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"Dear Dan" Letters

September 2006

 Dan, I hope you are doing well.  I bought your Portrait album recently and I read every word in the book and listened to every song as I read your story behind it.  You touch me like no other singer ever has.  I've been a big fan since I was 20, and I'm 52 now.  Souvenirs was my first album and I have loved your music ever since. In a week I will be heading to Colorado, to Estes Park and RMNP, and I always think of your "Song from Half Mountain" when I see it.  Your music is a part of my soul.  Thank you, and God bless and keep you. ~ Rhonda


 I miss you - plain and simple. Fall is coming and it reminds me of the fall of 1980 when I discovered your music. I check the website nearly every day for news. I continue to keep you and your family in my prayers. I can't think of anything to tell you other than how much I miss you and your words.... ~ Shelly Blakemore, OKC


 Dear Dan, I pray for you each and every day that they find a cure for your illness. Your music would be too great a loss for me and millions of others to endure. I have listened to you since you started and of course I have every album. I have come to see you every time you were in town here in Phoenix. God bless you and please keep up the fight for you have touched my heart since day one. I am one of your biggest fans. Sincerely yours forever ~ Kim Anderson


 Dearest Dan and Jean, Your courage and strong efforts to educate others doesn't surprise me.  I am so grateful to be able to thank you Dan, for your music.  I have been to countless concerts in Nashville.  While I returned home to Louisville some years ago, I still remember the first song of yours I heard and I quickly became a loyal fan.  Your songs speak to me and have helped me celebrate and cope.  Thank you for sharing your talents.  You mean a lot to me.  I am glad you have each other.  I came home to reconnect with an old friend from 25 years ago!  Love helps most everything.  My thoughts and prayers are with you both.   May you live a long and happy life together. Thank you! ~ Anne M.


 Thank you for giving me light and peace during my youth. My heart sank when  I saw that you had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Please know you are in my prayers for a successful remission soon. Blessings ~ Deb Carlton, Holly Springs, NC


 Dan,  Today  you and your music were on my mind, as is so often the case.  It's been quite some time since I've said, "Thanks, Dan."  Your lyrics and your music are as special to me today as they were the first time I heard them.  You are truly a living legacy and someone those of us still in the Heartland can be proud to call one of our own.  May God bless you each day and surround you with his love. ~ Ann, Central Illinois


 Hi, Dan, I was sorry to hear that you've been ill, and I wish you the best. It's hard to say which of the many concerts of yours that I attended was the best, as they were all wonderful.  However, I always think of the Nether Lands tour, when I saw you at the Greek Theater in Berkeley.  It was a beautiful day, and a perfect setting for that concert.


When I was a music teacher, we sang your songs.  I was probably the only elementary music teacher who used "Part of the Plan" in her curriculum.  But the kids loved it, and my range matches yours quite well. One of the things on my "list" of what I should do in my life was to sing back-up for you!  Your music has brought much enjoyment to my life.  I hope you are doing well, and if you should decide to retire and enjoy life, great.  If you should feel better and want to perform again, I'll be there! ~ Nancy


 With all the crap out there these days, it hard not to listen to your cd's over and over.  I know that you have a song or a story in you to share with the rest of us still.  I can understand why you are not touring, it takes a lot out of a person.  But I do hope and pray, that you will record again.  I wish you a very speedy and healthy recovery, and I hope you and your family are well. ~ Marion MacDonald, Harrisburg, PA


 Hi Dan, You have been on my mind for a long time now.  I've been a fan since 1975.  I've seen you in concert only three times(once in Red Rocks, which was awesome), yet have every album you've produced.  As many (and you) have said "Your song is in my soul".  You and your music were the common bond between my husband and myself.  Thank you for always being there for me in your music! Please let your loving public know how you are doing . You are in my prayers always.~  Elaine from Nebraska


  Dear Dan - I recently purchased your Live DVD that was produced in 1991.  I have always loved your music, since the 70s. I saw you perform in Eugene, Oregon, at the Hult Center in 1994, I believe.  I was so thrilled to finally get to see you in person, after loving your voice, your poetry and your music for so many years.  When I saw your DVD I was so excited at the thought of getting to see you perform again.  I looked for your site on the internet and saw that you have been facing health challenges since May 2004.  I am praying for your complete recovery.  I am also getting people around the world praying for you through Silent Unity.  You will be held in prayer 24 hours a day for the next 30 days.  We will hold the vision of your spiritual and physical perfection.  Thank you, for sharing yourself with us.  Your music has enriched my life so much. God bless you. ~  Soriana Wood


  Once again I send my best wishes and good thoughts to someone whose music helped to create the backdrop of so many lives.  I have emailed before but it was a while ago.  I pray that the situation is much better and that Dan and his family are living a good life. Take care!  We miss the beautiful songs.  Who doesn't think of his or her own father when listening to "Leader of the Band"?  (I still think "Run for the Roses" should have been adopted by any network showing the Kentucky Derby!!) ~ Ann L. Ayres,  Pflugerville, TX


  Hi Dan - The first time I heard "Leader of the Band", I decided I would tell my father MORE OFTEN, how much I thought of him, loved him and appreciated what he brought to my life (thank God he is still alive). My teen years were SUCH a struggle for he and I - often he would result to physical violence. But I got past that, some of that is thanks to you. And I dwell on the good, not the bad. The song taught me that dads do their best.


My all time non-religious, non-carol song for the holidays is "Same Old Lang Syne" - I can tell you that this kind of incident happened to me with a girl I almost married (w/o the snow turning into rain). "Just for a moment I was back at school"  - for some reason, everytime I hear you sing it, I am there and there is a twinge that is palpable. Thanks for your sensitivity, storytelling, ethos and pathos. As a songwriter, I wish that I could say it as well as you have, so many times! God Bless you - I will indeed be praying for you - and I will get a PSA and physical this week. ~ Greg Thacher


 Dan,  I thought you would like (need) to know that my companion of twenty years and I will be getting married on October 29, 2006, exactly 20 years to the day that we met.  One of the many things that connected us to each other was, drum roll please, you.  She wakes every morning and I make sure of it, to your song, "To the Morning".  You unknowingly have given me so much and I wish in some way I could repay you. I could go on and on about the songs that have affected me in my life that have been written by you.  But I guess that I will choose something that wasn't written or as far as I know, performed by you "Knocking on Heaven's Door", and I prefer the Warren Zevon version for obvious reasons. I want you to know that if there is anything that I can do for you please feel free to ask.  And I will do this if you do this for me; "Keep Me in Your Heart for Awhile". ~ Kevin Washington


 I will keep you in my prayers. I saw you once in concert a long time ago. Since my junior high days, I have loved your music, and always wished I could find my own Dan Fogelberg :-). You inspired me to play the guitar. All the singer-song writers that I support owe you :-). Love you ~ Denise


 Dear Dan, I grew up learning to play and sing your songs thirty years ago and still love listening to them today with the love of my life. Your  music has taught me so much about the joys of composing and self  expression. Seeing you in concert in Springfield MA and at the Mile High Stadium in Denver with the Eagles with Joe Walsh, Linda Ronstadt, and Pure Prairie League was a defining musical moment I will always treasure. You fired up  my imagination and gave me images of romantic hope to carry me through some lonely teenage times. Now, it is my moment to offer hope back to you  in your moments of personal crisis. None of us are truly alone, and all of  us whose lives you have touched will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. I  will also get that colonoscopy  I have been putting off since turning 51.  Thanks for being open and going public with your illness, and thanks for  being an inspiration in so many ways. ~ Marc Chabot, Southbury, CT


  Having been a fan of almost 30 ( can't believe it's been that  long) years, I was saddened to hear of the news of your health  concerns.  I truly appreciate your honesty and sermon while dealing with  this.  My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family as you battle this illness by whatever means you feel are right for you.  And I am scheduling an appointment for my husband next week. In the meantime and for the long time, I hope you draw support from those  of us who have our CD players (updates from our 8 track players, cassette decks and turntables....) full of your music and message.  Your songs have been the background music of my life.  I mark significant events in my life with your voice.  It has been a gift. My best ~ Claire


  Dan, If I ever had a brother I had never met it would be you.  Of course your songs touch so many people and share those beautiful emotions that keep alive and wanting to live.  But I always felt a connection with you and especially since you took so well to my native Colorado. Like one of the previous writers I had lost track of you for the past few years and in the joy of rediscovering your work via the internet, I learned of your illness.  My only wish is that the inner light that has guided you all this time, guides you back to health.  May the wind be at your back and the sun on your face. Your Brother ~ Dan Mieszala, Colorado


  Dear Dan and Jean, " Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves."  - James M. Barrie. I was just mourning the end of another summer, and I thought of you, Dan - since I have been to all (almost all?) of your concerts at Red Rocks.  I didn't get there this year at all - I keep looking for your concert schedule, and decided to look it up on your website. I am praying for you to feel better soon and hope that you will consider coming back to Red Rocks! Missing you ~ Cheryl Nitz (Aurora, CO; originally from Wisconsin)


 Dan, your music, your family, and your insight have caused me to see the things of this world differently.  I have followed you through your music ever since your first record. While in Adak Alaska, my family and I listened to you often.  I wondered what kind of man you were and who you must be. Your cancer will cause you to reach out to millions once again with spirit filled music that indeed transcends this world. I have never met you or have seen you in concert, but you do live through your music.  I know that your family is first however. This is so clear to those of us who listen and learn from you, the leader of the band. Your music is a touch of light in an otherwise dark world. What grace you have given and what peace you have shared. I know I speak for many  when I say to you and your family that we pray for ya'll every day. I read that you have no plans as of yet to return to the stage or studio.  Know this, that you in the hearts of those who hear you, those of us who are "hung beneath the heavens", you play our hearts so well each time we hear you. God Speed Dan. May God continue to give you strength and purpose. ~ Stewart Pepper


  Dear Dan and Jean, Just a note to let you know you're being thought of and prayed for.  I've been a fan for about 30 years now, Dan, and I never grow tired of the gifts of word and song that you so selflessly shared with so many like myself . Words cannot express what these gifts have meant to me as I journey through different phases of my life - "thank you" seems so inadequate.  You truly are one of the most gifted artists of our time, and I'm grateful to have experienced your music and to now share it with my two young sons. 


As a survivor of [early] breast cancer and a ""ChemoAngel" to my second "buddy" undergoing rigorous chemo and other treatments, I know a little of what the "C" word is all about.  I would never portend to say "I know what you're going through," but I do want you to know that I've seen time and again the power or a positive attitude, total support from those closest to you (you can do it, Jean!), and when possible, a sense of humor.  I hope that all your fans and those who love you are "paying it forward" and thanking you for all you've meant to us by being there for you in word, body and/or prayer as you go through this most difficult time in your life, and most of all, I hope it helps both you and Jean.


Please know that when you're surrounded by darkness and feeling alone, someone out there is living in your music and sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.  Please know you are not alone.  May you find strength, peace and as many good moments/days as possible as you fight.  Godspeed. Most sincerely ~ Janet McCann, Living in Austin, Tex., though my heart & soul belong to New England & North Carolina


 Dan - you are loved, appreciated, respected, prayed for, and missed.  For 30 years you've inspired me!  You inspire many!  Looking forward to your continued insight-filled music. May God's grace continue to be revealed to you.  Peace, and His many blessings always, to you and your family.  -Sally B.

 Dan, your musical gifts spoke directly to my heart and invariably left me feeling better for the listening. You painted vocal masterpieces with your lyrics and your guitar gave it all genius. I cherish your songs and their emotional power each time I listen to one. Thank you seems quite insufficient... ~ John

 Dan,   I've been struggling with some unknown illness for a few weeks and was having a huge pity party today.  I put on Souvenirs, listened to "Gambler" several times, thought of your current challenges, said some prayers and have found a touch of peace.  You have played your part in life beautifully, Dan, by lending your talents to make our world a more loving and peaceful place for all of humanity.  You do everything boldly and with compassion for all God's creatures.  I trust you are still giving it your all -- whatever "it" happens to be today.  You are a blessing and have touched many people who don't even know you as a musician.  Namaste ~ Teresa Huskey, Fort Worth, Texas

 To Dan: It's been oh so many years ago seeing you at Ebbet's Field in Denver Colorado.  Home Free was out and I knew then that you were "Something Special".  My first love on my arm, we were both in our "Innocent Age" and thought it would never end.  Thirty some years ago and I'll remember it forever.  Although I grew fond of another woman, and married her many years ago, your music has always been so important to me.   I just want to say "Thank You", and let you know that  I'llsay a prayer for you often.  Take Care and God Bless. ~ Lester Sabo in Northern California


 Dan, I finally have a CD player in my new car (I feel like I joined the real world finally) and I have been busy buying your music in CD format.  I've been a fan of you and your music since the 70's and I just love and appreciate your music more and more the older I get.  It helps me unwind at the end of a long day and get through the stress of every day life. 


Wishing you a belated happy birthday and wishing that you had a positive message on your website this year as you did last year.  Hoping that you just haven't gotten around to writing it yet.  In the meantime, we will all keep lots of positive thoughts for you and Jean and will continue to pray daily for your return to complete health.  Obviously, fans too numerous to count love you and wish you well, Dan.  Keep fighting the good fight and you will win, Dan. ~ Carol Zajac


 Hello Dan -my name is Edward  Sexton  even though I have only seen you a few times in concert, I sincerely love your singing and playing. I just found out about your  illness. Ii am praying that God will heal you of your cancer. I had cancer in 2004 also. My cancer was in my thyroid. God loves you, Dan, and he will take care of you. I'm a musician also. I am sending lots of prayers for you and your family. Always remember that I am one fan  of many that would like to see you in concert again. Ask God to help you with this fight. He has all power  and can make you whole again. Sincerely your friend ~ Edward  Sexton


 Dear Dan,  I just heard the news of your health problems yesterday and wanted to send you (and your family) our thoughts and prayers for strength to get through this.  My husband was diagnosed with breast cancer in July of 2004 and prostate cancer in March of 2005.  During Richard's chemo treatments he received foot reflexology, acupuncture as well as sound therapy.  I think doctors are like shoes, you have to find one that fits.  Best of luck to you. You are in our thoughts and prayers, keep the faith. ~ Carolyn and Richard Gold


 Hello Dan, I broke out your Greatest Hits this  evening. It made me feel 21 again. Hope you feel okay today. Remember you're not far from  someone's thoughts. Godspeed.  ~ Amy from Houston


 Hi Dan, We sure miss your concerts at Red Rocks but we also know that you are home resting and trying to get better. It would be great for you to send us fans an update of your progress. We all hope you are doing well and that you know you are greatly missed. Until we see you again, thank you for ALL the GREAT albums that we can still listen too.  They are special to all of us.  ~ Tina - Colorado


  Dan, Best wishes to you and your family. I look forward to your return to recording and performing. Regards ~ Tim Orlando


 Dear Dan,   I have long wanted to thank you for the great gift that you have given to us all, with your music.  Your songs have been dear companions since I first heard them in the 1970's. You followed your heart to share this gift with us, and it has touched us all deeply.  I hope each day that you and your family now feel distinctly the Love we are all sending back to you. ~- Linda McNeil, St. Louis, MO.


Dan - Like everyone else who views your site and posts messages, I keep hoping that "no news is good news" regarding your health.  My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you daily as your music is with me daily, to and from work in the car and at home on the weekends.  I have noticed recently how much your music has encouraged me to be the person I have become in the past couple of years - the person I finally like. Your passion for nature and your strength to be true to yourself,

whether it is the popular decision or not, have truly influenced me.  I am finally at a point in my life, albeit a little late, where I can be the person I want to be, not the person someone else wants me to be. Your music helped me get to the place and I thank you.  As you said, "Be who you must, it's a part of the plan."  Thanks for being the person you were destined to be and for sharing that person with us for so long. Stay strong, be healthy, and know that you are loved.  ~ MJ


Dear Dan, I am 55 and I walk each morning and just a few days ago while walking a neighbor asked about my T-shirt which was from your 1987 Exiles tour and it has your picture on the front.   We walked for a while talking about how much we love your music and reminiscing our youth and each of your songs and concerts we attended.  You are my favorite artist and you touched my life in so many ways while I was growing up listening to your music.  I think you are a beautiful person inside and out.  I decided to find out about you and if I could find a CD with your greatest hits so I went to the internet today and found your website.  I was so sorry to hear you were diagnosed with cancer in 2004.  I hope this email finds you much improved.  I will pray for you and your family that you will find the strength and courage you will need to get you through this very difficult time.  Thank you for sharing your gift with us.  ~ Deborah Cobb, Homewood, AL


 I am 50 years old but can still remember the first song I heard when I was 16 or 17. It was "Part of the Plan" and I have bought every album, tape and cd since that time. You are one of the very few songwriters that I always have made a point of learning all the words. My wife died of cancer a year ago and your song "Beggars Game" always reminded me of when we met. I wish you a great recovery and a return to writing and performing more great songs. You are the best. ~ Dwight G.


 Dan, My husband and I just celebrated our 25 Wedding Anniversary and danced to our Wedding Song, "Longer" once more.  After all these years, it is still the perfect song for us, and I want to thank you for your beautiful gift of music.  I hope that you are doing well and continue remaining strong.  God Bless and if you ever do decide to do 1 more concert...I hope it's in North Carolina! :-)    ~ Eileen M.


 Dan, your spirit and health is on all the guys' minds every day. Keep the candle lit. ~ D Henley


 Had no idea of the battle you and your family have. I was just looking up your name on the internet because I thought of your song, 'Longer'   which was my wedding song 20 years ago and it gave me chills.  Wow, you're one magnificent singer and writer! Best hopes and wishes to you and your family - hang tough. We love you! ~ Phyllis


  Dear Dan, I've been a fan since 1977, when you released " Nether Lands"..........I was a 18 year old high school senior. I've since obtained all your works and have seen you perform 4 times. How can I possibly thank you for ALL of the words and music with which you've graced us?  I cannot.   I can only tell you that in many defining moments in MY existence, your Art has inspired, comforted, and actually guided me (as well as wooing my wife, Lorraine, who was a fan when we met in 1983!)  I can honestly say, Dan, that I would not be what I am today if you had never written all that marvelous music! Today, in my car, I thought how much fun it would be to get " High Country Snows" on CD ( I've had it on vinyl since its release date).  I went to Amazon, started reading some reviews and one of them mentioned  your diagnosis.  I was deeply troubled by this shocking news.  Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers, and may God bless you, Dan. ~ Peter and Lorraine Brasch


 Dear Dan and Family, I think of you often. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Your inspiring music is ALWAYS with me. And I hope you will always know that those you have inspired are inspirations for you. We continue to love you, and miss you on the concert scene. However, your health, strength, and love are most important now. You have provided the canvas and the portrait...we continue to be your museum. Wishing you the best... ~ Nance A


Dan, Both my wife and I have wished you nothing but the best in your recovery. I'm 58, and last year I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. This needless to say was the biggest scare of my life. I had surgery, and thankfully today, I am cancer free. Over the years we've seen you play many times, and look forward to seeing you again should you decide to tour in the future, but first and foremost, we wish you a healthy life. My father too was a band director for many years, and you, as only you can do, put a lot of what I felt into a beautiful song. You have touched the lives of countless people in ways that they only understand. Thank you for the words, and music which have woven a tapestry through our lives. With September being prostate cancer awareness month, I can only echo your words to every man out there. Please get your exams on a yearly basis.


 Dear Dan, I have been a fan of yours since I was a teen. I was reading your bio today and was saddened to hear of your illness. My heart goes out to you and your wife. I grew up in Santa Fe (where I met my husband) before moving to Peoria where my first son was born. I told him it was rumored that your father taught at Woodruff but I'm not sure if that's true. I'm 37 with three boys now and we too call Colorado home. All my boys play a musical instrument and my oldest is a fan of yours. Your music has truly touched many generations and we, your fans, are forever grateful. The best to you Dan ~ Laurie San Miguel


 Dan, Your music helped me get through a tough adolescence.  Thirty years later you helped me through a bout with breast cancer.  My thoughts and prayers are with you, since that's all I'm able to repay you with. ~ RM in Orange County, CA


 Dan, I have recently rediscovered your music and it's as awesome as it ever was. Listening to Home Free is magical...and powerful enough to bring me right back to the time in my life it is connected with...Wow! Your music has touched so many lives...and you have made a difference in this world.  Many aspire to that, but few succeed. News about you is sparse, and being the eternal optimist, I always see no news as good news. I'm hoping that you're still fighting the fight and are able to enjoy each and every moment. Thanks for sharing the gift of your music. Best Wishes ~ PJ

 We would like to extend our best wishes and extreme gratitude to Dan for his health and his music.  Both are very near to our  hearts and we wish him and his family many many blessings!! ~Sheryl Radetsky, The Rock N Soul Cafe, Boulder, CO


 Dan, I think about you often and wonder how you are doing. My older brother recently had successful prostate cancer surgery. Thankfully, it had not spread beyond the gland. My prayers are with you and your family as you fight this disease. God bless ~ Jerry Burr, Terrell, TX


 You don't know this, but you and I spent much time together over the years. As an introverted teenager, I spent hours listening to your music. Your song, "Along the Road", was my high school graduation song at Farmington High. I now own more of your CDs than any other artist.  I live in Albuquerque and work in Santa Fe.  On the commute up this morning, I listened to Innocent Age, and this afternoon, working on my computer, I listened to Souvenirs. How strange to log onto your Web site tonight and learn of your illness. For some reason, known only to God, I was led to start praying for you about three years ago.  Maybe your illness now is part of the reason why. I pray that you lean on God during this time and that he give you and your family peace in the midst of uncertainty.  You are a brilliant singer and musician. Thank you for sharing your God-given gifts.  ~ Marla P.


 Dan, I hope you are hanging in there. I am a 49 yr-old who has seen you play a few times over the years in NC and Tennessee. You music has always been both soaring and a source of comfort & joy for so many years. I remember going to college in 1975 and we had this great station in Raleigh NC called WQDR and they were really into you, playing all the deep cuts from Souvenirs, Captured Angel, Home Free.... This is how I learned about you and began to buy all of your stuff.  I am also a global wanderer and lover of cooking food and wine, I hope you are able to still enjoy. I wish you God-Speed, please remember, There's Always a Light in the Depths of your Darkness....Let It Shine! ~ Geoff Williams, Raleigh NC


 Dan, I hope this note finds you in a healing process. My wife and i have been fans since the start and your songs have touched our souls and lives along the years. We wish you health and send our humble thanks for some of the greatest music ever written. I pray for your recovery and wait for the next album after your healing. This world needs beautiful souls like you so please don't leave this world anytime soon. Your friends and fans ~ John & Carol Edwards


 I have been a big fan since college.  (graduated 1976)  My late husband was also a big fan.  I have been to your website a number of times to be updated and am sorry that no new information is available.  I hope your battle is continuing to go well. My husband was diagnosed with bladder cancer when he was 40 and died when he was 50.  With the help of great doctors and a great spirit, he outlived all of the statistics.  It is an insidious disease that all who experience only know so well. I just want you to know that my IPOD tells me that I've listened to your music more than any other.  You have so inspired me through the years; soothed me, brought tears of joy, melancholy, sadness, remembrance and peace.  Thank you for all of that!!!! Best wishes to you and your family ~  Lisa Ciampa


 Dear Dan, I have been a huge fan of yours since my sister played "To the Morning" and "Stars" from your Home Free album. I went out later that night to purchase it over 26 years ago and since have purchased all your albums/cds and cassettes to date.  I actually met you while sitting in the front row at the Mc Carter theatre in Princeton NJ around 1979. I was with a friend sitting who sat next to Tim Weisberg before he joined you for a few songs. I have thousands of records, been to hundreds of concerts, and I was in the music business as a talent scout.  You have been my absolute favorite musician since the first time I heard of you.  I have turned hundreds of friends on to you and probably saw you play at least a dozen times, I even have two Fools Gold albums that you played on. I have been a massage therapist and often play your music for my clients.  I recently was on vacation in Park City, Utah and thought of you often while driving along the Mountain passes and better understand how you have always had such a special connection to the wilderness.  I plan one day to return in the Winter to see the High Country Snows.  Nothing would make me happier than to see you get better and start singing again and make another record.  I chose "Believe in Me" for my wedding song and as I approach my second marriage I will be choosing another favorite "Make Love Stay". Thanks for providing me with the inspiration to learn to live again.  I too have had 5 surgeries and the latter involving a quadruple by-pass so I know the blessing of a second chance at life.  My warmest wishes for a healthy future and live a long life because you're a survivor and hope to hear that's Part of the Plan! Best wishes ~ Joel Berke


 Dan, I truly want to tell you what an enormous part of my life your music and wonderful voice have been. My second husband, who died of lung cancer in 1986, and I shared so many happy times that just the sound of your voice brings back so clearly. We used to request your songs, particularly "Leader of the Band" , at our favorite restaurant from a folk singer there.  I also had cancer, colon, in 2002. I was very fortunate, surgery got it all, no chemo or radiation. I've remarried, an old high school friend, and now the two of us sing along with you on my CD's. I wish I had the appropriate words to thank you for sharing all of your gifts with us for so many years. On the days when you wonder if you chose the right road, as I'm sure the cancer has caused you to do, never for one instant doubt yourself. I'm sure you will never know how great your gift to the rest of us has been, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wish you tremendous success in your battle with this crazy disease. Hug your wife constantly. Having been on both sides of the issue, the one watching a loved one, and the one with the disease, it's much easier to be the one WITH the disease. I know that sounds nuts, but the horrible helplessness of the one who watches will be with me always. I'll be 56 in August, I'm still here, and I'm counting on you being here until long after I'm gone. Good luck! Most sincerely ~ Sue Caughlin


 This afternoon I took a few moments to try to find out something about your health.  I gasped when I read the news. So here I sit, with teary eyes, thinking of all your music has meant to me, of the amazing poetry that fills your songs, determined to send all the positive energy I can muster your way.  I wish you peace and wonderfully good health.... All my best ~ Jean Anne Clyde


 Dan, just a brief note that hopes to find you well and in good spirits and to let you know you are NEVER forgotten. My family and I pray for your complete physical and mental recovery and the spiritual sustenance of your family every day. The impact of your music on my soul and my life can never be underestimated, and its brilliance will NEVER be surpassed. (I've given your Christmas Album to virtually everyone I know!) Take care, my dear friend, create and perform again if God gives you that full recovery so many tens of  thousands are praying for, but do all you must do in your journey to good health. Sincerely ~ Greg Tuttle,MD..Chapel Hill/Durham, North Carolina


 Dear Mr. Dan - just like all our brothers and sisters, I am always thinking of you. You are like a close friend to us. I always intercede for you when I pray for my afflictions. I am always praying for those whom the world needs. I don't have all the right words to say but brother, God be with you . Long live the leader of the band. From a close fan from deep south Texas.


 Dear Dan:  I have been a fan for many, many years, and want to express my support for you during your present battle. I want you to know that I have recently turned on my 16 year old daughter and her friends to your music, and they absolutely love it!  It is great that your music still excites people of all ages! Imagine a room full of 16 year olds, mesmerized by  "Home Free", asking me what it was like to see you in concert during the 1970's. They really love your music and each and every one of them is now a fan.  I told them of the rough patch you are going through, and they all asked me to let you know how much your music moved them, and to let you know they would pray for you. Please take care of yourself, and try to love each and every second of the day.  I am convinced that we all have a choice to try to do good things in some small way with the time we have on this earth, and that each small joy you bring others will bring you happiness in return. Based on all the joy your music has brought to others, you must be a joyful man. Sincerely yours ~ Kevin Lee, Pittsburgh, PA


 Dear Dan, I was saddened last year to hear of your cancer-the kind of unexpected news that takes your breath away.  I should have written sooner on this site to thank you for being an incredible inspiration in my life for over 30 years. I was 'hooked' in high school, dancing to "Part of the Plan" in a pom pom routine (would you have every thought a poms routine would come out of that song!); crying through "To the Morning" during our senior retreat; grieving following a broken relationship after college to "Make Love Stay", "Believe in Me", "Missing You" and "Be on Your Way"; playing "Longer" at my wedding. I still have the vinyls, updated to cassettes at one point, and now have numerous duplicate CD's.


As you can see, your words have not only touched my heart but also my soul. "Same Old Lang Syne" takes me back every time I hear it to a nearly identical experience, feeling those same emotions I did at that time and knowing one word could have changed my entire future for the better.  Dabbling in piano and guitar for many years, I have sheet music to bring me even closer to your heartfelt messages.  Some people only hear music-others, like me, not only hear and listen but feel the power and passion you bring.  For this, I am forever grateful.  Your music has shaped much of who I am, nourished me through good and bad times, and will remain a gift I will carry always.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.  I hope you draw strength from the outpouring of those of us who have been forever touched by your words, your song, your hope and your commitment to carry on.  ~ Sandy from WIsconsin


 Dan - I don't know what to say other than we all miss you, think about you and continue to wish you and your family the best. There's always light in the darkness be it love, health or whatever else. You taught me that. Hope you are doing better.


 Dan, I am saddened to hear of your Illness, but wanted to thank you for your words during an impressionable time for me. I attended a concert in Kansas City when I believe you were  on bill with the Eagles and Linda Ronstadt.....anyway I walked away from that concert in amazement of you. You announced your band did not make it and you sat down with your guitar and gave an amazing concert. I was hooked. Thanks so much and keep fighting.... ~ Ronda Platt


 Dearest Dan, I love you and your music - you are a real poet and your songs have meant so much to me throughout my life from teenage years.  Even my partner of 20 years (who was a "punk" in the 70's, i.e. a fan of bands like the Clash) enjoys listening to you! (well, sometimes!) We live in the UK and I have therefore never had the chance to see you perform live, but I have just bought the DVD of Greetings from the West.  It's been fantastic to see you in action Dan and to hear that your beautiful voice is just as good live as it is in the recording studio.  Thanks for sharing your gifts with us all over the past 3 decades.  I think of you often and wish you and Jean happiness, love, and laughter in the coming months and years.  With much love always ~ Pam


 Dan - whatever it takes, conquer this.  The world without you or your music will not be the same.  I know it can be done. One of my hunting buddies, given weeks to live last year, has just orchestrated a miracle from his advanced prostate cancer that jumped to his bones, his organs, etc.  At that point he dropped all treatments, from a medical perspective.  I've read the before and after reports from his oncologist and John's Hopkins, and I am still at a loss.  His radical diet, the love of his family, and his faith in God are what he relied on and what got him through to the other side, and he'll join us once again in the deer woods this fall.  He just a good 'ol Florida Cracker, our age, and a great guy. ~ Don Minnick, Virginia


 Dear Dan, Never have I written a letter to anyone famous but I felt the need and want. I was deeply moved to hear of your cancer and your bright outlook on life. I will be praying for you and your wife through these times. God is good and always there.  I knew your music in the early 80's when I was dating my first "real boyfriend" and they became "our songs". Especially "Same Old Lang Syne" . I don't know what he is doing all these years later but when I put in your CD it takes me back to a different time. My children now are 16-20 and know and love your songs as well. We have sing-alongs quite alot. Thank you for all the past memories and the present memories you have given me through your music. Love in Christ ~ Sally Owen, Kansas


 Dear Dan and family -I love your music and listen to it for it always  touches my heart and my soul-no other musician can do that. I treasure you and pray that you will make a full recovery. Just know how many millions of people are praying for you and sending their love and positive energy your  way. You are the deepest and most aware person and I listen to your lyrics and  they awaken my soul. We need you on this earth. There are no people like  you. I just hope that you will read these messages and get strength from them because we love you and send our love to your family and friends also. God Bless you ~ Margaret


 Dear Dan & Jean, Continued thoughts, love and prayers for your healing are sent your way.  Also, happy "belated" birthday; we drank a toast to you!!!  Thanks for sharing yourself and your gifts. In friendship, gratitude and love~ John & Lisa Andursky, Connellsville PA


 Dear Dan, Your music has been an ever-present theme throughout our marriage.  We've been blessed to see you in concert 5 times.  The first time we were only 17 yrs. old and madly in love.  A couple of years later, we went our separate ways, but one night we met up briefly, to experience another of your concerts together.  During that time, your music nostalgically took me back to the intimacy of our youth.  Then fate worked its magic, and we found our way back to each other.  Appropriately, your concert was our first date.


With loved ones gathered, we married and your music lingered in the air. Under the stars, we danced to "Longer". We saw you when I was pregnant with our first child, and then years later, our beautiful daughter accompanied us to another concert.  As you can see, you have richly blessed our lives with the power of your music and spirit.  It has been the constant reminder of our love, like a delicate thread, woven through each milestone of our relationship.  Thank you for following your dream, and living your life beautifully.


We are deeply sorry to hear of your illness.  Our prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.  Continue to allow your spirit to live beautifully, by remembering how much you are loved.  Our hope is that it will lift you up, just as you have lifted us up, Longer Than I can remember.  Your life is a true blessing. ~ David and Cher Kessel


 Our thoughts and prayers are with you.  My husband and I have always loved your beautiful music and miss seeing you in concert.  God bless you and your wife. ~ Janie Hartley


 Good Morning Dan, I just wanted to express my appreciation for the musical gift you have given me and the World. I am a Vancouver based manager of a singer/songwriter. I am your age and I have been blessed all my adult life to be exposed to the incredible body of work you have lovingly and carefully crafted. When my singer has a bad day or things just don't go according to plan, I remind her of your music and the inspirational journey you, as a singer/songwriter, have experienced.  It truly is about the journey isn't it? I wish you and your family love, health and laughter always and please remember us Canucks........we will never forget you and your contributions. Warm Regards ~ Jim Haliburton


 Dear Dan and Jean, As others have written, I, too, miss your concerts and new music. The only important thing is the well being of both of you. My thoughts and prayers are with you guys. We speak of you often and wonder how you're doing. I should get back to writing once a month, eh?? As Fall nears, we look forward to your next update. Don't Lose Heart, my friend! ~ Alexia and Dave Rogers, Reno, NV


 Hi Dan, Thank you for all the beautiful songs, great feelings, and memories through out the years! My wife and I are as big of fans today as we were in the early days of your career! You will always be a part of our lives!!


Yes, Dan, we are close to the same age and I am a survivor of bladder cancer since 2003. I have my annual check ups plus the prostate tests as well. My point to writing about my details is to thank you for having a place for people to write, wish you well, and become more, please get tested. Ladies, please ask your family members or boyfriends to do the same. Dan, my best wishes for you and your family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and yours. You are a part of our family.... Sincerest regards and best wishes ~ George Hawes, Fresno, CA (moving to Evergreen, CO next summer)


 Dear Dan and Jean -- I have left messages here before as you are on my mind often.  As always, I wish you both strength, joy, and comfort.  I just wanted to tell you that on September 24, my husband and I celebrate our second wedding anniversary.  We met each other late in life, and value every minute we have together.  Tonight I was honored to sing the song "Longer" to him and to sing it with great love in my heart.  I also sang it in honor of you and what your music has meant to us for so many years.  Many blessings to you, Dan and Jean. Many blessings. ~ Laurel and M. G. Stinnett


 "Let your faith be your strength and your love be your guiding star..." Dear Dan, I don't think I've ever heard lyrics more meaningful and powerful as yours in "Icarus Ascending".  When my son graduated from high school,  I printed out the lyrics and gave them to him.  I used those lyrics again in a memorial card that I designed to honor and remember my daughter who passed away 5 years ago.  On the cover of the memorial card I printed that line from your song next to a photo of my daughter feeding seagulls on the beach.  On the inside of the card I included another picture of her with the line, "There is no darkness in this place that we're bound.  Love is the only thing that matters". Although I wasn't fortunate enough to be able to have your music played at my wedding, your music and lyrics have even greater meaning for me 25 years later.  I want you to know that I think of you often and hope and pray that you are getting better and stronger each day.  Sending healing and loving thoughts your way. ~ Pam L. in Louisiana


 Dan and Jean, I think about you both each day as I listen to Dan's music.  Dan is such a legend, and I pray each day for him in hopes that he will beat his illness and continue to provide the world with music that cannot be matched by any other artist. Dan, your music and spirit have touched me in so many ways over the years.  As I went through a very tough time this spring, I used your music to keep my spirit alive and to move me out of a deep depression.  It worked!  One song in particular helped me the most -- "Magic Every Moment."  Not only did I recover from a very sad situation (broken heart), I successfully completed my first Triathlon on September 17th.  At 52 years old, I'm very sad that the love of my life broke my heart, but I'm happy that your music helped me move on and accomplish something that I never dreamed that I could do.    As I passed women and men on the bike course, I was singing "Magic Every Moment".  That song made a major difference in my life.  Thank you! God bless both of you. Love to both of you ~ Katy Stoveken


 Dan, Without your words and haunting melodies my heart would not have been as equipped to deal with the major events of my life (to date).   It never occurred to me so many other people might be feeling the same way, but it's obvious after reading the beautiful sentiments written here that you've touched us all in a special way.   Thank you for following the music where it called you all these years.   You and your family are in my thoughts and well! ~ Tammy R.


 Since I was a freshman in high school and my brother gave me Captured Angel  for Christmas, I have followed your music.  Your lyrics have always meant so much to me.   I have bought everything you have ever put out and always will.  I sang your songs to my children when they were babies as lullabies because I thought your music was more honest and soothing.  I must admit, I can't sing, but they didn't mind.  They have grown up listening to your songs.  I was lucky enough to marry a man who also appreciates your talent and we are approaching our 24th anniversary.  Your music will be played at our 25th, I promise!!  I haven't ever sent anything before because I don't do normally do this.  I felt compelled today to send you a note to let you know how much your music has touched my life.   It seemed  that for every stage I went through, you had music to help me through. I was so very sorry to hear of your illness.  I have and will continue to pray for your return to good health.  You and Jean have my warmest wishes. Remember - With God, all things are possible. ~ Trish


 Hi Dan. The first album I ever owned was your first, Home Free. I think I wore the grooves out of it. I've been a fan ever since. Please accept my prayers for your speedy and complete recovery. My husband and I now live in Colorado and agree with you as to its mystique and quality of life. God Bless you.


 Dear Dan, I have been thinking about you a lot and missing you on the concert circuit. :-( I have enjoyed your shows many times at the Greek Theatre here in L.A. Your concerts always bring a smile to my face. My Dad even joined us the last time you came to town and although he was not a fan prior to seeing you live, he was tapping his foot and clapping along and admitted that he enjoyed himself afterward.  I grew up listening to your music and I am a still a HUGE fan.  Your voice and lyrics have always been very meaningful and comforting to me. I pray for your recovery and hope that we will all be blessed with your gifts again very soon.  - Much love to you and your family ~ Shelby Huston Haro


 Dan and family: I hope you are doing well.  I too was saddened to hear of your diagnosis of prostate cancer.  I am a physician who practices beyond what is called the level of "standard of care" since I finished residency 10 years ago.  Back then the "experts" were telling young physicians that the PSA test was not of any great value......since no studies had proven yet that early detection changed morbidity and mortality.  I told the then head of the Oncology department that it was only because the right study had not been done yet.  Five years later they were telling us to check the PSA and DRE starting at age 50.  Now I see Urologists who think that just because a man is in his mid-70's or early 80's that a PSA is not justified.  I disagree.  I find such thinking an example of age discrimination.  I advise ALL my male patients to start having the PSA checked every two years starting at age 40 (every year if there is a family history AT ANY AGE) and every year starting at age 46.  This past year I have detected 8 prostate cancers in men ranging from age 52 to 79, all with PSA's less than the cut-off of 4.0 and all these men had normal digital exams by both myself and the urologist that  I referred them to.  All  thought they were in no danger as their prior physician told them they were OK since the PSA was below 4.0  The crux of the matter is that what is truly important is the PSA velocity or the rate that it is increasing.  It is a rather simple process to rule out urinary tract infections or prostate infections as the cause of a falsely elevated PSA.  Again, I can never say this enough to patients:  TISSUE MAKES THE DIAGNOSIS, not the PSA level or the digital exam.  These are just tools that guide us and move us forward to the biopsy process.  I think that you should also know that there is research now ongoing with Capsacian (it is found in certain peppers) that appears to kill prostate cancer cells in rat models and in tissue keep the faith Dan, we are going to find a cure for you.  I personally would recommend that you consider that our immune systems can be bolstered through exercise....not to mention how much it improves the mental attitude.  I hope your physicians have counseled you on this.  Music also has I believe a curative power on both the body and the soul....things that we are just beginning to realize in Western medicine.


I thank you as a physician for putting the advice on prostate cancer on your web assured that you have saved someone's life and others from what you are going through.  I had the privilege of seeing you perform at Iowa State University in Ames, IA years ago with my future wife in the 1970's.  I thank you for all the wonderful music that you have given us and for all the music that you will give us in the future.  Hey...if Lance Armstrong can beat cancer, so can you Dan...even if the cancer is a different one (in my book you are a far better man than Lance).  Our families' prayers are with you and your family, Dan. ~  Dr. Jim 

Dear Dan, my prayers and thoughts are with you. You've brought joy into my heart. I used to see you at the Valley Forge music festival, near Philadelphia.  I sat in one of the front row seats and loved watching and listening to you.  I own all of your CDs. You've meant a great deal to me over the years.


 Dan  your music has been a major part of my life.  Your voice & your ballads are beautiful  I wish you a long & healthy life.  Hopefully your cancer is gone. You  are such a gifted person and I wish only the best for you.  Sincerely ~ Jeanette McRoberts


 Dear Dan - Thinking of you with gratitude for your generosity in sharing your gifts of music, poetry, and  the heart with your devoted fans.  I so clearly remember the hauntingly beautiful strains of Home Free playing in the room next to mine during my freshman year of college.  I've been hooked ever since. I'll continue to pray for you as you weather this difficult chapter in your life, and wish for you blessings, both large and  small.  Please know what an enduring positive influence you have on our  troubled world as your music continues to feed our spirits and uplift our daily  lives.  God bless. ~ Tricia


 Dan, My prayers are with you and your family.  I cannot even begin to thank you for the music that touched my heart and my life so many years ago. From Fogelberg & Weisberg (Twin Sons) until now, my 15 year old daughter to this day still very rarely misses playing your Greatest Hits every Sunday morning and has since she was a little girl. I have what used to be a cassette now a cd in a safety deposit box, a copy of Souvenirs to be played when I pass on. My very first love back in 1977 was a 22 year hippie musician that captured the heart of a 16 year old with your music, and I have been a big fan of yours ever since. I saw you in Birmingham, Al in the eighties -- you were solo at the Oak Mt Amphitheatre. It was great. .Thank you for all these many years for everything you have given to so many through your music. Get Well And God Bless. ~ Lisa Dailey, Okeechobee, Florida


 Dear Dan and Family,   I feel like I am writing to an old friend. Ever since I listened to a friend's copy of Souvenirs when I was 17, I have eagerly awaited each new release by you. I am now 48 and I still enjoy listening to your songs just as much as I always did. I feel very fortunate to have seen you perform in Charlotte, NC in 82 or 83 ( I can't recall which ) during your Innocent Age tour. I was very saddened by the news of your sickness and I wish you the best and I will remember in my prayers. May you receive strength from the comments of all of your fans on this web site. Thank you for your vision and your words.


 Dan, Do you remember playing the Rainbow Music Hall in Denver as Frankie and the Aliens?  The concert was almost over before my friend and I realized you were Frankie - we could hardly believe it!  And then you said something about playing something other than that "sugary stuff" (or something to that  effect) and my friend burst into tears.  I loved it.  Seeing you play  so many times at Red Rocks and at the opening of the Buell Theater - you opened  yourself to reveal the human themes of love, loss, anger, joy, wonder that  are within us all.  Through your music I learned more about myself, which  is the gift that all great poets, songwriters, musicians, and other artists can  give.  I count your music to be among the greatest gifts I have  ever received, and will always hold you in the highest esteem.  ~ Lisa


 Dear Dan and Jean...thank you for all of the years of music you have enlightened my  life with.  My granddaughter Samara is 3 and loves your music as much as I. She pronounces your last name a bit differently - calling you Dan Jelloberg. I was at your concert in Seattle 26 years ago, was pregnant  with my 2nd daughter and had Anna at the age of 1 with me. Anna was silent  during the songs and was scared when the crowd applauded, so you graciously invited me to sit back stage with her and listen..mere feet from where you performed, having conversations with your  guitars (that rocked by the way, as I have intimate chats with mine  as well). I will never forget your generosity and kindness for a  small ARE an angel among us.  I practice the healing art of qi gong/ and wonder if you have tried this method of  treatment?   I have convinced my toughest 18  year old daughter. I've  seen amazing the energy simply comes from the universe through me. I feel very blessed to be a  vehicle. Please try it if you haven't. Again...thank you to the leader of the band. Many blessings to you and yours. Thanks Dan Jelloberg... ~ Cheri  Knight


 Dan and Jean, Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and the battle you are so courageously fighting. Your CDs are permanent fixtures in my CD players (car and home) and I want you to know the joy that hearing you sing brings to my children and I on a daily basis. My husband died of cancer so I know the battle you face. I pray for a complete recovery for you and that you return to the stage and grace us once again with your presence, your spirit, your music and your voice. We are hoping that remission soon becomes part of your vocabulary! Good luck! Lots of Love! Can't wait to hear from you again! ~ C


 I just wanted to take a minute and say Thank you.  You behold all of the things I hold dear to my heart.  From your beginnings in humble Peoria (I'm from Clinton IL) to your songs of majesty celebrating what God has provided to ALL of us.  Of course we had "Longer" sung at our wedding 17 years ago and my husband introduced me to your lyrics and it just touches us sooo much.  We were also very blessed to enjoy your last concert in Peora, what a beautiful and intimate setting, we could tell you had come "Full Circle".  We pray for your strength and that you can make others aware.  God Bless you Dan and your family.  (Red Rocks truly Rocks) ~ Hayley H-Clinton IL


 Dan, We all miss you so much. Please take care of yourself. I visited your web site about a year ago and read about getting a  PSA and a DRE. Well I'm having my annual physical in a couple days and I  remember reading about those exams on your web site and I couldn't remember  what they were called, and I want to ask my doctor about them. So thanks for having the information on your website. Take care. ~ Dan


 Dan: As a guy who has had several family members diagnosed with prostate cancer, I empathize wholeheartedly with your situation.  Both my wife and I offer our thoughts and prayers for you, your family and your friends-- you are special in our lives, as, like many folks here, one of your songs ("Run for the Roses") was our choice for our wedding song.  We breed and raise horses, so the song is especially meaningful for us.  Your songs were some of the first ones that I learned to play on the guitar (well, tried to play -- ;))  You have always stood out for me as a great songwriter in a immense field of mediocrity.  I hope that you come out of all of this healthy, sane, and are able to live your life as you desire.  If you'll forgive me a crude paraphrasing, "your songs are in all of our souls."  You continue to be the Leader of Our Band! ~ Michael & Karen Malcor-Chapman


 Dan (and family) have had my prayers and thoughts as you battle the cancer that you don't deserve.  I could write pages about what role you have played in my life---but a quick glimpse of a few of the other good wishes on this website shows that you have had the same kind of impact on many, many other people.  That is truly the mark of a great man, a great human being, by any definition.   Growing up in Monmouth, Illinois, at about the same time as you, I had not heard of you until I moved to Peoria in 1974. Within the next year or so I had heard "Home Free" and bought the second album, and knew "Part of the Plan" and "Illinois" and most of those songs by heart (and sang 'em all the time!)  Each new album found its way quickly to my collection, and the cover of each brings floods of memories rushing to the surface, as do many of the individual songs.  Partway into a new relationship in 1983-1984, I discovered that my new lady (and eventual wife) was not only a Fogelberg fan but a former date though she confessed she was more interested in John Mabee (who has never produced a single album!)  I've been able to see you in concert four times, including the Exiles tour and in July 2003 here the Full Circle tour , and each time has been a special and unforgettable experience of your live music.  You have been an inspiration to me for 32 years, and counting, and your words and music still touch me deeply.  Thanks for all you have done, and I pray you will be able to do much more, on this earth. ~ Michael A. Fleming, Esq.


 Dan, my thoughts and prayers are with you. There's no way to describe how much I've enjoyed your music through the years. I was 11 or 12 when my older brother said, "you've got to hear this new guy - Dan Fogelberg" and played me Home Free. I have been a fan ever since. My wife and I have seen you in concert in cities all over the country (Nashville, Knoxville, Saratoga Springs, Charlotte) and a variety of venues. I never cease to be amazed at your songwriting gifts, your guitar and piano talents, and your showmanship. Your songs tell the stories and touch the emotions of life. And they've been a large part of the soundtrack of my life. "Cursing the quest, courting disaster, measureless nights forebode moments of rest, glimpses of laughter are treasured along the road." Best of life from a friend you never knew you had.


 Dan - My love and thoughts are still with you and I still listen to your wonderful music as your words and lyrics and music are so brilliant...and words I still listen to and live by. Dan, I pray and hope you are doing well. Cheers~ Tina Rojas


 Dear Dan,  I would like to thank you for all of the inspiration you have given me over the years.  I was very ill a couple of years ago and your music gave me strength at my worst of times.  "Run for the Roses" is very special to me, "Since you Asked", "Leader of the Band" and many others.  I am praying for you.  I know God has put you on this earth for a reason, and I don't think your work is done yet. Sincerely ~ Kim Fahlbeck


 Dear Dan and Family-I hope that you are feeling the love and prayers of a nation. I listen to your music everyday and it always brings me back to a time that was so wonderful and I hope that you will feel not only my love and prayers but be reminded that you are so special to so many! Please hold our love close and let it help you fight this and get well. All my love

and  prayers ~ margaret trask


 How do I thank you for the music?   There must be more songs in one with such a luring voice and such a poet's heart:)  Thank you for the ballads and especially the one I sang from the top of Long's Peak many summers ago:"High on this mountain, the clouds down below, I'm feeling so strong and alive. . ."!!   Being 48 yrs,  I am still trading my albums for CD's and just replaced "Home Free" and "Nether Lands."    I only saw you in concert once and that was in Louisville, KY in the late 80's.  You are ever in my prayers.  Be comforted, be at peace and yet,  FIGHT.  You are still a beautiful man inside and out.  I want to bring my beloved husband to a concert soon.  He's been in Iraq since Dec. 21, '05. Oh Dan, could I pray you to come to Wolf Trap?   Don't stop playing.  We NEED you, rare and fine troubadour!!!   Keeping a flame of hope burning in my window tonight ~ Lisa Claire Cantwell


 Dear Dan, I have been a fan since the beginning but only recently heard of your battle with cancer.  Please know that I will be praying for you, that you will find complete health once again. ~ Dana


 I want you to know that like legions of other people your music and lyrics have helped me through hard times, augmented good times and sometimes just helped me study at university. I have never had the opportunity to see you perform live and I hope to be able to some day. I wish you a complete and speedy recovery. Livestrong and thank you for your songs. ~ JLC


 Dan, As I was going through my old albums to sell, I  found and played "Nether Lands".  I began to remember when we were so innocent, happy and your music touched our hearts and minds like no other musician.  Your words of music brought us contemplation, tears and a hope of those years we thought we could change the world.  Then the music stopped and here we are wondering where do we go from here.  I will not cry tears of sadness, but only of joy for you.  You have lived a fulfilled life beyond imagination.  Your life of music has taken us to the highest mountains and back.  You have been a caretaker of life with your music. You gave to well beyond many of us that only wished, but hung on the best we could with what we could believe in, if only there were something to believe in.  You have lived a life as Marcus Aurelius saw it, "finding a way to live in the world and not be destroyed by it."  Your life and songs are as he was a wise man.  "This then remains," Marcus reminds himself:"Remember to retire into this little territory of the inner self--your own world (which is all there is)--and there be free, and as a human being, observe the world passing by.  Each of us must look to the well being of his inner world, for it's here that we may find peace."  Dan, the day you were born, you already believed in peace.  Take care. ~ Victoria


 Dan, I've made the comment in the past that I was glad there were a lot of classic movies I hadn't seen; it gives me a large field to enjoy as the years go by.  My relationship to your career is similar.  I've known of you for many years, but my old tastes had me listening to groups like Kansas, The Moody Blues, Deep Purple, and so forth.  What can I say? But, I still remember, like it was just a few days ago, the first time I heard "Tullamore Dew. " No other piece of music had ever enchanted and mystified me like that one did. (It still does)  At the time I was working at a TV shop and the owner was a fan. From there I heard parts of  The Innocent Age.  But my life was going through big changes, and I left popular music behind for a number of years. 


This evening I was listening to Sirius Radio, and your ballad about an old girlfriend came on.  I had heard it here a number of times, and I thought I'd take a look on the Internet to see if it was a true story.  "Same Old Lang Syne" is a perfectly crafted song; God grant me that I will never become so jaded that the bittersweet emotions it creates fail to come.  What a heart you have, Dan; and what I've missed by not following you more closely over the years.  I have a lot to look forward to.  Considering the approaching season, I've purchased my second DF CD; The First Christmas Morning.


Dan, my prayer in this moment for you is that you will be healed, and that your years to come will find you living in a genuine relationship with the Son of God.  Perhaps, if you and He should agree to give all of us a blessing that could hardly be measured, you'll write of it. I have a friend who lives in Peoria.  When I see her in a few days, I will tell her of an artist that was born there. With great respect and love to man that has made so many lives richer ~ Jeff


 Dear Dan, "Dancing Shoes" helped me know what love means, so I could love my first love even more than I already loved her... That is a song which plays in my mind when I'm remembering the richest parts of my life. Thanks for giving us something that lives forever. Kind Regards ~ Scott Canfield


 Dan, your music was the theme of my college experience.  I attended a rural college in Southern West Virginia where I met a small group of very wonderful people who were all into your music.  Whenever we were together one or all of your first four ALBUMS were playing.  Kinda dating myself, huh?  Anyway, I am very saddened to hear of your health problem and hope you are healing.  This world needs more beautiful, heartfelt music with intelligent, intricate lyrics.  Get well and be happy Mr. Fogelberg, in my mind's eye you will always be young, healthy and a reminder of those days in my past that I cherish forever.


 Dear Dan and family,  I awoke this morning thinking about you and your music, and decided to check your website. I was saddened to hear of your illness, and I wish you the very best in your fight. I would like to thank you for the many songs you have crafted that have touched me so deeply over the years. I came to America from the UK in 1979, and immediately I was exposed to your beautiful music. It seems like my life here was charted along the way by a Dan Fogelberg song, and every time I hear one of those wonderful melodies, it takes me back to wherever I was and whatever I was doing along that part of the journey of my own life. I am also a musician and songwriter, and your incredible talent is an inspiration to me and always will be. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for these gifts. Sincerely ~ Mick


 Dear Dan and Jean, My thoughts and prayers go out to both of you. I hope each day brings you closer to beating the disease and feeling better. As with many others, you have been an inspiration to me not only through your music, but your talent on the keyboards and guitar.  My first memory of one of your concerts was at CSU's Moby gym in the '70s.  I've been to many Red Rocks concerts and the very memorable Denver Paramount theater show. (I loved it when you came up through the stage floor playing the Paramount organ!) 


Your songs have been with me throughout the years and my wedding day was especially memorable with "Paris Nocturne." At your last Red Rocks show, my husband surprised me with your Christmas CD. It is such a wonderful compilation of traditional and non-traditional pieces.  I'm also a big fan of your bluegrass and blues stuff.  There are so many great songs and wonderful memories. Thank you each and every one of them. God will see you through. You are in our thoughts and prayers. ~ Julie Forbes, Denver, CO

 "Hope is the companion of power, and the mother of success; for who so hopes has within him the gift of miracles." ~ Samuel Smiles


 Dan, You and your family are in my prayers-keep strong, and never give up. And never doubt that you have made an impact in people's lives, and that you continue to do so. Thank you for your music.  Now, kick this thing and celebrate!  ~ Chi


 Dan, I have been thinking of you lately and decided to see what your webpage was all about. My heart sank as I read the news. My prayers are with you daily. Your music and poetry has deeply touched my life and pulled me through many trials and tribulations with bipolar disorder and alcoholism. You have contributed an unexplainable depth and purpose in my soul. Gratitude is an inadequate word but all that I can grasp right now. Years ago, (before web pages and the internet), I made an attempt to write to you and share a poem that I had written. Don't know if you ever got it; it was about a raindrop. Anyways, you will always have my affection, admiration, respect and love. Your voice has spread a blanket of warmth and hope in my world. May the Father of us all hold you in his hand and keep you safe.  With love ~ Nancy C. in Alabama


 Stay strong in your thoughts and dreams... this is your saving grace, as it has been for many people.  You have touched the lives of many, including me.  Remembering the songs from my childhood always gives me a push in those times when I need it most.  My prayers are with you, always. ~ Laura


 Dear Dan, I pray God's comfort, peace, strength and healing be upon you during this difficult time. I've been blessed by your music since I first heard it back in 1976. Your beautiful songs have touched my heart and it has always inspired me to keep on writing. I'm looking forward to your next project so get well soon! The power of prayer is awesome and I won't stop praying for you ~ Rupert Tripp Jr., Hilo Hawaii


 Dear Dan I just wanted to say a big thank you to you from me here in Australia. I am 46 now and your music had a big influence on my life as a young man. You obviously have a God given gift in the message of your lyrics. Your music helped me thru both good times and rough times and for that alone I am still grateful. I will do my best to pray for you and your family often as I have seen The Lord Jesus heal my dad from throat cancer some years ago. Even his doctors testified to the amazing recovery he experienced. My family and I are thinking of you and your family and please be encouraged by the huge influence your gifts and talent has had on so many people including myself......thank you. ~ Ron Rutter...Ulladulla NSW  Australia


 Dear Dan and Jean, Just another fan here who has followed your music since I was 21... You are an awesome musician and poet.  I became so proud after reading your biography. WOW. You really stuck to it. Very admirable! Your song "Next Time" has been my life theme to pick me up after too many bad relationships... and kept me going. Now I am with my Life Mate. So I need a new song to make my theme. Sorry to hear about the times you are having .. BUT DAN You have already BEAT this!  Just claim it in your soul like your passion for music. Make this your history...


I bought every album and then CD... Read every lyric and pondered all those words you came up with. Problem is I didn't get to see you and I will pray to see you play in person.. So, that is my wish for both you and me .. that you are MAJORLY HAPPY and HEALTHY, and do one more round of concerts  in the next 5 years..  I promise I won't miss it and thanks for "Next Time".. It helped me get by.


 Dear Dan, I'm a Presbyterian pastor who has followed your music off and on through the years. I have a fond college memory chatting up a beauty in a record store as we were looking at one of your albums. I've long admired your lyrical gifts, as I tell our daughter, "anyone with the guts to rhyme forest primeval and mountain cathedral is Ok by me." I've tried to learn some piano again and use some of your songs, such as "Longer". I was stunned to hear of your illness. I see too much illness in this calling. Know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers, both of lament and hope.~ David Crowley


 Dear Dan: "Don't Lose Heart."  I just spent my lunch hour downloading that song and playing it over and over while reading the lyrics from your website. Just love to hear you raise that lilting tenor voice.  It has to be your most beautiful song.  And it's full of good advice for you right now. Praying for you. ~ From just one more fan


 Dan, I've been a lifelong fan. Own ALL of your albums and have admired your gifts since " Home Free ". Every time you've been in the Tulsa area, I've caught your show. I've never written to a celebrity. It's not my thing I guess. However, having heard of your " struggle ", I want you to know that you truly are on my prayer list. I am a sonographer by trade and work at a cancer hospital and see victories over this disease all of the time. You CAN kick this thing off your porch. Rage against the night and know that the sun will rise. Do not give up HOPE. I thank the good Lord every day for giving you triumph over this. Prayer works!  In numbers, it can't be stopped. BELIEVE! We stumble through our lives never really knowing how much of an impact we may or may not have on others. A mystery! Your music is a stone tossed in the water whose rings continue to move outward and touch lives in a way that gives joy. May you and your wife fare well in all things. ~ Paul, Tulsa,Ok.


 Dear Dan, I am sorry to have lost track of your music after "Leader of the Band".  Reading your Bio indicates you have gone on to even greater things!  I am going to try to catch up on those new songs. But in the meantime, I am sending my best wishes and positive healing energy to help with your recovery. ~ Annette Hall


 Dear Dan, I will be brief since I've left several messages over the past months. Just wanted to let you know you're still in my thoughts and prayers. I'm a loyal fan who loves you :-)  I'd love it if you could post an update on your website, it's been a long time since we've heard any news from you. You're a treasure, you're music is a gift to us all. God Bless you.~ Rose Pargiter, Knoxville TN


 You are in on my mind and in my heart today.  I just learned that my mother (who is battling brain cancer) is cancer free! Her PET scan came out clean!  There is hope!  Always hope! Let "His" light shine!  Keeping you and your family in my prayers.  ~ Traci Suzanne Marvel


 Dear Dan, you have been on my mind lately.  I know I shouldn't worry, but we (your fans) do care about you so much and pray for you often.  I pray that you are feeling well and that God will give you and your family strength and courage to face each day.  I am certain that God has already blessed you with that strength.  I hope you are able to enjoy this nice Fall weather we are having.  I always think of your songs when I see the seasons change. Your music has a way of soothing my soul like no other can.  It's also comforting to read everyone's heartfelt wishes for you.  We all share such a connection to your music that I feel in a way we are all like kindred spirits..and I hope you can feel all of our love right now. ~ Sherry


 Dear Dan, thank you for your lyrics of inspiration. I hope to hear continuous positive news of your fight. Whenever I am on an awesome hike in a Redwood Forest and no one is around, I sing loudly the tune "Sutter's Mill". :') ~ Tony- Whittier, CA


 Dear Dan, We miss you! We think of you every day and send only love your way.  We want to know how you are feeling. Please come home to us soon. Loving wishes ~ pat


 I have grown up listening to you through my parents, my mentor, and now myself.  I am a dance teacher and am now passing along your music to my students.  Your music and story-telling has been so important to my life.  Thanks and may you overcome your illness.


 Dear Dan, Your music has been a cherished part of my life.  One late night in the 1970s I ran out of the house to escape the craziness of my brother's wild party and went to my best friend's house.  She calmed me down to sleep with your album "Souvenirs".  You've deepened my days with your music and given me words for feelings that sometimes couldn't be named.  Out of gratitude for all you've given us I pray for your healing to be complete.  Love and Much Appreciation ~ Teri, St Louis MO


 Dear Mr. Dan Fogelberg,   The year The Innocent Age album was released I was in my mid-twenties.  The songs from that album were absolutely magical to me.  Music has forever been a major element in helping me to remain sane throughout my lifetime.  You see, I come from a family of seven children, three of whom were born with a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy called SMA, or Spinal Muscular Atrophy.  I was one of the three.  When someone must spend an entire life in a power-wheelchair they have no alternative but to grasp for those beautiful things that will strengthen and empower the mind and the imagination.  So we sang the songs of our generation together.  Your music, your heart, was instrumental in helping my sister, my brother and myself to live our lives happily, and with true fervor. Few burdened by severe disabilities are happy, well-adjusted people -- but, thanks to the beauty of your songs, my family was one that survived SMA.  Do you now see why I must refer to you, dear sir, as Mr. Dan Fogelberg?  Not incidentally, you recorded This Endris Night, and took my breath away.  The Lord Himself must have smiled through His tears.  You and wife and family are in my prayers, Sir.  Sincerely ~ Rebecca E. Hays


 Dear Dan, I just wanted to tell you I have been a huge fan ever since my best friend and I got into her older sister's albums one day after school in 1977.  The album was Home Free and I have been hooked ever since.  A fellow employee gave me The Wild Places as an apology gift many years ago and I have to say that has been my favorite  CD of all time. I also want to tell you that I have been an O.R. nurse for 17 years and we do so much prostate cancer surgery.  I know you have a positive outlook and I will say a special prayer for your complete recovery. Thanks for the music, and how blessed you are with such talent.  I wish I had a fraction of it! Sincerely ~ Lisa Drury, Longwood, FL


 Dearest Illinois have been blessed with a gift that few are given.  Thank you for sharing "all that you are" with us all.  Many ungiven blessings remain in your name so stay faithful, positive, and enjoy every day to its fullest. ~ Pete & Cecile - Augusta, GA


 Dear Dan, Your life touched mine and I thank you.  I have loved your music for.oh my, is it 40 years?  I hope you have enjoyed your "Run for the Roses" and feel that your life has been a good one.  You have been along with me for the ride and I cherish the music you have given me. I was so very lucky to see you in Rama about five years ago. ~ Judy in Barrie, Ontario.


 Dan: A good friend of mine who is also a consummate musicologist turned me on to your "Souvenirs" album back in 1974.  Right off, I thought of another good friend of mine, Mike Carrigan, because his voice is exactly like yours.  I bought your "Souvenirs" and brought it over to Mike's and played it for him.  We had been jammin' on guitars for a while before that, doing some Valdi, Brewer and Shipley, etc.  Well, wasn't long before Mike learned most of the songs off your "Souvenirs". We performed them at campfires and parties and finally in Hamilton Ontario's CHCH TV station in 1977 on a program called "New Faces" (which every week featured the talent of a different Ontario community) when it featured Wainfleet where both Mike and I reside.  Both Mike and I, long time fans of yours, were crushed when we heard about your health issues.  Life deals out its share of cruel blows without rhyme or reason.  Still and all, both Mike and I hope that you will get through this and manage to keep enriching everyone's life with your beautiful songs and music.


All the best to you and yours and may you enjoy a long and happy life.  (BTW, I suffered a heart attack on July 6th of this year but recognized the symptoms early enough and called 911.  The ambulance got me to the hospital in time.  A few days later and an angiogram/angioplasty and a couple of stents inserted and I'm still here to enjoy your songs.) ~ André


 I've loved your music for decades. In 1984, I walked down the aisle  to "Longer".   It so saddens me to hear the news of your ill health. I'd  wondered what became of you. May you enjoy strength and healing.


 To my hero,  I have loved you since I first heard the Nether Lands album when I was 14. I am now 42. I have been to many of your concerts and was left breathless!!!  I wish all the best for you and you're always in my prayers. ~ Tina


 Dan - I am 52 today and have followed your musical career since 1975.  I have been touched deeply by your music and the poetry you sing.  Thank you for expressing yourself this way.  I know that you are facing your greatest challenge yet.  My prayers are with you and Jean.  You have lots of us out here....thinking about you - good thoughts that will hopefully provide support for you and yours.  When you are feeling better, go back to Colorado - to Estes Park, and breathe the wonderful Rocky Mountain air.  Close your eyes now, and remember how it was...and how it can be again, one day.  Take care.  ~  Barbara


 Your music has had a place in my heart for as long as I can remember.  I saw you in concert, in '94 I believe', in Pensacola, FL.  It was the most enjoyable and unforgettable thing I have ever attended.  Nothing fancy, just you and your music.  It was perfect.  I'm still listening and always will. I send my thoughts, prayers and love to you and your family.  ~ J. Fralick


 Dear Dan, I first heard "To The Morning" in a trailer in Branson City, MO. I was the guest of a friend and the dinner was some type of baked-stuffed squash. The host put on the Home Free album on the turn table and I must have listened to that song 30 times.....sitting in front of the turn table and lifting up the needle and carefully placing the needle once again to play. "To The Morning." I then picked up my guitar and learned the song that day. I still hate squash however I will always carry with me the memory of first hearing your voice and lyrics of   "To The Morning"... Thanks! ~ Michael Freemen Bliss


 Hi Dan, Hope you are getting better every day. You are always in my thoughts. We all miss your music alot!!!  Just wanted to let you know I love you and pray for you daily. ~ Jacque Thomas


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, I first fell in love with your music with "Home Free"...the original LP!  For all the years since that I have enjoyed your music I thank you.  I wish strength and peace for you and your family in this most difficult of times. ~ Candice


 Dear Mr. and Mrs. Fogelberg - My prayers go out to you, and I appreciate your 'getting the word out' about prostate cancer.  It's vitally important, and too many physicians actually forgo the 'finger wave' because it bothers so many men.  Please, guys, no matter how it 'squicks' you, get it done!  It can be a lifesaver.  Studies have shown that a PSA alone is not a replacement for a digital rectal exam, but an adjunct to it.


On a more personal note, I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your music over the years.   There have been times in my life when a song could 'soundtrack' what I was going through and help me survive.  I wanted to thank you for helping me get through my first year of surgery residency with "Part of the Plan".  "Meanings get lost and the teachings get tossed and you don't know what you're going to do next" was the perfect way to describe the trauma room at three a.m. when you're just months out of medical school... Thank you ~ Linda James


 Dan, You cross my mind often and I wonder how you're doing.  We have a couple of things in common - We both attended Woodruff High School in the 60's and I too have been touched by cancer - 3-1/2 years as a breast cancer survivor. I have ALL of your songs on my IPOD which I listen to every day as I walk.  I thank you so much for your beautiful music; the lyrics touch my heart.  You've been blessed with such great talent to be able to express yourself in your music. I wish you and Jean health and happiness. May God bless you ~ Jan


 Dear Dan, I send you and your family my thoughts and prayers for strength and faith at this most difficult time. Your music has meant so much to me over the years with too many songs to list hear. "The Reach", however, holds a very special place in my heart, as it evokes memories and thoughts of the rugged and beautiful coast of Maine. How happy I was to see the photos of you taken in this lovely state. Thank you for the gift of your music! Godspeed ~Dixie


 Dan, We met after your last Ravinia concert; I was a guest of your old college roommate and guitar buddy. Here's sending you best wishes and prayers for healing. Thanks for all the wonderful music over the years. ~ Jim Ware


 Hi Dan and Jean, Just thought I'd say hello again. I've been learning one of your songs. "Make Love Stay" ( Live acoustic version ) and admiring how great and wonderfully written, sung and played that song really is. Just wanted to say thank you for all the  great songs you written and performed for us over the years. I've been a fan of yours since my high school days in the late 70's. You've been such a huge inspiration for me as a musician and person and will always be. I've always looked up to you like a big  brother even though I've never meet you. Your music and what you stand for in life has always inspired me deeply. I loved your Wild Places concert and your thoughts and  philosophical views about the environment that we live in. My thoughts and prayers are with the both of you always and I hope to see you in concert again someday. Get well soon !  God Bless ~ Dennis Levasseur Norwich CT.

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