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"Dear Dan" Letters

June 2006

 Dear Dan--I was a smart, talented, but very lonely teenager when your first five albums came out, and I can't tell you how many times I put the needle back on the record to hear any one of them (though usually Souvenirs) AGAIN.  It seemed to me that you were someone who really understood all the things I was trying to understand, and your life was the life I really wanted: to live in the mountains, play music, write poetry, become one with nature.  I felt you were a soulmate and that you understood ME, though of course, we never met.  I am very sad to hear about your illness, but I hope that you are receiving good treatment, and I hope that we will hear good news about you soon. Peace, love, joy ~ Pamela


 Dan, Your music has been the instrument that has played such an important  part in my life.  When I listen to "Leader of the Band", I think of  my childhood and my relationship with my loving father.  Your song, "Longer",  was played during my wedding.  Those, as well as so many of your  other songs, continue to touch me deeply and conjure up some my  most wonderful memories.  My thoughts and prayers are with  you and your family. God Bless. ~ Jim, Augusta, ME


 I will keep you and your family in my prayers.


 Heard one of your songs on XM Radio today and it brought back beautiful memories of more innocent times. Thank you for your music and may God bless you and your family.


 Hello Dan, I grew up listening to your music and I wouldn't have survived the "70's and "80's without your lyrics & music, which were spiritual and moving for me. When I need a "quiet place", I still put on a CD and listen to you. I consider you my friend and I wish for you all of God's blessings. You certainly are a blessing to me. ~ Paul Rodgers


 Dan - You and your wife (family) are in my thoughts and prayers.  I grew up listening to your music - (every album/CD) - and your music truly did touch my soul, deeply - (starting w/ "To the Morning" when I had started high school)...  We all miss you.  Keep your focus on our loving Heavenly Father - the great Healer.  Blessings to you ~ La saved my life when I was 16. I was lost and stranded in the wilderness of Canada and the Forest Rangers found me cold, wet and hungry. They put your Greatest Hits album on and gave me some tea. As I listened, I fell in love with your music forever. That was 22 years ago. I passed that specific album  onto my young kids now.--God Bless You ~ Charles from Toronto, Canada


 Dan,  It's Thursday afternoon and I'm listening to  "Portrait ", and just like the song , I'm "Missing You." ~ Dana  Rider


 Dear Dan, Your music has been this wonderful friend that I have had for now over 30 years. The sheer beauty of the songs and the poignancy of the lyrics has greatly enhanced this journey I've had through life and has enriched everything about me by deeply touching my mind, heart and soul. My most sincere thanks to you for giving to me this precious gift. ~ Judy, From the "Run for the Roses" State


 Dan - I literally grew up with you, here in Cleveland, Ohio.  Discovered your work in the early '70's and have followed you ever since.  Your music and its poetry have left a mark on my life and my spirit that I expect you do actually appreciate.  Saw you at the Allen Theater way back then and many times since, including at the Front Row.  I really enjoyed seeing your music grow and change over the years, and Twin Sons was a special treat.  I hope you're comfortable and at peace, and I prayerfully look forward to your next song. ~ Mike Jirousek


 Dan, I would say it saddens me to learn of your battle but I think that would be self indulgent. Rather, I would tell you that you have always been there with your music and inspiration. "Anastasia's Eyes" has and still touches me whenever I listen to that piece. My prayers and wishes for a succesful outcome will be with you. A fan always ~ Tommy


 Dan- Sending many prayers your way, I have been a big fan since my college days and I have each and every one of your CD's.  You have an incredible talent, thank you for sharing that will everyone over the years. Blessings....~ Sue


 Just to let you know there is a Park Ranger up here in your dear old Estes Park who is praying for you - I've hummed "Song From Half Mountain" many a time on my way UP  that mountain - your music has been a powerful backdrop for many wonderful  things since I was a wee teenager. God be with you, old Friend,  and I'll  send you a healing prayer from the Continental Divide today. Peace ~ Ranger Kathy.


 Dear Mr. Dan Fogelberg:  I cannot believe I am writing to you!  I just wanted you to know that you are in my prayers. I only now saw that you were diagnosed in 2004.  I am in a positive mode to know that you are well! I am 50 years old and my husband and I are having our 25th wedding anniversary next month.  I am having my son (15  years old) as a host, make a CD of a variety of music, but I started surfing the web, and saw your name.   Boy, did that bring back old memories.  I listened to many clips of your music. The song I chose was "Illinois".  I was born in Peoria and I listened to your records some 25+ years ago. My sister and her husband were married the same month and same year as we were (she is 41), so we are doing this anniversary thing together (her idea). I know she is going to be surprised and amazed that i picked "ILLINOIS!"  I just wanted you to know that you are one of kind and GOD made you that way!  And I believe he was very particular in his creation of you!  and in the Heavens, you surely will be the "Leader of the Band"! Love ~Roxy, Angleton, Tx


 Dear Dan, I recall seeing you  not long after I came back from Nam. You were in Milwaukee at the Riverside. It was an experience of a lifetime for me.  I do hope you beat this evil within.  God loves you with all of his heart. God Bless You ~ Gary J Ploeckelman


 Dear Dan, Just an update to let you know that I thinking of you and your family often and send my love and prayers for healing your way. It sure is going to be lonesome this summer without a concert to look forward to.  I will just have to ride down the road with the windows down and blast your music on my CD player. (Even though, let's admit, it is not as good as my "scratchy" Home Free LP that I played over and over in my room when I was in high school.  Which I still have by the way, I still have all my "Dan" LP's. I always think of you when I go home to Nashville and see the ole Exit Inn or go to "tha Springs."  I now have a Dan ringtone on my cell phone!  Is that cheesy or what, but I love it. Hang in there! We love you.  ~ Angela, Knoxville


 Dear Dan, May the road rise to greet you, may the wind be always at your back, may the rains fall softly upon your field, and may God hold you in the palm of His hand.  I have truly loved, admired, and adored you for 30 years.  I watched my father go through the same struggle in his 50's and can only say to you: be strong, cry when you have to, and know we love you and are praying for you always.  Although your light may be less than the brightest star in the sky, it will shine again.  May your spirit be filled with peace, the kindness of loved ones near you, and the brilliant minds of the physicians that surround you.  Hang in there, sweet soul, and fight with every ounce of your being. We are all here for you and your family with prayer and love, forever and always. ~ Terese Marinelli


 Dear Dan, Just a simple note to say thank you. For me and many friends and family your music has been a key part of the soundtrack of our lives (my wife and I used "Longer" as her wedding march). I listen to you every day and am thankful for the privilege. Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers as you fight the good fight. WIth boundless gratitude ~ Ken Dec, Boxford, MA


 Dear Dan, It has now been some time since your last message to us.  Hopefully, you are enjoying some long deserved quality time with your family and friends.  (As evidenced by the lyrics in your music, you truly know how valuable their love and support is.  I am always inspired and re-energized by them and am so thankful that I have them to turn to whenever I am facing my own challenges in life.)


I'm sure you've received numerous recommendations on what to do as your make your journey through the maze known as Cancer...  And, unfortunately, I would like to make one of my own.  This weekend we (my husband and best friend of all time, Ken) attended a Celebrate Life - Cancer Survivor function where a Dr. Bernie Siegel spoke.  We have seen him on a number of occasions and, much like the lyrics from your songs, feel re-energized every time we see him.  I highly recommend that you take a look at the website, Exceptional Cancer Patients.  You can learn more about Bernie and his philosophy.  I think there are a couple of things he stresses more than anything else - love and hope!  His impact on us has been far reaching and it was important to me to be able to share our thoughts on this very "gentle"man.  (You may have already heard of him, so I may just be reinforcing what you've been told.  However, I heartily urge you to give this website a look.)


I have learned so much in my own journey with Cancer, but most recently the realization that this is something I will forever have to deal with.  It is a serious "wake-up" call to humanity and I treat it with the deepest of respect.  I am sad to learn of anyone else contracting Cancer, but I am forever inspired by the many stories shared as a result.  Not sure if any of this makes sense....  However, I appreciate your reading. Like I say to all of my family and friends, if there is ever anything I can do to help, please don't hesitate to ask! Please keep us posted. Fondly ~ Phyllis


 Dearest Dan, Like so many others who love you and your music I am a better, happier, more inspired person because of what you give to the world. Believe me it is so much more than music. It doesn't seem fair that I can't thank and bless you in a tangible way. The best I can do is share your music with everyone who will listen. I can't imagine how anyone could turn away from it.


I also like to listen to Keith Urban. I am going to write to his website to tell him to listen to your music if he doesn't already. He likes to tell stories with his music and his melodies can also make me smile and cry! I love you Dan and always will. Your music has taken me to a better place whenever I am sad. When I need a friend to know me as a kindred spirit, I listen to you sing to me and I feel comforted, hugged and truly blessed. Like God is holding me in the palm of His hand.  ~ Lynne Empey


 Dear Dan,  This is the third time I have written here.  I dont even know  if you read these, but I need to express my gratitude for sharing your wonderful  gift of music with us over the years.  I listen to your songs from 30 years  ago and they still transcend time.  I truly never tire from listening to your songs and can honestly tell you that I listen daily to your songs, in the  car, at work and/or at home.  From HOME FREE through FULL  CIRCLE -- I have NEVER been so touched by any other songs like I am  with yours and though you have created so many over the years, EVERY SINGLE SONG  IS A GIFT OF MUSICAL GENIUS.  Your voice is amazing in its quality and  tone, as a musician you are a master--it's so hard to put in words the  appreciation I feel for all your talent. Your gift of melody is unsurpassed  and though I read in an interview that you thought your lyrics weren't your  strong suit--I believe you  are mistaken!!  Your lyrics stand well on  their own!!!  I think that's what is so amazing --each part of each song is  done so fantastically--it's your vision, your perseverance to get them exactly  as you perceive them from that "well of creativity" that makes each song so, so  special.  An extra bonus, you are an extremely handsome man -always loved  your beard, long hair!!- and have "matured" wonderfully!!! OK--I just HAD  to say that! It doesnt sound like enough, but I pray wholeheartedly that  you are doing well and enjoying life doing the things that bring you joy and  happiness like sailing and painting!!  I pray for your recovery  daily!!  It would be wonderful to hear from you again, in a note or perhaps  a new CD !!  : )  Best  Wishes Always ~ Lin


 Dan-  My first memories of music as a child are of you.  I would lay on under my parents record player table wearing those giant head phones (looking a lot like Princess Leah) and stare at your handsome face on the album cover while your beautiful voice filled my ears.  I have been hooked ever since.  Your words speak to my heart and continue to soothe me in good times and in bad.  I only hope that my love and appreciation for you will bring you comfort as your battle continues. Thank you for sharing your gift with me and for making this world a better place. God bless you! ~ Michelle Wells, Valencia, California


 I have followed you and your music through many years of my life. I want you to know that my heart is truly going out to you during this time of illness in your life. I hope you keep getting better and better. I thought I would share a funny story with you...I always had a dream that I would be the one to meet you and you would fall in love with me and the whole fairy tale thing. I have seen photos of you and Jean and how perfect you both seem together and I am sure all of this has even made your relationship stronger. I wish you and Jean and all of the family much health, love and happiness.


 Now I'm a lawyer in Los Angeles who used to be a young girl who grew up with you, Dan, during my high school years and ever after.  I just finished dancing in my family room to "Part of the Plan" with my 8, 10 and 13 year olds, who asked me what those words meant - and I told them what the song meant to me and how the lyrics took me through those retrospectively tough times in our 20's and 30's.  Right before that dance with my daughters, my husband and I slow danced to " Longer" - a quick moment of romanticism in overly busy lives.  Over the weekend, I drove all over Southern California to my kids' various events, playing your music and explaining to them about the sound track of my life, my life at their age - written and played by you with that wondrous voice and music. 


Thank you for the role that you played then, play now and will always play when I hear your music.  Now when my children hear it, it will carry on, just like the music of your father moved ahead through your songs.  Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with all of us - folks you would never otherwise know or reach. You know that you continue to make a difference - and for that contribution to us and to the world, you should be rightfully proud.  Almost by accident, after all the Fogelberg dancing tonight I checked your website to see about concert dates this year and learned about your battle with prostate cancer.  We wish you all the best as you and your beloved Jean work through this challenging time.  My husband is a radiation oncologist at USC and while I am certain you are under the best of care, if there is ever any way I could offer our help to you, return the favor for all you have given us without knowing us, we would be most pleased to do so.  Take care and know we are sending positive thoughts your way.  ~ Mary Ellen Hogan


 Dear Dan, I want to thank you for being the wonderful person that you are and for that special music that has touched my life.  You are in my prayers each and every day.. ~ Georgina, Chicago


 Dan,  I hope this letter finds you well. I've been a huge fan since a college friend turned me on to "Souvenirs" back in nineteen seventy something (!). Since then I've enjoyed all of your releases immensely. I was lucky enough to see you at the Landmark Theatre in Syracuse, N.Y. in the mid nineties. The solo acoustic renderings of your songs were so beautiful I was actually moved to tears! As a musician, songwriter, and human being, you've been a great inspiration to me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you and best wishes for a speedy recovery. Your fan and friend ~ Lou Kaplan, Marietta, N.Y.


 Dear Dan, I want to thank you for the memories. You see I'm 43 years old and my Jr. High and high school years memories are filled with your music as the background. I am currently listening to "To the Morning" and this brings back visions of sitting on the beach of Elephant Butte lake in New Mexico watching the sun rise with my church youth group, sitting without a word with only your music playing or most of our evenings listening and harmonizing with "There's a Place in the World for a Gambler." Contemplating a break up to "Be on Your Way" or driving through Illinois listing to "Illinois." I could probably give you an example for every song that you did from 1972 through 1982 but I know that this would still fail to convey the full impact of your songs on mine and many others that were with me during this period. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your wife at this time. ~ Bret Bennett, Crofton, MD


 Dan, I met you in Bend Oregon July 2000. It was just before your concert  there and you were checking into a hotel under a funny name.You were just a  regular guy at that moment and I was speechless. I have come into  possession of a healing medallion from Mother Teresa and a special payer that  was sent to someone I know and they arrived from her in Calcutta India two days after he passed on from lung cancer in 1995. He never got  his blessing from St. Teresa and I feel as I am the guardian of it for  someone special. It may be a meaningful blessing for you. I hate to  put something so personal on the Internet but I know no other way to reach  you. I will pray the special prayer for you.~ Dan Smallwood - Fayetteville Georgia


 Hey Dan - I love your music, from one musician to another. And I think often of you. My partner was only 10 years old when she heard you. I am considerably older than her, yet she knows many of the words to your music which was played in her house all through her young years. I was so delighted to accidentally stumble on to your concert on TV last year as I had never seen you play live. Your music touched me deeply through the years and I just thought I should actually say that to you. With the best of hopeful prayers for you and Jean ... ~ Garry Sullivan and Jennifer Kuehne


 Hi, I am a painter who lives in Santa Fe N.M and I cannot tell you how much your music means to me. When I am really stuck and need inspiration for my pieces I always reach for your music. I am also a little behind the times and just learned of your health issue. Sending good energy and thoughts your way.... ~ Laura Langdon


 Dear Dan and Family: Please know that we are praying for you and your family as you overcome this disease and win the battle.  Your music is forever preserved in our hearts, but knowing that you are alive and well is the best of all.  The last time I saw you was at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi, Mississippi when you and your wife celebrated her parents' 50th wedding anniversary.  Your presence and your music made everyone feel welcome at this special celebration.  The Beau Rivage is being rebuilt and hopefully will open on August 29 - the 1st anniversary of the devastation caused by Katrina.  Hopefully, we will see you there again - even if you just come for a visit.  Please let us know. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.  God Bless You, Dan. ~ Linda DeLaughter, Slidell, Louisiana


 Dan and Jean, I have been a fan since I was 9 years old.  Now I am 37, and still a fan.  My prayers are with you both during this time.  God Bless you. ~ Beth Reeve


 Danny,  You have reached inside our minds and helped us understand the language of love. You make us feel so many things. You are blessed. Now that we've lived, how do we make life stay? ~ Mark


 I have just learned how much I appreciate your music.  Several weeks ago I heard an old slightly familiar song, "Make Love Stay" and said I have to have that.  Did a search of those lyrics and found it was you.  On a budget, so went on ebay looking for a CD and found your "Love Songs" CD.  Still playing it 2 hrs/day commuting to & from work, humming it the rest of the time. Those old songs from the 80's are the best, and the arrangements with the brass ingenious!  Am saddened that when I learn how much I love your music I also learn you are ill.  Please let us know how you're doing.   ~ A 50-something legal secretary from Michigan.


 Dear Dan Fogelberg, I just learned this morning from your website that you have been battling cancer.  I am a cancer survivor of 23 years, and I know how it feels to get a diagnosis of such a magnitude.  Please never give up hope. God is still the great physician, and he is still in the business of performing miracles. Mr. Fogelberg, I want you to know that your music has meant so very much to me.  I tell my husband all the time that you write "picture songs".  By that, I mean that your lyrics are so descriptive that I can place myself in your songs. I do not know of another artist that I can say that about.  I especially enjoy "Leader of the Band", "Run For The Roses" and "Same Old Lang Syne." May I suggest that you feed your body well, exercise, feed your soul, and do those things that you really enjoy doing!  I will be praying for your complete recovery! Sincerely ~ Brenda Sutcliffe


 Dear Dan and Jean, I personally want to express my gratefulness to you for all of the many  years of blessing me and others with your wonderful music. It has touched my  life in many ways. The messages in some of the songs are as though  they were taken right out of my diary!  You're a very  talented and gifted songwriter and musician, and we all wish you a speedy  recovery and complete healing. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you heal  from this tragic disease that takes so many loved ones from us daily. Hope and prayers with much love ~ Jeanne Challie, Kountze, TX


 Dear Dan, Family, and Friends, I am praying for you all in your battle with prostate cancer.  I also wanted to thank you, Dan, for your gift of music.  I cannot express to you how much your music has meant to me.  Your music has brought much joy and pleasure to my life. We love you all.  Once again, thanks for everything.  You all will be in my thoughts and prayers. Sincerely ~ Jimmy Worthington/Clarksville, Tennessee


 Hope you are still doing well Dan!  I found "Souvenirs" to listen to tonight and thought I should let you know that one more of your fans is thinking of you. Good wishes, and I hope you found a good alternative medicine practitioner to help you through your ordeal.  I am an Oriental medical practitioner/Naturopath if you have any questions.  ~ Cea Anderson Mount


 Hi Dan,  Your music has always touched me. I'm sorry to hear of the  health issues you are going through. I will be praying for you! God bless  you. ~ Karen Leone, Fort Lauderdale, FL


 Dan and family: I had to write this today, since I just finished listening to your "Greetings from the West" album. My daughters and I used to sing along to that album as we cruised back and forth on I-70 between Denver and Rifle. My husband and I are celebrating our 13th anniversary this year. That means it will soon be 13 years since we saw you perform at the Telluride Bluegrass festival, which was part of the excursion we took for our honeymoon. Obviously, there are many beautiful moments in my life attached to you and your music. Even though we live in California now, and are grandparents, hearing "There's a Place in the World for a Gambler" will always bring back pictures of Glenwood Canyon and my kids voices singing, "Let It Shine, oh, let it shine..." I hope this note finds you well. May the Creator continue to look down upon you and bless you for all of the beauty, love, light and joy you have brought to this world. ~ Dee Dee Gilliam, Elverta, CA


 To a Kindred Spirit and a beacon of light in this world...I Love You Dan Fogelberg. Thank you for the music. ~ Bill Campbell, Shelby, NC.


 God bless you, Dan. I know you will be O.K. I'm a fan that grew up with your music.~ Dale


 Dan, You once came to Amarillo Tx. (early mid 90's) when there was a flight problem you had out of New Mexico and arrived late playing acoustic.. Your concert was my son's First Concert.. We thoroughly enjoyed you, and my son still talks about it TODAY .. even though he's in to Pantera....OXOXOO  LOL   THANKS SO MUCH...~ Julie


 I'm feeling as though I've come across an old friend that I've lost touch with.. But not really!!! Dan, took my teen son, guitar player to Colorado last year and had your music on.going into the mountains. I had so much to share with him, so many memories. Listening to your music has touched my soul. You are such an inspiration to my family. I will admit though my first hearing of you was in 1974-75 from some youth ministers. The church at that time for me was a sanctuary for friendship and safety from my own dysfunctional home life. So much music makes such a difference in the heart and soul of a teenager.!!!!! Your lyrics/music has made such a difference in my life...Thank you. Godspeed, my dear friend. ~ Julie


 I have been a fan since the beginning. You have been so inspirational to me and, as so many have felt, you speak to my heart.  My father had prostate cancer and in the end beat the cancer only to die of an aneurism. My thoughts and prayers are with you, and I will be forever grateful for the music and the memories. Keep good thoughts... ~ Julie Johnson, Cicero, Indiana


 Hi Dan...I'm sitting here listening to Home Free. Still strong stuff. Hope you're doing well. I will continue to keep you in my prayers. A huge fan ~ Dan Farrell


 Dan,  love you to the moon and back again.  always have, always will.... peace be to your heart


 Dear Dan,  I first discovered you when I was in Italy in the Air Force in 1975. I was  stationed at a remote site and we used to get shipments of record albums on a monthly basis from a record club.  Among one of those shipments was the album Souvenirs.  I fell in love with your melodic ballads and the felling that  you put into your lyrics and songs.  I had grown up on the Beatles and felt that they were one of the greatest groups around.  But I do have to tell you that I now consider you to be my all time favorite recording artist.  I have collected all of your albums (now CDs) and have you on DVD in the Greetings from the West concert.   Circumstances did not allow me to see you in concert earlier in my life and when in 2004 I finally began to look for tickets, I first found out about your prostate cancer.  My heart was saddened.  I know that having something like that can change your whole perspective as to what is important and what is really window dressing.


 It was in July of 2004 that I was first diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma, a tumor near the brainstem.  Fortunately it was not malignant. It had caused a loss of hearing  in my left ear and had started causing me headaches.  I had radiation treatment for it and felt fine for a number of months.  But in March,2005, I started having severe headaches, the kind that made me want to just die to be rid of them.  I ended up in the emergency room on three separate occasions and found out that my brain had swelled up as a result of the radiation treatment.  They put me on a powerful steroid as an anti-inflammatory.  It did help the headaches but as they then tried to bring me down off of the steroids, the headaches returned.  Because of the weakness and weight gain from the steroids, I could no longer work.  I ended up having to have the tumor surgically removed in August of 2005.  I was on steroids for about 1 year and have suffered some joint damage from that but finally was able to return back to work in March of 2006.  I still suffer from feeling off balance, dizziness, joint pain and total deafness in my left ear but am grateful to be alive.  My family means the world to me and I have started to rid myself of a lot of worldy possessions that I once held dear by passing them on to my kids and seeing the joy that they are able to get from having something passed down from Dad.  I much prefer seeing and experiencing their joy now rather then waiting for me to pass on someday and then having them receive these things.


The messages in your songs have a new and more intense meaning for me now and I often cry as I listen to the way you weave your music and lyrics into a most beautiful musical story.  I also was so touched recently when at one of my son's wedding, he had the band play "Leader of the Band" and dedicated that song to me as his father.  Needless to say I cried many tears of  joy that evening.  I had often dreamed of seeing you live in concert and hearing you do that song for your Dad, and sharing in the joy that you feel for him.  I had even envisioned meeting you backstage and sharing with you what your music has meant to me over the years.  Events have unfolded in different ways for both of us and it does not seem that that will transpire.  I hope that that this email might, in some small way, convey to you how your music has touched and inspired me and a whole generation about love, relationships and the things that really matter.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Dan, for being who you are and for sharing the wonderful gift of music and song with all of us.  My heart and thoughts are with you and Jean in this time of trial and reevaluation. For me, my trials have invoke many well wishes from friends and loved ones and what  I once looked at as a tragedy, has turned out to be a blessing instead.  It has given me a new and greater perspective of love for myself, and for all people.  I count myself fortunate to have awakened from my slumber of going through life and thinking that success was measured in the amount of money that I made and the physical things that I could attain.  It has awakened me to love, the greatest power that we can know.  That message was always in your music, it is just that I can hear it a lot clearer these days.  Thank you again and may the universe's choicest blessing be with you and Jean.  Know that you have a good friend here in California that you have just never met. Sincerely and most gratefully ~ Les Nuckles


 Dan, can't believe it. I've followed you and your music since I heard about it in 1972. I just got back from having a biopsy on my prostate. I'm unsure of what to expect when the results are in and I have to either face the "music" in the days ahead. I'm not sure what to expect. My faith in God is what helps to keep me enduring. It's remarkable how we don't know the real peace that can come over you when you have that relationship. Dan, you have been an example to me to endure no matter what. When bad things happen outside of our control we need to have the Lord to turn to. I know you have that faith too Dan. My prayers continue to be with you. God Bless you in the days ahead. ~ Brad Smith - Phoenix, AZ


 Dear Dan, My thoughts and prayers are with you and Jean, and I pray God will heal you.  You are a good man... a gentle man.  I'm so sorry this illness was inflicted upon you.  I'm sure some have even told you there is a purpose for this, but it's always hard to understand why.  I'm sure tons of fans have told you how much your music has inspired them.  I'm one of them.  You are truly an artist and have been an inspiration to me.  My husband and I discovered your music in the late 70's and have been fans ever since.  I have seen you in concert 3 times.  I insisted that the first time I saw you would be at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado, not a concert hall.  It was definitely a good choice.  I was there the year it rained so hard, but quit raining when you came on stage.  We sat for hours holding our umbrellas over us with the rain gushing down our sides.  We were soaked.  But suddenly the rain stopped when you came out and you made a comment about the young girl in your opening act ..something about the rain god must be with us.  The skies cleared, we felt the coolness of the Colorado night, you started playing your music, and we forgot we were ever wet.   It was such an experience, we returned to your next venue at the Amphitheater.  It started to lightly rain before your performance, but stopped.  The last time we saw you, was in Dallas, Texas.  We have since moved from Texas to Wyoming.  I sat on my porch tonight, under the pines and felt the cool breeze of the evening.  I heard your song. I thought about your concert in Colorado.  I thought about your music and remembered what it was all about.  Thank you.  I look forward to seeing you again.  Let's meet at the Red Rocks Amphitheater.  Maybe it won't rain. Your friend ~ Cathy


 Dear Dan, I am so sorry to hear of your health at this time. I have enjoyed your music immensely over the last 30 yrs or so. You have written the most beautiful lyrics that I have ever heard in my life, also the most moving music. My prayers are with you and your wife for a strong and speedy recovery. God Bless you and have the strength to regain your health at this time.  I look forward to continue hearing your music on Cd's. Most sincerely ~ Laura Hoffman


 Dan, My name is Jeff DeArmond.  You do not know me but, through your songs, I feel I know you as well as I know anyone.  Your songs have been an inspiration and a source of immense joy for me and my wife, Gayla, for many, many years. We have been to several of your concerts in the Chicago area (Poplar Creek and Holiday Star).  I have tried visiting your website many times through years with no success, so I am not sure at what time it was developed. Today, however, I visited your website for the first time and was very saddened to read the news of your battle with prostate cancer.


For someone who has given so much of themselves and brought such joy, happiness and just downright good music to everyone, you deserve all the best this world has to offer... and this is truly what I wish for you. Hopefully, someday you will be on that concert stage again, but that is not the important thing right now.  I wish you the best in your recovery efforts and someday hope to meet along the Spirit Trail. Kindest Regards ~ Jeff


 Dear Dan: Not to say that I haven't been an ardent fan since the 70's, but I must say  that I did NOT play Longer at either of my 2 weddings.  (Sorry. . . I don't  know what I must have been thinking . . Pachel Bel . . Erik Satie?  I  really don't remember !?!?*&^%$)@:1)).   I have no  "favorite", but having lived in land-locked Colorado for almost all of my 45  years, I have a special affinity for The Reach.  It is my personal  substitute for Leader of the Band, since my Dad (who passed of brain  cancer 12 years ago) enjoyed listening to it immensely and always wanted to  live on the ocean.  The last time I saw you play it at Red Rocks  ('98?), the tears were borne by an emotion I still find hard to explain. 


Anyway, what I am struggling to say is that you will never  know how much you have meant to me over the past 30-something years.   It's not just the music alone.  It's the memories of times I have spent  with friends, lovers and family listening to you .. it's the similiarity of  thought . .it's a linking of generations.  You are like a brother  and a kindred spirit to me.  I am so very sad to think of you and your  family suffering with this terrible disease. As weird as it may seem to you, you are in my thoughts many times  every day.  I do not belive that God chooses to heal some and not others,  but I do believe that He gives those who ask for it . . . Peace.   So  that is mostly what I wish for you. . . Peace in abundance for you and  yours!  AND a time when no one will be ill.  (Isaiah 34:24).


 Dan: Your music has touched me over and over, as it has so many, many others. It will live forever. Thank you so much.


 Dear Dan Fogelberg, I wanted to tell you just how much you and your music has meant to me. In the early 70's I strolled into the local record shop in San Antonio, Tx and they had you playing in the store with your album displayed as the FEATURED ARTIST. I was taken by your music that I bought everything you had in that store at that time. I believe it was "To The Morning" and "Captured Angel". After listening to all you had to say and how you siad it I had a tiny, simply, personal revelation. I was in the 6th grade and it dawned on me that someone actually had to write songs. I don't where I thought songs came from before then but you caused me to contemplate where in the world these powerful, heart felt words were coming from. I fell in love with your music and I fell in love with the thought of writing songs.


Some 30 years later I have never stopped trying to write songs. You are the reason I picked up a pen and tried to write and although I pale in comparison I have never lost the inspiration you evoked. I like to say, "I am trying to write the 2nd best song in the world... because the best song in the world has alerady been written. It was written by Dan Fogelberg and it is called "Same Old Lang Syne."" For me, that is the song... the best song ever written. You have given me such lessons in my efforts to write. I have analyzed too much sometimes but all in all I've learned a lot from your way with words. You have given me so many songs that went straight to my heart. Best wishes Dan & Jean... all my prayers to you. ~ Mitch Stephen


 Hey Dan---thoughts and prayers are with you. ~ Tina/Rio Rancho,  NM


 Hi Dan, All my best wishes from Switzerland (quite near the Town from where "Old John Sutter" originally came from)

I'm a fan of yours for 30 years. Your music is balm for my heart and your songs are in my soul. God bless you ~ Martin


 Dearest Dan - It is nearing the third anniversary of when I last saw you in person - in concert on my birthday. The memory of that extraordinary gift stays with me always. Your music is always in the air which surrounds me and, as always, you remain in my heart. My wish continues for your return to health and my hope is that you are happy. With Much Love Always ~ June / Norwalk, CT


 Dan, You have no idea how much your music has touched me, moved me to tears and  inspired me over the last 20 years. I just heard ''Leader of the Band'' on the  radio and it made me cry thinking of my own father, then it made me flash back  to seeing you at the Garden State Arts Center, when you performed that song with  your Dad's picture behind you and you bowed to him after it was over. My thoughts and prayers are with you....I hope that I can send a little  love and sunshine like you did for me so many times... Again, thanks for everything you've brought to me....God be with you  always ~ Jim Hague, Kearny, NJ


 Dear Dan: I have always loved your music and was wondering what happened to you.  I looked you up on the Internet today and found this website and was shocked to hear that you are fighting prostate cancer.  Please know that I will add you and Jean to my prayer list.  I hope you are continuing to compose songs.  God bless you with great days ahead. ~ Rita Bauldry


 Dear Dan - Each of us is born with a unique combination of gifts and potential, and there will only ever be one of us. What a glorious world it would be if everyone used his gifts as you have! We enter life in amazing grace, so the best we can do is share our gifts.  Music is among the greatest of all gifts. Now we, your friends, share with you our energy, thoughts, meditations, prayers or whatever form of spiritual expression God gives each of us. May your body, spirit, soul, mind and heart all come together on your pilgrimage to wholeness and health. Suffering has no intrinsic purpose but it tends to show us what is important. To me, that is home, family, friends and music. I am 57 and have been having regular prostate check-ups since my mid-forties. Your struggle may make more men more diligent in this regard. Thanks for the music over these many years. I am looking forward to your music in the years to come. Because of this experience this it will be different, the same  and better. Wishing you a speedy return to health, strength and vigor. Kindest regards ~ Bruce Barclay, Melbourne, Australia


 Hope you can beat this thing. Wishing and praying for the best.


  Dan,   I am so sorry to hear about the prostate cancer. I grew up listening to your music. "The Innocent Age" was, and still is my favorite album. I consider it a masterpiece.  I am in my late 40's, and my family has been bugging me to get myself checked, but I haven't yet. I guess I'm afraid of the results, but maybe it's time.  My best wishes go out to you and Jean. Very Sincerely ~  Gene Albin.


 Hope to see you on stage again. It was a long time ago, I saw you at the Fox in St. Louis and always wanted to see you sing in person ONE MORE TIME!! ~ Kurt


  Many moons ago (mid-70's), when I was a young teenager, I attended an Eagles concert in NJ, and heard you for the first time.  I was a stead-fast fan from that moment on.  Your music was the soundtrack of my teenage years and my twenties. I carried you with me through my thirties, and now, through my forties.  You (through your work) traveled with me across the US, helped me navigate teenage angst, sang me through boyfriend-breakups, even accompanied me into my wonderful marriage.  You lived with us in Europe, and helped us welcome our boys into the world (one of whom is now sick with a poor prognosis for survival -- he is just 9 years old). Mr. Fogelberg, THANK YOU for sharing your self and your artistry with us all of these years.  June Carter Cash used to say (when people asked her how she was doing) "I'm just tryin' to matter".  Mr. Fogelberg, I want to tell you that you have mattered.  You have made a difference.  And you are loved. Truly.  You are loved. Be well, my friend. Always ~ Theresa Lindner


  You have been my favourite artist since I was in my teens.  Thank you for over 30 years of warming my soul and inspiring my dreams.  My prayers go out to you. ~ Robin (Originally Utah, now the Central Highlands of Queensland, Australia)


  Dear Dan,  My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.  What you gave to me over the years can hardly be expressed in just a short note but I'd just like to say thank you for your music.  I wasn't born with the gift of language so I'll try not to sound so cliche.  Your songs, among other things inspired my family and I to move to Colorado from Long Island and fulfill a lifelong dream to wake up and see the San Juans each day.  Thank you for that.  I wish I could give back in some way.  I'll just keep hoping that I'll see you in concert again in the near future.  Ever On... ~ Kathy, Montrose, Co


  Dan Fogelberg's words, through his music, have always inspired me. Yet, never have his words inspired so personally as his plea for testing. Be well, sir. We need you now more than ever. ~ kevin shea, Toronto, Canada


 Dear Dan, Best wishes for your continued success over disease, and many thanks for your music.  I met my wife Joyce because I had loaned her your first album through my brother, who knew her.  You knew Joyce (Richardson) at Woodruff HS and were in drama together, so she was an enthusiastic fan early on.  In any case, we have enjoyed your music over the many years, and continue to do so, and have been very concerned about your illness. ~ David Fletcher


 Dan, I have been a fan of your music for more than 25 years, I just learned of your illness today when I went to your website, and I want you to know I will be praying for you. ~ Mark Floyd, Irvine, Ky.


 Dear Dan, I dreamt last night (as I have several times) that I was at your return concert.  Your loving fans were all cheering, we were so excited to see you back on stage!  You looked so happy and healthy, and Jean was on stage with you.  Your voice was as clear and beautiful as ever, and it was a magical night!  You sang "To the Morning" and "The Reach" and my heart was filled with admiration for you.   I pray that my dream will come true and I will enjoy the "gift" of watching you perform on stage again as I have 13 times over the past 30 years.  Sending you prayers and angel kisses ~ Cynthia (Tucson, Arizona)


 Dan, I hope you are doing better and that eventually you'll be  doing concerts once again.  You bring so much joy with your music even if you don't choose to perform.  Your albums are timeless and I listen to all of your music each day.  I've seen you every time you performed in SLC and Park City.  The Sandy amphitheater where you performed is very close to my home.  I can't begin to tell you what a impact you've had on my life.  I began playing guitar because I had to be able to try to make the beautiful sounds that I heard you make.  Your picking is so beautiful.  I've made my living with my guitar by performing and teaching, sometimes the songs you've written.  I now have my own CD of which I wrote the songs. Good luck, get well soon.  My prayers and love are with you.  Love ~ Diane King


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg: Thank you ever so much for creating the wonderful music you have.  Your music has always been a source of comfort and joy for me to listen to.  I truly hope that you come back 100% strong and thoughts and prayers are with you and for your family.  ~ Christine S. in CT.


 Dan - Thank you for your wonderful musical gifts. Your lyrics have moved me deeply and I am grateful to you. I pray for your healing and strength to make it through this valley. God bless you. Sincerely ~ Matt Zimmer


 Thanks...a simple word that holds so much. May the love of others keep you and your family strong always. My son is just learning guitar and asked who I would recommend to listen to...of course, DF was the first to come to mind. He is now a fan, too. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us through the years. Peace.


 Mr. Fogelberg - It doesn't seem fair that you don't know me, while I feel like I've known you for a lifetime. Your music is a true gift and its messages have helped me through my toughest challenges. Now it's my turn to return the favor. I hope this message finds you in a good place and please accept my thoughts and prayers. I am Okinawan by heritage and there is a belief that the moment we meet people, we are brothers and sisters. Odds are, we will likely never meet, but I would still like you to know that through your music, you have been one of my best friends for over 20 years. Thank you for that and I hope that energy finds it's way back to you and your family in this time of need. ~ Gene - Milwaukee, WI


 Your music has been a great inspiration for settling the soul.  My family will keep you and your family in our prayers for your healing both physically and emotionally.  May God work through you to heal you, guide you and bless others


 Hello again Dan, I wrote in a few weeks ago and told you my husband and I were buying our first non-Sunfish sailboat and were planning to name it The Reach in your honor.  I remember a 1998-or-thereabouts concert on the Pier in Seattle when you played it and talked about your love of sailing.  That was my favorite of the 4 times I've seen you perform, twice around DC and twice in Seattle. However, having now listened to that beautiful song more closely and realizing The Reach isn't actually the boat (duh), we've pondered other songs and lyrics of yours as a name.  To the Morning was first runner-up, but we've chosen....drumroll....Captured Angel as the best possible name for our 25' Coronado.  She's a 1969 classic, a little older than the song, and only about 10 or 12 years younger than we are. We will pray for you and toast your health as we sail her on the Chesapeake Bay.  Please pray for us too as we have a lot to learn about sailing! ~ Maura


 It had been a while since I had listened to any Dan Fogelberg, although I grew up with the music all through grade and middle school.  My sister & brother in law are huge fans and after hearing Dan’s music at their house several times, I went to the library, found a CD, and burned it to my computer.  My daughters, especially my three year old, fell in love with it, (Greatest Hits).  Sometimes we let her sleep in our bed, earlier in the evening before we come to bed, and she always wants to listen to Dan Fogelberg…and somehow I find that very special, especially since it is music from my youth.  It started me thinking, “Wow – wouldn’t it be great if Dan Fogelberg went on tour?  My sister & brother in law & I could all go & we could take the kids!”  So I found the website in the hopes of finding local tour info and was very dismayed to hear about Dan’s battle.  So, I just thought I’d add my best wishes to the collection.  Dan, please know that you have touched many lives, both past and present, and I thank you for that. Yours truly ~ Lisa O’Connor ( Mom of Annie & Maggie O’Connor, ages 8 & 3 respectively)


 Dear Dan, From my youth in Illinois, to time in the Rockies, now back home again in Illinois, your music has been the "soundtrack" of my life.  So many wonderful memories are brought to mind each time I listen to your music!  How blessed you are to have touched so many lives, and how blessed you will be for making the most of your gift. My thoughts, prayers, and many good wishes are with you and your family. ~ Laura, Woodridge, Illinois.


 Dear Dan & Jean: Needless to say, my husband and I were devastated to hear the news of your battle with Prostate Cancer. Our 24 years together started with your song, "Longer", as our wedding dance. We have been enjoying your music ever since, although my husband has been a fan since day one. He is a guitarist who has a style much like yours and  loves to play your music. Your music was one of the reasons I fell in love with him. I want you to know that I am a cancer survivor and know the struggle you are going through. I believe that my battle was won not just with modern medicine, but a survivalist attitude and a true belief that the crisis was but a temporary one. I often referred to it as just a speed-bump in life. Perhaps God's way of slowing me down some. Stay strong.-Your friends and fans ~ Steve and Debbie


 Dearest Dan, You have no idea how many lives you have touched with your music; you are such a fine example to everyone.Your kindness radiates through the words and gentle songs you sing. Each one is special.  You are in my prayers, and I wish all the very best and full recovery to you. Most sincerely ~ Marcia


 Dear Lovely Songbird, I wish you & your family well thoughts and prayers during your fight. Your words and music were a strong force during my youth allowing me to feel more connected to greater things and deeper feelings and I thank you. Much love and light to a shining bright star in the morning sky. ~ Nadine


 Dan - holding good thoughts and prayers for your recovery.  Your music is inspiring. ~ Jeff


 Dan has given us a great gift.  His gift of music.  He is the most played artist in our home.  His timeless music is an inspiration. Like listening to an old friend. I can always count on Dan's music to lift my spirits. My family and friends have not missed one of his concerts when he's played in our neck of the woods (Mpls). I wish him a speedy recovery and appreciate his sharing his story with others.   Early detection is the key.   Ever on!  ~  Deb Jean Savage,  Mpls, MN


 I have enjoyed Dan's music for over thirty years now...Although we've never met, I consider him my friend...


 You've probably read this many times from many different people, but I always loved your music (at least the ones that played on the radio). Having always had trouble getting lyrics right, I  decided tonight to see if i could find the lyrics on the internet. This has  brought me to your website and boy did I have a bunch of lyrics wrong!! But now  I know and can sing along with you with confidence!! Anyway, I was reading  everything on your website and that has brought me here to "thoughts", so i  wanted to tell you that though I don't know you at all, I've always had a sense  of who you would be through your music.  If I'm right, then you are a  deeply introspective soul who has great passion for life, love, and nature...  passion is what makes us strong and fight for things in which we believe. I  don't know how you are doing now, but I hope you haven't lost sight of fighting,  with a positive attitude..and I hope you are doing well and still enjoying  life and all the great things around you. I will pray for you and your  family. Thank you for the great music. I will have to check out all the rest  of your music unknown to me... Sincerely ~ Denielle


 Hey Dan - My name is Charles Harris and I was just checking out your website.  I enjoy and have enjoyed your music since i was in college.  I am now 45 years old with a wife and two rowdy but wonderful little boys.  I am in the dental industry and two of my customers just recently told me they had been out for prostate cancer.  After surgery, they seem to be doing fine.  I am African American so I appreciate the admonition you gave to be checked.  My wife would be glad you said that.  I'll be praying for you, man, as I head home.  THEN, I plan to make an appointment with the doctor so I can get checked.  Thank you, for giving of your heart and self with your music all these years.  I appreciate you much. Best wishes ~ Charles Harris

Hi Dan, I don't know if you remember me but I met you in '87 in a bar in SW Colorado.I was in school at Fort Lewis and it was my 21st birthday. You were very courteous and kind playing music to a quiet room. I was with a few friends but it was a week night and not many people were out in the bars. I just remember this from time to time that you were so nice and friendly when you didn't even know who I was. I was very impressed with the person that you were even when I was only 21! I

have just heard that you have Prostate Cancer. I will keep you in my prayers and I hope that you will recover soon. Best wishes for you. Regards ~ Sean O'Byrne


 Dan, I listened to your music in college back in North Carolina in the 1970's. I listen to your music tonight and still remember the images you painted in your songs of mountains, snow and wild water. Your songs mean a lot to me and bring me back to my younger years of climbing mountains and camp fires. May good health be with you and keep climbing that mountain my friend. Best wishes ~ Jack


 Dear Dan,   I was very saddened by the news of your cancer.  Your music was such an inspiration to me back in the 70's, during my teenage years.  My boyfriend would call me on the phone whenever one of your songs was playing!  Such soulful music, from obviously, a soulful man.  God Bless you, Jean and your families.  ~ Dana Bruce, Joshua, TX


 Wishing you well and to tell you I have loved your music since Home Free came out.  Please let us know some news on your's been so long with no word.  Peace.


 I haven't checked in in quite a while and was hoping for some news. I'll say no news is good news!! Best wishes for your recovery, Dan. I'm still thinking of you and praying for your healing. Many blessings - Linda Matson, NY

 Dan - I have been where you are now. I am a survivor. You can be too. Never give an inch to this condition. I know you won't. Stay strong.


 Dan Fogelberg's music has such a fond place in my heart... as it represents a time shared with my best friend Cindy Dunlop Gallagher. Growing up the  hours we spent listening to his sounds. The poster I framed and gave her. The concerts we went together. The path of our friendship has split as the courses of our lives ran different places, but our love of Dan and his music always brings us together at the first note. She became a beautiful woman, wife, mother and I became a care giver to my ailing parents, separated by miles of road but always together in spirit and in Dan's beautiful music. It is the music of my life. And I and Cindy are forever grateful that Dan ever took pen to paper, and pick to guitar strings.... Thank you Dan, God Bless and may you know nothing but happiness and peace til your last breath. ~ Joan E. Costello, Auburn, NY


  Dear Dan, I've listened to your music since I first heard "To the Morning" playing in a music store in Harvard Square during the early 70's.  You've touched so many lives.  Your music is timeless - my teenage children enjoy listening to your music as well.  I wish you all the best.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Your fan ~ Lois


 Dan, I have just now learned of your illness.  I cannot remember a time when your music wasn't a part of my life.  Thank you for all you've given us.  All we can give back are our prayers for your recovery.  I pray for your speedy recovery. ~ Charlotte in Dallas


  Dan-- seeing all these thoughts from all your loyal fans surely you must know how your music has touched so many lives. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Get well soon. You and your messages in your music are greatly missed. May the Lord shine his blessed light on you. ~ L and K in Essex, IA.


  I bought Captured Angel, looking for "Part of the Plan." I have 9 vinyls since then. I bought 4 music books, including The Innocent Age. Your music taught me guitar. When things are better drop by & teach me some more. (In my younger days I was going to be your successor). Good Luck & God bless. ~ Duck, Amarillo TX


 Dan, I visit your website from time to time, praying that you are recovering and relieved to find you still with all of us who have been touched by the genius of your music.  Whether or not you return to the concert stage or the recording studio, your legacy will continue to enrich our lives and spirits each time we hear one of your songs.  May you find the solace in reading of our love, thoughts and prayers that we find in your music.  God bless. ~ Pam


  Just like many others, I have listened to your music for more years than you or I want to admit to. I was 13 when I would steal into my brother's room and listen to his Fogelberg and Buffett ear always listening for his return so I could scoot out quickly. Your music has always been near and dear to my heart and will always be. You are in my prayers. Be well.~ Jennifer Wheatley


 I will try to make this note briefer than the couple I have left over the last year and a half. I know that we all (the people and fans who love you) tend to ramble on about what a tremendous impact you and your music, your joy of life, has had on our own lives. Had you ever fully realized, Dan, the way you would influence so very many?! Well, I just wanted to take another chance to say that we still constantly keep you and Jean in our thoughts and prayers. I am a nurse and find myself telling lots of my patients that we will just "keep doing this until we get it right!" . In your case, Dan, I just plan to keep checking in for news and keep sending in notes of love and gratitude until "we get it right!". So, keep fighting, keep loving and living for every moment, and keep believing that we all are better for having come to know you. Your music has proven to be the "soundtrack" for the love story my husband and I have been living for the last four and a half years. What an amazing gift you have given the world!! May we hear from you soon and find that we have something wonderful to celebrate. Until then, let our love be your guiding star!!! ~ Kris and Brian, Wichita, Ks


  I was deeply saddened by the news of your battle with cancer.  I'm a cancer survivor though. It can be overcome so hang in there and don't lose heart.  Your music has brought beauty, peace and strength into my life. In fact, it's been the soundtrack for everything that I've gone through.  You didn't even know it...You played a request for me at Chastain in Atlanta, "Old Tennessee", and that was a sweet moment. I was scared to even ask.  May you be blessed with the same strength and peace you've given me.


 Many nights I listened to your music and still do.  Just want to send  to you prayer for recovery.  You have given so much joy to your fans


 I am just now learning of your battle with prostate cancer while checking your web page for all the CDs you have generated.  I do pray that you are  getting good reports from your physician and enjoying wonderful quality of  life.  Your music has always brought me great listening pleasure. The best to you and your family. ~ Sarah


 Dan, I first heard your music in the San Juan mountains of Colorado in the early '70s. Your gift of song has blessed me for many years, and I'm thankful to have this opportunity to pray for you ...and to thank you. The Lord is with you ~ Deborah


  Dear Dan and Family, My thoughts and best wishes have been with you, and your family, since I heard about your illness.  I was fortunate enough to see you perform live in Ontario, Canada, a few years ago, shortly before your illness was announced.  Currently, my brother-in-law is dying from prostate cancer because he believed that prayer would cure him, so he refused medical treatment till it was too late.  His only treatment came in the form of prayer meetings and vitamin supplements.  If God gave the world prayer, he also gave it the medical community! Keep spreading the word about early detection and treatment, and keep fighting.  Your legion of fans don't want to say goodbye to you yet. With love ~ Anita H. Wolting-Visser


  Dear Dan,  I was a college DJ and Journalism major at Samford U. in Birmingham, Al. 1970 - 1974. We received a copy of "Home Free" at the station. It became the favorite of my college sweetheart and I. Ten years later she would become my wife of  now 23 years and three kids. "Phoenix" stays in my six disc changer in my truck at all times! I loaned my original copy from the station to a local Birmingham DJ and also told him that you were on the Michael Stanley album which was getting some air time then. I was also the first DJ to play "Yes" here but your music has meant so much to my wife and I. We have been fortunate to hear you in Auburn and in Birmingham over the years. We are praying for your recovery. My wife has been a social worker for 35 years and is deeply involved with Cancer programs here. I am sure you are getting the best of care but we would be glad to help you in any way we could. Thank you so much for your lyrics and music over the years. May God's peace be with you and your family always! ~ Toni & Al Uffinger


  Dan Fogelberg - I've been listening to your music for so long and  have seen you in concert. Your songs have touched my life in many  ways.  You've written them based on your own experiences, but  they reach out to so many and relate to so many. The "Leader of  the Band" --WOW I cry every time I hear that one.  It reminds me so much  of my own father.  I was looking forward to seeing you at the State Theater  in New Jersey (a few years back).  I guess what I m really trying to say is that my prayers and well-wishes are with you  and your wife and I hope that soon - what you're going through will be  nothing more than a challenge you have been given and become a memory of  what you have overcome.  Looking forward to seeing you in concert when  you're able.  Thank you for the music ~ Sue   (East Brunswick, New Jersey)


 Oh Man! Living legacy is an understatement. I am one of 8 kids. We thrived on the fabulously healing and  restoring music Dan provided. I really love absolutely everything he ever did.  But the ones I  seem to the play the most right now are, "Since You've Asked" and  "Tell Me To My Face" . Dan, I have made sure that my whole  family is acutely aware of your situation and awareness of PSA testing. I have  been running an Internal Medicine office so the subject is very clear to me. Getting men to understand that is another issue. Sometimes I think you have to  scare folks with the truth before they take you seriously. We are of Gods eternal unending family my  talented friend. Blessings to you. ~. Robin Annen, Dallas Texas, born in Waukegan Ill. have family in  Peoria, IL, and all around there.


  Like so many others who have expressed their gratitude for your God-given talent and musical ability, your songs also greatly influenced my early years.  Each one SO expressive & so beautiful! My prayers go out to you & your family, as you continue to face this daunting health challenge.  I pray that God will restore you to good health, and grant you the strength & energy to continue your life's journey in joy, peace, and fulfillment.  Miracles CAN and DO happen, for God is in control. Bless you for touching the hearts and renewing the spirits of SO many! Sincerely ~ Mike (a life-long fan)


 To Dan Fogelberg: For decades I have admired your soul and spirit for writing  some of the most endearing and relatable songs I've ever heard. I want to wish  you the very best in your ongoing battle with prostate cancer. I am a breast  cancer survivor and had the misfortune of being among the misdiagnosed. I was  stage 2 when they confirmed it. If not for the undying love and devotion from my  beloved husband, I never would have pulled through. The treatments were brutal,  but I can look back with a feeling of triumph at having won a battle fiercely fought and bravely won. Keep your spirits high and be positive. Everything will  work out, and you are in my daily prayers. You are a survivor, my  friend. Best regards and blessings ~ Donna Ksepka


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg; My sincere and heartfelt prayers are sent to Him for you, as a thank you. You have no idea how many lives you’ve touched, and the enormity of the help you’ve been to others.  I want to thank you for helping me. Your music helped me to heal, and return to my life after losing my only son to leukemia. I was lost and numb for a number of years, but when I heard “Nether Lands” it touched something deep inside of me, and the healing started. I listened to all of your music constantly for years, and identified with it immensely. I don’t know how I could have survived without it.


 As has happened many times over the years, I've just been listening to some of your songs, and pouring over the lyric sheets.  Your lyrics and your songs have always spoken to me in an incredible way.  My oldest daughter is getting married next year, and tonight we host our future son-in-law's parents.  As I search for something poignant to say in a toast to our kids, I find myself reaching, once again, for your lyrics for inspiration.


It is only now that I see that you've been fighting cancer.  I wish you the very best.  I survived a pretty significant heart attack back on 12/1/05.  Mortality is a pretty scary concept, especially at a young age.  With a bit of luck, perhaps we can both be here enjoying life and our families for many more years.  Thank you for all the joy that you've given me over the years.  I hope that some of what you've done for "us" can be returned in the form of magical good wishes.~ Dan Lemire, Brookfield, CT


 Continued prayers and hopes for your struggle. Your father led my mother's Melody Maids group at PCHS. I met you backstage after your concert at Glen Oak Amphitheatre when "Captured Angel" was just coming out. Also--I'm a 30 year cancer survivor and hope the best for you. It's an ugly disease and so far I've been lucky/fortunate. I hope  much of the same goes for you as well. Thanks for what your music has meant to me since that night and shaking your hand! ~ Dan Monge


 Hello Dan, I have been a huge fan since the 70s and own many of your albums, cds and tapes and continue to listen to them constantly.  Unfortunately I hope whoever stole my tapes is enjoying your music now.  Now I get the chance to buy new Dan Fogelberg music. My husband and I had the great pleasure of seeing you back in 1992 when you appeared at the Fox Theatre in St. Louis.  We bought the live video of the concert and still watch it.  May your health improve and you live a long and happy life.  You and your family are in my thoughts. ~ Diane from Missouri


 I happened to watch the Soundstage concert that you did 3 years ago.  I am praying for you daily. My husband and I saw you at least 3 times in Chicago.  Please let us know how you are doing.  We care so deeply.  ~ Don and Linda


 I have been a die-hard fan of Dan Fogelberg since 1981 and The Innocent Age.  My college fiance had all your previous albums, and when we broke up, I stole all of your albums from him.  When cassettes came along, I re-bought all of your stuff.  When CD's came out, I re-bought all of your stuff AGAIN.  Now that I have an I-pod, you go everywhere with me.  My kids make terrible fun of me because of the "cheesy" music I listen to, but pooey on them.  I saw you live in concert in 1982 and it was one of the best live concerts I have been to, to this day.  You are ever in my prayers, ever in my thoughts.  You have changed and touched so many of our lives, let us touch you through our prayers.  The Lord is my strength and my song.  He has become my victory.  Exodus 15:2 ~ Tammy Mansfield, Hattiesburg, MS


 We pray daily  for you and your family.  My husband's father has prostate cancer, we know what you are going through.  Keep fighting, keep praying.  Remember that God is a big God and will hear your concerns.  We miss you.  ~  The Parenti's, Chicago


 I am positively inspired by the outpouring of love and concern I have read on this website.  It is amazing how people have connected on a personal level with you through your music.  I have known and worked with multiple musicians in my life, but I must say that your music has touched me far more than any other.  I became hooked on your music my freshman year of college when this absolutely gorgeous and very intelligent pre-med student put it on in his living room while trying to seduce me , unsuccessfully, on our first date.  I dumped him, but kept your music in my life from that day on.  I, too, have traveled many roads during the past 25 years, but your music is a constant ...especially in this day when I desperately search for words that have content and meaning in this world which sometimes seems to  be void of either.  My brother loves you, too, and he has just been sent to Iraq for a year.  I will keep you both in my prayers.  I wish you full recovery, and send you the knowledge that you have touched and inspired so many through your music.  Best wishes.  We look forward to another concert one day if that is meant to be. ~ Lynda M., Burlington, NC


 I just heard about your on-going battle of this terrible illness.  All of my prayers and best wishes go out to you and your family in this extremely, challenging time.  You've touched so many people through the years, and I'd like to express a gigantic Thank You!! You're thought of always with much love & respect. ~ Rae

 Dear Dan, I am writing this to wish you the very best in your recovery. I would love nothing more than to hear some new music from you, however your health is the most important thing at this time and you should focus on that alone. In the meantime, I continue to listen to the magnificent music you have produced so far and still take great pleasure from that. Again, my best wishes to you for a speedy recovery and may your days be filled with joy and happiness. ~ Maddie Rooney, (Ontario, Canada)


 Greetings to you Dan, I feel like I know you personally through your music. My husband courted me 30 years ago this year with singing your songs and listening to your LP's back then... I still listen and your words and music have brought peace to my soul in quiet times that I am able to find raising 3 boys. Two are grown now and my youngest is 16 and he picks the guitar now with his Dad and know quite a few of your songs too...


I would like to wish for you a complete recovery from this Prostate Cancer. My father-in-law had it. It was quite too late for him to recover. My husband Roy now is checked yearly and we appreciate that you have openly spoken out about this and encourage men to get checked. I also pray for your wife as it takes a toll on the better half walking through this with you as you probably well know. God Bless you both. May you find rest and comfort knowing that other all around are thinking and praying for you Dan. May God bless you with a FULL LIFE.  Your Fan and Friend in Chillicothe, Ohio. ~ Patty Lowery


 Hey Dan, I was so sorry to hear of your illness.  Finally made the time to visit your website.  I love the pictures!!  Last saw you at the Bushnell in Hartford,CT.  I believe it was shortly after you cut your hand sailing. Hope you are finding some peace out on the water.  It is a great place to calm your mind. I look forward to hearing that things are going well for you. Warmest regards ~ Jeanie Cullen


 My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, now and always.  Your music has been a part of my life forever, it seems.  I last saw you at the Bass Hall in Ft. Worth, Texas, and it remains the best concert I've seen in many years.  I know you are going through some tough times right now, but I look forward to seeing you back on the stage or in the recording studio some day soon. Thanks for everything.  Peace and love ~ Martha


 Dan & Jean Fogelberg, You are both in my prayers.  I have been a fan of Dan's for many years and had no idea that he was ill.  I too, as others have said,  lost track of him as I was concentrating on my own life.  Dan's music has been an uplifting experience in my life and I will be forever grateful for his genius.  Thanks for all of your  beautiful music, Dan! ~ B. Johnson


 Hi Dan, Thinking of you and wishing you well. .I saw you in Santa Fe a few years ago----this time of year.  It was wonderful. ~ Tina Michelitch, Rio Rancho,  NM


 Dear Dan, I could not agree with you more in regard to early check-ups and detection of not only prostate but other types of cancers. My birth father died three months prior to my birth in 1954 from lung cancer and my step father died four years ago from lung cancer. I think we need to take our lead from women who are much more likely to see their healers on a regular basis, often times cancers and other diseases are more treatable. You have always been a mentor to me through your writings and music.  I am beginning a fast today for you and your wife. May the spirits and the collective love that surrounds you, provide you and your family with peace ~ Gregg Dethlefs


 Hi Dan: I am in the same "club" as you. Diagnosed 8-15-2000 and went for seed and radiation therapy at SIUH. All went well for three years and then PSA zoomed. Now 15. Not taking the hormone route. Don't know what awaits me. Didn't know about you until I visited your page to check one of your albums. I am a great fan. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. We all have to catch the bus, eventually, but like you I've seen and done a lot and hopefully it will be late! God bless ~Don D.

 Thanks for the music, Dan, and for everything it has  inspired in our lives.  And please know that if you should ever feel the  urge, once again, to share your wonderful talent with us all, we will be here  waiting to accept it.  Wishing you and Jean good health and everlasting  love. ~ The Shannon Family,  Delaware


 I have been a fan since the very early 80's and in many senses; Dan's music has mirrored my own life.  I have always loved his music because the lyrics make sense, are attributable to real-life events and have brought joy to so many.  Many of his songs were timely in that his happy, uplifting songs brought me to a better place and his sadder, more introspective music came into my life at a point where I could sympathize with the lyrics and feel of the actual music.  Even today, as a 50 year old woman with a family, children and a business, his music touches the "depths of my soul" each time I hear it. 


It is very sad to hear that Dan has been ill.  Having been wrapped up in my own life and bringing up children, I hadn't kept track much over the last 3+ years.  I will keep him in my prayers and hope to hear that he is again healthy.  I would so love to see him perform again... one of my own dreams. Many thanks to Dan for so many years of wonderful music. ~ Janet-Lee Santeusanio, Hampton Falls, New Hampshire


 Dan, Forgive me for using your first name when you don't know me but I feel I know you through your music.  I am a recently retired medic from the U.S. Air Force. Over the 30 years I served, your music often sustained me when I was far from home and family.  The first time I heard your music I was stationed in what was then West Germany and a friend put on the Nether Lands album and I was hooked for life.  Being a medic I realize what you are going through and how rough it can be. I pray that you will get better and even if you don't return to the stage I thank you for all the music you have given us.  I used parts of your lyrics from "Leader of the Band" at my father's funeral to honor him.  You are one of only a few true troubadours left, hardly anyone writes and performs their own music anymore and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. ~Bob Buechele,  MSgt, USAF Retired


 Dan, As a Colorado "girl" of 42, your music has been my lullaby.  I learned to take from the Reach all that she has to teach, to the depths of my soul, because of your artistry.  Thank you for your gift to humanity, and I pray that you may continue to bless us with your gorgeous poetic genius. Peace, love, health and light ~ Wendy


 Thank you for so much beautiful music. I continue to pray for you. ~ An old fan.


 May the Good Lord Bless and Keep you and yours through this time.All our Prayers from Arkansas.


 There have never been better lyrics written.  You write from your heart and must keep Spirit in your heart always.  I live in Hartsel, Colorado, and can therefore understand how alive Spirit is here in these mountains.  My heart sings to Spirit with love, hope, and wellness for you. Peace ~ Suzi


 Dan - I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks and prayer. I first saw you at the Santa Barbara Bowl in 1978. My buddies and I were 17 year old surf rats and drove the La bomba board on the roof, beer in the cooler.  The waves were 1 foot, our seats were at the top of the bowl. 28 years later only one of my buddies still surfs, one of our wives has cancer,all of our kids are doing well, and the story of that weekend ( it seems to get better with time) still brings a smile and laugh to my buddies and our families. Danny, you have been and will continue to be a part of that family as long as we live , and if we can talk any sense to our kids as long as they live too!  We will continue to lift you up in prayer to the ultimate healer, the creator of it all . Lord bless you and God's plan for your life. ~ Curt and family, Lahabra Ca.


 Hi Dan, I am from Scotland and have been a fan of yours since"Souvenirs". I do hope all is well with you and your family. You are a truly unique  musician and I have always regretted never having seen you play live.I live in hope that you will someday visit my beautiful country and fulfill my dream. God be with you ~ George Martin


 Hi Dan. I just finished playing "The Reach" on my D-41DF. It's always been a favorite of mine. I also have a D-28 that you personally autographed for me in 1991 backstage at the Valley Forge music fair in PA. Those are fond memories for me. I remember when you signed it you said "I wouldn't want that on my guitar". Well every time I look at it I'm reminded of how excited I was that night to have your signature on my guitar and I'm very glad that I did it. I still love to play your songs and look forward to the day that I'll be able to see you in concert. Good luck with your recovery and have a nice summer this year. God bless you. ~ Mike Mallett , Barnegat, NJ


 Hi Dan, I've been thinking of you alot lately and hope you are getting the better.  Your music has touched me deeply as I have been listening to you since the 70's.  My 13 year old son even listens to Home Free every night as he falls asleep (I do also).  I hope there is a light in the depths of your darkness...Let it Shine! Peace ~ Dan


 My Dear Fine Fellow, A few words of Buddhist wisdom:

Confess your hidden faults. Approach what you find repulsive.

Help those you think you cannot help. Anything you are attached to, let it go.

Go to places that scare you ~  Machik Lebron


I believe that you have already been to places that scare you since the onset of your illness.  We all need to confront our fears because they silently, stealthily, and persistently rob us of our true, unfiltered experiences and feelings.  Your journey appears to have dumped fear into your lap saying now what?  The dignity, bravery, faith, love, and compassion with which you will overcome your illness is a inspiration to us all.  You are our dear example that it's ok to "go to the places that scare us". Blessings and peace ~ Leslie Manna


 Dan, I am a 47 year old full time entertainer in Florida. I  was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in July of 2004 through a routine PSA during  my annual check-up. My Gleason score was 6.7. I had the option of a  radical  prostatectomy or  cryo-surgery. I choose the later. My  surgery was done in November of 2004 and as of June 2006 my PSA has been a  steady 0.1ng/mL.  I am back to work performing 6  days a week. I wish you all the best and may God be with you down your road as he  has been with me down my road. I have always been a fan of yours and look  forward to nothing but good results for you.... Best Regards ~ Michael Caso, Daytona Beach Florida


 Dan Fogelberg's music is exceptional.  My 20 year old college son traveled home yesterday to celebrate Father's Day. He's a thoughtful young man on a limited budget.  In a college town, he found a used vinyl store and purchased "Twin Sons" and "Phoenix".  They're a little camp-fired but still have the warmth that only vinyl can produce.  Incidentally, I possess an extensive Fogelberg collection on both vinyl and CD, but not "Twin Sons" and "Phoenix" on LP.  It was to say the least, an outstanding and heartfelt Father's Day. The reason I'm sending this mail is in hopes that Dan can somehow see this and understand just how much his music means to the fans.  Also, that his career has influenced more than one generation. Continued prayers for Dan and his family ~ George Harban


 Dearest Dan, Just want to say that your influence on my life and my thoughts are immeasurable.  I've never been much of a groupie, but everyone who knows me well, knows that  Dan Fogelberg's music (not mention your voice) has been an important aspect of my own musical life for 28 years and counting! That is why I'm writing - to let you know you are in my thoughts, as well as the thoughts of thousands of devoted friends and fans.  We know you will get through this rough patch! 


When a friend lent me "Nether Lands" in 1978, I fell in love with your lyrical style, (so smart!) not to mention those gorgeous melodies (so inspiring!) springing from your heart, your throat and your fingertips. When you warbled, "Anthems to glory and anthems to love and hymns filled with earthly delight, like the songs that the darkness composes to worship the light..." you inspired me to try my hand at poetry!  While my writings paled in comparison, nevertheless, they probably would never have seen the light of day, so "Thank you, Dan"! As an enthused audience member, your concerts at Radio City Music Hall (late 80s), or your acoustic performances at Westbury Music Fair (the 90s) stay in my mind still. Do you remember playing at St. John's University in New York back in 1979 or 80? Your concert there (my alma mater) was a high point of the whole school year . Even now, your music is timeless, classic, truly the epitome of beautiful.


Recently in San Francisco for a convention, I made sure that your "Portrait" CD was with me. Rediscovering the "The Innocent Age" title track while driving down Route 1 was a major highlight of that trip. Of course, I owned the double album way back when, but it's been a few years since I had a turntable, so I hadn't heard it for a while! (They'll have to pry "The Innocent Age" from these hands when I go, lol!! )  Well, it was as if I was listening to this wonderful, wise song for the first time... it has had a profound effect on me now and I can truly say it's one of my favorites.  Oh, but there have been many....


My son Daniel (hmmm, wonder where I got the inspiration to name him that?), who is now 21, also admires your music and talent.  As a budding musician himself, he knows how much your music has meant to me... you have made a difference in my life.  We are now, with your other legions of fans, praying for your speedy recovery and keep you and your wife Jean in our highest thoughts at this time of healing.  Sincerest Best Wishes to you, Dan - and thank you SO much for many years of inspiration and for the timelessness of your talent.  Be WELL!!! Love and Best Regards ~ Elaine B. (New York)


 Hey Dan, Here comes the first day of summer 2006. I hope that you will enjoy every day of the season. Wishing you the best of health! ~ Ken H, YNP


 Dear Dan: I have been worrying and wondering about your health for awhile now and I just had to check up on you. I have been a fan from 1972 forward.  From "Hickory Grove", "Be On Your Way" and "Wysteria", forward, I was hooked on your music and your beautiful voice.  The night that I met my wife of 24 years, Robin, we heard "Same Old Lang Syne" on the radio and it has been our song ever since. We were fortunate enough to take our son Ben to see you at Lake Tahoe around the year 2000 when you appeared solo.  Your version of an old George Harrison song knocked me out, and I was so happy that I could share my love of your music with my son.  He is 21 now, and I hope he hangs onto the Dan Fogelberg records! My love, prayers and best wishes are with you.  I've got the Greatest Hits in the car CD player now, so I'll pop it on at lunch time and think of you.  Heal and be well. ~ Bob Auer


 Dan, I just wanted to let you know that you are in my prayers.  Your music touches my soul, and I thank God for the gift of you.  May God continue to watch over you, and may you be strengthened by His love, and the love of your fans.  Be well, and know that you are very loved... ~ Dina Schweizer, Canton, OH.


 Dear Dan, Thank you for all the music. You are part of the plan. Your music will last... longer than the blue in the sky. Peace and Love ~ Boysie & Kim Solem


 You've spread so much light, so many positives on your journey.Throwin' some back at you. Hope it catches you. ~ cb


 Dan, I was introduced to your music in 1975 by my youth minister.  Home Free, Souvenirs, and Captured Angel are 3 of my four most loved albums.  In 1981, my husband gave me The Innocent Age on the day he proposed, thus number 4.   I've only had the pleasure of seeing you live in concert three times, once in the 70's, twice in the 90's.  Your melodies are heavenly; your lyrics thought provoking; your passions meaningful and important.  Your music has touched us in deep and meaningful ways.  Thank you for sharing your gift with those who would take the time to listen and reflect. Our prayers are with you.


 Dan, I am 46, and my first contact to your music was Twin Sons From Different Mothers.  My wife and I saw you for the first time live in 2003 in Buffalo.  We know you will win this battle, and I wanted you to know that your music touched my soul, weeping while listening to your lyrics.  I was not very popular, and I felt great when I listened to your songs. Thank you for that. ~ Don Schwass-Buffalo New York


 Dear Dan, Since 1977, when my first marriage broke up, people all over told me about you, your style of guitar (I've been playing now 39 years), and music, and I just HAD to find out WHO Dan Fogelberg was! Ever since that day I started buying your albums and cassettes, I have added every single album over the years in on medium or another, including, now, your Portrait anthology, one of only three I own (Gordon Lightfoot and The Moody Blues). Now I have my very favorite tunes on an MP3 CD and I listen to them almost weekly!  Not only that, but I have placed many of your song sheet music into a special album that I play when I need inspiration or to feel your presence in my life.  Thank-you Dan, for your influence upon my life, your input through your songs that led me through a difficult time, and the continuation you have through being the "Living Legacy"  of your father in a new time. Not sure of your spiritual beliefs, let me just say that I will pray for you and your family through this difficult time and that you "Don't Lose Heart". "...a love like this, is so hard to find..." ~ Rick Shrack


 When I listen to your music there is a place within me that I unlock and then I smile. Your music is the key for me and for that I am eternally grateful. The last concert I saw with you was on my 50th birthday at Westbury Music Fair four years ago. I still remember every moment. Many thanks. Many prayers..much love ~ John


 Dear Dan, The other night I had a get together with my old friends.  We were listening to our old music and someone said, "Hey, what ever happened to Dan Fogelberg?"  No one knew.  That night I looked you up on the internet and saw you were indeed still around but had been diagnosed with the big C.  A few weeks later I purchased the "Tribute to Nicolette Larsen" CD and there you were again.  And I've been thinking about you ever since.  So I am writing you to get it off my chest.


I know you are going through some rough times and I'm sorry for that.  I am a 2 time breast cancer survivor, myself.  Right now, I so much want to meet you and talk with you about the profound things I have learned throughout this process...partly to give you comfort and insight, but also to find out if the cancer has profoundly changed the way you view the world, as well.


An abbreviated version of my situation is as follows.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999.  I went through treatment and then, at 42 years of age, went to law school.  It was something I'd always wanted to do but I thought I was too old.  My daughter was 6 at the time and for 3 years we lived on student loans.  I graduated in 2003  and while I was studying for the bar exam, was diagnosed with a local recurrence.  I had to wait 6 months to take the bar due to being in treatment, but did take it the following February.  I am now practicing law for all "the little guys" out there, who seem to get stepped on more and more  lately. I've lobbied for the National Patient Advocate Foundation and the Komen Foundation, both in the states and D.C.  Last year in D.C., the head of NIH spoke to us and advised us that NIH has a goal of making cancer a manageable disease within the next ten years.  In other words, something more like diabetes or high blood pressure.  So HANG ON, friend, and keep the faith.


Dan, I still know all the words to your "Captured Angel" album by heart.  And I know that anyone who could have written that music and those words is a gift to the lives of those who've listened.  Best regards ~ Penny Reeves


 Hi Dan, I am not sure this is totally appropriate to share on this lovely tribute page(s).  However, it is Father's Day, and my Papa has passed on, along with your dear Leader of the Band.  Many fans have written to you regarding how this song has meant so much to them and their fathers.  I would like to share another perspective, if I may.


Following my son's graduation from U of IL in 2001, he was looking around at other universities for his masters program.  He was looking toward Colorado, as we have vacationed there and he fell in love with alpine skiing in the Rockies (as opposed to Midwest skiing!)  Our son and his then-girlfriend settled on CU-Boulder for their engineering programs.


The time came to pack up and move him...Illinois to only living child, whom I had given so much of my life raising him, serving as the taxi driver in those early years of Cub Scouting, piano lessons, then on to guitar, countless school band concerts (trombone), high school get the idea.  How was I going to be an encouragement without breaking down?  YOUR amazing lyrics soothed me so much and still do...  "I thank you for the freedom when it came my time to go"


Even though his dad and I cried from Boulder to the Colorado state line, we knew the move was the right thing for our son to do.  We had given him good Midwestern roots and now it was time for him to fly.  I honestly don't know if I could have (finally) felt so peaceful and calm if I had not had your words to fall back on.   From the bottom of this mother's heart...Thank You Dan Fogelberg and my gratitude for both your parents for allowing you to seek your dream.  And, thank you to Jean, for being there through-out your prostate cancer diagnosis, treatments, and being so strong. ~ Dianne, Peoria County, Illinois


 My life for some years now has been focused away from music, and you; and yet something lately has been calling me back to the center. I noticed in the short biography that there is hardly a mention of your gift for poetic language. I pray that you BEAT this cancer, so that you may fill many more pages with your gift of poetry. Thanks for giving so much, of YOU!


 Hi my dear friend!  My prayers are continually with you and your family and I can't express the joy you have brought to my life.  Also being from Champaign, IL we share similar views.  I miss you, dear one, and hope to see you again some day. ~ Doyne Marie Liverett


 Dan: This is my second opportunity to touch on my yesterday and your tomorrow.  We have one thing in common - that being your current condition.  I love you like a brother.  Please don't back down from this challenge.  You will prevail and join the ranks of survivors that would not give this disease a tomorrow. ~ Roger Jones, California


 Get well soon!  Can't wait till you start touring again


  Dear Dan,  You've touched many people's lives including my own. Take all the time you need. We'll be waiting whenever and if you're ever ready. It's your turn to sit back and take it all in. But honestly, hope you're back in the saddle. You were with me through all the years and all the road trips. This is just one more road trip up through the Canyon. The view from the top is great. Best Wishes ~ Bob  from Lakeville, MA 


 Dearest Dan, My husband and I will be celebrating our 24th anniversary in August; our song was "Longer".  I heard it today on the radio and knew I had to send you my best wishes for your continued strength and courage in your fight!  As a cancer survivor myself I will give you to words that were said to me that I clung to with a viciousness that only gave me strength:  "NEVER QUIT".  God bless you and thank you for your wonderful music. ~ Lisa


 Dear Dan & Jean, Please know that you both remain in our daily thoughts and prayers for God's healing hand to rest upon you.  We are so happy to know that you have received the thousands of messages of love & prayer being sent your way.  May they sustain you, embrace you, comfort you and may you realize how very much you are LOVED!!!  The power of love & prayer is miraculous!!!  God bless you both! In love & friendship ~ John & Lisa Andursky, Connellsville PA


  Dan,  My prayers are regularly lifted for you and your family.  God Bless! ~ Keith


  I will continue to keep both of you in my prayers. Your music has touched my heart for so many years and now it is time for me to give back to you thru prayers and love and support. Take Care!! Love you very much ~ Jacque Thomas


 Dear Dan and Jean, You are in my prayers daily.  Please keep the faith and think positive thoughts.  Dan, the world needs more of your musical genius as it has meant so much to so many. Love and Peace to you both. ~ B.


  I want to wish you a speedy recovery.  Your music has always been an enjoyable part of my life.  I have had occasion to meet you two times and both times you were polite, hospitable, and humorous.  May God be with you.  I will be praying for you. ~ S.


  Our prayers are with you and your family. God bless you! ~ Mark and Sonya Breedlove


 We love you and appreciate all the joy you've given us over the years. At 70, I feel like a groupie.... praying constantly for your recovery and thanking God for the enjoyment you provided. We got to go to some pretty exciting venues because of you as all our kids are Fogelberg "freaks" as well. Much love. ~ Mary Ann Leasure


 Dan, I just want you to know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.  I was so saddened to hear this news. I have loved your music for many years, and every time one of your songs comes on the radio, I feel happy and peaceful.  Your music touches me in a way that few other artists' music can.  I have seen you, I believe a total of three times in concert (only the acoustic, never with the band).  You are a brilliant musician and song writer. I am going to pass your message on to my husband.  Women are always encouraged to keep checking for breast cancer, it's drilled into our heads. Well, the same should go for men and I want my husband around for a long, long time (we have a two year-old son). I will pray for your recovery, and wish you all of God's blessings.  Take care! Affectionately ~ Lisa Farnsworth


  Hey Dan: I, too, had no idea you were ill.  So, so sorry.  I was just listening to "The Last Nail," probably my all time favorite of the many, many songs of yours I have loved over the years. I started listening to your music around 1975, when in college.  I quickly discovered your earlier works as well, especially enjoying "The River" and "Wysteria." In 1977, when out of college and pretty lost and alone, I bought  "Nether Lands," which seemed to be written especially for me at that period. I wore the first album out and had to buy another copy ! I could go on and on:  Like so many others, you have contributed immeasurably to the richness of my life.  I feel you are a brother and a soul mate. All my prayers are with you, but whatever happens, you will never die. . .you will live forever through your music and the lives you have so profoundly affected. ~ Steve


  God bless you!!!  You have used such beautiful words to express emotions many of us find hard to do.  I pray that God preserves you for your family and friends and for all whose lives you've touched.


 Dear Dan, Keep the faith and think positive thoughts!  The world needs more of your musical genius in the future. You are truly loved by many!! You and Jean are both in my prayers. Take care ~ BJ


 Hang in there Dan. We miss your music but prefer you to be healthy. I look forward to the time when you can share your situation through your music.


 Dan, As with all your fans, my thoughts and prayers and best wishes are with you daily. May the Lord lay his healing hand upon you and restore you to good health. And then, may you have the want and desire to get back to what you do so beautifully, writing and performing. I have seen you in concert many times and each one was a wonderful gift.  I miss you and hope to one day see and hear from you again. If GOD brings you to it, he will bring you through it. Love you much ~ Darlene Richardson,  Pottstown, PA


 Best wishes from a '78 Western Illinois Grad!  I remember listening to you as your music was being played in so many rooms of the girl dorm! I have been a fan since those days and send you light for healing.  My husband and I had "Longer" played during our wedding ceremony almost 25 years ago. I will always remember the words you wrote in another song, "I want a lover and I want some friends.  I want to live in the sun. I want to do all the things that I never have done."  I still live with those words in my heart.  God Bless you, Dan.    Thank you for the music. ~ Mary of Rockford,Illinois.


 Our prayers are with you and you family.  I knew you when you played with the Coach Men in Peoria, IL and was still in high school.  Our best wishes to you, as you have given the best of yourself to us. ~ Cindy Vaughan, San Diego, CA


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg: I first heard your music more than twenty years ago, when I was still in high school. I loved your beautiful songs, but it was your voice that particularly touched me -- its purity and clarity left an impression on my spirit that has remained with me ever since. May God soon send you complete healing. You are in my prayers. All the best ~ Rahel Jaskow


 Dan, I can only say that your music has always touched me.  I have been listening to you for years now, and couldn't even begin to chose a favorite.  Every song you write/sing is my favorite!  My prayers are with you and your family. Keep fighting and keep your spirit strong! You are an incredibly gifted person, and have blessed all of us with your talent.  I have gone to see you each and every time you played in Detroit, MI. and will look forward to seeing you in concert again. Much love, and even more prayers. ~ Connie


 Dear Dan, I have been blessed over many years by the gift of your music.  I pray now that God gives you peace, comfort, and healing.  From my first favorite song on Home Free "Looking for a Lady" (which I still sing, somewhat to the annoyance of my wife of 23 years) to your most recent CD, Full Circle, I have enjoyed each and every one of your albums.  I have had the pleasure of seeing you onstage many times in venues across the South, including Jackson MS and Starkville MS to Mud Island in Memphis (outdoors in the rain), the Saenger in New Orleans, and most recently Chastain Park at Atlanta during the Full Circle tour.  Each time has lifted my spirits, and I wish I could do the same for you now. Please know that there are those of us praying on your behalf, and "Thank you for the music." ~ Scott Hutto, Marietta, GA


 Hello Dan - Best wishes from Poland. I pray for you and I hope to hear a lot of new music from you. ~ Pawel


 Dear Dan I'm not religious but if I was I would pray to your God for your wellbeing. Still I'm hoping that you have the strength to survive the cancer that's in your body. I'm a big fan of Lance Armstrong and he survived to win the Tour the France 7 times so I pray I hear your music for many years to come. I wish you all the best and your music is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Wish you all the best. ~ Gary, The Hague, Holland.


 Dan,  I just heard the news of your on going battle.  I am deeply sorry but please have strength and courage to win this battle.  After I got the tears cleared from out of my eyes I just began praying for you, your wife Jean and your family.  God is not done with a good soul like you.  It is too early for you to be singing with the Angels in heaven anyway.  I just want you to know that your music has blessed my life like a gift and a friend to through my own battles and sufferings.  A life of meaning is really about how our hearts have been touched, moved and inspired by another such as yourself.  Without it there is no passion. Dan, the wonderful thing about you, is that you have always been giving passion and meaning to everything that you have done and to those that you love.  I met you once in Aspen where you played just a few feet from me. The beautiful thing is that you have been with each one of us for years.  Not just with me singing in my car happily down the  freeway or breaking up with girlfriend number eight.  We all grew up and grew old with you. You are a big part of all of our memories in the joys and sufferings.   And we now are with you especially with you in your sufferings.  Dear Lord Jesus, touch our friend Dan with your healing power and restore him to the fullness of health.  You know his every need and painful sufferings.  We lift him up to you and ask that you would deliver him from this battle with a victory that only you can be honored with. Lord, please use Dan as living testimony of your grace, mercy and power.  I am asking for peace of mind and hearts for all family and friends and ask this prayer in the name of Jesus, Amen.  For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.  Psalm 91:11   I’ve heard that in heaven they have way too many worship leaders teaching the angels to sing so that they won’t be needing your help just yet.  God Bless you Dan ~ Darby & Asha Vajgrt    Santa Ana, California.


 Dan,  My wife and I have started the battle in her fight against cancer.  I was not aware of your battle, and can only hope that it is a "win" for you.  We strongly believe that very, very soon the words of Isaiah will become true, "there will be no one saying, I am sick", a promise made sure.  May you be among those.  On a different note: Thank you for your music.  I have "rediscovered" one of my all-time favorite albums, "Twin Sons of Different Mothers".  It has such variety, depth and beauty that it never grows old (unlike me, but that is a different story!!)  Hope this brief thought will get to you, keep fighting. ~ Dave and Jenny


 Dan,  I was shocked and saddened when I found out that you had cancer ( CA).  As a devoted fan, I am  one of the thousands who has sent you an email on this site wishing you well and a speedy recovery. My hopes and prayers continue to be with you and your wife. But this is not that kind of note.  I am a Nurse Practitioner in family practice.  I have had to tell a handful of my patients the terrible news that they have cancer. It rocks me to my core whenever it occurs.   Yesterday I had a 9 year old come in for an ear infection. His mom hinted to me that she had been diagnosed with colon cancer this  year.  After I had her sons leave the room, she shared with me that It had spread to her lung, and her liver. After 5 months of chemotherapy, she is in remission but is scared. She is trying to make memories with her boys as fast and fully as she can. I was thinking about her, and the frailty of life tonight as I was listening to the Rascal Flatts song  "Skin"  about a young girl with cancer.  I cried as my 8 years old and I talked about the song. I told her I wanted to hear something happy.. so I started up "Full Circle". As we listened to the song I  was fully aware of the frailties of life, its cycles, and the terrible disease you are fighting. But I also remembered that you had no plans to tour or record.  I hope that changes. 


We all are put here on this earth for a reason. Mine is to care for sick folks, and hopefully have a positive impact on the lives of those I encounter; bringing glory to God in the process . Yours, as best I can see, it so share the wonderful gift  you have been given as a tunesmith and a singer. Granting a special view at life focused through the lens of your experiences and a guitar, piano, and a great voice. I will forever remember the Nether Lands tour in Atlanta Nov 1978, and the first time you sang at the  Ryman  in Nashville.  Both were profound nights. You have the gift, and the talent and the forum to share what God has taught  you through this entire ordeal.  So, with all due respect, in light of what we both have seen, you as an artist, a patient, and me as a clinician, and a fan, I have a couple of words of encouragement for you .   SING DAMMIT! ~ Kenny Cook FNP , Tupelo MS


Dan.. I was introduced to your music nearly 30 years ago by an angel that became my girlfriend for the next 18 months of that period in my life. I was away at college for the first time and the song she played me was "There's A Place in the World for a Gambler". When it came her time to leave me, I was left with the legacy of your music for comfort and that has been what your music has meant to me all these years since. When I first heard of your illness, I was deeply saddened, but, I am encouraged to know you are still fighting the good fight. My dad, who will be 90 has a non-aggressive form of prostate cancer and is having problems now. I will take him to the dr's later today for more tests. In the light of this, I see my dr. next week for my quarterly check-up and I am going to request the tests you recommend as I just recently turned 50. Thank you for your message and sermon. Not knowing if I am suffering from this terrible disease will soon be known to me, and, if I am healthy or if I am sick, I will have your sermon to thank for the outcome. Thanks for looking out for us and our health in your time of are truly an angel among men ~ David Pitman


 You and your music have helped me through some of the hardest times in my life and has brought me joy and happiness the rest of the time.   I wish you and your family the best.  It seems you are blessed with many friends and family to support you through this time.  Along with that support, your strength and spirituality will get you through.  Best of everything.

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