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Online Live Chats

1997 - 2000

The "Live Chats" were a good way for Dan to promote a new album and for the fans to connect with him. Host companies like AOL, Entertainment Tonight, Yahoo!, MSN, and Prodigy would set up the chat for a specific day and time and let their members know when to log in. At the appointed time, the moderator would log in from their location, and Dan would log in from home and connect with the moderator via phone. As the questions came up on his monitor, Dan would answer them and the moderator would type in his answers.

As soon as Dan replied to one question the next one would pop up. Dan enjoyed this unscripted, rapid-fire format. His quirky sense of humor shines through in these online interview gems. Take a moment to read through some of the chats - you just might discover something you never knew about Dan!

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