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"Dear Dan" Letters

April 2006

 Dan & Jean, Congratulations on your anniversary -- I hope it's been a wonderful day for you.  Dan, you continue to be in my prayers morning & night, always that you begin each day feeling better than the day before, & end each day in better health than when it began.  I know it takes mental as well as physical strength for you both to encourage each other through this.  You know your fans would line up to take our turns at bearing this burden for you, if only we could.


I was driving in the rain today, listening to the Portrait CDs; a memory from 1963 came back to me, & I wanted to thank you for something.  After a Sunday dinner at my grandmother's house, my cousin & I escaped to her dad's car to listen to the radio.  For the first time, I paid attention to a song because it caught my interest, the Cascades' "Rhythm of the Rain."  That song has always been special to me, but I have loved your version more, & just wanted to thank you for recording it.  Thanks for all your music, Dan...for the joy in your melodies & the deep thoughtfulness in your words, & all the hard work you put into writing them.  I look forward to hearing that you continue to make progress & feel well.  ~ Charlene, OK


 To Dan & Jean - Happy 4th Anniversary! ~ S Bullard


 As I work on my cabin, my thoughts are with you.   I listen to you as I restore the nearly 200 year old cabin.  Your voice, music and energy carries me through the many days.   My wife and I have grown up with you!  From our wedding music ( 27 yrs. ago ) to our youngest son who is constantly "borrowing" my CDs of yours.   My deepest thoughts are with you.   I have faith.   I cannot wait until I attend another one of your concerts! ~ eric & jane


 Dan, We hope all is well with you and your loved ones since the last update. Yours was our wedding song and we knew then that my father-in-law had prostate cancer. Twenty-six years later, as I waited for that show to drop, my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Prostate cancer surgery was performed at NYU on July 16, 2005 and he is now cancer and prostate free. We think of you often and send prayers for your health to return. ~ Rich and Lauren Straub


 To Dan and Jean, Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary. May you both live long, healthy, and happy lives together in God's blessings. ~ SH


 Hope all is well and you and your family are hanging tough. I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your music over the years. When I listen to you it always made me feel good. I wish you a complete recovery and I will keep you in my thoughts. Peace & Love ~ Terri Farrar


 Hi Dan and Jean.  Just finally put the DF Christmas CD away (hey, it's still snowing here!)  I heard "Stolen Moments" today and had forgotten what a great song that is. So true!  Thanks for letting us know how you are getting along.  You look MAHVELOUS !  I know that you can feel all the good wishes and hope that they help sustain you through the tough times. We really miss you but understand that you must do what will keep you healthy,  happy  and  strong.  Much luck and good wishes in your journey ever on...... And  "thank-you " so much. ~ Karen


 I just learned of your prostate cancer and had to write and wish you the very best.  I am 35 years old and have grown up on your music!  It has touched my life in so many ways.  I have attended about 8 of your concerts in Utah and am amazed every time at your incredible talent.  I have converted many a friend to your music, which isn't difficult to do.  I have cried through many break ups to the music of Exiles and celebrated and enjoyed even more time to you music.  I cannot express adequately in words the impact your music has had on my life. I absolutely wish you the very best and pray for your health! ~ Kim Brannon


 Dear Jean & Dan, Thinking of you both and sending our thoughts, prayers and love on your Anniversary and always.  "There's a Heaven on Earth that so few ever find " both have found it in each other.  How blessed you are!! Happy Anniversary! With love~ Lisa & John Andursky, Connellsville PA


 Dear Dan, When my husband and I got married 25 years ago, we had picked out a wedding song of  "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You". Then one day my husband heard your song "Longer" and he really liked the lyrics and felt it really put into words our feelings for each other so that became our wedding song and the first song we danced to as man and wife. I still get misty eyed   everytime I hear the song and the words mean more to me today than it did 25   years ago. I wish you hope, peace and good health  as you fight this cancer. I  hope you become a success story as my sister is, she had breast cancer 18 years  ago and she is still here today to tell about how she is a survivor! Good luck!   Take care ~ Dorothy West


 Dan, I pray that you are faring well.  I'm writing from Boulder, Colorado, and we are so proud of you here.  Thank you for the beautiful music you have given me.  God bless you! ~  Sandy Sartor


 Dan, My middle son, Dan (17), is named after you and out of 3 kids, he is the one that plays guitar, bass, mandolin and harmonica. He aspires to be a singer/songwriter. If you have words of wisdom...I would love for him to hear them. My first Dan experience was in Birmingham, AL in '74 or'75.  We (as college music majors) were awed by the chord progressions and intensity of the words that you penned. Thanks man for all the quelling of angst and inspiration that your music has provided my, past and present. You have given so much...we want to give you and Jean our support and strength through these hard days. May God bless ~.CJ


 Hi Dan (from the U.k.)  Just a line to wish you complete recovery and to thank you for sharing your immense talent with all of us.  Lots of Love ~  Chris & Derek Peters ( Country music Round Up )


 Dan, Wishing you the best of health, love and luck.  Your music and spirit are part of my daily life and keep me in touch with wonderful memories of my youth.  Too much to try to say so I won't, just know that you have inspired many to keep trying and plugging away and I would send that back your way!!! If in Kiowa or Limon, drop in and say Hi!! ~ Rob Handley (Lincoln Funding of Colorado, Limon)


 Best to you in your battle with cancer. I am saddened in knowing of  your pain. I don't know how this little electronic note stands any chance of  communicating the pure joy I've felt in listening and re-listening to  your music. I'm familiar with all of it,

and intimate with much of  it. You have no way of understanding the role music plays in my day  to day life, but suffice it to say that your music has refreshed my  soul on many, many occasions. I am not a "gusher" nor am I one who is prone to hyperbole, but if it  makes any difference to you, I appreciate (not as in "I am thankful,"  but as in "I have an admiration and respect for") your music. Each  time I listen to songs like " "Nexus," and  "Forefathers," I am in awe of the aura created by the words and music. I'm sure this is buried in a pile of additional sentiments as  heartfelt as I feel this is and I suppose it would be self-centered  to assert that I have some unique ability to appreciate a Dan  Fogelberg song, but I am just one real human being, living a life,  working a job, going home each day to my wife and children, who  wishes say thank you to you for the color and flavor you've added to  my life. Please know I am grateful to you and wish you the best in your recovery. Best ~ Matt Cole


 Dear Dan and Jean, Not being sure of the status of your fight, my first and most compelling thought is that you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.  He has changed my life and I pray you develop a personal relationship with Him.  God is the great physician!  May your lives be melded together even more, may healing and peace cover you both, and may the love God has for you overwhelm you even now. ~ Kim, Ct.


 Dan: I have been a fan of yours since the 1970's.  Your music touched a part me and I bought all of your albums and enjoyed every one.  I was lucky enough to see you a couple of times in concert.  Being born and raised in Central California, I moved back to Southside Virginia about four years ago to be near family property.  I wanted to leave California and provide my family with a better environment to grow up in.  I am now in wooded forests and I think of you in Colorado.  I was very saddened to hear of your illness.  My thoughts and prayers are with you.  When I see my family doctor later this year I will ask him about the prostate check up.  It has been a few years since it was done.  Your music and deeds touch so many people.  Keep up the good work! Sincerely ~ Les Reynolds, Martinsville, VA


 As a 33 year old woman, I have been a fan of your beautiful music for the past 10 years or longer. I think you have the most beautiful voice on this earth. I pray that you recover and that the wonder gift that you give this world continues. Your fans are behind you, and we'll be praying for you.


 Dear Dan, I want to thank you for the years that your music has given me such comfort.  May God bless and comfort you and your family during this tough time.  ~ Lindy


 Hey Dan, we would like to wish you strength in fighting your ordeal .As we write this High Country Snows is playing,a life-changing record for us. Your music defines what we call our Colorado-feeling,as we love your home-state very much. Our prayers and thoughts are with you, your family and friends.much love to all of you from the Netherlands. ~ Winno and Yvonne Janssen


 Dear Dan.....My wife and I were very saddened by the news of your illness.I have been listening to your music since the early 70's. You were a huge influence on my music and guitar playing. I still to this day continue to play your songs and just recently purchased a song book of your early music. Home Free, Souvenirs and Captured Angel......still my 3 favorite albums. I read a letter someone wrote to you about seeing you with the Eagles in 1974. I saw that show. It was awesome...especially when both bands came out to play "Best of my love".....absolutely great. We have seen you a few times since then and as usual you blew us away. Dan, we both hope you recover from this awful disease. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Please get better so we can come to see you again. Take care ~ Steve & Joanne Bonino..Unionville Ct.


 Dan. I hope this finds you well. I had to write for several reasons. I have been hearing your song "The Reach" on an oldies station based out of DownEast Maine. I live on Beals Island which is connected to Jonesport via a bridge, which crosses The Reach. My son-in-law is a lobster fisherman, as is his father and his father before him and his before him. I've heard the stories of " hauling by hand" for years. I've also heard stories of when The Reach has frozen over. I feel like this song was written about OUR reach !!!  On a personal note, I want to send the best wishes of my entire family. Having 5 siblings, all older, someone has always been listening to your music. We also have been touched by cancer. On Jan 2nd of 2006, we lost a sister, only 57 years old, to cancer, and at the beginning of March, our oldest sister was diagnosed with rectal and liver cancer. Thankfully, the remaining 4 siblings have all been given a clean bill of health. In closing, Dan, your songs have touched all of my family, and my heart goes out to you and yours, and here's wishing you a speedy recovery. God Bless ~ Pamela Sprague, Beals Island, Maine


 To Dan...I've always loved your music and its messages - and I will keep you and your family in my prayers for a complete recovery. I'm not sure what compelled me to look for your website, except that God, or your Higher Power (whatever you call him/her) allowed me to add my prayers and healing thoughts to the countless others who have replied as well. For that I am

grateful, to be able to give back in some small way for the pleasure your music has brought to me. Stay strong, keep the faith, and kick butt!!!  We're all pulling for you! Sincerely ~ Claudia Gregoire


 Dan, I am now 50 and will take to heart (and action) the personal message you've shared. I bought your first album, Home Free, as a teenager and have been so very blessed by your music ever since. I pray you may now be deeply blessed by those of us who would keep you in our prayers. "Leader of the Band" remains one of my favorites. May you remain vigilant in the fight, and leader to us all. ~ Ken Burns, Scott Valley, Ca


 Prayers of a speeding recovery, and wishes of many more happy years to come for you and your family.  May the thoughts, good wishes, and prayers of  those whom admire you, get you through this trying time as your songs and music have seen us through difficult times. ~ A Canadian Fan - Calgary, Alberta


 Dan: I am sorry to hear of your battles with cancer.  Your music got me through the tough teenage years. I wore out your records!   Your music has always spoke to my heart with your soft voice and easy to sing melodies. I am listening to you as I am writing this letter. God Bless you, my friend.  Keep the faith. Know that your music is very special to many, many people.  Best Regards ~ L. Rhodes, Placentia, CA


 Dan, I was deeply saddened to hear that you were suffering from PC (not Political Correctness... the other PC).  I am so thankful to hear you are improving.  I just don't spend much time at web sites so I am just now hearing of your struggles.


I too have a love of guitar and music going back to the early 60's.  I did the professional musician thing for a few years, but wanted to settle down and raise a family, which I have done.  Kids are grown.  My wife and I are still going strong after 32 years of marriage.  I still write and play, but just for love of music, not for a living. I just wanted to share how much I have enjoyed your music and especially the thoughts you express in your lyrics.  I have performed "Leader of The Band" for several "Father's Day" worship services (I was the music pastor at our church near Ft. Worth).  My father went to be with the Lord in 1994. Never a dry eye in the house, including me.  What a beautiful song. I have to tune a half-step flat now to hit some of the notes, but they are well worth hitting.


We saw you at your 30 Year Anniversary Tour kick off in Forth Worth. Outside waiting on line I noticed something.  At the beginning of your career, folks waiting on line were popping acid and smoking (non-tobacco) stuff.  Now folks waiting on line are popping Altoids, talking on cell phones instead of each other, and working Blackberrys.  I long for the good old days.  That show was fabulous.  It certainly stands as a testimony to the timeless beauty you have created.  I'd love to sit and chat guitars with you, but would never dream of intruding on your privacy.  I just wanted you to know that you have touched many people deeply, including me (just a kindred soul) and I thank you for it. I pray that the Lord will continue to bless you and your family Dan. ~ John Crafton


 Dear Dan, I am writing from the beautiful Hill Country of Texas to wish you Good Health and to send you prayers for wellness and joy. I owe you so much, for the richness your music has added to my life, and I wish I could impart to you the joy that you have given me...  And it's not a little thing.....I think I have played your music daily (on albums / tapes / CD's and yes, even play your songs in an easy piano book...DAILY (did you hear that?) since I first discovered your first album in the early 70's. Your songs thrilled me with their meaning and rich chords when I first knew they nurture and nourish me in my older age, and they are still rich and meaningful to me.  Now when I hear your gifts of song, each one will spark my prayers back to you and your family, for your health and strength, so that you can enjoy the love and thanks that comes back to you from all of us whose lives you have enriched, in the true sense of the word. Warm hugs and many blessings ~Shay Tindall, Fredericksburg, Texas


 Dan, Just a note of sincere thanks for sharing your wonderful talents. Your music and messages are timeless and you have truly touched our hearts and warmed our souls. We wish you and yours all the best. Thank you ~ Jane & Woody Martin

French Creek, WV


 Dear Dan-  This is just so odd, I was speaking with a friend this morning and we were talking about our birthdays being a day apart. Joking around I was saying something about us being like "twins from different moms or you know like that album".  My friend asked what I was referring to and I had to think about it a minute and I couldn't think of the name.  I said I remember Dan Fogelberg, but who was the other guy?  I then did a search on you and found your website.  I then, of course, saw your message.  From there I went and read your biography.  I was totally blown away.  I'm sure you're thinking "wow, big fan here". Actually, I do own several of your albums (does that date me?).  Okay, I now have CD's too!  I've always admired your musicianship, but to be totally honest, having read what I did about all you've done and how you've done it on your own terms by just being true to yourself, well, I can hardly think of words to describe how I admire you.  I've no doubt you are handling your illness the same way, with a beautiful, upbeat, can-do attitude.  The love and support from everyone on your website certainly speaks volumes for the way you have touched people's lives. For those of us that believe in the power of prayer, well, how can you not be healed?  God works in mysterious ways and this may sound odd, but I am truly humbled by having stumbled on your website and re-discovering you.  To know that you weren't just a marvelous musician, but by all accounts of what I've read a wonderful person as well.  May God's blessings continue for you Dan. ~ Carol Thiel - Racine, WI


 Dan, Best wishes to you and yours for a speedy recovery. You have touched us all. ~ Steve Petrella


 Dan, I started listening to your music in the 70's when I was just a teenager. I have loved listening to it ever since. I have every album you made, including box sets. When I bought an IPod, your music was the first music I put on it. It always touches my heart. I've seen you in concert a few times. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. I will keep you in my prayers. God bless you. ~ Renee Downs, Chattanooga, TN


 Hello Dan,   I was stunned to hear the news of your PC. I was shocked myself last year when I was diagnosed with lung scarring (cause as yet unknown) which has caused me to lose 30% of my lung capacity. It makes it hard to sing those Dan Fogelberg songs but I get buy. I'm in good spirits and wish you the same. I keep upbeat by going for a morning walk, listening to great music (which includes Dan Fogelberg), watching my diet and meditating.  Dan, all I can say is keep the faith, have a positive attitude, and do more of the things that make you happy.  Anyone who could go through the rigors of touring (yes I've seen you live- and loved it) and write as many great songs as you have has to possess a strong will. Use it to help in the healing process. I can't begin to express the enjoyment I've received by listening to your music over the years. I was first introduced to your music by a friend in the mid-seventies. I've loved it ever since. To me you're right up there with The Beatles, Clapton, Stevie Wonder and all the other greats. Peace and Good Health ~  Murph


 Dear Dan, my prayers and thoughts are with you. I was hiking in a forest near my house today listening some peaceful and moving tunes you created.  I have seen you play a few times and you are an incredible musician and poet.  Your music has helped me through some rough times, i.e. med school, residency, and practice. What you are experiencing, I can only speculate, but I know it must not be pleasant.  Keep your chin up and take one day at a time.  You have helped so many people with the lovely songs you have created. I am one of those folks.  Thanks and lots of light ~ dr. anf houston


 Dan,  I've loved your music forever and it has been a great inspiration to me.  Your songs have brought tears to my eyes so many times.  God bless you in your battle.  You will be in my prayers. With much love ~ Chuck Sperry


 Dan - While I typically like my music on the hard side, I'm compelled to say that it was you who opened my eyes to a much deeper, gentler and largely more intelligent and meaningful side of music and how it relates to my life. I had a girlfriend who loved your music and talked me into going to see you at the Cow Palace in SF in 1982. You floored me. From that day and as I've grown older, you and your music have always been with me, providing me with the empathy, wisdom and spirit, much like that of a big brother. So while all these years I've taken what you've given to us all, now I finally get to do something for you. You're in my prayers bro. Love to the family - stay strong and get well soon ~ Tom, Los Angeles, CA


 Dan-I have only recently reacquainted myself with your music, and can't seem to stop listening.  Of course I became a Fogelberg Fan in the late 70's at Ohio State.  Saw you in concert at Kings Island around 1980, then moved on with my life-marriage, career, kids, etc.  My new iPod this past Christmas inspired me to download some of my old favorites.and even one I don't remember ever hearing before."Tucson Arizona".  Since I've been spending time working in Tucson these past six months, it has become a ritual for me to rent a convertible in the desert and cruise "down the boulevard" with my iPod playing my new anthem.  It was only when I did a Google search to find out if you were still out on the road that I learned of your PC.  I am overwhelmed by the beauty of your music.even after 20 some years.  I just wanted to join the thousands of others who are wishing you a speedy recovery.And, I'm looking forward to your next tour. ~ Jeff Strine, Dublin, Ohio


 Dear Dan - I am not a web browser so I have just now heard the news. I hope you are improving. You and your music have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, That's not saying much, burned a few brain cells in this 40 something years I have been around. I thought I saw you in 1999 in Hot Springs, Ark, my now husband asked me to marry him thirty minutes later, I took seeing you as a sign, A good one, I have been VERY happily married for 6 years now. My Father was diagnosed with PC several years ago, He is now 74 and going strong. I am not the praying type, But I will pray for you. I love you, never met you, but I love you all the same.


 My heart goes out to you and Jean.  I have a dear friend who has been living with advanced prostate cancer for several years now and have some idea the journey you are on.  My family and I will keep you and yours in our prayers.  Thanks so much for the music, hope there is more to come. Your songs have been a source of comfort and inspiration to me for many years now.  As a teenager they helped me feel not so alone in my soul searching.  As an adult they are both sentimental and challenging. Yours has been a music ministry, in the very best sense. Thanks and God bless ~ Robin Tolleson Zwieg


 Dan: Your music has uplifted me, helped me survive, and always provided me with a source of strength for many, MANY years.  I was so saddened by the news of your illness, but hope and pray for your recovery every day.  Please just know that you have given me and my family strength when we have needed it, and I hope knowing that you have helped many others over the years provides you with the extra needed strength you may need to recover and sing for us for many years to come. Thank you, and God Bless. ~ Jacki A. Betz


 Wishing you and your wife a Very Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary this Friday. I pray you are able to celebrate to your hearts content.  Be well my friend, from a longtime (since Home Free) loyal fan.  ~ Nancy, Belvidere, IL


 Dan, Just heard about your PC news.  What a blow, to a man who has been such a gentle link to the more spiritual side of our lives.  I have always, always loved your music and just the other day heard "Make Love Stay " on the radio and was in love all over again (which brought me to the web-site, and your sad news).  I will forward your "sermon" to my 50 year old husband (who also loves your music) and whom I love dearly, to encourage him to follow your excellent advice.  Our prayers are with you and Jean and your family - we send you much good, healthy energy and love ... always love.  May the Universe be as gentle with you, as you have been with Her... God Bless, dear one ~ Cath Manley, Madison, Wisconsin


 Hi Dan, Just watching and listening to Dan Fogelberg Live. What an awesome DVD...brings me back to the time I saw you  Chicago :) I pray that you are doing well and pray for the time you make it back  to Chicago. I will be in the front dancing... Thanks for all the music that you brought into my  life! You said everything that I wish I could and more! Take care. Pray for you every day ~ Kerri


 Hi Dan: I am a prostate cancer survivor. I was diagnosed back in August 2004 and had successful robotic surgery in December 2004. All organ contained and I have an undetectable psa today. My prostate cancer was discovered by a moderately elevated psa test, DRE was negative. You are right on about getting those annual psa/DRE tests. It certainly saved my life. I've seen you a few times in concert in the 1970's with my girlfriend who loved your music. I even became a fan! I know what advanced PCa is and what the treatments and side effects can mean to you. I've researched many, many an hour before I eventually decided on the proper treatment/doctor for me. Although I'm married and have a family, it was a very lonely and scary time and it is still very fresh in my mind. My thoughts are with you. I know that this disease will be beaten in OUR lifetimes. I wish you all the best and the good health that you deserve. ~ Bob Plescovich


 Hi Dan, keep fighting . I'm sure you will be the winner!!..all the best ~ alan hk


 Dear Dan and Jean, I am sending you both angel kisses and God's love and healing on this Friday before Easter.  I pray than Dan will be back on that stage (preferably on the west coast) or in the recording studio soon.  Your music continues to bring me joy and memories of 30 years of concerts and fun!  Love you from one of your beloved "Dan-Fans" ~ Cynthia in Tucson


 Dan, I have been a fan for years and had just decided to go online and see if you were touring. I was saddened to hear about your current battle. In 1989 I lost my father to Prostate Cancer. I had traveled to see him in Arizona, when it seemed he was running out of time. When I was flying home, and having come to the realization that I had just seen my father for the last time, I decided it appropriate to write him a letter. As I started to search for the "Perfect End" to my letter, I was lost. Then the words came, and they came from you. "The Leader of the Band". My father received my letter the day before he died. We talked that evening and he told me how much the words, Your words, meant to him. I will forever be grateful to you for that. May you harness the power of love and inspiration that you have given all of us through the years, and win the battle of your life. You are in our souls and prayers. ~ Barry


 Hey Dan & Family! Just wanted to write a quick e-mail to say that I hope you are winning the battle against cancer! I've always enjoyed your music and have been to at least 3 concerts; I live in St. Louis, Missouri . . . what can I say, we've always appreciated great rock music (especially yours).  Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery; you deserve it! Happy Easter, Passover, Spring - whatever you and yours celebrate! ~ Jean Feuchtenbeiner


 Dear Dan and family, You are in my thoughts and prayers....  I went online to see if there was news of your health this AM while I was listening to "The Innocent Age" - one of my favorite CDs....  Many memories came back, and I found this site for posting, so I'll share some of those memories. When I was a freshman in college at the U. of IL, Urbana-Champaign, I heard your concert at the Assembly Hall.  I believe your father was in the audience that night, and I was incredibly moved when you sang "Leader of the Band".  My father was a band director for 35 years before retiring, and I spent many hours with him during H.S. at rehearsals.  He also taught me to play the piano and nurtured my love for music and singing.  He sang "Longer" for more weddings than I can recall! You and he also have another link - every year or so, he tells us of an abnormal PSA level.  Fortunately the biopsies have all come back OK, but he knows the importance of getting this checked.  My uncle was also diagnosed with prostate cancer, but is currently cancer free.  I hope and pray that your health is improving.  Thank you so much for all the joy that you have provided to so many through your music.  May that joy return to you 100-fold. ~ Carla


 To Dan Fogelberg - You are forever in my thoughts and prayers.  Since 1975 you have been both a constant source of inspiration and comfort to me.  Each and every song you sing is a miracle and I can relate many experiences in my life, both good and bad, to your music.  Your words speak from my heart; your music from my lips and I cannot remember a time that I did not listen to your sweet music or when someone would ask, "who is your favorite singer?"  that I didn't respond, "Dan Fogelberg".  I had planned on attending your concert in PA when you canceled your tour and I have been anxious to hear that you are returning to the stage so that I can again experience the poetry and music that is Dan Fogelberg.  There are no words to express the gratitude that I feel for you being there with me through every important moment in my life...high school angst; my first love, my wedding, my children's birth, my divorce.  If love and devotion were medicine you would not need any doctors.   I wish you good health because in this life that and love is truly all that matters.  You are fortunate to have the love of many devoted fans, myself  included, so I pray that God brings you good health.  Thank you again, my friend, for the gift that is you.. Be well... Very sincerely yours ~ Linda Franco


 Dan, My very sincere thanks for your wonderful music, and my continued best wishes and hopes as you fight your illness. At 35, I've only recently become a fan, but your music has touched me and stirred emotions like very few other artists. To quote a line from one of my favorite DF songs, I thank you for the music and your stories of the road. God bless and be well.

~ Bill Diamond, Mt Laurel, NJ


 Dear Dan: I was so shocked and sad to hear about your illness.  I have been a fan of yours since 1974 when I came into the United States from the Philippines.  I have seen you in concert four time and I have all your albums/tapes/cd's and the video of one of your tours. Your songs are so beautiful and I enjoy listening to your music. We'll keep you in our prayers - stay strong - you can beat this! ~ Agnes Walker


 Dear Dan, I just got on your site and read about your illness. I have been a fan of yours since the very beginning. Your music is a tremendous inspiration to me. I am so sorry to hear of what you are going through. My thoughts and prayers are with you and I hope in the near future I will see you on that concert stage once again.The last time I saw you was in Pittsburgh and Wheeling in the mid-90's and the shows were wonderful. Wishing you a full recovery!! ~ Holly M. Lisac-Kuhns, Weirton, WV


  Just hang on - our prayers are with you daily - one of my music heroes during my high school years (1972 -1976 ) ~ Alan Van Heest


 Hello Dan,  I just wanted to tell you that you are my most favorite musician in the entire world!!!  I listened to you when I was just 19 and have loved your music and been hooked since!!!! I am now 51 years old, and I love you and your music more than ever. You are the most gifted man, your way with words and your melodies just blow me away.   I didn't know you had cancer, but I am praying for you beginning now and will continue to pray for you. I read your letter that says you are doing better and I am so happy about that. I never got to see you in concert, and I deeply regret that, but I have all your music, and I just had to write and tell you, that you have left such a deep mark on my soul with your beautiful, unusual, music, and I will love you and your music forever. God bless you. ~ Debra from Oklahoma


  Dan: Many, many years ago, when my band was booked by Blytham in Champaign-Urbana, you and I crossed the paths of many of the same people... I recall the hot bands in that area then were The One-Eyed Jacks, REO Speedwagon, The Finchley Boys, and mine, The Reel Blues. When Irv Azoff left for California, I wondered how well he would do... But, obviously, history has shown us he did very, very well! In my opinion, his BEST act was always YOU! I would hear you playing live at The Red Herring on campus radio, and your talent for lyrics and melody were astounding even then. Now, I hear you are battling cancer, and I just wanted to give you whatever measure of encouragement I could. Keep fighting, Dan. ~ Skip Huston


 Never having written to a star in the entertainment field before, much less my favorite musician, I am at a loss for words.  I check your website often to see if there are any updates on you and your health. You and your music hold great memories for me, especially during my college years.  My wonderful husband planned a cross-country driving trip from Wisconsin to Arizona and back so that we would arrive in Denver the night of your concert at the Red Rocks.  What a night that was!  We will always remember how great the night, beautiful the weather and phenomenal the music was. My wish for you is strength and courage as you battle this awful disease.  May God be with you and your family now and always.  I hope to see someday that you are back performing concerts which touch many as they have touched me. In the love of Christ ~ Jody


 Dear Dan, I first heard your music in the early 80's. I think I was initiated with your double album (LP version), The Innocent Age. Since then I have been an ardent fan. Just recently I scratched through my heaps of CD's and took them out to listen to again. Your CDs form the largest single artist in my collection. Then I started to think ... I should introduce some younger people to your music. Accordingly I gave samples of your music to a friend at work who has a love for music, in the hope that he too might learn to appreciate your gifts.


Listening again to The Innocent Age brought back a fond memory. In the early 80's I used to work for Kawasaki Motors SA (South Africa) and became friends with a co-worker. As it turned out she had just moved from Port Elizabeth (a coastal town in SA) to Johannesburg. More amazingly, she had moved in with her grandmother who lived about 5 houses away from where I lived (Johannesburg is the size of San Francisco). We became friends and used to travel to work together. I had copied your LP to tape and we would sing along on our way to work. One of my greatest memories is our rendition of "Only the Heart May Know" which you did with Emmylou Harris. I can't recall who the bass was and who the treble, but we always did it in true duet style!


So many of your songs are so dear to me and have such great significance, I cannot imagine a world without your beautiful voice and poetic lyrics. If I listed my favourite songs, this e-mail would turn into a discography. In the past few days, you have been constantly on my mind. It resulted in me surfing the net to see whether you had brought out any new CD's. I began surfing and found your website and then the Living Legacy and was truly shocked to hear of your fight with prostate cancer. It was hard to fight back the tears. Dan, my hopes and wishes are with you and your family and I sincerely wish you well and that you will recover from this illness. Best wishes ~ Dawn Wyngaard, South Africa


 Dear Dan: Your music has been an inspiration to me.  Your gift of words have always been what I admired most!  May The Spring Season be a rebirth of mind ,body and spirit!  I pray for your continued health.  Thank you for sharing your may gifts with your fans ~ Hilde A.Steinberg NJ


  Dan, I don't pray much these days but every time I do, you're there. The best concert I ever saw was yours. You played in Louisville, KY. It was just you, a row of guitars and 2 pianos. You played a few songs on each instrument to a crowd of at least 30,000 but I felt like I was a guest in your home that night and you played just for me. I hope you're doing well and hope to see you again. My great-niece is 6 years old and I keep telling her that when you get back on tour, we'll be coming to see you. Thank you for sharing your gift. ~ Terri Barry


 Hi Dan, I am a family physician in London, Ontario and wish you well with your current illness.  I am first and foremost a frustrated musician and a huge  fan of your music for many years including my "innocent ages".  I have never  written to a celebrity before, but really just wanted to say that I never did get to see you in concert, and of all my music favourites you are one of the few I never did get to see live.  I was planning on trying to see you on your solo tour but unfortunately you got ill.  I am in a garage band with some of my middle aged friends and we  will be doing one of your songs in your honour.   I always said that The Innocent Age double album would be the one album that I would pick to bring on a deserted Island, if I was only allowed to bring one. If you are fortunate enough to tour I will not miss it, but more importantly get well and enjoy your family and friends and be comforted knowing that there are  many usually quietly spoken fans, whose hearts you have touched forever with  your gift of music.  Thank-you for that!  And thank you also for your message about  early detection of Prostate Cancer on your website. In Canada we as physicians are still trying to convince our government to pay for this test, as it is one of the  few screening tests that is not funded by them.  Thanks again for the music. I will share it always with my family and friends and remember it with my acoustic guitar, late at night  on my porch. ~ Hugh Rooney, M.D.


  To Dan and your family, I will keep you in my prayers.  I came to the website because I just heard one of your songs on the radio and decided to look you up. God bless you and hope that you will be making more beautiful music again. ~ Helen


 Dear Dan, Just wanted you to know what your music  has meant in our lives.  My husband and I fell in love to your music.  We listened to your albums and cassettes back in the seventies.  Today as we traveled on a thirty minute trip we listened to you on our ipod.   Your songs never grow old.  They are just as good now as they were then.  We saw you long ago, at Red Rocks, an anniversary present.   This year we will celebrate 27 years of marriage.   I pray for healing and that you can continue writing and singing your beautiful songs. ~ C. and D. Fiechter


  Hi Dan! I was really shocked and disappointed to hear of your illness, but am greatly relieved and happy to find out that your treatments, etc. are going so well!! I have to let you know that you've always been one of my very favorite artists and your music has been very muych a part of the "soundtrack" to my life. It's been a huge blessing to me! I never tire of listening to your work and always enjoy seeing what direction you're going with it at any give time. Hope you're doing well, and I have to admit, I hope to see you again on the concert stage. You're simply one of the best. God bless you and Jeanie. Sincerely ~ Steve Brees


  Mr. Fogelberg,  I just wanted to express my thanks to you. It is because of your song "Leader of the Band" that one of my

greatest life memories is so engrained in me. I'm 29 years old, when I was a child my father would play the guitar and sing me to sleep at night and probably the most memorable song he would play was "Leader of the Band." As I have grown older the lyrics have come to hold a much deeper meaning. I thank you for writing the song that allowed that memory to take seed.  You and your family are in my prayers. I wish you the very best. Sincerely ~ Dustin DeFoore


 Dan - Beginning in the late 70's, your music was an integral piece of the life my former husband and I shared.  Quite by a twist of silly fate, I  walked down the aisle to "Longer."  The church did not have an organ and the guitarist knew your song!  Following your concerts through  the states where we lived (NY, NJ, PA, CA) until 2000, when we separated you  were a common thread which held our lives and hearts together.  Your  musical prayers spoke to our souls - and although he and I are divorced we  remain friends and reminisce about the venues where we enjoyed you (the Greek in  CA was a personal favorite!).  June of 2002, I brought my daughter to her first concert - yours.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.   Our collective prayers are with you and your family today and always. ~ Kathryn  B., NY

 Dear Dan, Just wanted you to know that you haven't dropped out of my thoughts and prayers -- "no news is good news", but I know how persistent your cellular foe can be (lost my grandfather to it).  You've no idea how much your matrix-prayer set to music, "Icarus Ascending", has sustained me in MY dark hours. God bless! ~ Dean Carter, North Liberty, Iowa


 Dan, How to add to what others have expressed so eloquently? Your music has been such a powerful influence in my life--in all the most important years, at the most vulnerable times--for over 30 years now. All I can hope is that the wonderful vibes you have given us for all these years are being returned to you tenfold and are somehow helping your healing process along. You have my warmest wishes for a complete recovery. Thank you for sharing your beautiful music with us over the years. Peace and love ~ Sue Deschene


 Dear Dan and Jean~~~"Everything the Power does, it does in a circle" ~~~Lakota proverb~~~ We are blessed knowing that you are still with us.  With the coming Spring, hoping to hear new melodies filled with your spirit.  Love and peace ~ Judi C., Rochester, NY


  Dan, I've been thinking about you alot lately and hope that you are staying healthy and feeling God's presence through this experience.  I've been inspired by your music for years and can listen to an old song and feel new on the inside.  What a gift that you have given to us all.  Your letter to your fans is a continual inspiration and the call to help fight this disease is in order.  Thank you for speaking to men about this issue so that they will go through early screening.  God bless you today and all days! ~ Pam


  Dear Dan, You are in my thoughts and prayers as you continue facing the challenges before you. I long to hear the magic of your music from you on stage once more. We need your inspiration and talent in our world today. I realize that may be a lot to hope for, but I do believe in Miracles !!! I will treasure all of your albums always, every melody and each lyric -- all full of heart and soul. All the best to you and your Family. Warm regards most sincerely ~ Mary Anne Jeffrey, XXOO


  Dear Dan: I'm praying for you and Jean for continued healing, strength, and a full and complete recovery, as well as renewed hope, encouragement, and peace in your hearts, minds and spirits. I was so glad to hear that the cancer had been pretty much eliminated, and that you described it as being "negligible": what a blessing for your appreciators and supporters (like me) to hear!


In 1981, in the Summer after graduating from UCLA with a music composition degree, I had the privilege of singing backing vocals with the UCLA Madrigals on your song "Ghosts", from The Innocent Age. It was such a thrill for me to actually perform (albeit with a group of 10-15 other singers) on a professional recording with a well-known and respected artist. I do remember being pretty nervous, and a bit warm (as were some of the other vocalists); one of the staff at the studio (in Hollywood, CA) fetched some glasses of cool water for several of us, which we were grateful for. I was so nervous, though, that I distinctly remember knocking over my glass of water onto the studio floor as I was fumbling to get into position before a take. I don't think the sound of the glass being knocked over made onto the final cut, but just in case it did, I apologize sincerely! (I hope the statute of limitations has run out, too, in case I damaged the studio floor! ) Thank you for being such a profound and lasting influence on my own songwriting. The studio experience I had with "Ghosts" was actually the first introduction I had to your music, and I've purchased about every album and CD of yours since (including  Innocent Age and the ones which preceded it). Both your lyrics and music have inspired and pushed me to go deeper and to treasure the process of actually crafting a song: thanks for being a consummate craftsman. I caught a couple of your live performances here in the Portland, OR area in the 1990's, as well, which were absolutely superb. After the second performance, some friends and I waited backstage to meet you, and had the blessing and delight in meeting and talking with you briefly. Thank you for your graciousness and warmth as you greeting me and the others who were there to visit with you: it meant a lot to us that you'd take the time after a show to chat, even though you must've been tired and anxious to get some rest. Thanks again, Dan, for your beautiful songs, and inspiration through the years. I'll continue to pray for you and Jean in the days ahead. Sincerely and with great appreciation ~ Bruce Wickersheim, Gresham, OR


  Dan: I've just recently become able to spend personal time at the computer, and have found your website.  Since there is no recent update on your battle, I hope that it means that you are well and are spending the time doing what you love.  I do want to share with you the impact that you have had in my life.  I first saw you in person when I was a sophomore in college (1975).  I still remember to this day, you on stage with two guitars, a banjo, and a grand piano.  While your performance was mostly  your own work, you did a version of a Beatles tune, "Here, There, and Everywhere".  I have to say that your performance of this song made such an impression on me, I remember it still.  For anyone to be able to "out do" the Beatles with their own song speaks volumes.  I have seen you since then every opportunity I have had and must say that your music has been a huge part of my life.  I still smile everytime I play one of your songs.  It only seems fair that with all the pleasure you have provided to millions, your fight should be won against the cancer, and you will have the opportunity to do all the things that you love. Keep us posted and God Bless.~ Holly Ziegenhardt


  Dan: I sincerely hope that this finds you in good spirits and in improving health. I can't adequately relate what your music and lyrics have meant to me all these years. So many of your sons touch me deeply. And though I've heard it thousands of times, "The Reach" still makes me stop whatever I am doing and listen and I swear I can smell the salt and feel the spray. I was so happy when my wife and I were able to see you a few years ago at Westbury Music Fair. To me, it was a most extraordinary evening. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Godspeed! ~ Zeke


  Dan ~ as you know life is short and you have given much enjoyment with your  talent of song. The place you sing from, is healing, uplifting, and comes from  love. Thank you for the love, cherish every minute, enjoy every moment. With  prayers of many,  the faith that, love conquers all, will give you  strength, feel the love. It is your time to feel the love back. God is love and  he will carry you through. Remember when you feel weak, the prayer of love will  give you the strength you need. Thoughts to you, Dan. ~ Dan K.


 Dan and Jean, You have been on our minds for some time and we feel compelled to write.  First of all, as you have probably heard a million times before...don't lose heart.  Dan, your music has been the soundtrack for our life together; dating in college, marriage in '81 (we walked down the aisle to "Longer") and all the years since, complete with a son and a daughter and the many simple moments which make for a rich and shared life.  Thank you. We also thank you for encouraging men to take care of themselves for themselves and the ones who love them.  I lost my dad 3 years ago to prostate cancer and I believe it was because he did not have the necessary exams.  He was a wonderful and incredibly modest man.  Thankfully, I know I said " I love you" near enough. We wish you both and all of those you love only the best.  May each day be full of promise and simple joys. Two of many ~ Karen and Bob Langston, Syracuse, NY


 Hi, Just wanted to let you know I recently received an mp-3 player and started thinking about songs to put on it. I remembered receiving an album-yes VINYL!! -in 1975 with "Part of the Plan" on it.  I fell in love with that song and Dan the 1st time I heard it and continue to listen to it almost every day when I take my walk. Thank you for the memories and your thoughtful song lyrics.  God bless you and your family now and in the future.


 Dan, I've been listening to your music since the beginning and it's as fresh and beautiful today as it was over 30 years ago. I send you all my love, good wishes, and thanks for the endless hours of pleasure you've brought me. May God bless you and your family. With Love ~ Julie Beasley

 Dear Dan, God bless you in your fight against cancer. Your music has filled my heart and soul for years. I hope  that my prayers to The Lord come back to you. Tomorrow is divine Mercy Sunday. Call upon his grace and he will answer. God Bless you and thanks for the music that dances through my soul! You are blessed and gifted. Prayers to you and your family ~ Tammy Marie

 Dear Dan, I don't know where I was all these years but I had never heard your music. Wow, is all I can say!  I was moved to tears by many of your songs and the arrangements were wonderful.  I can see you standing next to the Leader of the band with pride and love in your heart.  There aren't that many good talented song writers with heart and soul any more. What a God given talent to be able to show and tell all what love, living, and relationships are all about! I believe that God has another chapter in your life, just look to Him and search, as you have done so many times before, ask and it will be given unto you. My prayers are with you. Sincerely ~ Leora  Garcia-Jones


 Think of you often and hope there is a concert on the horizon.. ~ Mary and Doug Seaford NY


 I have been a fan & a performing musician both for decades. I'll carry your melodies with me for as long as I am a musician. I'll carry your personal health advice as well & hopefully implement both to a continuing generation. Best wishes ~ Tim


 I first heard you in 1978 at Starlight  Musical Theatre.  Fool's Gold was your opening act.  To be honest, I  didn't know who you were,  but my friends convinced me that I would be  entertained, so I went to the show.  That was an "ah ha" moment for  me.  I wanted to learn to play guitar better than you, and then I wanted to marry you.  I've grown up since then. I have a very good friend that  was dx with lung ca (non-small carcinoma) in 2004 and out of 507 study  participants he is one 18 living patients.   Don't every give  up.  My best to your friends and family. ~ Marietta


 Hi Dan, I was introduced to you in 1978 when at the last minute my cousin invited me to attend your concert in Anaheim, Cal.. I have been a fan ever since. In July of 1998 you played at what was then called The Pine Knob Music Theater; an outdoor arena; in Michigan outside Detroit. What a concert! After that concert I proposed to my wife, a special night it was. Debbie and I both truly appreciate your music. Your songs inspire something inside that brings out honest feelingss of sensitivity and compassion. We wish you Godspeed in health and strength to you and your loved ones. We pray that you will find a new found strength in this trial you are facing. We would like to know how things are going.....if somehow you could update your website and let your fans know, you have a special following because of who you are. Peace ~ Larry and Debbie Gauthier


  Dan, this is my second letter to you. I was so disappointed to see that your progress has not been updated on your website. It's been close to a year since your personal message, and I hope we'll all hear from you real soon. Your music continues to soothe work, home and on the road. You'll always be a part of my life and I wish I could do something more to help you through this. I have Type II Diabetes so I understand what it is like to live with a disease day in and day out. Without the love and support of the people around us, we'd be hard pressed to make it through the day. Fill yourself with love and let it work its miracle on you. I'm currently writing a novel Dan and I have decided to dedicate it to you for everything you are and represent to the world; a soulful man, talented writer and musician, a compassionate human being and a Survivor. I sincerely hope one day, I will be able to hand you a copy of that book. Please know that I continue to think of you often. I wish you love, health, strength and courage.  We need you Dan...please come back to us.  ~ Sue Tobin, Lake Zurich, IL

Dan, Varying degrees of cynicism and bitterness have reached me as I have aged to forty-one years.  Divorce, separation and the realities of the many responsibilities age brings, has often times left me feeling empty and spiritless. It wasn't always so. I remember a time....many times....when my spirit was full and my outlook bright.  I was all of nine years old when I first heard your music.  "Part of the Plan"  listening to it in the car with my father.  It is a fond memory I will always have.  My first love and I, at age 14,  would snuggle and kiss  on her basement couch and listen to the most beautiful song we had ever heard,  "Longer."  My wife and I began dating about the time you released "The Innocent Age."  Our favorite song was "Same Old Lang Syne", we were only 15.  We dated for four years, until college life took us from each other and we went our separate ways.  During the fourteen years of our seperation, through our other marriages, every Christmas season, whenever I would hear "Same Old Lang Syne", on the radio the irony and power of that song hit me.  And I would always wonder if she still thought as fondly of me as I did her. 


In 1998, at age 32 I ran into Lisa, my wife,  after not seeing or ever speaking to her for fourteen years.  We embraced, made small talk, felt the uncomfortableness and awkwardness of all those years vanish when she looked at me and said, "The hardest times were the holidays, whenever I would hear that damn Dan Fogelberg song!"  We laughed..we cried.  We were finally married in 2000. Two evenings ago, in a brief moment of lucidity,  I told my wife I was going to get on the internet and look up your website to see if you would be touring this summer or if you had a new album.  It has been a long, long time since I have seen you play in concert, probably the Exiles tour.  We have seven children, so our time has been limited and I am embarrassed to say I have not been able to keep up with you.  I am sorry to hear you have been battling cancer for the last two years.  The feelings I have concerning you and your music propelled me to write this letter.  I went out and bought "Full Circle" and my wife and I listened to it for eight hours with much joy as we worked on an addition to our home.


Dan, my wife and I want to thank you for your music, your words, for being the soundtrack to our love affair.  It is impossible for us to ever describe to you what your music has meant to us,  we could never do it justice.  We pray for you and your wife and your family.  We send our love, our prayers, our good wishes,  as a small token of appreciation to the joy you have brought to our life!  We love you!  ~ Jim & Lisa, Cincinnati, Ohio


 Dan, Dawn and I have been fans since your earliest days. We pray that you are in God's love every day. Thanks for all the great music and memories. Love ~ Scott and Dawn


 I woke up this morning and you were on my mind. I pray that you are doing well and your recovery continues. Your music has always been inspiring and I have listened to you for over 30 years, in fact I have every album! Thank you for so many great memories and I will continue to pray for you and Jean! God bless you. ~ Mary Cardini


 Dan,  I was totally unaware of your battle with prostate cancer. I attended your concert in Lexington, KY many years ago. I was truly amazed . It was incredible.  I am 52 now and still consider that one of the highlights of my life. Being a musician (drummer), I hoped that some day I could jam with you even for just one song.   I pray for your and your family. You are a musician's musician and a great lyricist. ~ Fred Roberts, Jr. Lexington, KY


 I was very happy to find good news on the progress of the healing process that your  website has given regarding your health.  Prayers will continue.  God bless you and your wife and family.  You are truly  blessed. Love and Peace ~ Peggy


 My husband and I met and fell in love while listening to your music in 1975. We are still in love with your music and each other. We are building a cabin in the mountains of Arizona and are naming our cabin "Souvenirs" after our favorite album. We saw you in Baton Rouge, Jackson, MS and New Orleans (you were not feeling so well that night) but my husband shouted "you sound great Dan " and you thanked him. We love your music and the meanings they have. We wish you well . Our thoughts and prayers are with you. ~ Martha and Jim Andres


 Dan, I've told this story so many times I thought you deserved to hear it since you are the source of the inspiration. I was having some very stressful weeks at my job so much so that I couldn't sleep at nights. One late sleepless night, I started listening to my old albums to relax. Never did I expect a song to talk to me and solve my problem. As I listened to "Lessons Learned", the chorus uplifted me but the last line gave me the answer." Are the spoils worth the cost of the hunt?" Yes, yes they are. Your words let me know its okay to make mistakes (or take chances) along the way as long as the end result is successful. You touched me and made my life better. I will keep you and Jean in my prayers until I hear of your complete recovery. ~ Marie Corbin


 Where do I begin.....I have been in love with you since I bought Souvenirs in 1974.  I saw you at Kiel Opera House in St Louis, I'll never forget - It was the first concert I went to without my parents ( I was 14).  I have listened to your music all thru the years - it helped me celebrate the good times and got me thru the bad times.  When I lost my husband in 1998, your words were there for me.  And when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, you were there for me again.  I wish I could wave a magic wand and make this go away but we both know it doesn't work like that.  I just wanted to thank you for everything you've done for me.  It's such a shame that we wait until something bad happens before we express our gratitude.  Take care of yourself and know that you have touched so many lives with your music!  I'll always be there for you.....waiting in St Louis! ~ Cindy


 Mr. Fogelberg - That sounds really formal for a guy whose music I've listened to for the longest time.  Know that my and many others thoughts and prayers are with you.  I graduated from college in 75, and am in the tail end of a long miitary career.  I'm a Lieutenant Colonel currently active in the US Army and am stationed at FT Carson.  I'm lucky as Colorado Springs is my home. I'm a Reserve guy but have spent the last 2.5 years as a full time soldier.  I did a tour of duty in Iraq, and introduced a few younger soldiers to what I call White Soul Music,   Your songs have touched so many people.   I hope you're doing well.  If you are a man of faith,  I'm sure you're finding what comfort you can.  if not, well, know anyway people are asking the Big Guy Upstairs to help you out.  He saved my life twice in Iraq, seconds and inches.  Take Care and Godspeed to You ~ Steve Alexander


 We love you, Dan, and your music is forever in our hearts. We wish the purest of thoughts and divine dreams to come your way. May the Fairy of All That is Good and Gracious sprinkle healing moondust on you and your wife Jean. ~ Janice Fae amd Fred Mitchell, Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas.


 Dear Dan,   I wrote you about a month ago to let you know how much your music has meant to me over the years.  I check the website periodically for updates on your condition, and anxiously await word of you returning to the stage. We all miss you so much!   I have read so many of the wishes sent to you on this site; people who have so eloquently expressed how deeply you have touched all of our lives.  It must be overwhelming to know that you have had such an affect on so many people's lives.  Like all of these other devoted fans, I pray for you and your family.   I wish you continued strength in your fight, and hope that the love we feel for you in our hearts gives you some comfort as you continue your battle against this disease. All my love to you. ~ Linda Smith on Long Island, New York.


Dan,  I feel like you've been with me for most of my life.  All through the years, I've known that if I need that lift, something to keep me company on the road or an instant smile, your music can take care of me.  I wish there was something that I could do for you, after all that your life's work has done for me, but for now, my best wishes and prayers will have to do. Keep the wind at your back ~ Sue Anderson


 My husband and I are very rarely apart, but so happens tonight he has been  called to Cortez for a job.  So here I sit, listening to your  music without restraint,  whilst gazing out the  windows at  those "lofty San Juans".  (Seems he has some issue with the fact that  I have loved you since 1975 and him only since 1990.).  I am struck by just  how meaningful the moment is . . Listening to Home Free over beer and  popcorn almost 30 years ago to wild salmon and Cab today .. . yet the feeling  remains the same.  You are, without a doubt the most insightful and  gifted lyricist and musician of our generation.  Your music doesn't just  "take me back", it propels me forward.  I can't say I've listened to you  every single day since first having heard you (that would be just plain  scary, right?).  But I have worn out every record, tape and CD you've ever  made and my life has had many "Dan Moments";  like Greek line-dancing to  "Tell Me to My Face", experiencing "Dan-Delirium" after a Red Rocks concert with  my sister (I'll spare the details), watching tears stream down my Mom's face  after her first experience with a WalkMan (Sand and the Foam playing)  and singing my Dad out of a coma to "The Reach".  (Not necessarily in  that order).  In other words, I join the throngs of  all the  other people here with discriminating musical taste who love  you, are worried about you, think about you often and thank you for decades of  joy and special moments.  YOU have been a Constant in the Chaos (not Divine  -- but close!).   I cannot imagine my life having been lived so richly  without you having been a part of it, nor can I imagine it continuing  forward without more of you in it. All selfish things aside -- I  cannot imagine all of the horrific  things you and Jeannie have gone through during this time.  I wish you  both peace of mind, comfort and health.  I will never tell  my husband, but after 30 years -- I still love you! ~  PS,  CO.


 Hi Dan, Just rediscovered your great music recently. I have loaded several songs on my Ipod and enjoyed them as I went for a run. I had not heard of you for some years and wondered what you where doing and where your career had taken you. I checked the net when I got home and was shocked to see that you were struggling with prostate cancer. I do not see a current update. How are you doing? My father went through it several years ago and survived. It can be done. Please let me know how you are doing. Unless I missed an update on your site I am sure that all your fans would like an update as well. I love your music, always did. It defined a part of my life and as I look back now it helps to put parts of my youth in context. I would like to see you performing again and I look forward to hearing good news about your illness. Best of luck. ~ Jamie


 Dan, my husband and I are watching your DVD concert and thinking about how much we love all that you have given us and about what the world is missing in your absence. Your music is magical, beautiful and inspiring. I have always felt that way, but as we are missing you, it is all the more poignant. We pray that you are doing well and continuing to fight and win the battle. May all of life's blessings be with you and Jean, and may we hear wonderful news from you very soon.  ~  Kris and Brian, Wichita, Ks


 Dan, I feel like you have been with me for most of my life.  When ever I needed a lift, a song for the road, something to rock to, or a smile, your music has always filled the need beautifully.  I wish that I could do something to bring as much joy to your life, as you have to mine, but for now, my very good wishes and prayers will have to do. May the wind be always at your back, and the sun on your shoulder ~ Susan Anderson


 Dear Dan: My thoughts and prayers are with you during your fight with cancer.  I have been a fan since 1975 and have seen you many times in concert.  I still have "Twin Sons from Different Mothers" on vinyl!  I wish you a speedy recovery and can't wait to see you again! ~ Mona from Long Beach, Ca


 Dear Dan,  I'm so sorry that you are sick.  I've watched those I love battle prostate, and other cancers, and  witnessed their struggle to regain their health and strength after the nasty treatments.  You (and my dear family physican) were diagnosed about the same time.  Since then I've learned a lot about the disease.  I don't know you personally, but your music has certainly touched my heart and become a constant source of beauty in my life.  Trying to describe its influence is like trying to describe the most beautiful sunset I've ever experienced.  I could describe the colors, but I can't convey the extent to which it has touched my soul.  I want you to know that your struggle matters to me and that I care very much.  You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.  I want to express my thanks to you for the richness you have brought to my life through your music; but I also want to thank you for fighting the cancer and enduring these difficult times.  Please know that you have many people who love and care about you and your family.   If I could do anything to ease your burden, or make things easier for you or your family I would be so happy to do so. Your illness has made me search for some way to serve.   I've learned of a company that has received enough donations to provide every person, whose life has been affected by cancer, with a hard bound book of their own story.  They can include pictures, drawings, poetry ...anything they's their story  These lives and experiences are important,  and every story has value.  I think I might want to serve in this area. Thank you for raising my awareness.  It has been a motivating experience.   I hope you are feeling better and that things are going well.  You're an inspiration to me. Sincerely ~ Lora Draper


 Dear Dan & Jean, My heart truly goes out to you both.  May you find comfort and strength during this difficult time.  Thank you, Dan, for your music and your message.  Your eloquence is truly an inspiration.  ~ Vicki, San Jose, CA


 Dan and Jean,  We (your faithful fans), are truly  worried about you.  I'm sure I am speaking for thousands of us!!  WE DO MISS AND LOVE YOU!!  All the  words that I wanted to express have already been said by your many wonderful  fans.  Please let us know.  You have more thoughts and prayers than you will ever know!! ~Maggie


 God bless you , Mr. and Mrs. Fogelberg, on this beautiful Resurrection Day! May His strength stay with you and help YOU to rise above this obstacle in your way. Come back to us..WE BELIEVE IN YOU!! ~ S. Fraser


 Dear Dan and Jean:  This August my husband, several friends, and I will be vacationing in Colorado near the Grand Lake area.  We hike in the mountains as often as we can.  As I look forward to our trip, I recall that Dan's 55th birthday, on August 13, falls during our stay.  Somewhere in the high country (where I can), I want to build a fire, dance around it, and send my prayers for Dan's continued recovery and your long and happy life together.  In the meantime, too, I will be remembering you both in my thoughts and prayers.  ~ Kathleen.


 Dan, Just checking into see how you are doing. Prayers continue to flow from my heart to yours! ~ Traci Suzanne Marvel


 I can hardly begin to tell you how there was a time when there were falls and winters, spent looking out over dark, bare brush and snowy Michigan fields, and I spent a good chunk of my life introspectively listening to, living in, singing (often as cathartic anthems) to your compositions, and relating to them as if they were my very own personal thoughts, emotions, and music.  Those moments (which were probably hours, days, etc. Who knows?!), were timeless, intensely personal, and profoundly intimate and spiritual.  Getting lost (or maybe found?) in your music helped put me in touch with, and perhaps helped bring forth, my heart and soul, all interwoven with an atmospheric natural world. Thank You for those sublime times. I saw and heard you perform once, a number of years ago now, on your first visit to Grand Rapids, MI.  You performed a composition, I believe it was called 'Bones in the Sky,' perhaps?  And it was rather uncanny, because I was quite inspired and intrigued with Georgia O'Keefe's artwork and life communing with the Southwestern landscape and environment, at the time. I give my sincerest best wishes to you and your loved ones.  I've been a caregiver.  Keep living in Beauty.  On my trips home to Michigan, your spirit hovers above the vast, white, fields of Illinois.


 Dear Dan, It is amazing to me that after reading all these lovely  tributes to you-how similar we-your fans are!  All our stories are united  in the way your music has touched our lives anywhere from 30 years  ago, on---and we all are STILL as endeared by your music as we were back  then.  I don't think many artists have such a terrific following.  We  all appreciate the sacrifices to your own personal life you suffered bringing  your extraordinary music to life so that we could enjoy them and we celebrate  the joy you had in all your successes!!   After so long, we do  consider you "an old friend",  sharing parts of yourself throughout the years as you matured along with us!!


On a personal level, I too have endured the heart-wrenching  diagnosis of cancer.  After 2 operations, chemo and radiation, I am well,  but each checkup brings a wave of anxiety I cannot describe.  Your music helped me endure hours of chemotherapy and recuperation.  Thank you for sharing your God-given gift. I would love to know  exactly how you go about creating from a thought  through to the final  product-just how do you do it!!  It takes a masterful person to bring such  talent to fruition.  I am so sincerely happy that you have always  stayed true to yourself and never sold out, otherwise I think alot of beautiful  music would have been buried inside you.  Please, please remember your fans, we can't help but be concerned for  you because on so many personal levels, a part of you , through your gift of  music has been there to help us through our various stages of life.  I  know we all would love to hear how you are doing!!   Please know from the very depths of my soul that I wish you  well so that you may enjoy life with Jean, sailing the ocean blue. I will be a  steadfast Dan Fogelberg fan 'til my dying day!!! Hoping "the well of creativity" isn't dry!  Sending prayer upon prayer for your Health and Happiness! ~  Lin


 Hi Dan,  Your music continues to touch our hearts and lives. We have listened long and often to your songs and lived them with you throughout the years and it has been a source of great strength and joy to us. We wish you every good wish for the time ahead and thank you for the music and will keep you in our prayers. God Bless ~ Val Dave and Katie Orange


 Dear Dan, Words can't describe how I am feeling about your illness. You are in my prayers, and I believe that the peace that passes all understanding is in our savior Jesus Christ.  Lean on him in this time and he will give you comfort.  I have been a fan of your music since your first album.  When I heard "To the Morning", I was hooked.  I am a musician, and a worship leader at my church.  I have all your CD's plus the sheet music to most of them.  I play guitar and piano, and am happy to say your music has been my biggest inspiration in playing and writing music.  By singing to your music, it helped me to learn how to harmonize.  I am 47 years old now, and my wife is 43.  We both love your music and now my children, especially my 8 year old daughter is now loving your music.  Please get better so we can hear more music from you.  My best concert experience in seeing you was in the early eighties when you were touring by yourself.  It was like you had invited the audience into your living room and played for us.  My brother, you are surely blessed. ~ Gregg G


 Dan - One of your most memorable concerts for me was an acoustic concert at the Greek theatre near LA - must've been 20 years ago? It was just you, a piano and a line-up of guitars. It was such a gift - I tried to think for months of something I could do for you, make you, send you - so now, maybe I'll just say "thank you" - for that night and so many hours of your beautiful music. May the gods be with you. ~ Judy


 Hi Dan, I hope you don't mind if I share a little of your own lyrics from "There's A Place In The World For A Gambler",  (my all time favorite song of yours), but I think it says what millions of your fans are saying in their greetings and best wishes in your fight against cancer. 


"There's a light in the depths of your darkness...let it shine...oh let it shine..."                           


That light is hope.  And the love and support of your wife, family, friends and fans. God bless you Dan Fogelberg. ~ Tom Willi, Muskegon, MI


 Hi Dan, My best wishes to you and Jean. I am a full time musician because of you & your music. You have influenced me more than you will ever know. I have so much I could tell you. Your song "To the Morning" helped me face each day when I was just dreaming of playing music for a living. I am 45 now, & have spent my life in pursuit of this illusive art. It is my passion. Thank you so much for your wonderful music.. All the best to you, you are in my thoughts and prayers. ~ Brent Evans, Rochester, Indiana


 Hello Dan: You have been in my thoughts of late. Wishing you days of comfort and rest, and the ability to savor your world.  As always, sending light and love ~ Peter, in Quinebaug, CT


 Your music has been a powerful source of inspiration to me over the years. I have taken my family to almost every concert in Colorado especially Red Rocks.  Now my grandchildren are Fogelberg fans too.  I keep you and Jean in my prayers every day.  Keep fighting and never forget how many of your fans are praying and waiting for news from you.  You have touched an unbelievable number of people with your music.  Please please get well. ~  Virginia Haning


 Dear Dan, My thoughts are with you.  I was going through some of my CD's and  pulled one of yours out to listen to it.  I thought about the fact that I  knew you were struggling and wanted to find a place to write to encourage  you. I used to go to Central High School in Peoria and graduated in 1970.   I remember your first album and wore it out.  After that I was a huge  fan.  I was involved in music in Peoria for almost a decade and finally  moved away in the late 80's.  I was a vocalist and songwriter as well as  accoustic pianist.  Joni Mitchell probably was my closest style.  


Now life has taken us into our 50's I am blown away at how quickly it has come and realize how fragile life really is.  I want you to know that you  and Jean are in my prayers today.  I am a Christian now and realize how  much I missed not having Him in my life until I got older.  He gives me  purpose and drive and reason to continue.  I am aware that all things  have eternal purpose.  We don't always understand things in this life but  He makes total sense to me now.   I can finally breathe knowing  that He guides my steps and He will do the same for you and  Jean.  I love you now and always have. ~ Donni Mathison


 Dear Dan, Your beautiful music has always been a part of my life.  I saw you back in the early 1980's in concert and have always remembered how wonderful you were then. I am so saddened by the illness you are battling and hope & pray you will make a full recovery.  I just realized by reading your biography that you are the same age as my husband & myself. (born in 1951.)  It really makes one very aware of one's own mortality.  Wishing you a full recovery and a long & happy life. ~ Shawnne Tessman-Mc Kenna,  Randall MN


 Dear Dan,  Your music was for me a sonnet to my first love and youth.  I listened for hours to the beautiful lyrics, yearning, identifying, wanting to know you-you touched my soul.  I want to give you something in return for all of your artistry....I wish you love....peace....strength...light.  You touched my life in a way that I could never touch yours....and I am grateful. Love ~ Judy


 Dear Dan: Wherever you are in the world today, I wish you the deepest, most soulful happiness of your life.  My life would have been so different had I not discovered your music when I was 16. (Now 40.)  I grew up in Maine, love the rugged rocks and coast north of Acadia.  I know you do too. What I would give to see you perform again. The first 15 times were fantastic - but not nearly enough!  Thank you so much for being able and willing to share yourself with those of us who have loved you for years.  Peace and good health. ~ Bud Patterson, Lake Geneva, WI


 God Bless you and you will be in my  prayers. ~ M


 Dear Dan, My husband and I associate your music with the magical time of the start of  our relationship. Having just listened to your CD The Innocent Age made us think to send you  our wishes for your health to be restored. Your song, "The Reach", reminds me of my wonderful grandfather who lived to be almost 101. He was a sea captain out of Gloucester who never lost a man or a boat in his 50 years at sea. My best friend always sings along to "Run for the Roses" with you as horses  are her passion. So many of your songs feel like old friends. Thank you for your work and  the continued pleasure that it gives. Our best to you and your family ~ Nancy & Jeff Foster


 Mr. Fogelberg, er, Dan, Even though I've been a fan for years, I never thought to go on your website until tonight! I was simultaneously shocked to hear of your recent travails, and pleased to see your letter to other men, (I'm a 36-year old male), urging them to get checked for prostate cancer. Thank you for that! Also, thanks for your wonderful music. I have played acoustic and electric guitar since I was a kid, and vividly remember sitting on my bed trying to pick out the chords to "Leader of the Band." God, what a beautiful song! For me it resonates, because my father taught me to play, and I have always felt like a pale shadow of the man, my love and respect for him is so all-consuming. My favorite song of yours, however, is "Ghosts", from "The Innocent Age." I don't know if you've ever performed that song live, but I'm sure if you did, it sounded spectacular! A very powerful song. Anyway, thank you, Dan, for the music and the memories, which I hope will continue for many more years! Best of luck in your fight against the ravages of the disease that has invaded your very being. I hope that you prevail. Godspeed. Sincerely ~ Robert F., Hanson, Massachusetts


 There aren't really words to express my thanks for the beauty you've added to the world and to my life. I just want to say that you've touched my heart and I send a part of mine to you. I hold you in my heart and soul and send all love and healing to you and your family. ~ LTE


 Dan -This past weekend was absolutely gorgeous in Central Illinois - sunny and warm and breezy - completely perfect.  I spent Saturday working in my garden while listening to your incomparable music.  What an awesome way to spend Earth Day.  Thank you for sharing your many gifts with us all for so long.  My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and your family.  Keep on fighting.  ~ MJ


 Sending you both love, strength, and prayers. ~ ShellyB - OKC


 Dan- As I'm writing this it seems surreal to me - surreal that I'm actually communicating with you; someone I've followed closely as an artist since I was 17, when I first heard your album, Nether Lands -and surreal, in that you now suffer from the disease that my mother had, years ago, when I first saw you in concert in Atlanta at the Fox Theater.  Since that concert, I've seen you 3 more times, listened to your albums (which I STILL have on vinyl) thousands of hours, practiced your songs on my own epiphone, time and time again - & still marvel at your lyrics, your insight & the spirit that shines through everything you've written.  I listened to your music through high school (educating everyone I could on who you were- & how unenlightened they must have been not to know), played & sang your songs in my dorm room in college with my best friend, Teri, & quoted your lyrics in cards and letters I'd send to friends throughout my life, as inspiration for them.  My mom became intrigued with your music as well, & she and I bonded over little in my teen and college years, except your music. When it came to that, we shared a common thread, a common "chord"- each of them yours. I pray you are surrounded now by every unleashed, once captured, angels there may be - & that all those around you are able to sustain you, uplift you, & inspire you to move forward.  I follow you and your journey, still, after all these years.  God Speed. ~ Diane


 I will keep you and your wife in my thoughts and prayers. The two of you have been on my mind since I visited your web site late last night. I believe in the power of pray, and that God is merciful. You are such a spiritual person, I know you must feel the positive thoughts sent your way. I know not everyone is cured of cancer, but I do believe God gives strength, courage and most of all peace to those in need. ~ Jodie


 My first album was Nether Lands.  I used to lay in bed at night and listen to the album over and over!  It has been and will always be my favorite album - actually.... I love them all!  I can't begin to say how much I love your music!  You have touched my spirit over and over with your lyrics and music.  I have seen you in concert 4 times, and each time I leave anticipating the next time I can see you again! You are by far one of the greatest musicians ever. When I was 19, my father passed away, and I went through some pretty tough years trying to understand it all. I used to put your music on and sit and listen and find some inner peace. Thank you for your incredible talent!!  Your music always moves me and make me experience a deeper self.  I pray for you and your family during this hard time.  When you start to get down, remember all the beauty you have created for all of us out here.  God Bless ~ Connie Lyons, Michigan


 Dan-- Just wanted to join the legions of folks who have felt your music  touch a part of our souls. I can only imagine what you and Jean are going through. Life is a  crapshoot, and every day, we get dealt another hand of cards, and we  can only play with the cards we are dealt. I hope that, given what  you have given to your fans and to people like myself who admire the  artistry of your work, that through your selfless gift, a speedy  recovery and recuperation is what the cards have in store for you.


I'm sure you don't remember, but we met in the early eighties when  you were touring behind The Innocent Age album. You gave me a copy of  Tom Robbins' "Still Life With Woodpecker" because you were working on  "Make Love Stay" as a work in progress at the time. That book was the  most profound book I have ever read, and I've passed it along to dozens of friends. I have never forgotten that gift, and wish there  was some way to thank you for helping along the path of my life. Well, I guess I just did . . . Thanks, Dan, and be well. May God bless you and Jean, and like many  of your fans, I hope to see you in my town if that is "in the cards" ~ Phil Borzi


 Hello Dan, I have been a fan of yours since my university days....25 years ! I wish you nothing but the best. Your songs are beautiful and I never tire of listening to them. I hope when you're back to touring you will come to Canada sometime :) You are in my prayers. ~ Jackie


 Dan, I've been making a real effort to stay in touch with your progress and health.  We are all sending our prayers to you and Jean daily, and I hope these messages of love and support help in some small way.  You're more than just an artist, more than just a songwriter, you are a gifted and giving person.  In times like these (there's a dan title), I can only say that in my own personal way, I am pulling for you, and wishing you well in your hopeful recovery.


I am a songwriter/producer here in New York City, and I hail from Columbus Ohio originally.  I am 49.  Your music means more to me than I can ever express.  I am a multi- instrumentalist like yourself, but my forte is piano.  I can't think of any artist whose first released music starts with two powerhouse originals - "To The Morning", followed by "Stars".  Showcasing both your excellent piano playing, then that expressive Dan Fogelberg fingerpicking on guitar, smothered in your own harmonies.  Those 7-8 minutes of music have forever affected my own musical journey.  My college years at Miami of Ohio were defined by your records and your beautiful songwriting abilities.  "Song From Half Mountain" comes to mind, as does "Aspen/These Days", "Comes & Goes", "Next Time", "Once Upon A Time" , "Lessons Learned", "Give Me Some Time","The Reach", "Along The Road", "Looking For A Lady" - these are huge songs in my musical influence and journey.  I could go on for hours about other songs you have written, Dan - I have  spent hours taking apart your songs, playing them on both piano and guitar, and in my small way here, I just want to say, personally, THANK YOU!


I'm a big fan of the broadway show RENT, and its basic theme of 'no day but today'.  Today I share the same air with you, enjoy the same sunset tonight, care for my loved ones as deeply as I'm sure you do for yours.  LIFE IS TODAY.  You're  a beautiful, talented soul, Dan, inside/out.  So what I guess I am saying in closing here, in this note to you, is that there is no sadness in my heart today for you, only a deep, caring gratitude.  Hell, we could all cross the street and get 'hit by a bus!". There is no guarantee ever of 'tomorrow'.    Life is lots of little threads, all pasted together, one by one.  Your life, love, talents, cannot be measured because they are too huge, too dense, too real and unique.  No one is even remotely like you, Dan.  You're a true original, both as a person, and obviously, musically.  Words cannot express your effect on my own life, on my own music, on a lot of what I am as a person.  I'll close with one of your own lines, from one of your very best songs.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dan.  Keep the faith - stay strong - believe in your life, family,  and its great contributions, and know that in whatever context, you are a giant.  The real thing.  A gift.  These words would come from my soul no matter what your health situation, Dan.  These words are my truth, regardless of the hills and valleys that life makes us journey through.  You have earned all the love so many millions of us feel for you.  That will, nor has never...changed..We owe you Dan Fogelberg.  I love you. We all love you.   Thanks! -- "joy at the start - fear in the journey - joy in the coming home"


 Dan, I just wanted to let you know about yet another person whose life you touched.  I started playing guitar in high school and sang "There's a Place in the World for a Gambler" at a high school pageant in my hometown.  I had the reputation of being a tough guy football player and shocked a few people that night that had no idea that I had a softer side.  My wife and I used "Longer" for our wedding song.  I am still touched inside whenever I hear your music and feel a camaraderie in some small way.  "Same Old Lang Syne" does it every time.  I am in no way a great guitar player, but have started playing much more over the past few years and often think about that first night that I ever sang and played in front of a large group.  I wish you well and thank you for the music. ~ Bob Andress, Hoover, Alabama


 Hello, Dan, this is my first visit to your website. I have to tell you, I'm blown away by the news of your cancer. I just can't imagine what you and your wife are going through. I am a breast cancer survivor. I was very very fortunate that it was caught very early. My prognosis is good. As you well know, advances in the treatment of cancer are getting better as we speak. I do

believe you can beat this. I've enjoyed your music for as long as you've been around. I went on a trip this past week and have starting listening to your work again, with a vengeance. Please forgive, my rambling I'm reeling from the news of your cancer. Godspeed!!!! ~ Jodie Rambin Ashworth


 Dear Dan, One thing that my husband knows would really thrill me is finding tickets to your next concert.  He then informed me that you were fighting cancer and may not return to the stage.  I was very sad to hear that.  We went to many concerts in Phoenix and enjoyed every one of them.  You have been my favorite artist.  God bless you and your family and if it be his will you will return.  Our prayers and thoughts are with you.  Thank you for all your music you have provided for so many years.  ~ Risa


 Dear Dan,   I write this to you, a fan of over 25 years..with sadness  and happiness in my heart. Saddened to hear of your  battle with cancer and happiness in knowing  that you are and continue to be an inspiration. Nether Lands was the first album  of yours that I sounds funny to say the word album now. I was touched  by every song on that album and it launched me into becoming a loyal fan. I  saw you when you toured New England many years ago at Great woods and then the Springfield Mass civic center. I lived then in NH. I am glad to hear you have a  home in Maine. My family is still in NH and I have close friends that have chosen Maine as their home. New England is truly beautiful and I am happy to  hear you spend time there. I live in CT. now and hate to say that I do not get  back home as often as I would like. I truly hope you continue to get well. I  thank God my father has his tests regularly and is in great shape. Your letter  hopefully will inspire my significant other and others to get tested as  well. He recently turned 50 and I would be lost without him. Please know  you will be in my daily thoughts and prayers. I look forward to hearing the  good news. Until then enjoy life with Jean as best you can and know that all of  the lives you have touched are out there holding hands in prayer for  you. ~ Cheryl in Trumbull,CT


 So many times in my life your music has gotten me through the tough stuff.  We can only hope that our collective hopes, prayers and love can do the same for you. ~ Sue Ostrander


 I have loved your music since I was a student at the University of Colorado in Boulder in the early 70's and especially remember a concert at Red Rocks- seems like yesterday.. I also remember a benefit you did for the Ruby Sisson Library. I had gone home with my young family for the Christmas holiday and when we learned of your concert, my husband & I postponed our return to Virginia to see you perform in the high school gym. We were glad we did. Thank you for your music. Best wishes.


 Dan, I think of you often and wonder how you're doing. My best wishes to you and your family. ~ Bob, Long Valley N.J.


 Dan, I was diagnosed at 13 years old with a neuromuscular disease, age 44 with diabetes ll and a rapid heart rate. I was anemic and received a blood transfusion which  led to my colonoscopy. I'm fortunate enough to have my test results come back clean as a whistle. But, thank God for tests. Music has always been an important part of my life and through my struggles. Music was my outlet.  Then in the '70's my  brother introduced me to Souvenirs and Home free and I found peace. In the early '80's my husband and I saw you perform at the Cow Palace in CA. We sat so far away in the wheelchair seating; yet your performance was so intimate I may as well have been on stage with you. Nether Lands became my favorite album because of its power and strength. My day always begins with Nether Lands, giving me the courage to face each day. In 2000 my husband was performing at the Cupertino, CA Rotary Club's Oktoberfest when my husband and a friend of ours, Dana, surprised me with the "guess who he knows" game. Yes, it turned out Dana knows you from high school. I was in awe and replied,  "I love Dan Fogelberg!" The world truly is a small place, yet  we are all connected; through music, words or mutual friends, by one common May that love embrace you and your wife and keep you safe and warm. You are always in my thoughts. ~ Lisa -California


  Best wishes from the tallest of our 14 peaks in Colorado. We miss you Dan and keep your music and love flowing-peace and blessings.


 Hi Dan, how are you, hope the best for you, and I pray for you that your health is great! It is such a wonderfully beautiful time of year. I was in your hometown yesterday, it was my 46th birthday, yuck, 46, aghh!! I sat by the "River" in Peoria and thought of you and the fantastic song that you sang about this particular river, I felt your essence while sitting by it. The essence of you that I always feel there is you in your tweed jacket with a dark shirt underneath, faded blue jeans with holes in the knees, suede shoes from the 70's and your brown hat on, and around your neck is a thin suede necklace with a painted bead on it. You are still there, in Peoria. God love you Dan, please keep getting better, I will always love you and the gifts from your music and the words of wisdom that helped my life. Love to you.   ~ "Lazy Susan"


 I love you Dan so much!!! My name is Kurt, I'm 36 from MN.  I have mild  cp -cerebral palsy.  Real thankful that it's mild!!! Hang in there.   I'll pray for you. May God bless you deeply!!! I love you, my  friend.  ~ Kurt


 Dan - God bless you and your family.I was diagnosed with PC at the old age of 46. I am 53 now and doing well. I was a fighter earlier in my life. You do the same now.

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