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"Dear Dan" Letters

April 2007

 We have seen you in concert many times at Red Rocks here, in Colorado, many times over the years.  I cannot tell you what your music has meant to my husband and I!!  Our prayers are with you and we hope you are well.  God Bless. ~ LouAnn and Greg Schentag, Parker, Colorado


 I saw you do a solo concert in Bowling Green, Ohio in the 70's,  and to this day it remains the greatest musical experience of my life. I thank  you for that and wish you all the best in your battle with prostate cancer. I read your "sermon" and will call my doctor Monday to set up an  exam. Good luck and God bless you Dan ~ Dan White


 Dear Dan: I was unaware of your medical situation and am deeply saddened by it. You have been a big part of my life. Your music inspired me to be a songwriter back in 75 when I was just a member of a rock band. I pray for a full recovery for you. Please keep me and your other fans posted on your health. From another twin son from a different mother ~ Sandy Lieberman, Sherman Oaks, CA


 Well we all here wondering when you'll tour after successfully beating your blight? We trust and pray that more of the wonderful music you've treated the world to will be played live!! Perhaps you'll even tour Australia. God's continued blessings to you and your family ~ Richard White and family (Richard 51 Christine 51 Nathan 25 and Daniel 22), Australia


 I hope you know that many people respect and care for you...our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family! ~ Cathy


 Dear Dan and Jean, I cannot tell you how sad my husband James and I are over the cancer that has struck you.  I have been a fan since your first album was  released.  In the fall of 1981 I was able to introduce my best friend James Cox to your music.  I treated James to a concert outside of  Washington D.C. where we were grad students.  From  that time on James  was a fan too and became my handsome husband on May 28, 1982. Your music has meant so much to us over our 25 years of marriage.  We looked forward to your concerts and traveled to many places just to see you  perform live. What a treat your concerts were.  We continue to  listen to your music and it has seen us through many a good time as well as  trying times.


We miss your live performances so very much and pray for you  and Jean unceasingly.  May God's presence continue to be felt in your  life and God's grace upon grace be extended to you in this time of  illness.  May our risen Lord work miracles and be with you both. With love and prayers ~ Kate and James Cox


 In addition to wishing you a Happy Anniversary (tomorrow) I wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers each day.  I cannot express the joy of having seen you perform many times but also in learning to play many of your songs myself that still resonate within my soul. Thank you for the gifts of your music, performances and for capturing the essence of the important things in life including the wonder at this beautiful planet and our responsibility in taking care of it for all. With Love, Admiration, and wishes of Peace ~ Bill Vernon, Greenwich, CT


 I too keep checking to see how you're doing, and pray that all is well. I've loved you and your music since the days of Fool's Gold and Nederland, with "Stars" still being my favorite. Well, Twin Sons of Different Mothers is up there too. God bless you and your family, and be well. You made music approachable for normal people with real emotions. In Illinois, (but I'm not sure about Peoria!) we always called you Junior Vocal Chords for your phenomenal range. I hope you are using your music to help you feel better.


 Wonderful memories. An elegant voice. Words of hope and joy - and life! The songs remain in our hearts and minds. Always with us, and never too far. They are part of our life. Thank you for your music --- my life has been blessed by your gift of song! Prayers & blessings ~ Ronnie, Colleyville, TX


 Dear sir, I'm not one to write letters, and can barely understand how to use this computer. But I've sat down this night to let you know that I wish nothing but the best for you and your family. I discovered your  music in a stack of albums my stepfather had when I was 10 years old. That was 32 years ago. There are no words to describe how your music guided and shaped me through these many years, especially the younger years. As I got a new album when you released one, I would listen for hours and study the lyrics and composition until I could sing every harmony to every song (even if it didn't have one). I consider myself lucky to be 10 years old in 1972 to have grown up as your career was thriving. I've seen you in concert a few times from age 12 to your Full Circle tour in Biloxi a few years ago, and I have to say as a very strong independent woman, that your music helped to mold the person that I am today. If you never write another song, you will always be in my thoughts, as the most incredible musician, songwriter I have ever heard. I wholeheartedly hope that you are doing well and that you know your words and music more than just entertained me and actually touched my life. Sincerely (respectfully) ~ Lisa Douzart


 Hi Dan, Loving thoughts from Sydney Australia. Your music has been an inspiration to me for a lifetime --pretty powerful

stuff. Keep your mind and spirit positive. We love you and see you soon... Love ~ Nevin


 Dan & Jean - I have never done anything like this – but I was looking for the sheet music to "Next Time" (my 15 year old daughter plays piano and loves all my DF). That is when I saw a report on your Prostate Cancer. I was a  freshman in High School in 1974 when I heard "The River" (still one of my favorites) on WNEW in New York (Allison Steele) and raced out and bought Home Free.  I was at Carnegie in 1979 when you did not make one mistake (not one!). Just the Grand Piano and the Acoustics and you.  Awesome! May God be with you both through this trial – and may many more gifts of music be all of ours through your full recovery. ~ Bill Adams-Atlanta GA


 Dan, I keep checking on your website from time to time to see if there is ever an update to whether you are doing better or if things have gotten worse for you. Would love to know how things are going. You are always in my  prayers and always playing in my car. Your music is such a gift and I am sure I am not alone when I say that you are missed.  ~ Denise


 Dan, over the years your music has touched my heart and my soul. Your music transports me back to the best times of my life, and all of a sudden, I am back in high school again. You have a unique talent, one that very few people on this earth can ever hope to possess. You have touched so many people with your gift, and made our lives just a little better. I wish you only the best, and God willing you will beat this thing. God bless you and your family. Your friend ~ Chuck 


 Dan, you have been such an inspiration to me, and so many others close to me who have been privileged to listen to your music.  The love, the pain, the joy, the peace, the beauty and the struggles you have portrayed in your music are such an awesome inspiration, and validation of my own feelings and thoughts.  You are a special gift to this world.  I wish you the best of all possible, and the joy and complete happiness that is so well deserved.  God Bless you and your family and friends. ~ Tim


 I have spent my whole adult life listening to you and your music.  There are many of your songs that are a very large part of my life and the moments that your music brings back to me.  I am so sorry to hear of what you are going through.  My prayers for you and your family are in my heart and his music is part of my soul.  Thank you so much for all the wonderful songs that have touched my life.  It would not have been the same. ~ Kathie, Greeley, CO


 Please tour again! 


 My prayers are with you.  You have touched the world with your music. Thank You!!!!!


 Dearest Dan, My name is Mary and I live in Florida. I am 46 years old.  The first time I ever saw you was when I was a little girl. An older cousin had pictures of you all over her bedroom. She used to let me come in and listen to your records with her. I fell in love with you and your music way back then and ever since then I have  been a faithful fan. Your music is special and you are a true musician.  Your music brings me to a special allows me to escape just for a few minutes. Some of my fondest memories are triggered by one of your songs.


My heart breaks for you and your family, as my father had cancer.  It wasn't prostate but when it comes down to it, cancer is cancer and suffering is suffering no matter how it manifests I suppose.  But as much as he suffered and our family too, I have such bittersweet memories. I learned a lot through and.began to get closer to God. I took on a new appreciation of life especially the small things. Life is a gift...each moment. In my dad's dying days he only thought of what was most dear --his family. Although he was a successful man, the money and business took a backseat. I do want to say that he was diagnosed with stage 4 bone cancer and given 3 months to live and ended up living another 9 years cancer free. I don't know if you believe in God or not. I personally believe in Jesus and all I know is when I asked Him, he was gracious and let me have my daddy 9 more years. I am sure He is listening to you too. God Bless you and your family Dan. I pray that we could be blessed one more time to hear your beautiful music. We are anxiously waiting here in Florida (The King Center, Melbourne). Take care and know you are in our thoughts and prayers. ~ Mary


 Dan, My prayers are with you each day.  God bless ~ Diana, #1 Indiana fan


 Dear Dan, I hope this day finds you well and in good spirits. Your music is never far from any day in my life and I thank you so much for it. My mother was diagnosed with esophageal cancer when she was 88 years old. It does not have a very good recovery rate but she was optimistic. There were many precarious days during her treatment and I listened to your songs to ease my soul. I believe that, as you say, "There's magic every moment, there's a miracle each day". She had her 93rd birthday and is cancer-free at this time! I just wanted to share with you how much comfort your music gave to me during her hard fight and I know that you will also have your "miracle". My thoughts and prayers are always with you. Stay strong! Sincerely ~ Carol Bernal


 Dear Dan,  Wishing you and your wife a very Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary this coming Saturday. God's Blessings to you both for a very long, happy, and healthy life together.  You (and your family) remain in my daily prayers for fully restored health.  Be well my friend, we miss you!!!  From a long time (since Home Free) loyal fan.  P.S. Remember you still have to do a "farewell tour".  Love ~ Nancy, IL


 Dear Dan:  You could say that you are one of the reasons my husband and I met, got married, had two kids and even named one of them Dan! Our first date was a Dan Fogelberg concert back in 1981!  Your music has inspired us and soothed us and lifted us for over 25 years.  Thank you for your music, your heart, and your love in every song, and concert.  We are all thinking of you and hope you are healed and well.  Sincerely ~ Susan and Henri


 Well, I could probably write a novel but I will try to keep it short. I just want to say that I was raised listening to and loving your music.  I am 25 years old, and my father is also a musician and taught me to love and appreciate beautiful music such as yours.  I own your entire collection and at least one of your cd's is always in my stereo.  I also own the Greetings from the West DVD and watch it frequently.  And when I first brought my son home from the hospital after he was born (even though I am a bad singer) I would sing him to sleep with "Leader of the Band."  You are an amazing musician and song writer and I wish you all the best on the road ahead.  You inspire us all.  I only had the pleasure of attending one of your concerts once when I was very young...I was not feeling very well at the time but I remember clearly insisting to my parents that I go anyways...and I did and I was in tears when it was over.  I hate to hear that you are sick, but I will continue to pray for you along with so many others that you have touched along the way.  Thank you for using your gift to give all of us such a wonderful gift.  Best wishes and much love. ~ Lea Ann - Appleton, WI


 Dear Dan, Mr. Fogelberg sounds so strange for someone who is in my room and car every day with his songs and voice. You are much more like a family member. I know, that's an illusion but you feel so near. I have never been to a concert of yours, because you don't come to often to Holland. But I have been a fan of you for years and years. I have al the albums like Souvenirs, Nether Lands and The Innocent Age. I have enjoyed them over and over again with friends and family. Your music helped me through the most difficult periods of my life for example when my parents divorced. I have been on my bed in my dark room for hours and hours in my life with only your music in the room. It gave me rest and peace but also strength. It comforted me in dark moments. Thank you for all the nice music you gave to this world.


Now I have read about your illness and it shocked me. I wish you all the best, and I will pray for you become healthy again. It has to be, because we need you here and much more does your family need you here as the leader of the band. I wish you luck and health. ~ Peter Lage Venterink, Holland or The Netherlands.


 Dear Dan, I started out this email with "Mr. Fogelberg" and realized I can address you by your first name even though we have never met.  I feel like I've known you for years as I've been listening to your music forever!  Your first three albums are my absolute favorites.  I would blast your music in my room, especially during my teenage years.  However, I still "blast" it traveling down the road from job site to job site.  I, too, was diagnosed with cancer (breast) at the young age of 43.  It is such a scary time!  The love and support of family and friends is what gets you through each day.  Just writing this makes my mouth water like it used to during my chemo treatments and it's been 4 years!!  I do know what you are going through and wish you all the best!  Jay says HI and he still sings "Nether Lands" and the man can't sing!  Trust me, I know.  His office is right next to mine!! All the best ~ Carla


 Dan and thoughts and prayers continue to be with you all. Dan, I have loved your music since people were saying, "Dan who?"  Many of your songs have touched my life in such a special way.  Hearing them now, I am transported back to the time of my life when they were new. They help me hold so many memories closely.  God bless you ~ Rebecca


 I have only just become fully aware of all your achievements, though I knew many of your songs already. Your music is classic American, definitely 'the right stuff' and a cure for all ills.  Long may you continue. ~  Aidan Manchester UK.


 Dan, You and your family remain in our thoughts and prayers since your tour was canceled due to your diagnosis. Please keep the faith and hopefully the positive vibes that your family, friends and fans send, can surround you in warmth and love during treatment. Thanks for touching our lives with your God given gift. You are a blessing to all of us and we wish you the best for a full recovery. Sincerely ~ Kathy & Chris Breisacher Tabernacle, NJ


 I can't believe I did not know this.  I am so very sad and will pray for you and for your wife's strength through this.  I was 18 when I first sat mesmerized in Houston Texas in 1979 watching you in concert for the first time.  I have seen you live so many times and my first dance at my wedding 5 years ago was "A Love Like This."  Thank you for all of the pure joy your music has given me.


 Dan, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. May God give you strength, healing, and his abundant blessings! Through your music you have forever touched millions of souls.  ~  Kim


 My heart goes out to you and to your family.  My prayers will be ongoing for you.  All I want to hear is that you are OK, and will remain with us for many more years.  Your music has brought so many hours of pleasure; and I treasure the CD's I have, and if you don't feel the need for concerts or further recordings, OH Well!  I guess we'll all just have to learn to live with YOUR choice.  Just do what ever it takes to get and stay well, and may the God of blessed good health smile upon you.


 Dan, our thoughts and prayers are with you. ~ Rick and Andrea


 Dan: When I was recently given an ipod, your songs were some of the first I downloaded from my CDs. Each one brings back special memories and good feelings.  Thank you for sharing your rich talent with the world.  As I searched for additional music of yours to download I read of your cancer diagnosis. You and your family are in my prayers. God bless you.  ~ Donna Wood, Arlington, TX


 Dan: I found your site two years ago and am so happy that you  have updated with a place for friends to write. I was diagnosed with breast cancer, invasive stage 3 in July of 2006. My husband bought me an MP3 player for my birthday and I listen your music while I have my chemo treatments. Hope you are doing well. I have followed your career since 1970. God Bless you..~ Patti in California


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg ~ The Holy Spirit has been bringing you to my mind off and on this month.  I thought I would see if you had a web site.  Sure enough there you were! Now I know why the Holy Spirit was prompting me.  I'm not sure where you're at with your faith.  What I can tell you is that I know ALL things are possible with God and nothing is too hard for Him.  I have seen Him heal people with "terminal" illness - with my own eyes I have seen this! My prayers are with you and Jean.  In Christ ~ Alyce


 There aren't enough words for me to use that can possibly express the depth of feelings I feel for you and your music.  Wherever you go I would wish for an angel to have a hand on your shoulder to give you and your wife comfort.


 Dan, Been listening to you since college in 1974 and I was on the class officer team at Seton Hill University. We work with the guys at St. Vincents to bring you to Latrobe in 1977 for our senior year concert. I've now come full circle myself and spend time in prayer at that campus as a part of a lay ministry of the Benedictine Monks. My thoughts & prayers are with you and your family. Your website has not been updated since 04 and it would be great to hear of your progress. My friends and family all know that if I'm ever diagnosed with any fatal disease, my last wish is to meet you - so stay strong - just turned 50 and heck, who knows what will happen at this point. Your music and lyrics have seen me through a lot over the years. If I don't meet you here, I'll look you up in heaven. God Bless. ~ Joan


 Dear Dan - I am hoping that you are doing well and I am sending many prayers your way.  I know you hear this from everyone, but I am your biggest fan.  My husband and I have seen you in concert many times, in many different places. Your songs hold deep meaning to me, and I am sure you realize how important your music has been to a whole generation.  We wish you the best and  will be keeping you in our thoughts. Please take care ~ Jill Meredith


 My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Dan.  I pray that you make a full recovery! I believe in the miracle of prayer and positive energy!  Hugs ~ Maria


 Dan, Hang in there.  I haven't seen any updates recently on your recovery, so I am hoping that no news is good news. You're in my prayers.  I'm a fellow Peorian and a lifelong fan.  Here's hoping you continue to get better, grab your guitar and hit the road! With love and appreciation ~ John


 You have touched me.  You have touched my family.  You have touched my co-workers.  You have touched my friends.  Realize this...It is the art of people like you that move us all forward.   What awaits us on the other side is debatable, but it is my belief that it is good. Where we are going is good. As I am sure you know, this doesn't mean we are insulated from pain or suffering along the way.  It just means that eventually, there is light. Thank you for helping me and all those others. ~ Don R.


 Hallo! May GOD Bless you and thank you for all your wonderful music. ~ Sune Lindberg, Skelleftea, Sweden


 "Part of the Plan" was my introduction to you and your music in my first year of college, listening to the local FM station.  I've purchased every album since (in the vinyl then replaced with CD's and now you're on my iPod) as your lyrics are and have always been the balm to my soul.  I have used your songs to give me strength in times of need, as part of celebrations and to share with others as common bonds.  Your music has always been a kindred spirit to my inner spirit. At the end of the day and in the grand scheme of things, the tools for living your life are the things you need most - family & friends.  I pray for you and wish you much peace in mind & body. Warmly ~ Colleen, Everett, WA


 Hello Dan, You will always be my favorite singer/songwriter. My wife and I had dinner with you many years ago at your cabin outside Nederland. It is one of my fondest memories. Years later, when I did my PHD at Illinois, I would walk past the music building and think of you. I'm sure you influenced my decision (unconsciously perhaps) to go to Illinois. But, of course, you have influenced countless people's lives in immeasurable yet immense ways. You are a blessing to humankind. My sincerest prayers are with you. ~ George Gladney


 Hi Dan,  Hope this email finds you well.  I grew up in radio and spent many days and overnights, (we all started working in radio in the middle of the night), playing your songs on the air in Providence, Rhode Island.  I hope you find strength every day from your family and friends to get through this. When all is said and done, it's really all we have in this world isn't it?  Stay positive and God Bless. ~ Tony Bristol, Program Director, WPRO-FM, WWLI-FM, WWKX-FM, Providence, RI


 Dan, I hope that this email finds you feeling better than ever. I also hope that you and Jean are enjoying life like never before. Hang in there and remember that you have a bigger family than you will ever know. All the best ~ Wayne Quin, Lebanon, NH


 Hi Dan and family, My message is short,sweet and simple. I sincerely hope all is going well for you. From a long time fan. Regards ~ Johnny "B" Good,Seville,Spain.


 Dan, My life in the 70's and 80's were  a part of the tapestry of my life, the significance of my love for music and my pleasures of performing always gave me an anchor and fate shrouded by all my loves in my life. Through life's many turns and challenges were all a part of what I am now at 52, it's has been a great gift to have lived and today to say, Dan, your inspirations and gifts have been well received by this soul. I pray tonight on my bended knees, with gratitude towards you and know that your spirit is pure and the masses of hearts that you affected with the devotion you have shared through your love of music was not an accident it was meant to be, and has blessed so many lives. May you always be Blessed and know you have touched our hearts. Thank you my Brother. ~ Levi Taylor


 Dear Dan & Jean, Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers for strength and peace. I recently listened to one of the first albums I ever bought which was "Home Free."  I had forgotten just how much I loved it, and how much I missed the kinds of feelings the music inspired.  I only hope you receive as much love, joy and comfort that you have given so much in your music. With many Blessings ~ Rev. Karuna Gerstein, Cotati CA


 Hey Dan, Don't know if you will see this but I wanted to give you my best wishes.  I was hoping to see an update of how you are and the treatment you chose.  I had prostate cancer and had a radical prostatectomy in 2004.  So far so good (as far as remission goes).  I was just listening to "There's A Place In The World For A Gambler" on "Souvenirs" and it reminded me to see how you were doing.  I hope all is well and that you will make more music. ~ David


 Mr. Fogelberg, I had the privilege of interviewing you for a few concerts that were held in Utah — Wolf Mountain, Deer Valley and the Sandy Amphitheater. And all three of those interviews hold great memories for me. I wish you and your wife luck in this trial of life. You are truly an inspiration to me and my family. Thank you for the wonderful music over the years. And my wife and I make sure we have your albums – from Home Free to Full Circle - in our CD cases when we take our annual vacations. Take care. Peace ~ Scott Iwasaki, Deseret Morning News music editor


 Dan, I have every song you have ever published. I was about 19 in 1980 when I first heard one of your songs, and your music has inspired and comforted me every day of my life since that time. I wish you all good things and know that you will beat this. You have given so much to us through your music and poetry. I am forever a loving fan. ~ Christine Indelicato Rudkin


 Dear Dan, I am saddened to hear the news about what you are going through  with your health and had to write to say how much I have appreciated your music throughout the years. When I first received Nether Lands as a gift when I was 11  or 12 (it was #1 on the Christmas list my parents asked me to write),  I remember listening to it over and over and my very favorite song was  "Scarecrow's Dream." That song haunts me even now, and so much of your music has  touched my soul and inspired my spirit. I started painting around that age and am still an artist, and I have no doubt that the pictures your lyrics and  melodies painted in my mind had a tremendous impact on that aspect of my life and who I came to be. Thank you so much for all you have shared through your gifts and talents. You have touched so many hearts, especially mine. My prayers  and warmest wishes for healing go out to you and your family. May you have all  the love, support and strength you need to get through this. Thank you  again. With kindest regards ~ Robyn Bellospirito


 Still thinking about you and praying for you Dan. Best wishes ~ Mark, UK


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, My husband and I wanted you to know that we are praying for your full recovery.  Thank you for all of your wonderful music & lyrics which has meant so much to us through the years. We started getting interested in your music shortly after we were married in 1991.  We have been hard core fans ever since, seeing you in concert many many times (in Houston and traveling to other States to see you) :-). Thank you again for sharing your God given gift with us. Best wishes ~ Jana & Paul Bedair


 Dan: Your music has made this world a much better place, and you and your loved ones will be in my thoughts and prayers. With thanks ~ Hope


 Dan, First I must tell you how much your music has inspired and moved me over  the years.  I'm a huge fan!  Thank you for sharing your gifts. Secondly I want to say you are in my prayers and I am believing you  will have a full recovery to go on and do even greater things than you have  already accomplished. May the Lord bless you and your family. ~ Cody Griffin, Stillwater, OK


 Dan:  I just found out about your fight. My thoughts are with you and I am confident that you will beat this for your spirit and enthusiasm for life is too strong.  Actually I was watching your "Greetings From the West" concert tape that I own when I went to your web page and read the news and I felt bad that I was only learning now about this.  Your music has been a part of my life since around 1977(30 when a friend played the "Nether Lands" album for me.  The  theme fit because I lived in the mountain part of Montana at the time, so when I want to think of those times I listen to that album. Thank you for sharing your talent and life with us. I can imagine that this is an uncertain time for you, but I hope that knowing that people are thinking of you will help in some small way. May the Spirit bless you ~ Russell Kastner


 Dan,  Your music always stays in the front of my favorite playlist no matter what new music comes along.  "Same Old Lang Syne" still makes me cry every time I hear it.  You are in my thoughts and prayers.  Get Well. ~ Jenny, Concord CA


 Dan, Your music has spoken to my heart like no one else's.  Being a native Kentuckian, "Run for the Roses" is my favorite.  Praying for your return to full health.  ~ P. Chisholm, Knoxville, TN


 Dear Dan and Jean, You are constantly on my prayer list.  So many times I think of how my life intermingles with Dan's music and soul.  You are both so much a part of my journey.  Know that I battle with you and envision your body free of disease your mind clear of pain your soul singing and your feet dancing the joy of life. With deepest love and regard ~ Sandy Mellina


 My husband asked me tonight who my favorite male vocalist of all time is and I said, "Well my favorite guitarist is George Harrison, and my favorite singer/songwriter is Dan Fogelberg." The last album I had of yours is "The Innocent Age" and even though there were some songs that got a lot of airplay, my favorites were and will always be "Only the Heart May Know" and "The Reach"---that song in particular makes me feel like I'm on a rocky beach in Maine watching the lighthouse beacon rotate on a windy day---the imagery of that song, priceless!! Your voice with Emmylou's on "Only the Heart" still brings tears to my eyes---sheer perfection. I have most of your earlier work on vinyl and really love the fact that I can replace them with cds, but the artwork---Captured Angel   is my fave---cannot be replaced. My husband loves the song "Morning Sky" on the Souvenirs album---he loves bluegrass.


No matter what happens, you are not some guy from Peoria who cut a few albums, you are a caring, gentle poet who believes with his whole heart in the goodness of the human spirit. You have touched many with your words and music. You are an angel on earth. My husband is a few months older than you, and we have a baby girl who is 6 months old. After reading about the PSA, I will be like a dog with a bone and get my husband tested ASAP. Thank you for your "sermon", it is a wake up call. And God Bless you and Jean. Proverbs 3:5-6. ~ Leigh in PA


 Dear Dan, I had the good fortune to see you once in concert and was very wonderfully moved and blessed. You are definitely in my thoughts and prayers. I must tell you that although I have no blood brothers, your song "Leader of the Band" is my song to my dad. He died about two years ago. I know I never said "I love you" nearly enough to him and now he is gone. I miss him so much. To those who read this after me, please remind your dads that you love them because you never know. Dan, may our Lord just bless you and continue to carry you. Always your fan ~ Doug Brown


 To Dan Fogelberg, I didn't have the honor of ever seeing you in person and only became familiar with your music in 1990, but have since purchased a number of albums (vinyl, when it was available and tapes, yes, at 58, I am a dinosaur, lol). Your albums "The Innocent Age" and "High Country Snows" are and will remain two pieces of music that I will always listen to with great pleasure. I want to express my best wishes to you and your family and my prayers will be with you in this tough time for you all. Take care and be well. ~ Doug Scally, Deux Montagnes, Quebec, Canada.


 Dan and Jean, You have been in my family's thoughts and prayers since we learned of your cancer. We are just , again, letting you know of  our heart felt love and thanks for all the years of music you have given to our hearts and souls, and wish you a most speedy recovery. ~ Lance & Connie Cayne


 Dearest Dan, Christ has Risen and he comes back again and again so that we may rise with him! I wish you so much love and joy during these 50 days of Easter. The resurrection is a marvelous miracle and it gives us all something wonderful to look forward to after this "wretched" life is finished. Many of the Saints referred to this life as wretched. It certainly does have its moments! I am sure you will agree. I am hoping and fervently praying that you and yours are all doing well, and I am fervently praying that you will grace us with your golden throated voice and musical talent once again on stage???!!!!!!! Yes????? Please do let us know how you are doing. I think of you and pray for you very often! Much love and so much thanks for sharing so much of your self with us for all these years! You are a very wonderful man as well as the greatest musician singer song writer that has ever lived! God bless you! ~ Laura Boughner Richmond


 I am with you ... you have been with me since I was 15. I am now 49. Through every trial in my life; every joy, every blessing, every journey milestone ... you were there. The loss of my virginity (LOL!), my 22 year marriage, the birth of my children, the burial of my son and, since your latest trial began, the diagnosis and cancer death of my husband; he was the best human I ever knew. I was so blessed to belong to him. Through it all ... you’ve been there. You will always be there because you cared enough to put your heart on a page and your healing voice into the universe as a gift of hope to all mankind. A voice and heart that is a timeless reminder that regardless of circumstance, there is always magnificent beauty to behold. The human heart has no boundary and the collective spirit heals. First, foremost and when all else fails, Christ has our back. If love can heal ( and I believe it can ) you are well my friend. Rejoice! For you have made this planet a wonderful place for me ... and I for one ... am forever grateful! Peace Dan ... You Are Loved ~ Yvonda


 Dan, I received your CD "The Very Best of Dan Fogelberg" for my 55th birthday a few days ago from my sons.  I especially wanted it because your  song "Longer" was sung at our wedding in 1984, so it has a special place in  my heart."Leader of the Band" also has personal meaning for me because  I followed in my dad's footsteps as an insurance agent, and though this career  may not be quite as romantic or creative as being a musician, I know that  everyday I can make a difference in my clients' lives by helping them prepare  for their future and realize their dreams.  You have also made a difference  in the lives of millions of people who have heard your beautiful songs.   Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.  May faith and love be with you  and your family in the days ahead. ~ Glenda Conley, Tallahassee, Florida


 Dear Dan, I cannot share how often you have been on my mind these last several months. I don't think any other entertainer has moved me more than you. Every song you have ever written has spoken to my soul. To read of your cancer was like hearing news of a family member. I was stunned, yet at the same time extremely hopeful for you. Knowing the depth and range of the honesty in your music, somehow comforts me to know that you are embracing cancer in the healthiest way. The inner work you have done all these years has undoubtedly prepared you better than most for this experience. I have no doubt you are handling it with complete grace.


I just lit a candle for you on the web site. The foundation I work for funded the creation of this web site with Brother David Stendle-Rast. It gives me special joy to know that this web site has reached you and that it is bringing you comfort as the love you have shared with the world is illuminated back to you. My love and prayers will continue for you always. I look forward to the depth of your next wave of music. ~ Kathy Cavanaugh, Kalamazoo, Michigan


 Dear Dan - Been a massive fan for more years than I care to mention.  Shocked to hear your news. All my best wishes and prayers. When, not if, you are  better please come to the UK and sing for us. You have touched more hearts than  you can ever imagine. Keep the flame burning. Best wishes ~ John


 Dan; Wishing you all the best for a healthy recovery and a long and happy  life. I look forward to hearing more great music from you over the coming years. Stay positive and strong. ~ Pete


 Dear Dan - I just wanted you to know that you have touched my life with your music since I was in school and continue to today.   My sister and I were lucky enough to see you in concert at the Fox Theatre in St. Louis several years ago.   My prayers are with you and your family. ~ Julia


 Good Sir: Goddamn the experience, Love that you are okay. ~ Drew Mason, Huntsville, AL


 Dan,  I listen to your music almost every day and I feel every range of emotions known to man.  Over the years you have always had a song that touched my heart -  no matter what was going on in my life.  I pray for your recovery and healing. Chastain Park in Atlanta is not the same without you every summer.  May God hold you close to His heart as you face your battle.  You are a stranger who feels like a  life long friend.  With sincere thanks and love for your gift of music and words ~ Susan Campbell


 Dan,so sorry to hear your news.Your music has been an inspiration to me over the years and I was shocked to find out about your illness. You are in my prayers. ~ George McMillan


 Dear Dan, my prayers are with you and your family during this difficult  time.  Bless you for reaching out to men about the importance of early  testing.  May God give you strength, comfort and guidance as you battle your illness. God bless you. ~ kathy w


 Dan, my husband and I have always been great fans of yours.  My husband passed away three years ago and I miss him more than anyone could ever know.  As always, your music has been a great inspiration and I thank you for your insight into life.  Healing is a very time consuming thing, whether it is physical or mental. I struggle to keep my focus on raising my kids and I hope you have something to keep you grounded.  Thanks for the music. ~ Tina


 Dear Dan - My thoughts and prayers are with you as you fight this illness, I am no medical doctor but I firmly believe with the advancement of treatments, prayer and optimism, you are going to be just fine. I wanted to tell you that your song 'Longer" is one of my all time favorites. I instructed the DJ to play it at my wedding only one year ago. I think the analogies you make about love say it all. Your songs will live on and so will you. You have many, many years ahead of you. CONFIDENCE, PRAYER, and GREAT MEDICAL CARE will NEVER let you down. ~ Mark Amoroso


 Dear Dan and Jean, Have a Blessed Easter, and may the good Lord keep you in His loving care. In Christ our risen Savior. ~ Annie, St Louis Mo


 YOUR MUSIC HAS BEEN A LARGE PART OF THE SOUNDTRACK OF MY LIFE. Every tike I fell in love, broke up, or had some significant event happen, there seemed to be one of your songs that spoke directly to it. When The Innocent Age album came out, I was transported back in time to Ruidoso New Mexico, where I spent my teens. My Parents were both musicians with their own band. They used to play the Chaparral Hotel Next to the racetrack. I had the great pleasure of seeing you once in concert. I will be a fan forever. May God's grace bathe you in divine light. ~ Skylar


 I can only wish you the best.  Your music has left a lasting impression on me through the years.  I think that The Innocent Age touches me the most and is probably the most played CD in my entire collection.  I can't even describe the place the music takes me and the relaxation of just listening to great music.  Best wishes to you and your family our thoughts are with you. Sincerely ~ LJ


 Dan - I just want to once again thank you for all that you have done for my life and offer anything I can do in excess of  prayer and hope for your well being. You have filled my life with music, joy and wisdom since the early days of Home Free. "There's a reason you're flying this fast and this far" ~ Dave in Buffalo`


 Oh, Dan, we are praying for you and your family as you go through this horrible experience.  I lost my sister to breast cancer 11 years ago.  You may remember her from 1970 (or 69?) in Champaign, Illinois: Kari Caswell.  She came from Indiana University-Bloomington to sing at the Red Herring a couple of weekends and you were singing there as well.  I came with her both times an she and I fell in love you and your music immediately.  (She had some beautiful music and lyrics as well and we still miss her terribly.)  You music took me through my college years and comforted my children in the evenings after they came in to the world.  I thank you so much for that.  My daughter Megan is a singer/songwriter as well.  Ear-trained on every instrument you can think of and a gorgeous voice.  Must have been those DF albums when she was a baby.  :-} Please, take care of yourself and beat this.  We don't need to lose another beautiful voice. All the best ~ Kathy Caswell Bates, Urbana, IL


 Dear Dan, I checked your site because there has been no news and I want you to know that my thoughts are with you. I hope and pray that all is well and that your treatment is going well. I have been a fan of yours for 25 years and your music is part of the soundtrack of my life. I also have seen you live many times and you are an inspiration. Know that I am thinking of you and hope all is going well. Love ~ Helen Wolfe, Parkland, FL


 Another long, long time fan.  (Sorry if I make you feel old!) My prayer for you Dan, is that the God who so wonderfully knit you in your mother's womb, make His presence known to you, His healing virtues real to you, His unending love for you undeniable. I am a cancer survivor.  God made Himself real to me during a fourth stage of ovarian cancer at age 28.  I am now 55.  But more precious than the extra years He gave me is the gift He gave me of His Son Jesus, so that I might have eternal life.  Life here on earth is short...eternity with the Almighty and Living God is just that...eternal. May He comfort you and your family and add many years to the life you so generously gave to others. You brought much joy to my life through your music. Thank you.


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, I’ve just recently found this website, though I have been a huge fan of your music since I was 14 years old. (that long already?)  I have been lucky enough to see you in concert 3 times, your tours for The Innocent Age, Windows & Walls, and the fundraising concert you performed at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, CO for Gary Hart’s Presidential Campaign.  Frankly, this last concert for me was the most memorable.


I have to relay the story, in case you don’t remember it with all of the performances you have given.  It was an open seating performance at Red Rocks, and it rained all day.  I had convinced my parents to allow me to take the day off from school in order to attend the concert.  My best friend Loni and I sat all day, soaking wet in order to see you sing.  Finally, after a delay of approx. 1/2 hour (due to possible thunder/lightning activity, they couldn’t raise the light canopy for fear of drawing lightning) you came out and sang with all of the stage lighting off since the canopy was not in place.  You sang for about an hour, then took a break since the thunderstorm had passed.  You thanked us all for our perseverance in bad weather, took a 15 minute break so that they could get the lights in place and then sang for another 2 1/2 hours.  You were beyond gracious and it was the best concert I’ve ever been to.  (I have since worked in radio, and attended my fair share of concerts, so this isn’t light praise!)


I also want to tell you how I came to be such a fan.  It was through my father, who heard “Longer” on the radio and took me to a record store (he’s not really big into music) looking specifically for “Phoenix” to give to my mother.  My parents have been married for 43 years, and he still says “Longer” is the only song that sums up how he feels about my mom.  Since I can count on 1 hand how many times I’ve actually heard  my father tell my mother he loves her (he doesn’t display motion very well) this was an incredibly visceral display of love and devotion to give as an example of love.  In fact, it’s still “their song” and they play it all the time, especially on special days.


I’ve been praying for your health since hearing about your cancer.  My family is participating in the Relay for Life, and I’m walking in your honor.  Thank you for so many years of terrific music and a wonderful way to express whatever emotion I’ve been feeling through your wide range recordings. Very Truly Yours ~ Star Pedron, Teacher, Patterson, California


 Dan and family, I am so sorry to hear about your illness.  I was looking on the website in hopes of seeing a list of upcoming tour dates but was shocked to hear about the cancer.  Life is very interesting in the turns it takes.  I will pray for you and your family.  I have seen every concert tour you have done over the years and I hope to see you on stage and healthy again.  ("Longer" was played at my wedding and we have been married for the last 27 years. Needless to say are very special to us even thought you don't know us) Good luck and Godspeed ~ Mary Charles Hair, Bakersfield,CA


 Dear Dan, I went to your homepage for the first time tonight, and was saddened to hear about your battle with Prostate Cancer... my father lost his battle 6 years ago, and it was a very rough time for me and my family after his departure from this plane. I wanted to write to you and let you know how deeply your music has affected my life over the years. I grew up listening to your records and was "introduced" to your music through my older sisters.  They all grew up and went to college during the 70's - I, on the other hand, was still a child.   I remember listening to Home Free and Nether Lands, and just getting lost in the music... even as a child.  It was the foundation for my love of music. Your music weaves such incredible storytelling and in a very strong way, I can relate to you. 


I just wanted to let you know that I still listen to your music (have your box set on my CD player right now)... and right now, I am going through a lot of rough patches in my life... and your music just seems to help me escape. Thank you for your great gift of music over the years. I cannot express to you enough how much I would be lost without it... it's one of my main "escapes" and puts me in a peaceful frame of mind. Peace to you, you will continue to be in my prayers and thoughts. ~ Kevin Jones ~ Lancaster, PA


 Hello Dan, I am 43 years old and 6 years younger than my brother, John. He purchased all of your music and since I was a little kid, I listened to whatever he listened to.  I remember sitting on the floor in his bedroom listening to "Run For The Roses" and thinking what a peaceful and sweet voice you had.  Listening to you play the guitar, I soon picked up my Father's old guitar that he no longer played and taught myself to play. My parents 2 years later bought me a 12 string Takamine that I still play today. I've always loved your music and introduced your music to my husband who listened to mostly rock and roll when I met him.  Don't get me wrong I love rock and roll, but the soothing sound of a guitar being picked and a voice simply singing along is such a wonderful sound to me.  I introduced him to you and James Taylor.  My all time favorites. Thanks for so many wonderful memories and so many beautiful songs that I can listen to and play and share with others. I pray for you and your family.  I pray for good health and peace in your lives. Thank you for being part of my world. Love ~ Kristina M. McGee, Fremont CA


 Hey Dan, Am sending herein good thoughts for your well being. So many times in my life when circumstances beyond control would present themselves in varying degrees of difficulty, I could always find solace in any DF album, cassette or CD. If there was any way I could offer you even a portion of that, I would be happy to do so. Please know that beyond being fans we (collectively) have held you in our hearts more like family. You have shared your most intimate thoughts, heartaches, joys and life love with all of us. You know us as we know you. You have so eloquently voiced those experiences. Your words and music have often healed us. Thank You. Speaking selfishly, it is my hope to see you once again at Red Rocks... rocking the Rockies!!! 'Til then, I send good wishes and appreciation ~ Live Johnson


 Dear Dan, I was 18 the first time I was introduced to you by my brother who played me the song "Wysteria."  From that time in 1975,  I have been a fan of yours. I have been amazed by you through the years of my life as your words have helped give me strength during a very difficult divorce.  A few years ago I was able to see you in concert in Tahoe. I had front row seats and I will never forget that night.  You were definitely given a gift. I thank you for your beautiful music and I wish you a speedy recovery and happiness always.~ Cathleen, California


 Dear Dan, We hope that you are doing well.  We were deeply saddened to hear of your illness, and hoping and praying that you have a full recovery.  I remember the first time I was fortunate enough to see you. It was at the War Memorial Auditorium in Nashville, Tn, with my boyfriend Van, who by the way first introduced me to your music.  We have enjoyed your music for so many years.  The last time we were fortunate to see you was at the Ryman.  Van and I first met in ' 73, we were married in ' 83.  Your music has meant so much to us, the words have touched our hearts.  When I was younger, alot younger, there was only one person that I would have wanted to meet, that was you.  Today, would only be a few,  Jesus would be one, you would be the other.  Thank you for your special music, and for being a wonderful part of our lives.   God's Blessings and Peace ~ Donna and Van


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, I have been a fan of yours for many years. I had a father-in-law who  had prostate cancer. He passed away from heart disease. His cancer was under control. Many advances are being made every single day. I will light a candle and pray for you, keep up the fight!! Best wishes! ~ Teresa L. Chin


 Dear Dan, I was very sincerely saddened to just learn about your cancer.  I have loved your music for over 25 years, and seen many of your great live shows.  I was very happy to find my favorite album of yours, Home Free, finally re-mastered on CD.  I have learned to play many of your songs on guitar & piano.  Your guitar solos on "Empty Cages" are some of my all-time favorites by anyone, including Clapton.  Thank you very, very much for all the enjoyment your music has given me. I just want to say I hope everything goes as well as possible with your treatment, and wish you the best.  "There's a LIGHT in the depths of your darkness.  LET IT SHINE..." Very best wishes ~ Bill Rigg, Manakin, VA


 Dear Dan, My wife Leesa and I were saddened to hear about your diagnosis, and sincerely and deeply wish you all the best.  Also, we thank you on behalf of men (and women) everywhere for your powerful and personal message regarding prostate cancer screening. Leesa and I met in 1974 when we were in college and have loved your music ever since, and it continues to have a very special meaning to us. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, and if I can ever help in any way, please let me know. Sincerely ~ Greg

 Dan and Jean, I have been touched so deeply by your music over all these years; it feels like God speaking through you so powerfully.  I have several chronic illnesses as well, three of them potentially fatal, so I too must accept, with as much grace as I can muster, the indignities of treatments to allow me to live. Know that even though you are not  in the world in person, your music still is, and gives so many the strength and joy to celebrate what life is supposed to be.  You truly are an angel. Many blessings for your wellness and wholeness during this difficult time. ~ Deb Sponable


 Dear Dan, I hold wondrous memories of you in my heart. I saw you in concert back in the 80's on a gorgeous summer evening, outdoors along  the Mississippi River. The bluffs of St. Paul, Minnesota  were your backdrop and a spectacular sunset enchanted your every song. I have appreciated your music since your first album was introduced to me in college by a good friend who grew up in Peoria,Il and went to St. Mary's College in Winona Mn. Your voice and music was well loved on our campus. My husband and I continued to follow your work and have passed this enjoyment onto our children now 16 and 14 years old. I am grateful to you for the hours of enjoyment and loving moments as well as listening to your music during painful times. You have lifted my spirits and those of so many throughout the decades. Know that you are so loved by so many. Thank you for sharing yourself and your gift. You continue to bring joy into our lives and are truly inspiring. We wish you healing. We pray for your comfort and continued blessings and grace. Much love to you, your wife, Jean, and loved ones. Peace to you ~ Maryann, Pat, Danny & Katie Smith, Downers Grove,IL.


 Dan! Alan from the Quad Cities here. Listened to "Captured Angel" today. The music doesn't age! What a GREAT album! Hope all O.K. for now. The cream rises and the s#$% settles. Thanks for inspiring me to play the 12 string. I pray that you record the ultimate album for our generation. Peace.


 Good thoughts being sent your way!  Always a fan ~ Kelly in KS


 "Sometimes our light goes out, but is blown again into instant flame by an encounter with another human being. Each of us owes the deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this inner light." ~ Albert Schweitzer


 Dan, I guess it was the fall of 1975 that I was 18 years old and settling into college life as a freshman at Oklahoma State University when I first discovered your wonderful music.  Souvenirs was the first album (vinyl) of you work that I bought and since then I have never gotten enough of your songs and lyrics.  Your songs have helped me get through some rough times alright from being alone at college... to dealing with a lady that was a hiking partner who died from a fall in Sedona, Arizona. I was spared but the hurt was soothed by your music.. and still is. I was not aware of your illness until just this moment and was shocked.  I hope you know I wish you all the best in your fight and will pray for you as you journey down this path. My best regards, wishes and prayers ~ David Byrd, Las Cruces, New Mexico


 I recently bought "Twin Sons of Different Mothers". I'm in the process of re-discovering the great music I listened to in my youth. I am now 50. I went to your web-site to see what you were up to and was saddened to hear of your struggle with cancer. I have not had my yearly exam in 2 years. I'm on it now! Thanks for all the great music we've been blessed to have all these years. In those down times we all have as men when we wonder if we ever made a difference, please know you made a difference in mine. I'll be praying for you! ~ David Petete, Noble, Oklahoma


 Dear Dan- May the sun shine on you each and every day as you go through this hard time.  You have inspired so many with your beautiful words and music. Take time for yourself to feel better and stronger each day....we will always be  here to hear your music. We miss you. Take care, my friend.  Your  fan of 30+ years and forever ~ Linda


 Hi Dan, I have been listening to your music for the last 30 years and have not been able to get you off of my mind for the last several weeks. I hope you are staying strong and getting better with every passing day. I would love to have an update on how you are doing lately. I know that God has a plan for all of us and if we can learn the lesson from all of our struggles we will be stronger people in the end. I hope that God's plan is to let us keep one of its most talented songwriters and musicians that we will ever know. Love and peace from one of your biggest fans. ~ Lynn from PA


 Dan Fogelberg; I was listening to my favorite song, "Believe In Me", and every time that I listen to it, I am truly amazed at the beautiful music and incredible lyrics. My fiancée and I were fortunate enough to see you at the Beau Rivage Resort in Biloxi, Mississippi and we felt as though you were actually singing to us. I wish you the best and I will pray for you. ~ Rick Andree


 Dear Dan, For years, your heart has spoken to mine through your music and has helped to carry me through the many events of my life.   I hope now that my heart can speak to yours, from one cancer survivor to another. I trust that you have found, as I did, that this illness is a blessing. It gives you a slightly different perspective and allows you to prioritize the things in your life that truly matter. Most importantly, it is a catalyst to embrace each day from morning to night, and to say and do all the things we might normally put off  until 'tomorrow'. Each day becomes a gift to be opened, savored, and  shared. As an artist, you already possess a finely-tuned perception of the precious nuances in life that most people miss. Cancer turns up the volume on that perception, and strings moments together like jewels- each separate and unique, but when combined, dazzling.


Music, poetry, and art, as you know, are all therapeutic. Please continue to create; not for us this time, but for your own healing and comfort. Know that there are many of us whom you have supported through your gift who now support you and are sending positive thoughts and energy your way. Thank you for all the joy your songs have brought to my life. ~ Lorraine Ulen, Clearwater, FL


 For much of my life your music and lyrics have got me through, both good and bad times.  A few days ago I was traveling in New England and  heard one of your songs. While looking for lyrics to "Wysteria", I was saddened to find the news of your illness. My best years with my father, were those after he was diagnosed  with prostate cancer after radical surgery he survived 8 years.  He is with  me every day in spirit more than he was in life. I know that you and your  family will find that same comfort knowing that positive thought are sent  to you, as your music has always been such a comfort and positive energy to others.


 Dan,  Hope you are doing well. Once again I just want to thank you for compelling me to buy D-18 back in the late 70's. I strummed it for awhile and started picking every song you ever wrote. Eventually everyone that heard me play started playing your music or learned how to play guitar. I have become a accomplished player since then. I have a good ear and listened to you a lot. Couldn't believe myself when I learned to finger-pick "Leader of the Band" for the first time. It was all up-hill from then.  Thank you for all you have done for me -- biggest inspiration in my life, but most of all, thanks for the music you have given to my Mom. Turned 77 today and has beaten cancer. Listens to your music all the time. She doesn't even know what you look like...just in love with your music for the past 20 yrs. Wish she could have seen you live. I'm thinking about Mom a lot lately and you are part of her life now. Books and your music are her happiness.  I respect your privacy, but I sincerley hope you are doing well. God Bless


 Giving us the gift of your beautiful ability with language and music to explore life, love, and loss has been joyful, comforting, and cathartic for me. Your songs open portals for memories hidden way back in my mind, and each song has its own personal meaning. I cannot repay the blessing your music has been to me, except with prayers for your well-being and happiness. Thank you so much.


 Dear Dan,  You will always be our favorite performer.  We saw you every time you came to Humphrey's in San Diego.  We also saw you when you performed at Sea World.  Those are our favorite concerts of all time.  Your fans are such fine people, that we would get to the venue early just to hang out with the world's finest people.  We hope you are feeling well.  We can't wait to see you again in concert.  In the meantime, we enjoy your music on CD and concert DVD.  Let it shine, oh let it shine! Love ~  Lee and Eve Sigall


 Dan, You will always be connected in my mind and heart with my brother Jeff, a missionary doctor in the wilds of Honduras. Certainly the life he lives now entails many struggles, much pain, and also many blessings.  But I think back to the days when he was walking through the lonely years of medical school, surgery residency, and naval service (payback for his schooling) and the agonizing waiting and preparation for this calling of his.  Your music meant a great deal to him during those years, and it did to me as well.  I was just a kid at the time--the last of our crew--living on our western Kentucky farm, missing my brother and other siblings who had already left home.   I received your album "The Innocent Age" as a gift right about that time and remember knowing that far away my brother was listening to it--he missing the bluffs and fields of our home and missing his family--while at home I too was listening to that music and missing him. And not only were we both listening, but also you and my brother were so very similar, such kindred spirits.  It was almost like listening to him sing, like listening to him voice the beauty and pain, the conflicts and questions within him.  Well, that sounds hokey, I'm sure.  But I'm a hokey person, I guess.  As silly-sounding as it might be, I want to thank you for what you have meant to me (and to my brother) over the years.  I didn't know about your cancer until today when I sat down to try to find a way to write you (I didn't know about your cancer--I simply had had you and your music fresh in my mind the past couple weeks and had an unaccountable urge to write to you).  Now that I know of it, I will pray for you (and Jean).  I pray that when you most need to feel the presence and love of Jesus--who has wept human tears along with us and who will one day wipe away all tears--you will find him close. ~ Sally M


 Dan, I've been a fan of your music since I was in high school in Hawaii 25 years ago.  I have been to two concerts in my lifetime; both times I went to see you. I love your songs and the stories that you tell through them.  Every night, I sing lullabies to my kids.  One of their favorites is "Along the Road". It hit me pretty hard when I found out today about your having cancer.  I was out looking for lyrics for one of your songs to send to a friend who is going through a difficult divorce. I hope that our good wishes and prayers can help you through your hard times in the same way that your music has always helped us. ~ Blaine Tottori


 I'd love to give you a big hug, and a huge slobbery kiss, for all the hours of delight you have given to me Dan (listening to your music I mean!!) Thinking of you often, much love to you ~ Pamela xxxx


 I would like to offer an aid to help Dan and many other cancer sufferers. It is ACHH and AVEMAR.  These incredible natural substances have helped many people to overcome Cancer. is the web site.  I encourage all who want to boost their immune system and overcome the ravages of Chemo and Radiation treatment to study this.  There are over 58 different credible studies on the effects of these two natural substances that will amaze you.  I am a cancer survivor.  God keep you in faith and love ~ Mark Andreas


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, My father was also diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.  He was treated immediately with radioactive seed implants, after months of hormone injections.  It has been a slow road, but he is holding his own now.


My husband and I have followed you for many, many years.  In fact, I was pregnant with my 19 year old son when we went to one of your concerts at the Westbury Music Fair on Long Island, NY.  We never missed a concert, every single year. We miss you, and hearing your beautiful voice and music.  We both wish you the best - God knows you gave millions of people your best for so many years. I know that you have probably been told that people are praying for you.  Believe them. None of us knows you, but we have events in our lives that you have participated in!  We played 'Longer' at our wedding, 'Leader of the Band' for our fathers - every song holds a meaning and touches our lives.


We wish you peace and strength, hope and promise, and that someone in your life can make you feel the way you've made so many people feel over all these years - comforted, loved, and happy. God Bless, and we hope that time will bring you better health. ~ Laura and Mike Capitano, Long Island, NY


 Thinking of you, Dan. I hope with all my being that you are winning the battle. All my love.


 Hey, I have no idea how you're doing Dan, but I hope it's well. You're one of my mom's favorite artists, so I grew up listening to you along with her. I have a lot of memories of listening to your songs with her. We even saw you in concert twice, although I wish I had been older for the experience. After a long hiatus I rediscovered the CDs and even cassettes and I still listen to them now in college. I love how evocative so many of your songs are.. "Leader of the Band" makes me tear up every time. Kudos. My mom is in the hospital right now with meningitis--she should be ok, but the only music that felt appropriate for right now is yours. Thank you for that and I hope you are doing well. ~ EMC


 Dan and Jean, please know that my prayers are constantly with you.  Others have said so many wonderful things about you that I feel inadequate to do so.  But I truly love your music, your voice, your words.  You are an incredible man with many magnificent gifts:  your talent to write and sing music, your art, your love of nature, etc.  And many more we don't know about. 


I have never seen you in concert, so I pray that you will one day have the chance to sing in concert again if you want to.  I pray for your healing and easing of what you are going through now.  I insisted my husband have the PSA and DRE and he hasn't forgiven me yet, but I'm glad he did it.  Please remember that your many fans love you and pray for you.  If God wills, you will be healed. ~ Kathy in WV


 Hi Dan. I struggled for the longest time at the keyboard here with the words that would just begin this message - let alone adequately expressing the gratitude for your work and what it has meant in my life. But that's why you are the wordsmith, the songwriter  - and I am the 50 year old medical products salesman in Kansas. I have always felt a kindred heart, connected somehow through the words of your artistry back to the "Twin Sons" days. What an awesome gift to have touched just one person so deeply, let alone the millions of your fans. I read your website every few months hoping to hear that you are back on the road. I last saw you at the Starlight Theatre in Kansas City in 2002 - absolutely spiritual. I pray for your health. Thank you for the gifts and God for your talent. Best wishes always and for the best of health. ~ Chris Dahm


 Dan I was stunned when I read about your cancer. It shows us that no one is immune from the day to day curves that this world and our lord throws at us. I pray for you to shark back from this and continue to help make this world a better place, before the human race truly does cross the finish line. I also would like to thank you for all the great music you have written throughout the years. it has helped me through tough times and good times alike.  I collect music and have been a collector since my early years of high school so I have your work on album and cd, replacing all the great stuff from my album collection to the cd collection. My friends marvel at stuff I have. Along with southern rock and even c/w I have almost all your work. High Country Snows is awesome! Keep fighting as I know you will and put yourself in the arms of the Lord. He will truly take care of you & your family. I will keep praying  also.God Bless you Dan ~ Brian T. "Hawk" Haukereid


 Dan, I too am a cancer survivor, so I understand a bit of what you're going through. I'm from Illinois, have lived in Peoria, play guitar, and have always loved your music.  You have impacted so many people with your music and leadership on environmental issues. Whatever the future holds you will always be loved.  Your music is part of the fabric of our lives. Thank you for everything.  I'll remember you in my prayers. Take care ~ Craig


 Dan, thank you for your music.  I have lived through my Grandfather, father-in-law, cousin and uncle having prostate cancer.  On March 18th of this year I lost my wife of 27 years to lung cancer.  Dan, I love your music and have been listening to it of the past 30 years. I went from records, to tapes, to CD's, and have loved every minute of it.  Dan, you and  your family are in my prayers and I wish you the best.  Please if you are ever in the Richmond Va area feel free to contact me. Thanks for your music ~ Bill


 There are no words that can express the joy your music has brought into my life. Nor can I ever explain to you just how many rough spots it got me through, or how every time I hear "Same Old Lang Syne" I think of a long ago romance that never fails to make me blush, or how much I wish I'd had your father after hearing "Leader of the Band," a song that never fails to reduce me to a blubbering mess. Much of the sadness and happiness your music reflects mirrors my own life. Highs and lows. Lows and highs. Thank you for every note, Dan. May your recovery be successful; may your life be filled with the same joy and happiness you've brought to others. ~ PH


 My prayers go out to you, Dan. I too have had prostate difficulties throughout life, although no incidents have been diagnosed as cancer. I'm not sure why I'm even sending an e-mail, but my heart spoke to me (after listening to your music for over 30 years) to contact you. Thank you for the beautiful music and may God bless you and yours through life everlasting. ~ Bill Maroe


 I can only say my thoughts, prayers and good wishes are with you and your family. I lost my sister 8 days ago to colon cancer. We all knew Mom had it 18 years ago, but it couldn't happen to us, so no one was tested.  Then this year, I got sick and had a colonoscopy - all was clear.  My oldest sister got sick with what they thought was the flu, and within a week she was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer.  I can't stress enough the importance of testing.  No, it's not fun, but neither is the treatment and the fears of the treatment.


Dan, keep your chin up and enjoy every single moment.  My sister left behind two children, three grandchildren, my parents (Mom is in an Alzheimer's unit), and my other sister and I.  I have reached for the phone many times to check up on her, but she's not there.  I long to hear her voice just one more time.  Thank you for sharing your voice.  Over the many years of my life, you have put into words how I feel. God bless you all, and keep you safe.  May you heal from this terrible disease and remember all who love you and support you. ~ tj


 Dan and Family, I am sending positive thoughts and loving prayers to you. I am only one among the millions who love and admire your work. When my husband and I got married in 1984, we chose  "Longer" as one of our wedding songs. Thank you for all you have given us through your lyrics and melodies. Stay Strong for Each Other! ~ Mary


 Dan, I took your advice and had a prostate exam -all good. My thoughts and prayers and whatever other karmic positive things I can send your way are with you.Your music has touched me deeply throughout different phases of my life. (I sent the lyrics to "Leader Of The Band" for a Christmas card to my Dad one year...) and have performed many of your well crafted songs as an acoustic duo. Godspeed. You are a light in this world. ~ David Lee


 Dan, I would like you to know that I have been a tremendous fan of yours for years. I was very sorry and saddened to hear of your bout with prostate cancer. I will keep you in my prayers. I sincerely hope that you can be cured. On a happier note, I recently purchased your album, The Very best of  Dan Fogelberg. I love it and listen to it almost daily. May God bless you always and give my regards to your wife Jean. Sincerely ~ Richard Morgana


 My husband and I wanted our wedding dance song to be "Longer" but it was so new our band didn't know it. We raised our kids listenning to your music. You are such a great talent.  I pray that you will recover and make more generations happy with your music.  I worked in retail and I had a manager who played flute.  She loved your music with Tim Weisberg. I pray that you will recover and that I can see you one more time with my children in concert.  I can't begin to tell you how much I listen to you on a daily basis. I will continue to pray for you.  God be with you.


 Hi Dan.  I had not heard any news reports on how you were doing so checked for a website.  You were one of my first "favorite" singers (and crushes!) as I was going through Junior High.  Thanks so much for the music!  I heard "Run for the Roses" on the radio a couple days ago and couldn't help but tear up.  Your songs are beyond wonderful.  My thoughts & prayers to you and your family during this struggle. ~  Amy


 I'm sure you hear how much pleasure your music gives so many, and it is true. We have seen you perform dozens of times over the years, but your music meant the most to us in May of 1982, when our newborn son was struggling valiantly for survival in the neonatal intensive care unit of the UC Davis Medical Center.  In addition to the most wonderful physicians and staff, we had a daily stream of "Run for the Roses" inspiring our little colt to fight for 'the chance of a lifetime, in a lifetime of chance."  I am happy to say that twenty-five years later, he is still at UC Davis - he will graduate from Law School there in a couple of years.  Thank you Dan, and God bless you in your own Run for the Roses. ~ Steve and Kathy Ramos; and Andrew

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