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"Dear Dan" Letters

June 2007

 Dear Dan -Greetings from Alaska! Just a short note to let you know how we love you and pray for you. We are seeing moose babies now, and the sandhill cranes have returned. Days in the 50's, nights in the 40's, Sure signs of summer in Alaska. Thanks for your wonderful music and lyrics. We have you on often, and your music inspires us greatly! Sending you much love, energy and peace. ~ Brad and Barbara, Homer Alaska


 Dan -- I'm really glad to hear that you're doing well.  Being a male in my 50's, and having a good friend who's recently gone through a prostatectomy (it was caught early), I can relate to your plight.  I'm also a hospital pharmacist, so I see lots of this type of thing -- too much, as you know.  Fortunately, the prognosis is better (less bad?) as compared to other forms of cancer, so keep up the good work and fight this thing!


And, as others already have done, thanks for all the music.  I've seen you in Canandaigua, NY "by yourself" and in Rochester with your band, and they are two concerts I'll always remember.  Thanks for all you've done for the arts, the environment, and God knows how many other worthy causes.  You are the consummate musician in my book, and I have a son who is a professional clarinetist and a future (next weekend!) daughter-in-law who is a professional bassoonist, so I've learned to appreciate most types of music (can't seem to get into the country thang, though).  You've contributed so much to your "industry", so, once again, thanks. Sincerely ~ William J. Libera


 Dear Dan, I had a dream last night and you and I were having a conversation.  I  don't remember exactly what you said to me, but you were very positive and reassuring.  When I woke up, I knew I had to find out how you are.  My  husband and I were in Tennessee, for the first time, last week and I kept  singing "Old Tennessee" while we were driving along.  Your music is always playing in my mind as I've gone through my life.  Thank you for sharing you  gift with us.  God bless you. ~ Jill -  Denver


 I was born in 1962, so I grew up as a young man listening to your music in the '70s, and was stationed overseas in the Philippines in '82 and '83 when you were very popular then too.  I have a twin sister and she has been to many of your concerts.  I have many of your CDs and your boxed set. Your music has meant so much to me over the years - I hear your songs and they bring back many memories.  "Hard To Say" was being played constantly by a dorm mate when I first arrived in the Philippines as a nineteen year old, and he befriended me - it was my welcome song to the beautiful country where they often played your music on the Top Forty military channel and the Manila radio stations, so "Leader of the Band" and " Run For the Roses" remind me of my stay there and the trips I made and friends I had.  "Heart Hotels" reminds me of my younger sister Lynn who loved that song so much when it came out.  "Same Old Lang Syne" reminds me of when my mother and I were in a shopping parking lot at Christmas time when the song just came out and we were waiting for our relatives in the car and it was snowing outside and it was playing on the radio. "Believe in Me" reminds me of  my twin sister Lori as it is her favorite song of  yours.  Just thought I'd share a few thoughts on just how a few songs bring back great memories to me and I'm sure to so many others...


I wrote a few years ago, and sent prayers to you and have been off the Internet but recently got back on.  I'll take your medical advice as I am a former nurse, I was trained in the Air Force as a medic and since I'll be 45 on June 27 and haven't been checked in a long time.  Best wishes and good health.  ~ Glenn R. Marhefka


 Dear Dan,   I'm behind the wheel of my blue Toyota Prius. My packed bag is in the back of the car and there is a smile on my face as I drive away from my friend's house in Central, South Carolina. I’m ready to step into the comfort of my beautiful home in Clinton, Mississippi where my loving husband and two sweet cats are waiting for me. I’m psyched about listening to some great music for the long drive home so I look through my fully loaded Archos. I see tons of great music at my fingertips so it takes me a few minutes to decide what I want to hear. Finally, I highlight your name and settle in for the drive. Well, once I start, I can’t quit! I sing with you, cry with you, smile with you and quietly listen to you during my entire 8-hour drive. Ahhh....sweet, sweet memories! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! With Love and Gratitude Always. From a loyal Southern Belle fan ~ Beverly


 Dear Dan and Jean- I write this as my husband is trying to come back from a Surbarachnoid Hemorrhage and a lot of surgery.  His short term memory is gone at the moment.  I found him in our garage on the floor trying to put something under his head.  I called the ambulance and he was in surgery within an hour.  I only told you that part because he had just heard the good news one more year that he doesn't have to worry about prostate cancer this year.  It was a very happy day!  I hope we can be as gracious and appreciative as you and your wife Jean are.  We won't know for several months.  I've listened to your music and a lot of it has taken on a new meaning.  Wow, how easily your words just waft over into a new area! I wish you well and still hope to see you perform again.  Our favorite concert of yours ever was your Thirtieth Anniversary Concert at Red Rocks and we've seen several.  I don't think there's a tape or CD of yours I don't have.  I will continue to read your updates and I will hopefully be writing again with good news for you about Ron. Warmest Thanks and Regards ~ Gail Allstott


 Dan,  just last evening I searched the net for your music. It had been awhile. I missed you!  And the first song I heard was "Nether Lands" and, well, I literally had a physical reaction when I heard it.  It was so peaceful and loving.  I downloaded it - plus a couple more and then I went to your web site to see if you were still making music and was struck to learn that you are being treated for prostate cancer. Know that through your music you have touched so many lives. You have inspired  - comforted -  and made me smile throughout the years!  And I wish you happier times. You are in my thoughts and prayers... ~ Tina Lanci (Bellingham, WA)


 Dan: Your music was the backdrop of our courting and has been through out our 20 years of marriage.  Our daughter Danielle saw you at the Cohasset Music tent and was her first "legit" concert.  Innocent Age was always playing in my dorm room while in college; I could go on and on.  Your music has made a difference in our lives. We hope and pray for you and your family. Fondly ~ Dan & Ann Marie Walsh, Weymouth, Massachusetts


 Hi, Dan, Every morning I wake up to the first bars of "Nether Lands;" it's been in my CD alarm clock for three years. I never get tired of hearing it. I've been with you and your music since the early 70s and always refer to you as my favorite musician. I love the early stuff and everything since. Your music is a blessing in my life, so now I'm sending blessings your way. ~ Patty


 For every song you have written that has touched me, I will say a prayer for you. This will be many prayers. May you find strength and love among those who love you. ~ dana


 Dan, my prayers are with you.  Thanks for all the good things you've done for me through your music.  Two of the most memorable experiences in my life are from attending your concerts at The Garden State Arts Theatre in New Jersey in the late 80's and at the Macon Auditorium in the mid to late 90's. ~ Sam from Georgia


 In this day when crass commercialism shapes the musical world, it is so refreshing to return to gem like you, Dan.  I despair sometimes that there aren't any true musicians left who value the art above the money. You have given the world a real treasure in you myriad of lovingly crafted songs, and your effort to stay true to gift you've been given.  Your music bolsters my faith that true music will continue to thrive.  I too am a believer, and I believe in a God who delights in answering our prayers.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and you family in these difficult days.  I hope and pray that you will have more musical treasures to share with the world in the future. ~ Tracy, Saskatchewan, Canada.


 Dan, Wishing you the best.  You are in my thoughts and prayers. ~ Tom


 Dan, I join with all the others in saying I've loved your music since I was in my 20's and now that I'm in my 50's that hasn't changed . You have been part of the fabric of my life.  An Atlanta native, I live in Denver now.  I see what you loved all these years...sending deepest best wishes and prayers.  We love you.  ~ Candy, Denver


 Hello Dan, My wife and I have followed and seen you for years as we are your age. Mud Island in Memphis was our favorite time with the fireworks behind you . "Wandering Shepherd" has been a  song we have  sang and shared with many others over that time. The words probably mean even more to you now. We wish you the best in your healing. ~ John & Linda - 0klahoma


 Mr. Fogelberg, I've grown up on the coast of Maine and with your music. Truly hope this finds you and your family happy and healthy. God bless you for the years of joy you have brought the millions thru your music and songwriting. My brothers and I are all players and songwriters to different degrees and levels of success but all mark you an influence and inspiration. Sincerely ~ David Good


 Hi Dan, All my best to you through this difficult time. Keep preaching about men NEEDING to be tested. I developed Prostate Cancer in my THIRTIES, so men shouldn't wait until 40 for their PSA and DRE. If I hadn't been getting early checking, it would have been much more advanced before it would have been caught. Your music has been a wonderful addition to the soundtrack of my life. Hang in there. Get better. Live long. ~ David M


 I'm 63 and was painting the trim on my home...listening fondly to "Home Free". As I painted, I was remembering that time when music was beautiful and heartfelt and I was mentally thanking you for the wonderful sounds throughout the years. Keep up the good hope is for your recovery! ~ Rick, Albuquerque, New Mexico


 Dearest Dan- Not to be preachy, I find that endless repetition of good ideas seems to, eventually, make those ideas the place we react from and, ultimately, create our realities from. In that spirit and in the spirit of your well being, I humbly share the following.    "Judge not from appearances but judge righteous judgment"---refuse to accept the testimony of the material sense which is reporting in harmony to you---but 'pass the powerful thought along to the uttermost part of your kingdom "I am well "and I know it---because the Great God of whom I am an expression' (pressed out idea) has made me well and strong and I am in rap­port with HIM."


May the great "I Am" continue to lead you back to wellness. Much love to you. ~ Robert Russell, Pasadena Ca.


 From iTunes, I downloaded your Very Best Of album for my son's computer.  My kids are starting to enjoy music, and I want them to learn and love the very best that my generation has to offer.  It was only when I looked to see if you were touring that I learned of your fight against cancer.  Beat it, would ya?  You are one of the ones that should live. ~-Cheers. Rob Bush, Carmel IN


 I wish we knew how you were doing and how your recovery was going.  I have been following your music and career since 1974 when I was 16-years-old.  I don't want to hear the latest about Paris or Brittany - I want to hear how you are doing! There are so many people who love your music and care about you - all my prayers are with you and your family.  Best wishes ~ Diane Sawyers


 Dearest Dan, there are no words that can express how much you mean to all of us that listen to your music and have fallen in love with your talent. You are a master at what you do and your words are so heart felt and deep. I have listened to you many nights while I fall asleep. I have come to your concerts and brought people that had not heard much of your music that are now forever Dan fans. Dan, my family is all gone now and I am young...only 51. I have lost them all to cancer except my brother whom I lost to Agent Orange. My sister is the most recent to have lost her battle with breast cancer...but all of them had underlying physical problems that were exacerbated by the "C" word. You are a happy and healthy minded person that can recover from this. I have prayed until my knees were all but bleeding. I feel there is never enough prayer and you can never pray too much. I hope during your healing that you are writing your memoirs and that you are able to one day tell us all exactly what it is like to survive this horrible disease. Among my family have also been success stories too. My husband's father with advanced prostate cancer is now 86 and in remission. It is possible. We are all out here hoping and praying that no news is good news for you and that you are enjoying your time with your family and loving wife.  My prayers are for you tonight and every night from now on Dan! Please recover to spend a long happy and healthy retirement with your loving wife. God Bless you Dan ~ Lana Sparks


 Dan, We sing our children to sleep with "Old Tennessee." You have written some of the most beautiful music ever to grace the human ear. More importantly, however, I wish you well in your fight with cancer. ~ Scott D. Phillipps


 Dan, your music has been and continues to be a great source of comfort and joy in my life. Thank you so much for choosing and remaining steadfast in your life's work. I hope that you will be well and live just the way you want. ~ Carrie Scotto


 Dan, I also heard Nether Lands on KBCO the other day.  While it's one of my favorite CDs of yours I hadn't listened to it for a while.  It brought back a lot of memories: My family has had a cabin on Caribou Road in Nederland since the '50s and I've always enjoyed my time in the area.  I remember the time that I was building the second story on our place during a college break from Gunnison in '75.  I'd talk to people walking up and down the road from my perch and was extremely disappointed to hear that I'd missed a party in the woods that you'd played at!  Everybody said it was awesome!  We'd also have people stopping all the time asking for directions to Caribou Ranch which, of course, was not on Caribou Road. A couple of years later, my girlfriend, who I later married, was going to school at CU and working at a bank in Boulder and was a HUGE fan of yours.  One day you came through the drive-up in your jeep and wanted to cash a large check.  She didn't notice the name or recognize you and was asking you for multiple IDs.  She was extremely embarrassed when she did notice that it was you!


I also remember a time that we saw you at Red Rocks in the mid-80s.  We were sitting just high enough that we could see downtown Denver over the stage.  During one of your acoustic sets, a red quarter moon came up over downtown at the start of one of your songs and by the end of the song, it had disappeared into the clouds.  I can't remember what song you were playing but I remember that the sound quality was so incredible that we could really hear you plucking each string and taking each breath.  Whatever you were playing, I'll always remember the moment as "One Song Moon".  It was magical!  Of all the concerts I've seen at Red Rocks, that was probably my most memorable moment. We were also fortunate enough to get 6th row center seats to see you at Red Rocks in 2002 and were amazed at the awesome show you put on. We really enjoyed the veterans backing you and the original members of Firefall along with some of the old Nederland area stories.  Good thing nobody ever partied back then! :)


As I write this, I'm just moving back to Nederland to the old family cabin on Caribou Rd., probably for good this time.  My wife and I have decided to split after raising our family as our interests are and always have been so different.  Mine have always been with skiing and the mountains and outdoor activities and I haven't gotten to do a lot of the things I've wanted to so I'm really excited to be here.  As I listened to Nether Lands the other day on my way to pick up my last load of belongings from my former home, tears came to my eyes as I'm not sure that I've ever been able to relate so completely to a song.  I'm looking forward to my new life and choices and I thank you for the inspiration.  The fact that you wrote and recorded the song up here makes it hit home more than ever.  I had to send the lyrics to all my friends and family.  Thank you for all of your music over the's been incredible.  Talent like yours is rare! I had not heard of your condition and was so sorry to hear about it.  Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you.  Please take care. ~ Charlie


 It is ironic that I learned of your condition recently.  As I write this email, I am minutes away from going for a Prostate biopsy, so my recent discovery of your condition is timely.  I am 51 and have been a fan since I was 19. Much of the music I can align with situations that have occurred in my life. I find many of the tunes to really hit my heart and stimulates much internal emotion.  I hope that your condition is on the improve because I look forward to seeing a life performance sometime in the near future.  I will hold up my end by showing up and I know that you will too. Much love ~ Andy Ulrich


 As has often happened in the past, when I hear an artist's music incessantly in my head, it's telling me to seek out news about that person in any way I can. I read about your cancer and pray for your speedy recovery and continued health. Thank you for sharing your gift and creating the most inspiring music I've ever had the honor to listen to. You've helped me to keep my love and faith alive. Now it's time to help you with positive spirit. Since I have never met you in person, all I can do is to say I love you Dan and you're in my thoughts every day. ~ Lee - Centennial, CO


  I haven't heard any news lately, but I hope you are doing well, and getting better every day.    My prayers are with you and your family.  I have hours of your music, and the legacy we have is boundless.   Your talent shines like a bright star every day. My best to you. ~ Dolores Gormley


 Fight, fight, fight.. Your music is spiritual.  Thank you.  I saw you in concert back in '74 or '75.  You were wonderful. Jackson Browne opened for you at the Syria Mosque in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Or vice versa ­ I can¹t remember which way it went, but, it was a wonderful time. God Bless You, Dan. Fight, fight, fight. ~ Mary Ann


 Dan:   I have been a fan since 1972.  I wrote a poem once about love beginning, ending, and returning and it ended with "until it snows again".  Every time I hear the song "Same Old Lang Syne"  I think a lot about you.   In the last few years I have been drawn to talk to you.  I just found this website. I am a believer and I believe it is God's  will to heal you.  You have touched many lives through your songs and you have certainly touched mine. God bless you and keep you. ~ Kimberly


 To Dan Fogelberg,  In the last few weeks I find myself thinking of you and praying for you more often than ever before.   I hope you feel the love that so many people are surrounding you and your family with.  It's the same love you have surrounded all of us with through your music. Now you truly know what a precious gift you gave to us.~ Tina Cirelli, Herkimer NY


 Dan, On October 12, 1991 my husband Sean and I got married.  Our wedding song was "Longer". Every time I hear that song I think of that day and how special that day was to me....15 1/2 years ago. I wish you many happy and wonderful years ahead of you.....thank you for your music and your spirit. ~ Rhonda O'Brien


 Dan: Back in the early 70s, a friend of mine named Susan invited me to her house to listen to some guy named Dan Fogelberg. I said, "Who the hell is Dan Fogelberg"?.....I found out.  And by the way, you taught me how to play guitar. Thank you, Get well. ~ Doug Couture, Glastonbury, CT


 Dear Dan, Our deepest thoughts and prayers are with you and Jean. We  truly have enjoyed your music and it continues to inspire  us.  We will continue our prayers for you. ~ Debbie and Glenn Ito   


 Dan, I met you many years ago when you performed at my university.  I will pray for you and your family, and I wish and pray for you all the best.  Have you ever heard of "The Secret"?  Buy the CD and listen intently.  Through prayer and positive thinking, you will be a winner. ~ Becky Riggar


 Remember...."HE so loves me when I sing."  There's magic every moment.. I hope you are finding yours. Thank you for your gift. Love ~ Chris in Oklahoma


 Hi Dan, This week is the 30th anniversary of KBCO-FM, Boulder. They played Nether Lands yesterday and talked about you and the terrific Caribou Ranch. It just reminds me again of how much I long to hear of your health and life. I play your music on my iPod and on the piano all the time. In fact, I so look forward to your approving piano music for Full Circle sometime soon. Meanwhile, I send my prayers and sincere thoughts for your happy life. "Love is the only thing that matters." ~ Cherie, Denver


 Dan, I hope you are feeling well, and that your health is soon restored. Thank you so much for the gifts you have given us all in your music. My wife Ali and I wish you and your family the best. May God bless you all. ~-Bill and Ali Chellis, Seymour, CT


 Dear Dan: Thank you for your music that has touched my life for decades, especially in the late 70s and through the 80s. I used to listen to Nether Lands over and over and over, trying to decide which road to take. I used to think that sweet peace was the road to take, but now I think it's simple acceptance of life.  I think I always knew that was the road to take.  I just realized the one probably leads to the other.  Wow!  In the early 90s, my little sister and I enjoyed hearing you sing (unplugged) in Minneapolis or St. Paul.  We 'drank a six pack in the car' and had a very special time together hearing you share your insights. I have been traveling a cancer journey with my husband who was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer three years ago.  It was not caught early but he just had a stem cell transplant and is doing great.  He responded well to several therapies but prayer has been our strongest 'medicine'.  While each person's cancer journey is different I feel a connection of understanding.  I hope you have experienced many beautiful blessings that also come with the journey.  You will be in my prayers as I listen to your songs.  Thank you. ~ Deanna


 Dan, Just wanted to let you know that I was thinking about you and sending you prayers for a speedy recovery. ~ David in Orangeburg, SC


 Hi Dan - please get well soon the world needs your music. I will always  remember the night you forgot the lyrics to one of your songs at Jones Beach  some 15 years ago. It kinda made a rock star more human to the whole crowd ,and it was great that you did not try to fake it. Thanks ~ Bob Collocola


 Dan - As a musician few artists have touched and influenced me as much as yours. You are a part of my very being and like many others I continue to wish for your speedy recovery. Peace for you and yours and your return to the public arena. God be with you . . . ~ Billy Pontiac


 Dan, I was driving to work this morning and had the Nether Lands CD in listening on the way to work. What great music you have made. My husband and I went to here you in concert at Mud Island in Memphis a few years ago. It was great, even with the downpour of rain we enjoyed it. I am sorry to hear of your illness and want to encourage you to keep the faith. My mother is now 17 years post breast cancer. They have made such advancements with cancer research and hope to have a cure for it soon. Again, my prayers will be with you and your precious family during this time. God knows you are sick and is looking after you. May God Bless you. ~ Diane Presley


 Hello from Pekin, Illinois!  My husband & I were recently decorating our media room with framed vinyl album covers and we wanted you to know that the Souvenirs cover was at the very top of our list to frame!  Growing up in Pekin and with both of us graduating from Pekin High in the '70's, we have so many wonderful memories of you, Dan.  We also attended high school during the time your Dad was literally "The Leader of the Band."  Best wishes to you & we hope & pray you are doing well.


 Dan, I know you're a very spiritual person, and have probably received some helpful insight from Michael Card, among other comrades.  Stay the course, keep the faith, and fight the good fight - my rhetorical but sincere encouragement for you.  You were created to win.  Of course I have always had all of your albums, as soon as they came out, and I've been fortunate enough to see you live 5 times (Memphis, Springfield MO, Little Rock, Austin, San Antonio) over the years.  My wife and I courted to your music, since I was an addict, and it still never fails to kindle our romance.  Your music, recordings, and performing have greatly enriched my life and I'll forever be thankful for your expression of your gifts.  Be blessed.  We look forward to your victory reports. ~ Miles - Texas.


 Dan, this is my second time to give you my thoughts, but since I “check up” on you via the website, I couldn’t help but agree with a previous well wisher about investing in your music. My grown sons gave me an IPOD for Mother’s Day, and I downloaded your music, of course. It’s all I can do from singing out loud at the Y when I’m on the treadmill. Like all your fans, you will NEVER know what your music has meant to us. We all love you despite the fact most of us do not know you personally. Always, in my prayers ~ Mary.


 Your poetry and music will always be the core of my manhood: Caring, Soft, Nurturing, Natural...and part of the stars. Thanks ~ Tom Pappas


 Dan - My first experience with your music was in 1977. Since then I am hopelessly devoted to your incredible sound, lyrics and passion. In 1980 when I heard your song "Longer" I knew it would be my wedding song. Nine years later that came true. I was most saddened to hear of your situation and wish you the best in your battle. I wish you health, love, peace and happiness and hope to see you soon again in concert.. ~ Don & Robin


 I remember the first time I heard the words in your songs that reached right into soul. I have found silent moments of peace and tranquility when I listen.. it has been over 30 years that I have listened and when you sing- you sing with your heart. With your words I can feel the story you tell or what emotion you describe. It is a peaceful and serene feeling.  It is almost as if you have been a friend for all these years.. There has been no time that your music was not one of my most favorite or endeared- your music has had my ear since that first song.


You are, in my opinion, one of the few true artists- and I DO keep you in my prayers- perhaps for some selfish reasons (that I may continue to enjoy your music and messages),but also that your life is full and long- and that you can continue to live your path and  your heart. ~ Kerry Prescott


 Wishing you well always...


 Dear Dan,  Like so many others in the early 70's I bought all you albums then cassettes and then CDs. I saw you many times. From Cleveland to Va Beach ,  Cape Cod to Memphis. At the request of my 15 year old son I just put some of your music on his I Pod. He is as old as I was when I first listened. Thanks for then and thanks for now. Best wishes, we are all praying and waiting patiently! ~BB


 Dear Dan, The beautiful wishes from all your fans on this website have moved me to tears.  How wonderful it must be to feel so much love!  I am a 50 year old mom of two who has listened to your music since the mid-seventies.  We dragged our children to see you at the Melody tent in Cape Cod many years ago.....the memories of you, the piano, and a slowly revolving stage will last a lifetime.


I really just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I have every song you have ever recorded, I've harmonized with most of them for the past 30 years and rejoiced and cried with others.  There is not any emotion of mine that you have not touched; you have more talent in your little finger than 99% of the human beings walking this earth.  But even with all that talent I don't think you are arrogant at all!  I always thought you to be the kind of guy that I could just sit down and have a beer with and shoot the shit! So from Don, Dolores, Joey and Carly Herchuk- we wish you the strength to keep fighting this and are sending much love and gratitude.  I have never written anything like this in my life (I am Not a groupie!).  But it's YOU, and you are real to me and to all your devoted fans.  We need you to heal and to keep on writing those incredible songs that have touched millions of lives. May God bless you and yours.


 Dear Dan,  I am one of those your music has touched very deeply. I was in high school in Aurora, Colorado when a friend of mine told me, "Did you know Dan Fogelberg wrote a song about you?" It was "Nether Lands." It truly touched my soul. I never missed a Red Rocks performance after that. I also saw you at McNichols, and the Rainbow as Frankie and the Aliens. I enjoyed when you came out at Red Rocks as another band before your show. Your music, all of it, has meant a lot to me over the years.You are my favorite artist.  I wish you the best and send you lots of love. " When the voice and the vision on the inside become more profound and more clear and loud than the opinions on the outside, you have mastered your life." -John DeMartini, D.C." ~ Kathy Plummer


 Dear Dan: I was so very sorry to hear of your illness.  I have listened to your music since somewhere in the mid '70's.  My good friend and roommate turned me on to you and we were both so madly in love with you and your music -- we would listen over and over.  My records are all scratched and dinged, but I'll never toss them.  We used to make jokes at your concerts (we were always close to the front) like, "Dan was looking at me when he was singing that."  ..and she would say, "He was not, he was looking at me."  Anyway, stupid girls, that we were.  Of course, we're still madly in love with you and your music.  We don't live close together anymore, but we'll still in touch and say that whenever we hear your music, it reminds us of those days.


I remember specifically one concert at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, it was a full house, a hot summer day, and you were singing "There's a Place in the World for a Gambler", or I should say the audience was singing.  You just stopped singing and playing and the whole place was singing the chorus a cappella, which seemed like it could have been heard for miles (The Greek has great acoustics).  Anyway, this I'm sure, was not the first time that happened at one of your concerts, but you just sat back with what looked like a stunned and amazed look on your face (I think because you thought it was beautiful and it was).  It's a fond memory of mine and has stuck with me all these years (and I've been to many, many concerts). So, my thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery, and long and happy life.  I will never stop listening. Love ~ Karin Sproul, San Francisco


 Dan, You are the guitarist and songwriter I always wanted to be and you've influenced my music ever since I purchased "Nether Lands" so many years ago.  At that time in my life, I had only heard your name when I examined the album in the store; I had never heard your music.  I don't know why I purchased it, but I'm glad I did.  Since then, I've followed your music and had the pleasure of seeing you in concert at the Northrop Auditorium in Minneapolis, MN several years ago.  You were alone --- as I prefer to see musicians perform --- and I remember that the show was affiliated with some sort of wildlife preservation effort.  A representative from a local wildlife organization brought a "recovering" bald eagle out onto the stage and you seemed to really be enjoying the experience.  Your music is attached to many sweet memories I carry with me.


I'm now a 46-year-old father of two and, with the exception of the occasional solo at church, the only performances I give are in my living room for family and friends.  I never had the guts to try to make a living through music. I can't begin to tell you how much I respect --- and thank --- you for not burying your dream like I did.  You've consistently brought melodic, thoughtful and inspiring music to the airwaves --- a true craftsman who shares his gifts responsibly.  It's a pleasure introducing those tunes to my 14-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter. I wish you only the best as you face this challenging phase in your life. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.  Lean hard on each other and love will make its presence known. Be well ~ Steve, Eau Claire, WI


 Dan, I was introduced to your music by my then girlfriend, now wife of 25 years, survivor of breast cancer, so I'm somewhat familiar with the up's and down's of the disease. We've been fortunate enough to attend 3 concerts, in Illinois with a 5 piece band, Tennessee and a full orchestra and Texas, as a solitary performer. All were memorable, and touching to the soul, as is most of your music. As a songwriter, I can connect with the feelings some lyrics can bring. You are an American legend, Dan, a fighter, and a winner. My prayers are with you and your family. My overall favorite is still "Tucson Arizona Gazette", telling the story of Tony. What a song!!! Best wishes ~ Barry


 Dan - I began wearing out "Home Free" in 1972 and bought every Fogelberg album I could afford. They were all stolen and each had to be replaced.  I know of no other artist I would choose to invest so completely in.  I too grew up in Illinois, and lived in California (ugh) and currently in Colorado.  Knowing this was also your path, I feel a kinship with you.  Your love for what you do is clear in your heartfelt lyrics.  Your music has been with me for 35 years and shaped my youth so many years ago.  I'm so happy to have found your talent, and crank the volume when I hear you on satellite radio.  My thoughts are with you and your family as you work toward better health.  If you ever need a spiritual lift, do what I do.  Slip in a Fogelberg CD.


 Dan, I heard your first song back when I was a Jr. in High School. Life was tough back then. I didn't understand who I was or what I was meant to be. The words to "Souvenirs" touched something deep in my soul that I never had experienced before. I think it was God's way of speaking to me. I recently had a scare with Prostate Cancer. My PSA is high but following a biopsy was given a clean bill of health. I go back for tests every six months and like you highly suggest every man start having this done once a year.


The last time I heard you was at the Britt Festival in Jacksonville, Oregon. What a great night. I was saddened to hear about your situation and decided to write you. I don't know you, but your work has deeply and continues to touch my life. (right now it's Nether Lands). I sang one of your songs at my wedding..."Sketches". I will pray for you. But please know that God has used you so much in this lifetime. Words are magic and can give people a path to follow. That is what yours have done for me. I thank you for following your heart and showing me "the long way". ~ Rick Dancer


 Dan, All the best to you. Wish I could say that I've seen you in concert! Hope that you are able to heal. Peace, brother. ~ Brad


 Good luck Dan and best wishes from me and mine to you and yours . I am passing your message on prostate cancer and have taken the test . Lastly, thanks for all your wonderful music. God bless ~ Mark Keyton


 Dan, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.  Your music has given me so much enjoyment throughout the years.  I started as a fan in 1972 and still appreciate your music today as much as I did then.  Thank you so much for sharing your heart and soul with us. ~ Nancy Winters


 Dear Dan and family, my family and I continue to wish you all the best in your fight with prostate cancer. I have listened to you since the 70's. You are the tapes I listen to when I fish the Arkansas by Salida. You have touched my soul as well as that of my best friends and my sisters and brothers. As a nurse in the hospital setting I cannot agree with you more about the early testing and recognition of prostate cancer. I have seen the ravages of this cruel disease over the last 30 years. We pray for your recovery and hope, when all is well again, that we may be blessed to see you in concert again or to enjoy a new album hopefully in the future. ~ The Watson Family, Pueblo, Colorado


 Dear Dan, Your wonderful music has touched me deeply over the years - through good times and bad.  I have never written a "fan" letter to anyone, but in light of your health challenges, I wanted to send along my positive thoughts to you and your family. I recently took my 80-year old mother on a 6 hour road trip. It was your music we listened to during the entire trip. I was singing along, as I know every word to every song. It was comforting to have you along on the journey with us. I wish you health, love, peace and happiness. May you stay strong for a very long time to come. And. my favorite is still"There's a Place in the World for a Gambler." ~ CZD, Scottsdale, Arizona


 Dear Dan, You've been my muse forever and because I dreamed of you last night, I had to write to you. Trust me, I've never done this before and it seems weird to me.   I only want you to know that from the first time (1975) I heard your music, I became a devotee. I truly hope and pray for your successful recovery. I saw you in Clarkston, Michigan in the mid-late 1980's at an outdoor venue called Pine Knob.  I was so overcome that, much to the dismay of my sisters who accompanied me, shouted out during a pause and silence, "I love you!" It was the truth and I just had to tell it:-) I bought all of your music and marveled at your craftsmanship. I still hold "Nether Lands" as my favorite. Your writing is poetic and deeply felt. I've been a writer all my life and so much of what you've expressed touched me to the core. I've often thought we were soul relatives.  I wanted to make a career out of writing and you've always been a tremendous inspiration. I really hope you can feel the love your fans send out to you and that our great common prayer, heals you. With sincere respect and gratitude ~ Linda


 Dear Dan -Greetings from Ireland.  I am currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer so I can understand something of what you are going through.  I have always loved your voice and your music has touched my heart.   Sending you big hugs.  ~ Mary


 Dear Dan, Yesterday I put on Souvenirs ,a well worn CD, while driving in my car. I instantly was transported back to my youth. Every song reminded me of a special event in my life. It also made me reflect on how lucky I am to have been with my high school sweetheart for thirty five years and have raised four wonderful children. I can't remember a time in my life when your music didn't touch me in a deeply personal way. Thank you for all you have done to share your life with your fans through your music. I feel that I experienced your ups and downs just as I experienced them in my own life. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers and our gratitude for making memories in our lives even more vivid every time we hear your music. Lots of love and best wishes ~ Angela Schmidt, a loyal fan.


 Dear Dan: I was a high school kid back in the 70's and worked out every evening on the back patio.  I finished my grueling regimen with 5000 straight jumping-jacks - which took about 2 hours.  I started the old arm-release player stacked with records. Most records were yours. I found the strength to complete my daunting task by listening to the passion in your words/voice and the power in your music.  (I still listen now, at 50, and no jumping!)  I know there is an incredible well of strength within us all ... my wish is that you tap yours ... for when you do ... you can overcome ANY obstacle!!  Take care.  ~ J.Niland from PA.


 You are in my thoughts and spiritual practice.  I pray for your healing and peace for you and your family.  I saw my husband through a similar trial.  You are brave.  You are loved by so many. Namaste' ~ J. Baxman


 Dan and Jean - "don't lose heart." There's "magic every moment."  I'm at work and heard those songs on my computer and they jumped out at me.  I think of you each day, and the thoughts include many, many prayers. As I read the wonderful thoughts from other fans, I have no adequate words to add.  Just know that prayer works, and God so loves you when you sing and all the rest of the time too. I have purchased nearly every album, and they are all fantastic!  Please don't give up your talent. You are an incredible man, and Jean is a lucky woman.  Please continue to fight this battle and win! Ever On, with love and prayers ~ Kathy in WV


 Dear Dan and family, My dear husband recently created a playlist of my ipod with some of my favorite Dan Fogelberg songs.  It brings back some wonderful memories of listening to your albums - and my pals trying to sing your songs. We saw you in concert back in college.  Such happiness you brought to many with your work. It all made me wonder how you were and how your recovery was going.  I googled you and found your wonderful website.  It is obvious that many people are praying for you and your family...I will add you to my prayers.  Best wishes for your peace and recovery.


 Dan:  My wife and I have been coming back to your words and music since we "discovered" you in the late 70's. They have always made us laugh, love, and take a longer, deeper look at the world around us.  We always travel with your music (and drive our kids nuts singing to every song), as so much of your work seems to fit for hitting the road.  We have great memories of seeing you in a few Colorado venues, and hope that we will be able to again.  We will continue to pray for your strength, well-being, and recovery.  ~ Bill and Mollie


 Dear Dan, My wife and I saw you in concert here in San Diego the last time you were here.  We were looking forward to seeing you again the following year and were going to take some friends.  We were then deeply saddened to learn that you had fallen ill with cancer.  My wife and I have greatly enjoyed your music over the past several years and were thrilled to see you in concert here. Our prayers and thoughts go out to you and hope that someday you will return to the stage. ~ Penn & Carol Jones, San Diego, California


 Dan, your words have touched my heart more often than you know.  Songs will dance through my head at all times, the time I remember most is driving from Colorado to Montana to see the total eclipse of the sun with a not so great boyfriend, the solstice and your music saved the day.  I think it was the 'twin sons" album.  None of us really know how many days we have left we can only hope they are lived well and in beauty.  My love to you and your family. ~ Mary Karner


 Dearest Dan, Last night I found you again and sat up all night to listen to every song. I say again, because your words and music took me through some of the best times of my life and sustained me through some of my harder times. They helped shape my thoughts and feelings during my 20s.  I hope that you know that your songs were there when a lot of commercial and non meaning songs were thrust at all of us.  You are like no other.  I send you hope, light and courage, the same as you have sent to me so many times.  Bless you and your family.  There is a light that has shown to some many thru you.  May it be reflected back to you 100 times the brilliance. Love ~ Carolyn from VA.


 Dear Dan:   I check back now and then to see if there is any news  of how you are doing.  I was sad to see that you may not be performing  anymore.  You have been a big part of my life, from high school on (the  70's!) when I found your music.  My husband and I went to your concerts  whenever you were in the Orange County, CA area.  Your music has so touched  my heart ~ it always will!


My husband has been gone 3 yrs, 3 mos. (tomorrow) from PC.  He was  diagnosed at 44 and passed away at 48.  I hope your doctors have told you  to be strong, GET strong, and take care of yourself.  NO STRESS!  I especially like what you have added to your homepage of this website, advising all men to get check ups!  SO TRUE!  And starting at  40.  My husband's family had NO history of PC.  Neither did my dad's family.  My dad has been gone almost 17 yrs from PC.  Right before my  dad died, he advised his brother to get a check up.  Thank God he did - my  Uncle Bob is still here because of that advice!  Sorry to go on and on, but it is a very personal topic for me.  I also  have two brothers, three sons and one grandson (so far!).  It's Prostate Cancer Awareness month!  Get a check up and make a donation to Cancer  Research! ~  Lynn in Oregon


 Dan,  I heard your first album in 1974. We were sitting around a fireplace in big old house when our host put the record on the turntable. I was hooked! I followed your career from that moment on.  "Same Old Lang Syne" is such a masterpiece and it remains on of my top ten favorite songs of all times. I have been in a band for over 30 years now and at some point, we donned tuxedoes and did weddings before we got tired of the "Rubber Chicken Circuit". "Longer" was a recurring tune for the bride and groom for several decades. (Please don't sue me!)  Get better and may God bring you back to the stage and recording studio. Take care my brother. ~ Al Radzik


 Dear Dan, I was driving my car sans ipod and c.d. player and was pleasantly surprised to find my old cassette tapes.  I've been listening to your Greatest Hits album and smiling over the memories your songs evoke.  Thanks for that.  I was struck by the line in "Leader of the Band" about thanking your dad for "the freedom when it came your time to go."  My son who spent the last 5 years in college, getting his music degree and his master's in choral conducting announced to me that his band is doing so well that he won't be returning to his teaching job next year.  Yikes, my maternal instinct just about imploded at that very moment.  I was just about to say, Benefits, Insurance, Rent, all those practical things, when he stopped me dead in my tracks and thanked me for teaching him to believe in himself, love what you're doing, and how to live by faith. Crap, that was me! Then I remembered what a sensible, intelligent young man he is and decided to get on board with him. Just in case you wondered, that must have been very hard for your parents and they must have trusted you immensely and you certainly must have made them very proud.  So now I'm carrying his c.d.'s around in my purse, wearing a t shirt I am 25 years too old to be wearing and hoping that their tour that will begin next month in Asia, of all places, will be the beginning of a great new career for him.  I'm the mom of a bonafide rock star, how cool is that?


I hope you are doing well with your fight with cancer and look forward to more music soon!  Praying for a complete recovery. ~ debbie b


 Dan, I was just searching for a concert schedule when I came across your web page.  I have followed your music from the early 70's.  The last time I saw you perform was in Las Vegas probably 5 or 6 years ago when you cut your forehead while changing guitars, and played "The Reach" while blood dripped down your face from the cut.  You finished the song like a true professional amid the laughter and applause.  I wish you all the best in your recovery and look forward to seeing you perform again. Thank you for the years of excellent music and memories. ~ Paul - Flagstaff, AZ


 Dear Dan, I have just discovered that you are ill and am saddened by this discovery.  You and your music have meant so much to me over the years. I always felt that you went through life's ups and down before me and then guided me through my experiences with the music from your heart. Even though I did not come from a musical family, "Leader of the Band", to me, was my dad.  Every time I hear this song today, I am gifted a few minutes of him. I thank you for all of your music and all of the memories I have of your concerts at the then Garden State Art Center. I am sending you my thoughts and prayers and my thanks for all of the music that you shared with us. ~ Jill in Manalapan, NJ


 Hi Dan- I have no idea how thoughts of you popped into my head this evening, but I decided to take this opportunity to write. Perhaps, it was because I have been recently thinking of how sad it is that there are really no summer concerts worth seeing this year.  I remember, in the past, how much I would look forward to seeing you perform during the touring season. Some years, you brought your whole band; other times, it was more of an "unplugged" type of concert setting. But, in any situation, it was always good, quality, soulful music that could touch your heart and bring a tear or a smile to your face. I hope this note finds you feeling ok. I'm a musician myself, and I know it must be tough to be held back personally & musically by this disease. I will continue to pray for your health and well-being, and vow to keep your old songs playing, while we anxiously await your return to the studio/stage someday soon. Love ~ Tanya Best (Bluffton, OH)


 I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all of the wonderful songs that you have shared with all of us throughout the years. Your music is timeless and is just as beautiful and sensitive as it was when you first put out your albums. I listen to your songs every day as an inspiration in my own life and I am very grateful for them! I wish you and your wife the best, and I sincerely hope that you pull through this difficult time. We are all pulling for you!  All The Best ~-Abby de Roche, Ishpeming, MI

 Hey Dan! I appreciate your personal and very profound thoughts regarding your situation.  Your openness will definitely save lives!  Thanks for sharing and I wish you well. Godspeed and cheers! ~ manny


 Dear Dan, I absolutely love you!!! Two weekends ago Sunday I drove to Charlottesville alone and popped in your "Phoenix" CD. It was a most unexpected trip that turned out to be the greatest day I had, had in years! I contribute that wonderful day to your CD which warmed my heart and filled me with hope and motivation! 


As I drove up the highway I felt so FREE, like I could do anything or go anywhere and everything would be alright. I felt like a bird soaring through the heavens while driving and listening to "Phoenix" I felt so blessed by your music and by the beauty of the Mountains and the scenery all around me. OH it was so glorious! I also unexpectedly went to "Monticello" to visit with "Thomas Jefferson" it was a fun tour of his house and land and was so informative. Again, there was so much beauty all around me.


I have been listening to your music pretty much since that day (more frequently than I have been) and it raises my spirit and gives me such strength and motivation. I also have a deep sense of freedom and Peace when I hear your golden throated voice singing "to me" (in my dreams)! Thank you so much for sharing your gifts and insights with us, your adoring fans!  I can only hope that you are having wonderful beauty filled days and enjoying them to the fullest! My thoughts and prayers are with you all most every day Dan. I do pray that you will be healed and that you are doing very well. Many thanks to you and much Love. I miss you TOURING soooo much!!!! My summers are not the same with out you! ~ Laura Boughner Richmond


 Dear Dan, What wonderful gifts God has blessed you with and what a wonderful singer/songwriter God has blessed all of us with. I was listening to Twin Sons tonight with my wife and followed up later with several selections from Phoenix and Exiles. Your artistry is amazing. I am saying a prayer for you tonight. Thanks for all the music!! ~ Bobby


 Hi Dan, Just found the web page (searching for tour dates) and was sorry to read of your diagnosis.  My family will keep you in our prayers.  I know the treatments are difficult but don't give still have music to make!!  Praying for your healing and strength and peace for you and your family. ~ Ray -- Arkansas.


 I want to thank you for writing the most beautiful songs!  They were introduced by a very dear friend "way back" in 79. The songs made me cry and filled me with hope and love!  Your songs are very visual and that is how I write when I used to write poems.   My prayers are with you and believe in healing!! ~ Angel


 Dan, I'm wishing you well and a speedy recovery!! You have brought me through alot of tough times with your music and are still doing so today. I've seen you several times and you always put on an excellent, excellent show!!! You have been my favorite artist since the "Home Free" album. May God bless you, Dan, and never give up!!! ~ Doug Smith


 Dear Dan, Just wanted to add my good wishes to you and your family.  I just found the web site today  when I was looking to see if you were in concert anywhere close. You have been an inspiration to me and my husband for years.  I have loved your music from the very beginning.  The first time I saw you in concert was back when you toured with The Eagles ( I didn't even know much about them, I went to see you ) Our wedding song was "Longer" - which I am sure was a wedding song for hundreds of others.  Have faith ,God is an Awesome God.  He has plans for you and He loves you.  I know you have fulfilled one of your purposes in this life through the beautiful words and music you wrote.  My husband has always said you were the best.  There are not that many artists that actually write , compose and sing their own works.   I pray that your load be light.  I am thankful that you have family and friends to be with you. Make the most of each day and trust in the Lord.  Sincerely ~ Joyce Fisher


Dear Dan - Just recently I found a concert video of yours on YouTube singing "Same Old Lang Syne", one of my favorite songs of all time. This song for some reason really touches me and the story in the song doesn´t mirror anything that I have experienced. However, the chords, the lyrics and the melody and of course your sweet gentle voice really touches me and makes me literally weep. How can one song do this to anyone? It is mystifying and beautiful.


Years ago I had a copy of The Innocent Age, which was a great collection of songs. "Ghosts". "Only the Heart May Know". Truly touching and unforgettable. And then there is "Longer", again another song that brings tears to my eyes and makes my heart well up with love. Dan, you have am immense gift and thank you so much for sharing it with the world. I hope you to continue to do so. I would love to see you in concert some day, but if not that is okay. Know that are you loved by many and that you are a brilliant star. My best thoughts to you and your family during this illness. ~ Mark in Calgary


 Hi Dan, when I was in college, long ago, a friend introduced me to your music, and I was completely mesmerized by the eloquence of your words.  I used to listen to "To The Morning" every morning I woke up, and it gave me hope each day. Like so many others, my life was changed forever by the suicide of my brother.  It haunts me to this day some thirty three years later.  Your music touch a place in me that made me feel as though I still had some connection to my brother, Bill.  I cannot adequately convey to you here how much that meant to me.  There are so many songs that I used to swear you must have written just for me, I bet I'm not alone there!  At any rate, I continue to listen to your music especially on those long trips back home. You have kept me company for many years.  I hope with all my might that you are doing well.  I have seen you in concert many times, and I always wished I would be lucky enough to actually meet you, I knew that would never happen,  but if it had, I would have thanked you for all that your music and lyrics have done to help me to look within myself for the answers of questions that before had plagued me.  You and your family are always in my prayers. Much love ~ Meg Castellow


 Hi Dan, I pulled out your music last night, sat and listened to it, its always amazing Thank you again. I hope your feeling better, all good thoughts for you.. ~ Laura in Santa Fe


 Dear Dan, I was deeply saddened to read on your website your battle with prostate cancer.    I just wanted you to know that, like many, your music has served as a soundtrack to my life.  Your Netherlands album remains my favorite of all time.  You are in my prayers. Best wishes ~ Dean Kautzmann


 Dear Dan,  I trust the good Lord has kept you safe. Now, "too long the strings have been silent". We miss you, come back to us ! Love in Christ ~ Annie, St. Louis.


 Dan, Your music has been the sound track of my life!  My husband and I courted to your music and fell in love and now have a handsome 16 yr old son! My husband has suffered serious health issues but this June was well enough to take our son to Colorado and hike!  They shot over 200 photos which we had made into a slide show and the background music is Nether Lands!   Thank you, Dan for sharing your music and making a beautiful sound bed for many special moments of our lives. ~ The Scheuer family, Nashville, TN


 Hi Dan, just a hello, thanks for the music and memories, and continued good health to you. I have been a loyal fan since 1972 and would  go to see you when you appeared at the Capitol Theater in Passaic, NJ and your other appearances in the NYC area. Your vinyl albums still get played regularly here , although they have become a little scratched up over the years.


Directly due to your diagnosis and advice from your website I reluctantly got my first prostate exam at age 58.  I had no symptoms or trouble with my prostate that I was aware of. The doctor found mine to be cancerous and the prostate was radically removed recently.  The result of my first PSA  test (post surgery) was zero. Over the years you given me a wonderful appreciation for your music and now the advice from your website has saved my life.


I wish I had the way with words that comes so naturally to you but I haven't been blessed with that gift. I just wanted to send you my best wishes, thanks for everything, and I pray for your continued health. ~ Ed T, Cookeville, TN

 My dearest poet...I search for news of your condition and am uplifted to hear none! No news IS good news! Just a note to tell you, once again, that you are still in my prayers and I still ask for complete healing because the world is just a little kinder with you in it. I've been a fan since I was in my teens and I turn (GULP!) fifty this year. Each year I've grown in my appreciation of music and poetry because of you. Sadly, I'm facing a second (and last) divorce, this time from a 20 year marriage that produced two beautiful children. Your music is always beautiful and lyrics deep and moving and thus you are my 'muse' ... my poet. Blessings to you both, I know you'll live a long and happy life. You will always be in my prayers and I will always love you. Warmest thoughts ~ Judi Dupree, Clearwater, FL


 Dan, thank you for your music that you've shared. I have many happy memories with your music as the sound track to my teenage years. "Hard To Say" has some very special importance for me. It  was of great comfort in a time of loss. My prayers will be with you and your family in this time of trial. May  God bless and comfort you all. Sincerely ~ Mike in S. Oregon


 Dear Dan and family, I just today learned that you have been ill and sincerely hope things are going well .  I've been a fan for many, many  years (Captured Angel and Souvenirs are two of my most prized possessions)  and have been deeply touched by your music and lyrics.  I have spent the last 30 years in a nursing career which has taught me the important  things in life.  It's not the money we've earned or the house we bought but  the smile  we enabled or solace we provided that touches the  heart.  You must be so proud that your life's path has been so successful.  Thank you for allowing me and so many others into your world through your music.  You have certainly touched my heart. I hope you are in improving health and enjoying life. ~ Donna Davis


 Hey Dan- I hope you're doing better and totally cured!  I heard that lycopene in tomatoes is a wonder for prostate cancer!  Have you heard?  If I were you I'd overdose on the stuff.  Miss seeing you on the stage.  Please hurry and get well.  Come back to your devoted fans and entertain us with the magic of your God-given talent.  You're my favorite singer and songwriter and have been for 30 years!  You've also been a friend to me through your music.  Take care of yourself-hope to meet you again someday.  God bless.  ~ Joy Haaland-Colorado Springs, Co


 Dan, your words are the voice of humanity at its finest and your  music fills ours souls with pure emotion. I thank you for being the voice of my own heart and I send only the best thoughts out to the universe for  you. Be strong and know that so many people around the world feel what you  feel. That love connection you sought for so many years was actually there  all the time in every one of us. Love of the soul is so much deeper than love of  the body. Know you are well and deeply loved.


 Dear Dan, My earliest memories of your music were during those paralyzing times facing the transitioning into adulthood. Sitting in the darkness of my folks' summer porch, listening to the rain beating against the windows, rolling back and forth in that weighty rocker, agonizing about what I should do with my life. Your music, your poetry gave me a respite, a settling peace, and eventually a hopeful direction. You had a unique wisdom, a soul that seemed so highly evolved for your years. I've wondered so often what you were really like as a person beyond your music. A supporter of wildlife, the earth, peace, democracy and personal freedom I've read. A sailor, a traveler, drawn to both the mountains and to the sea. A cat lover. I've wondered if you are quiet or funny. Or both. I guess you have been a true friend, one I would have like to have actually known, if that makes any sense. Thank-you for all that you are and for all that you have meant to each of us. You've made this world a far better place and we love you in ways you might never know. May your journey be easier and may the comfort you've provided us now come back to you exponentially. Blessings, love, and light to you and to Jean. We keep you in our hearts and pray for your full recovery. ~ KC


 Some of my very fondest life memories were  in Breckenridge, Colorado. A special moment occurred out of the blue when a handsome young man entered a popular watering hole-"Tobies Jug" I believe it was called then- back in the good old 70's! He was easily persuaded by the band performing that evening to sit in for a set. Of course the place went totally nuts!!! I've gotta tell you, you caused quite a disturbance (so to speak) in my sleep habits for awhile after that!! I now live in Denver and frequent Red Rocks whenever possible-- YOU ARE THERE and always will be-- its your place, Dan!! Your songs were with me and my father during his final hours on this earth. Your  ''Nether Lands" helped so very much to bring us peace... thank you!! Love and prayers to you and your family. Stay strong, keep fighting and know we love you--Very,very much!!! Tons of us are "Missing You". So--we'll see you at Red Rocks again --okay? Forever ~ Donna, Denver, Colorado


 Dear Dan, Every few weeks I can't wait to pull out my Dan Fogelberg cds and escape into my youth. Thank you for your wonderful music and the memories. Actually, right now I'm listening to your music. I can still vividly remember your 1982 concert in St. Louis at Keil Opera House. WOW! What a great performance. Then in 1994 I took my 4 year-old daughter to your concert. She was the youngest and shortest person in the crowd but she loved your music as well. A friend of ours attended the high school where your dad taught. Mark speaks very fondly of your dad. I would love to hear that your health is getting better.  May God continue to richly bless you and your wife. Peace and J.O.Y. always ~ BL in St. Louis


 Dear Dan, Did you know that you have friends in Germany? Well, you have - and not just a few! I know already for quite some while about your illness and my thoughts are with you and your family. I include you in my prayers every day. I'm writing just to let you know that  - though thousands of miles away -  you and your music are a part of me since I first heard a song of you. I was sixteen and played guitar in my spare time. Then I heard "Nether Lands" and it touched my heart. I was immediately captured and haven't been released yet. I enjoy your words and music again and again. I'm 42 years old and your music, words and wisdom still straighten my life up. May God bless you and make you well again, Dan. ~ Guido from Cologne/Germany


 My husband and I have traveled several times to see you in concert, the last time was to Lake Tahoe during 2003. My husband introduced me to your music and it will always be special to both of us. You introduced us to Beth Nielsen-Chapman who opened for you at a concert in Omaha and we became huge fans of her music too. Thank you for your music, sharing your talent, and lending opportunity to others, not only in your professional life, but also in your personal battle with prostate cancer. We miss traveling to see you but certainly understand where your energy belongs now. Someday we plan to travel to Maine so we can look out on "The Reach" but until then, I play the song and can imagine it because your music illustrates as well as it sings. We hope you are well and living the life you want! Best regards ~ R & T Omaha NE.


 Thank you for touching my life with your music.  Such depth and heart in each song. ~ Dan W.


 Hello friend. I'm a huge fan who's roughly your age. I was so pained to have heard of your illness. Please know that you are blessed to have so many whose hearts are with you. Over the years, you have touched so many with the beauty of your music, and your unmatched soulful lyrics. Now it is our turn to give the love back to you, my friend. Please find strength and promise in the hearts of all you have touched. Thank you, Dan. ~ Steve Arm


 Dear Dan and Jean, My thoughts and prayers are with you. I would just like to say a huge "thanks". I learned a lot from your music, listening to it non-stop growing up as a teenager. What I learned is that you need to listen to the lyrics, not just the melody. People like yourself and the late Jim Croce were and are wonderful poets with huge insights to life and mankind in general. True "wordsmiths" as I like to call them. It's almost as if you sat and agonized over lines to get the perfect words, maybe it was easy, maybe it came hard. Regardless, they are some wonderful songs you must be very proud of. What a great legacy to leave to the rest of the world - to know the rest of us will go around humming and singing this music for years to come! A simple thanks for taking the time to create these gems. ~ J. Freed, Granville NY


 Dear Dan and Jean,  Since learning of your illness in 2004, not many days have gone by that I haven't prayed for the two of you, and wondered how you are doing.  I hope that you are feeling well, and that you continue to do so.  Like so many others, you have been a HUGE part of my life since the 70s.  Thank you for sharing your gift. You just can't imagine what your music does to me!  You mean so much to so many. God bless you, always~ Marsha from NJ


 Dan, as I have wandered many "wild places", I daydreamed of running into you along a forgotten mountain trail, away from the circus of life. In these places, fame means nothing so I imagine conversations of life and spirit without the burden of notoriety. In such places, music and poetry can be pure, unjudged. Life is reduced to its simplest forms. In that simplicity, beauty can be perceived in its fullest. These imaginary conversations possess those qualities.


It seems that in difficult times, our thoughts become focused on what truly matters; our loving relationships with others. In this respect, you are wealthy and blessed. You have touched the lives of millions and though you can't know every individual, you have a loving relationship with each. This is truly a treasure "laid up in heaven", incorruptible. I love your music and poetry. I thank God for speaking to me through your words. May the outcome of your struggle speak of your courage, your heart, and your kindness. I am a devoted friend you have never met. ~Mike Mitchell


 Dear Dan - I usually go on your website regularly to see if you´re playing anywhere close. I guess I haven´t kept up and I was quite saddened and overcome to read today on your site about your illness. I have seen you in concert as many times as you were close to me and traveled a bit just to be present when you send out your sounds. Your music, as so many people have obviously told you, has meant so much to me throughout my life of 57 years. I can´t tell you how many times I´ve sung duets with you in the shower, in my car, in sad moments, in happy moments...just a whole bunch. Thank you , thank you, thank you and I do hope to see you again. My prayers and well wishes are there for of your many friends you have never met but deeply touched. ~ Jerry


 My heart is crying out to God for you as I write this.  I've listened, danced, laughed and cried to your music since the 70's. I think I attended every concert you performed in the Houston area since I moved here in 1980.  Your songs touched my soul and they rekindle wonderful memories when I hear them. I will be praying for you and your family and I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated your wonderful music - thank you for sharing it. ~ Pam Baldwin, The Woodlands, Texas


 Hi Dan - I'm just a fan feeling more connected to you now. My older sister loved your music before I did. We went to one of your concerts when we lived in Charlotte, NC in the late 70's and we didn't like our upper balcony seats so we sneaked onto the main floor and were much happier!! Those were the days! My sister passed away last year of endometrial cancer. She was 46. She was not only a sister, she was my best friend. I miss her so very much, but I want you to know that whenever I hear your music, I think of her and how much I love her. I know she's in Heaven right now which comforts me enormously. I am hoping that you too have eternal security through our Savior, Jesus Christ. I am praying for you and for strength for your family and friends. Thank you so much for following your dream, making beautiful music and sharing it with us. It warms my heart to this day. ~ Kimberly, Elgin IL


 My prayer for you, Dan, is one of complete healing and a newfound calling.  Your talents have touched so many over the years, and I feel that you have many more lives to touch before your destiny is fulfilled. We love your music, your lyrics; we love you!  As a breast cancer survivor, I wish you well on your journey back to good health, and pray for a complete recovery.  You've helped me through many a day and night, though you did not know.  ~ M. Maness-North Carolina


 Dearest Dan,  I am so very saddened that you have to walk this long trail, but I am very glad that you have Jean by your side to walk it with you.  I have been involved in medicine for 35 years now and I can appreciate your struggles.  Your music has been a steadfast friend to me since I can remember, celebrating the good times, making the bad times not so bad.  With your lyrics and music, I never felt all alone or hopeless.  You have ever been there for me, and I send my love and support to you and yours through the good times and the bad.  I so wish I could do more for you than pray, be sure that you are in my thoughts and heart "24/7".  If there is anything at all I can do to help, name it.  You have always been there for me, I'd like to be able to repay the favor. Thank you for putting the word out there about prostate cancer, psa's, and dre's.  From your lips to the public's ears. Blessed Be, Dan and Jean, and may God walk your path with you always. ~  Stephanie Mitchell, New Hampshire


 Dan, I have enjoyed your music for many many years now. My dad is a big fan of your music. I can remember growing up and my dad playing your albums over and over again. We are sorry to hear about your illness. Praying for your health. God Bless. ~ Holly M. Aucoin


 Dear Dan, Your music has touched me so much!  Thank you... thank you... and thank you.  May health, faith and peace be with you always. ~ Jennifer in Saint Paul, Minnesota


 Dan, I am older than you by 5 or 6 years, but I have loved your music from the time I discovered it, which was not until 1979.  I constantly play music on my car CD player, and your CDs are among my favorites. We all think we know the persons who write and perform the music. I guess because we feel the notes and lyrics and think what they express is personally understood.  I know I feel that way about your music. I did not know of your illness as I do not usually follow the artists whose music I love.  I know now, My prayer life is of great importance to me,and I promise my prayers for your conquering this horrid affliction. ~ John T. "Tim" Chandler


 I was unaware of your illness until I heard about it from a good friend. I am deeply saddened.  Your music has touched my life so deeply.  You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. ~ Debbie King


 Dear Dan, You are the most incredibly talented writer, lyricist, musician, and performer that I have had the privilege to witness.  I attended your concert in Fort Collins, Colorado in the early 80's and was amazed at the quality of your "live" performance.  While I have loved all of your music, my favorite album is "Twin Sons of Different Mothers" with your"Phoenix" album coming in a close second. I wish you well in your effort to recover from your illness and want you to know how much your music has meant in my life.  "Paris Nocturne" and "Since You Asked" were performed by a pianist and flautist at my wedding.  I even worked with an individual who attended the University of Illinois while you were there and he told me about how he watched you perform at the local clubs throughout college. All of your faithful fans and friends, including me, are awaiting the day that you will be recording and performing again as you still have a lot of wonderful music to share.  May God bless you and make you well again! ~ Kim Thorup


 Thank you for your music and your wisdom (Get checked early and yearly!).  Since '83 I have been a fan and have appreciated your thoughts and creativity.  I hope, through these times, you find strength and joy in your family, your friends, and the abundant creativity with which you were blessed.  Godspeed, light, and love ~ Steve


 Dear Dan, I hope you are doing well and feeling much stronger.  I  listen to you every time I can. Each time it is a new and over powering feeling.  I think I read somewhere once you saying you have hundreds of unrecorded songs you wrote over the years, just tucked away in your recording studio.  I sure wish you would just toss a few together and make a couple more albums for  us to hear. LOL. That sounds selfish, but gosh we need some more decent music out here to listen to and anything old or new from you is such a  treat!   Best wishes to you, Dan. ~ Ali


 Hello Dan. I agree completely with you about the common sense of getting a PSA and a DRE once a year as part of an annual physical exam (which many men also neglect until they get a wake up call). The DRE certainly isn't as uncomfortable or as expensive - physically, emotionally, and financially - as being told one has cancer. The DRE can also uncover early symptoms of bowel disorders as well which present by bleeding and can be detected through a simple hemoccult smear. I firmly believe that the two most common causes of death through disease are from embarrassment and procrastination. Best wishes on a full and complete recovery, and thanks for all the great music! ~ John Bullen


 Dan, I'm just a guy caught up in a world of providing for my wife and son who takes a pause every time one of your songs is played - thank you for those brief moments of dulcet reflection. I'm not a religious soul myself but I am a spiritual being - something my mother ingrained in me from an early age that I hold on to through the good times and the challenging alike; the first "G" can mean whatever you choose - it's called the 5 "G's" - GOD - GOOD - GUIDES - GUARDS and  GOVERNS. I have found it helpful thru 4 kidney transplants to apply each "G" to the experiences I have been in, made it thru, and to those around me helping to make those experiences happen. Make no mistake there is a force that should one choose to grab on to, can guide one thru the physical mire with amazing positive precision. Positive thinking straight ahead. ~ Peter


 Dear Dan, Just wanted to thank you for getting me through some of my toughest times.  Your music got me through some hard times in the '70s. Through the years, as I've continued to listen, I always smile, and am always grateful to you. You continue in my prayers. Thank you again for all that your music and appreciation of nature has meant to me!  Sincerely ~ Ann


 Hi Dan, Patrick Hogan here, formerly of Peoria Illinois. Have enjoyed your music for many years and had realized you were singing your music to a genre I could identify with and appreciate. Saw you in Peoria in the Civic Centre in I believe 1981 in a solo concert and have never forgotten it. My best wishes for you now and hope you can tour again but this time in

Asia. Your music is known by many in Singapore and you are played frequently on the radio.  You have touched my heart, with the music of life. It is not surprising since we were born in the same month and year. A connection with your music is eternal and I hope we can meet some day. Get well soon, Dan. You are needed to speak for those of us without this talent and capability. All the best ~ Patrick M Hogan


 I've always loved your music.  Especially the earlier releases have moved me in a tremendously powerful way.  All my best to you my wishes my prayers my hopes. May your family stay strong during this struggle. My love for your music continues and touches me the way only you can ~ Tracy Davis

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