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"Dear Dan" Letters

May 2005

 Dear Dan Fogelberg, It is 'Run for the Roses' day and purely by accident I learned of your illness. I do not know what stage of emotion you are in right now but judging from your 'prodigy chat', which I also discovered by accident, resignation and self-pity are not likely to be stages I need be concerned that you have.


My prayers ARE with you and I hope that you have a great faith that doesn't rely upon your own strength of will to grant you blessings. It is not a 'magical' gift you possess but a 'heavenly' gift. As the fan from Oregon wrote to you, I too will be praying intently for your health and for the 'peace that surpasses all understanding'. You are being a gift right now as well. I'm a writer, but of the book and poetry kind of writing, not song writing. I know very well that the adrenaline and the clear vision that you will be experiencing will provide you with some of the best inspiration of your please don't keep too much of this to yourself and do share that gift, now more than ever. It will not only be appreciated, but I think, needed. May God bless you and keep you near ~ Jeannie Ash, Belmont, CA


 Dan - You’ve been my hero through song and now again through your illness. I hope you can feel all the hearts you’ve touched over the years reaching out to touch you back. Love and prayers ~ Mike


 Just a note of appreciation for your wonderful thoughts and words in music. After the Kentucky Derby I always enjoy listening to the "Run For The Roses". I pray for healing in the utmost for you and a recovery as soon as possible. You have given me great enjoyment in your music. God Bless You, Dan Fogelberg! ~ Gordon Stauffer, Mesquite, Texas


 Dear Dan, Yesterday I held my mother as she died... this has been such an amazingly hard/beautiful time as we've said goodbye to each other. It's hard to see the keyboard because of my tears right now... after her death I thought of your song (guess which one?). I'm so glad that she and I were able in this past month to heal some old wounds. I don't know how you're doing or what your prognosis is, but I hope that you are able to receive some peace and happiness. Having been down this road before, I've come to realize that there is always hope, but sometimes that changes to simpler things. My wish and prayer for you is that you have some time to enjoy the sun on your face and the wind/quiet/relaxation of sailing again. I was down by the water earlier today and it is really windy and raining ... my Mom must have stirred the wind up as she is leaving. God bless.


 You and I were born in the same year, we're both social activists and I've been a devoted fan of your music since your earliest recording days. My husband and I have seen you each time you've performed in Southern California and we sang several of your songs at our wedding in 1989. You are in our hearts and prayers on a daily basis - we know you still have songs to sing. Thinking of you as they 'run for the roses' ~ Monica


 Good luck Dan, I've been a big fan since the mid 70's.


 For all of us Fogelfans who love our beloved artist and friend Dan I would like to tell you that Dan will be performing on PBS May 22, 2005 at 12:00a.m MT (check your local listings). Let us all watch this wonderful artist who has changed and touched so many lives. Pray for him and his wife Jean that God heal this great man whom we all have followed through the years. I myself pray for Dan every day, if we all pray maybe God will return to us our friend healthy and happy so that once again Dan may bestow upon us his presence and entertain us all with his poetic music. ("wherever two or more are gathered there I will be also") Love you Dan. ~ Jon Santagata Colorado


 Dan and Jean-Thought I'd drop a note - we're 'Bergin' it today. Translated that means we've got Dan's CD's cranked - his music's floating out over the horse pasture down through the valley. Dan, you've been with us for so much of our lives, starting with college, at our wedding - we've raised our children with your music pouring through the house during holidays, warm spring weekends, and sad times, too. You're an special source of inspiration to so many. I wanted to send a special note of encouragement to Jean - to let you know how much we love you, too, for loving him. Too often the intensity of the caretaker's struggles are overlooked while the patient's are tended to. Hope you're both well - looking forward to many more years of the Living Legacy's talents. ~ Binghamton, NY


 Dan - It's Derby Day, and I always think about you for obvious reasons on this day. And just when is "Run For The Roses" going to replace "My Old Kentucky Home", or at least be played every year? Haven't heard about your status in a while, I hope you are hangin' tough. So many of us care. ~ Robin Phillips, Dallas, Texas


 Dear Dan: The Kentucky Derby is today and I thought of your beautiful "Run for the Roses". I remember you singing it at the Derby once. I'm a longtime fan of yours since Souvenirs in the 70s, and have seen you on tour 3 times. I cannot begin to tell you how much your beautiful music has inspired and touched my heart over the years, and I hope and pray that you will recover from this setback and continue to inspire us with your everlasting gift of poetry and music for many years to come. You and the purity of your voice, words, and music represent so many wonderful memories of the innocence of my youth and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will keep you and your family in my prayers, that you will find a never-ending reserve of strength and love in order to fight this illness. Thank you and may God bless ~ Nancy


 Dan, you've given so many of us gifts that will last our lifetime, and I thank you for this. Your health is of great concern to us, and while I would hope that more Dan is coming to us on cd, no less in concert. Your situation demands privacy, but as best as we can be told, I hope we receive more encouraging news. Good vibes are being sent your way constantly; may they bring you more strength to defeat this challenge. Always ~ Barry Nisman


 Mr. Fogelberg, I have prayed for you for many years. What a joy to be able to "pray out loud" for you. Heavenly Father, how blessed our lives have been by your creation, Daniel Fogelberg. You have promised to never give us more than we can bear - but that you will provide a way of escape. I ask that you reach down and touch Dan's body. Give him strength to heal. Give him a miracle! Work through his doctors and medicines. Wipe out the cancer that has invaded his body. I ask that he and his family have the peace that surpasses all understanding. Give them comfort right now, today, through words spoken, letters written...comfort them through Your Word. I pray that Dan and his family would live today as if it were his last. That he would love You more and seek you with such passion that he has not known before. I pray that any wounds between family members would be healed. I pray that Dan and his wife would understand what it means when you say "the two shall become one flesh". May You use this cancer to glorify Your name. Use Dan Fogelberg to bring Yourself glory. You alone are worth glory and honor and praise. I thank you for all the years of joy You have given to so many through this musician. If it be Your will, may he have many more years to praise Your name. In the Precious Name of Jesus ~ Peggy Langgle, Gold Bar, Washington


 Dear Dan, In 1981 I was very sad after the passing of my father and how I felt about him was reflected in your song "Leader of the Band." Your songs truly reflect the many heartfelt turns of life. I have been a huge fan for a long time and you can be sure that I will be at your next Red Rocks concert. I wish you peace, healing, and joy. ~ John Dovenbarger - Denver, CO.


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, I am praying for your recovery and looking forward to hearing new material from you in the near future. You have a wonderful and very special gift. Thank you so much for sharing. May God richly bless you and your family. A devoted fan ~ Karen Morehouse


 Dan, I am a long-time fan and a 31/2 year breast cancer survivor. We send you our very best thoughts and prayers for a full and speedy recovery.Blessings! ~ Cindy Johnson, Littleton,CO


 I hope with the spring that Dan is doing o.k. The Run for the Roses is tomorrow and I always think of him that day. Thoughts and prayers ~ April


 Hi Dan! I´ve written before, the last time was a few months back, and it is amazing how people still write to you. In a strange twist of irony this "problem" that you´re dealing with has brought us out of the woodwork in our devotion and love for your art, as I´ve no idea what you´re like as a person. "Whispers in the Wind" has become a firm favourite for my love and I, as well as many others but that is something. Anyway, as the summer heat starts to descend upon us here in Seville, Spain nothing like a few Dan Fogelberg ballads on a hot night with a cool drink and a woman to share it with. Thanks for that. Just get well pronto amigo!! All the very best ~ Johnny in Seville, Spain.


 Life is so weird and wonderful. One minute we're on top of everything and the next we're looking at our lives in the past tense. And then we're wondering what on earth could be around the next corner. It seems like we just have to keep finding the good in everything and be grateful that there is so much beauty in the world and in our own lives. Your music has been an integral part for my life since the mid '70s. It has seen me through all sorts of ups and downs. The three concerts I've been able to attend (2 in Connecticut in the '80s and one in Colorado in the '90s) are memories I treasure. I hope that soon I get to attend another one. Please add my thoughts for your quick recovery to everyone else's. All my best wishes to you and your family ~ Andie from Aurora, Colorado


 Hi Dan, It seems that there is nothing left to say except that I will pray for you and wish you well. God bless. ~ Linda Tremblay, B.C. Canada


 I pray for you and your family every day. I am fighting lymphoma, along with having Muscular Dystrophy, and having a positive attitude and a strong faith , has been helping not only me but my 2 children and my husband and family. I find a lot of comfort just listening to your music. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Jean and your whole family. ~ Maureen Castle, Newark, Ohio


 Dan, When you are a soldier for the Creator, you fulfill the promise that was made very early on: To live this life the absolute best that we can, as a grateful and humble human being. Thank you for sharing your art with the world, and especially for those who respect you. You have certainly helped me to stay more focused about every magical moment that does in fact exist for each one of us. Your friend ~ Mike O'Sullivan, Denver, CO


 Dear Dan, Your music has meant so much to me that it feels as though we are friends. I've been listening since 1975 and I know there is so much more to come. Get well soon!!! All good things ~ Allan in New Jersey


 Dear Dan, I hope you get better. Much of your music has deeply affected me. I didn't know anything about you until one day I decided pop in a cd of yours that was sitting on a shelf. I sat back and started listening idly, when "Believe in Me" came on. I sat straight up. I couldn't believe that a song could have had an effect like that on me like that. Anyway I hope you get well, and back on stage ASAP...Ciao.


 For over 30 years your music and thoughtful lyrics have been a constant joy in my life and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for that. I wish I had even a portion of your gift of words so I could communicate the sorrow I felt when I heard of your illness and of the hope I feel within me that you will recover quickly and completely. I will continue to pray for you. May God give you strength and hope during this trying time. When you return to Chicago, I'll be there cheering for your music and your recovery. God Bless you ~ Connie Lemar


 Dear Dan: A beautiful morning, close your eyes, breathe deeply, feel the sun on your face, that feeling is part of what you've given many...Be well, many blessings ~ Peter Quinebaug, CT


 Good luck Dan. My dad just beat it and so can you. Your '65 Fender 12 is getting lots of love in the meantime. ~ Steve Ambrose


 Dear Dan: We send our most heartfelt wishes for recovery. Our paths have crossed many times from Tennessee in the seventies to many years later in Nederland. Our kids, now grown, warmly recall sitting on blankets at Red Rocks-holding hands with strangers and singing. Please know that your music has been a pervasive energy in our lives for more than thirty years and we hold you close in our hearts and prayers. God's Peace ~ Graham, Judi, Scott and Wesley Russell


 Dear Dan, I am sorry to hear of you unfortunate adventure. I too am a survivor and do know that God will never give us more than we can handle. After being now 3 years out from Ovarian Cancer I dance as if no one is looking and sing at the top of my lungs along with my favorite music...yours. Thank you for giving life a melody and remember it's an adventure to show us what life is all about. Hugs ~ Liz Shopp


 Dan, Our thoughts and prayers are with you. More than ever we send you every good wish for a wonderful life and a full recovery.God Bless ~ Ellis & Sherry Payne


 Dear Dan, It is such a wonderful tribute to see so many fans writing about how you and your music have made a difference in our lives. Everyone has a story or memory about how you have touched our lives and hearts through your spirit, your soul, and your music. Your music has been so therapeutic to me and has inspired me as a musician. The stories you tell are about the things that are so very near and dear to my heart. The environment, spirituality, native cultures, art and the love of family. I have been traveling the world for almost 25 years and have shared your music with so many people. Your music will live "Ever On". God bless you and your family. "Thank your for your spirit" ~ Steve & Marcia Hart


 Hello Dan, As a former Colorado resident, I had the great pleasure of seeing you perform at Red Rocks. A sublime evening indeed. You are one of my favorite artists. I wanted to let you know that I'm praying for your recovery and return to good health and for the doctors and their wisdom in treating you. God Bless You Dan ~Brian Rademacher, Petaluma, California


 Dan - One of the things on my life check list is to hear you sing "The Reach" in person. I pray for your health whenever I play that song and hopefully someday I will achieve my wish. Thank you for all your wonderful music. ~ Julie


 Hey Dan, I join so many others who have enjoyed your music from the beginning. I surely was saddened to hear of your struggle and am praying to our magnificent Father (the great Physician - The Comforter) that He will bring healing to you soon. Thanks for your music - it is beautiful to listen to and was a beautiful backdrop to the budding romance between my wife and I so many years ago. Now when we hear your music it brings a smile to our faces because of the joy in your sweet music that we shared, and the sweet relationship that is still growing in our life. I was most amazed to attend a concert of yours once in Knoxville, Tennessee, where there was only you and your guitar and your piano for two hours. It was Great! Even tho you don't know us, you are our friend and a longtime part of our life, we care about what is happening to you and are praying for you. ~ Wayne


 Dear Dan, I sent my best wishes to you a while ago, but I've been thinking about you and felt that I had to write again. You have brought such joy and love to my life, and I wanted to thank you for that. "A Love Like This" was our wedding song. While my husband and I danced, we sang the lyrics to each other - thank you for making the most important day of our lives that much more special! I pray that you are returned to full health soon! With love ~ Krys from New Jersey


 Dan, How deeply your music has touched the hearts of so many for decades!!!! You have been an inspiration, a comfort, an encourager and more through your gift of words & music. May at this time - of your tender need - may YOU be comforted, inspired, and encouraged by your many fans, family & friends. Your music has strongly impacted my life in so many ways over the years, and I have been keeping you in my thoughts and prayers these past months - - especially praying for strength & healing for you. As you have always risen to every occasion in the past, so I hold on to the hope that you will rise above this cancer - to fully restored health - and continue to touch the lives of so many, through your beautiful, thought-provoking, and stirring gift of music. Get well soon!!!! Much love & appreciation ~ Deborah from Douglas, Massachusetts.


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, I was saddened to learn of your troubles. Please know that your music lives on in all the people that love your songs. We all wish you well and hope to hear you perform again very soon. Sincerely ~ Mark Runnels


 Dear Dan, Your music has always been in my life. I am a 47 yr. old mother of 3. In fact, when my husband and I were dating, your music was ours together. We have been married for 23 yrs. Thanks for your beautiful songs. I'm a little devastated right now to hear your news. I hope you find something to inspire you as much as you have inspired others. Just know you are in our thoughts and prayers, as is your family. May God bless and keep you close to his heart. Your strength will carry you through the darkest of times. May God's light shine upon you. A long time admirer ~ Rhonda Gaines


 Dan, No other music flows through my blood like yours. Thank you for all of your gifts that touch my life. My husband also had prostate cancer and is doing really well, after a full recovery. Your Jean will be a great healer in your life. I wish you love and peace. Love ~ Jean Allen


 God Bless You Dan. Love and prayers to you and your family. Hope to see you out in concert again soon. ~ Betsy from Seattle, WA


 Dan, Since 1973, your music has deeply touched my life in so many ways. I am genuinely grateful that I had the chance to live at the same time as you. I only recently learned of your illness and am so deeply saddened. May God bless you and your family. My sincere prayers for your restoration and your family's peace. ~ Bob - Galesburg IL


 Dear Dan Fogelberg & Family, My thoughts and prayers are with you guys. Dan Fogelberg, my hero, my legend! May God be with you through good times and bad. You are strong and you are brave! I am with you guys in spirit and will be there with you in prayer! Much love and respect ~ Debra


 Dear Dan: You have given me, the world and universe so much more than you will ever know through your words and music. Now it's our turn and that of the universe to wish you peace, health and strength during your treatment and recovery. The circle is indeed a wheel, and I hope it brings you back full circle to your fans who await you on a road that rises up to meet you. With love and best wishes ~ Bill from Bethesda


 Dan Just to let you know you are in my prayers. I've been a fan for over twenty years, and plan on hearing your music for another twenty. God Bless you. ~ Frank Bane


 Dear Dan, My thoughts and prayers are with you. Your music has been and always will be my personal favorite. Your songs have helped get me through some very rough times in my life. I thank you and wish you a complete recovery. Please get well - we need you in this world as long as possible. Fondly ~ Brenda Lederach


 Greetings Dan, I like many of the others here have been a fan for many years. I have had the pleasure of seeing you perform on numerous occasions with and without a band. I too play the guitar and have been encouraged and extremely honored when I perform one of your songs to be told I sound a lot like you. I wish you all the best in your recovery. My prayers and thoughts are certainly with you! ~ Tony Ferrarelli


 Dan, I've only gotten to hear you in concert once, but that was everything I'd hoped it would be. You are without a doubt the most gifted singer/composer/arranger of your generation. Your music has inspired me, saddened me, and caused me to think. And I can't imagine a better compliment to an artist. You are in my prayers, for a complete and speedy recovery. May God bless you richly. ~ Lyle, Memphis, TN


 Dear Dan, No music has ever made me feel like yours. For my forty-first birthday, knowing my love for your music has never faded, my sister made me a CD of all of my favorites from your albums. I listen to it at work and it makes my day go by so much better. Christmas has not begun until I have heard "Same Old Lang Syne" Syne on the radio (although I love it all year long, also!) My prayers for you and your family continue for your recovery. Thank you for your beautiful legacy! ~ Carolyn Greene, Montgomery, Alabama


 Dan, thanks for all your inspiration through your music. I have been so touched by all of your music. All my hopes for a speedy recovery and I offer my prayers to you and your family in return for all you have given me. Your most loyal and loving fan ~ Lynette


 Dan, Though I posted good wishes some months ago, just wanted you to know that you're still in our thoughts and never far from them. Though personally I don't know you, what you've brought to my life musically is still as much magic as it was when I was just a kid. I listen to your music or play your songs on my guitar, it is always something so familiar. I had a wonderful childhood with good midwestern parents, and your music brings me back to the good places in life. Again you have my forever gratitude for sharing a part of your growing up with me. stay well. God Bless you ~ Jack in Missouri


 Hello Dan! I was just told of your illness. I was drawn to find your website and let you know you'll be added to prayer lists around CA. as the power of prayer is awesome. Always remember there is no obstacle in front of you that is more powerful than the power behind you! May God bless you with a healed body, and may you know his peace and grace. Your music flows through my life as gently as a mountain stream, and many wonderful moments have attached themselves to your music and fly like shooting "stars" through my memory. God bless you my friend. ~ Wendy- from all over this continent!


 I have been a fan since the 70's and have seen you perform so many times. You are missed...And your songs have touched my soul and made memories in my heart that No ONE can erase. May your vibrant health be returned to you for all the world to be a better place.... ~ Debra K. Seacrist


 I have a dear friend who was diagnosed with advanced cancer over two years ago. At the time she was given a grim prognosis, less than 6 months. She's still here, still feisty, and has had amazing results with some new chemo treatments. I hope this will be encouraging to hear for you and your family. Her positive attitude and loving support from friends and family combined with medical science has kept her here with us. Dan, we need you and your voice to remind us of what is, family and taking care of our earth home. I listen to your music when I need to make sense out of the world we live in today. It comforts me. My prayers go out to you and your family. ~ Sharon


 Dear Danny, I think and pray for you often. I come back to your site for any possible's been awhile since the announcement. I pray to God that you are healing...please update us soon. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the music...may God continue to let you bless us with words, your music, your spirit. We do Love you, will always live "ever on". Love & Prayers ~ Marty O (Wisconsin)


 I teach in Mid-Coast Maine, and coincidentally spent the weekend listening to Home Free and Souvenirs, then went to your website to find if you had appearances scheduled. I'm so sorry to hear of your illness. I hope you have comfortable people around you to take care of you when you need it and give you space when you're well.


 May our words to you bring peace for you both as your words, Dan, have brought comfort and peace to us all through the years. May God bless you both. ~ Amy


 Your music and words have been an inspiration to those of us growing up in the 70's and 80's! I moved from Indiana to Peoria, IL and never had the opportunity to see you in concert until the last few months, only to find out that you are facing difficult times. Your songs take me back to memories of high school and then college. We, your fans, are only one of the many facets that beckon you to gather your strength and battle this disease. You and your music have made an impenetrable mark in our personal histories. Be strong in the many prayers that are with you now.


 Dan, After reading all the messages and good wishes, it would seem that anything more is redundant, but then maybe not. All I can say is thanks for the music and the words. They certainly helped me get through some tough times and emotional turmoil. You are the only songwriter to give some dignity to emotional pain. I would like to offer my best wishes for a complete recovery and hope to see you out touring again. Having just turned 50 myself, after hearing about your diagnosis, I was inspired to get checked out just to be on the safe side. Take care and know that your fans care about you. Hope to see you in San Antonio in the not too distant future. ~ Steve, San Antonio, Texas


 Hi Dan: It has been awhile since I heard of your illness. It is my greatest hope that you are in recovery and enjoying better health. I send this message to you not for you to return to the road to entertain me or others, just that you feel better. I couldn't ask any more from you than the joy your music has already given me. Take care ~ Nancy Adams


  Dan, Your music has been a great comfort to all of us for years THANKS! Please look into Neutron Beam Therapy at Loma Linda University. It saved a good friend of mine's life. You and your family are in our prayers. Cheers ~ Dr. Denis Downey, Santa Fe, NM


 Your music has been an inspiration to us all. We wish you well and a speedy recovery. You are in our thoughts and prayers. ~ Dinie Whittle


 Dan, I've been a fan of yours since 1979...the first year I heard your unique style of music. I finally got to see you in concert in Harrisburg, PA - a birthday present from my wife -fantastic! I hope this message finds you well, and wish the best for you and your family. Best regards ~ Scott Wilkinson


 Dan, I just learned of your illness tonight. I am saddened by the news. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Your music has meant so much to so many people. The way you express your inner most thoughts, feelings, fears and joys is amazing. No doubt, when you have won this battle over cancer, you will like the Phoenix, rise up from the ashes. We are, after all, strengthened by the experiances of our lives. Please take care. I pray for your full recovery. ~ Marshall B.


 Dear Dan, What can someone say that saw your "Captured Angel" album at a party when I was just a youngster and thought "oh great heavy metal". An Angel with no eyes could only be metal...Only when I heard the music was I smitten. Lightfoot, Beatles, Cat Stevens was the music that I listened to and eventually played along with yours. Dan, we saw you when JT was in town and we wanted to see "you". You gave us one hell of a show and we are waiting for you to give us pressure. Please don't let "Full Circle" come to fruition. Hang in my unknown friend ~ Ken


 Dan, I have been a fan since Home Free. I have grown up with your music, and feel it has shaped me as a person. I can relate times, and the trials of life to your music. May God bless you, and make a speedy recovery. Your loving fans miss you, and want your music to go on. God bless ~ Steve C.


 Best wishes for a speedy recovery, from a very big fan of many years standing (and a former music and film reviewer). I am in fact listening to a compilation I made of your best songs.


 Dear Dan, You are so special to me. I first listened to you freshman year, 1978, at The University of Colorado/Boulder. Your music made me so happy, and now symbolizes the joy I felt every day of my four years in Boulder, living in such a precious part of this country. Though I now live on the East Coast, and have been away from beautiful Boulder for 23 years, I can listen to your music and feel my spirit soar with the happiness and wonder I felt at that time of my life. You are a gifted artist who has given so much, with so much more just waiting to explore. Thank you. I'll tell you what my brother always says to me, "Keep the wind at your back, and your face to the sun..." You will be fine. ~ Gayle


 Dan, One morning in 1973, my alarm radio came on and a Cleveland radio station was playing " To The Morning". They repeated this every day for weeks at 8:00 am and I found myself getting up early just to listen to this wonderful song. I went on a record hunt ( you know those flat, round vinyl things) and it took me almost 10 days to find a copy of the album that it was on, "Home Free". I haven't missed a word or note since. I just learned of your fight with cancer. My Father had it and was able to beat it. He attests it mostly to a positive attitude which he seemed to have an endless supply of. Your music has always been there for me and I only wish I could do something for you. I have two framed pictures in my music room. One is of you and the other is composer John Williams. That's the kind of company you keep in my house. My thoughts and prayers are with you Dan. Get Well ~ Tom Baldwin,Wadsworth, Ohio


 Dear Dan,As a long-time fan (my first love/life-long love and I chose "Longer" as our song back in the late '70's and I've been a dedicated fan of your music ever since), I will be walking in the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life this weekend in your honor. Have faith, stay strong, and may God bless you and your family through your healing. Sincerely ~ Sue Smith


 Dan, May God Bless you! I have been a fan since the seventies. You music touched my life in so many ways. Take Care ~ Dale


 Dear Dan, You don't know me, but I have been appreciative of your talent for many years, ever since stumbling onto your Home Free album many, many years ago. (As I write to you today I have my favorite CD, Souvenirs in my iMAC.) As a fellow Illinoisan (and ICC grad/musician) who left many years ago, I have always enjoyed your wandering and how it has inspired your writing. We heard of your current life challenge and want you to know that you are in our prayers and we expect you to fully recover and continue to bless us with more of your beautiful music as time goes by. Sincerely ~ Steve & Malie Tanton & family, Cupertino, California


 You have been one of my favorites over the past twenty five years.Your music has been inspirational and heart felt. I hope that your inner strength and spirit will get you through these tough times.We look forward to your next concert and always your music. Get well and God bless. ~ Frank and Kay Bartholomeo


 Dear Dan and Family, I have only had the pleasure of enjoying your music “live” once at Konocti Harbor Resort in northern California during one of your acoustic tours a few years ago and I just want you to know it was such a wonderful evening for my husband and I. We’ve both enjoyed your music for a number of years and have followed you through your musical evolution with extreme enjoyment. I honestly can’t say any one song is my favorite as so many of them have touched my heart and spirit. I only wish there was a way to give something back to you to make this current path you are on easier to travel. May the spirit bless and guide you. ~ Kath, Santa Rosa, CA


 Dan, tomorrow I am going to hike the Grand Canyon. And, I am going to say a special prayer for a special man, in that very special place. Livestrong! ~ George, Payson, Arizona


 Hello Dan, You've been very present in thought, mind and music lately. Thank you: from someone whose life was nourished by the music you birthed into this world ... from preteens to now: your music travels with me: at youth, a reminder of someone else who 'never settled', present to the deeper queries of life and the complexities of being human. Friends have pointed out how our paths are paralleled, in certain places and times ... a blessing. Though I cherish many of your songs ... 'Nether Lands' spoke my story .. and continues to do so. I send you grace for your journey whatever it may be, whatever you, Jean and your loved ones choose. All of us are "eternity bound" ... In this brief vapor called "life", it is my wish that you are present to be-ing loved and loving. You have touched many lives .. and will continue to do so over time. Best all-ways ~ Tracy Lenda


 Dear Dan and Jean, It's been awhile since this site has been updated in regard to Dan's progress, and I sincerely hope from my heart that there is some good news to report. Like so many here have posted, I have been a fan for many years. I was working at Wherehouse Records in southern California when your "Souvenirs" album was released... the girls in the store immediately put the album on because they thought Dan was "such a hunk", but then all of us were surprised by how many times we returned to the album, over and over again... we were all hooked on Dan's voice and music!!! I remember vividly my Communications professor in college reciting the lyrics to a song of Dan's from the "Nether Lands" album or the "Peace Sunday" event where Dan performed at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena along with the legendary likes of Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, Stevie Wonder, Donovan, Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, and Stevie Nicks, etc. and so many other Dan Fogelberg concerts down through the years!!! But mostly, I remember a very lonely dark night years ago at the Universal Amphitheater in the Los Angeles area. I was feeling low, very low, but I went with friends to see Dan's show, and by the end of the night - sitting out in the night air hearing Dan's voice - I felt alive again. For me, the music was exactly the cure I needed. And so I thank you Dan, for all the many years of music you have blessed us with... the hope, the inspiration, the soul, the kindness, the joy... the absolute joy!! Best wishes to you and your wife Jean, your family and friends. The world has been a brighter place for so many with you in it!!! With love and admiration ~ Gregory (Studio City, CA)


 Hey Dan, I'm sitting here listening to your music. It's hard to decide what to listen to. I've been a fan since the 70's. Keep up the great work. Your music still makes me smile. I hope you're doing well. Get your inner healer involved if you haven't. Your fan ~ Dan Farrell


 Dan, I remember my first show, not quite like yesterday, but close. If  I remember correctly, it was 1975, you played at Mackey Auditorium. College at CU is somewhat of a blur, but that show has stuck with me like super-glue. I was an aspiring guitarist, with a special interest in Folk/Americana/Bluegrass, areas that you mastered and made a part of modern popular music. I still play with local bands, on occasion, but your inspiration was invaluable. I hope I can return the favor and provide some inspiring words for you. On Feb 22nd 1985, I was diagnosed with advanced colon cancer, my Oncologist placed me on chemo and radiation therapy. My girlfriend started me on an organics diet, which I remain on to this day, and supplemented this with a daily 6 oz dose of wheatgrass. I was found to be in complete remission on Mar 13th 1987 and have had biopsies every year since, with no recurrences. I am stuck with a colostomy, but that's an inconvenience I can deal with, considering the alternatives. Have faith brother, be strong in facing whatever results, we're all praying for you and keeping you in our thoughts. God Bless and keep you ~ Mike Crowe


 Dan-Your songs are in my soul. Please know that my hope and prayers are with you. Be strong. Believe and be well.


 Just a quick note to say that I hope you are doing well and winning your battle against cancer. I have always enjoyed your music and am listening to you as I type. ~ Beth Garofla


 Dan, I can clearly remember the first time I heard your music. My roommate heard you on the radio and started raving about you and couldn't believe that I had never heard of you. I have been hooked ever since and your music is now a part of my soul. The lyrics are true poetry and have comforted and soothed my soul on many occasions. "Although the heart may turn - it's only when you listen that you learn." was quoted in a letter from a friend and saved our friendship. "I stood in fork in the road, one road was simple - acceptance of life, the other road offered sweet peace. When I made my decision the vision became my release" - these words helped my mom through a rough time. I can't tell you the number of times I found myself thinking the words --- "along the road your path may wander, a pilgrim's faith may fail, but through it all the heart held humble levels and lights your way". I'm guessing that I've seen you in concert 13 times and am looking forward to many more. It's odd to feel such a level of sadness and concern for someone I don't know, which I expressed to my mom (who loves your music as well). She said that with ALL of the people you have touched praying for you and thinking good thoughts, you will be cured before we know it. I will continue to keep you, Jean and your family and friends in my thoughts and prayers in hopes that my mom is right. I hope the process is quick, the suffering minimal and that you are living life (which you have obviously never taken for granted) in a manner that makes you happy and fulfilled very soon. Be positive and strong and know that many, many, many people care for you and want this nasty cancer to be a part of your past. ~ Suzanne - Colorado


 I was saddened when I saw the news and want you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. My father had Prostate Cancer and had his surgery 3 years ago. He is going to be 76 this fall. I have been a fan of your music since I was in my very early teens. I have gone to your concerts many times and love your sense of humor and grand musical talent! My 16 year-old daughter and I were just listening to Captured Angel in the car on the way to school and work today. I told her that I was listening to your music when I was her age! God bless all that are dealing with sickness and losses in their life. ~ Susan Hescher, Las Vegas, Nevada


Dan and Jean, How do you tell someone that it has always been your words and your music that got them thru all the sorrow and all the pain that this rock sometimes hands to us? Now, to have a magic wand and make this illness vanish. Grandfather follows your spirit and knows how much you have strengthened others and so shall he be your strength! I am hoping at the time of this message all is well and you are out there singing and making yet another soul cry in joy! You are such a gift! I keep you in my prayers! ~ Dawn Wagner

United Indian Cultural Group, Inc.


 Dear Dan, I met my wife while attending your concert at Purdue University in 1977. Thank You! We both still get goose bumps recalling your opening with "To The Morning." Your physical transition from darkness into twilight still plays on our minds. You ended with "The Gambler". I think it was the 20 minute version....We held each other for the first time during that song (the 20 minute version) and have not let go since. There's a place in our hearts for a memory...and it shines... oh yes it shines! Our most sincere thoughts, prayers and memories are with you and your family. God Bless You! ~ Art & Audrey


 Hi, I have been a fan of Dan Fogelberg since the early seventies. In fact, he was the sole reason I learned to play guitar. As a teenager I would stare at his album covers and wonder how he could possibly write songs that felt like my own experiences. My final year theatre piece was a tribute to his music and I spent months learning the finger picking for "Dancing Shoes". Now my teenage daughters sing and play his songs... we wait for the tour..... So please Dan Fogelberg - get well and come to Australia. There's a whole family of loving fans down here to visit. My prayers and love go to him and his loved ones. ~ Mary


 I feel helpless to convey to you, Dan, all the times your music has comforted me and inspired me through love, love lost, greatest joy and inspiration, lowest depths of mood and mourning. I don't know you, and yet I feel like you are my friend. I don't have the talent to give back to you what you have given to me, but if I could bundle all the times I turned on your music for comfort and joy, and send those feelings back to you, then I would say reach into your songbook and play it forever.


 Dan, My parents told me (I'm 18) about your music because they thought I'd like it. They lived in Colorado and were very much into your music in the 70's. I started listening and I'm working on adding your music to my collection. I really enjoy the way you have with words. I am a writer myself (sadly not a vocalist as well). Anyhow, your music has inspired love within my heart in and outside of relationships. For that, I wanted to thank you. I hope you can fight what you've been diagnosed with and win. Good luck Dan! ~ Josh


 Dear Dan, I've been a fan forever, it seems. Since '75 when I first heard your music, your "albums" were the only ones on my "turntable" for the longest time. My dad would always comment on how much he liked your music, but he could never remember your name, so he called you Barry Feigenbaum!! This became our little joke. When he became ill with colon cancer 14 years ago, your music,(once again), helped me cope. Your music has always been a source of strength for me, and now I am sending good thoughts and prayers to you. To this day, when I am listening to your beautiful songs, ( which is very often ), I think of my dad, and Barry Feigenbaum. Just one more little story of how you've touched the lives of so many. Please get well soon. With great admiration ~ Cheryl


 Dan, our thoughts are with you. We look forward to seeing you again in Harrisburg, Pa ~ Karen and John


 Yesterday as I sat in rush hour traffic, I popped in The Innocent Age CD, cranked up the volume and sang along at the top of my lungs. It felt so gooood! I am a busy, stressed out mom. I realized that I need to do that more often. Your music picks me up. You have been my most favorite artist since the 70's. As I sit here writing this, (I do not usually do things like this) and reflect back, you have cheered me up more times than I can count. When I heard of your illness, I felt sorrow and shock. Just like I would feel if I got this sort of news about a friend. I've never met you, but you have a very special place in my heart. Over the years, many times, I have wondered what it would be like to know you. I will keep you in my prayers. A devoted fan ~ Janell


 Dan, I looked up your website yesterday in hopes of locating a concert schedule that included a visit to Red Rocks in Colorado. I have been a fan of your music and the man that you are for so many years. I promise you that I, like so many others, will pray for your complete recovery and for many continuing years of love and music. Stay strong...we're all with you in spirit. ~ Ellen - Denver, Colorado


 Come back to Red Rocks! ~ Nancy in Colorado


 Dear Dan, It's a real shock to learn of your illness. My dad who has the same illness has just gone through his surgery and is on the way of recovery. So don't give up, I'm sure you'll be ok soon. Your music has been my favourite for years. It brings value to life and lets me see the beauty of music. It comforts my soul when I'm down and upset. I hope it works well for you in healing your illness too.Wishing you a speedy recovery. ~ Your fan from Hong Kong


 Dear Dan, I live in Lafayette, Louisiana, home of the wonderful Sonny Landrieth, whom I actually got to play music with recently. You have been such an inspiration to me for so many years. I also write sing and play guitar. I just bought a new Taylor (love it). I'm so sorry about your health problem. You know we cajuns have more Catholic Churches than any place in the US. I will keep you in my prayers. Peace, love and happiness always ~ Lisa Shannon


 Mr. Fogelberg - I pray that your treatment is going well and you are in good spirits. The Colorado Christian Center is praying for you. God bless you and we'll see you soon. ~ Pastor Steve Crain


 I have been listening to your music since someone turned me on to a copy of Captured Angel in 75 or 76 . I even saw you once in K.C. with the Eagles (doing the Hotel California Tour I think) and Linda Ronstadt. Your Back up band didn't show but you played any way by yourself going between the piano and the guitar and it was the best part of the show. I can tell from your music and things like what you did that day in K.C. where you didn't quit even when you could have, that you will fight the good fight and beat this thing call the Big C. Thank you for the bazillion hours of great music I've listened to from you and hang in there and make a ton more....You Are The Man! Sincerely your friend ~ "Mr" Mike 73


 Dan, I too have had prostate cancer. I will pass on to you what was told to me. It is vital that you remain confident and positive. That is easier to say than to do, but it is do-able. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. God bless.


 To a Beautiful Soul, may you be battling your illness successfully. "We are spiritual beings having a human experience". ~ Alex


 I just wanted to say thank you for helping me through difficult times with your music. I just wish I could do the same for you. God Bless You ~ Sam


 Hey Dan. Keep up the great work! You toured through Jackson Ms around 75 or 76 and I was dragged to the concert unwillingly. Man, am I glad I went. You were awesome and still are. I've been hooked ever since. You made an impression on that area and still have many followers in the Jackson area. I wish you well with your recovery and hope to see you when you tour again. ~ Doug


 Dear Dan - You have been my favorite person for so long - I was just 12 the first time I heard the Nether Lands album. I was visiting my sister at college in Hanover, Indiana. I immediately fell in love with you. Since then...I am a grown woman who still listens to your music each day. (Captured Angel is my favorite) I was lucky enough some years ago (around 91 or 92) to see you in Indianapolis, Tim Weisberg was joining you.


You are such an inspiration to me and many, many others as one can see by looking here. My mother is dying of lung cancer, and although I am nearly 40, I am the baby of 3 kids and don't know what I will possibly do without her when she is gone. However, I pray that you are doing well, and that your treatments are killing that horrible disease inside you. You are young, which I am grateful for that, - unfortunately, my mom, a life-long smoker (and even still so) is an elderly woman who is nearing her end. I have planned for some of your songs be played at her funeral, one which I love, "Wandering Shepherd". I know she will be smiling down, and I will also have a calm from it as well. Please Dan, Get Well. I can't wait for you to come back to Indianapolis to thrill us with your beauty of song and strength! God Speed my friend! ~ Kristin Calvert


 Dan - It is absolutely amazing to read all of these beautiful messages each day that the world is sending to you. To be loved by so many people is a Blessing. I am sure either you or your wife read how all of us send our Prayers and appreciate how you have helped ALL of us thru our hard it is our turn to show our love. You will see that I have sent a few messages expressing how you have touched my life so deeply in the past 30 years and I Thank you for that. You still help me get by each day as I play your music. I have two brothers with serious cancer and a Mom that is passing away. But I listen to you sing and I always smile along with my tears. All my thoughts & Prayers that you are getting stronger each day. ~ Lois


 Dear Dan and Jean, I too have been a fan for your entire career. In 1975 my best friend was diagnosed w/ advanced breast cancer and told she had less than a year to live. Three years ago we vacationed together in France. She and I are both offering healing prayers for your recovery every single day. All of us say Thank You for touching our lives in such a beautiful way. Hang in there. And Jean, special prayers for you too. ~ Gabrielle LaMarche, R.N.


 Dearest Dan & Family, I am absolutely heartsick to hear the news of your illness. Surely, our great Lord cannot be calling you to play for him in heaven so soon. I feel confident this is His way of giving you inspiration to write more beautiful music so that once you're ordeal is through, you'll bring peace and hope to others in need. I have listened to your tunes and have been a fan for all of my 28 years. I joke that I was weaned on your songs as my mom rocked me and my older brother to sleep as your albums played sweet melodies in the background. Mom and I have dubbed you "The Man" and look forward to the next time we see you on stage. Take good care and keep good faith. This nurse from Indiana will keep you and your loved ones in her prayers. Sincerely ~ Fan, RN


 Dan, My mother, two sisters, and myself are all cancer survivors. Here's wishing you the best in life.


 Dan, I have been a fan of yours since the first time I heard "The Wild Places" album. I just heard about your illness and I would like to wish you a full and speedy recovery.


 Dearest Dan: It is with great sorrow to hear of your medical condition. I hope and pray that you are recovering well and that both you and your family remain strong and united during this most challenging period. We all miss you. Please know that you have brought a special light and spirit, not only to me, but to us all through your music. Thank you for being who you are and for sharing so much. Please get well soon. ~ Sonny


 Dear Dan, My sincerest hopes that you will be able to beat this cancer like Scott Hamilton has been able to. You were my favorite singer as I graduated from high school, then when I moved to Colorado, you were the first concert I saw up in Vail. I fondly remember all the concerts at Red Rocks too! I cheered when you recovered from your hand injury and was able to perform again. I'm hoping I will be able to cheer once more! Dr. Lorraine Day beat cancer by changing her diet, thoughts and avoiding modern medicine. To each person they have to go the path they need to follow, hope you will find yours! Take care. ~ Diane Workman


 Optimism is the best medicine. Stay that way and you'll be well in no time!!! It's Spring in Maine and so beautiful right now! There's nothing like the soothing healing of the rhythmic sound of the ocean Your number one fan from Maine. ~ Heidi Wood


 Dan, I am still wishing that you fully recover, and that I will have another chance to sit in the front row and watch my favorite musician again. I have been to every one of your concerts here in California, and some on the east coast, trying never to miss one . It's been a long time since there's been any news of you, and I'm so anxious to hear that you are fine, and back to work, I send you so much love. ~ Dana


 Your art has enriched my life...thank you many times over. Praying for you and thinking positive thoughts. ~ K


 Gosh, I am sick to learn that you are going through some tough times, and battling cancer. Actually, "shocked" would be a better word! I have always admired your music, and thought you spoke to me through his fabulous lyrics. I always said, if there was one person I would love to sit and talk to, it would be Dan Fogelberg! Every time I listen to your music, I feel an understanding, and a deeper meaning to the reasons we search for love,and the purpose to move forward in our every day lives.


The reason I clicked onto your website, was to check into where you were performing, with the hope you would be coming to Cleveland soon. I am so hoping you are feeling healthy, and the diagnosis is looking better with every passing day. I am still feeling shocked, to learn of this news, as I know a little of the frightening scare that word "cancer" derives. I have a father that was diagnosed with colon cancer 10 years ago, and is still very strong and vital, as well as a sister with ovarian cancer, that has sadly passed away. Dan, if there is one thing I need you to know, it's how much your music has touched my life throughout my lifetime! Whenever I am in need of soulsearching, I simply have to turn on your music, as your lyrics have all the answers! What a gift you have with your earthy voice, and your true voice for singing the lyrics that penetrate to our search for honesty in a world that is forever trying to convince us of a "perfect" (plastic) world. I not only love your voice, but your spirit. Truly, if there were a contest, and I could meet only one person, it would be you, so I could say "thank you" for the impact you have had on my life. God will bless you, and as we have all learned by now, we have very little control over our destiny, Dan. I've seen many concerts, as I love music, and yet, my favorite concert is yours! Truly! When you sing  "Same Old Lang Syne", my heart melts, and I connect. I will place you gently in my prayers, and trust you will regain your health, and zest for speaking your truth through your powerful lyrics. Even though I have never met you, I know in my heart, I would love your soul! Truly ~ Colleen

Dear Dan - I could write for pages and pages about how much your music has inspired my own (and still does) and has touched my life. I grew up playing metal music, but one day, I was sifting through my Dad's LP's and found the Windows and Walls vinyl record. I listened to it expecting not to like it very much, but it touched me in a way no other music had at the time. After listening to much of your music I finally bought my first acoustic and started learning new techniques and dabbling in new styles.

Because of your amazing diversity, I found that there are so many styles of music to appreciate and to learn from. I realized that broadening my horizons would probably be much more fulfilling than simply wailing loud, screechy metal through a cranked up Marshall stack. I was right and I owe it all to you, because I have never heard a musician that has touched me as much as you have. I feel that you are absolutely the most diverse and underrated artist in that entire pop genre, although, I don't see you as belonging to any particular genre. When I hear a country album, that is just as good as the jazz, or rock music by the same artist, that inspires me beyond what words can say. I've been fortunate enough to be able to attend many of your shows, both solo, and with bands. I always liked the solo shows better, because I am truly amazed at what you can accomplish by yourself, with just a guitar and piano. I wish you all the best sir. May your recovery be speedy and without complications. I hope you get well very soon, and I look forward to seeing you again in Verona N.Y. Walk in peace.. Most sincerely ~ Mike Douglass, Utica, N.Y

 Dearest Dan, My thoughts and prayers are with you each day. Your beautiful music with your soft and feeling voice has gotten me through so many tough times in my life. When I need some peace and tranquility all I have to do is pop in one of your CD's (I own them ALL) and I find it. I have been to every concert in the Houston, Texas area since the 70's. I know you'll be well and back in the swing of things soon. When you are and back out on the road I'll be in the audience. Fondest regards ~ Andrea Kruger


 Take care Brother, from a Peorian now in Boca Raton Florida.Carry on!


 Dan, I have to let you know I was doing my grocery shopping, how boring, and the store started playing "Believe in Me", I had to stop and listen to it, and tears came to my eyes, I know that is a sign that you will be alright. This is the second year you have not toured, and I have always looked forward to seeing you every year. You are such a fantastic performer. I miss the trips to Peoria and seeing you at the Peoria Civic Center. So, anyway, I hope you are getting better, just thought I would let you know you are in my prayers, and I miss seeing you every year so very, very much. Love to you. ~ Magnolia


 Dear Dan: I have listened to your music for over 30 years and when I was an up and coming musician, you were a tremendous inspiration to me. Some of my most wonderful memories of seeing live music are from the many shows that I've attended of yours over the years, since 1974/75. I just want you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time and I know that you can beat this thing! Never give up the fight and you can count on all of us who care about you never giving up on sending you positive vibes to get well. Get well soon. With Much Respect ~ Michael W.


 Dan: My thoughts and prayers go out to you. You have been an inspiration throughout my music career. I have performed "As The Raven Flies" since I first heard it in the '70's to the present time. And will continue doing so. All the best. ~ Dennis


 Always a fan of your music. Wish you well in your treatment. Looking forward to hearing your talents on the airwaves in the many years to come.


 Hi There: I was listening to River of Souls today - and hoping Dan is recovering. I too have been recently diagnosed with Cancer and understand the emotions of this disease. I believe it is hard to relate until you have it yourself. I will keep him in my prayers. ~ Ann


 I've written before, and I'm sure that I'll keep writing as long as your music is stuck in my head! Hope your good days far outweigh the bad. And hope you know how many people you have out here think and praying for you. ~ Rosemary


 Dear Dan, may God bless you and your family as I pray for your recovery and return to good health. I have enjoyed your music for years and as much as I would like to see you return to touring, I pray for you getting well above all. Love always, a devoted fan ~ dcwitmer


 Dear Dan: I too am a fellow native Peorian. My Grandparents first introduced me to you and your music back in the early 70's. My family has known your family for quite some time. You have enriched my life so much over the years. You gave me one of your guitar picks at a concert in Peoria and that was the beginning of my never ending desire to learn, and play your music. I think and pray for you often, as does the rest of my family. Take care Dan and God bless you and your family. ~ Mark Gresham Florida


 Hi Dan - I've been playing your music in the Connecticut solo circuit since I first heard it back in the 70's. I was known around the area as "Dan" because your music seemed to define my life and it showed in the way it poured out of me. I can't even begin to tell you how you have effected my life. "Nether Lands" is still to this day my all time favorite song and it still makes me feel the way it did when I first heard it. You will be in my prayers every day for a speedy recovery. My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and with alot of prayer and medicine, she is free of the disease. Keep your faith strong and you will prevail. ~ Victor Cowles, Plainville Ct


 Dear Dan, I am totally spoiled because I've seen you many many times all over this country! You always choose the most incredible venues. I was really sorry to hear about your ordeal. However, I know you are really tough, you have to be to put together the high quality performances that you put on year after year at that pace. I really want to thank you for putting on all those wonderful shows. Your music was a real comfort to me at the end of a really bad marriage to a closet substance abuser who was completely devoid of emotion. The irony is that he even loved your music which is all about passion and emotion.

I hope that you have a source of strength helping you through this time that is as powerful and comforting as your music was for me- like stones that you step on to cross a brook. Powerful healing tools that are hardly ever heard of in the mainstream advertising world that have helped me and many others with a variety of health issues: Barleylife - distributed by the AIM companies; Life Balances - Spokane, WA. I just thought I would put this information out there because they have saved my life. I have no idea if they would be of any use to you in your circumstances or if you are remotely interested I just really believe that powerful, nutritionally based tools such as these should be brought to light. I really hope you are doing well. You impart so much more than just entertainment to your fans. Your music is so empowering and therapeutic. I also think that you must have a really outstanding support system of friends and family because they shared you with your fans! Thank you sooo much! I'll say a prayer for all of you. ~ Grateful in Massachusetts


 Dan, I remember clearly the first time I heard "To the Morning" on the campus radio. It took awhile to find you as the artist, but your music has meant the most to me over the years. I've seen you in Oregon three times - Portland, Eugene and the Sokol Blosser vineyard last. Thank you for sharing your touching lyrics and lovely music with us all. My heart goes out to you and your family and positive thoughts are the only I'll allow. Take care my friend! ~ RaNae Lang, Eugene, Oregon


 Dan you have been part of my "life" since college. Now you are also part of my 17 year old's life as well. We saw you at Wolf Trap last year and she values your music as I do. I have never heard "Leader of the Band" without crying. I lost my Dad to cancer when he was only 58 years old. But he was the strongest person I ever met and his love for life kept him alive and vital for years beyond his prognosis. The memory of his "fight" was with me when I developed a very rare form of breast cancer two years ago. I caught it before it showed up and as a result I can have hope that I will live to see my daughter achieve great things in life. I was never afraid of dying, but was unable to accept that I would not be here for her.


We are not very religious, but you are in our thoughts and prayers. Stay strong and fight--if not for yourself, then for your wife and family. It's been 24 years and I miss my Dad each day of my life. I cannot wait to to hear your music live again--you are a "member" of our family, a connection to my youth. The words of your songs and your music are timeless. I hope with all my heart that my daughter will share you when it is time for her to have children.~ Randi Goldstein & family


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, You have the most incredible music made by far. Therefore that tells me about your heart and in that category we are very much the same. You have healed me many times over with that sense you create in your stories. My deepest sympathy for you and your family though I feel you have that situation under restraint. Your music has inspired me to the point where I think it's too much. But I still crave your guitarwork and try to emulate the sounds. I just purchased a fine Martin creation. Not like the D-41DF but a Martin D-15LE. I'm still working on "The Last Nail". Thank You ever so much for the strength you give, the heart you share, and the will to continue. Friends for 33 years now ~ John K. Perry, Seattle, Wa.


 Dan, I'm sure many people are thinking of you with the "Run for the Roses" just being the big news. We all love you and think of you and Jean quite often. We respect your privacy, but please give us a small update. My thoughts are with you and your family. Love ~ Denise


 Dearest Dan, I hope that your treatments are going well and that you can feel the love and heartfelt well wishes of your many fans. Your music has been one of the most important things in my life. I first started listening to your albums in the early 70's. Back then my parents would not let me go out on dates during the school week, but they would allow my boyfriend to come over to the house. Scott and I spent many happy hours in my parents' living room with your music keeping us company. My mother sometimes would have trouble remembering your name so she just called your music "curl up on the couch and make out to music." It is over 30 years later and your music still is the soundtrack to romance to me. I still have the ticket stub to your Jan 31, 1982 concert in the frame of my bedroom mirror but I really do look forward to getting another one soon. Please get well soon and know that you are loved. Your fan forever ~ DeeDee


 My thoughts are with you at this challenging time in your life. I have gained so much from your music - countless hours of listening and the several songs of yours that I still play regularly myself ("Old Tennesee" over coffee just this morning) - I can't thank you enough. After some close passes of my own, I've taken in recent years to the practice of prayer. You're in mine now. ~ George Corwin, Vergennes, Vermont.


 Dear Dan, I have not sent my best wishes to you in awhile, but I check this site regularly to see if there is any update or news about you. I hope your family is doing well. I hope YOU are doing everything you can to fight your ailment. Your fans are in your corner and praying. Please let us know how you are when you get a chance. Until then, I wish you the BEST!!! Take care and know we are there. ~ Paul, Ashburn, VA


 Dan, a fan from the beginning, I finally saw you live in Tulsa, OK, about 13 years ago on my 35th birthday. To this day, I have been wanting to see you live again and know I will. At 47, I have completely changed careers and now involved in artist management--a merry-go-round life, but one which makes me feel finally at home and at peace. My thanks to you for creating the joy of music in my life and the inspiration to "go for the roses" in my own life. Your biography shows your perserverance and dedication to the art and continuation of your lifelong journey with a steadfast spirit. May your recovery continue with the legacy of this steadfast spirit. ~ Karen, Entertainment Agent


 Dan, I've been meaning to drop you a line for months now, thinking that just maybe the fact that we are out here thinking about and praying for you helps. Your art has been with us though thick and thin over the years, truly the soundtrack to our lives. Please pick up the guitar and pick a little this evening! Play "Stars" and know that we're listening. Good luck with the treatments. ~ Steve, Jennifer and kids. Fayetteville, AR.


 Dan: I've been a fan since Home Free debuted in 1972. I had just moved out on my own to upstate NY and I remember many nights coming home after work and lying on the floor between the stereo speakers (I couldn't afford headphones at the time) listening to the album while imaging myself onstage performing. I was in transition, going from playing electric guitar in a rock band to playing acoustically. Although I love all your music, my favorites still come from those first three albums; "Stars", "Souvenirs", "Old Tennessee", to name a few. I moved to Boulder, Colorado in 1979 where I used to perform your songs (et al) on the mall, at open mike night at the Boulderado, and for friends at parties. In fact, we met several times while I lived there.... Anyway, I now have a 9 year old son who has been drawing most of my attention these days and I can't believe it's taken this long for the news reach me. Your music is an integral part of my youth and an inspirational part of my own music.... a "Part of the Plan" for me. My deepest thoughts and prayers are with you; wishing you a speedy recovery and a long and happy life with Jean. ~ Rob


 Dear Dan, Get well soon. I was just listening to "Twin Sons of Different Mothers", re-living good memories. Your music has always been special to me, and I look forward to seeing you on tour In Tampa Bay soon. Your loyal fan ~ Mike Heagerty, St. Petersburg, FL


 Dan and family, Sending you warm, healing thoughts and prayers as you move through this difficult journey. Having experienced cancer with my mother and several others I've encountered along my path as a hospice volunteer, I have a deep understanding of what it means to be faced with a challenging illness. Sometimes it takes being shaken to your core to find out just how strong your core really is, and to remember that there is always more to life than what we see. Keep filling yourself with light and take strength in the knowledge that your music continues to bring comfort, joy and inspiration to others, as it has for years and will for years to come. For everything your music has given me, I am forever thankful. Blessings, Katina Z. Jones, Author/Grief-worker


 Hi Dan- I learned a long time ago that God is in control of our lives. If you have given your heart to him, it doesn't matter what life throws at us, for He promises in Isaiah 40:31 - "but they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint." I pray for you and your family at this time and that you have made Him, the Lord of your life. Be Well! ~ Mark J.


 Dan and Family, Thanks for the gifts you have given so many through your talent. The music I make is influenced most by you and by Pete Townshend (odd combination, I admit). My wife and I are impressed and moved by your spirituality as evidenced through your music. God bless you as you eradicate this nuisance from your body. ~ Wade and Susan


 Thanks, Dan, for all the WONDERFUL music and many fantastic songs you've given the world! Our thoughts, prayers and best wishes for your swift and total recovery. Your many fans appreciate and love you! Sincerely ~ Debbie and Jim


 Dear Dan, I moved to Orlando from the UK six years ago, and have just celebrated my 60th birthday. A couple of years ago I had a brush with colon cancer, but thankfully, everything turned out OK. I learned of your music many years ago through a friend in the UK who has been a fan of yours for the past 30 years. When he and his wife visited us a few years ago, he fulfilled a dream by seeing you in concert in Melbourne, Florida. You have a wonderful talent for words and melodies, and my wife and I have enjoyed your songs regularly over the years, both on the radio and as a wonderful musical enhancement to our long car journeys around the UK and US.


Our thoughts are with you. We cannot begin to understand the effects of positive thought on physical symptoms, but we do know they can have a beneficial impact on the outcome. There is a lot of love out there for you from your fans around the world. You have touched many lives with your words, it is now their turn to touch yours. Get well soon, and next time you perform in Florida you can be sure my wife and I will be in the front row. Best Wishes ~ Rod Wiltshire


 Dear Dan, I just want you to know how very much your music has touched my life, my heart, and my spirit over these thirty years. It was a big part of the soundtrack of my coming of age and stands the test of time as few artists' work does. I'm listening to "The Very Best of..." even as I write this message to you.


Please know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. My spirit has soared, my eyes have cried to the wonderful music you have brought to my life. May your spirit be at peace, and your eyes and those of your family and loved ones be free of tears. Know that the life you live has made a very real difference for those of us who listen to and love you and your music. May God/dess bless you now and always. Bright blessings ~ Melissa LaLiberte


 Hi Dan, I am so sorry to hear about your having cancer, my father had prostate cancer so I know how terrible it can be. I just want you to know that I grew up with your music and saw you perform in Jackson, MS in the late 70's. I love your music, "Wisteria", "Changing Horses", just to name a few of your songs. Please know that your fans love and care about you. I pray that you will beat the cancer. Remember always that Jesus is Lord and you can always turn to him in your times of need. ~ Tammy


 Our prayers are with you, mine and those of Thomas Merton. The world needs more people like you, are a survivor and will become stronger, you will continue to help others in the future as you have done in the past. Your mission continues...Love, Light, Life ~ Sherri


 The Top Ten Reasons Why You Have To Get Better, Dan.

10) Ever try listening to this generation of "artists?"

9) You have 48 states left to write songs about.

8) If there is a place in the world for a gambler, there's certainly a place for you.

7) We haven't seen you in concert for three years now and need a fix.

6) We need sequels to "The Innocent Age" and "High Country Snows."

5) There is no one else in the world that can walk into an auditorium with just a guitar, perform without a band and captivate an audience.

4) It's part of the plan.

3) My wife looks for you in EVERY frozen food section.

2) We LOVE your music!



God's richest blessings on your life and soul ~ Arlen & Bev

 Dan, I'm a decades-long fan from Milwaukee, WI, who had the good fortune to meet you when you performed at Alpine Valley in the early 80's. I wish you and your family strength as you fight this illness. Please know that so many people are thinking of you, and if sending positive thoughts is of any help, you'll be well soon. With love and caring ~ Mary Strong


 Dear Dan, Through the years I have come to view you as a great friend as your music has been with me through all the good in my life, and your brilliant lyrics has soothed me and given me hope through the rough times. I have been to many of your concerts and have always come away from them feeling wonderful and more enlightened than I walked in. I hope that the true love that I along with millions of your fans and admirers have for you is sending you physical and emotional strength to overcome your cancer. ~ Diane


 Dear Dan, I grew up with you, and when I listen to your music I am transformed back to those carefree, wild and turbulent days of youth. I was gifted a long playing record album when I graduated from high school and you have been my top favorite recording artist ever since. I don't buy much music, so I still have your album, and several cassettes, and now have expanded to the some of the CDs. Sad news about the diagnosis of cancer, and I wish you God's speed for a great recovery. It is a powerful thing to be surrounded with those who love you. Thank you for an intimate journey into the mind of a caring, passionate for life soul. I am hopeful that you will come back to the Seattle area when you recover. I miss seeing you in concert.


 Hi Dan, I trust and pray things are going well in your treatments. Like all of your "fans", you are in my heart and prayers. I thought I would share an interesting thing that occurred this past weekend in Memphis on a local talk radio show. The host does news talk with call-ins from listeners and will sometimes play some of his favorite music and ask some trivia for audience response. Between breaks he played a few different cuts from various albums, then invited listeners to guess the song names and artist. All of the chosen tunes were yours. It didn't take long for the correct answers, which then developed into a Dan Fogelberg fanfest over the airwaves. Of course the questions concerning your health arose which prompted more calls and good wishes for you. The host himself said, quite correctly, that you are one of the premier American musical influences of all time-one of the greats. I know your humility finds that hard to accept, but it is true. Please accept this episode as an example of the value of your life and the fruits of your spirit. God bless and be well. ~ Ken Argroves


 Hi, Dan, I wrote back in April and just wanted to check in and let you know that I'm still thinking of you and praying for you. I'm still battling ovarian cancer. The chemo has not done such a good job, so I am on to radiation (IMRT). This new doc said, "We're going to pretend you have prostate cancer." Okay, just like Dan. Here we go. I've had four treatments so far, and it sure beats chemo (so far). I hope you are as fortunate as I am-to be surrounded by loving, supportive people who help you maintain a positive attitude about everything. I also find your music very comforting and soothing, and it sure helps my soul. Still wishing you health, love, comfort, peace, and great drugs! ~ Melinda M.-Wesley Chapel


 Dear Dan, Like so many fans of yours, I've basked in the greatness of your music from the very beginning, or at least Home Free (not having seen you on the coffehouse/bar scene Peoria and Champaign/Urbana). Words cannot express my dismay at the news of your illness, but perhaps this latest adversity in your life will lead to your next great creative chapter.Also, like many of your fans, I've also been fan of Jackson Browne. You two, as artists, have an uncanny knack of taking something intensely personal and making a universal truth out of it in the form of your music. I've always admired that quality in you and Jackson, and I've always held out hope that one day, there would be a musical collaboration of your enormous talents.I hope it brings you considerable satisfaction to browse through these heartfelt tributes of people whose lives you have touched, and who would do anything to bring you back to health. I sincerely hope that this letter finds you in good spirit and much improved health. I look toward the day when you're back in your element; on the stage, mesmerizing audiences with your spectacular gifts. I also look forward to your next musical offering, where I suspect you will be describing how you found the light in all the darkness associated with your illness. Ever on, my friend, and don't lose heart! ~ Bill Emery


 My thoughts and prayers are with you Dan. You have comforted me throughout your entire career with your wonderful music. I hope that your fans can be a comfort to you in your time of need. Peace, love and healing to you and your family. ~ Carol Schneider


 Dear Dan, I'll never forget the fantastic evening of entertainment you provided for us and many others at the (Memphis) Mud Island ampitheater with just your guitar, your piano, your voice, and your heart. I am sorry to hear of your cancer, but heartened by your encouraging progress. You and your family will remain in our prayers and thoughts. Please take care and get well. And may God bless you. ~ Joe & Marjorie Vincent, Memphis, TN


 Dear Dan and Family, I just learned of your diagnosis and weep as I write you. But I do know the power of prayer and strong wishes from all who love a cancer survivor. I am an Inflammatory Breast Cancer survivor diangosed in July of 2000. Stay strong. You have given us all so much. I am a fan since I first heard"To The Morning". You are one of this century's greatest songwriters. Your lyrics and music capture the moments that the rest of us cannot begin to put into words.

I started a hobby of collecting autographs on my Fender Strat Guitar and YOU autographed my guitar when you were here in Columbus, Ohio a couple years ago. I treasure that. God be with you as you go through the journey. ~ Suzie Matthews


 Dan and Family: I am a longtime fan (since the late 70's), and have received many hours of peace, happiness, and reflection from your music. Like many in the prior notes to you, I have so many "favorites", as your music and your trueness to self have always touched me. I'll never forget when the network played "Run For The Roses" before the Kentucky Derby, and tears came to my eyes, as you caught the majesty, beauty and nobility of one of God's most wonderful creations - the horse (yes, I'm a major horse lover). "Longer" was the first song of yours that also brought tears, because of the poignancy of it. One facet of your music I've shared with others is that I've choreographed ballet to your music - to the enjoyment of ballet students and audience! I pray for you and your family, for your strength, and faith, and for healing. To everything there is a season....and this season is tough for you all now, and all of us who care for you and your family. A better season is coming, trust in that. Come back to us strong and healed! Have faith and know the concerns and love of thousands are with you! ~ Diana Hammond, Gainesville, Florida


 Hey Dan, I begin with the Home Free album and transcend to today...a bit out of touch as I did not know of your illness. Your guides are there always and will stay with you on your journey through this. My prayers are being sent to heal you and bring the light to keep you sound. Peace to you as you have given to me through the beautiful music you share. Love ~ Paula


 Hi Dan, I am a longtime fan and fellow songwriter. Your music has been an inspiration since the day a friend of mine dragged me to DAR Constitution Hall to see you w/ Fool's Gold on your "Captured Angel" tour. It was an impressive night of music and I've been a fan ever since. I also want to say that "Home Free" has got to be one of the best debut releases of any artist in the 1970's. I will continue to pray for you and your family. I've had 2 prostate biopsies myself (in my 40's) and my Dad has prostate cancer that has advanced to his bones. He's undergoing treatment and he's doing remarkably well. There is hope, just trust in the Lord!! ~ Richard Walton


 Hi Dan, I've loved you forever, at least as long as you have been in my life. I lived in Illinois during the mid 70's and my husband worked on the barge lines in the inland water ways. We didn't have a lot of money but when I had some free time I would go down to the record shop in Joliet where we lived and just look at your albums since I really couldn't afford them at the time. I would listen to you on the radio whenever possible. Through the years I have been blessed to see you in different venues including Sea World in San Diego, SDU on my 40th birthday and the beginning day of your tour at that time and Humphries with Tim Weisberg, and the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas just to mention a few. Music is in my soul and you touch that place so well. I can't even imagine a world without you in it (or without my husband who supports me every step of the way). Please get well and let the white light shine upon you. You are so loved by me and all your fans. Thank you for this oppurtunity to share my personal feelings with you. Sincerely ~ Chris Bunker, Williams AZ.


 Dear Dan - I've been a fan since the early seventies. Your music always lifts my heart. I hope your heart is lifted by the power of love energy from your fans. You have given us so much. The world's a better place thanks to your music. May peace be with you. ~ Nev, England


 I am sending my positive thoughts, and life force wishes to you and your loved ones in this time of personal recovery. I hold all hopes that we will see you again on stage, entertaining us soon. It is purely selfish feeling that we have disappointment in not being able to see and hear you this year in Florida (Sarasota-Clearwater area), but you have spoiled us over the many years with your gift. Believe me, even if we never get to hear another new song from you, the wealth of music you have shared with us - we are the luckiest people in the world. Thanks from the depths of our souls and get better soon. Best wishes, Van Mitchell


 In looking for a schedule of your concerts, I found that you are struggling with your health. My husband and I never go to concerts but were planning a very special time and wanted to make your music a part of it. I have been to 3 concerts in my life (I am 55 years old) and yours was one of them--and the very best. Your music is incredible. May God protect you. You are in our prayers. ~ Jan and Tim Sitzes


 Dan, it's been awhile since I've seen an update on your website but, like thousands of others, am hoping that you are feeling better and making a full recovery. Your music has touched so many people over the years and your amazing lyrics are truly an inspiration to us all. Ever since I saw you perform in Pittsburgh at the Syrai Mosque years ago with Fools Gold, you have been a genuine "leader of the band" and guiding light to us all. Countinue to get weell and hope to see you in concert soon. ~ George Katonik, Grove City, PA


 I am a fan who dates back a long time (to when I lived in Boulder in the 80's). Seen you several times since then and always enjoyed your music. Though this is not a memory of yours, the first time I heard of you and listened to your music was when you and your band were practicing in an empty office space in a business park in Boulder, CO for a Summer concert in Denver (oh! the 80's). Never heard of you before then until we inquired with the landlord why we were listening to a loud jam session in a business park which had much unoccupied space (From a business perspective, many thought it was disruptive). Anyway, I went to your concert, enjoyed it and thought you were (are) very gifted. From a lowly accountant (back then) to a CFO today, who works for a company developing cancer therapies, I know that this disease can be challenging. Though I will probably never ever meet you (but hope to see you in concert again in the future) I hope you succeed in battling this challenge and wish you (and your family) all the best in working with the current circumstances and that you experience a recovery that meets or exceeds your expectations. Take care and God bless. ~ Michael Molkentin, Kimberly O'Young, and my two little ones, Rachel and Danielle


 Dan, I've been where you are...and I survived. Thanks to modern medicine, or God in His heaven, or the planets being correctly aligned, whatever, I'm still here...and I figure there's some reason for be a good mother, a better human being, nothing fancy but some reason. And so I treasure every moment of every day and I pray that I'm worthy. A lot of us, your fans, know the reason why you're on this share your talent and music and poetry with the touch those who need the beauty of your melodies and your words to touch and cleanse our souls. I know your life is so much more than your music but we are very grateful that you chose to share it with us and I pray that you find strength in every sunrise and comfort in every day. May God bless you and keep you always in His loving care. ~ Toni, A Proud (and lucky) Cancer Survivor.


 "This time, like all times, is a very good one, if we but know what to do with it. " ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


 Hello Dan - It's been so long since I first learned of your illness and I hope you are doing better. I have been a fan for 25 years. My sister introduced me to your music on your "Phoenix" album and I was hooked from the start. You are a tremendous talent as a singer, songwriter and musician. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. Best wishes for a complete recovery. ~ Vicki Adair, San Jose, CA


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, I wanted to include my good wishes for a rapid recovery. I am 25 years old and my father is also fighting against cancer. My mother is also very ill, she has a lung disease called COPD. My parents introduced me to your music when I was a child, and I became a hit at their "picking" parties with my pitchy four year old rendition of "Run for the Roses." Your music has touched all of us, as my two young sisters often hum our old favorites as well. We all wish to express our gratitude for your gift to us, and we will continue to pass your legacy on as we grow and have families of our own. Thank You. ~ Sara McKane, Chattanooga, TN


 I hope and trust that you are recovering. Especially, I hope that you have songs that move you and prop you up during the tough days like the songs you've written and sung have done for me and millions of others. You take up a lot of space in my IPOD and I have great memories and smiles each time one of your tunes shuffles on. Much love ~ Cheryl, Oklahoma City


 May God Bless and heal you at this time in your life! My husband and I enjoy your music so much! You are such a light in this world. We are both musicians and respect and admire the talent that God has given you. I, personally, worked for the American Cancer Society for over ten years and know there are SO many advances in the fight against cancer. Never, Ever give up! Let your faith be strong at this time. Our Love and our Prayers are with you in Jesus Christ our Lord ~ Jeff and Wendy Wujcik


 Throughout my life I have been touched by DF in so many ways. Throughout high school, always listening to his music. I saw him 6 times in concert in the Boston area. I learned some of his songs and played them on my guitar. "Longer" is probably the song I sang the most since I sang it at most wedding ceremonies of many friends and strangers. I named my one and only son Daniel. God be with you Dan Fogelberg. Your music has always and will always be close to my heart. Love ~ Maureen Ferrari


 Hello Dan! I've been a huge fan for many years. I'm listening to your music as I send this. I was thinking of you. I've been fortunate enough to see you several times in concert, and enjoyed seeing you so much. I want to thank you for the beautiful music that God allowed you to make through the years. I hope to hear new music from you in the future. You were given a great gift. My prayers are with you at this time. May the God who created the universe grant His peace and mercy on you at this time. He loves you so much that he sent his son Jesus Christ to die for you. I hope you find comfort in knowing that, and can call on Him at anytime. God bless you ~ Sheila Finley


 I was such a fan of your great music in my formative years, and I am saddened at the news of your illness. Please accept my best wishes for a full and fast recovery. ~ Nicholas L. DiVita

 Please know that you have truly touched me with your music. I am a spiritual person and I love your emphasis on nature and animals. I will keep you in my prayers daily. Thank you.~ Doryl


 Dan - you are in my prayers, you have been an inspiration to me since the late 70's and "The Innocent Age" remains to this day my most treasured album. God will take care of you and hold you in the palm of his hand. ~ Greg


 Dan: Nothing we encounter in life is too great for God to handle. God is with you and will bring you out safely. For all you've given us, your fans, He will give back to you. Love ~ Lisa


 Dan, Your music has touched my heart, and now my daughter's. We hope your recovery is swift and complete. From two generations of fans with love ~ Tiffany and me, her mom.


 I have been a fan for 30years. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Can't wait to hear from you again. ~ Paul Yerington, Davenport, Iowa


 Hi Dan, I first heard your music in 1976 in NYC when you were the opening act for The Eagles. You were fantastic! I wish you all the very BEST for a speedy recovery. Sincerely ~ A Long Time Fan


 I want to wish you the best with your treatment and know that the universe plays its jokes both happy and sad on us.. my father suffered from a malignant melanoma in 1972 and survived it more than 30 years ('against medical advice' so to speak). And I want to thank you for a song. My father died last weekend - a combination of failures all adding up (in fact everything BUT his cancer!). At his wake, we came up to speak, and when I came up all I could think of was the words to "Leader of the Band", as I had for months when I thought of his life and passing. He had spent 20 years serving in the air force, through Korea and Vietnam, and after his retirement had entered into social work, working with the St Vincent De Paul Society and other church organizations to help to care for those who couldn't care for themselves. He worked at it until his own health made him dangerously close to being one. So when I stood, the words of your song rang in my head and I so desperately wanted to sing them for him but my voice suddenly could barely croak them out spoken. And speak them I did, at last the last verse and chorus. And as I reached the end.. "I am a living legacy..".. I could see a couple of my 8 brothers and sisters nodding with me and see their lips joining me in proclaiming it.. and somehow the tears still flowed but inside there was a feeling of comfort.


So kick this thing's ass, and rejoin the world.. We need you and your words to help us find the places our hearts can go to find comfort... and we meantime will try to pump you some positive energies. A longtime fan and one who probably has most of the music memorized. ~ Steve


 There are very few people that I am able to say have genuinely contributed in some way to my development as a person and as a musician. My God, my Father who is now deceased, my shrink and Dan Fogelberg. Before there was a shrink, there was Dan Fogelberg. Dan has been the musician of my emotional life. I grew up on Long Island and moved to up to Bellingham Washington in the early 70's and lived in the Pacific Northwest for several years. It was there that I went to college, through a divorce from my very first love and experienced the pain of separation from my own immediate family with whom I had yet to resolve so many issues. All throughout that tumultuous time I was carried, consoled, and eventually healed by Dan's that allowed me to experience and be validated for the person I was. Even as the years have passed and my musical inclinations have fluctuated, I have always gone back to the well of Dan's music for what I have come to know as refuge. I don't know how to thank the man appropriately, but, knowing his music has been so consistently meaningful in my life might be a good start. I hope he is healing (or healed), comfortable and peaceful in his. I am in mine thanks to Dan and the gift of his music. With fondest regards ~ David Eisenhardt


 Dear Dan, anyone who is awake in this life knows that who you really are is an Infinite Spiritual Being in a body.You are especially in touch with your Godliness.Your music Is Pure Spiritual energy.That place from which your music comes is the same place that will cure you. Or better said will give you the wisdom to discern all the available cures. Please don't let the Drs Treat you as only a body. It's the spirit, you know that.Well I wish you Infinite WISDOM and look forward to seeing your announcement of full recovery. I LOVE YOU MAN ~ Randy Poletz Crystal Beach Florida


A product of the '70's I was a hard rocker. Black Sabbath, Bad Company, Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, etc. In a friend's van on a road trip from NJ to Maine I heard your Greatest Hits and Nether Lands. "Who is this singing?" I was captured by the melodies and lyrics, the full sounds and depths of each song. I was thirsty for something new and refreshing and found it on that road trip. My traveling companions gave me the tape and it took up residency in my cassette player. I'd split wood by hand in the driveway getting to know you and your music in intervals measured by hours at a time. The pungent smell of fresh oak, the silence of the day's low ceiling, the sound of snow landing all around, and the sweet sophisticated sounds of your music have imbedded a memory in me that I have carried for over 25 years! You probably hear this all the time: you've been the current soundtrack to my life as it unfolds. "The Last Nail" couldn't have been any more accurate if I wrote it myself. The styles of music you showcased on different albums often came out at the time that I was learning and understanding those kinds of music (i.e., High Country Snows, Twin Sons) and the guest performers on your records seemed to appear when I was discovering them in their own respects (i.e., Poco's Timothy B. Schmidt, the Eagles, David Grisman, Tim Weisberg, and the list goes on and on). After reading many of Tom Brown, Jr.'s books I took it upon myself to write to him about your songs on The Wild Places and lo and behold, I saw your dedication to him and to the Great Spirit who moves in all things. While discovering Deepak Chopra and reading Michael Berg I heard your "Magic Every Moment." So, through more then a quarter of a century as I travel down different roads, gain new experiences and learn things I never fathomed I have crossed paths with your songs. Its like crossing paths with The Great Spirit That Moves In All Things. I wish you well Dan. Good Luck to you and thanks for your hard work and dedication to things you believe in. ~ Matt


 There are no words to express how much your song lyrics have affected my life in so many ways. You are a master at pulling all emotions together and saying them in unique ways that require thought and introspection--and for that I thank you. My hopes and prayers are with you---you are a survivor and, whether you know it or not, have helped many of your fans to become survivors also. Stay strong, we need you.~ Bambi Molden


 Dan you are in our hearts and prayers, even as your music is in our instruments and our voices. Health, happiness, recovery and love. ~ Kris and Bob Bush


 Dan, Thanks for all the great music over the years. Have comfort that all the knowledge, skill and talent, in battling this challenge, has never been higher. A close personal friend of mine has just survived colon cancer and is living life to the fullest after a full, I say again, full recovery. As one of millions of fans, your music has been a great source of pleasure for me for many years. I hope the admiration of so many fans has been a source of pleasure to you. May all of our positive energy add to your strength as you overcome this. With best wishes for a full and active old age....A Fan ~ Bob


 The music of Dan Fogelberg has so much been a part of MY plan. So much a part of my life. If Dan only knew how much his music has touched my life. From good times in my life to the bad times that his music has given me encouragement. My heart, my prayers are so much with you Dan, and your family. God Bless You... Be strong my friend... You can beat this...~ Jim Kilburn - St. Louis, Missouri


It's funny that I want to write words of comfort yet I'm the one comforted by reading all the loving, supportive comments from people I'll never know personally, but to whom I can completely relate. I'm a fan for near 30 years-since I was 16-and Dan's music has been friend /inspiration / nourishment to me through thick and thin. What an amazing impact he's obviously had on all of us here!! I envision each of our entries on this site as powerful prayers for Dan and his family. ~ Kathie N., West Los Angeles


 Well well Dan, your family and your music family....I'm sending you my biggest cyber hugs and well wishes. Sure, I'm a fan....I'm an admirer of the talent, the wisdom and the poet. Take care my friends, this sort of thing involves the whole family and I hope you all come thru this, as I have to believe you will! Looking forward to reading of your clean bill of health. Your words will follow me always ~ Lanette Brown Giese, Carlsbad, NM


 Good Luck Dan in your recovery. Have faith... I overcame this dreaded disease and I know you can as well. You're in my prayers. ~ Rick


 I love Dan's music. I saw him perform once in California and it was a great show. Best wishes, come back to us soon. ~ Mike


 I was born just a scant 8 days before you were, and now we both know what it's like to encounter the speed bumps of mortality that we never before knew we would have to roll over. Your faith in life represented through your music has brought many people a lift as we hear those old familiar tunes played. My thoughts are with you and your family for a full and complete recovery. Warm regards, and thanks for the tunes ~ John Bullen Little Rock, AR


 Dan - You have a huge circle of prayers and that's very strong medicine. I believe it was 1975 when I became a fan. I grew up in Bradford, Il and now I live near one of the places you love...Boulder, CO. Thanks for all the wonderful songs you have treated us all to. May you continue to heal. ~ Melody & Jeff Huber - Lafayette, CO


 God Is Great. Hang In There.


 I was so sad to hear about your health. I have been a huge fan of your music for over 30 years. I have seen you perform 3 times, the 70's, 80's and 90's. Each time I was delighted to hear you and continue to come back for more. Your music has brought joy and comfort through the years. I have not always agreed with your politics, but it never effected my enjoyment of your music. Home Free was so refreshing in the 70's that I was hooked from that moment on. I live in New Zealand and when I play your early music here for my Kiwi friends, they are blown away. I continue to pray for you and your family. Continue to remain positive and not give up the fight. ~ Monica Popplewell, Nelson New Zealand


 Hi Dan, Just get well and I hope everthing is going according to plan. I´m not as good with words as you are, or indeed as the many who write to this site in repect to you, but my message is very simple, GET WELL SOON! ~ Johnny "B" Good (no kidding!) from an Irishman who lives in Seville, Spain.


 I recently came across Dan's music again, after a number of years. It's a wonderful body of work. Leader of the Band still brings tears to my eyes, some 25 or so years after it first moved me. My dad died in 1978, and I will always miss him. He was different from the man described in the song, but the feelings it evokes are very strong. Thank you, Dan Fogelberg, for that one especially. I look forward to learning that the prostate cancer has responded to treatment. For now, I pray for Dan's recovery and give thanks for the gift he shares with so many. ~ Jim Graham, Cohasset, MA


 I just shared with my 20 year old daughter "Gambler". It is amazing how some music transcends time and generations. Your music has been enjoyed by my wife and me for many, many years and we have now passed that on to our daughter. She is singing a cabaret in June and is now considering a Dan Fogelberg song. We hope you have progress well in your battle. Come and see us in Grand Rapids, Michigan once you can. You have our prayers. ~ Mike and Valarie Command


 Hello, This is Henk from the Netherlands, a long-time fan of your music and songwriting. You are one of the best singer-songwriters with your own unique style and great voice! I was shocked when I heard of your illness. I really wish you all the best and hope that the treatments are succesful.May God bless you and stand by you. I hope you are doing better now. With Kind Regards ~ Henk Korsten from the Netherlands, Europe.


 Hi Dan, Just a note to let you know I am still praying for you and sending you my love and healing energy. You are missed very much and thought of more then you will ever know. You and yours remain in my prayers. Live fully and know undoubtedly that you are very much LOVED! Much love to you Dan. You are always in my heart, and always will be! Hope to see you soon! ~ Laura Boughner


 Dearest Dan, I began playing guitar after hearing "Home Free" when I was 10 years old. I still play guitar and am an accomplished vocalist all due to your inspiration. But to me, the best player, writer and singer will always be you, Dan. The first concert I took my daughter to when she was 13 was Dan Fogelberg, and she loves you too! May your journey be one that leads to peace, health and happiness. Thank you for all you are and continue to be to so many! Your friend and fan ~ Toni Rose


 As you and your music have been a great inspiration in my life, I hope that my prayers can help you during your time of need. You are truly one of God's blessed people in this world. You have brought peace and comfort to many of us, and our hope and prayers are with you and yours. ~ Dick Scheanwald, Brighton, Mi.


 When, in the late seventies and early eighties, most of my friends were all about The Clash and The Dead Boys (as was I), Dan Fogelberg shared a large piece of my musical lexicon. I still listen to The Innocent Age with frequency. He's braver than most commercially successful peers of his for always following his lyrical and musical truth. I wish him nothing but good health and happiness. DF will be in my thoughts. All the best. ~ JDP


 Dear Dan, I hope this note finds you welcoming in a new day with joy, health, and enthusiasm. I think of you often, and I hope that your body and mind are working together to rid the *DIS ease* that came to visit your body. Did you ever read Louise Hay? Our thoughts can create our physical manifestations. Check out her work at or, and know that you have all you need to heal, right inside you. My heartfelt prayers are with you, and I sincerely hope for healing in any and all areas that it is needed for you. I miss seeing you in concert, miss that voice, *your* voice. There's not one like it. I wish you well and hope to hear of your full recovery soon! Warmly ~ Christine Corbett-Gipple, Turnersville, NJ


 I will keep you in my prayers. I have enjoyed your music and the words to your songs. God bless you ~ Nina Carlson


 Dan - From my first taste of "Wysteria" in 1972, to soundtracking my once in a lifetime love to Souvenirs, losing her to Nether Lands, you've been there with me. Now, I am with you in thought and spirit on your challenge. Please take comfort in the knowledge that so many of us have taken so much from you and collectively, if it is at all humanly possible, we're giving our best to help. We will see you Next Time. Thanks, my friend. It will be ok. God Bless. ~ Andy - Oklahoma


 Dan, Thank you for sharing your music and your writing. My family all wish you well. Sincerely ~ AJ


 Hello, I have enjoyed your music for many years. It speaks to me in a way different from other musicians. It also helped me get through a rough time in my life. I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Peace ~ Shirley Gorka


 To The Bird Of the Mountains: Your inspiration through the decades has changed so many lives. When I play out, I dedicate a particular song called "Forever River" that I wrote in your honor. I constantly send positive energy out for you, as you have always done for us. I pray for you to heal and be well again. I know you will. You are the finest singer /song writer/ poet/ composer/musician/performer in the world! You have been and still are my teacher. Thank you forever for giving so much! In Gratitude Forever ~ Mark Steiner


 I've just read through all the incredible words offered to you at this site. It is hard to add much that has not been said, and said very well. How can so many people feel so close to someone most of us have never met? There is something of the Eternal in your music, lyrics, and vocals. Been many places to share with others the love of your music, but I'll never forget Ravinia in Chicago. "Don't Lose Heart" was new then, but it was so powerful. God really worked in you with that one. It is one of those many "hidden treasure" songs that you have. Prayer is simply talking to God from our hearts and putting our faith in Him alone. I'm doing that for you. I know we will see you soon. We can't wait! ~ Tim G.


 Dear Dan, once again I find myself leaving a message for you. It is now spring and the flowers are in bloom and the birds are singing. My thoughts turn to you with hopes of a full recovery. I have loved your music from the start and have shared that love with my sons and husband. As stated by many, your beautiful lyrics and melodies have become an integral part of my life. Not a day goes by I don't listen to your music. I say a daily prayer for your well being and hope to once again enjoy one of your concerts.~ Mary Jardine Browns Mills, New Jersey

 This is one of many thousands of well wishes Dan will receive. The music of Dan Fogelberg helped me through my collegiate and post collegiate years. I want to thank him for his talent and wondrous ways of entertaining. I pray that he recovers and goes into remission with this dreaded disease to never return again. ~ Beth


 Dear Dan, I'm 63 years old and have just finished my 28 radiation treatments for prostate cancer. I started hormone treatments last May and had the brachytherapy seed implant procedure in January of this year. So good...I'll know how much it's done in a few months. I hope your treatments have gone as easily and well as mine have. I'm a lucky man.Your music has been one of my guiding stars and great pleasures for years. I'm hoping and praying that you will be back enjoying life soon. We need your messages and melodies in our lives. Love, kindness and best wishes ~ Richard Markey


 Dear Dan, I am writing this on May 24, 2005. Have not heard any updates on your condition. Hope treatment is going well and you are in remission. My prayers are with you always. I am looking forward to seeing you at Wolftrap or Merriweather Post soon. Your Loving Fan in Baltimore ~ Janice


 Dan, My continued prayers for your total recovery are sent to you all the way from Nahariya, Israel. I have been a fan of yours since your first album. Your words and music have always inspired me. I pray that now those words and music inspire God to grant you a complete recovery. Respectfully ~ Leslie Ben-kiki


 Dan, I've always loved your music....even made an attempt at playing a few of your tunes in my band. Back in the late seventies I brought my wife to one of your concerts. She fell asleep, and knew from that moment on the relationship wasn't going to work. I still listen to your music, however I don't listen to my Ex's yammering anymore. Hope you get well soon. ~ Tony


 Dan, So sorry to hear of your illness. This is a terrible disease, but we all have to keep on fighting against it. I grew up in central Illinois (Bloomington-Normal) and have loved your music for years. I saw you at the Murat Temple on your last visit to Indianapolis, where I now live. My favorite song is "Leader of the Band." We played your CD recording of that song as special music at my dad's funeral two days ago. Every father and son can relate to that song, and I thought it said some things I couldn't say better. Thanks for recording such a beautiful piece of music. Best wishes for you as you battle against cancer. My wife and I want to see you again in concert soon, so do everything you can to beat the disease. ~ Ken Moreland, Indianapolis, IN


 Dan, how many times have I listened to your words and felt the emotions you expressed. I just learned of your illness and am praying for your recovery and strength. At the very least, may you and your family be continually blessed by the grace to accept God's will. This I pray for. ~ Len West


 Dan, I sincerely pray the one who created Eden, the Heavenly gates, and YOU, will restore your health.


 Being a Colorado native, I've been a loyal Fogelberg fan ever since my sister first brought home "Home Free" and have owned everything he's ever made since. I look forward to many more years of the best music from this most talented man. (plus, you get better looking with every year) Love you big guy. ~ Amy Koklich, Colorado


 Dan: Your music has been at the core of our relationship since we dated in the late 1970's. From the day she introduced me to Captured Angel, we have grown to love your music more each year. Our children embrace your music as part of their youth and you as a virtual member of our family. Our sincerest prayers are with you and your family everyday and they will not stop! Stand strong and fight, my friend! ~ Russ & Hope Evans


 The last time I had the chance to see you, you were performing at Red Rocks. I'm hoping I'll be able to see you there again, soon, and that I'll have the chance to take my daughter to hear what music is suppose to sound like. There's no doubt in my mind that you will beat this and come out stronger. So, laugh, love and realize how many people are out here waiting to hear from you again. My best wishes to you and your family. ~ Jennifer


 God bless you. You could never know the meaning your music has brought to my life. ~ Lee Short, Destin Fl


 Dear Dan, if I had a wish, I would wish that I could sprinkle a thousand red confetti hearts over you to show you the love and care that myself and your fans have for you and your condition, I know that that is quite an imaginative thought, but when I listen to "Nether Lands", I know that there is no such thing as an overactive imagination. ~ Magnolia


 Dear Dan, I have enjoyed your beautiful music ever since I was in college back in the seventies. My room mate and I would sit by the river on a daily basis with our guitars and sing your songs, "Place in the World for a Gambler" & "Song from Half Mountain". Now all these years later when my son was getting ready to go to college, I told him that I could not have imagined going to school without my guitar and told him the story about playing down by the San Marcos river. Well, I taught him how to play the guitar using one of your song books. He now is in school, taking guitar classes, and playing your songs by the river. Thank you for your amazing talent! ~ CHRISTI


 Dan, From a fellow Illinoian, I wish you well. I got to meet you here in Houston a few years ago with my daughter. Thanks for such great music. Please take care and hang in there. I have a lot of patients I take care of here in Houston at MD Anderson Cancer Center. I meet wonderful people. My best to you and your family. ~ Linda Clark


 I have become a relatively recent convert to the music of 'Mr F' as I affectionately call Dan Fogelberg - through that music I have also discovered the heart of another, he in turn has found my own. He especially used the music and lyrics of Mr. F to reach out to me. Best wishes to you and your family, may your strength and resolve see you through this time and know that there are two people amongst the many thousands that you have made very happy.


 Dan, I was so saddened to hear of the disease that ravages so many. As a man roughly your age, it always hits home harder when one of your compatriots, who is famous and near and dear to you, is afflicted. You have provided so much enjoyment and inspiration in your music in my life, and now I hope that all of those who are writing you with their prayers and good thought can repay you for all that you have done for us by using one of the biggest talents ever to be given to a human being. I have witnessed this talent three times in my life time (Oakland the first time on an impulse, then Lake Tahoe, and more recently Redwood City a couple of years ago). There is such an intimacy about your music and now when you are doing battle, we just want to feel that intimacy and send along our prayers and best wishes to you and your family and wish you well on getting well. ~ Terry in Fresno


 I've been following Dan Fogelberg since I started college (about 25 years ago). To say that he is a unique talent is probably one of the understatements of the age. I do want to say that my prayers are definitely with him (and his loved ones). And just to say thank you. I love many types of music but the love that I have for beauty that I hear in his voice, his music, his lyrics hasn't lessened in those 25 years and I don't suppose it ever will. It's not often we feel so touched by something but his artistry is truly in a class of its own. The man is a gift. Prayers for your health and ~ Carol Walmsley


 Dan, I wish I could write a song that uplifted you and gave you strength during this time. Your songs have definitely done that for me. Many times in my life your lyrics said what I felt. Your music has meant so much to me in my life that I wish you well in your battle. You are a gifted person that has inspired many people with your beautiful songs. I will look forward to hearing news of your recovery and hopefully a return to performing - I will certainly be there! ~ Ken Brackett


 Hello Dan, My wife and I are longtime admirers of your music and so many of your songs have inspired us in innumerable ways. It hurts my heart to imagine the fear and grief that something this illness has surely brought into your life and the lives of your friends and family. It does my heart good to see that you are transcending this fear and grief. Stay strong and know that we're with you too. Very best regards ~ Doug Joyce


 Dear "Dan The Man", I just picked lilies-of-the-valley and lilacs and gabe them to the "Blessed Virgin" and said a prayer. "A Love Like This" won't be denied. Keep the faith. ~ Janie, Cleveland, Ohio


 To Dan and Jean: Our thoughts and good wishes are with you from Maine. You have brought so much to us with your music and we hope for a good recovery and a wonderful life for you and Jean. We live along Casco Bay and know the wonder of the water. Best to you ~ Connie and Bob Hood


 Why to bad things happen to great people? We love you! ~ Knoxville, Tennessee


 Our prayers and good wishes go out to you and hope that you are the way to recovery. ~ Austin and Stephanie Sayer in England, UK


 Dear Dan, JUST read the news -- and I'm praying that it's ANCIENT HISTORY!! If not, may you be in the best scenario, of remission! I want to send you ALL of my best wishes, and again, I hoping and praying that this is all ancient history!!!! Please take care! ~ Kim Merrels


 Good wishes from Italy. I am a doctor that has loved your music from the beginning..


 For Dan, I just heard the news, and my loving thoughts and prayers will be with you. You have brought so much joy to my life over the years through your gift of words and music - I know that God is with you now and always. Your fan always ~ Donna


 Greetings From the Wild West Dan, More than Ever do I pray for you that God will heal you. I believe he can and I believe he will. You are so loved by so many. How amazing it must feel to know that you have brought happiness to so many lives. One of which is mine.When you are all fixed up...and when you are in Montana...Just know that you and your family are welcome around my campfire...anytime. I pray for God to protect you and your family and keep you all at peace. Happiness ~ Traci Suzanne Marvel


 I saw you tonight on Soundstage and hearing your music brought back so many memories. I used to live in Illinois and remember listening to "Wysteria", seeing you in concert at ISU....and admiring your talent through all these years. You have many more years of music to create, keep a positive attitude and beat this disease. Your many fans hold you in their hearts and I pray for your complete recovery. Best wishes ~ Beverly in Eugene, Oregon.


 Saw you in concert on the tele tonight and it struck a chord. I love your music. It flows through the decades and kindles the memories of the heart and mind. Some of the best memories of my father were those of working beside him, helping him build his retirement home on the Oregon Coast, listening to "Twin Sons of Different Mothers" on an old paint spattered cassette player. Ten years later my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer that after treatment went into remission for five years during which time we built many more memories before his passing. So, in hearing of this great challenge of yours and listening to you sing "Leader of the Band", I am in awe by the gift you gave your father, the gift you gave the world, the soul of your music and majesty of your spirit. I came to your web site, read your biography.... truly a legacy. Within the circle of angels and with God's healing touch, our prayers are with you. Peace. ~ Marcia, Cascade Head, Oregon


 Dan: I hope you are doing better. I was an Air Force serviceman in 1975, alone from home for the first time, and despite knowing all would be fine, the knot in my stomach was greatly diminished when a doctor on base handed me "Souvenirs." All of a sudden the world opened up again like an incredible orchid and I was buying your albums for many years to come, prompting me to buy a guitar myself and be a "wannabe." I have missed your tours every time due to some cosmic anomaly that I won't do detail to here, but please get better so finally I can stand up and put my hands together! ~ Steve Richardson, Seffner, FL

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