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December 14, 1999

AOLiveMC11: Welcome to AOL Live, Dan Fogelberg.

Dan Fogelberg: Season's greetings, everyone!

AOLiveMC11: Dan, we've got lots of questions from your fans, so let's dive right in.


Question: What inspires you to write? And what made you decide to do a Christmas album?

Dan Fogelberg: I began writing Christmas songs over 10 years ago, and when I had about 7 pieces I decided to do a Christmas album.


Question: Dan, I can't explain in words how beautiful the lyrics to "Dancing Shoes" are. The haunting chords and the beautiful poetry moves me so deeply. Thank you for the emotions you put into words and music.

Dan Fogelberg: You're certainly welcome. Thanks!


Question: Greetings from a longtime fan from Peoria! Love your new Xmas CD, Dan! My question is: what's the story behind that wooden chair that you always sit on when playing guitar during your concerts?

Dan Fogelberg: LOL. That chair was given to me by my sound man's father many, many years ago in Indianapolis. I guess it just became my lucky chair.


Question: How many Martin guitars do you own?

Dan Fogelberg: : Too many -- wanna buy some?


Question: I read that the Santa Fe Chorale sang with you on your Christmas record. How did you decide who would join you on your record?

Dan Fogelberg: As I recorded the album in my own home studio, Santa Fe Chorale was the closest group of singers.


Question: Hi, Dan. Why didn't you write about any of your childhood memories in your Christmas songs?

Dan Fogelberg: I wasn't alive during the Renaissance.


Question: Dan, I saw you on TV and the radio show. How are you coping with the media?

Dan Fogelberg: Comes with the territory.


Question: Thanks for your great new Christmas album. Recently, I have read about the possibility of a live album. Are there any updates you can give us about that?

Dan Fogelberg: I'm in the studio right now working on two different live projects -- one solo and one with my various bands. We'll see how they turn out.


Question: How many songs have you written over the last few years that you have not released, and are you planning to release them soon?

Dan Fogelberg: Right at the moment, I am focusing on the live projects.


Question: Dan, is painting as therapeutic for you as music? Have you ever considered transferring your songs onto canvas?

Dan Fogelberg: No.


Question: You've had some physical setbacks in your life... throat surgery, the injury to your have these incidents affected your songwriting?

Dan Fogelberg: They haven't affected my songwriting at all. They affected my singing and playing.


Question: Dan, will there ever be another album with a Celtic flavor, do you think?

Dan Fogelberg: Long as the Chieftains are alive, you can be sure of it!


Question: Your new Christmas CD is just beautiful. I love the Renaissance feel. Are you still into Native American spirituality?

Dan Fogelberg: No, I've converted to Catholicism... LOL.


Question: Are you more comfortable producing your own work these days? Is it easier than having others produce it?

Dan Fogelberg: I've always produced my own work, so I can't answer that.


Question: I've seen you on various television programs -- “Chevy Chase,” “Good Morning America,” and most recently, “Regis and Kathie Lee.” Do you enjoy performing on television? Do you get more nervous than performing in a live concert?

Dan Fogelberg: I don't enjoy performing on TV as much as I do in concert. Usually TV is so crazy, that you don't have time to be nervous.


Question: Why did you decide to do "Same Old Lang Syne" on “Regis and Kathie Lee,” instead of performing one of your new compositions from The First Christmas Morning?

Dan Fogelberg: They requested me to play “Same Old Lang Syne” to close the program.


Question: Was there any song you turned down singing, to find out it was a hit by someone else?

Dan Fogelberg: No.


Question: Dan, thanks for all of the great music over the past 25 plus years. Now that the new millennium is upon us, what are your goals both musically and personally?

Dan Fogelberg: To improve my dental hygiene and turn my amp down. LOL.


Question: Dan, great to see you here. I love the new Christmas CD. I hope this next year will be a fruitful one for you. Will you try to do one blues CD in the future? I think you would sound fantastic. Thanks.

Dan Fogelberg: Who knows? At this point, I think the live album will contain some blues.


Question: Through your album The Wild Places, I learned you are concerned about wildlife and the environment. What wildlife/animal welfare organizations do you support, in any?

Dan Fogelberg: World Wildlife Fund, Island Institute, Sierra Club, National Resources Defense League...and there are many others.


Question: When you were a young boy, did you sing in a school or church choir?

Dan Fogelberg: Never.


Question: Dan, love the Xmas CD! How did you come up with the cover design? It's beautiful!

Dan Fogelberg: Thank you. My girlfriend, Jean, and I came up with the package...I wanted to get the feel of an old European Christmas card. I like it too.


Question: How did your father influence your composing and songwriting?

Dan Fogelberg: Mostly by exposing me to many types of music... and not trying to influence my composing and songwriting.


Question: I have wanted to ask this question for over 20 years. In "Part of the Plan," you had to choose between two roads. For years, I have grappled with understanding the differences between simple acceptance of life and sweet peace. Which road did you take?

Dan Fogelberg: First of all, that's "Nether Lands"... think about it for another 20 years... and ask me again, and then I'll answer it. LOL. Actually, the roads I had in mind were accepting life or committing suicide...that's the most basic choice we have. As to which I chose, you be the judge... LOL.


Question: Hi, Dan, thanks for your wonderful music. I was wondering if you ever go into any of the web sites your fans have created?

Dan Fogelberg: Occasionally I peek at the Fan Forum **.


Question: The Christmas album is just wonderful. :-) How are your cats?

Dan Fogelberg: LOL. Hungry... LOL. Mad at the cold weather. I better go feed 'em.


Question: Do you realize that you are a sex symbol? If so, how do you feel about it?

Dan Fogelberg: At 48, I am very flattered.


Question: Mr. Fogelberg, which song do you consider to be the most inspirational song you have written?

Dan Fogelberg: "Don't Lose Heart."


Question: What's next for you, Mr. Fogelberg? Are you touring again?

Dan Fogelberg: I plan to be on the road again next summer.


Question: Did you see the shooting star the night of your Kettering, Ohio outdoor concert? It was magical. Thank you, Mr. Fogelberg, for your music.

Dan Fogelberg: No, I must have missed it. You’re welcome.


Question: Dan, have you thought about doing a classical guitar or another bluegrass album in the near future?

Dan Fogelberg: I am considering a guitar instrumental album at some time in the next century... LOL.


Question: Hello, Dan! Greetings from the East. = ) Is there anyone that you would love to do a duet with in the future? And if so, who would that be?

Dan Fogelberg: B. B King.


Question: I know some of my favorite songs of yours deal with matters of the heart, but I read somewhere you didn't think it was fair to write and sing about your personal relationships. Does this mean that your songs will now be of a less personal nature?

Dan Fogelberg: I have no idea where you read that, and it's a filthy lie. LOL.


Question: If it hadn't have been music, what would you have done with your life?

Dan Fogelberg: Full-time dreamer... LOL.


Question: Dan, any chance you will sing "Souvenirs" in concert?

Dan Fogelberg: How much is it worth to ya? LOL. I might start charging by the song... LOL.


Comment: I just wanted to say Merry Christmas! And thank you for your beautiful gift of music and this wonderful Christmas CD!

Dan Fogelberg: Thank you, I'm very proud of it, and it's very special to me too.


AOLiveMC11: Dan, time has just flown by! We only have time for one more question.

Question: Do you think technology will change the face of music in the years to come?

Dan Fogelberg: Not a chance... LOL.


AOLiveMC11: Thanks for joining us in AOL Live tonight, Dan Fogelberg! Any closing thoughts?

Dan Fogelberg: As Tiny Tim observed.... God bless us,everyone!

AOLiveMC11: Thanks to our audience, too! Good night, everyone!


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** The Fan Forum was part of the Living Legacy website and was discontinued July 2000. 

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