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"Dear Dan" Letters

December 2007

 "True wealth is not measured in money or status or power. It is measured in the legacy we leave behind for those we love and those we inspire." ~ Cesar Chavez


 Dan, I've been listening to your Christmas album. What a wonderful gift! Hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas. You are still in my prayers. ~ Patrice, Macon,GA


 Dear Dan: During this holiest of seasons, I offer and share prayers of affirmation of your perfect spiritual status as a child of God Please savor its message and may it bless you with continued healing. Your poetic compositions have blessed me and made me smile for so many years...thank you. Rejoice ~ Patricia


 I can't get you out of my mind. I am praying that you recover soon from this horrible disease. I miss you and your music. ~ Patty from New Hampshire


 Dearest Dan, I just wanted to hear your music tonight and turned to the internet to try and find you on YouTube which led my thirst for your music to this site.  Your music has inspired me since the very first time I heard you. Because you are only six years older than me I can truly say I grew up with your beautiful music which never ceases to amaze and stir my soul.  I had no idea about your illness and will light a candle for you and Jean at my church tomorrow.  My family and I will remember you both in our prayers this Advent and Christmas season.  From the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, may God bless and keep you and grant you His peace. ~ Lu R.


 Dear Dan and family, I've been a fan of your music since the mid-seventies and regard you as one of my top favourite artists of all time alongside The Beatles. I only wish i could have seen you play live in the UK. My thoughts are with you as you continue to fight your battle and don't give up, please!


Over the years I have lent out your records and cd's to my family and friends as you are not very well known over hear except in my neck of the woods. You have such a brilliant voice, you are a great musician and a brilliant songwriter. You are so underrated in the UK. At my wedding my wife and I requested your song "Longer" as our opening dance and still do when are in feeling romantic. I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and 2008 the sun will surely shine for you. Best Wishes ~ Nick and Sandra Calfe from near Bristol in England.


 May GOD richly bless you and your family Dan.  I have been moved by your beautiful "Same Old Lang Syne" song ~  for many, many years and never knew who sang it! I spoke to a co-worker who guessed and when we googled your name...there you were!  I thank GOD for you following your destiny to share that beautiful voice and writing gift with the world. As you rest and recover know that there are folks here in South Jersey who are praying for you and yours.  In this lifetime, it is a privilege to have experience this BEAUTIFUL song! Be encouraged dear heart!  And know that you are loved!  You Tube...such a great invention to keep the music alive and comforting to mankind.  It is so wonderful to know music crosses all boundaries and knows NO prejudices. Loving you to Life!  ~ Mary Cross


 Dear Dan, I became familiar with your music in the 80's with Twin Sons. And of course could sing along with some of your songs which would be frequently played through the (so many) years.  Now I am following your story because my husband is sharing your experience.  He was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in May 2007 at age 48.  Of course, it came out of the blue and with surgery and radiation now behind us, we deal with hormone therapy which he will probably be on indefinitely.  I know some of what you are going through.  When my husband, who is athletically inclined, could resume his long distance bicycling post-op we started training for a century (100 miles) ride for the Livestrong Foundation and did that in August. Shortly after that, we moved a short distance to a smaller place but in an area where he can kayak on the local creeks. It gives him such a sense of peace. The mantra for the LAF really touched me and I'll pass it on to you, even though you've probably heard it many times:  "Unity is strength, Knowledge is power, Attitude is everything".  You are treasured by so many.  Add our prayers and best wishes to all those already going up! ~ Pete and Karen Collins, Mechanicsburg, PA


 Dear Dan and Family, Your music and lyrics have touched my life and my heart in so many ways. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts with all of us. I wish you wellness, strength, courage and the grace to face what the future holds..  You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers. ~ Georgette L. Doty, RN, BSN


 Dear Dan Fogelberg, I dreamed last night that I was telling you, emphatically, how much your music has meant to me throughout my entire life.  I'm not a groupie; I'm a happily married 42-year old mother of 3, English teacher and marathon runner whose last baby will leave for college next year.  I think of you often, and the way you have made your mark on my life.  I think the noblest career of all is that of a musician, with the power to express oneself with beautiful words and sounds and most of all, the power to touch others' hearts.  In this life, my capacity for music is limited to that of extreme appreciation, but it holds a strong power over me, and your music has accompanied the grandest  and most sorrowful moments of my life.  Thank you.  I pray for your health and peace. ~ Joanne Bohrman


 Every year I look forward to "Same Old Lang Syne" --it's just not Christmas  for me until I hear it. It brings to the surface all those feelings about past  relationships and I always get a smile on my face thinking about what a great  life I've had. For me, it's one of those songs that I don't want to end--could you write a few more verses please? :)  But, mostly I'm upset to hear about your diagnosis and truly hope that you are on the road to recovery.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and Jean. ~Suzanne in  Michigan


 Dan, Hope you are well. I love to hear "Same old Lang Syne" here in Pittsburgh  when the snow comes falling down and the Christmas tree goes up. It always  reminds me of fun times in College listening to your music back in the late  70's. God Bless you and your family ~ Susan C. in Pittsburgh


 Just had to send a note to wish you and your wife well.  I have listened to your music for years and have had the opportunity to see you in concert twice with my husband.  I was so saddened to hear about what you have been going through.  I was just thinking about what you were up to these days and tapped into your website to find out you have been going through this difficulty.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.  I think of my Dad as well when ever I hear "Leader of the Band." Take care and we wish you well. ~ Katherine (Kitty) Figliola


 Dan, I was extremely fortunate that my physician kept a close eye on my PSA, and that I was getting annual physicals. There was a period of time when I wasn't. Even with that, the Urologist found enough positive signs from the biopsy (ain't that just a grand experience) that he recommended a combination of hormone therapy, external radiation, and radioactive seed implant. I believe I had just completed my external treatments in Littleton, CO when I heard you'd been diagnosed. The seed implant was performed in July, 2004, a week and a half before we opened Guys & Dolls at the Space Theatre at the Denver Center. Doing a musical while catheterized is another activity that few people get to experience, but I got through it. Did save a lot of trips to the men's room.


It was about two years before I declared myself recovered from the impact of the hormones and the radiation. My PSA has remained below .2 and I feel very blessed that I got through it with a lot less permanent damage than I expected. I am also grateful for the specialists we have in Colorado and their level of knowledge and skill. I can't agree with you more about the importance of regular exams. The later the cancer is discovered the more extreme the measures required to treat it and the associated permanent damage to the body. I also wanted to mention that having a therapist helped me stay relatively sane and away from the deep depression that often occurs under these circumstances. I think in a lot of ways it was harder on my now ex-wife than it was on me. However things go, you have my best wishes ~ Bob Webb, Denver, CO


 Dear Dan, I am sitting at a cafe in Emmaus, PA. "Same Old Lang Syne" just played on the sound system. It touched me very deeply. beautifully expressed. In response, I sought to learn a little about you, and I found this website. You will be in the thoughts and prayers of me and my family. And, please accept my gratitude for sharing your gifts with the world. Truly, beautiful art is one thing that makes life worth living...  Peace, Love, & Music ~ Mike


 Over the years, I've seen you in concert numerous times and am amazed at how much your music continues to touch my heart. My thoughts are with you. ~ Maggie H.


 All I can say is pick up your guitar and sing away sing to a place you've never been before. My prayers are always with you. I must say that I constantly pray for you. God bless. Write some more songs. We long for your music.


 Dan, How are you? I certainly hope you're doing well. I wrote you many months ago and a lot of your music comes to mind around this time although I don't need that excuse to listen to any of your songs. I always keep CD's of your music in my CD player. I felt the need to reach out and express my thought. This is actually an emotional time of year for me my partner and mentor of about ten years took his life in early December of 2005 He was an excellent guitar player that really helped me become a better finger picker.Though he knew your name and your music strangely he wasn't aware of all the great finger picking songs you recorded so I would push him to learn the song and tab it out so I could learn it on my own. I miss those times of playing music with him. I've become good finger picker of songs on my own learning song by artists like Gordon Lightfoot who you mentioned in your bio that you listened to and enjoyed his music. I can tell you I don't hear anything of that quality in today's music. Thank God there's you and Gordon. Nonetheless I really hope you're doing well and hope one day you'll be planning a tour It's been a long time that the strings have been silent. My dear friend, God bless, be well. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Sincerely ~ Francisco Miranda


 Dan - I loved your music from the first moment I heard it and for me those are truly some of the fondest memories of my life.  I always dreamed of creating some of the magic you did in writing that beautiful music.  It never really happened for me, but I have always had that dream and sometimes having the dream is enough.  As someone who works in medicine, I know how difficult your battle is.  Keep fighting for all that still need you in this journey through life. ~ Mark T. from Minnesota


 Dear Dan, I must be living under a rock. I had no idea about this until I started to download your "the very best of" CD onto my Itunes and was directed to your  biography and site. I saw you in Easton PA at the State Theater. My first album in college was "Souvenirs". You've always been a favorite. You have my prayers. Stay strong and come back out to us soon. ~ John Stang


 While driving to the market today I was singing along to "Leader of the Band" and became unexpectedly weepy. I came home, went to your website and found some interesting similarities in our life stories. My father was a musician, my mother was a singer and my grandfather was a steelworker, first in Ohio then in Pennsylvania. I have had my own success in as a singer and proudly carry my father's legacy in my music and especially in my heart. I'm about to record my 5th CD this month and on it will be the beautiful tribute to your father. I lost mine to cancer in 1994. Be well ~ monica mancini


 Dear Dan, I am anxiously awaiting your return to Red Rocks!  I hope you are feeling better and stronger every day.  Thank you for the music. You've got my heart ~ Susan


 Dear Dan, I first enjoyed your music in the mid 70's and saw you perform solo at the Valley Forge Music Fair (just outside of Philadelphia) in the mid 80's.  The stage revolved and everyone in the intimate theater was in awe of your talent.  I have seen many performers and that show was amazing. I was especially impressed with the numerous guitars that you selected during the performance.  Your music inspired me to learn guitar during my senior year of college.  I would sit and play in the stairway - where I could loudly sing songs like "Part of the Plan" and others would stop by & join in.  I am grateful for the opportunity to express my appreciation for all of your music that I have enjoyed over the past several decades.  I pray for you and your family and wish you all a joyous Christmas.  I look forward to seeing you in concert sometime down the road.  Keep fighting and may God bless you.  Sincerely ~ Ike, New Jersey.


 Dan...we're always here. For so long,but always so near. The greatest thing that could exist. is to know how many hearts of how many people were touched and are touched by your melodies. That's a reason to live...a reason to continue. Thank you for the music, Maestro! ~ Marco from Rome,Italy


 I know it is a tough journey, but many are continually praying for your healing, comfort and strength. Could we please get someone to update all of us who have followed your struggles with cancer? With knowledge, we can direct our prayers and still feel in touch with someone who has touched our lives through music.  God bless you.


 Aloha Dan, Your music has indeed touched many through the years-  "The best poet in the business,"  is how my brother in law,  Frank Rosato,  a music engineer in Sherman Oaks puts it. My husband went to UCLA (UCLA '79)  and used to hear your father. He and a friend also used to play your songs when they played the clubs of LA back in the early 1980s. With our prayers for healing,  renewed health and good spirits and our fond aloha ~ Michael,  Amy & Matthew Rosato, Kailua-Kona,  HI 


 Dear Dan, My special and kind-hearted "youtube-friend" + guitar player Chris, wrote me that you have a hard time in dealing with cancer. He asked me to bring you in my prayers, and I certainly will. How could I not? I grew up with your music and enjoyed that so much! And still do! Last year my husband George died from brain cancer at the age of 49 years, so I can understand a bit how heavy the confrontation can be. And the heavy struggle to fight for your health in all the ways you can. But I also learned that all these lessons are making us stronger, and so I think that happens to you and Jean! Also the love from the people, who know you and the ones you have touched with your wonderful music means that you can believe that there is much kindness and love in the hearts of people, who keep you in mind. And that experience can carry you through so many things, because that experience is not body-bounded but is eternal!


I will keep on listening to you (and watching at youtube), will light a candle for you every day and in the meantime pray for you, sending Universal Love, named God's Love! For you and Jean, and the people around you. And lay your wishes in His hand, and He will lead you! Have Faith!  With Love from the heart ~ Roeleke, the Netherlands.


 Dan, May God be with you and your family through a blessed holiday season! Divine Intervention - Close your eyes. Come with me to a place I hold close at heart. Where the creation of my longing rests with God. I promise to lend you my light as we move slowly through the unknown toward some divine intervention. I have come to know the purpose in passion. God’s voice seeping out in need of release. Having no choice I must follow the notes unveiling to you the mystery of my inspiration. A place where the soul smiles as its essence is exposed. ~ GW


 Thanks from a fan and an amateur guitar player. Your Innocent Age album really changed the way I approached playing the guitar,and the way I started feeling about alot of things. I wish the best for you,and I want to see you back in Tulsa, Ok playing your music for me and my wife Lynne. Thank you more than you will know. ~ David Kissee


 I'm decorating my Christmas tree and listening to your Christmas album.  Tears are in my eyes and love in my heart for the beautiful music you've blessed me with for at almost 30 years.  Thank you for sharing your gift. I pray for God's blessing to you and your family, and complete healing of you body.  I can't wait to hear you sing again! ~ Cori Brogan, Madison, WI


 Dan, you have been my musical inspiration for years and I have bought every recording I can find of you .Your music has seen me through the various stages of my life and has been a continuing backdrop. I am most concerned that there does not seem to be any recent information about your condition and indeed my own father died of prostate cancer and I do hope you are on the road to recovery or at at least remission. ~ Ian Mason, IFA


 Hang in there Dude.   Keep the positive side up ~ Gracie in Michigan.


 You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.... You must do the thing which you think you cannot do." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt


 Dear Dan, May you have continued blessings in this life's journey. You have given me many, many years of enjoyment with your beautiful words of music, and I thank you for sharing your most inner self. You are a blessed soul! May God bless you and yours ~ Mary Ngai - PA


 Merry Christmas Dan and Jean! I hope you are feeling better Dan. Let us know how you are. We love you and want to pray for you! Take care ~ Lisa


 Dan,  I have loved your music for many years now. It has helped "get me thru" many a tough situation as the years past.  Thank you ever so much!  Just know that you are in my prayers and hopes for a recovery. God Bless you. And again Thank you. ~ Dennis Pegg...Newton, NJ


 Dan : My wife and I want to wish you the very best. You are in our prayers daily.  Keep your head up, stay positive, trust in God and all will be well. We have been fans of yours for many years. We have seen you in too many concerts to mention and have just about all your albums. Cheers to your health. Regards ~ Bob Monjure


 Dan, your music has long been a source of inspiration, and I especially respect your attention to environmental and political concerns. I found myself thinking about a concert years ago, just you and a guitar (and keyboard), as I recall, great stuff.  Also found myself wondering how you are doing and wishing you the best.  ~ Jay


 Dan, I just wanted to take the time to tell you how much your music has meant to me over the years. I have never felt so connected to songs like I have with yours. "Leader of the Band" holds a very special place in my heart. I cannot express enough how much your music touches me. You truly are a very special gift from God.


 Dan, I want to thank you. You don't even know what for. My life to this very day plays like a country song. When I was a young woman, still an underage girl, I was abandoned by both parents and alone, fending for myself. I can still  remember being afraid to my very core. I heard your music one day and  there was a quality about it that brought me hope. Every time I heard you play  or sing, I felt happy and my thoughts were lifted. Your music made me truly happy and brought me very much comfort. I want you to know that and  know how powerful your music is and what an important thing it was for me.


I saw you in concert, once. You were very tiny. I didn't get good seats. I  thought then that you were the most beautiful man I had ever seen. I think that was in Fort Collins, Colorado in the early 1980s. I didn't hear much about  you after that. I have traveled the world since then and grown an awful lot. I  got to thinking in this wild world of the world wide web, whatever happened to  Dan Fogelberg? I saw your site and your lovely wife Jean, the luckiest girl in  the world.  I am sorry to learn you are battling an aggressive disease. I  pray for the both of you down to the cellular level. For you, I pray health,  wellness and the hope your music gave to me once. For Jean, I pray  steady strength. In closing, THANK YOU ~ Gina


 Your music has touched me in a very special way. I will always hold those songs and lyrics in my heart. All my best wishes for a positive outcome to your situation. No matter what, may your fans' prayers sustain you, Dan. Thank you, and be comfortable and at peace ~ Anne D. in Hull


 Merry Christmas Dan. You are in my prayers.. ~ Di from Kansas City


 Wanted to take a moment to wish you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers, and I hope you are enjoying this special time of year. Love is a powerful force that can move the heaviest of loads . Dan, there is an amazing love for you in this world, and  I continue to believe that this love is steadfast  and enduring. That it may be able to make things a slight bit better is all that matters. Happy Holidays. Happy 2008! ~ Debbie Helton Joiner   Smyrna , GA


 Dear Dan, It's snowing like blazes here in Connecticut and I've got your beautiful Christmas album playing as I work. Just a note to wish you a peaceful holiday season. Thank you for all the wonderful music ~ MJ Q., Columbia, CT


 Dan, Thanks for your living testimony to those of us who tend to procrastinate when it comes to regular check-ups. We tend to think of ourselves and not the impact that all our love ones must endure when we are ill. I pray you are blessed with a speedy and full recovery and that this time of year finds in the loving warmth of dear friends and family.


I want to thank you for sharing many moments of your life with the rest of us. I bought your first album (Home Free) when there were only two copies in the record store and almost no one knew who you were. My brother and I knew immediately that the depth of your lyrics and the seemingly addictive melodies would soon have you rocketing up the charts. We weren’t disappointed. Finally, thank you for inspiring me to learn to play the guitar. After 30 years I’ve never tired of playing "Leader of the Band", "Stars", "Longer" and many of your other songs. "The Reach" remains one of my favorites although I’ve never gotten that quite right on my guitar (I know it’s an open tuning). God bless you, my friend. May the songs of your heart beat loudly and often. ~ Ken Burns, Monterey,CA


 Hello Dan, Just a word to let you know that your are in my thoughts and prayers and your faith will get you through the difficult times.  You already know that there many, many people all over the world (literally) praying for you and your family.  I remember buying your single "Longer" as a teenager in the '70's.  "Same Old Lang Sang" is such a beautiful song and the melody is just as beautiful as the lyrics; it truly touches my heart and brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it.  Obviously, it's my very favorite.  You truly are a singer of songs and teller of tales and thank you for all of the spectacular music you have given to all of us over the years.  Remember that you and your family are truly blessed this holiday season and God keeps giving you the strength to carry on. Love and Prayers ~ Linda M., Kansas


 Dear Dan, I first heard of you while traveling around the States in 1982.  It was my last 'young, free and single' fling before I settled down and got married over here in England.  Your songs recall so many good times that I spent in the USA from February to May of that year.  Thank you so much for all of your songs. ~ Bruce Fraser


 I am very sorry to learn of your battle with prostate cancer.  I pray that your medical care and treatments are successful in helping you overcome this dreadful disease.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


I have loved your music for years.  Yesterday (after allowing a long time pass since I have listened to your music) I pulled out two CD's that are my most favorite because when I bought them, they really spoke to me.  The music is Exiles and Phoenix.  It was not until I played them on my computer while I was working that I remembered why that music was important to me.  It hit me like a ton of bricks.  20 years ago exactly was when I was going through a tumultuous divorce with a very controlling vengeful man.  It was a hard enough choice for me to leave, but it was most painful because I was making that choice for my two young sons who were only 4 and 6 at the time.  In any case, Exiles helped me experience all these emotions because the music said it for me, my disappointment in this failed relationship with a man, at the time, I still loved very much.  As I listened to the music yesterday, 20 years later, I could look back at this time and remember the loneliness and pain and yet feel as I was transcending to more of an understanding of the route my life was taking.  Reading your biography enlightened me to the fact that you and your first wife divorced and Exiles was a result of your journey.  I just thought it important to say, it helped me with my journey too, yet allowed me to remember the good times along with the bad.  That is extremely powerful music and lyrics.   Thank you for your wonderful talent. My best wishes to you and your family and I wish you all a blessed and Merry Christmas. Take care ~ Kathy


 Sometime in the early 70's I was a young teenager listening through the door of my older brother's bedroom and he was playing "Part of the Plan". It was my first introduction to your music and I was instantly hooked. My brother later went to Vietnam and was highly decorated. He made it back, but took his own life not long after. It was 2 days after Christmas in 1975. I later learned that we lost more veterans to suicide after that war than soldiers that died during the war. When I fell in love the first time, there were your songs along the way. Later, after having split up with my first love and finding her again years later, we were sitting in a living room listening to the Phoenix Album ("Heart Hotels" and "Longer" and "Along the Road" among others). Many years later, in the early nineties (around the time of the LA riots spurred by Rodney King) I was watching Saturday Night Live with my children (I raised 5 children as a single parent.) and during the fake SNL newscast was a quick bulletin "This just in - Rioters have broken into Capital Records and stole everything except the Dan Fogelberg records!" - My children began laughing at me uncontrollably and still tease me with this line today.


I remember singing many times with my daughter "There's a place in the World for a Gambler" and of course the "Let it Shine" chorus. We went through some extraordinary difficult times (she was being abused by her mother). This song helped us through those desperate times.  More recently my now wonderful wife, who is from Europe, heard "Same Old Lang Syne" on the radio and asked about it. I dug out my CD's and began to play them for her. She had never heard of you, but recognized a couple of your songs from growing up in Russia and Ukraine. I also told her the stories above. It brought up a truly remarkable conversation about my brother and we later visited his grave site (the first time for her). I don't think much about my deceased brother these days, but it's truly amazing how a song can take you back to an exact moment in your life and the memories come creeping in like the morning sun through a window. It's even more amazing when I realize how this music has been with me through both good and bad times over such a long period of time. This is truly a special gift, and I wanted to thank you for this, as it will remain with me for the rest of my life. And by the way, tomorrow I go and get that nasty medical exam - I read your sermon, Dan - maybe you have bestowed upon me the most special gift of all - to take care of myself. Thanks again Dan - and good luck! ~ Howard Hinman, Bloomington, Indiana


 Dear Dan and Family, Let it shine. At this time of year I am reminded of a wonderful concert in Washington DC. at the Warner. Wonderful intimate acoustic sets almost like a private concert. Miss your live shows. I would enjoy seeing you again if your health allows and the spirit is willing. God Speed, God Bless, Merry Christmas and Happy New year from an old fan in The Mountains of Virginia. ~ TRW


 Dan, I write you again to thank you for your music . I have so many fond memories centered around your songs. God Bless you. Please update us on your recovery & share any new music. We pray for your healing & keep you & your family in our hearts. ~ Glenn Urtes


 Dan and Family, Your lyrics in "Run for the Roses" speaks to the "something God knows, that drives you and carries you home".  I thank God for your drive and determination to pull from inside of you, the beautiful music and lyrics you've created over the years.  Your music still moves me today, just as it did the first time I heard it.  God bless you for your generosity ~ Stephanie Taylor


 I was searching the web for your Greatest Hits album and saw this.  I pray that you are doing well and have had complete recovery.  I love your music and have put it on my wish list for Christmas. God bless ~ Brenda J. Lott


 Dan, I am a great fan of yours and please know the you are in my prayers. It goes without saying that cancer is a very harsh thing to endure, but you will do well I sure. God bless you. Regards and best wishes ~ Lou Fiorentino


 Dear Dan:  As I scan the Living Legacy site, I look for news of how you are doing.  Your music has always been such a special part of my life.  My cousin introduced me to your music (Nether Lands, Home Free, & Souvenirs) when I was a young teenager. I was collecting your "albums" when people were saying "Who is he?"  My cousin and I would sit for hours singing your music and harmonizing together. Great memories.  You came to Wisconsin plenty of times, but I never took the opportunity to get to a concert.  Much regretted now.  Just wanted to let you know that your music has always held special memories for me and I hope that you are doing well.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.  God Bless You!! Thank you so much for your music! ~ Cara from Wisconsin


 Dan and family, I too, have just started down the ugly path of diagnosis and possible treatment. I didn't get tested until just recently and I m 58. My PSA was 4.8. Not terribly high, but nevertheless over the recommended number for males my age. I think your spirit and music have changed so many people, Dan, and you brought untold amounts of love and joy with your gift of music. God Bless you and I hope and pray your time on this earth is filled with Love and Joy. Take care ~ Wayne "Mac" McCartney


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg - I just wanted to express my warmest and most heartfelt "Thank You" for all the joy and music you brought into my life.  Your music has been the soundtrack for a good deal of my life.  Your words and your melodies made the most wonderful times in my life better and brought solace and peace to me when things weren't so great -- thank you. At this time of the year when we are more mindful of all we have and even more aware of those around us face a struggle, I want to add a special prayer for you and your family.


I hope that all these prayers and good wishes from your fans, both young and old, will feed your soul and give you the strength in spirit to rise above the illness and pain and recieve nothing less than peace and love and rejuvenation. "Thank you for the music..." Sincerely ~ Alan Castaneda, San Francisco


 I just wanted to convey my prayers and well wishes to you and your family at this time of year. I continue to pray for your progress against the  disease and am forever grateful for what your music has meant to my life. Merry Christmas!


 To DF and Family: Years ago when "Part of the Plan" was first being played on the airwaves of Myrtle Beach, SC, I was thrilled to be the first one with the LP, telling EVERYONE about this incredible artist!!! Fast forward to now, many years down the road, and I am an oncology nurse of 25 years' standing. I am currently working on a pilot program to assist newly diagnosed men dealing with prostate cancer. I want you to know that although being a survivor with systemic disease can be a scary thing, it can also be a great opportunity to show the world that people DO live with prostate cancer in all stages  every single day. You are all in my thoughts and prayers and I look forward to one day seeing your picture in Coping Magazine with the caption, "Dan Fogelberg, 87 year old prostate cancer survivor!!!!!!!!!! May God Bless ~ Deirdre Young RN,OCN.


 Dear Dan, I hope that you feel better soon.You are an inspiration to so many people through your music and I have always loved to listen to your music. My husband took me to see you in concert at Chastain Park in Atlanta a few years ago. You were terrific!! God bless you and your family.Take Care ~ Wyn Allen, Woodstock,Ga


 Dear Dan, Another year is coming to a close.  I hope that you are doing well. Keeping you and yours in our thoughts and prayers especially at this wonderful and special time of year. May the new year that is soon approaching bring you much happiness. Take care ~ Linda &  Josephine Flasch, Palos Hills, Il.


 Dear Dan & Family...Some wonderful and touching sentiments from your  many many fans. Thank you so much for your beautiful music over the years. Been blessed to have seen you in concert at Humphrey's a number of times and in  Vegas. From the Siddon Family in the Palm Springs/Rancho Mirage CA area, our  prayers for a full recovery and extend to you and your family and to those who  have posted there beautiful sentiments to you on this web site a very  blessed Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. God  Bless. ~ Mike


 Dan - My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your music.  I was paralyzed in a accident a few years ago and your music is what gives me peace.  Take care of yourself and please know that there are many people praying for you!  We love you and your music and cannot wait until you are better so that you can get back to what you do best! ~ Beverley Bass, Fairfield, Ohio


 I just heard " Same Old Lang Syne" on XM and was wondering how you are doing these days.  I hope well and I wish happy holidays to you and your family.  My wife and I saw you at Wolf Trap in Virginia on your last tour.  What a great show.  Hope to see you again real soon.  Thanks for all your great creations in music. ~ Brian & Mary Jo Davis


 Dan, My wife and I fell in love listening to your music. That was almost 30 years ago!  Tonight driving home we heard one of your songs on the satellite radio and began to cry, remembering how it felt to listen to your music and know that we loved each other (and still do!).  I came home and looked you up on the internet and discovered you were battling cancer.  Please know that our prayers are with you.  Your music is an amazing gift and I believe that you will win the battle for your life.  Please know that we (and I am sure many others) appreciate your gift and the feelings that come as a result.  God bless you and keep you. ~ Kevin & Mary O'Hare


 Dear Dan, I too have loved your music and writing for many many years. As someone earlier mentioned, you are just 5 years older than I, and you always mention your influences and they are in the list of people I recite whenever someone asks me my favorite music. Of course The Beatles (and can I say how much I appreciate that they are the few 'pop' musicians you still listen to), Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, The Eagles, and of course, the list goes on and on, Jackson Browne, maybe, Fleetwood Mac, "Bare Trees". I hope you and your family are doing well.  Please be well, all the best to you and yours in the Special Season of Joy. Your fan forever ~ Carol Rushing, Kentucky (formally of Northern Calif)


 Your music will live eternally as will you.  We miss new music by you, but what you have accomplished through your lifetime will remain forever.  A devoted fan.  Good luck Dan.


 I just wanted to send a quick thank you for the influence you have had on my life. I have also gone through some dark times and your music seemed to always be there. I also write some and am told my lyrics are reminiscent of your style. So thank you again and I pray for all the best for you and yours. ~ Jay Mitchell

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