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"Dear Dan" Letters

September 2005

 Hey Dan, The news you posted on your website this August was indeed great news. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers for a continued recovery. Your music has been a heartfelt, inspiration to me and I know millions of others. Thanks for sharing yourself all these years.   Now it is time for us to share our love back to you. My best wishes always and with much love ~ Chris Maltezos


 Dan, for more than thirty years, your music has been a part of my life. When I met my future wife, Susan, we found that we shared a love of your music,  a love that, like our own, has grown over the years. I'm happy to hear that you have the cancer on the run, Dan. The world is a richer place with you and your music. All our best.


 Thank you for the update on your condition - I have been wondering and watching the website for news.  My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and your family. ~ Becky Gibbs


 Dear Dan, We are so pleased to hear of the improvement you've made in your struggle with cancer.  We thank the Lord and pray for you to continue to heal. Rely on God's strength to see you through the days ahead. Each day is a gift from God and meant to be used for His glory. Your gift of music is also His gift to you that we have so enjoyed over the years, I just want to thank you for sharing it with all of us.  Even though you have no immediate plans to record or perform we just want to assure you that it's OK.  We personally feel blessed to have seen you 8 times over a 23 year period (1977-2000) and have fully enjoyed each album you've made.  That can never be taken away. Use your time now to fully heal and enjoy your wife Jean and your family and friends.  Dwell in the presence of God and in His love for you.  Draw closer to Him and seek His face and you will be truly blessed. Once again we say "Thank You" for the music! God bless you and yours ~ Judy & Michael Knight, Largo, FL


 Hello Dan, I am from Harlow in England. I am about your age and very lucky to be here still after being seriously ill for 3 months. I am a recent user on the web and have only just found out about your problem. You have helped me when I listen to your music. You are a wonderful writer of words & music. I have got virtually all your albums following your music for years. You still have alot more in you yet. When my father died I played the "Wandering Shepherd" track at his funeral. It felt appropriate to me. Be strong, live long and beat the illness.You deserve to. Sincere best wishes- make it your plan to get into the studio again ~ Peter Dewey- Just a somebody who wished he had an ounce of your talent.


 Praise God!  Dan, I am so very happy that things are going well (in  light of the circumstances)!  As I was driving to Cleveland yesterday, from  my little town near Columbus, I enjoyed my usual routine, playing my collection of Fogelberg CD's, mixed with Keith Urban stuff and I had you and  your family on my mind.  I was considering how everyone has their gift, blessing, talent, and realizing how in awe I am of people like you.  Those  who can take the language that we speak every day,  put words together to  tell stories and create lyrics that touch our hearts or define our moments,  amaze me.  That you can pick up a guitar or sit down to a piano, and  arrange all of the sounds that they make into a melody that is uplifting, haunting, unforgettable-it's beyond my comprehension.  I considered that  people think that the work I do as an ER nurse is similarly amazing and I  really tend to not see my work that way, it's just what I do, who I am, what I  love. It's natural for me (after 21 years) to just BE a nurse. And then it  hit me, that it's pretty natural for the musicians/songwriters to just BE, as well.  It is the product of your creative abilities that somehow take the emotions of my life,  and put them into a sensible order, that allow me to continue being who I  am.  I know that many of my favorite nurses are seriously tuned in to their music of choice, and on some days, music is the force that allows them to continue helping others (possibly even other musicians/songwriters) and it appeared to me that we ARE  all part of an interconnected chain.   Did it ever occur to you that perhaps your music played in the background as a cancer researcher made a major discovery that has led to your success in your fight?   I just love it  when God allows me to see the endless possibilities! At any rate,  I hope that you continue to feel well.  It is a  prayer answered for me, that you have been able to give us a positive  update. ~ Ginny


 Dan: We pray to the Great Physician that you continue rapid and permanent recovery from this illness.  We are Missionaries for Christ mobilizing soon to Kenya and just enjoyed 6 weeks of training in Palmer Lake, Colorado. Truly you are in God's country. In Christ ~ Don, Laura, Zack, and Drew


 I just lost my father and a cousin to cancer, and I hope and pray that you win the battle. I am sending healing wishes and love your way.....the world does not want to lose such a fantastic musician way before his time. All the best ~ Sandi Flood, Vancouver, BC


 Dan, for more than thirty years, your music has been a part of my life. When I met my future wife, Susan, we found that we shared a love of your music,  a love that, like our own, has grown over the years. I'm happy to hear that you have the cancer on the run, Dan. The world is a richer place with you and your music. All our best.


 Hi Dan, Lovely to hear that you are doing well and getting healthier every day. This is my second letter and as a fellow singer/songwriter from Northern California, I have had the pleasure of following your musical journey since 1974. I know what it is like to have an infectious passion for music in your soul and I am confident we will be hearing newly scripted verses and haunting melodies and harmonies again from you soon. Meanwhile the best to you and Jean, you are in my prayers. Happy birthday to you my friend. There is definitely a "Magic Every Moment" ~ Lenny Campbell, Manteca, California.


 So here it is, another Friday night and we are listening to Dan Fogelberg. Thank you for all your music, sorry to keep sending you e-mails, but our love, hopes and prayers are with you. Just listened to "Tucson Arizona Gazette" - thank you for the passion, it's my favorite composition. Now my husband has "Sweet Magnolia" at full volume and my children are sleeping like angels to this lullaby. Thank you Dan and please keep getting well. We love you.


 Dear Dan, I never imagined in my life that I would be sending you a note to wish you well in your continued recovery from cancer. As a prostate cancer survivor myself, I can only say that it was indeed good news to learn about your healing. I am a Yup'ik Eskimo from Alaska who grew up in tiny village, so you can imagine the breadth and reach of your great music! I look forward to buying your next CD! Sincerely ~ Andy Angaiak, Fairbanks, AK, originally from Tununak


 Dan, My thoughts and prayers are with you and Jean as you continue your struggle to defeat prostate cancer.  I know how difficult these health issues can be, since my own husband is living with Rheumatoid Arthritis & Diabetes, while already dealing with an amputation of the right leg from the knee down (motorcycle accident).  It is hard to deal with, and I am happy that you have a good woman by your side & am sure you are too.


I've enjoyed your music since Home Free, and fell for my first husband while spending evenings with him (my next door neighbor) listening to it, Souvenirs, and Captured Angel.  I guess he introduced me to your music and that was years ago, but I still listen to those albums (uh-CD's now) often....I also fell in love with my current husband listening to your music-but, many years later, with us finding that we both had a love for older rock n roll. I've been to your shows in Knoxville and Johnson City, TN-and loved every minute of it!   I want to thank you for the music, the words, and your spirit (that you have always put into it)- So many of us are rooting for you that you are bound to overcome!!! With love ~ Crystal Longdon


 Hello Dan, I'm glad that I read on your site, you are reasonably well. This week I ordered your Christmas cd. Your music is a positive island amidst all rubbish we daily hear on the radio in The Netherlands. May God give you the strength and comfort. And I hope that the God of The Bible may be your only guide in life. Greetings from The Netherlands. ~ Addo


 Hi Dan: Went to see Michael Martin Murphy last night and what a concert!  Earlier in the day, I was speaking with a friend from South Africa and told her I was going to see "Murph".  She wasn't familiar with his music, so I said "he's in the same league as Dan Fogelberg".  She, of course, related immediately.  Then, last night, Michael made reference to the late 70's, early 80's and mentioned your name.  On the way home, I wondered what you were doing and if you were making any personal appearances.


I've been a fan since I bought "Twin Sons of Different Mothers".  Your "Phoenix" album was one of the best ever and I can't tell you how many hours of pleasure I have received from your music. I decided to do a search today to see if I could find any current information.  I was deeply saddened to find out you are struggling with cancer.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.  Selfishly, I'm hoping that one day you can again tour and perform.  I've said for years that one of my dreams was seeing you in person and I'd like to see that dream come true.  It would definitely be a highlight! Your website iz beautiful and I'm hoping that everyone listens to your advice about the PSA checkups and digital exam.  They are so easy and so very important. I will follow your progress and pray that even if you never tour again, that you will regain your health and live many happy years.~ A Longtime Fan


 Dear Dan, There are a few artists in this world that you may never meet face to face, yet by their message, you feel like you've known them all your life.  Like everyone else, I was shocked and saddened by your diagnosis, and have been praying for your complete recovery.  Your distinctive style and voice has been a mainstay of the music in my life for over 25 years.  Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with us.  God bless you and your family and even if we never hear a new song, I will always be grateful for the wonderful memories.  The important thing is that you're here and getting better! Sincerely ~ Rhonda Cave


 I was listening to "Nether Lands" the song tonite.  I am a computer guy and have spent the last two weeks killing a virus, working my butt off.  We all make choices in life and, for many different reasons, end up on the path that we are on.  Some contribute much and some not so much.  Artists are gifted beings that have the glorious ability to be able to express in words and music the things that most of us feel and think, but cannot express.  What a wonderful and beautiful thing.  As I was listening to the words of "Nether Lands", I felt the shiver of that joy of freedom that you sang about and the "acceptance of life", not accepted.  You wouldn't have made a good convenience store clerk.  Your choice to take the road that offered sweet peace has blessed countless lives and these words will whisper forever through time. I pray for you and though I know that you cannot live forever, I will always look for the announcement that you're playing Northrup auditorium again.  Every year like clockwork.  May God bless your days and thanks for taking the road that offered "sweet peace". "Like the songs that the darkness composes to worship the light." There are no greater lyrics than those that paint a picture.~ Robert Marson - St. Paul, MN.


 Dan, First and foremost, I want to send you my fervent prayer and some positive energy for a full recovery. Souvenirs and Captured Angel were the soundtrack for my college years. As a fellow guitarist and performer, I loved covering "Part of the Plan", "Comes and Goes" and "These Days" with the Open Road Band in the late '70's. As a native of Maine, "The Reach" always makes me want to go home. Your musical legacy will live forever. However, I pray that God will grant you and your family some golden time to enjoy each other as much as we enjoy your art. ~ Steve in Oviedo, Florida.


 Dan, Your  music has helped many of us overcome the up and downs in our lives. I remember in 1982 listening to your music to overcome some personal hardships of not being able to cope with the stresses of life, and you helped me get through it all. I hope you will overcome the dreadful prostate problems and be cancer free. Many more birthdays and many years of happiness in all you may do.~ Ed Cope, Uniontown, Pa.


 Hi Dan, First of all let me say that I am very glad that you are making progress in you battle with cancer.  I will continue to pray for your recovery, and for family. I heard about your condition about a year ago and I totally was blown away.  To me it felt like receiving this news about a family member.  Your music has been such a part of my life since '73.  All through high school, college, and all those years of raising my family, your music has held a very special in my life.  I have most of your albums, and have seen you concert about a dozen times. Your music has been an inspiration to me in many ways. It has been with me during all kinds of time, and played at my wedding.  Your music was always there for me, especially during those times when a lot of people were not.  Your music was one of the main reasons I learned to play guitar.  Your songs have taught me a quite a bit. Not just because of the tunings, chord progression or lyrics, but because of the messages and experiences  that you have been sharing with us.   My wife, son and daughter also know of your works.  They also grew up with your music, and are praying for your full recovery.


My wife is also a cancer survivor.  She was diagnosed with bone cancer at age of 14, and beat it --  35 years later she is still going strong. My life is better because of what you have given to us.  Your music will always be a part of my life - period!  And I know that when you get back up and dust yourself off, we age going to get some more Fogelberg tunes out of you. Whether they are mellow, crankers, country rock, or what ever, I can NOT wait. See you in the record stores. And as Buckaroo Bonsai once said,  "No matter where you go, there you are!" ~ Jeff Barbaro Sanders


 I couldn't be happier! My own Melanoma seems to be history as well. It seems your job security and my Listener security are tracking together nicely! If you never set foot on stage or in a studio least it's your call, and those of us who love your work will simply, quietly nod and smile whenever your music plays...glad to know you will have our emotions in your heart. Stay well, do what feels good,write if and when you feel like it. I've got a wonderful selection of your work to keep me going...if I've gotta....I guess.


 Four years ago my oldest son, then 12, was diagnosed with stage 4 Rabdomyo sarcoma. Now as I said it has been 4 years and my son is doing great but I know what an emotional roller coaster families go through when dealing with cancer and my heart and Prayers go out to Dan and his family. Keep the Faith and be strong Dan! We are pulling for you! ~ Jake Schafer


 Dear Dan, I am glad to hear how well you are doing.  You have been in my thoughts and prayers.  I have never written to you before, but I wanted to somehow say to you that I have been touched by your music for many years.  I first heard Souvenirs in my junior year of High School in 1978.  Since then I have been a devoted fan.  Now, it is fun to hear my kids sing along to your music.  I wish you the best in your life. I appreciate your spirit and soul, and especially your music.  Thank you for so many wonderful memories in song.  Sincerely ~ Machelle in Utah.


 Dear Dan, I am so glad to finally get an update from you....AND it's good news!   The power of prayer and God's grace is amazing, isn't it?  I have been a  fan for more years than I care to count, and have seen you in concert 2 times,  once in my hometown of Seattle, and once more recently in Lake Tahoe, just 2 years ago. There is something so amazing about your music that brings peace to me, regardless of what's going on in my life.  I want to thank you for all those great songs. I hope that all these prayers and good thoughts bring you hope, peace and we know that these 3 are the most of  valuable things. Live life to the fullest! Thank you ~ Tina Tyler, Lynnwood, WA


 Dan, Sigh ... so glad to hear that you are doing better.  I've been so concerned and upset that I haven't played any of your CDs in over a year.  Couldn't bear the pain, but tonight, yes, finally, there was no way to say no to the light that has washed away the darkness.  God bless you and Jean for all the pleasure and enlightenment you have shed on us all. All my love ~ Dot Haight


 Your music is a true connection to happy memories of my youth and the years leading up to middle age. Nothing but great memories when I play your  songs. I'm praying for you. Me and my kids will be at your next tour. ~ Peter Chirico MD, Huntington, WV


 I'm happily adding to my iPod, using lots of my favorite DF tunes.  I'm so glad to hear that you are doing so well. My best wishes and prayers to you.~ Kathy O'Connell, Burbank, CA


 WOW!!!! How happy and blessed my husband and I felt to hear your good news! If thoughts and prayers ever worked, it seems to have done so for you, Dan and Jean! What wonderful news that your treatments are going so well and that you seem to be winning your fight. I know that I speak for all of the people who have loved you and your gift of music for so long when I say that it was such an awesome gift to hear of how well you are doing. Know, too, that our thoughts are to remain with you for as long as it takes. While we all understand that you have no immediate plans to return to either recording or touring, please understand that the selfish part of us is hoping that one day in the not too distant future you will be truly well enough to reconsider. Your very being and your amazing gift of voice and song is so important to us all. And your message is powerful!!!! Dan, the very week before your exciting news, my husband had his first prostate check, and believe me when I say that he screamed and fought all the way - "I'm not old enough" and "I don't need this exam" - that was all I heard for days! He was so impressed with your news and your "lecture" that he suddenly felt that he had joined a very important "club". Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your life with us all! Every day your life, your music and your example remind me to let "faith be my strength and love be my guiding star ". Thanks for all you have given us. As the true love of my life and I prepare to celebrate our third anniversary, I pray, too, that you and Jean are blessed with many, many years to come! ~ Kris and Brian, Wichita, Ks


 Mr. Fogelberg - Like many others, I have also been a fan of your music for so long. Throughout my life, I have turned to your music to help me understand about life, love and what we must go through to become a stronger person. Growing up, we never envision what the future could bring. We think we are invincible and don't realize that anything, at any time, can change our life forever. Whether it's good, bad or indifferent, we seem to shelter ourselves from it. And when it happens, somehow we deal with it.  The strength that each of us have inside is not tested until that time. With a little help from above and belief in ourselves, we all get through and hopefully emerge a stronger, more confident person. I could go on forever about how your music has touched my life, but I won't. We are all with you, and you will be forever with us. ~ MaryEllen from Pennsylvania


 Dear Dan, I am writing to let you know how overwhelmed with happiness I was to read your letter. I have been praying for your complete wellness and I will continue to do so. I am a longtime fan from Illinois and have waited to hear your news. I am crying with joy. I too have a husband who has struggled with cancer and is a survivor. Everyone loves you and know that we all care very much how you are doing. I listen to your music all the time, and it always inspires me and illuminates my day. I am running to put my CD on right now, having just heard your news. Keep the faith! ~ Holly Jorgensen


 Dan, I just wanted to say thank you to you for your words and music through the years. I first came to know your music when I was 15 years old and now am  45. I was driving in the Smoky Mountains this past weekend with the top down on my Jeep and listening to your music. "Old Tennessee" is a favorite. My thoughts are with you and I have listened to your "Sermon" on your site and will heed your warning. I met you in Knoxville, Tennessee backstage one October in 1994 or  1995. I presented to you a book on the Smokys and a picture of a traill to Mount Le Conte; the highest peak in the Smokys. I have always had fond memories of that time that you shared with me. You were very kind. I wish you well and live long and happily. Be well, know you have provided so much joy and comfort in your life from the music that flows from you. Kindest regards ~ Stephen W. Williams, Maryville, Tennessee


 Happy Birthday big guy. You're still the best looking man on earth! Enjoy the day, have a glass of wine!


 Hi Dan, That is such wonderful news that you are doing so well. It helps when you have such a loving family. You are very blessed. When you love good music, you can't help but love the source of thatmusic. Music does bring joy to everyone that hears it, it's a very powerful thing. Many musicians may not realize the power they have through their music. Even during the depression, the only industry that survived were those that provided entertainment. When people had nothing else, they had to have the joy of entertainment to get through their lives. I am sure you have touched millions of people in your career. We all appreciate the joy you have given us. All that is important now is that you have a good and healthy life. You got a second chance. Do all the things that you ever wanted to do, spend time with your family, enjoy and relish every single day. God bless you ~ Wanda Abraham


 I am a 48 year old man from Pennsylvania and I am sitting in front of my computer working on a software project. In the background, Dan's greatest ballads are playing and his phenomenal acoustic guitar skills are such that I can listen to his music over and over. Whether they are ballads, tales and travels or rock and roll hits, the music is timeless.  I am actually getting my 17 year daughter hooked on his music. She now recognizes his voice and sings along with me on many of his songs. I could not understand why we have not heard from Dan in such a long time but as I read on his website, he has been undergoing treatment for prostate cancer. My best wishes to Dan for a healthy and speedy recovery and although Dan mentions that he has no plans in the foreseeable future to return to performing, I hope that he is healthy enough to do so. The music world will be better for it. ~ Rich


 Hi Dan,  We are so happy to read that you are doing well ~ my daughter and I have thought about you quite often in the past year, praying that you would be successful in overcoming the cancer.  Thank you for your message directed to men to be diligent about getting tested for this disease.  That alone may save untold lives. Wishing you continued success with recovery and good health! Sincerely ~ Lynda & Heather Goodman  


 To Dan Fogelberg, I'm so happy that you're better, and although it sounds like a long road ahead, it seems you have an awful lot of prayers, good wishes, and love of family and friends, to give you a ride when the road gets a bumpy. Allow me to be one of the many to wish you all the best, and to thank you for the lovely memories of days gone by listening to "Dan". ~ Lisa Aerts


 Many years ago, our garage band loved working on your tunes, working out the harmonies, working on the arrangements.  We loved the everyday, simple language you used that, at the same time, evoked complex and profound emotions.  How many times one of us would say "I wish I'd written that".  Listening to your music always brings back great memories of that fantastic time in my life.  I want you to know that you touched my life in a positive and unforgettable way. Thank you and keep on keepin' on!


 I have felt so lost and powerless these many months knowing of the horrendous battle you and your family have been fighting, with only my prayers and good wishes to offer. I am so truly relieved to hear of your strides toward wellness. What a humbling reminder of the power of love. And you are indeed so loved. I will continue to hold you in my heart, my thoughts, my soul. As you so beautifully said, " May the trail rise up to meet you journey ever on".  From the heart ~ Tricia from Bloomington, Illinois


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, It is with great elation and joy we hear of the possible remission and reduction of your affliction. You sure have a whole bunch of musicians and fans in East Tennessee prayin' and rootin' for you! Your "Sermon" has reached the masses. We will all have the PSA & DRE performed. Already had colonoscopy done, no biggie. God bless you, Mr. Dan Fogelberg, and your family, and may you continue to enjoy great health and happiness. You have entertained and inspired so many in this region alone, you make Hearts smile! Some friends of mine in the progressive rock group Glass Hammer have covered "Longer" on their latest compilation as a tribute to the man who has given us all the inspiration to seek a career in music. Thank you, sir. Still in Old Tennessee ~ Clark.


 Your music has taken me places I didn't think existed. Our family has grown up with your words and melodies. Your words fill me with emotions,both joyful and sad. Our family will be thinking of you and hope you have more music ahead. I will not give up hope on you! Don't give up! Enjoy the fresh air, the love of your family and friends, good food and wine and music and just being here today. I am glad that we have had you and your music in our lives. Thanks Dan! ~ Paulette Abbott, Leavenworth, Kansas


 I am not sure exactly where to begin...but I would like to share my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to you for sharing your gifts with me.  I have many memories of listening to you, feeling as if you were singing/writing JUST for me.  Happy ones, sure...but the most memorable were dark, lonely, and painful times.  I desperately wanted to be loved and fulfilled.  Then, along came this life creating (3 beautiful children) glorious love. However, all along the way, the underlying knowledge (and song) - "How do we make love last?"  ran deep within my soul.  I knew then, as I know now 20+ years later that this would be my anthem. Your music has (and is) a friend to me!!!! I pray that your body and your mind are focused on the healing powers of our gracious Lord.  I know beyond any doubt that God is ....  I also know that I do not know the whys and wherefores as to the Holy Plan! I was unable to attend any of your concerts...but I have memorized and been touched by your recordings. Thank you. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.  My husband and children are aware of your special place in my heart and life!!!!  They even share some musical appreciation of your songs!!! I pray you are comfortably living life to the fullest and appreciating the beauty of our world. With love ~ Kathy K.


 My prayers are with you!  Thank you for being you and for sharing your wonderful gifts with the world.  Your lyrics and music have always touched me.  I remember being a teenager and experiencing all sorts of emotions - your music was a comfort to me.  It brought me peace and comfort then and still does today!  You are a beautiful person and God bless you. ~ Jackie


 For some reason, I woke up this morning, and wondered how Dan was doing. I did a google search, and read he is doing much better.  I read the letter he wrote, and I want to say how glad I am.  Hope and love...p e a c e


 Dear Dan and Jean: I am a 7 year survivor of non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.  I am a woman blessed, and wish you the same healing blessings.  I have loved your music, especially the lyrics, since I first heard you in 1980.  I was introduced to your magic by someone who became a treasured friend, and your music has remained a shared part of our relationship which has spanned 2 1/2 decades.  I have seen you in concert twice, and had the chance to tell you in person how much I love your music.  I even have your autograph, and being able to shake your hand and tell you how very much I love your music has been one of the highlights of my life.  So often, you have written exactly what my heart feels.  Thank you for sharing the intimacy of your soul with words so beautifully crafted. You have used your God-given gift of music to its absolutely highest good. God bless and keep you and yours in good health. Blessings ~ Carol Lavander, Rochester, New York 


 Dear Dan, I am so thrilled to hear of the progress you've made in your fight against prostate cancer. When I heard about your condition I was deeply saddened. As a cancer survivor myself, I can tell you that miracles DO happen & faith is the one thing that really calms me when I have to go through another round of treatments. It is never easy. As you said it is something we will have to deal with for the rest of our lives, but knowing there are so many people out there praying for you & your family helps to ease the tension. I have seen you in concert several times, but have not yet had the opportunity to take my kids to one of your shows. They have grown up listening to your music & even request it when we go on road trips! The next time that you make your way to St Louis, & I know you will, be assured that Matthew, Rachael & I will be somewhere in the crowd, singing along. We love you Dan.... ~ Joy


 Am so very happy to hear of your progress. I have been a fan since 1976 and have every one of your Cd's. I was dis-heartened to hear you had to take on the battle of cancer. Again , so happy to hear some good news! Now...GET BACK TO WORK!!! We love hearing your music, Dan. Keep the light shining. If you get this.. please know what a difference you have made in my appreciation for the arts ..and my son, Nick as well, who has just entered Univ. of Maine ...the legacy lives on!! Best wishes to you and family. ~ Jon Pratt and family


 Such great news Dan! Many of us have written a  number of times with some hope that sooner or later the word would come back that your prognosis was favorable!  Well, superb news and  certainly well worth the wait. God Bless and hopefully, you  have renewed spirit, energy and heart to create another 35 years of magic for the world! Recently came upon an interview with Garth  Brooks. Just FYI it he says he wanted a style with "a George Jones hard-country feel and with a Dan Fogelberg or James Taylor orientation toward lyrics". Just thought I would pass it on to you. Hopefully,  you will be creating more magic for all of us soon  enough!  ~ Greg  Palumbo.


 Happy Birthday, Dan and what a wonderful birthday present! With tears in my eyes I pull up your web site and with hesitation I read the date--waiting for the message to change. Now with tears once again I write this message, letting you know how happy I am for you and Jean. I know it has been a tough year for both of you. I can't imagine the emotions you must have experienced. I know that life is so very sacred and precious and that you want to spend every moment living your dream, but I was sad to hear that you have no plans to record any music at this time . . . Dan, the music that you have already made will last many, many life times. You are a master of music and have already shared your gift with us . . . go and live and breathe and sail with the wind. Much love to you and Jean. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers.


 So glad to hear you are doing well. Our prayers have been with you and Jean every day. Our 5 year old twins love Dan's music and listen to it all the time. We listen to the music of Dan almost every day. Dan you are a spectacular soul and it is no wonder that with your strength, heart and of course the soul and strength of Jean, you are doing better. Our daughter Anastasia is named after the song "Anastasia's Eyes". She has the biggest, most beautiful green eyes. When we realized we were having twins my husband stated that our first born girl will be Anastasia no matter what. Please keep getting better, we all care for you very much. Love ~ the Hochenberger Family, Jensen Beach, FL.


 Dear Dan, Have loved your music since my freshman college days in the 70's.  I  first heard your songs via a guy playing guitar on the sidewalk outside my dorm  room.  He turned me on to you!  I followed you all the days of my young adulthood.  Lived in LA during the 80's and saw you twice in concert  out there. Always like you and your guitar w/o all the orchestration the  best.  Your early albums are timeless with your higher voice, but the  latter music is just as thought provoking.  Probably my favorite is  "Lessons Learned."  That one keeps coming around and around for me...


Glad to hear you're doing better.  I have no words of wisdom you haven't already heard.  I am sure this will be a time of great  enlightenment for future songs. I hope you get to feeling like writing  again; I look forward to hearing what your music will have to say. I hope  the Leader of the Band has been by your side and you have felt his presence and the presence of the Holy Spirit in your healing. Sincerely ~ Emily Rhodes


 Dan,  I am happy to hear that you are doing well!  Prostate Cancer is easily treated if diagnosed early.  Your advise was timely.  I hope that you have inspired many men to have their PSA test.  Perhaps you have saved many lives because of your words.  You have given me much through your words, so I shall send you support in my prayers.  My best to you and Jean.   Keep fighting! Sincerely ~ Cindy Ouellette, Cumberland, RI


 What wonderful power and energy has been generated on this site. it is the totemic power of Fogelberg fans! Anyway, I have already written 4 or 5 times to say that light and healing are directed to you. For many years, you have been the only musical artist I have purchased. Should you ever decide to write a book, I'm sure it would sell many thousands of copies, and I would probably buy the first thousand of them. There is so much life you have lived, so many stories that have not been told through your songs relating to the music industry and writing songs, making, videos, touring, etc. Oh what a tale you could tell! Should this be something that cannot be for whatever reason, I will just keep on buying more copies of the many albums you have made as the old ones wear out. Peace. ~ Angela from Pennsylvania


 My congratulations on the success of your treatments!  I lost my husband August 16th to metastasized colorectal cancer that had moved into almost every organ.  It was a terrible battle that saddened my heart. I find strength through my family and friends.  My 13 year old daughter and I use your music to soothe our hurts and frustrations. I have listened to you since the mid-seventies and find comfort in your ballads. My advise to anyone with this dreadful disease is to love those close to them and enjoy every moment. My prayers and support go to our sisters and brothers in the aftermath of Katrina. ~ Christinia O. Lynn


 Dan, I am so glad to hear of your progress!  I want to say that your music has inspired me to write music ever since I first shared a room with my older brother in 1977.  He played your "albums" night and day while we spend countless hours trying to figure out how to play your incredible music.  Since then I had some success as a songwriter.  Thank you for your gift!  Hang in there with BOTH CLAWS!!! ~ J.W.


 Dan, I have been waiting for a message like this from you ever since I heard of your illness a year ago.  I have prayed for you persistently, knowing that only good could come from that.  I was aware of the fact that your birthday was August 13th and I felt sure that we would hear from you. Keep doing what you are doing, it was so great to hear your news! I get my DRE and PSA yearly, and will do so again on Sept. 6th, 4 days before my 53rd birthday.  As you say, it well worth a little discomfort for a few seconds!! I wrote a song for you shortly after hearing your news last year.  In it I say "I hope you know I am praying for you, there is nothing in this world I wouldn't do."  That is still very true today, I am sending all the strength I can muster in your direction. Your Devoted Follower ~ Roger Scales, Indianapolis IN


 Dan: I have long awaited the birthday message you provided-indeed, a great gift for all of us you have blessed with your music and your spirit. I am fifty-one and have taken your sermon to heart. Once again, thanks for the inspiration you have so long provided. It is my hope that there will come a time when you return to performing. Until then, Bless you and Jean. May you have many wonderful years ahead and countless memorable moments.. ~ Dave


 Dear Dan, I just read your online letter of August 13, 2005, and am thrilled to hear that you're doing so well.  Thank you for sharing this news with those of us who love your music and feel a connection to you through that gift. I hail from east-central Illinois (Marshall) originally but now live near Springfield.  In between those points I lived for several years in the Washington, DC, area.  During those years, you kept me close to home when I felt homesick.  Playing "Live in the Country" and "Illinois" meant so much to me.  "Hickory Grove" especially brought me close to my family farm, as there is a beautiful hickory grove there.  I don't know how to put into words how special your words and singing were and still are to me.  All I can say is THANK YOU. Thank you so much for your songs about our beautiful Earth.  Everyone needs to hear more of the message to love and protect our home. "Same Old Lang Syne" is my favorite.  No matter how many times I listen to it, I'm still moved and feel such a warm emotion.  I feel I'm there with you in that grocery store where you meet your old love.  "Missing You" sweeps me away too.


Please stay on the path of health, love, nature, and peace.  I'm glad you're doing so much better.  I do hope to see you in concert again before long.  Springfield has a beautiful new theatre, the Hoogland Center for the Arts, downtown.  We'd love to have you come back to your home state! Prayers and good thoughts are with you. Peace ~ Cecelia Connerton


 Dan, Your music has always meant so much to me and I was lucky enough to attend one of your concerts in 2003. I have been checking your website periodically and was delighted to see an update with such positive news. I know you were meant to stay with us longer and I will sleep better tonight knowing you are on the road to recovery. Love and Best Wishes ~ Sue Phillips, Orchard Park, NY


 Dan, I'm sitting here with the love of my life, Smitty, and our best friend, Krista, listening to your songs and remembering how much we love all of your music. We're so glad to hear that you're doing well and recovering. Your messages about prostate cancer are so important to all men. Simple procedures can save lives...


Your music takes us to a time of peace and happiness and that feeling is something that is unworthy of words. We wish you the best of everything and hope that someday you will return to the road to spread your wonderful music to everyone. One of my favorite concert memories is you singing at the Star Lake Amphitheater outside of Pittsburgh, PA. Your songs and music are more than just music - they're words that can touch and change people's lives. Best wishes to you. ~ Laura, Smitty and Krista


 Been feeling completely overwhelmed by all the news of the total devastation from Hurricane Katrina, and decided to listen to Portrait to soothe my mind.  Listening then led me to check your website and I was grinning from ear to ear when I saw your letter.  (Happy belated birthday by the way!)  Reading your wonderful news brought tears to my eyes and uplifted my spirits tremendously - even more than listening to your ever loved music!  Dan, your music touches our lives and our souls in so many ways, but if you never create another, that's fine.  You've given us so much more than any other artist that I can think of, in quality and quantity - and that will be enough to last us the rest of our lives, if need be.


It appears from your picture that you are feeling quite well - you look wonderfully healthy, happy and relaxed. Please take time to just enjoy your life and your wonderful wife.  You've worked so hard for so many years, and we all appreciate all you have given us, but your health is far more important than providing us with new entertainment.  Please keep yourself healthy and that will be the best gift we can ask for.  If you decide to record or tour again, please do it because it's what you want to do - not what you feel obligated to do. Thanks for the wonderful news, all the years of the best music ever, and please keep us posted with news and pictures periodically.  Best wishes!  We will always be your adoring fans whether there is new music or not! ~ Carol - Fraser, MI


 I am so glad to see you are doing well.   Your music has touched my life in such a positive way.  All I can say is thank you.   I  will keep you and your family in my prayers.  ~ Laura  Allison-Conrad


 Dear Dan (or should I call you Superman?), I suppose it should not be surprising that you would use your birthday to give a precious gift to those who care about you, but wow... this was a humdinger! I have been hoping to get some news on your recovery for a long time. Thank you for thinking of us given all you are enduring. Naturally, learning of your illness last year hit me hard. Your words and music have been a huge part of my life over the past 30-odd years and I will always treasure the conversation (1987) and interview (2000) I was privileged to have with you (as well as some terrific laughs). So, the good news has triggered lots of celebration around here. Here's a toast  to you, my friend: Way to go -- you slowed that bastard's growth. You're a fighter (no surprise there). Awesome! Please keep up the good work, Dan, and know that lots of people are pulling for you all the way. My family's thoughts and prayers remain with you and Jean as you continue dealing with the disease, and I am sending out healing beams of love and light for you and the amazing Jean every day.


And I can't be more thankful for the sermon; you have performed a real service to the world. I read it verbatim to Spousal Unit, telling him,"This comes straight from Dan Fogelberg, and you had damn well better listen." Amazingly, he caved: The spouse made the appointment Friday and will be going in for testing -- finally! -- in two weeks. About time, I have been nagging him about it since last summer. Figures he would listen to a guy rather than to me.. :) As for your music, as much as we all would love to have a new recording or to see you on stage, the most important thing is you getting well and being happy. If performing makes you happy, great, I am sooooo there. But if something else makes you happy, that's what I want for you. And if the photo that accompanies the August 13 letter on your site gives any indication, whatever you are doing seems to be working. So keep doing what makes you feel good and enjoy your magic moments with Jean and your loved ones. On the difficult days, know that lots of people love you and are pulling for you -- ever on. And when you're ready to play troubadour again, just let us know and we'll bring the groceries. Much love, light, and peace to you, Dan. Stay strong and keep feeling better! Woooo HOO! ~ Natalie Davis, Baltimore, MD


 Dan, Thank you for sharing the good news with your fans.  I hope and pray for your continual recovery.  It's mind boggling to think that our hearts have been blessed with your wonderful music for over 30 years now and there are a lot of great memories attached to those songs!  I hope you will continue to create your music for years to come, and by all means, continue to get stronger and healthier, because the world wouldn't be the same without Dan Fogelberg! We love you Dan... :-)


 Good news!  We are praying for better news ahead.  Your music played at our wedding and has affected our lives in the best ways.  Thanks and keep strong.


 Best wishes, Dan!  Glad to hear that you are doing well.  Your fans will always be with you. ~ Neil & Marilyn Holman


 Dear Dan, I LOVE your music and your voice is Heaven sent! Great news of your battling this horrible disease! I am so happy that you are doing well. I have listened to your music since my older brother played your albums in the 70's.  The Innocent Age is my all time favorite and I never grow tired of listening to it. May God continue to keep you close and I certainly hope you get back out on the concert tour again soon. I have never had the opportunity to listen to you in concert and it would be  dream!!!  Keep well! Peace ~ Jill from South Dakota


 Dear Dan: After so long, it is so wonderful to have checked in at your website and finally see something posted from you! It is so great to hear about the progress you have been making, and I ask God's assistance in seeing to it that you continue to make good progress. There have been just an incredible amount of people, as witnessed by all the postings on this site, who have long been worried about you, who love and care about you, and who, like myself, have been praying for a good outcome. I have been a fan since the 70's, and you have always been one of my mainstay favorites. "Longer" is my all time favorite song of yours, and no matter how many years pass since its release, that song just transcends all measure of time. It is just so beautiful and timeless!! Anyway, thank you so very much for keeping all of us informed on your progress, and my thoughts and prayers are always with you for your continued progress.  Love always ~ Ann Marie Fucci-Greeley, Colorado


 Hi Dan and Jean, I hadn't used the computer in a while (too much of it at work!) but was delighted to see the message from you which you put on your site on your birthday.  In fact, I was so happy with the news that I cried, just as I did when I first learned of your illness last year.  This is such good and positive news and we hope that things will continue smoothly in the future.  I know there will be a certain amount of medical involvement but it will be less than over the last 14-15 months and will bring you greater peace of mind each time.  Working in a hospital, I am always encouraged to hear of medical success stories and know all that patients have been through to reach that stage.  The treatment puts you through Hell but in retrospect is worthwhile, though at the time it must seem interminable and almost impossible to bear.  Dan, you have been very brave and you deserve to have this time to yourself - to spend with Jean and to follow any pursuits you like.  Your decision to stay away from touring and the recording studio is, I believe, very wise at present.  In the future you may decide to go back to both - we can wait but believe your music will always be a big part of your life, how ever you channel your talents. My husband, Paul, had a prostate check a little while ago - at his Mum's suggestion - and I will continue to ensure that he has this done on a regular basis.  As he said, it's not pleasant but the alternatives could be much worse. This October I intend to celebrate 30 years of listening avidly to your music.  Living in England, I've never had the chance to see you in-concert, though have The Greetings From the West video.  I first heard you with "Crow" on the radio, bought Captured Angel and was so impressed it went on from there, first by adding Home Free and Souvenirs to my collection then each new album as soon as it became available. Your music has touched my heart and soul deeply since the mid-70s and I am glad that I, with everyone else who left messages for you via this site, have had a chance to show our love and appreciation. Dan - long may you continue in good health. Take things easy and take good care of yourself and our thanksgiving prayers are now joining those for your recovery. Our love to you and Jean ~ Lauretta, Paul and Claire


 Hi Dan, I cannot express how happy I was to read your letter!  After months of checking in on your website and seeing no updates, I was thrilled to see the great news.  I will pray for your continued success in battling this disease.  I hope to see you on stage, as soon as you are up to it.  When that day comes,  I will applaud with all the strength I possess! P.S. I am getting married in a few weeks and I am still deciding what songs of yours I want played.  Sorry... "Longer" won't be one!  :-)  Hope you are laughing!!With love and good wishes ~ Diane


 Dear Dan, Back when I first heard about the cancer, I wrote to tell you how much your music has meant to me and my children. My 2 year old in particular loves your music and I let you know this. When I read the letter from you on your birthday, I was overjoyed with your news. I have been praying for you as have others and the power of prayer is once again shown to be so powerful. I told my 2 year old son, Jordan, that you were doing better. With a smile on his face he said, "Dan Boca feeling better." Blessings to you Mr. Fogelberg and for the countless contributions you have made to this world. Continued healing be with you! ~ Elizabeth Peterson


 What great news!  Like others here, I became a fan as a student at U of I in the 70s.  Grew up in Illinois just down the road from Peoria, and all those early songs really resonate.  Your songs have often been the soundtrack for my life.  Your music has been with me a long, long time, and I was saddened and surprised to hear of your illness.  I know that as soon as you are able, you will be back in concert because it is what you do.  It is your amazing gift.  I live in Arkansas now, but as soon as you are able to put on a show, I will be there.  50 is just around the corner for me, and I'll be sure and get the tests.  Thanks to you from the heart and keep on getting better.  The world is a perilous place these days and we need your gifts more than ever to balance all that darkness with a little light.  Best wishes for your speedy return ~ Mike Thurow.


 I started my car and cueing in perfectly was "Heart Hotels".  I thought of you and as soon as I returned, I found your "good news" letter.  I am so ecstatic for you!! I have no doubt in the power of positive thoughts and your tremendous response to treatment in part because of it.  I just know it is "Part of the Plan" for you.  We will all be here for your return to the studio, or tour or both.  That too, is Part of the Plan. Much Love. ~ Lynn, Colorado


 You have been in my thoughts and prayers since I learned of your illness.  I can't tell you how thrilled I was to "check in" for news on the website and find you encouraging letter.  You will remain in my thoughts and prayers. Right now my life isn't going the way I thought it was supposed to ~ but you remain an inspiration. GOOD HEALTH and best wishes.  ~ Kim Cross, Virginia


 Dan, As a fellow prostate cancer survivor, let we wish you the best of health and many years of quality living ahead.  My wife and I are currently training for L. Armstrong's benefit ride in Austin this October.  I am a long time cyclist and have been listening to you for years -- lately via my  iPod.  Can't help but grin every time one of your tunes comes up while I am peddling down the road.  Now I will ride with special purpose, celebrating  life -- yours, mine and our fellow PCa brothers. Thank you for thirty years of tremendous music!! ~ Fred Dove


 Hi Dan, I am so happy to hear of your progress. Your music has affected me since college days at the U of Illinois in 1976. I have followed you, seen you in concert a number of times, have most of your music - and just want to say how much I appreciate you and your heart. You don't know me, but I've considered you a friend for years. I learned to play guitar partly because of you...and that has been another friend you helped introduce me to. You truly have a gift - I have loved to watch it and you grow to where you are today. Best wishes and prayers. Thank you for the August Update on your website. ~ Jerry Carter

 I've been searching for news about your recovery and I can't tell you how glad I am that you are doing well. I was born and raised in Illinois and have seen you many times in Rockford and Peoria (and St. Louis). I have all your CDs in a special case and when I make the drive from St. Louis to Northern Illinois to visit family you're what I listen to on the trip. Your music and concerts have been a big part of my life and I thank you for it. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your wife. Take care of yourself. Sincerely ~ Jean  


 Dear Dan: It is so wonderful to read your letter online!  You and your family will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers, and hopefully you will be able to update us all occasionally.  We love you, and thank you for touching our lives! ~ donna weinel, tx


 I sent a message back in July----my 51 year old brother was battling with a reoccurrence of esophageal cancer.  We grew up on your music and when I saw him the beginning of July. Unfortunately, he lost his battle with cancer on August 21st---I live 3 1/2 hrs away, but am grateful I was called in time to be able to be with him for his last days. When hospice took over, he was put in a private room and they gave us a cd player and we played your Nether Lands CD for him and I sat by his bedside and sang to him (which I'm sure if he had been able, would have given me some grief for that--my singing that is), but I know your music meant a lot to him and I'm sure was a comfort to him in his final hours. I am so happy to hear of your news. Hang tough and GOD BLESS!! ~ Denise Brasseur in memory of my brother Steve Riley


 Dan, was listening to Captured Angel today as I worked.  Decided to check out your website for updates and saw the most recent news. Congratulations to you and your family!   Even as a devoted fan, I am sorry to say I never saw your show and now suppose I won't have that opportunity.  But I will always have the "early stuff" which I always thought was the BEST...Take care.  ~ Kathy Rochford, RN


 Dear Dan, I just read the very good news about your health ! I am so glad, that your and your family can breathe free now. In June when I read about your illness, I was very sad - but somehow I knew that there would be a happy ending for you! Enjoy your life - it's the most precious thing to be healthy! You have so many years before you - it's such a good news. I'm listening to your "Innocent Age" - one of the best albums in pop history. It's my way to celebrate your recovery ! God bless you & your family ~ Norbert (from Dusseldorf, Germany)


 Dan, I am extremely glad to hear you are doing well. I lost my father to prostate cancer back in 1988. Unfortunately, he had a very aggressive strain and opted to ignore his symptoms rather than treat them. His passing left a large void in my life that took many years to come to grips with. I turned to your music many times during those "dark days" and was able to find some level of comfort and understanding. It helped to be able to listen to your songs and recall many of the good times I had with my dad. I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family as you continue to battle against this dreadful disease. I look forward to hearing more music from you in the future! I am a strong advocate of regular check ups and early detection. I support any way you can influence people to get tested each year. This disease is so curable if caught early. Thank you for your efforts! Good luck and may God bless you! Sincerely ~ Larry Poirier

 What a fine gift it is to hear the news that treatments are going well. My dear friend was also diagnosed with  cancer last year at the same time.  I have learned firsthand what a year with cancer is and means.  Continuing to pray.  Peace and grace. ~  JL. Williams


 So glad to hear that the cancer is under control.  I have had you in my thoughts and prayers often.  You are my all time favorite artist and I never tire of your music.  I will continue to pray for you and hope that some day you will feel like going back on the road or into the studio.  I did see you once in Salem, Va.  It was an incredible concert, just you, the piano and the guitar.  May God Bless you and your family and restore your health. ~  Donna Pennington


 Hi Dan Fogelberg- I am probably your biggest kid fan. I am Jessica McRee and I'm nine years old. I have been to three of your concerts if you count the one I was at when my mom was pregnant with me. I am concerned about you. You have been my favorite singer since I was two years old. When I go to bed at night I listen to your music. All four of my siblings and my mom and dad all adore your music. My favorite songs of yours are "Language of Love", "Magic Every Moment", and "Holy Road." I don't want you to have cancer. You are my all time favorite singer. I'll be praying for you!  Your biggest kid fan ~ Jessica McRee


 Dear Dan,  I'm so happy to hear your doing so well, I have had you in my prayers many times. I know our Heavenly Father has heard the prayers of so many and has sent his healing your way. Thanks for your latest up date and also for leaving your songwriting options open. When you are completely well the embers of your songwriting will become a flame once again, and that wonderful gift you have will burn bright once more. May JESUS continue to bless you and your family. Sincerely ~ Dan P.


 Dear Dan, I'm sure I am not alone in my opinion, but your music has always been an inspiration for me. Your music has uplifted my spirits often. In fact, I was just talking among some friends and family how we just have to make sure to update our all the LP's and tapes we have to CDs when I did a search and found this site. I was previously unaware of the challenges you and Jean are presently faced with. One of those friends is a cancer survivor and is doing well. I must admit, it is due to her positive outlook of life, her will to live and the love and good wishes from those around her that has brought her through the most tying times of her battle. I will share your courage with her as well. I want you to know that my prayers are with you and that I truly hope you can continue to be an inspiration for many others. My well wishes and love accompanies this message. Best regards ~ Janyce Imoto


 Hi Dan, My husband and I thank you all the time for bringing us together through your music.  Every chance we had we would go see you play.  We are sorry to hear about what you are going through and will say a little prayer here and there for you.  We will also pray that we get to see you perform again soon. We will see you soon,  I know it. ~ Fern Steiner, Gresham, Oregon


 Dan....I cannot tell you how much I have loved your music for many years, and I can't express how devastated I was to learn of your illness awhile back.  I have been checking your site for news of you ever since.  I am truly so grateful that you are doing well.  You have a gift that has touched millions of people,  and I've prayed that you will continue to be able to keep touching our lives for many years to come.  Your music moves me in such a way that I feel that I  know your heart. Thank you for being such a survivor.  My heart is happy that you are doing so well. ~ Kathie


 Dan, Let me just start by saying that I have never written to any artist, actor or anybody famous in my life. I have been a huge fan of your music since your first album that I heard when I was in high school. I would like to thank you for all the beautiful music you have created over the past 30 or so years. How you reach my inner soul with your music is beyond me but you are the only artist to ever do so. Best wishes for a full recovery! You can and will beat this! Looking forward to seeing you in concert again in the near future. Thanks again and keep making special music. ~ Dan from NJ


 Mr. Fogelberg, You've had a profound effect on my life, from your inspiring songs to your beautiful arrangements and excellent guitar and piano work. I've also met so many friends (and a couple of lovers) through the connection to your music. I am so happy to hear of your progress and could not agree more with your sermon. Something us guys have to do! God Bless you and yours and I hope we all will be "seeing you again" soon. Peace and Music, Bill Frank, Bad Willie Band


 Hi Dan.Over the years,since about 1983, I have listened to your music regularly. I even got a copy of the lyrics so I can learn the words and sing the songs to myself. It is difficult for anyone to capture the beauty, magic and meaning of life with words and music. But,I feel that is what you have accomplished. I have always believed that true God given ability is a rare phenomenon. In my opinion, you are one such person. I wish you a hasty recovery Dan as I would truly like to meet you in person some day. Your music has been a source of deep spiritual comfort to me and has helped me find meaning in life despite some trying times. Again Dan, a quick recovery. But mostly from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC.


 Glory to God - the most Holy Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit for your progress!  I will continue to pray!  May our Gracious Lord God watch over you and may the Holy Mother of God offer her supplicatory prayers for you as well as His saints - particularly St. Nektarios. Love in Christ ~ Kassiani Billo, Franklin, TN


 Dan,  If I were asked which artist has most influenced my life and appreciation of music....the answer would be immediate and unequivocal....Dan Fogelberg. Since my college days, many years ago, your music has shaped and formulated my appreciation for the beauty of the written word when put to equally beautiful music. Few, in my opinion, can compare to the heartfelt warmth and genuineness that you bring forth in all of your music. Though it has been nearly 30 years since I saw you at Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C., I will never forget the brilliance of your performance. Though there were about 4,000 people there, I felt as though I were sitting in my living room with a few close friends and you were right there with us!  Awesome experience.  As I write this, I am listening to "High Country Snows" always one of my favorites. As a novice singer-songwriter, I need only look to you or listen to your music for inspiration. I pray that your recovery from your illness will be swift and complete. May there be years of music ahead for you and the joy that it brings to all of us.  God Bless you! ~ Chip Olmstead


 Dear Dan and Jean, We are so happy and relieved to hear that your recovery is going well and that you're feeling better. Your music is truly our guiding star. You are an inspiration to all. May God continue to bless You, Jean and your entire Family. With all our heart ~ George & Marguerite


 Dan, I have to say congratulations on you getting better  every day.  I am positive sometime soon you will be able to get back on stage and do what you love to do. You have made a difference in a lot of people's lives and will do so for years to come. See you soon ~ Teresa Bommarito


 May God bless and keep you. You are loved by so many and your courage is another way in which we are again touched by His love.


 Dan, let me first say that your music was a very huge part of my past. I don't know if I ever heard a musician and poet as gifted as you. I was also diagnosed with prostate cancer 2 years ago and decided that to remove the prostate was the best option for me. So far everything has been fine. My wife Kate has been everything to me during this tough time so I'm happy to see you mention Jean on your site. We were so happy to see you 4 times in concert. The last time in New Jersey where you said that if anyone could remember this song then you must have a babysitter tonight and we did....Much love and thanks ~ Art


 Dear Dan, I have been browsing your website for the past hour. I originally was trying to find out how you are and if you will be performing in concert as I missed your show in Atlantic City with much regret. My intention was to take my 21 year old son who plays guitar as I had been talking about music I listened to when I was his age and about you as my favorite artist, but I could not get off  from work. I have been listening to your music for many years--ever  since you were the opening act for the Eagles at the Spectrum in Philadelphia. One of the best concerts I ever attended was at the Garden State Art Center in N.J. with a dear friend who is also a Dan Fogelberg fan. It was such a beautiful night----warm and awesome music--what a perfect night--it  doesn't get any better than that! My favorite album is "Souvenirs" which I listen to every day on my way to work in Atlantic City as an operating nurse. I was deeply moved by your letter to your fans. It was wonderful advice as we all should keep up with preventive testing. You are on a difficult road----keep the faith as miracles do happen-- I see them all the time. I wish you well and will keep you and your family in my prayers. Sincerely yours ~ Patti Meunier


 Hey Dan! It was great to hear you have made such significant progress. I love your music and we will miss you on the concert trail (not to mention any more great albums). My father died from complications directly related to advanced prostate cancer 2 years ago. I sincerely hope you will fully recover your health and career. All our love and wishes ~ Rick and Monica Bevel, Birmingham  AL.


 Dan, I remember listening to Home Free on my 8 track tape player way back in the early 70s. I was in my early teens. I remember asking my friend: Did you ever hear of Dan Fogelberg? And she said: No, is that the guy you're dating now? HA! Your music, honestly, was the primary music of my youth. Oh sure, there was James Taylor, Art Garfunkel, etc., but absolutely no music spoke to me at that point in my life like yours did. I guess you were my first love. :> And now I'm, sigh, mid-forties pretty much, and music doesn't mean as much to me as it did then, and the world is full of serious events and raising teenagers and great but heavy things, but I'll never forget your music and the impact it had on my life. You make me realize that if you are so creative, imagine how creative the Creator is ... wow. May God bless you and keep you well until you're old and tired of life.


 Dear Dan, First, let me say a heartfelt "Thank you" for the music that you have shared with us. My wife and I were married in '79, and your music has been an integral part of our quality time together. Long drives are spent enjoying much of your music. Our favorites are from "Souvenirs", " Nether Lands", and "Phoenix". But we enjoy all of them. I am still amazed that these songs can be so beautiful. You will never know how much they mean to us. We'll never tire of them. Plus they have created very special memories of our past together. The news of your recovery has been long awaited. We're so happy for you and your wife Jean. We will continue to think of you and pray for you. And we will continue to enjoy your music for the rest of lives. Again, thank you for being faithful with your gift of music! Best wishes ~ Mike and Teresa Hanson, Ottawa, Il.


 Dan, Congratulations on your progress so far and best wishes for a continued speedy recovery. ~ David


 I remember growing up to your music, they have fond memories for me as a child.  Thank you for the music, Dan.   Now, a success very own Father was diagnosed some fifteen years ago with prostate cancer, had surgery, only to have the cancer come back 5 years later, then had radiation, and he has been cancer free since!  We just celebrated his 71 birthday!  It CAN happen! I will pray that God will restore you to full health, so that you can continue to enjoy life, and all God has planned for you. ~ Sandra


 Dan - I am a 46-year old woman who has "grown up" listening to all your music.  In the early 80's, I always put on the "Nether Lands" album to clean house on Saturday mornings!  Through the years, so many songs have touched my life.  Hearing "Make Love Stay" would always inspire me to try and keep my marriage together,  After 18 years of marriage and a divorce, the song "Lonely In Love" would be the song I would play over and over as loud as I could and I would sing along as I cried.  With the recent death of Luther Vandross, I was thinking back on what music has really touched me forever and you and he came to my mind first!  My father fought prostate cancer and is doing very well.  I pray that you have the same success.  God can do all things. It is funny how even though there are millions of fans, some of us feel like we are personally affected by deaths and illnesses of those that we have admired for years for their music.  Your music would get me through some very difficult times.   The last time I saw you in concert was in Oklahoma City several years ago. I invited a girlfriend of mine and we will never forget that concert.  Of course you know that you have so many people out there who STILL put on your music all the time.  My grown sons are 24 and 21 and they love to listen to your music because I had it playing the whole time they were growing up.   Thanks for all your God given talent and I will continue to have you in my prayers for a speedy and full recovery. Love to you and your family ~ Laurie Akins, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 


 Hi Dan and family, Wonderful news!  Keep up the fight.  Dan, I had the opportunity to see you in '96 in Houston at the Woodlands with my twin sister.  That was probably my one in a lifetime chance to see you in concert and I will remember it always.  I will enjoy your music always.  I have my little ones (girls) listen to it.  They're pretty cool for 6 and 8 years old.  I try to expose my little ones to all types of music, from you to Bread to Madonna (yes Madonna) to Kenny Loggins, Stevie Wonder, etc... Then they've got these dance moves to go with it all...goodness gracious. I work as an ED nurse at Provena Covenant in Urbana, IL.  I did 12 years on the cardiac floor then went to the ED about 5 years ago...different world down there but I still get to see a lot of my old patients and meet new ones.   There's a lot of special people out there.  I take care of some prostate CA patients from time to time, some better than others, and just try to make them feel better.  There are a lot of struggles that I see my patients go through.  My job is to love and care for them and give them the very best care I can ...and try to have a little fun with them too if they're up to it.  Little old ladies are the best!  And preachers! I hope you are having a great day and enjoying your time with your family and friends.  You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. God bless ~ Laura Mullen RN, ED


 Dan, So glad to hear that you are having success battling prostate cancer.  My father had prostate cancer, but with treatments he was able to live a long life anyway.  The cancer didn't take his life.  My father died in May at the age of 90 from congestive heart failure... At his funeral we played your beautiful tribute song, "Leader Of The Band", as special music.  That has always been one of my favorite songs, and I think it touches the relationship of most sons with their fathers.  Best wishes for your battle against this terrible disease. ~ Ken


 Dan, I have been a fan since the very beginning.  As a piano player and sometime guitar player, I have listened to and enjoyed playing so many of your songs.  I have played "Nether Lands" on the piano so many times I can't count.  And "Part of the Plan" on guitar.  And "Dancing Shoes", and "Raven", and all the rest. You have made such an incredible contribution to our music.  It's great to hear that your prognosis is brightening. Please don't give up the music and the performing.  You will enjoy it so much in the years ahead, and we're your willing and appreciative audience.  All the best to you. ~ Bruce Monson, Minneapolis, MN.


 Dear Dan, I heard of your battle with Prostate Cancer from a friend only yesterday.  I was diagnosed with an advanced prostate cancer (Stage III) at the age of 45, and since December, 2001 have continued to fight the battle against recurrence.  So far so good for me as well.   My fight has included both conventional and alternative medical treatments and therapies.  I am sure that you are in great hands; medically, spiritually and emotionally.   At times, I know it can be scary and challenging to wage this battle against recurrence. My best wishes to you and your family.  I hope to hear that you are making music again and touring in the future! God bless you! ~ Peter P. DelBove


 Dearest Mr Fogelberg, I have listened, smiled, cried, and danced to your music since I first heard your songs waaaaaay back in the 70's.  Since then, whenever I hear them, either on the radio or my stereo, I find that though many of the songs are long ago new, I am not bored with them.  Sometimes I'm transported back to when they were new, to that time in my Life and what was going on with me.  Other times, I find that I assign more recent feelings/events to these old songs.  Your more recent offerings are not weathered enough for new emotional assignments yet...)  You are the only artist that flows past and present - usually songs stay locked in a specific time frame for me.  I was/am/will always be in love with your expression and your talent.


As sad as I was to hear about your cancer, I'm a gazillion-fold encouraged and happy to read about the success you have had with treatment.  I have been praying for you and your family during this difficult time and am wishing continued good news for you all.  Now, enough of sitting in front of a computer reading emails - go pet the cat, take a walk, kiss your wife...~ Julie


 Best Wishes to you for a speedy recovery from a great fan who lives in County Galway Ireland. I've been a fan of your brilliant music for many years. It has seen me through difficult times.God Bless and take care.


 I am so pleased for your wonderful news. May you have many more happy and healthy years. I have been touched by your music forever and look forward to seeing you in concert again with new material! Best Wishes ~ Wendy


 It is funny how insulated a world a person can live in.  I do not believe there has been a day in 30 years that I have not listened or played a piece of music of yours and yet until today I did not know you were battling cancer.  I hope today finds you feeling better and that you are winning your battle.


I know about illness as I have been of fragile health all my life (a long and boring story) but I do understand intimately what you are going through.  Hopefully, the inspiration that creates the extraordinary gifts that you have shared with your fans has helped you find a way to feel hopeful.  I for one find inspiration in everything that is alive for once your mortality is challenged it is amazing how strongly you wish to hold on to life.  It is also amazing how differently you look at everything around you, it is as if you vision clarifies and all that is really important comes into focus and all else fades away. I want to thank you for inspiring me as no other artist ever has.  I love music and listen to countless types but your music has been my favorite because it tells the stories of life.  I am sure this is why you have so many fans because you cannot touch a person if you do not speak to their heart and I think your music really does that. Now I am very glad for the times that I was able to see your live performances and will cherish those memories. Good Luck to you now and in the future. ~ Catherine L. Montagne


 Dear Dan, It's an honor to write to you and to let you know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. God gave you such a beautiful voice and I know he's not done with you yet. I'm listening to "Same Old Lang Syne" now, it give me sense of calmness. I really love to hear you sing.  May God keep blessing you and your family and remember, you're Never Forgotten. Thank you for years of GREAT listening. :o) A Devoted Fan Forever ~ Wanda Marie Dupee


 So very glad to see you are creating such positive love through this illness.  My brother is fighting this cancer also, my father-in-law did and so many other wonderful men are at battle with you. Sending you strength and love to keep up your great fight ~ Deborah Grandey


 Dear Dan - I am so glad to hear that you health is improving and you are doing well.  My mom has been struggling with another form of cancer (Merkel Cell Carcinoma) for a number of years now, so I understand some of the issues you and your family have been going through. I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers.  Thank you for so many years of wonderful music.  I have many of your records and CDs and have seen you a number of times in concert.  Your music has touched and inspired me for so long.  Please know you are loved and appreciated. God Bless You! Sincerely ~ Diana Petrillo


 So so glad to see the beard in latest look just as fine as "the first time ever I saw your face" which was at Vanderbilt, Nashville, early 70s (with Barefoot Jerry )... I love you the same now as then and so grateful that your "trial "is having a positive ending.You are my Phoenix always ~ betty


 I had no idea that you, too, have had prostate cancer.  I was just checking in to you web site to see where in concert you may be.  So I was very surprised to see that you are surviving cancer.  I had my cancerous one removed in March, 2004.  So far, -0- PSA...and am so pleased and feel blest.  I wish you well...very well.  I try to spread the word for PSA among the men of my Catholic church.  It is never too early to have this test...never.  Thanks Dan for your openness to the whole thing... ~ Father Dale Cieslik, St. Leonard Church, Louisville, KY   


 Dan and Jean, I logged onto your website today for the first time and was stunned to hear your news. but so relieved that you're doing well. In 1974 I bought "Souvenirs" for my sister's birthday because a friend told me "chicks dig Dan Fogelberg". A couple of years later I heard "Nether Lands" on the radio and had to pull my car off the road to listen ... I was totally entranced by the beauty and depth of that song. From that point forward I've been hooked to your music. It has helped me through some very difficult times in my life. it's amazing how a troubadour can write songs that give voice to feelings we all have but often can't find the words to express.


My wife and I saw you in concert in Virginia in the 80's. You opened with a song that went something like "tonight you're mine". It was an amazing, memorable evening for us. During a quiet moment a fan yelled "Dan you're the best!!" We couldn't agree more. Thanks for a magical moment, and for the many, many hours I have spent listening to your wonderful melodies and lyrics over the years. You reveal so much of yourself in your music that we all feel like we know you, and have followed your ups and downs together. In that sense, you are greatly loved. as much as that can be true of people you've never met. Our prayers and best wishes are with you and Jean. ~ Kim Taulbee - Richmond, VA


 Dearest Dan, We are so very relieved to hear the good news. It's strange b/c you hear of celebrities and their health problems rather frequently, but the news of your cancer felt personal. Your music has been such a source of inspiration in our lives, and we waited anxiously to hear the news of your recovery. We miss you! You are in our prayers, and our love is with you. ~ P&G


 Our Prayers are with you for now and in the future. ~ Fred and Nancy, North Carolina


 Dear Dan and Jean, Another note to add to the good energy coming your way.  Sending all my best wishes for profound healing and ever more joy in life and in love. Thank you for all that your music and poetry has added to my life and so many others. Hoping to see you at Wolf Creek this winter for some legendary powder. With vast appreciation ~ Rio de la Vista


 Dan, As I read all of these letters to you I am amazed.  What a gift you have and how lucky I am to have been touched by your gift.  I swore for many years that you were singing your songs to me, somehow pushing me in the right direction.  You knew every smile I smiled, every tear I shed and every love I've l had and lost and sang to me about it.   Now I realize, as I hope you do too, that you mean so much to so many people.  You have made brothers and sisters out of strangers by way of your music.  I really just wanted to say thank you...for many years I have wanted to say that.  Thank you and best wishes. ~ Mark - Portland, Oregon


 Dear Dan: I want to begin by saying how nice it was to see your recent update on your website. I have been checking the site every few weeks for an update and this made my day! Congratulations to you and your family on your health. I doubt you remember, but I met you about 20 years ago in Aspen at the bottom of the mountain after a long day of skiing. I think I told you that I am a singer songwriter and that you were a great inspiration to me. I had recently seen you in Irvine, CA with Chris Hillman and we discussed the show a bit. I think you patted me on my head and sent away another happy fan. I currently live in the Bay Area, raising  my family. Aside from my family, my passion is still music, performing at local festivals and various venues, writing and playing with our band, Blue House. I want you to know that we perform a few or your songs, namely "River of Souls" and "There's a Place in the World for a Gambler." Both kick ass, but we end our shows with an acapella chorus(es) of "let it shine". The crowd ALWAYS goes nuts. I want you to know this so you can appreciate that, while you may not be performing right now, there are those of us out there LETTING IT SHINE on your behalf. Thanks Dan, for the great music, the inspiration and the advice to get examined. I am 44 years old and need to follow your words of wisdom! Faith and Hope ~ Brian Loud,Pleasanton, CA


 Dan & Jean; This living legacy is fantastic all those candles are spreading the light and love directly to your door.  We are so happy to hear about your progress and recovery.   Now it’s time to come to Maui for a good swim with the whales.  I will speak with you through the other avenues. Much Aloha ~ David & Marie 


 Dear Dan,    I am so glad to hear that you are doing well.  I can only imagine the stress that you, Jean and your family have been through.  I have been a long time fan of yours, and have seen you in concert many times at the Pine Knob music theater in Michigan.  I was especially fond of your music regarding sailing and the wonders of nature.  I know you are a fan of sailing on the ocean, and wondered if you ever sailed the great lakes? I moved on to upstate New York, also a beautiful area.  I have made it to Maine once, and can see why you love it there. I wish you the best in your recovery, God Bless you and your family.  Best wishes. ~  Dawn, from NY


 Dear Dan, So happy to hear that you are doing well! As you can see on this website,  so many of your fans lives are touched by cancer. My husband is slowly and painfully losing his battle. Hopefully, you will find your way back to sharing your experience through your music. I think we all find refuge in it. Best wishes for continued strength, clarity, and purpose. ~ Shelly,  IL


 Dan... I'm SO glad to hear things are taking a turn for the better. I've continued to have you in my prayers and thoughts, and find myself performing your songs more than ever the past year at my gigs. I've been playing 'Souvenirs' before going to bed every night for a while now. I came up w/ a beautiful, great, full version using DGDGAD tuning, and playing in key of 'C' (capoed up a step or two for us baritones!). I'm 41 & just got over a bad bout of diverticulitis myself and a colonoscopy --wish I'd seen your info on the DRE and antigen test before, so I could ask my G.I. doc to perform those tests also). You're a great performer/son/human/etc. & the world isn't through benefiting from you yet! Peace ~ Mark Young


 Dear Dan, Thanks so much for sharing the news of your progress. That's great news.  I'm very grateful to have listened to you both "live" and on recordings. Thank you for sharing your gift with us and wish you very long and happy post-treatment phase. ~ Eddie Ezzell


 Dan,  I am a 67 year old woman who lost her  husband of 44 years 4 years ago. Throughout the grieving process, music  was the only thing that helped me to cope and get through each day with at least  part of my sanity.  I must have listened to your CDs a thousand times  through that period and never tired of them.  At one point, I had to search  to find "The Wild Places" and to avoid ever again worrying about having a copy,  I bought 4.  You have always been my favorite singer/songwriter because of  the passion you display for your work and the lyrics and message of your  songs.  I have seen you in concert twice and hope to see you again.   You are an inspiration to all of us who feel strongly about the environment and the fate of humanity.  My favorite song of yours is "To the Morning."   Thank you for putting your heart and soul into your songs and touching  mine.  My best wishes to you. ~ Jeannette George, San  Diego, California


 Many years ago I left a marriage in which my husband's addiction to drugs & alcohol lead to abuse and violence.  When I left, it was with the clothes on my back, no money in my purse and a baby on each hip.  I was lucky, I had escaped and my family took us in until I could get on my feet financially.  Although I have a blessed and wonderful life, there were many dark and emotional moments, especially in those early days. During those times, I found in your music comfort, hope, wisdom and a voice that could put into words the overwhelming emotions I often felt.  Those “babies”, now 24 & 26, recognize many of your songs and if asked, “who’s your mother’s favorite artist!” will answer “Fogelberg”, without hesitation.  There is no way to ever say thank you enough to the friends and family who have helped me make it through the years, and I include you in that count. You and Jean have been in my prayers since it was first announced that you were fighting cancer and I am so happy to hear that there are positive improvements.  Jean, I know it is so hard to watch someone else fight this battle and feel helpless to make the bad go away.  Hang in there.  The support and love you give has an immeasurable and positive effect.  I believe in the power of God and I have had events happen in my life, which could be explained in no other way.  With so many of us asking Him to help you in this fight, I have nothing but confidence that you will live a long and healthy life.


 Our praises to God!  In Jesus Christ's name, Amen!


 Greetings, Dan & Family!  I'm so relieved to read of your good news. When my husband and I heard about your diagnosis and the advanced stage of the disease, we were very concerned.  At 55, my husband was diagnosed the same time that you were and had his surgery June '04.  He was fortunate enough to have had a physician who required the PSA test as part of a routine physical. He just had his 4th PSA check and results are still excellent, for which we are truly thankful.  We have both enjoyed your music very much over the years and consider ourselves lucky to have seen you twice in concert.  We join you in spreading the word about early testing and education.  God bless you with continued healing of body & spirit! ~ N. Eernisse, Grafton, WI


 Dear Dan, I saw you for the first time approximately 28 years ago while I was attending college in Cobleskill New York, you were performing in Latham.  You have no idea how much it meant to be able to have a note from you and to know that you are there and better and that it was such a positive note. It's been such a long wait and there hasn't been a day in the last year that I haven't thought of you and prayed for you. I always tell you that I paint while I listen to your music. I wish you could see how much your music inspires me in every way, and always has. I know that there will be another chance for me to see you on stage again, and to listen to you again. I send you so much love and my thoughts always. ~ Dana


 Dear Dan, Over the past year, I've been reading the good wishes for you, have posted a few times with thoughts of my own, have cried tears of sorrow over the initial news of your illness and tears of joy on your birthday over the wonderful news of your progress in battling your illness.  I just had to share this latest story of how your music has, once again, had such a positive and memorable impact on my life.   I live in Baton Rouge, LA and while the effects of Hurricane Katrina weren't nearly as bad for us here as they were for the New Orleans area, we still have been impacted by the devastation.  We were without power for a few days after the hurricane and several family members had evacuated to my house for the storm.  It was a steamy and crowded place.  The saving grace in all of this was to escape for a little while, sit in my car with the A/C on high, and your songs playing on my car stereo.  It was pure heaven. I may have only been able to lock myself in my car for a song or two before my family discovered my hideaway....but for those few minutes I was in a much nicer place.  Thank you for your works wonders for rejuvenating the spirit!


Also, I want to tell you what happened last week.  Our city has doubled in population since Hurricane Katrina hit.  That equates to major traffic jams like we've never seen before.  When I find myself in this kind of traffic I usually calm my nerves by playing one of your CDs. Your music always relaxes me and makes this situation much more bearable.  Definitely soothes the soul.  I was sitting in traffic one afternoon, reaching my limit on patience, when I saw what looked like a major traffic problem ahead of me.  Then I noticed that the traffic "problem" was actually a line of emergency vehicles and fire trucks in the right hand lane of one of our major boulevards leading to the interstate.  They were heading to New Orleans to help with the hurricane evacuation. I pulled up in the left lane on the side of several fire trucks from Illinois.  Just as I pulled alongside the trucks from Illinois, "Illinois" started playing on my CD.  Coincidence?  Probably. But it was a beautiful experience, nonetheless.  Very moving.  The traffic had all stopped, watching the endless lines of emergency vehicles heading out to help the people in New Orleans. I saw trucks from Illinois, California, Pennsylvania, Texas, Michigan, Wisconsin, New York, Oklahoma, Maine, Virginia, Colorado, etc.  People in their cars were waving to the emergency personnel.  Lights were flashing, sirens were blaring, and huge American flags were flying as the "parade" passed us by.  There were literally close to 100 of these fire trucks and ambulances heading towards the New Orleans area.  It was a very emotional experience....made all the more special by the perfect timing of one of your beautiful songs. I couldn't let the events of these past couple of weeks pass by without saying "Thank you, Dan!" for being such an important part of my life...not only for the past 30 plus years but for the past two weeks, in particular.  Much love to you and Jean!   ~ Pam LeBlanc in Baton Rouge, LA


 Dan Fogelberg, my brother in Christ, my friend for life, I grew up listening to your music; owned every album you put out, and now own every CD including the "Portrait" box set, and your Christmas CD, as your music was and still is, so much a part of my life, it was almost scary, looking back.  'Part of the Plan', as I graduated from high school,  'Longer', as I fell in love with my fiancée , and finally, as my fiancée and I tried to resolve our problems, we went to a movie, and before the theater went dark, they were playing the local radio station and 'Hard to Say' came over the sound system.  At the end of the song, we just looked at each other, both had tears in our eyes, and got up and left to go home and try to hold onto the intense feelings we both felt while listening to that song, it was as if God spoke to us through your music.  Needless to say, the relationship ended a few months later.  Indeed, It's Hard to Say where Love went wrong.  But we learn from our mistakes and travel "ever on" !  To learn of your prostate cancer was shocking!!  I just sat back and said, "OH NO!" I was diagnosed in August of this year.  My Prayers are with you,  and I hope to see you out on the road or in the studio someday soon, God willing.  Just do us all a big favor Dan, that favor is "Don't Lose Heart!"  I hope to see you perform someday, I have never been to a concert and hope we get to meet someday.  Blessings! ~ Gary


 Dan, No one person in the music industry ever affected my life more than you. You changed my outlook on life from your very first album. Reading your update is so hopeful for me, for now my husband is starting treatment for an enlarged prostate & we won't know further until the end of the month if it is more than an infection. Unfortunately, now that he's done with the antibiotics, he can tell a difference. Fortunately, as you say, it would have been caught early in the game & that sounds so much more positive. Thanks again for all you have done for me. ~ Sally Wilson


 Dear Dan, I am so glad to share in your good news!  I have followed your music since its inception.  I was always like a kid in the candy store when you had a new release out.  I would listen over and over to the lyrics of each and every song. Your music has inspired and comforted me in the low times of my life.   When My mom was dying I asked her what she wanted me to do and she said pray.  It was the hardest time in my life to watch her die of cancer.   She said something to me that I will never forget, as she lay in her hospital  bed.  She said, "Thanks for loving me!" I will never forget the look on her face as she said that to me.  I  thought to myself, It should be the other way around, "Thank you for loving  me!" Just so you know...all of us fans love you and wish you the best!  God's blessings to you and your family! ~ J Cavanaugh, La Crosse, WI


 Wow. Just turned on "Illinois" and I was singing along, I thought, hey, I'm going to Google "Dan Fogelberg" and see what he is up to. Imagine the shock and horror to go to the home page of his web site and find the news. DAN, STAY STRONG. No one with your gift, poetic soul and heart will get beaten down by this. Just know that your words and music have healed and helped so many millions, there is just NO WAY that this will take you. I know I join many others in sending prayers for your healing. ~ Liz Williams, Santa Barbara, CA


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, Thank you for updating all of us on your progress.  It means so much to those of us concerned with how you are doing.  Keep writing and singing and making the most beautiful God given music.  Keep us in the loop of your recovery.  God bless you and your family.  A fan.~ Karen from K.C. Mo.


 Dan, I'm a Peoria native who still relishes the memory of your solo show (sold out) in the Peoria Civic Center Arena.  You sold out the big room, dude. Over 18,000 people.  This was Dec. of '82.  I'm living in Greensboro, NC now, and every time you came down to Raleigh I have had to miss your show due to other obligations.  Dan, get well and get back on tour.  Your music is a part of my life.  I listen to songs like "Forefathers" and "Illinois" and "The Reach" and I feel such a connection.  You are too good to lose.  Stay well, follow your doctor's orders and get back out there and do what you were born to do. I love you, man. ~ John


 What a see the beard back and a smile on your face.  Get back to work????  Hardly.  Sail, ski, live your life as you choose and Thank You for the gift you have given all of us for so many years. One last thing:  For those of us who pluck away on our guitars and try to sound like you in the loneliness of our rooms....find someone to publish all of your work...alternate tunings....everything you have ever done...all of it.  Then go enjoy the sunrises and sunsets and leave the rest of us to revel in the joy you have given us.  God's richest blessings to you and all whom you love.  ~ R

 I have been a true fan since 1974.  "To the Morning" woke me up each and every day my freshman year in college and I came to many straight back chair concerts from Memphis to Atlanta.  There have been many stages of my life that I have retreated to your music for comfort.  Know that you are always in our thoughts and prayers.   My songwriter husband has had testicular cancer and is 18 years clean because he bothered to check himself.  Your sermon about prostate cancer is one that should be preached to the entire male population.  Thanks. Write a victory song for yourself this year.  Maybe we'll hear that beautiful voice again on something new.  Until then I will continue to wear out my old albums (yes,  I said albums). ~ Beverly Grant


 Dear Dan and Jean, So good to hear your good news!  What an incredible year you two must have had.  From personal experience I've learned that a cancer diagnosis can illuminate your life - you learn really quickly what's important and what's not - every sunrise and sunset takes on new meaning...sounds like you're there too. Run for the roses!! ~  Ted and Jill - Highgate, Ontario


 Hi Dan,  As a longtime fan and fellow native of Central Illinois (Pekin), I am glad to hear that the news about your health continues to be good. There is a group of my fellow colleagues at the school where I teach who enjoy your music, and we are all pulling for your return to the recording studio some day.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you continue to heal. Much love to you and your family.  ~ Kathy Ertmoed


 To build on Dan's 'sermon' about DRE, the guys in my family have a  history of rectal polyps. I was told to have a DRE when I turned 40.  I was so squeamish about this procedure that I kept putting it off  for 5 years. Finally, my father told me the one important fact he had  neglected to mention earlier: they give you a sedative before the procedure--in my case, a valium drip--and you are out cold while they do it. I woke up in the outpatient bed and asked when are we going to  do it. They said "We already did it!" Boy, did I feel stupid for waiting those five years. It is a no-brainer procedure. I join Dan in  pleading that you do the exam. Good health and happiness to all.


 Hello Dan,  It is absolutely great to hear of your recovery progress.  I have been listening to your music since the 70's and actually made a lot of your great songs ones that I have enjoyed playing on the guitar.  I am currently the owner of a music store in Summersville, WV and have witnessed a lot of people here that are fans of yours as well.  Get back to 100 percent soon so you can make your gift of composing music a reality again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the truly remarkable tunes over the years and I assure you that my prayers are with you. Sincerely ~ Clifford Hess


 Hello, there! I was so relieved and thrilled when I read today that you are doing so well. I can't tell you how much your music has meant to me over the years.  It has always helped me get back to myself, no matter how far off track I've become.  Grounding things are hard to find in this life sometimes, so from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for sharing your gift. I will continue to raise you and your wife up in my prayers, and hope you will continue to enjoy good health and each other. Sincerely ~ Maria Walton, Nashville, TN


 Dan and Jean, I want to join to this wonderful group sending my thoughts and prayers for Dan´s total healing. On reading your personal letter, I have felt happy and thankful to God for listening to our prayers. Your music has been by my side in the different steps of my life and I want to thank you for sharing your talent with all of us. Forgive my bad English, I´m Spanish and I don´t know how to speak English correctly. Let me tell you any words in Spanish: Dan, gracias por haber estado presente a través de tu música, a lo largo de mi vida, ya fuera en los momentos importantes o en los momentos cotidianos. Nuestras oraciones por tu completo restablecimiento y nuestros deseos de que Dios te dé fuerzas para sobreponerte a la adversidad, son un nexo de unión en toda la gente que ha disfrutado con el regalo de tu música. Infinitas melodías habitan en la casa del talento y tú tienes la suerte de poseer las llaves de tan envidiable mansión. Desde España ~ Fernando


 Hey Dan - great to hear the continuing good news. All the best to you and Jean. Been a fan since I first heard "Old Lang Syne" in the early 80s, and managed to see you live in San Diego c. 6/7(?) years ago - had also planned a US trip for the Fall tour last year. Got all the albums - you continue to be and always will be the "most played" on my iPod. ~ Phil, Lake District, UK


 I say a prayer for you every day and know that when you've regained your health that you will once again take up pen and guitar to write and sing in order to give substance and strength to those who will face similar illnesses. God's Angels will guide you in order to utilize the beautiful gift he has bestowed on you to share with the many that helped you through these trying times with their positive energy and prayers as you helped us throughout our lives with your precious gift.  God Bless. ~ Michele


 Hey Dan - over the last year and a half I have periodically checked your website to see if there was any news about your health.  I am thrilled to hear that you are doing better.  It's my birthday today and to hear that you are doing better is great news is a great birthday present.  God bless you and Jean and I hope you continue to improve.  On a selfish note, I hope I get to see you in concert one more time before you call it quits for good. If not, I'll just be thankful for all the times I did get to see you perform.  Take care and thanks for the music! ~  Betsy, Edmonds, WA


 What a relief to visit your website tonight and see the good news!!  I was playing your music today and wondering how you were doing. Thank you for sharing with all your friends and fans.  We are lucky to have your music, which will be your 'living legacy' always. My husband's PSA continues to be a big, fat ZERO after his radical prostatectomy in February.  His PSA was only 2.8 and yet he had cancer, too.  Your 'sermon' will go a long way towards educating people about the disease. With continued prayers and gratitude ~ Debbie in Kansas


 Good luck and God speed .Glad to hear you are doing better.  Loved your music for years. Regards ~ S. LaPrade


 Dan, Glad to read you are getting better and things are going well. I wish my husband would read this and take your advice. He is always harping on me to be sure to get my mammogram but fails to follow his own advice for himself! I have loved your music since I was 14 when you first started recording. I have my older sister to thank for opening me up to your music world. To date I can honestly say my favorite album and song is "Nether Lands." That song is just so touching and really makes you think. I have watched you in many concerts over the years. I was fortunate enough to be in the third row, center when you were at Starlight in Kansas City a few years ago. I have a picture of you that I took close up and you have such a great expression on your face while you were playing the guitar. You'll get a chuckle out of this one... I have you in my card file at work right next to a family photo shot of mine. That is how much you have touched my life in song. Thanks for all your wonderful music and hope you do get to record again soon. I need to add another CD to my collection! Sending you many prayers and thoughts.~ Diane Cole, Lees Summit, MO


 I am a social worker in an in-pt. adult psychiatric unit, where at times, life can seem very dark for folks.During those times, when work is most stressful, your messages, your harmonies, are a wonderful way to lift my spirits either at the end of the day, or the beginning of a week-end morning. For that gift, I want to thank you. I do not usually visit web-sites, and have certainly never written to someone "as a fan," but I knew you and your family had been dealing with the cancer issue, so I had to check for some news. What a thrill to see your August letter, and your smiling face. To you and your family, every blessing in the world. May all of your good karma carry you through this time of endurance. To the craziness that is life. Hope that life is yours for a very long time. ~ Krista Stone

 Dan, It was great to read your letter and hear that you're winning the battle. My prayers and best wishes go out to you and Jean. Your music has touched my life for over 30 years and has been locked to many events that have happened in my life. I hope for continued success in your treatments and that the music will soon return to us when you are able. Take care, get well and my prayers go with you and Jean. Love ~ Wayne


 Dan, I just wanted to add my voice to all of the others in wishing you continued good health. I have been a fan for many years and still turn to your songs during the crazy times of my life. I was so glad to read of the good news with your fight against cancer, so hang in there. Best to you and Jean. ~ Judi


 Dan - Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. I hope to see you back on stage in the future (where you belong). Take care and God bless ~ Greg Farr, Sunnyvale, TX.


 My first husband also had prostate cancer, but fortunately, it was caught early, in his late 40's.  He was lucky, to say the least.  Now, we all just need to keep you on the positive, and keep you going!! As someone who has had her own health issues (brain surgery, 2003), I know all too well how there are up/down days.  On those down days, just look out a window and absorb the beautiful colors around me, this works.  And no, a doctor didn't suggest this...I simply did it on my own. Your Home Free album is still my favorite...I love them all, but the messages in several of those titles has kept me going for many years...thank you!! ~ Susan Ullom Hungerford


 Hi DF, Congratulations on your magnificent progress. Even though you did not hear from me earlier, I checked your web site frequently to see news of your progress. How relieved I am to know that you have made such wonderful progress. I will continue to pray for you and your dear wife that the Good Lord will stand by your side and give you both strength and courage to continue your journey to recovery and that He will eventually bring complete healing to you. When Jesus was here on earth, He went about doing good and healing all manner of diseases.  He is still the same today. If you trust Him to heal you, He will.  He is the Great Physician who has never lost a case. My prayer for you is that you will look to Jesus and let Him have His way in your recovery and healing. All the best to you and yours for now and always.  Keep on hoping, keep on.


 You have brought me much happiness through the years. You are in my thoughts and prayers ~ Cheryl


 Dan, Our prayers are with you and Jean. ~ Bruce and Carol Hensal


 Hi Dan, As a fan and a cardiac patient I am very hopeful for your recovery.  I know only the short term fear you have faced for so long.  I feel the most powerful force of our mortal universe to be HOPE.  When a nurse finally gave me HOPE I knew I could make it through the bypass. I pray for continued HOPE and recovery not just because you're a celebrity but a person who has made a positive difference for mankind through your musical talent.  The world is a better place with you still here. Sincerely ~ Joel Lewis


 Dear, dear Dan:  I have been waiting to hear your good news.  Congratulations!  I cannot tell you how happy I am.  I too, have cancer-Colorectal, diagnosed a year ago.  It is stage IV and I am going through adjuvant chemo now and, of course, hoping to be cured.  I think of you often, as you have been my favorite artist since the 70's. Yikes, has it been that long?  You are in inspiration to so many. I wish you continued good health and happiness. ~ Chris, Lake Tahoe, NV


 Dear Dan, Much love to you & Jean! Such fabulous news on your healing process....may it continue at full speed and your Body, Mind & Spirit stay Strong and Joyful!!  Many blessings  to you! ~ Denise, Massachusetts


 Dan & Family, Best wishes in your recovery and future maintenance. From Illinois, to the Leader of the Band and beyond a truly spiritual and uplifting Artist. Be now just a guy getting better for awhile and the rest will take care of itself. Your best is yet to come ~ Brad A. Logue


 Dan, I wish you and your family all the best of luck in your journey. Stay with the chase as long as you may. The immaculate blending of your lyrics, music, and voice, have always comforted me - straight to the soul. Thank you sir.


 Dear Dan-  As the many thousands of folks who have already expressed their prayers and support for you count me in.  I pray that during this incredibly trying time that you have heard the cry of your heavenly Father.  He seeks to know you and love you, and fill you with peace and joy.  We will all go somewhere when we pass from this earth and you can know, through the blood of Jesus Christ that heaven awaits you.  Don't wait because none of us is guaranteed any tomorrows-  Call His name and believe!!!  Love ~ Sue


 You have said what men need to hear, GET TESTED NOW! I am making an appointment for my husband to have PSA and DRE...asap. THANK YOU!


 Just a quick note of thanks for all you have given to the world.  I first saw you in concert at Red Rocks as the preshow for The Eagles in the mid-70's.  You stole the show that night and I became a fan.  My children were raised on your music (my choice, definitely not theirs.) When my daughter went off to college and was out of state she got homesick.  She went to the music store and bought one of your CD's to remind her of home. (Yes, she heard you that much.)   Now I have Twin granddaughters that are 3.  This morning one of them  was jamming to your music with me. Prayers for a full recovery so that I can continue to play new tunes to a new generation.  I love the spiritual songs you have written.  Would love to see more. ~ Diana in Colorado


 Dan I turn 50 on October 8th, I'm going in for the test today. My wife and I are very pleased to read the post that there is progress in your treatment. You are in our prayers. You are and have been a blessing to all of us! ~ Bill & Cheryl in Maryland


 Dear Dan- So very very glad to here that you are feeling better and making progress through your difficult fight.  In August I remembered that your birthday was coming up, and was so pleased to find your personal letter on this website on that day. You are a part of my soul, because you have taken many of my deepest emotions and given them a lyrical, musical voice.  You will always be someone I care about deeply, and I am crying now just thinking of your struggles. Cancer is something no one should ever have to deal with, this I know firsthand. I wish all the strength and hope and love that a sympathetic heart can send.  A lifelong and most sincere fan.~ Pamela Speers, Salt Lake City, Utah


 Dan -- Best wishes for a speedy recovery.  You have been an inspiration to me for over 30 years.  You are without doubt one of finest singer, songwriters of all time.  It's been a pleasure to listen to your songs for so long.  I still reach for your music and always will.   Thanks for many years of listening pleasure and all the best. ~ Wes Plant, Rochester, NY


 I was thrilled to hear that your treatment has been so successful.  Your music has touched my life for over 20 years. I will continue to hold both you and Jean in my prayers.  If it works for you to tour again wonderful, but if not although I'll miss seeing you on stage you will never be forgotten by me or any of your fans.  You're the greatest. ~ Marci


 Dan, I'm so relieved to hear that your treatment is going well.  Keep up the positive thoughts for a successful recovery.Thank you for the gift of your words and music that have been with me for the past 20+ years ~ Michele


 Dear Dan, it's wonderful news to hear you are doing so well in your treatments for your cancer.  I want to tell you how grateful I am for all  the wonderful songs you have given to so many people.  I am sure many have written about how a song has touched their lives in very personal ways, I  would like to share with you my story.   In 1980 I married a wonderful man.  He came into my life a year and a  half after my husband left me and my 2 small children.  He embraced my children and loved them, cared for them and opened his heart to  them.  Since I had many of your songs, we decided to have your song "Longer" sung during our ceremony.  Not a dry eye  in the room.  This song encompassed all that I felt for this man. In 1982 we had a son.  Since my husband is not a very demonstrative  man, keeps his feeling very close to the breast, how shocked was I when I came home with our son and the 7 and 5 year olds to hear once again "Longer" playing on the stereo.   This Oct 25th we will celebrate our 25th anniversary.  Michael only asked for his own IPod.  Well, won't he be surprised to find the first song downloaded  will be " Longer!" My deepest gratitude for all of the wonderful songs you have written and performed.  Every time I hear one of your songs on the radio, I am flooded with wonderful memories!  You have brought great joy and comfort to many. All blessing to you and your family. With utmost sincerity and wishes for good health ~ Debbie Stewart, Foxboro, Ma.


 Dan - We saw you perform a few years ago in Fort Worth, TX at Bass Hall.  You charmed the entire audience with your unassuming manners and fun stories.  My son is in band in high school, and the song "Leader of the Band" hits a soft spot with us as that is his future goal.   We were very saddened to learn about your prostate cancer.  Today I learned the good news that its progress has slowed.  God be with you and your family!   I say frequent prayers for you, and hope that life keeps getting better for you all.  ~ Barbara McGann


 Mr. Fogelberg: I've had the privilege of enjoying your music since a close friend introduced your work to me in 1977.  Since then I've had the honor of seeing you perform in concert twice in my home state of Kentucky and have virtually all of your recordings.  I even introduced my wife to your music, and she remains an avid fan as well. I was very sorry to learn of your health issues last year, but equally delighted for you at the news that your treatment has slowed the progression of your prostate cancer.  Here's hoping for a lengthy period of good health that you and your family can enjoy! I also thank you for the reminders about maintaining good prostate health.  As a 45-year-old man, I believe that this is a reminder that can't be shared enough.  Cheers! ~ Rick Smith, Lexington, KY


 You rock! You've always been in our lives. We want you back on the concert tour. Regards ~ Stephen Kellett


 My wife and I would like to offer you our most hearlfelt love and support while you recover from your illness. We have been together for 20 years and our musical tastes couldn't be further apart. Myself being the rock and metal guy with my wife carrying the adult and top 40 part of the load. However, there are few artists that we can both listen to that affect us on the musical level. You, Dan, happen to be one of them. Your music speaks to the heart and is about the every day trails and tribulations of life and love. I can think of countless road trips and special nights spent with your music. You and your music are truly inspirational and we want to thank you for sharing your gift with not only us but your millions of fans. Our prayers are with you and may God eternally bless you. Best Regards ~ Audery and Ken Burton


 Hi Dan, Best wishes from me and the lovely Hester. Have been listening to your cd Greatest Hits.It brings back lots of memories. We have a budding star in the family, Daniel Munro. (Remember his name, you may hear more of it later). I'm 56 yrs old but there is nothing wrong with the ears and I reckon with his song writing abilities and good vocals he will go a long way. Hopefully another KIWI will do good. We are at the age where all sorts of health problem crop up (and wish they wouldn't) You just keep that chin up and hope for the best, I am. Kind regards ~ Gary Carton


 Dear Dan, Many people have listened to your music and been touched by its beauty.  We hope that many will listen to your message for men and be touched by its wisdom.  Thank you for sharing your songs and your struggle.  You inspire us, just like the light of a sunset on Square Top.  Best wishes for your continued recovery. ~ The Meadows


 Dan, What a relief to read the encouraging news.  I've been a huge fan for over thirty years.  You've inspired me musically and spiritually.  Now, having read your letter, all is well in my Universe once again. I wish you well and I thank you for the gift that is you ~ Jake Mason, Acton, CA


 I hope this note finds you recuperating nicely. You're in my prayers daily, you and your family. To the greatest musician of this era, I hope and pray you will spread those glorious wings once again one day soon. Take good care my Friend. Sincerely, ~ Greg Tuttle, M. D., Chapel Hill, NC


 Dan:  There is no question in my mind that miracles will come to those who believe. I remember seeing you in concert for the first time in Mobile, Alabama during the summer of 1975.  You opened for the Eagles on that tour.  Although the concert was memorable from beginning to end, I know I'm not the only one who thinks you stole the show!  I walked into the concert hall that evening knowing the lyrics to "Part of the Plan", but walked out a lifetime Fogelberg fan.  Later in life I met my wife, who shares my appreciation for your music. Keep up the great work in your treatment and life.  Mary and I are praying and cheering for you! ~ David P. Serra, Bossier City, LA


 Dan, My prayers are for your continued recovery. I recall in the 80’s listening to your “Same Old Lang Syne” on the radio in Bangor, ME just before meeting an old “flame” after ten years separation including a marriage and divorce for each of us. It is interesting how time can clear one’s perception of another. After a brief Christmas Eve drink at a downtown Portland club before going our separate ways...I recall thinking how neither of us had any regrets. I love your songs -- Your lyrics are timeless and I hope you will be able to tour again. Wishing you well ~ Nancy


 Hi Dan, Can't begin to tell you how much your music has meant to me over the years. Bought all the albums in the seventies and now have the CD's, even DVD's. I am a breast cancer survivor and my sister is just now finishing up treatment for throat cancer. Actually, the big C is not all that unusual anymore, is it?  My very best hopes for your health and spirit and hope to see you on stage soon in the San Francisco Bay Area. ~ Mary from San Francisco


 Dan, Leaving this message to you is an internet first for me. When I first heard of your terrible illness my mind quickly raced back to my college days(1976-80, Plattsburgh,NY) when I first was introduced to your music and lyrics. I specifically mention lyrics because the messages passed in your music have been an inspiration to me and many of my college mates and have carried me through some difficult times ("Part of the Plan") and have inspired me in my life. I've attended many of your concerts both accompanied by your band and solo acoustic performances. I guess what I'm getting to is a heartfelt thank you for the positive affect you have had on my life. I wish you well in your challenges ahead. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in this challenging time. ~ Jim


 Dear Dan,  There's not enough room on any page for me to truly express how much your music means to me.  So, I'll just be as brief as I can.  I am 45 now, and you have been a part of my life since Jr. High.  My friend and I would sit cross-legged on the bed holding your album covers and singing every word with you.  At night, over the years, I'd wake up and put all the albums on the record player and sleep to them.  When I travelled to Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, I could feel the way you must have felt when you wrote and composed in those mountains.  Then, as an adult, your words continued with me through 1 failed marriage, childbirth, and all the other things we go through day to day.  Last year, when my 16 year old son was murdered, after a time, I could still find some measure of comfort in the words of your songs.  Sometimes, it was the only thing that could allow me to cry or to mourn and sometimes it would lift me up.  When I heard you had prostate cancer, I wished that there was some way I could comfort you.  But I know that all I can do for you is to pray.  Your beautiful soul has always been reflected in your words and music.  And that same beauty will carry you through.  I know that tragedy in any form will make you question yourself and God and even the reasons you are here.  I still do that most every day.  And I have found that anger is not necessarily a bad thing-- it's just a part of the plan. Never give up.  I will always be grateful for what you gave to the world, your beautiful words and music.  Be well. Forever your fan and friend. ~ Nelda Brewer


 Every good wish and constant prayers for you, Dan.  The entire state of Colorado loves you! ~  Kathy


 Dear Dan, I am very happy to hear that your treatment has been successful!  I will continue to pray for a complete recovery and for peace of mind for you and Jean. You and your music have been a gift and a very good friend to me for many years.  I have literally grown up listening to your voice.  I am happy to know that I can return some of the goodness you have added to my life by keeping you and your loved ones in my prayers.  I wish you peace and continued blessings. Sincerely ~ Pam


 Hello Dan and family, I was very happy to hear your excellent  progress fighting this bad disease. Your music has been my favorite since  Souvenirs back in the 70's. I love your guitar playing as I play also . I can't wait for the day when you start recording again,creating that  wonderful,beautiful music. Good luck in your courageous battle and God Bless .  You're in our prayers, Dan. ~ Dave Anderson, Port Richey,Florida


 Dan: I can't put into words what a part of my life you've been.  I have all your albums and probably have seen you in concert 30 times. Your music is poetry and an inspiration to us all. Godspeed in your recovery...I know you'll come out of this healthy and with many a lesson to share and stories to tell.


 Dan, I can't say how happy I am to hear you wonderful news! I can't express in words what you and your music have meant to me over the years. Please take care and hopefully in the not too distant future you can return to doing what you, I and everyone love to hear you do! Godspeed. ~ Daryl, Grennwood,In


 Dan, I love to check in on your website and see your smiling face. It always brings a smile to my face! Wow... the power of prayer. It's awesome. You have always been--and continue to be--an inspiration to me. May God continue to hold you and yours in His loving hands. ~ Kathy in California


Thank you for the sermon about the blood test and the dre for the men in our lives.  My husband followed through and got a clean bill of health.  We salute you and Jean.  We both have Martin guitars now and we are sending you both love and light as we attempt to play "There's a Place in the World for a Gambler."  I am sure we sound hilarious or terrible.  But we are adhering to the Jorma Kaukonen rule: as an adult learner, you will sound like -bleep-!  Play anyway. Dan and Jean, "Treat each other with respect.  Nurture one another at every opportunity for when you nurture someone else, you are nurturing yourself.  Play well together." ~  Deann & Neil in Yellow Springs, Ohio


 I was shocked to learn about your sickness, but am thrilled to know the treatments are working and that you're on your way back to good health once again.  Although I've never seen you live in concert it is my goal to hopefully make that a reality someday.  Godspeed and our prayers are with you! ~ Mike G.  Mifflinburg, PA


 Hi Dan!!! My  family and I are sending our best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. We are all big fans of you and your music for so many years. We have literally worn out  your Greatest Hits tape which has provided us countless hours of enjoyment during our many long road trips home. We became even bigger fans of yours after seeing you perform live at the Westbury Theatre on Long Island over 2 years ago. It was one of  the best concerts I have ever seen. I just  happened to learn of your battle with cancer today when I went to your website  to see where you are performing next.  I was very  saddened to read about your ordeal. But you sound very optimistic about  life. We hope things are working out for you at home and you can return to your music soon. Wishing  you good luck and good health. And thanks for the advice on prostate cancer  screening. Sincerely ~ Lloyd  Marksamer & the Marksamer family


 You sure create wonderful music Dan!!  I have been a fan since getting the Red Herring annual folk albums -- I came to Champaign just when you left, fall 1973, and your presence was everywhere!  I sing folk music as well and your influence on my writing and general "spirit" was tangible there, then and now.


We also use some of your songs to teach English as a Second Language to our immigrant students -- they love them, and your diction is crystal clear. Add to that your commitment to ecology and a better world.  You and I were both on the bill at the big demo at Rocky Flats Nuclear Plant in 1980, I think it was.  I always wonder, Dan, if we all got a big dose of radiation at that event.  We were trying to shut it down because it was so polluted, and we were right there singing in the middle of it!  Dan, please get well.  I heard someone the other day say, Cancer management has improved enough in many areas that we can say a person lives with cancer as a "chronic disease" for many years.  It's not nice to have a chronic disease, but in the ensuing years, a cure or effective treatment may be found. My love and admiration to you and your wife, for your work, and for your life!  Fondly ~ Kristin Lems in Evanston, Illinois.


 Daniel, I have been praying for you and your family. Isn't it wonderful to know that God's love is stronger than the Rockies and wider than all the oceans? Psalm 12:5 "Because of the oppression of the weak and the groaning of the needy, I will now arise," says the LORD. "I will protect them from those who malign them." May the Lord continue to bless you and keep you. Arise and continue to do good! God Bless you. ~ Don DeWeese, Greensboro, NC


 Dan,  the update on your illness and treatment was a welcome piece of news.  I can only imagine some of the low moments you and your wife have shared these past months.  Please stay focused on your treatment and beating this disease.  Cancer in any form is so ugly.  Feel free to continue to lecture the men out there - maybe hearing it from you will encourage them to do something they have been putting off.  Continued love and prayers to you and you family. ~ E.K.  Dallas, TX.


 Dear Dan,   At 17, I have loved music as far back as I can remember.  I've always loved rock and punk, both modern and classic, and will find myself listening to it any given day of the week.  The perfect chords of rock songs trigger some kind of resonance in me that almost always elates my mood. Music of these genres has surely become a permanent part of me.  I can say without doubt that I will continue listening to this kind of music for many years to come, that listening to rock will always energize me. But I find it insufficient. Despite the involvement this kind of music has in my life, I realize that it doesn't speak to me. While I am enthralled by the energy of Green Day, I find myself failing to connect with the disdain of American Idiot; though I am enamored with the emotion of Guns N' Roses, I am unable to relate to the message of Paradise City.  So when I sit down to spend time with my own thoughts, my lifelong friend of rock music no longer appeals to me.  Filling its place instead are the melancholy lyrics of "Heart Hotels", the ethereal ambience of "Along The Road", the wintry echoes of "Scarecrow's Dream", the bitter sadness of "She Don't Look Back", and the nostalgic loneliness of "Same Old Lang Syne." I would go on to describe the meaning I have found in all your songs, but I fear that, sooner or later, the English language would fail me. So if you see me on the train wearing the telltale white earbuds of an iPod, and see a rhythm to the way I stand, you'll know that the distorted guitars of rock 'n roll are whirring about in my head.  But if you see a quiet in my stare, a distinctly pensive calm surrounding me, you'll know that Dan is on the other end, helping me to figure my life out. I don't know what I'd do without him. Here's to you, Dan. Rock on. ~ Ozzie Smith, NY


 Dan, As a former Peorian, I have listened to your music since high school ... so many years ago.  I learned to play guitar to many of your songs and waited expectantly for each release.  I am heartened that your treatment is going well.  Thank you for touching mine and so many lives with your powerful lyrics and music.  Bless you and your family. ~ Laurie G.


 Dan, I'm a 46 year old musician who has drawn much inspiration from you. I dropped you a message last year when I heard of your illness. Just about the time you issued your statement that you were winning the battle, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Quite a shock - no cancer in my family, I'm under 50, my PSA was only 2. I had radical prostatectomy surgery last week, so I'm cranky, tired and uncomfortable. I guess I writing you now to tell you that not only am I happy that you are recovering, having been a big fan for many years, but I also take comfort in your success. It makes me feel that I'll be OK , too. I won't be missing those special moments with my family: graduations, weddings, anniversaries etc. So, forget about the concerts and the new music - we all have discs to listen to. Take care of yourself first.  Thanks ~ Mike K. Amherst NY


 Dear Dan (and Jean), When I moved to Denver 30 years ago to begin my life as an eager new RN, I met a special fellow whom I began to date.  He played guitar and was eager for me to share his love for 2 of his favorite artists: James Taylor, whose music I knew and liked, and Dan Fogelberg, whom I had never heard of.  We attended your concert in Boulder in the mid-late '70s, where I heard you play several selection from Home Free and Nether Lands.  I was hooked!  Since then I have bought all of your albums and have seen you play at several

venues including Red Rocks and Minneapolis, where I now live. 


To say your music has touched me is a gross understatement.  I always wondered what I would say to you if we met so I could convey how deeply I feel about your music.  I never really came up with anything in those little daydreams and here I am trying to write it to you now.  This will be grossly inadequate but please know how much your music has meant to me these last 30 years; you write so well about life experiences we all seem to share:  love found, love lost, wondering how to keep a good love viable and meaningful, how to protect our earth. Your illness is unbelievably devastating, but what a joy to see your Aug. 13 letter with such hopeful news! I started out as an oncology nurse at St. Anthony Central hospital in Denver so I know a bit about cancer.  I left that field after a few years and am encouraged to learn how many gains have been made since then.  You are a living legacy of those gains! Congratulations to you and Jean on your progress and my heartfelt prayers for your continued recovery.  I join all of your ardent fans in wishing you well. Know that you have much support and love behind you. Sincerely ~ Barb Gallea


 Dan, I too, like many others, feel a very personal connection to you and your music. I am so glad to hear that you are doing well and that the cancer is now at low and manageable levels. I had a PSA and a DRE last year (no fun), but share your conviction in this regard. You continue to be an inspiration for me with your music and now your life experience as well. So glad to hear the good news. Please be well. Namaste and Peace Be With You ~ George Geysen


 Dan, I've traveled the world, survived an invasion, and experienced both great happiness and sorrow in this life, yet some of my most memorable moments are your concerts at Red Rocks.  Best wishes on your continued recovery. ~ B


 As one of your many long time British fans, finally overcoming the shock of the news of your illness I just had to let you know of the immeasurable calm, pleasure & thought that you and your music have brought to my wife & I  over many years. Your recorded life perceptions & Comments  have  mirrored our lives together & enriched them to a huge degree. My big regret is that we have never been able to attend one of your concerts (but you never  know). The UK has in my view produced only one artist to approach your sensitivity & prowess (Chris Rea) who oddly enough has been dogged by ill health himself. Anyway! I'm so pleased to read your good news, & wish you a complete recovery  & long long life in good health ~ Roger Sawyer


 Dear Dan, I have checked the site various times for news on your progress and haven't been able to until today and I am thrilled! I guess good thoughts and prayers really do work. Your first priority is to your health and your family and although your fans would love a new CD celebrating your good health, your good progress is music to our ears! ~ Susan


 Dear Dan, Bravo! So happy to hear the good news. I find it hard to believe that you will never be on stage or in the recording studio again though. I would think that such a life changing event would bring out more gifts from you at the heart and soul level that you ever knew was possible.So, good you are keeping your options open. Your music has always touched my heart. I even had the pleasure of meeting you one night at the PI in Nederland, CO (1979 maybe~?) at a Halloween party . And that is what makes us who we are in our life; life's experiences.... Much Love from Taos, NM ~ Terry


 Dear Dan Fogelberg, From one Peoria, Illinois native to another, my most sincere wishes and blessings and prayers to you and your family for a full recovery. Your music was the "soundtrack" to my youth in the 70's and I can't thank you enough for sharing your gift of music with the world. May your gift shine again. Sincerely ~ Sharon Norville


 Dan...... Words cannot express how saddened I was to find out only a few short  weeks ago of your having prostate cancer...but in the same time I was also  informed of your well-being since treatment. And to this I say  ''Congratulations''!!!! I have been a fan of your music since the early 70's. As I grew older, I began buying your albums-and duplicating them by purchasing them all in cassette (one of my all time favorites: 'Phoenix').


The depth of your songs-your way of placing such vivid images in my mind has kept me a fan throughout all of these years. Your songs of 'yesterday' sound   just as fresh today...and for that I feel blessed...Each one has touched me in a  specific way..whether to help me heal from the loss of my dad ('Leader of the  Band'), to the feelings of that first time I ever fell in love('Longer'). I love your music-I pray for your well-being, and I wish you success  in any other venture you may be setting out to conquer. Your greatest conquest will be to completely recover from this cancer...I  wish you and your family peace, love, and best wishes. Thinking of you. Sincerely ~ Peg (PJ)


 Hello Dan. I read the letter you posted and I am so glad things are looking better for you. What can I say, I think of you as a friend even though we've never met. Here's to great years ahead. Love and best wishes to you and Jean. ~ Roger Word, Guthrie OK


 It was 1974 and I walked into a record store and saw 'Souvenirs'. I had never heard a song, but I looked at the picture, studied the notes, and knew I had to buy it...that it was important. For the next two years I immersed myself in those first three albums.  I anguished over where my life was to lead, but felt a pull to write, to play, to investigate every turn.  Then in February of 1976 I found myself on a plane with my guitar, some clothes and a tape recorder moving from Connecticut to a tiny mountain town in Colorado. To discover who I was, what I could do.  To explore. I am writing a book about my travels through Nederland.   Back to the Pioneer Inn, and all the faces with 'mountain' names; Red Ted, Meadow Bill, Stretch and Cowboy Sam.  I remembered Mike Roach who I shared a house with and the times you'd sit in with 'Bubba Rand'. I remembered sitting on that stage singing for beers one late afternoon singing 'Song from Half Mountain' hoping to hell you wouldn't come in and hear me butcher it. You and I played darts several times...even teamed up against Glenn Frey and Joe Walsh one night.  I was dumbfounded to find myself laughing and hoisting beers with people who had till only recently lived only in the pages of Rolling Stone. Somewhere stashed away, I have a funky reel to reel tape of you playing a few songs from 'Netherlands' in my living room...on my Guild D-50. "It's not a Martin..." you said, "...but it will do."  I still have the guitar. So this morning, I'm back there in my mind, ordering a beer from Carl the forever surly bartender and reminiscing. I decide to pop onto your web cite and discover your battle with prostate cancer. My father died from it, and I know I am a candidate. I get my self tested every year, and so far, so good.  A couple years ago I recorded a 90 minute CD for the American Cancer Society on it, and while I cannot know what you've gone through...I can empathize with it. I am heartened to hear you are keeping the beast at bay.  I wanted to add my voice to the many who have wished you well.  Your music inspired me to get up, get out and not just be content to be a spectator.  I thank you for that. Be well.  Get better.  Peace to you and yours. Regards ~ Bob 'Alphabet' Labeskis


 Dear Dan, I was so sorry to hear about your health situation but encouraged by the good progress you are making. My father was diagnosed at age 68 and now 5 years later is doing fine. Your music has been a huge inspiration in my life and I still listen every day. Thanks for bringing such joy to so many with your music. Your fans are with you and I wish you all the best and a speedy recovery. Sincerely ~ Stuart Stone, Coral Springs, Florida


 Hey Dan, It was with great joy that I read your recent letter on the web site and I offer my heartfelt well wishes for your continued recovery. I have tried to keep on top of your health via the internet and was relieved to see that you're doing well at this point. You have been a tremendous influence on me since my days growing up in Philadelphia. I have seen four or five of your Valley Forge shows - it's now a Barnes and Noble, but that site will always remind me of those amazing gigs - as well as your Mann Music Center appearances. Growing up in a more urban environment, I always dreamt of the mountains and your music helped keep that dream alive and for that matter, come true. I have lived in Montana with my wife and kids for the last 3.5 years and listen to your music on a regular basis. And after all this time (I'm now 41), it still has just as strong an effect on me as ever. No easy task. So thanks again for all the inspiration. You and your music have meant the world to me and please know you are in my prayers as you continue to regain your strength. Peace ~ Bob Jones, Bozeman, Montana


 Dear Dan, I just read the letter you posted on your web site, announcing (on your birthday - how fitting!) that you've gained significant ground in your battle against prostate cancer.  I'm not sure the words exist to tell you how happy I am for you and your family.  I have been a fan of not only your work but of how you have chosen to live your life since "the beginning," and have been praying for you & yours daily since learning of your diagnosis last year.  Although it surely got lost among the thousands of other communications you received, I sent you an e-mail that I hope somehow helped you and your wife even just a little bit at the time.  


Since learning of your diagnosis, listening to your music these past months was at times bittersweet, as the brilliance of your work grew especially poignant in light of the enormously uphill battle you were fighting.  With each song, I hoped with all my might that the sounds that filled my ears and overflowed into my soul would not be the last to come from a man so enormously talented and so very honorable in character.  While I've had many"favorite Dan songs" through the years, "Don't Lose Heart" easily became the frontrunner during these past months.  I cannot count the times I listened to that song, trying to will the hope and positive energy it carries into healing for you.  On a more selfish note, this song helped me tremendously after I was diagnosed with an early, non-invasive form of breast cancer just under a year ago.  While I was one of the lucky ones who, at 43 and w/two young boys who needed me, only had to have a double mastectomy to "virtually eliminate the cancer" and was spared the hells of chemo and radiation, that song lifted me over the "speed bumps" my diagnosis and treatment created in my life, and for this I extend to you a great big THANK YOU.   On a final note, you say in your letter that you don't have any immediate plans to record or tour.  Don't worry for a moment that your words will disappoint those who truly appreciate all you are and all you have done, Dan.  I feel pretty confidant that I speak for many when I say that we're just so glad to have you here.  The prayers for your good health and healing, body and soul, will continue.  Gotta go and rejoice in listening to my favorite song now.  Godspeed. Most sincerely yours ~ Janet M., Austin, Texas


 I am also a survivor of prostate cancer.  mine was found operated on and had already gone outside..  8 years later it showed in the lymph nodes.  I am currently in a triail at Kettering Sloan Memorial Hospital. My counts are down and I am enjoying life.  I'm happy to hear your good news and the treatments going well. Good luck and stay well attitude  and prayers are the most important for helping keep it under  control.  Thank you for letting me share my thoughts. ~ Borden Steeves, West  Haven, Ct.


 Dan, I hope you are doing well. I have been listening and playing your music for over twenty-five years. In fact, my earliest memory is my cousin telling me a story about you as the warm-up act for the Eagles. According to him, the audience enjoyed your music so much, that you were brought back out. You don't see that every day from a "warm-up" act.


My father had prostate cancer - and survived - thanks to an early diagnosis. Faithfully, I have a regular psa and an occasional rectal exam, much to my chagrin (my doctor doesn't like it either). But you are right - these are things to help us prevent cancer, and it doesn't take much effort. My wife says I shouldn't complain unless I've put my legs in a stirrup for an exam. To each his - or her own. Again, thanks for the great music, and keep up your strength. ~ Lee


 Dan, As a nurse practitioner working for a urology group, I want to thank you for sharing your story and providing information concerning prostate cancer to your fans.  You truly may have helped save many lives.  As a fan, words fail to express the profound enjoyment I experience listening to your music.  I thank you for sharing your gift of music with the world.  May God bless you and keep you safe. ~ Scott


 Dan, I've been checking in with your website for the better part of a year to see how you're doing....& today I just got your great news. YAY!!!!  I am soooooooo happy for you, your wife, family, & friends.  See?  It just wasn't your time to go.  We get to have you for a while longer.  I consider myself lucky because the world's a better place with you in it.  I hope you can feel the wave of Love & Light coming your way from all of us who have been touched by you & your beautiful music.  Surrender to it & know you are being healed & taken care of.

Namaste ~Kate


 Greetings from the East, Dan: My name is Jeff Melton, and I've been a fan of yours from the beginning (1972 or 1971, was it?). Anyway, I'm writing to you today to express my best wishes for your continued and speedy recovery. May God continue to exert his healing hand in your life, and my continued prayer for you and Jean is that He will continue watching over you both in the coming days, weeks, and years. Your music has definitely touched my life as well. Again, best wishes for the present and the future. ~ Jeff Melton, Atlanta, Ga.


 Dan, I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am to hear of your victory! I have been listening and singing your music since high school. Although I don't sound as good as you I patterned my voice from yours. I am thankful that I will continue to have your voice in my car so that I can sing along!!  Having just turned forty your message about making sure I see my doc worked. I had a full physical and will continue to make sure I do that. Even though like you said "every man squirms at the thought", it is piece of mind. Thank You for your wisdom. You are truly "The leader of the band"!!!!! Stay Well ~ Ray Lawless


 Like my old vinyl records of you....sometimes it's the scratches and skips in life that add to your already incredible beauty. ~ Frannie


 ENCOURAGEMENT TO YOU.  I was Dx'd PCA 6/2000, Gleason 10,  failed RRP.  I'm still here and doing well 5+ years later -- Dr's are surprised. Three operations, 3 chemo's, 45 radiations.  psa .8. THANKS FOR YOUR INSPIRATIONAL MUSIC. ~ David Holmes, Brundidge Alabama


 What a joy it was to read the beautiful message from you, Dan.  My 11 year old son is the one who keeps asking me about you.  About a year ago I bought some of your CD's and my son MIchael immediately made a connection to you and to your music.  I had not listened to your music since my college days and it was wonderful to relive some many wonderful memories through your lyrics and your voice.  It also reminded me of a time when I went to one of your concerts and fell down a flight of stairs at the Hartford Civic Center when one of my clog heels broke off.  I sat with a severely sprained ankle so I wouldn't miss the rest of the concert and to this day don't regret it.


At any rate, I have never emailed or written a musical artist, but I did want you to know how relieved I was to hear you are doing so well.  I also pray and hope you use this experience in a positive light and continue to perform and to use your God given talents.  My son Michael really enjoys your music and I would love to tell him you are still performing and singing your heart out.  Maybe this experience means you are actually just beginning!  Age and adversity seem to bring much wisdom!


We live in Mystic, Connecticut.  I am a special education teacher and work with 6 intellectually disabled middle schoolers who are actually angels in disguise.  They have faced incredible health problems and adversity almost every day of their lives and still arrive at our middle school full of more joy and hope than you could imagine.  If you ever need a small audience to start with we are always here!  I am sure you would be inspired. May good health, much love, and peace be with you each day. ~ Deidre Toole


 Dear Dan, Of the many wonderful moments of my life, sitting on the hard stone seats, (several times in the rain!) at Red Rocks is among the best times of my life. Thank you for those incredible segments of time.  When the night and the stars and the view of the city set the stage for your music to wrap around my heart and soul.   I have been a fan for 30 years.  Thank you for the music, get better, get stronger.  Feel the love! ~ Penny, Phoenix AZ


 Dan & Jean: Who knew that those three little words "you have cancer" could be so powerful in one's life? As a member of this club that I never wanted to join, I understand what you have been through.  As survivor myself, I wanted you both to know how happy I was to read that you are doing well. Your music has meant so much to me thru the years.  I first "discovered" you in that little mountain town of Nederland, Colorado where I lived in the 70's.  I remember with great joy the concerts that I was fortunate to attend especially Red Rocks in 1984.   The magic of the "Rocks" and your music...what a combo!  It was my send off to a new life in California.  Then years later ('98) in California, for a "landmark" birthday present to me, I was at the Celebrity Theater seated right next to the stage.  What a great acoustic evening that was and what a way to spend one of those decade marking birthdays!  I wish you continued improvement and only the best for you & Jean. Namaste ~ Kathie S.


 Dan,  So glad to hear your good news.  I have thought and prayed for you and your battle with cancer. I hope you feel like returning to music, singing, recording, and concerts if you wish to. In Christ. ~ Tim


 Dear Dan, You have blessed us with your music and we are grateful.  In return we send you our blessings and prayers. ~ Butch and Lila McDade


 Dear Dan, You are my favorite musician/artist.  I have seen you in concert in the Assembly Hall at the U of I and at the Fox theater in St. Louis.  Your music touches my soul.  I play and replay Wild Places and River of Souls at work quietly in my cubicle to take me peacefully away from the noise, chatter that surrounds me daily.  I have begun Quantum Touch healing as my next adventure in this life.  I will send healing energy to you daily and trust that total health is again yours.  I and countless others await your song.  Health, peace, joy and abundant blessings to you ~ Karen, Charleston, IL


 Hi Dan, I have absolutely loved your music and lyrics for so many many years.  I only recently found out about your battle with prostate cancer... after listening to your Greatest Hits tape I decided to go search the internet for forgotten lyrics to my favorite two songs, "Hard to Say" and "Same Old Lang Syne".  I have been playing your tape for 3 straight weeks and I never get tired of hearing your music.  Your music elevates my inner emotions.  I am glad to hear encouraging news about your recovery and I will start praying to our savior that you will fully recover.  Throughout the past several years, I have dealt with an enlarged prostate gland.  I get it checked regularly now.  I would like to stay on this earth and listen to your wonderful music for many more years.  Don't stop making music...we all need you.  Get well. ~  Kreegs from Wisc.


 Dear Dan, I am so grateful for the soulful music you have created.  I saw you in concert in Seattle, WA many years ago and watched with tears in my eyes as the audience "got" the essence of what you were communicating.  I am glad you have progressed so well and so quickly in your treatment.  Also, I am glad that your situation has brought your marriage into deeper resonance, mirroring even more profoundly who you both truly are.  Many blessings ~ Jenny Capella


 Dear Dan, It's been quite awhile since I've visited your website and was saddened to hear of your condition. What precipitated the visit to your site:  I was telling a friend how you have been a mentor to me - even though you may not have known it!  You have given me much joy and guidance through your God given talents and hard work.  If not for you, I don't know where I would be today.  Your lyrics and music provided much peace and direction when I had no where else to turn.  Thank you for that, it is appreciated more than you know.  You and Jean will be in my prayers.  Love ~ Dru


 Dan - I had no idea. I was looking on line because I had not seen you live since you came through Tulsa with Jimmy a number of years ago.  I started playing your music about 25 years ago with some friends in college.  I spent a great deal of time in the Tetons and in Colorado and your music has been a constant in my life for many years.  I love listening to "To The Morning" as I watch the sun rise over the Bolder Mountains in Utah. Many things have changed over the years but my love for your music and the words you write that have touched my wife and my friends so much is never ending.  I pray with my deepest prayer that you beat this and live to have a long and comfortable life.  I do hope that you come out again when you are feeling better.  If not let me know when you want to get together and jam.  I will meet you in Nederlands. God's Blessings on you and your family. ~ Cameron Wilson


 Tremendous news, Dan!  Congratulations to you and Jean.  Frankly, it isn't important to get back into performing for us.  We have all been blessed enough by your talent.  But always keep playing.  I know, and you far better than I, that music ministers to the soul, enhances our life experience.  Even if it remains only a beloved hobby, the creative process will always aid your healing as well as bring joy to your everyday lives.  That said, any new material would be a thrill to your fans.  Nothing but good fortune as you move forward... ~ Wade and Sue in Coldwater, MI


 Dan, I have followed your music since 1974 when I purchased a demo album of yours at a swap-meet in San Diego. I've enjoyed your music and writing style so much over the years. Probably the greatest gift I could give you would be my prayers and heartfelt concern for you and Jean. I'm nobody, just a fan, but I would want, with all my heart for you to know how much God loves you. I won't preach to you, I only wish and hope that you find Jesus in this trying time in your life. His love is truly the one thing that has sustained me and continues to bring me hope. God Bless you and your family......I will continue to keep you in my prayers.


 I just heard about your illness. I am glad that you caught it in time. I had testicular cancer 15 years ago and I am still here (although I lean to the right alot)  You are very lucky and gifted. Music is fantastic therapy for your mind and soul.... ~ Ken


 Dear Dan, When I told my 14 year old son that I didn't care for the music he was listening to, he said, "What did you listen to when you were a teenager?"  I said, "Great musicians like Dan Fogelberg and Harry Chapin!"  He said, "Who?"  So, I pulled out my vinyl albums.  You were right there between the Eagles and Foghat.  I have "Home Free", "Souvenirs", The Innocent Age", Nether Lands", "Captured Angel", and "Phoenix".  Even with the scratches and skips - they were beautiful.  I was transported back in time to high school and college.  So many good memories connected with your lovely songs. . .  And my son liked your music too.  We agreed that we should get some of these on CD so we can listen without having to stomp on the floor to get the needle over the scratches (Can you believe we still have a turn table and vinyl albums?  It's quite a novelty for all of our children's friends!)  But then I said, "I don't know what happened to Dan Fogelberg."  So, I went on-line and found your site and found that you are fighting cancer.  I am so glad to know that you are winning the battle.  I will pray for your healing and for peace of mind as you face this challenge.  I thank you for the gifts of music and the gift of some good quality time with my son.  I hope you will be able to pursue whatever creative outlet you choose in the days ahead. Best Wishes ~ Becky White, Snellville, GA


 Hi Dan,  I am so happy to hear your cancer battle has ended in a positive light, and do hope your health continues to improve. You were and are in my thoughts and prayers many times. Your music means so much to me. My hope is for a bright and productive future. My Love ~ Silvia from Denver


 Dear Dan, I am so thrilled to hear of your  progress towards total physical health!  The power of prayer is truly amazing!  You can be sure my prayers have been among the thousands and will continue to be.  I also pray that someday we may be blessed with some new musical creations from you.  To me, your music is one of life's great wonders! May God bless you and you family forever ~ Debi O'Shea


 Congratulations, thanks for the update!  All my best energy, prayers  and good wishes to you as you continue your recovery.  You have been in my  thoughts over this past year, as I hoped for good news of you to  appear.  I almost feel like there is a family member  recovering.  Your music has brought so much pleasure to me and my entire extended family, some of whom are musicians as well.   All of them are fans, from my recommendations over the years.


I've always enjoyed music so much, but yours has been the most special to me.  I want to thank you for the special joy I experienced each  time I'd unwrap your new album or CD and sit down with my guitar to enjoy it for  the first of many times; listening to Nether Lands while parked on a  scenic overlook in the Rockies,  singing your beautiful  harmonies with my sisters, comparing favorite songs with friends.


Many years ago, as a young woman, I stood outside a concert theater after one of your many concerts I attended over the years.  We were a group  of young women determined to say hello to you both (you were with Tim  Weisberg.)  And the two of you did stop the limo - it was the only time in my life I couldn't get a word out. My younger sister had the sense to at  least point to me and say "she has all of your records!"  And I still  do.  I wish you and your family much happiness and good health. 


 Hi Dan, I'm 29 years old and live in Monterrey, Mexico. Since I started listening to your songs I haven't been able to listen to anything else, this has been for the last 15 years. I just wanted to say that all my prayers are with you and your family. I've never seen you in concert, and hopefuly someday I'll get to hear you. Best Wishes ~ Fernando Zubiria


 Dear Dan, Amen, Brother!  Advice heeded and taken.  God Bless you and hope to hear you perform, again. ~ Frank in Jacksonville, FL

 Hi Dan and Jean, I have been waiting for good news regarding your condition.  I am so happy for you and your recovery.  There isn't a day that goes by that I haven't played some song of yours.  Just last night I went to sleep with Nether Lands playing in my ears!  May God continue to bless you and give you comfort and healing.  God speed! ~ Diane Nichols, Rosenberg, Tx


 Hi Dan! I have been anxiously awaiting word on your progress and was happily surprised when I checked your website today and saw the letter you posted. I am so happy and relieved you are doing so well. For some reason I feel like I know you personally, perhaps it's because you have shared so much of yourself through your music. I am listening to you now as I write this. No matter how many times I hear your songs I am moved time and time again by the words you sing. Thank you for sharing so much of your heart and soul with all of us. Thank you also for posting your "sermon" - so many people's lives will be saved from that. Prostate cancer runs in my family and I am forever after my brother, who is your age, to get his prostate checked regularly. Men can be stubborn, so unfortunately they constantly need to be prodded. I will continue to pray for you and your wife. I hope you are both making the most of every day you have together. Cancer can be a gift when it forces us to reprioritize our lives and see each day in a glowing new light. Please continue to keep in touch on your website. It is always nice to hear from an old friend! ~ Leslie - Oak Ridge, NJ


 Praise the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!! I mean that with all my heart. Some may say " oh come now, he's only a singer." This has nothing to do with the singer but a man who has touched my life as many others have, only Dan has never met me yet gave everything he had to entertain me each and every time I saw him perform. It is with the utmost faith I say , may God continue to bless Dan and Jean as they weather this storm together. Thank you, Dan ~ Butch


 Dear Dan, I was very glad to see your recent message concerning the positive direction your treatment has taken. It's so uplifting to hear your upbeat tone, and as for your sermon, well, let me say I've taken it to heart and intend to get checked out. Best wishes to you and yours and always be assured of my prayers. ~ Mark Donovan, Newport, RI


 Good to hear you're improving, man!  Take care!


 Your music is very special, such a talent, and I was fortunate to hear you in person at Walnut Cove , N.C. after "admiring" from afar (TV,etc). I don't know if you are a Christian, but you have such a gift of compassion and love. May God continue to bless you and your wife and have a long life together. ~ Beverly B. Terry


 Dear Dan, I, too, am one of your biggest fans and have had the privilege of seeing you in concert in Kansas City and St. Louis, both excellent shows. Please know that you and Jean will continue to be in my prayers and it is my hope that God will bless you with his healing hands so that once again you can share your gift of music. God speed, my brother! ~ Butch Endicott


 Dan And Jean, I was thrilled to read the news that you are doing much better.  My significant other and I have been watching the website regularly for news about how you are doing.  I am so very, very thankful every day that I am blessed with good health and I know that can change in a split second.  But, I have seen family and friends who suffer with the disease of cancer and I see the effect it has on everyone's lives. Your music has touched me for years and helped me through many struggles and changes in my life and will continue to do so. Your music is touching, consoling, heartwarming and has the ability to make a difference in people's lives.  Our thoughts, prayers and love are with you and your family. ~ Mary Ann & Keith


 Dan - I am so happy to hear that you are making some significant progress and that your spirits are positive and strong.  Your music always makes me smile and your concerts over the years have made a tremendous impact on my life!  Get well....and know that there we are ALL cheering for you and deserve nothing but good things in the years ahead. ~  Shelley in Michigan


 Dan & Jean: It's been some time since I visited your website--though our prayerful wishes have always been with you and yours.  It goes without saying, wonderful news on your health.  Prostate cancer reached our family this past August, our father.  He has amazing strength despite his years (86)-"What do I have to be afraid of?  I survived WWII."  Our fathers' generation had courage and grace beyond our imagination. We don't think of our father as 86, but a man who was a husband, a father who provided for his family, and raised four Midwestern kids.  Now we're reaching a midlife ourselves-stores of memories come to mind.  The gifts of family and time are so precisous, family gatherings around the supper table, neighborhood friends, you name it-even cleaning the house.   It's amazing what can take you back, "the smell of cut grass" can even spawn a memory.


Cathie and I recently saw Jimmy Messina and Kenny Loggins.  I was grateful to witness two friends who came together after nearly 30 years to share a gift-the gift of music.  Dan, when the time is right, you have so many friends to share the same gift.  Your music is a gift and it's a source of love.  Our prayers. ~ Dave & Cathie


 Dan, We just found out the details regarding your battle with cancer over the last few years. Though you have been out of the public eye, regarding your music, for a while now, you are forever in our hearts. We have been fans of yours for years and finding out the courage that you have had to display, regarding your battle with your illness, we applaud you even more. Your recommendations, to all of us, regarding this type of cancer are well taken and appreciated. Hopefully, your advice will help more people become aware of ways to avoid this illness in their lives. Again, we wish you and your family all of the best, and please know, that your songs will forever be a part of us as we go through life. Thank you for being with us and sharing your talent. ~ Brian & Linda Lasenyik, Atlanta, Ga


 Dan and Jean, With all the bad news of the hurricans of late I decided to check if there was any news on your health. How it uplifted my spirits. Please keep up the fight and the music tours ands studios will return in due time. Your health is more important. May God Bless you and your family. Blessings ~ Jodie


 If I had to choose a soundtrack for my life it would definitely be the music and lyrics of Dan Fogelberg.  I am from Dan's hometown and graduated the same year he did.  I have followed his career as best I could but news was often hard to come by.  This web site is great.  I just read today that Dan is doing well and even though it is raining in Peoria today,  the sun shines in my heart for him and his family.


 Dan, I am praying for God to heal you.  I will never forget seeing you in concert in Peoria, Illinois in 1995.  WOW, it was just awesome.  You have contributed so much to the music industry with your lyrics and talent on the guitar.  Keep the faith, brother.


 Dan,  Heartened by your health news.   Wanted to share a small story that illustrates how far your inspiration has travelled.  While your music has been a constant in my life and my family's life for many years, I was touched when my 10 year old daughter worked for many months with her piano teacher to learn your beautiful arrangement of "Paris Nocturne" to play for a piano recital as well as a school talent show.  It is wonderful to see that you are continuing to inspire a new generation! ~ Lori Lenhart


 DAN!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! god bless you. ~ Dina, Atlanta


 Hi, Dan. I'm very very glad and happy to read your August letter on the website. I've been listening to your music for over 30 years. The news about your cancer (in 2004) was shocked to me, because I lost my elder sister from brain cancer in Jan. 2004, at age 47. But this time, not only me, but also all the fans of you, your message of your recovering good health must be the one of the best news this year.  I hope you will take a rest enough to play guitar and piano, to record and to play on the stage in near future. We are looking forward to it. ~ Noboru-Takagi, Aich-Pref. Japan 


 Dan, down the road in that high country snow, by the river in Aspen, I am sure the man in the mirror will be just fine. I listen to a lot of your music as you can tell and could have gone on. You have are prayers and love. ~ the petcovics


 Dear Dan and Jean, I hope everything is still going well with you.  The last time I wrote to congratulate you on your good news, I wrote that I had bad news.  I even asked for your prayers for my daughter Gloria who had just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  Well, your prayers must have helped.  She has had three chemotherapy treatments and already her oncologist says the mass has shrunk tremendously.  She seems to be responding to treatment very well.  Of course, we know that it is as you said a long battle, perhaps for all her life.  But if it's to be that way, it's still life, and life is oh so good.  May God bless your lives and grant you happiness. ~ West Virginia Woman


 Dear Mr Fogelberg,  Or may I call you Dan?   I am sure you have heard this so many times---but if I may? I first heard your music back in the spring of 1975  - I was with 15 other college sorority friends in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on Spring Break---- guess I would have to say, first time ever taking a trip without family, a breaking out period. I met a guy from North Carolina who introduced me to Souvenirs, wow, I was hooked.  The funny thing was, even though we had never met before, his Dad had been born in the same county in another state as mine had---- we found out we were cousins.   Is that wild or what? I am now a divorced woman, who has remade herself many times, learned to love herself for all her faults, and at 50 yrs of age, have actually just found the love of my life. And yes, I am introducing him to your music, and yes Dan, he likes it too.  :) Not too dwell too much on your illness, but God Speed your recovery. You have carried me on your shoulders more times than you could ever imagine, I'll carry you in my prayers .It's not the same, but what I have to offer. I own all the CD's, have been to at least 6 of your  concerts- I first saw you in a huge venue, thousands and thousands of fans, but the best concert I ever attended was one you did in Cleveland about 2 yrs ago---at the Galleria, down by the Flats, and while you were singing a large tanker just floated by not 100 yards from us, birds flew everywhere overhead and there were maybe 2,000 to 3,000 folks there---Your loyal,true fans. The best you'll ever have. Take care, and know that you have touched more people in more ways than you will  ever know.  Sincerely ~ Linda S. Coulter

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