogelberg."  I'm not sure how we should take that, but I would take it as a compliment.   I wish you well and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Sincerely ~ Betsy Hannah


 Dan, it is through times like these that you are your strongest-because you are in a weakened condition.  When we are weak, we are strong, as we realize that we are wholly and completely dependent on a higher power.  For me that is Father God.  I will pray for your improvement, but more importantly, that you find your song in this experience---for to shut this gift off is like shutting off living water itself.  You've influenced my musical career more than any other.  I'm so thankful that you've struggled so much, as that is what I've experienced---for to struggle is to live and to live is to experience life in a real way.  Am listening to Innocent Age as I write from the Hoosier state.  Saw you at IU when you at your absolute peak---everyone jammed at Assembly Hall-it was unbelievable. I have seen you many times since in Indy.  Thank you for your guitar hammers and for your syncopation on your left hand on piano.  I'd really be interested in learning how you discovered this or if you invented it. Many have been influenced by you, including me.  "Part of the Plan" and "The Long Way" should be required learning for all guitar and piano players who are interested in learning true Country/Rock. Also, I was blown away by your melodies/songwriting/playing on so many.  The guitar instrumental in the middle on "The Reach" is also incredible. What harmonies and playing. This is so pretty. My favorite album is still "Home Free".  You had all of IU at hello on this one. You were numero uno by far, especially with the coeds.   Am a Lawyer by day and songwriter by night and had a musical heritage like you, but found Folk-Rock Christian as my bag and have 3 CD's, but am very unknown, but love playing my 12-string and piano and singing . Hope you have another album in you after "Full Circle" -maybe "Still Here and Plan on Staying."  Will get my prostate checked out. Thank you Dan and I'll pray for your recovery. ~ Ned T.


 Dan, your music has been my companion going on 30 years.  As several people here have expressed here in this posting, my introduction to your music was in college.  Back then, with Nether Lands on the turntable, I would soak up every word, every string arrangement, and envisioning myself traveling down the same snow covered hills as you, sorting out emotions and relationships.  "Wysteria" haunted me.  "Tell Me To My Face" put into words the feelings I had in a relationship.  And "Longer" wound up being sung at my wedding.  I found strength and meaning in your music. I sincerely hope that your strength and the love of family is helping you through your health concerns.  God Bless. ~  Steve


 You, your music, your soul have been an inspiration for me since the age of 17, I am now 48. You are a God given poet to us all, I pray for your healing. ~ KB


 Dan, I have such warm and meaningful memories of your music throughout such important times in my life.  I used to sing and play guitar in bars,  covering tunes of Bonnie Raitt, Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, and many others  from the 70's.  Among my favorites were so many of yours.  I sung  "Longer" at my own wedding to my husband, and even roped several of my  classmates into playing with me, "Part of the Plan" to our graduating  nursing school class and families.   Your music has fit into special niches  in my life all along.  I grew up in Illinois, and even though I moved to  Fort Collins, Colorado 30 years ago, I loved Illinois, and couldn't believe what  a beautiful song you wrote about that state.  One of my favorite concerts  of yours was a solo, more or less unplugged event at Moby Arena (Colorado State  Univ.) in the 70's (I think)... it was just you, your piano, guitars and a whole  bunch of us loving you and your music.  I wish for you restored health and  peace as you wage your efforts.  Peace to you and your family, Dan.   With warmest, caring wishes ~ Cheri Nichols, Fort Collins, Colorado


 Simply, Jesus loves you Dan. May God bless you. Love ~ Les


 Dear Dan, I have listened to your music for a few decades now and was fortunate to attend one of your concerts in the late 1990's.  I hope that all of these messages from your fans will give you the strength and inspiration that your music has given to all of us.  We all wish you and your family victory over cancer. Thank you for sharing your gifts with all of us ~ Trish Williams-Mello


 Dear Dan, Listening to your voice these past couple of weeks in my car. You still manage to reach inside my heart and soul, even if I've heard the songs hundreds of times.  I think of you so often, wondering how you are doing, how your family is, and I am always grateful for the poetry you have shared with us through your music.  I hope things are brighter for you these days and that the old adage 'no news is good news' rings true here. Blessings to you and yours. With love ~ Michele Lee, Whittier, CA


 Dan--Best wishes to you on a speedy recovery. You and your music resonate especially clearly for me as my life has, in an weird sense, occasionally paralleled your own--I was one of those students enrolled in band class that your dad taught in Peoria at Von Steuben Grade School. Every time I hear those lyrics to "The Leader of the Band" I am taken back lovingly to those days and to the incredible concerts all the kids from all the grade schools would put on at Woodruff High School. In fact, though I never met you in person, I believe that we must have lived only a several blocks from each other while growing up. Over the years my life took me to many cities, but I also ended up living in Colorado, having moved in 1989 to Colorado Springs. Then in 1999 I, too, was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Though it was devastating news, I have made a full recovery as I deeply trust you will too. Keep the faith; you'll never lose that creative spirit.


 Dan: I could write volumes on the influences your music has had on my life; I will make it short it hopes of it being passed on to you to actually read and gain encouragement.. Now at 45, married, a career, mortgage, two kids and college tuitions, it is your music that continues to take me back to a simpler time ... you see, the common thread of that era --- my first date, my first kiss, my junior and senior proms, "young" and innocent love, and events like watching a sunset on a late summer's afternoon across the lake was you (and your lyrics) playing on the eight track/ cassette player.


I emphasize "lyrics", because it IS your lyrics that separated and continues to separate you from the majority in the music profession. Your lyrics inspire... actually, through your music/ lyrics, I learned valuable lessons about "doing life" ... ( and love ). Although I have much to say, I will end with this prayer that someone sent to me years ago; it is titled I SAID A PRAYER FOR YOU TODAY.... I hope you will be ENCOURAGED by it.  ~ Mark Moore


I said a prayer for you today, And know God must have heard

I felt the answer in my heart, Although he spoke no word!

I didn't ask for wealth or fame, (I knew you wouldn't mind)

I asked Him to send treasures, Of a far more lasting kind!

I asked that He'd be near you,  At the start of each new day

To grant you health and blessings, And friends to share your way!

I asked for happiness for you, In all things great and small

But it was for His loving care, I prayed the most of all!


 Dear Dan, It has been a few years since I have had time to drive over Independence Pass listening to your CDs on high volume. However, it is a really nice memory and at the top of my list of things to do next summer.


My Mom was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer in October 2004 and came down here to Denver for an initial surgery. I continue to fly up to Bozeman, MT once a month to visit her over a long weekend. Despite a grim prognosis and many setbacks, she has managed to beat her doctors' predictions, continues to do so, and refuses to give up hope. She has been so very thin and very bald for the longest time, but she still has a big smile and a twinkle in her eye when she is feeling good. Last week while on a short break from chemo she attended her ladies bridge club and even won high. She also manages to bake cookies for me to take back to Denver. My dad has been such a wonderful caregiver remaining steady and strong throughout all of the emotional and physical ups and downs of her illness. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope that you and your family will continue to keep the faith as you trudge forward in your battle with cancer. ~ Pam D, Denver, CO


 I've been touring the Rocky Mountains this week and thinking of you, as I always do in this part of the world. Thank you for your gifts to the world. May God bless you and keep you. ~ Susan


 Hi Dan, Last week Bob Dylan was in town for a concert. All my friends couldn't believe I didn't go see Dylan--they know that I adore music especially well written music.  But there's really only one lyricist for me and that's you. I think of you often.  You music has been in my life for going on 40 years---and that is remarkable.  You write the songs that become so a part of our lives, we listen to them over and over again. One of my first jobs I ever had at age 16 was being a camp counselor in a wonderful forest that sits on the edge of our city.  I would take you into the forest with me via cassette tape and sit and listen to you and nature for hours.  It was my special time.  Now I am married, have three kids, the last one turning 20 years old this week--and I live just blocks away now from that wonderful forest. I still sit in that forest and listen to you on my CD player.  I wonder are you still writing through your journey??? and what would those lyrics say.  Thank you for the music. Thank you for the talent and especially the sharing.  ~ Annie Anderson


 Get well soon Dan.   Our prayers are with you and your family every day. ~ Jim


 I am a 50 year old man who has spent a lifetime avoiding emotion but I still cry every time I listen to "The Last Nail".  "You said you loved me but you had to be free, and I let you." Powerful stuff to touch an old man 30 years later. Thanks for the music. Get well soon.


 Dear Dan and Jean, I am a little behind in sending my good wishes and prayers for you both. I do hope you are progressing well as there is no further information. As a urology nurse ( NYU) I know they are making so much progress with fighting CAP, I hope your are responding well to the treatment. I just wanted to let you both know how much I have enjoyed your music throughout the years. I have no words for the immense talent you have been blessed with but to thank you for sharing your talent and music.  May God Bless You Both


 Thank you Dan for, despite your own personal battle and uncertainty, your wish that other men be aware of this cancer early enough, so we might avoid what you're going through. I'm 50 and I can take that to heart. You're unselfish and continue to be a gift and inspiration to those of us who have come to know you for so long through your music. I've known your music since your Souvenirs days and have nothing but respect for your talent and how you survived the vultures of the music business machine. You have always done it on your own terms - the music industry has served you, not you serving them as is so often the case with most every other artist. I believe you launched your career at just the right time - during the seventies when honest creativity was accepted and rewarded by us fans. Sadly now it's too much about profits, with the labels and musicians getting ripped off by kids with computers and MP3 file sharing to the point that good musicians are almost forced to sell out commercially in order to make a living. Dan, my thoughts and prayers are with you while you fight and beat this disease. Take care old friend ~ Steve DePaola, Rochester, NY


 I started listening to your music in 1973. I was 13, I am now 46 and still listening to your music.  It has inspired my life and helped to fulfill what I could not fulfill within myself.  Thank you Dan Fogelberg for being a huge part of my life for 33 years and counting.  May all of God's Angels keep you close and heal you. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Jean always!!!!    Love and Peace ~  Linda Green, Paducah,Ky


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg: I am so sorry to hear about your illness.  You will be constantly in my thoughts and prayers and I know you will come through this.  You are so lucky to be such a gifted human and to have shared your music, insight, warmth, compassion and respect for humanity with so many through your exquisite and powerfully poetic work.  I love all your songs, but one of my favorites is "There's a Place in the World for a Gambler".


Back in the early eighties I was working into the wee hours of the night making a model in my dorm room at architecture school (at the University of Illinois Champaign/Urbana).  You were on the radio being interviewed by a local station and your interview was wonderful, delightful and insightful.  I had always enjoyed your music, but the interview really made me a fan. I was so stuck by your kindness, gentleness and intellect.  The next day, walking into class, I ended up talking to a classmate about the interview.  He had heard it also and it had the same effect in him.  I was so happy.  Here I was all alone, so far from home in a  new part of the country trying to get through architecture school and feeling intimidated by all these tall, older guys in my class (in those days there were hardly any female students in the architecture program).  But, hearing your interview and then connecting with a classmate really made a difference to me, and helped me feel more like myself and part of my new environment.  Thank you!!!  I think I found out during the interview that you were from Illinois and attended U of I, too, and that really meant a great deal to me, then and now! You  will always be dear to my heart...I must tell you when your holiday CD came out I bought so many copies for everyone I care about because it is the most beautiful expression of the season I have ever heard.  Be healthy and well, dear Mr. Fogelberg, because you make life on this planet a much better and more beautiful place.  With love and respect ~ Jana M.


 Dear Dan,  Having just entered the computer/Internet age, I am thrilled to send you our warmest regards. Your music has provided me with tons of pleasure over the years. Really, truly, more than I can say. Starting with "To The  Morning" and through the years. I even "met my old lover in the grocery store, the snow was falling Christmas eve...". Honest!  I love to sing your songs. Sandy and I were thrilled to death when we got a hold of tickets at the last minute and, sitting in about row 10 center, got to hear and see you up close and personal nearby in Wallingford, Ct. You guys really rocked. What a pro you are. I felt proud that I'd been a fan all those years. Corny, but true. We were deeply saddened to hear of your health problems. I can only say that our hearts go out to you and yours. You have contributed a whole helluva lot to the quality of all of our lives. All the best ~ Buzzy O'Neill


 Dan, I have loved your music for years. I wish you all the best in the world. I live in St. Petersburg, Florida and I swear, one night while on duty with the U.S. Coast Guard, you were playing at the Bayfront Center on Tampa Bay and I could hear you. I have always wanted to go to one of your concerts and never really had a chance. I'm sorry now. I wish you the strength to beat this cancer, the faith to know we all stand behind you and the hope of seeing you again. I know what you are going through, I lost my life partner to Rectal cancer 8 years ago. Keep a good attitude, know that that makes all the difference in the world. Love and Prayers ~ A fan from what seems like an eternity ago,


 Dan, I was introduced to you by my friend David Ainley (God rest his soul) with your Captured Angel album. I have been a fan ever since. I pray for you and your family.  God bless you. ~ Zoomer


 Hello , I have never done this, but recently found a Dan Fogelberg song book and was reminded how deeply your music touched me as a young person back in the 70's. I send you good thoughts for strength and peace in your heart. I am a cancer nurse and see first hand how much good people find in their lives each day despite the uncertainty and distress that accompanies cancer. I hope you can live in the moment and realize the living legacy you have left to people like me who carry  your words and music in their hearts thirty years after you imagined it. We should all be able to share part of ourselves as you do. By the way, Nether Lands has some of the most beautiful and nature inspired music I have heard in my life. Peace to you and this earth family that we all share ~ Peggy Gilbertsen.


 Dear Dan, I never thought I would ever write to you. Especially under these circumstances. I've loved your music since I first heard it in my brother's room some 30 years ago up above the Scandinavian arctic circle. Your music have reached far away corners of this world and it touches everybody who will listen. My biggest dream has always been to see you live, and I am still hoping for that dream to come true. I know first hand what a terrible disease cancer is and what it does to you and your loved ones. I have been a widow for 5 months, and I KNOW that early detection is the KEY and could be the difference between life and death. Unfortunately, most of us do not run to the doctor without having aches or pains and cancer is not painful at first.(My husband probably had it for 2 years before noticing something was wrong) It sneaks up on you and grabs a hold before revealing its presence and the fight begins.


I hope you have the upper hand in this one and that you'll never give up. There is a whole world out there praying for your full recovery and hoping for your "come back". Seek comfort in small things and let wisdom fill your spirit. ~ T. Norway


 Hi Dan, I've been a fan for many years, your music has been a mainstay of my adult life. I'm sorry to hear of your illness, cancer is a bitch, no doubt. I just want you to know that you are in my thoughts & prayers.   God bless & keep you.   Love & good wishes ~ Nicci


 Dear Dan,  My husband and I were sitting at dinner tonight, listening to Captured Angel.  We spoke of you, how you've been a part of our lives through your music, and I decided to write you again.  As so many of your fans have written, your music has enhanced our lives and our marriage- I can't tell you how many hours over the past 30+ years have been spent listening to you.  You are one of those rare talents that can write music, write meaningful lyrics, sing and play- what gifts.  I thank you from both of us for the joy you've given us.  It's funny- we have a couple of kids (who are now 28 and 29).  When they were young, they used to make fun of us for listening to you (we frequently had you on at home and they needed something to tease us about).  However, our daughter has now become a fan of yours, and I recently gave her The Innocent Age.   Sensible girl.  Anyway, my husband and I wish you and your family  happiness and good health.  Thank you for making the world a better place through the beauty of your music.  I pray for your recovery. ~ Lyn and John in Kansas City


 I have written and deleted this note to you about ten times now; I seem not to be able to express the depth of my emotions.  About 25 years ago while attending college I bought one of your albums (used because I couldn't afford anything else), brought it to my dorm, and for the first time heard Nether Lands.  It filled my heart with such joy; your music touched me in a way that gave me hope that life has its beautiful moments. Your music then and remains always a beautiful moment in my life.  Please know that all that have listened to your music know there is goodness to be found in a world filled with chaos, words and lyrics that can be written that are up lifting and hopeful.  You have and will continue to make a difference in this world. Stay strong...stay focused and know that you are loved.  


 Dan, I am 38 and have been listening to your music since I was 15.  During my commute to my school, I am an elementary principal, and while I make dinner, whenever I can, I continue to listen to your music.  I pray that your illness is wiped away, and your voice once again inspires the world.  With my thoughts and prayers ~ Bill


 Dear Dan Fogelberg -I was very sorry to read your news today. I was thinking of you and your great concerts this a.m. during my  morning run. I have been to many and they all were great ! This is the 1st time I ever looked you up on line, I was hoping for another concert someday...wherever you might have performed. I will send my prayers for you & your family for a full recovery. Peace & Love & Happiness thru our Lord ~ Joe from the Twin Cities of Minnesota


 Dan, Thank you for what you've given me over the years. ~ David W Neylon, Sr


 My dear, dear man - I cannot say enough about what your music has meant to me - I taught myself to play - TO PLAY !!! - the guitar  listening to your music - and at one time wished that if I could be any musician in the world that I wanted to be, I'd be you - but you are doing an excellent job of being you so thank you for that and thank you for all of the music and everything else that I cannot find the words for. My heart and prayers go out to you and yours, my friend ~ Kaleno


 Hi Dan, Let me start by saying that my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. I have been in awe of your music since I was a teenager back in the mid 70s. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have put on one of your albums and wondered how you've always managed to take real life situations and make such beautiful music out of them. I feel like I know you just from your lyrics. I can tell you put your heart into your songs and I can literally envision your journey through life. It is amazing how you can put your feelings into words and tell your story in such an enlightening way. I have been a musician most of my life and I have never found an artist that could put their true feelings into words and "nail it" like you can. I wish I had the gift that you have. You have given me and the rest of the world a true gift that will live on forever and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Again my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Sincerely ~ Dave Tabor


 Dear Dan: You have been a big part of my life since I was in high school...way back in 1973!  I'd never heard anyone like you before then and still have yet to hear anyone who holds a candle to you.  When my friends were all listening to ear splitting rock and roll, I was completely enveloped in your words and music.  Yours was the music I fell in love to.  Now, all these years later, I only need to hear one of those songs and I close my eyes and remember a time when I couldn't imagine being happier.  Though my life has changed dramatically since then and he and I chose different paths, I know in my heart that I've never felt the same about any person in my life.  I've followed your career and seen you in concert when you've visited Massachusetts.  I always left those venues humming a familiar old song--the likes of which are hard to find these days.   When I met my husband twelve years ago I discovered he also had several of your albums...something we had in common.  We agree that there are so few real 'musicians' anymore--the music we hear now is sadly lacking in the 'talent department'.  We miss you.  I'm sure you hear this often, but we want to tell you too.. We think about you every day. So many thoughts, prayers and good healing wishes are being sent to you.  We're confident that God watches over his most precious. Since you are one them, we know you'll be with us a very, VERY long time.Take best care, dear friend. ~ VL.


 Dear Dan, Best wishes to you and your family as you fight your way through your illness. Thanks for the information on Prostate Cancer, and what I can do (as a 51 year young man) to get the tests done to hopefully prevent this dreadful disease. My father is a Prostate Cancer survivor, and I am getting these tests done as part of my yearly physical. We all look forward to the day when you are back on stage and giving us our share of Fogelberg music. OK, so my favorite album was Nether Lands. It got me through my divorce 28 years ago, and our prayers are going to get you through this, too. Kindest regards ~ Doug Fehmel


 I am glad you realize how deeply your music touched so many lives. My big sister brought your records home from college when I was just a kid, and I closed myself in my bedroom and I got initiated into the art of singing-songwriting. Your albums are in large part how I became a singer-songwriter myself. Your albums made it difficult for me to endure the '80's, when the true-hearts of songs were being buried by stacks of synths and Simmons drums. Your chords and haunting harmonies came flooding back to me just now, as I was trying to learn the song "The Trapeze Swinger" by Iron and Wine. I hope you continue to know how your music has spilled out from you to all of us, and has become part of the fiber that is used today by Troubadours the world over when we attempt to weave our own truths into something beautiful and recognizable for ourselves, and hopefully, for others. Seeing you well, and appreciating you from afar! ~ Barbara Kessler, Hopkinton, MA


 Dan, I am a pastor, Hospice Chaplain, and grief counselor.  I simply want you to know that my wife and I are praying for you. Your music, your heart and your illness are very special to us. Many blessings ~ Jim and Denise Hoyt


 Dan, I was first introduced to your music at the age of 13 when my sister brought home "Home Free" some 30+ years ago.  And for the 30+ years since then your music has been a part of life in a wonderful way.  I can truly say that you were the inspiration for me to learn to play the acoustic guitar, and how often I have dreamed on one day being about to sit with you and pick out a few of your songs that have become a special part of me over the years. I cannot tell you how many times I have witnessed a beautiful sunrise, gazed out at snow covered mountain peaks, felt the crisp autumn air, listened to the gentle surf on a moonlit night, or experienced any other such magical moment in my life, and your music and words have come to my mind and lifted my heart.  Simply amazing.  All I can say is thanks for sharing your gift... I am the richer for it.  My thoughts and prayers are with you, friend.  Until we meet along the road...... ~ Charlie


 I have never had the pleasure of seeing you perform or of meeting you. Parallel musical careers and family on my part kept me away. I now am retired from music, if anyone ever really can, but your music is still a constant in my life. I thank you for sharing your talent with a world that really needed your music. You are in my thoughts and prayers. As I travel, I will continue to request that people pray for you and Jean. ~ Richard Hughes, Monte Vista, CO


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg - It does my heart good to know that you are working so hard to beat your illness.  Your music is absolutely timeless to me; I recently made a long drive and listened to you all the way.  One of my fondest memories is being front row center when your performed at the Morris Mechanic Theater in Baltimore.  It was such a thrill. Should you ever decide to tour again and come thru the Baltimore (MD) area, I will DEFINITELY be there.  You're in my prayers. Sincerely ~ Diane Pazourek


 I know it isn't much --just a few words in space --but your music shaped my life. It helped me through times of ups and downs, brought me joy and smiles. I know I've grown to be a better man to have known your songs. I am thinking of you. Thank you for what you do. ~ Tim


 I logged 30+ years in the retail and consulting side of the music business. I had no idea of your ordeal until now (10/26/06). My words completely fail me. For some reason, however, I suddenly see myself so many years ago, just starting out, and opening a batch of promo LP's from Columbia/Epic. In the midst was your green-colored initial release with the radio airplay strip at the bottom. Pushing the others aside, I put Dan Fogelberg on the turntable at Record Bar in Johnson City, TN for the first time. Before the first track ended, I felt like a kid with a big secret, but not for long. We sponsored a sit-in radio program with the local FM station called "Blazing Turntables." That afternoon I took only one album to the station for the half-hour show instead of the usual 4 or 5 to expose to the audience--Dan Fogelberg.


This was the first time I had chosen to feature only one new release. The deejay was a little uncomfortable with my tunnel vision--he knew the program manager would probably have issues with my concept. And then he heard the first half-minute of "To the Morning." By the time "Looking For A Lady Began," the program manager had joined us. Not a word was spoken until all seven minutes and thirteen seconds of "The River" ended. By this point, we'd run over our sponsored 30 minutes and then some. The deejay, a local legend named Bill Cramer, said quietly into the microphone, "If you've got chillbumps, call me." The phone lines were still lighting up as I was leaving to go back to the store. The program manager stopped me going out the door. Rocky Stone (his real name) said, "What do you think about going to an hour each day? Same rate, we'll just double the time." Needless to say, my fledgling company was mighty impressed that I'd somehow "negotiated" twice as much radio exposure for the business at no extra cost. I told the owner, a great guy named Barry Bergman, that Dan Fogelberg deserved the credit. Twenty years or so later, your CD "The Wild Places" got me through the worst summer of my life when my wife passed away. I spent the months building a deck extension onto my cabin on Sanctuary Ranch. I don't know how you did it, but I swear I truly believe that I hammered to the "Rhythm Of The Rain." A few more years later, you actually played in Johnson City, TN. I was in the balcony with a new love and once again, your timing was impeccable. So please carry on. It always matters. ~ Robb


 Dan,  I had a dream about you last night.  I was attending the first concert you gave after beating this illness.  Words can't describe how beautiful it was and how beautiful you were....and that one dream has left me with a warm feeling all day.  I hope my dream comes true for you and, selfishly, for all of us who love you, miss you, and so very much need you around for a long, long time to come.  All the best. 


 Dear Mr. Dan Fogelberg, I wish I could give back to you the courage, the inspiration, the enjoyment and the peaceful solitude your music has offered to me over the years. I was very sorry to hear that you have taken ill with Prostate cancer. We have been hoping for a cure to Prostate cancer for years having been introduced to it by my father having had it.  We will pray for a cure for you and for the others still suffering from it. It was not surprising to hear that in the throes of your illness, you should encourage others in preventive measures against this evil disease. Your music has touched the hearts of so many - it has to come directly from the heart of the man acting as singer/songwriter.


Thank you for the years of your music.  I wish we could give back to you the gift you have given to me and now my children and so many others. We offer to you and your family our prayers for your well-being. My family and I hope you find 'magic in every moment'. God bless you. ~ Patti Donahue


 Your music was the core of my album collection beginning in my college years in Maine in the late 70s and early 80s and has been with me through the good and bad times of my life. I actually don't seem to be able to tell you in words what your music has meant to me, but I can say thank you for it. I recently heard your lovely "In the Bleak Midwinter" from your Christmas CD and it led me to your website and my discovery of your illness. Again, I am at a loss for words, and wish I was a poet and songwriter so I could express myself, but I will leave it at God Bless You and your family as well. ~ Cindy in NJ


 I first started listening to your music when I was 13 yrs. old, many years ago, and have never stopped listening.  Your lyrics and music are not only beautiful, but inspirational. One day, about 5 years ago, I was traveling through the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania commuting to work.  It was a cold winter day and quite early in the morning.  I had a tape of my favorite songs of yours playing and, as the sun started to rise over the mountain, "To the Morning" came on.  It was such an unbelievable moment.  And it wouldn't have been possible without you. I just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you and praying and hoping for your recovery.  I know there isn't a God in this universe that would allow someone so beautiful to leave our world.  Be well ~ Jan Skibinski


 Dear Dan, We are praying for you and may you feel the grip of God's grace on you and your family! Your music has been a wonderful encouragement for so many years to so many! Not a week goes by without listening to your tunes. Blessings ~ Mark Vanlandingham


 Dear Dan and Jean, I lift you both daily in prayer to the Father...for healing, and for the peace that passes all understanding to guard your hearts. You are dear to me. ~ Angela Treadway


 If I were asked to choose a favorite album of all time it would certainly be The Wild Places. Your words from 1990 are prophetic today in late 2006. As a recent transplant to north central New Mexico I believe I was drawn here in part because of this record. "The Wild Places" and "Blind to the Truth" ring in my mind every day of my life. I'm not saying you changed my life with these songs, but you did write the songs of my own heart. If you ran for president, I would be your campaign manager. To be sure, there are many of us who would like an update on your health because you are much loved. May the God of The Spirit Trail be good to you. ~ jc


 Dan, I'm so very sorry to hear this news.  I'm currently listening to  "The Innocent Age" - one of my very favorite albums and just decided to google  you. I had no idea you were dealing with this.  I am so very  sorry and pray that you are doing well.  I'm a nurse and my ex-husband  had prostate cancer so I can well imagine some of the things you must be  dealing with.  Please know that there are lots of us out here who have been  touched by the music you have given us and hope to one day see you in concert  again, or at least listen to new music!  You have a rare talent and it was  definitely a big part of the fabric of my life. Thank you so much and best  wishes ~ Barbara. 


 Dear Dan, Since my brother, Andy, introduced me to your music decades ago, I have worn your "Dancing Shoes."   The "lessons learned" have been worth the "price" to me and my family.   You have a "living legacy" to "the Leader of the Band" so look up, and smile in confidence.   He, who created you, will not let you down.   He gave his life for all of us, so he blessed us by his life, Word, and Spirit. And, Dan, He knows your every thought and imagination before it is given to you.   He alone can answer prayer, and to Him we pray for complete recovery to you, in body and spirit. ~ Ron Horvitz, Gloucester and Dartmouth, Massachusetts


 I pray for you and I hope to hear a lot of new music from you. Best wishes from Poland. ~ Pawel


 Dan and Jean, It's all been said and probably more eloquently but I must add my prayers and words of love...for your soul, your music, the blessings of your presence here among us. I am so grateful for all the amazing hours I've spent with your gifts of music. Seeing you live MANY times in my native... your adopted... Colorado heaven. I'm listening to "Same Old Lang Syne" as I write this. Blessings of strength and grace and healing go out daily and with so many souls focused on your life and well being it's a prayer that is already answered.    Spirit, that which has created all that is, knows us all as only perfect - in body and soul. And you dear Mr Fogelberg are exactly THAT! Blessings ~ Shawn S.-  Colorado


 Dear Dan - I am saddened by the news of your illness.  I was playing Full Circle (for the umpteenth time) in my car on my way to work and I decided to check your site for upcoming concerts.  I did not expect to find anything else but a description of your upcoming adventures.  Your music has found a special place in my heart and my thoughts will be with you as you travel the rough road ahead of you.   Peace ~ Judy Carlson


 Dear Dan...I just came to your website. I'm so sorry about the news. Your music still brings great memories....really lovely. I will keep you in my prayers....~ Eileen


 Dear Dan and Family -  For the last 21 years, I have been a Dan Fogelberg fan.  Eight years ago, my husband and I were fortunate enough to see you in concert at Oven's Auditorium in Charlotte NC.  The concert was uplifting, wonderful beyond words and evoked so many memories for me that it brought tears to my eyes.  Your album "River of Souls'  is our very favorite.  Every song on that album touches something in the lives that Rodney and I have lived.  My middle sister has been battling breast cancer for two years now and has her last chemo treatment is in two weeks. We pray that the cancer will not return.  I also pray that your battle will be a successful one Dan and that you will be able continue the life you love.  I gather from many of your songs that sailing is a passion for you. I pray that the wind will always fill your sails and carry you across that moon lit sea.  Peace to you. ~ Donna & Rodney Russell, Albemarle NC


 Hello lovely is not your ultimate definition... you are! ~ Suz Starlite


 Dan and Jean:  Please update the web site with more recent news.  We all want to hear how you're doing!  You remain in our prayers!


 Someday, when you are well enough, I wonder if you might consider teaching?  You helped so many of us cut our philosophical "teeth" with your thoughts, lyrics and arrangements.  It would be nice to see your influence expand in many ways.  I think you would make a brilliant teacher.  There are so many students of life and music that could flourish under your tutelage.  Just as a side enterprise --even once in a while. Of course, at the heart of this note is the fervent wish for your steady and total recovery.  That before all else. ~ SLB


 I have been listening to your music for twenty-something years and introduced my husband to your music.  He only owns about 6 CD's that he keeps in his car.  I was told recently that he plays "The innocent Age" every morning on his way to take our 5 year old to school.  It is a ritual now.  Last weekend we were going for a long car trip and she said "Can I hear some music"  which means she wants to listen to The Innocent Age and not any other CD or artist.  Mind you, this CD has seen better days and skips quite often, but she doesn't care.  What struck me the most was that she knows so many of the songs and sings along with them.  I couldn't help but think about how life really does come full circle. Please know how much you and your music have impacted and moved people.  You are A GIFT!!  Thank you ~ Kelly Mason


 Best Wishes and blessings from a guy who has been inspired by your music for years!!! God Speed!!! Sincerely ~ Jerry in Oregon.


 Dan, I hope that you know the power of your music!  It has shaped my musical tastes from oh, say 14 years old to now -- that is over 25 years... a long time! Your music must come from your heart and knowing what I know about your songs, you have incredible depth.  So, harness that power you've let out over the years to get yourself better!  In my thoughts & prayers Dan ~ Kevin Burch


 Dear Dan, I just recently logged onto your website to get a current update on how you are doing.  Of course, I hope things are going as well as possible for you and your family.    I cannot begin to express the impact your music has had on my life.  In my most difficult moments, I have found great comfort while listening to your music.  I have also been able to put things into perspective and move forward through the often profound messages of your lyrics. I have seen you in concert nine times (I'm wishing for 10), and will never forget the first time I saw you perform.  It was at Elliot Hall at Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana in 1979, and I have to say that it was probably my most unforgettable moment.  From that day on I have been hooked.  It was an acoustic show, and you opened it up with "Nether Lands" (still my favorite song, and album).  Wow, what a show! Best wishes to you and your family.  You are in our thoughts and prayers. Sincerely ~ Regina Merritt


 Good morning, Dan, I was thinking about my mother today, as it is her birthday in heaven, and so many of your songs sounded in my heart, especially the ones that helped me at a very sad time in my life.  I miss her, but thank God for the gift of you and your music. I hope all is going your way. You are in my thoughts and prayers ~ Hugh B


 Hey Dan, Just checking in once more to see how your doing. Sounds like you're doing well. I'm really glad. What courage, faith and determination you have. Your love for life and self is strong.  I've felt this in your songs/words over the years and by your actions.... opening wide to receive the healing energies available to you. Thanks Dan for teaching me. I was sitting outside playing some of your old tunes this afternoon here in Ojai, Ca. Today is Ojai day and the streets are full of music, art and celebration. I am remembering the many concerts of yours I have attended over the years. Remember the concert you put on in Santa Fe, NM at the Native American school? This was perhaps 9 years ago. You had just recovered from your boating accident in which you injured a finger and you mentioned in your intro that you were not sure if you could ever play again. That was the best concert I ever saw. Of course you were sitting no more than 10 feet from me.  Thanks for sharing some of your fingering techniques....I picked up a few tips that day.  So I am hopeful you will rise again to new heights and when you play in concert again, I will be there. May the stars rise up to meet you Dan Fogelberg. ~ David Fitch, Ojai, CA


 I wanted to drop a note today to you and let you know that I am thinking of you and wishing you well. I know that you have to marshal your resources for recovery and I certainly wish you all the best in that regard and my prayers are with you. But even though you are an "old acquaintance" you are not forgotten and still often brought to mind. God Bless you Dan, speedy recovery. ~ Dwight L. Gray


 Dan and Jean, I've been a fan from your first album way back when.  There have been many musicians whose work I've enjoyed through the years.  It seems that I've eventually grown tired of their style, or in some way their message stopped hitting home with me.  Not so with your music. I've admired your talent and accomplishments for so many years now, it's hard for me to remember a time when your music wasn't part of my life.  I'm also impressed with how your vocalizations have stayed so strong after so many years.  I am a trained singer and have used my voice  for many years, and have felt the effects of illnesses and age creeping up and diminishing my abilities.  If it has happened to you, I'd hard-pressed to hear it!


I am very sure you have both looked into every possible means for dealing with your cancer, but on the off-chance there is something you have not yet heard of or tried, I'd like to share  site I found a few days ago.  Our 25-year old daughter has a lump in her breast and it's so very hard not to fear the worst, having had my best friend of many years and former college roommate finally pass away after battling her cancer for 6 years. The site is  I was awed by the wealth of information it provided on possible causes for cancer as well as a long list of non-A.M.A. prescribed means for fighting cancers that are already established, or preventing future cancer cells from forming.  I was delighted to see that the blue-green algae my husband and I have been eating for the last ten years was on the list.  But first and foremost was a volcanic mineral called zeolite.  It comes in two forms, a more expensive but far more-potent liquid, and a less-expensive less-potent version in powdered form.  It is the number 1 most effective cancer fighter/preventer on the list and the studies performed have had wonderful success rates even among stage-4 cancer patients. If you haven't already memorized and tried everything this site suggests, I urge you to give it a look right now, and incorporate as many of the preventative and cancer-fighting methods they list as you can into whatever other regimen you my now be on. You will be in my daily prayers. In His footsteps, we find NEW HOPE!! ~ Joanie Robertson


 Just want you to know that I continue to pray for you and your family as he recovers.  I hope this finds you well and enjoying your life.  After all the years you have shared your music and talent with us, your fans, you deserve as much time and rest as you want and need.  It's sad not to be planning to attend a concert at Red Rocks in Colorado as I did for a number of years, but we certainly are blessed with some great memories and wonderful friends made at those concerts. The best memory is a concert at Red Rocks in approx 97 or 98 I think with pouring rain and you coming out on stage making a comment about us all being nuts or something like that.  Your performances were worth it though. I pray that God will bless you with your health and many wonderful years ahead to enjoy your life however you choose.  If your health allows it and you ever return to the stage, guaranteed me, my sis and a truly special friend (met at the raining concert at Red Rocks) will be there.  I wish you all the happiness you deserve.

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