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"Dear Dan" Letters

November 2006

 Dan, First off I hope you are feeling better. I started listening to your music in college back in the mid 70's. While my friends were blasting "Freebird" I would sneak back into my room and mellow out to your tunes. My friend loved the "Home Free" album as he like all of us was looking for a lady. I have seen about 20 of your concerts through the years. I brought my son to one at the Westbury Music Fair on Long Island and as the stage turned and you looked our way he said Dan probably recognizes you you've been to so many concerts. Anyway, I hope you are back on tour soon as I am going through Fogelberg withdrawal. Get Well. ~ Doug- from New York


 Dan, you are the one who keeps me whole every single day. My children are number one, and you are very special to me. "The Last Nail" is one of my favorite songs, but my favorite song is "The Reach." God bless you for making me feel so  good in my life. Your words are so truthful. I named my son after you happily.  My favorite album is Captured Angel. Truly, I LOVE all of your songs! How are you with your  illness? I hope you are getting better! I have been sick, and I know how you  feel, but we have to go on like you always have done. I hope you will feel  much better. Love ~ Diana Richardson


 Dear Dan, My husband and I went to see you on stage in Jackson, Ms back in the 70s. I fussed all the way, who is Fogelberg anyway? Well, I've been crazy about you ever since. We've been sitting here listening to your music. Wow. You just stay great. We hope and pray for your good health and happiness. There is great strength in prayer we have discovered. You are in our prayers.Sincerely some old fans ~ Bob and Sandy Eidt, Natchez, MS


 Dear Dan, I wrote you earlier this year and expressed my concern for you, and my love of your music.Today I was outside raking the autumn leaves. I found myself singing a tune,and found that it was "Lonely in Love." I started wondering how your battle was progressing. I know how arduous and exhausting cancer can be. I am an RN, and both of my parents have battled cancer.


I wanted to reiteratehow deeply your music has touched my life. I first discovered your music on FM radio back in the early 1970s. Those of us old enough to remember FM radio in the 1970s know and remember how special those times were for all of us. I first heard "Looking for a Lady", from your Home Free  LP in 1974. After that I was hooked, and have found your music a source of comfort, guidance and wisdom ever since.You helped me through many a teenage heartbreak, the death of my father,and even helped me grapple with the most basic, existential questions of life, death, rebirth, in the incredible The Innocent Age. The hallmark of a great song is when you feel that the artist delved into your heart and articulated the very personal essence of what you were feeling.Thank you so very much for over three decades of warmth, love, and music magic. My most sincere hopes and prayers for your recovery and peace. We all love you and are grateful for all you have shared with us. Please give us an update on your progress. Many Thanks ~ Jeff White RN, Omaha Ne.


 Dear Dan, Best wishes and God Speed.  I am 45 years old, and have been listening to your wonderful music since age 13 when someone from my church told me about you.  At that time, I begged and begged my parents for the Album "Home Free," which was promptly delivered by Santa without question.  Since then I have bought your albums more than once - in record form, 8-track, cassette, CD, and now in I-tunes format.  You will always be in my daily listening routine.  My wife doesn't understand why this is, and I don't know why.  Your music has touched a part of my soul that keeps me plugging away at the guitar and the piano in an effort to emulate you.  Hang in there, my friend.  You are one of God's special people on earth.  Warm regards ~ Steve


 Dear Dan, I logged on to your website tonight because I wanted to let you know how much I still LOVE your music - starting with your early CDs.  I've been a "groupie" since the mid-70's and have attended numerous concerts including 2 at Purdue, 1 at U of Michigan during grad school and a couple in Chicago where I now live.  I of course have all of your CDs and still frequently listen to them.  I was listening to Nether Lands on my way home from work - I always play it this time of year because it reminds me of fond times at Purdue.  I discovered a new appreciation for your lyrics, particularly when I think of the lousy music out today.  "Dancing Shoes" has got to be the most beautiful love song I've ever heard although "Longer" ranks up there too as it was my wedding song.


I was shocked to read that you are fighting cancer.  I did not know.  I am a 7 year survivor of Stage 2B breast cancer and therefore can understand to some degree what you and your family are going through.  I will add you to my prayer list and will think of you often as I listen to your Christmas CD this season.  FABULOUS music like the rest of your work.  You are truly gifted and I wish you the very best of luck.  Thank you for sharing your gift of music. I will be a forever fan. ~ Nancy Gaul


 Dan...I am so sorry that you are ill, and hope that you are getting better every day. You, as so many others have expressed, have touched our lives with your meaningful lyrics and beautiful voice. You have expressed with words and music what many of us would say if we were blessed with your talent. Meanwhile, we appreciate what you have added to our lives, and we look forward to hearing that you are well, and living the life that is so satisfying to you. There is a scripture in the Bible that I truly believe, and I know that it will be of comfort to you, and that is Isaiah says that soon "no resident will say : "I am sick." " We know from prophecy that we are very close to that time.  Psalms 37:11 & 29 also state that meek, teachable people will possess the earth and "they will reside forever upon it." Without sickness and wicked people, that is a reality. We wish you the very best, and Thank You again for all you have done for us! ~ Lois & Bill


 Dan, You and your family still stay in my thoughts and prayers. ~ Eileen - Harrisburg, Pa.


 Hi Dan, I just entered your website to see if a new record was on its way and, much to my surprise, read about your illness. I couldn't believe it! Normally we always think that our most admire artists will never get sick but when you read that this is happening, you realize they are as human as everyone else. I am a big fan of yours. I heard you for the first time back in 77 when my older brother brought the Captured Angel record home. I was delighted especially with the song "Old Tennessee" which still moves me every time I hear it. I even play it on my guitar every once in a while. I believe you have heard many of these stories before but I think the difference of my story is that I am from Guayaquil, Ecuador (where I still live) a small country in South America and I think it should be amazing for you to know that in such early stages of you career, you were already known in my lovely city. Que Dios te bendiga y te cuide. Estas en mis oraciones, Un abrazo ~  Xavier


 Dan: I recently learned of your illness and just wanted to tell you that I am praying for your rapid recovery. A good friend turned me on to you and your music back in the mid 80's and I have been a fan since that time. I know you hear this all the time but your music has gotten me through some tough times. You will never know how much your work has meant to me over the years. Thank you very much. ~ Tim White


 Dan, I pray you are healed!  I think of  you often and remember you in prayer always. As others do, I find myself wondering what  you are thinking in your daily life? What are you doing with your  time? I am in awe of all the loving wishes I find  here.  The thing I see here is that most fans feel the same.   Your music has touched me deeply. I can't  understand that, how one man's music can open your eyes to so many different feelings. You are unique. I enjoy all music, but no other artist does it like you do Dan.   As I read these messages to you, it  overwhelms me to see so much admiration for one single soul, so many  messages of love and respect. Thank you Dan for the years and the songs. Peace, love and good health to you Dan and Jean. ~ A fan forever


 Dan, I continue to pray for your health and happiness. I wanted to say thank you for sharing your beautiful music with the world. Your songs have always touched a special place in my heart and are the soundtracks to some of my fondest childhood memories. I recently had my first child, a baby girl and often sing your songs to her when she is going to sleep. Get well and God Bless. ~ TOM


 Dan, I was finishing up my last semester at the University of Kansas in the Fall of 1979.  The cut "Phoenix" came over the airways as I was working on writing my final thesis.  The power and emotion of that song led me to purchase the album.  I can honestly say that the album "Phoenix" greatly inspired me and helped me get through the last few months of my college days at KU.   ~ Chuck Pisano


 It's a beautiful fall day here in Indiana and my thoughts at this time of year always lead me to your wonderful, beautiful music.  You touched my heart.  Thank you for sharing your gift of music.    I pray and will continue to pray for you and your family. ~ Mary


 Dan: Just a short note to wish you the very best regarding your  health. I will keep you in my thoughts and  prayers. Always remember how your music has brought positive  energy, love and good feelings to millions, including myself. I wish you all the best! Don't worry - I know you'll be o.k. God Bless You ~ Jeff Hanley


 I was listening to one of my favourite songs, “Face the Fire” and as always, I was getting goosebumps during the spectacular  guitar solo(s). I was inspired to look you up on where I read about your illness. All I can say is, you are in my thoughts and prayers and I wish you all the best for a speedy recovery. Thanks for the great music, Dan. ~ Joe, London, Ontario, Canada


 Dan, Hello.  I hope everything is going better and you are feeling well.  I have written several times but, this weekend I was with Gregg Philbin and after I played "Leader of the Band" at my father's funeral he told me what good friends you are. He was obviously touched remembering you. I wanted to say hello for both of us and wish you continued prayers and let you know you are in our thoughts. ~ Steve Crain


 Dan, I think of you often as I feel you've been part of my life since the early 70's.  Please give us an update on how you're feeling.  May God bless you and keep you.  ~ Anne DeHart, North Carolina


 You have touched my life and the lives of millions of people with your music. I have been listening to you for 25 years and there is a part of me that would not exist had it not been for your music. You shaped my thoughts and encouraged my dreams. I will be forever grateful for you and your music. I have in turn passed it on to my children and grandchildren. My hopes and prayers are now, and will continue to be with you and your family. Be well my friend. ~ Mary Crawford, Kershaw, SC


 Dan, I feel inadequate to even type something that may be read by a poet such as yourself.  I often get misty-eyed as I listen to your songs, or simply read the lyrics.  I remember the day I purchased the "Twin Sons" album.  I was in college at the time.  I was amazed at how your music touched me.  Now, almost 30 years later, the music still touches me.  I listened to segments of a couple of my old favorites on your web site, and almost lost it.  Please know how much you are appreciated.  ~ Hank, North Carolina


 Dear Dan, My wife and I have been fans since the beginning. A friend played your first album for us and we were hooked. We saw you in Pompano a couple of years ago and in Miami at the Knight Center. God give you strength to endure and peace most of all. Love Always ~ The Staley Family, Jupiter, Fl.


 Just yesterday, we heard of the struggle you and your family are currently enduring and were so very shocked and saddened. We are both die-hard Fogelberg Fanatics! Although I've not had the privilege, my husband saw you in concert one bitterly cold winter night in Kansas City and said you were absolutely amazing with only your guitar to accompany you and made going out in the frigid temperatures totally worthwhile! And just last month, as has been our tradition during our entire 16-year marriage, we made our annual fall trek to Colorado with all our Fogelberg CDs to provide the soundtrack for the trip. "High Country Snows" is just "Colorado" to us poor, unfortunate flat-landers! And very soon again, my Fogelberg Christmas album, which is one of my very favorites in my vast Christmas music collection, will come out. You and your music hold a very special place in both our hearts! We are praying for you, Dan, and sending comforting thoughts of peace and healing to you and your loved ones. Much love and good wishes! ~ Myron and Terrie Ens, Galva, KS


 My prayers and good wishes to you for a speedy and successful recovery. I got into your music in my 20's (I'm 33 now) and I must say I have yet to hear anything as pure and inspiring. "Souvenirs" is now one of my favorite albums! Thank you so much for the music and feeling your songs give off. Stay cool brother! - Ron Zito


 Hi Dan, Just sitting here tonight, thinking of you.  I hope and pray all is going well and you are feeling fine this evening.  As always, you are loved and in my prayers. ~ Dru Hopkins, Womelsdorf, PA


 I am truly saddened to hear of your illness. I was a kid in the 1970's with my trusty 9 volt pocket radio and you along with your fellow artists from that time period got me through several, scary hospital stays when I would hold the radio close and listen into the night after the nurses had turned out the lights. Words cannot express the comfort and solace you and other voices gave that lonely, frightened child during those experiences. I can only hope that in some measure my childhood story and the joy your music has given me since then will offer you peace and hope. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Goodluck and thank you. ~ Richard


 Dan, I have listened to your music since the 70's when I was in high school.  Your song,  "Leader of the Band", helped me when I lost my Grandfather years ago. He was like a father to me.  I have faith you will come through this.  Your music has been an inspiration to all and I hope there will soon be more to come.  All my best wishes to you and Jean. ~ Cheryl, Casselbery Florida


 Around 35 years ago I was a teenage kid that used to hang out after high school in a garage in Ohio and watch a band called the James Gang rehearse.  I even occasionally helped them load their equipment on Friday afternoons into an old Ohio Bell van.  Joe Walsh was just out of the Army and had real short hair!  A few years later he left town for some strange place called Boulder, Colorado.  I read he was playing on some guy's record named Dan Fogelberg.  I bought "Souvenirs" and have been hooked ever since.  I eventually moved to Boulder myself.  Your live shows were always great.  I dedicated "Since You've Asked" to my wife at our wedding since it so succinctly expressed my own feelings.  I still live near Denver and raised a family.  I grew up on R&B and your music has as much soul as anything I ever heard.  You always put the music first.  I hope things are looking up for you.  I would also encourage people to get a colonoscopy in addition to prostate checkups.  We're all pulling for you and your family. ~ Jim


 Dan, I only found out about your cancer this last week and through further research found this site. My love affair with your music with its passion, beauty and respect of women, has endured for thirty years. I thank you for that. My thoughts are with you and your wife. Again, thank you for the music. ~ Desiree


 Thank you for the gift of music you gave me and so many others. I was turned on to you in the late 70's, and your music has been a large part of my life ever since. Have seen many of your shows, and I'm grateful for the talent and love you've shared. I've been adding my prayers for you to all the others for some time now. ~  Al McDowell


 All best wishes and prayers to you, Dan.  Your music and soul are beautiful.  ~ Sandra


 Dan,  Just a quick message wishing you well and hoping that you are on the road to recovery. The world is a greater place for you and your music. Your songs have been the backdrop to my life for many years now. God bless you and yours. I wish you well ~ Ron


 Dan: I wish and pray the very best for your healing and speedy recovery.  All the best to you and your family during this difficult time.  I am 46.  My father had prostate cancer and almost died from it.  I do get a PSA test and put the rest in the Lord's hands. I loved listening to your music in college.  It meant a lot to me.  There were difficult times I remember going through and listening to your songs seem to get me through.  As I am working in the office today on a Saturday, I am still listening to an old mix tape of yours.  Quality never goes out of style.  It is still a comfort to me. May God richly bless you. Our time on this earth is short and precious. Our quest is to make a different for Him and touch others while we are here. Thanks for doing that with me.  All the best. ~ Jim


 I love reading what other people who admire you and your music have written on this web site - living in Britain it sometimes seems that there's only me (and my brother, and sister, and mother, and partner, and daughter!) who are fortunate enough to have discovered you many years ago. It's fab to see you have such a huge following in the States! I have been thinking of you every day since I found out about your health difficulties. I so hope you are continuing to enjoy your life and your loved ones.  I just want you to know that you are very important in my life, and many other people's lives by the look of it.  Despite not knowing you personally, we all know your songs which are so intimate and personal, and which inspire such a range of emotion in us all . You must be a wonderful human being to be able to do this to us!!  You are synonymous with beauty to me, Dan - everything about you and your music is absolutely beautiful. Much love to you and yours.


 Dan, Jean and family ~ I have listened to your music for many years. When I searched for your site and found it, I was saddened by the news of your illness. I have never had the pleasure of seeing you perform, but I want to send you this message. I wish you all the best. I pray for you. May God bless you. ~ J.Keizer, The Netherlands, Europe.


 Dear Dan, I discovered your music in 1977 or 78 when I heard "Nether Lands" on the radio in Houston.  I started buying all your albums and your songs were a huge part of my life from 1977 - 1982 especially.  They helped me  through some very rough times.  I pray you are healing from the cancer and  taking good care of yourself.  God Bless ~ Martha


 Dan, I have been a fan of yours for many, many years.  Unfortunately, that indirectly tells my age, I guess!  Anyway, I just want to express my care and good wishes to you and your family as you go through this battle.  They say that the power of the mind can heal.  I definitely believe this.  Also, living in such a beautiful state as Colorado ( I live here as well) and seeing the majesty and incredible grandeur and realizing the Creator's influence so strongly is very humbling and healing as well. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Take care ~ Ginger Jentzsch


 Dan and Jean, I was sitting in Willie's Guitars in Saint Paul this evening (while my 11 year old son took a lesson--he is now practicing Highway to Hell--yeah that's the background music for this missive!), when your name came up twice.  Once, when his teacher John asked what he wanted to learn and my son proclaimed that all my old albums were too girly (maybe this isn't the right time to tell you that all yours are in there!) and adamantly stated, "NO ELTON JOHN".  John said, James Taylor...No Dan Fogelberg  (I hope this is making you laugh and not in a way like "It only hurts when I laugh" kind of thing).  A few moments later,I heard Nate and the guys discussing you and the fact that you had been quite sick--which I knew.  ANYWAY, came home to find out more of what the scoop is/was.  And here I am writing.


On my 26th Birthday on the 26th of September 1987, you played the Excel or what ever it was named way back then (what was it so long ago....?).  I was pregnant with my first child.  I was single and lonely and actually cried through most of the concert.  Um, it wasn't a very good birthday. :)  But the music was good and I just wanted to let you know that, still, all these years later, it makes me wistful and it is soulful and I have always like your voice and your albums and of course always thought you were gorgeous, but now that I know you are ten years older than I, I think I was too young for you anway. :)


THANKS for the note about prostate checks. My ex was just diagnosed, his father had it and you can bet I have already talked to both my sons (11 and 14) about it.  Jeez, can you imagine if you were too embarrassed to talk to your boys and that lack of conversation resulted in late detection?  So...I will also say to people reading this, get over it and get checked. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your wife.  Cancer is difficult, to say the least.  But it can be life altering in so many more ways than the physical.  Chin up! ~ Carrie


 Dear Dan, May God Bless and keep you and your family.  As I read through all of the wonderful prayers, thoughts and wishes on your page I can see how well loved you are and what an inspiration. I'm not alone in saying you've been a favourite of mine for a very long time.  Thank you for the gift you share! Stay strong, we will be praying for you... ~ Gloria  xo


 If my heart could sing, I would be singing to you what  you have sung to me. May the Lord strenghten you and guide you back on stage.  We are all anxiously awaiting your return. All my love & prayers to you and your family! ~ Cindy Titus


 Dear Dan, I'm so overwhelmed by what I just read on your website in regards to your prostate cancer.I can't stop wondering about how you are going?I have only just recently acquired a computer {sad I know!},and you were the first person I 'google searched'. I am hoping and praying that you are ok, my friend.


 Dan I need you to know how your music has impacted my musical life. I am a 33 year old singer/musician from Sydney, Australia. From the first time I heard 'Longer' on  the radio in my late teens, I was instantly besotted by your angelic vocal tone,and song writing talent. In Australia you seem to have more of an 'underground following' than anything. It has been enormously confusing and frustrating for me to accept that you haven't been acknowledged and exposed here,in the way that you should have been. But then again, we all know how fickle the music industry is! Let's not go there! This was why it took me some time and effort to track down some of your albums! My father first found the 80's Greatest Hits album in a record store,and so that began the bewilderment of your talent. After all these years,I still haven't gotten over the entrancing beauty of "Same Old Lang Syne". I love every album you've made.Every album is laced with the finest musicianship ,every song having their own amazing character,and a story to be told via those superbly crafted lyrics.You are, Dan, the quintessential artist, in its purest form.


I came so close to flying to America to see your acoustic show, back in about 2000 was it? But couldn't afford to go. I really regret not seeing that, I really do. But my father bought me "Greetings from the West', on dvd, which was almost surreal to watch you sing live for the first time! You were as brilliant and spell binding,as I had imagined you to be!! Anyway,I pray you are well,and that you get this message Dan. From, without a doubt, your most adoring Australian fan! Regards.. ~ Rick Burt


 To My All Time Favorite Singer, Composer, and Poet,  I have enjoyed your music for 32 years and wish to share the following with you.  You have used the English language to its fullest writing lyrics with meaning and integrity unlike so much of what has been recorded by others.  Your love and respect for your parents is evident in songs you wrote about them. When my son was 9 I found him with tears in his eyes while "Windows and Walls" was playing.  He said, "This song is sad.  I won't forget you when you are old, Mom."  It truly validated the fact that children can be affected for better or worse by music and media they take in.  Thank you for providing a "better" message.  Your Christmas album which is Christ-filled is outstanding.  I have not come across a secular artist to record what you did.  Any artist can sing another's lyrics to sell music, but you actually wrote the lyrics you recorded which proves you are a true believer in Christ.  I have only come across lyrics such as you wrote in Christian recording artists' music. I look forward to what He will inspire you to write in the future.  As a cancer survivor myself God has given me opportunities to share what He did for me.  He will do the same for you.  I am praying for healing and restored health. In Christ's Name ~ Eileen


 Dan, I became a Fogelberg fan in my teens with The Innocent Age. You are an amazing writer and performer. My favorite memories are of your acoustic performances in the 1980's. I still check the music section under "F" hoping perhaps a new disc will somehow appear. I just found out tonight you were diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in '04. My first thought is, "How could I not have known about this?" Thanks for your music. Thanks for your part in bringing enjoyment to so many others. Keep it up. Keep strong. Get well. ~ Lonnie DelleChiaie, Massachusetts


 Dan, "Lessons Learned" was my first song. After that I could not get enough.  Thank You!  I love your voice, but especially your lyrics.  You are meaningful.  I listen to what you have to say.  Please don't take it as weird, but I named my son after you.  I hold you in esteem and I am a normal, very quiet, very behind the scenes kind of person.  (email is good). So, you need to get well.  Don't stop trying -- the world needs your poetry, reason and humanity.  I really mean that.  Don't let go!


 It is no surprise to me how deeply your music has touched so many people.  It surely has been an inspiration to me.  I hope knowing what an important contribution you have made to others has been a comfort to you during this difficult time.  I pray for you every day and try to promote prostate cancer awareness and regular screenings at every opportunity.  I now ask my male friends the nosey question about whether they have had their screening within the past year and nag them until they get it.  This is my way of honoring you and possible saving the life of someone important to me.  I do not want anyone I know having to go through what you are. May God go with you and your family as you battle your illness.~ Linda B.


 Hi Dan, Just wanted you to know that this family is still thinking of you, and keeping you in our prayers. God bless and speed your healing. ~ Constance O'Banyon


 Dan, my all time favorite!!!!  I had just purchased tickets for your tour in Florida as it was cancelled.  I will wait for your next tour.You have touched so many lives ~ Melanie


 Dan, Your music stands alone, like no other. It is indeed very special, and never out of a "can" if you will. We know your heart from your music. It is in this way all the prayers have significant impact. We are all one people, and with your music this is apparent. I, too, dabble with the strings, and hope that one day I may contribute to humanity as you have. It is through the dreamers / artists that all may find peace within themselves. Universal language is found within the arts. I look forward to your comeback tour :-) Your brother in Christ ~ Jerry


 Hey Dan... I think I wrote this to you before. I am 55 and I am a guitarist and singer. I would like to think that I try to mirror you and your musical ilk and style. I come about as close to you as I am to the moon, but that is ok, because I feel like I have a small piece of you inside me. I started listening to you in 1973, when I started my teaching career. You have been with me since them. God bless you Dan Thanks for all of those lyrics and glimpses into your life. I am sure that you have an idea as to the influence you have had over people..sensitive people who love to love and love to live. Please get better, the world still needs you. That being said, I sang "Leader of the Band" through the tears at my dad's funeral.  Keep it going Dan. I love you ~ Stan


 Dear Dan, I have been to 11 of your concerts and plan to make it an even dozen.  I hate the phrase "words cannot express"  but I don't have the words to tell you how important your music is.   I recall times of my life by which of your albums was out at the time. Looking forward to the next one. Love ~ Stacy


 Still praying for you every day, Dan! ~ Cathy


 I had just gone around the world with a backpack, landing in Whitefish, Montana in 74 for some skiing when a friend turned me onto Home Free.  I can remember it so clearly, sitting in a little cabin by the lake transfixed by its clarity, richness and harmony throughout. Since I have a challenge remembering what I did yesterday this is saying something!! We all know how most songs, music, loses its luster after a while.  Then there is genius that happens ever so rarely where 1000 listens and 33 years of life later a song still has its magic and touches the soul anew.  Your work is full of such magic.  A few years later I was cutting trees in Alberta, Canada high up in the mountains far from anyone but bears, working merrily alone singing "Looking for a Lady"  like a mantra.  It took me 25 years to find her, but I sing it to my wife here on the NE coast of Brazil where we live, with our little 21 month old girl.  Not long afterwards I was fighting for my life, barely able to walk, migraine headaches every day, severe arthritis, relief only with powerful drugs while getting worse every day.  This is with a guy that never drank, smoked, did drugs. As I had watched my best friend, my dad, die when I was 12 of lung cancer, I decided to look beyond drugs for a solution.  This was in 79-80.  A Naturopath in Calgary taught me about nutrition, herbs, vitamins, and a world of healing that simply assists our bodies do the only thing it heal.  It was hell for a few months as my body threw off all the toxic waste that had accumulated everywhere, the CAUSE of all my symptoms, however in 6 months I was playing soccer again and 26 years later I am a new father with a new life...... one of many I have had since that decision to ask different questions about what "health care" really means.  Three years ago I had the first symptoms of prostate challenges.  I had been sitting at a desk far too much and my body was telling me something. I listened and with simple changes, exercise, supplements and attitude adjustments I am back to normal. When we cut ourselves, our bodies immediately go to work with the healing process, even if we are a day away from passing on.... it knows nothing else.  What health we had before, is therefore available to us again.  Our body fails to heal only if it is missing something that was there before. Give it what it needs, it will do it without any need for outside intervention.  Since that day in 79, my life has been about Holistic medicine and in all these years I have seen healing from unimaginable conditions. Everyone writing here, your family and friends and millions of others around the world are not interested in mourning, but in hearing you sing "To the Morning" and many NEW inspiring melodies from our Dear Friend Dan!  Love ~ Douglas, Cristina and Kelinda Venicia


 Dear Dan, Jean and family, I just wanted to let you know that you're all in my thoughts. Your music, Dan, has meant so much to me in the past. God bless ~ Wendy


 Dan, you don't know it but you have been a friend to me and to my family since I first discovered your music back in the 70's.  You've been with us during the best and worst of times,  from Boston, to New York and now in Maine...always there. We have all of your albums and they are all favorites around here.  Your collaboration with Tim Weisberg on "Twin Sons of Different Mothers"  is classic.   Our thoughts are with you and your family.~ Marcia and Joe Berkall, South China, Maine


 I've always enjoyed your music since my college days and a little before that. Your music has always brought back fond memories of my younger days in college and my so long ago Maine summer days. Dan, my prayers and strength go out to you and your family. Be strong and keep the faith  and never stop fighting until you beat this. God has blessed you with an everlasting gift and with his love for you and your faith in him you well beat this. God bless you!


 Thank you for "Leader of the Band." It has been a comfort this summer as I lost my dad in July. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. ~ Marsha


 When I was a DJ from 1976 - 1996, I played your music all the time on radio stations in SD. Your music is timeless.  I listened to the Netflix DVD concert from 1991 in St. Louis, MO tonite. It brought back memories from listening to them. Dan, your music has really touched me. Thank you so much. Here is my heartfelt blessing to you. Thinking of you ~ Riley Freyman, Abingdon, MD


 I come to the site to check to see if there is any news every other day I suppose on average. I feel as if it is invasive even checking at times and yet I wonder so often how you are doing. I sometimes look through the pictures and reminisce about how I grew up with you. Your long hair, then short, then long again - beard, no beard... You aren't much older than I am - just a little.


My oldest son is 20 now. He grew up listening to your music. He hated it and teased me relentlessly about it. He wrote a paper for his freshman college English class about how he felt having your music forced on him - I had him at one of your concerts when he was six years old. He wrote how I'd been the greatest musical influence in his life partially because of your music. I read his paper with tears streaming down my face. It was full of so much gratitude. He realized how much you had influenced his music. I cannot tell you how many endless hours I spent at the guitar stores listening to him try new guitars and growing with him through different phases - he told me he'd never convert to your music. And I just giggle at him now. He is very accomplished - my life was never conducive to an environment where my creative spirit could grow musically or otherwise - I am working on it. My greatest accomplishment is that his has been very conducive to be who he is. He has a powerful voice - and a powerful message with his lyrics. You will live on, Dan... I don't know you - I don't begin to know your pain and heartaches, or Jean's - but you will live on - you have many "children" through your music... Mine is one of many.... Your legacy will continue for many years to come - although not as your father's - straight from father to son - your legacy is powerful - and always will be.... I care - simple person that I am. I thank you for your music and what it has meant and still means to my life. It has profoundly touched my life and my family. Thank you for being who you are without apology. I am not sure you could ever understand how many people you have carried though the depths by your honesty and through your willingness to share with all of the ragged and precious frailty of your soul. Ever on - through the next generation and beyond. Thank you so very much for all you have given to us. ~ Shelly B... OKC, OK


 We love you Dan. Your music has changed our lives. ~ Lande Adams


 Dear Dan and Jean, my wife and I have just found out about your current battle with cancer. One can only hope to touch the souls of those around us and yet you have touched millions. We will keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers. You are truly gifted and we thank you for sharing it with us. God bless you! ~ Dennis and Robin Langley


 Dear Dan, It saddens me to know of the struggles that you're going through.  Know that you and your family are in the thoughts and prayers of so many people throughout this world.  Your gift of music, both in melody and lyric, have touched me so greatly for so many years. I thank God that He touched your heart and soul with this gift, and allowed you to share it with all of us. 


I remember seeing you in the mid to late 70's; both in huge arenas and in a little bar in Evergreen, CO, on certain evenings when you'd just happen to wander in and play.  You'll never know how much those evenings meant to the starstruck college student who also just happened to be there.  I've heard the story of a magical night in Key West when you and a couple of friends played guitars all night - you taught my friend to play "The Reach", and he taught your other cohort to play "Southern Cross".  I've heard that story so many times that I feel as if I were there.  Everytime I hear that story, I hear the respect and admiration in the voice of the teller, and its mirrored by my own.


Your gift has touched me in so many ways. Although my father passed away more than four years ago, I can't get through "Leader of the Band" without weeping.  My father was not a musician, but he was the leader of our band, and the sentiment you express touches my heart.  Know that your talent, your gentleness and your depth of spirit have been noticed and that you have made this world a better place for your being in it.  Thank you for listening to whatever voice you hear and for sharing your soul with all of us.   There is such a power in knowing that the outcome of an event will be positive. It may even be a well-kept secret, but know that I, and so many of my friends are praying for your complete recovery, and sending positive thoughts to you and your family.  Words can't express how you've touched my life, thank you is an inadequate expression to use, but it's all I have.  With the utmost respect, admiration, and gratitude. ~ emily


 Dan, I've enjoyed your music for so many years. I am an Internet DJ and every chance I get to play your music I do so. It brings so much joy and smiles to me and to your fans and to my listeners. Your music has always been an inspiration in my life. I lost my dad in 1990 to cancer so all my prayers are with you and your family.May God bring you the blessings you need to recover from this illness.Keep the faith. I'm looking forward to seeing you on stage in the future. God Bless you, Dan ~ Russ


 Dan,  Upon hearing of your current imbalance and struggles with the disease, I was taken aback.  Then I was saddened. How could the world be so cruel as to impair and hinder such a wonderful soul?  Still we all have a greater goal. Unfortunately our interlude into the physical world is not always what we perceive it should be.  But as a spirit whose musical pallet has painted so many wonderful scenes, plucked so many heart strings and drawn so many hearts and minds into the nexus of our shared feelings, lives and views. Your creativity and talents have been a gift to our physical world.  Please understand that these gifts to the world and gifts from your heart are the expression of the love and inspiration from your gentle spirit. Without fail we are all part of the beauty of our own spiritual/physical world that we all share. The dimensions of love cannot be full explored without touching the heights of joy and the depths of sorrow. Without fail our physical journey ends and our spirits return to the source. I pray that your return will be much later than you might believe right now.


Not many have the heart, creativity and willingness to share all with the world as you have. I consider you to be one of the great lights. You have helped many of us to look into ourselves, take a fresh look at the world around them and often inspired them to do things that they were hesitant, and often unwilling to do.  Many blessings upon you and the people around you that intimately love and care for you on a day to day basis. Without fail the spiritual/physical/musical fans who love you and your work here pray for health and happiness.  For you I believe that the Great Spirit has a special place, and it is close to the love of the universe. I cannot believe that you are any farther away from that than you will ever be. May your spirit be light, your love be bright, and your life filled with friends that cannot be matched. Health and Godspeed my friend ~ Bruce Arvizu, Napton, Mo


 My thought and Prayers will be with you and your family always. ~ Nita


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, I've been a big fan of yours for years. My favorite song of yours is "Hard To Say". Hope and pray that you get well.


 Thanksgiving Blessings Jean and Dan, As this most busiest time of year approaches, we remember the true meaning of these holidays; giving thanks for friends, families, good health, etc. We remember the reason for Christmas in the birth of our Lord and it is thru his hand that we live and survive.  I pray daily for your health, strength and know that you are always close by, even now when I am cheating a bit and listening to your Christmas album.   I pray every day that you grow stronger.  You mean so much to all of us, you have touched all of our lives and you are truly a Gift from God.  The very best of Thanksgiving blessings and the most sparking, pure, joyous Christmas to you and your families. Love ~ Susan


 Dear Dan and Jean, Obviously I do not know you, though I certainly feel as though YOU know me. One album in particular really got me through some very difficult personal issues when I was in college.  The album was Phoenix I think, I haven't seen it in years. And you are now in our prayers as you battle your illness, and you are very courageous to use your precious time and resources to encourage men to get the testing that some just put off. My best friend is battling stage 4 colon cancer, and we think it might also be the shadow showing on his  brain, though that test is scheduled to be repeated because it really wasn't useful, leaving his wife and friends to worry and wonder. I have signed up for my colonoscopy, and my  husband has been getting the PSA for about five years due to having the annoying enlargement, but he is cancer free. And he has also done the colonoscopy. I didn't know you were ill, but I have lit a candle and will continue to pray and check back.  I love your music SO much, it's hard to explain.  It's not music our kids even understand, but I guess that's the generational thing. To Jean:  Remember to care for yourself.  You are very important and if you are weary and emotionally empty, you know that's not healthy.  I'm going to guess you have a good support system in place, and my advice wasn't asked for, but I just wanted to share my thoughts. Sincerely ~ Wendi Rank


 Dear Dan, As I was listening to Nether Lands again for the billionth time this morning, I finally decided to look up information to see what you are up to these days. I'm sorry to hear of your struggle and I will certainly add you to my prayer list. May the Lord heal you and bless you.


I was in the Christian music world for most of my life and can honestly say that you were the greatest inspiration and very much the reason I made the decision to pursue my desire to write. A few years ago, I laid it all down to help my son pursue his dreams and gave up listening to music all together. Not that long ago we were on a trip and when we stopped for a break in driving, I saw your Nether Lands CD and decided it was time to allow music back into my life. I am so thankful I did. Thank you for giving us your gift. As a believer in Jesus, the One who heals, I pray for complete healing for you. May God's great mercy, grace, and love, immerse you and give you life. ~ Mark Chesshir


 God Bless you and your family. I'm sure this sounds incredibly dorky, but please let us know if we can do anything for you. Blessings, Chuck and Karin McCrary


 Hi Dan.  Just looking through the thoughts already sent, they certainly have stolen the words from me.  My husband and I have seen you countless times at Chastain Park in Atlanta, GA and cannot think of a more perfect and romantic setting for your music.  The love of your music was one of the "things in common" we shared during our first conversation and continue to love your music.  We certainly miss seeing you in concert, but your health is number one.  Our prayers continue with you and your family.  Special thoughts go out to you for a complete recovery.  Have a wonderful holiday season and God Bless You.  ~ Linda Casey, Georgia.


 Dear Dan - I was just adding some old favorite songs to my Ipod and your name and music came to mind, so I looked up some of them. I wasn't aware of your illness before. My husband and I send our best wishes to you and hope you will stand, fight and live strong! We are also from Peoria, two or three years younger, but from the same era, Richwoods 1972. We now live in Southern California. I still enjoy "Illinois" and play it like an anthem to our youth. We have three sons and two of them are heavily into acoustic guitar and love our "old school" music. So, I introduced your music to them and they have learned to play some of your songs. They are both gone to college now and I miss hearing my old favorite songs being played from their bedrooms. Oh well, life goes on, as they say. Thank you for bringing us all together. Again, stay strong!! ~ Carla Clemmer


 When I heard you had prostate cancer the tears wouldn't stop flowing.  I have always loved your music and I still listen many of your songs to purge the daily clutter of my mind and heart.  You are one of the few masters of the craft to make us all get in touch with our unexpressed and deeply rooted feelings.  Your songs are eternal.  I look to the all powerful light to clear your body as much as your songs have cleared my mind and heart.  I love you Dan! ~ Jane Stein, Portland, OR


 Dan, God Bless You! I cannot tell you how much your music means to me and has  throughout my life. I am currently playing some old  vinyl-Souvenirs! I'm converting all my Lp's (6 milk crates worth!) to CD's and my  IPod. The first 4 albums I converted were: Home Free, Captured Angel, Nether  Lands and Souvenirs. I have you in my prayers and want to thank you for all the great  music and memories. There was always a song to fit the soundtrack of my  life. Hope you are feeling well. With admiration and good wishes! ~ JoAnne Macalik


 Dan, I've been a fan of yours for many, many, years. I really don’t expect you to remember this, but Jimmy Buffett introduced us to each other some years back, and we all ended up together playing guitars and singing almost all night (next to Louie's Backyard in Key West). I thank you for your kindness and gentleness of spirit on that night as well as on each and every occasion that I have the opportunity to sit down and hear your music through the many great records you've made. The highlight of that very special evening for me was a moment we shared, during which you showed me the little lick on "The Sand and the Foam" which I still perform today. You are one of the masters of the craft that I have held as a standard of measure in my own songwriting. Thank you for the education. Knowing your music as well as I do, I know that I need not speak of the Spiritual aspect of combating any malady. Your music has been a relief over the years to many who may have been suffering in one form or another, in the sense that your higher self always emanated brightly through your melodies and your lyrics. Get well dear friend. I still want you to play lead guitar in the studio on one of my projects. Best Wishes Now and Always ~ Hugo Duarte


 Dan- I heard you haven't been feeling well.  Here's to wishing you get better real soon!  Your music has always been an inspiration to me and in fact  "Longer" was played at our wedding 22 years ago! Also, I also followed your geographical path (although not your path to success as a songwriter.  I'm from Illinois (Lombard) and both of my siblings went to Champaign.  I wrote songs and played solo, in bands  all around IL and WI.  I then moved to CO. played solo and joined a band called 'Second Childhood', that played standing room crowds. Then the big fish moved to LA to be a guppy and try my hand there.  And, finally for the last 15 years I have settled in Portland, OR.  All in all, I've had some minor success- some independent artists have recorded my songs, etc. Feel better real soon! Yours ~ Ron Shaffer


 You have no idea how much your music has touched my life.... I introduced many college friends to Souvenirs and Captured Angel, and, after moving to Colorado (from Maine), continued to be mesmerized by your melodies and  lyrics.... Red Rocks is still to this day my favorite place to see live  music!  I lost my father to pancreatic cancer a few years ago, and my  mother is a breast cancer survivor, so I know what a demon this disease  is....but I also know that there are millions of people praying for you. Don't  be afraid to draw strength from those of us who have it to give. All the best to  you and your wife. 


 I can't say enough about what your music and your words have meant to me through all of these years.  I listen to it constantly -- it inspires me to no end, both in my life,  and in my own artwork.  My thoughts and prayers will always be with you ~ Brian Grisham


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, Your music has meant so much to me over the years;  I should have written you sooner.  I lost my Dad to prostate cancer almost four years ago;  he didn't get checkups, and when he finally did find out he had prostate cancer, he screwed around with some herbal hooey in place of mainstream medical care;  btw, the herb manufacturers have charges against them for this massive fraud.  Anyway, meanwhile, Dad's gone.


About fifteen years ago, I gave him for Father's Day a recording of  "Leader of the Band".  Dad and Mom were court reporters, and started a business together, and two of their daughters also became court reporters and are now running the business together; the song seemed appropriate. You might be interested in the website of Ric Masten, a poet living in Big Sur, who is also struggling with prostate cancer.  He and Dad met on a PC website and discovered they were kindred spirits. I pray for the well-being, health and happiness of you and your loved ones.  Thank you for all the wonderful music through the years; it's a wonderful gift you've given me. Sincerely ~ Cathy Naghitorabi


 I have enjoyed your music since I first heard your first album.  I own all albums and a few CDs.  I still enjoy the albums and looking at the photos and lyrics even now.  The CDs are wonderful also but I love the large photos and information inside the covers. I wish you the best in your recovery and treatment. You have given me many years of special moments and your music is so touching, personal and encouraging.  I've passed your songs along to my nieces and nephews who also listen to your music. Your music will live on forever.  I pray for you and your family to have many more years of good years together.  I've lost my Mother and I only have 1 uncle and aunt left so I know how lonely it is for loved ones to be gone. I will continue to pray for you and your family.  Best wishes for many more happy years.  A very devoted fan from the beginning of your music ~ Linda B. Hulsey


 As so many others have said - I grew up on your music.  You have been my favorite for as long as I can remember....I have very fond memories of sitting around my girlfriend's attic bedroom playing Home Free and Captured Angel and fawning over how cute you are. "Part of the Plan" was our high school graduation song. I am 44 and haven't missed one of your concerts in Philly in the last 20 years. I will pray for you and Jean - you are very fortunate to have one another at a time like this.  I am sure she is a remarkable woman.  You are a wonderful story teller and I am sorry that you won't be touring any more. You will be missed. I love your lyrics and your heart....I wish you could live forever. ~ Jenny Goldfarb

 Dan...Listening to your music sets my soul free. Two and a half years ago my brother committed suicide, then 5 days later my mom died  from cancer, then 3 months later my husband filed for divorce. Life has been a  series of ups and down over the last 2 1/2 years.  Your music, and my  faith, has been my light in the darkness. You were THE DAN for my older brother  and me. We went to wherever you were to hear your music. That was always his  birthday present to me...a DF concert. Then, his agony took control and he took  his life.  He was my best friend. He would ride his  motorcycle anywhere to hear you. He was a surgeon who helped others see, but his illness prevented him from seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  We  played your music at his memorial service. I am again face to face with  loss...lost my job, may lose my house...but I still have me....and my career (nursing). I will survive. I am most saddened that you have no plans to do  concerts, but as a nurse and singer, I understand the energy it takes to put on  concerts. I am thankful for your music. I pray for you. are a wonder, a gift to so many...take good care of  yourself. I look forward to the music you create from your life experiences of late. Write, baby...write it down...put music to your words...speak to those who are in need. You can do it, my friend. My prayers are with you OFTEN. We may  not believe in the same God...who knows...maybe we do....but no matter, I thank  MY GOD for YOU. I am glad you have a good woman who love you by your side. Relax. Take walks. Smell the pinon in the air. One day at a time, my  friend. One day at a time. With love to you ~ Suzanne (and my dear brother Stephen, in the Spirit  Wind)...


 Dear Dan, Remember ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE FOR THOSE WHO BELEIVE! You recorded "Lonely in Love" next door to the salon I worked at on Maui in the late eighties.I met Russ Kunkle while I cut your engineer's hair. I used to turn off the radio at night and listen to you record. It was great hearing that song on the air. That was a very special time in my life. I love your music and will visualize you in perfect health!


 Dan, when we heard of your illness, it hurt my heart. You have been such a wonderful part of my family's past, present and future. We treasure your music, lyrics and your style and know that your strong faith will get you through this very rough time. Our thoughts are with you. ~ Beth and Ed Larkin


 Hi Dan and Jean, I'm from Dublin, Ireland now living in New York. I'd always loved "Longer" (we didn't get to hear too much of your music in Ireland, sadly ) Then I entered the Convent ( Srs. of St. Clare ) in 1981, a couple of years later one of the incoming postulants arrived with her copy of The Innocent Age  ( Ironically - if you consider our location ) and I was sold. She was a nice girl.  Unfortunately, she left, and took the album with her !!!!! In any case, just want you to know that your music ended up in the most unlikely of places. Dan, my thoughts and prayers are with you.Your music has left its mark on my heart. ~ Joan Cullen


 I just re-purchased Souvenirs/ Home Free since my vinyl finally gave up the ghost.  I entered the world of CD'S though I still find something very romantic about the scratchy, imperfect sound of a record.  It was the cover notes that informed me you were battling prostate cancer.  I wanted you to know, that your music has been a panacea for me for many years, and I think "Wysteria" may be the most beautiful song I have ever heard.  I am moved to tears every time I listen to it. I have passed your music on to my children ( along with Pink Floyd and John Lennon, old hippie that I am)  and you will remain in our hearts as longer than... Thank you, for so many, many things.... PEACE ~ Laurie Fannin WI


 Hi Dan and Jean, I'm one of your many fans that wants to let you know that my thoughts are continuously with you. I can't imagine what you and your family must be going through. I'm sure this must be taxing emotionally and physically. You're someone who has touched my life musically for many years and still do to this day. Your music has made me think, have more awareness of things, be more loving and compassionate and it has been very uplifting. Now I guess it's all of our turn as fans to return some of these feelings back to you. First of all, my condolences on the loss of your friend, Michael Botts. I empathize with how it feels to lose a good friend. He will be deeply missed and more importantly...remembered. Second, Congratulations to you and Jean (a couple years later,) it's so humbling and comforting to know you have someone fighting right along side of you. Last but not least , don't lose faith. We all support you Dan. Whatever your definition of comfortable and happy is, we want you to have it. You're always in my c.d. player...~ Lynne Reck of Ringwood, New Jersey.


 Dan, In the 1970's when I was a teen-age guitar enthusiast I learned quite a few of your songs. To this day I could probably still play "Part of the Plan","Illinois", "These Days", "As The Raven Flies" and others from memory . I saw you and Tim Weisberg play at Siena College in about 1977 or 1978.  Those songs bring me back to a time in my life that I cherish. Best Wishes and prayers!  May God continue to bless you. ~ Bill LaPietra


 Hi, from your old stomping ground, Peoria, IL----we are thinking of you, missing you, and, are sending love and prayers your way. Your masterpiece, Nether Lands, has always been my personal favorite album. Best Wishes ~Cindy, Rhonda, & Adrianne,  Peoria, IL


 Dear Dan: First and foremost my prayers are with you and your wife. I have been a fan of yours since your first album was released.  Each and every time you have come to Connecticut, my son and I have been to see you.  Actually we have even gone up to Springfield MA.  I have all of your ALBUMS...tapes and CD's.  My son, who is now 31, has been a guitarist and vocalist for 15 years. A Hartt School of music Graduate. We were enjoy your music tremendously. He did a gig last night and someone requested a song by you.  He and I both send our love and prayers. If I had to name ONE song that I feel is my signature song, It would have to be "Lessons Learned". You're accomplished are beyond recognition, I feel in my heart of hearts you will beat this. Godspeed..."Run for the Roses" will win...~ Gail and Billy from Connecticut


 Dan (I feel like I should call you Mr. Fogelberg) - I am crazy about your work!  I was introduced to you back in the early 90's while I was in high school.  Try going to college and listening to you and no one knowing who you were until I sang a line from" Run for the Roses" or "Leader of the Band."  I have gone to a couple of your concerts in Columbus, Ohio and I take away something very magical from each one of them.  Your music touches so deeply.  I have always dreamed of singing backup for you on tour :)  I am still practicing for when you decide to go on tour again!  Anyways - I just wanted to wish you well and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. ~ Shelly from Columbus, Ohio.


 Dan,  I am 17, and I listen to your music every single night. In fact I am listening to "Dancing Shoes" (my favorite of your songs) as I am typing this and reading over your web site. The sound  that comes out of your guitar is so comforting and calming. I am attempting to  learn guitar with you as my inspiration, actually, my mission is to be able to play "Leader of the Band" one day for my father. He is the one who  introduced me to your music. I always liked to listen to you on long car rides,  with my dad. I hope you are feeling well. I can't explain the shock I felt  when I read about you illness. You are in my prayers, and thoughts. Be  Strong. ~Tim Oakland, NJ


 Just look, Dan. . .look at all the amazing things these incredible people are saying.  Look at the kinds of folks that gravitate to your music.  That is the ultimate tribute to you and your talent. Over these decades, you sang our souls back to us.  You gave us dimensions we never knew we had. I have listened to your music since ’75 when I bought “Captured Angel.”  The most poignant time for me was the winter of 1976-1977:  It rained incessantly; I was alone:  The most depressing period of my life.  “Nether Lands ” was my constant companion during this time.  It was as if you wrote it just for me, as a mirror of my life. Look at all you have done. . .look at everyone you’ve touched.  A worthy legacy for any man. ~ Steve Stults


 Dan, I have been a musician since I can remember. I worked my way through different styles before finding one of my own but of course, I still have my favorites. Your style is one of those styles that I learned and enjoyed. So many of the things that you've written strike such a chord with so many people. Your musical imagination is amazing; I'm not worthy to judge but I do know what I like. I saw you solo in Utah maybe 8-10 years back and I must say your performance lived up to my expectations... which is to say it was wonderful. Here's to keeping the faith for the ones that influence our lives for the better. I am indebted to what I've learned from your music and lyrics, and humbly thank you. ~ Douglas Dunn


 Dan,  I feel as if we've known each other all our lives.   I'm sure there are tens of thousands of us out there who feel the same way.  You were what got me through each day back in the late 70's - early 80's.  I pray for you now... I hope that your faith will keep you strong through this journey.  Please know how much you have given to so many of us through the years - I was at a concert a couple of years ago (at Chastain Park in Atlanta), and was as captivated by you and your music as I was years ago.  You have made a difference - not only in my life, but in the lives of many, many others.  Thank you for sharing your gift with us.  We will always love you... God's Speed on your recovery ~ Cindy Karsten - Dacula, GA


 I am really embarrassed to be just learning of your prostate cancer -  now. Being a younger person who loves your music (I am 37 now) I grew up listening to your songs on the radio and always felt "moved" by your song writing and style - it has always been compelling - and of course the ever played "Same Old Lang Syne" song - true to your own experience that is so easily someone else's out there as well or similar. I do remember the time when I was listening to Stone Temple Pilots and Pearl Jam and you as well - and the girl I was going out with at the time - and out of no where she had bought us two tickets to the Palace of Auburn Hills, Michigan to see you in concert - and it was one of the most memorable concerts I have ever been involved in. I wish and pray for the best of treatment and recovery  for you and hope someday if you are up to it, that one day you can come back and visit Michigan - because I will be hoping that in some capacity you will play here. If not - I wish you and you family the best - and at least know that there is another person out here praying for you and your well being. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving and Have a great up-coming Holiday ~ Joel Pritchard


  Dan and family, I was so happy to hear that you are doing well--I'm sure that Thanksgiving was particularly special for you this year.  I had heard awhile ago that you were sick but not until I checked your website just now did I learn that you were better and clearly in good spirits. We all have gifts to offer each other and to the world.  Thanks for the gift of your music and God be with you as you continue to reclaim your health and inner peace.~ Ross Workman, Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin


 Happy Thanksgiving! I'm stopping by here to give a little thanks to you. I recently traveled from MT to CA to visit my daughters and took a couple CD's of your music along for the ride. I couldn't travel that far without you. Love ~ Ken Harris-YNP


 Hi There Dan & family,  Thank you Dan for sharing your gift of music to us all! We have been loyal fans since the 70's. I hope this 'lil note finds you in great health and great spirits! I want to thank you for bringing attention to this serious issue of Prostate Cancer. I have been begging my husband to go get his "first-check" / exam  for 14 years now. He is 54.  I've even went as far as to make the appointments for him but every time he calls in that something came up or some other 'lil white lie he can come up with and I am so very concerned. May God Bless You & Your family always. We wish you Health, Happiness, and All  Good Things! Again, Thanks so much! Sincerely ~ The Thibodaux 's  from Louisiana


 Dan - It's that time of year again.  I just brought out The First Christmas Morning after waiting very impatiently all year.  It is simply the most beautiful Christmas collection I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy.  You have so truly captured the real meaning of the season through your works on that CD.  Thank you.  My prayers are still with you and your family.  Be strong, be healthy, and have a wonderful holiday season. ~ Mary


 Hi Dan, First of all, my prayers and best wishes go out to you and your family.  Thanks for your music, which I have been listening to for over 25 years. You are an incredible talent and I hope you have many, many more years of music ahead of you.  I'm half a world away from you but you've touched my life with your beautiful songs. I hope you get well real soon. From a fan in the Philippines ~ Mike Da Silva


 Dan, You're truly are of the best songwriters I have had the pleasure to hear.  You paint beautiful lyrical pictures. I wish you good health and happiness. My Father was diagnosed with prostate cancer - they caught it early 12 years ago. He doing great at 72 yrs young.  We walk miles 3 times a week and we love it. Have a blessed Thanksgiving ~ Lisa


 Thank you Dan.... I can't say it any better than that.  I worked as a cashier at the A and P Grocery Store in Charlotte NC while in College, and he was the bag boy....we dated seriously then split up and when I heard this song and called him up. That was a lifetime ago and we went different directions. This was a living DEJA-VU.."Same Auld Lang Syne" for real everyone..... just like you, Dan,  were watching , writing and recording over my shoulder in 1979-80. But you couldn't have been there in Charlotte NC at the time. You couldn't have known..but you KNEW ! "Nether Lands" is now my life and has been for many many years since as I try to find my place in this world. Thank you Dan for being brave enough to put into words and music what so many of us feel.


 Just thank you with all of my heart....I am and now my sons are now very rich in spirit for having heard and believed in your music, a true angel of music you are.... walking among us all these years Dan.   Never forget the impact you have had on so many people. God Bless you and family ...Are you sure you weren't following my life around for real? ~ Judy Anderson


 Dear Dan and family - May this holiday season bring inner peace and love to your home. You're in my prayers. ~ Scott


 Your music was such a big part of my life as a college student at Eastern Illinois University where I met my husband.  We listened to Nether Lands for hours as we made our plans for our lives together.  My husband is still proud to this day that he grew up near Peoria like you.   Together, we attended your concert at U of I back in the late '80's.  I remember how packed the stadium was!  You made all of us from the heartland very proud.   My husband and I married in 1984 and then attended the University of Illinois for our graduate work.  Many times we heard  rumors of the places where you performed while you were a student there yourself.  As a musician (elementary music teacher, college  professor and studio teacher), I have always admired you for your talent to write such touching and inspirational music. Your music was so easy to understand and to listen to during a time when many bands were going crazy.   I've heard that your father was a wonderful musician and band leader himself.  You have certainly developed the passion for music that reaches the most inner part of soul from him.  What a gift.  I'm saddened to hear that you are fighting cancer.  I was diagnosed with cancer 13 years ago and went through a year of chemo, surgeries and radiation.  It is an exhausting battle because of the mental and physical strain.  I pray for you to have peace and joy during this holiday season and for years to come.  Your music will always be with you.  You have left a legacy that will stand the test of time for my generation.   Bless you and your family.


 As I wrap up my work day and prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday, I am thinking of you and yours, Dan, and wishing you all peace and the comfort of family and friends.  It seems especially appropriate, too, to say "Thank you" to you for all the comfort and joy that you and your music have given me over the years. In my case, my first exposure to your music came while sitting in my dorm room.  "Nether Lands" drifted out of my radio, and I prayed that the DJ would announce the name of the song and the performer.  I've never stopped listening and have been lucky to see and hear you in concert in Long Island and New York City several times, including on a Hudson River pier next to the Intrepid.  (You were mightily displeased.) At another, more recent show, you did your first concert after your summer boating in Maine and were more chatty than usual.  You seemed genuinely surprised to find that many in the audience were as interested to hear what you had to say as to hear the songs on your set list. We cared then, and we still do. ~ Joann, New York City


 I wish I were a poet or songwriter, such that I could give back some of what you, through your music, have given me over the years. Each note would act in harmony with all of the rest to heal and make you well again; something your music has done for me many times - on both emotional and spiritual levels. As I am not, you will have to settle for my prayers and thoughts for you and yours. ~ Wayne R. Smith, NJ


 Dear Dan, I have enjoyed your music since I was a little girl. My parents were music majors in college and had a wide variety of musical influences that they shared with me growing up. I have fond memories of singing along with "Run for the Roses" or "Heart Hotels" during our long, summer car trips through the mountains of North Carolina-- or locking myself in my room and singing "The Power of Gold" into my hairbrush like I was on the stage. Now that I have gotten older (the 'ripe' old age of 24), I have especially grown to love "Leader of the Band." The song took on special meaning for me a few years ago when my father had a stroke and it looked as though he would never play guitar again. Fortunately for our family, he made a full recovery and the music continues. I only recently read about your illness and I wanted to wish you and your family all the best. I believe you can beat this.  Keep your head up and keep fighting. Sincerely ~ Kelly


 Dear Dan,  I hope you have a speedy recovery. I can't even think of a world with out you in it. Your music has become such a big part of my life.... Love and peace ~ M


 Hi Dan, I feel I have lived under a rock to not know until this moment about your illness. I am moved to tears to hear this about you. I have played your music for years as I am a musician (not compared to you!) myself and have family and friends request I play your songs at many gatherings all of these years. It was you, John Denver and Cat Stevens who inspired me to play the guitar and sing..for that I thank you so much, Dan. Your music has inspired me to continue to play and bless others with your poetry. I have seen you in concert in Irvine and San Diego.....there cannot be another singer/songwriter/performer like you. You have touched all of our hearts Dan. I only hope that the countless messages and outpouring of love for you and Jean can simply begin to return the joy and happiness you have brought all of us adoring fans all these many amazing years. Run for The Roses My are, and always will true Leader of The Band! All my love and appreciation and prayer for a miracle. ~ Rich Beeson, Milwaukee, WI


 Hi Dan.  Happy Thanksgiving!!!  I know I am thankful for all the years that I have been blessed with your music. Your music has helped me through many a dark hour.  In addition to helping me celebrate the good times.  I keep checking on your web site to see how you are doing.  I'm hoping that no news is good news!  The last time I saw you in concert it was in Lake Tahoe a few years ago.  I also saw you at the Schnitzer Concert Hall in Portland, Oregon and at Universal Amphitheater in So. California many moons ago (among many other times).  I have such great memories of your concerts. I miss you!  Take care and hurry back!!! ~  Kim in Springfield, Oregon


 Hi Dan and Jean, Nice to be loved huh? Thanks for showing courage. I hope you feel God's peace and presence through all the prayers and good wishes. Happy Thanksgiving. ~ Bill


 Just the best of wishes for a complete recovery. Healthy eating of fruits and gently steamed organic vegetables are nature's own cures. I believe you are getting better each day. You are such an asset to this community of life's lovers of song. Stay with us for many more years. Grow stronger with the knowledge each day that we are thinking of you ~ Anne Valentine


 Dear Dan: I know I wrote before but I had to share this with you. As I told you my son is a musician, guitar and vocalist,  for 15 years, and as I shared with you before at a recent gig he was asked to play one of your songs. Well I bought your DVD Greetings From The West. Billy and I watched it together today, he was so inspired. His exact words were "Wow, now I can learn from this DVD." Thank you for being such an inspiration. Your narrative on the DVD brought tears to our eyes. We will continue to pray and send our loving prayers to you and Jean. We all know in our heart of hearts you will beat this~I have contacted our local radio station, and they are playing more and more of your songs, and I am amazed at the dedications and love that are pouring into the station for you. May you have a blessed Thanksgving. Godspeed. ~ Gail and Billy from CT


 Dan - Best wishes for a full recovery  I learned of your illness on the utube website that features your song "Leader of the Band." You have touches many hearts and many souls with your music. Get well in a hurry and enjoy the coming holidays ~ Rich Allen


 Dear Dan, I've been listening to your music for more than 30 years (since your first album, Home Free) and I can truly say no other music moves me, touches me so deeply, and in so many ways. Haunting, beautiful, magical, profound, and unique are just some of the words that come to mind when I try to describe your music to others. But my words just can't describe, so I always tell them they have to listen to truly understand how powerful your music is. No other music satisfies my soul and fills my heart like yours does. Your lyrics; pure, real, powerful poetry. Your instrumentals; emotionally arousing perfection. Your music is a wonderful part of my life and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing your gift with us all. This evening was the first time I visited your website. I was immediately brought to tears when I read you had cancer. Although we've never met, I feel as if my closest friend is hurting and I can't do anything to help. You are in my thoughts, in my heart, and in my prayers. Get well soon!! We need you. This world needs you. ~ Michele Mancini, NY


 I believe that I have not by chance clicked on your site on this peaceful Sunday morning while I was sending blessings in return to my friends. One I got from another dear friend to strengthen me with best wishes to get well soon again. I loved it so much that I decided to send it further to all the ones I know then the provider gave me links (I didn't ask for) and I clicked on yours to see what's all about. After reading it I decided to respond.


May God strengthen and heal the whole of you is my prayer. I know The Almighty is able to do this, for nothing is impossible for our Creator Who is the Giver and Creator of this our Highly designed body; evidence of The Highest Masterdom Itself. So what you need, God knows and is willing to renew your body and also in mind and spirit. Be Blessed! ~ Heloïse, from The Netherlands, Europe.


 Dan: Just a short message of love and hope from a fan.  For all you've brought to the world through your music, surely the angels will shine on you God's mercy, love, and healing.  Prayers ~ Cameron


 May God Bless you! After the darkest years of my life, your music was my only solace. My one companion. I lost a child in 1971 to leukemia.  I was lost - numb for years. When I found "Nether Lands" it was the lifeline I needed to survive. It helped me reconnect with the world again.  I can never thank you enough. You have no idea of the healing you gave me thru your music. May God heal you and give you strength. ALL things are possible to Him. May He bless and keep you well.  Amen.


 "When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, 'I used everything you gave me.' " ~ Erma Bombeck


 Dan -greetings from Kilkenny, Ireland. I have only recently become aware of your troubles. All I can do is pray for you and tell you that in my book you are up there with the greats.Thank you for all the pleasure your songs have given countless people. Best wishes ~ Frank McKenna


 Dan, My brother was rocked to sleep to your music by my father when he was just a baby.  Naturally, like a mothers heart beat, your music has always been something so close to his heart.  I was brought up listening to your music as well and I can say quite easily with singless of mind, that your craft is perfected and nearly unmatched. I can also say with joy that you, along with my father David, are one of the greatest influences on my playing. I think you should know how much you're appreciated, and I want to say that the Lord has blessed you with a talent that most only dream of.  I will be praying for you and your family, that He might do a great work in you all. God bless ~ Jeff Lyons


 Dan, I just want you to know that you are in our prayers daily. We pray for your strength and for a positive recovery from this awful disease. Your music has inspired all of us for years! I remember first hearing your music at my cousin's house when I was a kid. I was 11 years old... I am 39 now! I think the album was "Souvenirs". Excellent music!  Your music is so inspiring and gorgeous. Each song seems to convey a fitting message for all of us somehow. My favorite songs are "Leader of the Band", "Same Old Lang Syne", "Longer", "Lonely in Love" and so many more! Anyway, we just wanted to send you, Jean, and the rest of your family our thoughts, prayers, and well wishes. We will continue our prayers and keep the faith and hope alive as you battle this poison. Ok, we'll check back again. God bless and you are in our prayers! Take care ~ Mary Vento, Houston, TX


 Dan, I wish only the very best for you and yours. You have been my very favorite since the early 1970's.  I have seen you several times in Colorado where we live. God speed a quick and full recovery to you. ~ Connie & Vince Vaughn, Loveland Colorado


 Dan, The way my wife and I discovered your music was quite unusual. We were both looking in a record store (I am a music fanatic and was always looking in record stores) and my wife (at the time just my girl friend) found your Souvenirs album.  She brought it over to me and said, "let's buy his album- he is really good looking!"  At the time I had no idea what your music was like but agreed to buy it.  We both immediately fell in love with the album and played it with great regularity. We turned our family and friends on to your music.  We became big fans and bought many of your albums, unfortunately we never took the opportunity to see you in person, something we still regret.  I don't know if we have one favorite album, I recently repurchased Twin Sons of Different Mothers (on CD), because I am a big fan of acoustical pieces.  One of my personal favorite songs is "Leader of the Band", it so clearly states the way I feel about my father and always stirs my emotions when I listen to it.  I used one of the verses for a hand made Father's Day card one year. 


My wife and I were truly sorry to hear of your condition and even if you aren't able to get back to your music, we certainly hope you get a chance to greatly extend the time you spend with your family, because that's what really counts. Best wishes ~ Bob and Fran Caruso, Crofton, Maryland


 Your music has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. We sang "Part of the Plan" as our high school graduating song.  I have very fond memories of sitting in my best friends bedroom listening to your albums over and over again and fawning over the album covers at how cute you were.  I am 43 years old and I have not missed a chance yet to see you in concert when you come to Philly.  Based on what I have read and seen, you are a true gentleman - and a wonderful story teller.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and your wife Jean as you battle this terrible disease.  It has taken many of my family members throughout the years so I feel connected in some way..... I love your music and your heart.  I wish you could live forever.....~ Jenny Goldfarb


 Dan - You are a great songwriter & you've touched my life in a very positive way.  I pray that you'll feel better soon.Thanks for the music! ~ Lisa Haasl


 In 1977 I heard "Scarecrow's Dream" on the radio and only caught the artist name. Not knowing which album to get without knowing the songs name I picked Nether Lands. On the way home I listened to it and loved all the songs. And the last song I heard was the one I wanted. I loved it so much that I wore out a record, a 8 track, 2 cassettes and now I have it on CD. I introduced many people to this album. The songs and orchestration and voice make this the greatest album of all time for me. ~ George E. Fuller


 Dear Dan, I became your fan back when "Longer" hit the air waves.  One of the things that amazed me then and still does is there is never a "filler" song on your albums.  You write beautiful, meaningful music and your songs touch people deeply.  I miss anticipating a new album, but I'm very grateful for all the wonderful music you have created and given to the world.  I also think of you often and say a little prayer for your health and quality of life. ~ Donna


 My wife, Candy, and I just want to send our best regards and prayers to you and your family in your tough time. We've been big fans since the 70's, and have been blessed to have your music in our home for all these years. We pray for a strong and lasting recovery for you, and wish you the best of every day's gifts. Looking forward to much more great music from the leader of the band. By the way, thanks so much for promoting prostate and colon screening on your site. I don't think that the importance of early screening and treatment can be overstressed. Wishing you a long, healthy, and fulfilling life.  ~ Chris and Candy Shaver


 Dear Dan, Thanks to my parents, I was exposed to your music from an early age and I am very thankful for that.  I truly enjoy your music and lyrics!  Back in 1980, my Aunt and Uncle played "Longer" at their wedding for their first dance.  I was 10 at the time and said I would have that song played at my wedding one day because I thought it was a beautiful song.  I was married in November 2004 and we had my Aunt and Uncle perform an acoustic version of "Longer" at our church ceremony.  Now when I hear the song, I have such  wonderful memories! I am 36 years old and currently battling Breast Cancer.  My motto is, "I have cancer, but it does not have me!" and I feel that a positive attitude is key to survival.  I wish you all the best in your battle with prostate cancer, and hope you win the fight and continue making beautiful music for the world to enjoy for many years to come! ~ Quinn Tiller-Claassen, Ontario, Canada


 Hello Dan-  I am sure you have been told many times how inspiring your music is and has been to many people. Well, you can add one more to the list.  It was 1975 and I heard a song from "Home Free" - I  have been hooked ever since. You seem to write and vocalize what so many of us feel.  It is as if you know us.  I have listened to you at my saddest moments (my mother's passing) as well as the happiest (the birth of my 2 children).  I pray you are on the speediest road to recovery. Love to your friends, family and most especially- to you. ~ Kathleen Mihaly, Montrose,CO


 Hi Dan- I was sitting in front of the computer tonight and goofing around on my guitar and started playing "There's A Place In The World (For A Gambler)". It was one of the first songs I learned to play 25 years ago.  (Unbeknownst to you, you were my guitar teacher!  I used to sit and play along with your albums until my fingers bled!)   I was thinking about you and went to your website and just learned of your illness.  I just wanted to send you my best wishes and to let you know that you've been a tremendous influence on me. Your music has carried me through some tough times.  Your songs have lifted my spirits and filled my heart with warmth.  Best wishes to you and Jean.  ~ Neil  - NY, NY


 Hi Dan, This time a year, it has become a tradition for me to start listening to your The First Christmas Morning record.  I recall seeing you doing a solo acoustic show back at the Mann Music Center in Philadelphia back in the mid-late 90s and was blown away when you played a few pieces from this album.  It still fills me with joy - especially your original Christmas compositions.  I hope one day they enter in the popular canon of holiday music.  As a singer/songwriter/guitarist, I'll be doing my best to perform them in hopes of getting people to ask, "what was that Christmas song?"  I wish you nothing but the best & hope that you are doing well this season.  It is my deepest desire that you are conquering the cancer.  Hang in there Dan. Season's Greetings ~ Greg Ralls, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


 Fogelberg, That is what my friend Rick and I say whenever we are going through whatever life throws at us. We simply say ,we need a Fogelfest. Maybe silly for a 47 year old man to be saying, but since 1977 you have been more than music to me. As many others have said, your songs seem to touch us as if you know what we are going through. I can't express the feelings I have for you and your music adequately. Thank you Dan Fogelberg for taking your amazing gift and sharing it with the world. I wish you and your beautiful wife the best for many years to come.You are in my daily prayers." I BELIEVE IN YOU " ~ Howard Waller, St. Louis,Mo.


 Hey Dan - Someone else here noted about your health, that maybe no news is good news.  That is my deepest hope! For some reason, I've been thinking about you recently and that always makes me check in on whoever comes into my thoughts suddenly.  But...I understand that life is a private affair and just because "we" feel we want to know how you are, we are not entitled simply because we admire your music. Please know that everyone who has visited this site wishes you everything that you wish for yourself.  In reading the messages, I'm struck be how many people feel they have connected with you personally, through the truth and deep feeling of your music.  I am one of them.  I will always be grateful for the beauty you have brought to my life and for the grace with which you've lived yours.  May that great grace continue! ~ Francie Berens


 Dan, There are few people in this world that can touch the lives of many and you , my friend, are one of them. You write from your soul and sing through your heart  and together you create music that will stay with people a lifetime.  You have written beautiful ballads as well as songs that reflect the love you have for the great outdoors. Having spent endless amounts of  time in Maine, "The Minstrel" to me is a masterpiece. It's a place I find peace and obviously you have as well.


I want to wish you and your entire family the very best as you continue  your fight. Peace is what you have given millions of your fans for years and  peace is what I wish for you today. I look forward to meeting you someday and once again witness the magic that only you can offer. That magic comes from a man that truly understands the meaning of life.~ Bob Oliver, MA


 Dan, First heard your music through a fellow Illini, 1974, at Newman Hall, Champaign.  Appreciate your talent and dedication to your musical craft.  You're the bomb..  Will continue praying for your health and return to the stage. Sincerely,

~ Dennis Dorotiak, Orlando, FL


 Dear Dan,  I've written several times over the past couple of years and I hope you'll bear with me for just one more post.  As so many others here have written, I think of you and pray for you often.  Your music is playing in my office every day.  In part, this is my way of praying for you and honoring you.  Your music is also a godsend in getting me through the often hectic workdays.  Two weekends ago, I attended a couple of concerts in Houston with my son and my cousin.  One of the concerts was at The Woodlands.  This was the last place that my cousin and I saw you perform a few years ago.  Your concert at The Woodlands Pavilion was purely magical....especially when you surprised us by playing "To The Morning".  It was perfect.  Just perfect.  Fast forward to our experience two weeks ago....and replace the "magical" sounds of your music with the "madness" of Motley Crue and Aerosmith....the word "misery" also comes to mind.  I won't go into detail but let's just say that the next time I'm at a concert at The Woodlands I hope and pray that I'll be seeing you again, rekindling the magical sounds that we miss so much.  And here's the irony of it all...on Thanksgiving Day, my family and I went to the French Quarter in New Orleans.  We stopped at Tower Records to shop their "going out of business" sale.  I immediately started searching for your CDs....they were all gone.  All that was left was the plastic tab with your name on it.  While waiting for the rest of my family to finish their shopping, I ran across the plastic tab for Motley was packed with their the looks of it, they couldn't even give them away!   I had to laugh.  I'm obviously not the only one who appreciates your wonderful talent and beautiful spirit. I'm thankful for having the chance to see you perform at The Woodlands and at several venues here in Louisiana.  My one regret was never having the chance to see you at Red Rocks.  My hope is that you will be healed and that you and your music will live on.  ~ Pam


 Dear Dan, I log onto ticketmaster from time to time to see if maybe, just maybe, you are better and back on the road. I know that is selfish and touring is so tough on the body yet, you are missed terribly. I have gone to so many of your concerts and only a few years back a dear friend and I got together only once per year and that was to  see you perform. You see, our lives had gotten so busy we just could not seem to carve out the time to see each other, yet, somehow, when you were in Wallingford, CT or Boston, we made the time.


One year, many years back, my friend could not make it so I decided I would go to your concert alone. I thought, downtown Boston, nice Dan Fogelberg crowd...this will be fine. I sat down in my row and quickly found that I was in the midst of 6 friends who had gone to the concert together and when they found out I was alone, they adopted me into their group. The gentleman sitting next to me started to cry when "Longer" played and whispered to me, "Sorry, that was my wedding song and my wife is working in the ER tonight and could not be here. After all these years that song still chokes me up". So, here I was putting my arm around and comforting a man who had been a total stranger only an hour earlier. The point of all this Dan is to tell you, that is how much you touch people....that is how much you affect their lives in such a sweet and positive way . I pray that all you have done for others with your music and your charm come back to you tenfold to heal you so you are better than ever. Bless you and your well. ~ Donna C.


 Dan, I first "met" you while in graduate school in Wisconsin in 1979. I was far from home and your lyrics and music touched my soul. Throughout I've "kept in touch" with you through your albums. I mentioned my love of your music to a girlfriend and she shared she had gone to high school with you. Her name was Lisa Hangartner. After learning of your illness we both were saddened. We keep you in our prayers and wish you comfort from God. Hang in there and don't give up the fight.  ~ Melanie Pentecost


 Dear Dan, I grew up with your music and lyrics. Sometimes I think I can chart the changes in my life by the songs you wrote. The people I've loved and the ones I've lost can be found in your songs. What an awesome responsibility you've borne thru the years for all your fans. I first saw you at 16 in Pensacola...I last heard you play at Red Rocks when I was somewhere in my 30's...and you touched me every time I saw you! I hope that you are living each day to the fullest and I wish you all the joy and contentment you have helped me find thru the years...yes...being content with your life as it is today is what I would wish for you. ~ Cyn


 "There's a light at the depths of your darkness. There's a calm at the eye of every storm. There's a light at the depths of your darkness. Let it shine.....Oh let it shine" Those beautiful lyrics are helping me during a relationship breakup now. Thank you for that gift, Dan Fogelberg. Love ~ Adriana, a long-time fan.


 Hi Dan and Family:  I was listening to the radio today and heard one of your songs. It brought back a lot of good memories. I looked you up on the web to see if you were touring and learned of your cancer. I hope and pray that all is well and that you and your family are getting through this. I will look for updates on your website and look forward to good news. Take Care!! ~ Ron and Tina Sigrist


 Dear Dan, More than two years have passed since I wished you well through the Living Legacy website; I hope you are doing well as a result of your treatments during that time.  Your music continues to give me so much through the ups, downs, and even the plateaus of my own life.  Please accept my sincere thanks, again, for that.  That's all.  I think of you and Jean from time to time and just felt compelled to wish you well and to thank you, even though I've done it before.  And Dan - tomorrow we fire up your Christmas cd for some serious tree trimming, which always inspires dancing!  See how yours is the gift that keeps on giving?  Take care, and have a wonderful holiday. Best ~ Kim Schmid in NC

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