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"Dear Dan" Letters

november 2004

 I have been a fan for many years and have seen you in concert many times. I was sorry to hear of your illness. I have been a nurse for 28 years and I know what you are facing. Keep positive!! Thank-you for all your beautiful music. You have touched so many lives--what a wonderful feeling that must be to know you have had such an influence on so many people. Keep all those wonderful memories and well wishes close to your heart. May they help you feel better on your hardest days. With so many people praying for you it's impossible to lose. May God bless you and keep you in his care. If he leads you to it-he will get you through it!!!!! So many times listening to your music has helped me through a difficult time. Thanks for being there for all of us.


 I am a 49 year old mom in Minnesota and have just learned of your illness. I want you to know that my prayers go out to you for treatment that is manageable and lots of time with those you love. Your music completely captures my "growing up". I recently went to my 30th high school reunion in Menlo Park, California, and want you to know your music was playing practically the entire night. When my father died 10 years ago the only comfort I found was in "Leader of the Band". Like a familiar fragrance, or welcome sight, the sounds of you and your music are as comforting to me as an old friend. My best wishes are with you. And when you recover, I will be in the front row. ~ Sally Lannin


 Your music has meant more to me over the years than I could ever convey to you. I spent this evening listening to "Full Circle" and my ever favorite "River of Souls". When I finished, I thought I'd go to your website to spend some time "with you", and when I read the news, everything just stopped for a moment. When I thought of all your music has meant to me, and all it will continue to mean, I knew I had to do something for you. And while I can't seem to find my magic wand at the moment to wave and make things all better, I am praying. I am praying very sincerely and honestly that God will hold you close and care for you as only He can. I know you are in good hands. No matter what, please keep singing. Your music and your words are so important out here in the world. It's been quite some time since I was able to see and hear you in concert here in Rhode Island, but I keep the memories with me all the time. And I'm just going to keep waiting for you to come back and sing for me. Because I know you will. God bless you always. ~ Claudia


 Just wanted to send some positive thoughts your way. I followed your career closely years ago in the 80's, your songs were a gift. As my life grew more complicated, husband and children, I sorta lost touch with that part of me (quiet, meditative). Last night our local PBS station here in Indianapolis aired the 2003 concert. I was taken back to a time in my life where I was less burdened, and a lot more hopeful and peaceful. I must tell you it is so very strange to listen to a song you heard as a 17 year old and again at 41. It was great to hear your beautiful music again, I have a renewed sense of myself, THANK-YOU !!!! Now, so you know, I am joining the thousands (I'm sure) that are praying for your speedy recovery from this illness. May God be with you and your family during this difficult time. Just know that you have been and continue to be such a joyful gift to all your "fans". ~ Linda Ogle


 Hello Dan. I first heard your music in the mid-70's. "Aspen" still sends a feeling I cannot describe through me every time I play it. Happiness yet sadness I guess you'd call it. I was shocked to hear of your illness and man I hope you are getting better! Aren't enough like you around these days (hey, that sounds like a song title!) Hang in there please. A lot of the soundtrack of my life has your music in it. I don't want to turn off the CD player quite yet. God Bless.


 Dan and Family, As you've heard from everyone else, your music has deeply touched my life. I'm a pianist and did some singing back in high school and college and a great part of my enjoyment of any music is knowing (and feeling) the lyrics of a song. Most of my collection of your music is in LP form and I have been without a turntable for about 15 years. We finally got one this week and the first album I played was Captured Angel (closely followed by Nether Lands, Phoenix and Windows and Walls!). This music of yours was so much a part of my life that I still knew all the words after those 15 years! Unfortunately I'll have to wait to listen to Home Free after I can find it on CD. My copy of that was on 8-track tape, which I still have but don't have any means of playing it! My husband, my brother and I have a small video production company and we produce nature videos. While on a shooting trip to Glacier National Park, I listened to The Wild Places. It made me cry and smile at the same time! You and your family are in my prayers. Vaya con Dios! ~ Sandra Cekot, Panama City Beach, FL (but I want to live in the mountains!)


 Dan -- SO incredibly sorry to read of your illness. My wife and I were at the Palace Theater in Greensburg, PA for a comedy performance the other night. It was the same venue that your performance was previously scheduled. I couldn't stop thinking about how GREAT it would have been to see you perform there. Obviously, I'm hoping to still get the chance ... but for a better, much more important, reason. I have been a long-time fan, and have had the good fortune to see you perform a few times in concert -- once "solo". That one "solo" performance is one I'll NEVER forget. I still think (and talk) of it as one of the best shows I've ever seen. I was SO excited to have that opportunity again; and, more importantly, to share that experience with my wife. I turned her and her daugher (my step-daughter,now) on to your music. I know it's usually the other way around; but she wasn't even the first female I introduced to your incredible talents. Thank you SO much for sharing them with ALL of us. I, myself, am a cancer survivor. I was diagnosed in January of 1990 with less than a 50-50% chance to survive. Here I am almost 15 years later!!! I wish you and your family nothing but the very VERY best. Sending the most positive of thoughts & prayers ~ Joe


 I am in the state of shock, reading about Dan's health. I have been a fan as far back when he opened up for the Eagles, back in Buffalo. I have also have had few more occations to see and hear his beautiful voice. Dan, keep up the good work and get yourself back to new. You will be on my list to pray for. Love and best wishes ~ Lauri


 Dear Dan, I'm deeply sorry to hear of your illness. I am, however, glad that you are surrounded by those who love you and am confident in your recovery. Several years ago, I was diagnosed with a life-threatening, chronic disease. It's not easy. You will prevail. I'll pray for you every night. Please, know that we (your fans) love you, as well. Best wishes go out to you, my friend...~ Steve Heffner, NY


 Hey Dan, My prayers are with you. This is Saturday, and on Monday, I get the results of my prostate biopsy. I'm scared. I'm more worried for the people around me than I am for myself. I can deal with whatever happens, but my wife will be devastated if the results are bad. My parents (aged 85) will be absolutly lost because nobody should have to watch their kids go. I wish that I could make eveyone understand that I really feel that life has been good to me, and that this is just one more thing that gets in the way of a "perfect" life. All the best to you, and I miss your voice. By the way, I'm a Dan, too.


 About twenty- five years ago( while in college) I suffered through a prolonged period of depression that I later dicovered ran through the genes. There were some moments of complete and utter darkness, emotionally. What literally pulled me through was your music- literally. It was on all day, all night .I finally wrenched myself from the battle after a year. It was around the time Nether Lands came out. I just wanted to wish you well in your fight . I've been wearing a Livestrong band since someone I taught with passed on last year. I'm now wearing two. Thank you, God bless and be well. ~ Chuck Ubaldi


 Dear Dan and Family, As a cancer survivor and LONG-time fan, please know I am lifting you up in prayer. My kids decided to put on Christmas music today and your CD is playing right now! (That's what reminded me to see if you had a website and check for any health news-we heard of your cancer on the radio a few months back.) Your music has ministered to me since I went to your concert back when I was a teen in Indiana. The last time I enjoyed you at a concert was up north of Seattle at a winery. I hope treatment is going well! Hang in there! Love and Blessings. ~ Jane Carver


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, It is 8:45 pm on Nov. 5 in Pa, and my son, my daughter and I are a little at a loss tonight. You see, 4 years ago, my 11 year-old son was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of leukemia. His was a rough road to recovery, and it was on the hardest days - the ones when he couldn't lift his head off the pillow, when visitors and TV were just all together "too much", and when even the blinds needed to be closed - it was on those days that we played your music - over and over again. "Part of the Plan " seemed to strengthen and sustain my son. I played "Run for the Roses", knowing that my young colt's race was greater than any Kentucky Derby and indeed, "his moment was at hand". Your music was more than soothing; it was life-sustaining. As my son is now doing well, we had planned to celebrate tonight by attending your concert at the Keswick. It was only right that we celebrate life in your presence. It is important to us now, sitting here, that we do something for you. It is hard to know what. We are not song writers, or singers or artists. But, we have gotten pretty good at prayer, so we will sign off now, and we will join hands and pray for you. And, if it's okay with you - we will put on your CD, pop the top off a bottle of bubbly cider and CELEBRATE LIFE - yours, ours and everyone's. God be with you. ~ The Mangir Family


 Dear Dan, My fondest memory is when I saw perform solo at the Anaheim Convention Center around the late seventies or early eighties. It really made me feel like a close friend was stricken when I read about your illness. Here`s hoping for a speedy recovery and may God bless. ~ Dan W.


 Dan, Rather than spend the time telling you how great you are, I will remind you how great God is and how He is aware of every minute thread woven into the tapestry that is your life. He knew you before you were born and loves you in spite of your every weakness. I pray for God's love and mercy to burst forth in your life and surround you and your family with comfort. And by the way, He also gave you a very special talent for touching people's lives. Thanks for your music which has encouraged me over the years. I hope this humble message will be an encouragement to you. ~ R.A. Turner


 I've just been watching the DVD of "Greetings from the West". It had been awhile since I had last seen it. I was suddenly compelled to pray for Dan and to personally tell him how much that I owed him for getting me thru some of the toughest times of my life. Back in the mid-seventies I was going thru a divorce and Dan's songs meant so much to me. But way before that back in Champaign, ILL. I knew Dan from WPGU campus radio and the song 'To the Morning". When I heard that song, my life changed. It spoke to me and from there I was A DAN FAN. I have followed Dan ever since and have seen him several times in concert including solo at the Ryman which was awesome [2nd row floor]. But what I want to say is Dan, I love you man. And Thanks for the guidance and hope. I pray that Jesus is with you and you are at peace. Can't wait to see you in concert again and hear "There's a Place in the World for a Gambler". Your fan ~ Rick Matthews, Murfreesboro, Tn


 Dan, I'm very sorry to hear about your cancer. My thoughts and prayers will be with you during your recovery. I know that you are a man of faith, based on the strength and conviction you expressed in your excellent Christmas album. Having seen you on your recent appearance on PBS's Soundstage series, you were in fine voice. I will look to read positive updates on your web site concerning your recovery. May God bless you and your family. ~ Randy Green, Richmond, VA


 Dan: From the first time I heard your words, in 1974, sitting in a dorm room, I have always been captivated by them. With every album you released, I could always find just the words that I needed to hear at that point in my life. I only wish that I could give you the encouragement & understanding that you have given to me thru your lyrics. You & your family are always in my thoughts.... Keep a strong, positive outlook & remember that we are all pulling for you.... You continue to mean so much to all our lives. ~ Sabrina Baggett, Wilmington North Carolina


 Dan, From the first time I heard Souvenirs in my older sister's room I felt the power of your gift as a songwriter and story teller."Gambler" remains one of the most inspirational and anthemic pieces of music I have ever heard. Every time I play the opening suspended chord progression on the piano or the lilting roll of the piano later on in the song I at once feel the same joy and hope as the first time I heard it. Now more than 20 years later I am passing on my love of your music to my 4 children - two are in college at BYU in Utah. In scriptures sacred to us Mormons it says that the song of the righteous is a prayer. So I think you have a lot of prayers in your catalog. Just know as I listen now to your music at my desk I keep a prayer in my heart for your recovery and peace. You have brought such joy to so many. Such, such joy to me. May the lord bless you. Thank you for the indelible impression left on my life through your music. May it forever shine. ~ Jamison R. Davis


 I have been a great fan for many-many years and since my husband passed away last year many of your songs have gained new meaning for me. Thank you for all the wonderful music and memories. You are in all of my prayers. ~ Linda Welch


 Dan, Please give us an update on how you're doing!! Hope you've been reflecting on life and recording it all with wonderful for music for us!! ~ BP - Edmond,OK


 Dan, I saw your performance on Soundstage last night and wanted more. I went to this website to find concert dates and reading about your health issue, I feel like a member of my family has been diagnosed with cancer. I first heard "Part of the Plan" on WLS radio located in Chicago in 1974 and didn't rest until I bought your album. From that point forward you and your music have been so much a part of my life. I've seen you in concert--the best concert I have ever seen---at Uof I so many years ago. My kids have had to listen to your albums and CD's all of their lives too! My thoughts and prayers are with you. As a nurse I can tell you that great strides have been reached in the treatment of prostate cancer---here in Indianapolis at University Hospital there are doctors that have world renowned treatments with great success. I feel kind of silly sending this to you...I'm not one to write fan mail but I have loved you from afar too long to not let you know that there are powerful prayers coming your way from me! Take care ~ Susan Batten


 Thanks very much for enriching my life with your wonderful music, Dan. My profound appreciation for your work started a long time ago with "Souvenirs," and ever since then, your gorgeous melodies and insightful lyrics have been an absolute pleasure for me. Your acoustical arrangements and song stories have touched me as a listener and inspired me as an amateur composer and guitarist. You're in my prayers for a speedy and complete recovery, and my fondest hope is to see you on stage again soon. With so many deeply devoted fans pulling for you, I like the chances of that happening. Please continue to find joy in your gift. ~ Bill


 My name is Becky and I live in Texas. I just wanted to let Mr. F know that I am praying to him and his family. I have been a fan of his since I was a little girl. I am now 30. One of my most precious memories is sitting on the kitchen floor under the ironing board while my mother was ironing and singing Mr. F's songs. I got to see him once in 1995 or 1994, I can't remember. It was at the Majestic Theatre in San Antonio. I love his music and I love his voice.My prayers are with you. Hope you get back to feeling better soon!


 Dear Dan Fogelberg, I have always loved your music and when I was younger I used to write Carole Fogelberg all over my notebooks in class. The morning that I heard of your illness, I had breakfast with a friend. I told her that her that I always believed that I would marry you! Of course, she laughed and told me of her David Cassidy crush. I informed her that this was more pure than that..."we went the long way"! Ha! Please know that YOU have moved me with your breathtakingly beautiful music and even though I married another, I will always cherish and love your music and the way that it makes my spirit soar!!! May God Bless You, Hold you close and Heal You! With Love & Prayers ~ Carole Dowhan


 Dear Dan, My prayers are going out to you at this time, all the way from Sydney, Australia. My first real memory of being really touched and moved by any artist, was while listening to your album "The Innocent Age" and one track in particular "Ghosts" .... I was listening to it with my father who is also a big fan of yours and it's one of my fondest childhood memories.My parents were divorced not too long after that and I didn't have much contact with my father, but that night listening to his new Dan Fogelberg LP was a moment I will always cherish and I have you to thank for that. All that I want to say is that, the spirit that you display in your song writing and performances, will be what gets you through this time. All the best and a speedy recovery and I hope that you will make a trip to Australia to perform your wonderful music, very soon. Best regards ~ Shane Harris


 Dear Dan, I've enjoyed your music since 1980, when I came across Phoenix - and it's still an inspiration listening to you. My best wishes for a full and speedy recovery ~ Jimmy Soerensen, Copenhagen, Denmark


 Dan, on this evening I join my prayers with those of the millions of people whose hearts you have touched with your "poetry" and musicianship. I send my prayer asking for your complete healing, to our Father/Creator who you have honored by using and sharing your gifts. What a journey you have been on all these years and now face this challenge, but not alone! You planted a garden of loving fans and along with your family, we are here to send you our heartfelt wish for a complete recovery. May God bless you and keep you close now and always. Hurry back to us! ~ Laura N. from Rhode Island


 Hi Dan, I have been a singer, songwriter and recording artist for the past 30 years. I have been so fortunate to be able to attend over a dozen of your concerts in the San Francisco Bay area. I just want to thank you for being such an important part of my musical journey. Your music has inspired me ever since I heard Home Free for the first time in South Lake Tahoe in 1974. I have seen first hand how your music has touched the lives of so many people. As a fellow musician I know how that can feel. I thank God that I had the opportunity to sing and write in the same era with such an influence as your self. One of the most exciting things in life is anticipating a new Dan Fogelberg album. Your music has marked the past 4 decades of my life and will always leave a memorable impression on it. Best wishes to you and your family Dan and get well soon. Thanks again for such an incredible journey. ~ Lenny Campbell/Manteca, CA


 Dan. I did not really start listening to your music until I was 35/36 years old. My sister invited me to one of your solo concerts during the early 80s. After seeing you in concert, I started listening to your music more intensely. Your music came to me as I need it; with each new album (at that time we were still listening to record albums), with each new unveiling of your words and images, I started to make discoveries about myself. Your words brought images to my mind's eye and reached my spirit. Your music has been with me ever since. It has made me smile, and it has made me cry. It has inspired me to reach beyond my sight, and it has comforted me in difficult times. It has been my "constant in the chaos" my "fulcrum in the void." And for this, I thank you. Even though you do not know me, and I do not know you -- I know your music and this music is a good friend of mine. Please take care and get well soon. Only my best of wishes are with you, your wife, and your family. From someone who follows the "spirit trial" too. ~ Elaine (Actually, I teach literature and writing course at a Pennsylvania university and I quote your song lyrics quite often, just thought you might like to know that.)


 Dan, Your music has always been extremely inspirational to me. At my wedding, the song my husband and I picked for the middle of the ceremony was "Longer". I think of that day every time I hear you sing that song. I have also been to several of your concerts in Colorado, the most memorable being at Red Rocks Amphitheatre (two concerts that I will never forget it!). My thoughts and prayers are with you as you recover from prostate cancer. I have many close relatives that have had cancer and are doing wonderful today. I have all the confidence that you will emerge from this life challenge a stronger person and it will present you with yet another avenue to express your amazing talent. I look forward to sitting at Red Rocks Amphitheatre or at the Paramount Theatre in Downtown Denver being inspired by you yet again. Get well soon! ~ Karen L. Janzen


 Greetings Dan! Thinking of you today and hoping it is a good day for you!  I am just one of the many who have loved your music for all of these years.  I just turned 49 last week so you know all of the musical influences anyone my age grew up with (and I loved many of them) ... however to me, you stand alone. If I could only listen to one artist, it would be you! You write what I would if I had the talent to write and compose.  The older I become, the more impressed I am with the insight you had and thus reflected in your work at such a young age.  Your lyrics stand alone as poetry, your musical compositions and arrangements impress me over and over again. I have already begun to play your Christmas CD this season.  When the church bells begin to toll, my heart begins to soar.  I love things that harken to the "Old World".  After loving your music all these years, I finally attended a concert last June 2003 in North Carolina.  It was a stormy night but you were great.  I plan to see you in concert again, hopefully real soon. A Christmas concert featuring " The First Christmas Morning "  would be a dream come true. I hope this message conveys my deep appreciation for your work and a sincere acknowledgment of how much I enjoy listening to you. Best wishes, you and your family are in my prayers. ~ Debbie Witcofski


 Dan, May God bless you, keep you and heal you. With much love and admiration ~ The Brawley family. Guy & Dea


 Hello Dan: You have been in my prayers the moment I heard of your illness. While my heart sank at the news, and we are all praying for your strength during this trying time. I am 45 now, but remember working in a factory job in 1978, listening to the radio, and I had to ask my friend what this awesome song was that was playing. A musician himself, he quickly said "Souvenirs" by Fogelberg! I love many of your songs and especially the whole Souvenirs album, "Souvenirs" has always been a heartfelt favorite song of mine. I quickly tried learning it on guitar but could never hit the high notes (maybe if  I had my tonsils reinstalled). "Song From Half Mountain", "Illinois" and "Changing Horses", they're all so special. Nether Lands is an excellent album too, and so many other albums that followed. We're all behind you Dan, and we want you to pull through this. Thank you so much for your inspiring music. ~ Mark


 Dear Dan, I have every CD you have released. If it weren't for your music and words, I would have never gotten through the rough parts of my life. Whenever I felt that I couldn't go on, I put on one of your CD's and everything seemed okay. I grew up 60 miles north of Peoria. Your Midwest influences really show through in your music. I wish you a full recovery and you are in my prayers. You have made a great impact

on my life and I thank you for that. ~ Buck Kubera -- Peru, IL


 Dear My All-Time Favorite Musician: A friend of mine introduced me to your music when I was a senior in High School back in 1977. I fell in love with your song writing and music from the very beginning. I bought your albums and took them away to college with me where I, in turn, shared you with everyone and anyone that would listen. Everyone I shared your music with loved you too. The first time I saw you in concert was in Providence in the early 80's. I cried because it was a dream come true. My husband and I saw you in Atlanta in the summer of 2003. You were amazing and my husband informed me you would be here again this October. We looked forward to seeing you again. Unfortunately you had to cancel the rest of your tour. I am heartbroken to hear of your illness, but know you will be strong and beat this. I will be the first in line when you are able to come back to Atlanta and perform again when you are well. Keep the faith. You are loved so very much by all your fans. ~ Wendy - Kennesaw, GA


 Get better soon!!! For a lot of years my friends and famliy have enjoyed your music and especially your concerts. I am listening to Phoenix on my son's ipod right now. Looking foward to your return to the road. (Solo acoustic) ~ Greg & Sheri


 Dear Dan,You've been with me since I was 12 years old and Home Free was released. Thank you for the inspiration and entertainment over the years. My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours now. Be well. ~ Dan Turpin


 Thoughts and prayers to you and yours now and for always. You will never know how important and key an influence your music has been and continues to be in my life. Thank you so incredibly much.


 Dear Dan, I still remember the day when I was about 13, a friend turned me on to your then newly-released album, Home Free. In the decades that have passed since then, I have loved you and all your music and have enjoyed seeing you in concert whenever you have come to Jackson, Mississippi---as you'll recall, this is the home of one of your earliest "pockets" of fans. Home Free, with its soul-baring purity, remains my sentimental favorite album to this day. Full Circle is quite reminiscent of much of your '70's music that has meant so much to me. I look forward to the rich and meaningful music that I know you will create as you battle and defeat cancer. In your words, "So don't look down though your heart may be weary. Let your faith be your strength and your love be your guiding star." I am so pleased that you and Jean found one another. I love you, Dan. I will be praying for you. ~ Jan Hammett


 Hi, Dan: I just wanted to tell you how wonderful I think you and your music are. My favorite release of yours is "Portrait". I listen to it every night on my long commute home. I love when you write about being on your boat or being in Maine. I love how your music tells stories that are so visual you make the listener feel like they are standing right next to you watching a picture of events. I wish you the very best as you go through your treatments on the road to your recovery. To your wife Jean: caregivers are an essential part of the healing process. I can personally understand this because my own husband is battling Stage 4 Lymphoma and I have seen him through his best and worst days over the last year. Hang in there! I look forward to hearing more music from you in the future. ~ Erin Passabet San Jose, CA


 Hi Dan. I just wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts. I hope that you recover from this and back to doing the things you enjoy doing the most. I am not going to say that I am one that has all of your cds and seen you in concert a million times but I do LOVE your music. I have a few of your cds and love them. Unfortunately, I have not seen you in concert yet but plan get better soon! You seem like a very nice and sensitive person. Be strong. ~ Jennifer Fukano


 Dear Dan, I wish you strength and send you good thoughts as you are recovering. You have inspired me since I was 18 years old (I'm 43 now!). Your music has so much spirituality, and I can't begin to tell you how much I respect your talent and your candid, flowing lyrics. Not everyone can influence others the way you do. I was going through my records the other night and came upon Captured Angel and started playing it. I was so moved by it I had to stop what I was doing, sat down, and closed my eyes to hear every was as close to perfect as it gets.I hope you're feeling better with each day. You are in my thoughts, and I look forward to seeing you on your next tour. Take care of yourself. Thinking of you ~ Mary Mack, Oakland, CA


 Dear sir, I sit hear listening to your song "Leader of the Band"' which through no fault of yours mirrored the lives of two men who I never got to know 20 something years ago, my father and grandfather. They passed from my life yet your song remains and through it I remember them and hope to some day to understand. I wish you the best in your struggle yet please remember your words and the beauty of your song shall live beyond you and me. And the memory of my father and grandfather and all that entails in my mediocre life. ~ Gary A.


 Dear Dan, I have listened to your music for many years, and have also seen you perform. Your voice is breathtaking and your lyrics are full of beauty and passion. On your Christmas CD, the way you sing "What Child is This", takes my breath away. You have touched so many lives, and I am praying for you along with so many others.


 Dear Dan, your words and music have influenced me in respecting the laws of the universe and the importance of living in harmony with nature. To me, life is about loving people, about community and what we give back ... your music supports this notion. Take this time to cultivate your stamina and hold firm to your dreams. Keep going and keep singing. I'll continue sending strong thoughts your way. ~ Rae in WV


 Dear Dan and Family, God bless you and keep you safe. Your wonderful gift God gave you has brought so much meaning to so many of us for so long. I have been a fan for 25 years and have seen your concerts many times at the Fox theater in St Louis, the latest was at the Pagent. I love your music and want to thank you for the wonderful memories with alot more to come when you are feeling better and you beat this. My prayers go out to you and your family for strength and speedy complete recovery. ~ Angela Trober, Collinsville IL


 Dear Dan, I was deeply touched to hear of your current medical prognosis. I want you to know that you are in the prayers and good wishes of all the people you have touched with your music. Your music has been entwined with the fabric of my life for many years. My husband has come to believe you are part of our family- on my side, of course! I recently had the opportunity to see your acoustic show and loved it. It was a very different than the first time I saw you at a nearby university and the drunk kid next to me slept on my shoulder.Everyone has been effected by some adversity at some point in their lives,some more times than we deserve. I hope the love and support of your family and the prayers and thoughts of your fans see you through this trying time. Godspeed....~ Susan


 Dan: Like everyone else on these pages I've been a fan for many years. As a professional guitarist myself, I always looked forward to your new albums so I could work out the arrangements. I enjoy playing them as well as listening to your wonderful music. You have inspired me to be a better player for which I thank you. My ten year old son has grown up listening to your music and I've made him a CD of your most soothing beautiful melodies to which he falls asleep every night. We call them Fogelberg Lullabies. Although you didn't intend for them to be called this, the music is truly soothing to the soul. We brought him to your last concert at Westbury Music Fair in NY, and I'm happy to say you've touched another generation. He was thrilled to have the opportunity to see you. We look forward to seeing again after a full recovery from your battle. Our hearts are with you. ~ Lenny, Jan & Harrison


 Dan and family...I sent well wishes just a few weeks ago...I also read the other well wishers' messages too and thought of an irony...for years and years your words have lifted, comforted, validated and helped our is my hope and prayer that now OUR words, although non-lyrical and rudimentary, can do the same for you and your family.. Continued blessings for healing...Love ~ Chris M. North Carolina


 Dear Dan,Your recent battle loosely parallels my own.Melanoma made itself known a few weeks ago,and I'm sure we must have shared the same thoughts of dread,confusion and near "End of the Line" specters. In my case, the memories of the Cancer caused deaths of Mother, Brother and several close friends,were instantly depressional. But now, the critter has been uprooted and a clean PET scan and most other tests are making it seem realistic to assume I'll live to retirement. During that awful time between diagnosis and operation I learned of your illness.You must know by now that there are countless fans, and sincere well wishers hoping never to have heard Cancer and Dan Fogelberg in the same sentence! My kids have grown to know your music through me,and indeed I was also looking forward to any nearby appearance you might arrange in the Tampa area. I think I speak for all those that have fallen in deepest appreciation and sympathy with your music, when I say please take the degree of rest and seclusion you need to help your body get rid of your trespasser. We'll patiently await your return to us in any form you care to adopt.Your music has put my soul into smooth mode so very often,it's time for Mozart to do his magic for you. Get well as soon as you can possibly most enjoy it.Yours Truly ~ Dave Fragale ( also known as DadZilla - My kids' Leader of the band.)


 Just wanted you to know that my thoughts are with you. Thank you so much for the great concerts and fantastic music. You are the reason I learned to play the guitar. It has given me many great moments of pleasure and you were the inspiration. Thanks again, and get well soon. ~ Scott


 Thinking of you particularly this week, since this would have been the week to see you at The Keswick Theatre in Glenside, Pa. I attend at least 3-4 shows per month in every genre of music and last year when I was asked which concert I enjoyed most.....without hesitating, I said "Dan Fogelberg at The Keswick, without a doubt!!" My friend Marilyn & I have been fans for years, and we had no idea what to expect that night & after just the first song, we knew that this was going to be a very special night...and it was! Thank you so much for allowing the audience to share your passion. You are in my prayers and I would sincerely like to know if there is anything your fans can do. Please keep us informed and again, my prayers go to you & your family. You'll get through this!!! ~ Linda Lewis


 Your paintings and songs will live forever. I was practicing my own modest compositions last night and thought of you as I often do when I sing and play. I wish I had a new way of telling you how you influenced me then. I am conscientious about my songwriting partly because I was lucky enough to be around you when I was very young. I hope you are in peace and have found a way to ignore the day to day and focus on the beauty that is in your heart. I think of you every day . My love to you and your loved ones ~ Linn


 Dear Dan, I just wanted to wish you a speedy recovery all the way from Bangkok! I grew up in Evergreen, and have been a longstanding fan of yours from the time I was a little girl. Years later I am still listening to your music, wherever my job takes me overseas. I was so sad to hear the news of your illness, but I am sure your positive outlook on life and the support you have from your family, friends and countless fans will get you through it. Know that you are in the thoughts and prayers of people all over the world! All the best ~ Rebecca Scheurer


 Dan, Fight this thing and get well soon. One of my fondest memories is listening to Home Free, by myself while it was raining outside. I have loved you and your music for a long time, and sheepishly sign this: ~ Sweet Magnolia


 Dear Dan and family, Our prayers and love are with you as you face this challenge. We believe you will recover as God still has so much for you to share. You and your music has and is so inspiring and spiritual. I have listened to you for almost 30 years and you have continued to grow and learn. You are at your best so far, and still have more I'm sure. Our prayers for your healing and thank you and your family for sharing yourself with us all these years. Love and blessings from a home grown Colorado lady and her husband ~ Jeanne and Pat


 Dear Dan, I am so sorry to hear about your illness and wanted to send my prayers and good wishes to you and your family. I want you to know how much you have inspired me in my life. You have taught me so much through your music and love. I first heard your music from a friend I met whileliving in Alaska in 1975. He loaned me the album Souvenirs and I connected immediately with "Part Of The Plan". In fact in a sense it changed my life forever. As a young musician and songwriter I found the mentor that inspired me more that any other artist. I wanted to personally thank you for bringing me so much happiness and teaching me so much about music and life. Your appreciation of nature and the preservation of American native culture means so very much to me as I am part Shumash. My grandmother was from Colorado and never talked about her native American heritage. She is now gone and I pray that she was proud of who she really was.


As so many others you have touched us with "Longer". My wife walked down the aisle to this beautiful song. Your music has gotten me through some very rough times. Your songs have lifted my spirits when they were low and have truly touched my heart. I have walked up many peaks and been down so many valleys, the one constant thing always there for me was the lyrics and music of Dan Fogelberg. When people ask me who inspired me the most in music and song writing I say immediately and without hesitation "Dan Fogelberg". My wife and children know how much your music means to me. In fact, I

have asked that upon my passing they play "Nether Lands". The first time I heard this song it moved me so much it brought me to tears. I have attended many of your concerts and was so glad my wife was with me to see you in Lake Tahoe on the Wild Places tour a few years ago. We were fortunate to get the front center table, and as always you had the audience's hearts in the palm of your hands. My only regret is that I have not had the chance to meet you personally and tell you how much your music has touched my heart and soul. Dan, God has blessed us with you and your music. I will always appreciate and never forget the gift you have given me. I look forward to seeing you up on the stage very soon. God Bless You, and I want you to know that you will always be the "Leader Of The Band" in my heart. Love ~ Steven Brian Hart, Rancho Murieta, California


 Dan -Your music has been a large part of my life for over 25 years. I was blessed as a high schooler to see you in Portland, Oregon, shortly after you released Nether Lands.You were backed up by Fool's Gold then. I was also able to catch you during your "unplugged" tour. It is my sincere and deep prayer that the Lord Jesus, who blessed you with the talents you have, will become the most important focus of your life during this tough time. He loves you more than words could ever say. . . . You might say "longer than there's been stars up in the heavens." Spend time in his Holy word and you'll find out just what I mean. I know that love through what He did for me (and you too), and because of His sacrifice, I look forward to spending an eternity with Him in his unimaginable heavenly home. I hope to see youthere. From this day on, I will pray for your health, but even more so for your eternal health through His mercy and sacrifice. God bless you as your music has blessed my life over and over again.


 I started with "Home Free" which I STILL play on the turntable and haven't missed an album since. May you find strength through your music for your body and soul. You are in our thoughts and prayers. ~ Jeff and Patty


 Dear Dan, Your music has meant so much to me over the years. I first started listening to you as a teenager back in the 70s, and I have never stopped. That is because it is timeless. The meaning behind your lyrics are just as true and hit home just as much today as ever. God gave you such a beautiful gift in your voice, musical talent and writing skill, and you have done the most wonderful thing with it, which is to share. Thank you so much for that. I just found out about your being ill, and want you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Please take care of yourself. Sincerely yours ~ Loretta Harwell


 Dear Dan: My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Sincerely ~ Teri Ann Pailen


 Dear Dan, Through all the challenges I have faced in my life, you offered me comfort and hope and in a strange way, friendship, through your music. Now, I offer you and your family my heartfelt prayers for your complete recovery. I send you and your family all my love, positive thoughts and positive energy. You will beat this! And when you do, you and your lovely wife will continue to enjoy your happily ever after. May GOD bless you. Love ~ Julie in Little Rock.


 You have been an inspiration for years. Prayers to you and your family and may I see you in concert again soon! ~ Rachel Hersh


 Dan and Jean,We are praying for you and standing with you in believing that you ARE going to be healed. Thank you for blessing us with the music of your heart for so many years. ~ Glenn and Jeanne


 Healing prayers and best wishes for you and your family. May we be blessed with your presence and your music for many, many years to come. ~ John. A fan from the 70s. Williamstown, Massachusetts


 Dear Dan, I have read some of the comments on the good wishes page, and so many echo my own. I began to listen to you in the mid-seventies, and I've been listening ever since. I've seen you twice in Oklahoma City, and was blessed both times. I cannot count the hours I've been under headphones listening to you singing in my ears. I am a singer/song writer and poet myself, and I don't think there is anyone who can equal your poetry during my lifetime. I have always been legally blind, but in 1980 I lost all of my remaining vision. The Innocent Age became my mainstay following that event, and when you spoke of journeying the length of the light, I knew exactly what you were talking about in a way that others may not. My vision loss was a process that took over two years, with periods of relatively good vision, followed by loss, and the process kept repeating. It was almost a relief when it was all over, because I knew what to expect from each day. Yet, there are still times when I miss the light of the sun and the blue of the sky with an intensity I almost can't believe I still feel. It is then that I turn to your music, and find the peace and healing I need for my troubled mind. Please know that you have been in my thoughts and prayers since I heard of your illness. May you be strengthened and healed in the weeks and months to come. Keep believing...and keep singing. God Bless You ~ Karolyn Phillips


 Hello, Dan. I was born and raised and still live in central Illinois. Being lucky enough to have 2 older brothers, I was introduced to music at a young age. I have always loved your music. I was VERY fortunate to win tickets to your acoustic concert at UIS in Springfield on October 25, 1997 (I still have the program from that concert). This was during a particularly trying time in my life when I was going through a nasty divorce and struggling to raise my young twins on one income. I never would have been able to buy tickets and by chance happened to get lucky enough to win tickets on the radio. I can't begin to tell you what that concert meant to me...still does. Your lyrics, melodies, and vocal abilities are amazing to me. An artist who can perform acoustically has to have a lot of gifts to pull it off, and you sure delivered that night. I'll never forget it. You are an inspiration to me.Get well soon, Dan. Thoughts and prayers are with you. ~ Connie Withers, Riverton Illinois.


 Hi Dan! I don´t know if you get these messages or not but I feel when one is a "Dan Fogelberg Fan" then one does share a common bond with a helluva lot of people and the "Leader Of The Band" is the one we have to thank. I live in Seville, Spain and I´m from Cork , Ireland. As an Irishman, I love that song you did with The Chieftans called "Song For A Carpenter" even better is the "drinking session" you had with those boys while recording it! Dan, not only are you a gifted artist but you´re a brave lad as well. It´s very dangerous to drink with the Irish!!! Equally, that instrumental with Tim Weisberg called "County Clare" is beautiful. I´ve been a fan since 1981 and the era of "The Innocent Age". I was introduced to your music by a Priest nonetheless. I´m still a fan. I never really took much advise from Priests but this Priest was pretty cool and I "Thank" him for introducing me to your gospel. Mister Daniel Fogelberg, YOU GET BETTER SOON, and when you do please come to Europe and sing a few songs. A humbled fan who appreciates beauty ~ Johnny Good (even my name is a rock ´n´roll one).


 Dear Dan, You said it best,


"Across the vein of night there cuts a path of searing light,

Burning like a beacon on the edges of our sight

At the point of total darkness and the lights divine divide

A soul can let its shadow stretch and land on either side, either side"


"Wealthy the spirit that knows its own flight

Stealthy the hunter that slays its own fright

Blessed the traveler who journey's the length of the light . . . "


I'm a heart failure patient myself and know the uncertainty of catastrophic illness. But your own words have made it easy to take this ride. Whatever may happen, Dan, your legacy will remain. Our prayers and blessings to you and your wonderful family . . .


"May the trail rise up to meet you, may your heart rejoice in song

May the skies be fair above you as you journey ever on"


"May your love be there to guide us, may it always keep us strong

May we walk within your footsteps as you lead us ever on . . . "


We thank you, Dan, and most of all . . . we love you. Your music will transcend time and this world and will go on into eternity. ~ The Hughes Family, Marilynn, Andy, Melissa, Mary and Jacob (Dan Fans for twenty five years and . . . into forever!)


 My husband and I enjoy your music. My gift to him each year on Father's Day was to see your concert. Your music is such a part of us and our life together. We went to see you when you played at the Murat in Indianapolis. Which is where we are from. We will be right there in the crowd when you come back again. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Thank you. ~ Shellie


 Dear Dan, I've been a huge fan of yours since I can remember! Your music touches my soul. You're in my thoughts and prayers! God be with you and your family. ~ Nancy, Rome, New York


 I have always loved the music of Dan Fogelberg. I first saw him in concert in Peoria 1976, and have listened to him ever since. I hope and pray that he will get better so he can continue to give his fans his beautiful music. Have a great day ~ Barrie


 Dear Dan, just wanted to tell you about the impact you and your music and lyrics have had on so many people and myself. I have to tell you that you are the best musician I think I have ever heard in my life, and you inspire me whenever I hear you. I saw you in Houston (the Woodlands concert) after many years of waiting and listening to all of your albums over and over while I was in college studying music. Your music was what made me know inside of myself that all I ever wanted to be was a musician... it's in my heart permanently. I never became the musician that I wanted to become, got busy having kids and put it all off on the back burner. I listened to you tonight and I just happened to look you up on the web at the same time and had no idea you had gotten sick. When I listen to you, there's no describing it. I ask myself , what is it about this Mr Fogelberg that I love so much? I think maybe it is that I feel God in there sometimes when I listen to you, and want to say thank you for your music ... it is the best gift I have ever received, and God had you send it. I never realized all that was really true but this sounds kind of silly, but has worked for me lately. I have had a bit of bad things going on lately too, and if I let my little brain repeat some of your music, somehow Ii manage to make it through some really tough situations lately . Keep on singing , Dan! I am sending a prayer with my email, and I never do that - until today. Thank you again for all you have done for me, with your beautiful voice and music. Love you ~ Janet Rockwell.


 My name is José Buchanan and I live in the Netherlands, you do not need to guess which song I love the most since I was a teenager! Life is great since there are people like you in the world, your music is a support through every moment in our lives. Dear Dan, please fight and be strong, we need you to survive, so I will pray for you as much as I can, I do not believe in a God, but if it helps, I will do that for you. ~ José


 Dear Dan: My oldest brother is 6 years older than me. He was a  brother, friend and mostly a father figure, for we didn't have one around.  One of the things he did for me was teach me how to take care of his turntable and needle cartridge (he knew I would sneak and listen to his music when he was not around) and he introduced me to GOOD music. Being a girl it meant a great deal  to me that he would also let me sit on his bed while he listened to his music, studied, cleaned or readied himself for outings. He bestowed upon me the love of nature and the love for the singer songwriter. Certainly you and James Taylor were his favorites and therefore became mine. So when he turned 45 five years of the things I thanked him for was trusting me with and sharing with me his fine taste in music. Now I have a chance to Thank You for sharing  yourself with us through your music and thereby singing of the many thoughts and  feelings we also had in our lives. May you and your family be blessed with  Faith and Healing and continued Love and good health in your  lives.


 Dear Dan, I will pray for your speedy recovery. I've been a fan of your music since Souvenirs. I think that you are one of the best! You write and perform great songs, they are melodic, with heart warming lyrics, they are dear to me. Keep up the good spirit. You're but on the threshold of more beautiful songs, a pleasure for generations to come! Best wishes and warmest regards. ~ Bert Niessink, Oss, The Netherlands.


 Dear Dan, May God bless you and keep you always. May you be healed and returned to us, the gift you have always been to your fans. I have followed you since the 70's. It was a tradition of ours to attend your concerts yearly throughout So. Cal, at both the Universal and Pacific Amphitheatres, for your rock and acoustic tours. We didn't miss a show until I moved away. I have always enjoyed the depth of emotion in your lyrics and the beauty of your melodies. They have been both a comfort and a source of inspiration.May you enjoy a full recovery so that we may, once again, hear your voice and your music.Take care of yourself and know that in this fan's opinion you are not only a marvelous musician, singer, songwriter, but truly a beautiful human being. God Bless ~ Alina


 Dear Dan, Just wanted to add my note of Thanks for the beautiful music you have given to all of us over the years. So many of your creations have touched our souls. I so hope that you will have great success in beating this cancer. I know how hard it is to get through each treatment and keep a positive attitude. My prayers are with you and all of your family through this tough time. May this Holiday Season bring you good health and much joy. ~ Chris - Pueblo West, Colorado

 Dear Dan, I was so sorry to hear of your illness and I want to let you know I'm praying for you and your family during this time. Medicine has come so far (even in the last 10 years) that a cancer like yours can now be cured with no long-term issues connected with it. 2004 has been somewhat of an unsure year for my health also; and, although I am not facing anything like you are I can still empathize with you. I wish you a speedy recovery and the best of health in the years to come. I enjoyed your concert back in 2002 here in Raleigh, NC (the night of the torrential rains and dangerous lightning storms). You were wonderful and a real trooper to stay on that stage during that. True fans like myself do not need an apology for canceling concerts. Your health and your family are *the* most important. You take all the time you need to get better!


I have enjoyed your music for years when I discovered you in late 1973 in my senior year in high school. My favorite two songs which remind me of good times and wonderful relationships in my life are "Longer" (actually reminds me of a castle back in Danbury, CT) and "The Leader of the Band" (reminds me of the great influence my grandmother had on me). I love the reflective truth in your song stories and that's what drew me to you back in the 70's. The love you have in your life and the inner strength will get you through the most difficult days. Get well soon!! ~ A huge fan from Cary, NC


 Dear Dan, Just sitting here tonight, reflecting on life and so on...Thinking how much your music means to me for all these many years I've listened to you. "Dancing Shoes" stands out as my favorite. I actually have many equality favorite songs of yours...too many to mention! I just want to know that you and your family are in my prayers and thoughts. Take care ~ Chris Stapleton - Caro, Michigan


 Dear Dan - We were deeply saddened to learn of this difficult journey for you and your family. I can assure you, you are frequently in our prayers, and we are asking the Lord for a complete and speedy recovery for you.Please know that your gift continues to warm and inspire. My two youngest sons, 14 & 16, are "totally into music" especially the greats of the 70's. Upon hearing Nether Lands a couple of years ago, they marveled at your vocal prowess and the orchestrations, and they couldn't wait for their friends to hear your "amazing" falsetto. Not long ago "Leader of the Band" was playing in the car and my 16 year old, who has dreams of blessing the world with his music some day, sat in silence, listening pensively. After a moment he said, "Mom that must be how you feel about your grandfather. That's how I want my kids to remember me." (My grandfather was an accomplished song writer.) Dan, you are loved and deeply appreciated for the honesty of your music. You are missed. ~ Patti Trim, Houston


 Dear Dan, I have been a career-long fan of yours and sincerely wish you the best of luck in the fight against the beast with which you are now engaged in battle; many of us know first hand (unfortunately) the challenges you face and while we can only encourage you to keep your faith to keep yourself together we would be remiss not to recognize how hard that will be sometimes. Sometimes are not all times though and when the good days come hold onto them fiercely to pull you through the rough ones. You brighten life and you are loved by many for all you have done for us. Let us know if we can help you in any way now.

~ Maire Forbes


 Dear Dan ~ May God refresh your body, mind, and heart, just as you and your music have refreshed and encouraged so many of our hearts over the years. Music is truly a gift to the soul, and your music has been one of God's best gifts to me and to many. Thank you, dear Dan, for sharing this gift. I wish you continued joy in the journey! --ruth t.


 Dear Dan: I started listening to you when I was 13. My brother was home from college for the summer and brought home his many albums. As I was going through them, I noticed this gorgeous guy on the cover. It was you, and the album was Souvenirs. I have been listening to you since then, and I'm now 43. My 19 year old son listens to you too. I was shocked to hear of your illness. Be positive and keep the faith. You are in my prayers, I' m sure you're in many peoples prayers. ~ Ann Marie G. Pontiac


 It has always been my hope to see you perform in my home country, Scotland preferably at Glasgow's "Celtic Connections" festival. My friends and I have been fans of yours since the early seventies and I have found your songs to be truly inspirational. They have become like "old, good friends". May God be with you in these times and I'll see you in Glasgow ......"one of these days". Take care ~ John Lawson, Scotland


 Hey Dan! Just want to let you know that when I first heard the news of your illness, you have been in my prayers. Hope you don't get embarrassed that I mentioned it in church prayers. So get well soon I am looking forward to seeing you in that solo acoustic concert. There's a place in this world for believers! And I believe God is with you all the way.~ Rick Peters


 Dan ~ I can't say I am surprised to find that I am only one of many who has listened to your music for 30 plus years. I, too, was introduced to you through a friend when she brought me your new Nether Lands album in my dorm room in Greeley, Colorado. I have seen you countless times in concert. I remember the bungee jumper in Milwaukee and waiting outside the door in Colorado Springs with my beautiful daughter, Valerie, to get your autograph. She has that autograph on her bulletin board still. And I have an autographed photo of you with long hair. It is above my computer. Your music has been an important part of our lives for years. I wish you a speedy recovery and a long happy life. ~ Ruth


 Hi Dan! Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family as you get through this difficult time. Thank you for all your wonderful music and may God be with you through your swift recovery. Best always ~ Scott & Louise, Montrose, CA


 Good Morning Dan and Jean, Your illness has made me realize how often I have neglected to pray for others until there seems to be a specific need or a crisis. Know that daily, you are both in my prayers. I hope you feel the lift from this website. It certainly has brought comfort to me knowing that so many people love and care for, my friend, are the leader of the band... ~ Pam


 I wish for the best for you, Mr Dan Fogelberg, and all my hopes and prayers are with you at this time. I believe a friend of mine (Rick Killam) says it best when he once told me: "When the going gets rough take another route". I hope that the prayers of your thousands of friends (fans) and your loving family will be enough to let you know how precious a life we all believe you are. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the music you have given and will continue to give. We all love you very much. God bless you and your family. Yours Truly ~ Michelle Anne Collier


 Dear Dan, No one else's music has meant so much to me as I have grown through the college years into adulthood. You truly have the gift of connecting people and moments in your beautiful melodies. I am praying for you and feel strongly that you will come out of this a stronger, more inspired person. You will be there to create more incredible music and continue your journey through life. Be strong. Blessings to you. Love ~ Dora


 Dan: Your music has been the inspiration for our life. From the moment my wife and I met over 24 years ago, your music had been an intricate part of our relationship. It was the "Captured Angel" album that was playing the evening we met, the "Innocent Age" album that was playing when we brought our first child home from the hospital. It's "Magic Every Moment" that we play when we watch the sunrise over the North Carolina Ocean and it's "The Reach" that makes every trip to Maine in October so amazing. Thank you for adding a magic to our lives that no one else could have. You are in our prayers daily and we are sure that our Heavenly father will guide all those caring for you. ~ Russ and Hope Evans - Noblesville, Indiana


 Dan, You have brought joy and peace through your words and music to so many, and have been a blessing and inspiration to a generation that has spent most of their years deciding "..simple acceptance of life, or sweet peace?" I'm sure that you will be fine, and the new love in my life will have the opportunity to see the artist I've gone on about for the last two years. I knew she was the one as she had a ballet picture on her bedroom wall, and 'Dancing Shoes' is my very favorite of your compositions, as difficult a decision as that is! Thanks, and hope to see you again soon. Be well. With prayers and love ~ Alan Slawter


 Thank you for sharing your gifts and living legacy with us all. Your music has always been a big part of my life. I have shared that music with many loved ones over the years. "Longer" was played at our church wedding some 19 years ago. "Nether Lands" led and comforted me as I traveled from New York City to Colorado and out to Oregon and the Redwoods of Northern California. "Leader of the Band" became a tribute to my own Dad as I caligraphed the lyrics and matted some pictures of him around a frame for a gift for him one Christmas. I probably have seen you in concert over the years about 20 times and always wanted to meet you and express just a few words of thanks in person. My wife and I got to meet you after a concert in Anaheim about 7 years ago and then a month later at a Nicolette Larson Benefit in Santa Monica. You were kind, considerate and very gracious on both occasions. WE THANK YOU for your music and we are all saying we love your near enough. ~ Rob G


 Dear Dan, I will pray for you to be well. ~ Ruth


 Dear Dan, My prayers and thoughts are with you. You have brought so much pleasure to me over the years with your music. I remember the day my best friend in high school brought over his Captured Angel album and we listened to it over and over again. I've learned to play some guitar too, and there is nothing better than playing some of your wonderful songs. Thank you for the gift of your music. I wish you a full and speedy recovery. ~ Len Gralnik


 Dear Dan, Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. These words are my offering to you during this difficult time, just as your words and music have played a significant role in my life for the last 24 years. To this day I remember the very first time I ever heard one of your songs, it was "Part of the Plan", and at that very moment I knew that I would have a life long connection to your music. You and your music are truly a gift from God. Love and Prayers ~ Kym Fowler Frostburg, Maryland


 Your music gave me hope and comfort when I was alone....My Prayers are for You and Yours in Return......MC


 Dear Dan-I have listened to your beautiful music since age 15 (30 yrs) sons were raised listening to it as well and my husband has become a fan over the course of our 22 yr marriage. We have attended concerts in Philadelphia and Atlantic City enjoying them immensely. Your music has provided a "soundtrack" for my life as it has also offered encouragement and strength. I pray you beat this illness and come back healthy and strong.. I send warm wishes to your wife; hang in there ...the best is yet to come.. Love ~ Mary Jardine


 My wife Lori and 2 sons, Wyatt and Payson, (6&9) are heading your way to ski. We came to the mountains for healing after Lori experienced cancer early in our marriage.Now we have 2 wonderful sons and she is very healthy and cancer free. We wish the same for you. Thanks for the music. ~ Steve Roberts


 Your music has enriched my life since the seventies, and I could only wish that the favor be returned to you and your family. May you recover well and thoroughly! Best wishes always ~ Regina Levoy, Shiro, Texas


 Dan, My husband and I saw you perform in concert at the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk, VA years ago. It was a night of magic for both of us. We ask God to guide you and your family on this latest sojourn. Remember, goodness prevails over evil or, in this case, illness. May the universe continue to smile on you and bring you peace, hope, courage, and health. We will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers. ~ Steve and Mary Martin---our real names.


 Dear Dan, Your music has been a part of me since 1977 when my high school boyfriend introduced me to your Nether Lands album - I've been listening ever since. I enjoy all kinds of music but whenever someone asks me who my all-time favorite musician is, the answer is always the same... Dan Fogelberg. I was just getting ready to order your First Christmas Morning cd when I came across the news about your prostate cancer. My dad was diagnosed a few years ago (with a very high psa) and has since received treatment and is doing very well. Just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you and wishing you well. Get better soon. An old friend ~ Debbie


 Have been a fan of your music for years. Positive thoughts and prayers are being sent to you from many places. You can beat this. My best wishes to you and your family. ~ Sue


 Dan, I'm passing your name on to the Carmelite nuns--they live in seclusion and devote all waking time to prayer for specific indivudals, etc.They're really incredible--and they guarantee their work! My father experienced a full recovery from prostate cancer and know you will too. All best wishes for a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing you in concert soon. Warmest regards ~ Rob (in Philadelphia)


 Dear Dan, You are the captain of my heart and probably always will be. Your music has helped to shape my values, morals, love for nature and my love and respect for our higher being -- GOD. Actually, when I first heard your music I was for the first time in my life fully aware of GOD and I knew that your music was a gift from him! I was 15 then and am now 44. Your music has been a guiding light to me and many of my friends and family. I guess there is no way to truly thank you except to say "Thank YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART" No matter how you progress you are going to be all right! Everything is going to be all right! Myself and loved ones are praying for you daily. I have asked my prayer group to pray for you! Hang in there Dan! People are cured of cancer EVERYDAY! I am a nurse and I see it all the time! May you be blessed and healed and may the Peace of Christ rein in your heart! Peace and Love ~ Laura Boughner


 Good positive, healing thoughts to YOU!! You/We can survive cancer! An Appreciative Fan ~ Kathy Wojcik, Denver, Colorado


 Dear Dan & Family, I just wanted to send my good wishes & prayers to you & your family.I have been a Dan fan since I heard the album Twin Sons of Different Mothers back in the '70s & have been hooked ever since. I have been to 2 concerts here in Grand Rapids & would love to go to more. Dan is such a wonderful performer & such a gentleman. I hope Dan beats this ugly disease & has a full recovery. Love to all ~ Pam Forsythe


 Dan, So sorry to hear about your illness. I've been a huge fan of your music since I first heard of you in the mid-70's. Captured Angel is still one of my all time favourite albums. I play a lot of your music on my hospital radio album show. I hope the treatment works out well, you'll be in my prayers. ~ Francis Klonowski, Leeds, England


 Dan - Your music is with me every day and I never tire of listening to your old and new stuff. My alarm CD wakes me each morning to "Nether Lands" which has become my anthem. Thanks for all the wonderful lyrics and tunes and my prayers are with you. ~ Phil


 Dear Dan, We have been fans for most of the 27 years we've been married. We've tried to be at every concert anywhere near Huntsville or Atlanta. We truly believe in prayer and know its power. We are praying for you. I want to share what our dear neighbor did who knew we had missed your concert that would have been in Atlanta on October 23. They are great fans of yours, as we are. They invited us to dinner last Friday and told us they had a surprise for us. After dinner we went in the living room and Mike our friend had set up his guitar and amp. He said " I know you were really disappointed about missing the concert and tonight I just want to do a Dan night for you. He played and sang for over 2 hours. He would do some on the piano and some on guitar "cause that's what Dan does." You've given us a bond with our friends that will be ever growing. Love and prayers ~ Garry and Lissa Pressley


 I posted an email to this fantastic site just over a week ago and mentioning how much I loved your music from my young days in Cork, Ireland. As I wrote it all started with "The Innocent Age" and I think that´s the general conscience from us overseas fans. I actually lived in the States and one of my biggest regrets in my life - I kid you not- was not seen you live in LA during your 1987 tour, when you were promoting your excellent "Exilies" album. This morning, as I was cruisin´ in my car around Seville,where I now live,I had full blast "The Road Beneath My Wheels" on.Then I was thinking that this guy MUST GET BETTER.As I wrote before I´m not sure if you do get the time to read these messages or not, but I felt compelled to sit down here with my cup of tea and do just that again. I´d like to take this opportunity to my fellow Dan fans that the emails you send are truly beautiful and humbling. I realize that I´m with a special group of people and I wish that I´ll have that drink with one of you. Dan Fogelberg, just get well soon buddy and play those blues, ballads and rock again. ~ Johnny, Seville, Spain.


 "and maybe there are reasons...and maybe they change...and maybe to love is not so strange"

Dan, You have woven a fabric with great depth, color and texture, and many of us are warmed and made secure within. With great fondness, prayer and memory ~ Lynn


 Dan, may God bless you for what you have given to me, and so many others. I have been a career-long fan and admirer not only of your music/art but also of the man that you showed us that you are. One of my fondest memories was of a concert in Portland, OR in the 70s with Fools Gold and the absolute joy with which you and the band performed "Morning Sky". It was so infectious, my friends and I were laughing out loud as we sang along!  Being an undiscovered musician myself, I want to thank you for the music and the feeling that came with them. I have performed your songs many times in front of small (and a few larger) audiences, and I always have a few words of admiration to say about you. (I hope I sold a few records for you in the process!) Thanks for not suing me! I wish you and your family the very best as you battle this illness. You can beat it, brother. Your spirit can rise above anything this world can throw at you.We love you, Dan ~ Terry from Grand Junction, Colorado.


 I have a dear friend who in her 50s went off to the South Pacific in the Peace Corps. She serves on the island nation of Tonga. She sent this ancedote to me the other day and it made me so happy I want to share it. She knows how much Dan's music matters to me so that prompted her note. Here is what my friend, Mary, wrote to me from her tropical island: Dear Deann, Well, I just had to write to you today. Each morning here (Tonga) one never quite knows what music they will play on the radio. I laugh the hardest when it's something like a Mitch Miller sing-along. But sometimes we get the Beatles. But today was DAN FOGELBERG!!! I knew for sure that I'd have to write you to let you know that Dan is alive and well in Tonga. Who would ever think it? Today is the first time I've ever heard them play him. love, Mary


 Dan, I just want you to know how much you music has meant to me through the years. I am also a musician and fell in love with your music at the tender age of 9. I am a fellow Leo with Sagittarian rising and my moon is in Leo....I really liked how they worked in your astrological information in the jacket of your boxed set of music. I have always wanted to attend one of your concerts - - finally did a couple of years ago at the Woodlands. I was lucky enough to have center tickets 6th row. What a concert. You were just great. There are other musicians that I admire, but you are the one that I consider my icon - - I learned to play the piano by listening to your music. Your music always makes me think of Colorado - - my favorite state. Your music has carried through times of young romance, heartbreak, and undying love. I have a daughter who is 11 and has a neurological disorder called Autism. She is not very verbal and can only say a few words. One day while we were riding in the car, I was listening to your song "Illinois" I couldn't believe it - - she was singing along with the cd - - catching every other word or a whole phrase at times. That was a defining moment for us both. I guess I said all of that to let you know that your music has touched my life in so many ways and you have made a difference in my life as a musician. I grew up singing with my Dad in church and last year sang "The Leader of the Band" for him on Father's Day. I think I saw a tear or two from him and the audience..Hang in there and keep your spirits high....~ Kim Lanier


 Dan, since I learned of your illness back in August I have been checking this website daily to see if there's any new info. I also read the messages and have also sent a couple of my own. I am truly amazed at how many lives you have touched through your music. The world is a better place because of you, Dan Fogelberg. I listen to your music daily. You are an inspiration, you lift my spirits, you help me appreciate our earth and the people on it and who have walked on it in the past. These last couple of days have been rough in my home. My father-in-law was rushed to the hospital the other day and found out he had a torn Aorta and did not have a good chance of survival (he's still in ICU), then I developed my 2nd case of Bell's Palsy in 5 months (the doctor is stumped, awaiting an MRI). Your music can change my whole mood even in the toughest times. I'm sure you have music and other ways to get you through your tough times. You are in my daily prayers. Take care, my friend, and hope to see you soon. ~ Linette in St. Louis


 Dan, I was first introduced to your music back in 1977 when a girlfriend of mine gave me your Home Free LP and since then girlfiend and now wife have loved your music. We even had two of your songs sung at our wedding back in 1981. Our prayers have been with you and your family as soon as we heard and will continue up till the time we hear our Lord has provided healing. In our prayers ~ Rob and Jane, Greenwood, Indiana


 I sat at my desk this morning and the question came out of nowhere: I wonder how Dan Fogelberg is doing? What? It's been years since I listened to your music. All the CDs went with the ex. And so Google led me to this, and I find you are fighting cancer. Damn! After Home Free your album debuts were an Event. Innocent Age devastated me. I had a one year old. My husband and I, slowly beginning to recover from a nasty case of Christian fundamentalism, would listen to it and drink wine on Saturday night. It brought us back to life. We had thrown all our albums away: rock music was of the devil. We bought all yours again. Saw you at an outdoor concert in St. Paul in the mid-80's. Got there really early and sat in the front row, coincidentally next to an old high school friend. We sat there just gushing about you and she mentioned she had written to invite you over for breakfast while you were in town (?!) All the while I think you were right in front of us on stage, incognito, doing the sound checks. Just ordered all your CDs. Again. It's going to be a great weekend. Thank you. And happy healing.~ Nancy, Stillwater, MN


 Dan, You are one of the mortals that just get it. Our spirit far outweighs our mental and physical being. Our favorite Skydive is a sunset high pull at 10,000 ft. You have an open invitation to capture a sunset at Skydive Atlanta. We would love to fly with you like an eagle.Thank you for being you....Love ~ Alistair, Ann and Mary


 My thoughts are with you as you fight this illness. I have survived cervical cancer myself and my own hero, my father, continues to fight prostate cancer at age 80. I have been a fan since the late 70's and have attended many of your shows in the Detroit area over the years. Take my word for it, this battle will strengthen your resolve and your faith in human kindness. I thank you for all the wonderful music you have added to my life and wish you success and strength in the days ahead. ~ TJ


 I have loved your music since I was 14 years old. Here, thirty years later, it moves me even more. Thanks for forming in me a love for ballads, acoustic guitar and a knowledge of how powerful music can be. As a surprise, my husband bought tickets to your concert in St. Louis in the late 80's. It is a great memory. Thank you for that as well... I will remember to pray for you and your family.


 I hope today is a good day for you. We are so blessed to have your voice in our lives.


 Dear Dan, As someone who has enjoyed and appreciated your wonderful musical gifts, I'm saddened you now have this battle to wage. As a fourteen year cancer survivor, I'd like to share some things I've learned. Eliminate any and all negativity from your life. Be as positive and upbeat as you can. Healing begins in the brain, believe it and nurture that healing. Soak up the sunshine, blue sky, forests and the nightly stars of your mountains. Use whatever you can that brings you joy and peace. Rest as much as you can. This will be a small window of discomfort when you look back on it. When you look back, after the long life you'll enjoy, when your health is restored. Life. It's something you'll never take for granted again. You'll find strength and courage you may never have realized you possess. It will serve you well. Sending positive vibes for a gentle healing. You'll be in my prayers. God Bless you. ~ Millie Moore


 Hey Dan, I've been following your music for decades, and it's been a great inspiration for myself as a musician. Your gifts are rare, and you've made consistently beautiful use of them. As such, I am saddened to learn of your current situation. And while I don't know you personally, your music makes it perfectly clear that you posess all the resiliency, wisdom, and depth of spirit required to steer clear of this squall. From my family to you and yours, our prayers are with you. Kick this thing and keep on singing - can't wait to catch your next show! ~ Dave in Hammond, Indiana


 Dan, I love your music. I always have. Your music has always given me an uplift in spirit. I am sorry to learn of your illness. But, I am pulling for you. Four years ago, I underwent quadruple by-pass surgery. It wasn't pleasant, but, I am still here, and you will be. May God see fit for the benefit of all of us to grant you a quick recovery. Sincerely ~ Nelson Lee Wilson


 Best wishes to you and your family. I have been to the last two concerts you performed in Peoria. You are truly a gifted musician and song writer. You are an inspiration and a wonderful role model for young people - helping them to realize that they can achieve their dreams even if they are from a small town in Central Illinois. I could see how proud your mother was of you at your concert. Your father must have been very proud of you too. Sincerely wishing you the best of health and thanks for providing my daughters with a positive role model. ~ Cindi Magers, Morton, IL


 "The material was pure and his art was pure. How could the result be other than wonderful?" ~ Thoreau


 Dan, I sure hope that you read the messages that your fans (friends) have sent to you. They are sure to make you feel better knowing how much you mean to all of us. I will await your updated website telling us that you are feeling better because I know you will soon. One day at a time my friend...~ Lydia


 Dan, May you feel God's presence in this time and know that he will bring you strength and courage. ~ Jill Storm


 Dear Daniel - Your music speaks to the very essence of my soul, especially those songs which reflect on the wisdom learned from God's wonderful creation. It's wonderful to listen to the words of one who truly enjoys and respects the beauty of this world. The preservation of this world should be a major concern and unifying force for all humanity. Sometimes our life experiences are like stones, causing us to stumble; however, as we learn from these experiences what they have to offer, we can stack our stones one on top of the other, finding ourselves closer to our creator. My prayers continue for the healing of your body and soul. ~ Debbie


 Dan, I was so saddened to hear of your sickness but I am glad to hear that you are progressing. It has been 30 years. Please give me 30 more. I need your music in my life. I love you, best wishes. Hope to see you back on tour. ~ Viola


 Dear Dan...My wife and I have listened to your music from the very beginning of your career. We can mark the times of our lives by the songs you gave us each year and they have become a part of us. I spent days during a blizzard my first year in college listening to Home Free waiting for the snow to melt away. Twin Sons, Nether Lands. . .what memories! Our entire honeymoon was spent listening to High Country Snows (a gift from my wife to me on our wedding day) played on a portable radio/tape player on our rear seat (the Honda only had an AM radio!) and we nearly wore the carbon off the tape from Bowling Green, Ohio to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. We'll always love each other and YOU TOO!


Now older and with better stereo equipment, I started a charity called "Lloyd's Lifts", named after my dearly departed best friend Lloyd Shelton. We give rides to cancer patients to their treatments as a respite to their families. I have over 25 volunteers and it is one of the most rewarding things I do. It's a wonderful feeling to give your time to someone in that situation. I'm praying for you and hoping that you will recover and have more stolen moments to experience for yourself and more songs for the world to enjoy. Best to you, our long time friend ~ Tim Westhoven


 Dear Dan, I, too have written to you awhile back, and also want you to know that you are being prayed for constantly. Prayer is a powerful thing! I set up your "News" section as part of my "favorites" so that I can check in and make sure you're ok. I am sure that "no news is good news." Continue to fight this disease and know that there are a lot of Angels watching over you. You are in His hands. God Bless you ~ Lisa Fritsch and Family


 Dear Dan, Please continue to fight the good fight.We need more music from you. Your family and friends need you.The best concert in my life was seing you at the Majestic Theater in San Antonio, Front Row. I am planning on your return to good health and back to San Antonio. Blessings to you and your loved ones


 Dan - You remain in my thoughts and prayers through this difficult journey you are traveling. You have been such a large and significant part in my life - as your music has inspired me in so many ways over the last three decades!!! Know that I am only one of MANY fans and fellow musicians who are praying for you at this time. Never lose sight of hope. It is amazing what modern medical technology is capable of - - - and we are praying for a full recovery!!!! Thank you again and again for sharing your beautiful gift of music with us. Much love and appreciation, May God bless you . ~ Deborah, from Massachusetts


 Hi Dan – My friends and I became fans of yours with Home Free, and we learned to play many of the songs from your first three albums. We've enjoyed listening to and playing and singing many of those songs at parties and around campfires for decades. Since the Souvenirs album came out, "Gambler" has been performed without fail at every musical gathering we've had. I attended a concert of yours when I lived in Lafayette, LA, during the mid-70's - one of my best musical experiences ever. After I'd accumulated eight or nine of your albums (all on vinyl), I got away from your music - don't know why because it always moved me so much. I recently borrowed a friend's vehicle in which he had the Home Free CD. As I listened it made me feel so content and serene, and rekindled my love of your music and lyrics. I've started playing your albums again (the old turntable still works) and I'm in the process of replacing the vinyl with CDs and filling in the missing ones – and brushing up on them with my guitar. My thoughts and prayers are with you as your path takes these recent turns. Your music and lyrics will always be with me and I hope you'll be blessing us with much more of them for many years to come. And I hope that some day you'll bring a live performance to your cajun fans in South Louisiana.~ Mike Gauthier


 Dear Dan, I first wrote in to your site around August 26th but thought I'd check in again, we don't want you to think after the rush of Emails when the news first broke that any of us are forgetting you! You continue to be in my prayers and I hope are getting better and stronger every day. As Thanksgiving approaches, one of the things for which I most give thanks is the ability to see the world through your eyes and hear it through your music. I wish there was something more I could do for you. You have always been so appreciative of your fans and we feel that; hopefully our collective positive wishes and thoughts are moving mountains for you. Okay, just thought of something I can do - a recommendation - if you need a good treat (and I'll bet you do!), try Ben & Jerry's Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookie Chunk (something like that), I just had it last weekend and it was the most fantabulous flavor ever. Cheers ~ Maura


 Hey Dan, If I can beat cancer by listening to your music, imagine what you can do!!! Your muse is strong. Remember don't eat your favorite foods until you are better, in case you lose your taste for them altogether!! My best tip. All the best ~ Marcia


 Keep up the good fight. I know of many men who have survived this terrible cancer and I know you can too. I am sending you a prayer that has always been of great comfort to me and I hope it will be to you and your family: ~ Diane Croft-Doane,Snellville, GA


Be at Peace.

Do not fear the change of life, rather look to them with full hope as they arise.

God, whose very own you are, will deliver you from out of them.

He has kept you hitherto, and He will lead you safely through all things;

and when you cannot stand it, God will bury you in His arms.

Do not be afraid of what may happen tomorrow; the same everlasting Father who cares for you

today will take care of you then and everyday.

He will either shield you from suffering, or give you unfailing strength to bear it.

Be at peace and put aside all anxious thoughts and imaginations. -St. Francis de Sales


 Dear Dan, I have grown up with your songs and they are a part of my memories as a child. They bring back times I've loved to my mind. I now teach and help run a clogging studio in Fort Collins, Colorado. We have used your songs to dance many of our routines to. We've competed them Nationally. With "Shallow River", we placed 1st Overall in the Junior Age division at Nationals. We are planning on using "Mountain Pass" for another dance this next year. Thank you so much for what you have done! I wish you the very best! Your Friend ~ Meghan Meehleis


 Dan, I have come to know that prayers are answered each and every day if only we ask. My prayers are with you and yours in this your time of need. God Bless. ~ Linda G.


 Run for the roses, Dan. We love you. ~ DH


 Dan --As so many others may have said .... you'll never know how much of an effect your music has had in my life. Your lyrics .. your voice .. your arrangements .. have lifted my spirits on more than one occasion and, quite honestly, have made me a better man. My wishes to you and your family for a speedy recovery and a long life. ~ Ken Turtoro


 Dearest Dan, You have made such a difference in our family's lives. My sister, Anastasia and her husband, Stanley, passed away at age 27 in 2003, and were such tremendous fans of yours. Your music, including "Anastasia's Eye's" were played at their wedding in July of 2000. My mother , Stan & Anastasia saw you perform in concert and Stan & Anastasia Ruby saw you other times. They loved your music, and all of our family remaining thinks of you, prays for your recovery and appreciates so very much all you have brought to all of our lives. Thank you, and God Bless You. ~ Suzanne Sheets


 Hello Dan. My wife and I are big fans of yours and I go back to my college days in the early to mid-70's where I came to know your music. You are truly an inspiration to all those you come in contact with and your work is a pure act of kindness to the hearts of countless followers. You have the gift, through your music, to touch others and make them feel a part of you, and embrace what you stand for - the love of life. While I haven't personally met you, I can't help but feel like I know you. I think that is because you have a deep spiritual quality about you that connects with people in a positive way. Thank you for coming to Harrisburg for your Full Circle Concert at the Forum. It was a very rewarding night for Kathy and I, and we were very moved to see you again. We are very sorry that you were unable to play the Reading, PA Concert and our prayers are with you! Thank you for all that you do and all of those that you touch. We hope that someday soon you will be able to return to the Harrisburg PA Area or Reading to perform again. God Bless you and your lovely wife for we know she is a pillar to your life and work. With Love and Appreciation ~ Mike & Kathy Root


 Dear Dan, I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and my wish is you will have a wonderful Holiday season and more strength each day. Your music is so special and I can't wait until you are singing again!!! ~ B


 Dan you have been the heart and soul of my life ever since I discovered your music in 1973!! When ever I had problems that I could not face alone, your music has always been here for me!!! I only wish that there was some way that I could Thank-You for all the times your lyrics have helped me understand the true meaning of life and what it is worth!!! I have only seen you in concert once, but it was one of the best acoustic concerts that I have ever attended. My wife and I only hope nothing but the best is in your future! Remember that you have accomplished great things in many lives because of your dedication and willingness to make people aware of their environment! You are in our prayers and I am always thinking of you!!! I also own every single album that you have ever made! There is a purpose in life for all of us, and finding yours was the best thing that evrer could have happened to a lot of your fans! Thank-You once again for all that you have done!!!


 No other musician has touched my heart, my soul, my life, and my fantasies as much as you. I love to listen to your albums alone, in the dark and experience so many emotions. I have been an avid fan since the 70's. I have been to several concerts but my favorite concert was at the Oakdale Theater in Wallingford, CT. I went to this concert alone and had a front row seat...the night was pure heaven. Thank you for enriching my life. My prayers are with you. ~ Bonnie, Southington, CT


 Dear Dan, I cannot remember a time without your music. I won't say your music made me feel, but helped me to SEE what I was feeling. Just as surely as a Master's brush, your music is truly art. Our thoughts are with you, and we wish you the absolute best. ~ Doris and Brent Gardner


 It would be impossible to express the impact that Dan's music has had on my family. The songs form a common reference that my four brothers and I can share and strengthen our friendship with. Thank you Dan for sharing yourself with us. Our prayers are with you and your loved ones. Hopefully you find peace during this time in knowing that you are one who has lived and not left your music inside but has lifted so many through the sharing of it. Thank you for your inspiration. May God's power lift and heal you. Thank you again. ~ Alan Clegg


 I stand in agreement with you that you are healed, in Jesus name. Matthew 18:19. " Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven." Looking forward to hearing about your quick recovery and testimony....~ Erin


 Dan, I know you will get better soon! I can't wait to see you on tour and hear "Same Old Lange Syne" live for the first time! ~ Anthony Volastro


 Get well very soon...and come to Ireland when you're back to 100%.


 Dear Dan - My husband and I both feel your "First Christmas Morning" c.d. will define our holiday season this year. Actually, we've been playing it since September! We both love Renaissance music and it's hard to find in these modern times. I thought your voice held an angelic intensity when I listened to "Nether Lands" all those years ago... when I hear "What Child Is This" as I'm driving in my car, I'm so moved I feel I have to pull off the road just to listen. We've been through a year and a half of cancer too- I know there are good days and not so good ones. Thank you for all the joy you have given us over the years, and I hope your holiday season is the best ever. ~ Julie Cox


 Dan - I was 15, sound asleep and dreaming a dream in 1972 when I heard "Be On Your Way". Like a sound track, the opening guitar was enchanting and truly was a part of the dream. I awoke to my radio as the vocal came in and wondered where such beautiful expression came from. From that early morning on, your music has touched my life at every turn and every new release was a major event. I heard of your illness, ironically, upon my very first visit to your website. I'm sure that the outpouring of prayers and positive thoughts will see you through to a full recovery.Thank you for the decades of inspiration and music yet to be heard. ~ Michael Willey, Geneseo, New York


 Hello Dan, I do apologize for being out of touch for so long with the latter days of your career. I grew up as a teenager playing guitar and learning your songs to which I still play today on guitar. You have been a huge part of my musical life and I just want to wish you the very best. You will prevail!!! ~ Cliff


 Dear Dan - I've been thinking of you often and hoping you're getting through this ok.Years ago I heard you on a radio interview and a young girl called in and asked you who you voted for for president. You said you always voted for Joe Walsh. I laughed then, and do every time I go to the polls and vote for Joe! Best wishes for good health and strength for you and your family. ~ Ruby from Minnesota


 Dear Dan; I pray for your healing. Thank you for the beautiful pictures you've painted in song. I hope you are presently writing songs and will be touring again soon. Best Wishes ~ Franne


 Thank you so much for the gift you've given our family through your music, through the years. My 22 year old daughter would have heard you live for the first time at your concert in Pennsylvania. Our prayers are with you in hopes that the Lord will see you through a full recovery and bless you to be able to resume what you do best. ~ Joel Lewis


 The first time I saw you in concert was in the middle 70's - you opened for the Eagles at the Kiel Center in St. Louis, MO. Since then, I've been to most of your concerts here in St. Louis - even the one you filmed at the Fox. Like a lot of women my age, when I got married, the song I walked down the aisle to was "Longer" and even though I'm divorced now, that song still holds wonderful meaning to me. When I heard that you had been diagnosed with prostate cancer, I took it like a diagnosis for someone in my family. Your music has been a big part of my and my children's lives... Be assured, you have our prayers in St. Louis....We look forward to your return to good health. God bless you. ~ Linda


 Dear Dan: Just wanted to write you a quick note and send my prayers and best wishes to you. You have a lot of folks pulling for you down here in Texas, so here's hoping you get well soon and hurry on back down to visit us. God bless you! ~ Jeannie Whiteley


 I pulled out my vinyl copy of "The Innocent Age" yesterday and was moved, as always, by the sheer beauty of the poetry and integrity in these songs. Thank you for such beautiful music over the years, Dan and may God bless you in a speedy recovery as you have blessed others with your special gift!


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, Both my husband and myself, who are huge fans, wish you the best. We are praying for you and your family. ~ Renee' and Jim Bacsik, Grand Prairie, Texas


 From a fan in the United Kingdom. Sorry to hear the news. Why do so many talented people get these nasty things? I am not a religious person because I cannot believe a nice being would do this to people. Why destroy your creation? Get better sooner than later. Best wishes Dan. ~ Jim Bell


 What can I say? I am one of millions who love you and who are praying for you. I have loved you since I was 14 and now I am 40. Your music brings back mountains and pines and stars and old boyfriends and...such a flood of memory. I check your website each day to see if there is any good is as automatic as checking my e-mail...please let us know. Love and constant prayers to you and your family... ~ Elizabeth


 Dear Dan and family, My thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. I know you are strong and I have faith that you will come through this challenge well. Dan, your songs are musical poems and they continue to inspire me. Thank you for all of them, all these years. The last time I saw you in concert was in Anaheim a couple years ago, where I was moved from behind the lights in the back, to newly setup seating within the first couple rows. What a great surprise and honor that was! I will look forward to seeing you in Southern California on your next concert tour, when you've gained your strength back. Best wishes and God bless you. ~ Karen McD., Anaheim, CA


 Dan, Prayers and thoughts go out to you and Jean. I have faith all will be well. Thank you for all the years of beautiful music and I am looking forward to more. ~ Mary in Colorado Springs


 Dan...Thoughts and prayers are with you. It's funny how I discovered the news of your illness. I'm 47 years old, and have a pile of albums in the living room which I rarely listen to. As with most of us, I have replaced them with CDs. Tonight, my friend and I were practicing for a Christmas concert at the local library. I play the marimba and she plays the piano. We were trying to think of something new to play. I said "How about 'Same Old Lang Syne' you remember that song by Dan Fogelberg?" Then we went in the living room where I pulled out "The Innocent Age". We played and sang. She said "That makes me feel young again." After she left, I listened to the whole album, singing as louldly as I could. Each word and the notes of the melodies seemed to pop into my mind a second before they were needed. It has been many, many years since I've heard those songs. I have all of your albums - at least up to a point. I have a ton. Thank you for the music I listened to over and over years ago. Thank you for the joyous hour I spent singing tonight. Having been reminded of the old songs, I came in to check your website, and that's how I found out. I wish you all the best. I pray that your treatment will be successful. I have loved your music for so long and I thank you for it. I'll listen for your music...on another day, far far away that only the heart may know.~ Sharon Wiley


 Dear Dan - Get well soon. I've been a fan since 1974 and wish you a speedy recovery. ~ Dean


 Hello Dan, I have listened to you for many years and want you to know that you have given me and the world much comfort. A positive message is something almost unheard of in music these days. I believe you have a beautiful soul and have been given a gift. I never had the chance to see your live show. But I wouldn't miss it for anything. I will be praying for you. God bless you Dan ~ John


 Dear Dan, Your music has always been an inspiration to have a truly beautiful soul and I thank you for all the pleasure your music has given me. No one writes words and music as beautifully as you! I believe, without a doubt, that there are many more beautiful words and music still to come from you and I send you love and well wishes and look forward to the day when you are well again. Keep the faith and know that you are not alone in this difficult time. Those of us who love you are with you every step of the way! I wish you Sunshine & Happiness Always ~ Judi Schultz, KS


 Dan, Your inspiration through your words and songs as been an endless support in my life. You compose and sing the thoughts and feelings that I share. I am 45 and taking up the electric guitar and hope to sing on stage some day. I have also survived thyroid and breast cancer and look forward to a future full of meaning and hope. My guess is you have faith that goes into the deep into the soul and there you can find courage, strength and hope. I was listening to one of your last CD's in regards to "How we use our voice is our own free choice and not choosing the ways of war" Once again, I was finding comfort in those words after a very disappointing presidential election. May you find love from all of those around you, in exchange for all that you have given us. Best wishes ~ Karen Prieto


 Dan: Where do I begin? My first concert I ever attended was in B'ham, AL in 1972 to see you on your summer tour with Fool's Gold. I was 9 years old and have been a fanatic fan ever since. I own every album, CD, song book, etc. you have ever produced. I have seen you countless times since 1972 (well over 50 times) and enjoy each new show more than the last. My best friend and argueably your best fan told me recently that he heard of your illness and immediately called me. I was dumbfounded. But what a relief to visit your site and find such a remarkable spirit and determination to win this minor setback. Please take comfort in the fact that you have millions of fans who are praying for you tonight as I will. I also wanted to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for all of the years of wonderful and diverse music you have given. I look forward to buying your next CD and learning the songs on guitar. ~ Branch D. Kloess


 Your beautiful music and lyrics has gotten me through many rough times in my life. God bless you and your family. ~ Barbara Cummings


 "Reputation is what men and women think of us; character is what God and the angels know of us." ~ Thomas Paine


 Dearest Dan Fogelberg, I will be thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way. Your music has been among my very favorite ever since I was 15 years old, way back in 1974, with your first album. Sweet, healing dreams to you. ~ Karen Hiddenchild, Barefoot Lane, WA


 Dan, Your Spirit comes forth in your music; may the Spirit of God reach you, touch you, and heal you! Peace.


 Dan, You're in my thoughts often as I send you and your family healing energy. I see you whole and perfect. You've given so much to people and the earth through your years; sit back, rest, and let the earth and love heal you. Thank you SO MUCH for being alive at the same time I am; your music and your poetry have traveled with me throughout my years, giving me insight and sheer appreciation for your unrivaled gift. Be well. ~ Stevie

Dear Dan, GOD BLESS YOU & BE WELL!!!! Your heart, words & music have been a beacon in my life as well as my brothers' - your soul has lifted me up so many times when I was really low - Thank You!! I still need you. So I know you will beat this !! I pray for you and your family! GOD BLESS!!


 Dan....My thoughts and prayers are with you. Your music has always inspired me, enough that I am writing an Essay just about how your music does inspire me. There are so many of your songs that move me, but the one that inspires me the most is "Make Love Stay." So, with your permission, I am writing my essay about that beautiful song. I have been a faithful fan of yours for many, many years, and the poet in you has brought out the poet in me. May God hold you in his loving, caring arms. Dan Fogelberg, you are a beautiful person inside and out. ~ Mary Jane Mies K.Y.


 Dan...I think of you often. I hope you get well. I am your age and I have enjoyed your music throughout the years (and it's been many years!) I pray for your recovery and for the support that your family and friends give you. ~ Bob


 Danny, Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Not a day goes by that you're in our thoughts and usually on our CD player as well. If you're here in Colo. I'm sure you, too, are enjoying some of this white stuff coming down. It sure is beautiful, just like your music. My hubby is from Peoria also. He graduated from Limestone High School, came to Colo. where we met and has been here ever since. We pray you win your fight with this awful disease. My brother is fighting along with you. He as prostate cancer as well. God be with you throughout this battle. Love and respect ~ The Mason's


 Dear Dan, I just want you to know that I (along with thousands of others) am thinking of you daily and praying for a full recovery for you. I, too, have cancer and am at the end of a long 6 week chemo and radiation treatment. Then surgery. Hopefully, that will be the end of it. My prognosis is good so far. And I am hoping the same for you. Please know that you are not alone; that there are many suffering the same disease. But we shall overcome! I hope that you read this personally and know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. I met you about a year and a half ago in Lake Tahoe and feel closer than a distant, dedicated fan. My best to you and yours ~ Christine Desrochers, Lake Tahoe, NV


 Dear Dan, Greetings o' friend. I have faith and trust that you are healing and getting cleansed from with-in to a place of no disease. You know how much we all care. I send my prayers to your family, as well. We so look forward to next time when you choose to share a song with us again. Meanwhile, we hear you within. All the best to you and your loving family. Always in heart and prayer ~ Carol buffalo


 May the blessings you have bestowed on all of us through your beautiful music return to you and strengthen you and your loved ones. Stay strong and fight the good fight and we will see you on the next tour! ~ The Nares - Cincinnati, OH


 Hello Dan, I was very upset to learn the news of your condition. I have followed your music since the first album. All are favorites. You are my all-time favorite artist and I cannot even begin to think of you not in the music world. I have seen you in concert many times, and can never get enough. I could listen to you 24/7. Your family, friends and fans need you. You are a very, very strong person, and I know you will beat this. You're in God's hands, strong, wonderful hands they are. Hold them tight, they won't fail you. Godspeed, Dan. I will await more updates. I love you. ~ Jane-Pittsburgh, PA


 Dear Dan: You have been in my thoughts and prayers since I learned of your illness. Your music has been a part of my life for almost thirty years. I can still remember that cold, February night when my friends and I were playing music. One of them said, "I know something you might like" as he put Souvenirs on the turntable. I knew then that this "Dan Fogelberg" was truly a gifted musician and songwriter. I've followed your music ever since, and have been lucky enough to see you several times on each of your tours of the Northeast. "You have been given the most sacred of gifts," and you have chosen to share that gift with us. I'm sure that I can speak for all of your fans when I tell you how incredibly grateful we are. God bless you and your family. ~ Diane V. W., New Jersey


 Your songs are old friends. They bring me back to who I am. A prayer for you each day. ~ Claire, Tulsa.


 We wish the best for you and your family. We have always been a fan of your music and just recently (a couple of years ago) went to a concert of yours in Raleigh, NC. It was great! We are truly saddened by the news of your cancer. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. We will be listening for news of a positive tomorrow for you and your loved ones.


 When I was only 8 or 9, I used to sneak into my sister's room and play your albums over and over again until I knew every word, every nuance. Truly, your words and your music has shaped so much of my life. I was ruined in high school as far as dating - none of the guys had long dark hair and a beard. I am grateful to you for sharing this part of your life. Peace and positive energy. ~ Janet, San Diego, CA


 Prayers from the Diveris families are being sent to the Holy Mount Athos in Greece for you. Our family has experienced the sacred grounds. You, of a true "spirit" soul could appreciate how the animals all arrive and sit to listen to the beautiful chanting of the Monks. We send our prayers for you there. We have also had loved ones with Cancer and can feel what you are feeling. Our best to you and your family. We look forward to your next tour.


 Dan, I think of you often and send positive, healing energy your way. I cherish the times we shared in Minnesota and Colorado. You and your music have been inspirational throughout my life. As a cancer survior myself, I trust your spirituality will see you through these challenging times. ~ Julie R. - Minneapolis, MN


 I've refrained from posting anything since hearing the news of Dan's illness. What else could I possibly say that hasn't already been said by the multitudes? Tonight, however, I'm feeling a bit nostalgic. It's a bit rainy here in Georgia, and it's times like this that I love to put on Dan's music and soothe my soul. I realize how fortunate I was to have walked into that little local record store (many years ago) called "Sin City" while "Home Free" was playing overhead. I immediately asked "Who is that?", and of course, walked out with the album. Just the beginning.....of many wonderful years of music that has fed something deep within me ever since. My friends, who liked Dan's music, couldn't understand why I felt so deeply moved by it - and quite frankly, it was hard to explain - still is. I think the explanation lies within something I cannot fully pathom. Whatever it is....I feel very grateful and very fortunate to have been one of the "chosen ones" who gets it.


To Dan....I have no idea what your status is at this moment, but my thoughts and good wishes are with you. You are a very blessed man, who has in turn blessed so many others. You are a strong and passionate soul. And you will emerge even stronger and more passionate. It's a bump in the road, Dan....a mere bump in the road. I have no doubt that you have all the strength and courage you need within you, but I (like all the others) will attempt to add to that with my thoughts, my love, and my appreciation. God speed.....straight toward renewed health and greater happiness and inspiration than you've ever known. We are with you. We have been.......and always will be. Thank you.


 Thank you so much for all your music! God bless you and help you through this affliction. Best Wishes!!


 Good Luck Dan in your fight against cancer. I've enjoyed your music for years. I am checking your website daily, so please keep your fans updated on your progress. I remember your solo concert in Pittsburgh. It just blew me away. It was that night I picked up my guitar again for the first time in years and I haven't put it back down since. Thank you. God bless you ~ Tim


 Dan, "Love when you can, cry when you have to, be who you must that's a part of the plan." I used those words as my quote in my senior year book 21 years ago. I still hold those words close to my heart. Your music has been an inspiration to me since the first time I heard "Part of the Plan." When The Innocent Age was released, I ate, slept and drank that record and it helped me through all the turbulent times one experiences while growing up. I also saw you on your last tour in Buffalo New York and when you walked out on stage, it was like seeing an old friend. So, I just want to let you know how much you and your music have meant to me. You are in my thoughts and prayers. God speed ~ Suzanne Sinclair, Buffalo NY


 Dear Dan, I've been a fan since 1981, and your music has had a profound impact on my life. I wish you best wishes for a full recovery. God bless you and your family. ~ Jeff Koger, Martinsville, VA


 Dear Dan, I have been a fan of yours since the first time I heard you sing back in the early 70's and my husband and I were stationed in CA. We've have listened to you since then and have gone to your concerts and were really looking forward to your coming back here to MN. But please don't apologize for not being able to do your tour. Your health is definitely a top priority, so get better and then you will be able to visit. My brother died 4 years ago this Nov. 17 of prostate cancer. He and his doctor were not aggressive with the disease so it took over his body, so I'm very glad to hear that you are doing somthing about it and I have heard that they are making advances in this area. We will keep you and your family in our prayers. You have alot more beautiful music to sing to us. ~ Ann-Minnesota


 Hello Dan, It pains me that a man as beautiful as you should have to take this journey into illness. Your voice is like that of an angel and I wish you peace and courage until the day you can share it with us once again. Some of your songs give me goose bumps and I thank you so much for all you have given us, your fans. I will pray for you and may God bless you and your family. Keep the faith and get well soon! ~ Linda Tremblay, BC, Canada


 Dan, If I'm remembering this right, sometime around 10th grade in Sanford Florida (approx 1974), I traded a worn out Cheech and Chong Los Cochinos album for a Dan Fogelberg Souvenirs. I don't know if the recipient of the C&C album became a doper or not :-) but I developed a passion for acoustic guitar and good clean air that continues to this day. I've bought most of your recordings and seen you perform live a few times. Always excellent. In those early days, I must have played "There's a Place in the World for a Gambler" until my fingers bled on several occasions on my old Contessa guitar. I've been a fan ever since and I still get the same good feeling when I play or hear that song as I do with many of your others (I still can't play the hard ones though). What a gift from God that you have. Listen ... I'm praying for you to be completely healed, comfortable and happy ... as I did for my brother who developed the same illness just this past year and he's younger than you and you are too young for it as well. I know from his experience it can be scary ... but I'm happy to say he is doing well after his treatment and I know that many people recover completely ... the success rate is very high. Cheers, good buddy ~ Jeff


 Dear Dan, I heard the news about your illness and for the first time in my life I felt compelled to write to someone I know only through his music. I heard your voice for the first time in 1975 at the age of sixteen and it has been part of my life ever since. I remember the moment -- in my girlfriend's room in the fall and she put on "To The Morning." The song touched me and continues to to this day as does all your music. Everyone who knows me knows that there is always a Dan Fogelberg CD in my car. Today it will be Home Free. Thank you for the gift of your music. May God watch over you and all those you love. ~ Susan


....oh what can I give him? I will give my heart. My heart is filled with prayers for you, Dan. Get well soon.


 I've listened to your music almost every day since around 1974. I grew up with your voice and music. My husband and I got married to your song "Longer", 25 years ago. My heart goes out to you and your family. I pray you do well with your treatments. You have given so many people music that has helped our lives be better. None of us will stop praying for you. Take care ~ April


Hello Dan, My wife and I became fans in 1974, right after we were married. We saw you on TV after Joe Walsh introduced you. I think you played "Part Of The Plan". Since then, we have been to about 6 of your shows and had a great time at each one. We were always anxious for your next album. I guess our favorites are Nether Lands, Twin Sons, The Innocent Age and Captured Angel, although I really don't like picking favorites. I also believe that "Leader Of The Band" has to be one of the greatest songs ever written, especially for me because it reminds me of my father, whom I lost 19 years ago to cancer. He was my best friend and I used to play acoustic guitar along with him playing steel guitar. I have enjoyed playing along with your records, mostly the acoustic guitar songs. Your music has helped me learn new things on the guitar and I think that you have been under-appreciated as a very talented musician. I hope and pray that you will get well so that you may enjoy more time with your family and friends, and of course, be able to write more good music. Thanks for sharing your "gifts" with us. May God bless you and yours. ~ Jerel Flynn


 I've been listening to The Wild Places all afternoon and think "Forefathers" is one of the best songs I've ever heard. Our prayers are with you, Dan.~ Chip - Colorado Springs


 Hello Dan, I want to send you some Yankee power and good thoughts from Maine. I have covered your music (not nearly doing it justice) around many campfires, living rooms and tavern gigs from the early 70's on with my old Martin. I appreciate the influence you have had on my music and life. I wish you and your family a safe journey and peace. Be the good ~ Gerry Brache


 Dear Dan, As I am sitting here listening to the Innocent Age and all the peace it brings me, I wish you the same peace and happiness as you battle your illness. God Bless you Get Well! ~ Lyn Barrie


 Mr. Fogelberg, My name is Lance Myers of Cheyenne, WY. I first discovered your music at the age of 10 and have been listening ever since, discovering music every now and then that I didn't know existed. Many of your early albums were produced before I was buying my own music. When I read in the paper of your condition my whole family (including my 3 children who have all seen you in concert at Red Rocks) were shocked and saddened. The news of your treatment and hopeful recovery are encouraging. We hope to enjoy your music and live performances for years to come. I've often thought of writing to you because of the content of your songs. There is so much in modern music that is distasteful and repulsive, that your music is always refreshing and enlightening. The things you sing about are also important to me and my household. We are faithful Christians and believe the important things in life are not material but spiritual. Family is a priority as well as the preservation of God's creations and his truth. The bible speaks of a time when we will no longer face the hardships of this imperfect life. Psalms chapter 37 is very encouraging and Revelation 21:3&4 brings comfort to many. Hope and Faith can be very motivating for people in your situation and help speed up your recovery and give you resolve to overcome adversity. We are praying for you and your family and hope for the best. Yours Truly with Christian Love ~ Lance Myers and Family


 Get well soon! ~ Fred


 To the artist who has inspired me beyond any description: May God bring you through this trial with even more beautiful music and new stories to tell. Just as you have given to so many others, please use this time to RECEIVE the love and care from those closest to you. I can truly say that you and your gifts have impacted my life tremendously, and I look forward to great moments ahead! ~ Marsha Scarborough, Mobile, AL


 About ten years ago I sent you a letter requesting your original signature. Enclosed with the letter I sent was an index card and a self-addressed envelope. My request was that you sign the index card and send it back to me. Within a week I received the envelope in the mail with the card inside signed by you.. When I initially sent the card I did not really expect to receive it back thinking perhaps my request had crossed the privacy line. I received the card during Thanksgiving week in 1994. Just about tens years ago. Last night I was holding the card in my hands before going to sleep. I guess you were on my mind...then you were in my dreams. I dreamed that you and I were speaking on the telephone and you told me you really appreciated the letter I sent to you after I asked you why you sent the card to me. Then I woke up quite annoyed at my radio alarm. I wanted so badly to go back to my dream.Today you are on my mind...You and your music have been on my mind regularly since 1982. I bought Souvenirs because I loved the cover. I didn't know your music at the time. I just figured that if the music wasn't to my liking I would hang up the cover on the wall. But I played the record and what a treasure I had found!!! The Great Spirit moved me to your music adding dimension, faith and hope to my life. I simply cannot put into words the tremendous respect and loyalty I feel for you. Your poetry, your music, and your voice are perfection. Please get well. I would love to see you in concert again and perhaps shake your hand, look into your eyes, and thank you personally for the comfort and awareness your music has bestowed upon me. Sincerely ~ Daniella Crimi-Scalzi, Stamford, Connecticut


 Dear Dan, "Tu es dans ma coeur et dans ma tete." Godspeed on your recovery. Your very true and loyal fan from Cedar Rapids, Iowa ~ Sharon M. Cook


 Dan, you are in my prayers. I love you and your music. ~ Diana, Kansas City Mo


 Hi Dan, My name is Vicki Bridgstock - I'm a big fan from Australia. I bought Phoenix after hearing 'Longer' only once!! We played that song at our wedding in 1991. I wish you all the best for a full and speedy recovery. I love your music and wish all the good things for you and your family. Regards ~ Vicki


 Dan, I have been a fan for so long - when my dad was dying of cancer, I would listen to "Leader of the Band", cry and wish that I had said all of those things to him, finding that I said things that made both of us feel better at "the end", in part thanks to you. So many of your songs felt specifically written "just for my life". Then, three years ago, after years of being divorced and raising my sons on my own (listening to your music to gain strength and appreciation for where I was in my life), I met the man of my dreams, the man I had been waiting for all my life. We found ourselves falling in love to your words and music. Our first trip out to the lake, sipping wine and listening to your music on the car's stereo was one of our most beautiful moments. Our honeymoon two years ago was spent in Estes Park, CO, and we were just back there last month for an anniversary vacation. While driving through the breath-taking mountains and wishing we could stay forever, we played your songs in the background and knew that you, our love of the mountains and the majesty of nature would help us to "make love stay". You are truly one of our most wonderful inspirations and we pray that you are doing well and will be here for years and years to come to continue to inspire us. You are a treasure and I can't begin to come to grips with the thought of a world without your beautiful voice continuing to move me to tears. May you be here to sing your most glorious songs for years and years to come! ~ Kris and Brian, Wichita, Ks


 Dear Dan and family, How can any of us possible put into words our feelings for you as eloquently as you have done so for us for so many years. Your music has meant so much to so many. A most heartfelt thank you for your life's work and inspiration. My wife is a two year cancer survivor and I know what a long road you must travel but with our modern medicine and thousands of prayers I know you'll get through it. God bless you for your music and Godspeed on your full recovery. My feet may be in the sand, but my heart is in the highest of mountains where your inspiration floats freely. ~ Dave Johnson, Panama City, Fl


 Dear Dan and Family: I first listened to you due to my brother Paul. I was instantly in love with your poetry and music that hit certain areas of my being. As a poet myself and once musician, I love the joining of the two God-given gifts that you possess. I have yet to be able to see you in person but pray I will soon. As a christian I must believe that you will survive and all the prayers I can say will continue. You give me inspiration in my writing because you can open up thought passages that I may never have seen. You are a true talent, storyteller and I wish I could write a song with you. May Jesus always look after you. All my love ~ David Thometz


Dear Dan, I just learned about your condition, and wanted to take some time and thank you for all of the inspiration you have given to me and my LIFE! I have been one of your greatest fans from your humble beggining, and have performed many of your awesome compositions time and time again, with an always appreciative audience. One of my closest friends always told me that you and I must be related! I would just smile and say Gee! I wish... God has blessed you in many, many ways, and I feel quite confident that he will bring you through all of this! And you will be somewhat different from the inside out! I even feel like your BEST WORK is yet to come.... God Bless You Daniel... and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family always. ~ Doug Hendry (St. Charles, Mo.)


 I just wanted to let Dan know that he is in my prayers and I know he will overcome this disease. God Bless and have a Happy Holiday Season ~ Teresa Bommarito


 I sit here to write a few thoughts and feelings about you. I just cruised through your biography and my feelings come alive in such a deep way; I can really relate to you, your lyrics and the warm messages you send through your music. I hope your days are the way you would hope they would be under the circumstances. Thank you for sharing yourself through your music. Fondly ~ Jan


 I've loved your music for so many years and it has always been close to my heart. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time. My mother survived cervical cancer and when she was diagnosed, her doctors said she would not live 2 months. It is now a year that she has been cancer free. I know you will fight this with the same strength that has always shown through in your music. ~ Dominique Miller, Mizuno USA


 Hi Dan, I woke up this morning and I thought of you straight away. I used to totally thrash your records when I was in my twenties and your beautiful songs helped me through many tough times in my life. I am thinking you alot and hope you feel much better soon, and when you do please come to Australia so we can hear your amazing talent again. Love ~ Morgan


 Dear Dan The Man, When I saw a news flash on CNN that said you're battling prostate cancer, I didn't want to believe it because there was this false rumor back in the1980's that Dan Fogelberg cancelled a concert because he had throat cancer. During the 70's my older sister bought an album titled "Home Free" and ever since I've been a Dan Fogelberg fan, not only for your music, but also of the artwork you created for many of your albums. As an artist, painter, and cartoonist, I've often found comfort and inspiration in your words and music on many long, lonesome nights. Recently, I've been working on a series of "cool" cartoon characters and have decided to name one "Fogie" after my favorite singer,songwriter. There really is an Eden and Heavenly Gates- because Amy Grant said so! God Bless and get well soon. ~ Arki Angel, Phoenix, Az.


 Dan, The words to express what your music means to so many people do not come easily. My words are so inadequate compared the feelings you evoke. You have such a tremendous gift for touching the souls of your listeners with lyrics that reflect situations and times in our lives, as well as your own. I have been a fan for many years and will always continue to be. My garden is full of things that reflect your music (at least to me), including a wisteria, magnolia, birch, maple and pine trees, roses, bleeding hearts, and a few "Empty Cages" hanging in the trees. Your songs paint pictures in my mind. Although I have never been to Maine, I can see and feel the overwhelming beauty of The Reach (which I always refer to as the most perfect six minutes of music ever written). As you and your family go through this difficult time, know that you have the support, good wishes, and prayers of so many who have come to feel that we know you through the immeasurable talent you have shared with us over the years. May God be with you through your journey. Perhaps you said it best -- "Let faith be your strength and love be your guiding star." ~ Mary Holomy


 Dan - I have always had a crush on you. How could I not, when you sang every word a woman would ever want to hear?? It feels like a good friend is sick, and what can you say to that friend? I hope you are doing well and that you ahve lots of love and caring people around you. ~ Tarey, Zanesville, OH


 Dear Dan, I was saddened to hear of your recent illness, particularly since I've received so much from you for so long. I had the great good fortune to have your work introduced to me by my wife of 18 years; since then, your music has been a frequent companion on many driving trips that the two of us have taken througout the western US together. In short, wherever we were, a part of you always rode along with us as well, in voice as well as spirit. For what it's worth, I'd like to add a few words of my voice and experience to what you're going through now. I was diagnosed with a very rare malignancy in 1981 (it was a large mass in my chest that was similar to what Brian Piccolo had in "Brian's Song."). My doctor, after a bit of prodding from me, confessed that it was a form of the disease that hardly anyone had recovered from before. Needless to say, twenty-three years later, I'm still here. As you go through that anxious phase of treatment followed by the difficulty of getting well, just remember: You can't eat too much. It's impossible to revisit too many reruns of your favorite TV shows. It will be impossible for your family, friends and fans to get enough of you. So enjoy what you can when you can, and take what you can from the experience. You never know when it might come in handy for someone else twenty-three years down the line. Sincerely ~ Carl Alessi, Yorba Linda, CA


 Dear Dan, I echo my husband's sentiments. Your music has meant so much to me through the years. Before I met my husband - it was a companion through the pangs of loneliness and the upheavals of relationships that I grew from. With my husband - it has been many moments of joy. We have seen you in concert each time you've been in Southern California since 1986. Our wishes and prayers for your health and well-being. ~ Joyce Alessi, Yorba Linda, CA


Dear Dan, I have been to so many of your concerts in Columbus. Both indoor and outdoor venues. All were great. Always a surprise guest. I would love to see you again. Please get well and keep on writing those great songs. My thoughts and prayers are with you.~ Carol, Ohio


 Dear Dan, You have given so much of yourself, your art, your spirit and your soul to so many for so many years- we are grateful. At this time of challenge and dis-ease, know that all to whom you have given are privileged and humbled to be able to give to you our thoughts, our good wishes, our prayers, our love. Although this journey is yours, we are joined together to light your way and to remind you of all of the hearts that hold you dear. May you be reminded of the profound gifts of beauty, wisdom and light you have given us through your music, and may you know the peace of having done important work. Godspeed and vibrant good health to you. Love ~ Nicky


 Did you realize that your music would have touched so many people? Prayers are very powerful and from the looks of these pages of thoughts and prayers, you are a lucky (and talented ) man. Best wishes for a speedy recovery Dan! ~ GWS


 Dan, Thank you for your beautiful music that has touched our hearts and souls. You are truly talented, a poet and musician, a part of my carefree youth when I discovered your moving tunes that melted my heart and made it skip beats. May your music live on, forever bringing pleasure. I am so sorry about your illness and wish you the best and that you live each day fully, treasuring the small simple things that are so easily taken for granted. We are all on borrowed time here on Earth, but if we have faith in God, we will go on, to a better existence eventually. We must all live day by day and treasure our time, our families, our friends. I wish you peace, happiness, faith, and renewed health. Miracles do happen; you are appreciated and loved by many. ~ Lynda C.


 Dear Dan and Family......So many years of following your career. So many years of loving your work and associating your songs with different times in our lives. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers with hopes of a complete recovery soon. You are truly our "Leader of the Band". With respect and admiration...(One of those that stood out in the rain while you played in the rain! You impressed us all ). ~ Peg Humbert, Cleveland Ohio.


 To Dan and Jean Fogelberg - Prayerful good wishes to you for a full and speedy recovery. Bless you for sharing your talent with us all these years. I look forward to the new music that is sure to come from this experience. Keep your love & faith alive. ~ Veronica, Pennsylvania


 Sending out a prayer and some positive energy your way. May with the help of your family, friends, physicians, all your loyal fans & admirers (from way back when of which I am one and proud of it) and most especially God you will get well soon. My husband brought me the news when he went over (in Tampa) to buy us tickets for your show scheduled for October & found it was cancelled. I know I speak for many when I say you're special to us & we'll always be grateful to you for bringing so much joy and emotion to our lives with your music and want to see you back performing again!


 Dan - you are in my constant thoughts and prayers. I'm praying for your full & complete recovery from this temporary illness. I have loved your music since 10th grade when "Part of the Plan" was a hit radio song. You have been my favorite artist ever since. Purchasing every single album/CD you've ever made and attending every one of your concerts here in Tulsa, OK. I look forward to your next visit to Tulsa!


 Hi Dan...Keep the faith and never let go. With heartfelt best wishes. ~ Shane Carlson, Dubai, The United Arab Emirates


 For you, a prayer each day. Dan, you have my soul's gratitude. You sing my song as well. ~ Claire, Tulsa


 I have enjoyed your music for decades. Thank you. Now I wish you and your family strength and faith as you continue your battle against cancer. God bless and keep you. Looking forward to seeing you in concert again ~ Deborah Prystup


 I first saw you in concert in the early eighties at The Scope in Norfolk, Virginia. As a hardcore Black Sabbath, Zeppelin freak I had never listened to any your music. I was stunned listening to you play "Leader of the Band" solo. It brought tears to my eyes. From then on I could not get enough of your music. I have been honored to see you perform several times since then. Thank you for sharing your music with us. My thoughts and prayers to you and your family. I look forward to your next tour. ~ Wayne Cipullo-New Hampshire.


 Dear Dan, Your songs have been an inspiration to me for many years. I've been a fan for 30 years and have a recording of every song. I hope to give a little something back during this trying time. I wish for you; LAUGHTER and PEACE, and a big GET WELL!!!!!! ~ Kristin


 My thoughts and prayers are with you, Dan. Your music is wonderful! You have been my favorite artist since the first time I saw you in Springfield, Massachusetts way back in the mid 70's. I have also been to your concerts in California, Utah, and Connecticut. You have unbelievable talent! 'Part of the Plan' is for you to write a lot more songs and perform at many more concerts. God bless. ~ John - Iowa City, Iowa


 Your music has influenced the dreams and lives of so many. You are a musical genius and are blessed with unbelievable talent. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us. Best wishes in your cancer treatment. We hope to hear from you again soon, and hear that you are doing well. ~ Sue Stone, Norman, Oklahoma


 I was just telling a friend how the first time I heard or saw you I was slack jawed with the beauty of your music. When you finished the song you were booed because you were not The Eagles. Your response was "That's not original. I've heard that before" and went on to play another lovely song. Thanks for hanging in. You've given me great inspiration as a songwriter and singer, and a traveler on the path in this lovely land. Healing thoughts and prayers. ~ Alan


 Dear Dan , You and your beautiful music will always be a part of my life. You are awesome! The album "High Country Snows" has been with me on my trips to the Canadian Rockies. I am a pianist, and I'd love to play music with you on your next album! You will overcome this obstacle! We all have our crosses to bear! My husband is suffering PTSD following childhood sexual abuse and sexual abuse by a priest when he was a seminarian! It is extremely painful, but I have faith that we will survive it. Have faith! This isn't all there is for you! I will pray for you - please think of me and my family and say a prayer for us too! With gratitude and love - and prayers and best wishes for a speedy recovery! ~ Nadia Wirchnianski, Lanark, IL


 Dear Dan, Sorry to hear the news. Get well soon. A Fan for many years. ~ Bob Woodall, London, England.


 Dear Dan, Unlike some of your more fortunate fans, I have never seen you in concert. Your music inspires me to follow my dreams, and one of those dreams is to see you perform. You wouldn't want to let a huge fan down, right? We're all praying for you and awaiting your return to health. Thanks for changing my life. ~ Janet, Wisconsin


 Dan, Wishing you a speedy recovery. Hope it is going well. A fan for many years. ~ Jim Haynes


 Dear Dan, My thoughts & prayers are with you for a speedy recovery. Your music has touched myself & my wife like no other, your gift is incredibly precious. Looking forward to the good news that you have made a full recovery and are fully recharged to get back on the road and finally visit the UK. Best wishes ~ Tony Penaluna


 As you have heard so many times....THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR EXTRAORDINARY TALENT WITH YOUR FANS. You are very, very gifted. I feel like we know each other as i've been to so many of your shows. Warm, healing regards my good friend ~ Dennis Antoine


 Dear Dan, Rarely has an artist made such a lasting impression on me as you have. About a year ago I thought I would make contact with some old friends so I went out and bought Souvenirs, Nether Lands and Captured Angel. That's what your music has meant to me throughout my life. It is a friend for life. As I listen to the songs I can still hear the voices of friends singing along and the bands covering your songs as we danced to "Part of the Plan" and "Morning Sky." A couple of years ago I began guitar lessons. I recently went to Hal Leonard's web site and ordered your guitar music. I can't wait to play your songs. I am sorry to hear of your illness. I hope your recovery is swift and permanent and share my best wishes to your family during this difficult time. You still have plenty of music to play and I need some new friends. Regards ~ Chris


 Dan: I have enjoyed your music and your incredible talent for close to 30 years now and I can say without a shadow of a doubt you are the MOST gifted artist around. My prayers are with you & your family and we await the good news of your complete recovery and your "comeback" Tour. As I listen to your music this evening and tears come to my eyes knowing of your battle, I pray the next tears I shed for you will be tears of JOY. May God Bless you and bring you back to us!!!!! Thank You. ~ Liz, Penfield, NY


 Dan as one of your many fans in the UK I sincerely hope you are well on the way to recovery (my father who is 76 has the same condition which was diagnosed 2 years ago and he has never felt better) so I'm sure that you that you will beat this too.Hope to see you here in Britain in the not too distant future (tis long overdue). Best Wishes ~ Ken Ross.


 Dear Dan, It goes without saying that my prayers are with you. Maybe this will bring a well deserved smile to your face. It was the summer of ' 76 '. I walked into Andre's in Aspen. You were sitting at the bar with a red jacket on that said ' Canned Heat ' on the back. You were flirting with the waitress. I walked up to you and introduced myself. You were extremely pleasant and bought me a Heiniken. We talked about your show in Springfield Mass. where you opened up for the Eagles. I told you that you were better than they were on that particular night. You were quite pleased!! I have always identified with your music. As a young songwriter myself, I felt a connection with you. That night I performed at the pro-am songwriter showcase in Aspen. I was still excited about meeting you and told the audience about it. I then finished my set with 'Stars'. (I hope I did the song justice) I look forward to hearing many more new songs that spring from your heart in the many years ahead. Sincerely ~ Gary Breton, Old Salt Works Music BMI


 Just a simple note to wish you a speedy recovery and a quick return to to performing the music that a generation of us has grown up with. I discovered your music in graduate school in the '70's where I knew no one. Your music kept me very good company while I found my way. I pray that God gives you the strength to once again enjoy "sunny bright mornings and pale moonlit nights". ~ Jerry Silber, White Plains, NY


 Hi, My name is Heather and I am 33 and live in Colorado. I wish Dan all the best on his battle with prostate cancer. He has influenced me through his music in my life very much. My mother died in 1999 and he was one of her favorite artists ever since I can remember. His music brings me happy memories of her now that she is gone. I wish the very best for Dan and want to thank him for all the wonderful songs and memories he has given to me. My thoughts are with you at this time. ~ Heather Cochrane


 I wish the best of luck for DF's recovery.This man has given me comfort and inspiration for so many years. A poet who puts those lovely words in lovely music which I have never tired of. People will sometimes ask what my favorite Dan Fogelberg song is, my reply has always been the same. "He hasn't written it yet." He's gotten me through some very tough times in my life and so many times I had wished there was a way to thank him. Perhaps by sending him my best wishes for a full recovery is all I can do, it can never make up for what he has done for my life and my soul. What a man!!!! ~ Jennifer, Tampa, FL.


 Dear Dan, Today I found one of your records I had purchased many years ago. I remembered how much you music was and is a part of my life. Tonight, I had this urge to look up your website. I just read of your illness. Please stay strong, you can lick this, no matter how tough the battle may be. We all want you here for a long time to come. I will keep you in my throughts and prayers. Please get well soon! ~ Gina


 Dan,Thanks for your many songs through the years. Beyond and over all of them is your life, your family. I pray for your healing, and wish you and your family a blessed holiday season.~ */Bro. Mark/*


 Dear Dan, this Thanksgiving I spent some special time with my Dad (he's 89 years young!) Still lives in the house I grew up in and is as independent as he can be. It's very quiet at his house (my Mom passed away 5 years ago). There's no internet, no cable, only books (Daddy loves to read) and of course, good conversation ... although half the things I say to him I doubt he hears! But while I was there I had a lot of time to reflect on my many blessings and the people who have touched my life in a special way....and that includes you! Thank you for your beautiful voice and music you have given to us through the years. What an inspiration and talent you are! And thank you so much for the "Leader of the Band" song. The Lord has blessed me with the most wonderful father and this song means more to me with each passing year. I pray that you are feeling well and that you will have an enjoyable holiday season with your family. I'm sure it is a comfort to know that so many people all over the world who love and care about you are praying for you right now. May God bless you and your family.


 Dan, many thanks for your gift of music. Our prayers are with you, and I hope you'll gain strength from them. ~ Rosemary


 You are daily in my prayers. Although all of your music seems to 'hang in the air' as if sent from heaven, I have been incredibly blessed by listening to your Christmas cd. Your voice adds even more grace and beauty to the words. I pray when you're well, you'd consider something... you've sang all styles of music (except rap thank goodness!), you'd make an awesome Christian singer-songwriter... God bless you and your family through this beautiful holiday season, and beyond it. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. ~ Nancy J. Joseph


 Dan, Have always been inspired and touched by your music. Let your faith carry you through this season of trial. Our prayers are with you---- Heavenly Father we pray that your healing hand be upon Dan Fogelberg and that he will be cured in Your time. Thank you in advance for this miracle. Amen. ~ Brian & Patty Kavanagh


 My eternal thanks, my friend, for the guidance and heavenly music as I continue on with what seems like a never-ending journey. I often wonder how I would have coped with the darkness, if not for your shining star. Many are talented, but rarely has a gift been utilized in a way so pleasing to the Lord. I love you man! My prayers are definitely with you and your family. ~ PVH—Massachusetts


 Godspeed your recovery. I wish to thank you for the many hours of pleasure your music has given me and pray that you will have many more healthy, happy years ahead of you in which to enjoy your family and home. When you feel like singing again, I'll be listening. God bless you and keep you ~ Neta Turner


 Dear Dan, I am today decorating my home for the holidays as your Christmas CD fills the air. As I reflected on what I am thankful for this past Thanksgiving you were very high on my list right after my family. Your music has been such an important part of my life. I am thrilled my son is majoring in music in college and I only hope his gift is as awe inspiring as yours. May you have success with your treatment and emerge healthy and strong. Please know how wonderful your influence has been on so many lives. I send you many hugs...take care. ~ Mary Jardine... Browns Mills, New Jersey


 Since 1975 your music and work have been in my life.So much of your music was there with me during my innocent age... my first date, time with my first (and the rest of my) girlfriends, the first songs I learned on the guitar, my wedding... the soundtrack of my life is full of Dan Fogelberg songs.Allow us, those you inspired, to give some of that warmth and life-inspiring feeling back. It won't match your gifts over the years, but maybe it can help. Thank you-Get well


 Dear Mr.Fogelberg, Growing up in our house, in the 70s and 80s, along with me, my mum, my sister and my aunt, there were two extra"unofficial" members of the Baxter family (oddily enough,both from Colorado)-John Denver and Dan Fogelberg. Along with JD your beautiful, emotive songs with their wonderful melodies and beautful lyrics were so often on our turntable and loved so much by our whole family that we almost felt you were really in a way part of our family.To this day,we hold you and the beautiful music you make in great affection.I was SO very sad to hear of your illness, especially after the loss of the other provider of our family's soundtrack, John Denver in 1997. Losing one childhood hero was bad enough,but to hear that you are unwell is saddening indeed. But having seen the innumerable challenges,(esp facing illness ) my own family has survived, I know prayer,faith and positive, creative thinking can do wonders. I wish to send our very best wishes, deepest love and encouragement to you during this time, and our greatest thanks for all the beautiful music you have created over the years.Dan, our lives have been all the richer for your music.I can't imagine a life without your songs weaving in and out the years,echoing in song all of its sadnesses and disappointments. Thank you so very much for the music and I really pray for an improvement in your health and much better times ahead for you and your family.Lord knows you deserve them.God Bless You.~ Lisette, Renee and Diane, June (The Baxter family,Brisbane,Australia.)


 I am a Dan Fan since 1979. I want to send him my best wishes and prayers for a quick recovery. Whatever happens I pray that Dan will know the peace and comfort of the Lord's presence at this time and throughout the future.Get well Dan! We want to see you one day touring Downunder.Sincere and Warm Best wishes ~ Michael Deal, Australia


 Dan, I love you sweetheart! No words for how much your spirit and your music has touched my heart and impacted my life...We've been through an awful lot together and I daresay, will get through this too. I'm pulling for you, my dear friend. Blessings and strength to you and yours ~ Patty L, Carlsbad, CA


 To one of the very best performers and human beings ever, hoping the very best for you. ~ Frank, Kathy, Taylor, and Nick


 Greetings Daniel, Thank you for your music, you honor your father well. My wife and the mother of my four teenagers has terminal breast cancer so I have a little insight of the world you've found yourself. The amount of hope in a man battles the amount of patience when the pain arises...I believe that it's going to come down to your will....take care and across the winds I send you some of my courage. - Matt


 Dan, I am writing this for my lady, who is a blind computer user and myself. You have given both of us so much in the way of your life and art that we both wish you a speedy and complete recovery from this unfortunate chapter in your life. We hope that, even if you are never able to record or perform again, that you have as full a life as you wish to. Of course, we do hope that you do return to performance of some kind because you seem to enjoy practicing your art. No one can wish for anything more than making a life's work out of something they enjoy. Be well. Sincerely ~ Richard K. Goepfert and Glenna Burgess, Syracuse, NY


 Dan, As a fellow musician, Colorado resident & fan since "Souvenirs", I want to add my thoughts & prayers to those providing positive support at this trying time. I look forward to your return to the stage; God bless you and thank you for the incredible wealth of music we have from you. Behold the power of love! ~ Gary


 Dear Dan, As an adequate guitarist and hack pianist, I have listened to you in awe for the last thirty years. Now I pray that your body will embrace healing as well as it embraces musical talent. If so, you will soon be very healthy! God Bless! ~ John Hoylman, Milwaukee


 Dear Dan-just another get well wish from a long-time Colorado fan. I'm very sorry you have to go through this. Please get well soon-take care of your body. Loving energy surrounds you, Dan. Thanks for being a musical friend to me over the years. Even though you can't talk back, your wonderful musical talent has inspired me beyond what words can express. I'm sure you are as fine a man as what you convey through music and you deserve all the love that everyone has for you. Please get well soon. I'll be glad to see you at your next Colorado concert. God bless.~ Joy Haaland-Colorado Springs


 Dan,I would like to also send my good wishes and support to you at this time. From the first time I saw Fools Gold open for the Doobie Brothers at the Springfield Civic Center 1974,you have brought great joy to my life.To be able to pour your heart into words and music and then perform is a great gift. Hope to see you Along the Road.Take care. Your friend ~ Tom Gavron, Holyoke Ma.


 Dan, From the first time I saw you perform in person, your music has been a very important part of my life. Thank you for the precious music and my family and I pray for your speedy recovery. Best wishes ~ Michael, Connor and Jace French


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, Here in Holland my family and I are very sorry to read that you have been caught with this terrible disease. We hope and pray for you that God will help you through this disease and that we may blessed to hear good news from you soon. Knowing that our family Pattinasarany in The Netherlands loves you and pray for you. love ~ Ietje Poelen-Pattinasarany, The Netherlands


 Hi Dan, Greetings from San Francisco! Just wanted to send you my best wishes from here. I´ve been listening to your music for over 20 years. I´m 28 now. It´s funny, because my mother (now 49) used to say that your music was the soundtrack to her life. Well, she and I are 20 years apart and your music is meaningful to us both. This shows how powerful your work is--you should be very proud. Your music transcends so many boundaries, and it enjoyed by people of two generations. I hope you you get well soon. Please know that we are thinking of you and wishing the very best to you and your family. Take care ~ Jen


 Greetings to a Kindred Spirit! I have been listening to and feeling your songs since 1977. I have many times found songs of yours just when I needed them. I am a 23 year cancer survivor, mine stemming from 2 bouts with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. The first tumor was in my chest; the second, a year later, in the bone of my lower spine. I was newly divorced, raising a young daughter, and I was terrified. Your lovely words and music helped me through those times in ways I can never express. Of course, the love of family, and the excellent treatments I received were paramount to my recovery, but most important was my faith in God and my constant belief that I WAS GOING TO MAKE IT THROUGH! (Being stubborn can be a good thing!) I hear that in you, and I am overjoyed to read that you are dealing with this battle using humor as a weapon. That is one of many, as I am sure you are aware, and I will continue to keep sending you positive thoughts, keeping you always in my prayers. I have seen you in concert, which was profoundly moving for me; I chose "Paris Nocturne" and "Since You've Asked" for my wedding 10 years ago. I know without any doubt that there is an enormous amount of breathtaking music left in that magnificent soul of yours. May God grant you peace as you face the challenges He has given you; He must think you are very strong indeed, to send you this one. But what the heck, experience is what you get when you don't get what you want! Laugh often, dear one! Love ~ Lee Ann Gallipolis, OH


 Dan, as I reflect on this Thanksgiving evening before going to sleep, I had to write and say you and your family were among my thoughts and prayers today. As I held my 2 and 6 year old daughters tonight as they fell asleep in my arms while listening to "The First Christmas Morning", I realized how wonderful life can be and how precious each moment is. There are many things I am thankful for this year, and I hope you are thankful as well for each day and the blessings that you have. Positive energy from all your fans, my friend. May this holiday season give you strength and find you in good health. Peace ~ Linette - St. Louis


 Dear Dan, How much pleasure your wonderful songs have brought to my life. I wish you peace and a very speedy recovery. Many prayers and good thoughts are sent to you. Be well. ~ Susan , Halifax Nova Scotia


 So VERY thankful for you, Dan....


 Dan, please get well soon. We are big fans of yours and absolutely love your music - and always look forward to your new releases. On this Thanksgiving Day, we'd like to say thanks for sharing your wonderful music with the world, but more importantly, please get well soon! And please write some more songs and hit the concert scene again! Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. God bless. ~ Cathy and John - South Haven, MI.


 Dan, It seems another lifetime, that magic time of vinyl albums, lyric sheets enclosed and fantastic cover art. I can remember the radio clock waking with a song that touched my soul. “To The Morning” introduced an artist to me whom had to be shared with all who meant something in those years. To this day, so much of your music kindles memories of free spirits, searching hearts and times never to be forgotten. I’ve discovered Colorado over the past 6 years and found a land that I didn’t know existed - fallen in love with the air, mountains and sky, with the people and with the pace of life. Driving the mountain roads with Nether Lands playing has made the trips there even more special.Thank you so very much! It’s been a blessing to spend the last 30 years of my life with Karen, the mother of our 3 daughters and we wish you strength and God’s grace in the battle with your illness. Wish there was something magic to say that would make your road easier to travel but the best I can do is keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Take care & God Bless ~ Don Hoffman

Dan, I am a 44 year old breast cancer survivor with the cancer having spread to my lymph system. I was diagnosed 6 years ago, being told that I could have had the cancer many years, then my mom was diagnosed 6 months after I was diagnosed. I've had two stem cell transplants - using my own stem cells, which include high dose chemotherapy, regular chemotherapy, and radiation. I have prayed for you over and over and want to share a verse that carried me through my journey..."But may the God of all grace, who called us to His eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after you have suffered a little while, perfect, establish, strengthen, and settle you." --1 Peter 5:10. I will keep praying, just hold on....there are major blessings coming your way through this journey! You are my very favorite artist in the whole world. We have been to see you many times. Blessings to you both ~ Dana Tanner


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg - Oftentimes it is not until something is brought to clarity through contrast that we appreciate its beauty. That could well be the case with your music, your gift that you have been sharing for so many years. Your music has stood out against a backdrop of mediocrity (at best) and self-indulgent, self-absorbed, commercial hideousness so typical of the "music" industry now. And, it goes even further than that, of course. What I hate is that every clear expression of what is best has been cliched and prostituted to the point that it's difficult to find words anymore that aren't used up.


However, you are a true artist. You've touched my life for many years. Like Annie Dillard, your music defies categorization - even description, except that it is purely - beautiful. Something straight from the universe in its clearest and most balanced beauty. Understated, but powerful. Something deep and true that reaches into the soul and doesn't let go. Thank you for that. It's what helps us to know we're alive - which is what the Arts truly are. They remind us that we are alive. I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to get this to you - I hope that you are better and doing well. Thank you for all you've given. ~ Rebecca


 Dear Dan, On this Thanksgiving I am thankful for all the years you have inspired me with your thought-provoking music. And my hope is that we have many more years of your contributions to our world. A lifetime fan ~ Linda, Oregon


 Sending thanks for the years of music on this Thanksgiving day. Sending thoughts of strength and love in this difficult portion of the journey.


 Dear Dan, Jean and families, On this special holiday, we think of our gratitude for the joys in our lives.

Dan, your music has been, and always will be, one of our greatest sources of joy and inspiration. We send warmest wishes to you all for a Thanksgiving of healing and love. Our prayers are always with you. Let the strength of the love of your fans, friends and family guide you through this difficult time, and bring you back to us real soon!!! Love ~ Donna and David Lester Great Neck, NY


 Dan, You have been a wonderful part of my life. You helped me fill the world with more than I could do alone, so I have a shock about all of this. Also today, I am at home in process of meningitis recovery so I am sensitive to the value of life. Any other moment I am just a normal guy with a wife and three kids taking all of this good stuff for granted. In reflections, I have been lucky to live the past 40 years on the coastline of South Carolina while listening to, learning and playing your music on guitar. I am originally from Pawley's Island and Charleston, SC, where your music is huge. You have added so much to my life, my love for life, and my family-and-friend quality. It has been a lifetime of your music, your art, and your permanency for us. I am confident you will rise above this to recovery. With the years that have passed and with all I take for granted, one thing I know is that I can thank you for making my life better. If I could repay you for that I would. Maybe I can through positive thoughts and prayer as I sign off with a lifetime of appreciation for everything you have done. We need you so don't get discouraged! God bless you, worlds of thanks to you, and please be strong and brave to strengthen your speedy and complete recovery! With Love ~ Gordon, Claire, Chapel, and Christian Whitlock (Hilton Head Island, SC)


 Dan, I did not know until now. I am sure your spirit will keep you strong and make you well. We all look forward to your reemergence in music and song. But for now concentrate on your health. ~ Hugo, Vallejo, CA


 Dear Dan, Your music & lyrics captured my heart long ago. Our greatest lessons in life often come from the most painful of circumstances. You have inspired me and given me hope through the most trying of times. My prayers go out to you and your family throughout your recovery. Your spirit has so much more to share with all of us. I wait in hopeful anticipation of hearing you sing again. All the best ~ Sandy


 Dear Dan, I am preparing my Thanksgiving Day dinner 2004 the night before, and listening to "Wysteria" on your Anthology Ballads. I have had you tucked away in my CD library, and regrettably have not listened to you nearly enough in these later years.But when my brother told me you had Advanced Prostate Cancer, I had a pit in my stomach. I (like the others here) discovered you while growing up...When others were into REO Speedwagon and Journey, I was addicted to you. I had every album, and played them endlessly. I learned to play "Leader of the Band" on the guitar and played it to my father for Father's Day one year..He cried. I made my first T.V. Production Video in college to "Longer." My dorm was plastered with your album covers, pictures. I saw ALL your concerts in the Los Angeles area often by myself as a teenager. I even finagled my way in the Pit at what was then Irvine Meadows and in the very front...was in heaven. Every camping excursion, every backpacking were there on my Sony Walkman at sunrise while I looked over the snow capped mountains. Every car trip to Mammoth Mountain or Yosemite, "Nether Lands" and "To The Morning" played in the car stereo. Year after year.....I can't express to you how much your music, words, melodies touched me and played a part in my growing up. You touched my soul. You showed us what is Real Love. That was 24 yrs ago. I was thrilled to know Tim Weisberg when I worked at A&M Records, because he was "connected" to you...and he'd laugh at that. He wouldn't remember me now, I'm sure. I have been wanting to look on the net to find out your condition, and I am SO Thankful" to read today that you are better than heard. You are truly a treasure, and I have you in my prayers. Being that it is Thanksgiving, I want to say Thanks to you for ALL the memories, and all you have given in your music to us fans. I am Thankful to God for "You"!! May God Bless You!!! ~ Therese Spencer (Los Angeles, Ca)


 Dear Dan, I send many healing prayers and vibrations! Your very beautiful Christmas Cd is playing in full force as I write. I hope you are surrounded by tons of love with your family & friends during this holiday season.Thank You for all your amazing songs that have helped guide me in my life!! ~ Denise, Massachusetts


 Wow, reading some of the thoughts, it is incredible how I can relate to so many I don't know! I remember my groupie summer, not too long ago, I already had three children, (I'm a late bloomer) I went to three concerts in one summer. St. louis, Springfield, MO and IL. I even made cookies for the band, and the kids and I had a picture taken with the band! We sing your songs at all our family reunions. We'll be praying for a quick recovery for you, Dan. God Bless.


 Dear Dan, I am a huge fan of yours and have been for twenty-five years. Your music has been a big part of my life and has given me much inner peace and joy, particularly "Heart Hotels" and "Tucson, Arizona (Gazette)." I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to see you in concert twice. Both were very good shows. I hate to hear that you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. I know that you can and will beat it. Hopefully, we will be blessed with more music from you in the future. Your most recent albem "Full Circle" was very good with some very good tunes. I wish you the very best of wishes for a full, quick and successful recovery. May God bless and be with you. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Again, thank you so very music for the gift of your beautiful music, which will always be very special to me. Sincerely ~ Bill Craig


 Hi Dan, Man was I saddened to hear of your cancer. You've been an inspiration to me for over 30 years now and your music has been a big part of my life, as well as that of my wife and kids. When I was 20, back in the 70's, I packed up everything I owned and moved to Colorado, wearing out those old cassette tapes filled with your songs along the way. Met and married my wife in the San Juans. Nothing like a Colorado bride. Thanks for getting me there. So many good times. Like sleeping under the stars at the top of Imogene Pass above Telluride, then listening to Nether Lands as the sun rose over the mountains. You made it a moment we'll always cherish. And there have been so many others. Like that night at Echo Basin over a year ago. What a show! We drove nearly 2,000 miles for that one - and ready to do it again as soon as you're well. We'll keep praying for you. May God give you His peace as he fills you with His love. Keep your eyes on Him - Christ, the King (what a great song). ~ Alan Martin, Greenville, SC


 To the man who will always be the living legacy of our time. May your music keep inspiring every generation and teach them the basics of life. Waiting to hear good news of your recovery soon!!!!!!!! St Jude Pray for US !!!!!!!!!!! ~ nj


 To Dan - I have never written to any sort of fan site before, but I only recently became aware of your illness and felt the need to in some way to express my feelings in a place where others would understand. I discovered your music 30 years ago (at the ripe old age of 13!) when I first heard Souvenirs, and I wish I had the words to tell you how much your words and music have meant to me in the intervening years - as they have obviously meant to many others. May the joy and the energy that you have shared with your fans over the years come back to you and your lovely wife and family a thousand-fold as you continue on this journey. Wishing you many blessings during the holidays, and looking forward to hearing news of your recovery! ~ Lisa W, Raleigh NC


 Dan, I learned to play my guitar listening to Dan Fogelberg records in the late '70s. I would buy the sheet music book to go along with the album, and play along with each track. I always appreciated that your instruments were tuned to A440 so it was easy to play along and be in tune with the recording. I hope that your recovery is speedy and complete. I look forward to hearing my next Fogelberg concert. May the light of God surround you, the love of God enfold you, the power of God protect you, and the presence of God watch over you. Wherever you are, God is, and all is well. ~ Roger


 Dear Dan: I recently visited the Rocky Mountains in the Vail and Aspen area for the first time with my family and was completely blown away by the majestic setting. I realize how the natural beauty of Colorado provided an inspiration for your wonderful songwriting. I'm also a musician and my favorite song of yours is "Leader of the Band". Every time I play and sing that song, I choke up during the lyrics "...Papa, I don't think I said I love you near enough". It reminds me of my relationship with my father who was the "leader of my band/family" and someone who I've tried to emulate as I raise my young son and daughter. Those lyrics become especially poignant when one's loved ones have passed on and I make sure I say "I love you" to my children each and every day. In this time of Thanksgiving, I thank you for your music and your stories of the road that have served as a soundtrack to much of my life. God bless and get well soon ~ Jerry Guerzon, Davis, Calif.


 Dan, I am praying for you. God Bless you and your family!


 In 1977, in my local record store in the Midlands of England, I picked up a record sleeve which had on its cover a moody black and white photograph of an artist I hadn't heard of before. I opened the gatefold, read the lyrics and bought it on the spot. Since then I've followed your career as best I could from this side of the pond and your music has been with me throughout all my ups and downs.I'm sorry that I am nowhere near as articulate or eloquent as yourself in verse or those other fans sharing their thoughts, but then I am a reserved Brit! My ambition was to visit America to see you perform live which I was aiming to do in 2005 or 2006, but now my greatest wish is for your speedy recovery and return to good health. With love and best wishes ~ Lee, Nottinghamshire, England


 Dan, a second wish from here in Scotland in the same week! Unfortunately the 'heather coloured Highland hills' are now getting their first taste of winter's snows; the cold 'northers' are forecast for Scotland this weekend, and the grey North Sea is pretty stormy and strong at the moment. Your songs have always inspired me when out walking in Scotland's mountains and along its fabulous coastline and I really appreciate the Celtic influence in many of your songs which are equally appropriate in our wild places. Your environmental concerns are also shared and I look forward to the time when you perform on this side of the big pond ~ Chris


 Since your first song, my spirit has resonated with yours. Some are conduits of diety without even knowing it. Through you, our Great Creator has given me strength to press on, the courage to enjoy, and gentle peace. As I join the river of souls, I give thanks to God and honor to you for brining me his thoughts. There is no greater prayer than a heartfelt song. ~ Mike Mitchell


 Dan - Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. Thank you for all of the incredible music. I've known you practically all my life.....yet we've never met. Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season ! ~ Mike- Baltimore, Md.


 Dear Dan, On this day before Thanksgiving 2004, I wanted to tell you how "THANKFUL" I am to have known you through your music for 30 years, how you have touched my life more than you could ever know, and that my 5 year old daughter Teresa and I pray for you every night for your healing. Please try and remember the thousands of fans who are thinking of you and praying for your recovery and how we are all waiting to hear your voice, and see you in concert again!! With much love and thankfulness ~ Cynthia (Tucson Arizona)


 Hi Dan, I was introduced to your music in college - and listened to "Part of the Plan", "Souvenirs", "There's a Place in the World for a Gambler" literally hundreds of times. We sat in the audience at Westbury Music Fair (that crazy spinning stage - I'll never forget the song you did that started the second set - it was awesome and I don't know if it ever made its way on to an album), at Jones Beach in the rain and in the old Chicago Stadium to see and hear you play.I had the privilege and agony of being with my dad earlier this month as he battled against parkinsons and alzheimers. As I was him most of the last 4 days of his life, The Innocent Age was our constant companion. We listened to track 7 - "Leader of the Band" over and over. My dad was a quiet man too. I pray that God will completely heal you, Dan - and I do so with full confidence that God is still on his throne and prayer still works. Lord knows, in this day and age we need you and your music more than ever. God bless you and thank you for your gift of music to me and to my dad. ~ Gary Braaten, Wheaton, IL


 Dear Dan and family, My prayers and thoughts are with you as you all make your way through cancer. I am sure you are receiving the best care, but please consider other alternatives especially to ease side effects of treatment. Ayurveda and energy work like Qiqong have helped many people. I have found much comfort and relief in Qiqong (chi kung) and Reiki for the pain of rheumatoid arthritis. Dan, your music has followed me all over the world. I taped from my "Innocent Age" album over twenty years ago to take with me when I left the US. Your voice and guitar and words feel like home. I was looking through your music at tonight making my Christmas list when I found this website. I am so sorry to hear that you are going through this. Go through knowing that you are surrounded by prayer and healing energy. Peace ~ Annie Donwerth-Chikamatsu, Tokyo Japan


 Hey Dan - Our time with each other in this space is so incredibly short, and for the duration of our existence we have been searching for our meaning. With the eloquence of your imagination and thought and connection you have inspired, coached, mentored and just plain entertained just about everybody alive in the last several decades. I believe our meaning lies within our ability and willingness to stop and help each other, for heaven is the realization of God's love, peace, tenderness and compassion. What better way to share your ability to help than through your art. Thank you for your gifts past and yet to come. Be Strong, bud. God bless you with all of us with his Grace. ~ David, Iowa


 Dan: Prayers and thoughts are with you. You got me and my roommates through college in the 70's, and I am still listening to your fabulous songs. It will be a great day when you can get back on the road!!!!! Godspeed. ~ Mary from Michigan


 Dear Dan Fogelberg, As another one of the millions of people deeply inspired by your music and your words throughout the past thirty years, I want to join in the voices sending you love, hope, positive energy, and prayers for healing during this challenging time. May you continue to be surrounded by love and support, as you focus your attention on the journey back to health. Especially at this time of Thanksgiving, I wish you and your family many blessings. Over the past three decades, so many people have been blessed by sharing the gifts of your music. May the strength of our collective prayers for your recovery in some way return those gifts to you! Thank you for being a part of my life. My husband and I have been privileged to hear you in concert many times throughout the years, and we look forward to having that joyful experience again. Wishing you all the best ~ Nancy Conn-Levin, Ocean, New Jersey


 A prayer for you each day. ~ Claire, Tulsa


 Hello Dan, Many greetings from Frankfurt/Main, Germany. I hope you will regain health as soon as possible. God bless you! Your German Fan ~ Michael


 Dan, from the land of the 'heather covered hills'.... SLAINTE MHATH. ~ Jim, Scotland.


 Dearest Dan, Although I have written once already to send my best wishes and prayers, I have the urge to do so again, as you are in my thoughts stronger than usual today! Every day, since hearing of your illness, you have been in my heart and on my mind without end! My prayers are sent on wings of angels! I feel they are keeping you safe - along with the prayers of all your countless other fans! I made a deal with fate when I heard of your illness, in which I would listen to your music every single day until I hear of your recovery! I am keeping that vow! (Not that I have had very many days in the past 30 years that your music was not with me on a daily basis!) Your beautiful Christmas CD will begin in my house this week! It makes me happy just thinking of it! May God keep you safe. A loving fan in Ocala, Fl ~ June


 Dear Dan, Thank you for all the joy you have given all of us through the years with you amazing singing, song writing and playing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you make it through this difficult time. My children ages 10, 11, and 14 are now listening to your wonderful music and look forward to your continuing positive influence in this world. Best Wishes for a full and speedy recovery ~ Cyndy Walton & family


 As usual Dan, the stages of your musical evolution have paralleled my own life. Full Circle takes me back to the beginning, but with a wisdom and polish gained through the years. I will pray that God's will be done with your life. He has certainly blessed it thus far and continues to do so with your new bride. Every challenge we confront in life is an opportunity to seek the greatness that will glorify God. Remember to "sup with the Savior and drink of His wine." ~ Jay Moore, Greensboro, NC


 Dan......I have not missed a day praying for your family and your complete and total recovery. Ironically, Beck and I heard/taped Soundstage on the very evening we were to have driven to Atlanta (Oct.23rd) to hear you in person on your Acoustic Tour. By the way, you were great....but I would have preferred "live" as always! I'm planning to take the tape home to Winston-Salem for my parents and others to hear tomorrow. I truly hope your Thanksgiving Season is filled with hope, joy, peace, optimism, and the love of your family drawn near. Take care, my old friend. You're much too rare and precious to experience any diminution in talents. I, and my family, will continue our prayers for you daily. ~ Gregory H. Tuttle, M. D


 Dan- For 15+ years your music has been an inspiration to me through many ups and downs over that period of time. I hope that this small gesture of a good wish and a prayer will repay some of that inspiration. I'm looking forward to when you are well so both of us will be able to appreciate the next time you are peforming in Columbus, Ohio.


 Hey Dan, Hope things are going well with you, that you know what you face, and you do so with the dedication you gave these last 30 something years to music. The days spin by quickly, and yet sometimes seem so long while making the journey you've found yourself on. Stay strong Dan, and know there's a big group hug out there from everyone that cares about what you've shared of yourself. I'm not asking for an update on your condition, I just want to say I hope you are taking care of business and making your plans for the future during the good times of treatment. Don't wait to make those when you aren't up to it, they might fall short of anything you can accomplish with your future. I hope your friends and family are making this easier for you to face. I'm sure they are strong and dedicated or they wouldn't be in that circle. The holidays are closing in, enjoy them, and those there for you, and remember those doctors, and nurses, they are people too (believe it or not).


 To Dan: I wish you all the best with my entire heart. You have meant so much to so many people, and I desire nothing more at this moment than for you to be well and happy. Please let me know if there is anything that I can do besides this. ~ Howard Berman


 I have gotten so much from your music for the past 30 years.I pray that your health is restored to you quickly and that you and your lovely wife will have many more years together. Best of luck to you both ~ Debra Ragan


 Dan, I have been a fan of yours since the first time I heard "The Wild Places" album. I just heard about your illness and I would like to wish you a full and speedy recovery. ~ Lou C, New York


 Dear Dan, Our best wishes for your recovery! Your inspirational songwriting and performing has always figured prominently in our own musical endeavors.Had the privilege of performing "Last Nail" the other night to a packed house at our annual concert for (Harry Chapins) World Hunger Year. Would have sounded so much better had you done it, but nonetheless enthusiastically received! Looking forward to your return to Hartford, CT. 'Til then, we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Cheers ~ Paul Motter and all of us in the Satinwood Band


 Dan, We are all PART OF THE PLAN! HIS plan for you is to continue enlightening us with your music. Get better soon and have a happy and healthy Holiday Season. ~ Bill & Melanie, Wood-Ridge, NJ


 All of the love and good wishes for your speedy recovery from everyone go ditto for me as well! I've always related to your music and words in a very soulful way. Though I live in the midwest, I was fortunate to have spent lots of time and had many adventures in the Colorado mountains with my sister who lived there for almost 28 years (she now lives in central Oregon). I drew on the strength and spiritual energy of the mountains to help me through some challenging times in my life. My spirit is truly still there and will never leave. I know a lot of your inspiration for writing came from them, as well as from the spirituality of the native american indians. Please continue to draw on these strengths for your recovery! Thanks for your gift of fantastic music to all of us thus far...and we'll be awaiting more when YOU are ready. Dan, you ARE the Man! Blessings & God Speed. ~ Barb from Belleville, Illinois


 Hi Dan, Glad to hear that your treatment is going well! We send you healthy thoughts regularly and can't wait til you are again performing as the leader of the band!! ~ Barb and Al Foxall, Edmonton, Alberta


 Dan, We're all still here praying and hoping that our united strength helps in some way. NEVER stop trying. ~ Linda G


 Dearest Dan - At this time of Thanksgiving, may the precious blessings of health, hope, happiness, and love belong to you and yours. Since the moment when I first heard your voice more than half of my lifetime ago, I have been so very appreciative of the most precious blessing that is you. - With much love always ~ June / Norwalk, CT


 Dan, May you receive the best care and be restored to full health. I will keep you in my prayers. God bless you and your family. All the best ~ Russ Tkac


 Dan, You and your artistry fill my mind, eyes, and ears often. I continue to send you good energy and to pray for your recovery. I will soon celebrate my third year anniversary of being cancer-free and my 15 year old nephew is about to reach his second. Those who have not lived through a cancer diagnosis might not understand that amidst the madness of it all, there is beauty. I wish for you healing power, hope, strength, and beauty. ~ Linda Barnes, Lexington, KY


 Dan, For some unknown reason I was drawn to look you up on the web. I have been a follower of yours since 1983 when I was going through the rough times of growing up. A very special teacher of mine introduced me to your music and I fell in love with you and your music. You are a very special and talented person. Thanks for sharing your talent with the world. God has sure blessed you and always will. Anyway, I was shocked to read about your cancer. I guess God drew me to your website. My prayers are now with you and your family. Be strong. Remember God doesn't give us more than we can handle. I'll just keep listening to your music and wait for your return to the stage. I would like to go to another one of your concerts. My favorite was in Richardson, TX at the Wildflower Festival in 1997 or 1998 (?) We sat on the grassy hill in front of the Ericsson building on a beautiful night. You followed Christopher Cross. What a great performance. Can't wait to see you again. God Bless ~ Diana


 Dear Dan, I hope you don't think me rude for addressing you as Dan... but I wanted to share with you just how much your music has meant to me... in fact, many times when I was about 13 or 14 and going through some of the hardest times in my life, I am convinced that your music saved me. Your music reflects a man with such a gentle heart and a purposeful soul. I listen to your words, not so much as a fan or as a groupie, but as a fellow member of this earth who has been inspired by your lyrics and deeply moved by you incredible musical talent. I wish you only the very best as you fight the greatest fight of your life. You will be in my thoughts and in my heart as so many times you have been in mine and lifted me up with a simply reminder to love and love well. I am a teacher and I bring messages from people like you into my classroom and try to help create a new generation who will grow to respect the earth and to cherish this precious gift called life. I truly wish you strength and love through this difficult time. My sincerest wishes for a full recovery ~ Sheri Wollard Stratford, CT


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, I am sorry if this sounds so formal, but I believe you deserve more respect than any other musician and song writer that I have ever heard. My brother introduced me to your music 25 years ago, and I have been amazed at the meanings of your songs, as well as the vocabulary that you use. Your melodies and accompaniment are a gift. But even more impressive is the way you play the guitar and piano - especially on stage. Your solo acoustic performances are incredible. I have enjoyed those the most. (I wish you would release a CD of just those.) You have been an inspiration to me. I have tried for many years to learn the guitar and piano, and I still can't understand how you can be so talented. I wish you the best and a speedy recovery so that you can continue to share your talents with us. Always ~ Jack Clarke


 Dear Dan, I have never written to any celebrity before, but I really am concerned about you and wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers. We found out about your illness because we had tickets to your concert in New Jersey. We are huge fans of yours. You have an incredible voice and I love listening to your music. The first time I ever heard your voice, way back when, I fell in love with it. My husband and I have probably everything you have ever recorded. We wish you a speedy and full recovery. We look forward to the time we can see you in concert, may it be soon. All our best ~ Sharyn & Sandy Perrelli


 Dear Dan... I feel the need to post yet another message...I had a dream about you last night; you were sitting at my dining room table asking me which of your songs is my favorite; well they all are, how can I possibly pick just one, they all mean so much to me. Please be well and have a speedy recovery. Know that in this house in New Jersey prayers and good wishes are sent your way each and every day. We all love you. Take Care. ~ Mary Tom Joshua and Preston Jardine...Browns Mills. NJ


 Mr. Fogelberg, I was getting ready for work and I always have the TV on for traffic and weather. When I came out to the bedroom there was a "flash" message at the bottom of the screen and I just caught "berg" for the name of the person cancelling a concert tour because of being diagnosed with prostate cancer. I went to your website (I have never been on another artist's website) and read the news. I have loved your music since my older sister started letting me listen to her albums (yes CD's weren't around then), and have always thought you were one of the best looking, most sensitive and talented men on the planet. Until I met my husband 14 years ago, I thought I would never meet that same kind of man. I send best wishes to you and your wife and family. Hoping for your speedy recovery, so I can see you perform again. Good Luck ~ Rita from Buford, GA


Hey Dan, Be strong buddy have given strength to countless thousands of others with your words and music .Time to concentrate on yourself....Get well soon old friend ~ B


 Dear Dan, For so many years, starting back in 1974, I thought I was the only tortured soul so in love with you and your music that it hurt. After reading so many prayers and thoughts on your website, I am humbled and amazed, yet I really knew it all along, that someone as wonderful as you has to have more than just me as a fan!! Now, so many years and miles have expired, but my love for you and your music have not. I even ran away from home at the age of 16 to find you, because I really believed all of your love songs were written in pursuit of me. I laugh to myself now, due to my sheer immaturity, or is it arrogance? However, there could be no bigger fan than I, for I really love your music. Your wife must be a very special woman, and your mother an even more special woman.... best of all to you and all your loved ones. Forever in love with you. ~ Summer


 It's the last day of November and time to start playing the Xmas music. The first Xmas CD I listened to today in the car on the way to the office was yours . . . I just love it and rely on it annually to inspire and help me prepare for the month of December and all that it brings. As I listened to your beautiful and haunting rendition of "We Three Kings," as well as all the other cuts, I thought of you and your family, & prayed that you defeat your illness so that you can get back to making music.


Your songs are the soundtrack to my formative years. I can tell you where I was when I heard each of them, and I associate long-ago memories & people with virtually all of them. Some of those people are gone now, but they live on in my memory and heart, their presence underscored by your tunes. You have given such a wonderful gift to so many people who, like me, have never even met you (although I was in the front row of your solo-acoustic concert in Anaheim in 1978 and was absolutely mesmerized). Take care and be well. Merry Christmas to you and yours. ~ JHSiess, Esq.,Lodi, CA


 Dear Dan, I start by saying “Dear Dan” because, although you do not know me, you have been my friend for many, many years. Your music has been an inspiration to me both in life and in my own music. You have been my musical hero, and that is a great accomplishment for any musician. I can only pray for your recovery and am glad to hear that your treatment has been progressing positively. I look forward to the day that you can return to performing and any new material that you decide to release.May you be well. Your friend ~ Gary A. Kabler


 My prayers to you and your loved ones are now included with my yellow bracelet. ~ PB


 Hi Dan: I've been thinking about you alot lately, since I heard of the battle you are now facing. You always seem to be in my thoughts, and I'd like to share with you the "why" of this. In 1978 I met Briand while on vacation in Jamaica who introduced me to your music. He was from Rhode Island, and I was from Montreal. I was going through a divorce, and he had a girlfriend. Over the next year we tried to see each other as much as one can with "distance" playing a factor. Since I was coming from "a bad place", I wasn't ready to get involved in another relationship any time soon. Long story short, I married 3 years later, but we remained friends for 22 years. No one can believe that a married women could have a "man" as a friend and not have it be sexual, yet, there it was, we were best friends. In April of 2000, just short of his 50th birthday, he was killed in an automobile accident. Until the day he died, we were best friends and in those early years he often dedicated your songs to me, his favorite being "Dancing Shoes". I just wanted you to know, that every time I hear one of your songs, Briand's love and the memories of him come flooding back, and I am so grateful to have had him in my life and so grateful that song writers like you keep my memories of him alive. Your music was very much a part of our lives and I want to thank you for that. I just wanted to send you some of that love that I always feel when I think of Briand and when I hear your songs. I believe in prayer, so please know that you are in my thoughts and in my prayers, and we, your fans, are praying for your speedy recovery. God Bless you. ~ Janet Rhind, Oakville, Ontario, Canada


 Dear Dan: We really missed you in Melbourne, FL last October! Your music has inspired me over the years. Please be strong, don't stop writing, and hopefully we will be on your next tour. My thoughts are with you...your music is still with me. ~ Jo from Florida


 Don't look down, though your wings are on fire... Thinking of you as I listened to your CD. I hope you will back in business soon to continue on with your goals. I thought I had read that you were going to retire @ 50. Glad you decided to keep going. As a new student at Western Illinois University in Macomb, IL - circa 1973 someone said listen to this, I think you will like it - your album Home Free - I have been a fan ever since.! (Where did 30 years go?) Took my son to a Springfield, IL concert at age 9 and he had trouble staying awake at the end. Now he is 18 has been playing guitar and writing songs for 2 years. His other favorite music, Buffalo Spfld, Neil Young, CSNY, Pink Floyd, Johnny Cash. He is an eclectic talented guy, attends U of I in Champaign, plays solo @ open mic nights, and hopes to hear you in concert where he will stay awake. Wisdom is gained through lonely suffering, some of us could use a break from wisdom sometimes, huh? Shalom ~ Andrea Johnson in Springfield, IL


 Best Wishes to Dan and his family. I recently lost my finance to Cancer which overwhelmed me with sadness. My sister recently left me a voicemail a few weeks after of "Same Old Lang Syne", and although there were tears in my eyes as I listened, it filled with warmth. Thank you for the gift. ~ Dara A Carpineto, Fairfield CT.


 I keep several of Dan's cds in my car and listened to Phoenix today, now it is time to bring out the Christmas album. I just love it. Keeping Dan in my thoughts and prayers. ~ Carrie, a fan from NY


 Dan and family, Our family continues to hold you up in prayer. May you have a blessed day and a blessed Christmas. You are like a brother to many of us in this big family that we call life.Grace & Peace ~ Pam


 Dan, I want to wish you and your loved ones Happy Holidays and may you get well soon.~ Cindy Fabian


 Hi Dan, I would write Dan and family but must admit I know little or nothing about your personal life. I've been a fan though for almost 20 years and in love with your music ever since. I lived in Washington DC temporarily when I first heard "Same Old Lang Syne"about 20 years ago and I cried while driving along Connecticut Ave. I started listening to that station 107 almost around the clock just to see if the song came by again and it did. I wrote down your name and drove to the nearest record store to get your album. I've infected many friends and family with your music since, here in the Netherlands and Belgium where I live and we all share special feelings and thoughts listening to your songs. Now even my 5 year old starts singing with me in the car (he does not know what he sings because he only speaks Dutch and German but he tries to sing with me.) I just visited your site for the first time and was shocked to hear you were sick. I hope you recover fast and will be able to share the spirit of your song with all your fans for many years to come. The Dutch National Radio station presents a TOP 2000 every year between Chistmas and New Years. Listeners can list their top 3 songs and I'm putting in yours. Our thoughts here in The Netherlands are with you. Sincerely ~ Carin


 Dear Dan: God is our refuge and strength, and an ever-present help in times of trouble (Psalm 46:1) Sending your way my prayers for you to get well soon! Love and all the best from Germany ~ Sabine


 Dan - I just the other the day was driving with my two daughters in the car and I heard your "Same Old Lang Syne" song. I said "ooo, I love this song" and immediately turned up the radio and sang along with it. I do have to admit that at the time I had forgotten who sang it. The song continued to stay with me for the rest of the day as I found myself singing it several times. I went to the computer to research who it was that sang that song.... and came across your name...I made my way to your website and was amazed at how many of your beautiful songs I have grown up with and love. They are even more beautiful to me now, as I am older and can appreciate the lyrics. I want you to know that the first item on my Christmas list is your Very best of ...CD. I also just learned on your website of your illness and felt compelled to wish you well and a speedy recovery. Also to let you know that your songs have touched many hearts and will continue to do so... I know in the near future - you will have two new fans - my daughters, I already know, will love your music. Best wishes. ~ Deb J.-in Massachusetts


 Dear Dan: I wanted to send a few words of encouragement and thanks your way. I wish you well in your battle against cancer and I promise to mention you in my prayers. We are living in a great time for battling disease and discomfort. I am amazed at the advances medical science has made in the last 20 years. I underwent back surgery two weeks ago today and I am already up walking long distances and driving. Twenty years ago when my back problem first surfaced about all the doctors would do was give you muscle relaxers and pain meds. Today they are able to fix the source problem with little effort, and I look forward to many pain-free years. I just know this is going to be the case for you too.


I also want to thank you for the many years of enjoyment of your music. I first discovered your music in 1977 with your "Nether Lands" album. I quickly bought every other album you had produced. Your music, and the poetical lyrics had a profound effect on me then, and I have enjoyed rediscovering them today. I am constantly amazed with the beautiful lyrics you write, the profundity of them, and how astutely you put music to them. God has given you a great gift and you have used it well. Just a parting thought: a good friend and I (both of us guitar players) love to listen to your music. We love to marvel and ponder at the meanings of they lyrics, and also be amazed at your musicianship. Would that more of us be as blessed as you. Take care and focus on getting well. Regards ~ Stan Milam.


 Dear Dan: Our sunny Hawaiian weather was rather clouded over when we got the news about your health problem. Mr. Fogelberg , I hope you realize the amazing positive impact your music had upon our lives. The painful hurt of youthful love gained and lost, the bittersweet trails and tribulations of growing and learning about human relationships, were eased by your music. It was comforting to know that you KNEW and could put into words what we could only vaguely explain.Our best wishes are with you , and if you don't mind, we are saying some prayers in your behalf to the "big man" upstairs. We know you can beat this cancer, and hope to catch you on your "winter 2008" tour !! Best Regards ~ "the Ukulele Brothers" (Luke Y, Mark T. and Kimo L.)


 You transcended words and music and you will transcend into great health....Sincerely....Fred from Illinois


 Dear Dan, I was so sorry to hear about your struggle with cancer and I sincerely hope and pray for your recovery. Please know how meaningful your music is to me and to so many others, now and for always. Respectfully ~ Anne


 Dan, You have inspired me through 20 years of being a singer/songwriter/pianist/guitarist. I can't thank you enough for the influence you've had on my music. Specifically, I think your Christmas album and Nether Lands are among the most beautiful recordings of all-time. Get well soon, my friend. ~ Greg Ralls


 Looking forward to seeing you 'maybe' on your Spring 2005 Tour, please come to Nashville, TN. God Bless, keep your spirits high, got a lot of folk praying for you ~ Jack Lowe


 Dear Sir, Your music has been woven into the fabric of my life for decades. I am saddened to hear of your health crisis and hopeful that you are recovering and healing with every day that passes. May you and your family gain strength from the prayers and devotion of all the people you've touched by your music over the years. You have many gifts yet to share with us. Respectfully ~ Linda from Pittsburgh, PA


 Dan- My heartfelt best wishes to you as well as your family. In these times the strength of faith and love is the power of true recovery. You will be in my prayers. You have enriched my life not only from your beautiful music, but because of your music, I meet the love of my life. The first thing we both discovered in common was the true love of your music. From a very grateful fan, thank you. ~ Carla Wright


 I hope you and your family are doing well. Remember that God holds you safely in his hands, always. Artists, who create or maybe acknowledge the beauty in this world, hold a special place in the hearts of many. The love and best wishes of those you have touched are with with you. We are waiting to hear your next song.


 Dear Dan, You have been a major influence, inspiration and crush to me since the beginning. Your deep connection with my home state of Maine has intensified my imagined connection to you. Once I found an arrow head from the Red Paint period. That arrow head seemed to represent your presence there. I know that your deep connections to Native American spirituality, and your love and appreciation of the natural world, are great sources of strength for you at this time. I'm keeping you and your family in my thoughts, and visualizing your increasing strength and healing that is taking place for you. All my deepest good wishes to you, Dan. ~ Lucia


 Dear Dan, Please know I am praying for you & thinking of you in your time of need. You're the most talented artist ever. Jean, you have a wonderful man there. I so remember you in the start of the Coachmen....practicing out at Expo Gardens. I was thinking of this today. The times at Pizza PH... Looking over Grandview Drive knowing how that inspired you so. I have watched you become a wonderful person thru the years. You have helped me so much.Be strong. God will guide you....Prayers & Love ~ Beth from Peoria


 Dear Dan: May your heart always be as warmed as your music has made mine over all these years. May the Almighty always keep you in the palm of his hand.~ Lee E., Chicago.


 When I first met my wife, I knew she was the one for me because of our sharing of an extreme love of music, and yours was by far our favorite. (And it still is) Over the past twenty-three years, we have bought every single album (cd) that you have ever made and are watching your DVD Greetings From the West tonight. We have observed your transformation through different styles of music through the years and have greatly appreciated each one. We both feel that you are a modern day Mozart that may someday be appreciated even more so than now. We will keep you in our prayers, Dan. You can beat this thing. I agree with the sentiments of another writer that was posted on your website that you would make an awesome Christian music artist, as well. We love your Christmas cd. God bless you and your family. ~ Jim and Marcie Herndon, Washington, OK


 Hello Dan, I am so sorry to hear of the news of your illness. I have an uncle that just had a bout with this type of cancer a couple of years ago and am happy to say, has conquered father, his older brother, has had it now for 8 yrs and is currently undergoing radiation. I know that going to a support group at our local hospital has been a big help to my father (and mother) in becoming more educated about it and being with others that are going throught the same experience. I wish you a full and speedy recovery and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I would like to also add that I have truly enjoyed your work throughout the years. You are blessed to have the gift of setting wonderful stories to music, in a poetic way. Hang in there Dan, stay positive and we hope to hear from you soon. ~ Connie -- Rhode Island


 DF, Your music has meant a lot to me over the years and I send prayers to the universal power, i.e God, sends the energy of good health and healing to your life.~ DT Rogers


 Dear Dan and Jean - There isn't a day that I don't think of you and wish you only the best! My 53-yr-old sister was diagnosed with breast cancer just 2 weeks ago.I know full well how shocking a diagnosis like cancer can be, but I'm also confident that today's medicine will bring you both through to full health once again. I live for that day! ~ Cherie in Denver


 Dear poet...I hope you are comfortable and recovering well. You remain in my prayers. Love and blessings your way from Clearwater, Florida ~ judi


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, It has taken me years to track you down (procrastination is my downfall), and you can't imagine how sorry I was to hear of your illness, but what a valuable lesson I learned about time. I'm truly sorry, because your songs stirred my heart as a young girl growing up--to the point of wanting to search Colorado just to meet you--and because there is still so much to hear from you. I will definitely keep you and your family in my prayers. You are very special to me, and that can only mean you are so much more special to others. Sincerely, and may God save a special Blessing for you in your recovery ~ PF


 Thanksgiving. A time to be reflecting on those parts of our lives that have enriched us and to return gratitude for these. Dan and Jean, much gratitude for all you have done as individuals and as a couple to enrich the lives of millions of people. May you both be richly blessed. Love ~ Deann in Yellow Springs; home of Richie Furay and Dave Chappelle


 We have been meeting here and playing ourfFogelberg cds and sending our positive energy. Your words have taken me through the bad times and made the wonderful time euphoric.Come back and light up our hearts and souls again.We miss you ~ Gordon and Julie, Evansville, IN


 Dan, the first song I heard was "Part of the Plan" played by a friend on an accustic guitar in my dorm in college 30 years ago. I have been a fan ever since. Your music got me throught some uncertain times and for that I am very grateful. I've seen you twice in person recently and was very impressed with your positive spirit which will help you get through this difficult time. I will keep you in my prayers.


 Dear Dan and family, You bless so many, with your gift of music and song. May the Lord of all creation keep His hand on you. "It is not the greatness of our own faith that moves a mountain but our own faith in the greatness of God." Love to all ~ Lisa in MO


 I am so sorry to hear about your illness. I myself have been ill at a very young age. I also rehabilitate wild birds and when I release them I send them off with a prayer for someone I know who could use it. The birds do get closer to God's ears ya know? I send one up for you. My birds do enjoy your music it calms them as people bring them in injured and scared, thanks for that. ~ Karla Bergstrom


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, I am praying for your quick and full recovery. May amazing grace of God be with you. ~ Y.Komori, Kanagawa, Japan

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