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"Dear Dan" Letters

August 2007

 Dear Dan and Jean.  I think I was a junior in high school when I first heard Souvenirs (still my favorite).  I'm 50 now.  Wow it seems like yesterday.  1976 I think it was that I saw you and Fools Gold at the Paramount Theater in Portland, Oregon.  I have been a huge Dan Fogelberg fan ever since.   For some reason I was wandering thru youtube a couple of days ago and did a search on your name hoping to catch glimpse of you.  I have to say the best thing I found posted was a video someone had submitted of a turntable playing "There's a place in the world for a gambler."  It made me want to cry.  It also made me go home, get into a closet that harbors my old turntable and albums and rediscover Dan Fogelberg and albums.  I had almost forgotten that I had all those albums.  Is there anyone who has written as many songs as you have?  Well I won't go on and on.  I just wanted you to know that I, like so many others,  wanted to thank you.  For all of it,  the music, the memories, the tears and that fluttery feeling I get when I think of your music.  I wish you and your family happiness, peace and a breath of fresh air.  My thoughts and prayers are with you. ~ Debbie H


 Dan, You have spoken to me throughout the years with your amazing music and I have followed your art with great inspiration in my own life and music. My thoughts and prayers are with you. ~ Jeff Dugas


 I am listening to your music as I write this. Thank  you. You made this world a better place with your music. I lost my Dad to  prostate cancer. You are in my prayers.~ BK


 Your music has meant a lot to me in my lifetime.  When I'm blue, or when I'm happy, your music is always playing.  We saw you at Devon, PA, and also Harrisburg,PA.  We would love to see you again.  Our prayers and good wishes go out to you and your family.  Just know that your music is a source of joy and comfort to so many people.  We are fighting along with you.  Please keep a positive outlook.  We need you.  Fondly ~ Carol and family


 Dan, I have enjoyed your music for many years and feel somewhat of a kinship with you. God bless you during this difficult time. I will keep you and your loved ones in my prayers. ~ Susan M. Wiese


 Dan, Please accept my best wishes and a speedy, 100% recovery from prostate cancer.  As I am in my late 40s, I have taken your advice and begun yearly screenings to catch and diagnose this dreadful disease. 


I was a freshman at the Naval Academy when "Phoenix" was released.  That album, and all your other music, inspired and uplifted me during a very difficult time of my life.  I was fortunate to see you live on your "Innocent Age" tour, and at Wolftrap a couple of decades later.  You are a kick-ass guitar player, and I will always cherish seeing your live performances. ~ Andy Smythe


 Dan - You've always been an inspiration - and you continue to be one. May love, hope, peace and faith be yours always. ~ Tom and Lynn Costa


 So sorry to hear of your illness.  I hope that your fans can bring joy and laughter to you, as you have to us with your music.  You are in my prayers...really!  Take care and be well. ~ Joy - Woodland Park, CO


 I haven't been to the website in some time and came to see if there was any update. My Dad was just diagnosed and will likely be doing seed radiation as at 81 surgery is not a consideration. I hope that your treatment has been successful and that you'll be around at least as many years as my Dad. I've had the pleasure of being at two Red Rocks performances and hope one day you'll be able to perform there again. Best wishes and prayers. Thanks for all the great music. ~ Cindy Capen


 Hello Dan, Although your music was part of my young years, through the years and experiences one goes through, I lost touch with it for a while.  Recently I stumbled across one of your albums in my CD collection, and played it, only to realize how much I had missed listening to you.  Immediately I went on the net to see what new CD's I could find, and was shocked to hear of your condition.  I look at your page regularly to see new, hopefully positive developments. I just wanted to wish you all the best, and thank you personally for your music. All the best.


 Greetings from Iowa.  Thank you for your beautiful music, and best wishes as you regain your health. ~ A Friend from River City, Iowa.


 Hi Dan: Haven't written in awhile...but you are in my thoughts and prayers. I listen to your CD's and watch your DVD often. Billy and I send our love and prayers ~ Gail


 Dear Dan, I have been listening to your music for the past 30 years and had the privilege of seeing you in concert in 1981.  Your music has touched my soul in so many ways.  In traveling to Maine for vacation, I couldn't help but sing your song "The Reach" (one of my favorites) as we traveled. My heart and prayers are with you and Jean at this time.  My husband and I will always treasure your music.  You are truly an inspiration. God Bless You ~ Charlene and Michael in PA


 Hi Dan and family! Well buddy, I sincerely hope everything is going well for you. When I got back from my early morning run and I put your "Greetings From The West" Live CD at full volume! Brilliant! Simply won-der-ful and I must thank you for giving me years of enjoyment! Dan, again I hope all is going A1 for you. As they say; "No news is good". Here´s hoping!! From a fan in Seville,Spain (originally from Cork,Ireland), regards ~ Johnny "B" Good.


 Dan, We're all still praying for you.  I've been in radio since college (1972) and have played songs from darn near all your albums (from "Home Free" on) on radio stations from WDBQ, Dubuque to WQUA, Moline to WLS, Chicago and more in Philadelphia, Tampa and Milwaukee.  Have seen you perform many times and hope there'll be a day when you get back to the stage.  I've always hoped I'd have the opportunity to interview you.  Hasn't happened...yet...but when the cancer's totally gone and you announce the next tour, I'd love to put a microphone in front of you for 10 minutes.  Should you decide not to return to performing, I'll still have that microphone handy and waiting for you. 


Your music is always with my wife, Ariel and I...always.  We've got your cds in the car and in the house.  One of the first things we do, when we go on a road trip is dig out some Fogelberg...cry our way through Nether Lands (how could a person not cry after hearing the opening of that great album?).  You really have done the "leader of the band" proud. ~ Bob Bateman


 Your songs have been my companions for many years.  I hope the prayers and thoughts of so many bring you comfort and healing now.  Thank you for  sharing your soul and spirit with us. Please draw strength from us now whom you  have touched so deeply.  Many blessings ~ Tee


 I'm hopeful your recovery is going well.  I have been a fan for many years.


 Dear Dan, You are quite simply the best lyricist on the planet I have ever encountered. An inspiration, a true empath, a real wordsmith. I cannot thank you enough for having enriched my life with your wonderful songs and for giving me the inspiration to aspire to be as great a song writer as you are. A tough challenge I know, but a worthy goal to aim for. Your ability to reach the very heart of the listener is a rare gift and one you were especially given so that you might share it with us in order that we may better understand our own emotions.


To learn that you have an emotional and physical battle of another kind right now is devastating. I am sure you are very uncomfortable right now. But, I am here to tell you that my own father contracted Prostate Cancer at 80 years old. He was terrified of course. But he is now 85 years old and fully cured. This thing can be beaten and I have no doubt that you, a man of such inner power of understanding, can beat this thing as if it were no more than an awkward line in a song seeking the right rhyme. The power of positive thinking really can help the medication do its job so never ever think otherwise!


Dan, this World needs people like you. You are as important a resource as air itself. Your words give people hope and support and substance to their lives. In short Dan, we need you too much for you to ever consider not recording again! Perish the thought! So, here's what you do. You take a good long look in the mirror and tell yourself that the man you see is too important to be beaten by this challenge and that together, you and the man in the mirror, you are going to beat it. I know I speak for every fan when I say that our thoughts and prayers are with you at all times, so we will be right in there pitching with you. Dan, we all love you, even though we only really know your music, and we are right here for you - right now - always.~ Trevor Krueger


 When I was broken hearted, my friend Jerry played the album Nether Lands.  I fell in love with song after song after song.  Later, on a cold January morning when Larry proposed we kissed and danced in my living room to "Same Old Lang Syne."  I was spellbound and unable to leave my car while listening to "Run For the Roses."  Reading all the email good wishes to you, I see we all sound the same.  We all have personal, intimate and intense feelings toward you.  Your music became the background, the wallpaper, and the fragrance in some of our dearest or most painful memories.  When we hear a song it can take us right back to the very moment we heard it.  It's remembering sweet kisses and the hope of new love, it's why I was late to church listening to "Run For the Roses", it was why I couldn't listen to "Same Old Lang Syne" for years after Larry left me.  It was humming and singing along and the melodies that kept us company.  You wrote us your love songs, you sang them to us, it endeared you to us.  Each and every one of us who write, love you, we simply love you.  Your heartbreak has become ours, your struggle has become the focus of our prayers.  We all want to ease your burden and lift you up.  We all sound alike Dan.  We all hurt with you because you were the dearest friend we never met.  I have thought, "No one loves Dan Fogelberg like I do. He danced with Larry and me, he filled my VW bug with the thrill of roses and races, he showed Jerry how to heal my broken heart, Dan and I sang a duet to 'Dancing Shoes'." But I sound like everyone else, it's not about me, it's about all of us.  I am another loving voice wishing you clouds and blue skies and mountains with trees and years and years to enjoy the best God has to offer you. Thank you, dear friend, for all of it! ~ Carol Wilson, Huntington Beach, California


 Dan, Thanks for lift, the insight, the passion and the stunning music.  The first time I heard your music was in a High School creative writing class.  A girl played "The Long Way" and I was impressed.  I bought Souvenirs that week and it blew me away. "Part of the Plan" has been my life's theme song.  But it was "There's a Place in the World for a Gambler" that floored me.  So simple yet so deep and soulful, I can listen to that song all night long and not get tired.  I was hooked and have purchased every album since. I will not bore you with my opinions but I will say that The Innocent Age will go down in the annals of music as one of the best of all time; brilliant. Dan, you have a lot more hearts to touch. Here's hoping that you let it shine for many years to come.  I wish you and your family well. ~ Gary


 Thank you for your music and your wisdom (Get checked early and yearly!).  Since '83 I have been a fan and have appreciated your thoughts and creativity.  I hope, through these times, you find strength and joy in your family, your friends, and the abundant creativity with which you were blessed.  Godspeed, light, and love ~ Steve


 To Dan Fogelberg, I was shocked to just find on your website that you are dealing with prostate cancer. Hopefully at this time it is under control!   Anyway, I'm one of those people who connected with your music,  really like no other, about 1979.   In fact,  I was just listening to the Phoenix album as I drove to my office to do a little work.  My wife and I have made it to several of your concerts and were thrilled by the experience.  I include you in the very top of all rock stars;  with McCartney, Lennon, Henley, Dylan,  and with the top classical composers; Grieg, Chopin.  All the best the universe has to offer!! ~ Paul Norberg


 Hi Dan, I'm writing today because of a weird circumstance. My wife and I are heading to Chicago tomorrow for Beatlefest. Three days of Beatles songs and sound -alike bands.We were sitting around the pool today and heard "Part Of The Plan" on the radio. It sounded soooo good !We thought the guitar solo sounded just like George Harrison...what a great song! Then we started talking about how great your music was and how much we've enjoyed it over the years. Then we find out you were born in Peoria. A neighboring city to us. We live in Terre Haute,Indiana. There is just something special about being from the midwest. Thanks for all your music. We're praying for you and know that everything is in God's hands. You are an angel my friend. You've touched so many people's lives and we hope you continue to do so. I'll put "Leader Of The Band" up to any of the Lennon/McCartney classics! That is one of the greatest songs ever written!!! Love ya! Thanks! Friends ~ Don and Marcia


 As always, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.  I wish you well in every sense of  the word. ~ Linda B.


 Dear Dan, I have been thinking about you.  I hope and pray things are positive for you.  One of my best friends just had a scare with Prostate Cancer and he is ok for now.  You and your songs have given me so many things: joy, comfort, love, life, and on and on.  My prayers are with you and yours. Much love ~ Kim


 Dear Dan, I found an old album of yours, "Souvenirs" - listened to it as a teenager and loved it. It appeared out of the blue today - checked you out on the net and was horrified to find out about your news. I hope you are finding the strength to deal with this awful situation - wonderful to see all the well-wishers that have taken the time to send their best to you. I went on to have a long and varied career in the music industry and often thought about your album and those times. It must be a great comfort to know how many lives you have touched during your career. Love and best wishes ~Jonn Savannah


 Dear Dan, Thank you for your contribution of your wonderful music to the world.  My husband and I were married in 2005, and chose your lovely song "Longer" as the song for our first dance.  I was looking on your website to see if I could surprise my husband and take him to one of your concerts. Your music will be with us and our (future, unborn) children always.  Take care and be well. ~ Jill, NYC

 Dearest Dan and Jean, may the Divine Energy around you & within you bring Good Health,  Peace, Joy & Happiness. Happy Birthday on the 13th Dan, I Love You and your music, I listen to it   every day of my life ~ Debra, Miami.


 Dan: As I was going through a box of memories, I came across a "Tour 1982" t-shirt and had to look you up and see what you are up to these days.  I did not expect to find you fighting for your life against prostate cancer.  You gave me such a wonderful gift throughout the years with your music.  Thank You!  I have decided to take that 25 year old vintage concert t-shirt and put it up for bid on Ebay with 60% of the proceeds going to the Prostate Cancer Foundation.  I wish I could do more... With Love and Light ~ Scott M. Weekley & Michael LePiarz


 Dan, I hope your condition is improving and you and your family are coping well and one day soon we will hear the good news of your full recovery. Sincerely ~ Lance Myers. Cheyenne, WY


 Thank you for the pleasure you've given me and my son and his friends (17 year olds). I admire you and enjoy not only your music but even the notes you've written on your web-site and media sound good to my mind's ears. They are so very well-said (concise, balanced, gramatically correct, clear and perfectly right in their content.) Again, we greatly admire you and enjoy your music and hope for the very best life and times for you and yours.


 Periodically I check the web site to get an update on how things are going. Whenever I want an inspirational moment I put in my DF cd's.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and hope you get back in the studio or better yet, in front of an audience.  Like the Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA.  You're missed on the music scene.  May God bless you and your wife. ~ Barbara


 Dan,   Here's wishing you all the good fortune in the world as you continue with your struggle. I do sincerely hope that you consider making more music in the future as your ability to tell a story through your lyrics, as well as your intricate melodies makes you one of the very best at your craft. I've personally always thought that you were (are!) one of the most under-appreciated artists of my time. Regardless of whatever path you choose to pursue in the future, I wish all the love, luck and happiness in the world. ~  Ron Mason


 I grew up in Peoria at the same time you were starting. [I was born by a river.] I was shocked to hear that you had been ill and were no longer performing.  Your music has been a pleasure and inspiration to me since your very first album.  I wish you all the best, and may you maintain your determination and strength in dealing with your challenges.


 You've been with me, through your music, since my sophomore year  of college. Like so many others have written, my memories are often defined by  your music and lyrics. I pray blessings on you and your family, and God's peace for you all. ~ Jamie


 Danny, I hope you won't mind if I toss this out to the hundreds of fans who are sending their good wishes and prayers to you.  With your upcoming birthday, wouldn't it be grand if everyone donated a gift to the Prostate Cancer Foundation? I challenge all fans to do just that!  I hope that you and Jean are having a great summer and enjoying life to the fullest.  Best wishes ~ Dianne, Peoria County


 Stopped by as I do from time to time to say hello and express my "well-wishes".  Joy and Good Health...~ Wade in Michigan


Dear Dan and Jean,I am writing to express my wishes for your strength and inner peace during this journey.  Your music has greatly influenced my life and continues to inspire me as I paint (landscapes) and work as an art therapist with the elderly (often playing your music in the background while they create---they love all of your work). I was so sorry to hear of this setback for your life and music but hope that you will be inspired now as never before. I live near the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories in Long Island, NY where great work is being done in cancer research. There is tremendous hope in research and I will pray daily for a full and complete recovery for you!   With love and wishes for renewed inspiration ~ Johanna Cutolo, Long Island, NY


 Mr. Fogelberg (I won't presume to call you Dan, as I do not know you well enough) I want to wish you, Jean and your extended family complete restoration and a miracle of health.  As to your music I have every tape you ever made and some in duplicate because I wore them out.  There isn't one song you ever wrote that did not touch me in some way.  I personally LOVED the River of Souls album and I will tell you that you are right that they did not promote it enough it was wonderful.  Of course I have and love Nether Lands, Phoenix, Windows and Walls, and all the songs on The Innocent Age album.  I loved "The Reach" and "Nexus" and though I have played guitar for over (here goes my age lol) 34 years and sang at coffee houses and did quite well I pursued being an attorney after I was a forestry major. Weird change I know.  However I want to incorporate them now as I see the urgency to do something about our environment.  I was in Durango and Telluride and the Four Corners area, Mesa Verde etc just recently and you have been on my mind.  I pray for strength for Jean and your brothers and your mom. Thank you for your music, inspiration and the best music I have EVER EVER HEARD. Hugs, warm wishes and truly love from a very, very loyal fan ~ Victoria Norwich


 Dan, We think of you often and pray for your well being. Fight the good fight and know the number of people you have touched with your music are out there living in a world that you made better through your music. You are a tunesmith and a word painter. Our love has been nurtured through your music and  our love continues to grow. We have been in love with each other and your music for 27 years. This is a better world because of you. Get well. We thank you for being a part of our love for this life. ~ Jan & Ron Fawley


 Dear Dan, My prayers and thoughts are with you and Jean as you go through this battle.  For so very many years I have enjoyed your music and concerts that I guess I just thought you would always be there...and so you will I have a 16 year old son who was "raised" on your music (and a video!) who aspires to be, "as fantastic as Dan ". He said to me just the other day, after listening to "Innocent Age" in the car, "Mom, I don't think I could ever be as good as he is, no matter how hard I try."  The point I'm TRYING to make it this -- you have been a constant "companion" for me since I "found" you in 1971, and now you continue this journey with my son. Thank you so much from both of us, as you will always be part of our lives through the inspirational music that you have created and shared. May God bless you. He has us-- in giving us the opportunity to hear and feel the heart of you.   With Sincere Thanks ~ Leslie Burns-Still, McDonough, GA.


 I'm sure you have heard all of same messages from your fans.  How you inspired them to new heights, how you helped them to learn to play guitar, and so on.  So, it's not going to be original of me to tell you that you have been one of most inspirational songwriters of my life.  From the first time I ever listened to Home Free I was hooked. "This guy is good," I thought and waited impatiently for your next album to be released.  Each album you wrote seemed to get better and better, quite an accomplishment for an entertainer and put you in an elite group of songwriters, such as James Taylor, Billy Joel, Cat Stevens and that includes you as well.  No other music fills me with joy then your acoustic songs and the power of each of them.


In my car is a 5 CD changer.  It is filled with Souvenirs, Nether Lands, Twin Sons of Different Mothers, Phoenix and The Innocent Age.  The songs fromthose albums have gotten me from the loneliness of being stationed in Guam while in the Navy, through the break-up of my first marriage and onward to using "Dancing Shoes" when my second wife and I danced atour wedding on the beach in Guam (this year we will be celebratingour 26th anniversary.) I cannot tell you how much your music as buoyed me through the good and bad times the last 30+ years.  Thank you.  Be well and good luck.~ Lee Patrick Anderson, Swedesboro, New Jersey


 Thank you for your wonderful music. I still have an album from way, way back but no longer a turn table. :) Thank goodness for itunes. I wish you a speedy recovery and healthy life ahead. You have given so many so much and moved us. All the best ~ Harriet


 Dear Dan, I have been a loving fan of yours nearly all my life!  I miss you and think of you often. Even though we've never actually met, I feel I know you through your music.  You have touched my heart and life immeasurably.  Your music gets me through everyday still.  God bless you!  "Let your faith be your strength and love be your guiding star."  Love ~ Cathy N. Derby CT


 Dan, I will never forget listening to "Make Love Stay" while I was driving away from seeing my mother alive for the last time. She was too sick to communicate with me, and I knew it would be my last visit. Thanks for the great music. My favorite: "The Reach" ~ Don Fleming, Keller, Texas


 Dear Dan, you and your music have made the world a better place. Best wishes to you and your family during this challenging time.  Warm regards ~ Cheryl


 Dear Dan: I pray you are doing well. I also pray that you will tour again. We need your music!! God Bless ~ Bob Phillips


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, I have been a huge fan of your music ever since I can remember.  You are a truly gifted musician. Your songs have uplifted and touched me and brought so much joy and healing into my life.  I have also shared your songs with many others including my husband and children.  I named my son Daniel and he plays guitar and bass.  I encourage him listen to your music for inspiration. "Leader of the Band" is our favorite.  Thank you so very much for sharing your precious gift of music and your personal life in songs for the entire world to be blessed by.  Many blessings and well wishes to you for your health and family. Sincerely ~ Rhonda Strosnider,  Gans, PA.


 Dear Dan: Your music has touched my soul for more than 20 years. It has provided inspiration and joy. I hope my thoughts as well as your many other  fans will help in your healing and elimination of the disease. You have  the power; you are strong. Believe !  All the  Best ~ Rick


 Hello Dan, I have been a fan since 1974...a very long time.  My daughter, Erin, is also a fan.  She was at my home in Denver this weekend with her little boy Max and told me that Max loves the song "To The Morning".  How lucky we are to have your music with us forever. ~ Lauren


 I can't remember ever not having your music in my life. I'm 48 and it all started when I heard Nether Lands, which is still 1 of my top 10 favorite songs by anyone ever!  A friend had given me 3 cd's of your music about 6 years ago and I've been playing them in my car all week, which made me think of googling you to see what you might be up to.  Your site is amazing and when I got to the news page and read about your diagnosis, I knew I had to write. You sound like you are strong and hanging in there, fighting it and that's the best thing you can do.  I will keep you in my prayers and check this site often for updates.  And of course, I will always listen to your beautiful music.  God bless!  ~ Nancy in MA


 From a Central Illinois girl and her man (who also had Irving Azoff as an agent and who still makes his living with music)--pure healing waves of Love encircle you, caress you, buoy you up and heal every lymph node, tissue, and cell in your body.  Much Love ~ Pat and Kevin Stearns


 Dan, Since first hearing "Stars" and "To The Morning" on the radio in Mobile, Ala., back in 1973 I have been a devoted fan ever since. Your voice, musicianship and poignant lyrics were so unique but accessible to the masses. Your willingness to test your own boundaries - rock, pop, country, bluegrass, jazz. I brought Home Free home from school and my friends in St. Louis were knocked out. Many a night was spent with a few over-served college students jamming on "Long Way Home" and "The River." Untuned guitars, screeching untrained voices . but so much fun. (Now 34 years later, I still play "Stars" nearly every time I sit down with the guitar.)  Soon afterward, St. Louis stations had picked up on your debut album. My little insider tip on a great new artist was . well, not much of a tip. By Album 2, you were on your way. Caught you in concert in St. Louis (with Batdorf and Rodney, I believe) about that time. By the time Nether Lands came out, wow, the kid from Illinois was an international star. But I take credit for appreciating your work before most of the rest of the world. Thanks for all of the great music you brought to my ears, eyes and heart.


My favorites: "Dancing Shoes" - One of the greatest love songs ever written; "Tucson, Arizona" - A story-teller's tribute to the great Harry Chapin; "Old Tennessee" - Love the way you integrate your Midwestern experiences in your songs; "Song From Half Mountain" - A beautiful song that unfortunately gets overlooked in your vast library of work; "Scarecrow's Dream" - Harmonies from heaven; "Sketches" - Pop music where the lyrics would stand up as stunning poetry alone. 


Wow, just thinking about how to cut to a reasonable list of favorites is something. You are prolific. Thank you for all of the great times I've enjoyed listening and reflecting on your voice and words. Belated happy birthday. God bless you on your recuperation. Hope all is getting better. ~ Bill Burton, St. Louis, MO


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, I feel that after almost 20+ years as a fan, I'll take a chance and call you Dan.  I wish a complete remission for you as I feel you are one of the great all time poets!!!  Many of your songs speak directly to my heart, none more haunting than "Hearts In Decline."  It transcends time. In fact the entire Exiles album/CD (am I showing my age?) brings back memories of my one true love.  It is my contention that you are a lyrical genius, the finest composer of contemporary love/heartbreak songs that has ever been.  I have relied on your songs for solace, or suffering...whichever I felt I needed at that juncture in my life.  I wish you Godspeed, and pray he heals you, as your music has helped ease me in the past. Thank you for sharing your gift. ~ Joe Trompeter...a fan FOREVER!!!


 Mr. Fogelberg, my thoughts are with you and your family.  I have been a fan for at least 10 years. Your music has filled my heart and home with great memories from the past. God Speed ~ Michelle, Vienna, VA


 "Rhythm of the Rain" is my favorite song ever. May God rain his blessings upon you and heal you! Sincerely ~ Peg


 My prayers are with you. I am 56 years old and never has anyone's music spoken to me the way yours has. So much of it tells my life's stories. I  miss you Dan. God  Bless ~ Gil 


 Dearest Dan, Sending our wishes for a belated "Happy Birthday"!  You have been in our thoughts and prayers for the past three years, since learning of your struggle. We hope this finds you & Jean well and our prayer is that God will grant you complete healing.  You have blessed so many of us with your special gifts and now it is our turn to bless you with our love & prayers.  May all of the well wishes sent to you by your thousands of "family members" touch you and Jean and bring you peace and strength! In friendship & love ~ John & Lisa Andursky, Connellsville PA


 Dear Dan,   I was sitting at my computer listening to your music and for some reason had a strong urge to Google your name and find out some news about you.  I got tears in my eyes when I read about your prostate cancer. I had no idea.  I too have been touched greatly by your music over the years - in ways that I am still finding out today.  I will send out a prayer for you now and ask God to heal you.  You are in our hearts and we love you. Best Wishes ~ Dianna Ippolito


 Happy Birthday Dan.  I think of you often and pray for you always.  Wishing you good health and happiness.


 Dan, You are such a big part of my life.  I felt very down today.. nothing like your struggle; just stupid relationship struggles..and I went out and bought the CD "Home Free" because even though I have the album, I wanted a more permanent version.  I needed to hear "To the Morning".  It took me through some difficult times of my youth ( we're the same age). It brought me back to that old feeling and the sense that life does go on.  Thank you for your music and your life.  I would be a lesser person if you had not touched me back in the '70's.  I wish you days of peace and pain free existence.  I wish you and your family time to share.  I hope only good things for you.  Thanks for being. ~ Bridget



 My family and I wish you the best birthday ever and the best health news ever this coming year.  I know and just know you can and will beat this thing back to where it needs to be - GONE and if anyone can do this you can.  Love and Birthday wishes from a fan of over 35 years. ~ Victoria N


 As I was listening (and, singing) to "Leader of the Band' today, I thought about when my husband and I saw you in concert at Humphrey's by the Bay in San Diego, CA. "Leader" happens to be my favorite song and I waited through most of the show anxious to actually hear you sing it.  You hardly got it started and the place went wild.  It was, like, okay now, quiet (!) I want to hear this.  I pray that the years since your diagnosis have been good to you. You certainly are missed and prayed for. Hearing you at that concert is something I will never forget.  I am disappointed to hear that you are not recording anymore, but hope that you know that I am another life that you touched.  Thank you, Dan, for warming my heart with your music. ~ Joanne Williams


 Dan, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Best wishes to you and your wife. Peace ~ Jennifer, St. Paul, MN


 Dear Daniel, With another year passing, we all seem to look back on answered, as well as, unanswered questions and prayers.  However, let us remember that life is a journey and time is not lost even if only one small step is taken on our journey of faith, becoming the people God created us to be, sharing His love and His truth, much as a smooth stone skips along the water's surface, leaving its ripples along the way.  As I was kayaking last month, trying to understand and forgive so many pass hurts from growing up without a dad's love and guidance; I turned a corner and unexpectedly discovered a wooden cross standing upon a cliff of rocks.  That moment said it all and began the healing of a hurting soul.  I finally experienced the true unconditional love of my Heavenly Father who had and continues to comfort and guide me along my faith journey.  Twenty years ago, my dad suddenly passed away leaving much left unsaid between us.  Thankfully, many of your songs, as well as, God's Word continue to echo the unconditional love that God has for His children and His creation, giving a healing and forgiving soul a second chance to experience an abundant life. Thank you for sharing your life and may God continue to bless you, a child of God, with an abundant life filled with His mercy, grace, love, truth, peace, comfort, joy, and hope. Happy Birthday! Love ~ Debbie


 Hi Dan. Keep strong now and keep positive.I hope you are getting better. I love your music, lyrics, melody and your voice. God Bless you.


 Dear Dan., for so many years I believed what happened to me through your music was a unique phenomenon.  It was so intense and DEEPLY life changing in ways that I could never describe in words. It went on for years. I could not imagine the same depth occurring for others. Yet since the disclosure of your cancer, and seeing all these posts for you, I have grown to understand that I am only one of thousands whom God chose to teach and heal and bless with the fruits of your own heart and soul 'work'.  I have never put you on a pedestal. I imagine you, like all of us, are part saint and part asshole.......that you have put one foot in front of the other, chopping wood & carrying water through a very blessed, yet difficult life journey.  I am forever grateful to God for the gifts that your music has bestowed on my life, and to you for your willingness to 'get out of the way' and allow 'God's work' to be done 'through' you.  I doubt any of us can fathom the depth of the ripple effect your music has had on the universe.  I KNOW it is far-reaching.  Thank you Dan.  Thank you. ~ dnta in USA


 Dear Dan, Happy belated birthday! I wasn't posting here, but you were and are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope your day was great and that your year will be great!  Much love and peace ~ Laura B.


 Dan, my continued thoughts and prayers for you and Jean and your recovery.   I pray you are able to enjoy the special moments that life can present you.  Belated Happy Birthday! ~ Sam in Georgia


 Dan - I googled you today because I wanted to see if there was news about your condition.  I found this site and have been reading some of the comments from the last couple of weeks.  I should not be surprised on your popularity and the impact you  have had on so many people.  I started listening to you 30 some odd years and you had a great impact on me then.  I then saw you in concert in 1994 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  My wife bought me tickets to your concert.  I've seen 100's of concerts in my life and I have never been moved as much as that night.  It was the greatest musical performance I've even seen.  When I heard of your cancer a few years ago I made a doctor's appointment and have been getting checked annually.  I also went so far as to have a colonoscopy this year.  I want you to know that you have made an impact on our lives besides experiencing your music.  I know it is important to my family and those that I love that I live a long and healthy life and you help me understand how important it is to get regular checkups. My thoughts are with you and I truly hope you are happy in your life. ~ Sandy Henry,  Coral Springs, FL


 Happy Birthday. I've been a fan for as many years as you've been making music.  I very much hope the cancer is under control.  There hasn't been any news posted on the website, but we can all hope.  ~ Lisa Winn


 Dan, wishing you a very Happy  56th Birthday!  I think of you often and I am sending out some good wishes and prayers to you and Jean.  As always, my thoughts and prayers are with you two.  May God bless and heal you Dan. ~ Terry in Thornton Colorado


 Happy belated Birthday Dan! I hope you are healed completely and life is  joyous for you! Love ya ~ kay  Phoenix, Az


 Hi Dan, I could never let August 13 go by without wishing you a very happy birthday. I hope that your cancer is in remission or perhaps even gone and that you are simply enjoying your retirement. I think of you often. I remember the impact you had on my teens and how I could never have gotten through those years without you and your music. I see that same tune played over again with my 16-year-old daughter. Her music gets her through. Thank you and happy birthday. With love ~ Terri in Tampa


 Happy Birthday Dan.  I'm a two year survivor of lymphoma and am proud to see you continue to fight a good fight with me.  I'm still a big fan and you are in our prayers.  Again, a rich and happy birthday blessing to you ~ Mike Warren


 Happy Birthday, Dan. Jesus loves you! In Christ ~ Annie, St. Louis, MO


 Happy Birthday Dan! I so wish you the best and the most fulfilling of birthdays. We all love you and miss you and your music energy so much! ~ Jill, fellow artist in MA and fan since 1972


 Prayers of healing and support for you on his birthday and always Dan. Gratitude and blessings for Jean that you are loving Dan through this. Your music is a gift from God to us all Dan. In deepest gratitude ~ Dorothy


 Wishing you the happiest of birthdays. I've more than my share of posts on this thing since the word came out that you were sick, but like everyone else, not a day goes by that I'm not rooting and praying for you. ~ Tim Ogard, Seattle


 Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Dan! As always, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your lovely wife, Jean --prayers for healing, peace and sweet, amazing grace. Thank you so much for 30-some years of music which continues to bring such beauty and joy to my life. Listening to Nether Lands now, which is making me a little home-sick for Colorado. Sweet memories of home, which your gift of song will always have a part. God bless and hold you and Jean ever near.  ~ Deborah from NM


 Happy Birthday!  My mind goes back to being 15 years old, with  all my girlfriends and I eagerly opening up the Captured Angel album.  We  declared immediately after listening to you that you were a genius!  To  this day I have never read lyrics that take my breath away like yours.  My  girlfriends and I are now 47 and still talk about your music.  You were my generation's "ole blue eyes".   I send you my heartfelt prayers.  ~ Fran from Spring, Texas


 Can't adequately put into my own words what your words have meant in my life.  Your music has recently been renewed in my life by a new love who also values your work.  Thank you seems so inadequate.  Thinking only positive thoughts for you. Much love to you on your journey and those you hold dear ~ Juanita, Indiana.


 Dear Dan, I wanted to wish you a happy birthday.  Please know that you and Jean are still in my thoughts and prayers and I wish you both joy and peace.  I hope this message finds you celebrating life and your love for one another.  I'm sure the warmth it carries is multiplied by all those who care for you.  I pray that you can feel that.  Thank you so much for the blessings your music has brought.  Take care of one another.  With love ~ Terri Morse, Morgantown, PA


 Wishing you another Happy Birthday, Dan.  I  pray for your continued good health.  Your presence in the music world  is greatly missed.  You are  the best. ~ Sandy Nichols,  West  Virginia


 Dan, What I have to say seems totally insignificant when I read the words of so many fellow-admirers and I would not presume to know how all these messages impact upon you. I simply wish that you regain good health and lead a long and rewarding life. You owe me nothing, having given me more than I ever dreamed of before stumbling upon your music some 35 years ago. The subsequent musical journey has led me down many different paths - directions I never would have considered had you not taken me there. It's more than just the music though, because there have been many good musicians over the years. Through reading and listening to what you've had to say, your ability to articulate on a variety of issues is evident, as well as conveying a deep sensitivity towards the spiritual side of life. It's comforting to be a fan of someone who displays such qualities, rather than the air-heads so prevalent in the music industry. At times I felt frustrated that your talent was not more widely recognized, but nowadays I rationalize this by accepting that there are a lot of stupid people out there. Best wishes for today, tomorrow and always..~ David Little, Adelaide, Australia


 Dear Dan- Happy Birthday, and know that you are in our thoughts, prayers and good energy sent to you every day. I saw you many years ago; you said the arena felt like the world's largest living room. I felt so lucky to be hearing your precious gift of music, and I hope I am returning you the favor by sending you my fondest wishes for health and happiness. ~ Amy Tuttle, Long Island NY


 Dear Dan, The day is almost over here in Peoria County.  The sun cast a beautiful rosy hue as it set over the cornfields. I hope that your birthday was filled with good times and memory making moments with your lovely wife, Jean.  May you feel the spirit of your fans envelope you, as we continue to pray for your good health.  Warm Regards ~ Dianne, Peoria County


 Happy Birthday Dan! You and your family remain in my prayers. I am sending you positive energy, love and a heartfelt thank you for all the beautiful music! A fan always ~ Julie Hopkins, Little Rock, AR


 Dear Dan, Like many others,  I have especially been thinking of you this special day.  I first learned of your struggle with cancer about a month ago.  I remember many years ago talking with co-workers and wondering out-loud,"Who sings that "Same Old Lang Syne" song?".  I hardly had ever spoken your name in my life,  and yet that night in the shower it suddenly came to me.  I bought "The Innocent Age" by the end of that week.   Every time I listen to the thoughts on it I am overwhelmed by your lyrical gifts.   I've since collected many more of your albums, and even saw you once in Columbus, Ohio (around 1999 I think). I'm praying for you,  and hope for many magical moments to come! ~ Chuck C. - Chillicothe Ohio


 Dan Fogelberg: Happy Birthday and God's Richest Blessings to you and Jean. We wish you and Jean much peace that passes all understanding. Thank you. ~ Trent & Beverly Keller


 Happy Birthday, Dan.  I wish for you the gift of healing & hope you spent today doing whatever makes you happy. Continued love & prayers.. ~ Charlene, OK.


 Dear Dan and Jean, I wanted to convey my thoughts and prayers to you and your family.  We each travel this life, a journey of wonder, of trials, miracles and possibilities.  Each day a blessing, filled with joy and love. Your extraordinary music has been a remarkable testimony of the essence of life and love.  It brings a sense of peace and earthiness as well as poignant truth. What ever the future holds for you and your family; know that we are out there, keeping good thoughts and prayers heading your way. You have touched our lives more than you can know, and so I’m sending all my hopes and prayers to you and your family. Take care ~ Stephanie


 HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN... I just couldn't let this day pass without sending out some good wishes to you and reminding you that you remain in my heart & in my prayers.  I miss hearing what is happening, but will always respect your privacy, and solitude.  As a fan of over 33 years, know that you will always remain an influential spirit in my life!  Blessings for wellness & peace... ~ Carma - Pinole CA


 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAN! I remember your birthday the same as my family members -- with well wishes and good health to you. Still hope that no news is good news as far as seeing no current updates from your site. All the best to you ~ The Pylant Family, Newnan, Georgia.


 Happy Birthday Dan! Every day and every year is a precious gift. You are a gift to me.  Your art has touched my life in such a way that I have grown to love you very much.  My wonderful husband knows there is a place in my heart for only you.  I wish you all the good health and happiness life can bring.  I am comforted knowing your lovely wife Jean is by your side. Let it Shine Dan! ~ Karen Ward


 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAN!!!  I haven't heard any updates on your health lately but please know that my thoughts and prayers, and those of my  family, are with you and Jean.  At the urging of my lovely wife, I recently had a prostate exam and, thankfully, all is well; I have also  scheduled a colonoscopy (it hurts just to write that!) to further  ensure my health.  So, not only have you affected our lives through your  timeless music, you have also given a higher profile to a horrible illness  that affects millions.  Thanks Dan and, again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ~ Randy & Lynnea  Wall 


 Happy Birthday Dan Fogelberg. Love surrounds you on this day and always.  ~ Beverly


 HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN!!!  Wishing you all the best on your special day and continued health and happiness in the coming year!  Love ~ Pam in Baton Rouge, LA


 Mr. Fogelberg, I am two years younger than you and have been a fan since the beginning. Your music has always been an inspiration to me and got me through the 70's alive and well. My family and I send our blessings and pray for your full recovery soon. I am having a bit of prostate trouble now, but I do get checked yearly and even though I may have to have a biopsy in a few weeks, My Urologist seems optimistic. Happy Birthday to you and May God bless you and your family. With Highest regards ~ Kenny Burleson, Burleson, Texas


 Yo, Bro! Happy Birthday and many more to come. I'll play Happy Birthday tonight on my Martin D-41 DF just for you. Best of wishes. ~ Rich, Pittsburgh, PA


 Our local radio station here in Greenville, SC talked about you today and gave out your site.  Thank you for the beautiful music that you have blessed us with over the years.  It is truly a gift from God.  My husband and I will be praying for you for whatever He has for you.  It is in times of trial that we can find the greatest victory when we turn to Jesus.  Apart from Him, nothing else matters.  May you be blessed with peace and strength from a loving Father. Thank you, again for your sweet songs.  Sincerely ~ John and Janet Rabon


Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Dan, Happy Birthday to yooouuu!! Greetings from Mobile, Alabama.  I hope you've had a great birthday and wish you many, many more. Love you and miss you. ~ Shirley


 Dan - I wish for you a peaceful birthday . I keep you in my prayers. A Kindred Spirit ~ Susan


 Happy Birthday Dan....and still...thank you for all you've done 'til now. Thanks for all you'll do. And most of all...thanks for your strength now. Like everything wonderful that comes from you,it's mine too. Greetings~ Marco from Rome,Italy


 Happy Birthday Dan, I was first introduced to your music when I was 14- way back in 1975- by Sue who told me I needed to get your 'Souvenirs' album! I love that album to this day. I could go on and on, but I won't. Thank you for your gifts that you have shared with the world. Your music has helped me through a lot of tough times and I, like all of your fans I suppose, just wish that there was some way that we could help you through your tough times.  If a bell rings every time an angel gets his wings, I wonder what you hear when someone plays your music? At least I hope you feel the love. Peace ~ SuchaLisa


 HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN!!!  I could not believe it when I finally went on your website for the first time only one month ago, and discovered your birthday was August 13th!!!   Enthralled and yet holding back the tears from the initial news of your illness, I read on through your entire biography.  You see... I have been a life long fan.  I was first introduced to all your albums when I was in high school.  My older brother, also a huge fan of yours, left his stereo and all your/his albums at home for a year while he traveled.  It was then that I became hooked and your music was woven into my life.  I followed you through college (Iowa State Univ.) camping out for tickets to your Halloween concert.  All your music is on my ipod which I listen to over and over as I run on the river and work out at the gym.  If ever I was asked, you were and are my all time favorite musician.  Thank You for all your inspiration and insight into life!  My thoughts are with you Dan and Jean.


 Happy Birthday, Dan. I'm sitting here watching "Greetings from the West DVD"and thinking of all the wonderful memories of seeing you in concert these last 30 years or so. Like so many others we do feel a sense of kinship with you. Your music has touched us in ways, only those who have listened know. You and Jackson, will always be two artists like no others. Thank you for sharing. ~Rudy, Peru In.


 Happy 56th Birthday, Dan. I hope this brief note finds you and Jean doing well. As always you continue to be in my prayers every day. Take care and God be with you in your RECOVERY! I will never let the light of your incomparable musical genius grow dim! ~ Greg Tuttle, M. D.  Chapel Hill/Durham, N.C.


 Dan,Happy Birthday. Hope this is a special day for you and yours. Hope your health is improving each day. I miss seeing you each year at Humphrey`s (San Diego). I am still listening. Your music will always be a special part of my life. My thoughts and prayer are with you. ~ Sheila from Fallbrook,Ca.


 Happy Birthday Dan from another 8/13 birthday person. Also continued thoughts for a speedy and great recovery!! ~ Terry Alexander


 Happy Birthday, Dan! Keeping you in my prayers as always.  Wishing you strength, happiness, love and laughter on your special day. ~ Judy Ralph


 Dan - A fan, every fan, wishes you would give us some more of your music. You wouldn't want to hear differently. But how glorious your career has been that you have given us so much already. Whether illness or other personal or artistic considerations have moved you to retire that voice and the beauty of your compositions, we are blessed that your career was not short. It was resplendent....and for that I join the many in wishing you many more years of health and contentment. ~ Barry Nisman, Plainview New York


 Happy birthday,  with wishes for many more from Texas


 May you and your work take your rightful place in that pantheon of artists whose words and music have profoundly touched the hearts and lit up the conscience of your listeners.  More than a handful of "us-out-here" want the music, not to free us from thinking for ourselves, but to vibrate and resonate within us is such a way as to let us know that we connect, through the music, to a community that longs for change, for compassion, for farsightedness in our care for each other and for the world we inhabit. And to do it with an almost-unheard-of kind of musical virtuosity - my wife can pretty much complete my sentences when I contend to our friends that no one covers the spectrum like you, excelling at such a variety of musical forms and instrumentation, all in service of music which, over the span of your career, has always packed in so much more than its share of humanity and meaning. I'd hate to think that I'm understating, by starting a list, the importance in my life of your entire body of work, but let me thank you in particular for "Faces of America", "Icarus Ascending", "The Reach", "The Last Nail", the last 13 minutes of "Nether Lands", "Same Old Lang Syne", "Stolen Moments", "Gone Too Far", and, of course, "Part Of The Plan", which instantly made me a DF-fan for life when it hit the radio. I've looked in on this collection of best wishes for you and your family for a couple of years now and I thought I'd add my thoughts before another August 13 passed by. Thanks again for the incredible gift of your music through the years. ~ Danny Campbell, San Diego


 Hello Dan, Birthday greetings from Vancouver, B.C..  The overwhelming beauty of this area starts the Nether Lands album playing in my mind. You have given your fans so much over the years.  Thanks for the pursuing your dreams. It has meant so much to all of us. ~ David, Columbus, OH

 Happy Birthday Dan. With love and many blessings of healing! ~ Elizabeth


 Dan, Happy Birthday!!  I hope all is well, we're all missing you. Your Fan ~  Connie From LaFayette, New York


 Happy Birthday ~ Becky


 Happy Birthday Dan Fogelberg...just listening to WFUV in NYC .  They are honoring your birthday with a lunch jam of your music. We love you and send healing thoughts your way.


 Dan- Happy Birthday and wishing you many more!  Sure do miss your music. The music these days just does not seem to satisfy my soul like yours does. Bye ~ Karen Denver CO


 For Dan and Jean, Here is heartfelt gratitude for your birth.  What a pleasure to be here on Mother Earth at the same time you are here.  May you both enjoy the life, light and love that surrounds you and celebrates you.  Most especially, Dan, for your music that reminded me who I really am at the time such a memory was needed most, here is my deep gratitude. Your melodies and lyrics had the creative power to lead me and many, many others back to the sure sense of who we really are.  How marvelous that following your muse could transform so many lives.  May you, Dan and Jean, enjoy your days, bask in good health, and have all you need to reach the highest possible good in each of your lives and in your life as life partners.  Happy birthday, Dan.  Ever on ~ Deann, Yellow Springs, Ohio


 Celebrate Life! We celebrate the creator's many beautiful creations. . .  and music and art are endowed with that breath of life.  So, as I reflect on life, I am grateful for the miracle of music, and your music being included . . . speaks to the soul and announces that life is worth celebrating.  Today, happy birthday to Dan, Cecilia, and Carolyn. I celebrate the birthday today of Cecilia and Carolyn, both miracles in my heart.  Love Always. . .  that is a verb "LOVE ALWAYS" - recognize that love is eternal.  Thanks for sharing your talent with other people.  You didn't have to, but chose to, and I know the fans have seen that life is worth celebrating by hearing the creativity in your work.  Again, celebrate life, and have a happy birthday.  With Love Always, Friends you don't know ~ Cecilia and Carolyn


 Dear Dan, birthdays now are blessings, aren't they?  Have a wonderful day and year... ~ Bonnie P. Santa Rosa, CA


 Darling Dan, We wish you the Happiest of Birthdays, and we pray for your health and happiness for you and Jean in the years to come.  Your music has made such an impact on my life, and I'm proud to say my identical twin daughters, who are 12 going on 18, are enjoying it also - every single CD!!  Again, we love you and Happy Birthday!!!  Love and Hugs ~ Jennie, Heather and Julie Mason, Petersburg, NJ  XOX


Dan: Wishing you health and happiness on the anniversary of your birth and always. "Rise above the storm and you will find the sunshine."


 Happy birthday. I miss you being in concert. I hope everything is going ok for you. Your music will always mean a lot to me. My best friend turned me on to your music when I was 15 years old. Hang in there, Dan. Love one of your best fans! ~ Charmaine Makatura


 Dan & Jean- HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN!  I've been a fan from the very start!  Your music played a large part in convincing me to study music in college - shaping much of my life.  Coming from a fellow musician, "Same Old Lang Syne" easily ranks in my top five all-time favorites songs - and that's saying lot!!!!  It's a truly magical song.


Our family chose  "A Love Like This" as the song for my parents 50th Anniversary.  .  Being a marathon runner, "Don't Lose Heart" has played through my head many times - and just when I've needed it most. And I could go on and on about the influence of your music in my life. You are thought of very often - thank you for your music - and get better soon Dan! Love to both and Jean. ~ T.J. Pezl, Wausau, Wisconsin


 Happy Birthday, Dan. I listen to you each early morning on my ipod as I walk through my sleepy New England town. Today, I decided to check the website and found it was your birthday. I am a cancer survivor. I was lucky. I mean that sincerely. I had gone 16 years without a mammogram and then I found a doctor who talked some sense into me and I went. Bam. But it was a small teeny tiny thing and I am grateful everyday for my health. I pray for you. Your music has helped me survive life's everyday challenges and so many years later "Nether Lands" and "Souvenirs" remain my most played album, tape, CDs! I always come back to you. God speed and much love from an adoring fan. ~ Beverly Matthews,

Rocky Hill, CT


 Happy Birthday again, Dan!  I just had to tell you that your Christmas album is bringing tears to my eyes.  Yes, I am playing a Christmas album in August because I hit "play all" on my computer, and that includes all Dan Fogelberg songs - 7 hours and 41 minutes!  That gives me a great work day.  Thank you for each note and word.  Love ~ Kathy


 Dear Dan, It’s been quite difficult imagining what the situation is with you.  There’s been no recent update on your website concerning your state of health.  Must believe that you are improving and, all being well, you’d bounce back soon.  Happy birthday today.  Wishing you fond memories of this event. ~ O Kuti –Lagos, Nigeria


 Happy Birthday, Dan!  You have been in my prayers since you first announced your diagnosis. Today is my birthday, too, and I have always felt a connection with you and your beautiful music going back to my college days in the 70s. I pray that things are going well with you and you are beating the cancer. God bless you always. ~ Suzanne in Va.


 Dearest Dan - Wishing you a very happy, healthy & hopeful birthday. As has now become tradition, a donation has been made in honor of your birthday to the Prostate Cancer Foundation ... in hope that wishes come true . Always with love ~ June / Norwalk, CT


 Dan, happy birthday to the friend I've never met. I celebrate the day that brought you into this world and our lives. I think of you and Jean often. May it be a peaceful and loving day. ~ Marcine


 Happy Birthday Dan, I was at Bradley in Peoria between 1967-1971 and can still recall the smell of the Pabst/Hiram breweries. Do you think the fumes brought out the creative side of you? When you were at U of I did you enjoy any of the craziness with your actor friends at Chances R? Anyway started to become a follower of your music with "Part of the Plan". I had been fortunate to live/work overseas for many years/in many places and I'm sure my drivers got sick of me playing your cassettes/CD's. Your songs often helped me put the BS of work in the right perspective. I really hope you are doing better and that you still have the desire to compose. To take some liberties with your great song, this 58 year old hopes that you await your recovery with simple discoveries. With much respect ~ Rick


 Dan, I wish you the most beautiful, happy and healthy birthday today.  I am always sending you my prayers - always. Thank you for enriching my life with your music, your voice, and your lyrics.  I will forever hold you in my heart.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY! All of my love to you ~ Debbie from Chicago.


 Happy birthday, Dan.  Hope you are doing well.  ~ Mary in Illinois


 Happy Birthday Dan! Enjoy your special day. I'll be playing all of my favorites today in your honor. With love ~ Diane, New Jersey


 Thinking and praying for you today on your birthday.  Hope you are doing well.  Take care. ~ Frances from Kentucky


 Happy Birthday Dan! Wishing you a wonderful day! Hugs ~ Cathy in NJ~


 Happy Birthday Dan! I pray all is well. Peace ~ Tim


 Happy Birthday and thank you for sharing your heart. I love you. ~ Colette


 Happy Birthday, Dan!  Wishing you the best today.  Hoping your birthday is a good day for you. Hoping that you still think of yourself as a soldier, holding your own against impossible odds and beating your cancer.  Know that we all love you and wish you and yours the best! ~ Carol Z.- Michigan


 Dan, I hope you have a happy birthday today and am wishing for you good health and happiness. Thank you for your music. Sincerely ~ Shari


 Dan - another year, another message - Happy Birthday!!  I could never let an August 13th go by without thinking of you.  My daughter was supposed to be born on this day 5 years ago, but she came 10 days earlier.  I hope you've had a happy and healthy year and hope and pray that you have many more. Know that you are in many of our hearts and on many of our minds.  Peace to you. ~ Linette in St. Louis


 Dear Dan and Jean, Happy, Happy Birthday Dan!! Not a day goes by that you and your  magical music is not in our hearts and minds. We will be forever  grateful for the precious gifts that your music brought to our lives. We miss  your "public" presence so much, and hope that you can find some way to  connect with your fans once in a while. Our prayers and loving thoughts are with  you both. Love ~ Donna and David Lester, Great Neck, NY


 Thank you, Dan, for the music and the lyrics that have been such an important part of my life.  I hope you have a very happy and healthy birthday!   Love~Patti


 Dearest Dan, wishing you a happy birthday, and many more to come!  With loving thoughts ~ Pam, Ray and Holly xxx


 Dear Dan, just wanted to send Happy Birthday wishes to you - I'm praying the coming year finds you happier and healthier than ever. Your music has been a part of my life since "Home Free" and is always playing when I'm in the car - nothing else is allowed these days. I have twins that have grown up listening to your music, one of them I catch humming along when in the car with me, the other loves "Ghosts" and "Half Moon Bay" - I even had to write out the music to the latter one (trying my best by ear to write the notes out) so she could play it on the piano (I did my best but it's not the same) - she also demands that "Home Free" plays every night in her room as she's falling asleep  - another generation that your music has touched and inspired!  I frequently check your website for the news that all of this is behind you now, but with nothing yet I am sufficing it to say that you and your family are wanting your privacy and I am praying that "no news is good news". You will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers daily. God's Blessings to you and your family as He brings you through this chapter in your life. Until we see you on stage again (remember, the Eagles did 2 farewell tours - you have to do at least 1) Take Care ~   Love, Nancy in Illinois


 Happy Birthday Dan!!  Hope it's a great day for you and your loved ones! ~ Cindy


 Happy Birthday Dan!!! With Love ~ Lyn - Clifton NJ


 Happy Birthday !!!!  You are the best!  ~ Lauren


 Dear Dan~   A good friend and his family is visiting and while enjoying the ocean yesterday he remembered your song, "The Reach".  We came home and looked up the lyrics and listened to it on his ipod.  We are all from various spots around Texas but always love vacationing in Maine. Read your bio on your website and your music has always brought back great memories of college days!  It's fun to listen to our own children's downloaded music-some of which is yours(!)-and to let them know that WE heard your music first!! Best of luck with your health. And....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ~ David and Leslie Winn - Mike and Barbara Reis - Charlie and Nancy Turner


 Greetings Dan and Jean, Well, I wish you a very Happy Birthday and many, many more!!  May God continue to Bless you and Jean as you have Blessed my life these past years. There is not a memory that I have of my growing up years that your music is not a part of it.  And they are wonderful memories and your music continues to bless me to this day. I pray that you are doing well and for strength for you and your family.  I hope you and Jean are enjoying life to it's fullest.  And I pray one day for a cure for all cancers.   Enjoy your birthday Dan!!!   I miss seeing you perform but carry those memories with me.  God Bless ~ Susan


 Dear Dan & Jean, "Everything the Power does, it does in a circle" ~ Lakota proverb Happy Natal Day!.  Celebrate and remember. It's been over three years since your diagnosis.  I pray that you are returning to wellness.  The Living Legacy is a testimony of your spirit and your music.  Thanks for all your wonderful poetry and melodies.  They will live forever. Peace ~ Judi C. from Rochester, NY


 Hi Dan! Happy Birthday! I truly hope you are doing well and once and for all defeating the prostate cancer. I think of you and your family often and continue to pray for you daily that complete healing will soon be your portion. Your music continues to be a source of refuge and escape to a higher plane unmatched by anything I have ever experienced. I just hope #56 turns out to be a great and pivotal year, yielding new stores of energy, optimism, HEALING, and even enthusiasm. Whatever life holds, you are deeply loved and respected ..for all the love, sensitivity, understanding, and beauty you have poured out in your music. Take good care my dear friend ~ greg (Greg Tuttle, M. D., Chapel Hill/Durham, NC)


 Hi Dan! We're just checking in to wish you a very Happy Birthday! Couldn't let August 13th go by without sending our best to you and Jean. We hope you are happy and having fun on the boat! As always, you and Jean continue to be  in our thoughts  and we wish for you a great year ahead. I miss the concerts so much! ~ Alexia and Dave, Reno NV


 Dear Dan and Jean,  I know that it will be your 56th Birthday this coming Monday, 8/13- I never forgot that, when I was a  student in college in SUNY-Albany and saw the drawing on the album cover with that date circled.  You see, I turn 49 three days later on 8/16/07. You  have been a constant in my life since I was a 17 year old Freshman in College and heard "To The Morning" on the campus radio station.  Your music has gotten me through the good and bad times in my life.  I did work for Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center here in NY and my last job there was assisting in Prostate Cancer Researcher, Cancer Research means the world to me.  My Mom survived lung Cancer when I was just 28.  I am at a real crossroads in my life now and  YOUR music is what has ALWAYS made me feel better, no matter what. It is what I listen to when I want to be soothed, have trouble sleeping, need to be inspired!!  I think of you in my prayers all the time.  You will always be part of my life and your music and artistry continues to inspire me at every point in my life, I cannot put my gratitude into words.  THANK YOU & HAPPY BIRTHDAY. ~ Sincerely, Jean M. Shea - NYC 


 Happy Birthday, Dan!  I hope this is truly a good birthday for you and Jean.  Your music is a constant companion and inspiration.  I pray that your healing is going well. ~ Kathy in WV


 Happy Birthday Dan! I hope that you are spending time painting and enjoying your family. ~ Love, Claudia Martin


 A Very Happy Birthday..Love &  Prayers ~ Beth Ann Lee, Peoria


 Dan, On your 56th birthday, I'd like to thank you for your gift of beautiful music for the past 33 years.  Your songs have brought  joy, happiness, tears and sorrow through many stages of my life.  I wish  you and Jean continued strength and peace and sincerely hope your cancer is  now in remission.  I have been to several of your concerts and cherish  those wonderful memories of days gone by.  Keep up the fight - your fans  care.  ~ Vicki - Baton Rouge, Louisiana


 Happy Birthday Dan! Hope this is a good one for you. You and Jean remain in my thoughts and prayers. ~ Patrice, Macon,GA


 Dear Dan, Your albums and cd's have never  been relegated to the "bottom shelf"  in my home. Your beautiful music (and  artwork) has been an integral part of my life in high school, college, and  beyond. It has gotten  me thru  heartache and challenge.  You are  one of the true talents of the ages.  My best wishes to you and your  family.  Namaste~ Linda


 Dan, First, I wanted you to know that my husband is a 19 year survivor of Prostate Cancer. I wish you the best in fighting this disease. There's been a lot of research such that many more men survive now than when he first was diagnosed.


Second, I put your song "Rhythm of the Rain" on my birthday list this year. I heard it played several times on our local radio station 99.3, Melbourne, FL. My husband searched the web and finally found the album "The Very Best of Dan Fogelberg" and bought it for me. I love the album and discovered that several of the songs were already familiar to me. Your music is great. Regards ~ Ann H.


 Dan, you have touched our lives with your music and the poetry of your words.  Hang tough and we will pray for the best.

~ Dave and Lori


 Dan- I just wanted to let you know that my thoughts and prayers are with you for a successful battle against this disease. Your music has meant so much to me over the years. I remember the first time I saw an album of yours in a very old record shop in Bristol, England.  At that time I had never heard of you and I picked up the Phoenix album and thought it looked interesting so I decided to "take a chance on it".  After my first play of this record, I became a huge fan of your music and lyrics.  I went on to buy anything and everything I could get of yours and they have all meant a great deal to me over the years.  It has not always been easy to get hold of your music in this country and I have always moaned to friends and family about why you were not promoted more here. 


I will be thinking of you on your birthday and hope and pray that you live a long and happy life.  Of course, I would love to see you return to making music - for purely selfish reasons - but even if you don't I continue to enjoy the records I have of yours. I wish you and Jean all the very best for the future. Love ~ Anne Sheppard, Bristol England


 Dear Daniel,  Happy Birthday Wishes. Hope your Spirit is strong-Body Healing. Miss your shows, but that's secondary, now. Miss you, Dan. Praying you're Healthy, Happy, and walkin' those Wild Places, now and then. Peace. ~ Marty O


 Hi again Dan. It has been 2 years since I last added a message to you and your family. I sit here with "The Wild Places " playing as I write this.  Your music has played such a role in my life. It has gotten me through another battle with the cancer (3rd times a charm).  I went 7 years this time and wham, sit up take a breath, shake it off and take care of business. Put on your Music and Dance. I pray that all of your mail does this for you!  Listen to all of the voices that you have touched in one way or another. You have the gift to touch hearts and heal wounds with the gift that has been bestowed upon you by a higher power.  Let in the sun, play on your boat, enjoy the soft gentle roll of the sea. The Mother Earth has so much to offer in the way of healing. All you have to do is ask her! Brother, we are all waiting to hear from you. With Much Blessings ~ Maggi Meadows - Edgewood, NM


 Dear Dan, I'm your fan since I had heard your song "Longer" when I was only thirteen. I'm a fan from Hong Kong. You're always the best singer in my heart. What a shock when I know you got your illness. I'm a medical worker too. I know you suffer much from it. Be strong and face it. You mean so much to me too. Your songs are all so touching and affect deep in my heart. Be brave and your love and your fans will be with you always too. I'll pray for you and hope you get well soon. Treasure the love from all around you. With Best regards ~ Oi Yee Tang from Hong Kong.


 Dear Dan: I do not keep up with the particulars of the lives of my favorite musicians and sit here now absolutely stunned at the news of your cancer. I looked you up on a whim because I've been listening to your music a lot this week -- a marathon of your music, really -- and I love it as much as I ever did. Your voice, your lyrics and your tunes have been in my head for almost 30 years, and I am more grateful than I can ever say for that. Thank you so much, and I wish you and your family peace and healing. Regards ~ Elizabeth


 Dan , after all these years of listening to you I'm still amazed at how every song touches me so deeply. The only difference these days is that while I listen I pray that you are feeling well and that you are surrounded by GOD's love. Thank you for all you've given to me and all of your fans, you are truly a gift. Love ~ Laurie Trombley, Mt. Holly Springs, Pa.


 Dan....I discovered you in college, and here, 25 years later, I feel the same inside, when I listen to any of your music, as I did then.  It's not that listening to you makes me want to return to, or relive, that part of my life. It's that your music actually created something inside me, unto itself but of that time, that I can carry with me into my future.  That is such a wonderful gift you've given all of us, and I am so grateful for your beautiful talent. Bless you. ~ Lucy P., Mukilteo, Washington


 Thanks for the music.  It made a difference in my life, always.  Our thoughts and prayers are for you and yours. ~ Eileen and Jeff


 As I write this, I am listening to "Windows and Walls".  What a beautiful record.  Growing up in the early 70's my mom played your debut LP "Home Free" so many times that it is, and always will be, an important part of me.  My hope is that the journey you are on right now will lead you home, and cancer, free!  Best wishes to you and your whole family. God Bless you and your wonderful gift of music.


 Dear Dan - I have many fond memories of your music and seeing you in concert. I just came to the website and learned of your condition. I will be making it a priority to pray for you in the days ahead."The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all" 2 Corinthians 13:14. God bless ~ Ted Paul, Dekalb, IL


 Hi Dan, I've loved and appreciated your music since I was turned on to you in '74.  Just a little Iowa boy from Dubuque.  I hope you are well and continue your journey.  My prayers and hopes are with you for your future. Take care and be well and continue to bless the world with your journey.  Love and light ~ Dave Nowack


 Hi Dan, I am a huge fan, have been ever since the 70's when I first heard "Home Free." I still rate "Nether Lands" as one of the top 10 albums of all time. While I wasn't a big fan of some of your singles selections, your albums were always of the highest quality and I admire your talents greatly. I'm not in the habit of writing fan letters, but I just wanted you to know that your music has a special place in the soundtrack of my life. Thanks for everything, best wishes, and get well soon. Remember you gotta go slow below the surface and easy through the waves. Couldn't resist that one. All the best ~ Bill Klein


 "I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars." ~ Og Mandino


 Dear Dan, When describing myself, I always include being a Dan Fogelberg fan. You have been a part of my daily life since 7th grade. A friend of mine introduced me to your music via the phone. We used to listen to you over the phone and discuss the lyrics. I even named my son Seth after one of your songs. My lifelong dream has been to sing w/ you. As I drudgingly cleaned my house today, listening to your songs, I googled you in hopes you'd be coming to MPLS soon. I'm so sorry to hear of your illness. You'll be in my prayers for a full recovery. God Bless you. You've helped me through many hard times. May you know of your huge impact on many lives!! May the trail rise up to meet you, may your heart rejoice in song!! Ever on!! ~ Tracy Nordquist, Sioux Falls, SD


 I vividly remember my high school senior English class. The teacher would play albums as we journaled, and one day I heard incredible music, and couldn't wait until class was over to find out what had been playing. It was Nether Lands, and I immediately bought the album and every other Dan Fogelberg music I could find. I fell in love with your music and with my husband that same year ("Longer" was sung at our wedding), and both loves have lasted 30 years now! My thoughts and prayers are with you.


 Hi Dan,  Wishing you the best in your battle against cancer.  I miss seeing your live performances which I've caught each year in Colorado over the years.  And yes I've had my tests as you recommend. You have had the greatest influence musically on me (even as much as the Beatles who I also first heard at 12).  I was an elementary teacher for 32 years and played music in my class everyday. But at home I was always learning your songs which helped me get through weddings, divorces, up times and down.  The Innocent Age is one of my favorites.  I would listen to that every night as I was going through some tough times in my life.  Thanks so much for all your music and I will pray for you even though I'm not a religious person.  Enjoy this time with your family. ~ Richard Shine


 Dan, I discovered your music as a college student back in the 80's with "The Innocent Age" album and then promptly bought everything you had done up to that point. Your music is the soundtrack of my life for that era. For some (stupid) reason I stopped listening after getting married in 1984. But I recently discovered you again and OH MY GOD! It is like finding an old best friend I haven't seen in 25 years. Your music is both fresh and nostalgic all at the same time. It brings me back to the greatest time of my life and yet fits my life today in a completely fresh way. Thank you for the music. Now having said that, it is a truly bittersweet "reunion" in light of your cancer.  All I can do is pray for you which I have already done. I hope you continue to make music for a long time to come.  I haven't seen you in concert yet! Seeing you in concert is on my list of things to do before I die. Get better Dan. Lots of people love you. ~ Darrell Shepard


 Dear Dan and Jean,  This is the first time I've got on your website and was shocked to found out about Dan having prostate cancer.  I want you all to know that I am praying for you.  I believe in the power of prayer and that Jesus can heal you, he wants to heal you.  My sister and I were huge fans of yours in the 70's and 80's and still love your music.  Your music is so timeless.  Just wanted to let you know that someone is praying for you.   I know you will update your website to let everyone know how your doing, as you can.  God Bless You! ~ Kathy Wright, Drumright, OK


 Dear Dan, I just found out about your plight. I wish you comfort and strength during these trying times. I have been a fan of yours since your first album and have been moved by your words in every song from every album. Your heartfelt lyrics and the stories they tell have meant more to me in so many different ways that it would take forever to explain. There have been times when I have been distraught and I have been helped through by simply closing my eyes and listening to your soothing voice and beautiful lyrics.I feel that so many of your songs have been written for me, as many of the lyrics have such a parallel to events in my life. I now live in New England (New Hampshire) and have lived all over this wonderful country of ours (My Father (Maine) was a 23 year Air Force Vet, my brothers were born in Colorado and Nova Scotia, My Mother & Sister in England (Scottish), and I in Austin Texas, songs like "The Reach" & "Forefathers" touched me deeply.


The album "Nether Lands" (My Personal Favorite) the song "Lessons Learned" is my life's anthem The Chorus: "Lessons learned are like bridges burned, You only need to cross them but once .. Is the knowledge gained worth the price of the pain, Are the spoils worth the cost of the hunt". I have repeated this to myself on many an occasion to help me make a crucial decision...and have almost always made the right choice, So you see Dan, you have not only produced some of the most beautiful music ever written, but have helped me through so many moments in my life and I feel a very strong bond with you. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers every day of my life as you have always been there for me. I TRULY feel that we are "Twin sons from different Mothers". Keep your chin up and may your soul always remain free. I wish you nothing but happiness & a speedy recovery. A Friend Eternally.. ~ Wayne Terrio


 Your songs touch my soul to their deepest depth. "Leader of the Band" makes me cry like a baby and I can't get through it  without doing so. My dad was the family patriarch. Born in Spain in 1892, he ran away from home at a very early age, joined the merchant marines and worked his way  across the Atlantic arriving in Newport News VA. He lived a hard life, with only a 3rd grade education. He worked across America building the railroads but  he also had great highlights to his life: he met Charlie Chaplin before he  became the Beloved Tramp. Papa was sitting on a curb in California, resting  and a man sat down beside him and started up a conversation. Much later, Papa  saw the man's picture on a poster for a movie- Charlie Chaplin.


He ended up in New York City where he worked in car garages. He  married a woman who had a child already and Papa thought of the 9 year  old boy as his own and raised him as such. Papa adopted me when he was 68(!)  and I was just days old(my adoptive mom was 42, she couldn't have kids  of her own). The entire extended family called him Papa- and he was that- everyone's dad. He was truly amazing. He was diagnosed  with lung cancer in 1970. He was given 6 months to live. My papa made it to 93. His cancer had spread through the years to a lot of  parts of his body but he was not ready to give up. He lived a happy life, eating  what he wanted, walking daily with his beloved wife, watching his  favorite tv shows. He liked David  Bowie songs and he also enjoyed the melodies produced by a young man named  Dan Fogelberg. Your song binds me to the man some how. I look up to the sky and think  about this man that gave me the life I have.


Mr Fogelberg, don't give up- your soul is beautiful and you have helped so many people cope with the things that they have to endure. You give me a  bit of my dad back every time I hear the song and I thank you from the bottom of  my humble heart. ~ Sarah Puente


 Dan, I just want to tell you how deeply you've touched the lives of me and my children.   We've sang and played your songs all their lives.  One of my three daughters, Lisbeth, was standing on the piano stool, belting out "Run for the Roses" by the time she was three years old.  I've played and sung "Longer" so many times it's indelibly imprinted in my soul.  Lisbeth and I sang it to my mom the day she passed on a decade ago and I still remember how the ambiance of the room changing as we sang. I thank God for your being you, and I thank you for sharing yourself with the world. I truly love you and wish you peace.


 Dear Dan, I first discovered your music when I heard "Leader Of The Band" some years ago. Since then your songs have added sweetness to my life and made my heart sing. That song became something of a tribute to my own father, who succumbed to prostate cancer after being diagnosed too late for effective treatment. On reading your bio, I found we have our birth year in common, as well as prodigious influences such as The Beatles. This knowledge, combined with the love of your music, has inspired in me a strong feeling of kinship, a connection I know you share with many.   As George said,  "and the time will come when you see we're all one and life goes on within you and without you."  I cried when I read about your cancer. Please know that I am sending healing thoughts your way, and that no matter the outcome, you will live in our hearts forever.  ~ Charles Baldari, Waretown, N.J.


 Dan, as I sit here at work with headphones on, listening to The Very Best of D.F., I always try to decide which song is my favorite.  You see, I've been a fan since the days you played at U. of I., to being the back-up band with the Eagles (there was an entire row of us from the U of I listening while everyone else was busy finding their seats), and then ultimately seeing you play at the Chicago Stadium (I believe you said it was supposed to be at the Rosemont Horizon but you were bumped for the Ringling Bros. Circus).  Anywho, it was only this evening that I decided to Search you on the internet and see what's up... only to be saddened to see you are ill.  But then again, it has been your music that has gotten me through all of life's challenges - I suggest you do the same.  Thanks Dan - you have given me such wonderful gifts through your music. I know the gifts will be returned to you ten-fold.  Oh, and my favorite song is "Hard to Say", no it's "Nether Lands", no wait, it's "Heart Hotels", no it's "Longer" wait....  God Bless and take care. ~ Cyndi C - Urbana IL, no it's, Aurora IL, no wait, Modesto CA.


 There is no way to express how much your music and your spirit which comes out through your music has touched my life. I appreciate many artists and many forms of music but there is none which compare to the depth and the feeling that are brought forth in yours.  I thank you for your music. I pray that one day everyone will be blessed to be able to see you again on stage. I pray for your good health and happiness for you and your family. More than anything I pray for the return of your good health. Thank you again so much for your words of wisdom and truth through your music. Health ,Love and Happiness to you and yours ~ Kathy Yost


Dear Dan, My sister, a longtime devoted fan, just informed me of your illness and I am in shock.  I discovered your music after moving to Boulder in 1979 and became a daily listener, making mix tapes with you on them as well as purely Dan Fogelberg tapes, then eventually redoing them all on CD.  You have always been my favorite artist.  I worked at a ski shop in Boulder once and got into an argument with a fellow employee about the most talented person in rock music, with me insisting that between your music, lyrics, arrangements, range of instruments played,  beautiful voice and production abilities that it was clearly you.  I wonder if you will or can ever know the impact your music has on people, from the pure beauty of the songs and your voice to the meaning and deep feelings within them. My best friend was murdered in 1981 and to this day one of the measures of how sad her death was to me is that she has missed all the music you wrote since then and over 25 years of listening to you. Needless to say saw in you many concerts at CU and Red Rocks. I will have to write again in order to say more of my thoughts -- but surely know that you will be in my thoughts daily and that I am hoping and praying that you win this fight -- that you are/become the Lance Armstrong of the music world and between your spirit, the positive energy being sent to you my so many fans and the rapid advances in treatment and cures that you will soon be robustly enjoying life again. With genuine love and best wishes ~ Nancy Mulvihill


 Your music always takes me to that place I found many years ago -  when listening to Nether Lands, Souvenirs and Captured Angel was a part of daily life.  Though years have passed since then,  the spirit of that time is still a part of me as is your music.  My thoughts are with you. 


 Yes, I call you friend because I feel a closeness to you. You have walked to my side for almost thirty years. I have enjoyed, cried and meditated with your songs. I have shared your music with my friends and waited for each disc new yours like a boy who wishes that the day of Christmas arrives.THANK YOU Dan for all your songs. I hope you´ll be better soon . ~ Carlos Mitxelena from Spain


 Dear Dan, In 1971, I was a 14 year old attending a fairly regimented Roman Catholic School in CT. At the end of 8th grade, the administrators allowed us to have a dance. This was a big deal, but the guys ended up on one side of the gym and the girls on the other...too afraid to make a move between our issues with our Catholic upbringing and our adolescence. The DJ begged for kids to have fun and dance, but no one was buying. Anyway, I got up the nerve and asked a classmate to dance and soon we were joined by many others. It was a lot of fun. After we danced a bit, the DJ asked my partner and I to come up to his table and pick out an "album" for initiating things. It was there in a milk crate that I saw an interesting portrait of an Indian (as I perceived it) on the cover . Home Free came home with me that night and was shared with family and friends through High School and college. I wish you and Jean the very best for your health and recovery. Peace ~ Michael Meehan, CT


 Dan (and Jean) - I am so sorry to hear of the Advanced Prostate Cancer. I would consider it an honor to pray for you (both); specifically, I will pray that you will be comforted and the pain eased during the hard times, and that your faith would be strong.  We own an herb business and give Saw Palmetto to every man we know.  Again, I'm so sorry.


I have known and loved your music since the beginning.  I purchased all the albums and later re-bought all of them on CD's.  I know all the words to all your songs.   I can remember driving in the country in the summertime, my feet out the window and my boyfriend (now husband) and I both singing out loud "anyway I love you, every day I get more sure, anyway I love you, more and more and more and more..."  Oh yes, I love Dan Fogelberg.  God bless you Dan and Jean. ~ Patsy Secrist


 God bless you. I was reminded of your beautiful song "Longer." The words of that song reflect a beautiful heart of love. Thank you for your beautiful music. My prayers are with you. Much love ~ Laurence Torr


 Dan, I will begin including you in my prayers.  God bless you and your family.  I truly believe in the power of prayer and that miracles can happen.  I'm seeing my doctor this Friday to do blood work for the PSA readings.  Keep the faith, and know there are many of us who have enjoyed your wonderful music over the years.  It's my hope for you that God has you making music for years to come. ~ Carl Hardwick In Phoenix, AZ.


 To The Entire Fogelberg Family and to you, Dan- My sincerest wishes for good health are sent to you.  I was just cruising the internet, seeing what is up with some of my ol' fav's. You have always been at the top of my list. Captured Angel and Souvenirs were like a religion to me growing up. I had the vinyls and have have since bought them in their entirety for my iPod. I still know every lyric after all these years, as I played them over and over, then bought the cassettes.


I will soon be a 3 yr breast cancer survivor (dx at age 42). I have many friends that have gone through breast, prostate and many other types of cancer. My new motto has come from Tom Petty... I won't back down!   Neither will you. Keep up the good fight. I will listen to your words in song and pray for tolerable treatment and quick recovery. Your songs are in my heart. ~ Christine


 Dear Dan, When I was very little my mother would sing "Stars" and I would be asleep by the time it was done. For the past few years my mother has gotten very ill, terminally, without an accurate diagnosis! We have been to doctor to doctor, none of which seem to be able to help. And always when I feel mixed up about my situation I can always listen to your music and feel like I will always have a connection with her. So I would like to thank you for giving that gift to me. It means more than anything to me, for my mother is the best I could have asked for in this walk and has stuck with me through thick and thin, believed in me when no body else did, and supported me with every decision that I made. So thank you for that gift and I plan on sharing it with my children when I have them. I keep you in my prayers and hope for your health. Sincerely ~ Ryan Moroch


 " When we do the best we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another." ~ Helen Keller


 Your music is an integral part of my childhood.  I spend many an hour with you. Love and prayers to you and your family.


 I have been a fan since my college roommate brought Souvenirs to the house. My girlfriend, and later my wife,  has treasured your music. The stories they create have been fond memories in our minds for over the past 30 years. We have seen you many times in Mpls-St Paul and Chicago,  the last your incredible acoustic performance at the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis. Godspeed in your recovery. Our prayers are with you daily. ~ Pam and Dave


 One of my favorite things in life continues to be turning up the volume of one of your songs and being amazed at the beauty.  I particularly love the arrangements and words of "Nether Lands" and "Dancing Shoes." I just finished chemo/radiation treatment and understand more than ever how important prayers of friends and family are.  You and Jean continue to be in mine.  Be blessed. ~ Mary Thompson, Ohio


 Hi Dan - Some encouraging news from Life Extension in the August 21, 2007 Update. The headline is : Pectin Triggers self-destruction of Prostate Cancer Cells. It's a short article but I guess it can't hurt to follow up on it.  I hope you are feeling better and having a great time with your wife. A friend turned me on to your music in mid-seventies and I've loved it ever since. Peace and good health ~ Brian,  TX


 I have been listening to your music since the early 70's and have been recently reminded just how much it has meant to me over these years as I began  to create my first playlists for my MP3 player.  I just kept adding your songs to the list.  I have seen you so many times (in the DC area) and met  you in Columbia at Clyde's one year and I really do feel as if a good friend is in need of some positive energy!! So thanks for all of the times you got me through my prayers and all good thoughts and feelings to you and  yours. ~ Andrea Alexander


 Dan - Still after more than 30 years of listening to your voice and growing from your wisdom your words carry more meaning than they ever did. Please do well, my brother, and may all that you have given return itself to you ten fold. Love ~ Dave in Buffalo


 Dear Dan - I have been hearing a lot of your music on Sirius Radio 6010. I got online today to see what's been going on with you and was saddened to learn of your health issues. I personally believe you are one of the all time great musicians and your songs truly touch my life. I want to send positive prayer, hope and peace to you and your family. I sincerely pray for the best outcome for you. I am a long time fan. ~ Bob Diskin, Eugene, Oregon


 Dear Dan, It's been over a year since I posted here. Checking back to see how you are doing. I was overwhelmed to see how many posts there have been and so many recent ones, well wishes for your B.Day. I used to remember your B-Day, I was ever so curious after the calendar marked on the album cover and later found out why. Anyway you are truly blessed by so many caring fans, and you have spoken to so many people through your music, myself included. You really helped me through some rough spots of my life. I wish I could return the favor. You will stay in my prayers and I'm sending "Happy Thoughts" your way. ~ Cheryl, Akron Ohio


 I don't know what and why you came to my mind but you did.  I  went online to search you out and was so disheartened to find you are in ill  health.  I grew up listening to you - I waited for every album and every  song you had ever written had ME written all over it. I wish you health and happiness.  I hope and pray that you keep your fans up  to date on your life. You are sadly missed in the music world. Much love and prayers for you and your family ~ A VERY BIG FAN


 I have your music playing now as I type. Rarely a day goes by that you are not singing for me to keep me going. I hope you are doing good. I was three weeks from moving to Colorado Springs/Manitou Springs, loved hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, and pottery and painting. Was standing at a crosswalk and was hit by a van that was hit by a hit and run and I landed 50 feet in a parking lot. Life long disability. Now deal with Complex PTSD and stay inside a lot. Your music keeps me going and I thank you so very much for it. All my best to you and your family.


 Dear Dan, I cannot thank you enough for your music that I have cherished all these years, and for your love of mother earth, the spirit world and for your great understanding of how this earth and its caretakers should be living in harmony  with each other and the spirit world. We listen to your music so much my 2 children know the words by heart and sing your songs all the time. To hear them enjoying your music as much as I do is the greatest gift a father can receive. My family wishes you and yours the best and our prayers and thoughts are with you always. Love,  thoughts and prayers ~The  Maurer's


 Dan, I went to Woodruff - two years behind you. You graduated with my step-brother Joe McNulty. I didn't know you were ill. My prayers are with you and I wish you all the best! ~ Raymond (Ande) Anderson


 Dear Dan: I serve each month at my church in our production booth running the large screens in our sanctuary.  We are in a series called "Who Cares - Help" and our pastor taught on the story of the Good Samaritan.  After his talk, our worship pastor played and sang your song "Along the Road".  It brought back so many memories of when I first became a fan of yours in the late 70's.  I was in tears listening and singing the lyrics because of how touching and fitting it was to our sermon that day.  How awesome that your music transcends into different situations and people's lives.  I happened to search and found your website today and learned of your battle with prostate cancer.  I am praying for you and your family.  One of my favorite scripture readings during hard times is Jeremiah 29:11.  God Bless you Dan, and thanks for such wonderful, inspiring music. ~ Elena Golsch


Dear Dan, I felt compelled to write you after hearing about your diagnosis. I hope all is well with you, and I am truly saddened that such a gifted musician and writer is afflicted with this terrible disease. I want to impart to you how much your music has meant to me, both as a musician, and simply as a human being. Your gift of melody (which, to me, is the most fundamental, axiomatic basis of music; that's why I'm a Beatlemaniac :); your amazing instrumental abilities; and the stories you tell through your music and lyrics, have had a deep, profound effect on me.


My favorite songs of yours are 'Missing You' and 'Heart Hotels' (I especially love the choice you made to have Andy Newmark play drums on that - yes, he's my favourite drummer :), although there are many more that I love, especially from 'The Innocent Age.'  It's quite simply a beautiful, exquisite masterpiece. I hope you're doing okay, and again, I want to thank you for the beauty, majesty, and grace that you have given to us all through your music.All the best to you ~ Tim Bishop


 Dear Dan, As I have been diagnosed with Stage IV Lymphoma, I find solace in your music.  You bring peace to my mind and body.  I loved you and your music and became an enormous fan when I saw you perform "Silent Night" at Illinois State during a horrific snowstorm right before Christmas break.  It is a fond memory that I cherish to this day.  I hope you are finding peace in your life.  May God watch over you and keep you safe. ~ Paula from Illinois


 Hi Dan: Happy Belated Birthday and many more.  Praying for your and Jean's well being. Last saw you at Thousand Oaks in 2003.  Hope to see you again! ~ Bruce Edwards


 Dearest Dan and family, I have loved your music for so many years.  I saw you in concert at a winery while living in California.  I have just about all of your CDs.  Having not heard any new music or news about you, I looked you up on the Internet, finding out about your condition.  I so want you to know that my prayers are with you and your family.  You have made me and my family happy for so many years with your incredible music.  Please take care and don't give up! Yours truly ~ Linda Cherny


 Dear Dan, I have never felt a more moving feeling then when I play your music! I love " To The Morning". It is so special as are you. I have been to many of your concerts and hope to see you again. My prayers are with you! ~ Bonnie in NJ


Dear Dan and Jean- you are so on my mind these last several weeks and my prayers and energy, filled with love, light, comfort, joy and gratitude are going to you two.  I pray for you daily, praying for a complete healing for you, Dan.  Thank you for blessing Mankind with your words and song.  May you feel our hearts and love  tenfold in return. ~ Jan in WV.


 Dear Dan: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the music that's still such a wonderful part of my life ever since the '70's!  I saw you in concert a few years ago in Harrisburg, PA and it was such a phenomenal evening! Your music has made me smile and cry all in one song and I can't imagine this world without you and your music in it.  Be strong and fight with everything you've got - we are all pulling for you.  Take care and God bless.  ~ Candy Baker, Palmyra, PA


 Hi, I am working from home and was listening to Souvenirs. Thought about what you might be up to nowadays. Sorry to hear about your medical issues but as you wrote: "Now the wind is still, In a moment it will be raging. Now my soul is young, In a moment it will be aging." Me Too. Good luck ~ Brian Helly


 Dan and Jean- We pray for you both.  Good luck with this path.  Thank you for your beautiful music. ~ Doreen and Mark


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, I first saw you perform in the early seventies, with the Eagles, at Rich Stadium near Buffalo, N.Y.. I've been a fan ever since. Being about the same age as yourself, I often feel that the life you've felt through your music has run parallel to mine. (I would guess that most long time Fogelberg fans feel this way.)  Some times "I feel like I'm swimming straight up underwater, desperately racing for air". I suppose that as we get older we realize that life is a struggle, and not the party that it was in our youth.  Every breath becomes a blessing.


I've always felt that the criteria for those who are truly talented is the ability to write, play, and sing their own songs.  In these days of fly by night performers, with virtually no talent, not many meet the criteria.  You, however, have done so for over 30 yrs. and for this, I believe that many of us consider you to be a national treasure. Godspeed to a full recovery.  ~ Don, New York


 Mr Fogelberg,  I was very sad to find out about your cancer. I always wanted to see you in concert. You need to see out there beyond the horizon because everyday modern medical technology is always coming up with something to prolong people's lives with diseases and cancer. If you keep a positive attitude and look at every day as I know I will beat this cancer you will. If there is a will there is a way. Your song "Leader of the Band" makes me come to tears every time I hear that. My father was killed in helicopter accident over 5 years ago and every time I hear your song it makes me think about my dad and how he tried keeping our whole family together. I have grown up with you music since I heard your song " Same Old Lang Syne." May God be with you and your family during this trying time. Your Longtime Fan ~ Kelly Doyle


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, I ditto the sentiment "your music has been the soundtrack to most of the best moments of my life."  I am sitting at my computer, listening to The Innocent Age album...on its original vinyl...the way music was intended to be I was born in the mid-60's.  I am thrilled because I am playing it on one of those USB turntables so I can record it onto my PC and then listen to it in the car.  I just wanted you to know that of all the albums I have, when I got this USB turntable home and installed the software...your album was the one I reached for first.  The Innocent Age is STILL a great album...over 25 years later!   You will continue to rock on in our house!   "High Country Snows" is next!  Best wishes! ~ Paul from New Jersey


 Dan, I just revisited your music and once again found so much inspiration and pleasure. I looked on your site to see if you'd be touring, and then found this message, that you're battling cancer. Love and prayers to you and your family, may we see a healthy return to the music scene. I grew up listening to your music, was a teenager in the 70s, and still feel that you're one of the best singer/songwriters ever. Love ~ Nancy P., Owings Mills, MD


 Dear Dan,  I am moved to write - as I was first "turned on" to your music by my older sister (she's 50) and I am 43 - she was SO in love with you and your music I could not do anything but feel the same - I don't ever write anyone but felt compelled once realizing that you are suffering from a serious illness.  I just want to sincerely which you ALL the best and wanted you to know how much your music not only meant to me - but how much it helped heal my once dysfunctional family - many, many (30) years ago. It also helped cement my relationship with my older sister. God Bless and hopefully - someday I can meet you and thank you properly. Sincerely ~ Sharalea (Shar) DeLong, Mpls, MN 


 Dear Dan, Jean and Family, I clicked on your website hoping for news of a concert tour close enough for me to attend but instead  I'm deeply saddened to hear of your illness. So many of your songs bring instant memories to mind. They remind  me of home and some of my happiest and most carefree days, of young love and warm summer nights.  I wish that I could return the joy you have given me through your music.  May  you have a very speedy recovery and I'll  be waiting in anticipation of your next cd with the theme of conquering this latest obstacle.  I know you can do it!  You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. Take Care My Friend ~ April Bates


 Dear Dan and Jean, Once again I wish to send love and prayers to you.  God promises that when two or more are together to answer our prayers.  I pray that you are well on the road to recovery, and out and able to enjoy your sailboat. Thank you is not adequate for all the joy your music has brought to me.  I first fell in love with your ballads, but once I really began listening to all of your other music, I learned what a true musician and genius you are.  I don't even know how to explain that, but others have.  I've never had the experience of seeing you in concert but your records give us hours and hours of pleasure.  Even after over thirty years of writing music it still sounds fresh and beautiful.  I can't wait to see and hear what has been going through your mind during these healing months.  Whether you are painting, reading, writing, singing or just being there, we all hope you know how much we appreciate you and your music.  How sad the world would be without you.  Thank you again. Love ~ Kathy in the mountains of WV


 Dan, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful gift of your music, which has delighted, entertained, and inspired so many people over the years.  I have been a fan since the 70's when I first heard "Part of the Plan," and have almost all of your albums/CDs.


I also want to encourage you to hang in there in your fight against prostate is definitely not a death sentence!  My father was diagnosed over 13 years ago, and was successfully treated with radiation (he is now 76).  It of course had some unpleasant side effects, but nothing he couldn't live with.  It did lower his platelet count, so he has had to watch that...but it can be increased by occasional doses of Prednisone as needed.   He has had PSA regularly tested every year; last year his levels were slightly elevated so they started him on Lupron Depot shots every 4 months, which are working (although they give him hot flashes---I tell him now he knows what I've been going through the last few years!).   Please know that the thoughts and prayers of many people are with you, and that you are not alone in this fight! God bless! ~ Barbara S. Simmons, Mims, FL


 Dear Dan, years ago I would put one of your albums on my stereo in my bedroom, turn off my lights and lay on my bed and just let the music go through me for hours at a time.  Of course I was in my early twenties so I had plenty of time to spare.  I see here on this site that there were so many others that you gave the same gift to.  You've been so very generous throughout your life with the sharing of your talents and so I would like to say to my knight in dreams of song that your music & words still reach me.  Much love to you and your loved ones.  I think I'll go close my eyes now & listen.


 Dear Dan, Your music is a very meaningful part of my life and has been for over 30 years.  I send you my best thoughts for recovery.  A fan ~ P


 Dan, I just heard of your situation via your web site. My friends and I have listened to your albums since the 70's and I believe it is you that taught me how to harmonize.  We saw you in Seattle when you toured solo and it has always been a memorable concert. Please be strong and get well.


 Dear Dan, I have been a fan of yours for over 30 years. No musician's music has touched me more deeply. Your album The Innocent Age was the soundtrack to my life from the day it was released. I still listen to it, nearly weekly. It is a monumental work of art that will live on and be fondly remembered for many decades to come. Your music makes me cry it's so beautiful. Not just the words, which are among the most heart-felt I've ever heard, but also the music. You've been an inspiration to me for over three decades. Words cannot express my gratitude to you. Thank you, Mr. Fogelberg. ~ Bill Murphy, Grand Rapids, Michigan


 Dan, your music has been the soundtrack to most of the best moments of my life. There is no way to adequately thank you for such a profound gift, and although my motivation is partly selfish, I have to say it: be well - there is more to do. ~ Jane Conyers, Conyers, Georgia


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, You are one of the reasons why I am a Singer-Songwriter. Your music has  always been with me and I credit your  "Phoenix" album among the greatest I  have ever heard (among others like "Innocent Age"). When I visited your site and  found out about your illness, my heart sank. I lost my mom to cancer last  year and it made me think about what you said concerning the importance of  early detection and regular checkups.  I know that you will conquer this  disease and you will continue writing great music.I look forward to hearing your  next album. We Singer-Songwriters are a tough breed and I know that you are no exception. I look forward to the day when I meet you in person and tell you how  much your artistry has meant to me throughout the years. I am also encouraged to  have myself checked out as you suggested especially since I am an African-American male in my forties. I will also make mention of this in my website for others to follow suit. You will always be one of my all-time  favorite artists.Take care and stay as strong as you are. From one of your biggest admirers ~ Byron Keith Taylor


 I have always loved your music.  I own all your music.  I'm 52 now and  my first husband was a musician and played your music since we lived in Tucson in 1974.  I saw you sing in Columbia , MD  , and I had a seat 12th row. I fell in love.  You are the best!  My prayers are that you have the strength and courage to keep fighting. ~ Tricia Fallston, MD


 Dan and Family,  I just heard of your cancer. I have been a fan since living in Nebraska many years ago. You are my High School Sweetheart! Things will get better. I listen to you all the time and miss you. My dad did pass from Prostate Cancer, but that was many years ago and times have changed!  My prayers are always with you, like a Souvenir.  Thank you for all your great music. Remember the mountains. Love you, miss you ~ Nancy in AZ


 Dearest Daniel - I write to you from the Yukon... shouldering Alaska; the quintessential North.  Guess that makes me a foreigner.  I am 35 and discovered you in the early eighties when there wasn't really anything of  value to listen to on the airwaves. The ugly eighties that everyone had to endure. There were but a few selections of music that were transformational gems. In the eighties they still allowed us to listen to a few pieces of music from seventies artists who had depth.  And then there was 'Sutter's Mill'.  I  listen to that masterpiece every spring.  It reminds me as much of the Klondike Goldrush. I play it repeatedly, over & over for hours sometimes and open my door so the world can hear it. We live on a lake. Indeed music can echo on the water for miles. Wish you were with us!  When we are out sailing thoughts of you are evoked and how much you could teach us. I used to pray to some day see you in concert. Now I pray for your health and well being. Many concerts I have missed. All that matters is that you overcome. Your absolute peace of mind is all I care about.  I thank you for being who you are.  And your music. Your music.... ~ Shirly Ambrose


 Having just heard of you struggle with PC, I was hit with such pain for you and your family. We also have someone battling advanced PC. He is 46 years old, so your strong wishes for all men to get a PSA test are indeed important. My husband and I are retired jockeys. My husband is also a talented guitar player. He learned "Run for the Roses" several years ago and we have sung it for all of our race track friends at one time or another. There are ALWAYS tears in the audience. What an incredible poet you are. You truly captured the essence of the race horse. My husband and I rode for a combined total of 38 years, so we definitely know race horses. We now own a thoroughbred training facility and still love what we do. God bless you in your fight. We will be praying every day. ~ Sherry from South Carolina


 Dan: I can't believe that I didn't know about your cancer. I pray you have strength and healing. Your music has given me more hours of peace and contentment than almost any other singer. I've followed your career from Album No. 1 to the last. My only regret? I never saw you in concert. Remember, music lasts forever. Please know your fans care. Best wishes ~ Karen Freeman, McComb, MS


 It is very hard to put in words what your  music has meant to me and my family. From the lyrics you so eloquently weave a story with to the example you set as a musician who stayed true to your music and did not compromise. From the moment I discovered your music in the 70's to now your songs have been the background music in my life. In 1983 my wife and I chose to have your song "Longer" performed as we lit our candles during the ceremony. You hold a very special place in our hearts and we have been every one of your performances in San Diego. My son is a musician and I always point to you as a person to model his career after. Dan, we continue to pray for you and lift you up to our most powerful God and we thank him for bringing to us such a talented and gifted storyteller, musician and artist. God be with you and we do hope to see you again in San Diego. Warmest Regards ~ Jaime Cuadra


 Dear Dan, I, like thousands of others, have been touched by your music for the last 3 decades.  Thank you for sharing all of your talent with all of us. My husband has been listening with new enthusiasm to your music. He believes you are a genius but I already knew that. Thank you again. God's mercies are new every morning. ~ Teresa, used to be in Colorado, now in New York


 Dan, you are such an inspiration to so many people, onstage and off.  Please know you are in the hearts and minds of those people who wish you only the best, radiant health and a positive outcome for your illness.  Thank you for all you have given us.


 Dan, I have thought a lot about what your music means to the world. Your music planted a seed in my heart which has grown and spread. My 5th cd was just released and I feel as though I am a tender shoot that is growing off the vine of your inspiration. Please let us know how things are. I wish you the very best and hopes for a speedy recovery. ~ Carl Tosten


 I am so sorry to hear about your health problems.  I have loved  your music like all of these other people that have left messages.  I also play the guitar and trying to imitate you has always brought me great joy although maybe not everyone listening. Haha.  I also admire the causes you stand for.  Hang in there.


 Dan, You are in my thoughts and prayers.  I thank you for the many hours of heartfelt word and music I have listened to since my teenage years when I became a fan.  I pray you are doing well and please know that you are in the hearts and minds of many. ~ Stephanie Rudy


 Thoughts and prayers for you for continuing strength and courage, Dan. Longer than there've been stars up in the Heavens. I loved your "Longer" lyrics and your other songs which brought me comfort and enjoyment in difficult times.  Now, your writings and your courage in your own time of challenge inspires me even more.


 God bless you and your family. Your music is an inspiration to millions. Hope in time you will get the calling to write music again!!!


 Dan, I can't believe what I just read. I am sitting here with goosebumps. Last night something made me think of one of your pieces from your Souvenirs album. So I pulled out a Video tape of a concert and thoroughly enjoyed it, again. I think I enjoyed it even more so than I had in the early 90's. I sang along with ALL of your pieces, what fun it was. You are truly an artist! So musical! I started listening to you in 1977, I believe it was. My boyfriend at that time introduced me to your music and you have gone through life with me, until about 10 years ago, although I don't know why. Occasionally, I still pull out my Souvenirs and Nether Lands piano books and give it a whirl. Your ballads go right to my heart. I had forgotten how you play the blues. Wow. Please let Mother Earth guide you through this difficult time and know how much you are loved! ~ Peggy Brickert, San Gabriel, CA


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, I was looking for a way to contact you through an email when I found  your web site.  I was surprised to read of your situation with your  PC.  I will pray to GOD for healing, healthy, empowerment, positivity,  and strength for you and your family.


The original reason for my correspondence was to thank you.  Back in  the day when you wrote "Leader of the Band", it so touched my very being that I  knew one day I would dedicate it to my own father when he was finally called  back home. Well, that day finally arrived on Sunday, August 19,  2007.  He reached 91 years of age on May 7 of this year, and he passed  away peacefully in his sleep of natural causes. What made your words so deeply felt in me all those many years ago was  my dad had been a gifted musician all his life.  He entertained  audiences while playing either in bands or an orchestra up to the time  of his passing.  He played the stand-up bass, bass guitar, and  acoustic guitar, as well as repaired various instruments (i.e.; keyed, stringed,  & wind instruments).  He played and enjoyed the big band sound,  swing, R&B, jazz, all sorts of music, and he taught me  well what real music is all about.


So, you see the words you wrote about your dad were the way of  my father, and the feelings you felt for your dad are the feelings I have for my  dad.  All the lessons, all the sentiment, are the same for me for my  dad.  I played "Leader of the Band" and sang it over and over,  and it has comforted me no end.  Thank you, Mr. Fogelberg, for your gifts  of lyric and music. GOD bless you always, and I will keep you in my prayers.  You are  truly a treasure sent here on earth from GOD in heaven. Sincerely, ~ Annette from New York


 Be strong, Dan.  Your music took me through two chemo protocols and allowed me to forget, for a few minutes, what a lousy hand I perceived that I had been dealt.  I continue to live with errant protoplasm and the living legacy of you and your important contribution to the world.  We Leos are tough as nails.  May you sail on. ~ Pat Imbres, Greenwich, Connecticut


 Dan,  I have been a fan of your music since I was 14 in 1979, when I discovered your Souvenirs LP. Shortly after that I bought a copy of Nether Lands and Captured Angel, needless to say I have enjoyed every release after that. I, like the hundreds of thousands before me, that have emailed you to tell you how your music has affected and changed their lives, felt the need to do the same. So thank you for your beautiful music. It is the inspiration for the love and compassion that became my perspective on how to look at life and live. Thank you Brother.


I also wanted to send smiles,hugs and love to you and your family in this time. You all are in my heart and prayers and I truly hope this email finds you healthier and stronger. I also hope that your treatments are able to keep the cancer in remission until it can be removed without a trace. Thank you for being here,.shining your light, your music and your gift. We love you. Get well soon brother. Love ~ Brandon


 I hope that you are doing well.  No news on the websites.  So I am hoping that no news is good news. I so enjoy your music and wish that you would make more!  With my love and best wishes ~ Venita


 Dear Dan, Jean and everyone touched by the two of you.  It is truly a rough time.  I did read through all of the notes before mine.  You have touched a lot of people with your music for so long.  Because of that wonderful music, you can never truly die.  Having had family members "in the business" at many different levels, I know that for a fact that the music never dies.  We will all get to hear music even in heaven. God bless you and remember "The Lord is your Shepherd..." ~ Kim from CT


 Dear Dan, I am a few years younger than you and didn't begin listening to your music until about 1976 when I friend introduced me to Nether Lands.  From the very beginning, I always felt some soulful connection with your music and with you.  I grew up in Colorado and the sense of majesty, beauty, and wonder that emerges from your music always reflected the way I felt living in Colorado.  I have also continued to chew on The Innocent Age all these years as the psychological and spiritual depth has continued to settle into my soul. I am now a pastor and I get teased by how often I quote your lyrics in my sermons.  I think you are becoming the 5th gospel (embarrassing, I know!)


I was very sorry to hear about your prostate cancer.  Having worked with hospice patients, I have a selfish hope that you will capture in song and lyrics the lessons, the wisdom, and the sublime nature of this time.  But, more importantly just know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and Jean and I am just incredibly thankful for everything you have already shared. ~ Rev. Brian Heron, Portland,OR


 Dear Dan, I heard your Nether Lands album when visiting friends in Leadville Colorado in the late 70's.  I was totally blown away.  I'm still amazed at how fantastic your lyrics and singing brings me back to Colorado and I just want you to know that your music has truly touched the lives of thousands.  You revive the heart and soul.  May your fight with cancer be victorious.  Child of the 70's  ~ Paul Rehbein


 Dear Dan, For years my husband and I had been big fans of your music.  The other day I was thinking of you and when I put on one of your records (Yes, still vinyl, much to the chagrin of our grown children.  Guess you can't teach an old dog new tricks.) We wondered if you were still performing.


So I went to Google.  I was taken back and saddened to hear of your bout with prostate cancer. Please know that you and your wife will be in my family & my students' (my second grade class) prayers.  May God grant you and your family the peace, strength and courage to bear the burden that has been put upon you. I will also be praying to my patron saint, Saint Jude.  He is the saint of hopeless cases and has been my family's savior more than once. My brother was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was 16.  In his remaining teen years and young adulthood, he had ended up in the emergency ward of hospitals more times than I care to mention.  One of these times,  he was given last rites by a Catholic priest because he was thought to be near death. I stood nearby praying feverishly to St. Jude, but at that moment when I had lost all hope and started to cry, Andy awakened to ask "What the %#$*^% ?"  He lived to be 46, much better than the prediction of one of his doctors, who had said he would not live to see 30. I still believe that this fact was due to St. Jude. I named my first son after St. Jude and still have a strong belief in his ability to heal.  I don't want to sound preachy here, just to assure you that for all the years of happiness that your songs brought me I feel this is the least I can do.  Peace and prayers ~ Mary Purtell, Flushing, New York


 I was saddened to hear the news of your struggle, but believe that faith and love are powerful tools to overcome adverse things life has to bring.  Your music and the meaningful lyrics have been instilled in many hearts and you have shared with us the meaning of love in every way.  I saw you at the Fox Theater in St. Louis in 1995 and was one of the BEST concerts and so moving.  Your strong message of early screening for the detection of prostate cancer is very much commended and will impact many. Thank you, dear talented friend, and my prayers are with you. God Bless. ~ Rhonda W., Godfrey, Illinois

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