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"Dear Dan" Letters

May 2006

 Hey Dan,   I do hope that you're recovering well, and that your spirits are high. I grew up in the Telluride/Mancos area of Colorado in the 70's and 80's listening to your music, and it had a great impact on my life! Take care, and try drinking a couple of mugs of green tea each day to help keep yourself feeling well. It's a tonic, I swear!! ~ MIKE


 Hi from Colorado, Please come back to Red Rocks again!  God Bless, Be well again ~ Mary


I'm glad to hear you're doing well! As many others have told you, I'm sure, your music has been the background of moments in our lives. What we were feeling, you put to music. What we needed to express, you expressed for us. I have followed your music since I first took up hang gliding many, many years ago and heard Nether Lands for the first time. It fit so well with soaring in the clouds above Arizona that I found myself humming it as I flew. When my son was 2 years old, and would name the music he loved, you were right up there with Linda Rondstadt and Oscar the Grouch. He bumbled his way through your name, but I knew who he meant.


I saw you in concert many times and even had front row tickets once. I drove across the city of Phoenix in rush hour to get to that concert and never heard you play and sing better. I moved to Montana 20 years ago, bringing my "Record" player with me. I still love to drop one of your albums on the turntable and hear your music above the popping and hissing that the records make. I'm 52 years old now, but still singing along with your music. So take your time coming back to us, find strength in knowing that your music is still in our hearts, and that when you make a comeback, we'll all still be here with open and grateful arms. Sincerely ~ Marjie J. McClellan, Great Falls, Montana


 Dan, I grew up with you.  Not literally, of course. Like so many others, through your music I have shared your joys and sorrows since 1974.  I grew up in Arkansas, but had friends and some family in and around Peoria.  It was through one of my friends from Peoria, who had gone to school with you, that I first heard your music, and was hooked.  Was thrilled (for you) when "Part of the Plan" made it to the radio in the greater U.S. I don't think I can express how amazed I was as I bought and listened to each new album you released.  That someone could capture such magic and put it into words and music ...  Although I enjoy and admire all of the albums through "Full Circle", the early releases are probably still my favorites -- maybe because they take me back to such wonderful times and memories.  All I know is that, from "Home Free" and "Part of the Plan" through"Captured Angel" and on to "Innocent Age", I remember being blown away with the beauty and artistry of each release and marveled at how you could continue to make each more beautiful than the last.  I can't really say why, but  "Old Tennessee" and "Scarecrow's Dream", though they never made the "hit parade", are still two of my favorite songs -- music which tugged certain chords within me and repeatedly called me back to these early albums.


You know as well as anyone how the music of others can touch you and teach you.  You instantly became my favorite singer/songwriter after that first introduction, for I had seldom heard anyone (outside of possibly Gordon Lightfoot) who could so magically translate feelings into words and then combine them with such perfect, beautiful music.  From heartbreaking ballads to soaring songs of hope, your words and music gave voice to thoughts and feelings that many of us could not hope to express on our own. Thanks, Dan, for all of it.  As you can see by this and the testimony of so many other fans, you may have been doing only what you loved, but in doing so you touched the lives of many others in so many ways. Can hardly wait for the next time we "meet", through your music.


 Hi, Dan... As I sit watching the Kentucky Derby on television this May afternoon, I thought you should know that any of us who've ever heard and loved "Run for the Roses" will always associate your gifts with it.  It was a real privilege to play a tiny part in your astronomical trajectory at that time, debuting the song worldwide, on the interview record we made. I love you, Dan... Best Wishes Always ~ Peter Rodman, Nashville, TN


 Dear Dan, I have loved your music since the very early years, you provided the soundtrack to my most fascinating rites of passage. My son, now 18, appreciates your music as much as I do, a testament to the timelessness of your creative vision. My husband is also battling prostate cancer and I understand how difficult this must be for you and your family. I wish you love, peace and courage. Thank you for all you have given. ~ Laura


 Get well, stay well and come to Ireland soon ~ Noel


 I visited your website again today and was so comforted at the sheer volume of support from those of us who want so desperately for you to get well. Don't you love the fact that one can actually feel genuine love for someone whom they have never seen eye to eye ? We love and we are loved . How good is that ?!  Please continue to trust God in His plan for you and Jean and allow all of us out here to shower you with our love and prayers . Take care. ~ Debbie Joiner    Smyrna,GA


Dan,   Thank you for all the wonderful music and I wish you the best.  You and Jean are in my prayers.  I cannot express any more than you, about the importance of getting checked on a yearly basis.  I thought about you today because of the "Run For The Roses" event happening this weekend.  As a guitarist, I have been touched by your songs and for that I cannot  thank you enough.  Take care, friends. ~  Dan Pinciaro


 Hi Dan, It's May 5th. 2006. I just looked on your website for the first time ever and I found your letter saying you had cancer. I was very saddened by this news. I am wondering how you are doing today? I will check for updated news to find out. Your lyrics have always made me smile. I remember many times when I would listen just to hear the way you put words together and I would think to myself that you are more than a song writer. You are a poet and a wordsmith. I listen to another singer that reminds me so much of you the way he pieces a song together. His name is Michael Card. Give him a listen some time. I think you'll hear yourself in his music. It's hard to say which song of yours is my favorite. I guess it depends on the mood I'm in. I will keep you in my prayers that you will find His friendship the most important thing in your life. My heart is heavy over this news because you have become a part of my life with your wonderful poetry. Dan, God bless you and keep you my friend. Sincerely ~ Curt Schultz


Dear Dan, Wow, where do I begin??!!  I heard about your health condition as soon as it "hit the streets" and I was so dumbfounded with the news, I sat down after putting on Home Free and cried for hours!.  I am so glad you are still "with us" and I will continue to pray for you, and Jean, for strength, faith, and most of all inner peace within yourselves. I have been a fan of yours since "Home Free" and seen you on stage in several different states.  My favorite was at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Center in So. Cal. in a town north of LA.  I went to the box office window on a whim, the day of the concert and they had JUST opened the orchestra pit seats and I bought two center-stage seats for my husband and I.  What a thrill it was to be so close to you and watch your very being pour out in each note or lyric to every song, it was a solo tour so there were NO distractions.  Your music and songwriting has touched me in a way that NO other musician has throughout my life, I thank you for that!! As you walk through this chapter of your lives may you find pleasure in the simple things: the sun's warmth upon your skin, the birds singing the songs of spring, the stars in the vast night sky and in each other's arms. KEEP THE FATIH. Sincerely ~ Dana Marie Cable, Paradise, WV


 Mr. Fogelberg, Tonight turned into a spontaneous "Fogelberg night"--first "The Innocent Age" then "Captured Angel" and now "Full Circle." I've enjoyed  your concerts numerous times over the many years. I went on-line to see if by chance you'd be stopping off in Hawaii this year [I moved here three years ago] and saw your note. None of us escape life without some rough times [I've had cerebral palsy since birth and keep plugging away every day]. Your music has always addressed life's triumphs and challenges head on and has seen this fan through many a tough time. My hope for you--aside from a triumphant return to the studio and stage--is for you to find solace and comfort not only from your incredible talents, but from your loved ones around you. Please accept my thanks and my best wishes. Mahalo and Aloha ~ Steve Dantzig


 Dan, I sit here with tears in my eyes thinking about how much your music has meant to my life. When I meet new people or a stranger on the street and I find out they love your music too, I feel a special kindredness with them. It is as  if we KNOW something others don't. There is a vein of understanding, compassion  and the appreciation for excellence that all Dan Fogelberg fans possess. We get  it! I thought you might like to know that I have "educated" quite a few people  to your music. They say, Oh yeah, "Part of the Plan", right? That is when I start  taking out album after album and forcing them to LISTEN, really listen. It only  take a few songs, they didn't know existed, until they too...get it! I have had  people thank me, after they have listened for a while, for "turning them on" to  your music and lyrics. It changed their perspectives on some things and had the  chance to realize just how talented you are.


My 1st husband died 3 years ago from pancreatic and liver cancer. He was  51. He was a great musician. We shared passion for your music and he played and  sang it often. When he performed, he played "Gambler". It always  brought the house down. Even people that had never heard it before would catch  on and sing along at the end. It was great! He was too sick to come to your  performance at the Coronado Theatre in Rockford IL. His friend was going to  carry him but, he was just too weak by then. I know it was one of his  greatest disappointments. I told him all about it and how wonderful it was. It made him smile. Know that your music touched him, moved and inspired another  musician and was a constant in his life. It took me until now to be able to  listen to your albums again. Now, when I hear you...I hear him. When your music  moves me,

I feel him again. This will never change. Cancer is painful, humbling, enlightening, scary and it sucks! I don't  know how you are doing in your treatment with prostate cancer but know that, my  thoughts are with you and your loved ones. I wish I could only touch your life,  the way your music has touched mine and moved the life of my 1st  husband...Mark.. You can do this.~ Kathy


 Dear Jean & Dan, You both continue to be in our daily thoughts and prayers.  We want nothing more than complete healing for you. God bless you both with His love!!! In friendship & love ~ Lisa & John Andursky, Connellsville PA


 Hi Dan and Jean, I sincerely hope all is going well for you two. As a fan of your music I´d love to hear some news but as they say, "No news is good news", so I´m drawing on that philosophy. It´s late here on a Seville night, and after a few beers, I´ve just put on "The Innocent Age". It´s my favourite album --period, without a doubt. I believe all your brilliant talents came together on that album. It has rock and ballad and some very haunting words. It has no blues, which I think you´re fantastic at. Anyway, I won´t linger on. Just get well. We, the fans, miss you. "Let it shine" my ol´son.~ Johnny "B" Good in Seville , Spain.


 So sorry to hear about your battle however I know from your music that you are a warrior.(There's a place in the world for a gambler)  Your music is the soundtrack that goes with my life.  My uncle Wayne and his friend who I think you know (Steve Estelle) raised me on your music. Taught me love respect and honor and love of music and art. I have never seen you live so I anticipate when you come to Cynthia Woods Pavilion again. I will be in the front row.


My favorite: " I saw you running ahead of the crowd, I chased but never thought I'd catch you. You said you loved me but you had to be free so I let you." #2 -- "Seeing You Again" how that hurts!! God be with you Dan --your voice, music, life, heart move mountains. Few men can brag as much!!!


 Dan- I cannot express to you enough just how much your music, lyrics and concerts have inspired me over the years. I started listening to you in high school and have followed your career closely over the years ever since. The last opportunity I had to see you perform live was at your acoustic show at the Ruth Eckerd Hall venue in Clearwater, Florida several years back. It was a birthday present to me and the best birthday I can remember in a very long time. It was such a wonderful performance which has continued to inspire me with my own attempt to master the guitar. It's a continued source of pleasure and frustration for me. I am certain every musician can relate to that last statement.


I was deeply saddened and depressed to hear of your bout with prostate cancer. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly before your announcement. The good news is that you are both survivors. Please know that you continue to remain in my thoughts and prayers. I sincerely hope that your love for playing serves as an inspiration to you, as well as enables you to get you through the darker days and helps you to look forward to better days ahead. My Aunt and namesake, is also a wonderful artist but unfortunately has had an unusual amount of hardship befallen upon her. Among the ill fated events in her life, has been two bouts of cancer to which she has recovered twice from. She continues to attribute her recovery to her faith and her artistic expression through her painting as the two reasons she was able to survive through everything she has been through in her life. This has been her redemption to allow her to get through those extremely tough times or she claims she never would have made it. Of course, friends and family add to the blessings, but aren't always able to relate to what you are personally experiencing if they have never been through it. I guess that is one of the reasons you are fortunate to have been blessed with such a wonderful outlet. I too have come to rely on my artistic abilities during the tough days and I also have had many, but don't we all? No one has a charmed life and if they claim they do, they are not in touch. You have been blessed with a gift that is meant to be shared when you are ready to do so. I hope you feel the same. It sounds like you are on the road to a full recovery. And on that note, (pun intended) prayers really do get answered:-). When you are fully recovered from your terrible ordeal, and are up to the grueling schedule of being a minstrel on the road again, I pray that you will decide to return to the stage so I can see and hear you again. Again, health and emotional state permitting. I hope you miss the audience who is still heavenly, for I cannot put into words how much I miss you!!!!!!!! I am sure I speak for many when I say that. I don't think I will truly be at peace until I see your smiling face, share your wonderful sense of humor and stories on stage again and envelope myself in another magic night of your music making my ears, heart and soul feel complete and fulfilled again.  Until that time, I have the full archive of all of your recordings to get me through until we meet again.... I am hoping you have the desire and ability to release some new material. If and when, I am most certain it will be heavily inspired by your recent experience, which will be delivered in your own unique way, with the reinforcing message of just how very precious life can be. I can't think of a better and more powerful way to express and share that than with your beautiful arrangements and lyrics. Please, please, please continue to share your gift with your fans when you are up to it. Ever on my sweet Dan ~ Connie Lee Franchini, Clearwater, Florida / Anchorage Alaska


 Having grown up in Ohio in the 70’s and 80’s your music was a staple in my listening repertoire. Many a night I drifted off to sleep while the turntable spun “Scarecrow’s Dream” or perhaps several more cuts off Nether Lands, Home Free, Captured Angel or Souvenirs. Those albums and their lyrical content seemed to almost define where I was in life forming an unknown bond between you and I. To this day the first sign of cool weather in fall summons to mind the lyrics of  “The Reach”. As well, full-moon evenings on the eve of a snowstorm conjure thoughts of “The Passage”. As you once did, I live in Kingston Springs, TN. now and can see how befitting the surroundings were in the creations you penned here. You have truly been a part of my life, albeit unknowingly, and I pray for your healing. Thank you so much for your talent and for sharing your heart with me over the years. Godspeed to you brother! ~ Jeff McCall


 Dear Dan: Please excuse the familiarity of the greeting.  I know you get that all the time, and no one means you disrespect.  I'm sure you have sifted through several thousands of emails by now wishing you well and a speedy recovery.  I, too, wish you all the best in your recovery. Now that the well-wishes are out of the way (they truly are sincere), let me simply say thank you for the joy your music and lyrics have imparted to me since "Part Of The Plan" was new and continuously being played on the Country Kitchen Restaurant's juke box by me and my buddy when we were in high school in Pueblo, CO. Even today, I still play your CD's and sing along (as best as I can...I do not have your range).  When my friends talk about music, I almost always state, when the topic comes around, that I believe you are one of the finest lyricists ever. Sometimes it meets debate, most times not. I hope this finds you happy and at peace and recovering rapidly. Congratulations on your successes. I wish for you many more for the future. Your friend in music ~ T.D. Reed, Englewood, CO


 You are in my thoughts and prayers every day.  Your name has become a mantra as I along with my parish pray for you at least three times a day in the daily office.  All the notes that I read from your friends out here must be inspiring and encouraging to you and yours.  We'll keep them coming to you.......please be well.  We need you to come back to us. ~ Susan, North Carolina


 I went on line tonight to see if you might be touring the Seattle area this summer and was stunned by the news of your cancer. I last saw you at an acoustic show at the Summer Nights at the Pier series and though I had seen you at other concerts in amphitheaters, I think I liked the solo work the best and was hoping to see another show. Sadly it won't be happening soon it seems. Your music for me, like many others, has been an integral part of my life. I might be in a somewhat smaller minority as I learned to play guitar (a 12 string Yamaha) by ear listening to you as well as several other musicians and bands of that era. The camp I went to for weekend retreats introduced me to your music. I specifically remember hearing "There's a Place in the World for a Gambler" and wondering who had written it. Suffice to say your music and your stories have been with more people through some of their highest and lowest points than you will ever realize. I hope that what you find in these letters and notes here and through other channels will buoy you and Jean in similar fashion and lift both heart and health. Best Wishes ~ Chad Emerson


 Dan, I was dumbfounded to find that you have cancer and felt foolish for being out of the loop. You, through your music, have done so much for me, and to this day I remain thankful for your talent.  I intend to take your "sermon" to heart.  Being an Episcopal priest that's not hard to do.  Like the thousands who have loved and appreciated your music I thank you, and I pray deep blessings for peace, hope, joy and love.  With thanksgiving for your gifts which keep on giving.  ~ Rev. Ron


 Dear Dan: I've loved your music for years.There's so much life and depth and feeling in your songs that makes them so incredibly special to me. I have prayed for your healing--- and I pray that you and your family receive a great blessing from all of this. God can make good out of anything. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 10/04, it's a pretty scary thing. I have been treated at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Tulsa and am doing well. KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT!!!! May God bless you and keep you, may He make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you. May the LORD lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace. Numbers 6:24-26. ~ Julie Claussen; Pierce Nebraska


 Dan,  I hope you are doing well and able to continue writing. In my opinion, "Same Old Lang Syne" is your  masterpiece.. and one of the handful of outstanding songs ever written. The first time I ever heard it., I had to stop my car. I couldn't  see thru the tears. "Just for a moment I was back in school and felt  that old familiar pain.." God, if that isn't the most painful, and intimate lyric ever  written!! I have never had the good fortune of attending one of your  concerts.. I look forward to the opportunity. ~ don


 Dear Dan,my thoughts and prayers are with you.   My Uncle Rich was diagnosed with prostate cancer,he has survived his cancer by a process called seeding the prostate. Last year he had colon cancer --part of his colon was removed and again he was given radiation treatments. He is still with us as I hope that you will be for a long time.Oh by the way he is in his early seventies. ~ Michael J.Golch


 Dear Dan, As I write this the tears roll down my face in gratitude for your gift of music and your lyrics that are always in my thoughts going back to so many years ago and to today and on... One day in 1973 a friend said to me on the school when I was maybe 14, "You've got to come over to my house and listen to this album. It was Home Free. I got as far as "To the Morning" and I was hooked and changed. Down the road, I was so proud to have my own Home Free album I played it a gazillion times and stared at the self portrait ,ok then it was Dan Fogelberg music for many years...and realized it was one of life's connections. Music brings people's thoughts together. I hope you realize how blessed I and many many feel to have this  music you have created in our lives. You were a part of my Art lesson today when I shared the connection of my Favorite musician and Favorite artist through "Bones in the Sky". I thought about Georgia O. and her gift to Art as she is my favorite artist. I thought about you and how my entire teen life and then on some was a instrumental part of my life. I have good taste in favorites even at 44!  I know you have been through a great deal and please know that I will pray for you and Jean to be strong. God can perform the greatest of miracles, Dan, lean on him.He knows you better than anyone. You are a part of all our lives,...and we all want you to be healthy and happy. Continue to Pray. I will pray for you ...relax, rest, and rejoice at what a wonderful person you are and how many people love you and appreciate all you give . Sounds like you have a beautiful  setting in which every day is a good day to celebrate the beauty around you! Seize the Day! Always a true fan ~ Mary Jo


 Dan and Jean...have just been wondering how everything is going and how you are both doing.  I read some of the messages here and realize how lucky they all were to see you in concert...I never had that opportunity, even though I have listened to your music over the years.   Again, just sending lots of wonderful thoughts your way and hoping things are bright. ~ Sandy in Phoenix


 Music is something different to every listener but your music was a gift of the highest order to me.  You made bad times better and good times great.  You remain in my thoughts and prayers. ~ Linda H.


 Hey Dan, It's a beautiful spring day in Montana, I'm sure the same day comforts you. Inhale it deeply, enjoy it with me. ~ Ken-YNP


 Dan- Your music have meant so much to us over the years.  When my wife, Susan, and I had our first date in 1974, I raved about this guy from Peoria that I had recently seen.  We played "Souvenirs" until the grooves were gone on the LP.  Then we heard you in May, 1975 in Terre Haute, Indiana play just for us (with The Eagles) and agreed you were "our artist".   We still feel that way. It's hard to believe you've been a big part of our life for 33 years now...and we're expecting another 33 from you!  Please hang in...your spirit, music, and message will persevere! God Speed ~ Jeff & Susan


 Hi Dan,   I have been a fan of yours since 1975.  I was sitting in my dorm room at CSU and my friend Joan was visiting. We were listening to albums and she said, "Oh, you have to listen to Dan Fogelberg, he's amazing."  I responded with, "Who is Dan Fogelberg?" She played an album as I've been a fan of yours ever sense.  I've seen you innumerable times.  In fact,  I have two great memories.  The first one is seeing you, front row center, at Moby Arena in Fort Collins.  That was an acoustic tour.  You just lost your dad and you told us that this was the first time that you had sung "Leader of the Band" since your dad died.  Needless to say, I cried through the entire performance. The other occasion was at Red Rocks.  I'm not sure of the year because I saw you so many times.  I was lucky enough, again, to be way up front.  Your told the audience that your mom was there.  I got out my binoculars and spotted her in the opera seats, those high seats against the magnificent red rocks on either side of the stage.  It was so much fun to see her smiling when you performed.  It was evident that she was so proud of you. Thanks Dan,  for all the wonderful memories.  Every time I hear a song, I am taken back to 1975 and Green Hall at CSU.  I wish you health, happiness, and God speed. Love,  Linda, Ft. Collins, CO


 Hi Dan. You are still in my thoughts and prayers. Your music has meant so much to so many people. There are so many people who care about you and are praying for you. Hang in there and keep the faith. God bless you and yours. ~ Lawrence, North Carolina


 Dear Dan, I am a 40 year old woman who has loved your music as a teenager, wife, mother ,in fact thru all the stages of my life.  "Longer" was my wedding song in 1985 and then again at my 2oth wedding renewal.  I have seen you in person in Peoria where I live several times and was truly blessed each time.  I am praying for you to be healed of this terrible cancer so you can go on to bless the world with MORE of your beautiful music. God Bless ~ Mary Hinrichs


 Dear Dan,  I'm a fan from the beginning thanks to my big brother. I remember when you would come play at North Texas University, but I was too young to go! haha Thanks for "The Innocent Age" that helped me get through a very tough and lonely first year of college. I am a missionary now in Cameroon, West Africa and enjoy listening to songs that take me back many years and bring me so much comfort in a place that is not very comfortable or relaxing. Fight the good fight, my brother! You are in my prayers. ~ Leah in Yaounde


 Dan, I hope all is going well for you these days. I am thinking that during your time of recovery and being off the tour schedule, possibly you have had time to paint and draw. This would be exciting and something that I and many other fans would enjoy very much. You are a talented artist. I and my family think about you and wish you all the best. Sincerely ~ Stu Barnhart (Lititz, PA)


 I was playing some of my Fogelberg music tonight from many years ago.  It took me back into time when I was a kid and was a different person.  I want to thank you Dan for the great music and how it really has provided me enjoyment over the years.  Heck, when I was singing along I sometimes thought I was almost as good as you.  Those long ago concerts in Memphis, TN were great.  I pray that you and your family are blessed in the future. ~ J. R. Sliger, Elizabethtown, KY


 Dear Dan, I was just listening to your "Home Free"  cd in my car and thought when I come inside I'll look at your website to see if there are any concerts coming soon.  I live in NY, on Long Island and saw you last; at Westbury Music Fair with my sister about 2 or 3 years ago.  You are such an inspiration to me.  I just started playing the guitar at age 51, and I'm taking lessons.  I'm loving it.  Your music has been a factor in driving me to start playing.  It has always amazed me; along with Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne and other great master musicians.  Your music has been like a friend to me on my journey through life and touches my core.  I must tell you how stunned I was when I came inside and read your news. I send you Reiki blessings, and distant Reiki healing.  I will place your name in my sacred place that I use to send Reiki. Blessings and Light and Reiki to you and your wife.  I will keep her name along with yours to Light and healing. ~ Laura Berrill


 Dear Dan... I hope this day finds you doing well.  It's been a while since my last post, but I think of you most every day.  I can't pick up my guitar and not think about the tremendous influence you have had on my music.. as well as the person that I am today. So many of your songs reach deep inside of me... and all too often, your lyrics pretty much summed up my feeling...better than I could have expressed them myself. I used to wonder how you could know me so personally.. but it would now seem, I'm not the only one. You have a brilliant talent for expressing life experiences that every man can relate to.  My thoughts and prayers go out to you and Jean. Hope to see you again in St. Louis in the future. Peace. ~ Kevin Marler


 Dan...I hope you are doing well.  I think about you all the time and often say a prayer for you.  Your music and your soul have touched me for over 30 years in a way that no other musician ever has.  I know you hear that all the time, but I hope you know what it means to us, your true fans, to be able to tell you that in all sincerity.  I don't want to make this too long, but just know that your beautiful, creative and insightful music and lyrics have become a part of so many people's lives.  We truly love your gentle spirit. With faith and hope ~ Rhonda


 You've been on my mind for the past few days. I saw you in concert a few years ago at King's Island. You kept telling us that your equipment was not up to par--missing in action or something- and my husband I thought it was one of the best sounding sound systems we had ever heard which is saying something as Hubby used to run sound for many a local band here in Dayton Ohio. Clear and crisp and excellent. Your music is one of the things that I play to bring me out of some deep funks. I'm not going to go into why I get into these things. You need your strength and I will not bring you down with my troubles. I appreciate you and miss you. I hope you're on my mind because you're well and happy and will come out and play for us again. Take care. ~ Edy of Dayton Ohio.


 Hello Dan, Diana and I have been listening to your music since the start of your career. Of all the wonderful musicians that are a part of how we share our lives and keep the relationship flame burning brightly (29 years), you are the spark that started it all. Through the years and three children, your music has been with us every step of the way. Our first Valentines Day celebration together in Jackson MS (1979) included the purchase of Phoenix though we had both been big fans of your music before meeting. For one our anniversaries while living in Gainesville FL in the early 90s, I had the perfect opportunity to surprise Diana with tickets to your show in Orlando. She thought she was accompanying me on a business trip and had no idea of the true intent of the trip until we actually pulled into the performance hall parking lot...we loved the show. Of course, all of your shows are enjoyable but our favorite was while living in Charlotte NC (1995??) - just you and your guitar - a true master. We now live in Seattle and as the nest begins to empty and "the fire starts to mellow", your music will continue to be a major part of our relationship. Dan,  there are many more things we could say about how your music has enriched our lives. Instead, we will simply say thanks. You and your family are in our thoughts. The very best ~ Jim and Diana Cheairs, Seattle WA


 Dear Dan and Jean,  About three months ago I decided to get CDs of several of your albums that my husband and I had in the 80's.  After not hearing your music in a long while, it was thrilling and comforting at the same to hear those lyrics and songs.  I realized how special your music has been in our lives, bringing memories of times and places.  We truly wish you the best in your battle with prostate cancer.  It's a tough fight.  We know others who have struggled with it.  I'll keep you and your family in my prayers.  I must say that you are the only performer I have seen at Red Rocks twice, once with your band, and once on your own.  They were both beautiful summer evenings. It doesn't get much better than that!  All our best ~ Trish & Ken Kolm


 Daniel Fogelberg has touched my heart, my soul, my life and he and his music have been such a major part of my adult life.  I miss having the chance to see him perform in person, and listen to his music daily.   I am thankful for the support, love and care that his special mother and his wonderful wife have been able to provide for him during these past few years.  I thank God for making you a part of this crazy world and for being my calming and focusing point whenever I have needed you.  Your music, I just can't put into words what your music has meant to me.  God bless you and keep you at peace. ~ Debbie Selden


 Dear Dan: I first familiarized myself with your music in order to impress a musician-boyfriend who played your songs at local gigs in my hometown. That was in 1975, and who knew that all these years later I would still be listening? That boyfriend and the years in my hometown are long gone - yet it is the music, and how it makes me feel, that lives on. I have remained a fan - seeing you in concert whenever possible and moving from records to tapes to CDs to finally putting the collection on my iPod - and that makes me feel like you are an old friend. My heart goes out to you and I pray for a speedy recovery and a long, healthy life. Good luck to you, old friend. ~ Nancy in NJ


 Dan, My best wishes for a positive outcome in your battle. I've been a fan since I saw you in concert with the Eagles in the late 70's. I also have P.C. but mine was discovered in the early stage by sheer chance. I have undergone treatment and the outcome appears good. I just wanted to say that your music helped me through some tough times in my life and help me celebrate some good ones. May you continue to make music for many years to come. ~ Brian Smith


 Your music was an important part of my youth - I listened to those albums so many times I feel I came to know you personally. May you be well - may you be healed - may you feel the strength of all the prayers being said for you. ~ Lori


 Dear Dan When I was growing up, I had to do it very quickly.  Having older  parents, it wasn't easy, and especially when both of them fell ill with heart  problems.  My mother had a heart problem and a degenerative spinal disease  which took her mobility completely rendering her bedfast.  Then she  developed cancer.  My father had a very serious heart condition. From  the age of 10, I was a caretaker for both of them (I am now 42). Your music played  such a big part in my life. I remember the first time I heard "Longer", I  had just finished my routine for the night, and had my radio on. It was, to me,  the most beautiful song I had ever heard and the first time I had listened to  the lyrics of a song. Over the years I continued listening to you on the radio,  but here in England, they didn't really play much US music.  My mother died  in 1985 when I took over sole care of my dad. Our local library had a sale of  tapes which they were selling and among them was a Dan Fogelberg Greatest  Hits.  I bought it.  Since that day, I have continued to listen to  it.  My dad moved in with us when we married and stayed with us til he died  in 2002.  I dug the tape out again, and it has been a total source of  comfort to me since then.  I have now developed the same spinal disease as  my mother, and I know it will eventually take my mobility.  My son who is 12 helps to look after me, and today I found him playing the same tape I  did.  It has come full circle. Your music was there for me, now it is there  for him. I truly hope and pray every night for you and your family.  You have  been there and touched so many people with your music.  I pray that  you will win this battle. You know there are people there, maybe who you don't  know but have touched, who are fighting with you. I send my love to you and Jean. ~ Angela (Bolton, England)


 Hey Dan- While driving into work this morning I had one of your greatest hits CD's playing and the song, "Lonely in Love" came on and I don't know why, but that song always gets to me. I crank the volume up, singing with tears running down my face. I'm sure you've received these emails before, maybe a different song with the same effect. I've been a fan of yours from the get-go, so many moons ago. I still have the first album on vinyl...the very first time I heard "Stars" on the radio-that was it, I was a fan for life. May God bless you and your family. ~ Janice


Dan, I hope and pray for a successful recovery for you. I came to love your music while I was in the Army deployed overseas. After that I always anticipated your next new release. I was able to see you perform once live at Star Lake Amphitheater outside Pittsburgh, Pa. and it was great. I wish you nothing but happiness and strength and honor.Take Care ~ Eric


 I am so saddened to hear about your illness.Your music touched me deeply through the years. Actually helped me through "rough spots". I even saw you twice and was moved to sing from the heart. There will never another DF...God bless You and your family. Hang in there... Sincerely ~ janet walker


 It's been awhile since I've written so I thought I would just let you know that you are still thought of and prayed for.  Your music has been the soundtrack to my life.....graduating from high school then college, falling in love with an Illinois boy, marrying then later feeling the pain of divorce, only to experience the joy of renewed spirit and love when the time was right. Your words and music can bring back memories, both painful and joyful but I know you would agree that we have to experience both to live a full life.   I'm grateful for what you've shared with us and hope you know how important your music has been to us.  I continue to be a faithful listener and cherish the concerts I was able to attend.  I, too, am a Leo, having been born the day after you.  I feel a special bond because of that, not to mention the central Illinois connection.  My prayer is that you are feeling strong and healthy and are surrounded by all that you hold close to your heart.  My love to you and Jean.. ~ Pamela


 Dear Dan, I pray you are doing better and that you are winning.  I cannot tell you how much you have meant to me since my college days many moons ago.  Your music was always something that reached my heart and my soul; it helped me to see things more clearly during difficult times and often moved me.  In college, I wanted to share your music with everyone I came in contact with.  I'd play your albums for people who had not heard of you and immediately get them hooked.  I was so inspired by you I thought one day I would meet you but of course those are silly kid dreams.  You probably now realize how important you were, and are, to so many of us.  Thank you for making all of our lives, in big and small ways, better.  You have truly been a blessing to us all and I hope these blessings in some way are coming back and embracing you.  ~ Julie Caspar, A kindred spirit from Illinois


 I was sitting in my living room one summer day in, I think, 1974 listening to CSNY on the stereo when a friend of mine burst through the door with an album in his hands.  He says "this album is going to move whoever you have at first place on your playlist to second".  He was holding "Souvenirs". He was right.  He still is.  Your music has gotten me through more trials in my life than I can begin to count.  Any time I'm feeling down, I just have to play something Fogelberg.  It heals me.  I pray that it heals you as well. ~ Michael, Austin, Tx.


 Having lost my father to prostate cancer, I really do appreciate your efforts to publicize the need for tests, to save more lives. Daddy was diagnosed very early, actually, and then lived for 12 more years, until it came back and spread throughout his body. I want to wish you the very best, and send blessings your way, that for all the light and music you have brought into our lives, you may receive the blessings you've bestowed on so many of us. ~ Kathi Thomas


Dan, I just wanted to let you know I have continued to pray daily for you and your wife...that your health would be fully restored and that you might one day grace us with your musical magic and ecstasy which you alone possess. Obviously, the latter desire is born of my selfish desire to see and hear you compose and perform once again!  Take good care, my dear friend and keep all in balance as I know you will as you contemplate returning to "the Life you've known so well" after you've defeated this malignancy! I will steadfastly keep you and Jean in my prayers daily that full health and vigor and total recovery will soon be yours.  Sincerely ~ Greg Tuttle, M. D., Chapel Hill/Durham, NC


 Hey it's spring! And I hope you are savoring all the beauty!  I hope you are well and happy! It's spring here in Utah and I think of you singing up at Deer Valley-wow- What a great summer! I feel so lucky to have seen you here! Your music transports me to a special place. HOW CAN A SONG MAKE SUCH A DIFFERENCE?? I don't know- But yours do- Stay well and happy!


 I started listening to you when I had to ride with my older brother to school (which he and I hated) but you seemed to be common ground. I have grown up and really respect your music from start to beyond and I hope you find peace and happiness. God Bless you for all the feelings that you have expressed and know what to feel really means. Thank you ~ Jayme Shirley


 I "met" you in 1974 on a trip to Florida listening to  "Souvenirs". Owned and knew by heart every Fogelberg record, CD and song for  many years.  I saw you opening for Dave Mason at the Richmond Mosque in  1975, and at ODU in 1977. You are in my prayers as you battle your  illness. ~ KCG, Richmond, VA


 Dan, I had no idea you were going through this ordeal. I work at Santa Monica College and my friend and co-worker was just diagnosed with third stage prostate cancer. He is a black man over 55. I am a practicing Nichiren Buddhist and I will add you (and Jean) to my list of people to chant for. Warmest regards ~ Gayle Sosa


 Hey Dan, Keep fighting! I've been listening to your music since my musician/ski bum days in Tahoe circa the '70s through now-family man/contractor days.  My father was diagnosed w/prostate cancer last month & it has spread into his lymph glands. Surgery occurs on the 15th of this month. I had my PSA last month and physical today with "the exam". Good luck & stay positive. ~ Jim Mault


 Dan, Hope your "Run for the Roses" of healing is going well...Kindest Regards ~ Lesa


 Good day Mr. Fogelberg: Spent the last few months being way too busy and missing time in the San Juans' - which, of course, led to loading your music to help me get through the latest work crush and deadlines.  Two songs into the mix, I began to wonder how you're doing, how you're feeling - and trying to imagine the challenges you've endured.  Suddenly, deadlines didn't seem important.  Out came the D-41DF (139 of 141) and again, your work provided a song book to help me find a balance. Your musical life messages remind me to celebrate family and the beauty that surrounds us... ...and while your music continues to give me a place and some peace, I wonder if you have been able to find the same.  To that end, please know that I send you many well wishes and positive energy. With thanks and respect ~ Dave Dodson - Colorado


 Dan, I am 28 yrs old. Although I was not able to follow your life since the beginning, I have listened to you music since I can remember. When I heard about your diagnosis, a huge shock went through me and for at least 3 seconds, I couldn't move. My eyes were fixated on the word 'cancer'. I had a loved one that died of cancer, but it was lung cancer. But in any case, I would sit in my chair and ask myself why I couldn't do more. And I guess the same goes for you. What can I do to help?  I can't begin to fathom what kind of pain or feelings you are going through. Even though I am only 28, I have already had myself checked for prostate cancer and was clear. The doctor kinda looked at me funny when I told him why I was there, but he understood when I mentioned your name. The day I heard about your cancer, I prayed for you and your family for help from God. Even though death (for any person) is inevitable, I know you'll be playing your perfect music in heaven, and I'll definitely be one of the first in line for that concert! Thanks for all of your music and don't stop playing it. You ROCK! ~  Ryan


 My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.  I hope that you are making a full recovery.  Your music has accompanied me and inspired me to continue through the happy and difficult times of my life.  Your music has simply made my life richer--thank you.  Over the years I have seen you in concert several times--Knoxville, TN., Johnson City, TN, and more recently in Hilton Head, SC.---I would love to see you perform again.  Until then I will hold you and your family in my prayers and continue to sing along with your music in my car.  God bless you and yours ~ Susan.


 My prayers and hopes are with you.  Your music has helped me through a few rough times and I can only hope that that music spirit can be returned to you now. ~ Cindy Maze


Dan - I was checking your website with the hopes of a local concert  date.  I was saddened to hear about your diagnosis.  I met you many  years ago at a concert in San Diego at Sea World.  You were so gracious with your time and words.  Your music has been the soundtrack of my  life.  My friends and I have spent hours listening and singing along with  you for more than 20 years.  Thank you for sharing your life with us....I  wish you happiness and healing. - KC


 Dan, I was introduced to your music over 20 years ago in college. I continue to find inspiration and meaning to life through your music. "Part of the Plan" expresses so well answers to the questions we all come back to. I have also admired your interest and involvement in environmental causes and remember your contributions. While looking for your next concert, I learned about your illness. I immediately thought of a way of helping others who are affected by cancer by donating a DVD my husband recently directed and produced for cancer fundraisers and perhaps making it available to patients directly. Just want you to know how much your music has touched my life and what an inspiration you are. My prayers are with you. ~ Susan


 Dear Dan, I am sending along my prayers for a long and wonderful life for you on this earth. I listen to your incredible music often and hope that strength comes to you in multitudes. I know that your gift of poetry and song cannot be silenced. Love and happiness to you and your family ~ Erika, from CT


 I have enjoyed your music since the early years. I remember when Home Free was released, I almost wore out the record playing "More Than Ever" over and over and over. It is still one of the best songs ever written and recorded. It's hard to put into words the beauty of your music, the poetry of your lyrics and I always admired your album cover designs and self portraits. A new album release was an entire event! Your music continues to inspire an entirely new generation of listeners today. My teenage son loves your music as well. We put the CD on in the car and crank up "Crow" to full volume and sing along in chorus. You were so ahead of your time in creating an enduring artistic vision.


 I've been a fan of yours for many years;when I hear your music I travel back to my high school and college days with fewer cares.  As with many things from the past they are often neglected or backburnered and such it is that I only just visited your website and saw the news.  Having personal experience with this disease I applaud anyone with the courage to fight it and even more encourage others.  Keep up the fight!


 Dan, your music has been such a huge part of all of the defining moments of my life.  From my wedding song ("Since You've Asked"), to sadness in the marriage ("Lonely in Love"), through the divorce ("Tell me to My Face" - boy did I sing that at the top of my lungs to keep the sanity)...  Songs that would be a dream come true if someone wrote them for me ("Dancing Shoes"," Anastasia's Eyes").  And most importantly, the song that was playing on the car stereo when my father went for his last radiation treatment for lung cancer.  You see, my brother pulled the car up to the hospital and was attempting to load him into the car when my father died in his arms - "Leader of the Band" was playing when he took his last breath - and it was always the song that my brother John associated with my Dad.  My father was and is the "hero" in both of our lives.


Thank you for all of the wonderful music, poetry and love you have spread over the years. I will always treasure the magical experience of seeing you at Red Rocks (three times) and at the Wolf Trap in Virginia. My thoughts, prayers, and love are with you and Jean.  Fight this with everything you have and come back to us Dan!! Love ~ Lynnette Spencer O'Keefe


 Mr. Fogelberg:  I am a 53 yr. young Cheyenne Indian from Oklahoma......singer/songwriter, vietnam era vet....father, and ceremonial person.  I play acoustic music with a longtime partner for the past 25 years, and your music has indeed influenced both of us.  We do a killer version of  "The Reach", (which was an incredible choice of background musicians using Michael Brewer), as well as "The Last Nail".  We wish the very very best for you and your family during this time.  It's almost cliche to say that you have had a huge impact on what I write but it's true.  My eldest son is participating in our Sundance ritual this summer....we come from a long line of ceremonial folks; and we plan to tie a prayer ribbon in the top of the arbor on your behalf.  Thank you, thank you....for so many years of inspiration.  I live in Tulsa, and have seen you every time you came to this town. Hopefully, one day you'll return.  For now, enjoy your life with your family.  We miss you; but no doubt......they have too.  You deserve this well-earned break.  Na ishshivim ~ Jon West.


  Dan, I had no idea of your condition. Your music has always brought peace and solitude to me in times of sadness or despair. I have followed your career and music since the 70's. You have given great inspiration to many in your words and music. Your music is a celebration of life! May you receive the same in return. God Bless and keep you! ~ Jonathan Scott Bernal


 Hi Dan, As a professional muso [guitar /mandolin] of over 30 years I've bought, listened, loved and even cried to the odd Fogelberg tunes. Loved every album and every turn they have taken. Lately I've managed to have some health problems as well so I understand the Rocky Road. All the best with beating your illness in the future. By the way thanks for making me learn some your songs, I didn't seem to have a choice, not many artists have done that. Cheers ~ John Allen [Brisbane Australia]


 It's hard to express how much your music meant to me over my lifetime.  I've been a fan since the very early days.  I had pictures of you in my high school locker back in the 1970's.  I picked the song "Part of the Plan" as my English assignment for analyzing poetry in music.  I've seen you in concert many times and have always remained a big fan.  I wish you the best and I pray that you get some positive news in the future about your illness. With best wishes, love, and prayers ~ Suzanne


 Not a week goes by without my listening to your music and poetry. I recently caught your Sound Stage show and was blown away by your guitar solo as well as your piano. Saturday last, Kentucky Derby day immediately evoked thoughts of you. As an owner of a thoroughbred race horse I can tell you that you nailed it all around on that one. My all time favorite album is "The Innocent Age" and I often wonder how one person could evoke the range of emotions on display there. Saw you in person in Boston about  10 years ago and I look forward to seeing you again. God will bless you Dan for the contributions you've made with your beautiful music and the humanity of your lyrics. My prayers are with you.


 “The period of greatest gain in knowledge and experience is the most difficult period in one’s life.” ~ Dalai Lama


 Dan,  I have no words to express what your words & music have meant to me.  Some of my best friends tell me when they hear your music, they think of me, as I played many of your songs in my younger days. Every time I hear that, I am humbled & think of you, your amazing talent & beyond that, your obviously amazing heart & mind. To be able to go inside & give expression in words & music is HUGE. Thank you for lifting us up. Thanks in advance for what you will manifest at the next level!!! Peace, Health, Clarity ~ Phil

 Dan. Your music has touched me in so many ways for years and has helped me through some difficult times. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.


 Dear Dan, I have loved and enjoyed your music for years and have just added some more CD's to my collection.  I wish you well in your fight against cancer!  Best wishes for your family and friends who are your rock. With God's love and peace you will be blessed. Sincerely ~ Martie Mc Morris, Danville, IL


 Dan, I hope you are doing well.  My family's prays and thoughts are with you as you fight against prostate cancer.  We are hoping for a blessed recovery for you and particularly for your family.  I count myself among the thousands who feel that your music has made a difference in their lives.  I took up playing the guitar after I first heard Nether Lands. I listen to that and Souvenirs regularly in my office.  Your poetry set to music is just so wonderful it is hard to describe.  My wife, who never really listened to your music much before she met me, has become a true fan.  Even my four-year old daughter loves to sing along to "Once Upon a Time," one of my all time favorites.  May God bless you and your family and guide you on your path back to health.  And thanks for the web connection regarding prostate issues.  I'm getting my check-up soon.


 Dan - Your music brought me much joy through the many facets of my life.  I will add your name to my cancer prayer list with a deep hope for your recovery. Much love my friend.


 Dear Dan, Reading your biography, I notice that you and my brother were born just two days apart. (I'm a couple of years older.) That's significant in that my brother has also battled prostate cancer. He is a survivor, but his ordeal has significantly affected him personally -- he's much more aware and appreciative of the blessings in his life. I've always considered music one of the blessings of life. Your thoughtful, beautiful music has graced us over the years. Thank you and God bless you. ~ Charlie Randisi, Rochester, New York


 Your music has gotten me through many bad days, brightened many good days, and inspired own music over the past three decades.  I wish I could repay that debt, but not everyone gets the gifts you've been blessed with.  May God grant you and your wife courage, grace, dignity, strength, peace, clarity, healing, and most of all...the kind of love and beauty that you've written so eloquently about.  ~ Bret and Carol Holtz


 Dan, I listen to my Sirius Satellite at work on a station called the Bridge. I heard four of your songs today. I've been playing the guitar for 37 years and I cannot express how much your music has meant to me. I'm now teaching my 12 year old son. I am also giving him a history lesson of music. You are in my sermon of great song writers. It's important that parents expose their children to the music that has such depth and meaning. I also have one of your concert DVD's. It means a lot to me to watch it with my parents and my son.  I wish you the best and you'll be in our prayers until you are clean and free of cancer. I'm turning 47 and I promise you I will ask my doctor to make both checks on my next visit in a month. God bless you. Sincerely ~ David M. Fellows, One of your millions of fans.


 Dan, I will pray to God, who gave you your beautiful gifts of music, to bring you complete healing and a long, joyful life with your wife, Jean, and all who love you.


Your music is woven throughout my life, having enriched it for over 30 years.  In 1974, when I was in college, I began a life-long love affair with working in radio.  I was thrilled to get my 3rd-class FCC permit so that I could have an air shift on KGLT-FM (a wonderful "alternative-indie" station) at Montana State University.  And, just a couple of months before I got my license, a friend introduced me to your music, via the album "Home Free."  I cannot put into words my astonishment and delight.   And when I had my first-ever radio shift, signing-on KGLT at 6:00 a.m. on a freezing Saturday in January, what else could be my opening song, but  "To the Morning?" 


Earlier today, tired, and a little stressed, I latched onto the glum notion that a relationship I have with a special man will self-destruct before it has a chance to unfold and follow its natural course.  Out of the blue, I remembered the song "Be On Your Way", a gorgeous, poignant, heartbreaking coda to relationships that can only wither on the vine, never bloom.  But, I thought, surely joyful explorations can be considered, as well?  How about "Anyway, I Love You"?  Or, "Lessons Learned"? (..."every time that I touch you, baby, I feel a little more alive...") Or EVEN ... imagine this..."Longer".  Gee, is it really possible that happiness, too, is inevitable?  You bet it is.  And I thank you for reminding us of this.  Happiness is inevitable every single day, if we remember to show up for it.  God's love, and blessings, and healing grace be with you and your family every single day, Dan. ~  Leslie MacPherson Bell , your friend in Willow Grove (not Hickory Grove, but close!), Pennsylvania


 I first saw a Dan Fogelberg display outside Licorice Pizza Music back in the 70's. It was for Souvenirs. My first thought - He's Hot. My second thought, Gotta have that album. I went in and bought it. I've been hooked ever since. I own almost every album, some also on cd. Saw you in concert 4 times. Once a solo acoustic tour that was incredible. To this day I remember the guy in the big cowboy hat costume sneaking out on stage and dancing behind you when you weren't aware. I love your music and I wish you and your family the best.


 Dan, As a fellow musician and songwriter I can't tell you of the inspiration you have given me. Thank You. I miss it but not as much as I would miss the man himself. You should know how many young musicians I have introduced to your music and poetry of songs to and it has changed their lives forever. Your legacy will live forever. I thank you and pray for you every day . Greetings from the South and We Love You ..


 Dan- I discovered your music some 30 years ago and found it both heart wrenching and uplifting. I was also FINALLY honored to see you in concert about 10 years ago and the night and the concert both remain a highlight in my life. I hope your battle with cancer goes well and that you soon will be back giving us all the pleasure of your genius. ~ an old fan


 I've been listening to you "albums" since 1975.  You have been a source of strength for me through my teens and into my adult life. My husband was diagnosed with head & neck cancer, a very aggressive form of cancer, and wasn't given much time to live.  THAT WAS EIGHT YEARS AGO! He is still alive, working and driving me crazy.  Never give up.  Be RELENTLESSLY optimistic.  Miracles happen.  My prayers and gratitude will follow you. God Bless you and your family. ~ Paula Romanoski


 Over the years (since about 1974, actually) your music has inspired me and sustained me through good times and bad, always a constant beacon in my life!  Whether you return to the stage or recording studio is not important or relevant, because the music you gave to me throughout my adult life will always be a gift I have from you, and one I will always cherish.  More importantly, I wish you the strength of renewed health, love surrounding you and those you love, and peace of mind, whatever path you take for the future!  You and your loved ones continue to be in my prayers, in the hope you continue to embrace life and the love you give and receive, and may whatever endeavors you undertake give you peace and joy in your life! ~Stephanie


 Dan and family, It saddens me to hear of your struggles, since your incredible music, lyrics, , musicianship and vocals have brought so much joy to my life, in good times and rougher moments, since 1972. It further saddens me to realize that I'm just now aware of  the battle that you've been fighting for the past two years. I am not a religious man, but one whose spirituality and faith in the God of my understanding is strong, and has gotten me through journeys in my life that I simply could not have traveled alone. I will pray to that same God, for his love reaches all, and will ask him to fight the fight with you, to walk the walk side by side with you and yours, and to give you the peace and comfort that you have brought to millions, and that you, yourself , I'm certain, richly deserve. No one has done better that which you have loved so much for these 35 plus years, and no one has given more through some of the most wonderful music ever recorded than you have. For this, I deeply thank you and know that regardless of where this particular path my lead, you will always be greatly appreciated, respected, and admired. God Bless you and your family, and I hope you can take comfort in the knowledge of the immense joy that you have brought to so many for so long. With respect and regards ~ Bob Reedy, Fremont, Oh.


 Dan, I played "Part of the Plan" for my six year old son yesterday. He is a sensitive child that is concerned he cries too much. I wanted to remind him that crying is part of being a person and a man. I thought of you and hoped that you were getting better. We are still thinking of you and keeping you in our prayers. God Bless ~ Brian K. Halvorsen, M.Ed.


 Hello to Dan and Jean. Your music has been incredibly inspirational and has survived the test of time better than any other (Beatles included!) of my college era. You were a genius in melody and lyrics and my "vinyl" collection highlights are those of your albums.  I always hear something new everytime I listen. I recently held a "Vinyl" Party and had guests bring theirs and select from mine.  It wasn't just nostalgic, but rather new and refreshing.  May God bless you in your challenges ahead. You are inspiring, a role model, and a giver of great gifts to us all. ~ Diane Barbara Mohr, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


 Dear Dan & Jean, You continue to be in my thoughts, and I was hoping for some news of how you are doing these days. I am sure you wish to keep your privacy during this, your time of peaceful healing.I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers, along with so many others...~ a forever fan


 Hope for you to get better ~ a big fan in North Dakota.


 Hi Dan, I just wanted to let you  know that I have been an avid fan for over 25 years.  Your music is  tremendous and like all  your fans here, you have touched my very soul with  the sheer brilliance of your musical abilities. As a songwriter, a singer  and a musician-you are a master of your craft. Thank you for all the countless hours I have spent listening to the songs you have shared with  us!! You are in my prayers daily and I hope you are doing well. Please remember all your fans are still here for you!!  You are my "American Idol"--always have been and  always will be #1 on my list!!  Health and Happiness ~ LJE


 Dan, I have always been a fan and saw you in concert several times.  I'm a 54 yr. old woman who has battled cancer in the past, and now have Non-Hodgkins B Cell Lymphoma.  I'm doing pretty well so far.  With the help of B12 shots monthly, but no other meds.  I am also a Disabled American Veteran, from the Navy.  I share with everyone good thoughts and prayers for you and your family. ~ Mary Baldwin, Tulsa


 My oldest friend, Cynthia Harvey, and I have been your fans forever.  We sat in the rain on the grass at the Woodinville (WA) Winery concert, we sat in the sun at the Seattle Woodland Park Zoo concert, we sat in the 4th row of the Seattle Paramount and I used my binoculars for the whole concert (I'm sure I looked like a stalker).  I've been to six of your concerts, and have seen you more times than any other artist.  I recently saw the movie "United 93."  After the movie, I sat in my car in the parking lot and thought, "I need to hear some happy music," so I plugged in "Full Circle."  I was on a driving vacation when that CD came out, but made my friend stop on the day it was released so I could buy two copies, one for me and one to mail to Cynthia.  Your music has made me happy, even the sad songs, for more than 30 years.  I had everything on vinyl, then on cassette, and now on CD.  I hope your health is improving.  If good thoughts and well wishes help, all will be right with you in no time. I hope these messages from your fans, telling you of the impact you've had on their lives, help you through this difficult time.  Blessings to you and yours, Dan. ~ Jill Ellis, Federal Way, Washington


 Dan - I am praying for you and your family.  Music has always been such an inspiration to me, and I can honestly say that some of your songs are some of my favorite "just make me feel good when I hear them" songs of all time! I'm a sucker for a great melody!  Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents with us through the years!  May God Bless you and your family in all that you do. P.S. Your last show in Houston was truly a wonderful experience for my wife and for me. ~ Mike in Houston


 Hey Dan, Keep fighting the good fight. I think of you often. Thanks for the music. Love ~ Linn


Dan and family -You are in my prayers.  Keep the faith dring this tough time.  ~ Julie


 Dan: Just a few words to let you know that I join my prayers to those of all who have posted their well wishes for you.  I am also a musician/writer, and have long admired your work.  More than admire it; your music has spoken to the many chapters and passages of my life.  The great gift of an artist resides in his/her ability to universally speak to the human heart; to stand in witness to the journey of "Everyman" and instill the comforting message that he does not walk alone..and this you have done.  Thank you for sharing your gifts.  Know that you are prayed for; and that I wish you full recovery and a peaceful heart. ~ Tony Massa, Connecticut


 I am praying for your healing.  I still love your music and hope you can return to concert stage if that is what you'd like.  I would really love to see you once again.  Really enjoyed the acoustic concert in Salem, VA in approx. 1995/1996.  Stay strong and enjoy being...  ~ Donna Pennington,  Bluefield, VA


 Dan....  Your music was so important to me as a teenager.  I was hoping to see you in concert sometime in the future. Please don't disappoint me :) ~ Holly


 Hello, Dan -- My thoughts are with you; please let us know how you're doing. I hope to see you live again soon!!! ~ A fan


 Dear Dan, Your music has always been very special to me, and touches my soul  deeply. As a child, your music resonated with my deepest feelings, and reached a sacred spiritual place. Now I am an adult woman in her early 30's. Whenever I hear one of your songs, I have incredible memories. I wanted you to know how much your music has touched my life. I send you and Jean prayers and peaceful thoughts. May the sunlight bless your days, you are in my thoughts. Namaste ~ Amy Claire Lamanna


 I was surfing the net looking for uplifting lyrics to encourage thought-provoking messages for my sixth grade class in a little town in South Texas.  I typed in your name, remembering how your music has touched my life all these years.  I was shocked and saddened to learn of your diagnosis.  Cancer has touched my life in too many ways and my heart and prayers go out to you and your family for what you have gone through.  I pray that you are on the road to recovery and that knowing how much your music has inspired so many generations (and no doubt will continue to inspire) will encourage you in your battle.  I am confident that all our trials are from God for our edification and His Glory, but when you are in the middle of it, it is very difficult to focus on that truth.  May peace and healing be yours. ~ Diana


 Your music touched my life in so many ways. You are on my prayers. Please post an update on your web site so we know how you are doing. Namaste.


 I have been meaning to check out your site for a long time and finally did. I am a fan going back to your first hit record "Part of the Plan" and the album it sprang from. I learned to play guitar at about that time, and there are strong hints of your style in many of my original compositions. I trust that you are being well cared for by doctors and pray that your diagnosis points toward remission. Thanks for the pleasure of listening to the many great heartfelt songs back in the seventies eighties and nineties, including the hits as well as "The Reach", "Wysteria", "Scarecrow's Dream", "Tullamore Dew", "The Innocent Age", "Morning Sky", "County Clare" and so many more. It was a joy seeing you in concert in 1995 and hope to do so again soon.


 Dear Dan - I have been an ardent fan of your music since I was 16 years old and my older brother leant me Nether Lands having been given it my his mate who had acquired it second hand somewhere! I am now 43 years old and your music remains so important to me and so much part of who I am today. I had then, nearly 30 years later, no slightest idea of how your work would effect me over the years. I have bought most of your albums all of which have made me so happy , so sad but also so reflective. I love your passion for the natural world, your sensitive nature and your deep humanity. I have loved so many different kinds of music and I am not a "lists" person but I have always had your music in  a very special place, my very favourite artist, crass as that may sound. I have never seen you play live and I guess I didn't think you would play the UK, but for some reason I decided this month to look you up on the internet and I obviously learned then of your cancer. I am so very sorry that you and your friends and family have had to suffer this. I am not sure what your current health is like but I wish you the very best of luck and love for you to conquer this hideous disease. I have never written to a stranger in my life before but I felt so compelled to. From the bottom of my heart. I wish you well and thank you for all the years of faith and warmth and pleasure you have brought me with your music. I think of you and your struggle all the time now. You deserve to beat this thing. If you feel able to perform again, anywhere in the world. I will make sure I get there. I wish you and your loved ones courageand faith to get over this. With all the best wishes and strength and luck in the world. ~ Bridget Irving, London England


 Dear Dan & Jean, Where have I been to not learn of your battle with prostate cancer and to join in with thousands of other fans to say "you will be in my thoughts and prayers." God works in mysterious ways and I will pray for you and your family.


Yes, I count myself as a "Dan Fogelberg" fan -- having seen you many times over the years (in Austin, Texas; most recently at Wolf Trap National Park in Vienna, Virginia).  My sister even recalls seeing you as the warm-up artist for The Who in the early 1970's.  She remembers waiting outside the backstage door for The Who to come out and distinctly recalls when YOU came out -- apparently, even then, you were making fans.  I believe you are also a big Beatles fan as I have enjoyed your renditions of various Beatle songs during your concerts.  What a treat -- to hear Dan Fogelberg sing and play a Beatles song.  And what a combination -- two of my absolute favorites all rolled into one song.  Thanks! Your ability to share your insights into life were a major part of my musical experience growing up in the early 1970's.  Thank you for the treasure trove of simply beautiful, moving (and often rockin') songs.  Wow! Peace & Prayers ~ Craig Dubishar

 Hi Dan, I am so happy to hear you are doing well. I have been a fan of yours since the 80's. Love your music and had a big crush on you. I've seen your twice in concert ins Fort Worth and Dallas and loved them. Hope you can return to us in the future but if you can't we (your fans) understand. We are just glad you are getting healthier every day. You're a blessed man and we have been blessed having you in our lives through your music. Love you and miss you. God bless you. ~ Bonnie Nettles, Fort Worth, Texas


 May God bless you and continue to grant you and your family patience, good health, grace and understanding, Dan. For the decades of joy, memories and magic through your gift of imagination and song,I thank you.Hope to hear again from you very very soon and above all your successful defeat of this trial in your life. With love and thanks. ~ Chris Peterson


 Dan, my prayers are with you and your loved ones. I just found out about  your illness while hoping to find a tour schedule.  Your music is such a  gift to the world and has brought me a lot of joy. God bless you.


 Dan , Brilliant evocative poetry set to soaring music.  All energy and light and love to you. ~ Kathleen and Scott Ostler, Orinda CA


 Dan, I have been a fan of your music for many years.  I think you have an incredible amount of talent.  It is rare for one person to have as much talent as you.  I don't know what religion you follow but I am a Christian and I think you have been given many great gifts from God.  I wish I had even half the musical talent you have.  Many of us can take lessons and learn how to play music but only a handful of us have the kind of natural talent you seem to have for creating music.  I love your music and the lyrics you write are so profound and poetic.  Besides just enjoying listening to your music, which lifts my spirits, I have found that when I'm feeling stressed, your music, at least temporarily, helps my stress fade away and it's a very nice escape.  Your music means a lot to so many people.  You probably receive millions of well wishes from fans every day and I don't know if you will ever actually read mine but I hope you do and I sincerely pray that you will win your battle with prostate cancer and stay well. ~ Cindy Smith


 Hello Dan I've always kept an eye out for your music through the years and when I was looking to see if you were going to be appearing near here, I found your devastating news.  Your music has been a blessing in the background of my life. Thank you so much for your choice of career.  This planet really needs your energy in these times. My thoughts and hopes are with you.  I visualize your swift recovery.  Bless you.~ Nancy


 Dan - Your message regarding prostate cancer is something all men should listen to.  I pray for your healing.  Your music has been a very influential part of my life.  Many great personal feelings of love and romance are tied closely to your lyrics.  I want to express my deep appreciation for enriching my life in that way.  I fondly remember driving through the snow to see you perform at Youngstown State University.  Your concert at the Mosque in Richmond, Virginia is another I'll always remember.  May God continue to bless you.   - John, Richfield, Ohio


 Dear Dan, My husband and I are listening to the "Dan Fogelberg Live" DVD at this moment, and can't help wondering how you are feeling. We hope you are well and on the road to recovery.  Your music has touched our lives like you will never know. You are a legend!! Best regards ~ Clyde and Karen Blount, Germantown, TN


 Dan- You have touched me in so many ways. I had no idea you were sick until today. I am so sorry. You have meant so much to me for so many years. Through several changes in my life, you and your music were the constant that I could count on. Please continue to battle this and I look forward to new music from you for many years to come. Thanks again for everything. ~ David Ramsay


 Dan- My dad and I have listened to you on all of our road trips and camping trips. We love your music. It is inspiring and beautiful. We really hope you get better. We will continue to pray for you to get better. Jesus loves you. ~ Olivia Schaan


 I guess I've been out of it for a while, but was moved today to search your website and was so saddened to hear what you have been going through.   I am grateful that you are recovering.  I pray that you will come through this stronger than you began. 


I have been a fan since my early teenage years.  I was inspired by your music to learn to play guitar and keyboards during those years.  I was already singing at the time.  I had been to a few concerts by the time I first saw you in Boston, but was unprepared for what I was about to experience.  As you closed the concert and had the entire audience singing the refrain "Let it shine",  I heard something I had never before and have never since experienced at the concert of another artist.  I heard hundreds of voices singing in the most perfect harmony. I realized that only a gifted musician such as yourself could have a following of so many musicians. I met you very briefly as you arrived for a sound check at Tanglewood, Ma in the summer of 1977 and took pictures of you entering through the stage door in snorkel gear with a baseball glove.  I wasn't sure what to make of it, but I still laugh about that.  Later that night you astounded all when you were forced to change from a concert with a band to a full solo concert on a moment's notice.  Wow was I blown away.  A few years ago I flew from Boston to Atlanta to attend a concert with a benefit for the wilderness society where I was honored to meet you (I had already attended the concert in Massachusetts, but hadn't found out about the benefit until after the concert).  You signed my infamous pictures in the snorkel mask and actually reminisced about that concert. I was both star struck and amazed at how down to earth you were.


I still listen to your music often and for me even the older pieces have not lost their wonder after all these years.  As a matter of fact, I was listening to The Innocent Age in the car last night. I wish you and your family the best during this struggle and as a cancer survivor I send you my prayers and the knowledge that though the journey may be difficult it can be completed and the light at the other end is the sweetest light you may ever see. All My Prayers ~ Mary Bonish, Quincy, Ma


 Dan,   I have been a fan for many years and have seen you perform in concert more times than I can count. I was so saddened to hear about your cancer. In my personal life, as well as professional life, your music has meant so much. I deliver babies for a living and have used and suggested your music for women to use many times as they labor and give birth. Thank you for the spiritual nature of your music; the way it touches our hearts and pricks our souls. The best to you and your family. ~ Michelle Collins


 Hi Dan, I wish you all the best and miss new records of yours. I am already 37 years in a wheelchar (spinal injury), due to a car accident. And I know what suffering can be. I am a Dutchman and already more than 35 years a big fan of you and your great music. So, take care, man, and everything will be alright in due course. Love to you and your family ~ Roy Schoonheim from Holland


 Dear Dan,   You have no idea how many times you cross my mind.  I play your music often, and have fond memories of a concert you did in Jackson, Ms. many years ago.  A local radio station was offering tickets to callers, and I said, "I'm gonna win those tickets!"  and I did.   You were supposed to play at the City Auditorium, now named Thalia Mara Hall, after the civic leader who was instrumental in getting the Ballet Competition here in Jackson.  Anyway....they moved you to the Coliseum, and Beth Nielsen Chapman (who has also had a round or two with Breast Cancer).....was your guest artist.  A very fine artist, as well.  A thoroughly enjoyable concert, to say the least.....and I do hope you are coping well with your situation.  My prayers are for your recovery, and my tears are for the happiness you have shared with so many of your fans.  God bless.~ Rita Cantwell, Jackson, Ms


 Dan, I wanted to write you and let you know what your music has meant to me through the years.  My favorite CD of yours is "Wild Places" featuring "Forefathers" and the last song "Ever On"  I too am a product of the 60's born in 1950 in Georgia. Now I am a teacher, and I occasionally play your music for my English students and let them write about the meaning to some of your songs.  Today I was riding home from my parents' home in Georgia (they are both in poor health right now) and realized how true those lyrics really are today for me and my family.  On an even more personal note, my eldest son of 34 years, Jason, suddenly passed away this winter.  He really loved your music and when I listened to you today,  I felt I must tell you how your music has brought both inspiration and reflection into my life.  So my husband looked up your site and we read about you and your life.  I want you to know I said a prayer for you today.  I read that you are not feeling well at this time.   I just wanted you to know that God loves you.  My grandson, Jason's child, age 9, told his mom today in church that he saw his daddy, and he told him that heaven was so beautiful and he was doing wonderful.  Jason was an alcoholic and also diagnosed as bi-polar a few years ago and found comfort in beautiful simple things in life. When you live in chaos, simple things become more important.  Your music was like that to him.  He was a news reporter in Ga. Al. and Colorado. Additionally he finished writing a children's book the day he died.  I hope to be able to get it published. Well, I guess I have poured out my heart enough.  Maybe you will read this. I just felt you needed to know that you never know whose life you are going to touch for the better.   "May your skies be blue above you as you journey ever on." Good Luck to you Dan.  God Bless ~ Debbie in Alabama


 Hoping and praying that you will return to the studio and concerts to share your wisdom of music and words with a generation not yet touched. How your music delivered me in my life's most painful times is owed to others who still suffer.    ~ Patrick in Hawaii


 Dan Fogelberg, I'm sorry about your illness.  You should know by now that you and your music will always be loved.  Most importantly it will always be remembered. Thanks for the reminder about the prostate exam...a bunch of us are getting close to 50 and it's one of those diseases that has to be checked for. I truly hope you can come back for one more concert tour. There's no doubt all the dates will sell out, especially if you come to Dallas (Texas).  God Bless You, sir...know that you and yours are in my prayers...:) ~ Frank Garza


 Hi Dan, My thoughts and prayers are with you for a full recovery during this tough period of your life. I saw you when I was a freshman at Miami of Ohio in 1978 and thought your talents were extraordinary.  Needless to say, I only lasted a year at Miami and moved on to Marquette U near home in Glenview IL --the girl I chased to Miami dumped me after a few weeks for the star football player. My wife bought me a piano because she got sick of me playing the guitar. I have learned all your classic songs on the piano and play them for friends and family when they can stand it.  Your music has changed many lives and continues to live on. Never give up. ~ John Pasek, Lake Bluff, IL


 Dan,  I have enjoyed your music for years. Never thought I would have the chance to thank you for it. I will pray for you and your family. May you be back on stage filling your fans minds and hearts with your music in the near future. May God bless you. ~ Kendall


 I am reminded that there is a reason for everything and the trials and tribulations of this life can either be the reason for our demise or the strength to continue to do what we are meant to do. I am confident that the treatment of cancer will become a strength that you will translate into more great music. I saw you twice in concert,   in 2001 and 2003. But I have been a fan since my college days when Souvenirs was an album from an "unknown" artist.  Through all of the years I have enjoyed all of  your albums and I think the "newest" album is my favorite. I realize that you may not be planning new music, but I am hopeful that you regain  your health, your strength,and your desire to  write and sing.  For I am anxiously awaiting new Fogelberg music. ~ Keith


 Dan - I first heard your music when "Part of the Plan" hit the top while I was in college.  You continued to lift and encourage me and my friends through good times and bad.  "Phoenix" became my anthem when I divorced in '85. Throughout my life I have been inspired by your music.  I pray you will be healed of this affliction, and you will live a long and happy life with your wife and family.  GOD bless and keep you safe and well. ~ Dennis Scott - Alabama


 Dan, Your music has touched the lives and hearts of so many.  Mine is one of them. I can't thank you enough of making this journey of life so very special.  Your music expresses feelings  in our hearts and souls that words cannot.  You have such a marvelous gift from God and I am thankful to get to hear it.  My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family.  My husband  was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year and had  robotic surgery to remove it .  Thank God he is doing great and the future looks good. I have faith that yours will as well.  Again thank you for  your special , wonderful music.  God Bless ~ Dede


 Dearest Brave Dan Fogelberg and Jean; You have been the most deepest of contributors to the influence of my music. From your very first piece of music I was fascinated with your style, lyrics and gentleness. I am deeply saddened by the news of your health condition. You have given many moments of reflection and inspiration to millions who listen to your works. I now offer you hope in the form of my personal closeness to advanced prostate cancer. My father is 84 and has been battling it for 10 years now. I have him go to a support group here in Seattle Washington called "Man to Man'. To hear about others and what their fears, realizations and hopes are make him more comfortable knowing that he is not alone, and his input is helping others. I do not know how you are going about treating your condition, whether it be herbal or chemical. My father started with radiation therapy 10 years ago. He is now taking the Lupron injection quarterly throughout the year with no side effects. His PSA has dropped dramatically and so has his disposition. 2 years ago I had to remove all the guns from his house because he was contemplating suicide. Now with the support group and the Lupron he has no longer considered the alternative. I wish you the best in your battle. I hope you and Jean take the time to enjoy life and each other now. You have fulfilled many people's lives with your music, now it is time to fulfill your own life with time and love. Sincerely ~ Bonnie Jacobsen


 Dan, I have wondered so many times what had become of you. I am 55 years old and have loved your music for many years. I lived in Nashville from 1992-1997. During that time I had the privilege to attend 2 of your concerts. They were wonderful. It was so good to see you in person after listening to your tapes over and over. I was searching for information about you this evening and came upon your web site. I am very sad to learn of your prostate cancer. I do hope and pray that you will some day enter a state of remission and your health return to a normal state for you. If that is not meant to be, I will remember you, either way, in my prayers. You have brought so many happy hours to me through your singing. I hope that my prayers for you will help you go through the tough times you are going through. My best to you. Sincerely ~ Judy Zimpel


 Dan,  Your music has truly touched my heart over the years.  Now I hope I can touch yours by saying Thank You.  I am praying for you and Jean.  I know these are hard times.  Lean on each other and you will find strength.  ~  Robyn


 At 36, I may be a bit younger than your typical fan base, but I have a story I would like to share. One of the very few cassette tapes I ever owned (I grew up very poor) was your Greatest Hits. I have no idea how I came to have it years ago, but I still do to this day. It seems that that cassette would pop back up again at pivotal times in my life. When I met the man that would eventually become my husband, I had just unpacked the tape from a box of stuff I was saving from a pervious breakup. I popped it in the deck of my 10 year old Hyundai and listened to it on the long drive from my tiny apartment in Louisville to Fort Knox, Kentucky, where Paul was stationed at the time. I never got tired of listening to the stories on that tape. And that's what they are. Your songs come alive for me so clearly. In the hour it took me to reach Paul's apartment I had been stirred in so many ways emotionally, that I was always softened,  no matter what mood I was in when I got into that car. That tape was the soundtrack my life to the winter I feel in love with my husband. Now, here we are 9 years later. We have a little boy, we just found out that Paul is off to his second tour of Iraq in December, and today, while cleaning out some things in the garage, I found your tape again.  I'm not surprised.  Someday when Sam asks me how his parents met and feel in love, I'll play those songs for him. Thank you for providing the soundtrack to the wonderful, as well as trying, parts of my life. I am sending out good vibes, prayers and thoughts to you. My best to your wife and family ~ Rene Maxwell


 Had a quiet moment and remembered your music. Went onto your website and I became 20 again....thanks.  Much love to you and your family and here's a hug... squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze. Wish I could do it for real.  Yours ~ Marion From England xxx


 Dear Dan, All I want you to know is your music will outlive everyone of us...thank you for using the gifts bestowed upon you to not only make my ears and heart rejoice, but all of us who love you, just because you always sing it right from your heart.  I did the cancer thing, and the congestive heart failure thing, and I am dying, but we all have since the day we were conceived, right?  If memory serves me I have a choice to make.  I could take the road that is simple and accept life or I could just close my eyes and claim the sweet peace.  Whatever the choice will be it will be mine to make and then my vision of life will be released into all the love that awaits each of us somewhere in the Nether Lands. ~ J.


 Dan, like a lot of the folks that have posted here, I'm a long time fan.  From your early days with Fools Gold (I saw you in the 70's opening up for the Eagles in Mobile, Alabama for $3.50.) I almost got in a fight in Jackson, MS because the guys in front of us were making too much noise.  You let them know from the stage you would move on to the rock n' roll if they didn't quiet down.  We let them know in person!  I saw you a few other times over the years, but I guess my favorite (besides your solo acoustic in Biloxi,MS in the early 80's) would be taking my 14 year old to see you the last two times you were at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi.  She knew the words to every song.  She sang so much that she almost lost her voice.  It was great.  I met your old friend, Norbert, back in the 80's.  We talked about recording together a few years ago since he's living in Mississippi now, but my career took a different turn.  I think he's teaching music industry at Delta State.(As much as he likes to hear himself talk, he needs a captive audience)   I haven't talked to him since you became ill. It's taken me a while to write this and I didn't know why I couldn't bring myself to write.  I think now I know.


After so much has happened down here on the Coast with Katrina and people starting to take global warming more seriously, it made me stop and look back at the message you and others have been trying so hard to get out.  We're now at war and it's a shame.  We have a president that's driving our country into the ground.  The one silver lining is at least the country is now having to think of alternative fuel sources.  I guess I said all that to say this: I know your health has been a major issue, and I hope and pray you are continuing to do well.  If you have the time, it's obvious you have the audience judging by the amount of people who've written in, I think a lot of us would like to hear your thoughts on these issues.  A lot of us have listened in the past, probably few have taken any kind of action, or even known what they could do.  I guess I just wanted to let you know the things you have written have urged myself and many others to at least think about our environment.  I could go on for a while, but you never really say everything you want to when you're writing something like this.  I'll end by letting you know that my family and I pray for you daily and hope that you and your family are living life to the fullest as you always have.  ~ Ronnie, Cathy, Katie, Chloe', and Cole Davis from good ole Mississippi


 Dear Dan and family- I was shocked to hear of your cancer but have high hopes you will be able  to beat it, having had a dear friend diagnosed with inoperable cancer and having seen her cancer go away by treating it nutritionally when all other hope was gone, (we had to put nutrients in her feeding tube for awhile until she could  eat again) and having a father with prostate cancer who was told his cancer was  a 9 out of a possible 10 who has now had a PSI of less than 1 for 6 years now,  (by treating it nutritionally too), and I would strongly encourage you to look  into nutritional treatments too, if you haven't already, and not limit yourself  to medical treatments only.  Best wishes and may God see fit to give you many more wonderful and healthy  years here to bless your family (and us) with!!!!!! ~ Michele Gill


Hi Dan, My name is Mary Beth Cross and I am writing from Denver, Co. First of all, I would like to say how sorry I am that you have had the pain and trials of the journey of dealing with prostate cancer.  Not fun!! Originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin, I too, am a midwesterner who fell in love with Colorado and stayed......20 years ago this summer. Now a wife, Mother of sons (from the same mother), and a budding singer/songwriter playing coffee shops. I have made my living as an intensive care and cardiac rehab nurse and have always been inspired, healed and moved by your music and the music of many others such as Joni Mitchell, James Taylor and John Denver to name a few. Like loves of our life, there are a few who outshine the others and for me you are a very bright star in the soul of this life for me.  I am sooooo grateful you chose the path of music and songwriting.  It is not so easy for people to do.  Not the life that "brings a woman piece of mind" or anyone else for that matter.  Yet, you have managed to find balance and done the whole thing so beautifully.  I thank you for all of it!  Who you are, what you are about and your generosity of yourself has touched me and millions more than you know.


My boys (ages 4 and 7) and I just watched your DVD of the "Greetings From The West" concert last night and everything you said on that video rings true for me.  Everything!!  It was fun to introduce them to you as we have been playing "To the Morning" from the Home Free CD on the way to school this year.  It is a song that helps me find the stillness I crave living here in the city.  I worked with the Navajo indians in Gallup, NM and did home visits out on the reservation back in 1996.  I also think it is sad for them to lose their heritage and spirituality.  I think there are those who will work to keep it.  I do my part in teaching my early childhood music World Music class.  We dedicate 8 weeks to an Amerindian which we cover the dances, culture, stories and rhythms of all the tribes of North America.  There will always be people who are closed minded and couldn't care less about other cultures and the world, and I sometimes feel like a misfit living this "soccer mom"/ Doctor's wife lifestyle here in Denver. Your concert made me feel like maybe I'm not the one with the problem!! That time alone in the desert for me was very important and I felt very close to Mother Earth and God. I feel my feet are on a good path and I am walking closely to the earth, even through the concrete.


I hope you are pain free and enjoying the beauty of each day with your loved ones.  Thank you again, my love.  I will never forget you, ever!!!!  You are a part of me and your music is in my pores! Peace on your journey ~ Mary Beth Cross


 I'm glad to hear that you are recovering and I hope all goes well for you and your family in the future. You certainly have brought me much joy through your music and I wish for nothing but good things for you. I have seen you many times and hope to again at some point. Hell, I was in the worst car accident of my life when attempting to get to a show of yours on Long Island about 23 years ago. My wife and I were fine, but the car didn't make it. Once again, all the best and get better -- all better.


 Dan: I am so happy that you are recovering nicely.  Your music has always been a bright light for me particularly when I was in my teens and twenties.  Your words have always been a mixture of beauty and truth that are timeless (especially when speaking of love!)  I look forward to your next concert and cd. Many blessings. ~ Michele


 Dear Dan,  I just found out about your illness today from one of my old friends.  We are both Dan Fogelberg junkies from the 70's.  I grew in many ways listening to your music.  I am so saddened to hear that you are not well, and you will be in my prayers daily.  Thanks for impacting my life in the positive way that you have for so many years. May God bless you and your family.


 I just wanted you to know that you and your music helped me thru some bad times when my husband decided he no longer wanted to be married.  That is a hard thing to be told at just shy of 50, but your music lifted me and got me thru some bad times. My prayers are with you on this journey you are on and I pray for good to come. ~ Duanna


 Dan, I've been a fan of yours since the early 70's.  I've seen you in concert and I have even performed some of your songs myself, several times.  I am always impressed with your vocal work.  As a singer myself, I'm humbled at the grace and accuracy of your voice.  You use it like an instrument.  I am saddened by the news of your illness, and pray that God's healing hand will rest upon you.  May he give you peace and assurance as you go through this time of uncertainty.  God bless you and I hope to see and hear you perform again. ~ Ron in Virginia


 Dear Dan, I can't help but miss you terribly this time of year while looking at different Venues and looking to see who will be performing this summer. My Heart is aching, and longing to hear your golden throated voice and enchanting words once again ride on the summer wind and brush across my face and touch my very soul. I will always and forever remember and think of you at many different Venues. When I received the Wolf Trap concert schedule I had wonderful memories of the Only concert I have seen there- You and the band when you opened your tour there in 2003. I really enjoyed reading Michael Botts' Journal of that tour also. He was funny. That was a very magical night to say the least. My brother and his wife come from Michigan to see your concert with me. It was indeed a night to remember.


I pray for you fervently and urge you to continue on the HEALING PATH. I selfishly hope you will tour once again. I am actually looking forward to it. I keep thinking RED ROCKS! I have this whole big Red Rocks dream going on!  Thanks again for all the WONDERFUL SUMMER CONCERT AND CONCERT MEMORIES DAN! Have a great summer and get all the R&R that you need! Know that you are loved and in my and many others  thoughts and prayers. Love and Peace ~ Laura Boughner, Richmond


 Dear Dan, I hope you don't mind I address you by your first name. It feels a bit rude to do so as you have never met me, but writing Mr. Fogelberg seems too formal. I gave this email alot of thought. Probably  too much because the more I tried to properly construct it, the less sincere it seemed. So, back to Square 1 - I'm just going to write what is in my head and heart.


I lost my Dad in February. I couldn't find comfort anywhere and really, wanted to jump out of my own skin. Music being one of my passions, helped take the edge off a little but not enough. The radio became a repetitive irritation so one day I finally sat down in front of my CD collection searching for the perfect "cure", thinking there has to be an artist or song in here somewhere that will help. One of my clients introduced me to your music about 15 years ago. The sound of your voice, the melodies and your words made me feel at peace. It had been a while since I had listened to any CD's.I guess I'd gotten lazy. Turning the radio on was easier than opening a CD case! Yet I knew your music would bring me as close as possible to something I needed to help alleviate the grief and emptiness I felt.


I have to own up and admit something. I was one of those people, who, upon hearing about someone contacting a musician or actor to tell them "you helped me through....", whatever their circumstances happened to be, would find that kind of strange. However, I now understand it and will never make fun of someone again. It is possible to be consoled by an artist whom you have never met. It makes sense. After all, we begin a love affair with the artists' work and that is how we "meet", so why wouldn't comfort be found during stressful times.


My business requires me to spend alot of time in my car, which is a daily exercise in patience considering the traffic in Toronto. Yet, that car was now the place which allowed me to indulge in your music and really feel what I needed to feel. Sitting in traffic allowed me the time to focus on your music. "Ever On" is one song I played over and over again. It brought me the peace, comfort and inner quietness I was so badly seeking. Once again reunited with your music, I got the bug to look you up on the Internet and see what you were doing. I wondered if I could find contact information so I could write you and thank you for helping me deal with the loss of my Dad. Imagine my surprise when, here I was, completely self-absorbed, your web site opened to the notice about your own challenge.


Now I wonder what I can do to help you. I could write you a song but I'm afraid my songwriting skills aren't as prolific as yours. So, aside from keeping my fingers, toes, arms, legs and eyes crossed that you will have a complete recovery, I hope my little story will bring you a smile. I hope you will find strength and comfort knowing you have assisted this girl from Toronto deal with the loss of her Dad. I hope you will find your way through this challenge and that I soon read on your web site you have completely recovered. Forever grateful ~ Tessa Kimmel, Toronto, Canada

 God Bless you, Dan and Jean...God is about to work a miracle. ~ Rob Robertson


 God bless you and I pray for your full recovery from prostate cancer.  I am going to schedule my PSA tomorrow.  Consider me one of your most loyal fans since 1973.  I think I know every word to every song and have strong memories linked especially to the early tunes. Get Well Soon! ~ Dwaine Price


 Wishing you well, wishing you recovery.  Enjoyed every concert of yours I attended including meeting you in person at The Turningstone Casino.  Have the photo at my desk at work.  Donate regularly to the American Cancer Society to support you and others who I have known personally.  Peace and strength to you and your family. ~ Elaine A.


 Greetings from the West.  I have all the albums, Home Free and Nether Lands are my favorites, though I am extremely fond of many songs off the Captured Angel and Phoenix albums.  Of course, Innocent Age and Twin Sons didn't suck either, and High Country Snows was impossibly fun.  Okay, maybe I don't have a favorite.  For years I too have enjoyed each and every song and drawing you have given us, and have left your concerts feeling content and satisfied.  (Regenerated? Rejuvenated?)  Well, at any rate, your fans know exactly what I mean here.  For years we eagerly waited for each new album you gave us, and were never disappointed.  Your generosity has been humbling and very, very much appreciated. It's been the warm and fuzzy blanket I needed wrapped around me, the hot cocoa to take away the chill, and the old, worn out, familiar sweater I put on when I'm feeling out of place or forlorn.  It's been a good friend to those of us who are forever enchanted by your soul and spirit.  I hope that over the years, we, your fans, have in some small way returned the favor.  You've certainly earned it.  Be well.  ~ Christy in Colorado

Dan, I was shocked to hear that you have cancer! I have been a fan of yours since your very early days! I am 51 years of age and you go back to my teen years! A long time my friend! I wish you the best and will definitely add you to my prayers. In the back of my mind I always hoped to see you again in concert. There was a time in Santa Monica, CA, years ago that you held the stage all alone. That night burned in my mind, forever, the God given talent that you possess. One man, alone on the stage, in front of hundreds of people and held them all in the palm of your hand! I was amazed! You have become part of my "grounding". Where I go for peace. The Eastern Sierras and your music, is what brings me to peace and a sense of being me. God bless you Mr. Fogelberg and God-Speed in all that you endeavor! ~ Scott Tiffany


 Hello Dan, I have been with you from almost day one.  I saw you at The Great Southeast Music Hall in Atlanta in...when was it...1972 ?  I know you have many thousands of fans but please count me in as an extremely loyal one. I happened upon your television concert a bit late, but heard you play several selections from Full Circle.  I have tried to find a DVD of that concert to no avail.  All I can find is Greetings From the West.  It isn't quite worn out yet. I cannot possibly express in words my gratitude for all the pleasure that your works have given me.  What I give you in return are my prayers and love.  God works miracles.  There is one coming your way.  Love and peace ~ Rob Robertson


 Hey there Dan. I've written several times before but it's been awhile. I miss you and can see I'm not the only one. May you be recuperating well and getting ready for some great sailing this summer. My husband Richard and I just bought a 25' sailboat last weekend -- all we've ever sailed before is a Sunfish, so wish us luck!  If it's okay with you we may name it The Reach 2 in honor of you (though it's probably really the millionth 'The Reach' out there). May God bless you and Jean in your ongoing journey. ~ Maura Allen


 As with the scores of others Dan, I fell in love with your music (and as a teenage girl, you) back in the 70's.  I wrote to you when I first heard about your illness to express my care and concern.  The reason I am writing to you again is because my life has changed so greatly since then.  I have found a book that has changed my life forever!  It is thePurpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.  If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it.  I know that I will never, ever be the same again.  I am 50 years old and only wish that I had all this information when I was younger.  Believe me, it is about so much more than just having faith.  I hope and pray if you have not yet read it, you'll give it a chance.  You don't have anything to lose, and just the chance of everything to gain. Sincerely one of your dearest fans ~ Janice Rysinski


 Dan, It seems arrogant to address you by your first name since we've never met, but if one can be known through his work, then you and I are best of friends.  Since 1972 I have listened to your music and eagerly anticipated each album.  I have been privileged to attend a couple of your concerts, but I have spent countless hours with a set of headphones, and an eight-track, cassette or CD.  Just as your music has reflected seasons and events in your life, so your music has been part of the seasons and events of mine.  Your music has comforted me when my heart was broken, calmed me when my life was being tossed on the waves of doubt and fear, and been part of the celebrations of my greatest days.  I have sung your songs to myself and to my boys as they were born and grew up.  Though we have never met, and probably never will, you are one of my dearest friends.  I pray for your complete recovery from the cancer you are fighting. I believe that on the other side of this wall there will be even greater music birthed in your heart and shared with the world that loves you so much. Your friend and fan ~ Derrick Lewis, LaGrange, Georgia


 I just wanted to leave you a note, letting you know how your music touched my life. I remember as a teenager in High school being a very big fan of yours, but more importantly it was through your music that I serenaded my wonderful wife of 7 years. I missed your last concert in Richmond, Va. and mentioned to my wife how I'd like to go, when I searched to find out when you'd come back I was confronted with the sad news of your troubles. I have a friend who went through what you are going through now, and he survived unscathed. I truly hope you recover too. You and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers. ~ William - Mechanicsville, Va.


 I was first introduced to your music as a 9 year old kid listening to the radio in my bedroom. Although those songs from "Phoenix" and then from "The Innocent Age" came and went from the airwaves, they remained in my memory. Years later, as a college student learning to play acoustic guitar, I rediscovered your music with the release of   "Greetings From The West." Your guitar work on the solo acoustic set on that album-- "Old Tennessee," "Leader of the Band," "Make Love  Stay"-- was amazing, and I spent hours trying to learn the finger  picking fills and nuances that made those songs so extraordinary to me. Eventually I bought all of your CDs, and have been fortunate enough to see you on stage five times, both in intimate settings  (Caesar's Tahoe and the Mountain Winery) and at what was formerly called the Concord Pavilion. Your song writing and musicianship have been a big inspiration. Thank you! You are in my prayers. ~ John Riemenschnitter, California


 Dan: Right around Valentine's Day I bought your Love Songs CD and quickly realized how much I had missed by not regularly listening to your music in so long. I have since visited your website many times and read about your wonderful life and have only dreamed of what it must be like to have so many extraordinary experiences--from being an incredible songwriter/singer/musician to being able to, and choosing to, live in beautiful places such as the Rockies and the Coast. I'm sure your innate appreciation of such natural beauty has greatly inspired you to express yourself in your songs. If only we had more gentle souls like you on our beautiful blue planet! What a wonderful place this would be for all of us! My best wishes and love to you--one day at a time and keep the faith! I feel in my gut that we are unknown soul mates. ~ Marsha from Michigan


 Dear Dan,  My husband and I are celebrating our 24th anniversary tonight.  As a matter of fact, he's out in the gazebo right now listening to our collection of your cd's.  Our 'song' is 'There's a Place in the World for a Gambler' and we danced to it tonight.  In 1978 we were 'lavaliered' (a corny fraternity thing) and his fraternity had a tradition of announcing an event such as ours with putting your names, date, and the occasion on the couple's album and placing it on the staircase.  Ours was Souvenirs.  We still have the album with that piece of paper stuck on it.  We've been to many of your concerts - mostly Chicago and Purdue.  We have taken you on vacations around the world - but you really work well in New England in the Fall.  We just want you to know that you've been a part of our lives together since the very beginning and your songs have kept us company through many wonderful times.  We read about your struggle with cancer and think about you often.  Funny, you don't know us, but here we are on our anniversary and writing you.  Stay strong and know that there are many people that you've touched and who pray for your healing (that means us). Oh, and Al says to invite you to come to our house for dinner.  Thank you for what you've given us and blessings to you and your family, ~  Pam and Al DaValle, St. Charles, Illinois


 Dan, I am sending you my loving energy. You have shared so much of yours with me. I am so grateful for the music you have shared. It has blessed me and blessed my family, particularly my mother, more than I can say. My name is Lisa McCasland. My Father met you around 1974ish (I believe in Baltimore??) on tour with The Play Group. His name was Ken. My Dad did alot of things, lawyer, actor, wrote be sure, he was more alive than most people I've ever known  -and knew that there was a place in the world for a gambler... and that certain things are part of the plan! ~although, even when we make it through the maze we don't often have the gift of the full pespective...until we do! Life is a challenge, to be sure, but please keep knowing that whatever happens (and ANYTHING can!) Love shared is the most powerful healer. You have done alot of healing in your time, intentional or not. Please keep being obedient to your heart, don't lose your sense of humor, and never stop loving! and I love you! ~ Lisa McCasland  


 Just purchased ANOTHER DF CD. I think of you often as I am a caregiver for a colorectal cancer patient and her family. ~  Cathy in NJ


 Dear Dan, I too have been a fan ever since I first heard "To the Morning"; I guess that dates me, but it dates me as a loyal fan for over 30 yrs.  I have been in the audience every time you made it to Michigan State University, and almost every time at the old Pine Knob in Michigan.  I have every one of your CDs.  With every album that was released,  my best girlfriend and I would have a race to see which one of us would get it first.  Each album spoke so directly to what I was going through in my life at that time, that it seemed as though our lives ran parallel.  You can count me among your thousands of fans who are praying for your health, and that we are blessed with hearing at least one more song from our favorite musician of all times. Kind Regards ~ Barbara Cooper-Haas


 Dear Dan and family, First let me say our family's prayers continue for your recovery. Thank you for introducing me to really enjoyable music. I have been a fan of yours for 27 years. I have had to replace your records and cd's several times from being played and handled too much. I've traveled to your concerts several times and have never been so entertained at any concerts as much as I have yours. Your compositions are magnificent. My oldest daughter (who is now 33) "grew up" listening to your music and is now as big a fan of yours as I am. We hope and pray that in the future we can attend one of your concerts together. Thank you for a life time of beautiful music. Thank you for opening my ears to sounds I had never heard before. Your God given gift has not been wasted. God bless you and best wishes . ~ Jim Brady


 Dan - My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.   Thank you so much for the musical contributions - I recently re-connected with your tunes and they remain timeless! Take care and Godspeed ~ JM


 Dan, Just wanted to say you're in my thoughts.  The kids (Allison and Jenny) and I continue to send prayers your way. ~ Chris Shafer


 Dear Dan- Best of luck in your battle with cancer. I have been a big fan since the 70's.  Saw you at UNH in 78?? Hope to see you again at the Arborvine this summer. Would love to make you a beverage of your choice. ~ An admiring bartender


 Hi Dan, My name is Dave DeMarco and I just learned of your situation. I just wanted to let you know what an impact your music has made on me. I was first exposed to your music via my brother in law, Larry, who was an avid fan and had seen you many times in the 70's. In October of 1981 he took me to your concert and I was blown away by the music. I still remember the entire concert hall (me included) singing along to one of the songs towards the end. It was magical. For Christmas that year, he gave me a copy of Home Free. At that point, my favorite bands were Kiss, Elton John, ELP, Yes and Led Zeppelin. I was pretty much your typical 13-year old hard rocker, but your music showed me that music did not have to be bombastic, complicated or theatrical to convey emotion, depth and majesty. Home Free was Larry's favorite album and now I knew why. Later, Nether Lands, Souvenirs and Innocent Age followed in my collection. I have since gone on to become a professional musician and I have always held up your music as an example of the type of artistic quality I aspire to achieve as a player, composer and lyricist. Thank you for your part in shaping my musical development and for creating music of enduring value which still means so much to me. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.  ~ Dave DeMarco


 Dear Dan and Family - I pray you are brought strength to fight your disease. It is with great sadness that I read this, but I also know you have many people praying for you.  I have loved your music for over 20 years. You have brought be great happiness with your music. I will pray for you and your family. I know with prayer and love you can get through this... Thank you for bringing me joy all of these years.. Yours respectfully and with great admiration.~ Rita Huszar, Brampton, Ontario Canada


 Hello Dan, As everyone else on this list, I have enjoyed your music through good and bad times.  So many of your songs have such special places in my memory.  "Window and Walls" will forever bring to mind my Grandmother, who passed away at the tender age of 94 just last year.  "The Reach" will always take me someplace windy, wavy, and cold on hot summer days in Phoenix.  I saw you only once, at the Holiday Star Theater in Merrillville, Indiana.  It was a solo, acoustic concert.  I sat in the front row, (an advantage to going to a concert by yourself) and just lost myself in the music.  One of my best friends, someone I consider a brother was diagnosed with Advanced Prostate Cancer in 2002.  Thanks to aggressive treatment, and catching it in the nick of time, he's still with us.  My prayers for a good outcome go out to you and your wife. Thanks for so many memories.~ Victoria Nawrocki, Queen Creek, AZ


 I don't know why it has taken me so long to see if there was a Dan Fogelberg website.  I have always been waiting to hear his name and music again.  I was sad to read that he had prostate cancer.  Both my father and uncle have prostate cancer. Both my dad and uncle had surgery.  My dad is doing well but my uncle has struggled with three more surgeries since his prostate surgery.  I hope that Dan is doing well.  He was my favorite singer/writer in my college days.  I really miss his music. I still listen to his music.  My thoughts and prays are with him.  ~ Cindy


 Dan - There isn't a week that goes by that I don't pray for your strength and good health. I've checked this Web site so many times hoping for more good news. We all miss you so much. Red Rocks begs for your return! My piano longs for a song book from Full Circle. Love from all of us devoted fans ~ Cherie in Denver


 Dan, may God bless you in your time of need as much as he has blessed us with the gift of your talent in our lives. You are in our prayers. ~ Bryan Henslee


 Dan, I rediscovered your music the other day when I discovered a few of your albums I thought I had lost --Nether Lands, Souvenirs and Twin Sons. I hadn't listened to them for over twenty years. But, with a little Mac magic and an old turntable, they're now in my iTunes collection. What a joy to listen again to music that I had enjoyed so long ago. Music that it is absolutely timeless in its quality. Rediscovering your music is what brought me here and I'd be remiss to not add my best wishes for your recovery. Good luck and fair winds.


 I just read about you having prostate cancer.  I was shocked!   Where have I been that I was not aware of this?  I have just been spending  the last 2 hours singing along with your songs.  I went to your web site so  I would be sure to sing the songs word for word to my CD Dan Fogelberg Greatest  Hits.  I have been reminiscing about old times since I am now almost 53 and  thinking about old times.  Again, I am reminded of what is really important  in our lives--Now!  I really have had a wonderful life.  Beautiful  children, good health & a husband who loves me.  Sometimes we all think  about what our lives would be like if we did things differently,   Now  that I read about what you are going through, I realize how I need to relish the  wonderful things I do have--my children who love me, my husband who loves me,  but most of all---my health.  God Bless You!!  I am praying you will  pull through this!!  We all have to die eventually, but  I do pray you  will live the life you deserve on this Earth.  I know that you have  touched and made immeasurable differences in many lives---mine included.  I love music, and music is how a lot or us can relate.  Thank you for be an  inspirational part of my life and continue to be.   I am praying for  you!  Thank you.  ~ Jackie

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