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"Dear Dan" Letters

November 2007

 Dear Dan and Jean, I cannot share with you how much I have prayed for you during the past years since your diagnosis.  In January of 2005 I was in an automobile accident that has left me disabled and in constant, chronic pain.  I find relief through praying for others and meditation.  (It comes naturally since my vocation was being a Christian Pastor in the United Methodist  Church).  How I loved my work and helping people find God's presence and  their way through whatever happened in life.  I can do that no more.  I am now only able to spiritually support people through prayer.  So you  have been on the top of my list for some time now. I read as much as my eyes will allow.  I recently read a book on  healing by a Native American doctor and one of the many thoughts that he shared  was that a journey has a beginning and an is the middle of the journey  where we have to stay the course.  I don't know where you are in your journey...but I pray that you are staying the course through both the good times and the bad.  It is, after all, the hardest part of our journeys. My  prayers are with you, Jean, and your extended family.


I want to also thank you for all of your years of wonderful, beautiful, and diverse music.  I fell in love with your music in high school when your  first  "album" was released.  I continued to follow the course of your career when my life took me to seminary in Washington D.C. in 1981.  I found out you were performing just outside D.C. in Virginia.  So I  asked a handsome young man to come to the concert  with me. His name was/is James  and he too played in a band while attending college. He had  never heard of your music before and so I was thrilled to introduce him to your  music that night.  At the concert you introduced the new song you had just written for  your father entitled, "The Leader of the Band."   When you were  finished the audience went wild with applause and cheers.  Your comment in  return was, "Thank you.  My Dad likes it too."   In the course of my journey I ended up marrying that handsome man  named James in May 1982.  We have traveled far and wide to attend your concerts as we have both continued to love and purchase your music.   It has helped us to celebrate the rich and rewarding love that we share. Your music has also soothed our wounded souls when we lost our baby and found  out that we would never have children.  It was devastating to us both  of us. No words could ever describe the emotional pain that we were in.  Yet it was your music that helped us through.  Your music has spoken what  we have felt about the earth and humanity and we cannot forget to thank you for  the beautiful Christmas CD.  We just love it and have been able to  introduce many others to your music in our ministries.  (Yes, my handsome  James is a United Methodist Minister too and he still plays in a band).


My handsome James and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary this past May.  We cannot forget to thank you for bringing music into our lives that  have helped us to "stay the course" through sickness and in health.  We are  still crazy about each other and cannot forget the man whose music has been so much a part of our lives. I have never met you or Jean, yet you have been in my prayers and will continue to be.  In this season of Thanksgiving, I am most grateful to you  for the music that helps me now to stay a painful and difficult  course.  May God grant you those daily assurances of His steadfast love and  presence and may your heart and soul be at peace as you "stay the course." With much gratitude ~ Kate E. Cox.


 Dan, You are one decent man and I wish I could have been your friend! Your music is excellent and I will pray for you tonight! Sincerely ~ Brian S. Law, Smithtown, NY


 Hi Dan... I hope your healing is progressing well. I only recently heard about  this and my thoughts and prayers are with you ! My father,as a senior  citizen,survived advanced prostate cancer. And he's a music lover  "Leader Of The Band" has special meaning to me !


I can't recall what year it was but a group of friends and I saw you on your solo tour --just you, your piano and guitar --at a theater here in Roanoke , Virginia and it was one of the greatest concerts I ever attended. Your music never gets old. I listen over and over again and enjoy the beauty and brilliance of your lyrics and melodies They're so  unique...always fresh...and a treat to hear. "Longer" and the "Phoenix"  album were my first experiences of your work. "Phoenix", "Nether Lands", the "Portrait" collection and "The  Innocent Age" are my favorites....but I have most of your work.


Thank you for the joy the music still brings me. I can't believe people actually ask if "Same Old Lang Syne" actually happened. How can you make up that story ? It's so real as I'm sure much of your music is like  "Dancing Shoes" and "Beggars Game"....just  amazing....compelling stuff ! Thanks for indulging me. God bless you! ~ Joe from Roanoke ,  VA  via Philadelphia , PA


 Mr. Fogelberg - It's probably impossible for me to fully explain in words of how I hope, pray and wish for your complete and speedy recovery from this illness.  I am sure you hear it from so many people that it gets old, but I have followed you and your music for over 30 years now.  Your Innocent Age album is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be, bar none.  The depth, love and magic of your songs have touched me like no other, with my personal favorite being "The Reach".  I can't quite remember every line written in that magnificent album anymore... but I certainly did for many years and come pretty close still.


I had the pleasure of seeing you in Omaha, in a solo act.  I can still remember that you had contacted a slight cold, and so warned the crowd that your voice might possibly get scratchy on some of the higher notes as you sang.  But you were magnificent.  For me, your music, above and beyond any others, lifts my spirit as little else can... besides my children.  =D.  Your songs are a daily routine for me and have been since the late 1970's Dan... best wishes! Beat this thing! God bless you and your family. ~ Wade Brazee, Columbus Nebraska


 Dear Dan, I believe in Heaven and know that God has worked through you and your music to inspire and uplift millions of people. You have been and remain an excellent role model for all and especially musicians. Your music is incomparable and I look forward to seeing you in concert again soon. Best wishes for a complete recovery and may God strengthen you and yours in that effort. A loyal fan and friend ~ Kim Thorup


 Dan, Your music has been a part of my life for more than 30 years at this point. I don't have the gift to give to you what you have given to me, but I can say 'Thank you' for all that your music has meant to me. Best wishes and good thoughts are sent your way every time someone hears one of your songs. May they lift you and sustain you through every trial in your life. Be well, now and in the future. Warmest regards ~ G Greene


 My thoughts and prayers go to you and your family.  I have always found comfort in your music and I hope in your time of need you have something or someone that will bring you comfort.  My Best Wishes for a speedy recovery. ~ Heather Brown


 Hi Dan - I write you from Barcelona (Spain) and this email comes with my sincere desire that you have a quick recovery. Since I discovered you I felt a strong tie to you. The music, your style, you. You are a great friend to me. I found out about your illness on your website. I am a sincere admirer and send you a great hug. ~ Alex


 Bless you and your family as you continue your journey. Sincerely ~ Cheryl Cutting


 Dear Dan: Yesterday I happened to hear one of my favorites of your songs, "Leader of  the Band." As usual, it made me cry - as somehow I think you must have known my father and written it about him. He was all of those things you sing about: an  only child, a World War II soldier whose "horn" playing Big Band sounds soothed  the concerns of his fellow heroes, a man whose discipline confused me as a child  and I understand so well now as a parent. And I don't think I ever said I love him near enough!


As it happens, yesterday, when I randomly heard this song, was the 11th anniversary of my father's death. Realizing that there must have been some cosmic reason for that song to have played on that date, I decided after many,  many years of loving your music, to write to you to thank you for all of the  melodies that have enhanced my life since first discovering you as a college freshman in 1974. But particularly to thank you for giving me the lasting gift of my father's memory in "Leader of the Band."


So, imagine my shock at seeing what you are dealing with! Maybe there  really is some cosmic reason for hearing that song yesterday! Here's  the deal, D.F. - you'll get through this! My husband had lymphoma and it was BAD, but there

was no way we were going to let it defeat us! I  hope you can somehow call upon all the strength you have ever had, all the love  of your family, and all the love of your fans to give you the stamina and  stubbornness necessary to fight this! There are days, I'm sure, that are tough,  but I always tell my kids: all you have to do is put one foot out, then the next  - little steps, but keep on moving forward. With much love from the Leader of the Band's daughter ~ Nikki Steingold


 I just learned today of your struggle with prostate cancer. I certainly  want to add my voice to all those who are sending prayers heavenward on your behalf. I first heard your music in 1973 as a freshman in college. Then, now and  through all the years in between it has provided a balm for my spirit, lifted me  when I needed to be lifted, and provided comfort in the times of pain and  turmoil. Through all those years I have turned to the music and as always you were able to reach somewhere deep inside my being and touch my heart in just the  right spot. After all these years you still do that. I pray for peace, comfort and healing as you and your family face the times ahead and I pray that  your spirit may be lifted in these times as you have lifted mine through the past 30+ years.


 Dan, like thousands of your fans I search your web site weekly to find an update of your condition. It's like knowing a relative is having trouble but you can't reach them or they can't reach you and the unknown can be torture. But then again we know you are a private person and at times like these you have no obligation to inform us of anything. You have given the world so much during the past 30 years you owe us nothing. I sincerely hope you are fairing well and understand your

privacy. I'll be content to play your songs on my D-41DF Martin guitar and think of you fondly as I do, wishing my good thoughts are helping you in some way. Thank you for all you have given. ~ Rich, Pittsburgh, PA


 Dan: When I heard that you had been given the dubious opportunity to redefine yourself in the face of cancer I wanted to send you and your family a brief  note. You have already had to travel some difficult roads in the face of the diagnosis and there will doubtless be more in the future but I hope that, like so many others who have had been diagnosed with cancer, you will, on the back side, find it to have been a road worth traveling.


The biggest challenge that we face in our lives is to remain ourselves - true to our truest form of self - in the face of adversity. In my work as a therapist and as a volunteer with the Lance Armstrong Foundation I have had the blessing of being able to meet and work with a great many people who have  been facing the challenges that cancer has brought to their lives and I wanted  to share with you the overall message that I have gotten from each one of  them... "You can either let your life be defined by your cancer or you can  continue to define your life yourself."


If anyone can do it - define their cancer in ways that allow them to remain themselves - true to their family, friends and themselves - you can. In this run  for the roses there are millions of winners every year - so, if you haven't  already done so I encourage you to choose life, love, happiness and family. Choose to be the best friend you can be to yourself and those around you - for, if you can do that, the battle is won no matter the outcome.


When we seek magic - even in the darkest of times - we find more of  ourselves. I wish you and all those close to you all the best that this challenge can bring you - and may life, in this its most simple form, fill you with joy and  an ease of spirit through the course of this challenge and belong! ~ Ellen Brock


 To Dan Fogelberg - I just wanted to let you know that my heart goes out to you and your family through these hard times.

I am a huge fan of you and your music, and have been so for a great number of years. I love your lyrics and the ease with which the melody flows!!! You are in my thoughts. Sincerely ~ Mikael, Denmark


 Dan, I often think of you and wish you good health and happiness and hope you continue to heal. Love and best regards ~ Malcolm. Scotland.


 Dan, My husband just broke the news to me of your prostate cancer as he had pulled up your website and was listening to your music.  We have been to many of your concerts (we lived in Colorado for 10 years) and have fond memories of warm, summer nights at Red Rocks hearing your wonderful voice. You make so many people smile and have been blessed with such a given talent.  We are praying for you and please know how many of those you touched will be touching you back with their love and thoughts. Be strong... ~ Lynn and Dave


 Dan, My wife and I miss the joy of searching the record shelves for new albums by you.  Your ballads fill our souls with the emotions of life.  We will keep you and your family inn our prayers.  Stay strong, know that your work has great importance in our lives.


 Dan,  I first heard your music from a roommate of mine some 30 years ago. I was amazed by the beauty and emotion of the music. It was different than the commercial music everyone else was playing and I fell in love  with it from the first song. Even today, 30 years later, your music is like an old best friend. I listen to and enjoy all kinds of music but nothing touches my heart like your songs. I hope God answers your prayers. ~   Dan Anderberg  


 Dear Dan, It's been three years now since we heard the news of "the" cancer. ( I say "the" because I refuse to allow it to be a part of "you" )I now feel a connection deeper than before to you. On what would have been my 51st birthday ( I'm a leap year baby and this was March 1st) I was diagnosed with rectal carcinoma during a routine physical. I've undergone 28 concurrent radiation and oral chemo treatments, followed by two Folfox drip chemo treatments prior to surgery. Even though my treatment had all but eliminated the tumor, I ended up with a permanent colostomy ( and other procedures ) since the cancer was still found in area where the tumor had been. Like you, I have gone public attempting to save someone else from my ordeal. Another live performance by you would be just what the Dr ordered but under the circumstances, all your focus should be on you and overcoming this issue. Don't ever let it become a part of you. I tell people I'm a cancer patient, never that I "have" cancer. It's a waiting game for me now.....2-3 years for this type to show back up. In the meantime, my life will go on as normal as I can make it. I hope you're doing the same. We have been given a gift, so to speak. Nothing is taken for granted anymore. I know you well through your music ( since '73 ) but given the chance, I'd jump to know the man behind the music. Stay strong ~ Jennifer Wehking


 Dear Dan, Please know that you are in my thoughts and all that is good is being wished and directed your way.  Your music has been a powerful force in so many lives, as it has been in mine.  While I only know you from your artistic creations, I believe that you have the strength to overcome this.  May all the joy, passion, strength and comfort, you have given to others through the years now return to you and your loved ones. With sincere respect and affection ~ Lynette A. - Tucson, AZ


 Hi Dan, I was saddened to hear of your illness. I was actually introduced to your music through my dad who was always a fan. From my earliest childhood memories, I can remember being in our living room and hearing your music play on his record player. He was a musician himself, and many times I would hear him singing your songs as he strummed his guitar. Until this day, I have never heard any other artist who could compare with you. Your music is beautiful, and your talented vocals almost make it seem angelic. Unfortunately, in 1999 my dad passed away from colon cancer but the memories he gave me will last a lifetime and I thank him for letting me get to know your music. In 2003, my sister was lucky enough to get tickets to your concert at Chastain Park in Atlanta G.A....and it was amazing:-) All my life, we had heard your music, and then there we were at your concert, seeing you live. That's something my dad would have loved to see. I hope and pray for your recovery. Your music has touched so many lives. The world just would never be the same without you. ~ Wendy, Atlanta, GA.


 Dan: Through your music you have helped to heal many, many souls and inspire millions more. This is a simple wish...that now, some of that healing spirit will come home to rest within you. God bless you... ~ Dick


 Dan, Get better, and please update your fans on your progress.  My daily  thoughts and prayers will be with you.  There is more music in you that we all want to hear. Best wishes to a man that has written some of the world's greatest  songs ~ Chris  Moore


 Dan, How to say thanks for keeping thousands of us engaged in your poetry accompanied by a call to consider a deeper reality during our formative years in the 70s/80's? Your very words resonate in this moment: "There's a light in the depths of your darkness ..There's a calm at the eye of every storm ...There's a light in the depths of your darkness ....Let it shine...oh, let it shine". Dan/Jean -  I'm lighting a virtual candle and sending my prayer up in the belief you will navigate forward on this journey surrounded only by incredible love and healing energy in gracious abundance. ~ Bridget Rigdon - Atlanta, Ga


 Dear Dan - I am 37 years of age, and today is the first day I ever heard your name. I was driving in my car and heard a beautiful tune that I fell in love with - it was "Missing You". My 11-month-old daughter loved it, too, as she was dancing to it! When I caught your name, I immediately logged on when I got home and was amazed to realize I know a lot of your music already - I just didn't know the singer. I'm still amazed to have never heard of you, but maybe it's because I live in Ireland and perhaps you didn't get as much coverage here, even if your music was played on all the stations. I'm so upset to read about your cancer diagnosis, but hope you're doing well following your remission. As I type this, my family is awaiting results from tests my uncle had done who is suspected of having this condition. I admire the campaign you are running to increase men's awareness of this condition. I'm going to treat myself to a CD of yours now to play in the car! I wish you well. ~ Deirdre


 Dan, I recently rediscovered your music when my daughter showed me how to download music on the internet. I still have most of your music on vinyl packed away in the attic, but now your music is on my ipod and proudly so. Have been listening to your music for close to 30 years and it is as wonderful now as it was way back when. I have been attending the Derby for close to 30 years and always hear "run for the roses" many times during my week in Louisville, it is still one of my favorites and gives me a "tingle" whenever I hear it!!. Wish I could say someone really cool turned me on to your music but honestly, I picked up "Captured Angel" out of a bargain bin in a record store when I was probably 17 and have loved it ever since. Of course I went back to that record store the next day and bought every album you've ever made. Sure glad I browsed through that bin all those many years ago, your music has always been very special to me.


I was so very sorry to hear about your illness and wish you the best of health. I don't think I could ever express in words how much your music means to me, but felt compelled to send this note when I read of your setback. I listen to your music almost daily and again, don't know how to express how thankful I am for your music in my life. Like everyone else on this site, I would welcome any news about how your doing but fully understand your privacy, especially in light of your setback. If you ever do return to the studio or stage, I assure you I will be one of the first in line for either. ~ Phil, another "Illinois" son now living in Wisconsin


 Dear Dan:  In the 70's and early 80's I was a single "hippie" mother of four children; three girls and one son.  I didn't believe in television, telephones, banks, anything that smacked of "Big Brother".  But I did raise my children on music.  Yours was introduced to them early, and continues to be a seamless thread that just weaves through their daily activities.  I can't tell you how many times we all sat on or under blankets under star-filled or sunny skies, sharing our love and appreciation of the musical gift you gave to us.  Your music was something we all loved and shared, and my children knew all the lyrics to just about every song you've ever sung.  We were all so saddened to hear of your diagnosis when it was first announced, and at first we just thought we were going to lose you.  But then time passed, and you continued to fight, and today we believe...all of us, that you will deal with this disease in the way you've written and sang your songs:  with immeasurable strength, understanding, insight, and sheer will.  You've given so much to so many, and I pray that the strength and energy coming back your way from the people who have loved you through your music will give you the will and determination to fight.  Thank you thank you thank you.  You are a blessing, you've made me laugh, cry, think hard about my life and how I'm living it.  And even though my children are all now in their 30's, we still call each other when we hear a special song on the radio that reminds us of special times we've spent together.  We all are sending you wishes for continued strength, and we all want you to continue to fight... ~ Shirley, San Marcos, CA


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, I first became a fan of yours when I was in college in the early to mid-1970's.  I have old albums of yours that I  haven't listened to in a long time. I have not thought about you for a long time.  But two nights ago I had dream about you: you were at a book signing in a book store. You'd written a book and I was fortunate to talk to you after the signing and we went out to dinner...just talking.  You were in the best of health and spirits; you were very funny  You had some gray in your hair.  That's all there was to the dream.  I have NO idea why I dreamt of you.  Then I looked up your website and discovered your fight with prostate cancer.  And your photo is exactly the way you looked in my dream. It was strange and eerie for me to dream about you, but I think you will recover your health and beat the cancer. And you'll write a

book!   God Bless You and your family.  You're in my thoughts and prayers. I bought some CD's of yours to replace the old albums! "Souvenirs" is my favorite; made me feel like I was back in college. Thanks for your wonderful music and voice. ~ Betsy Mullen, Hamilton, Ohio


 Dan, Thank you for all the magic you have brought in to my life.  There is little that I can add to the many kind and beautiful words others will have expressed to you already.  I wish, however, to add my voice to the chorus. I look forward to the opportunity to see you perform once again.  Cancer is simply one of our body's ways of expressing itself.  Mine expressed as a brain tumor.  For you who gives freely of himself your body may be simply saying ' I need a rest and some extra nourishment".  Please accept my prayers and blessings. With respect and love ~ Robert


 Dan - Your music has been dancing around in my head and heart since the 70s.  Today when I hear one of your songs, I am instantly transported back to a good place in time.  "Leader of the Band" will still bring tears to my eyes.  I could go on and on about how your lyrics have touched me through the years.  Thank you so much for your wonderful music.  I will continue to pray that God hold you and your family in His hand during this difficult time. ~ Susan Jarvis, Houston, Texas


 Something about Autumn that especially makes your absence from the stages across our land more apparent. Prayers continue for you and yours. ~ Bill Frank, New Jersey


 Dan, This e-mail comes with many wishes for you and a complete recovery from cancer.  My dad died in 2000 from Non-hodgkins lymphoma so I can understand the trials and tribulations you and your family are going through.


I want to relate to you a story that happened to me.  The first time I heard "Same Old Lang Syne" I was a paramedic in Norfolk, Va.  My partner and I were working the night shift.  It had started snowing when your song was played on the radio.  The snow turn to rain at the exact moment the song ended.  We were dispatched on a call at that moment and it turned out to be an old girlfriend of mine who was injured.  Despite the passing of 25 years, the song never fails to remind me of the coincidence and seeing my old friend injured.  All ended well and left me with some fond memories. Thanks for the great song and best wishes for a complete recovery. ~ John Copeland


 Just found out I have colon cancer. I always ate well. But I always did enjoy my drink. Not sure why me but that question does not matter. Dan, I wish you BEST! ~ michael


 Dan, I was raised in Pekin, IL and was fortunate enough to be in band those four  years with your father as my band instructor (1962-1965).  What a wonderful man.  I just want to send my best wishes to you and your family during  these difficult times.  I know personally how cancer weighs on you and  your loved ones.  I now live in southern Illinois and recently heard  "Leader of the Band", which is why I googled your name.  Best wishes to you and yours! ~ Angie Bird


 Dear Dan,  I'm sending you good thoughts and prayers.  My father just came out of the same battle, so far with victory.  So we have more time.  Thank you for your music through the years.  I've felt very connected with it.  And I still turn to your music even now, 30 years.  I had luck to get front row seats to see you in Berkely , CA  in 1988.  I was very pregnant at the time.  My daughter is now 19 years old. You were playing with the celtic dulcimer group. Can't recall their name. They were good.  It's a good memory. I will be praying for you. Keep the faith. ~ Karen Asti


 Dear Dan,  Seventeen years ago in August, my triplets were born 3 months prematurely (one of which was named after you, by the way, since your music was what I had playing on my walkman throughout the difficult months of hospitalization).  And every year since then during that month we go on a car trip somewhere to celebrate their birthdays.  This year we spent many days in Colorado, and my thoughts turned to you so often, as we drove throughout the Rockies (listening to you, of course).  If at all possible, please give us an update on your health.  We all care a great deal.  You're in my prayers, Dan. ~ Jan from St. Paul, MN


 Your music has been extremely important and inspiring in my life when nothing else on a human plane can help me. My gratitude for the gift you have is immense and I pray daily that you will be protected, safe, well comforted and in peace, especially in the face of such serious illness. Your ability to feel, to love, to write and to be genuine is astounding and very comforting. ~ LM.


 Dan, I have loved your music since I first bought Home Free when I was in the states in the early 70's. I cannot begin to express in words the joy and pleasure you have given me over the years. Sunday afternoon I listened to "To The Morning" and that overwhelming sense, particularly as I was feeling a bit low, came sweeping over me, listening to your words, of how good it is to be alive. I have only just found out about your illness. Dan I pray for a speedy recovery for you. Bless you ~ Dave Crewe,Leicester, England


 Dear Dan, Family and Friends - I have been moved by the outpouring of love from the many fans of your music. It has always soothed my spirit to have such a flow of positive energy and there I hope you have found some solace. I have just turned 55 and discovered that I have a brain tumor that has limited my enjoyment of some of the senses I have experienced for over a half century - the sense of sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing.  The thought of losing the sense of hearing, especially of hearing your voice, would be more than I would be willing to lose.  But by having your voice silenced through your convalescence has caused many to lose that sense of hearing and enjoying your music.  God speed, Dan Fogelberg, for a complete recovery so that we may once again have you to soothe our senses. ~ Mark L. Bledsoe


 Dan, I have always loved your music but regret that I do not know that much about YOU.  I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.  God Bless.  ~ Cheryl, Guyton, GA


 Dan: Best wishes for improved health from a Peoria Central Grad '79.  Your Nether Lands album is a classic. Played it for my future wife. Now married 24 years. We're praying for you. ~ B & L, Charleston, WV


 I grew up in a small town half an hour west of Peoria.  Believe it or not, I crewed on my father's sailboat in the Illinois River.  During the late 70s, I was in college at  Western Illinois University in Macomb, Illinois.  I remember hearing Home Free and loving it, and then seeing you in concert.  How thrilling it was to see and hear a local famous personality and someone who wrote about my homeplace.  Central Illinois was a good place to start life; roots go deep in the prairie dirt.  Your music keeps the memories alive of that place and time.  I wish you and your wife well.


 Hi, Dan - hope you are feeling well. I was first introduced to your music around 23 years ago by my then girlfriend, now wife, who was a big fan. I fell in love with it instantly and "Ghosts" remains one of my all time Top 10. I was recently diagnosed with depression - for no obvious reason - and I've just reacquainted myself with your music. It has really - and I mean it - helped me get out of a deep rut. The songs have brought back lots of great memories and have helped me rewire my brain. I don't what it is about your gift for combining a hint of melancholy with great chord patterns and melodies but I have found songs like "The Last Nail", "The River", "As the Raven Flies" and many more so uplifting over the past few days. I will return to them whenever I feel a bit of a slump coming on as they are better therapy than any drugs the doctor gave me! My business partner was diagnosed with prostate cancer about 2 years ago. He went through surgery and - thankfully - appears to have made a full recovery. I truly hope, Dan, that you can do likewise as the world is a better place for your talent. I will never be able to express how much your music has given to me over the years but, especially, over the past few days as I have used it to drag myself out of a dark hole! Best wishes ~ John Brownlow, Bolton, England


 Dan, Please accept my appreciation for the gift of your spirit and your music.  It was 29 years ago that I first heard Nether Lands on a rainy November night at SUNY Geneseo, NY.  I became instantly enchanted and soon bought most of your records.  My most recent connections through your music have come via my IPOD late at night at my life partner and my camp in the Adirondack region of New York State.  The Wild Places is the music of many of these nights.   I am deeply saddened by  the news of your cancer.  Though updates are not available I hope your progress is good and that you are well.  The glimpse of your spirit connects us all in profound ways and is a true reflection of the Great Spirit that moves with and through us all.  ~ Frank Barone, Rochester, NY


 As a long time fan and fellow Illini ('75), I had not recently followed your career and personal life. Something drew me to your web page a week or so ago and I was saddened by your prostate cancer diagnosis.


I believed that prayer was certainly in order but that with your background and love of nature the prayers needed to be holy (separate, special or set apart). So living in St Louis I did what I felt lead to do last Sunday- drove to Piere Marquette State Park and hiked to the highest point above the Illinois River flowing down from your hometown toward the Mississippi. There in solitude I prayed for your health and its restoration, your strength, courage thru this winter season, God's presence and comfort in your life and that you be restored to your work even now - that you find the grace to continue utilizing your gifts as directed by your inner voice to write music, poetry, teach, etc.


I will continue to remember you in my prayers as above and periodically revisit the Illinois River to do so (as well as an appropriate Rocky Mountain) location when I visit my daughter in Boulder. Please continue your craft as your inner voice directs you. I will keep you in my prayers from home and the sacredness of the outdoor special places. ~ Bruce Lane


 Dan - As a shy midwestern kid "sentenced" to the east coast back in 1974 with the US Air Force, and as a huge fan of the "LA Sound", I became totally immersed in your music. The fact that you were from Peoria was huge for me, as I was from Davenport, Iowa. I played "Illinois" so many times in the barracks that I thought my roommate would kill me! You were fantastic opening for the Eagles in Philadelphia during their Long Run Tour in 1976, and I've never lost a chance to travel and see you perform live since then. You are in my daily prayers and stay strong in the knowledge that you've left a wonderful legacy for the world. ~ Kim, LeClaire, Iowa


 Best of health and good fortune to you. I was recently diagnosed with colon cancer, so I understand...Love to you and your family


 Dan - I've been a fan since 1975!  "Part of the Plan" was the first song I ever performed as a professional musician.  I'm still at it 32 years later here in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Your music has been a huge influence on my own writing over the years.  Customers in the bars have asked me if one of my songs, "The Road", was written by you.  I am sincerely flattered that they wonder if YOU wrote it!  Many on this site have told how your music takes them to another place and time.  Add me to that list!  When I hear Trisha Yearwood's "The Song Remembers When" I think of you and how your music was the soundtrack of my life for so many good times.  Know that you are in my prayers!  I know that you are very interested in Native American lore.  Please look up Essiac on the 'net.  It is an herbal anti-cancer tea that comes to us from the Ojibwa Indians.  My family has had wonderful results from its use in combination with conventional therapies. Best wishes! ~ Mike Tripp


 Dear Dan, I just found out about your illness and I had to reach out and tell you that you are in my prayers. As so many others have written, I grew up with your music too. I had the biggest crush on you.. I "outgrew" your music somewhere along my path and after many years and life events (Navy, 10 years living in Europe, marriage, divorce, disappointments, deaths) I had to replace all your albums with CDs. You were part of my recovery/healing. Thank you. I am so glad that I was fortunate to have seen you perform twice. I love "Aspen", "Captured Angel", "Souvenirs", "These Days", "Someone's Been Telling You Stories", "To The Morning" -  it's endless. I escaped in your music during awkward adolescent years and then again in awkward middle age years. I pray that you are getting stronger everyday. You are truly loved and blessed. ~  Elizabeth


 Dear Dan, As you know by now, you have touched the lives of many.  How your songs comforted me and inspired me during those turbulent teen years.  Of course, I was one of many who had "Longer" sung during my wedding.  It's lasted almost 26 years and still going strong.  I pray that you are still going strong too! ~ Pam, Omaha, NE


 Dan, you rule!  Your music keeps a constant smile on my face and let's me know that everything is going to be alright... ~ Forrest Arakawa


 Dear Dan, I hope you are feeling well and getting better every day.  We all love and miss you.  I wanted to share with you the dream my husband had recently.  He said he dreamed that he found out at the last minute that you were going to have one last concert in New York and he was frantically trying to arrange for us to go because, of course, we just had to be there! You know how frustrating dreams can be when you try so hard to get where you're going.  He said he kept waking up and when he went back to sleep, his dream would continue.  Anyway, we'll never know if we finally made it to the concert, because it was time for him to get up!  Maybe one day you'll be able to bless us with a real concert somewhere (hopefully nearer to us!), but your health is far more important.  We continue to pray for your healing and well being.  I listen to your music nearly every day and it sooths my soul.  By the way, my husband said if you ever did have another concert, no matter how far away, we will be there!) We love you. ~ Long time fans from Tennessee


 Dear Dan, I took my usual 3 mile walk this morning on Clearwater Beach with your music playing on my iPod.  It reminded me that I haven't heard any news regarding your cancer in quite some time.  So I checked the web, but unfortunately couldn't find any recent news.  I pray that you are doing well and that the treatments have been successful. Listening to your music this morning made me smile and remember what an impact your music has had on my life -- since high school back in the late 70's!  Your music has been with me through first loves, college, the beginning and end of my first marriage (thanks for Exiles!), two open heart surgeries, and much more.  I've lost count of the number of times I've seen you in concert.  One of our favorite family memories is a concert of yours in Ft. Lauderdale when my sister and I snuck backstage and actually got to meet you.  I'm sure you don't remember, but when I met you I said "I can't believe that so much music can come out of one man..."  My sister has never let me live that one down!  Not really sure what prompted me to send this email today -- guess I just wanted to let you know that your music is still with me -- and always will be.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Fondly ~ Darcy Wells, Clearwater Beach, FL


 Dan, I just wanted to wish you & yours a happy Thanksgiving 2007.  Your music is in my cd player daily (I listen to all of your works in chronological order - once I get through Full Circle, I begin anew with Home Free), and you are my biggest influence as a singer/songwriter/pianist.  You are never far from my thoughts and I hope you are well at the present. Thank you!  ~ Greg Ralls (somewhere in Pennsylvania)


 Dear Dan & Jean, Sending our wishes to you for a very Happy & Blessed Thanksgiving along with continued prayers for healing. We pray that you are doing well and gaining strength from family & friends near & "far".  When counting our blessings, you are included.  Thank you for sharing your gifts!  In friendship & love ~ John & Lisa Andursky, Connellsville PA


 Dan, It's Thanksgiving and I somehow thought of your music and how it always made me feel great.  My husband and I had "Longer" sung at our wedding 26 years ago.   My thoughts and prayers go to out to you.  You are a true legend. ~ Dana Fox


 Your music has given me years of pleasure. My thoughts and prayers are with you. ~ Beverly Murphy


 Hello Dan, I was first introduced to your music over 30 years ago. Now my teenagers love it too and now they are in awe at  what a fantastic influence you are to music. And I'm certain you've improved my street cred, as maybe Mum isn't too "uncool" after all!  I hope you are feeling OK and send my very best wishes and hope to see you perform soon. ~ Helen UK


 CAPTURED  ANGEL - Vinyl, 8-Track, CD, MP3. What ever the next music format is Captured Angel will again be one of my first purchases. That "album" has been one of, if not the most favorite collection of music that I have owned in the 30 some years since its release. The music, its melodies, pure beauty and talent displayed have provided countless hours of enjoyment that only a true work of art can provide. On this Thanksgiving Day I'll listen to those oh so familiar songs and be truly thankful for you and what you have done for me and your millions of fans throughout the years. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. God's speed. ~ Rick


 It was because of you that I started playing the piano. I have a great respect for your abilities. With Love and prayers ~ Sue S. Lancaster, Ohio


 By your music, which touches my soul and kept me company through out my college years, (one of my favorite is "To the Morning"), I feel that you are a Christian. This life is really so short here. We have HOPE, because  we intimately know the author of that HOPE, then we have PEACE. You are in my prayers and remember.. "All things work together for those who love God". One day we will understand. With Warmest Regards. God Bless ~ Dale, a devoted fan


 Hi Dan, I hope you are well. I will pray for your good health. May all the angels be with you and your family. May God be with you and never leave you alone. I hope you are healthy again soon by the grace of our lord. May He give you all the strength you need now. God bless you! Thank you for all the beautiful music and dreams you gave us! Much love and best wishes ~ Silvia (Germany)


 Dan and Jean - I  agree - we've been pulling for both of you since Dan was diagnosed. My husband and I have been married for 21 years, now - and Dan was there way before that, after my husband was honorably released after forced participation in the Vietnam conflict. So, unknowingly, you've witnessed our marriage vows, the birth of our children, the passing of his Mom... and through it all, if it was a good day, we celebrated - a bad day, and you helped us renew our faith.


Take care. Know that you're treasured. And especially for you, Jean, a heartfelt prayer for the kind of strength I know you already possess. Waiting for word and the pleasure of hearing that drop dead, beautiful voice - but we also know you treasure your privacy. ~ Sherry


 Hi Dan - Another thought about "Same Old Lang Syne"  - Instead of the melody coming from Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture," it sounds more like it came from Edvard Grieg's "Puck," Op. 71, No. 3. So, what do you think? I hope you can listen to it. My daughter was playing it the other day during her piano practice, and I thought she was playing your song! I wish you well, and am stopping to pray for you now. Your music and poetry are beautiful. Today I bought your album "The Very Best of Dan Fogelberg." Love it. ~ DW from Arkansas


 Dan, I was first introduced to your beautiful voice and music in high school. I played your albums throughout my college years, through graduate school and beyond.  I lived in Boulder when you were recording in Nederland and had the joy of seeing you with your full band in Ft. Collins and in an acoustic performance in Laramie, Wyoming.  It is a night I will never forget and I can still picture you at your piano with a single red rose.  Those same songs can still make me cry. Your music has been a constant companion for my soul for over 30 years now.  You have helped me through difficult times in my life, through deep losses and have been there to inspire me when I needed it most.  I send my prayers and strength to you now to bring the support full circle.  Thank you for the incredible music you have graced my life with.  I hope you can find some time to heal in the Rockies.  Get well my friend. I will pray for you. ~ Lisa Costello


 Once again the best wishes to you,a man that enriched so many people's lives. Your music,your lyrics are and will be forever in our hearts. May my dream come true and I get the chance to see you doing concerts again. Here in far away Germany are so many people loving you and your work and they are still praying for your recovery. May God be with you and your beloved ones. ~ Wolfgang, a Fan of 30 years from Dortmund,Germany....


 Dan and Jean, I love you both and I pray for you that our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ will continue to do miracles in both of your lives.  I am a 47 year old cancer survivor, 37 at diagnosis.  My cancer had also spread, so I had to go through two stem cell transplants using my own stem cells.  It took me to death twice, but I am a walking miracle as I'm not supposed to be here according to science.  They gave me 5 years or less to live and it's been 9!  My mother was also diagnosed 6 months after I was.   My husband and I lead a cancer support group at our church, The Church at Pinnacle Hills in Rogers, AR., in order to offer hope and encouragement to others.  My favorite verse throughout my cancer is 1 Peter 5:10....please read this and let it encourage you as you have encouraged so many by your testimony and your music.  You are my very favorite singer in the whole world and I will not cease praying for you.  God bless you both with peace. ~ Dana Tanner


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg: I just heard of your challenge tonight while I was searching for information about concerts. My family (four sons & husband) will begin praying for you this night. You have heard this a million times, but your music has not only given us pleasure in our has shaped the way we look at the world around us...the way we use our creative thoughts and imaginations. It has inspired us to be better people because of YOUR depth of perception and your ability to share it with others. Thank you so much for all you've done through the years through your storytelling poetry set to music. God bless you and keep you. May His light shine upon you and be gracious to you. May He smile upon you and heal your going out and your coming in...Amen. ~ Renee, Jamie, Josh, Jo, Chris & John


 Dan and Jean, As this Thanksgiving draws near and as many of us will be surrounded by friends and family and acknowledging what we are thankful for. I am thankful for you and your music.  I pray that the Great Healer is touching you and your family, giving you strength and peace.  I pray you all have a most wonderful and Blessed Thanksgiving!! Your music has touched my life in ways untold and still does to this day.  God Bless you ~ Susan


 Dan, you have been an inspiration to me as a fellow singer/guitarist. We are the same age and share many of the same experiences from the music of our times. Always remember how blessed you are. By God's grace you will regain your health so you can continue to share your special gift with us all. ~ Kevin in Michigan.


 Dan, Selfishly hoping to hear an update of your progress. You are not alone. You are not alone.  You are not alone. ~ DV  Minnesota


 I have been listening to your "Home Free" Album this weekend - it just  transports me back to a carefree time in my life.  I didn't know until  today that you were fighting Prostate cancer. I wish you all my best and pray  for your healing.  I hope you listen to your own music during your quiet  times - it is a healing force also.  God Bless you! ~ Susan  Rizzi


 Dear Dan and Jean,  I have a little antique store on the Kern River in California.  A vintage hi-fi record player came my way the other day.  I brought it home.  Last night I tore the house and garage apart looking for the box of LP's I could never quite part with -- rather, the Dan Fogelberg albums I have cherished.  The music which was the background sound of my life.  From your songs at my wedding, then the soft music through earphones during the birth of my son, to today, when I played the songs and sang along to all the words which took me back to so many friends, places, romances and  sweet and sad moments.  You were always my favorite.  Your words always spoke to my heart.  Your voice always sounded like the man who would have my heart.  Thank you so very much.  I'm a mighty prayer -- you have my prayers tonight. ~ Nancy Walker


 Dear Dan, I have never written to any artist before but your music has touched my life in many ways and I am very sad to know of the terrible battle you are waging with this horrible disease.  Back in 1973 I had heard your music on the radio and liked the songs but didn't pay attention to who did the songs.  In October of '73 I met the woman that would become my wife in April of '74 and found she loved your music too.  We started buying your "albums" and have most of them on "vinyl."  We later bought nearly all of the CD's you released including the albums we already had on vinyl.  Together we listened to the incredibly beautiful music you created over the years and went to at least 3 of your concerts at the Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre in Irvine, CA (now the Verizon Amphitheatre). We moved to Washington in December of 2005 and in April of 2006 my wife of 32 years decided she didn't want to be with me any more.  She kept some of your CD's but I got the rest and I am in the process of purchasing again the ones that she kept because I miss your music so much.  I just got Nether Lands today.  That was her favorite so it is no surprise that she kept it.


There is no way I can fully appreciate how difficult your life must be at this time but I at least have your music to help me get through the most difficult time in my life, the loss of the one person I still love more than any other.  I pray that your terrible illness can be dealt with and for you to have the strength to get past it.  I and many, many others miss you and love you Dan and want you to know that your music and beautiful lyrics have touched our lives and hearts.  I hope that someday we will hear your music again in concert and in the studio.  My thoughts are with you and your family in this trying and difficult time.  Please know that your music still helps me to get through the sad and lonely times I have been living through and that I am facing in the future. Sincerely ~ Jim Pangborn


 Your music has been my companion since high school and is still a source of enjoyment and beauty. You and your family are in my prayers. ~ Carolyn Zenoni, Wisconsin


 Dan and Jean -- I am so sorry that your walks have included a bout with cancer.  I lost my dad to cancer in 1994...he was my best friend, and I buried him with the lyrics of "Leader of the Band."  Please know your music and lyrics continue to touch me and my family deeply.  Our prayers will remain with you, as we hope God's strength will as well ~ Theresa


 Hi Dan - It’s been very sad for me to learn of your illness, and my thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and your family during this very difficult time. Your music has always touched me deeply, in the lyrics, the melody, and the wonderful spirit that encompasses all.  I have so many favorites that it would be very difficult for me to pick out one particular song, but one of my very favorites has always been “Scarecrow’s Dream”.  This song one day many years ago moved me to write a children’s poem called “A Scarecrow’s Dream” which is being published by the League of American Poets in a short 150 poem anthology entitled “Voices – A Collection of Short Works”.  Music has always been a great inspiration to me in my writing and you are one of the “special” songwriters I hold dear in my heart.  Please accept my warmest wishes for you and your family during this Holiday season.  Sincerely ~ Heloise Riddell, Maplewood, Mn


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, A web search (6 degrees from folk brought me to  your web site.  I have always been a fan and have seen you perform twice,  years ago in Sunrise, Florida. Always loved your music and the way you wrote so eloquently. I admit, I lost touch with your music over the last several years and was so shocked to read about your illness.


I felt compelled to write you to offer words of encouragement, faith and hope for you and your family as you battle this disease. I also wanted to thank you for your personal testimony and poignant words to all men to get screened for their PSA levels. My father had prostate cancer....he waited too late to get checked. My father-in-law also had prostate cancer, but he caught it  in time and it was surgically removed, over 11 years ago...he is now  82. I need to speak to my husband, who refuses to even go to a doctor....hasn't  seen a doctor in years and he is turning 41 in December. Your words have pushed  me to NOW push him. So, I thank you. I will send him the link to your web site so that he may read what you wrote, again, so eloquently. Please take care, stay well, and may you and your family have a wonderful  holiday season. God Bless. Sincerely ~ Gail from Davie, Florida


 Dan, Your words and music have brought me joy for many years.  I think of you and your loved ones and wish you a continued recovery to wellness.  Savor that sweet relief! Sincerely ~ Julie Milligan, Ohio


 Hi Dan: I have listened to your music for ---- damned I forget- since "Leader of the Band" was released. Now that I am 57, I have had to re-purchase your albums as CD's -wore out the tapes. I have always been especially moved by your ballads- i.e. "Make Love Stay" (my wife Jayne & I have been married for 34 years- think we found out how to make it stay- tolerance and a lot of space and understanding about things such as menopause - male & female). I hope you are doing well and beating the dreaded disease. My sister in law also has cancer- along with the chemo & radiation she is taking something called Silvestrol. They gave her 6 months- she is now healthy after 2 yrs. You may have heard of it- from GB- new research- not licensed). I wish you health & happiness - sometimes a good attitude can beat the odds. Sincerely ~ Rick

I've sent heartfelt good health wishes to you ever since I heard of your diagnosis a few years ago. Though you sing like an angel, we all sure don't want you to join them for a long, long time. The first time I saw you was at the Kennedy Center in DC... over twenty years ago, and all we could see of you was the top of your head from our seats at the very top of the hall, overlooking the stage. I have all your albums and play them continually. Thinking of you and praying for you as I listen.  Good luck. ~ lil goldberg


Been a fan since '78. So very sorry to read about your condition. God loves you, brother; else He'd a never give you the gifts He did. Love and Respect ~ Norman Cupit


 Dan- I was outside this morning, clearing the ice from the water trough so the horses could drink, the sun was coming up over the frost covered trees, and they were sparkling like diamonds in the pink and gold light rays.  It was one of those mornings that I just don't know how you could doubt the existence of God, and I started humming and realized it was "Captured Angel".  It made me smile and think of you and say a pray for you and your family.  Thank you so much for the beautiful poetic music you have put in my head since I was 12 or 13  (1974) and I heard this great tune coming out of my brother's room.  I banged on the door and asked who that was, and my brother and I found the first thing we agreed on in life - you.  We went to a few of your wonderful concerts together over the years, always bringing new fans along with us, but he and I knew every word and still do.  Now I'm sharing your gift with my teenagers who can feel its uplifting comfort just like I did at their age.  It's such an incredible gift you've given, please accept our thanks, love, and prayers for you in return.  Have a blessed Christmas with your family. ~ Brynne


 Dan, I just want you to know that I have deeply loved your music since I was very young (16 or 17) ... I'm now 49.  Your music is beautiful and truly works of art that are timeless.  Your gift of lyrics, harmonies and musical composition have no equal in this day and age.  I enjoy playing and singing your songs, except that I don't have your tenor range unfortunately. Your song "Leader of the Band" was so deeply touching to me because of the connection to my father. I play and sing it often.  You will always be my hero and inspiration . I will never tire of listening to your music. I thank God for my IPOD!  My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family during this trying time. May God bless you and give to you what you have given mankind.~ Hal Martin, Plaquemine Louisiana


 Mr. Fogelberg, My prayers are with you & your family in this time. Your music has touched me for many years now, I pray you may persevere in this time of testing. ~ Dave Fleischmann


 Dan - I want to send you and your family my best wishes for the holidays!  I am praying for your good health and happiness.  I don't want to take too much of your time, but I'd love to share a story with you. I discovered your music after buying your Nether Lands album my freshman year of college (1977) and I've been a loyal fan ever since!  My 18 year-old son, Jon, was home on college break over the Thanksgiving weekend, and I snuck a look at his Ipod. Unbeknownst to me - he must have nabbed all my DF CD's and loaded them to that Ipod!  He admitted he loved to listen to me playing and singing your songs on my guitar and he found my collection of your CD's and became a fan. Talk about FULL CIRCLE! 30 years after I became a fan - he is now listening to your music in his freshman year at college.  I have been a bit of a "closet" songwriter since my college coffeehouse days. Way back in the early 80's I had the privilege to meet you backstage after a concert in the Twin Cities, and you were gracious enough to accept a tape of a song I wrote (that you inspired!)  I regret that I've long since forgotten that song, but I can tell you that your music has inspired me to continue to write to this day.  Over the years, when life tossed a few curve balls and I lost myself, I found myself again in one of your songs.  I am convinced that anyone could find themselves in your music! Thanks, Dan. Sincerely ~ Max Schaeffer, Des Moines, Iowa


Dear Dan, I was listening to one of your cds this evening and reminiscing over the songs we considered "ours" and played at our wedding many years ago. Thank you!  I was led to visit your website, thinking that you might still be touring and had no idea of the journey that you and your wife, Jean, have led over the past few years. My tears were immediate with a multitude of prayers to follow.  I will continue to pray for healing and strength for the both of you!  Blessings to you both ~  Chris in Yorktown Heights, New York


 In 1973, can it be, or maybe 1974, I heard your music.  I worked at a radio station in Cambridge, Massachusetts, WCAS.  We played that LP hard.  "To the Morning."  "Stars."  And who could ever forget "Be On your Way."  So many songs that were the soundtrack of the era.  We even hosted a press party and I met you.  But now, 30 plus years later, I am playing your CDs for my 17-year-old son.  I pray you are well, but I know well the fear and the battle.  I had lymphoma 25 years ago (2 weeks to live) and then 20 years ago (50/50 chance to make it).  I am glad to be alive and happy to be here to pray for you and your loved ones.  I hope you are well, Dan.  Your music still touches my heart as I know it does many other hearts.  Be well.  Have faith.  You are loved. ~ Neila


 Dear Dan - This caught me so off-guard.  I was listening to your Christmas c/d and working in my office and decided to google you to see what was going on in your life.  This was the last thing I expected.  You're an artist that has been the background music of much of my adult life.  Know you will be in my prayers, and I say that sincerely.  I don't understand this part of life - why we go through what we go through.  My husband and I have been through this battle, and one thing I learned is that God uses these times to burnish us and to strengthen us, if not always physically, then spiritually.  Just know that your name and your family will be lifted up daily, and I'll follow your progress. Much love ~ Kathy Schooley, Hope Arkansas


 My prayers are with you as you fight for your health. I wish for you healing and strength. You are one of my favorite artists; your songs are legendary and timeless. I hope to see you again on the stage of the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN. God's healing graces be with you and your  family. Sincerely ~ Laurie F.  Gibbs, Nashville, TN


 Dear Dan, I wanted to tell you how much a part of my life your music has been.  "Longer" was sung at my wedding by one of my best friends.  She did it justice; but afterwards, she said, "I ain't no Dan Fogelberg!" No one is . . . but you.  Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you.  The local radio stations are playing "Same Old Lang Syne" on a regular basis at this time of year (as well as all the others), and it still, after all these years of listening to and loving it, manages to bring tears to my eyes.  I pray that you will be well and healthy and that you can rest assured that there are very many of us praying for you and thinking of those you love and who love you.  Thank you for your beautiful music and poetry and spirit.  God bless you always ~~ Rebel


 I only just learned of your illness. I hope at this time you are on the mend. My father had prostate cancer and was able to have it treated. I truly wish the best for and pray for you and your family. ~ Maureen


 Dear Dan - Hope you are doing well. Haven't heard any news about you in a long time. I've been listening to your music since I was 15 (now 44). You are my favorite artist. Would love to know how you are doing. Thanks and good luck. ~ Jim, Boulder, CO


 Dan - you  have been in my thoughts and prayers since I learned of your disease years ago.  I cannot begin to describe how much  you and your music touched by spirit and heart in the early 1970's.  Your music shaped my days with love and peace and serenity.  The music was you, and I always remember that. I will continue to remember you. Everyone tells you how much your music touched them, but you touched us, and you continue to touch us with your encouragement to men to seek preventative medical tests.  Just know that so many people love your music.  It touches a special place in your head, and heart and soul.  May you continue to be touched by the friends who reach out to you via these emails.  If anyone has the ability to heal their body, it is you.  I can hear it in your words.  God bless. ~ Cindy


 Hello Dan, I hope you are doing  well. My sister turned me on to your music in the 1970s. I have made a career in music as a jazz guitarist. My sister died from melanoma cancer at age 47 the same week I heard about your cancer a couple of years ago. I pray you beat this cancer and I thank you for your music. My favorite 3 albums are 2 by Miles Davis and your Souvenirs album. I just want to say thank you for the  joy you brought my sister, Leslie, and myself. You have inspired me and my music for over 30 years. God bless you and I hope you stay well. ~ Chris


 Dear Dan and Jean, I was recently revisiting one of my favorite albums, Twin Sons of Different Mothers, and wanted you to know that I am thinking of you and wishing you both well. In 2005 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and know the immediate sense of  one's mortality.  Happily, I am well and stronger for the experience.   It was a full year's battle and I'm glad to have it behind me. I sincerely hope that 'no news is good news' and that you are beating the proverbial crap out of the big C. Thank you for all the wonderful music and warm memories... Fondly ~ Pam Pasake


 I hope this finds you doing well Dan.  I guess you can say I grew up listening to your poetry in music.  I remember hearing "Souvenirs" for the first time like it was yesterday.  One of the best live performances I have ever seen was your "Captured Angel" tour stop in Houston, Texas. What an ending with an "As the Raven Flies" rendition that blew me away. And "Fool's Gold", what a perfect band for your music at that time! Dan, my prayers are with you and your family.  You have been an inspiration and your impact on music will live forever!  God Bless ~ Randy


 Our caring thoughts and prayers have been and will continue to be with you and your loved ones, Dan. We are grateful for the amazing gifts God gave you in your writing, singing, and playing. We celebrate God's gift of YOU! May this be your most meaningful and joyous CHRISTmas season yet. May God bless you and yours in amazing ways. ~ Michele & John Hall, Nashville, TN


 The other night I happened upon your Full Circle album.  It happened at the right moment...another time of challenge and change in my life.  It always happened that way from the very start, having your music along the way.  I just wanted to say you have been there for many of us for a super long time.  I want to thank you for all of the stupendous music since Home Free ("Wysteria" is an ultimate favorite). I became a fan in 1979, the year I went off to college and I am thrilled to have followed your tremendous work through the years. Souvenirs is my favorite album, along with The First Christmas Morning! I pray you continue to remain in good health and take in our gratitude for what you have given us.  My best to you and your wife, Jean!  Peace ~ Mariana from Boston


 Dear Dan, You and your music have brought me much happiness and peace in my life. Your words and inspiration have uplifted, encouraged, and motivated me in such a special way, especially in my teen years until now.  Your beautiful words still reverberate and echo in the halls of my heart.  I pray God's richest and most wonderful blessings upon you and each member of your family. May the healing wings of Christ embrace you and may the Light of The Father guide you. I long to see an upcoming studio album spring forth from your Creative Heart and Soul. I love you, Dan, and I thank you for the priceless gift that you have given me. ~ Mark Waits, Gadsden, Alabama


 Dan, Please let me and my lovely wife, Sahria, wish you and family the very best during this holiday season and many more to come!! Several years ago Sahria and I heard about your illness and we started to reminisce about the many years of enjoyment your music has brought to us. We have every album you have ever made, whether it's on album, cassette, or CD, plus your video " Greetings from the West".  I was turned on to an album called "Souvenirs" by an old friend at UNC-CH in 1976.  Ever since then I have been hooked.  Everything from " Windows and Walls", "Home Free", "Nether Lands", to our personal favorites, " The Innocent Age" and "High Country Snows". I come from a family of dairy farmers.  I milked Holstein cows twice a day for 35 years and your music was both a release from the day to day grind and inspiration to go on with another day.  There was nothing better than going home and putting on " To the Morning", or "Long Way Home." Your Music made it all seem worth while.


Sahria and I have been together now for 20 years. At Ovens Auditorium, Charlotte, your plane was delayed due to fierce thunderstorms.  Being understandably a little rattled, you came onstage, acknowledged the crowd, and sat down at your piano. Immediately the crowd started shouting requests.  You sat there patiently until everyone shouted their favorites. Dan, you must have one heck of a memory ' cause you played almost every one in the order requested. What a trooper!!


While feeling a little down after Thanksgiving, on the radio I heard "Same Old Lang Syne".  All of the sudden I thought of all the smiles, memories, not to mention more than a few tears, that your music has brought to us and to the millions of loyal " Dan Fans" all over this beautiful yet chaotic world. We wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors and we love you much.  We mish you!! Sincerely, your Number 1 Fans ~  Dean and Sahria Weast


 Hello to Dan and family, I am embarrassed to say that I have only just found out that you are suffering this horrible disease.  I have been a fan for many years and your music has bought me to tears on many occasions.  Your music brings me overwhelming joy and I thank you for that. God bless and you are in my prayers as you bravely battle this insidious disease. ~ Vanessa N. (Australia)


 Hi Mr. Fogelberg.  My name is Linda and I live in Forest Lake, MN.  My friend Terry Vruno turned me on to your music.  I knew some of the songs, but he showed me the way.  My favorite song is "Along The Road" from your Phoenix album.  It's my favorite motorcycle riding song and sums it up perfectly.  I wish you the best, Mr. Fogelberg, and wish I had seen you in person at Northrup when you came to MN.  Thanks for all your wonderful songs and words.  Great healing messages and prayers for you. ~ Linda


 I have loved you since the 70's, and you continue to be one of my favorite singer-songwriters of all time!!  You are in my thoughts and prayers, and I wish you all the best. ~ Karen Hansen Meima


 Dan & Jean, I am listening to "The First Christmas Morning" as I write this.  My collection of your works is one of my most treasured possessions, since you say in lyrics and music that which is in my heart, and in the hearts of so many others.  My brother turned 50 this year.  The women in the family have encouraged him to get a prostate exam and colonoscopy, something he had previously refused to do.  Perhaps you will change the lives of others in new ways besides your amazing music.  Know that I pray for God to embrace you and heal you in heart, soul, and body.  With gratitude always for channeling the richness of the Spirit that binds us all together in a life of beauty.  Blessings for this holy season. ~ Deb Sponable, Rochester, NY


 Dear Dan - I hope and pray this finds you doing well as we approach the holiday season. I have been a fan of your music for many years (ever since I purchased your Souvenirs album in 1974) and had the pleasure of attending your wonderful solo concert a few years ago on a chilly evening (July 3rd) in Bend, Oregon. It was an event I'll remember and treasure for years to come.


Yesterday I was on a plane from Portland, OR, to Oakland, CA, heading back to work and passed the time listening to some of your music on my mp3 player. No mater how many times I've listened to your music before each time is a fresh and new experience, one that lifts my spirit and touches my life with peace and serenity. I am sure that your music has touched the souls of many millions of people in the same way and hope that the prayers and well wishes we send to you are somehow a small payback for the incredible gifts you have shared with all of us throughout your career. I hope that this message of thanks and heartfelt prayers for your health and well being finds its way to you. ~ Randy Smith, Redmond, Oregon.


 Dan, For years I've wanted to write but didn't know an avenue.  Thanks for this chance.  You, more than any other musician, influenced my creativity and musical production.  You touched my spirit many years ago with yours and continue to do so through your music and through the strength of your fight.  Do not go quietly into that good night.  My thoughts and prayers are with you.  I'll be waiting for your next musical endeavor. God Bless You ~ Michael Darby


 Hi Dan, I grew up in the 80's on a farm in the middle of South  Dakota, and I did have a radio (ha). I have always admired your music,  now I will heed your advice. I have always been concerned about the testing process of the prostate  exam, but something about the way that you explain it on your site has not only  humored me a bit, but also prompted me to go "check things out" so to speak. I  am 41 years old married with 3 kids, and I do want to be here for them  all. Thank you so much, for bringing the music to our lives as well as the  advice. Sincerely ~ Barry and Timi Doering, Rapid City, South Dakota


 Hi Dan, I'm from The Netherlands, and when my wife and I started dating, 10 years ago, one of the first things we experienced, was our shared love for music. You are one of our favourites. My wife moved here from San Francisco and now we also share the albums. I was looking for more information today and found out about your health problems and this neat ability to share our wishes with you this time. You've already let your light shine through the world for years. Let us thank you now for many happy hours listening to your songs and we'll pray that God will give you more happy time to share with your family and friends. ~ Ton and Caroline Pennings


 Dan, Years ago, within eighth grade angst, I found solace in "Part of The Plan."  Now as a 46 year old who recently went through a break-up, I am consoled and inspired by the same words.  What a run you have had with your timeless, ageless music.  You are an angel.  Thank you for sharing your talent.  You and your family are in my thoughts.  Kindly ~ Cynthia Doggrell (Memphis)


 Hopefully at this time you have recovered fully. We wish the best in health for you and your family. You are truly a talented individual and musician. We have always admired your work over the years. In a time where anyone can put out an album, we are glad you followed your dream and recorded such great work. God bless.

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