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"Dear Dan" Letters

June 2005

 Dear Dan: I have been a fan of yours for many years. Your music occupies a large portion of my overall collection. I am also a breast cancer survivor of 6 years. Please know that I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I hope your treatment is going well. Thank you so very much for sharing your incredible gift of music for many years. Your words and tunes have touched me in countless ways. God bless you, Dan. ~ Sally Dobbie, Dallas, Texas


 Thoughts and prayers are with you, Jean and your family every day as you go through this ordeal with cancer. My brother is doing well with his fight with his cancer and know that you will beat it too. Hang in there and keep writing beautiful music. God bless! A longtime fan. ~ Carol Mason


 I am 55 and just lost my Father on Memorial Day May 30th.. I have listened to "Leader of the Band" over the years and knew it was the only song I ever heard that would measure up to how I felt about my Father. He was an important man with the Harrisburg Fire Department for 33 years. We had full honor guard from the HFD and the Military where he was buried yesterday at Indiantown Gap, Annville, PA. I paid for and burned a CD of that song to play during the Funeral Service. It was extremely impressionable to those that attended his service. We had 173 go through a receiving line in an hour and 30 plus cars in his funeral procession. I was extremely proud and loved my Father " Charles E. Eisenacher, Jr. very much. Just wanted to thank you for your talent and musical ability and providing me with a very fitting way of honoring my Father on a very important day for my family. ~ Patricia Eisenacher Stackhouse


 Dear Dan, I was saddened to hear of your struggle. It is a pity that you have had to devote efforts toward fighting such a thing, which could have been put toward making more of your music which enriches us all. I must say, I have always loved your music. I HEAVILY identified with it, for so much of what you said touched my soul. To this day, I cannot hear "Leader of the Band" without crying, as I think about my father. I am a musician as well, and having learned we grew up at the same time and near the same area, I can understand better why you touch me so deeply. I shall keep you in my prayers, and hopefully will be able to enjoy hearing your music in person one day. Remember, all things happen for a reason. So keep the faith, and we will all look forward to hearing you play and sing again soon. God Keep You and Bless you. Sincerely ~ Patrick Wilson


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, I can only imagine the sheer number of messages you've received as a result of your announcement. I did not know that you have been ill; tonight was the first time I visited your website. It's almost summer and sometimes, when we're very lucky, the warm winds bring you to Long Island (New York) so your fans can basque in the poetry of your music after a long day at Jones Beach. You haven't been here in a while... I have to believe you're tackling this illness with singleminded ferocity. I pray you are on the path to better health, and that soon your winter message will be replaced with news that you are in remission and on your way to a full recovery. ~ S.W.R., Long Island, New York


 Dan, I have been a loyal fan of yours since I was 12 and want to send my prayers to you hoping that all your treatments progress well. My Uncle was just diagnosed with colon cancer so we know what you are going through.All our love and heartfelt prayers go out to you for a full recovery.I miss seeing you in concert. ~ Diane in Kansas City


 Dear Dan, I hope you are doing well and know that you and your wife are in my prayers, as I do believe in miracles. Your music goes beyond time and space, and I look forward to more, when you are ready. Ever On.


 Dear Dan - I hope things are going well for you! I was devastated when I heard about your illness. I wish you and your family the very best. Thanks ~ Joe


 Dan - My prayer is that you've recovered completely and doing well. . . . it's all part of the plan!!! Rick Lightfoot, Slidell, LA


 I saw you, Dan, years ago when you had your signature beard and you were in a California outdoor venue. You were totally awesome and had the audience in the palm of your hand. You still do....unfortunately, you got dealt a blow, but it can be overcome in time and you WILL come back to us, your fans. As you wrote in a favorite song of yours...."the audience is heavenly, but the traveling was hell".....we want you to sing those words again so that we can stand and clap and whistle when you do......YOU ARE OUR LEADER OF THE BAND!!! HURRY BACK TO US!!! ~ Sue Jepson


 Dan, I've never gotten to see you in concert to my eternal regret. But I wanted you to know how you touched my life. Years ago I was in the hospital for kidney surgery. I was in critical condition and my husband brought me some music cassettes to cheer me. One of them was your Captured Angel album. I can't tell you how many times I listened to it and cried. Later, as I was recovering, I listened to more of your music. It helped give me strength to overcome my illness. Now, I send my love and prayers to overcome yours. Thank you for sharing yourself and your gift. Blessings to you and your family. ~ Laurelanne Burrows - Denver


 Dear Dan, I am a fan for nearly 30 years far away in Germany. Your music and extremely beautiful lyrics have touched my soul for such a long time. I would like to tell you that all my soul yearns by hearing of your sickness. I am praying for you and hope you will soon recover and be able to continue your magic work. I hope my dream will come true to see you live in concert in Germany one day. All the best wishes to you and your beloved ones from your all-time fan...God bless you ~ Wolfgang from Dortmund, Germany


 Dan, You are the "sweetest" memories of my teen years living in Peoria. I went to sleep every night listening to Home Free....a forever fan, I will pray for your recovery.


 "He" will show you the way ~ Joe M Rivera


 I shed a tear last night, while I prayed for you. ~ Vicki Thomas


 Dan, your music is the music that we fans have come to love and appreciate! Few singer/songwriters have been blessed with your gift for writing and for imagery, and I would like to say "thank you" for those musical memories. May the Lord bless you and sustain you through these times and may you soon bless us with more of your wonderful music! Get well soon!!


 When you are through this valley....return to us if you can and if you wish it. I always loved your tented performances in Waterloo Village, N.J. Hope to hear of your victory soon. Your close/distant fan ~ Glenn W. Le Boeuf


 Dear Dan, There is something wonderful and rejuvenating about this time of year. This morning as I awoke thoughts of gratitude and joyful life healing and journeying came for you. May the healing, loving light of inspiration, revelation and joy lighten your spirit and soul this day. May you feel the freshness of a new day of possibilities. May it instill in you a deep knowingness of God's loving kindness and and watchful care for you and your family. May the magic of the moment awaken a sense of wonder and happiness within. May the realization of synchronicity and harmony affirm all is well and getting better. May laughter, forgiveness and friendship grace your table today. May your intentions and desires of the soul be realized and may the body's ability for renewal and health be present in all your cells as they are cleansed with health and vitality. This is my prayer and thoughts for you and everyone this fine morning. May your day be blessed with a double rainbow. Thanks ~ Carol, a buffalo spirit


 Hope all is going well and our prayers continue to be with you. ~ Scott and Barb Scovel


 Dan: Our prayers are sent your way for a speedy recovery. Your music has provided many hours of joy. Our hope is that you can get well and enjoy a much needed rest. ~ The Rourke Family


 I hope all is well with you and your family. Thanks for so many years of happiness that your music has brought me, and continues to bring me. It is my dream that you will be well and performing again soon, as seeing you in concert is a cherished dream. Be well and happy. Best regards ~ Gerry Fievet


 As I started to look through some of my old vinyl late last year, I came across what I had forgotten---an extensive set of most of your albums. I was thrilled for the memories as I listened to them while preserving them on CD format (have put most of my turntables away). The Home Free album has a particular place in my memories, as I was first introduced to your music by a "folkie" musician during the early seventies while at U of I in Champaign. Unfortunately, I was never fortunate to have seen one of your concerts. As my 26 year old daughter and I looked over a playlist of possible songs for a wedding father-daughter dance, I was thrilled to find that the duet scheduled knew several of your songs. We choose "Leader of the Band", and the experience at her wedding reception last weekend was just wonderful. My family and myself wish you all the best to a speedy recovery and may God set fit to help you in any way possible.~ Rod Wilson, Neenah, WI


 Dear Dan, I am praying that you are doing well. I'm sure there is a song or two in this. Be well.


 I'm organizing in my family room today... I went through all my old vinyl albums, and found quite a collection of DF albums... so right now I'm listening to "Tucson, AZ", which is so beautiful... old stuff? kinda... timeless - for sure! I recently lost my brother to alcohol and drug dependency, and among all the emotions, I find it underlines the value and fragility of life. Music has helped me a great deal with this loss. A friend from a band had some encouraging words for me, as he related to a similar loss... he closed with "I wish you peace and strength". That's what we all need... that's my wish for Dan... PEACE AND STRENGTH. With gratitude to such a monumental legacy ~ Angie.


 I wish you Godspeed ... you are one of our treasures


 Best of thoughts and prayers to you and your family. Through your music and thoughts, you gave us yours. ~ Diane


 Dan - I hope and pray that you are doing better, I look back on your website often to see if there is any news. Love to you! ~ Cathy


 Dear Dan, I scanned the thoughts of others and I cannot express enough how great a life I have been blessed with and THROUGH IT ALL your music has woven in the tapestry of every memory.It is not your time to leave, this is only a chapter that will refresh and cleanse your pen, your thirst for the 2nd half and an enrichening of the Journey. "In times like these, it's hard to keep a man off his knees" ~ ERW, Denver CO


 Dear Dan, I hope that all is going well for you. As much as I hate the word "fan", I must confess to being your fan for a lifetime. It was your music that helped me through my cancer episode at the age of 21, some 22 years ago. I think I drove my family as crazy playing your vinyl as my brother did blasting Zeppelin! Then my husband had the good fortune to be surrounded by your music for many of our years he did the only thing he could do...he took me to one of your concerts for Valentine's day! Fortunately (thank God and the American Cancer Society), I came through my "5 years" with flying colors, and have had no further recurrence of the melanoma that rocked my world. I hope that your treatment is progressing as you hoped, and that we will soon hear that you are cured.


Since I'm here, at this place where I can email you, I just want to thank you for all of the beautiful music, for all of the soulful lyrics. As of late, my teenage daughters and I have been listening to a lot of Keith Urban. I was driving from Central Ohio to Lansing, Michigan last week, "jamming" to The Innocent Age, realizing how much I favor Musicians, and not just performers. I was seeing my musical preferences as a pattern...the artists who occupy the most space in my musical collection, are those who have mastered musical instruments, and don't depend on others to do all the playing....those who can put into words the things we all feel....those who can create and craft (you, Billy Joel, Springsteen, CSNY, Carole King, the Eagles--solo and en mass--Jackson Browne, Keith Urban). Quite a moment of clarity! Then I had a thought...or more of a mental vision....that you and Urban are so similar in so many ways....I wish there could be a collaboration of some sort there. Ah, but it is a fleeting dream.....LOL. However, my daughters (ages 15 and 16) are also being drawn to your stuff...a new generation of adoration for ya, mate! Again, I hope that all is going well, and that you'll be able to get back on the road soon. I'm not so capable, within the limits of language to be able to express what I'm feeling for you and your family. Suffice it to say that you are in my prayers, sincerely. Oh...and I'm really glad that you found Jeanie in your travels....many blessings on you both. ~ Ginny Castle


 "Voyages are accomplished inwardly, and the most hazardous ones, needless to say, are made without moving from the spot." ~ Henry Miller


 Dear Dan, my wife and I send our dearest wishes to you and we will not let go of you, so there is no chance of you going anywhere, I`m afraid you will have to carry on writting more of those beautiful songs for us. Our love and best wishes ~ Eithne & Mike


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg: I am Physician Assistant student in Santa Fe. We have been studying pathology lately and male reproductive illness in particular. I got to thinking of you and hoping that you are doing ok and going to be feeling better soon. My sister and I listened to your music starting back when we were in high school in Calif and have always enjoyed tremendously. I hope that time and medicine will be kind to you and that you will be up and around and recording and writing again soon. All the best ~ Merry Beyeler


 Dan, I know I can't possibly do this justice but here it goes: When I heard the news of your illness, it was as though I had lost one of my own. I was at work and received an e-mail from my best friend Jean, who only recently became familiar with your work, through my obsession with it. I was taken completely by surprise & a flood of emotions followed. I was planning to take my best friend to see you in concert in Melbourne, Fl. in the fall of 2004. I was determined,having been one of your most devoted fans since the release of "Souvenirs" in 1974, to attempt to be in the 1 of the front 10 rows of your upcoming concert. Please know my dream is alive & my prayers are, that you will defeat this. Gratefully yours ~ Elizabeth in Kissimmee, Fl.


 Dear Dan, At my 8 year old son's baseball game today, I had a conversation with some Mothers while sitting on the bleachers. We talked about our kids, music, life and being in our early forties. One Mother talked about music when we were younger and I just blurted out "Dan Fogelberg". She said; "I love Dan Fogelberg and I was always going to marry him!" I told her that I too was always going to marry Dan Fogelberg! ( I think that any woman, young or old who saw you on the album cover of Souvenirs probably felt the same way!!) All of a sudden, she started singing.."High on this mountain the clouds down below"...I joined in and it was an amazing experience! The truth is that there IS something that is so deep and so spiritual that connects people through your music. I don't know how to explain it or put it into words. But, thank you for your music and for your ability to connect people that you don't even know! I think that the people who are drawn to your music are some of the most down to earth, genuine, beautiful people on earth!! Get Well!!! Love, Peace & Light ~ Carole from Hunterdon County, NJ

 Hi Dan! I met you years ago in St. Louis when you were in concert with the Eagles. I was a friend of Fool's Gold (Denny H.) I'm sorry to hear about your illness. I am now a Christian pastor and I will pray for you!


 My family and I continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers every day. We are hoping that no news is good news. My husband and I just celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. Our tradition has been to celebrate our milestone with seeing you in concert. We've missed that tradition and hope that it will continue next year when I tell my husband once again, "every year is diamonds, honey." :-) You are a diamond to me. Be well and come back soon - you are deeply and truly missed. Warmest regards ~ Patti & Samuel Rosenberg - Easton, CT.


 One of my dreams is to sing back-up for you (which I do every morning while riding my stationary bike) and do my choreography for "Tell Me To My Face" (which is QUITE difficult to do while riding!). Several of your songs are integral to two screenplays I've written, so I also hope to be able to share your music with a whole new audience.


In case you haven't had a healing laugh today, let me share my favorite joke: A grasshopper walks into a bar and sits down on a stool. The bartender walks over, and trying to be friendly, says, "Hey, did you know there's a drink named after you?" The grasshopper looks at him quizically and replies, "You have a drink named Bob?"


Thank you for all the joy your music has given me over the years, and PLEASE, PLEASE regain your health soon so you can come out and play! Hugs! ~ Nan


 Dear Dan, I was searching the lineup for THE WESTBURY MUSIC FAIR and didn't see your name on the roster and I started to investigate. I am sending you all good wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery. I hope this message finds you on the road to recovery. I have seen you over two dozen times in concert and I look forward to another two dozen times. I hope you feel HIS healing power and love. Take care. Regards ~ Hugh Beggins


 Dan:You have been an inspiration for over 25 years. May God bless you to a speedy recovery. ~ Hal Brand


 Dan, I have been a fan since 1975 and attended my first Dan Fogelberg concert in 1980 in Austin. It was one of your solo tours, you were great and have attended about 6 more of your concerts and never been disappointed. I was diagnosed with moderately aggressive prostate cancer in 2000 at the age of 46 when my daughter was 3. I had the surgery to remove the prostate, the PSA did come up slightly 6 mos after the surgery, I went through radiation and have been cancer free for 5 years. I understand what you are going through and my prayers are with you. I sure hope I can see you well and in concert again. ~ Glenn Francis, Sugar Land, Texas


 Being a Dan Fogelberg fan for many years, I have always felt when Dan toured that there was a mutual connection of all the fans as if we were all soulmates, quite a connection and I always felt it when I attended the concerts. Dan, I hope you are better. There is a concert of yours on television here where I live Saturday night, I have no idea what it is, but I am going to watch it. ~ Magnolia


 Dear Dan, I pray for you throughout each day. I have been fighting brain cancer since 8/2003. I was given maybe a year. On June 4th, I celebrated my 55th birthday at Petco Park in San Diego watching my beloved Cubs beat the Padres. I grew up in Chicago watching games at Wrigley Field. After the 7th inning stretch, the entire section, 95% Cub fans, surprised me and sang Happy Birthday! People, especially Cub fans, are wonderful! I pick one of your cds each day to listen to while I'm in the shower to start my day. You help me get through the day, just like you've helped me get through my life. Today, your music jogged my memory and I remembered the dream I had last night. I haven't been dreaming much lately, but this was a good one! I met you and we had a wonderful time. We met on this earth, not in heaven. Prayer is powerful and you have it coming from all over the world. I wish you well, and pray that you will beat this horrible cancer. You get well and I'll get well, and I'll keep my dream alive. My best to your family.Thank you for the gift of your music. My life continues to be enriched by your incredibly special talent. ~ Dani Janich, now of Las Vegas, NV


 Dear Dan, I am a dancer, but because all my teachers said don't dance to music with words, I've never choreographed publicly to your songs. I usually dance to them in private but then use the movements to other music. At one of your outdoor concerts, I was dancing in the grass and somehow you saw me and said "Great dancing out there!" That made me feel so good, and I keep dancing at concerts even when it's not allowed (it's often not). I especially love the song on your newest cd "Whispers in the Wind." I am so sorry to hear of your illness and pray that you recover as easily and quickly as you can. I'm not good at offering words of prayers, but I promise you I will dance them for you, send you healing and loving light ~ MKB, Washington DC


 Dear Dan, Our prayers are wiith you. May you be blessed with all positive love and life. You are in our daily prayers and love of life. Keep the faith. To us, YOU ARE THE LEADER OF THE BAND and an inspiration for us all. You are with us always. Much more could be said. Miracles Are A Reality. Love & Best Wishes ~ Frank & Karen & Many More


 Dan, I am deeply saddened to hear that you are ill. I just want you to know that I have been a fan since I bought my first album of yours, "Nether Lands." Since then, I pretty much have all of your albums, and your music still touches me deeply. I was fortunate enough to see you in Houston in the late 70's, where it was only you, a guitar, and a piano. It was an AWESOME performance, that I still treasure to this day. My thoughts & prayers are with you and your family, today, & always, and I look forward to seeing you again one day in concert. Thanks for all of the wonderful music & lyrics through all the years! ~ Donna Weinel, Dickinson, Tx.


 As one who has admired your gift for music and lyrics since the first album, I have learned every word to most every song on every subsequent offering during cross-country road trips and other journeys throughout my adult life. I had the honor of meeting you for a few hours after a Tulsa concert in the mid-80s, realizing after years of fanatic adoration that you were mortal, one in search of his heart as we all are. It is what has always touched me to my soul and brought light to a few dark places over the years. I hope to convey my deepest appreciation for your creative spirit's manifestations, and to offer the knowledge of my continued prayers for your healing and renewal. With kindest regards and hope for the best of care ~ Martha Stalcup


 Dearest Dan, Just a note to say that I love you and your music very much. I miss getting ready to see you on tour. I am watching and listening to you on video right now. "Greetings from the West" --I think that was your best tour ever, maybe because that was the summer I met you! A great summer indeed! One that lives in my heart forever! I thank you for all that you have given me, Dan, in your music and tours and CD's. You have truly blessed and enriched my life more than you will ever know. My family and many of my friends love you . I think it is important for you to know how much you have touched my life and the lives of my loved ones. I listen to your music especially when I am stressed or celebrating, it always brings me Joy! It helps to calm my mind and soul. I will be praying for you all weekend at a retreat I am going to. I hope you feel the power of my prayers! "Don't be afraid, ONLY BELIEVE!" That is from the Bible! Love and Peace my special friend ~ Laura Boughner, Richmond


 Dear Dan, I have you bookmarked and every day I read the tender messages people write. Oh my gosh, Dan, the power of your talent to help people through drug addictions and cancers or to have lullabies sung to babies or people falling in love to your words and music. What a gift you possess! Tears well up in my eyes reading everyone's wonderful stories and I know the same thing happens as you read along. I feel like I know you too. You share so much of yourself in your words. I'm listening to Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Some Blues - an excellent live performance.


 To a prolific artist. You have always been a wonderful performer who held high standards in music and it is very evident in your performances as well. I have seen several of your concerts throughout the years and you are truly a mesmerizing performer. My ten year old daughter already loves several pieces of your music and is always wanting to try and play them on piano. Now taking guitar lessons she finds your work fascinating. We truly hope and pray that you will make a successful recovery for you have so much to give to the world.


 Dan, I have been listening to your music since the ''70's and have everything you have recorded (and know them by heart). I saw you at the Capitol Music Hall in Wheeling, WV on February 21st of ? I still have the flyer (no year on it). I was at the Capitol seeing another show when I saw a flyer on the door saying you were going to be there. I couldn't sit still! I had to go buy tickets for your show right that minute! I remember I drove through the ice and snow driving the 2 hours home that night. My husband didn't really know you but I bought him popcorn, etc., so he would come with me! Your music had gotten me through some very tough times. I just love to sit on my back deck of my house early in the morning and listen to your music. My thoughts, prayers and hope for your recovery are with you. What else can I say? ~ Linda S., Parkersburg, WV


 You are still in our thoughts and prayers. God speed your recovery. Attendee to 5 Fogelberg concerts, and hoping to attend many more in the future! ~ Doreen Garlid, Tempe, Arizona


 May all our wishes give you strength to pull through. To a weaver of beautiful words and wonderful melodies, from a fan since `74. ~ Dan Harris, London, England.


 Dan - Got em!! Yep got em all! Finally I have all of your music on CD. Got a brand spanking new car with a 6 CD player in it and I'm rock'n and roll'n and singing love songs with my brother. Sweet, sweet music so sweet, so deep, angelic and filled with hope, like this message is to you, filled with hope. From Home Free to Full Circle, "To the Morning" to "Icarus Ascending" - I'm listening to them all, each and every day and nobody else. It's been my plan for a while. Each time I listen I sing and each time I sing in between the words my heart whispers prayers to the universe, this is what we do for you during this time.


The plan is to listen to you exclusively as I travel, sing with you as I dream and envision you on stage until I see you in concert. The universe is magical. It delivers gifts to us all and you are of the most sacred, sincere and worthwhile gifts the universe has bestowed upon us all. So rest well, get strong, sing with me brother. Let's all sing along. ~ Dave in Buffalo


 Hi Dan- Listened to Captured Angel today. It doesn't get any better! I hope you are doing well. I continue to keep you and your family in my thoughts daily. Your music is an old friend to me. Many other people feel that way too. Please take care of yourself. ~ Pamela Hunter- Charlotte, NC


 Dearest Dan - It was two years ago tomorrow when I last saw you in person - in concert on my birthday. I will always treasure the gift of that extraordinary evening! Since learning of your illness last August I have been wishing that you will be well. I am thinking of you now - as always - with tremendous love, admiration , and respect ... and hoping for a wish come true ... Sincerely ~ June, Norwalk, CT


 Dan - I listened and played (my Martin never sounded quite as good as yours) all through the seventies. Only today, after hearing "Illinois" for the first time in more than fifteen years did I decide to look up some info, maybe get to see a concert. My grandmother would have said that maybe you needed this one extra prayer. I don't know what caused me to look an "old friend" up after all these years but you've got that prayer. Get well.


 Dear Dan: I was unaware of your illness until I visited your website today. I know you weren't scheduled for a concert tour that included Colorado last year, and was unaware that all of your concerts were cancelled. I was HOPING to see a concert schedule for this summer, but,unfortunately for all of your fans, we will miss you. Your last concert in Denver, July 4, 2003, was attended by my family including 3 teenage boys. They LOVED it!! My prayers and those of my family are with you and your wife while you recover. We hope to see you on the road again soon. Godspeed, fellow Coloradoan. ~ Jerome H. Casper, Denver


 Our Dearest Dan, I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for all of the love, joy, pain and promise your music reflects. I am a 44 year old wife and mother who received my first Dan Fogelberg album when I was 16. It was the Nether Lands! I wore the vinyl out completely! I met my husband to be, two years after and played the album for him...only to find out that he was already in possession of your Home Free and Captured Angel albums! It was fate! We fell in love to your music, danced at our wedding to your music and introduced your songs to our children, long before they were born. Mark and I brought our daughter, Alyson Christian, to one of your concerts in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania in 1992 at the Star Lake Amphitheater when she was five years old....Alyson knew every song and stood the entire time dancing and singing along. Such sweet memories you have given us! We brought her to a second concert a year or two later and to this day, June 9, 2005, her graduation day from High School, she still listens to your music as she falls asleep at night.


I felt an instant connection to you and your music so many years ago and it wasn't until I read your biography that I realized why. You share the same birth date as my Father....not the same year obviously....but an astrological force that connects the two. My "daddy" passed away 22 years ago at the age of 48, four months before my marriage and your music took me through the grief and finally the acceptance of God's plan. I thank you for everything. Our prayers have been with you and your family since the word first came through about your battle. Please know that you are now and always have been an important part of our lives. We wish for you a full recovery and a long, happy life. Without you and your music, the world would be missing one of its greatest musical sons! All of our love, respect and heartfelt thanks ~ Rebecca and Mark Trusz, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


 All the best wishes to you, Dan Fogelberg ~ Peter Rieser, Austria


 Just Get Well - I don't need to read the contents here to know what they say and what effect your music has had on our individual lives.Your music seems to have been ever present in my life since I first heard "Longer" here at home in England. I even have a strange tale to tell about how the Album got into my collection some years later - another huge coincidence or twist of fate... From then on your music seem to have provided a soundtrack to periods of my life - to the extremes of unsolicited radio plays in far off lands - during a holiday romance in Croatia ("Heart Hotels") and a Safari in Kenya in 1987 ("The Sand and the Foam" and "Run for the Roses" - Hugely coincidental after I had been horse riding in the Surf that day!). Your music has followed me somehow, even though it was there on my ever present Walkman! You have provided the strength and inspiration to me at times when I have been at my lowest and added the words to situations when I have been unable to find them myself. I hope that you know that we walk this path together - May the power of all our positive thoughts prevail. ~ David Farrell, Oxfordshire, England


 Keep fighting & living! My prayers are with you.


 Dan, I am an artist, and I have been listening to your music all of this week as I paint. Right now I'm listening to River of Souls, and along with it has come one of the best paintings I've done in years. Yesterday, I wrote to tell you that I am still inspired by the sound of you. Today I have something to show for it. All my love. ~ Dana


 Dan: I pray your are doing well and on the road to recovery. Your music has touched me and brought me much joy. I wish I could repay you in some way. God be with you now and forever. ~ Jeff W., St. Louis


 Dan, Thanks for all the enjoyment and inspiration your music has given to me over the years. Please know you continue to be in our prayers.My father had prostate surgery three years ago and is doing well today...I hope the same for you. ~ Cleave Pool, San Angelo, TX


 Dan, One can only hope that you feel back in strength just a fraction of the joy you have brought your fans all these many years. I have been blessed to have seen you in concert twice and am looking forward to my next enriching evening real soon. May God lift and bless you! ~ Alida


 Dear Mr. and Mrs. F., Just checking in again in hopes of a positive update on your battle. It definitely is a long and rocky path you are traveling. I wish you love, faith, and true grit to keep you company along the way. I'm always overwhelmed by the love and support expressed by your fans. Your music and lyrics have helped so many of us express our own feelings and come to terms with our own battles. Many of us have been through similar scary times. It is OK to be weary, angry and frustrated on occasion. Sometimes it is not so easy to reach down into the Nether Lands of the soul to turn that negativity into the strength to fight yet again. But reach down Dan. Reach down deep. Are you ornery enough to get through this thing? I believe you are! You are one hell of a guitar picker and I hope and pray that you will beat this beast, and sing about it in due time. I miss your voice, your lyric, your melody. You are on my mind and in my heart and prayers. All best wishes to you and your family and friends. As ever ~ Jan...FL


 Dan, As always, there's not a day that goes by that I don't think of you and listen to your music. Your voice in my head is as clear and sweet as ever. ~ Dana


 Dan, I hope you are reading these wishes and it brings you comfort to know you are loved by so many. I wore the grooves off my Home Free album in college. I saw you twice in the 70's in Jackson, MS and once in the 80's in Atlanta, GA, then again in Jackson, MS on your River of Souls tour. You are a master musician and a poet. Your music has touched my life for decades and I look forward to more.. Best wishes you to and your family. ~ Leslie, Vicksburg, Mississippi


 Dear Dan, I heard of your illness last fall just before my father passed away from his 7 year battle with prostate cancer. He left us peacefully. I hope your recovery is going well. I've been a fan for a long time; your songs were some of the first I learned to play on the guitar as a teen. Hope to see you in the near future. Fondly ~ Rick Soedler, Poughkeepsie, NY


 Dear Dan, My previous messages spoke of your influence in my life and that you are my favorite musician of all time. That will never change! I learned my 71 year old mother had cancer last Thanksgiving (04) and she is fighting the good fight. Your song "Part of the Plan" is my theme song! It has helped me as our family goes through a very hard time. Know that I am praying for you and your family and I pray you have a complete recovery and that you come back to PHOENIX, ARIZONA - real soon! GOD BLESS YOU DANNYBOY!!! ~ Marla Heiler


 I've enjoyed your music for many years. Wish you the best and keeping you in my prayers for a full recovery.


 Dear Dan: I was first introduced to your music in the early 70's. My husband and I fell in love to your music and therefore you have a special place in my heart. I have seen you perform many times over the years and simply put, "there is no better musician". My husband and I extend to you and your family our VERY best wishes for your speedy recovery. We look forward to seeing you at Wolf Trap Farm Park again in the near future! God Bless ~ Marcia L. Edwards


 Hi Dan, It has been a long time since I have seen you live. In fact it was back in 1975 or 76 at Albion College in Michigan. I heard of your illness today while listening to XM radio on channel 40 (Deep Tracks) and was taken back. I will pray for you and your family. You know that you are in the best hands with GOD. "In Him" ~ Pete Braun


 Dan - Your music and energy have meant so much to my wife and I over the years. We have been uplifted by them. Rest assured our thoughts and prayers are with you and we relish the opportunity to return a small portion of the support to you. Best Regards and a speedy recovery ~ Bob & Donna Colosimo


 Dear Dan, I was visiting your site today and was shocked to hear of your malady. My family and I wish you all the best for a fast and full recovery. No matter what happens, your music and spirit will forever influence and motivate people. I am one of many who find your music and message to tell the true value of life, specifically love, music and the quest of a good life. Again, all the best and thank you for sharing your gift will all of us. Warm regards ~ Mike


 Dan ... I am a 46 year old man who was diagnosed with testicular cancer last year. My illness is a "young man's cancer" that very rarely strikes men our age. For a brief moment (that lasted about a week) I asked myself "why me." Not anymore. I have come to realize that it is not my place to ask that question. I don't know why my young horse bucked ... but I learned to ride him out. Now the bucking has stopped. God has a reason for the things that happens to me. That is all I need to know to find comfort.


I wanted you to know that your music has inspired my life for many years. I am a single parent of a really cool 10 year old daughter (and 4 grown adult children) and have experienced that love gone bad thing. Your music provided comfort and encouragement for me at a time when nothing other than music could. I have a wonderful Lady that has stuck with me through my battle with cancer. My daughter has been a rock. I have endured 2 surgeries and 2 rounds of chemotherapy. While it was not much fun ... I think it has bought me many more years to rejoice in the miracle of life. At 46 years of age, I feel as though I have another whole adult life ahead of me. I am sure you will too. You're just too damn good for people like me (and my state of mind sometimes) to make any type of exit anytime soon. I know ... I feel the same about myself !! When I heard of the news of your cancer a few months back I was driving to work. I cried. And prayed. And then I knew everything was gonna be OK. Don't Lose Heart !! ~ Eddy Gwartney, Leipers Fork, Tennessee

 Still praying for you Dan.....Thank you for blessing us with your skills, talents and sharing your heart with the world. Your fans love you. May God use this situation for the greater good and heal you completely to perfection. In Jesus name and with faith in miracles. ~ JGH


 Dear Dan, Your music has been a critical part of my life for over thirty years. Since I lived in the throes of drug addiction for most of the 70's and 80's, I can honestly say that there were times when your music saved my life. For even in my addiction, I was searching for my own spirituality and shedding the Irish Catholic boy that my parents had raised. In some of my darkest times (I also unknowingly had bipolar disease), I would listen to you and Joni Mitchell exclusively for days -- sometimes weeks. I just really needed you to know how much you have given to my life. I had no idea what you were dealing with, I only knew that you had cancelled your tour. If your music can exert even half the healing power on you as it has on me, then you will be on your feet on no time. Thank you so much, Dan Fogelberg, for being part of my life for the past thirty years. ~ Thom Kennedy


 I just finished watching your concert on WHUT, through a PBS, Soundstage Production. I was missing my 23 year old daughter who moved to OH in November and lo' and behold I was flipping through the channels and there you were. I'm quickly approaching 48 years old and this is my first "fan letter." But I felt the need to share how much your music has been a part of my life. The reason it was ironic that I was thinking of my daughter and your concert came on. When she was born in November 1981 my husband had just been laid off, the company he worked for had fallen on difficult times as many companies did during that time. We barely had two nickels to rub together, so we decided not to exchange Christmas gifts. Our daughter was the most precious gift we could have asked for. However, behind each other's back we did do a little something for each other. I had his old, comfy cowboy boots resoled and he bought me "The Innocent Age". As I rocked my precious baby girl and listened to "Run for the Roses" it struck me as being symbolic of raising a child. That became the lullabye I always sang to my daughter, and later to my son. At that time I said, and remain sure of, that is the song I will dance with my daughter at her wedding. So when I'm missing her, I listen to that song and sing my heart out with tears streaming down my face, evoking such tender, loving memories.

That is not the only force your music has had in my life. In May 1975 I graduated from a small town high school in OH. (It's strange that my daughter settled in that state, but not the same area!) I had your "Home Free" album at the time. Two months after graduation we moved to the "big city", north of Baltimore. That album saw me through some "missing home" moments. I even drew a copy of the album cover and I remember that even my mother was impressed. To the point when my daughter's artistic ability became apparent in her teenage years, my mom recalled that drawing. Bringing up yet another wonderful memory. In fact, the only time I entered a radio contest I won tickets to your concert at Merriweather Post Pavillion in Columbia, MD. I was pregnant with my son. I also sang "Run for the Roses" to him as a baby....I too, will dance with my son one day at his wedding to that song.


In the beginning of 1998 when I was going through a painful divorce my younger brother sent me your four disc set "Portrait". Again, your music helped me through another transition in my life. Your music has been with me through some miraculous and difficult moments in my life. There are other incidents, but I just highlighted the major points. Life is made up of making memories and your music is part of my life memories. I want to sincerely thank you for all that you have given me. And next summer, when I dance to "Run for the Roses" with my daughter at her wedding, your music will again be part of a beautiful memory in my life. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family ~ Valerie


 Dear Dan, Hi. Hey, from what I heard and saw on your PBS concert, you've got it to beat your cancer. Believe - it'll happen. I am a composer - been around a little. TV music. I did a new age album with Narada Productions. Anyhow, I got sick three years ago - really sick. I lost just about everything. I even lost music and became silent. Last Feb I broke my back and three ribs in a really freaky car accident and I was laying in bed for a while and then FINALLY went to the piano and played. Classical, jazz... and I decided to sing Beatles and play. Carole King too.


So, today in church I knocked them out. I played "How Lovely is thy Dwelling Place" and sang. When I got home, your concert was on and I AM TELLING YOU - it was my turn to be knocked out. I am singing and playing like you -- because I heard your music all those years. But I don't even have any of your albums. Your music is part of the weave in America and I just wanted to tell you this to help you heal. Thanks for your passion and your straight shot delivery. I wish you every good blessing for a fast speedy recovery back into music. I am your newest fan. Love ~ Carol Nethen West, Annapolis, MD


 I had the privilege of seeing you for the first time in St. Louis, MO. I believe it was 1991. I was pregnant with my son, Dillon. We were in the video and the performance was fantastic. Since then I have seen you in several Peoria concerts. I have never been disappointed and my son is a true fan. My best friend was with me when we saw you for the first time. It was his first time too and we were all blown away. I will pray that you beat this disease and get back on the road so we may have the privilege of seeing you perform again. You are one of a kind. God Bless you and your family. ~ Deborah A Martin, Springfield, IL.


 Our prayers are with you and your family. Secondly, a tremendous thanks for all the years and countless hours of letting us listen to and be a part of your world. Thank you...with all our hearts ~ Chuck and Kendra Phillips


 Dan and Jean, I check back so often to see if there is any news as to your progress in your struggle. I pray every day that I need not hold my breath any longer and can let out the cheer that I am longing to let out. Dan, I have followed your music since 1975, and I can't think of one special moment in my life that is not forever recalled in which a song from you is not my background music. I used to come twice a year to Lake Tahoe and sit front row center stage for all 3 shows just to feel the energy and watch you play your music. I know that this road that the two of you travel, along with your family and friends, is very steep and bumpy. But the songs that you will create when your health has returned are going to be powerful. Your love and strength, though some days seems to be too much, is so very strong. The prayers and good wishes that are being said for you all from all over the world will help to carry you through this. And the Lord has sent down his special angels to wrap their wings around you and allow you to feel the love being sent to the both of you. I will continue to pray and send my best wishes to you until I can someday sit front row center stage again and toast to you with a fine wine. God bless you and stay strong...We are all supporting you. Always your fan ~ Margie Johnson


 Sir, I am a race car driver. It was my gift. Not that much different than yours. An art form. With a race track as my sheet of music, and a race car as my instrument. For many years, I have played "Run For The Roses" just before getting into the car. It always made me feel that I belonged there.  .. using my gift from God.. as You have. Thank You. . From  my soul ~ Rug Cunningham, El Cajon , Ca


 Dear Dan, My family and I (my wife and 9 year old son) recently purchased a Petrof piano and plan to learn and play our favorite Fogelberg songs. The house is full of Fogelberg music all the time. I've seen you in concert 12 times (starting in Worster, MA in 1983 or 84). You are truly amazing! We hope and pray that you are doing well.Sincerest wishes ~ John Walbridge and the Walbridge Family, Washington, NJ


 I check your site often for news of how you are doing. My husband just recently had surgery for prostate cancer and his treatment continues, so the reality of your illness was made even more real. I don't fault you for wanting your privacy, but those of us who love your music still hope to see you make music in person. We will continue to pray for healing, and also for strength and courage. In the meantime, your recordings will have to suffice! God Bless you and yours ~ Debbie Bachand, Clyde, Kansas


 Our prayers and best wishes that you are growing strong and will soon be back performing. We have missed you and look forward to hearing you again, soon. ~ Kolokousis family


 Dan, Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this time. I am so thankful for the music you have created over the years. "Leader of the Band", "Once Upon a Time", and "The Innocent Age" hold special meaning for me, like I'm sure it does for many others. I look forward to seeing you perform on stage someday. Take care and God bless. ~ Dennis Dempsey, Anderson, SC


 Dear Dan, Our family wishes you all the hope and best in your recovery, so that you can continue on your journey. Your strength has guided us to explore new horizons and your insight has been instrumental in guiding us through difficult times in our lives. Our prayers are with you and your family and your legend will live in your music forever. ~ The Conroy's


 Dearest Dan, I loved your Halloween costume many moons ago in Ames, IA -grooviest phantom I'd every seen. You even returned several years later and wished us all a Happy Halloween. I will never forget that what a thrill!! It pains me to hear your ill, so I send good karma, and healing prayers your way. You're the rockinest minstrel. Forever will your light shine!! PEACE ~ Marshelle, Des Moines, IA.


 Dan, my prayers are with you and your family! God wants you to continue making a difference in this world with your music. I love to listen to the CD that you and Tim Weisberg made, "No Resemblance Whatsoever". Awesome. I will pray for your speedy recovery and healing with hopes of a concert here in San Diego in the near future. Best Wishes and Love ~ Suzi Maley


 I had the opportunity to watch the Soundstage concert from 2003, it was on a local station here last Saturday. I had never seen it before, and it was quite comforting to see Dan's face again. He is still as handsome as ever. And he mentions if he had only the chance to write one song in his life, it would be, "Leader of the Band', and Fathers' Day is this coming Sunday, blessings to your Father's Spirit, Lawrence, Dan, for producing such a beautiful man such as you, for giving us such a gifted singer and songwriter. I really enjoyed the show, I keep praying with all of my heart and soul for you to totally recover and to tour again. I had the chance to meet you in 1995, and I have to say that was the best night of my life. Stay positive Dan!! ~ Magnolia


 Hi Dan, I am from Chile and have heard your music since I was very little, as my older brothers were fanatic of your songs. I remember long trips in the car and your music being the best companion and inspiration. I am now 36 years old, and your CDs are always with me. Your songs "Longer" and "Leader of the Band" are from another world; I can hear them a million times and always bring peace and inspiration to me. Thanks so much for your music and I wish you all the best in your recovery. ~ Ignacio


 Dear Dan, wish you the best as always. Let's remember part of the plan is to have you grow old and wiser with us.YOUR music is magical and great things will always come your way. Be well, God bless~ Michael Millay


 Dan, I have followed your career since "Home Free" and I will claim to be your greatest fan. I have attended every concert that you have given in the Cincinnati area, beginning with your appearance with the Eagles at the University of Cincinnati in the early/mid seventies. I'm a musician who would love to have just a measure of your talent. Thank you for sharing this talent as well your soul. Honestly, you have been in my prayers for years and now even more so. Please, get well so soon and may the peace that passes all understanding continue to abide with you. ~ Rick Joyner - Ravenna, Ohio


 I was sitting here feeling a little blue following surgery on my broken leg- started picking out some songs on the piano, and ended up playing Dan's songs for over three hours. That led me to this website to check on Dan's condition, and I'm sorry to see that there has been no update since the original announcement of the cancelled fall 2004 tour. Dan, please know that your fans from the 70s are still your fans at our advanced ages (46 for me) and that some of the BEST memories of college (making love to "Dancing Shoes" with my boyfriend at the time comes to mind) and beyond are illustrated by your musical stories. As a fellow musician, I have to say that I was inspired early on by your tenacity and your lovely lyrics and notation. God bless you and your family and bring you back to health soon. Remember that music is the healing of the soul. Love to you ~ Jane Ryerson-Cooper-Tucson

 Dear Dan, I would like you to know that your music over the years has brought me much joy and happiness through good and bad times. We are all praying for your fast and speedy come back . May the great spirits heal you and guide you back to us. In profound peace ~ Brenda Johnson, Augusta, Georgia


 Dan - I am a fifty year old D.F. fan. When I look back on my twenties and thirties, I can not think of any music that had more of an impact on me than yours. I have played in a lot of bands and bars in my youth, and I always wowed the folks with your songs the most. I now have a 10 year-old son that is a monster guitar player. Most of the stuff he is writing is very abstract jazz. Like you, God has chosen to give him a gift. I hope you truly know how many souls you have danced with in your life. May my son touch as many as you have. Love ya brother, stay strong ~ Bob Blalock, Fayetteville AR


 Your music has been like a thread weaving its way through the fabric of my life...As much a part of me as my heart, soul, and mind. You are, quite simply, the best!


 I was introduced to your music by my oldest brother Mike (there are three of us brothers) about 25 years ago and have been a fan ever since. Best wishes to you for a full recovery and thank you for your music. ~ Paul Kight


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg and family, I was shocked to read the message, but I am confident you'll once come to The (real) Netherlands. Hope to hear and maybe see you soon you're in good health and send my best wishes to you all. ~ Peter Maris, The Netherlands Europe.


 Dear Dan, My life would not be the same had I not 'discovered' you and your music. Your chords and harmonies are without comparison. I love you for being a part of my life that I cherish. My thoughts are with you and your family. Love ~ Rachel


 Our thoughts are with you for as comfortable a treatment period as possible. Take care. ~ Sue and Linda


 I think of all you have given us with your spirit in song and in word since the days of "Home Free". Your voice has lifted so many. We have cried, laughed and danced with you through the years, and from the time of spinning vinyl of the 45's to the digital age CD, you blessed us with your heart and soul. Many of us pray for you, and say a word of  thanks that you have come along during our generation. Get well, Dan. ~ (TC)


 God is always with us and will see us through it all. May God grant you healing and assurance that you are loved beyond all measure. In Christ you have found His love.


 May you receive tenfold the love and joy that you've given music and philosophy lovers around the world through your "gift of music" and your "gift of words." ~ Cindy J.


 Hey big guy, I have been listening to you all of my adult life and love your music. May God surround you with his loving arms, hold you tight and heal you just as your music has surrounded my life and influenced the way I love, think and feel. I owe you a lot of thanks for changing the way I listen to music. There isn't a day that goes by I don't listen to one or more of your songs. I started writing a book at the young age of 50 and Souvenirs was a great inspiration. My wife laughed when she read the chapter that reflects some of the songs and lyrics of that album. I look forward to your expected comeback, God Bless Dan. ~ Michael Steven Kistler


 I am now 43 and listened INTENTLY to your music all through college and beyond (I have two copies of each album, the vinyl kind, and the CD box set). After recently making my first visit back to the campus of Western Kentucky University after 21 years, I pulled out the box set and listened to your music for the entire 5 hour drive home and it brought back a flood of memories. Thank you for your beautiful music which will always remind me of my Innocent Age and some of the best 4 years of my life. I decided to find your website to see what you were up to now and was shocked to see the posting regarding your battle with cancer. I pray for your recovery and thank you for your music. I would love to see you in concert again, but even moreso would love to hear you are in full remission. Good Luck, my prayers are with you. ~ Lisa Arnold, Massillon, Ohio by way of the suburbs of Chicago!


 The first time my husband & I met we found a connection in we both loved your music. We are still together 21 years later and we still love your music. We wish you the best in your fight with cancer. Keep fighting and keep singing.


 Dear Dan, Just checking in for news from you about your health. I am working in Yellowstone Park and own a home in Emigrant MT; I drive to the house every week or so and everything has grown so green and tall in the last week I wanted you to know I listened to Phoenix on the way here and love you. I am wishing for your health every day. I'm sure that I don't need to tell you how many years it has been that you have been the "guiding star" in my world. Send some news soon; please. With love. ~ Ken Harris, YNP


 Dear Dan, Our family has enjoyed your music and marvelous gifts for 30 years. Thank-you for sharing your soul and the broad range of your talent with all of us, for never stooping to the ordinary or tawdry. We once went on a family vacation in our Volkswagon Van right after we had purchased The Innocent Age, and the kids still have fond memories of  "The Grocery Store Song".  We love your Christmas album and the feelings it expresses. I have just spent time on your website making sure that I have all the music you have released in CD. As we have, regretfully, some experience with cancer, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. We wish you courage, and all the best ~ Richard and Lynn Rawlinson and family, Wellsville, Utah


 Dan, My wife and I have seen you perform three times: twice at the Star Theater in Merrillville, Indiana and once at Red Rocks in Denver. Not given to drama, the solo concert in Merrillville was magic - as good as art gets. All the concerts were treasures, but I will always remember the time captured at that concert. The crowd was tied to you in that concert and it was stunning. One wonderful moment that stands out, was when during your piano performance of "Same Old Lang Syne", at a pause in the song, the hall was so absolutely silent you could have heard a pin drop (amazing for a place of four thousand people) and a lady spoke out and simply said, "We love you Dan" and everyone in the place was absolutely on the same page. Despite years of concerts I've never experienced a moment like that. Your performances have always been stunningly beautiful. It is my sincere prayer that you know Jesus Christ, and that God brings you through this as I know he can, so that you and others can continue to enjoy what you bring to this life.~ Larry


 Best of luck while you battle this illness. I'm going to be 43 this month and have listened to your music since I was young and I have a twin sister who has seen you many times in concert. I especially like listening to the Boxed Set. I believe in the power of prayer and you have a lot of people praying for your recovery. Please get on any prayer list possible to help you get better. To go to any religious group that has people praying for others is a good idea. Good luck and get well. ~ Glenn R. Marhefka


 Dan- My dad has listened to you for a long time. He has introduced your music to me as his daughter too. Your songs warm our hearts. We have enjoyed your music in our family for many years. We sincerely hope you will be cured we will pray for you each night. Your friend and fan ~ Olivia Schaan


 Mr. Fogelberg: I have been pondering for a year now about what and how to write. You have affected my life since the years back in Glen Oak Park listening to you and dreaming of God knows what. I am a Peoria boy, 45 years of age, now living in St. Paul Minnesota. When I heard about your condition, I was initially frightened, but then I thought about how strong you have always been, and how bold and courageous your music is.....and I prayed for your quick recovery, which I know is at hand.


The day my father died I awoke to your tune, "Part of the Plan", and cried my eyes out...gosh, that was 22 years ago now. But as I drove home from Manhattan, Kansas to Peoria, I listened to your music all the way, 13 straight hours. As I came across the bridge in Galena, "Illinois" came on, that was really deeply powerful for me. Thanks for holding me in your spell in times that were tough for me.


Now that you are working through what must be difficult times, know that there are thousands that hold you close in their prayers and thoughts. You are strong, you will prevail, this world is not ready to see you depart as of yet. Blessings on your life journey.........your plan is not yet compete. ~ Brian Tempas


 Dear Dan, I am a social worker who does field work. I grabbed a couple of your CD's last week and listened to them while on the road between visits. I just happened to pull out Captured Angel and The Innocent Age. Listening to your music is like putting on that old pair of jeans that fit just right. I have been listening to and loving your music for 30+ years and want to thank you again for countless hours of enjoying your poetry and musical gifts. What you have put out over the years has seemed to come from your heart. Maybe that is one of the reasons your music has touched me and your other fans so deeply.Please know that I am praying for you. I also try to visualize you and surround you with an energy of peace and health. With sincere thoughts of caring to you and to those who love you ~ Lyn (a long time fan in Kansas City)


 Hi. I wrote last summer and just wanted you to know that your longtime fans are still thinking about you and your family and wishing you all the best. We hope you all can feel the comfort and concern that emails can't quite replicate. God bless.~ J in Florida.


 Dear Dan: I am not so good in English. All I want to say is that my family (including unborn baby) and I wish you will overcome your illness. My daughter wants hear your songs every day. She worries about you very much, and she wants me to tell you that you must to see a doctor. God bless you. ~ Kun-Ta Tsai, Kaohsiung, Taiwan


 Dan, thank you for "Stars", "To The Morning", and "Run For The Roses" thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


 My name is Theresa Pettinichio my husband and I consider you our signature artist as one of our first dates was a concert you gave at the Greek theatre in California in the early seventies. We have followed your career through the years. I still have all of your albums. Yes I have them in CD too. I want you to know since I found out about your battle, I have prayed for you and hope that your journey through this illness is short and swift for you and your family. I hope that I can see a concert of yours in the near future as my husband and I look forward to hearing your beautiful songs. I will continue to pray for you and yours. Sincerely ~ Theresa Pettinichio


 Dan and family. My wife loves you. Over the years from WNEW-FM 'til now, your music has been a part of her life and now mine. We both wish you the best and will see you in concert when you are better. ~ Eileen Sullivan and Mike Feinberg.


 My thoughts and hopes are with you. I saw you play in the early 70s and still enjoy your music today. Most of my work has been with abused and very troubled children. One little girl (age 15) had been horribly abused and would not let anyone touch her - not even to brush her hair. When she would become uncontrollable I always played your music to help calm her. I thank you for that gift. ~ marti u.


 Dan, I'm a devoted fan from Illinois. You're in my prayers which can do miracles. I hope you have investigated Xinlay...


 Hello, Just wanted to let you know that you are in our thoughts and prayers as you deal with this illness. Your music has always been a source of enjoyment and inspiration for me. I think that you are one of the greatest singer/songwriter/musicians of all time! The least I can do is wish you all the best my friend. Keep up the good fight. ~ Jeff Peterson


 Just wanted you to know we are thinking about you, we listen to your music almost daily. You've been with us since "part of the plan". Our wishes are with you and your family as you travel a road whose destination is unknown, but we hope will heal you and bring you health and back to us in concert. Thank you for your music... ~ LuAnn & Danny Gray, Spartanburg, South Carolina


 Dan--I've loved your music forever. Know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. You'll beat this, I just know it. Stay strong--your fans are here for you. ~ Carla J. Pales


 Dan, as a boy from Illinois who has missed the wind on his face and the view of the prairie these many years I have been gone, your music always takes me home. I have been a fan since my days as a student in C-dale at SIU. I pray for your health and that you may be richly blessed during this time in your life. Peace and prayers. ~ John


 Dan's music has greatly influenced my life. My husband and I pray that he will recover from this illness. Best Wishes to Dan. ~ Kiki and Wayne Suggs, Las Cruces, NM


 I just want to wish Dan well and his music has always been an inspiration to me and he has touched many lives. Thank you ~ Joanne Kusa


 Dan: I started listening to your music in 1973, the year I graduated from high school. After hearing Home Free the first time, I was truly touched (not to mention hooked). I have every one of your albums, as well as the same on cd. I keep your music in my car all the time, and listen to it often. As far as I'm concerned, what you are experiencing now will just give you more subject matter to write more prolific songs about. Your music has proven that you are a survivor, and this is just one more obstacle to drive that point home. My prayers are with you, just as your music and messages stay with me. Get well soon. ~ Brian, Sioux City, Iowa


 No worry, miracles are there and you if all people know that. My love and prayers are with you. Dan, all will be OK, God himself depends on it.With much love ~ lp


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, I am a grandmother who listens to your music every day: via iPod, computer, or cd player in the house and car. I have to admit my son, Rick, introduced us to your music some years ago, and as music lovers we were all hooked. My whole family are fans of yours, because your music has brought so much joy into our lives. On your last tour to Dallas, Texas, all the women in our family went to your concert. It was a wonderful gift--your gift of music. By the way, my son, Jason, bought me an autographed picture of you which hangs over my computer. So you won't think I am some kind of nut, I myself have signed many autographs--as a published author of 43 books I have a great love for the written word, and you write with such feelings. You can so much with so few words. We all pray to God that He will bring you through this hard time, and to give you peace and courage. We want to hear many more songs from you. Don't disappoint us. With the deepest respect ~ Evelyn Gee (AKA Constance O'Banyon)


 Dear Dan, I was on the computer today and read of your illness. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I'm a 41 year old mother of two and have listened to your music all my life. You are truly an amazing songwriter and a very gifted musician. My husband and I have been to several of your concerts here in Texas. I just wanted to say something to let you know how many of us "little people'' truly care about your well being. I hope all is good. One of your many devoted fans ~ Dana Plummer


 Dear Dan, I fell in love with you, as any normal high school girl would, back in 1972 or so. So, that was 30-some years ago, I'm 50 now, and still listening to the intricacies of your words, music, voice, instruments, and stories on a regular basis. And the songs that touched me back then, still touch me today. You're such a great storyteller and it's so easy to get engrossed in the stories and feelings as if they were our own. Your talent is unique and awesome. Do you realize that you have given so much to so many?! Well, these pages full of wishes and love to you certainly leave no doubt. I hope you can feel the love. I pray that it is not your time to go yet and that you are returning to health and strength each day. We are all looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you again. "Here is a sunrise to set on your sill..." ~ Debbie, Baltimore.


 Dear Dan: Thoughts and prayers I send to you today.  I pray for your complete recovery.  I look forward to seeing you in concert sometime in the future, once you have beaten this thing! Your music brings back so many sweet, sweet memories of my younger years. I saw you in concert more times than I can count, and still listen to those songs because they make me smile.  You make me smile. God speed, be strong, know you are loved and that you inspire many people.  Love ~ Tessie


 Dear Dan - After reading your news on the web site I have spent time trying to think of something poetic to write so you will think that I am very clever, but I can't. But what I do know is that your music was there when I needed it, and although you must have heard this many times before it is nevertheless true. All the best, get well soon. ~ Dean Bailey, A Fan from the UK


 Dear Dan, I was just thinking about you and your lovely music the other day and thought..."what's happened to one of my favorite singers of all time???"  It's been years since I've heard you. I decided to look on the inet to see if I could find out if you were still singing and saw the news about your cancer. Please know that my prayers are with you in this time and I wish you and your family the strength and courage you'll need to get through it. I don't know if this is something of interest to you or not, (and of course the regular medical doctors will not endorse anything that's non-prescription), however, I feel it is important to pass this tidbit along. My mom recently had some skin cancer and I found out about this immune booster to help her ward it off. It's called AHCC. You can find out more about AHCC on the inet...but it is supposed to help the immune system ward off cancer cells. There are some very good reports about it online and if you're interested you can check it out. I pray all goes well and that you'll be crooning to us again real soon. You are in my thoughts...~ Diane Bechard


 Dear Dan, It is impossible for me to put into words the profound affect and influence you have had on my life. Your vision and approach to music has served as an inspiration in my own singing and songwriting. Although being published would be a good feeling, I have learned to listen. I mean really listening to heart and soul of your incredible vision of music. What I got from it is that it is more about the content, the intent and the feeling which makes the song musical and I thank you for that. Please get better. You have so much more to share with this world and we miss you very,very much. May God bless you and your family! Sincerely and respectfully ~ Irion E. Mitchell


 Hi. .Just an old rocker from the past. I am currently trying to put all of my wonderful all time favorites on CD. Yeah, I'm 45 ok? Anyway, I just want to say thank you, Dan Fogelberg, for getting me through the rough and tough times. I saw you once (front and center) in Nashville, TN. You were AMAZING (not to mention the best looking guy this side of the Miss.!!) Lord Help Me!!!!!!. Wonderful memories never die. Thanks again ~ Lori Billinglsey-Thompson-Peek (if first you don't succeed!!), Murfreesboro, TN


 Dan, Praying that the Lord gives you and your family strength to deal with your illness. God wants only the best for you, and so do your fans. I know I am just one more voice,'s a voice for peace...yours. Best wishes from down under ~ Jo Anna, New Zealand


 May God bless you and your family. I am from Illinois and grew up listening to your music. You have been chosen to help the rest of us learn our "part of the plan". I do believe that there is a purpose in all things even when we don't understand. Stay strong. Keep the faith. You still have more to teach us. ~ Julie


 To Dan and family, My name is Andy Pearson and I used to be a DJ in Nashville at a station known as SM95 in the early 80's. Dan's kind of music along with that of CSN, Eagles, Randy Goodrum, etc., were our bread and butter. I was a lowly overnight DJ, but I played Dan's music religiously not only because I liked it but because the fans demanded it. In fact, I was called on the carpet several times for playing "too much damn Fogelberg." I'm glad I did, and I have good thoughts for you and your family during your fight. If There must be great comfort in knowing the pleasure, good times and magic you've brought to so many over the years and will continue to do so for generations to come. God willing, we look forward to hearing and seeing you again. All the best...


 Dan - Thanks for sharing your music. You’ve been an inspiration. ~ Doug


 Dan - my prayers are with you. There is no equal to the beautiful music you have made over the years; they still put chills down my spine. ~ John in Va.


 Dan has blessed my life in many ways. A few examples:


When I was 14 years old back in 70's, my friend and I used to try and sing along with "To the Morning." I still can see us in my mind's eye belting out at the top of our lungs, "and maybe to love is not so strange." That was the song I had playing on my stereo at the Hotel on my wedding night. I'm the oldest of 9 kids. From my conversion, they all still treasure Dan's music. Now I have two sets of twins of my own. My 12 year-old girls go to sleep with "Home Free" playing. They found it on their own. One of my twin 17 year-old boys was teaching himself the chords on the guitar to "The Reach." I really enjoyed hearing his skill improve.As for me, I'm an abstract artist, and I pretty much paint to Dan's music. My creative side consists of art, piano, guitar, and acting. I found my skills all at the inspiration of Dan's music. Get well. Come out to Phoenix and give us a chance to take the whole family to a concert. ~ Jeff Heninger


 The music that you have given through the years is a worthy gift, thanks. I pray to God that He brings you through this and that you are able to live well as a gift back to Him and to your family ~ Bob


 Hi Dan: Saw you in Atlantic City a few years back and wanted you to know that you are often thought about. I am sending my best wishes for a recovery and continued good health. My best to you always ~ Marilyn Meyers


 Dan, I have been a fan since 1979 when I first picked up the guitar.  You and your music have been my chief musical influence for almost 30 years: LP's, CD's, sheet music, concerts, video, web - - even an unusual acquaintance or two.  I owe you much.  Thank you for your music and your giving of self to the fan-base.  We're grateful.Wishing you health ~ James MacDougall


 Dan,Your music has brought moments of great happiness and reflection to my life. My thoughts and payers are with you and your family. Artists don't always realize the profound effect that their work has on individuals and your work has very meaningful to me over the years. Stay positive and know that there are many of us out here wishing you the very best. In my prayers ~ Frank Ursoleo Jr.


 Best wishes for a speedy recovery!


 Having played so many of Dan's songs back in the 70-80's as a solo piano bar musician, and having come out of retirement nearly 3 years ago to volunteer as an entertainer at Houston's MD Andersen Cancer Center after their successful treatment of my wife's breast cancer, I am including some of Dan's music in my sets as both a tribute to his music, and to hope that some good karma will result and accelerate his recovery. Dan: Get well. ~ James Wright


 Hello Dan and Family, Last night a friend and I were going through great music and of course yours came up. My friend plays a few of your tunes and I can sing a few, so we shared our memories and enjoyed our time. I wanted to tell you that my prayers are with you. And if prayer has the power that they believe it does...and I do believe...I hope that this is just a bit of the good medicine back that you have given all of us for a very long time. Best of all wishes and thanks. ~ Ann


 Dear Dan, Just a note to tell you how sorry I am about your illness. There are so many new ways to manage cancer now that I know your outcome will be positive. Also wanted to let you know how much your music has meant to me over the years. I fell in love with my husband to the sounds of your Souvenirs album. Thank you so much ~ Julie Richardson


 Dear Dan - As an English fan of more than 30 years, from Home Free to Full Circle. Have always hoped that you might one day tour in England. Sending you all the best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.We might get to see you in our country yet. ~ Alan, Northumberland


 Dear Dan, I noticed you first with your "Phoenix" followed by "The Innocent Age." Great songs sung by a great voice!!! Although you're not so famous in Germany as in the U.S., you have fans here!!!I am convinced, that you will get over the disease.God bless you & your family!!! ~ Norbert (Duesseldorf, Germany)


 My thoughts go back to the first time I saw you in Bowling Green, Ohio in 1974! My God, you and I go WAY back. I am sorry for the troubled times you dealing with. Remember what you put out is what you receive. Prayers go with you from all who have enjoyed your music and your life that you put into each song. For every time you have recorded a song that touched my heart, there will be a prayer for your recovery!


 Dan, I happen to be from Ghana, West Africa originally, and have been a big fan of yours for over 20 years. I first heard "Longer" when I lived in Texas over 20 years ago, and it inspired me so much, I became a songwriter myself. Dan, I hope and pray that you will reach out to the Lord Jesus, the sustainer of life. Just as David went against the giant with just a sling, by trusting in the Lord he was able to defeat Goliath. I hope you will surrender your heart to Him and may He sustain you always. There is NOTHING too big or impossible for the Lord to do, as long as we trust and believe in Him and Him ALONE. God bless you ~ Ben


 I've enjoyed your music for over 25 years. Nether Lands still gives me chills. Hang in there and all my hopes and prayers for your recovery. ~ Tim


 Dan, as a fan reading all these postings of prayers and love, I feel such pride to know you through song. I feel like one of millions of raindrops showering you with so much love, and billions of prayers to help you fight this dreadful disease. There is so much hope out here for your good health to return. Please know how much you are loved and admired for the life you have shared with us , and the treasures you have given to this world. May God bless and keep you growing stronger, Dan.


 I attended Woodruff High School with you back in Peoria, Illinois. Ironically my own path has lead to my family living in the State of Maine. A few years back in Portland enjoying the coast, we pull up to a stop sign and I saw a poster on the telephone pole advertising you at the Merrill Auditorium . This is a prized possession now. What a wonderful life I have enjoyed knowing of you and really knowing you from the songs you've written and sung. Songs from the heart is putting it mildly. Every day my family prays for you and yours. God has blessed you and no doubt he will continue to do so. Best wishes and love from a fellow Woodruff Warrior. ~ Pamela Brewer


 I've always "blamed" one of my brothers for showing me how great your music is. Best wishes, and our prayers are with you ~ Beth


 My husband (of almost 22 yrs) and I spent one of our first dates at a Dan Fogelberg concert here in CA. We have treated ourselves to seeing Dan as many times as he is in concert in the LA area. He is our anniversary present! We send heartfelt wishes for a speedy recovery - miracles and wishes do come true!!! Much love ~ Pete & Dee Sierra-Steyer


 Dan --For more than three decades, your beautiful words, heart, and music have been an inspiration in my life. My daughter has grown up hearing your songs and generally has a "favorite song" on each album. "This Heart" is our mutual favorite on the latest album, both for the music of the song and for the message of the resilience of love. We both want your heart to keep on beating and hope your soul stays on this earth awhile longer. Best wishes for a full recovery. I hope you are surrounded by love. ~ Laura


 It was after listening to your Greatest Hits and singing along at the top of my lungs that I was prompted to look up your website and see what was out there. I think its great all the encouraging messages that have been posted. I also love the sound bytes of your songs. Your music has been passed on to me from my mother and holds many special memories. I applaud your great achievements and hope to be able to see you concert again someday. Best wishes ~ OhioGirl25


 Dan, We all continue to wish you success in your battle and will keep you in our prayers. ~ Becky in Texas


 Dear Dan , As a college student up at NIU in the mid 70's, I bought one of your albums prompted by a friend. Walking back to my apartment, I got a thumbs up and a smile by a pair of students who recognized the cover and said "Awesome". Your music is incomparable to others and has touched my soul and life. Please get better and come to Chicago. I last saw you in Rosemont and at the enchanted Ravinia for a wonderful time. It was one of the highlights of my life. I am a fan for life and I'll be praying for you. With faith and prayers, anything is possible. Sincerely ~ Jean Golden


 Mon cher. Do you know how much you are beloved? In our novice way, I hope we can convey just a small bit of our depth of devotion. Love, love, love, love to you, always and forever.


 Dan, I recently was speaking with friends about the best concerts we had been to when I related a time at Tanglewood in Lennox MA about 25 years ago. Although you were late arriving because of boat trouble, you put on a truly magically performance. I was saddened to learn from your web site of your illness and pray for a speedy and full recovery. From reading the overwhelming amount of messages I can see that I am but one of the many whose heartsyou have touched and whose soul you have healed. Be Well. ~ Tom L. Windsor, CT


 Dan, You beautiful soul surrounded by so much love. Take good care, my friend.


 Dan, I have loved your music for years. Many songs to smile and cry with. You have a beautiful heart. I am sending you love and prayers that you may make a full recovery. Many Blessings to you and yours. Much Love ~ Darcy


 Dear Dan- Reading months of heartfelt wishes from so many, it is just about impossible to find anything to say that someone else hasn't already said with the eloquence of a lover to a beloved. It is a magical and ethereal thing for one man and his music to become the intimate soul mate of so many he has never met in person and yet you have done it so well. I know how all of these folks feel. You have sung me to sleep, into and out of love, and along miles and miles of highway-internal and external. What a joy to know you in that way over so many years. My prayers for your recovery and for your family to find solace and a safe harbor to ride out this storm. Love will find a way to heal. Another voice in the circle of fans wishes you strength and comfort and peace and, of course, love. ~ Claudia Whitney


 Dan, Just wanted to add my thoughts and prayers to this site. Stay strong and keep that positive spirit going. You've made a difference in my life over the years with your words and music, words that seem to match how I have felt at various times in my life. I know how hard this struggle can be, but please know that there are many who are praying out here for you and your family. Jean....just stay there by his side and love him, he'll be stronger for it, as will you. My prayers are with you as's hard to watch someone you love go through something like this, I know, but encourage and love each other, and everything will be fine somehow. ~ Sandy Balazic, Phoenix, AZ


 Dan...I have been a fan for may years and worked at the Record Plant in Sausalito when you recorded Nether Lands and Twin Sons. I wish you the very best in your recovery. ~ Russell.


 I have just recently rediscovered my old loves in music and realized who I really was, who I have become. Dan, you are such a part of all of that. I can remember being so alive with the one I thought was mine forever. Didn't turn out that way as of yet, but who knows. But when I finally released the tears that were so buried for so long, I'm ok. The hills of Tennessee never looked as beautiful as they do now. You have carved a ribbon in my heart, the one that tells me it's OK to love. Please be OK, my God is with you as well as my love. I know I haven't met you personally, but you know me as I you. Thank you, friend, my precious friend ~ Lori, Murfreesboro, TN


 Though I've been a "Fogelberg fan" for about 30 years, I'm not a frequent visitor to your Web site, so I just heard the news of your illness. Dan, I hope that you are doing well and are on the road to better health. Not just because we love your music, but because you have a family who loves you and a life I know you want to live to the fullest. Best wishes for good health and strength, peace, hope and faith to you and your family. Please give us an update when you can. All the best ~ Diane Hughes


 I heard Dan's music today while I was picking up some pain medication for a special friend of mine that is fighting lung cancer. It reminded me of all the great DF CDs that I've listened to over the past 25 years. Hoping to see Dan in concert again, I went to the DF website expecting to get information about a concert schedule but instead learned about Dan's cancer. As a caregiver to a Stage IV Metastatic lung cancer patient over the past 21 months, my heart goes out to Dan and his family as they fight this battle. I understand some of the struggles you are going through. Hang tough, fight hard, and grasp each day to the fullest. If your medication, treatments and spirit heals your cancer as well as your music has healed my soul, you should be well soon. Thank you for all the great music and we look forward to many more great songs in the years to come. ~ David - Corpus Christi


 Keep fighting the good fight Dan. God Bless ~ Mark


 Hi Dan, I am one of your long term fans here in France. I learned to play the guitar with your songs, with the songs of James Taylors, those of Paul Simon, you know, the big American dream team of folk singers. This afternoon I was travelling in my car and listening "Same Old Lang Syne". I was so close to a place where a former great love of mine is now living. I was 17 when I met her, I am now 40 but the love I felt then is still here in my heart. Your song made me softly weep. I asked myself, how's Dan doing ? Then I read that you were diagnosed an advanced prostate cancer...I felt so sad...We love you Dan. ~ Didier Buffet - Dijon - Burgundy- France.


 For one that has grown with your lyrics and emotions, I wish for only good things to happen in your life. As we grow older our thoughts become those of the good and not the bad. The happy not the sad. For the love in our life that carries us throughout eternity. My prayers are with you for a speedy recovery.


 Dear Dan, I have loved your music going on 30 years now. I especially love listening to it while out rollerblading in the park. My thoughts are prayers are with you and your family. You are a gift to all of us. Your beautiful lyrics and moving melodies have made my life more richer and meaningful. I hope to see you better very soon and back on tour. I miss you. God bless you and your loved ones.Sincerely ~ Denise Hill, Clarkston, Michigan


 Best wishes to one of the greatest recording artists of all time. Dan ... you've got to get through this, I'm sure that you've got a lot more incredible tunes left in you ... and we all want them. ~ John & Karen Hill, Brisbane Australia


 "Lessons learned are like bridges burned, you only need to cross them but once" Heal sweet song bird, heal!! ~ Karen A. Denver, CO


 Dan, just thinking of you, hope you are taking very good care of yourself. Eat alot of pineapple, it is a good for fighting cancer. Stay positive, and hang in there! ~ Magnolia


 I do hope that Dan is doing well with his cancer treatment. Unfortunately, my husband has been battling advanced colorectal cancer for over a year, so I seem to have become reluctantly informed of all things cancer related. David, my husband, and I had one of our first dates at Dan's concert in Jackson, Mississippi in February of 1974. We were married in May of 1975, and D. F. has always had a special place in our hearts. In fact, when our children were little (they are now in mid to late 20's!), the "code" word if someone had to pick them up unexpectedly was "Fogelberg". They still laugh about that to this day. My husband is on his third round of chemotherapy, nasty nasty stuff, after having radiation for seven weeks, and super invasive surgery in September. His cancer has moved to his liver and his lungs, so we really do not know what the prognosis will be. All we can do is live our lives and try to have the most positive attitude that we can possibly have, because I do believe that a good attitude, good friends, good music, and of course, prayer, will be the way to beat this horrible disease. So, good luck, Dan. Our prayers are with you. ~ Patricia Reid, Vicksburg, MS


 All the best to you as you recover. I am a cancer survivor and want you know that I know your journey is difficult. Know that your wife, family and friends need you to need them. Lean on them when you are weak. This will be fulfilling to you and them in ways that you won't even realize until this cancer is years behind you.. Much love to you Dan. ~ Tracy Marshall


 Dear Dan, May the powers of the Heavens Heal, The powers of the Earth Comfort, And Love and Caring Surround You. Your music has touched the depths of my heart and given a voice to secrets of my soul. My World is tribute to your inspiration. My Life is dedicated to rescuing and caring for native wild animals at Desert Cry ...[was so named after hearing "A Cry In The Forest"] Bright Blessings ~ Regina Whitman, Queen Creek, AZ


 Dan- You have inspired me so much. Your music and voice is a gift. I've been a fan for about 20 years and will continue to be for the rest of my life. I sincerely wish you well and pray that you'll get better soon. Take care. ~ Jon from Rancho Cucamonga, California.


 Dan, I felt so sad to here about your cancer. All the hours of listening to your music have given me great joy. My thoughts and good wishes are with you . God bless you and yours ~ Ron


 Dan ~ I have always been deeply affected by the superb musical gifts you have shared with us. Your lyricism and harmony have touched my soul for 31 years. I pray for you and your return to good health and a quality life, every day. The power of prayer has never ceased to amaze me. They will keep coming your way Dan...every day. God Bless ~ Mary Archibald


 Hi, I have been a UK fan of DF for many years. His music has been a big part of my life and I am grateful to him. Sadly, I have just heard about his battle and would like to add my prayers and best wishes. ~ Ian Henderson

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