"Dear Dan" Letters

July 2005

 As I read other people's thoughts, Dan, I am overwhelmed with my own memories of your beautiful words, your fabulous ability at the piano or to play almost any string instrument. Dan, you must realize by now that you are no ordinary musician.  There are so many out there that just throw it all together with a beat and let it go.  Not you!  When I listen to your music, it touches me deeply. I feel like it touched you deeply as  you wrote it. I believe the words and music come from deep within your heart. I have been to numerous artists' concerts. I seldom feel a desire to  go a second time, but your concerts keep drawing me back. I could never  willingly skip your concerts.  You must see how many people admire you, and  hold you dear.  I feel a special bond with you through your  music. Please get well soon, you are always in my thoughts and  prayers.  ~ J.B 


 As you walk these difficult steps, take your gifted ability in expressing yourself in song and direct them to the One who gifted you.  King David was also a talented musician who lovingly expressed himself in his music.We see this in the Psalms. I have found that I see deeper spiritually  through my most painful and difficult experiences. And please let me encourage you with this: Nothing can ever separate you from God's love which is in Christ Jesus. He will see you through any adversity. He is faithful. I too am a longtime fan and love you and your music. I pray God's healing power into your life. And  may His peace be upon you and your  family.


 Dan, Holding your sweet spirit in my prayers. Strength and love to you.


 Dear Dan, You have touched our hearts and are a part of all of our lives.  Please know how many of us are praying for your well-being.  God bless ~ Barb & Gary


 Dear Dan: I think of you often and wonder how you are doing, and I just wanted to share with you how your music, words, and stories have touched my life.  My husband and I had our very first date at your concert at the Hartford Civic Center in Connecticut on May 25, 1984; my husband surprised me with an engagement ring at your concert at Tanglewood a year later on June 21, 1985.  We had lawn seats and it was absolutely beautiful sitting on a blanket on a beautiful summer night listening to your music.  We were married a year later on June 21, 1986.  A portion of your words from "Longer" was on our invitations; "Believe In Me" was our first dance as husband and wife; Believe In Me is engraved in my husband's wedding ring and your music was played throughout our wedding reception.  We have followed you through the years and you have always been our special date when we needed time to reconnect.  We are now at 19 years and counting; two great kids; and in the thick of the ups and downs of every day life as anyone else.  I am thankful for you and your music, your conservation efforts and the kick in the pants we all need to really pay attention to what we are doing to our world.  Your stories in your music have touched me deeply.  You will continue to be in my thoughts and I'm wishing you strength and comfort as you get better and better.  I will always believe in you. Sincerely ~ Darlene Eichacker


 Dear Dan: When I listen to you sing, I knew God had a plan for you and it was to touch all those who listen to you.  Your voice is so soothing to the soul.  I'm so sorry to hear about your illness.  May God comfort you and your family as you battle this.  God is not done with you yet.  My prayers are with you and your family.  Keep the faith. Sincerely ~ Wanda M. Dupee (a devoted fan, forever)


 Hey Dan, I do hope this email finds you doing a little better. It has been my wish for years to actually be able to sit and pick some guitar with you. My name is Dave and just turned fifty back in April. I've followed your music since about 1975. Your music was different, it hit me in the spirit and I loved so many of the tunes. I used to sit with my guitar and figure out each song and get the words either from the album or by playing it over and over again. The day I found a song book in a music store was great. My wife tells me that she fell in love with me the day I sang "Looking For A Lady" to her. Yeah Dan I have been a fan of yours for a long time and the other day when I was fooling around with my computer putting in this media player. I put one of your songs in and it gave me your web site. "Oh great," I thought. "Let's see what Dan is doing these days." And I found out you had cancer. I broke. This can't be..my Father In Law who lives with us just got diagnosed with the same thing and now you, Dan. I was so sad. I know you have never met me and I never met you and all but you have been a part of my life for so many years. God, I pray you pull through this. Hang in there, my dear old friend...God Bless ~ David Donnelly


 May God bless you with healing and peace. I've been listening to your God-given talent since the beginning. You have been a part of my life through your music.


 Dan, Thank you for sharing your gift of music with us.  I wish you well and send good positive energy to you and your family.   When it becomes overwhelming, bring yourself back to the moment, and breathe.  Flood your body with healing energy, seeing yourself well.  Believe in all that is.  Best wishes ~ T.


 Please let your fans know how your are doing. You are in our prayers. We miss you. Get well soon. ~ Diana, Kansas City Missouri.


 Stay strong--we are keeping you and your family in our prayers. ~ Becky  Irving


 Having to watch as my mother was diagnosed with and subsequently beat cancer, as least for now I have an idea of what you're going through. Stay strong and keep fighting, and you will beat it, I have no doubts. And may God bless. ~ Mike


 Hi Dan: Oprah Winfrey was once quoted as saying "music is the soundtrack of your life." As I agree with this observation, I'd just like to tell you that your music makes up a substantial portion of my soundtrack. From the first time I listened to "Home Free" to the last time I listened to "Full Circle" (yesterday afternoon), your music has entertained, enlightened, inspired and delighted me. It is like a cup of hot chocolate on a winter's day -- it's easy going down and makes you warm inside. To this day, every time I listen to "To The Morning" I get goose bumps...breathtaking. Keep fighting the big C monster, and know that prayers and positive energy from a whole lot of people -- me included -- are with you. Take care and God bless ~ Jennifer Kay, Broken Arrow, OK


 Dear Dan,   Just had to share this with you.  I found that I was missing terribly my annual Dan Fogelberg fix. You see, for many years it has been a tradition for my husband and I to go to Red Rocks each summer and sing along with you. We'd first have dinner down in Morrison at Tony Rigatoni's and then party on at your concert, arriving a couple of hours before hand to enjoy the whole experience. It just doesn't seem like summer to me because of the void that is left until you return.  So, I went and bought one of your concert videos.  It is the one that took place in St Louis in 1991. It is a fine video with narration to go along with your concert.  I love it and it is serving as a surrogate until you return.  I can't wait for that day. I miss you. ~ Lydia Steinbeck


 To DF, I wish you all my prayers and love to you and your family. Hope you recover soon and take it easy for now. Don't strain yourself and go to work in a hurry. I would like to see you in Bridgeport CT, area but you have to get better for yourself and your fans. So get well soon and take care of yourself.


 My prayers are with you as you continue to battle this illness.  Your songs touched my heart.  I wanted my positive thoughts for your health to touch your heart.  Best wishes to you and your family. ~ Sharon


 Twenty five years ago we picked "Longer" as our wedding song and so I thought I would see if I could get tickets to a concert.  Only to find out about your illness - your song has given us many wonderful moments - on a dance floor, over a radio, etc.  Now it's our turn to give back to you by wishing the best for you and praying for you.  Thank-you for the beauty of that song how it has reminded us of the vows we said 25 years ago this August.  You are in my prayers.


 I remember listening to your music as I was riding to school with 2 older brothers.  Little did they know that I would be a fan of Dan Fogelberg. Twenty-five years later I'm still a fan and driving my co-workers crazy.  I have recently gone through a divorce and your music has helped ease the pain.  I have never felt so "Lonely in Love" in my life.  I gave too much and I realize that now. I only wish I could return the favor to you. May God bless you and heal you. You are always in my prayers.  Hope to see you in Alabama when you return.  ~ Tammy, Lester, AL


 Dan, my dearest, sweet man I have loved and adored you from the very beginning.  In times of sadness, your music and lyrics has healed my aching soul over the past 30 years.  The sound of your voice alone and your beautiful music has always made my life brighter and happier.  You have given me so much joy through your glorious music that I could never live without it in my life.  I know you are a strong person and that you will beat this illness.  I know in my heart that you are healing and getting well.  I pray for your recovery and strength every day.  Not a day goes by that you aren't in my heart and in my thoughts and prayers. May God bless you.  I love you ~ Debbie, Chicago, Illinois (a lifelong fan).


 Dear Dan, You have been a major influence in my life and on my music since I first heard you sing "There's A Place In The World for a Gambler." My band did that song, and I have performed many of your other songs over the past thirty years. I have been to many of your concerts, the first in Madison, Wisconsin, when you were touring with Tim Weisberg, and many here in LA at the Greek (Beth Nielsen Chapman and Wendy Waldman opened for two of them). I was blown away when you included Joni Mitchell in the "Nexus" recording (probably my favorite of your songs, along with "The Reach"). Joni was also a major influence on my music and art.  I'm currently planning a CD of original songs, and writing the music for a TV show (which I am also writing). I want you to know that in addition to myself, you have touched  the many students I have taught over the years, reaching down through many generations, with a life and journey well spent and shared. You are much too young to be dealing with such a health challenge. I'm sure you are getting the best support and I know you are surrounded by love. You look so happy with Jean.  My thoughts, heartfelt prayers and love are with you. I don't think anyone gets out of here unscathed, especially when living on the leading edge of humanity (don't the best artists do that?).   I just wanted to tell you these things, and thank you for all that you have done so far in your journey on this planet. The best is yet to come. Namaste ~ Kathy Pate


 Hello Dan... I have loved your music for the past 30 years (yikes - I can't believe it's been that long!).  In particular, this line from "Part of the Plan" has been my own personal mantra over the years:


"Love when you can. Cry when you have to. Be who you must. That's a part of the plan..."


I'm so very sorry to know the ordeal you've been facing for the past year. The right words to say are so difficult to find at a time like this, but I sincerely hope that you will move through this and have a positive outcome.  My prayers are with you and with your family. May God and Spirit bless the artist who has touched my life... Sincerely ~ Jan McNutt


 Dear Dan Fogelberg, Any man that could write music as beautiful as you, and have such sensitivity in the lyrics was definitely a man that I could marry sight unseen! I started listening to your music when I was in high school (I'm now 47) and I used to think that there wasn't a woman out there who knew your music that wouldn't marry you. The feelings that I had as a teen you were able to put so beautifully into words. Three years ago or so I went to see you in concert after so many years. I sat in the audience amazed at how my soul was being filled with such beautiful music. That was a day that I was experiencing such joy in those few hours at your concert. Went home and dusted off my albums that I hadn't listened to in many years and introduced your albums to my husband (the next best ). Determined for him to see you on stage, I later went on your web site to find that your concerts were canceled due to your illness. I pray that you recover. That's all I can do is send you my prayers. I have enjoyed your gift and now all I can give back is the gift of prayer to you, and thank you for the pleasure that your music has given me. Love ~ Diane


 Dear Dan, You just may be the luckiest, most beloved man on earth. Never have I seen such an outpouring of love for any one person. I love you, too, and appreciate your music more than I can say. It seems that God has an interesting way of showing us His love, and what we see happening in your life, once again, proves that love shines through in even the most difficult of circumstances. Hope springs eternal. Since you've announced your illness, I've checked your website quite often. My prayers and thoughts are with you. ~ Dennis Berner, New Orleans, LA


 The thoughts of my family and I are with you and yours. I'm hopeful that your treatments have gone smoothly and that you are feeling well. Our best wishes go out to you and we look forward to hearing of your recovery.


 You have shared so much of yourself... and have always been an inspiration. As you have touched my heart, may you and Jean continue to shelter each other's hearts through these times. Deepest respect and hope ~ Karen


 As we live our lives, it is sometimes confusing as to why life deals us the hands it does. I know because I once had cancer when I was a young girl of 16, and it was severe cervical cancer, but it was treated for three years and it was cured, and it has never come back. At the time I did not know what was really going on, but my doctor just kept saying he was going to make sure I had at least two children. And I did, I have two boys. They are 18 and 22 now, but I am also a cancer survivor. So, you see, miracles happen every day. Just make sure that you are doing what your heart says to do at this time. Do not let others block your path. Do what makes you the happiest. Push the blocks out of your way because true happiness brings strong healing. This is your life, remember that. ~ Magnolia


 My late husband Tommy Tate was a great fan.  The last tape he bought was your River of Souls. "Magic Every Moment" was his favorite.  Thank you for the inspiration of your music during his short life.  He was diagnosed with Crohn's disease at the age of 17 and passed away in '96.  He enjoyed your music even when he could do nothing else.  Now his two daughters enjoy the same music. Please take heart in your own words. You've given so much to others.  My prayer is your complete and permanent recovery and long, long musical life. Thank you again  for the music!


 Dear Dan, family, friends, and fans, We send our warmest and best wishes to you as you are in our thoughts and prayers every day.  Wishing you a full recovery and love and happiness always ~ Stew Epstein


 Dan, I decided to become a musician mainly because of the discovery of  your music. The feelings I got when I listened to your music and the moods and  imagery you created convinced me that I needed to pursue a musical career. I've   learned so much about the guitar by learning your songs and I try as a teacher  to pass those things along to the students I teach. I'll never be rich or famous but my life has been tremendously gratified by the experience. Thank you for passing along the love and the gift of music.  Get well ! ! ! Best wishes ~ Ricky Standard


 With nothing but  love...................fan in the Boro,  TN


 Hang in there Dan. Your music has been an inspiration to us all, now it's time to return the favor with special prayers for you in your fight. Watch Lance in the Tour de France and know that it can be beat. Lance has proselytized many to hope by his example of courage.~ Tim Sullivan, Placerville CA


 Hi Dan, I so enjoy your music and think of you often. I'm keeping you in my prayers. I hope some of the beauty that you've shared with all of us comes back to touch you today. Take care ~ Sally, Shelby, Ohio.


 Dan and family, There are no words that I can say that have not been already spoken. Have faith in God and his son Jesus Christ. My wife and I pray for your recovery and hope that we can catch your next show when you come to New York. Take care and God bless you and your family. ~ Jack and Jill -Upstate New York


 Dear Dan, I sent a note a while ago saying I don't ever do this. Guess what, I'm doing it again. My husband had friends to our resort house over the weekend and I had to share with them some REAL music. It was your Live CD. You are a legacy in your own time. I believe in the tremendous power of prayer!!! You are so gifted and blessed. I don't know what your present status is, but I hope you are doing well. My thoughts and prayers are with you ~ Sallie


 Dear Dan, I only wish I could return to you the good feelings of peace, hope and happiness you have given me and others through your gift of song. Truly no other musician has ever, nor will ever, affect me as you have. Your music will last through the ages, as well as give me those pleasant musical goose bumps for the rest of my life. Dan, please think positive, laugh often, and enjoy your life as much as possible as you heal; we still need you in our lives. ~ Patti, Indiana


 God Speed Dan! Know that we are all behind you and keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Think about yourself for this period in time and get through it! Hope to see you up and about and on the road again soon. ~ Bob


 Blessings to you, Dan and your family. May the healing white light of Christ transform you to perfect health. To me, your music is very Jesuit...and I use your music on my Mission vol trips to the Passamaquoddy reservation in Maine with Fairfield U students. Keep strong--we need you. ~ J Santopatre


 Good luck Dan, Rely on your Faith in everything. Thanks for all the great music I hope you come back stronger than ever. Best Regards ~ Jim L. Schmidt


 I love your music since I listened to your "Leader Of The Band" 20 years ago.Not only myself, but also all the Japanese fans are praying for your recovery. ~ Ken, from Tokyo, Japan


 Continued strength. You will win... ~ Wade and Sue


 Dan, My thoughts and prayers are with you, a fan from the very beginning. ~ Joe Mclain, Columbus,Ohio


 Dear Dan, I am from the Philippines and I love your songs especially "Leader of the Band." When I first heard that song, I took a chance to pause and listen to the lyrics and later felt the tears from my eyes. It is a song that applies to me because my father was also a leader of the band. May the Heavenly Father give you the inner strength to get well. I wish you would have the chance to do your concert in the Philippines. We are longing to see you here. ~ Benjie Domenden


 Throughout my turbulent life, your songs have guided me and I found strength to pick myself up and move on. Don't give up the fight and don't give up the dramatic, inspirational songwriting. I wish you the best and only hope someday I will be able to see you in person again singing the best song lyrics. May God see you through.


 My prayers go out to Dan and his family. Peace and blessings!


 The path you must take is not ours to determine. But we are alongside.


 Hi, from Germany, Your music opened my heart in Yosemite (1989). Since that point on the top of this wonderful Nature point, I believe in God. I'll keep you and your family deep in my prayers and wish you all the best. ~ Odette


 Dear Dan, Hope you manage to triumph over your adversity. I have had years of pleasure listening to your music. I hope you have strength to overcome your illness. With all my love ~ Ingrid (in UK)


 Dear Dan, I have grown up with your music, literally, because we are the same age. I wish I could put into words, as effortlessly as you do, what your songs have meant to me through the years. Back in the early 1980s when " Leader of the Band" hit the charts, I was especially impressed with your artistry. When my own father passed away in 1984 it became a bit difficult listening to the song without choking back tears. But, as time and distance healed the loss, I developed a new respect and appreciation for the song because I realized the common bond you and I shared concerning the deep love and respect we each had for our Dads. Like you thanked your father for the music, I thank you, Dan. I also thank God in heaven for giving you to us. You are, without question, one of the greatest contributors to American music. And I pray to that same God to deliver you from your illness. Sincerely ~ Les Stout, Kaneohe, HI


 Thanks for all you have given to each of us that have long enjoyed your music. May God give you many, many more years to enjoy your life and hopefully share your talents with the rest of us. Prayers and thoughts are with you daily.


 I wish I had your gift of words, so I could express myself better. I've loved, listened to, played and sung your songs since the 1970's. The depth and variety of your work is so amazing. Thank you for the countless hours of joy, that will always be part of the music in my life. I want you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and friends. I pray for your full and complete recovery. ~ Teresa


 God is with you and always will be. Your music will always be in my heart and my family's. Harmony is my first love and when I played "Dancing Shoes" for my 9 year old daughter for the first time yesterday she was able to hear how exquisite harmonies can be - you and Joni Mitchell were my first musical inspirations for my writing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Wish I could sing with you someday! God bless and keep you ~ Missy Simms (and Chloe)


 Just to let you know that this is a first for me. I am not really an internet person however your music and lyrics had such a profound effect on my life that I thought it the least I could do. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers at this difficult time. I look forward to hearing good news about your health in the near future. Sincerely ~ Joanne (a lifelong fan)


 Dear Dan, A few years ago my husband (then boyfriend) took me to see you at the Palace Theater in Albany, NY. Then he found out I have a foolish crush on you. Sorry to say that was the last time I saw you in concert. I hope you get well soon and perform for us again. You are loved. ~ Ruth


 Dear Dan: May the Lord be with you and encourage and comfort you during this time. I pray that you will soon be well. Your gift of music has blessed me in so many ways for over 30 years. I feel sure that during this season of your life you will find inspiration to write more beautiful music. I hope you return to the concert stage soon, especially in the Northern KY area. My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours. ~ Deborah C,

Alexandria, KY


 We miss you, and look forward to your healthy return. With lots of love ~ Pat and George


 This is a tough one. Hang in there and keep your faith alive. It will be tested. Prayers and love.


 God Bless you Dan.....you will be in my prayers. You have given so much to all of us for so many years. I always think of you when I am in the wild places communing with the Great Spirit. ~ Michael


 I never knew that you could feel as if someone knows you, and that you know them without ever meeting. Maybe it is our brotherhood of man, our love for mankind, our kinship that enables to have this feeling. Those are the emotions that I feel when I listen to your songs. They mean as much to me now as they did when I first heard them. Written about all of us, things that we have all experienced at one time or another. We are different, but the same, and this is what makes us one. You have enabled us to be one with you. Your thoughts have been our thoughts, your words our words, your songs our songs. Now let our strength be your strength. We love and miss you and pray for your recovery. ~ Thellis Beasley


 Dan, You are such an inspiration. Thank you for many years of awesome music. You are admired and loved. ~ Debbie


 Dan, Captured Angel was a very special time for me. I was 17, had a new love and was playing the hell out of an old flat top. I had never purchased a song book but when I saw it I did. I went home and in a matter of a few days had 'em down. I couldn't come close to your voice but everyone else sang along and I played. Well the love faded, the guitar was replaced and 30 years later I can still play a few and feel some of what I felt in my youth. It is quite extraordinary. In Houston that summer we all went to see you. I bet we bought 15 tickets together and in that small theatre I witnessed smiles, laughter, tears and joy.


It is an old soul that can go beyond its ego and fear to give so much of itself to strangers. And at the end of that concert we weren't anymore. I will never forget or take lightly the gift you have given me and when I sit and write my songs that are never heard, try hard as hell not to rip off your licks...The only Martin I ever liked was a D35. Thought long and hard about purchasing yours but I would have never done it justice and it deserves better than becoming a wall hanger. Take care and thanks. ~ Tom Harsh


 Dear Dan, Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Can't wait to hear that you are back on tour. Fondly ~ Lauren and Lisa


 Dan, Your music and lyrics have affected me so profoundly, beginning with your first album Home Free, which was my college mainstay.Back then I didn't understand why I felt such a connection with you but it was nothing short of prophetic, when I again review your lyrics today, and how they parallel my life.And to this day I can't hear "To the Morning" without crying. You are a poet and a brilliant musician. If I knew you personally I could say much more. My Dad had prostate cancer and beat it...and you're such a "young man"....Wishing you comfort and good health returning. I pray for you and wish you many more mornings!! ~ Lori


 Dear Dan, I am so sorry that you are going through this. You are on my mind and heart quite heavily and I continue to lift  you up in prayers. I have been listening to your music very frequently as if listening to your music will make you well again. One of my most cherished CD's of  yours is your Christmas album when you are singing about the Virgin Mary and  Jesus. Oh how beautiful that is to me and so soothing. You can't go wrong singing about Mary and her Son. It really soothes my soul to hear you  sing Your Christmas songs also. Over all it is the best Christmas CD I own,  and I am so happy that you released it.


I have all of your Cd's and have  been a fan for many years, since "Part Of The Plan" was released. That truly was  the first of your songs to grab my attention and capture my heart. It was not  long after that album that I heard "Home Free" and "Captured Angel" I fell so in love with them also. "Looking For A Lady" pulled my heart right out!!! Oh  WOW I knew I was in love. It was 1974 or 75 that I heard "Part Of The Plan" So I  do believe I have now been with you for 30 years! It doesn't seem possible, but  I wouldn't undo one minute of it. I thank you for all of the great  songs and for writing the sound track of my life. Your music has meant the world  to me and many of my family, and friends. Peace be with you and yours Dan.  Keep singing about Mary and you can't go wrong! Love and many blessings to  you! ~ Laura Boughner, Richmond


 If a genie offered me three wishes, after world peace and happiness for my children I would wish for you a speedy recovery. You and your music have meant more to us than you will ever know and I for one am not ready for a world without you in it.  So come on, get well soon!! - you've got more songs to write!  All the love I have goes out to your family.  Hang in there guys! ~ Marty


 Sir Dan, Just a quick note to let you know I've always admired your skill as a guitarist and songwriter; from what I've read, we appear to have some of the same influences (I'm a musician and songwriter myself). As I don't "worship" anybody or anything -- nor maintain blind faith in any alleged messiah -- I'll just say take care and hang in there - we're pulling for you (whatever the hell that actually means). ~ Randy


 Dear Dan, We share the same birthday, we have family from Illinois, we respect and love the nature, music, Georgia O'Keefe, etc. I have often felt we were brothers from different mothers.  Your words and music continue to inspire me.  My family's thoughts and prayers are with you always.  Although I've seen you in concert 12 times, I've never had the pleasure of shaking your hand. ~ Mike B.


 Your music has always been very special to my wife and I. We saw you in concert in Kettering at The Fraze Pavilion. We wish for you a time of healing and a return to the music you love so much to make and share. ~ T.O.D.


 Dear Dan: My thoughts and prayer are with you.  You have been with me though my ups and downs in my life. I first saw you in 1972 in Columbus, Ohio on Ohio State Campus, just you and your guitar. You have inspired me thru my life with your songs. I still put on an old record, yes, record and  listen to you when I feel overwhelmed in life. Thank You for bringing joy into my life.  I wish you the BEST in your  recovery. An Old Fan ~ Debbie Russell


 To Dan Fogelberg, Music has really influenced my life, and your music has been more important to me than anyone else's . I actually moved to Colorado 25 years ago because of your music. I've changed my life because of your music.  I wish you the best- I thank you so much for what you've done. ~ Chris Carpenter


 Dear Dan, I see by other entries that my husband and I are not the only ones to have chosen "Longer" as our first dance as husband and wife (which for us was 24 years ago). I bought the album, Phoenix, while my husband and I were  dating back in 1980. I played the record constantly, and "Longer" became our  song. It started as our wedding song, became our anniversary song, and was even  our "candle" song at our son's Bar Mitzvah! Your music has brought beauty and joy into people's lives, and is inextricably woven into the memories and  fabric of your fans' personal histories. I had tickets for your October  show in Morristown, and was quite upset to hear of the circumstances  causing the cancellation of your tour. I hope your treatment is progressing  successfully, and I wish you strength and a complete recovery. ~ Andrea in NJ


 In every lifetime someone touches us so deeply. In my life that  person has been Dan Fogelberg. Through personal losses and times of joy, his music has been my  words of celebration or my salvation. God bless you Dan and may all the comfort and joy I have felt through your music come back to you a thousand times ~ Julie Engelhardt


 Dan: The Lord bless you and keep you, and lift your spirits high.  I pray for your healing.


 Dan,  My prayers are with you.  I've only recently found out about your illness and am truly sorry.  Your music has been a big part of my life for so long I can't remember a time without it.  I had the pleasure of meeting you a few times at Wolf Creek; I was a ski instructor there back in the mid 80s. Thanks for being a regular guy, but more importantly, thanks for sharing your remarkable songs with the world.  They have always been able to touch my heart, as they have for so many around the world.  Back in 1991 I purchased a copy of your Greatest Hits CD while in Malaysia of all places. Of course I already had it on vinyl, but was starting to build the CD collection:-)   Again, I can't tell you how much you've meant to me and my family, and we're all praying for you. Thanks for everything! ~ Randy Robertson


 Dear Dan,  I have only recently learned of your illness, and I want to offer you words of encouragement.  My 83 year old father has been battling this illness since 1989 when he had to have his prostate removed due to the advanced state of his illness.  He is still with us despite strokes and other health problems that he has had, and he continues to enjoy life and the world around him.  He has received treatments that did not require chemotherapy and his PSA levels remain very low to nonexistant.  I know that you are a strong spirit and like him you can carry on.


 I want to thank you for the music that has been a major part of the sound track of my life.  I have been a fan for roughly 25 years, and your music has helped me through some of the toughest times in my life.  For all that your music has done for me I hope that I can give you at least a moment of encouragement.  Stay strong and be well in the love of that good woman of yours and others in your family. I am sending good thoughts out into the universe for you. ~ Catharine D


 Dear Dan,  I miss you and I think of you and your family often.   My spirit and prayers are with you. ~ Lynne, Howell MI


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg: I was so saddened to hear about your struggle against cancer.  My daughter also had cancer, so I can empathize with you, your family, and the battle you are waging. I generally don't write to artists about their work, but I had to take the opportunity to thank you for your gift, and the ability you have to touch other's lives.  Every song that I listen to is a touchstone to a time, emotion, or memory for me.   I have never been disappointed when I have listened to a new album.each has been a wonderful surprise!  I have always enjoyed your ability to work wonders with lyrics, you have a talent of using words others would shy away from, and making poetry out of them.  I have enjoyed your multi-faceted talent...thank you for sharing it with the world.


My prayers are with you in your fight with cancer.  Remember, in any adversity there are blessings to be found. Find those blessings and draw strength from them!  Sincerely ~ Cathy Tucker Farmington, UT 


 Hi Dan - We first saw you at a college concert in Fargo around 1978, and then again many years later in 2002 at Red Rocks.  You're the best!   We recently took a road trip from Denver to Yosemite over Memorial Day week and  listened to your CDs (didn't have those in the '70s - I think we've bought the Green Album in every format now!) the whole way there and back.  You are in  our thoughts and prayers, and we hope the treatments are going well!  Best  wishes ~ Pat W.


 Mr. Fogelberg, I was SO sad to see that you are dealing with cancer; my most heartfelt prayers and wishes of positive thinking go toward you and your family.  By the way, I would have never guessed that you are anything but completely well:  you look terrific in what I am guessing to be a recent picture.  I thought you were great looking when you were younger, but you look even better now (-: !


I often listen to the CD of your greatest hits and am always touched when I listen to it.  "Same Old Lang Syne" and "Heart Hotels" are my favorite songs that you sing.  They really reach out to me.  My daughters, who are not even teenagers yet, even love your music!  That children who live in this age of passable (and I use the term lightly) music can appreciate your music and lyrics is certainly a testament to your talent.  I sure hope you recover soon and that we get to see you perform in concert! May God bless you and help you beat this! ~ Milia D. Ziegler


 I am sorry to hear that you have cancer, but let me say it can be beat. I have come through lymphoma twice. Good thoughts and prayers are on their way. God Bless and be well. Sincerely ~ A fan from way back when we were younger and cancer never entered our thoughts.


 I can't wait until you get better. I'm having my 30th high school reunion next week and I'm sure some of your music will be played. My heart goes out to you. Good luck!


 Dear Dan, Just wanted to send you my heartfelt wishes for a complete recovery.  You have been an important part of my life from a young age.  I found your music in the 80's in junior high and have been a devoted fan since.  I can't tell you what a thrill it was knowing you were coming to perform at the Universal Amphitheatre and later at the Pacific Amphitheatre in So. Cal. The music you write, the lyrics which reach deep into our souls and become part of the fabric of our lives, touch us all and have us yearning for more from you. Get well soon and know that when you are ready, we'll be here waiting to fly with you to that special place again. God bless you and your family ~ Alina F.H., Brandon, Fla


 Dear Dan, Just checking in again. You have been on my heart a great deal today and I have said several little prayers for you. I hope you are feeling all the warmth and love and good wishes there are for you. ~ Patrice, Macon, GA


 Dear Dan , I hope that your recovery is going well. I'm sure that your friends and family have been a huge support system to you. I just wanted you to know that I have been a fan since I was 7 when my sister listened to you. I actually paid my way through college by singing your songs (and some that I wrote myself ) to college students in local restaurants and open mic nights. I have maintained the legacy and am passing it along whenever possible. Your music has seen myself and I'm sure many of your fans through all kinds of chapters in our lives. Your music paints the pictures in melodies to so many things that we can face in our lifetimes. Once you're well, I'm sure that you will share some of this journey with your fans via your music once again. Although I'm not local, my thoughts and prayers will be with you daily. I know that I am not alone when I say I will be one of the first in line to buy tickets to your next concert after your recovery. Live, Laugh, and Love often ...blessings and prayers be with you on this journey. ~ Lisa B. from Atlanta


 Such great memories I have of your music-I was in college when Souvenirs came out. I always imagined that you and I would get married. But I understand you already are. Aw schucks! For whatever reason I have gotten on another Fogelberg kick and thought I would find out if you are in concert anywhere. You are---in my car!  Thanks. Thanks for the feather on your Souvenirs album. My favorite expression is "I am a feather on the breath of God" Wishing you great peace and you turn each page of your lifestory. I send healing energy to all. Peace ~ Kathleen Colby


 Dan, I am writing again because I have been thinking of you for the past year wondering how you are doing...heading up to Camden, Maine to paint next week near to where I imagine you wrote "The Reach". Your beautiful music will be with me thru my trip and will inspire my artwork as it has for so many years. People have said they see God when they look at my paintings and that is because I connect with that universal spirit that you do when you write from your heart. That's what it is all about, isn't it?? I hope and pray you are doing ok---and you will let us know how you are doing when you feel right about it. Much, much love... one of your biggest fans since 1973!!!!. ~ Jill in Massachusetts


 Dear Dan and your family, I wanted to send good thoughts to you and your family as you go through this very tough time. In my own family, we have recent diagnoses of cancer. I'm from Colorado but now live in the Bay Area, California. My favorite dance choreographer instructor Joan Lazarus often uses your beautiful music in her phrases and pieces... it feels INCREDIBLE because of your soulful, heartfelt music and lyrics and the meaning you bring to your work. Now I'm 40, and as a teen, always listened to your albums, whether my own or my older brother Steve who introduced me to you first through your "Home Free" and "Souvenirs" albums!  I loved seeing you play at Red Rocks!!!  Just yesterday I was lamenting (again) my loss of your albums so while at a music store in Berkeley, I picked up a few of your CDs, and fondly recall how 23 years ago, while a senior in high school in Denver, my best friend and I "choreographed" a slide show in our photography class about aging, and tuned the passing of time to a few of your beautiful songs from "The Innocent Age." Sorry, we probably owe you royalties. Last night, I returned home and checked your website to find that you have been dealt cancer. My family and I wish you all the strength and good spirit and love you have shared to get through this. Sending peace and love your way. You resonate, you connect, and you are a beautiful, generous soul. With gratitude ~ Patti (Oakland Calif)


 Mr. Fogelberg, Your music has recently helped make a difficult period of my life more bearable...it really speaks to my heart.  May the prayers of those whose lives you have touched bring peace to you during this difficult time for you.  I ask that God's healing of you be as inspiring and comforting as your music has been for me.  ~ Laura


 Miss you. Hope you're doing ok.


 Dear Dan: You were the last concert I went to at college. I haven't been to one since and now you will be the first concert I go to after you beat this illness. Your music has been such an inspiration to me. My kids know you as Dan-babe. Your music fills our home on a daily basis. You get better soon. Love to you ~ Kris from Missouri


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, My husband and I just wanted to thank you for your beautiful music.....and wish you healing.  Have seen you in concert 3 times....and your voice is amazing live. You've touched our souls through your words and music. Sincerely ~ Jersey Fans


 What do you say to a man like you that hasn't already been said? I suppose that I could share with you what you have meant to me, seeing that I feel like I know you personally through your music.  So here goes my book ~ I would probably be considered one of your "younger" fans at 36, but I have listened to your music practically my entire life.  My parents kept a transistor radio in the kitchen that would blare your hits several times a day.  I've always loved your music, and in the early 90's I purchased your Greatest Hits album.  I can't tell you how much your music helped me through a very rough first year of marriage in 1995.  It was exactly 7 years ago today, July 11, 1998, I went to see you at the Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford, CT, with my two best friends.  It was the best concert I had ever seen, and I quickly became a Fogelberg junkie. LOL  I had my first son in April of 1999, and then a second son in August 2003.  While others play Mozart to their babies, I played Dan Fogelberg.  You have two more very young fans.  My six year old adores "Same Old Lang Syne" and "Scarecrow's Dream."  Your music soothes the "savage beast" in my little guy.  His preference is to dance with me to "The Minstrel." My husband and I came to see you in concert with your band in 2002.  He has been a fan of your music too, and even plays some on his guitar or keyboards for me However, after that concert, he has an even deeper appreciation of your music.  I was checking the Oakdale website last year everyday since your tour dates were announced.  We were coming to see you again in October and we were determined to be front and center.  Mid August rolled around and your tickets were still not on sale.  I decided to check out your website, which was down.  I quickly found out why.  It just so happened that was the day the announcement came of your illness.  My husband called me to tell me what was in the papers about you.  It pains our hearts that you have to go through this.  We both feel deeply connected to you.  We recently celebrated our 10 year anniversary, (yes we persevered) and couldn't go out to celebrate (no babysitter).  After we put the boys to bed, we had a quiet candlelit dinner together and listed to Dan Fogelberg. You are in our thoughts and prayers daily.  Get well soon so that we may be "Seeing You Again".  An update would be nice too ~  Mike, Sherri, Dominic & Gabe, Stratford, CT.


 Hi Dan, I am a nurse in Houston, Tx, and have also gone through cancer treatments.  Cancer isn't the ominous thing it used to be.  You can beat this, Dan.  Of course I send my prayers, and love.  I have been a fan since 1974 buying your first album by selling the previous  semesters books. You have no idea what that first album, and all of the others have done...for me, and just anyone lucky enough to hear your beautiful voice, the passion you put in every word,every line, every song.  I sang your songs to my little girl.  She loved "Sand and the Foam", and others.  She couldn't go to sleep until she heard  me play Dan's songs on my guitar.


Do you have any earthly idea how many of us have played your songs at our weddings, sung our babies to sleep because your music is sooo perfect? The first dance at our wedding was "Longer".  My new husband and I danced to it, and happy tears flowed.  You've been with me all the way, Dan.  I even stood in line forever to get a signed copy of  Something Old,  Something New, Something Borrowed, and Some Blues the last time you were in Houston..  Wonderful.  And your Christmas Album, so beautiful.  I've seen you 7-8 times, and each time, was just as magical as the time before.  Thank You, Dan Fogelberg. for more than you know.


You know Houston has one of the finest Cancer Hospitals in MD Anderson.  Prostate cancer can be beaten!  Put every ounce of passion into getting well as you do in each song , Dan.  OK . You are on our prayer chain at church, and at every other church in this town.  I've seen to it. Thanks for the Magic.  Love, and hugs to you.  ~ Carol Leigh Marshall  RN


 Dan ~ Your words and music have touched our hearts. "Longer" has been our song for close to 18 years.  Please know that you are in our hearts and prayers.  ~ Kane & Ellen


 Dearest Dan: Don't lose heart! Your songs have been filled with great beauty, wisdom and truth. We have all benefitted by them. In one of your songs, you once asked "Is anybody listening", and now you can see that Yes, yes, we have. Many of us have been listening for a very long time. May the allies and healing energies gather within your sphere and bring health to your body. ~ Angela from Pennsylvania


 Love from two horse trainers in New Mexico.  We have been listening to "Gambler" over and over lately.  Your music is poetry and we so appreciate it.  We hope for a speedy recovery. ~ Jennifer and Margie


 Dear Dan, I have thought of you often in the past year and do hope that you will soon update us on your recovery.  I have loved your music since I was a little girl and hope that you will be able to share your God given gifts and talent for years to come. ~ Sharon


 Dear Dan, I went to my younger daughter's wedding in Windsor CA on July 9. This is the first time I've been back with she and her mom in years. Of the CD's I took along for the ride from Yellowstone, quite a few were yours. The first time Julie (mom) got into the Kia with me she asked what I had in the CD's and she immediately seized Phoenix as one she loves; it is one she did when we were so inseparable (we still are). It was a great wedding and special reunion with my life; you were there; always are. Wanting the best for you Dan; Love you always ~ Ken Harris YNP


 To Mr. Fogelberg and his Family: I wish you all the best and myself and my family are praying for you. I grew up listening to Dan, and even had his song "Longer" in my wedding last year. I may only be 24, but I know good music, and sir, that's what you have always made. I wanted to thank you for all the memories, good times, and inspiration that you have brought my mother and I . We know that you will get well soon, and we will always remain loyal fans. Best of Luck and Good Wishes ~ The Willette's and Dolan's


 Dear Dan and Family - Just want you to know our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. My partner and I saw you in 2002 at Bass Hall in Fort Worth,TX. It was the most amazing concert I have ever seen, I think you received 4 standing ovations. Some of the best medicine for any ailment,  other than Love and support from your loved ones is a good old southern meal ! Sincerely ~ Jeff Click and David Skertich and many other Texas Fans


 Dan the Man, Words cannot express the gift your music has been in my life.  All the moments of my memory can be evoked by one of your songs.  I have listened to them, sung them, been healed and enlightened by them over the years since 1977.   "Thank you for the music" and may the blessings you have shared with all of us be returned to you a million times over in love and healing. ~ A Dan Fan Forever in Arizona


 Dan...I am so long from home, but your music is my home. Thank you for the music. You are in my every prayer. ~ Marco from Rome, Italy (now in Sao Paulo,Brazil)


 I'd like to add my prayers, hope, and good wishes for Dan and his loved ones. ~ byron


 Dear Dan, I had a dream about you last night performing in an intimate venue. It made me realize that we had not heard any progress in your battle. As a person who had the lyrics to "Nether Lands " come to me at a critical point in my life and one who has found "Dancing Shoes" to be incredibly revealing, I only hope that you can receive the positive energy I am transmitting to you now, and I hope the immense outpouring of energy from your fans will energize and re-vitalize you. Longing to hear your music in person yet again. ~ Fred


 Dear Dan - Your music has meant so much to me throughout my life.  Seems you always wrote/sang a song that dealt with a situation I was going through at the time. We share so many similar paths...I grew up in the mountains of Colorado, spent summers in Maine, my folks lived in Tucson. I have treated so many people that know you and I have always heard what a great guy you are.  You music has made my life on this planet extremely enjoyable. I have most of your songs on my iPod so your music is only a touch away!  I hope our paths cross someday Dan.  I wish you well on your recovery and good luck in the future. ~ Dr. Ben Elder


 To a man who has awakened, reawakened, lead, and confirmed the spiritual element in my life: You are already eternal. Whether on this plane or on the plane you so beautifully transmit with your voice and words, you fulfill the promise and the mission. With great love ~ PW


 Dear Dan, Your music has been inspirational in my life, may you have the inspiration you need to get through the hard times in your life now.  For the past 15 years I have used your music through all milestones of my life and it continues to provide me with comfort, happiness and joy.  I've seen you perform at Red Rocks several times (being a Colorado native), and look forward to having you perform there again.  Best Wishes ~ Carol


 Dan, We love you, and are anxious to know how you are doing. Saw you at the Paramount in Denver on July 4th a couple of years ago, which was my husband's 50th birthday.   It was fabulous, and will always be one of our most wonderful memories. I know you have the very best medical attention, but perhaps you could have someone look into this website: www.thewolfeclinic.com. Cancer cannot live in a high pH environment. Love you!! ~ Judy and Terry Miller, Littleton, CO


 My wife and I saw you perform at Humphrey's in San Diego around middle to late 90's. It was a memorable performance. I thank you for your music. I wish the best for you and your family. Best Regards ~ James Otting


 May He be the wind beneath your wings, man. Both you and dear Jean. In His Grip...Suzanne F. Davidson, Big D


 Dear Daniel, I'm truly sorry hearing about your rock in the road. May the Lord bless you and keep you. You will overcome this rock. Your song will be sweet and be a blessing to all who have this rock in their road too. Keep looking forward and don't listen to negative talk. I've listened to your music and words since I was 15 and that was long time ago now. :-) I will pray for healing. I know it's hard to deal with at times. I have had too many family and friends with cancer. That's all I'll say. Just pray. This song comes to mind (along the road). :-) Love in Christ ~ Mindy


 Dan: You're in my prayers as I hope your condition is improved and I look forward to a new CD and tour. ~ Glenn Halberg


 Dan: I'm a well educated, 47-year old professional (environmental science) lady,  who's been following your music all her adult life (since the 70s) and through all of her High Country adventures from living in Colorado and everywhere else... Philly and Texas.  Saw you at Red Rocks.......truly a spiritual adventure....., Cynthia Woods in the Woodlands, TX, where I am now stuck and everywhere in between.  I own land in Colorado and plan to retire there in 7 years.  When I hike the canyons twice a year,  I always am singing tunes like: "Shallow Rivers", etc.   Am off to Colorado for a week next week. Please know how much of an effect you've had on this lady and all her relationships.   May the Spirits rise up to heal you... Love ~ Terry from the Mountains 


 My thoughts and prayers are with Dan and his family and friends during this difficult time - I have enjoyed Dan's music so much over the years, and it's brought me much joy!  I hope he realizes just how many people his phenomenal music has touched, and how many lives he's helped to enhance - God Speed! ~ Marcy L. Boskee


 I was thinking of Dan this morning. Wondering if there is any new music or a tour and realized I could probably find it on the internet. I had no idea that Dan is ill. I'm devastated. I'll keep him in my prayers. ~ Beverly Matthews


 Dear Dan, I had no idea of your illness....You are my all time favorite entertainer/songwriter. I have never seen you in person but hope to at some point. "Leader of the Band " is the best song I have ever heard. Here's to a fast recovery.... Sincerely ~ Ginny Barton, Upstate New York

 I have been a fan of yours since the mid to late 70s.  I have continued listening to you through all the years. You are one of my  favorite musicians of all time.  I wish you from the bottom of my heart a speedy recovery. You are in my prayers.  Sincerely ~ Andrea Kirsch of Woodmere, NY


 Dan, Just as your music has held me in Spirit, I am praying for God to hold you and rock you and help you heal. In the light ~ Jennifer


 Hi Dan - I've been singing your songs at my gigs for many years here in Australia.  Today I was doing some work at home and thought I'd listen to one of your albums from the eighties.  This in turn triggered the desire to see what you are doing in your music career and was distressed to find that you are ill.  Your music has been a great influence to me over the years and I usually dedicate your song "Leader of the Band" to my own father. Thanks for your contribution to the music world and my very best wishes to you.  Please recover soon and come visit us in Australia. Best regards ~ Claire Cave


 Dan and family, My heartfelt best wishes to you and your recovery.  My family and I have enjoyed your music for many years and look forward to it for many more.  You are a God send with your wonderful musical gift.  My son told me just the other day he was gonna play "Leader of the Band" at my demise and I thought that was very touching.  I love your work, your songs know how to touch my soul.  Our prayers are with you and your family.   Sincerely ~ George Rochelle


 Sending prayers and strength to Dan Fogelberg. From a long-time fan ~ Adriana


 God bless you Dan. Your music has made my life so much better. I have the utmost respect for the beautiful gift you have given us. If we all had the power to search our souls and voice those feelings and insights as you obviously do what a wonderful world this would be. ~ M.M.Mason


 We were very saddened to hear of your Illness.  My father was a HUGE fan and passed away 19 months ago of Kidney Cancer.  In his last moments, my mother played Nether Lands and Phoenix, as well as a few I don't remember.  These were some of his favorite songs, he loved to play them as well as sing them.  We had planned to see you in Pennsylvania on Halloween last year as a tribute to dad, but were very disappointed that you were not well enough, especially that you had cancer.  We keep you in our thoughts, and though it's hard for me to hear the songs, it helps me remember Dad and the fun we had as children listening to him play your songs. Yours in hope ~ Marie Kuchenmeister


 Dan, I listen to your music every day.  I pray for you every day.  I have sent you several emails.  I check your web site often for news.  I am sitting in my home office with these words written in paint at the top of each wall.  The phrase fits perfectly on the 4 walls.  These beautiful words surround me as I work on my computer or write letters and bills.  "There's a spark of the creator, In every living thing,  He respects me when I work, But he so loves me when I sing."  Before my illness, I sang in and directed choirs, so that line has always been special to me. I have the worst kind of brain cancer, diagnosed Aug 3, 2003.  After 3 brain surgeries, 34 radiation treatments, and 2 Gamma Knife surgeries, I'm still here.  My doctors are all amazed.  The power of prayer cannot be underestimated.  It also helps to be stubborn and ornery. Your music provides continued joy every day.  Take care.  You have given so much to the world, I'm happy that so many people are letting you know the personal stories of just how much you have done, and how much it means to us. My love and regards to you and your family ~ Dani Janich, Las Vegas NV


 Dear Dan and Jean, I think of you often and am hoping all is going well.  I'm one of your older fans (almost 73) with a young heart, due in part to listening to your beautiful music.  My daughter introduced me to "Home Free" and I've been hooked ever since.  I went to Wheeling to attend a concert, but it had been canceled.  That was probably during the days when you were having throat problems.  Get well soon and come back to West Virginia for a concert.  I'll be there, if I'm still alive!   ~ Ole Green Eyes in WV


 Hang in there Dan. I have enjoyed playing and singing along to your music for 30 years now and l ook forward to seeing you back on the stage very soon. ~ Bill Minott, Downers Grove, IL


 Our best wishes. My wife met Dan when his father was hospitalized in Peoria. She was a nurse at Methodist Hospital and cared for him. Although it has been many years, the song, "The Leader of the Band", helped when my father passed. I wore out the tape. If you could pick one type of ca, at least this has a better recovery rate than most. All the best and all the luck. ~ Scott Scholz, Paris, TX


 Hello Dan, I feel I can say "Dan" because you've sung me through so many ups and downs. Since I found out about your illness, I've made sure to listen to your music daily--sort of a prayer for your well-being.  We are all here for some purpose, and I believe part of your's is to say out loud the words and feelings so many of us find difficult to say.  "Don't lose faith!"  More to me than to you--I wouldn't know how to get through without you.  Thank you, Mr. Fogelberg, for holding my heart and making everything ok. All my thoughts and prayers for your recovery. ~ Tonia


 Dan, First saw you at the Assembly Hall in Champaign on the Innocent Age tour. Magic!! Had to go out and buy everything I could get my hands on of your music the next morning...on a student budget! Still enjoy your music and have seen you many, many times in concert. Can't wait for the next star lit show with you and your guitar. Speedy recovery and all the best to you and yours. Thanks for all the great music! ~ Cathy


 Love, thoughts and prayers to you, Dan, from NH


 Sweden wishes and prays for you to get well, Daniel. Love. Ever on. Regards ~ Kristine Lindberg, Sweden.


 Dear Dan: Disfruto de tus canciones desde hace mucho tiempo y quisiera darte las gracias por los buenos momentos que he pasado escuchándolas y, por supuesto, desearte lo mejor en estos duros momentos de tu vida. Thanks for your music and all my good wishes. ~ Gonzalo Quirós,  Spain


 Dear Dan, My hubby and I have admired your gift and talent for songwriting for 30 years.  We are your BIGGEST fans.  Our three sons know most of your songs too because that was all that was ever played in our house besides James Taylor and Joni Mitchell.  God speed to you our friend in song.~ Pat and Marion MacDonald, PA


 Hi Dan, I don't know if you've even had a chance to read all the emails that you've received.  When I first heard the news I wrote to tell you I was praying for you.  I now have a new computer and new email and I still pray for your complete recovery.  I noticed nothing has been posted on web site to update your fans on how you are doing.  I hope that you are doing better. Sincerely ~ Sophia


 Dan, I am a 61 year old grandmother of 2 and have been a fan for many years. First saw you at Starlite Musicals (Butler University) and have seen nearly every one of your shows the last one being at the Murat Theater. Please know that your are in my thoughts and prayers.  I have lots of faith that the "music in your soul" will pull you through. THANK YOU FOR YOUR WONDERFUL VOICE AND MUSIC. ~ Lynn Jones


 Dan, Your music, lyrics poetry, and soft, tender, passionate, yet strong and masculine voice has been a part of my life since 1974. I'd listen to you in colelge, then danced with my new husband..our first dance to "Longer" then learned to play guitar to play your songs. I sang your music with my guitar to my babies. They loved "Sand And The Foam" and couldn't sleep unless I played it several times.  And your concerts, seeing you in person and listening to you play the songs I knew so well...Well I was in total awe. Your voice sounded so much richer, and more beautiful than ever.  I just had my 25th Anniversary, and danced again to "Longer" .  I owe so many of my most precious times, and memories to you, and the gift of your music. What have you meant to me, Dan Fogelberg?  I am still in awe of you, not just in concerts, but what the words the lyrics say.  They express every human emotion we have all had about everything.  I've seen you 7 times. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the love you have for everything -- the earth, the native american, your past and present loves. You and your music for me are Pure Joy, Hope, Reverence for all that's important on our Earth. You are thoughtful and passionate. You are a dreamer, you are excitement, you are Peace. To sum you up, you are Magical.   You are really too good to be true.  I want to thank you so much for you. I thank God for you, because you are truly heaven sent.  I am praying for you so much, for your health, your happiness, your strength to beat this -- and for all of pain to go away.  You Can Beat It.  I am an RN in the Texas Med Center.  We have MD Anderson Hospital.  I really hope you get this note because of what you have meant to my whole family.  You are just so precious to me and to us all ~ Carol Pauls Marshall


 Dan and Family, We will be praying to God for strength, wisdom, and healing for you. Love in Jesus Christ ~ Jerry and Mary Frank, Minnesota


 I don't even know how to start, Dan - I've been a fan since about 1972 or so - I'm 47 now, and own every album you've ever done - and was fortunate enough to see you in person at the Valley Forge Music Fair in 1991 - in the fourth row - screaming and singing to every song. I loved your music now just as much as I did then. You have had a major impact in my life. As a younger woman I spent hours listening to Nether Lands, and every album/cd since.You are just a phenomenal musician. I play the flute, accordion and piano myself so I appreciate your greatness, which you have in my mind.  You just seem like an approachable man and very down to earth. I hope and pray your health is improving and we (my twin daughters and I - they're 10 1/2) will continue to pray for you.Please know we SO enjoy and listen to your music almost every day and we love you.  ~ Jennie, Heather and Julie Mason xox


 Dear Dan, I have been a fan of yours for more than 25 years.  I sincerely hope your treatment is going well.  I was diagnosed with prostate cancer last week.  I fully intend to beat it just as you do.  Please accept my best and sincerest wishes for your full recovery. Kind regards ~ Rob Simon, St. Louis, MO


 The first song I ever played in public was "Captured Angel." When you were on tour in Ohio back in the seventies I had the chance to meet you after a concert. You were exhausted  wanting nothing more than to go up to your room You heard me singing "Captured Angel " with my acoustic guitar in the bar at  Smugglers Inn in the Hilton and came to pay your respects and encourage me to continue singing and complimented me on my choice of music. You had grace then and you have it now. I wish you all the best in the world. I am a cancer survivor. My prognosis was six months. That was fifteen years ago and treatments are so much better. My prayers are with you and your family. ~ Victoria


  Dan I had to take a minute to tell you how much I miss you. Hope you are doing better. ~ Di, Kansas City Missouri


 Dear Dan, Although you may never read this, I feel compelled to tell you of the important role your music has played in my life.  "Part of the Plan" was my first encounter with you, and I've been in love with your talent every since.  I pray that your cancer is in remission and that you are continuing to make a strong recovery.  May God bless you and your family.  Thank you for sharing your gift with us through these many years ~ Margaret Tonges Wise


 Thoughts and prayers are with you Dan as you endure the fight of your life!  Hang in there and always know how much you influenced people and what a great gift you have!!!! Love ~ Denise Brasseur


 Dear Dan, So sorry to hear of the news of your cancer. As a physician and musician (I cut my teeth on many of your songs learning to play the acoustic guitar), I certainly sympathize with you and your situation.  I have been inspired by your superb songwriting and crafting of melodies enough to finally release a CD of my own original songs.  Take care and wishes for a very speedy recovery. ~ Gary, Albany, New York


 Dearest Dan, I've been sitting here in a daze for 10 minutes, trying to think of what to write. Although we have never met, you have been a huge part of my life for nearly 30 years. I've only just found out about your diagnosis and I'm sending you all my love,  prayers and wishes for a full recovery. You have inspired countless people around the world with your music, your love of our planet and all the people and creatures on it. Now all those appreciative souls are doing their best to inspire you to make a full recovery. My first introduction to your beautiful music was when a small radio station in Tasmania, Australia, played "Beggar's Game." One listen to the haunting majesty of this masterpiece and I was hooked. Soon my family and friends were all bombarded with my admiration of your work. My wife is also a huge fan, and you were a big part of our wedding (how can anyone go past "Make Love Stay" to celebrate their love?). We have since introduced our three-year-old son, Oliver, to your genius - he was transfixed by the DVD of the Greetings from the West concert. And one of the lullabies I sing to him is "Leader of the Band" - the perfect way to sum up the love between a father and son. Thank you  for all you have given my family and I over the years, and if there is anything we can do for you it would be a privilege. All our love ~ Dave, Kate and Oliver Fleming, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.


 Always a prayer for you, of strength and gratitude. Spirit of love is with you. ~ Claire


 Dear Dan,   I happened to be checking your website and was  quite shocked to learn of your diagnosis of prostate cancer. I was hoping you would be on tour soon and was looking to see if you might have booked a Houston date only to find out the disturbing news. It is times like these when you need all the love and support from all you family and friends. As I read through some of your letters of encouragement, I see you have no shortage of love,  friends, or family. All the best from my family to yours. You'll be in our thoughts and  prayers. Please get better and come see us in Houston. Kindest Personal Regards ~ Skip, Carol, Dylan and Adam Hartley


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, I sincerely hope that you are gaining strength and doing well.  Your music has been a great blessing to me and to the world.  Thank you so much for sharing.  May your Faith in our Creator be strong and may you have a smile on your face and in your heart.  Keep writing and making beautiful music.  We love you!  A devoted fan ~ Karen Morehouse


 Each day you are one step closer to being well and able to embrace your entire, magnificent life with all your strength and passion--making your life everything and anything you choose to make it. Dan, your music has been a constant in my life since Souvenirs. I can't tell you how many meaningful hours I've spent since 1975 listening to your beautiful, soothing voice---and loving all your intertwining melodies and harmonies, as well as your heartfelt and always brilliantly-expressed lyrics. You are a special, special human being. So just take this time to get enough rest to support your body, to just breathe in all the beauty of what matters most to you -- and know how loved you are, by those who know you well and those who only know you through your music. You are already well---your body just needs to catch up with your heart and soul. ~ Valerie from Maryland


 Dear Dan, I remember seeing you for the first time at the Chicago Auditorium sometime back in the early 70's. I was near the stage and was stunned by how beautiful your voice was and have been listening ever since. I have followed your career through the years and have enjoyed all your music. I know your going through some tough times but I also know you will get better and will be back doing what you enjoy most very soon. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Sincerely ~ K. Miller


 Dan: A group of us just spent the most delightful evening last night here in Peoria listening to your fabulous songs at the Waterhouse Theater Production : "Longer".  Wow!  Andrew Driscoll and the group paid you a wonderful compliment capturing the beauty of your lyrics and music.  We were down at the river front,on a hot summer night in Peoria, listening to Dan Fogelberg!  Doesn't get better!  Thank you. Best of luck to you. ~ Mary in Peoria


  Dear Dan, I am calling you by your first name since I feel that I personally know you through your music.  I went to your website today to see if you were still touring, and learned that your are sick.  The news has saddened me deeply and has hung over me like a dark cloud all morning.  My husband, who actually introduced me to your music in the '80's, fought a brave battle with cancer for seven years before his death, so I can understand some of the things you and your family are going through right now.  I pray that God will give you strength and courage to face whatever is before you, and I also pray for your return to good health, because I think God wants us to be bold with our prayers.  I have a dear friend who is also battling prostate cancer, and as I pray for him to be healed, I will also pray for you.  I have never written to a celebrity or famous person before, and I am not sure you will personally get this message, but I hope so.  I realize that no matter how famous someone is or how much money they have made, if they don't have their health, just like with us ordinary folks, none of the other things matter.  Serious illness has a way of helping us get our priorities in order, and from the sensitivity of your music, I know you must realize that there is nothing more important than your family, and friends and your faith in God.


Your music has been very special to me for a long time, and this summer your Greatest Hits CD has stayed in my car, and I have listened to it continuously.  The songs on it have touched a very special place in my heart.  I love "Leader of the Band."  Your father must have been a wonderful person.  The song reminds me of all the things my father has done for me and how much I love him.  "Run for the Roses" is also special to me.  It makes me think of my son and my attempts to nurture and guide him as a single mother.  I will be taking him to college for the first time in a couple of weeks, and as I drive back home, I know I will play that song over and over, and cry tears of sadness and tears of joy that he has the "chance of a life time" ahead of him.  My very favorite song of yours is "A Love Like This."  I feel very fortunate to have had "a love like this" in my life, because I do know that they "are precious and few" and a true gift of God. Thank you for your music.  It inspires me, and speaks to my heart.  I will continue to pray for your recovery, and wish you and your family the very best. With loving care and concern ~ Debbie Crotts in King, NC


 Dear Dan,  My name is Kyle Buck and I am 16 years old.  I am a  very big fan of yours and I will be until I can't think for myself.  Your  music is a muse for me and my songwriting career.  I was born in Boulder,  CO and my mother, whom you spoke to at a solo show in Indianapolis,  put  your music up to her stomach through headphones.  And now you are a part of  my life.  I feel weird when people ask me who my favorite singer is because  most of them reply, "Dan who?".  I just chuckle because most of them  wouldn't know good music if it slapped them.  So, all in all, I wish you a  safe and speedy recovery and prevail in all that you try.  Like a wise man once told me, "You have been given the most sacred of gifts, you must be  fearless now and follow."


 Dearest Dan...Hoping for some news.  Thinking of you daily.  My son was married on May 14.  He is 26 and has never heard any of your music.  (Even though I played it daily as he was growing up!) When him and his fiance were searching for a song for their wedding, to be sung by my sister (a former session singer and songwriter), I asked them to listen to "Longer".  They both started crying and said that is exactly how they feel!  So it was sung at the wedding, and  people were in tears.  How you touch so many, and some never even knowing of you. You are a gift from above.


 Dan & Jean, I am a hospice social worker, but have not been working for a year or so.  Last night, late, the thought came to me that we, as your fans, cannot know the struggle you face.  We can only know our own.  Though I am certain you know, I want to say that only you can decide what is best in your own life.  Our comments wishing you the best, I AM CERTAIN, are in earnest.  However, we cannot possibly weigh your burden in our wishes.  Please know that I (and I'm certain the majority of your fans) support you both, wholly, wherever the future takes you.   I pray for you peace, and an end to your pain. Sincerely ~ Christy Garner


 We pray for your recovery.  You have brightened our lives with your gift, talent and hard work.   Now, take it easy, get well.  Be Strong. God always has a plan. The best. ~ Mike and Julia Coulman


   Dan -  I apologize for this belated well wishing note. I do hope all is going well, mi amigo. You are in our (my wife and I) prayers that your recovery is a successful one. May the good Lord watch over you and your family. Take care and stay safe, Dan. Peace ~  George R. Coulter, Oklahoma City, OK


 Dear Dan, I feel a kinship that has now endured for over 30 years.  I remember sitting in my college apartment in Provo, Utah, when my room-mate came in holding a green album and said, "you've got to listen to this guy!"  From that moment with "To the Morning" until now...I have been listening.  It is an immense compliment to your talent that your music has stood the test of time.  Oliver Wendell Holmes left us a great line, "Many people die with their music still in them...They are always getting ready to live."   My deepest thanks to you, Dan, for your generosity in sharing your life with us through your peerless music.  However, I believe some of your best music is still in you.  Don't lose heart there is a lot of living left.  My prayers and love have been and will continue to be with you.  I'll be listening...~ Kerry Clegg


 Dear Dan, Be Well and Be Strong!  You have played a huge part in who I am today and I thank you for your music, for your words and for your thoughts.   Be Well, my brother, Be Well!


 Dan, I grew up on your awesome music. No one is better...we need you back for sure. Get well soon.


 Dan,   As I sit here listening to the “Home Free” and “Captured Angel” cds, (I should have kept my albums!!!), you bring back great moments in my “growing” years.  I, like you, am a 53 year old man, with a wife and two kids.  I always went to your shows when you came to the Philadelphia back then.  Growing up you were one of my favorite artists, and I do mean “artist” – with your many other talents (e.g. painting of album covers).  I eventually “drifted” away from your music as you went more “mainstream” – but we all have to make a living.  The early albums are classics to me, and I hope you conquer this dreadful disease and hope to see you on your “solo” tour.  Also, when you do go on your tour, don’t forget these classics – you “earn” the right to set your own course. Good Luck and God Bless ~ Brian A.


 Hi, Dan! Hurry & get well soon! We miss you! Be brave & keep fighting! Sincerely ~ Mitch Rollins, Norman,OK


 Dan, Over a period of 30 years, from the time we both lived in ,or around Boulder( Colorado,) your music has been a constant in my life. How can I thank you for all that brings...lyrics from your heart, music from your soul, stories of your life? Your music is standard in my studio and over the years it has inspired so much. Please know that I ask The Grandmothers and Grandfather to bless you with recovery and good health. I will have you in my prayers and heart. Best wishes ~ Live Johnson


 Dear Dan, What can be written that hasn´t been written already. I just hope you are going well and that all is heading in the right direction. The candles are a beautiful touch on this site. Deborah and Laurie must be congratulated on giving us, the fans, the opportunity to express our love and feelings to one of the greatest artists who has ever lived, and that´s no over the top statement. Dan you have touched us with your music and words.Hopefully, we have touched you with our love. ~ Johnny in Seville, Spain.


 My thanks for the music and printings.  I appreciate Dan's work.  His kindness to John F. Adams from the past will be remembered.  Best wishes to Dan and his friends and family. Aloha. ~ Ann Hashimoto


 Dan - I've been following you for about 25 years now.  Saw you in Holmdel and Waterloo, NJ, Easton and Keswick, PA, and was "drawn to the light." There is something very special about you, not just the music and your voice but the thoughts/ideas/philosophies that you put to the music.  I have your CD box set, Portrait, (and all your albums) and I love to read your own words about your music.  When you comment about a song that you "don't know where it came from" I realize that you truly are a musical genius.  I also love your honesty, humility and sense of humor.  I believe that all of these qualities in you will get you through this challenge right now and that you will be back to us, the people, as a true gift from God.  I usually play a few of your songs every morning on my way to work to get myself set for the hard day ahead.  I work for a child protection agency here in NJ so you can imagine the difficulty I face every day.  Lately I've been playing "Forefathers" (my all-time favorite), "River of Souls", "Ever On" and have been using these as a sort of prayer for you.  I also love "To The Morning", it's so pure.  But then again there are so many that I love. We love you.  I want to be sitting in one of your concerts this Fall (or next at the latest).  (I loved the State Theatre in Easton, PA.  Book it again, please.) Prayers and all wishes for a complete recovery for you. ~  Barbara


 Dear Dan, Having been a fan of your music during grad school years in the 1980's, I hadn't really listened much in years.  However, today I cranked you up in my new CR-V and wish I hadn't been away so long.  Saw you in concert back in the early '80's, too, and haven't forgotten it.  Your heart-written lyrics carried me through many up and down times.  I guess I am sharing this because try as we might, we get older, and things happen to us that no one deserves.  My hope and prayer is that you will know complete health again. As you so aptly wrote in "Leader of the Band," your life is a living legacy.  Thank you.  ~ Beverly


 Dear Dan, I pray every day for your recovering. You will never know how much I respect you. For over 30 years. The world is a better place as long as you are in it! WE NEED YOU! You`ll win this fight, believe me! With all my love ~ Anke Mandel, Germany


 I was just listening to the song, "Songbird" and while you were singing,( which I had up loud), I walked to the back of my house and high up in a tree was a finch just singing his little heart out!! I took that as a good sign that God heard my prayer for you! Just wanted to let you know!


 Dear Dan: I too am from Peoria.  In fact, my dad was a pastor at the church next to the Krogers.  I have always been so proud of your success and have enjoyed your music and lyrics.  I now am home with my own challenge of breast cancer.  I know they extracted every little cell but am going through the chemo to make sure.  I was hoping that I would read that you were through your battle at this point.  I will keep you in my prayers. If any thing is learned when we are battling and surviving, it is that we are bigger than a few cells.  I look forward to hearing about your recovery as much ,if not more, as your future musical accomplishments. With wishes for your strength and renewal and with grateful heart for years of enjoying your music ~ Susan (Moore) Schneider.


 Greetings Mr Fogelberg, I'm very disappointed to hear of your illness. Wishing you a speedy recovery and everything of the best. Been a fan over 25 years now and just love your music. "Leader of the Band" and"The Reach" are among my favourites. Have never seen you "live", hoping to one day. Once again good health to you, keep recording and playing live. You're the best!  ~ Devon Moodley, Durban, South Africa.


 Know that you are in my prayers...I'll light a candle tonight.  The Grandfather Spirit knows best.  He is trustworthy, and has a plan for you.  From the spirit I see in your songs, I believe you are more prepared for this adventure than most. Cancer is scary, but you are strong, and self-aware.  I believe in His and your capacity to heal. I will also be praying for the opportunity to see you in concert some day. Sincerely ~ Christy Garner


 Brother Dan, Only God knows what the Full Circle of our lives will be. My wife and I are just thankful the circle of your inspired music formed around us as it has with millions of others. We pray you come full circle back to the stage. Our prayers link with thousands of others going to Our Father in Heaven's ears nightly in your behalf. ~ Craig and Heather - Utah 


 Hi Dan, Thank you for your vibrant spirit. You've moved us to higher ground (without having to pay for a Mayflower van!). Truly, Phil and Susie


 Dan, Your songs inspired me in college and "the leader of the Band" was what was inspirational to me to heal a broken relationship with my father, especially the last line "..and papa I don't think I said I LOVE YOU near enough". God bless you in your battle with cancer. ~ Glenn Brown


 Dan, Just as your beautiful lyrics and  wonderful music have uplifted me throughout the years; may God cradle you in his  healing love and bring you back to all your devoted fans. We miss you! ~ Jane


 Dear Dan, I have followed your career since 1972. I love your music, and my husband and I share your song "Longer." Best wishes, never give up, God loves you, and so do we. ~ Ann Chuff-Osborne


 Dear Dan, I have been a fan since my teenage days growing up in Rockford, IL in the late 70's.  I am a professional musician, although I make my living mostly as a recording studio and home theater designer.  I was on a recent trip through California on business and had your entire CD collection with me, so I decided to listen to every album in order from Home Free to Full Circle.  My wife was with me and it made the almost 2,000 miles of driving much more comfortable.  My wife and I have very different musical tastes, your music and the Beatles we always agree on.......If I could just get her to like Steve Earle and Bruce Springsteen now.......anyway, I wanted to let you know that I hope you are doing well and get back to making music soon.  You have been a huge influence on me musically over the years.  I recently ran into Herb Pederson in the Denver Airport and told him how much I loved the High Country Snows album and how much I wish you guys would all do another one.  And a tour!!  To see you and Jerry Douglas on stage together would be a dream come true.  And if you ever get to Oregon, look me up, I know every winery in the state!!!! Best wishes on a speedy recovery. Thank You ~ Christopher Klein, Cottage Grove, OR


 Dear Dan, As a teenager growing up in Peoria with alcoholic parents in the  70's, your music was an escape to me when I needed to get  a grip on things I didn't understand. It calmed my heart in a way nothing else could... and continues to do so today. I just recently learned of your illness, and send my thoughts and prayers to you and your   family. I wish I could offer the same solace to you and yours that you gave me so many years ago. Thank you for your music.   ~ N


 Dan - I've written on here before, but I don't think enough can be said. You need to be strong. Sure I absolutely am in love with your beautiful lyrics and voice and enjoy seeing you live, but you're more than a musician, and even though it's hard saying not knowing someone, I'd have to say you are a wonderful human being. I'm 18 years old, I better be 70 before you see the pearly gates! All of us that love you need you to stick around. So please Dan, be well, get well, and you and your music are forever in my thoughts. ~ Anna in New Jersey


 Dan, I have been listening to your music for about 20 years. You have made me laugh and cry. You have helped me through a very tough divorce, and many bad relationships. You have always been there to give me a light at the end of my tunnel. I wanted to return the favor. I pray along with the world for you and your family. I was shocked to hear of this news. The man of inspiration, creativity and down right  "puts it right where it should be" , in black and white. My favorite CD of yours is the first one, which I cry on most of your songs , that they are not only moving but  they have touched my heart..... I too am a bass player that has listened to Mr. Putnam for some time now. Please get well soon. ~ Bruce Bernardini, San Antonio,TX


 Dear Dan, I'm so sorry to hear of the terrible diagnosis. I saw you at Bellermine University in Louisville in the mid '70's  It is still one of my very favorite concerts of my life.  I remember how you revealed your hotel room number at the end of the last song, for the young ladies in the audience! I sure hope this finds you well.  God bless ~ John Turner


  Dear Dan, I'm Ricardo Ernesto from Argentina and I want to send you all my good wishes and support in this hard moment. I know that everything will be okay because God is on your side.And soon you'll be on the road again giving us wonderful moments to our lives with your art. Thank you Dan for all the songs and poetry. You are an amazing artist. Keep on singing. God bless you Dan. ~ Ricardo Ernesto Trimboli (your Argentinian number one fan)


 Dear Dan, From the very first moment I heard you in a little auditorium in the early 70's in Nashville, Tennessee, I knew you had a very special gift.  I want to take this opportunity to thank you so very much for sharing your gift with me throughout the years. I have followed your music career from that moment on. Now I want to give something back to you and that is my sincerest and heartfelt prayers that I can pray. God be with you and keep you strong to overcome this because it is through him that we find the strength and courage that we need to fight the good fight. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and send many loving and healing, positive thoughts your way. I will be looking forward to receiving good news to your progress. Keep the Faith!! ~ Rita Marie


 Dear Dan,    Your music has inspired me over the last 30 years  and I recently bought a cd which totally renewed my love for you.  I then  went online to find out more about what you are doing and read about your battle  with prostate cancer. My thoughts and prayers are with you and I can't  wait to hear of upcoming successes. ~ Margie in Toledo,  Oh


 Dear Dan, I have just learned of your battle with cancer.  I sincerely hope and pray that you are able to overcome and defeat this terrible disease. Please pardon me for thinking that I know you at all, but I have listened to your music for many years, and feel that as a writer and performer, you reveal some of yourself in your music.  You have, through your music, made a positive impact on my life and how I affect the world.  Your social conscience and your love of our beautiful world are inspirational.  The lessons you teach through your music have many times made me pause in my life to consider my actions. Thank you for sharing your incredible gift in the songs you have given us over the many years.  I am looking forward to your next release! God bless you and your family. ~ Christopher Steyer


 Dear Dan - I've just survived pancreatic cancer and divorce at the same time.  I've found that there is a peace in the acceptance of the light and darkness of life that has left me personally with a sense of gratitude just to have been able to experience it all.  Your music has done a wonderful job over the years of expressing these sides and now I want to express my gratitude for you.  You've truly touched my life with your grace and now Life and Love is touching yours with theirs.  You're not going anywhere, none of us are...  With sincere respect ~ Jerry Clark


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, I hope and pray that you are doing well and are recovering or at least still believe that all is as it should be......reasons. I grew up with you through the years as when I first heard your music in ''74 or ''75 that was it, I was hooked to you. (John Denver, had to move over to make space for your works.) You helped me so very much through the years.  Both of my daughters listened to you also; in the womb.  They too, know your songs and tease me often when I play your albums/CDs, saying to me, "Mom, ya got to get out of the '70s" and listen to more than you.  And I do listen to other artists.  Don Henly, Stevie Nicks, Loreena Mc Kennitt, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Journey, Steve Perry, and various Celtic type music. But, when I'm feeling homesick, or lonely, I listen to you. Please don't stop, don't ever stop. On your last album, Full Circle,  the first arrangement "Half Moon Bay" is so fantastic that I wish it was longer. Many of your preludes are so enriching: you are truly the song master, the minstrel of our lifetime. You have no idea how much you have helped me through the years...... Take Care. Sincerely and with much admiration and respect ~ Lori S. Boneske


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, It is late July, 2005 around 1:30 AM EST, and, being a musician myself  (I am a bass player), was coming home from a difficult rehearsal, where the guitar player, once again, spent an inordinate amount of time complaining about his life, but taking no blame, bumming everyone out. I wanted to tell him to him to take control of his own life, but held my tongue. On the way home, feeling a bit depressed, your song, "The Innocent Age", popped in my head, and I thought I would check up on one of my greatest musical influences ( I learned high harmony vocals from you, my now wife and I saw you in Charlotte, NC in the late seventies and we fell in love as your albums were our soundtrack) and what a shock I saw of your illness. The announcement is almost a year old with no additional updates. I hope, no I pray, you are on the road to recovery. Things in life that one can control can be dealt with and are not important. It is all just excuses. We need to be thankful for the time given us, as I am for the many years your songs gave me pleasure, hope and inspiration. Take care old friend. I will think of you often ~ Jeff Gray, Manalapan, NJ


 Dear Dan -"Everything the Power does, it does in a circle" ~Lakota proverb~ Nearly a year since we heard of your dis-ease.  Praying that we may soon hear good news of your recovery, praying that we will soon hear your magical voice and words on-stage once more. Thanks for your music. Be well~ Judi C. from Rochester, NY


 Dan - Checking in daily to let you know I am praying for your hastened recovery. ~ Dave in Buffalo

  I have been a Dan Fogelberg fan for 30 plus years.  His music has enriched my life beyond words.  "Nether Lands" is my favorite song and has got me through many tough times.  I shared Dan with my elderly mom and she adored him.  She loved "Run With the Roses"  as she was from the south.  It was so special to share this great artist with her as she passed away 2 years ago.  It is so difficult for me to explain what this artist has meant to me over the years.  I have had some deep moments and Dan's songs have brought me out of them.  I lived in Southwest Colorado for nine years and the Greetings From the West album made me feel at home.  Although I no longer live in Colorado, it will always be a part of my life. Friends I have met over the years know how much I adore Dan's music.  Many have said when they hear a Fogelberg song they think of me. Although I don't deserve such an honor, I feel privileged for such an honor as to be remembered with such a wonderful man.  I pray with all of my heart that he is doing well. I only found out recently of his cancer. ~ Marci


 Many have written much; the love for your works is manifested here... I just want to add another voice from Kansas...your spirit has lifted ours for so long; may the volume of prayers and expressions of love captured here lift yours and rejuvenate your soul so that you can add to your legacy. ~  Brad & Julie Lee, Leawood, Kansas


 Greetings again Dan. I pray for you often and come to your website just to visit and stay in touch.  Know that many of us are praying for God's healing in your life.  I love how your music has connected so many people and touched so many of us in the same ways.  What a powerful gift! ~ Pam


 Dan, I have enjoyed reading all of your fans thoughts, comments and best wishes. Sure is nice to know how many others also enjoy your music and inspiration. I have had the fortune of seeing you several times over the years but my favorite was your show in Washington DC several years ago.  You performed acoustically and had been told that it is your best type of concert.  I couldn't agree more!  I have wonderful memories of that night.  Even my wife came to recognize and appreciate your gifts and talent. We wait patiently to hear of your successful treatment and recovery.  Your music has always provided me with consolation and hope during my down times. I hope and trust you have been able to find a similar source of comfort. Thank you for your sharing your talent with us. Ever On! ~ Mike, Manassas VA


 Dan, throughout my life, whenever I was asked whom I'd like to spend an hour with if it could be anybody in the world...and it was always Dan Fogelberg.  Your music has touched my soul since I was in high school and I'm 46 now...and still listening daily. Thank you for putting to music what has been locked in our hearts.  Music to you for the rest of your days. ~ Sherrie - Houston, Texas


 Dear Dan, I am here once again to say that I am praying for your recovery.  I think of you often and hope that you are doing better.  Please let us know how you are faring as soon as you are able. Love to you and your family ~ Angela B

Knoxville TN


 Peace, and prayers be with you. I will continue to pray for a full and final recovery. Thanks for the great songs. ~ Cliff Sulins


 Dear Dan,  You have been in my thoughts every day...and I've been listening to your music daily.  It's my way of praying for you and hoping that you'll soon be well.  I also find comfort in reading the words of others here who obviously love and respect you so much.  Today I noticed the beautiful addition of the Sea of Light to the support page.  What an incredible symbol of everyone's love for you.  I truly hope that you'll read these words because I would love for you to know that I'm the person who bought your banjo a couple of weeks ago.  It will have always have a special place in my home and will be a cherished souvenir of someone who I have loved for many years.  Like so many others have written, your music has been with me through the ups and downs of my life and you hold a special place in my heart.  I wish you well. ~ Pam


 Dear Dan, Your music continues to bring me such a feeling of joy. I still listen to Full Circle regularly along with everything else you've done. I bought The Very Best of Judy Collins today, and didn't know that 'Since You've Asked' was written by her. As soon as it started, I thought of your version. It was very good, but I like yours better. You are still my favorite musician of all time! My 9 year-old daughter loves your music also. She's beside me and we want you to get better soon. ~ Cindy Fabian


 Your music brings me much peace and many hours of needed reflection.  Thank you! I Love You


 Hi Dan, I've listened to your music since I was 16 and at 44 you are still my favorite. I'm originally from Pa. but my husband and I moved to Mass. in 1980.  We saw you many times in New England and it was always a thrill.  Your music always makes me feel good.  I was amazed from the start with Home Free.  I never e-mail anyone but I had to write and tell you that you're in my thoughts and prayers.  You influenced me greatly and I just wanted to say thanks.  I heard you were touring and looked up info and found the news - I wish you all the best! ~  Diane Mriglot ,West Brookfield, Ma.


 Dan: I heard about your illness last night from a local artist here in Atlanta, Michael Reed.  He sings at local restaurants with only his guitar and I have been bugging him for years to do some of your pieces.  He says he just can't match your range and does not dare to try in public. But I was saddened to hear you are (hopefully "were") battling cancer and want to wish you well.  I have loved your work for years and have seen you perform about 5 or 6 times.  Keep the faith and I hope to see you again at Chastain Park here in Atlanta real soon. Best wishes ~ Pat


 It was with much surprise and sadness that I heard you are battling prostate cancer.  I will be praying for you and your family and hope that your faith and our prayers help with your recovery. I was thinking about you when I attended a James Taylor concert over the weekend.  I was thinking how much I missed in seeing you perform in person. So I decided to jump on your website to see when you'd be performing again and where.   I first heard your music in 1977, my daughter was born to your music and I believe your talent is unsurpassed.  Know that your music brings your fans

such joy and God has truly blessed us with your talent.  Take care and best wishes on your RECOVERY! ~ Susan Carlin


 It's ironic that for the first time in a year I put "Full Circle" on the CD player the other day.  The next day a friend of mine came back  from a Kenny Loggins concert saying that she had run into an old friend of ours  with whom I had attended a concert of yours at Merriweather Post Pavillion in  Columbia, Maryland in 1992.  We had gone backstage and talked to you and had a Corona with you and some of the band members that night, quite a memorable  evening.   She said that this friend said that you were battling this difficult illness and that she was very concerned about you.  I have been praying and hoping for the  best for you ever since and listening to your songs and sending you healing  energy.  I have loved your music and enjoyed your live concerts since the seventies and feel as though I am spiritually connected to you and I pray every  day for your healing and know that you can conquer this challenge. ~ Aimee in Maryland


 Dear Dan, I am a fellow sufferer, but a survivor as I pray that you also will be. I have been in IL since the late 60's and am a physician now,   teaching at Loyola Medical School in the Chicago area. I am a Univ. of IL grad. In August 1999 I was also diagnosed with Gleason 6/7 prostate cancer,   which my father had also suffered from. I was 52 and had a radical prostatectomy. The Lord has been so merciful and I am doing well. I became a Christian in 1985 and life has taken on so much more meaning. My wife Chris and I have been married 30 years and have 5 children, now living in Wheaton. I have always loved your music, having purchased all of your original albums. With the demise of my direct-drive Panasonic and my Pioneer  100W receiver, I now have most of it again from iTunes. Your gifts have been used so well, and have blessed and brought beauty into the lives of many. You continue to speak through the many gorgeous melodies which He has given you, and I pray that His leading and influence in your life will bring you healing, and peace that transcends all understanding. In Him ~ Edward J. Keuer, MD


 Dear Dan, My name is Allison and I am 12 years old.  You are one of my favorite singers in the world.  I have loved you ever since I was 9.  On July 4, 2003 in Denver, Colorado my mom, our former neighbor and I got to see you in concert.  It was the best 4th of July I ever had.  While we were getting seated, my mom tried to arrange for me to meet you but it didn't happen.  Before we went to the concert, I made a poster that said "This South Dakota Girl Loves you Dan."  My mom has been a fan of yours for as long as she can remember.  She is the one that got me hooked on you.  We were very, very disappointed to hear that you were diagnosed with cancer.  I want you to know that you are in our prayers.  We hope you get better soon Dan.  We would love to see you in concert again.  Maybe you could do a concert in Rapid City, South Dakota.  If you could, I would love to hear back from you. ~  Your biggest fans from South Dakota


 Please know that all the joy and beauty and love you have given to the  world are returned to you many times over by all the people who love you and  your spirit so much.  All the best from a very long time fan.


 Dear Dan, You have been in my thoughts a lot lately.  My prayers are with  you.  Your beautiful music is inspiring and joyful to hear.  Your  concerts are amazing. You have been a blessing in my life. I lost my Mom this year and listening to your music really helps  me.  Thank you.  Please get well soon.  ~ BEV GENTY

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