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December 16, 1999

Yahoomc: OK-- Dan has joined us -- Please give a big Yahoo! welcome to Dan Fogelberg! 

dan_fogelberg_live: Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night...wait a we're just getting started...Oh, never mind! 


manolis_varnassinger asks: dan what do you remember most from your christmas holidays when you were a child: 

dan_fogelberg_live: My brothers and I quite illicitly would unwrap presents when they were under our the tree...we couldn't stand the suspense, we would wrap them back up hoping unsuspecting parents would never find out. I suspect they lovingly obliged us. 


jank071353 asks: I recently enjoyed meeting a friend of yours, Jim Wilson. I really like his CD,and especially the song you collaborated on. I noticed you thanked him on your Christmas CD. Do you have any more projects planned with him? Treasure the journey. J 

dan_fogelberg_live: I love Jim's album too, it's one of my favorites, he's tuned my piano for years. And a lot of us are very happy to see him making his own music. He's working on a new album, and I played some guitar and did some vocals on it, I don't know when it will be released. 


debzz_1999 asks: Hi Dan!! Love the CD!!! I think one of the big questions that alot of people may have is what your thoughts in the production of "O Tannenbaum" It's different from the rest and is very interesting! 

dan_fogelberg_live: "O Tannenbaum" was meant to be a "lagniappe". A lagniappe is a little something extra, it's a New Orleans word. I wanted it to sound like from another time and place very far away. I wanted it to sound as if you were in a snowy forest in the 15th century listening to a party thru the windows of a castle. 

I thought that must have been self evident! LOL! 


valkyre_2000 asks: When you sing your songs live, do many of the emotions come flooding back, from the content of the songs? 

dan_fogelberg_live: No, I am far too busy singing them and playing them to feel what they are about. I felt them when I wrote them and recorded them. 


windreach9 asks: Hi Dan, I've read that you're a great chef, and that you are a vegetarian. What's your favorite vegetarian meal, and do you have any hints for us struggling vegetarians? 

dan_fogelberg_live: I am not a vegetarian, I am a dedicated omnivore. Many of my pastas that I love are however meatless. 


KevinAlex asks: Dan, at Alpine Valley Wisconsin in June of 1984 you sang a song that started out like this. I came through this mountain town, my time was up, and my hopes were down, you were the buried treasure that I found. What is the name of that song and how come you never recorded it? It was awesome! 

dan_fogelberg_live: The name of the song is "Mountain Town". It was written 25 years ago. I don't know why I never recorded it. Now I can't remember it! I should have recorded it! LOL! 


thespiritsdance asks: Hi Dan, your Christmas album is a delight. Did you find it interesting researching the different styles of music? Was it challenging to blend your style with those of old? 

dan_fogelberg_live: Challenging but not difficult. I found the writing of this Christmas music some of the easiest I've ever done. I think I was so well versed in this style of music that it came naturally. Glad you enjoyed it! 


carolk216 asks: Hi Dan, welcome..I have Christmas music by you,and a few others on my CD player, what are you listening to this Christmas? By the way, your CD is the best Christmas music I have heard in years! 

dan_fogelberg_live: LA Guitar Quartet, Dances From Renaissance to Nutcracker. William Boyce Eight Symphonies conducted by Trevor Pinnock. And A Festival of Carols in Brass by the Philadelphia Brass Ensemble. Among others. 


climberwill asks: Happy Holidays Dan, your new cd is great! Can you tell us what songs you left off the christmas cd that you would of liked on it but didn't fit in for some reason or another? 

dan_fogelberg_live: The ones I left off I didn't like, otherwise I would have put them on. I had a weird version of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman" done on sitar which was just too weird. And a very dark accapella piece called "The Seven Joys of Mary." Both of which got left on the cutting room floor. 


wpsuz asks: Dan, I've always wondered... with your father being a band leader, how come you never played an instrument in the school band, and how did he feel about that? 

dan_fogelberg_live: Cause in the school band they didn't allow electric guitar. That's an easy one! 


AirLine5 asks: Dan, on your early albums, Don Henley, Glenn Frey, J.D. Souther, among others often were in the background,but I haven't seen them on any recent albums. Do you still collaborate with any of them? 

dan_fogelberg_live: No, I rarely see them, our lives have gone in very different directions in the last 20 years. Occasionally in LA I'll run into the guys, JD or Don. But not very often. 


longfellowma asks: Dan, how do you get around on the mountain. Do you use a helicoptor, jeep or other means? Isn't the weather erratic? 

dan_fogelberg_live: LOL! Whatever works. This year we wish the weather were more erratic. We have no snow, we're praying for snow. I try to stay out of helicopters. 


windreach9 asks: I know you enjoy sailing, if it's not inappropriate, I was wondering what the name of your new sailboat is? 

dan_fogelberg_live: My new sailboat is called Minstrel. I sold the original boat of the same name and the new owners changed the name to something else. So I figured since I had the song, I might as well have the boat. She is indeed a friend of mine. 


StocksOnMargin asks: Dan, This is so cool! When will you be touring again? I'd love to have you perform at Bridges Auditorium in Claremont, CA. A small, intimate venue. Looking forward to new songs. 

dan_fogelberg_live: As far as I know I should be on tour again next summer, I can't tell you exactly when, the agents decide that sort of thing. 


climberwill asks: Happy holidays Dan, your new cd is great! I see the duo magical strings play on some of the tracks on your christmas cd, can you tell us a little about them and how that came about? 

dan_fogelberg_live: Philip and Pam Boulding are wonderful Celtic musicians from Seattle who opened a tour for me in 1988. We have been friends ever since and it's always a pleasure to work with them. 


hwdrumm asks: Dan, how did you like the sessions at Caribou Ranch back in the 70s? That place looked so cool in the photos on the various LPs that were recorded there! 

dan_fogelberg_live: It was far too pleasureable. We are all glad it's closed. It's better for all! LOL! 


debzz_1999 asks: Hi Dan! I LOVE "Snowfall" It's my favorite of the album! I just have to ask (since I'm a BIG fan of Maine!!) Is that a Maine snowfall or a Colorado snowfall that you are writing about?? 

dan_fogelberg_live: That would be a Colorado snowfall. To me the music sounds like the mountains. 


lighthousekeeper_2000 asks: I just wanted to tell you I love the song "Same Old Lang Syne"! I haven't heard it in awhile, though. Which album is it found on? 

dan_fogelberg_live:The Innocent Age or Portrait, the boxed set. 


wood3039 asks: Dan-Is the picture inside of 1st Christmas CD your house in Maine? 

dan_fogelberg_live: No that was shot at the ranch in Colorado. 


DoYaMama asks: What is the most memorable Christmas gift you received as a kid? 

dan_fogelberg_live: A pair of wooden skis that I took one run down the driveway, crashed on and broke. It took me 30 years to take the sport up again. 


windreach9 asks: Given the idea that we are "stewards of the Earth," have you considered employing any new forms of energy such as solar power, low impact, in your homes? 

dan_fogelberg_live: The ranch is a passive solar home. And both homes are heated by wood, not exclusively. We try to be as self sufficient as possible. As Y2K approaches the wisdom becomes more apparent. 


WaHiNe678 asks: Thank you for the long-awaited Christmas CD. It is beautifully done! We enjoy your Greetings from the West video: would you consider creating another video of your performances for your longtime fans? 

dan_fogelberg_live: That was paid for by Sony music, I really doubt I'm going to do another one out of my own pocket. It was very expensive! 


marrone_1999 asks: Hey Dan! Congrats on over 25 years. You and your music have matured beautifully. I've heard you do blues numbers in concert. Any chance of an all blues CD? 

dan_fogelberg_live: No plans at the moment. I have a new live album that I'm working on which will include some blues numbers. 


Bot_Ecol asks: Hello, Sir! I have thoroughly enjoyed the first Christmas CD (Thank you!) I was impressed by the relaxed feel of the music and photos... Are you more at ease these days? Would be my Christmas wish for you! Merry Christmas! 


StacheCA asks: Garth Brooks said yesterday he will probably retire next year from the music business. Many folks want to know if you are still planning on retiring when you turn 50. Will you reconsider making music for another decade at least? 

dan_fogelberg_live: I've decided to fill the vacuum left by Garth's retirement. I will then retire after 100 million sales. Who wouldn't? LOL! Chew your food properly. Be sure to brush after every meal. 


hwdrumm asks: Dan, will your next tour include a band, or be solo acoustic? -- Wynn 

dan_fogelberg_live: Solo acoustic. I'm having a great time performing solo. The band is still in jail. 


debzz_1999 asks: Kenny Loggins said that it's very hard to get his songs on the radio anymore. It seems the "smoother" style isn't "in" these days!! Do you find that, too and are you frustrated by that? Or do ya care!! Love ya!! Debzz 

dan_fogelberg_live: Sounds like just the thing Kenny Loggins would say. LOL! 


valkyre_2000 asks: Do you still feel driven to write? 

dan_fogelberg_live: I am more driven to compose. Pop songwriting doesn't interest me like it did maybe 10 or 15 years ago. But I really enjoyed composing for the Christmas record, I enjoy composing for guitar and possibly for orchestra in the future. 


wpsuz asks: Hi Dan. Love the new CD. "Snowfall" is my favorite! 


lighthousekeeper_2000 asks: Dan, you are one of my all-time favorite artists! Just wanted to let you know! 


jank071353 asks: My favorite Christmas song (other than yours) is "Oh Holy Night". What's your favorite? Jan 

dan_fogelberg_live: I love "Carol of the Bells". 


rockiesbd asks: On your new live album, will you be including the song "Nature of the Game"? 

dan_fogelberg_live: No. that will be included in the live solo album which is a separate project. 


tothemorning asks: I have your book of photographs, will you ever consider doing another? 

dan_fogelberg_live: Highly unlikely. It took me too long to sell those! LOL! 


dfogelbergfan asks: Dan, thanks for all the joy your songs have brought to me over the years. Have you ever considered a collaboration with Jimmy Buffett? 

dan_fogelberg_live: The collaborations I have had are best forgotten. We're still wanted in some countries. 


cmbyates asks: Will your live album include pieces from your last few years' tours? 

dan_fogelberg_live: It is a compilation of songs that I recorded in the first half of the 90s with my various bands. 


valkyre_2000 asks: How do you perceive yourself?--Folk singer, classical artist, other? 

dan_fogelberg_live: Other. 


hwdrumm asks: Do you have any plans for an official website? 

dan_fogelberg_live: I'm toying with the idea. 


debzz_1999 asks: HI Dan! Love ya!! My friends and I just LOVE "Song for a Carpenter" Do you plan on doing any more things with The Chieftains?? Just wonderful!!! 

dan_fogelberg_live: I would love to. Not necessarily just with the Chieftans, but with some Irish audiences. I would love to collaborate with Clannad some time. I think they are a marvelous group. 


AirLine5 asks: Hi Dan, I've always loved your music...I am going to be getting my first guitar in a couple of weeks, and I wanted to know if you think I would learn faster if I had someone teach me or if I tried to learn on my own... 

dan_fogelberg_live: Whatever is most enjoyable. I don't think learning speed is the goal. Enjoyment should always come first. It's not about arriving, it's about the journey. 


lighthousekeeper_2000 asks: Did you write "Same Old Lang Syne"? If so, was it from experience? 

dan_fogelberg_live:Yes and yes. 


loveoflife_2000 asks: Would you ever consider performing "The River" live? I could die happy if you did (not that I plan to anytime soon) ;-) 

dan_fogelberg_live: LOL! I really doubt it. I used to perform that when I was 21. It's just too damn dark! I'm enjoying life too much to sing "The River". 


sedpc asks: Dan, when did you start playing the guitar? My 8 year old is begging for one. Did you start with an acoustic? 

dan_fogelberg_live: My grandfather gave me an acoustic guitar when I was ten. It's never too early to start, depending on the size of the hands. 


rainbow_brite_09 asks: have you ever thought of becoming an actor now a days many singers act. I was just wondering? 

dan_fogelberg_live: LOL! I was an actor in high school and college, and actually started out as a theater major at the University of Illinois. It no longer interests me in the slightest I want to direct!!! 


tothemorning asks: Will you ever record "I Need You"? I loved hearing that in concert. 

dan_fogelberg_live: I do have it recorded. I hope to include it in the live solo album. 


WaHiNe678 asks: Greeting from the East Coast! Do you realize how many longtime fans you have around the country? Hope you can tour back east this summer! 

dan_fogelberg_live: I would imagine most of the tour will be in the east this summer since we were only in the west last year. 


ragdoll333 asks: Is your album out yet for the Kosovo victims? 

dan_fogelberg_live: Yes, it was released in Europe. Earlier this year. I don't know if they have any plans to release it in America. I hope it helps. 


fogsbabe asks: Did you ever record a song and regret it later? 

dan_fogelberg_live: No, it's called editing. 


virgilcane_99 asks: Dan, my father was also a Music Leader. He taught me to retain certain values for the entire run. Your ode to your father was our family's ode to ours at his funeral. Thank you for the song! I pray you have held onto those values. 


johnart1 asks: Dan, how do you schedule your creative/work time daily when you don't have the 8-5 routine? time daily? 

dan_fogelberg_live: You just answered the question yourself. 


tothemorning asks: Happy Holidays Dan! What is your favorite guitar piece to play? 

dan_fogelberg_live: I'm kind of partial to a piece of mine called "Santa Fe" which I've been performing in concert the last couple of years. 


dick6197 asks: You're a pretty funny guy. Why not do a parody album? 

dan_fogelberg_live: LOL! There are critics that will tell you I already have! 


thrawnnn asks: Is it my imagination or has your vocal range lowered since your early days? Not being critical, just observed once that there aren't as many high notes :-) 

dan_fogelberg_live: I had my tonsils removed in 1980. It completely changed my vocal change. I also smoked for 25 years. Since I quit 2 1/2 years ago my range seems to be getting larger again. Don't expect me to sing "Nether Lands" however! LOL! 


johnart1 asks: Dan, I heard your solo tour last time and when you played "Nexus" it sounded like more than one guitar? 12 string? 

dan_fogelberg_live:Yes it was 12 strings. It's twice as hard to play! 


longfellowma asks: Hi Dan, Great Christmas CD. How much are you involved in planning your appearances on TV and how did you like working with Cindy Crawford? 

dan_fogelberg_live: I don't plan any of the promotion. I consent or don't consent. Cindy was a very lovely person. And I was pleased to find out she was another Illinois kid. 


thespiritsdance asks: You say on the liner notes your Christmas CD took a year to complete. That's a lot of work. Hopefully there was some fun mixed in. Any stories you would care to share? 

dan_fogelberg_live: I really enjoyed working with Hugh Marsh. Who works also for Loreena McKennitt. Hugh flew down from Toronto and played the music as if he had played it all his life. He is one of the musicians I most wanted to work with in recent years and it was very fulfilling. 


climberwill asks: Hey Dan When is the tribute for Nicolette Larsen plan to be released? 

dan_fogelberg_live: Last I heard sometime in early 2000. I haven't spoken to Russell in a while so don't hold me to it. 


magnolia1976 asks: Dan, are there any Jazz artists that you enjoy? 

dan_fogelberg_live: Oh sure, Foreplay, Bob James and Earl Klugh. 


dick6197 asks: What do you think is the place of music in the american literary tradition? 

dan_fogelberg_live: Huh? 


aussiejen1 asks: What is your favorite venue? 

dan_fogelberg_live: I always love playing at Red Rocks in Colorado. And the Greek Theater in LA. Wolftrap is also special. 


ragdoll333 asks: What musician do you most admire? 

dan_fogelberg_live: I've always been a huge fan of Eric Clapton. Still am. 


wpsuz asks: Hey Dan, I hear you're a sports fan. Since you went to a Big 10 school, do you still enjoy following Big 10 football? I'm a big Michigan State fan. 

dan_fogelberg_live: No I only follow the NFL. 


magnolia1976 asks: Have you ever considered performing live with an orchestral backing? 


susan_01_2000 asks: What is in your CD player right now? 

dan_fogelberg_live: Dust. 


carolk216 asks: Hi Dan... Fantastic new Christmas CD...I was totally blown away by the beauty of it. When you go out on a limb, you really tackle the biggest limbs....BRAVO DAN!!! What's next on your agenda? 


LiteOfVega asks: No question, Dan. Just a simple thank you for sharing your music -a poet of my soul, so to speak. (I also lived in Peoria and have family there.) 


playdobro asks: Dan, I loved High Country Snows. Any similar plans for the future? 

dan_fogelberg_live: Thanks. Nope. 


WaHiNe678 asks: Dan, I'm praying that you'll soon be inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame! You really deserve a place there. 


raphael_91324 asks: Hey Dan, if you slow down "Tucson" and play it backwards, are the voices saying Irving is dead? 

dan_fogelberg_live: LOL! LOL! 


orland_1_98 asks: hello... How did you get to were you are today Mr. Fogelberg? 

dan_fogelberg_live: Turned left at Nebraska. 

dan_fogelberg_live: I often wonder about myself. 


theehag53 asks: I am hearing about events that happened, yet I know nothing about your appearances. Is there a place that will annouce your appearances? 

dan_fogelberg_live: They are usually announced at the Dan Fogelberg home page and the Fan Forum ** on the internet. 


dick6197 asks: Dan, what was it like on the Van Morrison tour? 

dan_fogelberg_live: I opened for Van Morrison for only about six shows in 1971 in California, while I was a starving, struggling folkie. The shows were Van, Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks, and me. That should tell you all you need to know. 


AirLine5 asks: Dan, have you done any harmony vocals or instruments on any recent releases by other artists? 

dan_fogelberg_live: Only Jim Wilson's. 


rainyblueeyes asks: Dan I really love and will always enjoy "Nether Lands". Thanks for all the wonderful music! 

dan_fogelberg_live: You are very welcome. Glad you like it. 


dtm439 asks: Have you figured out how to make love stay? I'm counting on you!! 

dan_fogelberg_live: A good prenuptial. LOL! 


parleypj asks: Is Fame an advantage or disadvantage in life? 

dan_fogelberg_live: Both. It offers certain privileges but compromises one's privacy. 


dan_fogelberg_live: Just like to wish each and every one a very happy holiday season, and a joyous new century! 

Yahoomc: Hey folks -- Thanks for joining us tonight! 

Yahoomc: And special thanks to Dan for being here! 

Yahoomc: Be sure to check out The First Christmas Morning... 

Yahoomc: It's a wonderful album and it will definitely put you in the holiday spirit... 

Yahoomc: Happy Holidays, everyone! 

Yahoomc: And to all, a good night! 

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