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"Dear Dan" Letters

August 2005

We were shocked to see the news of your illness, when checking the web for possible tour dates to plan a trip from Australia to the USA to fulfill a dream of seeing an onstage performance.  We sure do hope you are doing well. From this side of the earth, we send our thoughts and prayers for a full recovery.  May fate be kind, please -- the world needs you too much. ~ Lynn and Tom, Western Australia


 I will keep Dan and his family in my daily prayers as he continues to beat this cancer.


 Dan - You are in my thoughts and prayers. I have been a fan for years. Looking forward to seeing you soon. ~ Michele


 Dan, I have grown up with you and your music since I heard your first song back in 1972.You make music an inspiration and gave us insight into the man known as Dan. An ill wind does not discriminate and rain falls on the just and the unjust, but my faith in God and his son Jesus let me know that miracles still happen. My wife and I pray for your recovery and believe you will. Isn't maturity wonderful when you find out that we really aren't supermen and that the color gray is at the end of the spectrum. We miss your music; your voice and your presence in the "real" music get better and keep on writing and singing. May God bless you and the healing hands of Christ hold you, you know that he loves us all. ~ Jim and Kathy in Tucson.


 Dan, I want to be the first to order tickets for the "2005 or 2006" Acoustic Tour at Red Rocks, CO (regardless of which year it is).   Fight the demon and get back on your feet! Love ~ Reg


 Dear Dan, I'm sure I'm just one of many thousands of fans, but I had to write and let you know that I am thinking of you and praying for your fast and complete recovery. Your music has touched me for many years, and I hope with all my heart that you will be able to continue for many more. With all good wishes for you and your family ~ Sandi Martin


 Hi Dan,  Please fight hard and come back to all of us soon.  We miss you terribly and we need you. ~ Kathy


 Dan, From one who has been a fan since Home Free, seeing shows from the Capitol Theater in Pasaaic, NJ to Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. I wish you the healing power that God offers in his part of the plan ~ Vic Xipfos


 Dan, you have been a part of my life since the early 70's, and I have seen you live many times.  I still have your CD's in my car today!  Best wishes for a speedy recovery.~ Dennis Barsema


 Dear Dan - It has been some time since I last wrote to you of good wishes...My mother lost Her battle with lung cancer this past July 3rd.  Each day I am full of heartache and sadness.  Why does this have to happen to the beautiful people?  When I am feeling low I can listen to "Nether Lands" or "The Last Nail" and I feel better, for a moment. Your music has been such an important part of my life - through good times and bad. I know you must be amazed at the number of people who love you and wish you well.  You have touched so many lives in so many different ways - we are ALL kindred spirits because of you and your beautiful gift of song. I will continue to pray for your recovery.  Please know there is an Angel up above watching over you. She (my mom) loved your music as well, and was saddened to hear of your battle.  I am SURE she will help see you through. God Speed ~ Kristin Calvert, Beech Grove, Indiana  USA


 "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. " - Maya Angelou


 Hello Dan, I have been a big fan of yours since the days of Captured Angel. I want to send my thoughts and prayers to you for a speeding recovery.I have recently been diagnosed with stage 4 Esophageal cancer and I am doing my best through chemotherapy, nutrition, supplements, positive thinking and exercise to fight this evil monster.I wish you the best and I'll be seeing you when you tour again.By the way, one of the best concerts I have ever seen was you solo at Berkeley in I believe 1979 or 80. It was just you by yourself and it was a wonderful show.Take care. ~ Joe Christoff


 I have always been a big fan and wish you the best.  I hope and pray you recover from this.


 In 2000, my sister and myself travelled from Ireland to Boston to see you in concert and even got to meet you backstage.  Your wonderful music has been so influential in our lives from when we were young.  Words fail on how to express our thanks to you for all you have given to us through your music.  At this tough time, maybe we can hold you and your loved ones in our hearts to help give you strength.You are loved by so many people. ~ Laura & Joan, Ireland


 Dan,  as a cancer survivor myself, I know how it is.  I survived breast cancer, and my life actually IMPROVED after it was all behind me, perhaps I just appreciated it all more.  I trust you have a loving family and good emotional support -- use them!  Avoid letting your ego keep you from leaning on your loved ones -- let them be there for you, trust me, they WANT to do it, and that's what friends and family are for. You're in my prayers and thoughts.  Aloha from Oahu ~ Mallee Hagan


 Dan, I truly hope that your recovery is going well.  Please come back and tour with your acoustic material when you're ready.  There is nothing I would like more than to hear you play live again.  I am an acoustic guitarist and singer too.  I play many of your songs for my children (9, 6, 4 & 2).  They love your songs, but I sure would like them to hear them from someone more gifted than me. ~ T.J., San Diego, CA


 Dan ,  As a fellow professional musician you have always been an inspiration and model for so many of us. You have shown us all that wonderful melodies , sincere lyrics and spiritual meanings still have a place in the world of popular music. I wish you a speedy recovery and Peace , In The Spirit ~ Steve Free


 I have been thinking about the DF songs I used to sing with my older brother when I was around 12-14 years old.  I remember it so strongly because his music was the first music that taught me about the beauty of harmony and the power of song. I would sing the harmony to "Gambler" while my brother sang the melody and our mom would be so happy. For the last three days, I have been thinking about DF's music so much for some reason.  I had to go out and buy a CD since all the LP's I had as a child did not make the move out to CA from MS.


Dan, I wish you complete recovery and send positive energy and thoughts to you and your family.  Know that you are getting back from us what you have given to us for so long. LOVE AND LIGHT....~ John


 Thanks for all the music thru the years, Dan. Please stay strong and get well. ~ John in TX


 Dan, I recently came across one of your CD's in the music store and it brought back so many good memories. I bought it for my kids, so that they could have the benefit of your wonderful talent. Our prayers and love go out to you and your family. Please remember...miracles happen! God Bless and be well.


 I have been coming to the site to read the well wishes since your note to fans last year.  Please drop us all an update when you have a minute. I, like all those who come to this site, thank you for your gift to all of us and hope to hear from you soon. ~ Tonya


 Dan, Pardon the informal greeting, but I feel as if I've come to know you over the years.  I continue to pray for your return to good health.  I met one of my very best friends over your music...we both wore our concert T-shirts to a college class!  Over the years (nearly 20 now...) we've shared our loves, losses and joys.  Thank you for sharing your gift of music with us all.  God bless. ~ Susan Emmerling


 I pray for your speedy recovery. I need you and your incredible talent in my life. Love you ~ Patty


 It seems we are all vulnerable to physical ailments and disease. My God bless you with help and peace, Dan Fogelberg. Your songs have brought great comfort to many people, may you have some of that same comfort come your way in your time of need. We'll be happy to see you after you've recovered.


 Dear Dan, I just want you to know that I bought two tickets to your show, slated for last Fall here at the Florida Theatre in Jacksonville, Florida. I never took them back for a refund because I pray you are going to come back and make up that date and on faith I will use these tickets for that show. Much love and healing to your heart from mine. ~ Rick Urtel


 Dear Dan,  I have grown up with your music, from the first green album I listened to as a freshman in college, to having 2 songs played at our wedding, through all your albums as life has progressed.  The Christmas album is a favorite at holiday times.  My thoughts are with you. We never know what life has in store for us, but know that you have touched many lives in more ways than you know. And don't forget: "Believe in miracles."  They do happen. ~  Jeanne in Wisconsin.


 Dan, It's been a while since I visited the website, so I was both surprised and saddened to learn of your cancer diagnosis but am encouraged by your positive attitude.  I truly believe it can make a difference in both the convalescence and recovery processes.


After the birth of my daughter, Kelley,  in December of 1975 I was a "stay at-home" mom and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I reluctantly went back to work when she was 18 months old, in the summer of 1977.  I first heard your music on the radio at work.  A local radio station was playing some tracks from "Nether Lands" album.   It helped me through that really rough time. Of all the pleasures in life, music is by far the best.  I love the pictures you paint and stories you tell through your music.  You were given a unique gift from God and have used it well to reach out to others. I will remember you in my daily prayers.  May God strengthen both you and your family and restore your health soon. A devoted fan ~ Dianne O'Neal


 Just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you and I am sending you an early birthday greeting. I hope your day and year is special and everything is going your way. With all best wishes ~ Hugh Beggins


 Dan and Jean, Well, haven't forgotten about you, even for a moment.  Every day at work, I wear my liveSTRONG bracelet for many people, you and myself included.  I hope you are doing well, and that the emotions you both go through, tolerable.   I know they can run the gamut.  Can feel like you're doing great and nothing can stop you, then the next moment, feeling totally down.  I hope your music still brings you joy and a release.  Know your music also still brings me serenity  and hope.  I thank you again for that.  :-)   Keep living STRONG. ~ CHER, Washington State


 Dan, I've never been to you website before and therefore I was touched to hear of your struggle with cancer.  I wish you the best and appreciate all that your music has done for me over the years.  I've listened to your work for years and have seen your shows a couple of  times and am still amazed at your talent and musicianship which is so lacking in much of the music of this new century.  As a singer-songwriter who is still working very small gigs (mostly for free), I salute your success.  Our prayers are with you.  There's a place in the world for a poet. All my best ~ Scott Lambertsen


 Dan, In 1983 I was driving North alongside the river through the tall canyons of the Wind River Range  when I first heard  your music on the car radio.  The individual song isn't what's so important........what sticks is the feeling is that I got from the music out there in the middle of nowhere.   Surely you will prevail and bring more joy to your family and to the world just by being here.  Thanks for those beautiful songs and thanks for just being you.  God bless and never quit the fight or your music. Warmest wishes to you and your family for sunny days ahead ~ Chris and Sue Christiansen


 Dan and family, Still wishing with all my heart for your speedy recovery.  Hope all is  going as you would wish.  Am also hoping for an update, soon. ~ Ginny


 My sister absolutely adored your music all through highschool (in fact, she still does). Every morning, I would wake up to hear "To the Morning" playing softly in her room. I still listen to that song any time I need to feel her close to me and recapture that innocent feeling of contentment.  May God Bless you in your battle against cancer. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


 Hi Dan,  It's another night where I'm thinking about you and  hoping for the best always. I am painting again tonight, and I'm going to listen  to the Portrait  collection and the two albums that you made with Tim  Weisberg, and, once again, produce some beautiful paintings that will be inspired by your music. I send you all my love and thoughts as always. ~ Dana


 Hey Dan, I have gone miles and miles to feel your music. You are in my prayers and I shall look forward to again seeing you go with it. Years ago you were in Lakeland Florida with a band and I'll never forget it .....Best wishes ~ Larry


 Dan: Thank you for helping me get through being a typical teenage girl back in the late 70s. I loved your music, especially Souvenirs. Hope your recovery is well on the way and we'll be hearing from you soon! Keep the faith! ~ Liz


 I just found out about your cancer. Just last week I found out about my own cancer. This is a new experience for me and I admit I am frightened. I wanted to let you know that I have found comfort and faith in your music and I am praying for you. Your talent is so wonderful, may the powers that be give you the strength and comfort in your struggle that your music has given me in my new adventure. ~ A fan of your music.


 Dearest Dan, Happy almost birthday...hoping this finds you well. You are constantly in my thoughts. Wishing you health and a miracle for your day...thank you always for the happiness your words and music has given me...God's blessings and His strength to you, Dan, and to your family. Sincerely and much love too ~ Peggy in Baltimore, MD.


 Dear Dan, My story of discovering you is like many others that you've heard. Growing up in the seventies in upstate New York, I heard your voice from the Captured Angel album and was immediately hooked. I bought and listened to every record countless times over, and then when they wore out I rebought them on CD.  What a thrill to see you in concert. Music is such a big part of my life that I would live for those occasional moments to be in the same room with a revered musician.  You have a gift, and I thank you for sharing it with me and with all of us.


My husband and I moved to Colorado just last year, sight unseen.  We had been living on the East Coast for more than forty years and decided to make a life change. We came out to visit, found Estes Park, and haven't looked back. Knowing that you live somewhere in Colorado (and in Maine too, where we frequently visited), makes Colorado all the more special. We hear your voice in these hills and imagine you walking, and playing, and painting here. The Rockies are the backdrop for your very special life. Whenever we rented a house in Maine, every morning I would start the day with "The Reach" as the lobstermen motored past our dock. You bring songs to life for all of us. Not too long ago on XM Radio we heard that you were ill, fighting cancer, and I hope that are healing and getting better. I can't imagine this world without you in it, so I am hoping for a full recovery and more of that heartfelt, creative music of yours.  I will cherish your music always, and send you lots of love and gratitude and best wishes in the meantime. Thank you, Dan!  Feel better. ~ Anita Pariseau


 Dear Dan,  Have been thinking of you frequently this month, both because of your birthday and the near anniversary of when we first heard of your illness.  Every few days I visit your website hoping for good news and feel that old familiar pain; from not knowing how you're doing.   What a tremendous gift tonight to see your letter and hear of your progress!  As usual, your words are eloquent and your thoughts inspire, just as they've done since my high school days in the 70s when I first started listening to your music and never stopped since.  I treasure the memories of seeing you in concert in California several times over the years and am still cheered when I see your smiling picture on my coffee mug every day (my family teases me that they think they hear me say "Good Morning, Dan" when I open the cabinet!). Thanks for sharing your gift of music with all of us who have journeyed through life with you alongside; I hope you continue to get stronger and healthier every day and that those open options turn into something wonderful!  ~ Janet in California


 Dear Dan, We love you and hope you get better..(We're the same age) . Our Wedding song is "A Love Like This"..Thank you for your ability to put into words what I can never say. We'll never stop listening. ~ Jack and Christina.


 Happy Birthday Dan! And what a happy day for us all! I bought "Full Circle" last summer just after you announced you had cancer. I vowed I wouldn't open it until I heard that you were okay. And it has remained unopened for a year. Today I will listen to it in celebration! You look great in the picture, happy and healthy. : ) Best wishes to you & Jean for long, healthy lives and happy days ahead. ~ Kathy in California


 Happy Birthday, Dan! What wonderful news to hear on your birthday. I am vacationing on the West Coast, but wanted to take a moment while I could access the Internet to send you this greeting. Your music has touched so many of us, and we will continue to enjoy the beautiful words and music you've shared with us. And we will continue to pray for your ongoing progress and good health. Each time my husband and I paddle our kayaks down the Harpeth River near Nashville, I always think of you and the music you were making while living in Kingston Springs. This past week, we were paddling in near Campbell River, British Columbia. Campbell River sounded like Shallow Rivers and my mind would continually go to the words of that song and others on High Country Snows. It was great mood music to have in my head while surrounded by the beauty of the mountains and the sea. Best wishes to you and Jean. ~ Diane Hughes, Nashville, Tennessee


 Dan and Jean: You have been in our thoughts and prayers this last year, and we are so happy to hear that you are doing well.   Dan, we fell in love with your voice in the background, your words were included in our wedding ceremony, and your songs have continued to be part of the fabric of our lives.  May you and Jean have as much happiness in the days to come as your music has given us all these years.   Wishing you the best of birthdays, continued improvement in your health and continued joy in your life.  Take care ~ Jim & Sara, Omaha NE


 Dan and Jean....That is SUCH great news!  Many thanks for the update.  HAPPY Birthday!!!  ~ Tim Ogard/Seattle


 Dan, Greetings from Morrison.  Happy Birthday and good to hear the news about your recovery.  Carry on and come to Red Rocks.  I like walking from home to your gigs. ~ Rob


 Happy birthday Dan!!! Great news!!! Keep the beard!! ~ BP in Edmond, OK


 Best wishes on your birthday today.  It was so good to read your great news. As I read through your letters posted  by viewers it is evident that your music and songs have touched not only my life, but countless others, too. Thank you sounds inadequate for all you have done, but it is meant with sincerity. I hope your road to recovery continues to progress and you can enjoy life to the fullest.  ~ Sandy in WV  


 Dan, I logged on to wish you a happy birthday and was thrilled to hear the great news!  Love ~ Rita Feet


 Dan, The music in your poetry and the poetry in your music have been an inspiration to me since the 1970's.  I send you my light. ~ Emeraldeyz


 Daniel, In my heart, I knew that you would update us regarding your health sometime during this week. It has been almost a year since you first shared your distressful medical condition. On this special day, there is rejoicing with your wonderful news!  Happy 54th Birthday, dear Dan!  While traveling in west-central Illinois today, my husband and I played the CD's from Portrait in your honor! Allow me to say "thank you"... *to your mother (and late father) for birthing, nurturing, encouraging and "the freedom when it came your time to go" so that you could share your multi-talents with us for over 30 years! *to Jean, for being your support throughout these very difficult and trying months. *to whomever you believe in for answering prayers. *to your medical team for their expertise and knowledge in the treatment of prostate cancer. Blessings to you ~ Dianne, Peoria County


 Happy Birthday, Dan!  I feel uplifted by your letter and also by the wonderful outpouring from your supporters here.  It's so moving to read all these kind voices.   And I love the new photo with your great survivor's smile.  I also passed your sermon on to my darling husband; you've done a true public service by encouraging other men to get checked.  I hope the year ahead is filled with rest, recovery, healing, joy and, of course, music for you and Jean.  I can tell she's been a source of strength for you -- a woman of valor, as my Jewish tradition would say.  All good wishes and love from a longtime fan ~ Claudia in Minneapolis


 Dear Dan, Thanks so much for this incredible gift on your birthday, & for the look great!  I hope you've had a wonderful day.  I am another who has checked often, felt discouraged but told myself no news was good news, & prayed for you daily as I listened again to the full repertoire...from Home Free to Full Circle.  Bless you for the sermon, & thanks for the link to the PCF.  My husband has had a recent prostate biopsy & is facing another, but we've had only a glimpse of what you & Jean have been through.  I read awhile back, before May, 2004, that you wanted to return to art & photography full time at some point, also that you might someday give up the music business, but never the music.  We all understand that whatever path you follow will be the right one for you, as it always has been.  I can't help but hope for at least a farewell tour, since my first time to see you live was to have been last Fall, so thanks for keeping that option open.  To paraphrase your own magical words, Dan, 'He so loves you when you sing,' & so do we all.  Thank God for you and for taking care of you....continued prayers & love to you & your family.  ~ Charlene, OK


 Dan & Jean -Hallelujah!!   Love to you both.  Stay strong.  It is comforting to know you have each other.  Birthday drinks for the bar. ~  lmm


 Dearest Dan and Jean --- Better news could not be forthcoming.  Nevermind that I would sell my soul (almost) to see and hear you again.  It is enough, enough indeed, that you are on the mend and singing into Jean's ear.  You have already given us so much.  I love you -- blessings.


 Dan and Family, Wonderful news! Wishing you all the best-you will continue to be in our prayers.Thanks for all the beautiful music.


 Happy, Happy Birthday Dan!!  Your letter was a gift to all your fans who have been thinking of you and sending love your way during this trying time. I am always so thankful that my lifetime has had your music in it...Love ~Patti from Louisville, KY


 Dan-- Happy Birthday!  I think of you often...great news about your situation.  I get my PSA test this week! Thanks. ~  Mike Foley, Big Bear Lake, CA


 Happy birthday, Dan!  Your music is the soundtrack of my life. Thank you so much for the letter and the update on your amazing recovery.  I thank God you are on your way to good health. I'll be waiting for your next album and tour! I love you always. You and Jean will continue to be in my prayers. ~ Velicia from Austin, TX


 What wonderful news!  May you have a breeze at your back, and the sun on your face.  Live strong!!


 Happy Birthday DF. So very happy things are going well. We all have been waiting for some news.God Bless you! I just wanted to mention we have this great independent radio station here in Northern Vermont that every day during the week day they have a rock and roll birthday and devote an hour of music of that artist so since today was your birthday, yesterday they devoted an hour of your music everything from Home Free to Full Circle. They play your music every day here in this neck of the woods.I think it's cool,so anyway keep strong and enjoy your life's pleasures  Peace ~ William


 Dan...there really must be a God because today my prayers were answered- I received the best news-your health is improving and you are feeling better.  What more could I ask for on your birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAN!!!  I hope you are able to go sailing today! Keep up the good work, surround yourself with love, and please keep us updated because we all worry about you....You're #1 fan always ~ Maureen in Asbury, NJ


 I'm from the Nashville area. Been Waiting for an update on your condition. Always wished I could play Guitar with you, or piano. You inspired me to learn how to play many stringed instruments.I want to do some songs, digital, on my PC mixer  (Covers) I used to write, now got the restless heart that never mends. Took piano at 36. Had my prospective teacher play "Hearts In Decline" He knew of you, but was not familiar  with your music. He played it well for the his first time.. "Lonely in Love"  (one of My Favorites) took me a minute to learn as did "Make Love Stay". Joe  Walsh, on the Eagles Farewell Tour 1 said he and Irving lived in Irving's car for awhile, then "Danny" Fogelberg moved in and it got a little crowded. Love the last CD. My research shows sales were good. Get through this. You haven't come full circle. Still have some more ballads to write. ~ Mike Davey


 HAPPY BIRTHDAY  DAN! Gods Richest Blessings to You and Your Wonderful and Supportive Wife, Jean.


 Dan, Happy Birthday!  I'm so glad to hear your good news..we'll continue to keep those prayers going up for you and Jean!


 This is the best news I've heard all year!  I am so happy - happy for all us fans who love you so, but above all, happy for you, Dan, because all is well and you and Jean are happy again. Good things happen to good people.   God bless you both and have a VERY Happy Birthday. Love ~ Molly


 Dan, it is really great to read the good news you posted today!  I hope everything continues to go well.  Thank you for making so much music over the years, music that has soothed, warmed, consoled, and inspired me.  Happy Birthday, Dan.


 It is terrific to hear your news, Dan!  A motto I have lived by for many years is "Overcome It".  I have this message posted on mirrors in my home, in my car and anywhere that I see the words daily.  I overcame cancer many years ago when I was in high school, and have had many trials since, in my life; I realized one day that I kept saying "Overcome it" in my head everytime I was dealt another blow.  These two words are words I live by, and with my faith in God to accompany them, I have had the strength to survive.  I am so happy that you have overcome this trial and I pray for your continued recovery.  Sincerely ~ MJ in Colorado


 Dan-I checked your web site today to send you a birthday wish.  When I  saw your letter I was relieved and encouraged.  Happy birthday and know  your fans are keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.


 Dan, I just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday and best wishes for your recovery.  I came to the site today to send this and was so happy and relieved to read your letter. Thank God.  Your music has brought such pleasure to me over the years.  Thank you for sharing it with us.


 It is so GREAT to see all of these true fans sending you their thoughts. Along with everyone else, Happy Birthday. It was so good to see your note on the website this morning. Thank you for the music, the humor, but most of all thank you for your "CLASS". I have always wondered how many people really understand the brilliance and beauty of your music, and after reading these notes I see that I am not alone. I have followed you since 1974 and your music has been such a GREAT part of my life. Keep up the good fight, stay healthy, live strong. From Jasper, GA ~ Mark Thacker


 Hi Dan and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a relief to read your letter and hear your good news.  I'm so happy for you and wish you the best as you continue to recover.  Your music has meant so much to me over the years and I thank you for sharing it with us. ~ Leann in Dallas


 I've managed to live 43 years without writing a fan letter but today I had to. I have loved your music since high school and now it means more to me than ever. I'm separating from my husband and it seemed only natural to get Exiles. It has quickly become a favorite. I was greatly saddened to hear about your diagnosis.It seems so recent that we lost  Warren Zevon and George Harrison and then to hear you also had cancer . I kept hearing The Day The Music Died. I keep checking your website hoping for good news, fearing finding bad news. Today I was about to get off the computer when I looked at my calendar and saw it was your birthday and knew I had to check today. I'm so glad I did! SO to end this senseless ramble, thank you for sharing the good news and happy birthday! ~ Chanda Best


 Dan-Happy Birthday! I was driving in the car today (okay minivan with 3 kids!) and II said "girls put in my Dan Fogelberg CD" to which they replied "which one mom? You've got them all!" It's always a hard choice but I couldn't resist Home Free. So glad to hear of your good news today! It really is a Happy Day!  ~ Jean


 Dan, Thanks so much for your update.  There are thousands of us out here in Dan Land who love you and are so excited about your good news!  We continue to send prayers. Thanks for your gift to the world Dan. You are truly an amazing talent.  Hope this birthday is the best.  Isn't it just like you to make us all happy on your special day with your good news!  You never cease to amaze us.  ~ Sandy in Mesa, AZ


 Dan, Happy Birthday!  I found myself driving down I-75 today and singing along to some of your early tunes. Over the years I've seen you in concert in San Francisco, Atlanta, Denver, Indianapolis, Ann Arbor, Columbus, Cincinnati and Dayton.  Multiple times in some of those cities.  You always delivered an exceptional concert. Thank you for taking the risks, making the sacrifices and sharing your extraordinary talents.  Wishing you good health and continued success. ~ David Iden,  Columbus, OH


 About a year ago I wrote sending my wishes to Dan, and now a year later I'm sending wishes for a very happy B-day! As I type this I have tears in my eyes. I'm a 29 year old singer/songwriter who's been so influenced by Dan, as much as I have been by Beck and Wilco. I've checked EVERY DAY since learning the diagnosis, for some sliver of info. Dan's letter, which I just read, filled me with so much hope and a sigh. Dan's birthday gift is OUR gift too! I don't care if he never takes the stage again or writes another song as long as he's among us, cuz knowing he is makes my (our) world a wonderful place. I turn all my friends on to Dan on a regular basis. These are friends who know Dan through the HITS, but man, he's one of the most brilliant musicians ever! .Man, I'm rambling here, but I'm so happy! Thanks Dan for being... And thank you Danfans. We all have a very special bond, and have a certain humanity that I've found nowhere else. ~ Eric Lichter


 Dan -  Happy Birthday!  You have been in my thoughts and prayers since you announced your illness.  It was great to stop by your site and finally read your good news!  It is amazing that when we walk down our darkest roads we feel closest to God and become spiritually enlightened from our experience. May you, your family and wife take joy in your health and life together. You have given us all a gift through your music and I also know that your "sermon"  will save many a life. Best ~ Andrea, Brea, CA


 Peace and happiness Dan.  I was happy to read your latest letter.  I felt like I could read between the lines your lifted spirit and that helped to renew some of mine. I have played guitar for many years now, but with my own challenges of work, health, family, fatherhood and life in general, it's not often enough that I get to sit in a quiet place, turn it on auto-pilot, and just let fingers dance with wood.  And each time I'm able to steal away like this, the music that I invent or bring out of memory to replay invariably turns to the music you have invented that has always been an inspiration, ever since Home Free.   Thank you for that!  I look forward to more! Regards ~ Bill Smith


 Dan,  The first time I heard of you  was late summer of '77 with the album Nether Lands. Ever since that time 28 years ago I have been a HUGE FAN. Now at the age of 44 I've come to appreciate you more now than ever. Your words are poetic, your voice is like silk, your music is so inspiring. I've seen you in concert about 4 times now, the 1st being the acoustic 1988 The Wild Places tour, (that one's probably my favorite). When you sang "Lonely In Love" with your angelic voice out on that starlit night, I can't think of a better place where I'd rather be. Some of my favorite songs are "The Reach", "Sweet Magnolia and the Traveling Salesman", "The Innocent Age", "Forefathers", "Nether Lands" and "Hearts and Crafts". I could go on. The Twin Sons album is probably my favorite with The Innocent Age being right behind it. When I learned of your illness earlier this year, I was immediately touched by this news. A little more than 1 and 1/2 yrs. ago I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Thymoma. I had immediate surgery and 6 wks. of extensive radiation, I lost use of my vocal chords for 14 mos. (In March I had vocal chord surgery to repair) And every 3 months for the next 2 yrs., I have to go to Sloan-Kettering Memorial in NYC for check-ups. Your music, Mr. Fogelberg, has gotten me through the rough stuff during my illness. I'm hoping everyone's prayers and kind words will get you through yours. Today being Aug.13th, your birthday, I want to wish you another 54 yrs. You're in MY prayers, may God bless you. Your biggest fan  ~ Joe L. from N.Y. state


 Dear Dan, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  We did get the gift today with a letter from you! You do look GREAT! I am very happy and grateful for the news of your journey to good health. You have been an inspiration to me throughout my life, and you continue to inspire me with your courage and determination. May all the love and light you've shared with me and your many fans fill your heart and soul on your birthday and everyday. Thank you for updating us. You remain in my heart and prayers always. Blessings and Love ~ Glorianne

 Thanks Dan.......Thanks God.....Cheers to many more birthdays!


  In the brief moment of time I have been allowed to spend in this life I am blessed with many things. Those people and things that are  close to my heart and touch my soul are what keep me focused and in tune. Since the fall of 71 and my senses were awaken and stirred by the storyteller from Peoria. By his musical gift, his heart felt lyrics, and his love of his craft I found myself letting a complete stranger into my heart and soul, with his music. By the end of side one of Home Free I found myself thinking, I don't know yet what it is this guy's got, but whatever it is, I'm mesmerized and I need to hear more. By the end of side two I knew there was no turning back, I was hooked. I had unknowingly let the sounds penetrate my heart and soul and it was there to stay. And remains imbedded to this day. I remember thinking, this Fogelberg had better not disappear on me after just one album. Well THANK YOU SIR for Home Free and every note and lyric since. You have touched countless lives and I give thanks. As if you may read this perchance, know that this DANFAN wishes you and yours all the strength needed to continue with your life's toils and troubles. Sincerely ~ Chuck Dratwick, Keller, Texas


 Dear Dan, Happy B-Day! "Everything the Power does, it does in a circle" ~ Lakota proverb. Thank YOU for the encouraging news. Knowing that you are healing is great.  Words can be so inadequate to express the gratitude, the wonderment, and the love of our existence.  Suppose that is why the Divine created music :-)   Here's to your continued health, love, and of course, more of your elegant songs to come. Peace ~ Judi C. from Rochester, NY


 Hi - Happy Birthday and many more!! I just wanted to give some love back to you, just as you've shared your heart and music with us. Thank you, be healthy, happy and enjoy life , as always! God Bless you, always and your family ~ Donna Gonzalez


 Dear Dan, I visited your website today to wish you a happy birthday and read more uplifting messages from your fans, who are simply friends you haven't met. I am thrilled at the wonderful news of your remarkable progress against this terrible disease!  Thanks for the photo - I hope that you feel as well as you look. Your music has been part of my life for over 30 years, making the good times even better and the sad times a bit easier to bear. Thanks also for the sermon. When I first heard of your illness a year ago, I took the opportunity to remind my male friends and relatives of the need for the PSA test, and several took it to heart and were tested. May God continue to bless you and Jean, as well as your fans who have also been touched by cancer. Wishing you many more Happy Birthdays!  Warmest regards ~ Vicki, of Tampa and St. George Island, Florida


 Happy Birthday Dan. I have an alert on my Yahoo mail for whenever there's an article containing your name in it--today was a big day--they all mentioned your birthday.  So, I decided to check the "news" on your website, not expecting to see anything new--and your beautiful letter appeared.  God has been answering all of our prayers, so it seems. Your life is a gift to the world, and I know God has chosen you to continue to stay in this world ;to teach us and to tell us more stories--ones that again will impact millions of people, especially men. May your spirit stay strong.  Have a wonderful birthday.  Blessings to you and to your wonderful wife, whose strength must be more unimaginable than ever ~ Lisa F.


 Dearest Dan, I sit here in tears...happy tears, just glad to hear some news from you.  It is your birthday and you have given US the gift.  Thank you so very, very much.  Since first learning of your illness a year ago, a day hasn't gone by without a thought or prayer for you.  God has truly heard the prayers of the thousands whose lives you've touched.  We will continue to pray that His healing hand rests upon you and Jean as you continue on this journey.  Tonight we will be participating in our local Relay for Life and in honor to you, a Luminary will be lit in your name.  It is a very small way to let you know that our thoughts, prayers and love are with you on your birthday and always. And thank you, Dan, for sharing all of your gifts.  Happy Birthday!  We'll toast to you. ~ Lisa & John Andursky


 Happy Birthday, Dan!  Have a wonderful celebration of your special day, and thank you for sharing your good news with us.  Love and prayers to  you and Jean. God bless you always! ~ Caroline, Phoenix,  AZ


 Dear Dan, I just finished listening to "Longer" on the radio and thought I would check the website to see how you are doing.  It is wonderful news that your cancer has slowed.  My husband and I both love your music and it brings back good memories of our college days (late 70's, early 80's).  We saw you in concert many years ago at Meriwether Post Pavilion in Maryland. I wish you continued success with your recovery and may God bless you and your family. And Dan, Happy Birthday!


 Dan- Happy Birthday and may God bless both you and Jean.~ Jason - Des Moines, IA


 Dear Dan, Happy Birthday! Although I have been praying for you and Jean, and the family, I have not yet posted. I was so happy to see the update today and even happier to see a letter and photo from you! Thanks for taking the time. We will continue to listen to your music in hopes that one day in the near future you

feel up to going back to recording/concerts. Sincerely ~ Linda from NJ


 Happy Birthday, Dan.  And what wonderful news that you are better! No one else's songs affect me as yours do. Thank you for sharing your songs with us. Your gifts of song writing and singing are such blessings. My love and prayers continue for you and your family. ~ Shannon in OK


 Happy Birthday, Dan! You have been in my prayers for the past year and most especially today, your birthday. Please know that you are cared for and respected - on the stage or off. Many Blessings ~ Jennifer


 Happy birthday! Thanks for the update. Glad it is positive and you are keeping a positive attitude. Prayer is a powerful thing! ~ Patrice, Macon GA


 Happy Birthday, Dan.  What wonderful news to hear that you are doing well and have your illness in check!  As you know, we have all been concerned about your progress.  Your letter updating your fans is your birthday gift to all of us. God bless you.  You will continue to be in our prayers. ~ Joan Heath


 Happy Birthday Dan.  I hope you are well along the road to recovery.  Your music has been an inspiration to me throughout my life, and actually inspired me to pick up the guitar when I was in college - many years ago.  I purchased one of your signature Martin guitars a couple of years ago (#4 of 141).  Best wishes to you and your family. ~ Bill Wigglesworth - Houston, Texas


 Best wishes on your birthday. My father (he is 85) also has this birthday 8-13-20. How I will always remember both your birthdays. Glad to hear you are in remission. Best wishes Dan and Jean. ~ From Richard and Christine in Telford, Shropsire


 Dear Dan and family, First of all, Happy Birthday.  Thank you for the update letter.   My recent experience with cancer did not involve myself or my family, but an 8 year old girl whom I've never met.  I had the privilege of donating bone marrow last summer when she found out that her leukemia had returned.  As of this week her 1 year report shows that she is resuming all activities and is doing well.  Praise God.  Your music has touched my life in ways you'll never know.  Thank you so much.  Please know that you will forever be in my thoughts and prayers. Sincerely ~ Deborah King- Albuquerque, NM


 Dear Dan: I cannot begin to tell you what your work has meant to me over these years, all I will say is that I listen to your music constantly, still. It never gets old, I never grow tired of it and I am always inspired. Thank you so much for your time, effort and dedication. I love every thing you have ever done. I can while listening, close my eyes and go back in time to places in the past or travel to places I have never been. We have never met but, I believe you to be a friend.   May be by chance I will run into you in some of the wild places I know we both travel. Thank you for your advice on being checked, I will take it to heart and get it done. Glad to hear of your success in treatment and I pray for your continued good health. ~ John Shindelbower


 Dear Dan - What awesome news from you today! I am so happy to hear it and to see your smiling face. Every morning, I rotate through your CD's, put on my headset and you sing to me as I walk - aaahhh, you keep me going! I truly hope our prayers and positive thoughts keep you going, too. Saw you in concert in Peoria 2003 and can still picture you up on the stage, coming Full Circle. It was the 8th time I had the privilege to see and hear you, and I remember every one fondly. Happy Birthday, Dan. ~ Mary - Champaign, Illinois


 Thanks for the good news. It's been a long time in coming. Wishing you and Jean the best on your birthday. ~ Tom in Jamestown, R.I.


 Dan, I was thinking of you today.  You see I heard something a while ago that you had prostate cancer -but never heard anything more.  As I was talking to my 27 year old son today -whom we raised with your music -I asked him if he had heard anything about you lately -he said no and that I should Google your name -what came up -but a letter from you ON YOUR BIRTHDAY!!  I don't believe in happenstance -I believe in providence.  That I thought of you often lately and prayed for you -but not sure you were sick or not.  But to bring up your letter on your birthday -that God put you on my heart today -amazing. For Father's Day my son wrote a tribute to his dad (both my son and his dad are Ministers of the Word) and it was so beautiful -what made it so meaningful and beautiful is he used your song "The Leader of the Band" as a backdrop for how he saw his dad.  Like you -he indicated he said "my life has been a poor attempt to imitate the man" but then he went on to say that his dad would never want his son to simply imitate him but to imitate the True Leader of the Band and that with that thought my son said that both his dad and he want to be able to say -and others to say that their lives were honest but poor attempts to imitate the man who died for us all. It was beautiful and you have been a part of our home since we were very young.  I will continue to pray for you, Dan and Jean. ~ Alpha Robinson - Gresham Oregon


 Happiest of Days Dan and Jean!...May God continue to bless your lives, as you have blessed many of ours over the years...YOU ROCK! ~ Mia  CA.


 Happy Birthday Dan! I woke this morning with a need for a 'Dan fix' and loaded Souvenirs, Captured Angel and Full Circle into the CD player. You were so much in my thoughts today that I came to your site to see if there was an update and lo and behold not only a message from you but on your birthday as well! (I confess I didn't know it was your big day). I am so grateful to hear the good news. I have been a fan since Home Free and your music has been a soundtrack for my soul. Thanks for sharing your recent news and for a lifetime of incredible music. It's good to see you look so happy. I wish you years of health and happiness. ~Cynthia Bowden - Florida


 You go Guy!!!!!!   Class Act all the way. ~ Jeannie in Tucson


 Happy Birthday Dan! "Dancing Shoes", my sailboat ,and I hope this is your best birthday yet! As a 51 year old leo male, I think it is time to take more of your advice, (outside of love), and head for a check up. Have a great day!


 Happy Birthday Dan the Man, glad to hear positive news.  Wishing you continued good heath and  happiness ~ Magnolia Belle


 Hi my name is Alisa and I just wanted to first say Happy Birthday.  I am 23 years old and for the past 15 years my mother has taken me to your concerts all over the States.  She is in love with you and you could always see her in the front row.  Your music is truly amazing and yes, although I do listen to rap and rock, I have such a huge respect for your music.  I wish you all the blessings in the world and thanks for being a true artist and having a passion for the music and entertaining


 Dear Dan: Thank you so much for the update.  Yeah!  I am so very happy for you and Jean. I know this has been a difficult 14 months, and some days had to really test your courage, it had to be the ultimate challenge in your life. I have prayed for you every day and continue to do so, deep inside I knew you would beat this horrible disease. You look great!  Keep up the good work. Happy, happy birthday and many, many more! God bless you Dan, and keep you strong and well. ~ Carol


 Happy Birthday, Dan ... nice to hear your voice again! Hope you  have a terrific day. ~ Bob Gallagher


 Dan, Thank you so much for posting some news and letting us know how you are both doing. I check the site every week and keep you both closely held in my prayers. I was introduced to your music in 1980 at the age of 18 and it has been a mainstay in my life through many trials, tears, and joys. Although I love your music, it has always been the honesty of your lyrics that have held heart and interest through the years. My sons were raised on Fogelberg. I had them at their first concert when they were 7 and 4. After a life changing mistake in knee surgery when my oldest son was 8, and finally hearing the news when he was 14, he had to quit sports and picked up my old guitar and started to learn everything he could. He is writing and singing and leading his own band now. He recorded in Nashville with another band last year at the age of 18. We've had some cool talks about it all and in those special moments of reflection he always thanks me for taking him to that concert and for teaching him the value of what he does through your music and what it meant to me and why... We came to Houston together to see you in 2003. It was a special time for me as he was on the cusp of leaving home and living his own dreams. I wanted you to know that your music reaches beyond the 40 to 50 year old crowd to that of our children as well. At his last outdoor concert he surprised me with "There's a Place in the World for a Gambler"... he only used "let in shine" about the light we all have inside of us and played it for me and I cried bittersweet tears at the love he showed me and the acknowledgement of how much your music means to me. I don't know how to thank you or how to express just how far reaching your gift has truly been. These words are all I have to give back to you. Thank you so much. I wish you both much love and strength. ~ Shelly, OKC, OK.


 Dear Dan: With some sense of foreboding I have been checking your website at least 2-3 times per week since learning of your illness last, hoping to find some good news. Today, there it was! A message from you letting us all know that you are doing well. I was so happy to read your message on your birthday. I will continue to pray for you. Thank you so much for your message and for all of the emotions your music celebrates. Continued good health, God speed. ~ Cathy


 Dan, It's hard to convey how your music has touched my life in words. Thank you for sharing your amazing gifts with us, and thank you for deciding to stay and fight, so one more generation can benefit from your light!  With your permission I would like to send you some Reiki energy to help you along this path of recovery.   Happy birthday too! Namaste' ~ L'Aura,   Wisconsin


 Happy 54th Birthday, Dan!  I am heartened by the news of your excellent progress in the struggle against cancer.  I WISH YOU WELL -  as I have done every day since hearing of your illness and as I will do as you continue the battle.  Your music is a focal point, a touchstone for my life and I 'thank you for the music'  that gets me through.  I hope it provides you with the strength and healing energy that it gives to the many  of us who, as this site so aptly demonstrates, are deeply affected by it.  When you feel the time is right, we look forward to your return to recording and performing.  Again, I wish you well, and thank you the comfort, inspiration, and stimulation your music continues to provide. ~  LE in AK


 A wonderful Happy Birthday to you, Dan!  And, a big hug to Jean! I have gone to your site every morning for almost a year and have been rather discouraged not to see some news.  The wait has been well worth it!  Thank you for the good news!  Your fans will continue to support you and to hope that you will one day be able to return to us.  We still have your music and our memories, so the most important thing is for you to take care of you.  We love you.~ Lettie Fisher from Oklahoma


Hello Dan, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!  Thanks for the recent update (and sermon). So glad to hear things are going well.  Thanks also for the picture.  You're looking great.  -continuing to remember you in prayer.  Take care and have a great birthday and many, many more. ~ Gordon Lyons, Nashville, TN


 Happy Birthday Dan!  We all should have known that you would choose today to give us an update on your health.  You are always in my prayers.  Thank you for the gift of your letter to us. ~ Catherine


 HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend.I'm so happy you're doing well and continuing the good fight. Love to you and Jean . I will continue to pray for you both. May God bless you with his love and keep you well. "And maybe there are seasons, and maybe they change" ~ Jon C. Santagata


 What a Happy Birthday for you, Dan, and how happy we are to learn that you are at such an encouraging state in your treatment. We truly believe, as you do, in the power of the love and good wishes coming your way. Keep believing Dan, and know that all of us are with you and Jean in heart and spirit always. Happy Happy Birthday Dan, and many, many more!!! Love ~ Donna and David Lester


 God Bless you Dan, and on your Birthday, may God's love comfort you all the rest of your Life, just like your Music has comforted this soul of mine. ~ Jim Moradian (A Dan Fan since 1976)


 Wishing you a Happy Birthday!!   Hope that this is a day of great celebration.  I have been hooked on your music since the early 80's.  My husband & I are both huge fans.  In fact we had "Longer" sung at our wedding in 1987.  We will continue to lift you up in prayer.  Our God is an awesome God & can still do many miracles!! ~ Elizabeth & Rob C.


 Dear Dan, Happy 54th birthday, and many more to follow!  Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and wishing for you a full recovery.  Thanks for the update, and your words of wisdom. ~ Robin K. -- Virginia Beach


 Happy Birthday Dan! It was a pleasant surprise to see your letter to us! :)   Will continue to send prayers and good wishes to you, and a big thank you to Jean for being your light. Hugs ~ Cathy in NJ~


 Hi Dan-thank you for your awesome music! I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers-have a great birthday!


 Happy birthday, Dan!  And a very special birthday this one must be for you and Jean!  I just read your update on your website - thank you for sharing this gift with all of your fans!  I am thrilled that your recovery is going so well - and thank you for posting the picture so we can get a visual of how well you are doing!  Please keep the knowledge of your fans' love for you in your heart and keep charging ahead - the world is a much brighter place with you in it. ~ Angie in Dallas (formerly of "Old Tennessee")


 Happy Birthday Dan! I posted to this website about a year ago, hoping for the best for you.  All of us out here couldn't have received a better gift on you birthday. God bless you, we're with you all the way. ~ Bob

What a great smile!!!! Enjoy the sea and the great summer weather we are having on the east coast. Love to you and yours ~ lmm


 Dear Dan, I can't thank you enough for the wonderful update on your website!  I have been checking back daily for such a gift. As I began reading your message, my smile increased largely by the good news you were revealing.  I can live with no concerts or new recordings to have you looking happy and healthy!  I'm sure that you have been to hell and back.  Happy birthday, today, and every day. ~  Lydia Steinbeck - Littleton, Colorado


 Dear Dan...quite simply, yours is a world filled with love and hope. This is one more birthday wish that today marks the start of a million more years of health and happiness. ~ Micki


 Dear Dan, Best Wishes on your Birthday! I have thought of you several times over the past year since learning of your condition. My prayers are with you. Thanks for the memories!  Shine On!!  ~ Chris T. - Atlanta


 Thank you Dan, your good news has brought happiness to so many of us who have been praying for you to recover. Stay on the road to good health please. We will await your return to the recording studio and concert stage. Happy Birthday to you! Love ~ Phyllis Wessler-Brownson


 Happy Birthday Dan Fogelberg! Many Many Thanks for giving us an update - and while understanding your value on privacy, we have all been so concerned and waiting to hear how you are. 54 is going to be a good year......has to be better than last year!!  Never lose that wicked sense of humor you have.  Love to you and Jean and prayers for you both!!  ~ susie johnson


 Dear Dan, I logged on today to wish you a Happy Birthday and was thrilled to find your letter. I will continue to keep you in my prayers. We all miss you. Be  well. Love ~ Ricarda


 Dan, My mother's birthday was August 12th.  She would have been 81 had colon cancer not taken her from us 7 years ago.  Even if you never write or perform again, your library and legacy have been an inspiration to us all.  But I know you will continue to do what you love when you're able.  My best to you and your family in this time of recovery. Sincerely ~ Fred Zelkowitz, Houston, TX


 Dan - Thank you for the update on your condition. I hope you have the happiest birthday you have ever had. You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers and of course your music will continue to play on my CD player. All the best for a long and healthy life. ~ Julia, Royal Oak, Michigan


 Dear Dan, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! I am so relieved to hear of the good news this morning on your birthday!! What an awesome gift to you, the gift of life and healing. I read a little book each and every day called the"Daily Word" and the word for today in the book is Healing and Divine Life. How awesome and appropriate!! My birthday wish for you today is continued good health, divine life and healing. God Bless you and your wife Jean! Keep up the good work! I am also happy to know we share the same birthday month! I will be celebrating my birthday in 13 days! It's a big one!! Sincerely ~ Rita Marie


 Dear Dan, I have been lost without the use of a record player – playing all of my 500+ record albums for several years.  For my 49th birthday (July 1st)  my husband bought me a record player (yes, I know a …(dinosaur) “turn-table”) and I have been listening to your album “Nether Lands“ all afternoon. Memories of heartfelt compassion of my own insecurities were held together in the glue of these songs.  These songs are a gift to us all.  My prayers and love go out to you at this time – you’ve made this world a very special place just by sharing yourself and your songs.  Please know, you are a gift to everyone in the world, and we all love you and pray for your recovery. Love ~ Antoinette Y. Romaine


 Hi Dan, I´ve just read your personal letter and it´s fantastic to get the positive news that the prostate cancer is down to an almost negligible level. Brilliant! Simply brilliant! Oh yes, happy birthday and may you have many, many more of them.From a humbled and delighted fan ~ Johnny "B" Good in Seville, Spain


 Happy Birthday, Dan!  And thank you for the update.  The news certainly sounds encouraging.  I will keep you and your family in my prayers for continued strength and a full recovery.  While we will miss seeing you again on stage or hearing anything new from you, I believe we can understand why you need a break.  And, we still have the most incredible body of music to listen to, thanks to the unique and unmatched gift that you have so graciously shared with us so far.  And, like you said, who knows.  You may get the urge to record or tour later.  Believe me, Dan, we will all be there for you.  Remain strong and know that we are, and will continue to be, there for you like your music has been there for us.  By the way, if that is a recent picture with the beard, you look terrific!  Ever on, Dan.  "Ever on." ~ Mary


 Dan, Jean and family, You all have been in our thoughts and prayers since the news of Dan's illness.  I am so glad to hear favorable news.  Happy Birthday ~ Meg


 I too would pause on this hot southern day to wish you well. Happy Birthday. I did not know that we were almost the same age. I feel that I was just a college kid back in 1972 listening to your voice, and I was. I was new to the world of freedom. Today, I support you and your fight. CHEERS ~ AL


 Dan - I can't tell you how happy I was to read that you are doing well in your struggle. On numerous occasions I intended to write a quick note of support and encouragement to you on this site, but never got around to it. Shame on me for waiting this long, but it is heartwarming to know that when I did reach out, it was as a result of some eagerly awaited good news. Others have already expressed the impact that your music has had upon them more eloquently than I could ever hope to do, so I'll simply add my name to the growing list of people you have touched in a deep and meaningful way. If you should decide never to tour or record again, it will be enough just to know that you are well. ~ Bryan


 Happy Birthday Dan!  Wishing you a beautiful and joyous day.  I am elated to hear that you are doing so well!  Thank you so much for sharing that with us.  What a wonderful gift to give us on your birthday.  And as always, thank you for sharing your gift of music all these years.  You are always in my thoughts, and your music is always in my head.  I wish you and Jean a long and happy life together, filled with love.  ~  Kelly


 Dan, Celebrating Your Day of Life!! Assisting couples in Birthing their babies, I understand the power of how we come into this world, hopefully with gentleness and peace. I am grateful you are here on this planet now. Sharing Years of music, knowing your life is so connected to so many, THANK YOU for sharing your special gift. Please, drink LOTS of water and eat organic for cleansing. Dr. Lorraine Day has a healing program that works!! I too am in a healing mode since Dec 04 (lung) and know without drugs and with GOD's Light and Love it will happen. Blessings to you Dan and Jean. Happy Birthday... In Light ~ Debra in Miami


 Although I know I'm one of glad to hear the good news.   I've asked my husband for the last 2 years for the "River Of Souls" CD for my birthday 'cause I "loaned" my copy & never got it back...ANYWAY, HOPEFULLY this year I'll get it - MY FAVORITE MUSIC OF ALL TIMES! I digress.  Best wishes and again, thank you for your music - I have stayed constantly amazed - not only great, thought provoking lyrics, but such musical talent!  I'm not saying this right, but I hope you know what I'm trying to say. Sincerely ~ Laura W. Corrier


 Happy birthday Dan and my prayers and congrats for making great headway with your illness. My brother turned me on to you some 25 yrs ago, and I've had the honor of seeing you twice. As a trucker, I spend alot of time listening to your music and always feel a great peace when I do. As a matter of fact, I'll be cruising through Peoria after while on my way home to Alabama. God be with you on your journey. Happy trails. ~ Dan Tweedell


 Happy birthday Dan. Continued prayers will be lifted. By the way. I have just turned on a friend of mine from India to your music. So far he is impressed. His name is Janardhana. Best wishes. A Thankful Fan ~ Tim Vanover


 Happy Birthday Dan - glad to read that your health is better and life is looking up and hopeful again for you and your wife, but I'm really sorry that you're not planning any new music or concerts.  Take care, be safe, and may you have many more Happy Birthdays! ~  amy


 Happy Birthday Dan! Your music has meant so much to me for 30 years. I played the Souvenirs  disc the other day and it made me feel good. I am heartened to learn that the cancer is slowing. I wish you all the best in your battle. Bless you. Much love ~ Debra Reitman


 Dear Dan, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and all the very best for you and your family! Thank you for your fantastic music - I am your fan since 1974. I am afraid, my English is not good. Faithfully greetings and God bless you. ~ Astrid Schönwetter, Potsdam, Germany


 Dan, you have been in my thoughts and prayers since I first learned of your illness last August.  I am so happy to read your good news!  I have printed out your sermon to show my husband, who had a high PSA but no cancer several years ago.  He has neglected to have it rechecked - your words may be just the push he needs, so thank you for that. 


During my college years in 1975 a friend tipped me off to "this great new guy" and I have been hooked on your music every since.  "Leader of the Band" gave me strength when I lost my dad.  "Longer" was played at my wedding, and later my little son used to beg me to play the "Fishes in the Ocean" song on the CD player in the car.  He is now an aspiring guitar player.  I've been to several concerts in recent years and am amazed at your talent. Thank you for all the years I have enjoyed your music and the peaceful calm it brings to me.  Best of luck enjoying your health and life! ~ Barb B


 Yay.  Keep on...keeping on,  Mr. Fogelberg.  Good work! ~ Kathleen A.


 Dear Dan...Wishing You A Very Happy  Birthday!!! Think Positive thoughts I know you and you can beat this...Thank your mom also today for bringing the very most talented and humble man  on this earth... You're a true blessing, Danny! And I love you...Prayers every nite I go to sleep for you...Hugs ~ Beth From  Peoria


 Happy Birthday Dan from a fellow LEO! I turn 48 on the 13th, been having my regular doctor visits since I've turned forty. I lost my mother last December to heart failure, but she had been battling cancer for about five years, so I know that it is that important for the check-ups and I also preach this to other extended family members & friends!  I've been a huge fan since the early seventies loving your music ever since. Been to many of your concerts along the way also, probably the most memorable was at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City I think in 1978, with Jackson Browne, the Eagles, Linda Ronstandt wearing these skimpy pink hotpants (yum yum!) and Yourself! I now have three teenaged kids who also share my love of music and they too are Dan Fogelberg fans!  So the legacy does continue on! You are in our hearts and prayers always!! Keep pickin' & grinnin' brother!! Much Love! Sincerely From Arizona ~ KP, ALP, SP & JP


 Still holding you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. I am hoping that your birthday will be something to celebrate.


 I have been checking back often, hoping for an update...Wonderful news! Thank the Lord for the healing and relief that is filling your life. May you enjoy the upcoming fall season and holidays in a way you probably couldn't last year. Thank you for all your music has meant and will always mean in my life. Healing and Hope to you and yours now and always. Sincerely ~ Lauri Lemon, Seattle WA


 Dan--I wish you the very happiest of birthdays surrounded by family and friends.  Of all the gifts with which you've been blessed, the love of others, and your love for them is the greatest.  Let that love shine for years and years and years. I'll drink a toast to your health and your happiness tonight. Happy 54th! ~ Mary from Massachusetts


 Happy Birthday, Dan!  Many prayers for your good health~~thank you so much for your beautiful music, as I have been a fan for years.  I saw you many years ago in Pittsburgh when I was in college.  It was an acoustic tour, and it was fabulous.  I just wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers, and I wanted to thank you for all you have given.  ~ Sonja


 Hello Dan and Jean, I just checked your website for your summer tour schedule to see if you might be coming to the West Coast, and was saddened by your news. We'll get some good vibes going for you up here in the North Cascade mountains. Wishing you the best ~ Sally Hewitt


 Dan, Happy Birthday!  I hope all is well with you, and I hope to see you in concert again very soon.  God bless. ~ John Neel


 Dan, my friend, still think of you often and hope you are doing well.  I wish you the happiest of birthdays on Saturday.  Caught the tail end of Soundstage on PBS last night.  I was disappointed I didn't get to see the whole thing.  I'll just have to watch my "Greetings from the West" video to hold me over.  Hope to hear good news of your health soon.  Can't wait to see you in concert again!  Peace ~ Linette in St. Louis


 Dearest Dan, I join in this sea of love in wishing you a Happy Birthday as well as a speedy and complete recovery. We miss you!  From my heart to yours ~ Liz in Houston


 Dan,  Thanks for all the great songs through the years. We are praying for your complete recovery. God bless you ~ Benjy Varnell


 Dan, you have been in my daily prayers this past year.  I hope so much that we will hear that you are on the road to a full healing and we will be again listening to your beautiful voice, your  beautiful words.  Your music has inspired me and has calmed my hectic world when I most needed it.  Thank you ~ Cheryl  (California)


 Dan: Saddened by word of your illness. Thank you for being like no other. I've been playing Nether Lands since I saw you at Lincoln, Nebraska some time between 80-83 (we are getting older!). Despite all my many music loves (classical, country, spirituals, rock, choral) Nether Lands remains my all time favorite album. Of anything. The broad classical swells of "Nether Lands"; the flowing, river quality of the piano in "Dancing Shoes",  the haunting sounds of "Sketches" and "False Faces" that so appealed to a young woman (me). I'm glad you're wedded and happy. Thanks for including photos of the two of you. Ah Dan, please get well.

Praying for you ~ Crystal


 Dear Dan:  I didn't want this weekend to go by without wishing you a very Happy Birthday!  I've been doing a lot of  "wishing" for you these past few months.  On your special day and always, wishing you peace, love and many, many more years of creating your beautiful music!  Much love ~ Pam


 Happy Birthday Mr. Fogelberg - I sat here for a second  thinking I KNOW SOMEONE whose b-day falls on 8/13, and that's you:) I hope the  angels are smiling down on you, and that whatever treatment program you picked  for yourself only results in a miracle. I stopped counting the pages of e-mails you have received, it's a more love than I could handle:) But you deserve it as you and your music are timeless ~ Adrienne, CA


 Dan: Another birthday with hopefully much to celebrate. Each day is a gift and I pray that you are showered with happiness, health and blessings, both tomorrow and always. Enjoy a big slice of cake with some ice cream, drink in the love that is being sent to you, and overflow with joy at the wonder of this life! Peace and love ~ Sandi


 Dan, I was first "introduced" to your music when you opened for the Eagles at the Music Hall in Boston in 70 something. You were incredible and I ran to the store the next day and bought your first two albums. I've been a fan ever since. I have seen you nearly every time you're in Massachusetts. Your melody and verse is a part of my spirit and I am so glad that God blessed you with this awesome gift. Just yesterday, I was taking with my 15 year old daughter about a trial she is going through and I quoted you. I told her "don't forget what your failures have taught you or else you'll learn them all over again". I did tell her these were in the words of DAN F. and she responded with a "who".... but I assure you she, and my two older sons are very familiar with your music. My oldest son borrowed a couple of my discs to put into his MP3 player and he tells me that he has been greatly enjoying them and is amazed that he knows all the words.(many car-seat hours driving with dad!!) I hope this note finds you in improving health. I miss you and although we've never met, I sense a connection to your spirit. May God bless you and your family richly.


 Dan -- I want to wish you a very healthy and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  I hope it's filled with love and laughter!  I pray that you are getting well and strong each day and that you have the most beautiful birthday ever! Your voice fills my heart until it is ready to burst and your music sends me soaring through the clouds.  You are an unbelievable blessing in my life.  All my love ~ Debbie in Chicago


 Dan: Thank you for your tremendous gift of music to my wife and I.  I am constantly reminded of my own father when I play "Leader of the Band".  You have given me a connection with my father that I want to remember as long as I live.  I am only 32 but know that your music has influenced me well beyond my years. May the Lord continue to strengthen your body, mind, and soul. In Him ~ Mike and Sherry Weller


 I have been a fan of yours for many years and have enjoyed him most at Red Rocks. My two older sisters always talked about "Twin Sons of Different Mothers", which I recently purchased. They were right, what a beautiful album. I went to your website for the first time this morning and am so terribly heartbroken to see the news of your illness. You are in my thoughts and my prayers. God Bless you and heal you. I have seen the following so many times but it really means a lot to me today as I write this."Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away." You and your music take my breath away! Get well soon!!! Thanks! ~ Emily Fisher


 Dear Dan - happy birthday, my friend!  Thank you for your many gifts over so many years and allowing all of us to share part of your life.  Peace to you and yours as you celebrate another year!


 Dan - please know that you are in my prayers. We all long for some news...I hope that you will be enjoying your birthday Saturday. Words can't express how much you music means to me. I've been listening for

about 25 years and would love 25 more! God bless you. ~ Julie, Indianapolis


 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAN!!!  I hope Saturday will be all you wish it to be and filled with love, health and happiness.   I've prayed for you, thought of you and visited your official website for an update numerous times through this past year.  I will continue to believe "no news is good news," keep my vigil going and be thankful that the Lord has His healing hand on you. ~~ The Pylant Family, Newnan, Georgia.


 Dear Dan, I just watched the PBS soundstage program of 2003.  You are very much on my mind. I pray all is well with you and yours, and that treatment is going well. I know everyone in the Bi-State area will be glad to see you return to St. Louis.  The last time I saw you perform ...Cindy Bullens was traveling with you.  My girl friend went to a lot of trouble to get me tickets surprise me for my birthday. Everyone that knows me knows what your music means to me. You have been my inspiration, my teacher, and someone I very much hope to meet some day.   There isn't a day that goes by that I don't pick up my 12 string and sing one of your songs. Like so many others, your music touches something special in me and allows me a way to express feelings that you have illustrated so brilliantly. The spirit in your music tells me that God is with you... and He has much more for you to do. God speed and get well soon. ~ Kevin Marler, Missouri


 Enjoy your day!  I'll be thinking of you ---


 Listened to your box set just the other day and as always fell in love with your music again and again. Our wishes are with you and we miss you. My favorite song today is "Illinois".Thank you for blessing us with music and we look forward to your return.   ~ Wesley


 Dear Dan, I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday on Saturday and let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers always. I purchased your "Full Circle" CD and it is one of my favorites. It reminds me of the "old Dan" and the reason you are my absolute favorite artist ever. Your gift has blessed my life with many wonderful memories and you have been there in the times of my life that weren't so wonderful. May you have peace, wellness and love on your special day. ~ Jeanette, New York


 Dear Dan, Amazing how such a small word like cancer can humble so many. First I have been a admirer of the music since the early days. Many wonderful shows including an acoustic show in Washington DC at the Warner that I enjoyed the most. In your performances I have always enjoyed that your music is what you feel and it is projected through your gentle voice and amazing smile that is contagious at every performance. Thank you for that. I hope you are doing well. My husband is also a cancer patient. He has been fighting colon cancer for the last two years. He was only 43. He is still here through the miracle of so many wonderful doctors. We pray that he and you will see the light soon. With God's help and prayers you will both recover swiftly and cancer free. Take comfort in your family and friends and tell them you love them daily! God Bless ~ Trina from Virginia, CO.


 Dan- Happy Birthday and many, many, many more!!  Love you ~ Karen A., Denver, CO


 Thanks for the musical inspiration - It has always given me support  when I have needed it. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Have a happy  birthday and many more of them. ~ David Farrell, Oxfordshire, England


 Tu est dans ma coeur et dans ma tete.


 I hope and pray that Dan Fogelberg is doing well.  My father had prostate cancer and my husband continues to have high PSA readings but no diagnosis of cancer as yet.  (We pray he never does!)  Dan Fogelberg helped me through my college years with his inspiring lyrics and gentle music.  I will forever by moved by his music.  I hope that he is still feeling his muse and will continue to make beautiful music.  May he and his family find joy in living and peace within. Thank you for letting me share my thoughts. ~ Colette


 Dan, Around '75 my sister gave me permission to listen to her music collection, little did she know I had been doing it for sometime already :-) I proceeded to wear out her Fogelberg and America albums, I then moved onto the 8-tracks. I have been a fan since then and will be for all my days. My wife, 2 daughters and I were recently in Branson, Missouri for a short vacation.  I brought a t-shirt home from Silver Dollar City that fit my view of life; it says "Life is a Roller Coaster, Ride On".  Dan, keep riding it. Blessings ~ Mark in KC.


 We were with "Coach Sexton" and Tim Weisberg at Concord when I was in the middle of breast cancer treatment. Must have been 1998? I am still fine and I hope that medical science can do the same for you. I wish the best for you and thank you for the hours of music you have give to me and the world. I think of you often and hope life is good to you. ~ Catherine Swanson-Solley


 Dan - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Hoping that you are doing well and will be able to celebrate with gusto the day your Mom gave the world a great gift!  With much love - Cathy in Connecticut


 Dear Dan,    My continued prayers for your recovery are heartfelt.  Your music has "saved " me so often since I first heard you in 1974.  I hope that you are strong, hopeful, and encouraged.  When I was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 1/2 years ago, I would listen to your albums so often, reliving better times and being comforted at the same time.   I hope to hear triumphant news of you soon.  All my best ~ Sherry Vitone


 My prayers are with you Dan.Your music got me through some very hard times.I'm sure you hear that alot,but what a gift God gave you! In Jesus love and my love ~ Kevin Garver (Chadds Ford Pa.)


 I heard of your illness on the same day that my only brother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.   Most regrettably, Mike's illness was brief and brutal, and he passed away on October 25th.  He was an amazing man; a loving husband and father, a friend and dreamer, and a civil engineer who was only months away from completing construction on his dream house - all 8,000 square feet!  (Nothing was too good for his family!)  Anyway, because of the timing, and because my brother loved your music as much as I do, you have had a special place in my heart.  I wish you the best and I hope that all is well.  Thank you so much for the gift of your music; it has been a blessing.  (Especially "Wolf Creek" ! It makes my heart soar every time I hear it!) ~ Mary


 To Dan; I wish you to find the strength and courage to face your illness.  There lies within each of us a source of strength that until we need it we don't know that it really exists.  I believe that God has provided it in each of us for those times in our lives when we just can't go on by ourselves.  Then at this time, the unknown strength comes forth and we carry on not by our own will but by something unknown.  I know that this exists, as on 2/11/04 I had to face the most horrible news a person can hear.  Our 15 year old son was diagnosed with cancer.   No parent should have to hear that; but life doesn't always deal you what you want.  Our son has been more courageous than I would ever have been.  He was attending high school and playing jv soccer while receiving chemo treatments.  He has faced his illness head on and rarely complains about how he feels or what he has to endure.  He is a remarkable young man.  I can't say enough of how proud I am of him.  I do wish for you to continue on and hope that you face your illness head on.  God gives you the strength to endure and persevere.  I have enjoyed your music for a very long time.  There is such a purity to your songs that just isn't found very often in music.  Please know that there are people who have walked the same path as you and know what you are dealing with.  There are also others who do so much to fight this horrible illness known as cancer.  I wish you healing and peace throughout your treatments.  God be with you and your family. ~ Amy Metzger, Selinsgrove, PA


 Dearest Dan - As your birthday nears I send my wishes for a most beautiful day full of warmth and laughter.  I continue to pray for your well being and recovery.  I hope you have found out through the many tributes paid you, just exactly what you mean to so many people.  As for me personally...well I can't have a day go by without listening to your music.  A fan since age 15 (birthday number 46 is fast approaching on Sept. 1) I have loved your music from day one and thank you for enriching my life through good times and bad. I have most recently introduced your music to some teenagers at my summer job and they love it as well. So fight the good fight...hang in there...know we all care and send hugs and well wishes.. Blow out the candles on Saturday; make a happy ~ Mary Jardine  Browns Mills, New Jersey


 I have always loved Dan's music. He is an amazing musician, singer and songwriter. How he does what he does is a rare gift from the Creator. The range of instruments that he plays, his vocalizations and harmonies, and his outstanding songwriting has always caught my attention since day one. I pray every day for Dan's recovery and for the support system of his family, friends and fans, such as myself. God bless you Dan. I pray that you are with us and continue to share your gift with us for years to come.


 I hope all is going well and the healing process is continuing. I am sure in no time that you will be back on stage and performing again. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time. Nothing can be said to change the ailment but with the support and help of others you will come through this and any other problems that you may have to face. Be strong and see you when you are back on stage. From one Dan to another, take care


 Dear Dan, On Saturday - your Birthday - we will have a big firework in my Hometown here in Germany. At this time I will go to the shore, thinking of your wonderful eyes, your beautiful voice and your precious soul to celebrate your birthday! In my imagination these thousands of lights are only for you! There`s not much more to say except COME BACK SOON! We need you more than you will ever know! ~ Anke Mandel,Germany


 Dear Dan:  There are so many feelings I want to express and so many things I want to say to you.  You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers.  You are a beautiful, brilliant, talented man and I thank you for sharing your gift of music with us.  It's obvious that many others here are just as passionate about you...about your music...and how you've had such a positive impact on their lives.   I can only hope that this outpouring of love for you, from the thousands of people you have touched over the years through the magic of your music, will be felt by you and will give you strength.  I miss you so much!


 Mr. Fogelberg:  I have loved you through your music for so long.  Your music lives in me, around me, throughout every page of my life since your very first record, it even permeates my dreams.  I can do no more than manifest healing for you and it seems not enough after all you have given me.  I look forward to hearing of your return to health and perhaps the good fortune to see you again on stage--live.  Thank You for saying in song what I always wanted to say but did not know how.  ~ Louise Kennedy


 Dan, your music really speaks to me.  I was hoping to see you in concert sometime, so please get better so that can happen.  I'll keep you in my prayers.  Please stay strong and don't fear. ~ Irene Brennick


 Dan, I have been listening to your "Nexus" in my car, one of my many favorites, and I thought of you and your health. You have given so many beautiful emotions to so many people that listen to your music, including myself. I pray that hope and strength may be given to you every day by the people that love you, and the God that shares your life every day. Be Well ~ Alan Hausenflock


 Recently I pulled out some of my old "vinyl", and played Captured Angel, which I hadn't listened to for a while.  It got me thinking that I hadn't heard much about you lately, so I looked up your website.  I am deeply saddened by your situation and wish you all the best and a speedy recovery.  Stay strong, Dan. ~ Hy


 Dear Dan, Almost five years ago I had 7 weeks of radiation for breast cancer--the drive for my treatment was 45 minutes each way. The only CD's in my player were yours, and I played them over and over. I remember thinking to myself I wish that there were someway I could let you know how much better you made me feel. Now I wish I could do the same for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers, and I wish you a most wonderful birthday on Saturday. Love ~ Isabel Besse, Falmouth, MA


 As the months have passed, you remain in our hearts.  We are profoundly drawn to you; compelled to will our healing energy.  Thank you for being open to our love.


 Thanks for all of the great music and performances, you have been a musical "fireplace" in our home for years, for many others I know too. Your music has touched me personally, bringing me closer to my Dad. I feel closer to you for that and I wish all the best in a speedy and healthy recovery.  Prayers for you. ~ Jimmy Mack


 Hi Dan, I hope that you and your family are doing well and I hope/pray that you are winning your cancer fight. I enjoyed listening to The Wild Places album this evening and was thinking about all the mountain bike rides that I've started while listening to "The Spirit Trail" to get me motivated before I hit the trail. I thought I would check your website to see how you are progressing - I had tickets to see you in Albany, NY, last fall and look forward to a future live performance! Be strong, share love and get well soon! ~ Darryl Caron, Clifton Park, NY


 Your music and the energy it contains has brought me through the worst and best times of my life and, as I get older, the layers of the music become more deep.  Godspeed to health.


 Dan, I grew through my formative years with your music.  "Home Free" set me on a course of life.  The peaceful rhythms and the loving lyrics defined my time as a growing and developing young man in a changing Mississippi.   I, though white, have taken in about 20 young black athletes that simply had a need and I feel you had something to do with the man I became.  (most of my kids have college degrees today because of my presence). None of your music has grown old to me.  It is as honest and touching as it was upon every awaited album or tour (and I caught all I could afford to travel to). I have touched many lives in 28 years of education and I feel I owe much of my kindness to your music which I fall back on in times of need. I hope and pray to see you again in concert soon or if it is your wish, to know that you are simply  enjoying your life as you would like to.  Best Wishes ~ Mark Lang


 Dan -  You have been such a huge part of my life for the past 25+ years. You've been my friend during good times and bad, at work and at play, at home and away - you were even with me on my wedding day when I walked down the aisle to "Paris Nocturne".  I am a cancer survivor having been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003 and know how important the love, prayers and support of family and friends are while waging the battle of your life.  Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you too and that I look forward to the next time we can spend an evening together at one of your concerts. ~  Julie Clancy, Redlands, CA


 Dan, each day you and your loved ones are in my thoughts and prayers. I could never begin to express to you how much your music has meant to me over the years. I feel so blessed to have been one of the lucky ones who heard you at the beginning of your career and have had the joy of having your music in my life ever since. God's love and light be with you. ~Kathy


 Dan, Wishing you the same light, love, grace, beauty, and inspiration that you've shared with all of us through your wonderful music.   With thanks beyond words, and in prayer for your full recovery.  ~ Andy and Jackie, Boston, MA


 Dan, I have been listening to you since "Souvenirs" was released in the 70's. Thank you for sharing your wonderful musical talent with the world. I've been trying to update my CD collection with music I listened to as a teenager (I just went to my 25th high school reunion a few months ago and have been extremely nostalgic!) and bought "Souvenirs" and"Home Free" and started wondering what you were up to (I saw you in the late 90's at the Wildflower Festival in Richardson, Texas - thank you for playing so many of your old songs!).   Imagine my shock when I went to your website and saw the news of your illness.  My mother fought colon cancer for several years and I believe it was her positive attitude and faith in God that kept her going longer than anyone thought she would.  I believe that you have the same drive in you to stick around for many more years!  Just know that you are in my thoughts and prayers - and that you have a multitude of fans who are also pulling for you!  May the peace of God be with you and keep you . ~ Angie from Dallas, Texas


 Love you so very, very much. When we hear your songs, we remember the good times! Your legacy will live forever.Your songs are timeless. I personally have seen you 4 times. and had plans to even go to Florida before you canceled your tour. I understand and will cherish those concerts. I'll never forget seeing you in Sun City, AZ. Didn't get tickets so had to listen to you outside. They have a WONDERFUL facility and had speakers outside. Sitting there in the beautiful Desert garden and listening to you, eyes closed and imagining you at the piano. to my surprise, a woman who saw me there in my own little world, gave me her ticket because she had a family emergency. A chance meeting gave me that wonderful opportunity. SHE WAS ON THE FRONT ROW! I never got her name, but will never forget you and that special night. Have seen you twice here in Wichita also. Be well, my friend and Buena Suerta. Good luck. Remember you will ALWAYS have a friend in Wichita. My sister and myself are some your biggest fans! We have all your albums (remember those?) even albums of those artists where you played background. Your friends always ~ Anita Marie Lara-Mendoza and Christina Joan Lara


 Dan, I've seen you in concert many times, and have enjoyed your music for years.   I'm an actor and singer, and I too am a prostate cancer  SURVIVOR.   Remember that, SURVIVOR!   And you will be one too, my friend.   As a musician and singer, you now join a long list of those of us in the"biz" who are, or had to, deal with this disease.   But it need not claim your life.   It need not alter your career.   Nor will it. Life will be different. Adjustments will have to be made.   But there is life after prostate cancer.   I promise.   I've always thought of your music as very spiritual.   So now, let the hope, spirit, love, and encouragement your music brings to others now permeate your own spirit and give you the strength you need to fight this.   Not for one minute, are you to give this disease any power! All my best ~ Cliff Bemis


 Best wishes to you Dan for a speedy recovery. ~  Barbara


 I'll never play guitar like Dan, but he's been one of the reasons I've kept playing all these years.  Dan's songs are timeless and whenever I hear one, it evokes memories of what seemed like better times. Best of luck in your treatment.  Somehow, there's a reason for all of this. ~ Jim Stephens


 Dear Dan - I am a breast cancer survivor diagnosed in 1999 and still here, CANCER FREE!!!!   I wish only the best for you.  Keep a positive attitude and depend on your family and friends and you will get through this. Your music has inspired me for many, many years.  Hang in there.   See you soon!! ~ Lauri and Jan Hrico


 Wishing you and your family peace, love and happiness. Your music makes our lives richer! Thank you for it! ~ Crystal, Roanoke VA


 I am from Columbia. I wish for your recovery. Thank you God for Dan and his songs - Adriana


 Dan - Listening, loving, praying and pulling you through.  Yesterday was intense heartfelt emotions, I know you're getting there. Love and thanks for all of it. ~ Dave in Buffalo


 Dear Dan and all the brothers and sisters that love Dan Fogelberg -I am highly impressed by all the people who love Dan and his music. I am inspired to write because I believe we are all linked to one another and Dan is one of our main brothers and I believe it is the love of God that heals and as all others I love Mr.Dan and need him well. I say this because I can see and feel there are many who love Dan as I do and it is funny that I feel as if I know these people who write to Dan. People, I don't know you but I love you because you love Dan. May we continue to pray for Dan and we will see him mount up on wings of eagles because we cared enough to come before God's throne and ask him to heal Mr Dan. I am sorry if I sound to preachy but I need to speak my heart because I am a sincere fan of Dan. God bless everyone


 Dan, Thank you, thank you, thank you for your precious gift of music!  You are one of the few who came here & had the courage to pursue your destiny.  In doing so, you touched & inspired us all. I hope you are allowing others to help you now.  I know you have many angels & guides who are bathing you with healing energy all the time.  Let it all in...surrender & trust.  There's a greater plan for you. My thoughts & prayers are with you always. Love & Light ~ Narisha


 Hello Dan, I am a Louisiana girl. Home of Sonny Landreth! You have inspired me in so many ways especially musically. I play guitar, sing and write music. I'm 42 years old I was shocked when I heard about your health. I believe that prayer works, and God has a cross for each of us to bear. We can either drag it or embrace it. I wish you well and I will keep you in my prayers. Lots of Love ~ Lisa


 I have loved your music since I first heard it as a child.  If I ever want to  be inspired or comforted,  I listen to one of the many CDs I have of your music.  It has made a great positive impact on me. My prayers are with you and all your loved ones.  We all love you so much! ~  Karyn Menke, Gloucester, VA


 Just wanted you to know, my fiancee Charlie and I have seen your performances all over the east coast and we still listen to you on our day trips. Please accept our prayers. They are positive and coming to you from people that have had their life enriched by you and your music. Hope you will be back playing soon. Your fans miss you. ~ Sandy DiBona


 Dan --I`m a prostate cancer survivor. My gleason score was a 9. After 4 years of no psa readings above .05 At the starting of my fifth year my psa has started to move slightly.My treatment is at Loyola in Chicago.Our battle moves on three plains--mental, physical and spiritual. I`ve put my faith in God and pray often---I have prayed for you. I believe God listens to our spirit. I`m looking forward to your recovery and to the great music that will come from this experience. Sincerely ~ Bob Meek Palos Heights,Ill.


 Always wishing you and your family all the best and hoping that you will soon be on the road playing and singing all the songs that have made our lives richer.  God bless you, Dan. ~ S. Mathews, El Cajon, Cal.


 Hi Dan, Thanks for the beautiful gift of music through the years. I have been a huge fan as long as I can remember. I have every one of your albums. I just wanted you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers and I look forward to the day you are back on your feet. Thinking of you and sending loving thoughts to you and your family. ~ Sally in Alaska


 I am a 38 year old police officer from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and know several coworkers that have the same type of cancer, and have gone through treatment and are doing great!! I wish the same for you, Dan, as your beautiful music and soothing voice need to be heard. When I spend time by myself and just want to ponder life and its many meanings, I will listen to your music and the lyrics that bring tears to my eyes every time I hear it: "Leader of the Band". I know this is a song about your father, but I often think of my father when I I listen to this song, as he has been a very quiet but strong leader his entire 79 years, and I am grateful for him. Thanks again for your music, Dan... you have changed the world in a very positive way.  God Bless you ~ Ross McCullough


 Hi Dan, I just can't put into words what your music has meant to me over the years. I always got the feeling that you were singing just for me. I'm sure you are fighting the good fight and am looking forward to your return. Love and peace ~ James Webster


 Dan, I don't care what you come back and play.  You can play "Mary Had a Little Lamb" for all I care.  Just come back.  We miss you!


 Dear Dan, I first would like to let you know that after reading the news about your struggles with your health right now, my  prayers will be with you and your family - that the Lord will watch over and  protect you.  My name is Lori Ann Clark and I was born in 1970.  I was first introduced to your music when I was six years old by my best friend Jennifer, who had four siblings, the youngest, at least ten years her senior.  They were all avid Dan Fogelberg fans and Jen and I grew to love your music as well.  I can vividly remember watching Jennifer, perched  high upon a rock in her backyard, just 10 years old strumming her  "air-guitar" and sweetly singing "Leader Of The Band" to an audience of both of our mothers and me.  It's one of those memories that you never forget.  As I grew older, my love for your music stayed strong as did my appreciation of your many talents and styles.  Best wishes and again, my prayers go out to you for a speedy recovery.  I don't  think I could ever narrow it down to having just one favorite, however, "The  Reach" speaks to me in a very special way.  I believe because I can feel  the pure and raw emotion behind the lyrics and the music, it simply reiterates your love of nature and its beauty and versatility.  May you go on to thrive in whatever you do, and wherever your path leads you. Sincerely ~ Lori Ann


 Dan, I was shocked to read of your battle with cancer.  I pray for your full and complete healing.  Know that you're not alone. I first became acquainted with your music in '78 ("To the Morning") falling in love with my girlfriend during our freshman year in college.  Lost her to the restlessness of youth, a few years later still regretting it to the sounds of "Same Old Lang Syne"...25ish years later still enjoying your music. Thanks for the gifts of heart and soul in your music.  In return, please accept these prayers of healing and well wishes. Never give up. God bless.~ Steve


 Dear Dan Fogelberg, My siblings and I grew up with your music always in the background. There are five of us, and we have listened to your music and gone to your concerts together. There's something about your music that has actually kept us together.  Recently, my nephews were playing with a musical toy that was given to them; the two songs recorded on the toy  were  "Ripplin Waters" by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and "Part of the Plan". It was wonderful to see a 2 and 4 year old singing your song.  You should know how important you've been to us.  It sounds so cornball, but it's so true. Please get well. We wish you the best. ~ Joe, Chris, Bob, Lori, and Scott  (also Dane and Sam who were singing your songs).


 Dear Dan, I'm writing from Australia where I have been a fan of your beautiful music for over 20 years.  You have been in my thoughts and prayers since I read about your battle with cancer.  May you and your loved ones remain strong during this time, and be assured that the love and prayers of many others are with you always. Love from ~ Sandie Macgregor (Tiaro, Queensland)


 My wife and I are celebrating your good news tonight by listening to your music, with me doing my best to play and sing along. My dad had prostate cancer and now, thanks to you and your advice, I do indeed get checked despite my male ego. Congratulations and keep up the good work and positive vibes. You made my day, my week, and my year today when I read your note.  Hopefully we'll hear you soon and perhaps even live!  Hey, if the Red Sox can pull off a miracle then I'm sure we'll see you in the Boston area soon...ENCORE!!! All our love ~ Jon and Tracey Beckstrom, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts


 Dan,  First of all, know that whatever happens, God is with you.He must be, he gave you an incredible singing voice and musical ability that you could only be blessed with at birth.  I am also a musician and was reading your biography when I got smacked in the face with your situation.  You have my prayers and  thanks for speaking out on behalf of prostate cancer.  My place of employment already gives a PSA screening free of charge and I highly recommend it also. I'm glad to hear the good news of your treatment and may you continue to do well.  Hoping that someday you can return to the studio. Good Luck and God Bless Dan. ~ Rod


 Yea Dan ~ I am so happy to hear your positive news.  You have been in our thoughts since we first heard about the cancer.  We had tickets to your State Theater, Easton Pa. concert which was cancelled due to your shocking news.  But, as much as we would love to see you in concert again one day and hear more of your music,  your good health is more important and the music you've given us over the years is enough to sustain us ... Good news, God Bless you and yours, carpe diem. ~ Judy


 Thank you for the good news. I am going to schedule a test for myself.  You've always touched me with your words and now with your "sermon" Thank you  and my thought and prayers are as always with you. ~ Jim Marabotto


 Saw your show at Casino Rama in Orillia Ontario. Best concert I've seen in 40 years. Hope all is well with you and your family. You can beat this. Please consider going back on a limited tour as soon as you're well enough. We need to see you performing again. Good luck and may God bless. ~ Bob Lockley


 Dan and Jean, Thanks so much for the update on your health.  It is wonderful news!!!  Remember "Life is a Rollercoaster, Ride on".  Thanks again and Blessings ~ Mark in KC.


 We were so glad to hear the good news.  We have been so worried over  this last year and constantly watched for news of your progress.  We hope  that all continues to go well and look forward to your returning to the  recording studio and possibly the concert stage in the near future.  We  would love to hear and see you at Meadow Brook again. ~  Sue and Charlie  Rataj, Rochester, MI


 Dan, I am so pleased to hear of the news that your disease has responded to the treatment thus far.  I think of you often and always have very strong feelings for you and hope that they get through as answers to prayers in your fight with this illness.  May your spiritual leader be holding you in his hand and protecting you with positive energy. Forever loyal and steadfast fan! ~ Jan Hesselberth


 You fill up our hearts with the love from yours. Healing with your art songs and heart, you touch our souls with your courage and tenderness and love. Please continue with your path. Know that what you do is important to me and many others.You are loved by the universe and simple souls like me.


 Dan, Your music has helped me through all the really rough times in my life. Especially when my husband had cancer. I wish there was something I could do for the two of you to help you the way you helped me.  I will keep you and Jean in my prayers and I wish you both good health and peace. ~ Ilene


 Thanks for the gift of good news you shared with all of us.  Happy Birthday!!  Hope many blessings continue to shower down upon you and your family.  We continue to lift you up daily in prayer.  God speed to you and may your family find the peace and strength needed also.  Take care and always know "Faith is not believing that God can, it is knowing that God will." ~ Teresa, Hailey, Idaho.


 Dear Dan, My good wishes and prayers are with you and your family.  I have enjoyed your music for quite a while and hope that you will soon be able to record again. Be well ~ Pat Villareale


 I can't put into words how relieved I am to hear that you are doing so well.  I was one of the many that checked the website on a regular basis to see if there was any word as to your health.  I have to admit I had a few (okay quite a few) tears of relief as I read your letter.  Thank you for letting us into your life a little bit to let us know.  You have been a true inspiration for so many reasons.   I wish you many more years of health and I will continue to pray for your continued recovery. Lov ~ Kerry in Massachusetts


 Dear Dan and All at The Living Legacy, I just want to add my best wishes and prayers for you. Every day I have sent hopeful, loving thoughts and prayers for recovery or at least remission.  I am so glad to read the letter posted, and to hear of the many, many others who have sent their thoughts to you. Dan, your music means more to me than I can ever express; I have added any music of yours that I did not yet have, to make my collection complete. You have also inspired me to donate to several cancer foundations, and more. In my work, I am researching on how to use music to help people recover from many types of illnesses, of course, in conjunction with traditional medicine. I continue to send prayers and good wishes. Sincerely, love ~ Sara Beth Froid


 I was very pleased to hear the encouraging news concerning the prostate cancer. Dan, your music has always been a source of happiness and reflection for me. The first recording I ever heard of you was the LP (yes, I've been around awhile!!) 'Nether Lands', which was poetic and musical at the same time, a magical combination. I also have written, mostly for my own pleasure, a few songs of my own, and a good deal of them were influenced by the stylings of your lyrics. It was wonderful to hear the 'Full Circle' recording; it was like being re-connected to an old friend to me. I saw a concert you performed back in 2002, in Portsmouth, Va. (I live in Norfolk), and you sounded very inspired, the performance was fantastic, and I was glad I attended. My musical tastes are wide and varied, but I have always loved your music; I have all of your recordings in my collection, some on LP, and all on CD.  When I first heard the news of the cancer, it was very depressing. Yet, to now hear that it has been stopped from progressing at a noticeable level is absolutely fantastic news. Here's first to your continued recovery, and secondly to the hope that in the future, music lovers everywhere will be able to not only hear your past recordings, but hopefully to hear some new ones. Again, congratulations on the good news, Dan, and I wish you, Jean, and all of your family and friends the best.  Sincerely ~  Mark A. Bailey


 Dan, Thanks for the birthday note.  Hope things continue to improve as part of the plan. ~ Rich Pet

 Where does a person start to write down on paper what Dan Fogelberg means to him, his wife, his family? Dan, I'm going to try.1976 - Fox Theater, Atlanta,Ga. is where it all started for me. The memories are many. Listening to Nether Lands in a cabin in Cotopaxi, "To the Morning" in a sleeping bag at the Chalk Cliffs,"Down the Road" in the Tetons, and just the other day "The Innocent Age" near Booth Bay. Just the other night my son, 18, came running upstairs. "Come see what I've learned." He sat down to the keyboard and played "Run for the Roses." I looked at my wife and the tears said it all. There are no words, but from high on this mountain, the clouds down below, we thank you and pray for you and your family. ~ Tim Allgood and family, Leadville, CO.


Dan, I don't know where to start.  I just found out about your condition and want you to know you have been in my thoughts and prayers constantly.  To say your music has touched my life is such a small statement.  So many of your songs have deep personal meanings for me.  I feel if a song touches you it brings back a memory or place or feeling when you hear it.  And so much of your music does that.  Thank you for giving and sharing that with us.


My wife, Clara, who also is a huge fan of yours, is a survivor. She was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago and we have been through and continue to live with this.  With faith and love, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  I truly believe that God gives you nothing he knows you can't deal with.  It has brought us closer together than ever and deepened our love 100 fold.  To Jean, I send my love, my prayers and understanding.  I truly know where you are and have been there. God bless you both.  Again, to Dan, thank you truly for the music. ~ Glenn Urtes, Baltimore, Md.


 Dear Dan and Jean, I am so happy for you!  This is great news to know you're on the road to recovery.  Each time I checked your web site for updates, I kept telling myself, no news is good news.  It really warms my heart to know that I made a difference, that my prayers were answered.  You're loved by a lot of people, Dan, because you've touched all of our lives in so many ways.  Now we've touched yours, and it's a really good feeling.  Gives me goose bumps! In closing, I just wanted to thank you again for how you've touched my life with your music.  I turned 50 this year and kind of had the blues about it all. Well, knowing how much I love music, my husband Paul gave me a Fender Acoustic guitar.  Let me tell you I've had so much fun learning to play!  I was picking out a few notes the other day, and our 5 year old grandson came up to me and said, "rock it grandma, rock it!"  So I continued to "rock it" as best I knew how.  Next thing I knew he had his hands over his ears yelling, "stop it grandma, stop it!"  What can I say?  Maybe rock and roll isn't my strong point, but I've got my eye on a Fender Stratocaster.  My dream is to sit out on the back porch with an electric guitar and crank out some tunes.  I'm sure the trees will love it! Thanks for the inspiration, Dan!  Love Ya! ~ Debbie Holland, Coopersville, MI


 Dan: It is so wonderful to hear your encouraging news.  Our thoughts and  prayers are with you.  You are the living legacy, not just of your father's musical abilities, but perhaps, also his strength. Your music touches others in a remarkable way.  Your musical and  songwriting abilities are truly amazing! We wish the best for you and Jean.  May God bless you with continued strength, love and happiness. ~ Karen


 Dan: Hang in there and keep a positive attitude.  I will remember you in my prayers.  Please stick with your music, at least privately, and spend quality time with your family. I had seeding and radiation two years ago.  Every time I go to the doctors for a check I pray everything is ok. Good luck and many years of good health and love with your family. ~ Fred Russel, Edison, NJ


 Dear Dan & Jean,  My thoughts and prayers for a complete recovery are with you daily. Happy Birthday ! I am SO HAPPY  to hear this GREAT NEWS! God Bless you and your families, always. A grateful fan forever, ~  A .Thibodaux, Houma Louisiana


 Dan, I indeed breathed a sigh of relief upon reading your update.  It was just so good to hear from you.  All of us here at the Church of Christ in Gunnison, CO continue to be in prayer for you and Jean.  Your music continues speak to me in the most honest of life's moments and I cannot express to you how much you have influenced my life.  Not only my life but indeed the ministry and those who hear me each Sunday.  Thank you for all you've given to me and my family. It is our hope and our prayer that the cancer will be removed from your body and that you will once again be able to bring us more of your ministry through your lyrics and your music.  May God Bless you and Jean.  ~ Darrin Cowger, Minister


 Dear Dan, Just wanted to wish you all of the best. I am a prostate cancer survivor of 3 1/2 years. While it changes everything in our lives, it will focus you in different ways that you thought were impossible. Good luck in your journey.~ Jim Keiper


 Dan... Did you feel it? Like the warm breath of the wind upon your face? That was the collective sigh of relief from all of us who have waited so long for word of your condition. What a joy to read that you have made such remarkable progress! (And what a birthday gift for you!) Thank you for sharing that comforting news with us.


Jean...You weren't the one with cancer, but there must have been many times you ached as if you had been. I am so glad that you were there for Dan, that you had each other, and the love of friends and family as you battled bravely through this. Love IS the greatest of healers.


I am thankful too, to The Living Legacy for giving me---and these thousands of others---space in which to share my wishes for you. I know my prayers went up and the good vibes went out, but knowing that the words could reach you made me feel like "extended family" able to let you know my goodwill was there for you.


With each new day, may your health continue to improve, your strength be renewed and your spirits be lifted. Me? I've got your music. : ) All good wishes! God Bless. Love ~ Doris


 Hi Dan, and a very happy belated birthday!!! This one must truly be the best. I am thrilled to hear of your progress, and choose to believe and pray very hard, that you will be back on stage for all of your adoring fans. This one sure wants to see that again very soon. I miss you, have been to many of your concerts all over and hope to go to many more. I have listened to you since Tina Sonderfan in Houston turned me on to your music way back when. For that I am forever grateful. Keep smiling...we love you!!!!! ~ Kay Clark.....Tampa, Florida


 Hi Dan. I was thrilled when I opened my email to find the good news. I checked the website often in hopes of hearing such news. I have to tell you when I first found the site, I was overwhelmed. First, of hearing the dreadful diagnosis, but then of the fan response. I wasn't surprised at all. I started reading everyone's messages and thoughts, yeah, that's how I feel. People were so eloquent in expressing their thoughts. So sincere and heartfelt. Just like your music. It was truly amazing. I can imagine it is all a little overwhelming for you as well. How it must feel to see how many lives you have touched and to know that so many care, pray and are grateful to you. Please count me among your many, many, many fans that care, pray and are grateful to you. As you have read countless times, I too grew up with your wonderful music. I will try to be brief (too late). I have all of your albums, yes, albums. I have seen you several times in concert, my first time being at the Mississippi River Festival in Southern Illinois! In later years, I "took" my husband to see you at The Fabulous Fox, your solo acoustic tour. He didn't know your music like I did, but he knew how much I liked you so he went with me. Afterwards, he said "thank you". He thought it was wonderful and I'm happy to say is a huge fan, like me. I cannot begin to tell you what your music has meant to me and done for me. To this day, I am inspired and uplifted just by listening. Your music is timeless and eternal. "Nether Lands" is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard and speaks to my soul. What a gift you have. Thank you for sharing it and truly making this world a better place.


To Jean, I would like to say God bless you and keep you strong. I am sure that all of these well wishes are appreciated and graciously accepted. But you are the one who is with Dan. You are his soulmate. We are mere fans who love him but you are his life. I know how much I love and care and worry about my husband, my soulmate. He is my life. So keep the faith, be happy and may you grow old with your husband.


I am sorry to have been so long winded but hey, this is 30 years of history here! Sincerely Dan, I wish you the very best. Tomorrow isn't promised to any of us so we must live for today and I pray you have many more "todays". Thank you for all you have given me through your words and music. If you never step foot on a stage again (if you do , I will be there), your music will always be there. Take care and God speed. To the morning. Most sincerely ~ Maggie in Illinois


 Dan, I'm so happy you are recovering. There is not enough time or space here to tell you what your music means to me. I feel I know you and I pray for you as though I do. Stay well and please keep us updated on your condition. I know you still have beautiful music waiting to be written, and most likely it will be inspired by your horrific ordeal and outcome. Take care. ~ Susanna Z.


 Hi Dan, belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many, many more to come!!!!!II I just very recently found out about your illness and was shocked and heartsick. I am thrilled to hear your positive news. May God continue to heal you and restore you to good health. I have been a huge fan for many years, from  about age 15. (I'm now 41) and was lucky enough to see you in concert 3 times over the years in NY. A few years ago I saw you at Westbury Music Fair in LONG ISLAND. You gave a great show but you were annoyed about the sound, plugs, you were funny!!! When I saw you at MSG Paramount theatre, you sang "Leader of the Band" and your dad had just passed away. My heart ached for us both because I too lost my mom at only 55 to lung cancer  at about the same time.  I cried through the whole song and still do when I play it. I'm sure even though this has been the worst 14 months of your life, it has also made you see how your music has touched so many of us. It took cancer to let you know that. I have two boys RJ 8 and Nicholas 5. Nick has Down syndrome and brings me soooo much JOY!!! I wish you could meet him, He is a handful at times but cracks me up. RJ has heard me sing a million times, "Met my old lover in the grocery store..." he too now knows all the words!!!!!!!   Nick, a man of few words asks to hear Jackson, James and DAN in the car on cd. He can't say FOGELBERG but he knows your songs!!!! I am honored to have written you and I wish you all the best in the future. PLEASE keep us (the Fans) posted on your road to recovery and know that you are loved and prayed for daily. GOD BLESS YOU. Love ~ Donna Gentile Viscovich, Oyster Bay, NY         


 Dan, Thanks for the update. Glad the news is positive. I can take a breath for you now, too. It's amazing how disease can take over our daily sense of being. I hear good therapy would be to accept and work with it, thus keeping the mind clear to stay strong. I can imagine the wonderful insight your fine mind is acquiring from this challenge! Hmmm. . .something tells me there's compositions in your future! Hang in there, Dan. Wishing you, Jean and your family strength and lightness. Love ~ Cheryl  - Villa Park, Illinois


 Dan and Jean, Thank God for the good news and the news in general.  Don't tour, don't record - retire, enjoy life and be happy - that's all that matters.  The creative abilities you have shown in the past will sustain me. Thanks for 30 some years of beautiful music.  My prayers for your continued good health will continue. ~Valerie


 I was thinking about you the other day.  Our local radio station announced the update and amazing news about the progress of your Cancer. Prayer is the strongest medicine and I am quite certain you have been over-dosed tenfold!  I felt the need to spend some time alone with my Nether Lands CD.  Now that I am chasing two toddlers it is hard to have any time  alone. It's only a matter of time before they are singing right along with  me.  My 20 month old falls to sleep to that CD.  Thank you for being such a big part of our lives.  God bless you and keep the faith that you will conquer this terrible cancer.  You are in my thoughts and prayers  continually. Fondly ~ Ellen Kozelek, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


 In 1982 my parents bought me "The Innocent Age."  They began a love of your music in me.  You capture feelings exquisitely and put them to beautiful music.  God has given you the most tremendous gift and you've utilized it flawlessly.  I was thrilled to see that your cancer prognosis has improved so drastically.  This proves that He is not finished with you yet!  Love, Good Luck and God Bless. ~ Lara


 I learned of Dan's illness through Radio Margaritaville. I passed along the great news to them since they haven't mentioned anything recently.  All I could say was Far OUT !! DAN'S BETTER !!  Thank you SO  much for fighting! And please continue to do so.  I was so  scared to open the email - expecting bad news.  And to tell ya the truth, I  was having a really shitty day until I got up the nerve to open it....God, thank  you!!  We are ALL truly blessed with this news!  Nothing more to  say...FAR OUT !


 Yip YipYip..Yee Haw!!!!!


 Dan, thank you so much not only for the legacy of your music, but for taking the time to connect with your fans! The example you have set for millions of people not only with your music but with your actions is beyond compare. Congratulations, and best wishes for a continuing recovery! ~ Kristen, Seattle


 Dear Dan,  I was so thrilled to read such positive news about your ongoing battle with cancer. I wish you continued healing and send you positive thoughts and wishes toward even greater improvement.  Every time a song of yours is played around the world, consider it a prayer for you.  I wish you and your family strength and many blessings, from a devoted fan ~ Erika S., Middletown, CT


 Awesome News!!!! We Love You Dan!!! ~ Denise, Baltimore, MD


 Dan, I am sitting here with tears of happiness in my eyes that we have finally had some good news about your health.  God bless you and your family.  I can't tell you how many times your music had lifted me up and sent me merrily on the road.  You are the greatest and God is with us because he has helped you through. Thank you for your music.  Have enjoyed many concerts here in Indiana. Love to you and your family ~ Lynn


 Dan, I was just telling a friend of mine about your struggles and now go to your website and see the great news!  I'm listening to "Rhythm of the Rain" and feeling so thrilled for you, Jean, and your family. Whenever I need inspiration, I'm always able to find it in your music. I will continue to keep you and Jean in my prayers. You have touched my life with your music.  Thank You ~  Richard Salter


 Dan, How very happy I am to hear the good news! I have thought of you so many times over this past year and check the website often. Like everyone else who has written, I love your music and care for you from afar. Your music has been with me through the happy times, as well as comforting me during my most difficult. God Bless and a belated Happy Birthday! ~ Nita


 Dan, I was so happy to hear that you are on the road to recovery. You and your music are blessings to all of us.  I lost my Dad to Prostate Cancer 15 years ago this December, he was only 56.  All of you wives and daughters, please encourage your love ones to have regular check- up. God Bless you Dan and your family ~ Donna


 Hi Dan! I was really glad to read your recent letter concerning your improving condition. "Part of the Plan" was the first song of yours that resonated in my soul. Many years all I could do was "Await my arrival, with simple  survival". Hope you are getting some good breaks in your treatment to feel good again. Dan, my prayers are with you and  your wife. Keep hanging tough brother! Love and respect.  ~ Glenn Ruth,  Mays Landing   N.J.


 I'm sitting here on my own birthday listening to Home Free, and decided to check your web site and was so glad to read the good news. I hope the thoughts and love of your fans has brought you even a fraction of the strength, serenity and joy your music has brought us. Many wishes for your continued health and happiness.


 Dan – The news of your progress is wonderful.  Prayers for you and your family are whispered every day.  God bless you. ~  Frances, Catlettsburg, KY


 Dear Dan, I grew up in the 50's in McLean, Illinois  - 30 minutes west of Peoria, and you were my Rock Star from Central Illinois!!!  I have listened to your music going from vinyl to tapes to CD's almost every day.  I look at my other CD's and always pull out my Fogelberg as your tunes and lyrics have always been so enjoyable and inspirational. God Bless You and I've added you to my prayers ~ Debbie


 Good Wishes, and Prayers always for the most incredible musician I have ever known.  I've had the privilege of listening since 1973, and cannot tell you how much you have been a part of our lives.  "To The Morning" to get me up for college classes.  Dancing my first dance with my new husband to "Longer", singing to my new baby, and child to sleep with the most beautiful songs. She would not go to sleep unless she heard me play and sing "Sand And The Foam" at least three times.  "Part of the Plan" was played exclusively during my college years, and when I was driving home from ending a new semester.  I am an RN, and have been for 25 years, and have introduced many folks to your music.  It's not just a song you sing.  You put every single bit of passion, and feeling into every song you sing, and you make it sound like it's being sung just for you, or ME rather.  Your concerts are like Heaven on this Earth.  I LOVE to go to concerts, and LIVE music is biggest gift for a music lover like me. But YOU, you are a treasured gift to us fans, and the music world.  I want you to FIGHT this Dan.  You are such a precious person.  Please take care, and thanks for the letter you wrote and the picture you sent.  You look so good, which makes me feel a lot better.  Still I know you have a battle to fight.  You and Jean be there for one another, and just hug and love each other..  Yes I want to see you in concert again, but I want you to regain health and strength first.  So don't worry about concerts.   Dream of only wonderful things.  Remember how much you are loved, and cherished by all of us out here.  You Fight, and do not give up.  Much love, and many Blessings from my home to yours ~ Carol Leigh Marshall


 Dan, here it is your birthday and you are giving us a gift with your letter and health update. Such good news. I too have been a fan for many, many years.Your words and music have been there for me through good times and bad. As a nurse I know you have been through a very difficult time. You and your family will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Please know when you are ready and able to write and sing again, we will all be here ready and waiting! ~ Mary Anne, Dayton,OH


 Hi Dan, In your music, and in your behavior EVERYWHERE, you have touched all of us who have had the pleasure of bumping elbows with you. Your songs, and the example of your life, have been a model for those of us who didn't make it to the headlines. I treasure the memory of meeting a "celebrity" who was ultimately a wonderful, fun, and decent person (I've met many who left me wondering, after all); and I treasure the music, the poetry and the blend of the art you have given us. My prayers are with you, always. Thank you. Be well. ~ Harold Fann


 Dear Dan and Jean, We are so glad you have made such wonderful progress against the cancer. I know it must have been quite a strain on you and your families. We will keep you in our prayers and think of you often. Your music always brings me such joy.  Thanks you for sharing it with the world. With love ~ Laura and Family, Yorkville, IL.


 Today is a wonderful day for me.  I just received the news update about your health.  I hope that things continue to go well.  You have brought so much joy to your fans over the years through your music, I can only hope that it can bring you some comfort during the difficult treatments I am sure you had to endure.  God willing you will again make beautiful music for your adoring fans.  My prayers are with you and your family.


 To Dan's family -I want to wish you the speediest of recoveries. My family to has been struck by this beast as my Mother has Lymphoma. I know that your music has helped me through very tough times and we FANS wish that all back to you. Good luck..Thanks for all the music! ~ Bob Reilly


 I'd just like to share my extreme gratitude to you for the beautiful music you have shared and for the way in which it touches my heart.  I've seen you in concert a couple of times in the Twin Cities and the way you play guitar and perform is inspiring.  Your poetic twist to all of your songs, ballads, stories etc. is always thought provoking and entertaining and your soul shines through in every song.  Thank you again from the bottom of my heart, thank you on behalf of my husband and family who continue to enjoy your words and music.   We've had many great talks about several of your songs on the way out to the Rockies.  We too share your love of the mountains and think of you often when we trek out there to ski or visit.


Good luck to you as you continue your battle and know that there are many of us keeping you in our thoughts and prayers despite never having physically met you!  I feel as though there is a part of you that has opened your heart and soul to us through your song and it is beautiful.  God has truly blessed you with your gifts and will surely continue to "use" you to inspire and help others as you have for so long.  So kick it and get back out here and sing for us!   But all kidding aside, we hope for the best for you and in all that you do! Take care and heal, heal, heal!  We hope that whether it's the treatment that's irradicated it or whether it is in remission, we'll pray that you continue on in health and happiness. On behalf of myself ~ Deb Hohenstein and my husband Gregg (he loves High Country Snows in particular) and our kids, Meghan and Duncan - be well!


 For Dan, How happy I was to finally hear of your progress with this dreaded disease!  I've listened to & loved your music for 30 years. After my first husband died of lymphoma cancer on Valentine's day 1993, I went to your concert in Fort Worth, TX (I think in November) & cried when you played "Longer", which was played at our wedding. I now have a great fundraising tool which I will try to convince the Prostate Cancer Foundation & any of their supporters to use. Thanks for keeping us informed - be well! ~ Cathy Wooley, Ft. Worth,TX


 Dear Dan, From 8 tracks to vinyl to cds...your music has been a part of my life, a huge part of me. I am so glad to hear the latest news. It was like music, like your music, and it meant so much. Please take your time to decide about future projects. Just know we have your music. It's a gift, every day. Love and prayers to you and Jean ~ Donna T.


 So glad to here that your treatment is going well. Best wishes to you and your family. Thanks for the advice on testing. At the age of 46, I will be scheduling both tests starting this year. My hope is for your continued recovery, making possible your return to the studio and touring in the near future. Take care ~ Kevin Thomas


 Dan, I have been following your web site for months and praying and hoping all would be well.  Today I opened the sight and found your news dated on your B'day. Congratulations on the success of your recovery.  I will continue my prayers and support through listening to your music.  Thanx for the update. P.S  HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY ! ~ Kim Young, Woodruff Alumni 1972


 Dear Dan - Hope you continue to remain healthy.  You will continue to be in my prayers. ~  Pattie


 I'm so happy!  I prayed, asking in faith that you be healed, and believed, knowing God loves you and wants to bless you!  So I am so thrilled that you, your body, the medicine, etc, has taken this by the horns and refused to let it take you down.  I feel you have reached into my soul with your songs far more than anyone ever has. I am so happy for you that you have found Jean, whom you can share your wonderful insight and life with. God bless you both as you continue your health adventure. With special prayers ~ Donna Lewis    


 I was very happy to receive the email with Dan's letter & good news this morning!  My friend Mary & I have been praying for his recovery ever since we heard the news!  And we will continue to send positive prayers& thoughts his way. Thank you for making our day! :-) ~ Edie


 Dear Dan - It was such a pleasure to know you are doing better.  You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers! ~  Patricia in Irvine CA


 Dear Dan,  Wow what a response you received.  I am not surprised because I know what your music has meant to me over the years.  I thank God for your recovery and will continue to lift you up in my prayers. It is the least (actually prayer is the Most, my mother once told me) we can do to repay you. You love will shine forever in your music!! ~  Laura Stone, Cambridge Springs, PA


 Mr. Fogelberg, Please know that there is a world full of fans that are breathing a collective sigh over the recent news of your improved state of health.  I have lost several family members to the war with cancer and several others have survived the battle.  I know how much more you have to get through physically, emotionally, and mentally but I am sure that you will come out victorious.  I say this because I know the strength of your spirit and soul. You have shown me and all your fans through your powerfully personal songs over the last three decades just how much strength and heart you posses. Please know in your heart and your mind that you will come out on top. Believe it, own it, live it, and it WILL come to be your reality.  On a selfish note for me and all of your fans, I know that right now all your energy and focus is and must be on your health and well being, but please know that when you do make it to the other side, you will have so many new thoughts, feelings and emotions to share that you must come back to us as a performer and share it with us.  I promise you that when you do, we will share all our love, admiration, joy, and thanks with you for coming back to us.  From the moment I first heard "Looking For A Lady" back in the mid-seventies as a kid in high school, to listening to "Full Circle" today and so many songs and moments in between, you have entertained me, inspired me, and touched my life and my heart.  You inspired me to pursue my writing and to believe I could write music as well as poetry and short stories and for that I am forever grateful, thank you.  In closing, be well, be happy, and be strong.  Until I see you again in concert and sing along to "The Reach" or "Faces of America" with you, remember that you are in my thoughts, my heart, and my prayers. ~ Hank Morfin


 Hi Dan! After not hearing any news good or bad for many months, it was with much happiness that I read your letter to all of us. It's great to know you are responding well to your treatment and that you are doing so much better. We will keep you in our prayers for continued positive results. ~ Linda Hillesland


 I was so thrilled to see your letter and to know you are feeling better.  It is funny how you think of someone so often even though you don't know them personally.  I have been a fan since your first album and never tire of your music.  My husband passed away at the age of 42 from lung cancer and your music was played at the funeral.  We both led busy lives and whenever we got a chance, we went for long drives and listened to you.  "To The Morning" was our favorite.  That song and "Longer" were played both at our wedding and at his funeral.  I gave your cd "Home Free" to all of our closest friends after the funeral and I know that they all have become good fans of yours -  if they weren't before.  You have been such a wonderful part of so many peoples' lives and we thank you for that.  Stay healthy and happy.   ~ Julie


 Dear Dan, It is wonderful news to hear that you are on the mend.  Please take your time recovering.   God has blessed you with an beautiful gift in your songs.  I keep coming back to your music, as a source of joy, peace and enjoyment in my life.  Thank you for sharing your gift. ~-Ryan (Ames, IA)


 Hi Dan, I'm glad to hear that you are doing well with your recovery from P.C. , I too was diagnosed with this deadly disease at the age of 39 and I'm still going through the motions of all the side effects from surgery and radiation. Keep the faith, my friend, you're not alone. A SIMPLE BLOOD TEST COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE. Sincerely ~ Jonathan Baker


 Dear Dan, Jean, Family and Friends, Thank God for this good news about Dan! I'm about in tears. We've waited for this news for 14 months. Again, God has His purpose, and we'll see how it plays out. To begin with, I'm taking your advice on the prostate examinations. This has really lifted my spirits! Love ya'll ~ Dennis Berner,

New Orleans, LA


 I was thrilled to hear the great news of your positive progress.  I, too, have a condition that I will battle the rest of my life and requires that dreaded "procedure", but it's the only way (yes, quick) to keep it in check.  Your outlook is quite amazing and definitely inspiring to me.  Continue to be well.  As I continue to travel "Along the Road..." of life,  your music continues to be a soothing inspiration to me.


 So pleased to read that you are feeling better and winning this challenge that has been given to you. Blessings have also been given to you and I have no doubt that you will treat each day as a special gift. Thank you, Dan, for your music and sharing you talents with all of us. God Speed.  ~ Barb


 Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!


 Dear Dan, My husband I were thrilled to read your letter about the wonderful progress you have made! We've followed your career since the beginning. We hope and pray to see you in concert again one day, but whatever you decide, know that you are wished the very best for you and Jean, and will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. God Bless. ~ Pam Lloyd, Maryland


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, First and foremost I want to wish you well!!!  I was at such a loss of words when I read about your battle with  this insidious and wretched condition. You and your family are in my thoughts and in my prayers. I know that when one is diagnosed with this condition it is paramount that they have the love and the support of their loved ones; as we all know ATTITUDE is what matters... Cancer has touched countless people and we never really truly know just how lucky we are until we are in the throes of this monster. It goes without saying you have countless fans and supporters in your corner who want to see you make a full recovery!!!


I have learned some very valuable lessons in this journey we often refer to as life.... one of the best is educating ourselves on what challenges us the most; that it is okay to be afraid; but that we must also work through this fear and not let it consume us; that it is okay to cry and cry often; but let us not fall prey to overcoming self-pity for it surely clouds our reasoning; that it is okay to have moments of disparity;moments of anger......that some will ask why??? THERE ARE NO REAL ANSWERS TO THIS QUESTION WE ASK COUNTLESS TIMES. WHO knows why?


So many of us feel as though you have provided the soundtrack to our lives . I grew up listening to your music ; on good days and bad days your music radiated with a sense of hope and purpose; it also was very very enlightening to hear one pour their heart out and be so honest, so frank and so sensitive. Your sweet sounds have touched my life for nearly a quarter of a century. I wish you health and happiness.... LIVESTRONG. Kindest Regards ~ Lori Thornton


 Dan, you're in our prayers, always. You are our Leader of the Band. We hope you'll be back on tour soon. Peace & Good Will ~ Nick& Deb Vinson


 My husband has been a faithful fan of yours for many years, and being a musician himself, appreciates all that you have brought to the world with your wonderful music.  We met 2 years ago, and he introduced me to your wonderful music, we had hoped to see you in concert in Naples, and hopefully one day I will get to see the master at work in person.  We are thrilled that you are doing so much better, as the world has lost enough good people.  Your music inspires many of us and touches our hearts.  We hope that you continue on your road of recovery, and that you have many happy days ahead with your wonderful wife. Love ~ Vanessa and Rick Mundy


 Dan - I remember the very first time I heard "To the Morning." I was at my brother's house the "Stoneman" from WPLR (in CT) played this awesome song. I was 18 and thought it was the most beautiful song- I ran out and got your LP (on vinyl-remember vinyl?). Ever since I have been a fan of your music. Keep a positive attitude and do everything the doctors tell you to do. May God bless you and your family. ~ Jan Falvey


 I've thought about you often over the past year and gone back to your site repeatedly to see if there was any news of your health! I am so happy to find that your spirit has not been broken and that you are still so strong and fighting. Your music continues to touch my heart and make me feel better about my life everyday. You are in my prayers and thoughts! I hope that one day you'll feel well enough to continue to sing on stage or in recording, but know the gifts you've given us all are truly cherished and well loved! ~ SUZANNE


 Thank you for sharing the good news..and we will keep praying for your recovery. ~ Barb


 Dan:  Thank God, some good news for a change!  I have thought of you over the year and sent healing thoughts as I played your music.  All the best and have a beautiful life! ~ Diane Volpe


 Dan, I have been checking your website frequently for updates on your health, and lo and behold, today I find out that you're doing better and that you just had a birthday!  I hope you keep on celebrating life and living it to its fullest.  You continue to be in my thoughts, and I continue to enjoy your phenomenal music! ~ A fan in Miami


 Hey, Dan.  What great news on your remission!  I've been listening to your music since Souvenirs and appreciate your work. ~ Bob Womack


 Dear Dan, This minute I got the good news from your personal letter via The Living Legacy. I`m very, very glad to know that you are recovering. Your music was always an inspiration to me since I`ve heard is first in the year 1981. That time I was a young student in the G.D.R., "behind the iron curtain", adoring your way to express your feelings in an extraordinary musical way. And still I do and so does my family. In many occasions and in challenging situations hearing your songs meant strength and hope to us. Our  prayers are with you. Best wishes ~ Evelyn, Dana and Klaus Rudolph (Germany)


 Dear Dan and Jean, I can't tell you how many times I have searched for a Dan Fogelberg update over this past year. I've been so worried and have continued to pray that you were doing well and winning the battle. You have been part of my life since I was 15 and I'm now 46. I have seen you twice in Biloxi and your music and words have always been parallel with events in my life. You have such a gift and I praise God for you and that you are now feeling better and making progress. I know that what you have endured this year is going to end up being the inspiration for your next and most successful album... (do they call them albums anymore??) I hope that at some point you will want to travel again and will make your way to Biloxi. God speed and I cannot tell you how elated I am to know you are doing well... ~ Judith Rojeski


 I have been listening to Dan Fogelberg for many, many years and have all his albums, which is difficult thing in Australia, or was until the advent of I was shocked to learn recently about Dan's illness and wish him the very best and many years of writing and performing his inspirational music. Kind regards ~ Glenn Manewell


 Dear Dan & Jean, First, let me say how relieved I am to hear that you are on the healing trail!  Yeah God!  May you continue to be blessed in healing and a FULL recovery!  Any periodic updates like this one is greatly appreciated as we do respect your privacy. Second, I would like to thank you for 30+++ years of wonderful and memorable music and memories.  I still hum and sing and listen to your tunes.  I was very impressed with the "Full Circle" LP of a couple of years ago, sounding much like your vintage work of the 70's and 80's, it was as if new memories were being woven in with old ones simultaneously!   Third, your legacy has rubbed off on my legacy!  My 6 year old son Daniel (appropriately named of course!) and my 8 year old daughter Holly sing songs from your early 90's VHS of your Wild Places concert in St. Louis.  It's so cool to see a new generation of Fogelberg fans grooving to your music! Lastly, as I pray for your full healing / recovery, I appreciate prayers as well as my relationship has been strained with my 17 year old daughter from my first marriage (Her name is Wysteria based on your Home Free LP song...yes you've been a great influence on our lives!!).   May the Lord bless you and keep you and His countenance shine upon you and bring you peace, healing, and recovery! ~ Dr. Ron Schwartz, Peoria, AZ


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg: Having recently heard of your illness, my prayers are with you.  Although I have never written to a celebrity in the past, I felt very deeply touched today when I heard an FM station DJ speaking about you, at which time he played "Leader Of The Band".  I thought about the tribute song you performed for your father, which made me think of my own dad, who is not well. 


Then, I thought of the song which greatly touched my own life.  Twenty years ago when I was planning my second wedding, I searched for a very long time to choose just the right song for our first dance together.  That song was "Longer".  So, I would like to thank you....because your music inspired my wedding day, and although I am only one insignificant person, I am a life you touched, and I am grateful for the chance to return that by prayer for your recovery. So, thank you, Dan Fogelberg, and God Bless You.  ~ Deb Payeur, Fairview Heights, IL


 Thank God for your remission. Thank God for your music. Thank God for your life. Thank God...for you.



 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, It was wonderful to hear from you via the website.  You sound like you are in good spirits and have a positive outlook.  Thank you for taking the time to write to all of us that care so deeply about you.  You are a man with great heart.  May God richly bless you and your lovely wife.  A fan from K.C. ~ Karen Morehouse


 Having been a long time fan of yours I am glad to hear that things are looking better for you.  Our prayers and best wishes go out to you and your family and we pray that you will continue to do well and have many more wonderful years as our leader of the band!  Best wishes ~ the Carnevales


 To the son of the Leader Of The Band. My prayers, my best wishes, My strengths (perhaps not many) are yours ~ Jack Young


 Dan, I am so glad to hear you are doing so well!  I was just talking  with a friend today about you and wondering how you are doing.  A belated Happy Birthday to you!  We are hoping to see you back on stage one of these days! ~ Janet, Las Vegas


 Dear Dan - just to know that my prayers are with you. I worked with a friend who had breast cancer and is now considered free of it.  I know God hears and answers prayers. ~ Rose Roberts


 Dan, You have been in my prayers for many months and now I am thanking God for your continued healing. A high school classmate introduced me to your music over 30 years ago, and since then your songs have been a constant companion. I look forward to the day when you can return to making the music that has been such a blessing to my life. God bless you and your family ~ Jay Jordan


 Dan ~ I've had a crush on you since Jr. High School in the 70's (sorry Jean!).  Your music has been an inspiration to me and my friends for years, starting with vinyl, than replaced with the same songs on CD.  I've seen you 6 times in concert in the South Florida area.  Each at a different venue and each with a different musical style...jazz, contemporary and acoustical (my favorite).  I saw you the first time at the Miami Jai Lai  Fronton in 1978~ the Nether Lands concert.  I'll never forget the exquisite backdrop for the song, "To the Morning".  Starting with a beautiful starlit evening sky that faded and broke into a colorful mountainous morning sky. I look forward to seeing you next time. ~ Sheila Halbrooks, Ft. Lauderdale, FL


 Dan, I am unbelievably ecstatic for you and your family, regarding the remission of your prostate cancer.  I don't know you, and it's a bit weird writing a letter to someone you don't know at all, but you have had an incredible influence on my life. There  was no news about you since the original  announcement about your  condition.  I keep playing your latest albums, and I kept hoping you were OK.  Today, I read the letter you wrote, and it motivated me to write to  you. So, again, let me congratulate you and your family on your recovery, and  let me reiterate that you have made a giant impact on my life- musically, and spiritually, so let me thank you! Sincerely ~ George Tarkan


 Hang in there, Dan, I know you can beat this terrible disease that plagues us men in our fifties...just so you'll know, I am a friend of your pal Mike Botts. Take care, and I just want you to know the most inspiration song of yours for me is "Leader of the Band". Best ~ JD Sims, Rancho Cordova, CA


 Happy Birthday Dan! I am delighted to hear the encouraging news. I have celebrated your B-day by going out and purchasing, yet, another one of your CD's. By having such a profound impact on my life because of your music, I am going to make a donation to the American Cancer Society, in your honor, to return the favor. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Continue to fight and remain positive. I promised my daughter that I would take her to see you perform some day. I don't care where it is, I will make that journey.

Respectfully ~ Jerry Stanek


 Dear Dan, First of all, happy belated birthday!  Kinda brings on a whole new meaning for you, I'm sure.  I have to echo the words of your other fans who have also taken the time to send you a note.  Your music, your lyrics- what a treasure you have given to so many adoring fans.  I thank you for sharing your talent and your faith, and I will continue to pray for your complete recovery from cancer.  Life is so very precious, and those of us who listen to your music (hey, the 70's artists are STILL the best) are blessed as a result of your gift of music.  God's blessings to you, and peace.~ Marianne Oates


 Our wishes are that you continue to make progress and that you live and enjoy life with Jean. ~ Tom and Sue


 Dan and Jean: Thank you SO MUCH for sending an update on your health. You have been in my thoughts and prayers for over a year, and I've been so worried since there's been no news. Thank you for caring enough about your fans and unknown friends to let us know how you are. I know a lot of people are relieved at the positive news, and will continue to pray for you and send you healing thoughts. Take good care of yourself, and thank you again for putting my heart at ease. ~ Beth Hanggeli, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho


 Hi Dan, I am so relieved to hear of the remission of your illness. I have been praying that you would be ok. Then I realized that your birthday, August 13, is my mother's birthday. She would have been 80 years old. She died at age 47 of breast cancer. I always look for signs of her, and to me your recovery is one of them. God bless you, keep singing and creating the pictures of your spirit through your song - even if it is for yourself and not us. Just to know we still have you here is enough. Love ~ Machla


 Hello Dan,  It is so wonderful and inspiring to hear that prayers from around the world have helped you recover from cancer. Your music was already an inspiration to us all, and now your life is doing the same. Your courage in fighting this dreadful disease and coming through it is uplifting and amazing. Here's hoping you travel "Ever On" as you walk "The Spirit Trail" and continue your recovery. God bless you! Sincerely ~ Gary Lacy


 Wow.....There's a Miracle Each Day!  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE UPDATE! I don't think a day has gone by lately that Dan and his family has not been on my mind.  Even with an imposing job, moving from CT to TX and juggling family life, my thoughts go.... Keeping the faith, that is what we have.....that and each other.  Lots of love and healing wishes to Dan and Jean.  My son's prayer each night is "God Bless all those that I love, God Bless all those that love me, God Bless all those that love all those that love me, Amen" Thank

you, God, for Dan. Amen.


 Dear Dan and Jean, It was so uplifting to hear that you are winning this battle.  Just  the other night I was nearly in tears - imagine that a 44 year old man who has  never met you personally - was nearly in tears, because I was worried about  you.  I hadn't heard any news about your condition.  I knew it had  been over a year, and I was searching the internet to try and find some good news.  My trepidation was immense.  I have prayed often for you over the past year, but the other night, I prayed very hard that somehow God would touch you, and that his presence would be felt in your life.  I realize that my prayer was just one of many over the past year, but I do realize that upon reading your recent message God has touched your life.  I was ecstatic reading the message. I am so elated to hear the uplifting news that you are doing well in this battle against prostate cancer.  I will continue to pray for you. Your music has meant so much to me over the years.  I have seen you in concert about five times.  I'll never forget the concert at Rupp Arena in the early 80's. What a performance!  Thanks so much for the information you provided about Prostate Cancer.  I am going to get myself  checked immediately. Thanks ~ Walt Raines


 Hi Dan, Thank you very much for sharing such a touching and heartfelt letter. I'm very happy to hear you're doing well and please know that my thoughts and prayers continue for you and your family. Happy Birthday and may the coming year bring you an abundance of good health, peace, happiness and love.~ Cindy Rolka,



 Dan, I am over come  with happiness to hear of your positive progress! God bless you and your family.  My thought and prayers are with you always. ~ Cyndy, Massachusetts


 Just read the 8/13 letter. So very glad to hear Dan is make such great progress. ~ Bruce, Springboro, OH

 Your music has been an inspiration since I first heard Home Free in 1975. My wife took me to see you in Columbia, SC. Best gift she's ever given me. You're special. Your Christmas CD has become a standard to my entire family. God bless and speed your recovery. ~ Merritt--Newberry, SC


 Mr.Fogelberg, Your letter of August 13th has such a great spirit of hope and the importance of remaining positive in light of a diagnosis of cancer, and the note to the audience (men) regarding the importance of regular screening was a great thought. You are no doubt on the path to recovery, which to a long time fan of your career is "music to my ears." Best wishes! ~ Caryn Cahill, Arvada, Colorado


 Dan - I've been a fan since the early 70's. Still have a few of my original vinyl records. I know you hear this a lot, but your music has meant a lot over the years. I still get choked up at "Run For the Roses", and when I first heard "The Reach" on tape, I had to pull the truck over and stop. My dad is a prostate cancer survivor, so I know you can lick this. What goes around comes around, and you now have thousands of fans channeling back to you some of the great joy and power you have given to us in your work. Hang tough, and many, many thanks. ~ Mike


 I  pray for full recovery for Dan and for strength for he and his family to keep fighting. God Bless. ~ Kim Hansen


 Dan; As far as I'm concerned you'll always be the leader of the band. You've influenced my own music for over 30 years. Be well! ~ John Donahoe, Jr.


 Dear Dan, The news of your improved health is AWESOME!  I thank God for his blessings on you, Jean and your family.  I want you to know that during your time of struggle, I too shared a different but likewise challenging journey. During this period, your music has literally become part of my soul and will continue to be as I still struggle on my journey and for that, I thank you. I honestly don't know how many days my journey will last, but each day survived, your music is there to help. I just pray that somehow you'll know inside that your music really made a difference for one small person.  May you continue to beat this thing, enjoy your family, life and God each day!!!!  I am proud to be a fan of a LEGEND in his own time-WOW!! Happy Birthday and MANY MORE!!! ~ Betsy-Richmond, KY


 Dan and Jean, From the bottom of my heart, thank you for giving us an update on Dan's health and how you are doing.  There are no words to express the effect Dan's music has had on my life and I am so encouraged to see Dan looking healthy and happy. And Dan, as a laboratory professional, I thank you for your sermon.  PSA is a valuable tool to physicians and so easy to have done.  Early detection is within every man's control. God bless you and yours and my prayers are with you for continued good health. ~ Patrice Duggan


 Dan and Jean: How thrilling to read your post, that things are looking up. Your music has had an incredible effect on us, my sister and I, for years and years  and to read your words makes us feel so happy for you and your loved ones. Thank you for the "sermon" - you will save lives with it.  A man will  often take this advice from another man, and not his wife!!  Thank you for  that. We wish you all of God's blessings and thank you for taking the time to share with your fans.  You still have the time for us, that's so  lovely. Love ~ Juli Alioto and Christy Smith


 I have been a fan from 1980 or so and always have loved Dan's melodies and lyrics which have been very inspiring to me (have old records and CDs). When I started to play guitar, Dan's music was one of my favorites to interpret.  I usually don't have much time and today was the first time I enter his website and almost die when I read about the news. I can't express how glad I am that he is doing so well. I would like to wish health, happiness, and love to Dan and his family and thank him for all the times his songs have made me dream and love. Best wishes ~ Maria de Lourdes Idrovo, Guayaquil-Ecuador


 Dear Dan: It is certainly good to hear that you are winning your battle with such a potentially devastating disease. I only recently learned of your situation and want to wish you all the best in your continued journey to a full recovery! As the other concerned writers have expressed to you, we are all fans of your music and appreciate the many emotions it has stirred in us over the years. It must truly create a deep satisfaction to know that your talents have been enjoyed by so many over such an extended period. I have been wondering whether you were going to produce a new recording and now understand that this struggle has understandably required all of your efforts and dedication. I too enjoyed one of your concerts many years ago at Auburn University and was amazed at how clear, mellow and inspiring your voice and music remained in a live venue!  There is hardly anyone in this country who has not been personally affected by some form of cancer and your efforts to warn others of the dangers of prostate cancer and the success in treating it if detected early are to be commended. Good luck and I hope we can soon hear from you again musically!! God Bless ~ Dennis

Such fabulous news!  Faith, love and prayer are powerful allies.   As your music has helped sustain and nurture all of us through the years, we now  have the opportunity to support and nurture you through our thoughts, love and prayers.  To borrow one of the lines from Gene Clark's song, "Full  Circle,"...."Funny how the circle turns around."  All God's blessings to  you and Jean. ~ Rick Selig


 Dear Dan:  We at Malecare are encouraged to read of your continued success in battling metastatic prostate cancer. I have enjoyed your music for many years.  We are close in age, and, unfortunately, not too far off in diagnosis.  Indeed, I lost my father to prostate cancer four months ago.  Malecare is a seven year old all volunteer prostate cancer support group nonprofit.  I hope you find relevant information on our extensive website,  (and ).  I also hope to read about your good health and attend your live performances for decades to come.  Warm regards, Darryl


 I'm so happy to hear you are doing well------you are a great inspiration to me. ~ Teri Leonhardt


 This is great news. My thoughts are with you. Thank you for all your great music.~ Dave (UK)


 Hello Dan, I am so happy to hear that you are doing well and I wish you continued healing and complete recovery from prostate cancer.   I am 44 years old and back in the 80's I saw you in concert at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA.  Your music has always been such comfort and you were an absolute joy to see perform live.  You remind me of a very special time in my life when I was young and had so much hope for the future.Thank you for the information about prostate cancer and for reminding all men to get screened for this very curable disease.  My husband has a yearly check up scheduled for September and you can be sure I will be on his case to advise his doctor that he should be screened. Again, all the best to you for complete healing and May God Bless you and shine his light upon you and your family.  Thanks for the  beautiful music. ~ Patti


 Dear Dan and Jean, what a small thing it is for those of us who love your music to send you good wishes, when you have sent all your beautiful music to the world.  I can't really pick a favorite.  Your lyrics are real poetry and your melodies and guitar playing are without equal.  And then there's your keyboard work.  Let's face it, you are a genius-- a genius with sensitivity and a good heart.  ~ West Virginia Woman


 Dear Dan and Jean, I just read your letter of ongoing healing and am truly thankful that you are making such wonderful progress. My heart is full. Dan, you have given so much of yourself to the world of music and you so deserve our support in return, especially now. I've listened to your first few albums so much over the years that I had to replace them with second copies. I continue to listen with both awe and gratefulness. Should you choose to write and record again, I know that your experiences over the last 14 months will lead you to new and even greater heights of poetry, song, and success. How could it not? You sing from your heart, from your soul, and your life. It is who you are -- heart, soul, and LIFE. Jean, my husband is a cancer survivor and I know how difficult it is to remain calm and positive during such difficult and challenging times. I honor you deeply for your vigilance during Dan's illness. I continue to support both of you in prayer. ~ Regina Rivers, Indiana PA.


 I've been a fan since 1975 and have been keeping you and Jean in my prayers ever since I heard the terrible news of your illness.  Your music has brought me such joy and has allowed me to touch places in my heart I didn't know I had.  I am so thrilled at the news that your health is improving!  Your magic and your genius is such that the world would truly be a poorer place if you were not in it.  I will continue to pray for your complete recovery and a return to where you were before. Thank you for all the music all these years!  May God continue to bless you with recovery.~ Holly Price


 Hang in there Dan.  I too was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2004, just after turning 55.  I had a Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy done in June of 2004 and I'm happy to say that my PSA readings have been 0 for the last four checks and a recent bone scan was negative.  My doctor is pretty amazed, because I did have an aggressive cancer, my doctor didn't know this going in, my Gleason score was a 3 + 3 (not too high) but the pathology report on my prostate after they took it out was a 5 + 4 Gleason score.  So, so far so good.  You too can beat this, it just takes time. ~ My thoughts are with you and your family. Later ~ Jim


 Dear Dan, I'm sure every fan tells you how much your music has touched them. I am now 42 years old (as of yesterday, GOD!) and have followed your career since high school.  About 12 years ago, I attended law school in the South.  I'm a New Englander and felt like a bit of an outsider down there. I remember the first day in my new apartment there, feeling alone and out of place.  I unpacked my CDs, set up my stereo, and played the Captured Angel CD.  Just hearing your voice made me feel so much better. I called my best friend and said. "Guess what I'm listening to?"  She, too, is a fan from way back when. I have just read an article reporting that you are doing well in your battle against prostate cancer.  I am so happy to hear it. Stay strong. You remain in my prayers.  If you never tour again (I have seen you many times), I always have my Dan Fogelberg CDs and will remain an admirer forever. ~ Nancy Meehan - Branford, Connecticut


 Dear Dan, I am so happy to hear how well you are doing. Your music has always been an inspiration to

me. When I hear "any" songs from your first four albums it immediately takes me back to a specific time and place during my late teens. Those were wonderful times and believe me, your music was a huge part of it. I'm such a lover of music and when I think of all the wonderfully talented artists I've followed over the years, your music stands head and shoulders above the rest. May God bless you and your family and continue to give you the strength to deal with life's challenges. Here's to the hope that we'll see you again soon back on stage, inspiring us all. We miss you!!!!!!!! ~ a big fan from albuquerque


 Dan, I can't even begin to express how wonderful it was to find your letter to us all & read the good news! That had to make for one of the very best birthdays you have experienced in your time.  I wish for you a year ahead that is filled with much peace of heart, mind & body & many blessed years to come for you & Jean.   Take the time you need to truly heal in every way & when its meant to be & you are ready to travel along the road matter how long that takes...we'll be waiting to embrace & love you as always. Truthfully Dan, I've been a fan since I was 10 years old (approaching 40 now!) & would sneak into my brother's music collection & spin Souvenirs & Phoenix for countless hours. But if for some reason you decided to never share another note or song with anyone--we've been blessed many lifetimes over with music & lyrics of unbelievable depth & beauty that will forever stand the tests of time. Prayers & peace to you as you continue to recover & God keep you in his tender lovin' care.  And thanks for all you've given us for so long. ~ Lori Jean Heikkinen


 HELLO DAN. I just was thinking of you today, just had my class reunion a few weeks ago, twenty five. As the night went on and old friends and classmates showed up, all the music from that era started to hit home. There was of course the hair bands , the new wave, the classic rock and of course your music- the softer rock. It is amazing how timeless your music is, it reminds me so much of a different less stressful  time. I could sit here all day and bore you with what some of your songs have done and meant to me. From "Heart Hotels" to "Same Old Lang Syne" . I have loved your music since the mid seventies to present day, my wife and children, along with my parents also love your music very much. You have touched a lot more people than you could ever imagine. Our love and prayers are with you and your family. God bless ~ Kevin Keefe and family.


 Dan & family; I had heard your music for years but did not have the opportunity to see you perform until September 1987 at the Starlight Theater in Kansas City, MO.  A cool evening under the stars with your music is one of my most favorite memories.  I just learned of your struggle with prostate cancer and want to add my prayers and wishes for good health to the many, many others that you have received. ~  Terry in KCMO


 Dan, thank you for the update and the wonderful news of your progress. From a fan of 27 years. ~  Allan, Boise Idaho.


 Dan and Family, So happy to hear you're doing better.  You and your family will still be in our thoughts and although we miss seeing you in Philadelphia, we would rather have you take care of yourself. Sincerely ~ Susan Emery


 Hi Dan: I just drove up to Cathlemet, Washington to visit my sister and brother in law. You, of course, filled my CD player. I don't think there is a single CD (or album) I don't have. My brother-in-law David turned me onto you in the late 70's. I remember taking my ex-husband to one of your concerts in the East Bay Area of California. He actually admitted, during your concert,  that he thought you were a better guitarist than Eric Clapton. I told him it wasn't just the incredible way you played but that you were by far the best lyricist ever. Your lyrics have always held for me the words that I wished that I could express about life, pain and hope, past and present. I will hold you and Jean up in my prayers. You truly have and always will remain my favorite artist. ~ Linda Govednik.  Marshall, CA


 Dan & Jean - Fantastic news just posted on the site. Long may the progress continue. Very much look forward to hearing that, perhaps in due course, you will be back in the studio and once again allowing all of your fans to share in the music with you. In the meantime can continue to savour the albums already produced which really do get better every time they are played! May your health continue to improve. Much Love from England. ~ John Ryan - a fan of very many years.


 Dan, I've listened to and played your songs for years. I'm glad to hear the good news about your health.  I know you still face a huge struggle.  My best wishes go out to you and your family. P.S.  What the heck happened between Tony and Mary Estelle Hanna anyway? ~ Jon Anderson


 Dear Dan, Oh such great news!  Your photo made me smile, I'm just so happy and cannot wait to share your letter with my family.  Let's see, while you were busy in treatment we've continued to play your music in the car, in the barn, in the house and even heard it on XM Radio.  We have wondered about you and Jean along with the many thousands of people who also write here.  We talked about you when naming our foals this summer, and have found hope and solace in your lyrics in our own difficult times.  Can you believe the presence a single musical artist, you, has in the lives of family you don't even know?  Yes.  And we love it!  And, we cheer for you when you send news like this!  Be well, faraway friend, and thank you for...for so many things.  Shall I list them?  Music, memories, inspiration, family bonds, making friends with other fans, the lovely snowflaked guitar, and that intangible, wonderful feeling one gets when the music reaches, really reaches and touches deeply, over and over.  Thanks for that. ~ Kim, on behalf of Kim, Fred, Emma, Sophie and Jack


 I wish you and your family continued strength, hope, faith and success with your ongoing treatment for PCa.  Your music has been a source of inspiration, enjoyment and comfort for millions.  In some small way, I hope your fans' messages, thoughts and prayers give back the same to you. 


 I am 50 years old and have been listening to Dan's music since his first album (which I still have in vinyl!).  Over the years I re-purchased his music again and again... From vinyl to cassettes, then CDs, now DVDs. His music has always had a place in my home and in my heart.  For the lessons I learned as a young girl from Dan, and the peace and hope it still brings me now, I thank Dan most sincerely, and wish him all the best things in life. ~ Sharon Marchesani


 Dan, Congratulations on your success in fighting this monster!  My husband also is a prostate cancer fighter and has been for the last 12 years! I just want you to know that you can survive prostate cancer and a positive and upbeat attitude is one of the best defenses!  I pray that you and your wife will continue to embrace each day with a new energy and love. God Bless ~ Joyce Bicknell


 ...from a fellow Peorian. You HAVE made a difference. Thank You. God's Blessings. peace


 To Dan and Jean, My thoughts and prayers remain with you guys throughout eternity. Your music has always been with me and I hope you receive the good karma that I am sending your way! I wish you peace, joy and love. ~ Jeana Esser, lifetime fan in Louisiana


 Dan, Thank you for teaching me how to play the guitar. I’ve spent many hours listening to your recordings and working out the songs from your songbooks. I still pop in your Greetings from the West DVD and try to steal your licks. Your music really inspired me to play and create my own. My Martin 00028H thanks you, my Taylor DDSM thanks you and my Fender Tele thanks you! Congratulations on your good health and thanks again for the music. ~ Sara, Ann Arbor, MI


 We too are in the battle for life.  My husband Dennis, 52, was diagnosed a little over a year ago with Advanced Prostate Cancer.  He is now participating in a clinical trial of Taxotere and Velcade and is completely pain free. There are side effects, but we are hopeful. I as his wife am so grateful that this "beast") is getting the publicity it should so that all men can take the simple test that can save their lives. Happy Birthday. You're in our prayers, keep us in yours. ~ Donnie & Dennis Ryan


 Dearest Ones, I am sitting here with tears in my eyes and a giant smile on my face at the news!! I have been praying for a healthy recovery and my heart is filled with gratitude at this moment!! Thank you so much for letting us know how well you are doing. Ever since I was a young girl and discovered "Home Free" in a friend's record collection, you have been part of my life and now my children's lives My twins turned 14 this past week and I was listening to "14 today" and crying!! Be well, dear ones and know that there is much love in the world for you and an enormous bouquet of prayers being sent for your continued good health!!!! Sincerely ~ Jill Pisano


 Dan, I hope you are well soon.  The world needs people like you to fight off the darkness. Also, I had 3 friends who had prostate cancer that are all doing well.  They drank a lot of fresh carrot juice they made from a juicer. It really seems to work.  The treatment was in the book "Juicing for Life". Best of luck. ~ Rich Foschia, a fan for 33 years.


 I am a huge fan of Dan. I have his music from a long time ago...way back when. And I just heard of his battle with cancer. Oh my God, I am so happy he is doing so well. I will pray for him to recover. A big fan for years in New York City ~ Donna Mendel


 Dan, Jean and all those who love glad that there is new hope in your future, and light in your heart!  God bless you, for the love that has gotten you this far, and the love that reflects from you onto all of us.  I have recently moved from the "O.C." to Albuquerque, and have had a renewal of hope myself - that God still smiles on the earth, and it reflects His love back in its beauty!  Your music does that for us. Thank you, and continued wellness and love!  ~ Debra P.


 Dear Dan, Jean and family, How fabulous to hear that you are finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel!   I look forward to seeing you back on stage when you feel well again. The first time I saw you "in concert" was outside in Peoria when you were there with Leo Kottke!  I was at U of I back then...  Now we are regulars at Humphreys each summer as I am married and live in Carlsbad. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. All the best to you and the family ~ Nancy Bergman


 Dan, I just haven't the words - and believe me, I've tried. You have been such a beacon; always providing the grounding I needed, the hope I needed, the honesty and the reflection I needed for what seems my entire life. Your music still brings me to tears driving the long way back late at night after an evening in Evergreen; it seems almost a spiritual thing. I wish you and Jean and your family all the peace and joy and love you so richly deserve. ~ C 


 Well, I just had to post again after reading this wonderful outpouring of love. I believe completely in the power of prayer and I am so grateful for Dan and Jean and all the loyal fans that have kept hope alive for Dan's healing. Dan, your music has brought so much love and heart and light into the lives of so many of us. That light will be eternal, I truly believe that. And to those who hear for the first time a beautiful song like "To the Morning", well, they too will fall under the wonderful spell of your music and be inspired and moved like the rest of us. I understand very well the power of good wishes to the process of health and healing. In 2003 I had major surgery and every day I waited just to hear from my friends and loved ones. When the life force ebbs a bit, the collective energy helps so much to bring it back. Please don't lose heart and do stay tuned here to feel the web that surrounds you in spirit and heart. ~ Angela from PA


 Dear Dan...  This was my first time trying to find your website in hopes of finding concert dates.  I guess family life has kept me from staying informed. I am sending you best wishes for continued progress.  My father (who is nearly 70 years young) has beaten prostate cancer.  You have given such a wonderful gift to your fans with your music and words of wisdom.  I will hope the best for you and hope that someday you will consider a return to the stage as I have always wanted to hear you live and have never gotten to a show. Meanwhile, I will continue to love everything from "Scarecrow's Dream" on Nether Lands(a favorite!!), "Wysteria" on Home Free to the Fogelberg - Weisberg LP.  Best wishes from a fan near Buffalo, New York ~ Michele


 Dear Dan: I am so happy to hear the encouraging news. I had sent an e-mail to you earlier when this news first broke and I was heartbroken for you and you're family. Your songs will always carry a special place in my heart as a time capsule to love's both won and loss at different time's in my life. I send you much love and hope for an even better tomorrow. Best Wishes ~ Steve Komito, Berwick, ME


 Dear Dan, Jean, and family: Prayers, blessings, salutations to our Leader of The Band. With all the gifts you gave to us with your passion, song and tempo, thank you thank you. Know that everyone here are united in spirit for your recovery. ~ Steve Richardson


 Dear Dan, Words are hard for me to get to explain how I feel.  I don't have your gift.  But I'll do my best.  I thank God, your spirit and your wife Jean for helping you get through this.  I know you still have to continue to work through this illness.  I had a feeling you would give an update on your birthday and was so pleased when I found it.  I have thought about you often and sent prayers and good wishes.  Good for you that you can see some positive and learning about this experience.  Somehow that does not surprise me :) You look good in the picture.  I can see your spirit is still there (even with the glasses).  Your smile is sincere and full of life. The beard...that brings back memories from the old days.  In the difficult times, please remember that you are loved and appreciated.  This is true caring for who you are. With love, light and health ~ Diane Dworkin-Wagner


 Dan, I can't tell you how happy your personal letter to us all made me.  You have been in my thoughts and prayers since I heard the news you were sick. It's amazing that one can feel so strongly for a perfect stranger, THAT'S what your music has done.  Although we've never met, I feel as if I know you through your writings. Your songs have made me laugh, cry and helped me through some difficult times. Thank you for the update on your condition and stay healthy. Also, a hearty thanks for 35 years of wonderful music. ~ Steve Barchan


 Thanks, Dan for this tremendous letter.  On your birthday, I just happened to be driving through the mountains surrounding Durango listening to Home Free.  When I realized what the date was, I just allowed my heart to fill with gratitude to you and prayers for you.  Last night, I felt an overwhelming urge to check the site.  What a wonderful gift to read the letter and see your picture.  I survived cervical cancer at age 27.  Those who loved me brought my cd player and your cds to the hospital.  I got through many scary moments with your help.  My sermon to women is the same as yours to men:  Get checked!!!  Thanks so much for updating your fans.    We all love you, Dan!  In this soul group, you are a leader and teacher.  Our prayers are constantly with you and Jean. ~ Lori Gottshalk, Montrose, Colorado


 Dear Dan, I am so relieved to finally hear word that you are healing!  I continue to pray for you & your family & wish you all the best during your recovery.  Happy Birthday & many, many more!!! ~ Dawn, Dayton, Ohio


 Dan, I was devastated to hear of your condition.  I have listened to your songs for years and I can't even begin to tell you the enjoyment they have given me.   A person very close to me was recently diagnosed. Thank God it is still intracapsular.  He leaves for Loma Linda University Hospital in just two weeks for the Proton treatment they offer there.  I am now unabashedly asking the men in my life if they know what their PSA number is.  Too many men are saying "I don't know, I'm sure my doctor will tell me if anything is wrong". WRONG ANSWER!  Men need to be aggressive in educating themselves about their prostate health.  1 in 6 men will get prostate cancer. My prayers are with you and Jean.~ Becky in Denver, CO


 I send my most sincere wishes for your continuing recovery, good health, and joy!  I have had an ongoing love-affair with your music as long as I can consciously recall, and your art and spirit have been both encouragement and yardstick for my own artistic and musical endeavors.  I thank you for sharing yourself with the world. Love and peace ~ Allyson 


 Dan, I had a very interesting experience this past Saturday.  I was changing the strings on my acoustic guitar when I felt the need to fire up the DVD player with the "Greetings From The West" DVD.  I didn't really know why, because it had been quite a while since I had watched this video. About the time "Make Love Stay" began, I had a strange feeling of concern that I couldn't explain.  Why had I selected this DVD?  Was there some important news regarding your health?  Why this particular day?   Many thoughts went through my mind, then suddenly it dawned on me that it was your birthday. What a relief!  And then I go to your website and see a personal note from you.  Double relief!  Now I understand why I just had to watch your video.  But you know, it's still a bit strange :-)  Oh, and happy birthday! It's such great news to learn of your progress since starting treatment last year.  We will continue to remember you in our prayers.  Please continue to get well and take advantage of every day God has provided. ~ Jeff C. in Greenville, SC


 Hi Dan, I am so very thankful for this good news about your progress! Your music and concerts have been such a positive part of my life. I hope to see you on that old wooden chair and hear your songs fill the night mountain air again, but until then I just want you to know that I think this world is just a better place having you in it. All the best to you and Jean ~ Jesse Thurgood


 Dan, I was introduced to your music as a 17 year old high school girl.  I am now a 44 year old mother of two young children.  I have always been touched by your music.  I chose 'Longer" to be played at my wedding.  I was saddened to hear about your struggle with cancer, but much relieved to hear your latest news of your successful treatment.  I will keep you in my prayers and hope the music will keep coming for years to come.


 With tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat I see you are still with us and having a Birthday!   Happy Belated Birthday and thank you for updating us.   Not knowing was the hardest part.  I kept checking back, praying, and I am so thankful. Thank you again for sharing your gift of music over the years and Thank you for letting us know how you were doing.   Our continued prayers and love for you and your family.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing. Yours truly ~ Jacqui in Cameron, MO


 Hi Dan, What a great 54th birthday present!  So glad you are doing better.  Please continue to keep us updated on your progress. Love and Prayers ~ Karen Laitur


 I trust and pray with all my heart and soul your treatment is going 54 who knows what creativity lies ahead. I, for one, can't wait for more of your singular musical genius. I know you will pull through this with even more magic to weave for your talents have remained unequaled through the last 34 years of modern music. No exaggeration....just fact. Take care, rest, and fully recover my friend....and take good care of all you must. Sincerely ~ Greg Tuttle, M.D., Chapel Hill, NC


 Obviously I am thrilled to hear of Dan's progress.  What a blessing!  I have many wonderful memories of my college days in the late 70's at Northern Arizona University listening to your music.  My family and I take annual ski trips to Colorado and we always make sure we pop in your CDs on the drives through the mountain passes.  Thank you for being a part of our life in that way. I want to tell Jean that I have been praying for her probably more than anybody.  I know how tough it is to be strong and supportive during something like this.  To Jean, the unsung hero!!  Take a deep breath, shed a tear and laugh out loud!!  May the years to come bring you all the joy you deserve!


 Happy Birthday Dan, My Best Wishes to you, and for your next 50+ healthy years . Best Regards ~ Sheldon Schwartz


 Dear Dan,  Thank you for the glorious update!  Happy Birthday!!  May God continue to Bless You and keep You in his care!!  Hug Your Beautiful Wife, Hug a Tree!!!!  Keep getting better!!  I am so thrilled to hear that you received all of the wonderful e-mails.  Most people don't get to truly find out what an impact that they have made and how they've touched people until after they leave Planet Earth!!! Love, Peace and Light Always!  ~ Carole D.  Hunterdon County, NJ


 You've been in my prayers since hearing of your diagnosis last year. I'm a lifelong fan, also a cancer survivor, and am so very happy to hear of your progress and improved health. Your music has brought so much joy, peace, and thoughtfulness in to my life over the years.  I wish you and your family much joy, peace, and continuing health in the future. The love of millions worldwide are with you. ~ Susan  


 What wonderful news!! Thank you, Dan and Jean, for deciding this was the time to share it with all of us. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope that you grow stronger every day! I will be passing this information about being tested on to my husband...another HUGE fan of yours! We hold your music close to our hearts, and hope that someday we can see you perform around here again. Happy Birthday to you, Dan!!!! with love ~ Cheryl 


 Dear Dan and Jean, Thank you for letting us know of your good news. I think of you every day and wish you well; you have been a very important part of my life, strength and spirit. Your wisdom and spirit continues to guide me; you are a most valuable part of our everyday. I, too, am dealing with cancer and will look to your words to add to my insight as to why cancer is expressed in so many of us. Perhaps one day you will give us, in song, some more of your thoughts regarding this. Dan, thank you for you and sharing yourself with each of us. Peace .~ Lorraine D'Aversa


 What a blessing! I can't tell you how much you and your music has meant to me over the years and how often it has helped pull me through rough times. I have thought often about you and prayed for you over the last 14 months and will continue to do so. God Bless. ~ Rob Lofland, Lindlale, Texas


 Dear Dan, I am so very happy to hear your good health news, and while it saddens me that I may never enjoy your talents in concert again, it is so important that you take care of yourself and keep healing. I have to tell you, I think your music kept me sane during my teens, twenties and thirties. It was my touchstone when things got just too crazy. My life is wonderful now...learning all those lessons has paid off in a big way, but thank you for giving the world (specifically my little part of it) some beauty to hold on to. My prayers and best wishes are for continued good health and recovery for you. Sincerely ~ Liz Odom


 Dear Dan and Jean, I have kept my thoughts and prayers private this past year. You both know that my thoughts have been with you every single day as I direct every hope and wish your way for a recovery. I cannot tell you how devastated I was when I first heard the news. My husband and I had tickets to fly from Reno to see you in concert in Florida, Dan. It was my anniversary gift from my husband. Only I would fly almost 3000 miles to see you sing...we went to Florida anyway and as the concert day came and went I just cried knowing what you were going through.


Many days and tears have come and gone and I am so grateful that your health has improved. I  am so relieved to read your letter on the website and see for myself that you are all right. Thank you from not only me, but the hundreds and thousands of other fans who needed to know how you were doing. I would fly anywhere to catch another concert, you know that! Be happy, be safe and keep up your spirits. We are all praying for you,  Dan. I realize now that I am not alone in my love of your music. You have a  "band" of people cheering for you, and you truly are "The Leader". Please keep  us all posted periodically with updates. We care about you both.  Jean,  thank you for being there for Dan through all of this. He needs you more than ever. Love from Reno ~ Alexia and David


 Dan...I have prayed every day for you since learning of your illness.  I cannot express how happy I am to hear of your great progress. thank you for sharing the gift your good news with us!  I commend your courage, your  strength and your spirit. I do hope you will tour again someday....imagine the sound of all of us welcoming you back when you walk out on stage!  But if not, I pray you have a long and happy life and I thank you for  30 years of music that has deeply touched my soul. Prayers continue. ~ Mary Archibald


 Your music and the depth of heart in each lyric has been a blessing to me over the years.  I have an hour drive to and from work - I sing along with you all the way even though I get some pretty strange looks from others that drive by.   I wish for you and your family strength in the struggle, hope in the journey and a new sense of life for each day.  I too, have had my encounter with cancer.  It has been 7 years now and as you shared, the experience placed my priorities in my hand to embrace and cherish.   Again, I cannot thank you enough for sharing your heart in song and giving me the words to mine. Thoughts and Prayers ~ Janet Sage, Mineral City, Ohio


 My father just beat it.  My prayers are with you. 


 Dan ... so wonderful to hear about your progress and to feel your spirit so loud and clear!!! Something persuaded me a few weeks back to "Reach" back and rummage through all of your great music to make a traveling cassette to accompany me as I run around Wisconsin in my old Subaru ... Old stuff ... "Hickory Grove"; "Sketches"; "Stars";  ...and newer stuff like "Whispers in the Wind"; and "Reach Haven Postcard". Maybe I was afraid I wouldn't hear from you again ... thankfully, not so!!! And what a great tape!!! I wish you the best in your recovery ... ~ Charlie (Chippewa Falls, WI)


 Dan, I hope everything goes well for you. I like your music, my wife is crazy about you. She sent me the link to your website and asked me to read it. Im 43, going to the doctor for a check up and am going to ask him to do the psa. I hope everything goes well for you and your loved ones. Take care ~ Jim Sherota


 Hi Dan, It is good to see an update from you.  May you continue to receive good news with your treatment.  You and yours are all in our prayers. I lost my Dad to prostate cancer on March 3, 1996.   He was 54.  I started my PSA tests at 30.   ~ Jeff Clark


 PRAISE GOD!!! It's wonderful, even better than wonderful, to hear that Dan is doing better. I hope each day he continues to improve and gets the opportunity to live life just the way he would want to. His letter sure made my day. I'm so relieved that the news was GOOD...God Bless Dan & his Family. Keep the Faith Dan !!! ~ Mark Pavkov


 Dan, It was so good to log on this morning and to see your letter.  Every since I heard of your condition I have worried about you.  Thank goodness you seem to be doing so well! I was recently in Colorado for a couple of weeks and naturally my thoughts went to you frequently.  I desperately hope all continues to go will for you. Not too long ago I started thinking about how everyone has a soundtrack to their life and I started thinking about my 51 years on this planet and what that soundtrack of my life is.  I have to say that the music of Dan Fogelberg has played an extremely important part in that.  Thanks! ~ Dave Meridith, Downers Grove, Illinois


 Dan, A collective sigh of relief from myself and all of your other fans out here and thank you for another feather in my Faith's proverbial cap.  Take your time and we'll see you for sure when you're ready to rock us again!  My musical choice for my bicycle ride (my solitude) this morning was Twin Sons.  Thanks for the inspiration, you're truly a hero of mine for living your life so true to your being.  GREAT news! ~ Bru's Muse


 Dan, I have been listening to your beautiful music for 28 years now. My husband introduced me to the Nether Lands album when we were first dating, and I fell in love with him and your voice and incredible lyrics. Your music touches me to the core. Some days to lift me up, to just relax, or sometimes when I need to cry.I have had the pleasure of attending a few of your concerts here in Upstate NY. I popped in my CD of "Wild Places" this morning, and thought to check your website. What a wonderful surprise to hear of your good news! Happy Birthday! I wish you continued good health and happiness.The best ~ Karen


 Great News!  I have thought about you, and prayed for you.  Your music has touched my life and I still listen every day.  Miracles do happen.  Hold your wife, give thanks for every day, and enjoy the majesty of creation.  All of us will be thinking of you in this time and wishing you the best. ~ Thomas B. Wiggers


 Dear Dan:  Happy Birthday to you and I'm so glad you are doing better.  I was at the State Theatre in Easton, Pa. and it said you were going to be there on October 31, but I guess you will not be there.  Ii wanted to tell you that I first saw you in New Jersey, I think it was 1975.  Your music has helped me through some very tough times over the years (losing my husband in 1997 and just recently my son in October of 2004). When I thought I couldn't go on another minute, I put on your music and everything was a little better.  I pray for you and Jean that you will beat this terrible disease.  God bless you both and know that you are very much loved by many. ~ Carole McHugh, Pocono Summit, Pa.


 Hi Dan, Searching the web for information about prostate cancer I became aware of your diagnosis.  You will be in my prayers. ~ gordon


 Dan, It was wonderful news to hear of your ongoing progress in your fight against prostate cancer.  May you continue to heal and get stronger.  God bless and keep watch on you and your family.  Sincerely ~ The Welday Family from Ohio


 Dan - belated Happy Birthday. I am delighted to think that your disease is going into recovery. I heartily pray for happiness for you and your family. ~ Yoshie Kamiy from Japan


 Dear Dan and Jean:  You have been in my thoughts and prayers daily since I heard of your diagnosis on KBCO radio in Boulder, CO.  Your songs and spirit surround us here in Colorado.  I hope that your on-going challenge to fight prostate cancer continues to prove positive.  Thank you for the letter sent on your birthday that shared your good news (we wished you a Happy Birthday on Saturday).  May the Great Spirit watch over you and keep you safe.  Love and laugh a lot.  ~ Sue (Otter Child Woman) in Ned


 Dan, I have been waiting and waiting to hear of your progress and I actually cried when I read your letter to everyone. Your fans truly love you and I'm glad you were able to see and feel that during your treatments!!! I pray the Lord continue to heal you and give you strength, you are always an inspiration to your fans and now to those who you may have touched during your illness and with your "sermon". May the Lord continue to bless and heal you! Just one of your many fans that care and prayed for you ~ Laura in Prescott, Arizona


 Dear Dan and Jean, I just read the wonderful news on your website!  I am so happy to hear you are much improved and feeling better Dan, and  know this past year is behind you.  The news put a big smile on my face. Dan, I have been a fan of your wonderful music for many years and wanted to take the time to tell you how much your music has meant to me.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for touching me so deeply.  It is your music that has helped me through some very tough times. You are also responsible for re-awakening me to my love of music.  Like all of us, the daily act of living each day and all the ups and downs that are a part of this existence sometimes distract us from just "being." 


One day, about two years ago, I did "stop" while tuning the dial on my car radio and heard "Longer." I remembered when I first heard this beautiful song shortly after it was released.  Your words expressed a timeless, passionate love.  I also recalled how I responded to the sadness in your voice when I listened to the "Exiles" album. More recently, changes in my personal life-the death of my beloved father-in-law, the illness of a good friend and some health problems of my own have made me realize that you have to take a moment, stop and to coin a cliché, "smell the roses". Or, in my case, listen to the music. When I listen to one of your ballads or songs about places visited and experiences shared, I'm transported to a place where I experience the true power of music - its ability to emotionally touch me and create a connection. Dan, your music does that and more for me.  When I listen, I remember how I felt when I first fell in love (I'm still married and much in love with the same man and we will celebrate our 39th wedding anniversary next month).  And, I remember how I felt when our daughter was born.  That overwhelming sense of fullness that spills out a little bit at a time and produces a goofy grin or tears as it overtakes you. After all, we listen to music (and in particular your music) to be moved emotionally and to feel a connection.  We look for these "connections" in our relationships, in the books we read, the movies we watch, and the music we get lost in. When we are lucky enough to experience that connection, it transforms us. Thank you once again for all your music has given me.  I wish you continued good health, happiness and some of the joy you have given me. Best regards ~ Sharon Blumenthal


 Great news!!  I am very happy to hear the good news.  We will continue to pray for you.  I have loved your music for many years and will continue to do so.


 Dan, Hi!  Happy belated birthday!  We share the same birth month... mine's August 10.  I was so shocked to hear of your prostate cancer, but glad to hear you're much better now.  I have enjoyed your music since 1977 & still do.  Your beautiful word pictures have been such a blessing to me.  I'll be praying for your continued healing.  Best wishes and God Bless you. ~ Vicki Tuma, Charlotte, Michigan


 ...and may your life be a long one shared by those you love... you are held in many hearts and surrounded by prayer...for you, Jean, and your family.. ~ a friend


 To Dan and your lovely wife, Happy Birthday Dan! I am so happy to hear the great news on your health progress!  You have such a wonderful gift that you share with so many through your music and beautiful voice.  You have touched my heart and soul with your music and I sincerely thank you for that. You are my favorite! May God's divine favor shine upon you and your wife with abundant blessings of health, peace, and joy!  You both are in my prayers. ~ Rose (Novi, MI)


 I have been a fan of yours for many, many years.  Your music helped me get through my college years at Penn State and I still listen to your music on the original vinyl albums I bought way back when.  Your music has been interwoven into my life throughout the years.  I am glad to hear about the progress you have made with your fight against prostate cancer.  My boyfriend recovered from throat cancer and then had a high PSA level come back after post operative tests.  Your "sermon" is right on - since we got the initial results, we have started on a regimen of vitamins, diet and regular exams and have seen a significant drop in the levels.  Every man needs to be vigilant and proactive to stay on top of this disease.  Thank you for the years of wonderful music and best wishes to you on the road to total recovery.  You are always in our hearts.  Thank you. ~ Christine


 Dan, Thank you for the music. You have truly made this world a better place. I'm relieved to hear you're doing so well and taking it easy with Jean. Take care ~ Gerry (One of millions whose lives have been enriched by your gifts)


 I knew you would post on your birthday - I was almost afraid to look - funny how some of us remember your birthday - just shows the mark you have left on your fans.  Happy Birthday Dan and keep getting strong ~ ML


 Hello Dan Fogelberg, Wonderful news about your ongoing recovery from Prostate Cancer.  I've been, and continue to be, a fan of your music since the early seventies and even learned to play the guitar just so I could play "To the Morning" and "Part of the Plan".  It would be great to see you perform again, but completely understand your trepidation in doing so.   If you do step out to play again...I hope you book a gig somewhere in the Philadelphia area.  My best to you, Jean and your family. Best regards ~ Andy Atkins


 Happy Birthday Dan! From a fellow Leo. Oh how wonderful it is to hear you are doing well. We are all so very happy for you and your family. Our wish is for your full recovery so you can get back in the recording studio and start touring again. You have been my FAVORITE ALL TIME songwriter/singer since your very first album way back in the '70's. (Oops..did I just tell my age?) You have  deeply touched my heart through your songs more than you will ever know. Keep  the faith and know that your fans are here with you and for you. Much love to you and your family ~ Tracy Sherota... Mobile, AL


 Dan:  I have been a fan from the beginning, and am so thankful for this good news.  I also appreciate the "sermon" for those of us over fifty guys.  Having already been through a prostate biopsy at the young age of 42, I have a check-up and examination every year, and I truly hope all will heed your message.   May your recovery continue! You have influenced so many of us who still believe in the power of poetry put to music. There is a desperate need for the continuing talent and blessings that artists like you share.  There are also songs out there that might not ever be heard by anyone, except for the friends that writers like myself choose to sing them for.  It would be far worse had the songs never been written at all, because in the writing, the wonders of the human spirit are allowed to breathe.  So, I thank you for the inspiration that you have given me over the past 30+ years. Sincerely ~ Dr. Robert L. Waltz, Azusa, CA.


 Just checking in to make sure it's really true! That smile on your face is such a joy to see! Love to you & Jean ~ Kathy in California


 Dear Dan, You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. God is all powerful and he gives you the tools you need to get through anything and everything. I wanted you to know that you have a special place in my heart as well as in my daughter's heart and I wanted to share that with you.   My daughter is 30 now but when she was little I used to play my Innocent Age album all the time. It was one of my very favorites. I played it over and over never realizing how much my daughter related to it. Come to find out she memorized all the words off the jacket of the album. At a point when things were very difficult and my daughter felt very far away from her family (which was me and her brother) I found out she would play that same album over and over again and cling to the words and the sentiments as well as the familiarity of the your music.  It was a comfort to her like a big hug and even more of a comfort to me.   It was such a nice surprise when I found that out and how it related to all of us.  You came to Atlanta back in 2003 (I think) and played at Chastain.   I got tickets and my daughter and I went together and shared that special night with you.  It was an indescribable feeling to me...a lifetime come full circle.  My daughter and I smiling knowingly at one another with each and every song you sang but especially with the ones from the Innocent Age.  We love your music and we love you.   Please take care and know that you and the God given gift you were given are a very special part of our lives and will never end. With the warmest and best of wishes ~ Dawn


 To Dan and his family; This is wonderful news.  So glad to hear you are doing well.  Your advice is well taken.  I have 2 good friends (both doctors) who had early diagnoses of prostate cancer and both have had surgery and are doing well.  Both said if they had not had yearly checkups, they wouldn't be here today. BTW, the same age group also needs to know that a colonoscopy is highly recommended for men age 50 and up. Had mine 3 years ago and it was really no big deal at all. Hope you continue to do well and, if the spirit moves you, we'd love to see you "get back to work".  (Just kidding.) Peace ~ Rusty Gunn, Macon, GA


 I'm just ecstatic to hear that things are looking up!  You hear bad news every day and then your good news shows up like a warm, rising sun. You look healthy and full of joy in the photo.  God bless you and your wife because he's blessed us all with your music and wonderful presence. ~ Amy Crates, Carson City, NV


 Thank you for sharing the wonderful news! You've been (and will continue to be) in my thoughts & prayers. Thank you for the music! Warm wishes ~ Laura


 Dan I had just heard the wonderful news about your progress. My wife and I are so pleased to hear that you are on the road to recovery.  Hope Jean is doing well, I'm sure this last year has been hard for her.  I believe that I can say " The Faces Of America " have reason to smile.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  ~ Leon


 Dear Dan, Just sitting here listening to the side two of "Captured Angel".  I was so excited to read such wonderful news!! I've been waiting to hear some good news from you. It's been a long 14 months!! As always, my best wishes and prayers for you and Jean.  ~Kevin Marler, Missouri


 Dear Dan,  Last year I phoned for tickets for your Oct. 17th concert here in Melbourne, Florida at the King Center.  I was told by the girl that the tour had been cancelled, and she was kind enough to tell me why.  I have been praying for you ever since and am so happy and relieved to read your online letter.  You have given so much to all of us, and for me it started in 1975 when I discovered "Souvenirs" at a friend's house, and then fell in love with all of your albums.  At my 1980 wedding our song was "Longer".  I've seen every concert you've done in Florida ever since.  Your songs make people fall in love....YOU make people fall in love and I am so happy that you have your Jean by your side during this trying time.  Just remember, a positive attitude, faith in our Lord and the love you two share can move mountains if you believe that they can.  God be with you now and always.  You know that we all are!! Heartfelt thanks ~ Kim & Bryan in Florida


 I just came across your web site and heard your news.  I'm so thrilled you are feeling well.  I have always loved your music.  I saw you in concert a few years back at the University of Utah and have been a big fan for sooooo long.  My 3 favorite songs:  "Leader of the Band" ..."Seeing You Again" and "Run For the Roses."   You're an inspiration to all those with prostate cancer and I know you'll be fine and healthy.  ~ Merilee Hughes, Salt Lake City, Utah


 Dan, What wonderful news about your illness.  I received the devastating news that my father was diagnosed with this horrible disease just last week. It was crippling to hear that the man I have admired my entire life has something that I cannot help him fight, but it is wonderful to hear of people like you beating the illness into remission.  I pray every day that my father is able to achieve the same results as you.  In a time where my family is in a constant state of worry, I applaud you for being public with your fight as to give the rest of us hope.  Thank you, good luck, and God bless.


 Dear Dan, Can't express how happy I am to hear your prognosis!!!  I am a huge fan, have been since the mid-seventies.  A fellow musician as well and can't wiat to see you on the road again.  Perhaps our paths will cross in the future. Get well soon ~ Mark


 Dan - Just saw your message and was grateful to hear that you are doing much better.  As I find myself dealing with life issues I am comforted in the knowledge that Faith (to get me through), Prayer (to show that I care and am listening to the true message), and music (to soothe my soul and keep the creative juices flowing) keeps me moving forward to the beat of my own drum. Thanks again for all you have given us through the notes and words you put to paper and then to song.  You are a gift to a world much in need! ~ JAS


 Dan, I just read the wonderful news!  You and Jean are in good hands. We will keep the positive energy and prayers coming. Your music has inspired and comforted me for many years and I can't express how great it is to hear you are doing so well. You are close in my heart and prayers, God Bless! Thank you ~ Diana Weeks


 Dan and Jean, thank you so much for letting us know how your health is progressing.  It heals something in all of us when one of us finds the way to a new balance and a life of new opportunities.  May you both be absolutely aware of how much you are loved and treasured.  May love and light continue to surround you both.  Shine on!!!  ~ Deann in Yellow Springs, Ohio


 Dan, My heart is so overwhelmed with joy, happiness and thankfulness for your recovery.  I have prayed often for you.  Please know that even if you do not hit the touring trail again, you are loved in a very personal,  special way by so many of us.  You have our support and caring.   ALWAYS.  With lots of love ~ Wendy Gould, Shelbyville,  Kentucky


 Sincerely concerned for this past 12 months since hearing the news of your Cancer, and without the link from you to us on the status of your treatments and health, so thank you for keeping us intact with your progress.  My prayers for your healing have never ceased. And how awesome it is to hear of the encouragement from so many loving fans have never wavered. Your music has had an immeasurable effect on me for the past 16 years. And I personally consider your music a very important part of shaping the man I am today. Along with the Grace of God and the hope planted in me from His mercy, I have been blessed in so many ways by your music, and I hope that in some small manner of grace I may be able to return to you, Dan, something of a blessing from me to you and Jean. God's Blessings. With Love and Respect ~ Larry Ryan, Kansas City, Missouri.

 I check your site very, very often, hoping to hear how you are doing.  What a wonderful surprise to get a personal note from you.  Good luck and best wishes as you continue this fight. When did I first start listening to you???? I can't recall, but I do know that one of my favorite concerts is the time you came to Huntsville, AL for a solo tour.  Wow.  I still talk about that.   And when people ask who my favorite recording artists are I list (in alphabetical order) David Bromberg, Bob Dylan, Don Fogelberg, and John Prine.  Thanks for all the tunes over the years. ~ Linda Bidwell


 Dan, I still remember the first time I heard your music back during my Freshman year of college in 1979.  My old college roommate from Louisville, KY was a big fan and played your music in the room.  I soon became hooked and have been a big fan since that time.  I have all of your music and even after all these years can still listen to it for hours.   I regret that you've had to go through this ordeal, but it's certainly great to hear that things are looking more encouraging with your medical situation.  I just wanted to say hello and let you know that my family and I are thinking about you.  God bless you and your family. ~ Craig Hogan, Springboro, OH


 The internet is an amazing thing isn't it, that I can send a message to a man who has been there for all of the significant events of my youth is simply wild.  In fact, my best friend in high school and I wrote to each other in our yearbooks that all we had to do to survive was dump our boyfriends, move to Telluride (we did!) and listen to "Stars" and "Wysteria" forever.  I graduated to replace those favorites with my all time, High Country Snows, and hope that I'll be hearing more bluegrass from you someday! My heart was lightened when I heard your news.  Truly the love that is being sent your way is a powerful force.  No matter what life brings you, find peace in knowing you have brought so much to so many.  Love and prayers to you always ~ Sherrie in Spokane.


 Dan: Thank you for the update. You have been, and continue to be, an inspirational force in my life. My thoughts and prayers are with you for the best years ahead. May you and Jean have long lives and much happiness together. Thank you for keeping us posted-I've checked frequently with much concern and keeping hopes high. ~ Dave


 Dan and family, I was so glad when I logged on this morning to see an update on how you are doing.  I was talking about you last night at dinner with my 15 year old (He loves your music too and sat front row center for the Full Circle tour in Detroit with me.  It was one of our favorite shows that year.  The set list that he took from the stage is still on his bedroom door), and thought that I should check your site because it had been several weeks since I had checked last.  I can't wait to tell everyone in my family that you are doing well.  You are in my thoughts and prayers and I hope that you keep up the good work with treatment.  My dad beat Prostate Cancer too!  That was almost 20 years ago and he is now 84 and going strong. Best Wishes ~ David Smith


 Hi Dan. I just read your letter on your website. I am glad you are making progress and seem to be in good spirits. I will continue to pray and have positive thoughts for you. Love and best wishes ~ Lawrence in NC


 HALLELUJAH! Excellent, wonderful, I am so overjoyed, and give thanks to my Lord Jesus, to the Father and commend your bravery Dan! I have a morning routine when going online to check mail, news and what not, each day the routine has  been to check your site for hopeful news. Thank you for your personal letter, I  am just so happy that your presence remains with us. I utterly adore your music,  but I want you to be happy and free, just live your life fully. You've earned  it. God has granted it. Dan if you record again, fantastic. If not, you've given enough of your beautiful spirit to last my lifetime. Hey I am just thankful. Your musical paintings have embellished my world with greater, more elaborate colors throughout many years of living. Your masterpieces are numerous, just a  wonderful addition to my soul and to my days. Dan, Jean, blessings  foremost. Kristin Ryling ~ Jefferson, NC


 Dan, Years and years back I opened a couple of small venues for ya'll, and I wouldn't even expect you to remember me in the least, but I just learned of your illness and wanted to send prayers and best wishes to you. Your music touched the heart and soul of me, and my younger brother as well, who passed away 6 years back of brain cancer. Just prior to his passing he made a tape of what music he wanted played at his service....Most of it was yours....I will never forget how your music impacted his life and mine. May you always walk in sunshine ~ T Warren, Bridgeport Illinois


 Dear Dan, What a relief to hear this wonderful news.  You have blessed us with your heartfelt music for so many years, and now you have been blessed with improved health.  Just like your borrowed Full Circle lyrics, "if it's right, it brings it back again."  Speaking of Full Circle, on your birthday I was on a Lake Michigan beach in Michigan's upper peninsula, wearing the t-shirt from that tour. It was an overcast day, but the sun was trying to shine through the clouds, when a phenomenon occurred that I've never seen in my life. A  large, full circle rainbow appeared around the sun.  Everyone on the beach was looking at it and marveling at such an event. No one had every seen or heard of such a thing before.  One guy assumed it had something to do with the ozone, but I said I choose to think it's a spiritual sign of some kind, and just closed my eyes and wished it meant good health for you on your birthday. I couldn't help but think of your lyrics, "There's a ring around the moon tonight..." as I saw it.  I found out later from another Danfan friend, that it's a sign of abundance in Native American culture. May it bring an abundance of good health your way!  I came home two days later, checked your website for news, and still only found the same message from before, stating your diagnosis. Then I went to Living Legacy and was able to link to your letter. Not sure why it didn't just open on your website directly for me, but it still won't.  Anyway, I was so happy and relieved to hear you are doing better!  It has been a long time for us all to sit and wonder if your condition was getting better or worse.  Thank you so much for sharing this news and acknowledging all of our thoughts and prayers.  Continued prayers for you and Jean as you enjoy your time together without worrying about intensive treatments,  recording and tours. However, I'm taking my boys to Red Rocks to see Dave Matthews in September and will be thinking back to that awesome show of yours I was blessed to see in 2000 where you surprised everyone and ended with an additional encore of "Along the Road."  It was magical.  But of course, so is this recovery!  God bless you and Jean!  I'll be singing "Set it Free" pretty loud when I play my Martin today! ~ Sue from Northville, Michigan


 Dan and Jean, Take that deep breath!  Breathe freely, my friends, as we are. Only you can imagine how we are all feeling hearing the wonderful news. You have been in my thoughts and prayers constantly since I first read of your situation. Always knowing you would pull through, once again you have proven the power of love and positive thought. With my deepest appreciation for your hard work, I am so proud of you. Each moment we think it turns into a thought, each thought we think turns into a prayer. Each prayer we send delivers its unique power. I would like to thank all of your fans for their support in bringing about this positive result. Thanks "Team Fogelberg". Ever On Dan ~Dave in Buffalo


 Dan: I'm making an appointment today.....thanks for taking up the cause and encouraging men to be diligent in defense of this disease.From Home Free to the present, your music has meant more to me than that of any other artist.  Thanks for sharing your incredible talent, both in poetry and in song.  We look forward to having you back in the studio and on the stage.....your Ryman Auditorium show in Nashville a few years ago was simply magical. Best wishes on a complete and speedy recovery. ~ Tom Forrester, Nashville, Tennessee


 Hi Dan & Jean, warm greetings from the UK. Been a long time fan since '72 , on hearing your Home Free album . The track "Stars" is my all time favourite.  Must say a sincere thanks Dan for getting me through a road traffic accident /head injury 11 yrs ago which has changed my life dramatically since. Your music is now helping me to deal with going blind. Your music has always been/ still is a friend, healer, & great comfort to me. I am greatly relieved & pleased to read your good news. Well done Dan. I've always believed that Love conquers all . God bless you, exile your pain, comfort you always.  With very best future wishes of peace & happiness always ~ Pete Edwards


Excellent news! I have enjoyed your music for many years, even used it for inspiration in my daily life when things were a little bit up and down. After all these years your music still touches me . I hope things progress well for you.


 Aloha and belated Happy Birthday Dan! WOW, what a shock to learn of your prostate cancer. We are so happy you're fighting this and winning. Your music has been a bright spot in our lives for decades. We remember seeing you in Colorado at Red Rocks and Fiddlers Green as well as right here in Maui, Hawaii at the Lahaina Tennis Courts. We have always been huge Dan Fans and we both wish you nothing but the best in the future. It is with our warmest aloha that we hope you beat this illness and return to your calling: making music that touches us all. A hui ho ka ko (until we meet again) ~ Dale & Carol Boylen, Kihei Hi


 Dan, in a summer when my wife is about to be treated for breast cancer, every story that depicts the strength of the human spirit and the willingness to fight, is reassuring to me. That you are a gifted singer/songwriter adds more to this news from you. Take your time; your fans will wait for you; and if your discography now is what shall be, so be it; you've already given us a lifetime of music. Should you return with new material, all the matters little when you are facing a life threatening issue. Good luck ~

Barry Nisman - Plainview NY


 Dan, keep up the good work,look after yourself. Your music is timeless. ~ Eric in England


 What a gift to read your words and hear from you.  God bless you and give you continued strength each day.~ Pam


 Dear Dan, excellent news. I hope you keep up the good work.Your music has inspired me over the years, and I've lost count of the number .


 Dan: So glad to hear of your improving health!. You are such an inspiration to so many people, and you have shared your gift, and love to us all. I will never forget the first time I saw you at the Elliot hall of Music at Purdue University on April 23rd 1976. When you sang "There's a place in the world for a gambler" I remember it sounded like Angels singing, and the look on your face... you were just blown away! It truly was a spiritual experience I will treasure all of my life. You must have played for about 3 hours all for the ticket price of $4.50! What a wonderful night.


 Dearest Dan, I just read your letter, which my sister forwarded to me, and was very moved.  I am so glad to hear you are getting better and are in good spirits. I have been a fan of your music for many years.  In fact, when my daughter was younger and taking dance lessons, she did a solo ballet to one of your many beautiful songs, actually, we comprised a medley of two of your songs.  I just wanted you to know that you and your music are very much appreciated still today, and look forward to hearing more wonderful things from you in the future, when you are ready. I have a very special friend who was diagnosed last year with prostate cancer.  After much urging from me he had gone for a physical and PSA.He has been receiving treatment for the past year and is doing quite well, thanks to early detection. Your message to all men is so important, thank you. Wishing you and your family love, support, and well wishes.


 Woo Hoo!!!  I am so relieved to read your good news.  It felt like an eternity waiting to hear an update.  Thank you for letting us know, and sharing your life with us.  You look wonderful, as usual.  I will continue to pray that God keeps you healthy.  Your job here isn’t done.  We still need you too much.  I am selfishly disappointed that you have decided not to tour or record in the foreseeable future.  I do completely understand though.  Promise that you will at least check in with us once in a while, even if it's to just say hi.  How can someone I don’t even know be constantly on my mind and in my heart?  I don’t have the answer, but there you are.  If you ever change your mind and decide to tour again one last time, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Take care and stay well.  Loving you always ! ~ Sherri


 Thanks Dan for your update! I have been waiting to hear your progress for what seems to be years and years! When I first heard I cried like it was my Father struck with the disease!!! You don't even know! You will never know but trust me!Your music runs deep!! Your music thus spirit has touched and influenced me like no other. I am also a musician. Glad to hear that you have changed horses once again and are riding a horse of hope!!! May this horse ride strong and furiously for ions!!! And never lay down midstream with you on it! Thank You for your advice! I will do the blood test annually! Much Spirit! ~ Michael


 Hi Dan, I remember getting my guitar out and learning every song off your albums as each eagerly anticipated gem would hit the record stores (I turned all the black vinyl white!).  I learned your voicing, I copied your vocal delivery.  I just SO "got" everything you do. Now I am a songwriter (started when I first heard you) and I know for sure that you come through in my music even today.  To me, you are the quintessential songwriter. Thank you for what you taught me.  About music, about writing, about visual imagery (/late in the summer/when the cottonwood flies/ and the fields are on fire/ with green bottleflies/).  About love and things that really matter. Thank you for inspiring me to play and write and sing... and to pursue excellence. ~ Donna in Colorado


 Not a day has gone by this past year that you have not been in our many thoughts and prayers. Today, our many prayers have been answered.  You look healthy and happy in the picture and that is so wonderful to see.  We have all waited and hoped for good news for these long months and thank you so much for sharing. The road ahead will still be winding but it sounds like the worst is behind you. 


You are truly blessed to have made such an imprint on so many lives.  I'm so grateful for the 30 years you have been in my life and if  the recording and concert tours have ended, that will be ok.  You need to spend your time the way that makes you happiest and keeps you healthy but I would love nothing more than one more time at Red Rocks gathering with my dearest friends swaying and singing "Let it Shine" together.   Please keep that option open! ~  Joyce in Omaha


 Dan, awesome news!!! Happy Birthday. I know you say not for the foreseeable future but we'll see you at Red Rocks anyway!  My wife and I were there in 1997 for your first Solo Acoustic Tour.  I was 35 then and my wife XX (forever 29!).  We noticed the only folks there younger than us were the kids of the 50 somethings who came with their parents.  We had three kids at the time and my wife was 4 months pregnant with our fourth. After your second encore she said it's over and she wanted to get back home to the kids.  I said "You know he's going to come out for a third, don't you?" She said "No way". Well you did and you really made our evening. You always put the music and the fans right at the top.  You, sir, are the quintessential musician, poet, artist and all around class act.  Your appeal crosses all age groups. You don't seek fame yet deal with it gracefully.  My wife and I thank you for sharing your God given talent with us for so many years.  We will keep praying for you in your recovery, for Jean as she takes care of you and obviously for your next tour.   All our best ~ Max and Karen, Castle Rock, CO


 Happy belated birthday Dan! Not a day has gone by in the last year that I didn't think of you and Jean and wished you well. Love does work miracles and the two of you have lots of it coming your way. My love and good wishes go out to the both of you as a small measure of my thanks for giving me your music as the soundtrack to my life for the last 31 years. And thank you for the post, it was the best news! ~  Marcine, Clifton, NJ


 Dan, It was so wonderful to read your good news!  Although most of us who write don't know you personally, we feel we do through your music.  We love you and hurt when you hurt and feel relief that your treatments are helping.  I listen to your words and music and still feel the same way I did when I listened to them in the 70's.  An old friend of mine and I drove 6 hours to a concert in eastern PA last weekend to see B.J. Thomas.  The show was great, but we both talked endlessly about you and your music and I just happened to have some with me and we played and sang along driving through the nighttime hours into the morning straight through arriving back home at 5:15am.  We didn't stop talking for the 6 hours up and back.  What a wonderful time.  How precious this life is. And you have been a big part of it to MANY!  What a wonderful gift you have! ~ Linda from WV


 Dear Dan (and Jean), Quite by accident I heard "Part of the Plan" on the radio today, and decided to check your website in hope of news.  What a wonderful surprise to see your letter and "sermon"!  My wife and I have been big fans for many years (since your "Nashville" years in the early 70's!).  We are thrilled to hear of your treatment success, and send our best wishes and prayers for a complete recovery. Shortly after learning of your diagnosis last year, Kim (my wife) was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer.  She is only 45, but has a family history (your plea for screening before age 50 is right on the money).  She has recently completed a very rough six months of surgery and chemo, and is doing very well now.   Her faith was and is very strong, and like you we credit the prayers and thoughts of many friends and strangers alike who learned of her condition.  Advanced cancer is beaten every single day!   Your music remains a wonderful source of inspiration to us both.  When you can, please keep us posted of your progress via your website.  And best wishes to Jean, as well, as I know from experience the "caregiver" gig can be a bear!  ~ Andy and Kim Claybrook, Franklin, TN (proud birthplace of "High Country Snows")


 Dan,  I am very happy that you are doing well. Not a week goes by that I don't think about how you are doing. You gave so much to us  through your music, so much of yourself and helped me through so much in my life through your music. I wish you well and a full recovery. Thoughts and prayers every day my friend. ~    Alan Manfredi


 YES!!!! For over a year I've checked this site for news - our hearts have been considerably discouraged. Thank You Dan for letting us know and Jean!!!! Bless your heart!!! Love to you both (and yours) from all of us! ~ The Chandlers


 Wow -it was absolutely amazing how things work out - long story as short as I can make it - I was a freshman at I.U. in Bloomington, Indiana in the winter of 1977 when (at a blind date's suggestion) I heard you in concert for the first (and unfortunately) only time in my life.  A couple of months later my next door neighbor at school invited 2 of us to join her for spring break at her home in North Miami Beach.  My 18th birthday was that same week and as a surprise she and her parents bought me 3 of your albums.  It's a wonder I didn't wear them out over the first few months.  Years passed and I bought a couple more, but due to many moves, a stereo that no longer wanted to play LP's and too many financial restrictions to buy many new CD's (the only CD I had was Twin Sons) - my albums languished - then this past year for my 46th birthday - as a surprise - my husband found me CD's of my beloved Fogelberg albums and as I was listening to one at work today I remembered your health difficulties and decided to check out your website for an update.  What a wonderful surprise - to hear that you're doing better healthwise and things are working out wonderfully for you and Jean. Thanks so much for sharing so much of your "life" with us through your beautiful music.  God truly blessed you with such a marvelous talent of voice, writing and playing and has helped bless our lives through you!!!!! Many happy (belated) returns on your birthday - thanks for sharing the update on your health and rest assured I will be checking back on a regular basis to find our more news, etc.  I feel like I've found a wonderful place to share with a good friend of mine through the years.   I was also thrilled to hear that you like to listen to Celtic music - one of my favorite forms of music. God Bless and Take Care. ~ Susan Atwell, Avon, Indiana


 Dear Dan, Happy Birthday!  Such wonderful news.  Keep getting well so we can see you perform again in Beautiful Colorado.  ~ Diane Workman, Colorado


 Dan: I have been checking your web site a couple of times a week since last August to get any update on your condition. It was really great to read your letter and learn of your progress. I have thought about you every day, mainly because of my concern and also because I play one of your D-41DF Martin Guitars and your songs every day.  Every night when I put the guitar back into its case, I saw your name on the fret board and sadly whished you were fairing well.  I'm thrilled you are doing better and wish you a long and beautiful life. Tonight when I put the guitar back into its case, that old sad feeling that I have felt for the last year will be gone, and its gonna feel good. All the best ~ Rich, Pittsburgh-PA.


 "It is truly overwhelming and humbling to realize how many lives my music has touched so deeply all these years."  Dan - For the last thirty years your music and lyrical depth has touched my life deeper than you might imagine. I'm proud to say that I'm probably the only 48 year old stock market analyst that has an autographed poster of you framed and hanging in his office! (but then again, perhaps not!) I'm s-o-o-o s-i-n-c-e-r-e-l-y h-a-p-p-y to hear about your progress - LET IT SHINE!!!~ Terry from PA.


 Hello,both of you! At last, it's good to see Dan is feeling better. Today was also the feast of Mary. I prayed in Notre-Dame. I don't forget you. ~ Dan from Paris and Brittany


 Hi Dan! I am thrilled to hear of the improvement in your health status! One of my fondest memories is of a great "unplugged" concert of yours that I went to many years ago. I have one of the guitar picks that you used that night, I have treasured it ever since. The selfish part of me, and I'm sure many other admirers, would love for you to be back on tour and/or making CD's. DON'T fall for it! You and Jean take this time to rest and recover together (sometimes major illness is just as strenuous for family as for the individual)....sleep late, be silly, eat cookies for breakfast, go to the ocean in Maine, do what ever will bring your hearts contentment and joy!!!! Just continue to get better!!!    Beth~R.I.


 Dear Dan, Thank you so much for letting us know how you are doing.  (I check your site frequently for updates).  I hope and pray you have a full and complete recovery. I will take your advice on getting a checkup.  I have had them before and at one time my PSA was 58!  I didn't know that was even possible.  Fortunately it wasn't cancer but it did give me a scare for sure.  I am so grateful for all that you have done and for all the wonderful songs you have written.  I hope that you will find the strength to continue for many years to come. I am a professional musician and a band director and your music has been one of my biggest inspirations throughout my career.  It's really cool to know that your father was also a band director.  Keep fighting and know that we are with you. ~ Chuck Hughes


 Dan, I read the good news on your birthday and sent an email, but I wanted to let you know  how wonderful it is to live each day listening to your music and know that you are healthy and well.  I realize that you will always have to watch and be tested, but the worst is over. I continue to pray for you and Jean each day. I am so happy that you have received emails from all over the world letting you know how special you are.  There are few musicians that have your talent and who have given so much to so many people. It is always a shame that it takes something serious to happen before you find out.  At least you now know the personal stories and the extent to which you have touched so many people. Take care and continue in good health ~ Dani Janich, Las Vegas, NV


 Prayers continue for you. Thank you so much for your music. - L. in Cincinnati


 Dan and Jean,  How many days in the last year have I checked the web site hoping for the news that I finally saw today. What great news and a wonderful gift for all your fans on your birthday! I hope the picture you posted is a recent one, as you look happy and fit. We all send good wishes and positive thoughts your way and hope your recovery continues. ~ Steve Bernhard - Freeport, IL


 Happy Birthday!  What a great gift we received!  You already know what an influence music has on our lives.  If you didn't feel it so strongly, you wouldn't make that very music that touches our souls.  We, your devoted fans, who've allowed your music to be the background of 30+ years of our lives, have waited a very long time to hear some words...any words...from you or your management.  I'm smiling from ear to ear right now.  Thank you for writing a letter to us on your progress.  I've walked the path of family illness and know the difficulties of the cure...but reading your words and seeing that photo have helped prevent all of your fans of thinking the worst about your health.  We understand your desire for privacy...anyone who's been a long-time fan knows how you guard your privacy, but in this case, we needed you to open your door and give us that glimpse of hope.  Isn't giving just as good as receiving, Dan?  We needed that!!!!!  A year ago I wrote to you in this venue and mentioned that your music was the soundtrack of my life.  I'm so happy to say that with a smile on my face.  I wish you many more wonderful birthdays.  If you never make another recorded piece of music again, it will still be okay.  To see your face today was a gift to us, your loyal fans.   God Bless You! Fondly ~ Carol Pizzingrillo


 Dan- Happy Birthday and many, many, many more!  Thanks for the good news.  Hope every day makes you stronger and healthier.  Even if you never sing for us again please keep the music alive in your soul forever!!  Love you ~ Karen A. Denver, CO


 Dan, Belated birthday wishes to a fellow Leo.  I am so happy to read your good news.  May you and your wife share many, many, MANY more laughs and smiles together and thank you for all the smiles that you have given to me over the years.  I wish for you only the very best.  Keep up the good fight. Love ~ Susan in Jersey City, NJ.


 Dan, thanks so very much for the great news! It helps to get the news straight from you. I wish you and Jean and the family continued strength and peace. You bring us great JOY.


 Dan, I have enjoyed your music since I was a freshman in college and my roommate said, "Here you will love this guy, just listen!"  Well I did listen and have been listening ever since.  You are so very talented. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Take good care and God Bless. ~ Meg


 Aha! An update and a good promising one at that. My prayers are with you at this time Dan. You will keep your shine, shine on. All the love & best wishes in the whole to you and your family. ~ Dulce


 So very, very thrilled to hear the excellent report - what welcome news.  I know firsthand how an unexpected medical crisis can leave one completely disoriented;  I also have experienced the profound gratitude and appreciation that come with the long, hard-fought battle back.  Looking back now, I can say that the clarity that comes in these times is a gift from God - so much better than we could have chosen for ourselves.  Yes, the medical aspects are real and yes, they can really stink.  But it is my constant prayer, Dan, that you continue to experience the amazing power and changes that come when you're ready.  You have been given so much;  you are immeasurably blessed.  With strength for today and hope for tomorrow ~ Julie Anne H.  Charlottesville, Virginia


 So very happy that you are making good progress. Belated happy birthday and best wishes to you and Jean. We all love your music here in Ireland and we want you to be around for a very long time ! A big Irish wish of good health for the future and we know the Great One will not let you down. Love ~ Packie & Kathleen K.


 Dan ~ Your health has weighed heavily on my mind lately (as it seems to have been on many other well-wishers!); I, like others was afraid no news was indeed, bad news.  Now, as one other 'Dan Fan' has so succinctly put it...God is Good!  We don't know His plans for us, but we do the best we can with what we're given and trust there is a reason. Clearly, while this disease is awful for you, it has given Prostate Cancer a much needed voice.  I pray you have continued good news ~ so good that we can all eventually visit you on tour again.  Regardless of that, may God bless you always.  Thank you so much for the music you've shared with us all over the years! ~ Barbara Lipschuetz, Houston, Texas


 Dan, Wow, what a great way to start my week, to get on your web site and read the new post from you.  I have been amazed to see the hundreds of well wishes keep pouring in every week on this site.  You ARE adored and you have made such a difference in all of our lives with your gift of music.  Happy belated birthday and may the coming year bring continued good health, love, and happiness.  ~ Christina and Wayne, Estes Park, Colorado


 I wish you a belated Happy Birthday! I share that birthday with you and somehow have always felt a special connection- maybe you can call it a kindred spirit. As we were raising our glasses for a toast this year, I was thinking of you and wishing you well. I was so glad to see your letter and see you looking so good. I want to thank you for your influence in my life and that of my family. I know it must be hard to believe you can influence people you have never met, but you have. My older brother first heard your music when Home Free first came out and you have been a part of our lives ever since. Both of my brothers have performed your music at school shows and weddings! My younger brother is now a theater actor and singer. I am not sure if he would have followed that path had it not been for those early performances of your music. Your music was

with me at my own wedding and even in the hospital at the birth of my two children!  The last time you were at Bass Hall in Ft. Worth, we were all there- even my 77 year old mother was at the concert! Again, I thank you for the many gifts you have unknowingly given to so many us who have gotten so much from you and your music. God has given you an incredible gift, thank you for recognizing it and sharing it with us. I wish you continued improvement. I pray that someday you will again bless us with your words and music that inspire us. When I think of all the things that would have never been... if you had never been. I celebrate the day you were born! ~ Michele Kennedy, Southlake, Tx.


 When I opened up the web site this morning, I was so elated to read the personal letter that you wrote concerning your health. Continued good health to you. I know the road taken will not be an easy one but nothing said it better than seeing your photo posted at the end of your note.And a very Happy Birthday to you. You not only write beautiful music but are a truly beautiful human being...take care ~ Marilyn Meyers


 I wish to say that God is so good. We don't understand Him sometimes, or his timing, but we do know He is good and love streams from Him.  Also,  when I think of  your trials and blessings, your song "Magic Every Moment" is right on. God bless you and keep you my friend.  ~ Maria - Florida


 Happy belated birthday!  I've been checking in pretty regularly for the past year and I'm ashamed to say I was really beginning to feel no news was bad news.  I was listening to Home Free for the umpteenth hundred time tonight (and I still am as I write this) and was delighted to see my hopes and prayers for your well-being seem to have gotten through. Despite all you have left behind SO FAR to make the world a better place, I really wasn't looking forward to having to get along without you!  This is my first fan letter, by the way, to anyone EVER.  I'm very happy and grateful to be sending it to you.  Bolstered by my past success, I will continue to pray for you and your family as you continue to work your way through this illness -- and I'll keep watching for you to appear again one of these days in a town near me.  It doesn't even have to be that near me.....  You have created a big chunk of the soundtrack of my life so far.  Thank you! ~  Peter Britt


 Dan & Jean, Praise God from whom all blessings flow!  It is great to hear you are overcoming this health challenge and will continue to do what is needed to keep renewing your body, mind, and spirit towards a cancer free life.  May this birthday and the years to come bring you much happiness and peace.  Thank you for sharing your personal struggle and triumph with us.  It is truly inspirational for us and gives us strength back. ~ Sally and Andy, Phoenix


 Dear Dan, Happy Birthday Dan!  Today is my birthday and I was thrilled to read your message!  Thank you for sharing your good news with us.  I'm inspired by the strength you have shown and the generosity you have shown to your fans by sharing such a personal part of your life.  It's a joy to listen to your music every day. You just have to hear one song to understand that you are a special soul sent to touch the hearts of millions with your music.  I know you have no plans for a tour or a new CD, but I know your good news has brought some inspiring light your way and I bet you're going to want to jot down an inspiration here or there.  I hope you do, if only for yourself, to inspire you as you continue to recover.  Keep smiling Dan and keep the light in your soul. ~ Beth La Goy, Honolulu


 Dan, Great news about your recovery.  Look forward to seeing and hearing from you again!!!! Best Wishes ~ Shirley Munsey, Denver, CO


 So glad to hear about your progress, so thankful you're doing well,and I'm always hopeful to shake your hand one day. God bless you Mr. Fogelberg and your family. ~ Paul Marseglia, Dresden, Me


 Wishing you all the best on your Birthday, and always.  It is obvious that you are a very much loved man. ~ Sherri


 Dan: Was really glad to read the latest updates on your health. You know I wish you the very best. Your "old friend" from Colorado...... Larry Goode, Homer Alaska


 My prayers continue for you and your family.  Your words and music continue to inspire and comfort me as much today as they did 30 years ago. ~ Karen (Oxnard, CA)


 WOW!  How awesome it was to go to your website on your birthday and find that message from you!  I posted a message the other day wishing you a happy birthday but had to again today to express my elation when I read that you are clearly on the road to recovery especially after not knowing anything for a year (when I heard the news last August).  I was in tears reading your wonderful message.  Dan, you are truly a gift that so many of us cherish.  Even though we will miss you on the stage and any new music that that wonderful mind of yours comes up with, the music you have given us thus far will forever be playing on my cd and tape players.  I look at the world with different eyes because of you.  Your messages from your concerts and music in general made me appreciate nature, our earth, each other and ancestors more than I did before.  I think of you often and will continue to keep you in my prayers, my friend.  Take care and Peace to you. ~ Linette in St. Louis


 Hi Dan, I kept thinking of you for the past two days, and could not figure out why. Then I remembered your birthday was yesterday.  So today, as I have done periodically since news of your illness last year, I decided to check your website to see if there was any word on your condition.  Much to my surprise, I found your letter to all of us who had written.  It makes my day to know your health is improving.  Thank you for taking the time to let everyone know how you are doing.  I hope your birthday was a happy one.  I remember all those years ago when we worked on the Nether Lands album at the Record Plant.  We were so young!  I knew then you were a force to be reckoned with, and would not go gently in to that good night.   If we are all lucky, there will be more music in you that is just itching to get out, and you will be well enough to share it with us.  I hope that you continue on your path to recovery, and that you and your family have a long and happy life together. Best regards ~ Teri, Mill Valley, Ca.


 Mr. Fogelberg, Thank You! Reading your letter was just absolutely Great! I pray that your life be long, and the love you and your family share remains strong. ~ Michael FitzJames, Centennial, CO


 Dear Dan and Jean, I happened to be playing some songs from Innocent Age tonight and decided to check your web site, as I have periodically since the announcement of your illness. WHAT WONDERFUL NEWS YESTERDAY! As I said last year (and thousands of others have said as well), thank you for the countless hours of pleasure your music has provided .~ Love, Joyce J. in Zionsville, IN


 Dan, Just watched a live concert late last week of yours.  It was incredible!  So happy to hear you are doing well. All the best.~ Terry


 Dear Dan, I was thrilled to read of the positive news regarding your cancer treatment. The power of prayer is amazing. It is such a relief to hear that you are doing well, it has been a constant cloud of worry hanging over my thoughts since the initial announcement in '04. I have prayed incessantly for your recovery. God hears the prayers of the genuinely faithful. Prayers of gratitude are now in order! It is hard to put into words how your music and your shows have touched and continue to touch my life. You are one of my very dearest "friends". Your music will always be a constant companion in my life. Not a week goes by that I don't indulge in some of your incredible catalog of masterful music. In all honesty I long for the day when I can witness your talents on stage once again. I will pray that your health will return fully and the hunger to perform for your faithful will stir in your soul once again. It seems selfish for me to state this, but I believe the love we fans have for you is good medicine. A means for keeping you vibrant, if you will. I will continue to pray that the Lord will continue to bless and watch over you and Jean. My sincerest hope is that you will stay healthy and share many years of love with one another. May all God's Blessings be yours ~ Bill Quinlan- Riverside, CA


 Happy birthday Mr. F, and thanks for the gift of good news! What can I say that hasn't already been said here a hundred times? I've been in love with your music ever since I first heard it back in high school. I love the poetry, I admire the depth and I appreciate the honesty. Often times it's not even what you say but what you leave unsaid - you're one of a kind. I'm glad to read that you're doing well - I've been praying for you since the mid 70's and don't plan to stop anytime soon. Thanks also for the updated, smiling photo - with a beard again! Yes! :-) Don't sweat the studio/stage decision. We'll always be in line for the gig or to buy the CD if you get the urge again. Of course I'd always welcome more, but truthfully, if all I had on a desert island was Nether Lands (and food, water, my guitar and a reliable broadband connection of course) I'd be a happy man. Thanks also for your sermon - I'm 48 and have been enduring an annual exam since I turned 40. Not something I look forward to, but getting the good news after the indignity more than makes up for the discomfort. Many more long and happy years to you and your lovely wife. Thanks for all the good memories. ~ Lance- Pittsfield MA


 Dear Dan:   Happy Birthday wishes to you!!! I've been a fan since '73 and just today happened to catch the PBS Soundstage you did. It brought back great memories and the fact that you're a musician's musician. Your melodies and lyrics have touched lives and that is no small feat. I did not know of your illness and was over the moon to see the good news on your website today. Good for you!!! I know it's tough, I'm going through a similar situation myself. I'm ok now but I'll have to be monitored closely for the rest of my life.Try to keep positive, don't look down and dream big.You've given lots to others - I wish you happiness. Love ~ Angela, Gainesville, Florida


 Dan, I simply wanted to wish you a happy birthday a day late. What a wonderful surprise to read your letter. It is a comfort to us all to know you are moving forward and living your life! You have been THE major musical influence in my life since I entered college in the fall of 1974 and  was turned on to Home Free. It was as if the heavens had parted & the angels were singing to me! My life is centered on music  and singing, and you have made it complete. I serenaded "Longer" and "Since You've Asked" to my husband in 1980 during our wedding ceremony.  Dan Fogelberg goodnight lullabies were sang to my sons as they were growing and spending time at our mountain cabin, and they now have a deep appreciation for your artistry. I am a Colorado girl and have been blessed to see you in concert at glorious Red Rocks numerous times. Not a day goes by when I listen to your music, that I am not in awe and amazed at your songwriting and musical abilities. God truly blessed us all with a gift, when he presented you! My deepest thoughts and prayers to you and your loved ones. ~ Diane F.(DF) Loveland, Colorado


 Dear Dan and Jean.  What good news!  I am so glad for both of you.  Dan, I do hope you write and record more songs, but there is no rush.  Those of us who love your music and the message of your lyrics can listen to your music over and over and never tire of it.  Take plenty of time getting truly well. You have good news; I have bad.  My daughter, who gave me Home Free and began my never-ending love of your songs, has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.   It is not in early stages.  If it isn't asking too much, could the two of you remember her in your prayers?  I will still include you in mine.  My daughter's name is Gloria, born in February of the same year you were born, Dan. Happy Birthday, Dan!  ~ West Virginia Woman


 Dear Dan- It is certainly terrific news to hear that you are doing well! I have checked the website so many times over the past year looking for an update on your health and was so glad to see one finally! We missed you at Westbury, NY the past 2 summers but of course understand that your health takes first priority in your life. Stay well!!! Hope to see you back on tour at some point in time when it feels right to you. All the best ~ Eileen....a fan


 Absolute JOY!!!!!! Just all I can say, through these tears of JOY!!!!!! WOW!  Let's DANCE!!!!!!! Love to you and Jean ~ Karen Klemencic- Indiana


 Dan, Happy Birthday!  I am so relieved to finally hear your cancer is under control.  You have been, and will continue to be, in my prayers.  I printed your message and gave it to my husband who has a family history of prostate cancer.  While he has had PSA tests in the past, I will now insist he also follow up with the DRE.  Thank you for the sermon; you may have saved countless lives. I pray you have continued success with your treatment.  Words cannot adequately convey how much your music has meant to me (and my family and friends) over the years - I do hope that you decide to go back into the studio .. All of us look forward to hearing from you again.  God bless you, Dan. Love ~ Grace


 It was a lovely gift to see that wonderful message. Today was a day of personal tragedy for some very dear friends of mine and it was nice to see  "light in the depths" of  the "darkness" of a young friend gone too soon. I  am so glad that you are fighting the good fight. My husband is 50 and I made him  read that message. I think he got the it. We will be making an appointment on Monday. Thank your for that, Dan. More people in the public eye should have the courage to come forward with these things so that the world can be more 

informed. ~ CLE


 Dear Dan and Jean, Thank you for the strong, encouraging and truly wonderful letter on your birthday! What a wonderful gift! Like so many of us, I have repeatedly checked your website and The Living Legacy (certainly weekly, sometimes daily), hoping for just this sort of positive news. Dan, you sound strong, grounded, thankful and forward-looking in your letter, even more reason for all of us to give thanks, not merely for the encouraging medical prognosis and your ability to finally "take a breath," but also for the inner work this life-threatening challenge has obviously enabled you to continue to do. For me, one of the key lyrical threads in all your albums has been your willingness to ponder the powerful mystery of our very existence, at times beholding "light in the depths of [the] darkness," and at others confronting the "one road you're going to walk alone." I think I may speak for us fans who are familiar with and love the entire span of your work: we love the hits,  we love the smiles your music brings to us, but it is the depth of your songs about this mystery of life, love, death and the beyond, which touch us so profoundly, and shine an eternal light upon all your work, placing it all in a holy context of some kind, and endearing us to you for the gift of expressing what we felt but could not say. I also have read many of the messages sent to you on The Living Legacy, and have been especially moved by those relating how your music gave them strength, courage and faith during their hard times. That is an amazing gift for any artist to give. May God continue to bless and reward you for the light you have shone to others through your songs! Thank you for the sermon too. As a youthful 46-year-old, I am going to swallow my pride and take your advice to heart and act on it. Again my thanks for such a touching and personal letter to us, who continue to remember you in our prayers. With love and prayers in Christ ~ Hunt Sidway, Cincinnati OH


 For Dan, After a concert you performed about 15 years ago at Westbury Music Fair, on Long Island, NY, I shared my wish for you. It was that you may live at least as long a life as your beloved grandmother did. You shared your admiration of her that day, and we share our admiration of you. Now, after your latest journey, everyone prays for your longevity, and a life well lived. Best Wishes ~ Dianne


 I WISH FOR YOU... Comfort on difficult days, Smiles when sadness intrudes, Rainbows to follow the clouds, Laughter to kiss your lips, Sunsets to warm your heart, Gentle hugs when spirits sag, Friendships to brighten your being, Beauty for your eyes to see, Confidence for when you doubt, Faith so that you can believe, Courage to know yourself, Patience to accept the truth, And love to complete your life...


 Dear Dan: I am moved to tears to learn the wonderful news that you are pleased with the progress you are making with your illness. In the past months I have said little prayers each day to your healing and have thought of the many gifts you have brought into my life. Each time I witness the beauty and miracles of nature, I remember your words and music. There is so much need today for love and healing, and I firmly believe that just your very existence helps to make the world a better, more welcoming place. I'm so very grateful you are still with us. I will continue to hold you in the light and pray for your continued good health and happiness. ~ Angela from Pennsylvania


 . . to a beautiful soul  ~  may you continue to get well  :0)  ~ thank you for the music which has inspired, entertained, and created awareness for the preservation of nature and the environment.  It is truly a gift.


 Such a wonderful Sunday morning message I have read from you, Dan.  I am happy and thankful that your treatment is giving you hope - and I thank you for sending a message to your fans to keep faith!  I understand that recording and performing is not your priority, but I hope  -  I know that you are writing for us so that we can someday understand how you were dealing with your health struggle.  I feel that my prayers have helped - and I will continue to think of you and pray every day.  I can only hope that my prayers give back a fraction of what you have given to me through your music. ~  Luann


 Sending belated birthday wishes across the pond from England.  What great news!  Thanks so much for taking the time to pen a letter to the millions who care and have been waiting for news of your successful treatment.  God is indeed good and gives us just enough light for the step we're on.  Keep climbing.   And thank you for keeping your options open. As a transplanted Tennessean, I've had to make do with recordings and have been disappointed that you haven't been on tour when I've been home to visit. To think that I've been to my last DF concert  or heard my last new DF song is too much. I'm still hoping for a FULL recovery. But whatever you choose, please know that you are a very real part of the lives of so many and we will be forever grateful that you wrote the accompaniment. Lastly, don't be surprised at the depth of feeling of the prayers and wishes you've received. You are now reaping the fruit of the seeds you've sown into the lives of  many over the years.  Warm wishes ~ Debbie Wilson, Woking, Surrey


 Dan and Jean, Thank you so much for the update. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  I'm sending you good wishes from Central Illinois. Bloomington-Normal to be exact.We've all missed you, but we've kept in touch by listening to your music.....Just seems like yesterday since we saw you. We sat in front of your wonderful mother in your last Peoria concert. She was so nice. Good wishes to her too.Continued success in the battle against this disease and I'll be reminding the men in my family to make their appointments. Thank you and God Bless. ~ Cindy


 Dear Dan,  It's hard to convey in words the effect your music has had in my life.  Throughout the last 33 years, your music has been such an important ingredient in the building of meaningful experiences of my life, not to mention the memories which have followed.  I began playing guitar and writing songs as a hobby in 1970, and always found myself admiring the sensitivity of your song lyrics, melody/harmonies, and instrumental arrangements.  I became serious about writing music a few years back and determined to write and produce an album that would provide benefit to the listener.  Soon, a CD will be released.  I mention this only because had it not been for your music, I'm not sure the album would have ever been written.  I suppose that could be expected when one considers how much your music was a part of my life.  I also can't count the number of times I played and sang your song, "There's a Place in the World for a Gambler" for private gatherings of people where everyone would end up singing the last chorus, whether they knew the song or not.  By the end of the song, most everyone would have tears streaming down their faces. I know you've had the same experience at your concerts.  It's a timeless piece and just one of the many you've written.  I thank you, from the depths of my heart and soul for sharing your many gifts with us all.


I understand, to some degree, the process you are involved in regarding prostate cancer.  My father passed on from the condition a few years back. He had not taken the steps that you've recommended on your Web site, had given up trying, and subsequently moved on.  Thanks, for sharing the Web information, as well. 


Nearly 30 years ago, I began learning and practicing the technique of yoga. As you're likely aware, the art of meditation has unlimited and incomprehensible benefit for not only the practitioner but for anyone who may be the focus of the meditation.  When a practitioner dives deep, the boundless Light shines brighter and brighter until it is literally, everywhere.   I'm aware that I am only one tool through which that energy flows since it flows through us all the same.   That same love is in us both.  Please know that I will meditate and pray deeply to help generate unlimited healing energy for you and that your awareness brings perfect health in to your existence.   Deep Peace & Love to You ~ Scott J. Crossen


 Hallelujah!!!!! I believe that power of prayer creates miracles....Thanks Dan and Jean for allowing us this news!!!! Blessed be YOUR happiest birthday  ever!!! We love you ~ kay ...Peoria,AZ


 Happy Birthday,Dan.  Thanks for the update and good news.  Your music has meant so much to me over the years.  It still means as much as ever.  Your shows have always been highlights in my life.  Best wishes, thoughts and prayers. ~ Chris, Kingsport,TN 


 Dan and Jean:  am overjoyed to read your message and know that the power of love has true healing (along with great strides in research and medicine!)  Wishing you more hope, love, and good songs for the rest of the journey. I didn't realize you and Pat Metheny (my other favorite musician of all time) were born one day apart! You made us all insanely happy by sharing your good news. Cheers to you both!  Much love and peace ~ anj in st. simons island, ga.


 Dan,  Today I was thinking of you and looked in on your site, as I so often do. I was astonished and overjoyed at the site. I always had faith that the power of all the prayers and the strength of your spirit would help you heal.  God bless you and Jean and may he continue to give you both all you need to see this through. I have to say dude...You look FANTASTIC!! ...All my prayers and best wishes for you today, and always ~ Margie J  Fairfield,CA


 What great news! And happy birthday (and I wish you MANY happy returns  of the day). I am so happy to read this. I have a feeling that I'll be  playing your CDs all day today, listening with joy as always. ~ Naomi, Columbus, Ohio


 Was thinking of you on your birthday.  It is wonderful news on your progress, I am very happy to know you are doing better. You are my absolute favorite. My best wishes for a happy and healthy life, you have given me so much, and still do, everyday when I listen to your music. Your biggest fan ~ Christy Meehan, Broomfield, Colorado


 Dan & Jean, I'm so happy to hear that things are going well. You've been in my prayers and thoughts since first learning of your illness. It's so important to be positive in your thoughts and even more, to have the love of family and friends to lift you up. You have them all over the world and in your lovely wife, Jean. Hold tight and thank you for being in our lives.  God Bless you both, ~ Connie from Lafayette, NY.

Such a relief and a joy to hear good news!  Thank you for lifting our spirits.  I hope you continue to feel as strong and as happy as you look in the picture.  Have a wonderful birthday!   I wish you and Jean much love today and every day.  Thanks again for all the years of great music, and for doing what you do, so well.  May the  spirit continue to bless you with healing.  ~ Jessie


 Dearest Dan ~ Nice to meet you. My names is Mamiko Katano. At first,Happy Birthday!! It becomes late all day long and I'm sorry. I'm Japanese and I am a disc jockey at the radio station surrounded by the sea and a mountain. I love your music much more for some time. Whenever I play your music on my program, a very nice letter arrives from a listener. It is a letter of thanks to having known joy to being the same fan and your music through a program.I started my radio program five years ago September.


I think that the reason why it is so successful is that it has been supported by my beloved music and listeners love it. It is that my dream can meet you and to listen to music with my ears directly. Therefore please get well and so fans like me can hear that splendid singing voice again. I want to tell many people about the splendor of your music. I wish you happiness from far-off Japan.


 Dear Dan: Great news! Thanks for sharing your progress with us. Keep living true to your heart....You're soaring in new and wonderful ways! ~Beverly


 Dear Dan and Jean, I knew that if I checked the site today there would be some message from you or someone dear to you telling us how you are doing. Your strength and courage are magnificent and I take that with me to share with others who are dear to me that are beating cancer, including my mom. Happy Birthday, Dan, and many more to come that are joyous and healthy. God Bless you. ~ Terri G, Tampa.


 It's fate. Something moved me today to go to the web page to see how you were doing - not even realizing that it was your birthday. Wow, reading all these messages, it's amazing to hear how many people feel the same way I do. It's incredible how deep the feelings go!  It's amazing to see that I'm not the only one that considers you such an influence in their life.   It's got to be an incredible feeling for you to know that you have touched so many people over these past 30+ years and how loyal and faithful your fans are. So many people share the same sentiment. You are blessed to have so many people supporting you. It's powerful! It has to help your healing process. My dad is a prostate survivor. He's doing so well. He's PSA is below 1. And you should preach to men - getting a PSA test early can save their life. ~ Paula   


 Praying that you will continue to be healed and strengthened, and grateful for what your music has meant, and still means, to me.  Thank you!


 Dan - What a beautiful message from you & Jean! Thank you for letting all of us that love you... know how you are feeling.  What a Great Birthday Wish. I hope you feel we have honored your privacy and we showed how much we respect your wishes. I have a brother that will be going in for esophigeal surgery August 19th and I Pray he has the strength that you have had to pull thru this, he is 46 years old.   Enjoy Life Dan. You are the best.~  Lois


 Wonderful, wonderful news Dan!  Best wishes to you and Jean! You've been in my thoughts...  Thank you for getting the word out about prostate cancer.  I'm sure you will save incalculable lives. ~ Anne from Charlotte, NC


 What wonderful news! Since learning of Dan's diagnosis, I have played and replayed all his CD's to keep him ever present in my heart. I am living with CLL, adult leukemia, diagnosis in 2001. I am in the wait and watch mode and can relate to so much of what Dan has described. There is no way to express what Dan's lyrics, melodies and heart mean to Lewis, my hubby of 37 yrs, and to me. We have logged thousands of miles driving singing along to Dan's music, danced our way through many a night with his tunes turned up full volume, and have had quiet talks with his whispering words in the background. So very best wishes, Dan. We will continue to pray for you and your sweet family. Thanks for reaching out to others and sharing your journey. I have learned that in doing so, you in turn are blessed as well. We look forward to more of your thundering velvet hand; you live the legacy and do it well! ~ Linda and Lewis McLain, Dallas


 Hi Dan and Jean, My wife and I were married April 23 and were delighted to use "Longer" as our theme song (the check is in the mail, ha ha). Were both very pleased to hear your treatments are going so well and agree with your decision to get plenty of R & R. Our best always ~ Scott & Louise Taylor, Montrose, CA


 Hi there- I  am a 47 year old man who has been listening and finding great meaning and  inspiration since my years in high school from your incredible music. I have seen you at Red Rocks when I was in college and in New York where I originally hail  from. I know of your disease because it runs in my family. I cannot say just how much I hope you recover fully from this and return to sharing your words and music with us all. It sounds as though you have definitely the correct approach to this malady. Attitude is such a huge factor in all roads we travel in our lives. I pray you the strength and perseverance to conquer this and live a full and healthy remainder of your life. God bless....Take care ~ Bill Viola


 I am so thrilled to hear you are doing well Dan.  I think of you often and have missed your presence in our lives.. ~ Lorraine "Mrs. Fish" Newland, Whidbey Island, WA


 Dan, what GREAT news!! This is what I've awaited for 50+ weeks. It heartens me to read your words and see your smiling face. The Red Rocks of Colorado are shining once again! I pray you will write and paint and return to singing and a bit of traveling very soon, as I believe your talent will bring peace and strength not only to us but also to you. Icarus Ascends as you come Full Circle!! "Let your faith be your strength and your love be your guiding star!" ~ Cherie Orwig, Denver


 Dear Dan, You are such an amazing artist, creative--with lyrics that speak to the heart.  Your music has played a huge part in my relationship with my husband of 35 years.  "Longer" has been "our song" and I have watched and loved thoughout the years as 'our bindings cracked and our pages yellowed.'  During our lives together, David and I have been very active in a ministry called Marriage Encounter.  "Longer" often played during our talks about Marriage Spirituality because it so speaks to the transcendence of Love.  One of our chaplains told me he could never decide if the song was the loving cry of a human heart to a human heart, or the human heart singing the love of its Creator, or Humanity's Creator speaking Eternal Love to Creation. Truthfully, I never could decide either.  All I know is that it makes my soul sing and shine and 'Longer' describes my love of my spouse and the ties that braided us soul to soul in love. 


My David died this past March.  He was 77 at the time of his death. He too had prostate cancer.   It did not cause his death.  He lived with it for many years.  A dissecting aortic aneurysm took his life. David, too, loved your music.   I want to thank you for both of us.  I also want to send healing Light and Love to you.  I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and Alternative Healer. Over the years of your career, Dan, you have poured yourself, your music and your talent out into the ocean of people's spirits.  Brought in on the tides of life and loving concern, may you have years of Love, returning the beauty you have given away.   I am attempting to return my small part. Bright Blessings to you and your spouse, Dan.  I wish you beauty and Light and Healing. With affection and respect ~ Roberta L. Wolff


 Hello Dan, I read your letter today on the website and was so relieved and touched by it.  My son sent me an email about it as he stays in touch with your site. We lived in Colorado in the 70's and 80's and absolutely fell in love with your music.   My "all time favorite" album from any artist is your Innocent Age.  I literally wore out my last cassette and need to find a new CD for Innocent Age. I assume it can still be had.  Those songs are inextricably woven into my life, and my kids as well.  My son was so moved by your music that he took up playing the acoustic guitar (my Martin) and has become over the years a very accomplished singer and song writer in the Austin area where he moved after college.  He is 36 now.  I literally still get tears in my eyes when I hear "Leader of the Band" as I think of my son, your song, you and your father.  We have also seen you in person twice, once at Sea World in San Diego and once just a few years ago on the Seattle Wharf.  I now live in Port Angeles, WA. so my son and I enjoyed your acoustic concert together when he came up to visit.   I don't know you...but I do...   You and your music and messages have been an integral part of our lives for so long that we share this life's journey in many ways. God Bless you and your family.  Thanks from deep in my soul for sharing your life through your music with so many fellow travelers.  I will pray for your continued recovery and a long wonderful life.  Please don't give up the music.  When the dust settles after this difficult part of your life, I would not be surprised if you had much more to share with us in your music and verse born from adversity.  We'll be here when you are ready. God speed.. ~ Alan Barnard (father); Dale Barnard (son)


 "Every positive change - every jump to a higher level of energy and awareness - involves a rite of passage. Each time to ascend to a higher rung on the ladder of personal evolution, we must go through a period of discomfort, of initiation. I have never found an exception." ~ Dan Millman


 Happy Belated Birthday!  I just read your update and I am so relieved and happy you are doing better.  You have been in my thoughts and prayers so often and will continue to be.  Checking the website periodically for any word on your condition always made me worry.  Then I would read the wishes sent to you and your family and that gave me hope all those prayers and good wishes sent to you; as someone who has touched so many of our lives would help pull you through.  You are very special to so many people.  I hope your good health and happiness continues.  ~ B from WV


 I would like to say that it is good news of your recovery.  You and your words have been inspiration in my life.  I can still remember the first time I listened to "Souvenirs".  I am actually engaged to a Morton girl and we last saw you at Meadowbrook.  I can still see you playing with Fool's Gold at Pine Knob, I even bought their albums. Until we meet again ~ Dick Scheanwald


 Dear Dan, You have been in my thoughts and prayers for  the past year and will continue to be.  I have been a fan since the  '70's....your music has brought me so much joy!  Take good care of  yourself. With love and prayers ~ Karen Meima


 After an extended battle with lung cancer, my father finally succumbed and passed into the next life earlier this year.  Like so many other trying times in my life, I turned to music to help soothe the pain.  Dan, your music has been both a blessing and a salve to a troubled soul during this time, and I just want to say thank you.  "Leader of the Band" has a special new meaning to me now -- as do "Don't Lose Heart" and "Forefathers."  The Portrait collection follows me everywhere I go. I'm sending you all of my positive thoughts and prayers and hopes for a complete recovery.  God bless! ~ Gary in Atlanta, GA


 Dear Dan: Hi, my name is Sam Litman, and I just wanted to wish you a late (sorry about that) birthday wish that you will continue to get better with all of the prayers from all of your fans (including myself). Even though you mentioned in your personal letter that you have no plans to return to the stage or the recording studio in the forseeable future, I hope you can return soon. It would be great to hear a new release in the future. Again, I sincerely hope you continue to get better and will beat the cancer completely. My thoughts and prayers are with you always.


 Dan,  I met you in Mpls. in the 70's  You are an incredible human  being!  I am so sorry you have had to deal with the Cancer.  I have  had way too many friends that have had to go through the same thing.....Let me share the good news.  Out of the 5 friends we have that were diagnosed with  advanced stage,  they are all cancer free after 8 years. We are all your  age. I have donated time, and money to find a cure and to help all you men get the PSA test available to every man rich and poor.


I will continue to listen to your music every day.  But please, pick your favorite cities and share your music.  I would love to set you up in Mpls. on a small arena.  We could donate a part of the proceeds to PSA  or treatment for the disease.  We have the Mayo clinic which is so involved  in the fight against prostate cancer. Let's touch the hearts of everyone that is dealing with  this. If you look into it not many people have worked on this subject. Frank Zappa was in Mpls. before he passed but he never dedicated his time  to this cause. LET'S DO IT! Thanks for all the great memories... ~ Nancy


 Jean:  In the words of the immortal Tammy Wynette: 'Stand by your man....'

Dan:  In the words of the immortal Sam Cooke: 'Ain't that GOOD news!!  Man -- ain't that news!!'

May God's blessings continue to bind the two of you together. ~ Nigel


 Wow, what a Birthday present for everyone.  You have been in my prayers for a very long time.  Firstly, to thank God for the wonderful gift he has given you and for allowing us all to share your music.  But recently, to seek his comfort and healing for you and your family as you tackle this dreadful disease. And look! Thank you again for all the music, and your kind words to your many fans. Our love, prayers and kindness is not surprising when you think of what you have given to us.  As you say, the treatment may last a lifetime, but we will continue to pray that you keep getting better, and I hope that one day soon you will pop over and give us a concert or two in England. ~ Ian Butt - Essex, UK


 Prayers are heard and answered through strong belief and faith! I am so happy for you and your family. It's been awhile since I heard any news about your recovery and I know for a fact that "positive" thoughts and strong will make all the difference n the "big" picture. My niece who is 26 was diagnosed with malignant brain cancer almost 2 years ago (after having a baby a week before)! She had one of many follow-up mri's day before yesterday and it's clean! She's been in remission for 1 year. They didn't give her much hope but she's doing great! When you have so many wonderful friends and family, even people you don't know like myself, praying for you and thinking of you it makes such a difference! Keep up the good fight! Take care and God Bless! ~ M


 Dear Dan, I would like to wish you a late Happy Birthday and say how welcome the good news is for your health. We will pray for your complete recovery. It has been a very pleasant and memorable journey through the years! I can still remember the first time I shared Captured Angel with friends, and the time we stopped in the Rockies and listened to Nether Lands while taking in the beautiful view. It meant a lot to hear "Forefathers" the same year my mother passed away. Dan,I would like to thank you and say how pleased and proud I am of you for taking care of this world, its people, and their souls! Very Best Wishes! ~ Chuck, Linda,and Mary Becker-Adam and Atley fairbanks - Lincoln,Nebraska


 Dan, My thoughts and prayers are with you.  So glad to hear that you are doing well.  Best of luck in the future and I look forward to more of your music. ~ Dan - Wilmington, DE


 We couldn't have been happier to read your update, and thank you for the picture -- you look happy and relaxed and that is so good to see.  We will continue to pray for your forward progress, and you remain in our hearts and in our daily prayers.  Enjoy life a day at a time, Dan; you'll never know the full impact of what you have provided to our lives through your music -- Cindy and John Farley, Cape Neddick, Maine


 Great news! I agree with Dan's recommendation for a digital exam and PSA every year. So far, mine have been negative, but a friend of mine was diagnosed last year and his illness was caught early on for effective treatment and therapy because HE GOT CHECKED. Best wishes to the Fogelbergs for a long and happy life together from a guy who smiles when Dan's music plays. ~ JB


 Dear Dan, I'm so happy to hear your good news.  The first I heard of your illness was, I think, in the "Passages" section of a weekly magazine.  I saw your photo first and got that sick, gasping feeling of..."Oh, no, not him..."  I got teary and told my husband you were battling prostate cancer.  He said that was too bad, but he looked at me strangely, no doubt wondering why I was taking it so personally.  He doesn't understand how far back my love of your music and words really goes.  Geez, mid  70's -- "Souvenirs" -- "Part of the Plan" -- wearing out the tracks on my LP.  I've followed your music ever since and always, always loved your way with words.  I've wanted to thank you for a long time for the "Portrait" collection.  I so enjoyed reading your thoughts on each of the songs included.  It was like one of my fondest wishes of meeting you and being able to ask you questions about what a certain song was about had come true.   Anyway, I want to wish you peace and happiness and comfort in the knowledge that you have touched so many lives.  Reading the postings at this site is testament to that.  Thanks, Dan, and much love to you and your family. ~ Lori Andersen, Meadow, Utah.


 Dan - Every summer for years at Red Rocks you became part of mine and my childrens lives. I am a nurse and oddly enough work for a radiation oncologist that specializes in prostate cancer. So hope is something I never let go of since we see miracles all the time. I send my thoughts and prayers to you and your family and remember "run for the roses." ~ Karen Miller (Englewood, CO)


 Dear Dan, Happy Belated Birthday.  I hope it was a wonderful day! I am thrilled to have read about the update on your health, and how positive everything is going.  Having a light heart, and a wonderful smile has helped you along the way, I just know it!  You were my very first "rock star" crush, and quite honestly, even at my age, you still are.  I thank you for all your beautiful music.  It has guided me through some rough times, and been there for the good times as well.   Keep up the good fight Dan.  You are winning!   As a breast cancer survivor, I know how important the fight is.  It's uphill, and tough at times, but once you reach the crest of the hill, you can see a way down, and it's a wonderful sight. All the best to you and Jean. ~ Linda (from Connecticut)


 Dan, I just heard about your cancer.  You and your family will be in my prayers.  My mother passed away from cancer many years ago.  I know several women in the last few years that have fought (or are fighting) breast or uterine cancer.  They've all made it. Your music has touched me as a listener, and influenced me as a musician and as a writer of songs.  I performed "Longer" at my wedding 21 years ago.  I especially love the stylistic breadth of your music, rockers, singer/songwriter songs, the classically flavored pieces.  Your lyrics have touched me too.  I love the story in "Same Old Lang Syne".  I played "Leader of the Band" for father-in-law once and it made him cry (his dad was a band leader too).  I use that song as a benchmark for emotion and honesty in a lyric for my own material. Take care in Christ. ~ Rich Kelley


 What wonderful news, I trust your condition will continue to improve and you and Jean will have a long and happy life.  It's good to know that we could be a light to you in one of the darkest times of your life.  May music fill your days and nights, and your heart sing with thanks and peace! Once again thank you for all you've done for me with your poetry and the song in your heart. ~ Deborah, Palm Springs, CA


 Dan and Jean  -  I share your happiness and relief that there has been some good news in your struggle with this terrible disease.  Cancer took my father's life at a much too young age and it is through you song 'Leader of the Band' that I still can feel his soul as one with mine.  Your words on seeking regular cancer screenings and check ups, no matter how uncomfortable or embarrassing they may be, are prophetic and should be taken to heart by every person who reads then.  Continue to fight this disease with every ounce of your being. God's love to you both as you travel on your journey of life.  Ever on... ~ Tom Yorke


 Dear Dan, I too have a birthday near yours and it was a great birthday gift to hear that you are doing well. When I first heard last year about your battle, I took all my albums of yours and prayed good thoughts over them all. I felt strongly that you needed these thoughts and good wishes. You deserved every bit of them, due to the fact you have given me wonderful years of fantastic music. I went to my first concert of yours in high school in 1978. You played the Fox  in Atlanta. It was an acoustical evening that I have never forgotten. Went right home and started teaching myself to play the guitar. I learned all of your songs and play them to this day in the bars here in my little mountain town of Dahlonega, Ga. Ii first heard your music at Young Harris College in the north Ga. mtns. A roommate of a friend of mine, put your records on and played them all night while we slept. That music slipped in to my brain. I came down from the mtns and bought Captured Angel the next day. Thank you for taking the challenge and having the courage to go through the treatments that you went through. We need you around. Music needs you. God Bless You ~ Cindy Proctor, Dahlonega, Ga.


 Dan and Jean, I am so relieved to hear of the latest news on your positive progress with this cancer - YEA FOR YOU!!  I'm sure we all will continue to pray for both of you, and yes as you stated, it will be a long term event.  Just hold on to each other, that will get you through.  My brother who is 45, was recently diagnosed with Prostate CA back in Feb. (We have no family history) He had no symptoms at all, just out of the blue decided to get a full physical cause he hadn't had one for a long time.  His was detected by the Digital exam (which everyone hates, as you know) but when he finally had his surgery in May, the tumor had stayed confined within the prostate, but it was very close to the wall so we continue to hold our breath every time he gets new blood work!  Please take care, always believe and continue to be the wonderful person you are and I really hope someday you'll be singing for us again!! ~ Sheri Willard


Greetings from Cape Elizabeth, Maine. We are so very happy for you and your family that you are winning in the battle against prostate cancer. Every time we play a song of yours, which is alot, we think of what you are going through. Someone as gifted and as nice as you should not have to endure such pain. Let's hope for a year of even more good things health-wise to happen so you can have the strength to sing for us all live again. Hint, hint, and hopefully it will be in Portland, Maine at the Merrill Auditorium. Thanks again for the info on prostate cancer. My Bob is going to request those same tests. Most sincerely ~ Connie & Bob Hood


 Dan: You are still a beautiful man, even after all the years and struggles! Congratulations on your latest achievement. It must totally make you soar on eagle's wings! Prayers for strength and grace continue in your ongoing battle. To you and your, go live! ~ Terri, Illinois


 Dear Dan ~ Belated Happy Birthday!!!  Your update has given all of us, your legions of admirers, a fantastic birthday gift.  Thanks too for giving your "sermon".  My PSA level?  0.2 !!!  May God continue to bless you and Jean -- and the voice, the songs, and the music you make! ~ PGF, Quincy, MA


 Dear Dan - I have waiting so long to hear how you are progressing. I am so pleased and so thankful that things have improved for you and I pray they will continue to do so. As a man who has just turned 46 I really believe that it is vital not to ignore the signs of age and all its implications. I fully concur with the need for ongoing examinations. I look forward to the day of your complete cure and following from that the obvious expression of joy in your music. Keep on keeping on! ~ Eric Horridge - Australia


 I just read your update on your health on your website.  I have been making regular visits there to try to find out how you were doing since I found out about your illness. You have been in my thoughts and prayers for months. I was delighted to find the update and to see that things are  looking up. I can truly say I cannot possibly know what you've been  through but I know this has been a very trying time for you and Jean and I hope things will only get better from here. Take good care of yourselves  and continue to know that you will remain in the thoughts and prayers of  many. Very sincerely ~ Wanda Miley, Madison, MS


 GREAT NEWS, Dan! So happy for you and Jean. Sigh of relief, galore! ~ KN


 Dear Dan, After everything you have been through, think of the wonderful lyrics and melodies that could come from your heart!!  May God continue to bless you and keep you strong.  Best of Everything. A very faithful fan in  Michigan. ~ C


 I was so happy to read your positive update on 8-13. It looks like you're doing well. I hope and pray your health continues to improve. You're an inspiration, Dan. ~ Glenn Halberg


 Dan, back in the middle 1970s when I was a teenager, you had the most beautiful music that I had ever heard. And, of course, I thought you were the best looking music man around (you still are).   I was never into the "real heavy rock & roll."  I was very fond of the soft music and beautiful lyrics, as does everyone else I noticed on your website.  I have a collection of your albums.  I am proud to say that even my daughter, Jill, now 25 years old, is a fan of your music.  I think her mother had something to do with that -- I must have influenced her and passed your music down to another generation.  Actually, I think that in the late 1990s, Jill might have been the only teen at her high school (that we know of) that listened to your music.  I have attended your concerts every time you made a visit to Nashville, Tennessee (i.e. Starwood Ampitheather).  I was fascinated by your solo acoustic playing and also the piano.  My daughter and I attended the last concert (I can remember in Nashville) at the Ryman Auditorium -- what a treat.  I have been looking for a concert since then until I found out you were sick.  I have been battling multiple sclerosis and once had melanoma, which was removed.  As far as I see it, LIFE IS A BALANCE OF HOLDING ON AND LETTING GO.  This pertains to every aspect of a person's life.  I sincerely hope that you continue to recover and have a beautiful life with your wife. Much Love ~ Tami Cantwell


 Dear Dan & Jean, Happy Be-lated Birthday!  So glad to hear of your good progress. I frequently check your website to see if there has been any update on your condition. So nice to hear such good and positive news for the both of you. Know that there are many of us out there who think of you often. Your gift of music has been a blessing to all of us who are your fans.  My guess is that your higher power still feels there is much more for you to see and do. Best of luck for continued good health and progress. ~ Mary Kay Ferri, Aliquippa, PA


 I love your music Dan, and pray for your full recovery. I have seen  you 3 times in concert in New York State. Love to you and your family. God Bless.


 Dear Dan and Jean, I have only just discovered your music - despite being in my late 40s and also being a dance professional.  My husband has introduced me by putting your cd in the car. My husband is also a dance professional - turning professional after a hip replacement for severe hip rpoblems most of his life.  We adore music of all kinds so I am planning to catch up with your work fast now! We now listen all the time.


As well as being a dancer I am also a nurse, and am so pleased with your results and will pray for you to continue your progress.  I have cared for many men with this condition during my 18 years as a district nurse - I am from the UK - and have seen many breakthroughs and success stories.  I am sure that with your attitude yours will add to the list. Thank you for such wonderful music and I will visit your site often. My thoughts and prayers are with you ~ Karen


 I know that you have received thousands if not millions of emails.  And I know that you now realize how you have touched our lives.  You have been part of my musical world for over 25 years and very close to my heart. It fills me with hope and joy that you are recovering and doing well.  I wish you many happy days!  I still have hope that we will be blessed with more of your insightfulness and incredible musical talent! ~ Pamela J. Tompkins


 Dear Dan and Jean:  I was so relieved to see your current posting on the website about how well you're doing.  I have a friend with colon cancer and have seen what he's been through and my mom has breast cancer.  She is doing well right now after two lumpectomies, chemo and radiation.  She has an amazing attitude and was not going to let this beat her and it didn't.  Jean - I know what it's like to be supportive of those who have cancer.  Dan - you have touched my life since college when I went to New Paltz in New York in 1975. If memory serves, I saw you perform there.  I also saw you at Red Rocks when I first moved to Colorado.  My sisters and parents love you and your music and I recently bought your 4 CD set for all to hear.  You are an inspiration to all and I wish you continued success in your fight.  I know you can beat this.  Best wishes and Belated Happy Birthday.  Sincerely ~  Amy Hansen - Colorado


 My husband has advanced prostate cancer also, and so we can sympathize with your situation, best wishes to you.  Hope things go well for you in your future. ~ Susan


 Dear Dan and Jean, I am so glad to hear the long awaited news.  I just realized that you are a Leo like myself.  I knew there was a reason I loved you so much. I had a birthday on August 17th.  It was the 2nd anniversary of when I turned 19.  I am thrilled to hear your news.  I have been checking the website constantly to hear how you have been doing.  You look GREAT in your picture.  Thank you so much for updating your site.  The news is fantastic.  I knew that all of these people who love you so much would send good wishes your way.  It worked.  Keep up the good work and we'll be waiting for the day when you return to your stage.  Until then, take a deep breath and enjoy life... We love and miss you. ~ Tina and family


 I am very grateful to hear of your progress. I wish the best for becoming stronger each day. May the Lord carry you through this difficult time.


 Dan, I remember the night in Minneapolis when a blizzard was raging and your backup band couldn't make it to the concert. You performed anyway, soloing on piano and guitar and delivering one of the best concerts in my memory. That's just one of the good memories I have of your music - good memories and good times. You've given much over the years. Now there are a lot of folks pulling for you during this ordeal. Hang in there, brother! ~ Paul A.


 Dear Dan, I have been a fan of yours from the very beginning of your career. I am in my early 50's and greatly appreciate the music you have produced over the years. I first saw you perform while I was in college in Ohio and your music was a pleasure to listen to. I have been a teacher of hearing impaired and learning disabled adolescents for many years and often played your music for the students who could hear it because I wanted them to enjoy popular music. Some of my students could not hear the words but could feel the vibration of the music from touching the speakers on a small stereo I brought to my classroom. Music is a window to the soul, and many young adolescents with disabilities can gain so much from the lyrics and the sounds.


I only heard of your prostate cancer news from a friend who lives in Ft. Collins, CO earlier this past spring and she alerted me to this website. I felt you might want to hear how your music has influenced young people and hopefully you will be able to continue writing and continue your gift of song. You and your wife are wished much happiness and continuing strength for the journey of life ahead of you! Thank you for reading this and hope it adds to your legacy of making the world a better place! Sincerely ~ Linda Sigal


 Dear Dan and Jean, Belated birthday greetings Dan.  And to you, Jean and your entire extended family, my heart just soars with joy when I read your note.  Having been watching your site for well over a year, I was moved to tears to see your letter and hear of your most encouraging news.  Yes, prayer and well wishes are an integral part of the healing process.  You and your family are in my prayers daily and my prayers are being answered.  Please continue to gain strength, keep that most wonderful attitude you have (that is half the battle) and know you are not on this journey alone.  At the very depths of this long journey, the Lord carried you in his arms.  It is so wonderful to see your smiling face again, though I have to admit, I have your smiling face daily as my screensaver, sending you positive thoughts and wishes. Keep climbing that mountain, you will reach the summit and what a wonderful feeling that will be, you are almost there, I can feel it.  Thanks for

taking the time to think of us and for sharing with us.   And I will be content to play your music and wait patiently until you are on that stage again, if that is what you want.  Jean, take care of him so wonderfully as you have been and thank you for sharing him with us.  God Bless ~ Susan


 Hi Jean & Dan, I'm so relieved to read your latest note (dated August 13, 2005) and learn your cancer's progress has slowed. How relieved you and your family must feel. Dan, I've always loved your music, never more than in recent years. For some reason I can't explain, the words seem to mean more these days. I'd say it was my age (nearly 50), but my eldest son and I have discussed at great length our mutual appreciation for your depth and insight--and he's only 28! Your music rises from the depth of your soul; there's raw emotion and naked heart in both your lyrics and musical arrangements. Bless God that he made you an artist.


I've prayed for you so often these past months, ever since I read about your illness on your website. I, too, am an artist, a nationally published novelist [Christian romance; NOT an oxymoron ;-}]. And I, too, was knocked on my pockets, with chronic poor health following a traffic accident in 1998. It's only been in recent months that I've felt well enough to work again (boy, do I have a faithful and patient agent). So you come to my mind easily and often as I wonder how you're handling each day, each visit with the medical community, and each next bottle of medication. I pray for your family, as I often feel so sorry for mine; they get dragged along as my illness changes our plans--changes our lives. Thank you for keeping us posted on your progress. I pray you're  restored to a long and healthy life. Selfishly, I pray God will give you the strength to write again; there's so much more in you. Blessings always ~ Sherrie Lord, Idaho


 Happy Birthday Dan. (a few days late but hey....) My sisters and I were turned on to you with Home Free. We are more than happy that you are doing well. We think about you as often as we think about each other and there is one of your songs playing in at least one of our homes each day. God be with you and yours, Dan. OXOXOXOX ~ Knight Sisters~


 Dear Dan, I can't begin to express the regret I felt when I heard your diagnosis. I am a musician whom you have influenced tremendously both vocally and through your gifted musicianship.  I pray to God from the bottom of my heart that somehow, you can recover sufficiently from this illness (not to return to the stage), but to be able to spend a little more time with your family, doing the things that you love most.  You have made an unforgettable contribution of love and light to this troubled world through your music.  You deserve the time to enjoy every day that you are given, to spend in your own special way.  Stay focused on the things you love most, and don't fear our inevitable end.  It is only another beginning.  We all follow in one timeless procession through the gates of time.  Our love cannot be destroyed.  We will live on forever....Best wishes for you and your family. Love ~ Moe Gonzalez-Wainwright & family


 Dan, Good to hear you are doing well.  Thank you for the info on the cancer.  Appreciate your sharing. ~ Dan, Silverton, Colorado


 Dan, I was so pleased to hear that the treatment is providing some good hope for you.  I hope you have a wonderful Birthday and you and Jean are enjoying every moment together.  Good luck to you and God's blessings to you both! ~ Denise and Patrick


 Dear Dan:  Reading your encouraging words and seeing that gorgeous smile of yours was definitely a gift to all of us!  I posted birthday wishes to you the day before your birthday.  Then, I decided to check your website on August 13th and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw your letter and picture!  I think the neighbors heard my shouts of joy!  And those shouts were heard as far away as Houston (because I called my cousin there to tell her the news....she is as big a fan as I am of you and your music....and the last time we saw you in concert was at The Woodlands....that was such a magical night).  Thank you so much for taking the time to let all of us know how you are doing.  And thank you for letting us know that what we've written from our hearts to yours, over these past several months, hasn't gone unnoticed.  The power of prayer and the power of love are definitely at work here!  That was the best news I've heard in a long, long time!  I'll continue to keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Keep fighting, Dan!  We all love you!!  ~ Pam (Happily singing your praises in Louisiana!)


 Dan and Jean, Blessed Be!  I have not written before, but know that my thoughts and prayers have been with you and yours since first hearing of your illness late last year.  I would not be alone in saying "thank you" for sharing this Great News of your recovery progress with your fans, like myself, who have wondered and worried about the struggles and trials that have been for you and your family to bear.  If it were possible, for even a moment in time, any one of us would gladly lift the weight of this burden from your shoulders, as you have lifted us up throughout the years with your musical gifts.   I was very blessed to have been able to see you again during your last Denver stop, as I have been doing since the 70's in Texas, and will pray for the opportunity to do so again.  Peace be with you and Jean, grow strong and live long. ~ Nita


 Dan and Jean, Wow :-) I'm so thrilled to hear that your progress is going well. I'm a health care professional, so I was not only pleased to hear of the news, but thought your "sermon" was very appropriate. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. As much as I would LOVE to see you perform again or get another CD, I can recycle. You both need rest. Thank-you for letting us know the good news! ~ Cindy Fabian


 Dan, Normally I quote one of your song lyrics to friends in time of need, therefore, I am left to my own inadequate expressions.  Your music has brought me through this life on earth-sustained me through my most difficult trials and lifted my highs to soaring levels. I often wonder how one man can give so much to one stranger and how a life can be transformed by a lifetime of listening to your music.  But, the fact remains that it is. Turn your face to the sun and walk in peace and serenity.  God bless you and keep you.  My prayers and positive energy are with you and yours.  Godspeed. ~ Stacee Sweetwater Clayton


 Jean & Dan, This is going to be a wonderful day!! Take care ~ Mark K, SC


 Dan, I just read the encouraging news regarding your recovery.  Sounds like you're coming right along.   Continue to stay: faithful (in God and in yourself), confident, and working hard towards the future. Approaching your challenge from this position of strength will give you the most amount of love and power to tap into.  We look forward to hearing from you, as you continue to heal and look back on this experience in your life, as a stronger and wiser voice. We also look forward to the awesome songs and music that will be created as a result of this experience. Love deeper, smile more often, be more of yourself. ~ Steve


 Good to know you are doing better. God always helps and this case of yours is another testimony that we still need you in this world of ours Please keep us updated on your condition: I have been recently diagnosed with PCA and also need your support. God bless ~ James2


 I was pleased to hear on my favorite Peoria radio station that things are looking up for you!   Take time to enjoy your life and family.  I have always enjoyed your music and concerts in the past and have my many cd's to listen to.  Congratulations and the very best wishes!  ~ Gail, Morton IL


 From a lifelong fan, You're in my thoughts and prayers. Godspeed ~ Clare, From the mountains of West Virginia


 Dan and Jean, Great news . You have been in my thoughts regularly since this began 14 months ago. I turned 50 this past April and went in to have the finger wave and blood test shortly after partly because of your situation. Here is wishing you continued improving health. ~ Wayne


 I am writing to add my prayers to the thousands of others for health and healing for Dan. I just read his Aug 13th update on the official website and was encouraged and relieved to hear he is doing well with his treatments. I am an oncology nurse and in my current job I speak to cancer patients every day who are going through treatments for all types of cancer. They are all truly an inspiration for me each day as they face their challenges with courage and strength and grace. I laugh with them....cry with them...and offer whatever I can in the way of encouragement, education and humor.


My father had Prostate Cancer that had spread to the bones. So besides being an Oncology nurse - I have lived with this disease in a very personal way. I have been a fan of Dan's since I was a young teenager - going back probably about 20 or more years. The poetry of his songs have always held such meaning to me. The words he has written over the years have opened a window into a very beautiful soul. It is with this beauty and strength and inner wisdom that he will fight the fight and overcome this disease. If I can impart one piece of wisdom I have come to in the years I have been doing this - it is this: Keep the Faith. Faith and Hope are always going to lead you to a better place and make you strong enough to meet the challenges that come.  My prayers are with you Dan. Fondly ~ Valerie L. Huegel, RN


 Dan - I have enjoyed your inspirational music for many years. And, I am glad to hear of the progress you have made. May God bless you and your family. I will always remember my first job at Bradley University in your hometown of Peoria, Illinois and listening to your music on the radio. Thank you. ~ Jim Wigglesworth


 Dan- since I was in high school, your music has provided much joy and inspiration to me. My first album was Souvenirs back in '74. Oh, how much we have lived and loved since then.  I am a cancer survivor too and was thrilled by my recent discovery about an icon in music, you. My sincerest and heartfelt joy is found today when I discovered, through your website, that you are on the road of recovery and that you are on the upswing. You appear to be a man of great faith, which is not a major surprise, since the bulk of your music has been saturated with themes of love, hope, and renewal for the past three decades-plus. May your faith continue to shine as a beacon to others and may His guiding and velvet hand continue to bless you. Love ~ Jennifer Howell


 Dear Dan: You are forever close in my heart, my first prayer of healing, the light of love itself on the dawn of every day I wake to. You can only continue to heal because that is what you desire! Namaste and love. ~ Alice


 Dan & Jean and all your  family...What great News!!!!  Prayers for a continued recovery.Stay strong as you have always been. You're the best!! Love ~ Beth, Peoria,  Ill.


 Dan, Your gentle style, soothing melodies, poetic lyrics, gorgeous phrasing and easy delivery have touched my heart and soul in so many wonderful ways.  Thank you for sharing your God given gift with all of us and thank you for being  a beautiful person as well.  I will never forget the night I was  privileged to see you perform live at the Westbury Music Fair, where you were surrounded by a slew of guitars with different sounds ... and played them  all.  I felt like heaven was brought down to earth in every note you played and every word you sang.  I pray for you every day and I'm so confident that you will fully recover, especially because your spirit is so full  of love and wonderment. Perhaps this obstacle in your life was actually designed to teach you an even deeper understanding of the world of which you write about and sing about. Maybe your deep inner self has evolved to a place whereby God thought you could handle this battle more than someone else. Through love, forgiveness, giving and laughter, and utilizing the power of your own beautiful spirit, you have it in your ability to overcome  anything.  I love you Dan Fogelberg and I wish you God speed in your  journey and the quickest recovery imaginable. Your Friend and Fan ~ Rob Moschetti (Centereach,  NY)


 Dear Dan & Jean, That's wonderful news. I just had a psa done... All's well. I look forward to more news. Best wishes ~ Steve Takesian


 To Dan and his family, I cannot express how happy I am with the news that your recovery is going so well. I'll continue to send positive thoughts and energy your way so that you can sustain your recovery and go back to enjoying the simple pleasures of just living. Thank you for letting us know how you are doing.   It was a welcome ray of sunshine! Much love ~ Leila Soffen


 Dan & Jean, I think you will agree with what I taught my 2 sons. The "Best Things in Life" aren't things. I am so glad you are feeling better. We miss you. Your Friend ~ Teena 


 Hey 'big brother'!  I call you that because, you such a good place with your music. I've read many of these posted messages and find validation in my loyalty to your spirit. I am so happy to have you still walking beside us. ~ Claire


 Dear Dan, Such great news about your health and your general well being. My best friend and I have been fans of yours since our college days. We have travelled all the way to Phoenix and seen you every time you have made it to Tucson. Your music is my absolute favorite and we are so encouraged that you and Jean can spend many future years together, hopefully VERY HEALTHY!  We are blessed that someone as talented as you has touched our lives and our hearts with your lyrics and music. Thanks for the memories and we look forward to taking our kids to a few concerts in the future! Happy Birthday! ~ Gillian & Dora


 Such good news!!!  Thank you... I will smile for the rest of the year!


 Congratulations for beating back this monster and for being - as in your music - an inspiring example of courage and sensitivity. The damned radio may not play enough of the right stuff these days, but there will always be those of us who buy fine music like yours. (P.S. - loved "Full Circle" and this year's hits collection; you are just as relevant today as you were when you lit up my college years.) ~ Kevin Fagan, S.F. Bay Area, Calif.


 Dear Dan,  My first awareness of your music occurred when I heard the song "Longer" while I was in college. I began to seriously listen to and seek out your albums at the record stores when I was about 25 and out on my own in the working world.  "Sutter's Mill" pulls on my heartstrings to this day, as does "The Last Nail."   I am very happy to hear of your success so far in battling cancer and I wish you all the strength and peace and joy and love you need to continue on.  Part of the reason I wish this for you is that your music pulled me through a very crushing and difficult time in my life that I went through when I was about 28. That may sound dramatic, but honestly, your music was the one thing that gave me hope during very dark days, and part of the reason I made it through was due to you sharing your gift. I am also very happy that you have Jean to love you and partner with you through all this.  I wish you both the best.  Love is the greatest thing there is. I speak to you today as a very happy, very lucky 46-year-old woman who is basking in the joy of being a newlywed for the first time, married to my dearest friend in the world.  May you enjoy many more years of happiness, grace, peace, and laughter with your Lady and everything you love.  Many blessings.   ~ Laurel in Minnesota


 Dear Dan and Jean, I am so thankful to hear the news that the treatments and prayers have been successful.  I have sent prayers heavenward for your complete recovery and will continue to do so.  I know we've never met, but for years your music has touched my heart and spoken for me when I could not find my own voice.  Thank you for all you have shared with us, your fans, over the years.  I pray that all of God's richest blessings will be abundantly yours. ~ Sharon Robertson


 Dan, you have my best wishes for a full and speedy recovery! ~ Cynthia Youngblood


 Dearest Dan, I am a breast cancer survivor of four years and I know chemo treatments are awful!!! I was so glad to read your letter of August 13, 2005, and know that you are doing pretty good. It takes a long time. You are in my prayers and thoughts that you will continue to recover and will again perform your wonderful music. Your music has brought me such happiness and peace to listen to it, especially when I was so sick during the chemo treatments.  Also, right after I finished my bout with cancer treatments, I learned my wonderful father had lung cancer and it was terminal, I was devastated. It was so hard to lose him, and it still is so hard to go on with out him, but sometimes I put on your music and it makes me feel better and I can go on. I hope the best for you and  your family, and will listen to hear again your beautiful music again from your voice. Thank you ~ Angie Smith


 (Whew)  The sound of my sigh of relief when I read your personal post was something I've been waiting for nearly a year to exhale!  During that time I have come and visited the site many times, read so many touching posts,  and I've watched your PBS special many times, and now I'm finally coughing up my own thoughts amongst all of the most eloquent ones that have already been posted.  I have no words to match what has come before me, but I can simply say this:  I discovered your music when I was in college - and as I enter middle age, l continue to discover your music in new ways. I feel I have grown up with it and it with me. You have truly touched so many of our lives. It is wonderful to see that so many of your fans have in turn done the same for you.  Continued good health and healing. You look terrific in your photo - what a sight for sore eyes!

Can't wait to see the next update.  Happiest of birthdays - I know this one is definitely a special one for you. ~ Julie B.


 Dear Dan, I am so thrilled to hear your battle with the cancer is going well!!! Have been keeping an eye on your website since last year when I went through a big "Dan Fogelberg" phase and bought (again!) all my favorite albums on CD! Best wishes and good luck! ~ Donna Iverson - Antioch, California


 Dan and Jean: First let me say how wonderful the news is that you shared with us.  I first heard your music in 1974, yes over 30 years ago, when I was a student at Purdue University.  You made an appearance at our campus, I bought the Souvenirs album, and every other one over the last 30 years. I am an Airline Pilot, and my job requires many hours of deadheading between cities...guess who I have on my music player? Your music has steered me through college, raising kids, and now as I approach 50, it has taught me to listen to the words not just the beat.   I have taken the PSA's and the dreaded DRE's as required as part of my medical certificate for the airlines, and I applaud you for sharing your experiences with those who are less knowledgeable of the consequences. Best wishes to you, my prayers are with you, and I look forward to seeing you again in person, as I have before, in West Lafayette Indiana, Oklahoma City, and The Woodlands Texas. With all my respect ~ John

 Dear Dan,  I can hardly begin to tell you how shocked and saddened I was when I heard that you were diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer.  My heart and prayers go out to you and your family and wish for a speedy recovery for you soon, and that hopefully you will be able to tour and record again soon.  I know you possess a strong determination to beat this, Dan, and have a strong faith as well. I can see no reason why you won't be able to come back 100% and better than ever.  May the road rise to meet you, Dan.  You're the best, Dan!  Hope to see you out on the road again very soon. ~ John M. Garzelloni


 Hi Dan - Just having another year to spend with family and friends was probably the best birthday present you ever received!  My friend, Lynn and I have been devoted fans of yours forever now.  We saw you at various venues in the Philadelphia area over the years.  Our favorite was at the old Valley Forge Music Fair (long gone) where every seat was so close to you.  I heard you play at the Academy of Music way back in the 70's.  I never did drugs, but I have to tell you I felt "high" as I sat in the sixth row, and you played "Nether Lands". I just soared to the top of the building.  Your music has provided me with so much happiness over the years.  I still keep your "albums" (yes, I am that old) because of the covers.  I loved the early ones that you did the artwork for the covers.  I felt a special kinship as I was a college art major.  I wish you continued success in your remission. Wishes and prayers are all wonderful, and I can send mine, as well. Thank you again for all the wonderful musical moments you have given us all.  We hope to hear more music from you in the times to come! ~ Patti Wilson - Morgantown, PA


 Dear Dan & Family, what wonderful news to finally hear something. You have given us so much with your music, how could we ever return that to you ? We have been fans for years and had tickets to your concert in Atlanta at Chastain Park when your illness was first announced. We have since moved back to Colorado (where we are from), and hope that some day, some way, by the grace of God we will see you on stage at Red Rocks . Please come home and play one more time! Our thoughts and prayers are STILL with you as you continue your challenge. Your loyal fans now back in Colorado  ~ Kathy and Andy Rogers


 Dan, MANY thanks for the long-awaited update... I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been telling myself that "no news is good news" in the case of your long silence. I rejoice in the fact that your news IS good, and once again promise to include you and your family in my prayers that your recovery may be full and your life may feel fully your own again. Despite your present (and hopefully temporary) silence in the studio and on stage, your voice still echoes in our ears. Thanks for the words and music of hope, and love and blessings to you for the days to come. ~ Janice in Connecticut


 Dan, for years your words and music have brought entertainment, tears, joy, solace, meaning, interpretation, depth and vision to our lives in ways you can only imagine. The power of your poetry, the beauty of your songwriting and the quality of your music have accompanied our journey through illness, death, unemployment, separation and, at times, despair. Your music and our faith in God has given us life to endure the daily and welcome the tomorrow. The sea kayak I paddle this weekend is the "Reach", even if I never catch a lobster. It is the "Minstrel" if I never catch the wind, because it rides the waves of water and of life, as do we all. It responds to the power of the paddler as it glides over the water. It is the metaphor for my life and gives me expression on the water. Our best wishes, out thoughts and our prayers be with you and your family in your struggle. We believe for you as we do for us, that tomorrow is the best day of our lives.~ Dave & Cathy Drzewiecki & family, Carmel, IN


 Dan, my prayers are with you and Jean. You are an awesome person. Your lyrics and music is awesome, too. I began listening to your music about 20 years ago, and still enjoy it to this day. I am a believer and I am standing in faith with you for you to receive your healing by faith in Jesus name, amen and God bless.Your music has enriched me and so many lives. Thank you. ~ Cc


 Dan, I wrote a note a few nights ago but I just read your posted update again. I have encouraged my husband to get checked and he has it on his calendar. Thank you for reminding all of us how important this testing is. As always, good thought and love to you and your family. ~ Cara, Kansas City


 Dan and Jean, It was great to read of the remission. What fabulous news! Keep your spirits high. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. ~ Chris in Illinois


 Dear favorite all time vocalist...attending your concert a few years ago in Santa Fe, NM was my birthday present. Thank you! I am part of a prayer ministry who has been excited to see our answers even in the national news, proving that there is a living God. I pray the healing hands of Jesus Christ continue to touch you and that you be filled with the life [zoe] and  grace of almighty God in His name....Blessings to you and your family! Love ~ Susan


 Dan, I'm now 47. Ever since I was 14 years old in 1972, your music and your lyrics have been a guiding influence in my life. I have prayed for you since first finding out about your bout with the evil "C". There have been so many times in my life that your art has gotten me through a tough moment or time. The strength and passion of your music is timeless and without peer. I hope that our small tokens of appreciation and faith can be of some help to you in this difficult time. God bless. ~ Dee Rambeau, The Netherlands, Colorado


 Dear Dan: I celebrated the wonderful news this weekend by listening to your music.  How do I tell you, someone I have never looked in the eye, how thankful I am for the countless hours of contentment and reflection you have given me over these many, many years?  Mere words hardly seem appropriate, yet that is all I am able to offer.   I came on board with Souvenirs.  "As The Raven Flies" held particular meaning for me at the time.  I was losing the man I believed to be my soul mate, "under the weight of her lies."  My heart was breaking in two and I was powerless to stop him from going to her.  So began my love of your music and the message so many of your lyrics exposed.  Life and love; wonderful, reckless, tortured and oh, so matter of fact. My heart eventually healed, but I never stopped listening. My positive thoughts are with you in your effort to overcome this cancer and I sincerely hope your health and energy improves daily.  Please continue to write and play and sing for all of us who appreciate you so much.  I, for one am grateful to "know" you through your music.  You are a blessing to the world. Forever ~ Sue Tobin, Lake Zurich, IL


 Dear Dan, I am so happy to hear you are doing better in your fight. I think of you often, especially when one of the MANY songs of yours plays on my ipod. I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers. Thanks again for all the beautiful music. ~ Nancy Buttitto, Colorado


 Hey Dan and Jean! Great to hear you two are faring better!  I, too, am a man in my early 40's who probably needs to see the the two issues you mentioned checked, although I fear doctors...   Thanks for the "Sermon"!  We all need that every now and again. God's Peace and love to you and Jean.  All the best ~ Rick (in Maryland)


 Hi Dan, Positive news indeed!!  What better Birthday sharing than this special update.  I just knew you would soar!  Thank you for the good choices you make and the positive path of wellness, joy and health.  With the combination of the miraculous power of our bodies to heal, the working of the medical field and our connection with Loving Spirit force and the loving dynamics of prayer, it is a day of celebration.  As you move forward into this year of all new possibilities and new creative ventures for yourself may you have meaningful enjoyment from the things you choose to do.


Thank you, brother warrior, and thank you for spreading the word to all men to get their annual check-ups.  If my father had done so, he may have been here now.  When I cried over that transition and asked for a sign that he is well and still with me on whatever level so many years ago; the porpoises came out in dozens jumping and surrounded our skiff for hours that day.  I deeply looked into the eye of one at the bow.  For me it was a symbol, my prayer was heard and we are all so interconnected.  May you have a double rainbow year of beauty, synergism, fulfillment and realizations ahead.  May you embrace what is dear to your heart and have comfort.  I continue to embrace the vision of global peace, compassion, personal integrity and strength and a time of all possibilities.  My prayers go out to all.  I celebrate in your news & happy birthday, Dan.  In peace ~ Carol, a buffalo spirit ~ Medford OR


 ABSOLUTELY EXHILARATING NEWS! Thank you for putting a smile to my face, to hear your news. Not only am I very, very happy for you, it also gives me hope that this is also true for so many others, unheard voices and names, that also face the same.


Congratulations to you, your family, and your friends! What a joy, I'm sure to hear such news for all of you. Keep living each moment to the fullest and seeking moment after moment after moment. And if I may be so bold as to ask gently, if you may please continue to touch lives, if not through your music, then through just your mere words to other men on your experience, such that your words offer them an opportunity to avoid traveling such a difficult physical and emotional path. You have more power to influence the lives of many, despite each life being equally precious. Of course, you've already touched so many lives, that I only wish I could say the same for myself----such that if your contribution is this one letter urging men to get tested, that is just fine too. ~ Jessie


 Well, I am awfully late to learn of your cancer and I am heartened to learn of the great progress you are making in your recovery.  The song "Forefathers" had been banging around in my head for a number of days and, after having hacked my way through it on the piano yesterday, I logged on to your website to get an update on your life, thinking it would be great to see you in concert again.  Thus, the news.  I wish you strength, courage and insight as your journey continues.  And I thank you for all the wonderful music you have brought to my family.  As you are to your father, so is your music to you. 


 I continue to hold you in my healing thoughts.  I'm soooo happy to hear you are doing better.  You are the first 'celeb' I've ever written, but the words you've written have so echoed my thoughts throughout the years that I feel a connection to your spirit.  I've been a loyal fan since the beginning and will continue to be one as long as time allows.  So, Dan & Jean, keep on the bright side of hope, so many are pulling for you two and I, too, believe that all this energy does make a difference.  All my best to you both. Namaste ~ Rhoda Ziegler (fellow Colorado dweller)


 Dear Dan, I will always remember the first time I heard your voice, and absorbed the poetry into my mind and heart.  I waited for each new album, anxiously, and was always delighted to listen to you,  growing and changing as the years passed.....still the "soul" of DF shined through.  Your illness did not make the BIG news here, but when I heard of your condition, I felt as though someone I knew well was ill.  Of course, I prayed for you and continue to do so.   I just logged onto your 'official' web site, and was elated to read that you and your wife are bravely facing the fire together and gaining ground. And don't you get it???  You were surprised how many of us grew up (mid 70's) and how much your music spoke to us and how we have carried it with us????   I have seen you only once in concert, at the Toledo Masonic Auditorium, at the time I was the ticket office manager, (am now a nurse)  and you can imagine how great my seats were!!!  Listening to your voice, piano and guitar took me back to the years of innocence and learning and taking chances.. I wish the best for you and your family. May God be with you, now and always. Fondly ~ Annie Stark


 First of all...a Happy Belated Birthday to you!  It was so wonderful to check your website tonight and discover you are doing so much better.  It is amazing that we live in a time when our medical technology is so advanced it affords us the opportunity to fight and win the battle against insidious diseases such as prostate cancer.  My father has been diagnosed with it as well but unfortunately he is in denial about it and has decided not to be treated.  I think I will forward your "sermon" regarding prostate cancer to him and maybe...just will motivate him to change his mind and go for treatment.  Nevertheless, all good wishes to you and thank you for keeping your fans updated as to your health.  We are all pulling for you, Dan, and send you and your family our very best. ~ Linda B., San Francisco, CA


 I happened to look at your website this evening, expecting no news, and hoping not to read bad news of your condition. I was elated to find the report of your triumphant battle with the disease so far.  It is very encouraging and you have often been in my thoughts. I have seen you perform on three separate occasions and you always enlivened the memories of your beautiful music with perfect renditions of your many wonderful creations. Keep fighting the battle and keep winning!  Much happiness to you and your family. Best regards ~ Jonathan H. Furman


 Dan: Great news!   I can't say how relieved I am to hear that things are going well for you.  I lost my mother last year to breast cancer and have lost other close friends to that dreaded disease, cancer.  If nothing else I wanted to wish you well and thank you for all the inspiring music you've blessed us with over the years.  I will always think back to the times I was driving back down to Travis AFB, California in the mid 70's listening to "Home Free" on my cassette player while driving in the mountains.  I remember seeing you when you were in Portland Oregon and had the flu but you "let the show go on" even though you weren't feeling well.  I loved your music then and appreciate it even more now.  I have been a Police Officer now for almost 25 years and am now about to retire.  My wife to be and I have moved to the mountains, Mt Hood in Oregon, and we spend time listening to your music while we sit on our deck and sip red wine. Thanks again for being a wonderful human being and for your blessed talents.  They have meant a lot to me and my family and friends.  I also work in a High School as a School Resource Officer and have turned on numerous kids to your music and your vision of life. You and your family will always be in our prayers and even though you don't know me, if ever I can be of service to you please let me talents are very minimal but I am always willing to try! Best Wishes!! ~ Gary Deverell and Kimberly Dalton


 Dear Dan, How very wonderful it was to receive your good news letter to all who love you, me and my husband included!  You were thought of prayerfully and lovingly on your birthday while at a dinner party at my sister's, we all took a moment to toast to you and your recovery.  I have loved your music since the age of 11 and it has always been a part of my life through my teenage years when I met my husband and into adulthood where I am now 43.  Your music has always been a wonderful part of our marriage and will continue to be so. You will continue to remain in our prayers.  Thank you Dan for the most beautiful music and God Bless you and your family. ~ Jan and Chuck Levesque


 Hi Dan!  First of all, I'd like to wish you the happiest and most blessed birthday.  Sorry it's belated,  but I've been away on a camping trip.  I can't begin to describe my joy at coming home and finding out the good news. You and Jean have often been in my prayers over the past year and I've shed more than a few tears.  I can't begin to imagine the struggle the two of you have been through, though as an RN I've witnessed firsthand the enormous toll a serious illness can take on a relationship.  If the two of you can make it through this, you can handle anything :).  I'm so glad that you've been encouraged by the thoughts and prayers of all of us.  You have more friends than you know and you are loved dearly.  Jean,  I've especially been asking God to give you strength during this time.  It must have been so difficult to see someone you love so much become so ill.  I prayed that He would uphold you in His loving arms and that you would find courage and comfort there.  I prayed that your love for one another would carry you through.  Dan, you and your music have been a part of my life since I was eleven and when you and those who love you hurt, it makes my heart ache.  It's been a privilege to be able to offer prayer and loving support after all your years of giving to us.  I'm thrilled that you and your beautiful wife will have the opportunity to enjoy life together.  I'm rejoicing that God indeed answers prayer, and that nothing is impossible with Him.  I'll continue to pray for both of you.  I know that you'll be dealing with this for some time to come, but you won't be alone.  Please let us know from time to time how you are doing.  I hope you're enjoying your time in Maine this year.  I'm sure it must be especially sweet.  I'm smiling at the thought that the wind will once again fill the sails of your beloved sailboat. ~  Terri Morse,  Morgantown, PA


 Dearest Dan, I have been an avid fan of yours since August 1984.  That is the year I graduated high school and went off  to college.  Living on campus with only 50 other students in a small town in New Mexico was where I first discovered you. Our dorm parent was a music teacher and taught vocal lessons at a record store in town and she said I would love your stuff.  I started out with Home Free and within the first month I had every album I could get my hands on.  I cried to your music and laughed and you became a close and personal friend of mine. Today I decided to see if I could find about your current performing status.  I turn 40 in Nov. and thought the gift I wanted most was to see you in concert again. I was saddened by the news of your health.  I will pray for you and your family for healing through this trying time in your life. Through your wonderful music you have touched so many lives and I pray these lives will touch you in turn with our prayers. God Bless and know there are many out there that love you.   Always ~ Karen and Michael Smith


 Dan and Jean, Wow! What awesome news on your birthday. As one of the many touched by your gift of music over the past 25 years, I want to say thank you. I have been blessed to see you during your visits to Columbus, Ohio. The first Fogelberg concert was in July, Wild Places and the beginning of my membership with the Wilderness Society. And the last was Full Circle at Promo West. You both have been in our prayers since the announcement of your cancer. May the power of love and prayers from all those touched by your gifts surround you both. We selfishly miss you but understand that now you have a fight on your hands. Please love each other, because love is all that matters. I will continue to listen to the music and pray for you. ~ Anita


 Dear Dan, Thank you for providing us with an update on your condition.  I think of you often and wonder how you are doing.  I feel like you are one of the family.  You and your music are included often when the family is together.  Keep up the good fight and we look forward to hearing more good news from you. ~ Angela Bynum, Knoxville, TN


 Dear Dan and Jean, The Loft on XM Radio just announced the good news of your responding positively to treatment. Congratulations! I went to your web site immediately and read your letter to your fans. Thank you for keeping us informed. I have thought of you frequently over the last many months and wondered how you are doing. Let's affirm you'll be posting more notes in the future with continued good news to celebrate. All best from Sarasota, FL ~ Laurie Rosin


 Dear Dan, I was deeply saddened to hear of your illness and on behalf of the Earmode International Office, Neufvilles, Belgium, we wish you a full and speedy recovery. I read another writer's comment that said "your music defined who they were to this day" and I have to say the same is true for me.  I've considered you a true and top notch musician for years. My wife and I are retired from the US Army and have made Belgium our home. A couple of weeks ago we were driving through beautiful, rolling countryside and a Belgium radio station played one of your songs. It was funny how we just looked at each other and smiled. Take care and hope to run in to you somewhere in Europe. ~ Lyndon Hudson


 I have prayed daily for the past year that God would heal you in body and spirit.  For those whose lives your music has touched the wait has seemed like forever, but the good news was worth the wait.  Things look a lot better for you this year on your birthday than they did last year.  I believe in the power of prayer and so many people have been praying for you.  I have not given up on the possibility that you may yet return to your music when the time is right. Your creative nature cannot be denied.  It is a very big part of who you are.  You could choose to express it in some form other than music, but I hope not.  Your music touches my soul every time I hear it.  I will forever be grateful to you for such a wonderful gift.  Prostate cancer awareness is sadly lagging behind that of breast cancer for women.  We all need to get the word out about the importance of early diagnosis of prostate cancer through a simple yearly exam and PSA test.  I commend you for your openness about your illness and your awareness efforts.  I will continue to keep you in my prayers. ~ Linda Bradner


 Dan; I have just heard of your illness on the radio 08-20-05. Please know my prayers are with you as your many songs are with me all these long years. Your Friend ~ Ron Crites Prescott Valley AZ.


 Dear Dan and Jean, Thank you so much for posting your letter of 8/13/05 on Dan's web site.  What wonderful news about Dan's health!  I have been praying, and continue to pray, that Dan makes a full recovery and that the two of you get to share as much time and love and happiness together as possible in this all-too-brief life . . . you both are still very young, but my wish for you is to be holding hands, white-haired in the side-by-side rocking chairs, for as long as possible. It seems that Dan's illness has provided him the opportunity to get a sense of what his music has meant through several decades now (more than I care to admit or can believe!) to his many loyal fans.  I first heard Dan's music in the fall on 1975, when I had just turned 17 and was entering my senior year of high school, and fell in love with an "older man" of 19.  He drove a truck where his Home Free 8-track played over and over again . . I went to the music store with him to purchase Captured Angel (a cassette!). My first love did not last, but Dan's music found a home forever in my heart and soul. I saw Dan live many times, at The Palace in Waterbury, CT, the Hartford Civic Center, Springfield, Tanglewood, the Oakdale. Thank you for all of these years you've given to your fans.  If you don't return to touring or recording, no one can say that you haven't contributed mightily to the beauty of this world!  Just get healthy, be happy, and spend your time with the people you love.  That's what your fans wish for you both. Love ~ Joni Brennan


 Dear Dan, Thank you so much for the news of your health. I have been a fan, it seems almost as long as I've been alive - at least since I was 15. I don't remember life before your music was a part of it. I was devastated for you and your family when I heard the news and have been praying for you ever since. I too was diagnosed with cancer this year - tongue cancer. I have never been a smoker so the news was a complete shock. Fortunately the lesion was removed in April and I required no treatment and have been doing fine since my recovery. This disease is so devastating on so many levels. We can only hope and pray that a cure is discovered in our lifetime. Again, thanks for sharing and I hope you continue to improve. Your music will always be a part of me and through me, my husband and my children are fans also. We all thank you for the gift you've given us. ~ M Webb, Spring Hill TN


 Dear Dan- I have just read your note and am absolutely delighted with the good news about your improving health. I hope that you will continue to experience an improvement and wish you well . Regards ~ Jerry Crowley


 Dan and Jean, Thank you so much for providing the update on your condition!  You and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers since I heard about your illness last year.  You have touched so many with your gift of music, and I pray for a full recovery. I have listened to your music for so many years, and have re-discovered so many things about myself and life as I grow older - the wisdom of your words and melodies is truly the living legacy.  I feel blessed to have experienced your music live so many times - from our nation's capital, to Florida and even in Colorado.  The 7/4/98 Aspen concert was one of the greatest evenings, with you sharing your songs individually with everyone in that tent - simply incredible! I will keep you in my prayers ~ Amy


I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer over 31 months ago.  We have that in common, but I can't play a lick.  My cancer is in the lymph nodes and stopped responding to hormone blockade several months back.  The good news is that the chemotherapy has brought the PSA under control and has halted the lymph-node growth.  One more chemo in this round and we should be done. I wish you all the very best in your journey. ~ Dave Cottingham, In the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina


 A Happy Belated Birthday, Dan! Your special message made me smile. ~ Jennie, Blaine, Minnesota


 Dear Dan and Jean, Such wonderful news I heard, and now to read your letter makes me one of so very many who have been praying for you very happy indeed! Best wishes for each brand new day as you continue to recover!   ~ Chelle, Redding, Ca


 Dear Dan, YOWZA!!! I wrote a message back in Jan. so won't take up too much room here again. SO glad to hear you're making great progress in your recovery.  Hope it gets better every day, and "just remember when the road gets dark" remember all of us are beside you and behind you!!  OH and belated happy birthday!!! Love ~ Dayna


 I'm pleased about your healing. For a few years I celebrated my birthday by attending your concerts in Minneapolis. Anyway, your music did help me through a very lonely childhood. Thank you.


 Dear Dan, I was thrilled to read of the progress you have been making over the past year, my prayers are with you for continued success in your treatment. I have been a devoted fan for 30 years, having seen you in concert for the first time, in New Jersey in 1976! (I was a high school senior.) I've been to almost twenty of your concerts over the years-and even had tickets to your show last year in New Brunswick, NJ.  I have never been disappointed in any of your music or your concerts. Thank you for that. You're such an incredibly gifted person, your talent is amazing and you stand up for causes you believe in. I truly believe you will win this battle, my thoughts and prayers will always be with you and your family. Warmest Wishes ~ Pam, New Jersey


 Dan, I'm so thrilled to hear that things are going well. I'm sure that you, Jean and your family have been through some very challenging times with your illness. I can only imagine how it might feel to know just how deeply you've touched so many of us. I know that I don't really know you, but I can truthfully say that you have constantly inspired me throughout my life and that is such a huge gift to give to someone else. I don't think I realized how much inspiration means to an individual. I now know how much of a gift it is to feel that spark inside. It's the spark that you've shared with so many of us. Thank you, thank you. We are saying thank you from our houses, we are saying thank you from our cars, we are saying thank you from our kitchens and we are saying thank you from all the very small and quiet times in our lives. Love to you   ~ Cara, Kansas City


 Dear Dan, On a recent trip back to Ohio from South Carolina where I was visiting my parents, I finally put all of my Dan Fogelberg CDs into the  changer and listened to them the whole way home. (It had been awhile since  I really. . .I mean REALLY listened to them; actually, the last time I really listened to any of them they were on tapes.  I only just recently bought  all of them on CDs). Anyway, all over again, I was taken back 20 years to  my teenage years and my heart was again stirred just as it had been so long ago.  Dan, you will NEVER know how much your music has meant to me.   YOU and your music have shaped in large ways the person I am today.  From  you I learned the value of love, of  life, of life's "souvenirs", of this great earth and the value of the self.   "Nether Lands", which I still consider your greatest work, speaks to my soul in ways I can't even begin to put down in words. 


I only just recently heard of your battle with cancer, and I was inspired by your music on the drive back to write to you and hopefully lift YOU up this time.  As an often wayward adolescent who too many times couldn't find his voice, I would sit and listen your music for hours and hours.  I have no doubt  that whatever good I've been able to do in this world and whatever good  has become of me, it is because of you and your music.  Both have been God's gifts to me, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Hang in there, Dan.  My thoughts, prayers, utmost respect and utter  love for you as a human being are with you. ~ Tim Paxton, Mentor, OH


 Dan,  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, so much for the wonderfully encouraging news! I can't tell you how many times over the past 14 months I have come back to your site hoping to read about your progress. I am thrilled to learn of your news, and can't wait to read additional updates in the future. While I, like many of your fans, hope that you will one day return to performing (even if only recording ), I certainly would be very understanding if that is no longer a priority for you.  Thank you again so much for all of the pleasure and happiness that you have given myself, and millions of others for the past 33 years.  It has truly been a privilege, and an honor to have been touched over and over again while listening to your music, and for me, especially Live in concert, where I could really fully appreciate your talents. Sincerely ~ Dennis Howard, Placerville, Ca


 Dan, Just wanted to say how glad I am to hear of your positive news.  Thanks for letting your fans hear from you.  I admire your courage to fight.  I've enjoyed your music for many years and was lucky enough to see you in concert.  What talent you have.  Stay strong in your recovery and thanks for being a part of my life. ~ Larry in Tennessee



 Dan,  YAHOOOOOOOO!!! What wonderful news!!! We are so happy for you and Jean and US....Your adoring fans.  We have thought about you and prayed for you and are thrilled you are doing well. You look great. Thank you so much Dan for sharing your great news with us!   Take care of yourself. Enjoy life. Keep the music coming because our lives wouldn't be the same without it.  You are the best artist of all time!!!!! ~ Liz, Penfield, NY


 Dear Dan and Family, My husband and I were so thrilled to hear that you have received good news.  Both of us are Christians in the medical  profession so we understand your illness and are praying for you.  As a  side note, your music has always been inspiring, we enjoyed "Longer" in our  wedding ceremony over 21 years ago.  Thanks for the gift of your  music. Best Wishes for the Future ~ Dr Larry and Lori Blankenship

 Dearest Dan - With tears in my eyes and a bright smile on my face, I thank you so much for sharing your excellent news! Congratulations on the success of your treatments and may the tremendous results be ever lasting ! May love and hope continue to always surround and protect you! Your music is always in the air which surrounds me and you are forever in the depths of my heart! With much love always ~ June / Norwalk, CT


 What great news to hear that you are doing so well!  This is outstanding! My wife Sara and I have been very concerned about you.  When you get your strength back, please consider making some more music.  I know you've stated that "the audience was heavenly, but the traveling was hell", but with your new lease on life, maybe you can do a short tour at your leisure - strictly casual, nothing to wear you out or grind you down - since we want to keep you around and feeling good for a long time.  In the meantime, keep your mind right and enjoy your life! ~ Kerry Shapiro - Birmingham, Alabama


 What a relieving letter and THANK YOU Dan! You and Jean continue to be a HUGE inspiration to us all. Looking forward to any and all "open options"...!?;) With love and hope ~ kevin, liz and michael, Glastonbury, CT


 Dear Dan, You are in our prayers for a speedy recovery. Your music has given me thirty plus years of happiness, joy & inspiration! I look forward to many years of enjoyment from the heart & voice of one of the greatest songwriters of our generation. God Speed ... ~ Peter Cardella


 Dan, I'm sitting here in Northern Va., listening to you !You are such a talent. I'm 46, and have been a long, long, long time fan of you and your music. My wife and I have seen you many times live. To this day, we rate one particular live show, at the Patriot Center,on the campus of George Mason University in Fairfax Va.,as one of the best shows we have ever seen! We give you and a Dave Mason show at RFK Stadium in Washington  DC our tying first place vote! On a serious note, we sincerely wish you a speedy recovery and our prayers are always with you. Always keep a positive outlook and keep your chin up! You will beat this thing I'm sure.I just had my first psa test this year. Going in tomorrow for my first colonostomy and similar exam of throat! My mom died at  64 from colon cancer that spread to her abdomen area this past year! Right now I'm listening to "There's a Place in the World for a Gambler." What a song! You are the greatest! God bless you!


 So glad to hear you are doing well.  We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.  Strange how illness makes us review our priorities and put our lives in a different perspective.  Funny that we take things for  granted until they become questionable.  I know you are both going through a life altering experience.  Just know that you are not alone. Best wishes ~ Becky Irving


 Dan, I am English - have loved your music throughout my growing up - my own personal favourite is "Nether Lands". It brings back so many good memories for me. Thank you for this song, and I hope that your personal battle is successful. My thoughts are with you and your wife. With respect to you ~ Moira


 Dan:  My thoughts and prayers have been with you since learning of  your condition via your website. With no update coming until August 13th (Happy Birthday!), you have been on my mind frequently. I am thrilled to learn that you are doing well and that your spirits are high. Take care of yourself! ~ Randy Gerber, Orlando, FL


 Dearest Singer of Ways, Regarding your prognosis: YAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOO! ! Ever in your debt ~ Lucas "Homer" Whilom


 Dan, I have been a fan for years and have been to several of your concerts. It is great to hear you are doing well. My wife is an oncology nurse who sees more cases like yours than she would care to discuss. Thank you for your openness in discussing your illness and your statements of support of early detection.


 Dear Dan, I first came across your music in a Radio Shack in Prestonsburg, Kentucky in the  70's when I was in high school. I had never heard of you, but I was a budding artist and I was drawn to the cover of the green album with your self portrait on it. Well, I bought that album and fell in love with your music for life! I shared that album with my best friend Delmer and he loved it as much as I did. That began a life-long love affair of your music for both of us. We got to see you in concert just once together when we were in collage, in Louisville, Ky in '77, and we still talk about that. Delmer and I have remained best friends all these years even though we no longer live near each other. I live in Kansas City, Mo and he in Lexington, Ky. I went on to become a professional artist and for our birthdays this year I am making Delmer a painting using parts of your album covers. I was looking at your wab-site and found where I could write you. Delmer and I have talked about your illness, and we both hope everything turns out well for you. Your music has been the background for our 30 year friendship and we thank you for it. Get better, Man! ~ Sandi Archer



 Dear Dan -  I'm so happy you're doing well.  I sent prayers your way.  I believe you can continue to do well.   I was diagnosed in April with breast cancer.   I've had a few surgeries and am having chemo treatments now. Everyone tells me I have been very positive.   Maybe I have, but having great family support is important.   I think you sound positive too!   Lean on your family and friends and know so many of your fans are thinking of you. Take care ~ Karen, a huge fan since the '70s


 Dan and Jean, So happy to finally hear some positive news about your condition.  Cancer is devastating no matter the type, but there are so many that can be caught and cured with early detection.  I too am a cancer survivor and learned so much medically and spiritually about myself from my treatment. I hope your future is as bright as mine - you will still remain in my prayers. ~ Ann


 Dan, After reading your 13 August letter, I can now finally breathe! I can only imagine how you must feel! Since reading your optimism and good report I've been smiling all day. Don't worry about the wear and tear of touring. You've given enough of yourself to all of us. Just take care of yourself. Deepest Love and respect ~ Steve, Gilmanton Iron Works, New Hampshire


 Dan, My husband and I are so glad to hear that things are going better for you. We just listened to your Greatest Hits CD the other day! We were wondering and hoping that you are feeling better. My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer 6 years ago. He is doing very well!  He often reminds his friends and family to get a PSA test. Our best to you and your family ~ Gerianne and Paul Patti


 Dan - I have the box set "Portrait" with me at work and was even reprimanded yesterday for playing it too loud!  I have suffered the loss of my Mom and my dog in the past six months and your music brings me so much comfort in these trying times.  Keep the faith, and I'll keep you in my prayers.


 Dan, I was thinking the other day as I was listening to country music that this sound we hear today is much like yours. So as I kept this thought in my mind I began to wonder what you were up to these days. I let this thought set for a week or so. I finally found the time to dig in the web and look you up. I was very sorry to hear of your medical condition. I am in my mid 40's and will get a prostate test at my next physical. Do take the time to enjoy life. Your music has been an inspiration to many stages in my life. I will not dwell on the fact that you are not going to produce any new music but remember all of the great songs you wrote. I still have my collection of 33's. I will just have to buy a turntable somewhere and dust off my records. Best wishes and continued health. ~ Don Lawless


 Dear D.F., Hey there, I think you took my sermon!  It is the same one I give to my friends, especially after my yearly physical, blood tests, etc., which I just had. I am a few months older then you, but I do know the value of a complete physical.  It is necessary but serious business. Your letter was a great birthday present to us all. You are always so giving and caring and that is something that is reflected in your music and life. May you continue to feel His healing power and love. Regards ~ Hugh Beggins


 Hi Dan!  Happy belated birthday to you!  I was so pleased to read your letter and I wish you and your family all the best for the future.  You have touched my life in many countless ways from way back in 1975 all the way to the present. You had me hooked as a fan from the very first time I heard "To The Morning". During my college days, whenever I met a guy who just might be a potential boyfriend, I always worked "so, how do you feel about Dan Fogelberg's music?" into our initial conversation. His answer was my barometer on whether or not the conversation would go any further :-)  I have had the pleasure of seeing you in concert too many times to count, always leaving every concert looking forward to the next time that you would come to town and share your wonderful talent. So, I would like to say thank you to you for all that you've given over the years to me and every other person that you have touched so deeply. Take care ~ Jeanette


 Dear Dan, We are so glad to hear of your excellent progress battling prostate cancer. Your music has meant so much to my husband and I over the course of our 26 year long relationship.  Thank you for being our inspiration during many trying times in our lives.  God bless. ~  Laura and Dennis Wile, New Hampshire


 Dear Dan, I was saddened to hear of your illness, but joyous in your good  news.  My husband and I will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary this December. Your song "Longer" has always been "our" song.  My husband even played it at our wedding. Our thoughts and prayers are with you on your continued recovery.   Thank you for all the wonderful music you have provided the world! ~ Agnes


 Oh, thank God (of my understanding) that when I finally got the courage to visit your website there was/is hopeful news.  You and your music have kept me alive on so many occasions that I have become greedy and can't imagine there being an end.  You and your family are in my prayers and I am so thankful that your news is good -- so far -- and that life will continue to rise. Sometimes when it's been darkest, you've already written just the words I need to hear and in the listening, somewhere I can find a little spark of hope which I now give back to you and yours. Please, if God is willing and you are, stay with us longer and continue to give me reasons to hope during times that seem hopeless . . . thank you for the love. ~ MaryAlice


 My mother loved the song "Run For the Roses".  She passed away in 1989 and I think of her and that song often.  Also " Leader of the Band" was another inspiration.  Best wishes to you, Dan, and your family. ~ Mike


 Dan, I'm so happy to hear that you are doing well.  You have been in my prayers since I found out about your prostate cancer; you have been in my life for much longer than that!  I "found" your music during my sophomore year in college (1978-1979), and have been a fan ever since.  You have brought great peace and comfort to me through your music, and I will be forever grateful.  You sing with such depth and emotion, your lyrics speak to my heart.  I chose "A Love Like This" to be the song my husband and I danced to at our wedding.  It was never "What song will it be?"  It was always,"What Dan Fogelberg song will it be?"  No other artist ever stood a chance!  I will keep you in my prayers! ~ Krys Salvetta


 Aah!  What fantastic news!  I have been searching and waiting for an update and voila!  Glad you are recovering.  Can't begin to mention how your music and lyrics has affected my life since I discovered you in 1976 when Nether Lands came out.  I too was once at that fork in the road. Now, 47, never having a PSA test, I will call the doc today.  Hope you are up and performing and speaking out against Bush's ignorance soon.  Blessings ~ Robert Cortes from Sacramento, CA


 Dan: I'm very happy to hear the recent good news regarding your condition. Thanks for the impact your music has made in my life for a very long time. I look forward to the next project and the realization that, once again, you've been hiding in my closet! God bless - Oliver Odenbaugh


 I have just read your update on your progress and I am overjoyed to hear that things are going well for you and Jean.  You don't know any of those people whose lives you have touched, but we feel that you understand all of us.  You saved my life during a very desperate time in the mid-1970's.  Your music was my escape, and through your music, I learned what love really is. I did not learn it from my parents.  Had it not been for your influence, I may have ended up a psychological mess.  I think about you and your situation each and every day and have only good thoughts and wishes for you and your family and will continue to do so.  Take care of each other, Jean and Dan.  You are an inspiration to us all. ~ Jamie Vincent


 Hi!  Just finished watching your soundstage concert - sure brought back memories for me.  I first enjoyed your music when I was an undergrad at the U of I, and you were too.  Saw you at the Red Herring many times.  Once I was in the basement singing a Dylan song like an opera singer (which I was!) and you and Les Urban(?) came down the stairs, and then left soon after (too many decibels in the room?).  Anyway, your music was a treasure I found when I least expected too, and a signpost to me, that I would rather sing with my guitar than continue studying opera.  Thank you!  I was noticing in the soundstage concert that your fingerpicking style is very similar to mine, probably because I picked mine up watching you live in Urbana.  So, I guess there actually might be an Urbana finger picking style. My favorite songs of yours come from your early work - "Looking for a Lady","The River",  "Wysteria", and of course "Souvenirs".


Seeing the concert on t.v. tonight encouraged me to actually start writing songs again.  I had to leave the midwest because I became allergic to it (horrible asthma three seasons of the year).  Perhaps California would like some of my midwestern songs?  Since I'm here now, I guess I could try it. My hopes and prayers are with you for a full recovery from your illness.  I know from my own extensive health problems, that I have, for some reason, been able to overcome, that mindset can help alot.  And of course, the support of your loved ones. Thanks again for the gift of your music.  You truly are one of the best songwriters, singers, and guitarists I have ever had the honor of hearing. All the best ~ Sandy Corkins-Schmidt


 Dear Dan and Jean: Absolute elation comes from my heart as I just read the news of your progress.  There's been faith, prayer and unconditional love! I sincerely hope your recovery from this terrible illness has been as merciful as possible.  Like the many others on this site, you've blessed my life with your music.  That has  reached to my family - past and future. In the early, early 70's, as a teenager who'd been playing guitar for a while, I fell in love with your music.  I would "capture" an audience whenever I could and play one of your songs for them.  Of course there was a CSN or N Young or J Mitchell (or one of mine), but mostly always yours!!! On one such occasion, I spotted my Mom up to her elbows in suds doing my normal evening dishes and seized the opportunity.  I performed "Leader of the Band".  Mom had taught me my first few guitar chords.  Her Dad had taught her a few chords on a guitar he made for her out of a cigar box, wood and string.  When I had finished, she slowly turned around with big tears in her eyes and the most beautiful, serene look on her face.  I knew that the words of your song had touched her heart, but thought that she cried because she missed her own gentle father so much. It was only then that she told me we were related to J.P. Sousa!  And after all of my years of playing in a marching band too.  That was a magical moment between me and my mom, with one of your songs at the heart of it.  Just shows that everything happens in its own time.  Little did I know that I'd lose her in only a few short years.  Now my daughter is learning to play guitar and along with her, this grandma will show her grandchildren their first guitar chords.  Dan, it was your songs that my daughter heard as a child from me and still requests. My grandchildren will hear them and hopefully, someday, my legacy will hear them sung and played too ~ for the ever living spirit of your music will always be with us and the Knowing too.  If you never record or perform in public again, you surely must know that you've more than fulfilled whatever musical agenda a soul could ever have.   Besides, music is really to be about spirit anyway, right?  Much love, light, and happiness to you both! ~ Ann in Cincinnati, OH


 Dan, so thrilled to learn you are still here and healing well!!  Congratulations and many blessings to you and your loved ones.  I have been getting people to pray for you since I learned of your illness last year and we have all been zapping you with White Light and I am so happy just now to have read your letter.  I will sleep better tonight, thinking of you.  I hope men really take to heart your "sermon", and get tested because early detection does save lives.  It saved me eighteen years ago, just showing up for my yearly pap test.  We must always continue to spread the word.  Welcome to the survivors' club.  Love, always ~ Lucia D'Angelo in Laguna Beach.


 Dan- Many best wishes for full recovery. Just one song more --many of us are waiting. God Bless ~ CWK


 Dan Fogelberg, you are a continuing inspiration to millions of people, through your music and your life. May God continue to bless you and yours. ~ Mickey Habeck


 We, too, are battling the beast. Diagnosed at age 69 with metastatic advanced Prostate Cancer, my partner immediately began hormone therapy, and it's keeping the beast at bay. What we thought was an immediate death sentence (Gleason 9, highly undifferentiated and aggressive) is now chronic and manageable. We need more celebrities to get the word out, like you are, to the multitudes of men who will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year. Thanks to you, and our best wishes as you and Jean deal with the emotions and physical upsets of this illness. Your music has always brought both of us joy. ~ Bonnie in San Diego County, California


 Dan, I read your letter last week and the good news has been forefront to me every day. When you released your personal note I was on the Gallatin Divide trail for 4 days. I thought about you often and had a long list of your songs come to mind as I walked whistling and singing relevant parts alone on the trail. I read the letter a week later. I'm elated with the news ~ Ken Harris YNP


 Dan and Jean, A note of support and thinking of you all the way from Wales. I was initially very alarmed to hear the news of the diagnosis and wish you all the best wishes and thoughts from the heart. Your music has played such a huge part in my life and has always been a refuge from the constant barrage of negativity which invades our lives - corruption, greed and inhumanity to each other and abuse to our planet, yet your songs have always managed to take people to that place were hope resides and gives people strength. I suppose you acted as a bit of a guru in my old idealistic days when I believed that anything was possible. My wife laughs when I always say that the Autumn is Dan Fogelberg season as your beautiful songs evoke a sense of the seasons and of the passing of time. I still enjoy getting out the vinyl versions of the albums which just seem to mature with age like a good wine. Even when I went through a bout of depression in the eighties your songs rang out about the strength of hope and possibility and was a better remedy than any of the anti depressants or stimulants I was prescribed. Thank you for that and for being there like a soundtrack to my life over the years.Your recent condition has touched me deeply as my father has recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer, and if I may pass on the positive attitude that the doctors here have about my father, that if the condition is diagnosed early then the possibilities are endless. I wish you a speedy recovery and wish you well for the future. If this may give you an idea as to your inspiration; on August 15th 2005, my wife gave birth to our baby son, Benjamin Luke,  and as we have nursed him after a very difficult pregnancy, when I have been alone with him I have softly sung "Only The Heart May Know" to try and lull him to sleep. So as my life continues so does your legacy as an integral part of my life and now my wife's and son's. Thank you Dan for years allowing me to believe in a better world which I hope my son can look forward to The phoenix has surely risen from the flame ~ From Karen, Alan, and Benjamin Luke


 Dear Dan, Thank God you've had good news about your cancer.  I've been very anxious to know how you were progressing and am so happy that things are positive.  You continue to be in my prayers. ~ jc


 My husband has Prostate Cancer too. Wanted to let you know our best wishes go out to you. He just finished radiation therapy and we celebrated by riding the Amtrak train from Seattle to Chicago, stopping at the Big Timbers lodge in Montana for a one night stay. The train is such a way to slow down and see things in slow motion (actually rocking motion). Great food and conversation in the dining car. ~ Betsy Crosby, a big fan


 Dan, So happy to hear you are doing well. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. ~ S, Los Angeles


 I just wanted to tell you that your music has touched me in so many ways. You have a wonderful voice.  Any time I hear "Leader of the Band" I think of my Dad, and how much I love him. He died Dec. 30, 2004. I truly miss him, the pain is very deep. So many of your songs touch me. "Longer"  is a very beautiful song. My husband and I have been married 14 years. That song reminds me of him and I.  I have been a fan of yours since you first started your career. Please, take care of yourself! Your health is very important. Thank you for the smiles along the way!  Sincerely ~ Wanda - Elyria, Ohio


 Hi Dan, I'm very thankful you are responding to  medical treatment. Your music has been a blessing in my  life for around 30 years, and was especially comforting to me  after my father died from cancer when I was 18. I pray God will give  you complete healing and bless you with the gift of His awesome inspiration to write your finest and most  eloquent work. Incredibly beautiful music has yet to be  heard from you that will be a tremendous blessing to all who hear it. "There's a reason you're flying this fast and this far. Let your faith be your strength, and your love be your guiding star!" ~ Karen Moor


 Dan, Couldn't be more pleased to hear of your progress!  You've given the world the gift of your music. which has enriched my life!  Thank you ! The rest of your life is YOURS. You owe NOTHING ELSE to your fans. Take care, and GOD bless! ~ Ed


 Dear Dan, I try to make it a point to thank people who have touch my life in a special way, and even though we've never met, you're one of those people. I grew up in the "high country" of Colorado, which I know you're very familiar with.  I was about 5 years old when I first heard your song "Leader of the Band."  It was the early '80s and I spent a lot of time with my Dad driving between Dillon, Steamboat Springs, and the Flat Tops Wilderness in his 1976 bronze Ford F150.  He loved to camp, fly fish, hike, and just about anything outdoors.  The wilderness was much more "wild" than it is today.  We drove around on the dirt roads in his truck and your song would come on the radio.  He loved that song and would always turn it up.  For some reason, even at that age, I connected with the song in such an emotional way that tears would often come to my eyes.  I would think of my own father who I loved spending time with in the mountains, and think how special our time was together.  I never wanted it to end. I'm so thankful that we spent so much time enjoying nature and that he taught me to respect and appreciate wildlife.  That love of the Colorado wilderness has become a core part of who I am.  And, when I think of a line in your song "his blood runs through my instrument and his song is in my soul" I think of it as a metaphor for the deep love of nature that my Dad had and which he passed on to me.  It's such a great gift. Unfortunately, my Dad passed away a few years ago from brain cancer, but I was able to enjoy this song with him and today it reminds me of him and our special connection.  For this, I would like to thank you. I read your web site today and learned that you are battling a cancer diagnosis and am glad to read that you're healing and getting better. Take Care ~ Christine


 Dan, It was great to see your letter and read about your positive news.  I was planning on seeing you last year in Greensburg, Pa., and then heard about your illness, and have been concerned ever since.  I have been a fan since the mid 70's and first saw you at the Syria Mosque in Pittsburgh with Fool's Gold, about the time of Nether Lands.  You have always been my favorite songwriter, not only because of your great melodies, but especially for your use of the English language in your lyrics.  Most writers probably never even dream of using some of the words that you do.  I can't begin to count the number of times I've listened to your albums, especially Souvenirs, Captured Angel, The Innocent Age, and River of Souls.  I hope to continue hearing more positive news from you, and look forward to the day we can hear more great melodies and lyrics.  Many more Happy Birthdays. ~ Tom Shean, 48, Greensburg, Pa.


 Dear Dan, Jean and Family, I'm sitting here in the middle of the night, looking for updates again on how y'all are doing and ... There IT IS!!!  It's such a relief to see your happy picture and read your good news! How Wonderful!!  What a Great Birthday Present!!  I hope y'all had a great big party!!   I am overwhelmed to read all the good wishes from so many people you have touched through your music through the years.  So I thought I'd add my small voice to theirs.  "Old Tennessee" was the first of your music I heard while I was in high school and then I bought all your records.  I listened to your music late nights studying and it got me through nursing school.  I walked down the aisle to my wonderful husband (on jell-o legs!) to "Paris Nocturne."  The prelude to our different wedding march was "Since You've Asked."  And my son is named Daniel.  We do know a few other wonderful Daniels.  We went to see you in Nashville at Opryland for your High Country Snows album.  WOW!!  I saw you in Huntsville, AL for your Solo Acoustic Tour.  WOW!!!!!!  My children (Erin is 14, Jennifer is 11, and Daniel is 8) love your music, especially "Once in Love" and "Half Moon Bay." They say, "Wow, that's so beautiful. Play it again."  They hear me plink out on the piano "Paris Nocturne", "Since You've Asked" and "Half Moon Bay" as well as "Moonlight Sonata" (it's not yours I know, but I thought it would be easy...but it's NOT!!!).  When you tour again, we'll fly to anywhere to hear you play.  So just keep doing what y'all are doing and concentrate on getting completely better.  Obviously, your fans will keep doing what they do best, sending good wishes and prayers for your healing and enjoying your music. ~ Tracey, et al


 In 1978 my older brother brought home Captured Angel and I will never forget hearing "These Days" for the very first time. Home Free, Souvenirs....I couldn't get enough. I also remember hearing "There's A Place In The World For A Gambler", but I realized I'd heard it before. One of the most daring down hill ski runs took place in the '76 winter Olympics. To the Europeans, this event is their Superbowl. Every Skier, but one, had gone down the mountain and there was one posted time to beat. There are some things in one's life they will never forget. For me it was Neil Armstrong and Franz Klammer (SP?). Franz took off down this mountain not thinking about technique or lines, but of GOLD! Franz knocked down every dividing line on the map. He was my hero that TV delayed night. He didn't just win the gold, he rescued it from the highest tower. ABC SPORTS replayed this most spectacular event the next night in slow motion.The music in the background was "There's A Place In The World For A Gambler."


Dan, last year I lost my dad and grandmother in a car crash. If you would have shown up in the back of my newspaper it would have been just a little too much to take. I thank God you are doing better and I did take your "Sermon" to heart. I am now 44 and have a doctor's appointment on Monday. Now how about my sermon, because only real friends will tell you the truth. What is this crap about you will not be going into the studio in the near future? Danny, God gave you a gift and now He's given you a second chance. Be a Gambler!!! My name is Bob, and like everyone else...I'm your biggest fan.

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