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"Dear Dan" Letters

february 2005

 Dear Dan, I hope and pray that you have a speedy recovery .I want to wish you all the luck in the world and I also wish to thank you for so many years of your music.I have many important times in my life that have many of your songs attached to them. The lyrics are so relevant to my personal experiences and I truly wish you well!! Sincerely ~ Tony Spada/Surveillance Records


 Dan, your music has been there for us, as a support, a way to bring ourselves 'up'...or to connect, with our feelings, and our friends. So now we are here, in spirit, and vibes directed toward you, as a support. Keep the fight. Frame of mind is very important, and my prayers are with you ~ Barry Nisman, Plainview New York


 Dan, Once I found myself on a mountain top in Nederland, Colorado. It was a rocky outcropping with a view of the "Sleeping Giant" mountain range. From what I understand, this was a particular spot that used to be only a short walk from your front door. I'm sure it was an inspiration to you many times. I thought bringing this place back to mind would be as good for your soul as it is for mine. Hearing "Nether Lands" on a local radio station as I did my college homework, was an incredible moment. I've been a fan ever since, and your music continues to be an inspiration, and stirs the embers of this "old soul". I send you blessings toward a full recovery, and look forward to seeing you perform again. ~ Bon Hrasna


 I love you Dan. I hope that you recover from this terrible sickness. You are in my prayers every morning when I wake and every evening before I go to bed. You have touched me in so many ways. I will continue to check the site on a daily basis to see your progress. Be strong, my Dan! ~ Merry from Michigan


 Dan: It's only a few people that are truly miracles in one's life. My father was one (he passed away in 2002), my mother is another, and there are assorted others. But as far as musical inspirations're tops. I was a big DF fan when perhaps it wasn't so cool. Your lyrics and melodies are just so beautiful. I hope you beat the big C and live to be the oldest human in history...I wanna see you drop the big New Year's Eve ball in 2010..(and on). But Dan, as you well know, having cancer is not the worst thing that can happen to a person. You are loved by millions. When I look at your website, I see you have the love of your family. That's what's important..the people in our lives. Having cancer - living or dying with it - is not the worst thing in someone's life. Having nobody with you when these things occur is, by far, the worst thing that can happen. You have a terrific family. That's what's important. God's blessed you with a terrific family, Dan. I truly hope that you will recover. I'll check your website often for updates. Take good care, gent. ~ Gretchen


 Dear Dan, My cousin, on whom I had the most hopeless of crushes at the age of 11, introduced me to Home Free long ago, whereupon my crush was transferred to you. And now you too are assaulted by the most dreadful of diseases. It makes me so sad. I have always sung your songs, loudly, when played, and I know all the lyrics. From Grand Rapids, Michigan I sent nothing but positive energy your way....~ Kristin


 Dan, Your beautiful music has always touched my heart. While I was saddened to hear of your health problems/ I know in my heart that the world needs you and your music. I am crying as I write this while listening to my favorite song of yours. It's the one that has always got me through tough times in college. It always made me look at each day as a new day. You just have to get up happily every morning knowing tomorrow will always come again. You just have to rise each morning and live your life with love, gratitude and joy. I wish you and your lovely wife the very best and I will keep you in my prayers.


 It's funny, For some reason I had been thinking a lot about you lately.Although I have all your albums, I didn't have any on CD. For some reason I felt the desire to get the CD's so that I will have them forever. So, I recently picked up Home favorite album. I feel better already as I have your music to share my days/nights with me. I live in Evergreen Colorado now and as I listen to "To The Morning" I can look out of my windows of my mountain cabin and understand the beauty of the morning. Please get well soon. I hope to see you play live again here in this beautiful state....maybe Red Rocks. Peace, love and many blessings to you both. ~ Anne Jensen


 Dan, I have been a fan of your music since Home Free. My prayers are with you. And hope to see you back on tour soon, strong and well. Thank you for all the great music. ~ Ron Llinas


 Dear Singer of Ways, Thank you, thank you, thank you....Many years ago I learned, then forgot, a lesson which you in your hour of need have helped me learn again: when things seem most hopeless, "illusion blows apart and scatters" when one forgets oneself and prays for another. Whether God grants my prayer and lets you tarry among us here below or sends you to shine above the horizon, your light will remain our blessing even as you remain in our prayers. Godspeed, sweet light.


 Dan, my prayers are with you. Thank you for the best songs ever on this earth throughout my years. You have inspired me in so many ways with your great lyrics. Hope to see you on tour again soon sending your feelings to us all. Love ya ~ Kevin A. Fechter, Moriches, NY


 There's nothing I can say here that countless others haven't said. I pray for your speedy recovery - and want you to know that, truly, you've made my world a better place. ~ Jim, Galveston, TX


 I love you, Dan Fogelberg and I pray that you are living a pain-free, peaceful life. I long to hear that you will be back on stage one day soon, but your health and happiness is far more important than my desire to see you again. You have left us a tremendous legacy and if you choose to spend the rest of your years in privacy and peace, you have the support of many of your devoted fans, myself included. May God bless you and keep you. ~ Susan


 Dear Dan, I hope you find joy in knowing you have touched the souls of so many people. We all care and are sending you healing through the power of our prayers. Believe. ~ John C. Rochester, NY


 Dear Dan, It's Alejandro from Chile (South America) just to let you know that your music has helped us in many ways in the past (even to learn a little of english as you can see, we are spanish native!). And I am sure that all the good vibrations of your fans around the world will do the same for you this time. You and Olivia Newton-John are my all time favorite artists and you know that she is a happy survivor. I met her in San Diego, California in 1999 and she looks really good... I know that you can do it too! As you can see your fans are not just from US. All my support for you. Have a happy + blessed life ~ Alejandro Cuevas


 Dan, I was saddened to hear of your diagnosis. I grew up with your music. I saw you 3 or 4 times (at least) while I was in college. I remember waiting in line overnight to get tickets for one of your performances. And 25 years later I saw you again here in Indianapolis just 1 1/2 years ago. It was a great concert. I hope your treatment is progressing well and that you have a full recovery. I know this is a tough time. Keep the faith and God Bless. Thanks for the great memories.


 Dan, This is a note of hope and love sent your way, with prayers that God will heal you and comfort those who worry over your health. You have brought joy and the wonderful melody of music to my world with your talents, and I pray that you will survive and go on with a renewed passion. "The most wasted of all days is one without laughter" E. E. Cummings ~ Love, Nancy


 Dan, No one's music has had as strong an effect on my life as yours. Since the first note of "To the Morning" I felt closeness with you that has lasted 30+ years. My thoughts and prayers are that you and your loved ones will experience the warmth and love that radiates from God.My favorite song is one few people heard or know; "Full Moon Mansion". I hope you feel better soon. ~ Love, Joe


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, Thank you for sharing your music with us. It has been a very large part of our lives. My mother, sister and I have seen three of your concerts and collected your albums and spent years singing your songs at the top of our lungs.. May your recovery be swift and complete. God Bless and keep you and your loved ones safe and strong. With Peace and Love ~ Teresa, Karen and Betty


 Dan, A long term fan sending you a message from the UK. Get well soon, mate. Thanks for the music All good wishes to your family. ~ John Ryan, Maidstone, England


 This is a family who is a lover of music; I was always intrigued with the sound of Dan Fogelberg; the sound and formation of the words with his beautiful music. I pray for the outpouring of strength and love for this man's continued vision of life's portrait, realistic wholesomeness, goodness. Our thoughtful wishes for his care and his health.~ Marybeth, Jordan, Tyler & Ashley Rose; The Hurt family, Michigan.


 May God continue to bless your life and bring you healing. In Him ~ David Harris


 Hi Dan. Just kicking back listening to an older selection from the archives. I just wanted to tell ya I was thinking about you and I hope you're doing well. I so hope to have the opportunity to see you play again. I was fortunate enough to see you twice in the early '80's in Ok. City and Norman and thoroughly enjoyed the experiences. You are one of a kind brother. Love and best wishes ~ Roger Word.


 Dan, Greetings from Durango! I wanted to say hi to you and your family and let you know I am praying for you. I believe in one God, a loving God, the Father of Jesus Christ. May you seek Him and His peace. He is closer than we think. Your guitar playing inspired me to learn how to play. Thank you for giving so much of yourself in you music. I love it all! My love and thoughts are with you. ~ Julie A.


 Dear Dan, I can still remember building my collection of your albums ( ! ) from the very first one, and waiting impatiently for Nether Lands to be released. When I listened to "Dancing Shoes" for the first time, I desperately ran around my college dorm looking for someone to translate the French for me! You see, I didn't want to miss one word of your beautiful poetry. I am praying for you, your wife, and family, for a full and peaceful recovery. After all, I have a complete collection now, and sure would love to be impatiently waiting for the next release!! With gratitude and heartfelt best wishes to you, Cheryl - New York


 Hi Dan - Your music has meant so much to me over the years. Hang in there!!!! ~ Jeannie in Tucson


 As strange as this may seem, for over 20 years I've had your birthday marked in my calendar and have always sent you blessings on that day... I think of you so often and how your music has touched me, and the life lessons your lyrics have taught me... I've seen you many times at Red Rocks and in Denver... and for the last few weeks I've been listening to your entire collection of music all over again, and found myself in tears at how lovely your songs are, and how they make me feel... you also happen to be the one and only person I have ever sent a fan letter to (in 1982)... so be well, Dan, you're truly one of a kind... a beautiful spirit... and so I'm sending much Love and Light to you, and praying for your speedy recovery... ~ Teri in Colorado


 Dear Dan, You have been a primary source of inspiration for me throughout my musical life. I am aware of no musicians with your ability to blend well composed music with thoughful lyric. When asked once by a musician friend of mine what "famous" musician would you most like to play with, my response was immediately: Dan Fogelberg! May God bless you and your family.


 Dear Dan, I know I wrote once before when I first leaned you had cancer. In that email, I told you that you are BY FAR, my favorite musician of all time! And that is still true as I write this. My mom was diagnosed with leukemia the day before Thanksgiving, 2004 and she is undergoing treatment also. We pray together every night and I will continue to pray for your healing, when I pray for hers. May God be with you during this time, Dan, and know that you are loved! Sincerely ~ Marla Heiler


 Hello Dan, Just a thoughtful prayer from Queensland Australia, I pray for you and the family.Wishing you a full recovery Dan. Take care. Yours in caring ~ Marie, Reg. Nurse. and a Dan Fan.


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, Thanks for the life, the insight, and the love your music gives me. I've read many of the messages posted and it's clear that a whole lot of people love you and pray for you. Can you imagine all of these people, many of whom you've never met, praying for you? It says a lot about humanity but more importantly it says so much about you. In my opinion, your voice is an instrument that helps us get up in the morning and thank God for life. My prayers are with you.With much love...oh, and hugs too ~ Enrique


 Dear Dan, I have been a fan for years now, and I felt it like a shock to hear that you are suffering of prostate cancer. I pray that the Lord will cure you as He has cured so many before. Remember that there are millions who are praying for you from all over the world. I hope to hear pretty fast that you have recovered and that you have begun touring again to please your fans with your beautiful music. Perhaps one day we may see you in the Netherlands singing songs from the album Nether Lands. From the Hague, Holland, your friend ~ Ruud Coolen


 Dear Dan, All of your emails are so beautiful! It is so heartwarming to see the outpouring of LOVE. Everyone is trying to tell you how you have touched their lives in so many ways. I know that I would never be able to express the many times and ways you have touched my life and my family's lives. I'm sure I speak for so many people when I say that we all love your beautiful heart and soul. Who said one man can't make a difference? You HAVE made a difference! You have led us on a spiritual journey where love is the utmost reward. You have pointed the way with your heart and we all have followed you for many years.You have sung of so many kinds of love: love for the earth and the animals that we share this fragile planet with, love for our parents and forefathers, love of music and poetry, love of expression, romantic love and heartbreaking love, love of souvenirs, and love enough to let go.We all have laughed with you, cried with you, loved with you, and LOVED YOU for your beautiful soul and the man that you are. Thank you for sharing all of your gifts and talents with us.Thank you for shining your light on us. We hope that we can help by bringing the light back to you in your time of need. WE LOVE YOU! ~ Shirley/Mobile, Al.


 Dear Dan: As a long time fan I think often since the breaking news of your cancer how you are doing???? I hope well and receiving the best care as a cancer survivor myself I wish you well. You are a tremendous talent both as a musician and songwriter. God Bless ~ Jan B.


 Dan, I just wanted to wish you the very best and for a fast recovery. My wife and I will be celebrating our 11th Anniversary on June 4th 2005. That really isn't the important thing, however, what is what she wanted for her anniversary, "I want to go see Dan Fogelberg for our Anniversary". Also, I wanted to share a personal note with you. You were the motivating reason for my rediscovery of the Guitar. Although I would love to have one of the new D-41D's I will practice with what my wife chose to buy me..for now. Thank you for all the wonderful inspiration for music, but most of all life! Our many wishes are for a safe and fast recovery! Always our best regards ~ Walt & Lori Thomas - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


Dan, I have been following your music since the Home Free album (wore out 3 copies and had to finally get it on cd). As a 52 year old musician, I have pattered my musical style as closely as possible to yours without the risk of plagerism! You are a truly gifted singer/songwriter and have touched millions of people's lives over the years. All of our prayers are with you for a speedy recovery. And as Neil Young would say "Long May You Run". ~ George Katonik, Grove City, Pa.


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, Thank you for insight on life.My families prayers are with you and your family.I know first hand that this is a hard time for you and your family. God Bless ~ Fred


 Dear Dan, I just read the bad news about your illness. Every time I' m driving in my car to my mother's, who also suffers of cancer unfortunately, I'm listening to one of your finest songs: "The Reach", a song where you can think about life, dream and relax. I wish you strength and a fast recovery. There are also a lot of people in my country who are thinking of you. Best wishes ~ Uwe Blum, Germany


 Dear Dan, Your music is your legacy. Thank you for taking it from your soul and releasing it for us to see and hear. You are beautiful. Be well.. ~ m


 Dear Dan, I had not been to your site for awhile so I was shocked to hear you are ill with prostate cancer. I hope your treatments are going well and you are doing O.K ? I know this will be a very difficult time for you and your family. It will be hard to do, but you must keep a positive attitude it will make a difference in your recovery. I know this through my own personal experience. Please know how much love and good wishes are being sent to you every moment of the day. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Take care ~ Lou G... Cincinnati, Ohio


 Dan, I still remember the awed and slightly stunned silence that came over the crowd as you played your guitar alone on stage the first time I saw you perform in 1985. It was as though a spell had been cast over all of us. From that point on, you've been a staple in my life and music collection. I was 12 years old in 1985. I've been thinking about you a lot lately - even before we received word that your tour was cancelled and I found news of your illness on this web site. I've been reading everyone's good wishes for you and it's wonderful to see how many you've touched through your gifts. I've attached this poem because it's the only way I know how to express how your music has touched my life and guided me through those downward paths into the depths of experience and finally self-compassion. We'll be thinking about you and waiting for your next tour. Enjoy. With the warmest affection ~ Shannon from Raleigh


The time will come when, with elation,

you will greet yourself arriving at your own door, in your own mirror,

and each will smile at the other's welcome,


And say, sit here, Eat. You will love again the stranger that was yourself.

Give wine. Give bread. Give back your heart to itself, to the stranger who has loved you


all of your life, whom you ignored for another, who knows you by heart,

Take down the love letters from the bookshelf, the photographs, the desperate notes,

peel your own image from the mirror. Sit. Feast on your life.

- Derek Walcott, "Love After Love"


 Dear Dan, After reading what so many have already written it is difficult to say anything that has not been said many times before. I have been a fan for over thirty years and have had the joy of sharing your music with my late father, my 24 & 30 year old sons throughout their lives, and now my 8 year daughter is learning to play the guitar and is a big fan of yours. Thank you for being a common thread of inspiration for my family and friends. May God bless you with a speedy recovery...we miss you! CRB


 You'll be OK.


Hi Dan, I found myself driving through Forest Park, near the St.Louis Art Museum where the sledders gather on the few snowy days here in St.Lou and found myself humming "Gypsy Wind"...which led me here to this site. I just want to thank you for all the beautiful music that lifted my spirit through the years and to wish you well and I will keep you in my prayers. ~ Chris


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, I have been a fan of yours for many years and like you, I am a musician (a concert violinist) and unfortunately, all to familiar with cancer. My Mom had Lymphoma. She was 79 years old at the time of her diagnosis and she suffered from Asthma and high-blood pressure. She was also a breast cancer survivor due to early detection. I saw your concert on PBS the other night. Your songs have gotten me through finals when I was in college (CU-Boulder), gave me comfort on overseas flights(Yuk!) and soothed my soul during the long nights of my Mom's illness. Please know that I am praying for you and your wife Jean.Please know that you are not alone and that the Lord is with you. The Lord Jesus loves you so much and He wants you healthy and happy (Matthew14:14). Jesus is REAL and He wants you healed. Thank you for your gift of music and words. May the Lord keep His hand upon you and your wife.Keep fighting and don't give up. You have many more songs to sing! Love in Christ ~ Debbie Falco


 Dan and Jean, Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We just know that your positive outlook will bring you out of this and back to wellness. Dan, you have always been part of our relationship as a couple. We fell in love listening to your music and your music is timeless and always brings back many great memories. You represent real music and what it is meant to be. Take Care ~ Patrick and Julia Boyum, Shoreview, MN


 Dan, We've sort of grown up together (I was born 9/25/52)...while at Auburn University one of my fraternity brothers cranked up Home Free and I was a fan for life! I love your fabulous album cover art as much as your music. My wife and I have seen you three or four times in concert...hope to see one of your solo concerts again! God bless you as you recover ~ Steve Kerekes, Charlotte NC


 Dan - Ever since my brother introduced me to your music when I was about 12 or 13 years old, I have been a fan. I am now in my early forties and am still as big a fan as ever. I have always felt inspired by your music. You played at the Pier in NYC in the 1980's. I was just a college student in my early twenties and went to see the show with my roommate and her sister. Of course the show was great, and we felt as though we could've stayed there all nite to hear you play. We stood in line to try and get backstage. When the door opened my friend called your name, and you graciously waved to us to come inside. I could hardly believe that I was going to meet you. You could not have been more gracious and humble as I rambled on and on about how I thought you were the greatest songwriter of all time. To quote you, "I think Cole Porter has got me beat there!"....I may not agree, but I remember thinking that you could not have been more down to earth and generous to your fans. You took the time to talk to complete strangers, and make a die hard fan's day. When I heard about your illness, I immediately started thinking about that day again. I know it won't be long before you're playing for your fans again and making another fan's day! God bless you and your family during this time and I know he will give you the strength you need to get through it. A very grateful fan....~ Jean


 Your music has touched our lives very much. My wife and three children (24, 19 and 14) know and love your music very much. I often find one of your CD's missing from my case and later I'll find it in on of their players or cars. One because it's good and another because it brings back memories of early Saturday mornings when they were little and I'd get up before everyone else, put on one of your CD's or in some cases, albums, and one by one they'd come out to lay on the couch while I drank a cup of coffee, read the paper and we'd listen to you. I pray you have a speedy and complete healing and for your family as well. "Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him. - James 1:12" ~ R/ Mark Hayes, Wheeling, WV


 I was listening to Innocent Age today, and for some reason thought I needed to see if you had a website.. Guess what YOU DO. Can't believe I never thought of looking for it before..For 30 years I have been blessed with the love and appreciation of your talent and music. Your music has been a part of my life in such a way that at times I felt you were a personal friend. You seemed, for many years, to be at the same place I was. When you wrote "Nether Lands", I was overwhelmed... it was me. I am sure you have heard this many times. I have wanted to write to you and thank you SOOOO many times and did...just never sent it. When you moved to Colorado I always hoped I would run into you on the slopes of Purgatory or Wolf Creek. I was so happy for you when you found your true home, and your love. Silly, I am getting a little teary here. I am an Arizona native, and have always been torn between the San Juans and the incredible deserts of Arizona... so I am here to stay in the southwest..(3rd generation). Long and windy, sorry, but I wanted you to know that you have been my friend and in my thoughts for so long and it was time to share that. My friends think I am crazy, as I really do not listen to hardly any other artist. (I am not obsessed, but I am sure they think so). But for some reason your music always has touched my soul. Needless to say I never missed a concert in Az....I walked down the aisle to "Longer'... and always ski to your tunes. You may not even read this, but if you do....You are a beautiful human being. THANK YOU. God Bless You. You and your family will be in my prayers..... ~ Debbie Duke, Mesa, Arizona


 Dan, I think of you quite often and have been praying for you to recover. I wonder how you are. See, your music makes me feel like I know you personally. Your voice resonates within my soul and as a Christian I feel and hear your spiritual side. I pray that God will heal you so, you can get back to what you love so much: Making music. I have never felt this way about another musician. No one has touched my heart like you have. I got my first Dan Fogelberg album in the 11th grade (sorry, I was a late bloomer) called Phoenix. I still have it to this day along with all of the others. I have seen you seven times in concert and once in the second row. I was so close to you once at the South Shore Music Center in MA that I could have touched you, but did not want to bother you before the show. I wish you health and happiness and I thank God that He in his awesome power brought you to all of us who love your inspiring words and beautiful music. Thank you, Dan. ~ Linda from Lynn, MA


 Dan, I went to hear a friend sing last night, the same friend who introduced me to your music many years ago. Due to divorce and moving, I had lost contact with him until recently. He told me of your illness. Please know that you're in my thoughts and prayers. Your music brought me so much comfort while going through a painful time in my life. I hope the joy you shared with your music is now coming back to you many times over. ~ Cathy, Idaho Falls


 Your music has beena gift to many. May you receive the gift of life. Best Wishes ~ Deborah Flowers


 Dear Dan, I was recently reintroduced to your songs of all places, the local thrift store. I have been playing your Greatest Hits in the car for over 3 weeks now. I have forgotten how nice it is to get back to REAL music. I would like to extend to you my thoughts and prayers that God will see you and your family through this ordeal. We wish you all the best and hope that you will eventually be able to bring your music to the fans that so admire and respect you in person. I look forward to seeing you on tour. God bless you....take care. Love ya ~ Mobee Columbus, Ohio


 My husband plays in a bluegrass band here in Wisconsin. He loves your music and I'm sure you have heard this a kazillion times...he has been inspired by you. I'm from Illinois...and naturally gravitated toward your music and share your love for the environment. You have brought so much inspiration to us...and to the world. It's time we give back to you. So here is our wish and prayer for you to get well. Get well soon. Peace ~ Mary Cortesi and Dan Sebranek


 Dan, I was a senior in high school in 1973 when I first heard your music. I was riding with my brother in Cades Cove Tennessee and I remember how beautiful the mountains were and how your music, your voice made everything come alive and yet remain so peaceful and serene. I have been a fan since that day and have rushed to purchase any new releases that hit the market. You are truly a gifted and blessed person who tells a story with every song that you sing. I have gone thru two divorces in my lifetime and your music has always been there to see me thru, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your music, your work to educate the people on how to save our planet from senseless pollution, for the American Indians, has been a life long inspiration for me. My wife and I have been blessed to see you perform at several concerts including the Nutter Center, Dayton Ohio, and Timber at Kings Island. I listen to your music every day. You are a part of our lives, your music inspires us to do better, to be better. This is a bump in the road, God gave you a voice and musical talent that reaches the heavens, he won't let you down now. Please fight hard, never give up hope, and remember that those of us who listen with our hearts, love and respect you, care for you, and will always be there for you, as you have always been there for us. Our prayers are constantly with you ~ Steve and Barb Clark


 Dear Dan, As a member of a set of brothers who always loved your music, please get well soon. May the Good Lord heal you and bring you forth again to share your gentle gift with the world. All of my family's love. ~ David Parmley


 Dan, My prayers and thoughts are with you. How I, and we, have been honored by your life, your words, your music, your laughs and smiles. I'm looking forward to your next Red Rocks performance, as I just know in my heart that you'll return! ~ Cherie from Denver


 Dear Dan, I just wanted to wish you the best as you fight through this ordeal. My parents raised me on your music, and I've been a huge fan ever since I was 8 years old (I'm 23 now). I haven't been around as long as a lot of your fans ;) but let me tell you, you're music has thoroughly touched my life. I had the opportunity 10 years ago to see you in concert for the first time, after which I was able to meet you. Ever since then, not only have you been the creator of beautiful music, but also a man to whom I hold a lot of respect. I am deeply sorry for your current hardship, and pray that you recover swiftly. For what it's worth, thank you for sharing your music with us.Our prayers are with you. ~ Brendon Browning, Seattle, WA


 Your songs have been sources of  hope, encouragement and strength throughout my life - from high school, through college, medical school and residency (and internal medicine board certification) and, most importantly, through parenthood. Your music has the unique ability to take my soul to a healing place. I pray that your body and soul find that healing place, for yourself and your family. For all that you have given us, your fans, I hope that your kindness is repaid a thousand-fold. ~ Kathleen M. Wooton, New Jersey


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, After I heard of your situation, I was very saddened that you have had to face any hardship. I have been a fan of yours for many years and will pray for your speedy recovery. All good prayers and wishes. Sincerely ~ Patricia Hinkle, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania


 Dan, I have enjoyed your special brand of acoustic music for years. Your talents for songwriting and melodies is unique and special in many ways. I saw you play in Pompano, FL a few years back and really enjoyed the show! Good luck to you my man and get out on the road soon! Sincerely ~ Scott


 Being the elderly type that I am (50+), your music has been part of my life for a long time. Your ability to weave music through such thoughtful and touching lyrics has meant a lot to both my wife and me. I hope and pray that things are going better for you. Thank you very much for touching our thoughts and souls so much. ~ David, Tomball, TX


 As an ardent fan of the brilliant music and lyrics of Dan Fogelberg since 1977, and a cancer survivor myself, I'm saddened to know he is going through this. So my desire is that his journey through the treatment and recovery is swift, his strength restored, and his life long and peaceful. Blessings to you, Dan, and to your family as well. ~ C.S. from Orlando


 I present a late night music programme for BBC Radio Ulster here in Belfast and I'm putting together a programme for St Valentine's Day at this very moment. About midway through the first hour will be Dan's beautiful song "Longer" which I have been playing for years. I was so sorry to read as I checked out the website, of Dan's illness.So I send all good wishes to Dan and his family at this time. ~ Cherrie McIlwaine, The Late Show, BBC Radio Ulster


 Dan: Like all the others here, your music brings so much beauty to my life. I could write pages in tribute to your work, your life and your impact on me personally. I simply want to say this - you are one of the most beautiful human beings on this planet, and we are all so much better and happier because you chose to share your talent and insight. Thank you so much, please get well and I will pray every day for you until I hear you are out on tour again, fully recovered and doing great! With much love from Maine ~ Bud Patterson


 Dear Dan, I was a fan of your music in the 70's, and recently had been reintroduced to it thanks in part to my recent marriage to the most wonderful man I know. My husband used to play your music on his guitar, until his illness, MS, took his ability of using his hands in that capacity . We recently bought the CD version of Windows and Walls, and it has since become one of my favorite CDs to listen to. Nick, my husband's favorite song on it is "Sweet Magnolia", with "Believe in Me" a close second.(That's my favorite!) I'm sorry I'm rambling on about things, but I would like to extend to you our thoughts and prayers that God will see you and your family through this ordeal. We wish you all the best now and always, and hope that you will eventually be able to bring your music to the fans that so admire and respect you in person. My husband and I would love to see you, and maybe even get the chance to meet you in person. God be with you always. God Bless ~ Anne & Nick Ballew, Yucca Valley, Ca.


 Dan, God has a way of tuning his own guitars. You will beat this and continue to inspire. ~ Joe Morgan, Fort Worth, Texas


 Dan, I was listening to your Full Circle CD here at work and went on-line to see if you would be touring. Since my college days, your music has been so very, very special to me. Suffice it to say, we're around the same age. My friends and i have always left your concerts remarking what a great musician you are. The best to you and your family. Here are two of my stand bys: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me," and " I am in God's hands." When you are ready to go back on the road...have you ever thought of you and James Taylor going on tour, the ultimate concert!!!!!! Hang in there! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the music!!!! ~ Sue, Harrisburg PA


 To Dan and all his loved ones: My prayers are with you and your family in your time of illness. I pray that also you are given the privacy that you have always craved; in dealing with life's battles, from petty day-to-day solitude to the important need for space and quiet from all those may try to invade your life while you handle your illness and treatment. I wish for you; lasting love of all whom you cherish; quiet retreats for your heart and soul of your river and sacred trees to bring you comfort, health, and remission. The river and trees gave you comfort and peace of mind long ago, and can now. I wanted to let you know that you have touched many who do not know you personally, but through your music you are loved. ~ Gigie


 Mr. Fogelberg: You said my thoughts for your recovery best in one of your songs; "Don't lose heart, don't lose heart; Though it feels like yours will fall apart; Just remember when the road gets dark I will always be beside you..." as will all the people who have loved you and your music "longer than..." My heartfelt prayers and love ~ Paula


 Dan - As a young soldier serving in Germany in 1980, I first heard your voice, in such sweet harmonies, while you sang and played "Longer" on AFN Radio. To tell the truth, I had to ask some friends who this was. Within weeks I had ordered Home Free and Captured Angel. As with most of us true followers, I have all of your music on Vinyl, Cassette, and CD. As a guitarist, pianist, and drummer myself, I was so completely amazed at your talent and diversity as a musician. We met in 1987 at the Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, VA. I was nervous when I saw you emerge from the back of the building. I introduced myself and we talked for about 5 minutes or so. I mentioned that one of my favorite songs was "Hearts and Crafts." You smiled and said "yeah, that was on the B side of 'Same Old Lang Syne.' I should put that on an album". I was glad you finally included it in Portrait. When I asked you to sign your Photo book, you took the pen and wrote "Thanks Don, Dan Fogelberg". Having only heard my name once, you didn't forget it - I have 3 guitars scattered around my house, a grand piano, and a huge drum kit in my out building. Not a day goes by that I don't pick up a guitar and strum or pick one of your songs - "Stars", "Longer", "Looking for a Lady", "The Last Nail", "Hearts and Crafts" - or sit behind the piano and hammer out - "False Faces", "Ghosts", "Next Time", "Run for the Roses" - and of course it's always fun to throw on some of your rock and roll and pound out the beat with Russ or Mike while screaming lyrics no one can hear but me. I have often day dreamed of playing on stage with "Dan Fogelberg"! Oh, the memories that certain songs can flood my mind with. Dan, your music and life have helped shape my outlook on life, love, happiness, growing older, losing and winning. And just as I have always known, you have had this same, profound affect on many. For all you have given us, it is so wonderful to see how much so many are giving back to you. When I first heard the news of your diagnosis, I felt as if I had receive information about a close friend, for I had. This is a tough time for you and Jean. I wish I could tell you I that I know how you feel or what you are going through, but I can't. I can only offer words of encouragement to "Fight the Good Fight", and prayers for a full, speedy recovery. If you should ever care to pour your heart out to a stranger, or an old friend - I'm here for you. Just as you have always been there for me. Thanks for everything and God Speed! ~ Don Weaver - Enterprise, AL


 Hello Dan , My fiance & I saw you in concert last night on t.v.. I was thrilled to see you perform after not seeing you for so long. Your music will continue to inspire me forever. I can remember when things got tough for me, I would play your music then sing out loud & it would snap me right out it. I have 5 children now & all of them know your music (my girls now sing & know the lyrics) I guess I brainwashed them. Your music makes us feel good. As a health practioner, I know there is alot one can do to fight this, but nothing is better than prayer & having a positive attitude. Dan, may God bless & keep you always, May your prayers all come true & may you stay forever...Keep the faith! Sending love & a vision of healing to you. ~ Kathleen


 You will be in my prayers. I've followed your music since I lived in Urbana on Springfield Ave in the early 70's, your old stomping grounds as well. Like many others, your music has been in the background and foreground of my life since then. I know that these times must be so full of challenges. It is often hard to see that God has deemed all of these challenges as "Part of The Plan." Take Care ~ Edwin Dunteman, M.D. St. Louis MO.


 I pray every day that you will be returned to good health. Hang in there. You have a lot of support from your family, friends and fans. ~ Linda B.


 A good friend and I both loved your music in the 70's. We both lost touch with it, mostly due the invention of the CD, and were reminiscing about your music recently. I was compelled to go and buy Souvenirs, which was my favorite album of yours. Today we listened to it for the first time in 25 years. Your music is pure and timeless. It was like finding a treasured heirloom in perfect condition. Regarding your illness, I will say that until you have experienced cancer first hand, you can't know what it is like. Even if your prognosis is good, the process if difficult. I pray that the process is as easy for you as it can possibly be and that you find blessings in the experience. I have a hunch that you will. I know that our family did when confronted with it. All the best to you ~ Maria in P


 Dan: You have been an inspiration to me for many years. I thank you for your captivating lyrics and melodies and the feelings they inspire. I am about your age, a fan since the 70’s, an attorney and a would-be author. You have inspired me in each of these roles and at many stages throughout my life. I pray for your recovery and that you may find the strength and inspiration you have given to so many. I long to see you perform again. Best regards ~ Dave


 Dan, Fight the Good Fight and may Jesus bless you in a special way and grant you a full and speedy recovery! ~ Joe D -Santee, Ca.


 Since first hearing of your battle, you have not often been out of my thoughts. I play your music daily and it still has the magic to soothe me - as it has for more than 30 years now! Reading all the many comments of others here, I realize my feelings for you and your music are far from unique; as I had always felt they were! Your fans, my Dear Dan, speak with one voice! We ALL have this tremendous love and respect for you and your music! So many others write of how your music has seen them through good times and bad times through the years! And it seems to echo all my own thoughts and feelings! We ALL owe you a debt we can't repay! So many (as myself) speak of having been a fan of yours from the beginning of your career! I have never known a FORMER DanFan! Once a fan of Dan Fogelberg - means forever! Dear Dan, my prayers are with you Even On! Please, Come Full Circle, back to your adoring fans! Love and prayers ~ June,Ocala,Fl


 Dear Dan, I was going through some papers today and came upon my abundance of old ticket stubs and memorabilia of your concerts;' 91-94. I didn't realize that you had supported The Endangered Species Act. Thus, you not only have inspired me with your music, but with your efforts to protect nature and wildlife as well. My sincere appreciation goes out to you always and I continue to pray for you and Jean. God bless you ~ Cindy Fabian


 Dan, We are praying for you... Thank you for all the joy your music has brought to your fans everywhere. We are a loyal bunch. I sport a "Nether Lands" sticker that is based on the album cover on the back of my truck. You would have to be a fan to appreciate it. Look forward to you turning the page on this chapter in your life and the great music that will follow. Hang tough... ~ jmw (a fan since 76)


 Dan, how many can claim to have touched the lives of so many? Well you certainly have! Get well my friend. Best wishes. ~ Mark...United Kingdom


 Dear Dan, My husband and I are long time lovers of your music and we have seen you at Red Rocks in Colorado and in Jax, Fl. I actually introduced myself to you after the JAX concert as we were staying in the same hotel. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and know you will make a full recovery. You have the drive it takes to beat this! Thank you for enriching our lives for the past 30 years. Sincerely ~ Ellen and Bruce Mueller


 Dan, My husband and I have been fans and followers of you since 1975. We were saddened to hear of your illness and wish you the best. Your music has had a big impact on our lives and helped us through some tough times with our families. We hope that our wishes and prayers may do the same for you and your family. We have attended every concert you have performed in the Los Angeles area. You are in our hearts and minds.God speed your recovery. ~ Sheila and Dale Balok, Valencia, CA


 Dear Dan and Jean, Daily thoughts and prayers are with you.May the love of God completely hold and embrace you with every new day. I continue to pray for miracles in your behalf. Peace and Love ~ Pam


 Dan, I checked your website and was saddened by your recent battle with prostate cancer. I have been serving my country for almost 24 years in the US Air Force and your music has been with me every where I have been stationed. You are certainly my all time favorite artist and I value the musical gift that you have shared with us for so many years, it remains timeless to me. I will keep you in my prayers and look forward to seeing you in concert someday soon. God Bless ~ Clem Francis - Hillsboro Ohio


 Dan: May God bless you as you have blessed us with your music. Beat this! The world needs your next album! ~ Lindsay Titus


 Dan, I will never forget the look of elation on your face as you went into the wings at the Opry House in 1980. The crowd was on its feet. I was on the front row center. May you have that look again and be back with your guitar, singing on the circle. May God be with you. Thank you for the joy you have shared with all who have been blessed by your music and talent. ~ Phil Randolph, Murfreesboro, TN


 God Bless you and your family........many prayers ~ Susan from Philadelphia


 Hi Dan, I have been a fan of yours since the beginning. I am 49 years young and first saw you in concert at the Meadowlands in NJ some 30 years ago. My husband and I saw you perform in Raleigh two years ago. I cannot tell you what inspiration your music has brought me throughout the years. I love ALL of your music, but I constantly have Full Circle playing in my car these days. Thank you for your music! You are truly an inspiration! You are in my prayers and I know that God will continue to bless you! I am looking forward to seeing you in concert again someday! Live strong ~ M. Wallen - New Bern, NC


You are in my prayers and I do hope you find peace, love and faith in God's presence. I think of you often, wondering how you are and just wanted you to know your music is out there-I hear it so often while shopping or running in and out of a store. It always makes me pause and say an extra prayer for you, for your health and your family.


 Dear Dan - I pray you will have a speedy recovery and may you triumph over your battle with cancer. Your music has been an inspiration in my life. The first album I ever owned was The Innocent Age and is still a favorite! Please get well soon and the brightest of blessings to you and your family: ~ Renee, Pittsburgh Pa.


 Have been a fan since Nether Lands...also in a cancer-surviving family (twice)...You and your family are in my prayers today...remember you are beloved of those who know you and even moreso of your Father in heaven. You are never alone. Very highest hopes and wishes for you ~ Paula Holmes


 We have loved your music since the 70’s and still do. We recently bought “Full Circle” for ourselves and some friends who will love it as much as we do. Can’t wait until your next concert at Westbury Music Fair! We

are thinking of you and your family and wishing you a speedy recovery. Much love ~ Mary and Doug, Seaford, NY


 Hi Dan: My brother sent me this site. I have always loved your music but have never seen you in person. I wish you the best and hope you will make a full recovery. Then when you tour again, I hope you will come near my home town. Love ~ Roseanne Sauers, Rochester, NY


 Hi Dan - My best wishes for your health. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Many thanks for your music which accompanies me for some 20 years meanwhile. Get well soon. The world today needs real artists like you more than ever. ~ Roland, Germany


 Dear Dan, I had the honor and pleasure of opening for you at one of your concerts at Red Rocks in the early 90's. Just wanted to wish you all the best in your recovery and healing. I've been a fan of your music since the mid 70's growing up in NJ and then moving to Boulder in 1977. You've written some of the best songs ever. True anthems to life and love and Colorado (one of my favorite places on Earth). I live in Southern California now, also a beautiful place. I wish you and your family health and happiness and hope that our musical paths cross again. Best wishes & blessings ~ Peter Kater


 Dear Dan, Sorry to hear about you diagnosis of cancer. I myself am a survivor and you will be also. My first date with my husband of 23 years was your concert in the Meadowlands. I have loved your music ever since. "Longer" is our wedding song, and we love it. We always stop what we are doing when we hear it. You will be in our prayers. ~ Doreen Derry


 Dan and family - You are in my thoughts and prayers. ~ T.S. Kansas


 Hi Dan, Just this morning I played your CD High Country Snows in my car while driving to work. I just checked your website and was shocked to see that you are battling this dreadful disease. During the last twenty years I have bought most of your CD's and have admired your musicanship and creativity. From Amsterdam I wish you all the best and hope that you will overcome your illness and will continue to make beautiful music. ~ Jerry from The Netherlands


 Dan and Family-Saw a re-run of a concert performed with you and your outstanding band. I was so deeply touched by your performance. Warm, Wonderful, Thoughts and memories came pouring into mind like it was yesterday. Sending thoughts of love, beautiful music, and peacefulness your way for a healthy recovery. Warmest Aloha ~ Christina Gamboa and Michael Paulo


 This winter I'd like to encourage Dan to "...think quietly about friends and loves and ways toward renewal..." I highly recommend studying up a new language and reading anything by May Sarton, who wrote journals during her recovery from a stroke and breast cancer. Big thanks to Dan for giving great gifts!


 I have never written on anyone's web site before, but feel so strongly about letting you know that all of us who have loved your music all these years are praying for you. That is a lot of prayers! I always told my husband I was going to write you someday and thank you for sharing your incredible gift of music through the years. Your songs have moved me like no others. Your concerts are my goal whenever you come to the mid-west. I have been to many of them through the years and would love to go to many more. So please get well and keep the faith and know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. ~ Patty -Toledo, Ohio


 Hi Dan - I heard a string quartet version of "Stars" tonight and started thinking of you, wondering how you're doing. I'm now a 43-yr-old woman (AAAHHH!), but I first heard about you in high school, when "Souvenirs" came out. I bought "Home Free", and fell in love with your music even more. I purchased all of your albums, went to your concerts (memories of Jack Daniels, and cracking up when you placed that tiny tree on your piano before singing "The First Christmas Morning"...), and played your songs on my piano for hours on end during my growing-up years (thanks to the piano books). I've enjoyed the many directions your music has gone... the way you continue to explore and grow - always looking to see what amazing thing awaits you around the bend. My thoughts are with you. Your music has enriched our lives. Hopefully, now all of your fans will enrich yours. ~ Cathy in California


 Dan, You have been an inspiration for me for many years. I live in Colorado and went to your last concert at Red Rocks a couple of years ago. You were wonderful! My Grandson Colton was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma 7 years ago at 3 years old. He successfully went through chemotherapy and surgery. He is now considered a survivor. We skied together yesterday. Keep your faith and your positive attitude! It means everything. Hope to see you in concert soon. Love ~ Katie

 Dan, your music and your spirit are in my heart every day, wishing you hope and love from your family, friends and fans. Stay positive, you will get through this and be stronger for it. Take care! A loyal fan ~ Roberta Miliani


 Dan, My husband andI have seen you in concert several times. We are very devoted fans. I don't know if you realize how influential your lyrics and music really are to people. My main reason for including this is to let you know that you are obviously in many people's prayers including ours. ~ Lori in Kirkville NY


 Dan, I am writing from Washington, IL, across the river from your native, Peoria. I recently attended a very heartfelt concert in Peoria; your tribute concert, put on with Andrew Driscoll. What a marvelous tribute to you and your music. Your music continues to move me and inspire me. Your music is part of your strength. Continue to write it, sing it, and surround yourself with it. It will guide you through this most difficult time and provide you comfort and something to focus on, outside of yourself. I'll keep your music in my heart and you and your family in my prayers. A longtime fan ~ Leslie S. Ibler


 Dan, My family and I send you warm thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. I only know you through your music and you are the best of friends. We came to know each each other in 1978 and you have been there ever since. I know that you have shown incredible strength, I ask that you continue to do so as I know how hard this must be for your family. If I could give you my health for one day I would send it to you in exchange for all the joy and inspiration you have sent my way. Godspeed my friend... ~ Terry Loveland, Colorado


 Dan, PBS replayed your 2004 concert last night. I was struck by the intensify and great lyrical tone you got out of your Stratocaster. HOT LEADS! Who would know a folkie could rock so hard. As a guitarist myself, I enjoyed it very much. You're quite the complete musician and you should be proud. Get well now. ~ Gene


 Dear Dan, I had this verse as part of one of my devotionals this wk and it keeps coming to mind with you. Another verse from Isaiah: The LORD says "I have you engraved on the palm of my hands...." . Isaiah 49:16. An awesome thought isn't it?! You and Jean remain in my prayers. ~ Patrice, Macon,GA


 I wish you the best. Your music is in my head and heart. You have added to this world much. I hope you can continue. Be strong. Best wishes. ~ Chuck, Arrowbear, CA


 At different points in my life your music has spoken to me - as I met and married my husband, as we celebrated the birth of our children, as my husband passed away suddenly and far too early. I've enjoyed your songs in happy times and found comfort in them in darker ones. Thank you for the wonderful gift you have shared with us all. I hope the good wishes of your fans, friends and family will give you strength and hasten your recovery. ~ Debra Pitzer


 My husband bought your records. We pray for you and your family. That you will be healed and that God will bless your family and friends.


 I first started listening to your music when I was about 16. You are a gifted poet as well as singer. So many of your songs have really rang true for me. I'm praying for your speedy and thorough recovery! ~ Dana - Torrance, Calif.


 Dear Dan, You have been weighing so heavily on my heart and mind these past few weeks. I know that what you are going through can't be easy. Rest assured of my prayers and positive thoughts. You are ALWAYS in my HEART! I am sure you know this, but your greatest music has come from your greatest pain. When you get through this I am anticipating that you will make your greatest music EVER!


Your music set the mood and rhythm of my entire adolescent and adult life. You have helped to make me into the person that I am. You and your music have truly been a gift. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. My memories of your concerts are among some of the best of my life! I still get excited when I hear you on the radio. I listened to you all afternoon while I cleaned today. It really helps make life bearable! Promise me 2 things. 1. That you will be healed 2. That you will play at Red Rocks when you start performing again. I am counting on this and praying for this! God Bless you and yours my Dear Dan. Much Love and Peace ~ Laura Boughner


 God bless you and your family and friends during this journey. Thank you for sharing the talents and gifts our Creator bestowed upon you. May all the support you are receiving sustain you and lift you up. ~ A long time fan


 Hi Dan. Thank you for all the years of beautiful music. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. ~ Rick Ornato


 God Bless You!


 Dan and Family, May the outpouring of prayers fill your body and spirit with continued healing. Stay positive and continue to nurture your beautiful soul. God is in you and renewing you every moment in every day and night. We all love you and look forward to more music and sharing soon. Peace and heartfelt blessings to your family. ~ Sally in Phoenix


 Hi there. I am a longtime admirer of your beautiful lyrics and medodies. A man with a heaped-up heart, so full of love's desires, such an outpouring of sentiment in his songs -- remember all the applause and appreciation shown for your performances through the years and let an abundance of love be felt by you as we pray to our heavenly Father for your continued recuperation and cure. We will see you back on that stage again soon, moving effortlessly from piano to guitar and back again, filling those who intently listen with the same longing as felt at your very first note. From one who has loved you a lifetime, be blessed and be well ~ Annette


 Dear Dan, when I first heard "To the Morning" on the radio back when it first came out, I thought I had never before heard such a beautiful song. I have been a loyal follower ever since, eager for each new creation from you. I especially love, "The Reach" as it is about Maine, a place very dear to me. You've been a part of my life, through your music, for more than thirty years and I just want you to know how much you mean to me. You are a true poet and I thank you for your gift of words, which have given and continue to give me so much joy and wonder! You have been in my prayers ever since I've learned of your illness and I pray that you are well on your way to good health once again. All shall be well again, best wishes ~ Erika, Middletown, CT


 Dan, you are the living legacy to the music that paints the canvas of my fondest memories. Your music, the incredibly insightful, succinct lyrics, the clear ringing of each picked guitar note - I don't know what my life would've been like without that. You have given me much and I thank you for your beautiful expression. I'll be praying for your recovery. ~ Jana Nell


 Dan... thank you. Sending you healing energies... ~ GC


 Dan, I write again to let you know that your words and music have been a great source of inspiration and comfort to me over the years. I hope that the words and prayers of your fans provide you with strength and comfort. God bless you, Dan Fogelberg. You are loved. ~ Mary


 I'm sending all my best wishes and prayers for a successful recovery. I "discovered" your music back in the late '70s. I was amazed to find that, because the words and music were so beautiful and so well written, I could actually love so many different kinds of music. To this day those songs will evoke the same kinds of emotions I felt at those various times of my life. I appreciate you, Dan, for sharing your gift with us.~ Tracy Barksdale


 Hi Dan ..First of all it makes me sad to hear that you're not well. I'm Mike and I'm from Sweden, living on an island called Öland. Here I live with my family and our dog and horses.I used to be a musician, drummer and singer before and I first heard you on the album "Souvenirs" when I was joining a songer/singwriter here in Sweden called Basse Wickman. I've got all your albums today,and I also like very much CSN&Y, Eagles,The Band, Beatles, Doobie brothers, Carly Simon, and I listen a lot to Mozart, Haydn among others. I get a lot of my influences out of the mountains and forest in northern of Sweden. My Anita and I love the silence in the forest and it's neccessary for me to be there just because I need it. I guess that you also have been living a lot near the nature and what it has to give.I really wish and hope that you will get your health back.I send you my and my family's regards and my thoughts will go to you. Lots of love ~ Mike


 Dear Dan; Just wanted to let you know that my prayers are with you and your family. I know it is a hard time for all of you, but don't give up hope. Remember to take time to laugh (as weird as that sounds-it got my Mother thru some tough times) and just remember, either way things go, you ARE going to be FINE. Not that I think you are going anywhere. I did want to tell you how much your music has meant to me over the years. I've been surrounded by your music and spirit for years...from the time I was a little kid and snuck up stairs to listen thru my sister's door (and what was that weird smelling smoke coming from her room anyways?? ha ha) My sister and I have tried to figure out a way to rig a stereo on our horses so we could listen while we trail rode..ha ha. Your music played at my wedding, in the hospital when I was having both my little boys, there when I rocked them to sleep and even helped me thru my grief after I lost my mother to cancer 2 years ago this month. Seems you have a song for every mood I'm in. You've even motivated me to clean house for goodness sakes!!!! I hope that someday way on down the road, my two boys will even play it at my funeral. God has gifted you with such talent and I hope you know what an impact on people's lives you have had. YOU'RE THE MAN, DAN!!!! Love to you and yours ~ Sharon Ward (in Ole' Tennessee)


 Dear Dan; Saint Augustine said it best many years ago: "Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward for this faith is to see what you believe." This, too, will pass and we'll see you in concert in 2006. God Bless you and your family. ~ Bernie Moro


 You have been the greatest inspiration to me. I am a 22 year old who attends Emporia State University. I was so sad to hear about your cancer It is good that you are doing well. You are my biggest idol and I started playing guitar because of you. I hope things are good for you and I can't wait until you get better so you can make more beautiful music. You don't know what you have done for me in my life. Best wishes and Hope to see you on the stage again soon. ~ Adam


 Dear Dan, Our prayers are with you. Thank you for all your songs but mostly for "Run for the Roses". My husband is a horse breeder here in Kentucky and when I hear your song I am so moved. My mother works at the Derby Museum in Louisville and is a retired elementary music teacher. It was she who introduced your music to me. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Love ~ Rachel Salmen


 Dan, Just want you to know that my prayers and wishes for your recovery continue. I've never felt the connection as I do with you and your music with any other musician. Hopefully all of our (your fans) prayers and thoughts will carry you through this tough time. I hope that there is comfort in knowing that so many people care about you in a very genuine way. I guess I feel so grateful for all that you've given through your music. It might seem odd that so many of us feel this close connection to you, but surely you can see the power of music and art and the way that it brings us together. That's what you've done. I hope that I can look at what I've done with my life and say the same. Hopefully this note will find you well. ~ Cara Lankard, Kansas City


 Dan, When I think over my life, your music has been one of the most influential aspects of it. You have truly been blessed to have been able to create such a peace in so many who have never formally met you. I thank you. It has been months since your fans have heard about your illness. Will there be any news on your progress to share with us? We want you back. Peace and Love ~ SB


 Dan--you have provided such pleasure and inspriation to my life. I began listening to you in 1976--and had the great pleasure of seeing you live in Santa Fe a few years ago. You have always seemed to offer more than expected and with such zest for life. I wish you well during this time of recovery....with love. ~ Tina Michelitch, Albq. NM


 I was listening to your music when I first realized my dreams. I return to your music whenever I need to remember how to dream. You have been a constant inspiration throughout my life. Many thoughts and prayers for your recovery. ~ debi


 In the early '80s, I heard the other-worldly "Leader of the Band" in the car, and was amazed. The andante guitar, the soulful but not overdone vocal, the refrains bursting into harmonies, the brass section bridges and closing---what a brilliantly-conceived, beautifully-delivered song and recording. That it was a tribute to your father seals it as basically the best written and performed single in radio history. So thoughtful, so lovely, and so tasteful, never crossing the line into the overly-sentimental. That song got me into Dan's music, and that song sort of keeps me there. Other good ones come before and after, but "Leader" is an anchor, or, if you like, Dan, the tallest peak in the ranges around your Colorado home. Hoping, praying, and trusting that you'll fully recover and when you do, dust off others that you wrote but never recorded like you did for "Full Circle". We'd love to hear them. ~ Steve M., Lima, OH


 Greetings Dan! I wonder if you have having some of this early spring your way. It's gorgeous here. I hope this day finds you content and happy with loved ones and friends. This weather may inspire you in your work and art ~ photography, drawing, possibly music. Whatever your taste or challenge. I've been designing a home ... I imagine you do well at whatever interests you are pursuing. My wish is for your happiness. Love your diverse expressions! Thanks for, "River of Souls". In heart, Sincerely ~ Carol Buffalo


 Dan: I sent an e-mail months ago and I hope and pray that you are doing well. I was fortunate to be able to meet you and talk to you briefly after a performance at the Fox Theatre in Detroit in '92 and I remember how gracious and friendly you were and it's an experience I will never forget. I look forward to seeing you performing again in the near future. Best Wishes ~ Glenn Halberg


 I met your dad when he was a patient at the Medical Center. I was a student at the time. Both he and your mom were very kind and courageous. Despite your dads's health problems they always remained positive and upbeat. I am sure you have inherited his same sense of courage and strength and will make it through all the challenges you face now. Good luck and I will hold you in my prayers. ~ Paula


 Sir, As an avid fan of you and your music, it causes me great pain to know that you are having to battle the ogre that is cancer. I am a 40+ year musician, singer/songwriter and have been inspired on so many occasions by your terrific use of words. Thank you, though we may never meet, for the great musical gifts you have given me and my family and friends over the span of your recording career. We miss seeing you on tour, as we were planning on seeing you in Naples, FL during this tour. Just know that our thoughts and prayers are with you every minute of the day. I wish there was something in my power to help you. I will work hard as I perform to reach the level of professionalism and talent that you exude, on stage and off. Best wishes. Don't let the bastard win. You truly are an "artist for the ages". ~ Rick Mundy


 Get Well Soon, Dan Fogelberg. Your voice needs to be heard from again and again and again. You represent part of the fabric of our music culture. We need more of your work to provide inspiration to all of us. Hopefully, in return, we can provide inspiration to you. May God Bless you, Dan Fogelberg.


 Dear Dan, I read these pages every day and it never ceases to amaze me how many of us feel the very same way. How you are such a part of our lives, how we see our lives in stages through your music. So many thousands of people have been touched the same way with your songs since the 70's. I get overwhelmed every time I come to this site. I can't imagine how you must feel as you read what you mean to us all. I have said many prayers and shed many tears for you. I hope you are doing well. Please come back to us all. Thanks for all the memories and thanks in advance for the many more to come ~ Bev Carroll, Castle Rock, Colorado


 You're in our wishes, Dan. God loves you and will be there for you.


 Our prayers are with you.


 Hi Dan, I was looking for some info on your song, "Same Old Lang Syne" when I found this website. I've lived abroad for a number of years now and unfortunately, it's hard to get your music over here. Thank God for the music websites. I just ordered one of your CD's.


I first heard "Same Old Lang Syne" at Christmas time a few years ago and immediately recognized your voice. It's is such a beautiful, thought provoking song. I just wanted to say how much your music has meant to me over the years and that song seems to put an exclamation point on all your songs I've enjoyed over the years. I have quite a few of your albums and bought your album, Souvenirs, back in the late 70's. It was the very first album of yours that I bought. Souvenirs came at a rather tragic time in my life. My brother had just died suddenly and I found myself literally sitting among the souvenirs of his life. I've enjoyed your music ever since. Your music and lyrics have meant a lot to me over the years and I just wanted to say thank you. I hope you have a full and quick recovery from your illness. I hope that you will be touring again soon and will perhaps even make it across the pond to Ireland. Most of all I hope that you are surrounded by family and friends who love you and are looking after you. Take care. ~ Alanna from Ireland


 I've been a fan for 30+yrs...and I still get goose bumps when I hear " Same Old Lang Syne"...but I remember "Part of the Plan", "Captured Angel" and so many other of my favorites. Thanks sooo much for all you've brought to my life and here's a toast to the future music I can almost hear.... the community theatre in Morristown NJ is a great place for your "all better" tour..your friend ~ Jeri


 Dear Mr.Fogelberg, I don't even know where to start.Your music has been such an inspiration to me and I'll cherish it always! I am looking forward to seeing you in concert again when you're better! You are in my prayers. ~ Mike Brees, Riverside, CA.


 Dan the Man, Thanks for "your music" thru the years-- especially your live two-disc CD album and your in-concert performances. Your signature song "Power of Gold" live is the best. My prayers are with you to beat this cancer. ~ MkeChap


 As everyone else, our thoughts are with you and your family during these difficult times just like your music has been there for me every day but particularly during difficult times, you are an inspiration !!!! Best Wishes ~ Tom and Karen Dockrell


 Dan, your power to heal souls from the music that flows through you from Heaven we pray will reciprocate back to you and heal you completely. May you hear God's music more than ever. Our family prayers go up daily for you ~ Craig, Heather and Family


 I hope you are doing well. Your music has been a great inspiration in my life and my family. Get well soon!


 Just heard today about Dan's illness.I have been a fan and admirer for 31yrs and it is almost like hearing of a close friend being affected. Please may I pass on my very sincere best wishes to Dan and his family and along with his many fans in the UK wish him all the best for a long future with us. You are in my thoughts and on my cd player.


 Dan, Thank you for everything. You made my journey easier. May yours be gentle. Bless you ~ Virginia Loving


 Dear Dan, I want you to know I am praying for you. Our Lord God can heal ...have faith. I know many inspirations will come out of this regarding your music. I look forward to hearing of your faith and strength through your songs. I have listened to your music since I was 15 when I first heard Home Free while visiting Eastern Illinois University back in 1975. I have been awed many times by your talent to compose and sing many different types of music over the years. My favorite song has to be "The Reach." That song paints a vivid canvas of what life must be like on the upper east coast. Remember through all of this trial that the Lord will never leave you or forsake you, He promised us that twice in scripture. You get better and get back on the road. In the love of Christ ~ Jeannie Meyer Pesut


 I will never forget the elation on your face during an encore at the Opry House in Nashville in 1979. As you went into the wings I could see the thrill you experienced before you came back on stage to perform "Same Old Lang Syne". You stated you had just written it and didn't know if you would remember the words. I saw you a few years later in Chattanooga. I look forward to seeing you again. May God bless your recovery. Thank you for all you have given to us all. ~ Phil Randolph, Murfreesboro, Tennessee


 Dan, you have given so much to me and my friends over the years. Songs that make us think of lovers, long lost friends, and such dear and wonderful people in our lives. Know that, with you, a little of warmth and joy you've given us is returned to you. Be strong, friend, many are in prayer for you. ~ B Jones, Perry, Georgia


 Dear Dan, Like so many others here I have been a devout fan since a friend of mine brought over Home Free and we listened to it constantly until we ran to buy your next album (remember those) and then the next. Your music and your spirit have been the one constant in my last 35 years, and have kept me sane and brought me joy and carried me through, and I adore everything you are. I know if I was sick now I would be running for my Dan Fogelberg albums, and I hope you have something as wonderful and heart opening as that now for yourself. You are in my thoughts every second, what can I do? Name it. I owe you a lifetime of wonderful memories and strength and love which I am hoping to send back to you. Please come back to the Keswick, I'd like to hear ' The Reach' live if that's okay. Love and prayers. Holly ~ Doylestown, PA


 I have just heard the news about Dan Fogelberg's illness and would like to send my best wishes for a good recovery, from the UK. ~ Linda


 Dear Dan, I hope you are doing well, and taking very good care of yourself. My thoughts and prayers are with you. When you do heal, please think about doing a tour, I sure missed it last year! Please let us all know how you are doing, and with that I will make my silent exodus. ~ Susan


 Get Well and our prayers are with you!! In Christ's name! You are part of the Big Picture of music for me. Dan Fogelberg..The Eagles..James Taylor..Jackson Browne..Boz Skaggs..David Pack..Kenny Loggins...Etc.. Your new album has a song called "Drawing Pictures". That song hit me really hard. Almost as hard as "Same Old Lang Syne." It's one of those rare moments when you put on some music and actually feel your heart in your throat and you go back in time. Chills and tears. Wow...I love "Full Circle", "Whispers in the Wind". WOW!! I was also impressed that you used traditional Christian songs on your Christmas album. A lot of artists leave Christ out. I pray for you and your family. Peace and health...Mind, body and soul!!


 Dear Dan -My husband and I adore your spirit and talent and what your music has meant to us. Thank you so much! We are praying for your quick recovery. Keep on sailing...xo.


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, I send my best to you and your family. I pray that you are doing well and that you feel strong. You have an incredible God given gift and I am thankful that I have had the privilege of listening to you over the years. Thank you for sharing. Let me encourage you to continue in your musical endeavors and in your communicating with your Creator. Hope is on the horizon and remember that Hope is expectation! May the lyrics flow from you as you spend this time recovering! A devoted fan ~ Karen Morehouse, K.C. Mo.


 We've been fans for years. You touched our lives with your music and we wish you a speedy recovery- our prayers and thoughts are with you. ~ Connie & Donald Bowman (Morehead, KY)


 Dan, I fell in love with your music in 1975 during my first year of college at Northeast Missouri State and it was a wonderful love affair! It continues on today as I introduce new friends to your music. What an awesome legacy! I too am surviving cancer and wish you well. Family, friends, and a positive attitude make all the difference in the world. Be kind to yourself, let others help (as you're able), and thank God for each day that you're able to breathe. Thanks for the memories! ~ Pammy


 Dan - I hope that you are having continued success during the course of your treatments. Please know that my prayers are with you and look forward to seeing and hearing you again soon.You are in our thoughts and prayers. ~ Rick Smith


 I have been a fan of Dan's for many years!!!!! I hope and pray that everything is going good for him. His music is my life! Therefore I wish him the very best in HIS! ~ Camille M.


 My memories of Dan go all the way back to the days I attended Cheley Camps...horsepacking from Glen Haven. Home Free was out, and we ALL loved this dearly. I survived major brain surgery (May '03), so let Dan know that he simply needs to stay positive, and he will get through this. Life is short, so we must find each day precious and beautiful. My love to Dan ~ Susan Ullom Hungerford


 Please keep fighting the good fight. The world needs your wisdom and music. ~ Carl Tosten


 We offer you our prayers for the strength you need to reckon with this latest challenge along the road. Regardless of the outcome, know that "this too shall pass". You were blessed with many gifts; you gladly share those gifts with all. He asks no more. Know that your reward will also be great. Hang in there. ~ Paul & Lisa Foley, West Wareham, MA


 Dan, Many, many days and nights you healed my heart with your soothing melodies and your voice. Now, I pray that God will heal you and bring you to a greater sense of peace and joy. Know that we all love you so much and want you well!! When I was a teenager, I never missed any of your concerts if they were within driving distance. My boyfriend and I used to play your albums andwhen he broke my heart, you soothed my feelings with your songs. Even now (and I'm 45!) I can put on your music and be transported to another place and time...You have such a gift...thank you for all the wonderful music you've given us. We're praying for you...stay strong. Your devoted fan ~ Vicki


 Dan- The other weekend I went skiing and you were there with me up and back like always. As a single 49 yr old woman you are truly the only "sweet" male voice in my life. Please get well and come back to us, I don't know what we would all do without you! ~ Karen Denver, CO


 Dan, I'm one of your many fans that wishes you the best during your medical treatment. Unfortunately, prostate cancer is all too common in the male species. I have had so many friends that have had a recent diagnosis with this same condition. May you and your family find strength to overcome and return to entertaining your many dedicated fans. You're one of the greatest. See and hear you soon. ~ a Pennslyvania fan


 Dear Dan... may I call you that? I feel like I've known you, though we've never met. It was your music that was played at my wedding 25 years ago, and as my husband and I get ready to celebrate our silver anniversary in May, it will be your music that will take us back to that special day... our marriage has lasted "Longer" than many! Take care, and know there are prayers and good wishes coming your way from Enid, Oklahoma! ~ Bonnie Bryan


 Hey Dan, just want to say stay strong in the Lord and keep positive. John Hargiss [a luthier in our town] told me what you're going through, said he met you once and he and I have played and discussed your music many times. Our thoughts are with you and your wife. Please be well. ~ Mike & Gloria Johnsen- Omaha Ne


 In 1973 at age 13, "Part Of The Plan" and the Souvenirs album helped untangle the mind of a very confused You were the first and only real musician I became a fan of - and you still are. I wish you Godspeed with your recovery. ~ Mike - Fort Worth, Texas


 Hi Dan, I thought it was time for me to write to you. This past summer, it's funny...I was at the Whitaker Center in Harrisburg, PA.,and had thought to ask if you were coming back to The Forum.The previous summer, I,after all this time of not only being blown away by your songs,but also being inspired by you in my own performances and songwriting, had finally seen you there at The Forum. It was a very long dream come true for me,you have no idea. Anyway, I asked if you were coming back.The fellow at the info counter said no, but he would pass on the request to bring you back. I swear, not 2 weeks later, I had heard that you were coming back! Then shortly thereafter had heard that you canceled. I went to your website to find out what was going on,and, well,I just want to say please get better. I don't know what your condition is as of this date and can't seem to find any other info on what is going on with you. I don't want to sound selfish. I really want to see you "live" again, performing as only you can. But,with all my heart,if I don't...well,I hope this doesn't sound weird or anything, but all I really want is to know that you are alright. There are so few people in this world who warm it in such ways that go beyond description. I know that we have never personally met,and it's so hard to explain why someone with your gifts and, most importantly, your heart can become "family" to someone you've never met. Believe me, you don't know how much just simply meeting you would do for me...talking about music and songwriting...but I suppose the chance of that is about as likely as getting hit by lightning. Well,again,I just want you to get well. A world this cold, especially in this day and age, needs you. It's hard to say your meaning to me, but I think you get my drift. I'll be praying for you,Dan. Peace from a fellow Heart ~ Geoffrey


 Dan, it was a shock hearing of your illness. I feel you are like a member of my family, as your music brings people so close to knowing you. I wish you the best and I know in my heart, you will survive this and will continue to create meaningful music. I am listening to Full Circle as I write this and it is some of your best work. Tonight, you are here with me, and in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong. ~ Joe


 I have never listened to Dan's music before this evening. I was attending a get together some friends and I heard "The Minstrel" come on the radio. I had to check out this Dan person for myself. There isn't a single song I have heard in the past 3 hours that I didn't like. You are truly a virtuoso. This world is blessed to have your talent and heart a part of it. Best wishes and a Speedy recovery ~ James and Lindsay Reinhard


 Dan, I'm 34 years old and have been a fan since '88 or so. I saw your solo show in November '91 at Valley Forge PA Music Fair (in the round with revolving stage). I was still young and dumb enough to sneak 4 cans of Busch inside my coat! At the time, counting all bands, it was probably my 15th or twentieth show. Well, over a hundred other concerts later I still rank that show in my top 5. The Music Fair is no more, but that concert will live in my mind forever. I also write and record music at home and people tell me that some of my songs sound like YOU wrote them (the highest compliment)! Keep the faith my friend!


 Dear Dan, Being a "cancer butt kicker", I know how this diagnosis shakes your world to its core and threatens everything from your health to your normal daily routine. The doctors take control of your life for a period of time and you struggle to keep some control over your own life. With early detection, the good news is that it lasts a very short time in the scheme of life. I hope and pray that you will get through the treatment and have very little side effects. This disease make me so angry and we don't need to give it any more of our lives then what is medically necessary. I hope and pray you will be angry and not succumb to the fear that this diagnosis brings to many people. If there is evil in this world, I believe it looks like cancer. But, the effects of cancer made me appreciate the things in life that many take for granted and made me want to be better than I was before the cancer (my Lance Armstrong motto). I looked at it in its ugly face and said "I DEFY YOU AND I WILL NOT SUCCUMB!" Remember the battle is as much mental as it is physical and medical. My strength was gained through many people during my time of need. Their prayers and concern gave me strength and courage. One particular person that taught me how to face this time was my mother and she is a survivor of 30 years and fought 2 different types of cancer. Also, I recommend reading Lance Armstrong book "It's Not About the Bike - My Journey Back to Life". He has become my hero when it is hard to find many heros in today's world. I look forward to your recovery and hope you will perform in Dallas. I have been a fan since college in 1976 and seen you many times. You are in my thoughts and prayers. "LIVESTRONG"! Best Wishes ~ Susan Moore


 I find myself almost daily wondering how you are. Each time I sit down at my computer, every time I hear one of your songs and many times while listening to other music. I tell everyone I know you are ill, knowing more thoughts and prayers for you can only help. And they are coming daily. God Bless you on a fast recovery!


 Best wishes to you, Dan. Been a fan since 1975 when my 9th grade English teacher played us songs and typed up the lyrics so we could interpret their meaning. "Part of the Plan" was one of those, along with tunes from Jesse Colin Young (Ridge Top?), Cats in the Cradle, and others. I bought two of your album that month. Was listening to Home Free (taped from one of those original albums I bought) in the car this morning on my way to work and decided to see if you had any new CD's out. So very sorry to hear of your situation....your fans are pulling for you. Take care, and looking forward to that tour when you're all better! ~ Rob Thompson, Mukilteo, Washington.


 Dan, I just want to say pretty much what everyone else is saying, and that is that I love you and pray that God will make you well. It's funny how we (your fans) think we know you just by listening to your music...but I believe we do to a certain degree. I have loved your music ever since I was about 13 years old. I accidentally discovered it when my family and I moved into a new house and someone had left a tape there. I played it and never stopped. It reminds me of all the beauty in the world and that God created it all, and that love is Awesome! Oh, and I should mention that I am African American, so playing your music in my household at that time when everyone else was listening to "Motown" or the "Funk" of the seventies was a bit jarring at first, but my mom liked it and soon a brother of mine caught on, and pretty soon we were playing you on Sunday mornings before church along with Amy Grant. You were in the "Contemporary Christian" section of music in our home. Take care my friend. ~ Tanya Davis


 Dan, I can only wish the best for you and family. I thought these words from one of my favorite songs by you might lighten some burden as they have for me for many years. Get well soon and God's Speed...Along the road your steps may stumble; Your thoughts may start to stray But through it all a heart held humble levels and lights your way. Sincerely ~ Neil


 Hi Dan, I sent you a get well wish a few months ago and I want you to know you are in my prayers still. I just had reconstructive surgery on my arm( broke it in my Kindergarten classroom falling during a firedrill- really, what are the odds?) and you and Anita Baker are keeping me company. I really love the new one, "Full Circle" and enjoyed seeing you at the Keswick theater in Glenside twice, which I can walk to from my home. When you're healing positive messages of hope & love from friends and family really do help. Consider me your little sister or a friend you haven't yet met.- :) ~ Celia from Glenside


 My teen years were filled with your music until all hours of the night as my younger brother listened to it and played everything the instant it was released. Your guitar solos still go through my head today..I am now 46 and sharing your music with my daughter. Inspiration comes in many forms of life. You hit the mark in mine and God's book! I often dream of doing what you have in your time away from others.. Going to Maine and taking out a minstrel. I hope and pray your body will heal. Thanks for changing my life with such joy!


 Dan, I'm sorry to hear about your illness, I'll put in a word. When the sound of someone's voice stirs something deep in your soul, it proves that a great and wonderful gift is at work. I have always loved your music, and when I was singing in clubs myself I sang a couple of them. I doubt it had quite the same impact, but I was enjoying the hell out of it. You have certainly made your mark as one of music's most gifted composers and your words...well I think they speak for themselves. Brilliant. Thank you. Congratulations on your fairly recent marriage. Tons of love and admiration ~ Judy Montgomery, Port Orange, Florida


 I was still at East Peoria Community High (in band) when Home Free came out, but my brothers were at Champaign with a spare copy of the album, given to me as a gift. I was hooked. All through college in the 70s, I turned people on to you with that album, and it's still one of my favorites. Saw you in concert in Peoria once, and wished I had made more of an effort to catch you in Oregon when I moved there. Your songs continue to haunt me, delight me, ring true for me so many times. When I lost my dad three years ago (he was a pastor and a school teacher, so also a leader), I knew how you must have felt to write "Leader of the Band" and then lose your own father. My life is deeper with the influence of your music. Thank you. Seek beauty, seek God and be a survivor, Dan. ~ Nancy Kluge, Vacaville, CA


 Hi Dan, Your music has always touched me and I just want to let you know that my thoughts and prayers are with you for your recovery. I just beat cancer and I truly believe in the power of positive energy. You have too much to say and share. You become so much stronger from the experience and somehow, everything is so much more precious and beautiful. The power and wonder of your soul shines through in every piece of music you have written...every song you've sung. You will beat this! ~ Amy


 Dan, fight it out - You are our hero!.. We grew up with your music - and we know that there is a lot more beautiful music coming out when all these trials are through. We love all your albums from Souvenirs to Windows and Walls and a lot others.. We love you..


 Hi there....just walking through a supermarket in Montreal this morning and heard your "Leader of the Band" playing over the PA system. What memories it brought back of being a kid and driving across the desert of Idaho with my father back in the 80s, something I haven't thought about in years. I came home, found your site and read about your ongoing fight with cancer. You're in my thoughts this morning and please keep up the fight--we need your words and music in the world, today more than ever. I just know you've got another 40 years of songwriting left in you.


 Dan - There's so much more music to be made...fight it, Dan. Reading through the well-wishes, I just have to share one quick story. Back in 2001, I got a kitchen-pass for the weekend and drove from Tulsa to Red Rocks for your solo acoustic show. Just me, all your CDs. Bumped around Red Rocks park that afternoon. Was one of the first in line when they opened the gates, and sat second row center. An awesome evening, Dan. Got up the next morning, and drove back to Tulsa...just me and your CDs. I want to do that again, my friend. ~ David Downing, Tulsa, OK


 Dear Dan, I just wanted to say that you are an inspiration and I have enjoyed you music for many years now. I commuted to Tucson for business and the song "Spirt Trail" was constantly going through my head as I visited San Xavier Del Bac. Thank you for all the memories. ~ Bill and Steffanie Gregory


 Dan, I was saddened to hear of your illness. I have been a fan since the early seventies when I went to a Joe Walsh concert at the Shrine Auditorium in L.A. Emmylou Harris was the opening act and you came out and did "Part of the Plan" during Joe's set . It was a great and unexpected surprise as I had just purchased "Souvenirs" and was listening to it constantly. At times it seems like it was only yesterday. You once said in a Rolling Stone interview that "someday you would quit the music business but never quit the music." Being an aspiring songwriter who was just starting out, I always kept your words in mind that the music itself is what is important. My prayers are with you and your family during this time and I know deep down inside you will beat this my brother! ~ Steve Paulson


 Dan, When I was in junior high, my sister was your biggest fan...I think she was 13 at the time. I have never met a bigger fan of yours in all my life! From loving Colorado to knowing all the words of your songs to playing them on the piano...a real kindred spirit! She told so many people about you-she could have been a fan club president. I can't tell you how much you meant to my sister. Your music got her through some VERY hard times when she was younger. She would probably never tell you that-it goes under the "people you never meet" column. Maybe it helps you to know how you helped someone else. Her name is Tammy L. Things are much better for her now. You had a hand in that. Also, when I lived in St. Louis I worked with a woman who babysat you. Her name was Jackie. How weird was that. Last night I woke up with one of your songs on my mind ("Part of the Plan") I decided to see what you were up to...Anyway, I am glad to hear you are doing better! Best to you ~ Scott L in Overland Park, KS


 Dan, Sending lots of hope, prayers, best wishes and good thoughts your way! Keep fighting and believing in the healing power of the spirit you carry within you. Fondly ~ Maureen Drouin


 Thanks for all the years of sharing. I bought Home Free when I was in the 7th grade. I am 40 now and attended the show last year at Beau Rivage in Biloxi,Ms. It was incredible. You haven't lost your touch at all. I am praying for your swift recovery and good health. You have done a lot for me through the years, it's the least I could do. See you soon! God is great. ~ Ande Walters


 Dear Dan, I hope and pray that you and your family are doing well. I have recently heard much encouragement pertaining to advanced prostate cancer treatments. As a Leukemia Victor, I believe the greatest tool one has in defeating cancer is a positive, take control attitude. I have followed your career from the day 30 some years ago, when you filled in for Linda Ronstadt, backing the Eagles at Masonic Auditorium in Detroit, so I know you have that attitude. You have given us all perspective, hope and encouragement through your writing. It is your turn to use it know!God Speed ~ Bill Schroeder


 Dear Dan - I need you to know how very deeply your music and lyrics have permeated my life. I always felt you were singing to me and that if we could just meet...Ah, the lofty fantasies of youth. May you find strength and peace in your soul through prayer. When all is well, please include the Northwest on your tour. Thank you for recognizing the gifts you were given and then having the courage to share. ~ Lauri Stewart, Omak, WA


 Dear Dan and Jean - My prayers are with you and hope that you will continue to write and perform your beautiful music in the near future. Have faith - and know that your fans love you dearly. ~ Ann


 Dan - It has been said that you never know how many lives you touch just by the simple acts you do. I have been an ardent follower for over 30 years which makes both of us older than we thought. For Christmas in the early 70s my parents gave me an 8 track and turn table. The first tape the bought for me to go along with that was Souvenirs. Since then I have been a life long fan. I have owned every album either on cassette, 8 track, albun, or CD. I have seen you in concert with an orchestra, solo, outdoors, acoustic and most recently I proposed in Biloxi at your concert while you were performing a 50th anniversary song to your in laws. (she said yes by the way).


Some 10 years ago I paralyze myself from the waist down with a thrown blood clot. I was given no chace of keeping my legs and only 10 percent chance of living. Me and my legs are still here...I came out of surgery that night listening to your music. Eight years ago my father was given 3 months to live...diagnosed as you with cancer. Mayo, MD Anderson, Mt Sinai all said nothing could be done. So nothing, other than love his family and pray, is what he has done. At age 76 he isn't the spryest old gent but he is one of the happiest. Still lives with cancer but it isn't a death sentence. It isn't your time. Continue to believe that - I do. For all that you have given me I continue to pray for your recovery and your family's ability to stay strong. God bless you for you and your thoughts over the years have blessed me.


 Dear Dan, I so long to hear that you're doing well. You've been a teacher to me since I was 12 years old.I return to you at each of my life's major crossroads and learn something new from songs I've heard many, many times. You are living your soul's purpose so well or so it seems to those of us who find our soul's questions answered in your lyrics. Be well, be peaceful. We're all with you as we always have been. Sending positive thoughts to you ~ Lori Gottshalk, Montrose and Creede, Colorado


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, I just logged onto your website and saw the news about your illness. I'm so sorry to hear that you have been sick, know that my thought, prayers and hopes are for your full recovery. I've enjoyed your music for so long I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you. Get well!!! Sincerely ~ Rich Winter


 Dan, As I have done for thirty years when feeling introspective and in need of healing my spirit, I spent this afternoon with your music. Wondering if I might have the pleasure, again, of seeing you perform, I went to the Internet and found your website and the unbearably sad news of your health problem. Please know that I am wishing for your full recovery. Your music has given me much joy and solace, and may the thoughts and prayers of all those whose lives your music has touched and enriched bring you the same. ~ Pam


 You have been my guiding light for 30 years. I've missed 1 of your concerts in Atlanta in the last 23 years. You are who I listen to when I' m stressed, unhappy or sad. You always bring me out of it. I will be praying and thinking of you. ~ Barbara in Atlanta


 Dan, my prayers for you continue ...may God bless! ~ Bob - Franklin, MA


 Dan, I pray that God will get you through this difficult time. I do believe in miracles, and I know God means for you to recover and go on performing and enriching our lives with your beautiful, rich singing voice, expert guitar/piano playing, and sincere, heartfelt lyrics. God has blessed you with these talents and means for you to continue making us, your fans encouraged and inspired by those talents. You can't stop now! We love you and God bless. ~ Madelyn - Riverside, CA


 Dan, I was shocked to hear this. I just saw you on Soundstage recently and really enjoyed it. I've seen you several times here in Seattle over the years and my beautiful girlfriend Louise and I were great fans. Unfortunately she passed away a few years ago but you were her favorite singer. Best wishes for a quick recovery. I hear this is a very treatable form of cancer. I'll be thinking and praying for you. The world needs your music and philosophies. Regards ~ Paul Buchignani


 Dear Dan and Jean: First of all, I want to let you know, you are in my prayers--literally-I pray God touches Dan's body as Dan has touched so many hearts. I have been a longtime fan: I am 42 and have been listening to Dan since I was in my 20s. His lyrical genius is just that--genius! I can't think of any other who fill this place for so many. God bless and we wait for your return to the stage. I last saw you in Denver, Paramount Theatre, 4th of July two years or so ago. I remember Dan thanking his fans for coming on the 4th. HELLO, Dan, you made our Summer! Forever fan ~ Veronica, Grand Junction, CO


 I'm sitting in my office listening to Dan's music and singing along...much to my staff's despair. I recently received the Best of Dan Fogelberg CD as a gift from my husband for Valentine's Day and had forgotten how his music affected me. So, I bought Portrait. It has been so long since listening to his music. I am truly enjoying it. Then I decided to check out his website and was saddened to hear of his prostate cancer. My thoughts and prayers are with him, his family and friends. Peace and Blessings ~ Jennifer Walker


 Dear Dan, I had no idea about your cancer until just recently. I wish you a full and speedy recovery. I have enjoyed your music ever since the "Phoenix" album, and it still ranks as one of my favorites today. I've always been able to relate to your music on many levels, and will always equate certain songs with my own life experiences. All the best to you and God Bless. ~ Eric, Centreville, VA.


 Dan - tell that dagnab cancer to "let 'er rip tater chip", "bring it on" also. Tell it you're up for the challenge. Please take no offense to what I just said. Just trying to lighten your heavy load, my dear fellow musician. May the good Lord watch over you and your family. Take care, stay safe, and may God bless. You are in my wife's and my prayers. Sincerely ~ The Coulters, Oklahoma City, OK


 As a working DJ I spend far too many hours on the roads of Ireland at hours that God never invented and sometimes the only way to stay sane is to play the music I actually love and very high on my list would be Dan. I have often thought that people who pass me by as I drive may be a little scared as I try and match Dan's vocals on "Sutter's Mill". Thankfully they can't hear me. I don't actually know if you read these mails, Dan, but on the off chance that you do may I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the sheer vastness of your musical horizons and the pictures you paint. May the good Lord look after you and if he gives you half the strength he gave you to perform the way you do to fight this passing illness you will be up and around in no time:) Regards and sincere best wishes ~ Jim Kenny


 Dan, Good luck in your recovery. My own dad is a cancer survivor. I've been a fan for about 20 years I guess. The Innocent Age is my favorite album but several others run a close second. I look forward to something new when you are up to it. ~ Pat


 Dan: I have seen you several times in concert over my 50 years on this planet. You're one of the best in the business. I survived testicular cancer some 28 years ago. My thoughts and prayers go out to you. I plan to see you again in the near future!! God's speed ~ Craig


 Hi Dan, I was so sorry to hear about your battle with cancer. My father was a sax player and artist. I lost him to melanoma. He was very health conscious. I will send you positive thoughts and hope that you will overcome this. Your songs are very soulful. Your songwriting is wonderfully creative. I am a visual artist. I paint wildlife in a colorful and bold style. I have no doubt that you will soon have this behind you. Peace ~ Carol Lozito


 Dan, I love your music and have since the early 70's. My favorite is your album " Souvenirs." As I grew up in the early 70's I was fortunate to have the guiding hand of your father as my chorus instructor along with his assistant, David Coulrus at Pekin Community High School in Pekin, Illinois. Those memories stayed with me through the years, and your music has been an inspiration to me, playing your songs on my guitar singing the lyrics to my favorite songs of yours. The first time I had heard "Leader of the Band" I related to it and immediately thought of your father. He truly did live for his music and you were there to carry on his name! I saw you in Dallas, Texas several years ago at the Starplex and have been waiting for your return concert. Dan, I'll still be waiting! Don't disappoint me, OK? God Bless ~ Rod L. Adye

I think about you a lot as I play The Innocent Age album often, one of my favorites. My favorite song of yours is "Leader of the Band", and my favorite line is "His blood runs through my instrument, and his song is in my soul". In a similar manner, I feel the same connection to my father, who died in 2003 of liver cancer. I have followed and enjoyed your music since the 70s, as you have always been one of my favorite artists. I hope you continue to successfully battle your cancer and I, as all your fans, look forward to your return to your music. I had never seen you in concert, but was planning to go see you at Ruth Eckerd Hall in the Tampa Bay area, when I got the word you had to cancel. I have faith as I know you still have songs in your heart to share with the world, as you are truly gifted. Best wishes and prayers for your recovery and for your family. ~ Lorna Saladino


 Dear Dan- How many of us are experiencing the love and healing that singing your songs brings to our lives? Whether you sing them or we do, the beauty and love and life they give will surely overcome your illness and put you back on track in your loving and healing process. You are in our hearts and prayers, and we await your next performance with loving anticipation. Sincerely ~ Robert and Kris Bush


 I've been playing your music on my guitars for 28 years. I don't think I would be playing today if it wasn't for you. Thank you for the " lessons learned." My mother adores your music. I will always admire her for her good taste in music. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us.God bless you ~ Ray


 Dear Dan, I was so sad when I found out that you've had a huge challenge put in front of you. I've been on the "Fogelberg bandwagon" since your Nether Lands tour and have been a huge fan ever since. (I'm now 40 something.) Your music has always been an inspiration to me. When I started playing guitar as a teenager I was always telling my guitar teacher to teach me another one of your songs. I know you wrote "Leader Of The Band" for your own father, and I was able to play it for my dad during a particularly difficult time in our family's life, and the big stoic guy got choked up even after I told him that I hadn't written the song. That is a gift I'll never be never be able to repay. Know that so many thoughts and prayers are being sent for you and your family. As a nurse I know that cancer does not automatically mean a death sentence. I'm told the treatment is no fun at all, but "there's a light at the end of the darkness . . ." you know the rest. Keep the faith, do not give up and know you are not alone. Fondly ~ Marietta in Indianapolis, IN


 Dan, When I was a student at the University of Michigan in the late 1970's and early 80's, "Dancing Shoes" was the most beautiful song I'd ever heard. It still is. Thanks ~ Mike


 Dear Dan, I have been listening to your music since I was a teenager (I'm now 45). You have touched and motivated me in so many different ways. It seems for every phase of life I encounter, there is one of your songs to help me understand myself and life's situations. Thank you for everything.....from "Home Free" to "Full Circle". I am praying for your health and speedy recovery. Please know that there are millions of us sending good thoughts and karma your way. Take care my friend...I can't wait for the next album! Very Sincerely ~ Mark Whetstine


 Dear Dan, I wanted to thank you for this lovely website. If there was ever any question of the power of your beautiful music to heal end enrich the human spirit, I believe it is put to rest here.And while the clatter of anger and violence so often steals the spotlight I am reminded again that the world is filled with many more people like these fans of yours... with open hearts and minds, reaching for and nurturing a loving spirit they so graciously share with others, and I am humbled to count myself among them. So instead of tuning in the six o'clock news nightly, I suggest the world would be better served if we all cued up our favorite DF cd and tapped into the love expressed here and in your music. Peace can be had! Hoping you are well and praying for you always. Thank you for your guiding light. ~ HCH


 Daniel, It hurts to hear that you aren't well. I want to wish you the best of health; I can't get near an acoustic guitar without your spirit bright in its shining. I've never played one without your energy. There are moments of pleasure and peace in my life that I spend alone but never without you in my thoughts and composition. Please let me sing with you more. All my love ~ Ken Harris of Brookfield (YNP)


 There is a wonderful photo/bio of Dan at the new visitors center at Red Rocks in Colorado. I saw Dan there in 2001. I was in the second row which was a magical experience. I thank you, Dan, for a memory of that evening I will hold in my heart. Your music and passion have touched many lives, mine for one. I pray for your health and your family. I wish you all the positive energy of the universe. May the healing spirits guide you to goodness. Warmest wishes ~ Karen Bizier, Denver, CO

 Dear Dan, I was going through the website really to read on Melissa Etheridge's cancer update and scrolled across yours and was very shocked! I had no idea. I guess because at that time I was going through my own cancer situation. I am a 2 year colon cancer survivor. I am a survivor today because of my faith, a very positive attitude and my team of doctors. I was only a stage 2 but had had it for 2 years before finally diagnosed. I will keep you in my prayers and I will keep on looking for your updates. Your music helped me through a very painful time in the 70's. My absolute favorite of course "Same Old Lang Syne". Every time I hear it, I stop whatever I am doing to listen. You keep a positive attitude and take care of yourself. ~ Cyndi in Nashville


 Your music has been in our ears and in our hearts. Through college in the 70s, broken romances and all, you were there. Now, you are in our prayers and thoughts, singing for your swift and sure recovery. God Bless You and Yours ~ John, Lexington, S.C.

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