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"Dear Dan" Letters

December 2006

Dan, I started listening to your music in the 70's. Your music has made a big  impact on my life. Your lyrics are always thoughtful and thought provoking. My  prayers are for the return of your good health during this time in your  life. Good Bless ~ Dale Shores, California


 Dan and family,  I have been enjoying Dan's music for over 30 years. I was very saddened to hear of your illness. My father battled prostate cancer also. He beat it and I know you can too. I'm in the middle of listening to my Dan Fogelberg collection of CD's. As I was enjoying each and every song I was in awe of the talent that you possess. The lyrics are heartfelt and special and that includes the rock songs. I saw you in concert in Philadelphia on one of your solo tours and it was a virtuoso performance. Again, your musicianship and talent are unequaled. My family and I will keep you in our prayers and I hope to hear you from the studio soon. Take care & God Bless. ~ Wayne Fottrell, Waterford, CT


 Dear Dan Fogelberg, My heart and prayers are with you. Prostate cancer has personally  broken my heart . It's a true enemy and I pray that God gives you all the  ammunition and armor He has to defeat this foe. *Psalm 103*  You have been  a big part of my husband and me. We've been together 22 years and your music is extremely special to us. I will pray for you and  your family. ~ Lana Harrison


 I hope to see good news soon. It would fill many hearts with joy; I would be so happy to hear that you are recovering. Merry Christmas to you and your family. ~ Jeff in Memphis


 Dan, this has broken my heart man ! My dad was just diagnosed with PC. Good luck and FIGHT !!!


 They say every illness teaches you something.  Sometimes it isn't until years later that you learn what that was.  Usually you didn't want to learn it that way in the first place.  They say illness is a pathway to spiritual growth.  Wherever your path takes you I feel sure that because your music is so spiritual and inspiring that you are graduating to the next level.  Bless you for doing so much good in the world...for millions of people and also for myself.  I'm going through a tough time and your music is still there to inspire me and to let me know that suffering isn't forever and one day we will all find our way home. ~ Maria  in England


 The first time I heard of Dan was on the Weisberg/Fogelberg "Twin Sons of Different Mothers" album, I was hooked! To this day when Dan comes on the radio, satellite or terrestrial, my ears perk up and I am thrown back to a much simpler time in my younger days when the cares and anxieties of life weren't an issue!


I lost my mom and only 50-year-old brother two weeks apart in October of last year, and my dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease just this past week. If it wasn't for trusting in God and leaning on your music in my life I could never cope. We all have a purpose in life. Dan, yours is your voice, your melodies, and your lyrics that truly heal and connect us with each other.  The very next day after seeing my first true love in a department store after 30 years, "Same Old Lang Syne" came on the radio. The love I felt for her has never diminished and the song ironically validated the power you carry in your words and music! THANK YOU, Dan, for ALL the effort you put behind your music. Wherever your path in life takes you, you have fulfilled your destiny with everything you've done, and will continue to do! May you be richly blessed and healed through the power of God, who is the very reason for our existence. ~ Bob Tylka, Scottdale, Pennsylvania


 Dan and Jean, Just wondering how things are going since your announcement.  No news  is hopefully wonderfully good news.  Miss hearing you. Merry Christmas ~ Emily Rhodes, Oklahoma City,  OK


 Dear Dan and family,  You and your family are in our prayers. We've always loved your Music. Love ~ Anthony and Rosemary


 I'm writing because recently I lost someone who I didn't realize was so dear to me till after he passed.  Though he had cancer and had neglected treatment earlier on, it was still unexpected. It's prompted me to try and take the time to "do more" instead of just thinking about doing it. Everything seems so fleeting.  I will keep you in my prayers, you and your family and pray for your recovery.   I 'm sure you've heard it before, but your music has been such a large part of my life for so long. It's been wonderful, thought provoking at times, comforting as well as providing a haven of sorts.  I wanted to communicate this because someone told me "tomorrow is not promised". I say this because you may very well live to enjoy another couple of  decades while I may not be so fortunate.  I just wanted to say Thank you for your beautiful music and let you know that I, along with countless others pray for your recovery. God Bless You ~ Kathy Briggs


 Blessings to you and Jean as you keep the faith.  I'm playing "Souvenirs" tonight and thought of you. ~ Wade Adams, Michigan


 To Dan, Your music has inspired me for many years. The pure harmonies and the clear music arrangements are some of the most beautiful things that have ever touched my ears. Whether it's the smooth sounds and the wonderful lyrics of  "Dancing Shoes", " Illinois", "Scarecrow's Dream", "Wishing on the Moon", or  "Wandering Shepherd." There are so many songs that have touched my soul. I remember going to Market Square Arena in '85 and seeing you in concert during the "High Country Snows" tour and thinking what talent God has given you. That was a GREAT show! I had listened to you for many years before then and was a huge fan of  "Twin Sons of Different Mothers". I truly regret not seeing you more when you were touring.


 I don't know what drove me to look up your website this evening, other than to see if you were still on the road and when you might be in the Midwest again, but when I did and saw that you had prostate cancer, my heart felt very heavy. You music has helped me through some troubled times of my own and when I hear some of them playing on the radio, it also brings such great memories and smiles to my face. My wife is an Oncology nurse here in Indianapolis and has been for many years. She brings home the stories of people battling that terrible disease but also tells me of the miracles that happen everyday. I surely hope that you are doing fine with your cancer and you will always be in my prayers. May "GOD BLESS YOU" Dan Fogelberg and your family and please keep us updated on your battle. Remember "the higher you climb, the more that you see" so keep climbing!!! ~ Tim A. Kinslow, Indianapolis, Indiana


 Dear Dan and family,  I wish to thank you for your timely advice on getting to a doctor and having a prostate check. I did so on my 50th birthday. I was shocked when my PSA levels were elevated. I was told it was good timing on my part to have it checked. I told my doctor, whom I hadn't been to in years, that the reason I got checked was from hearing of your illness. THANK YOU!!! I hope and pray you and your family are doing well, and I will continue to pray for all of you. Your music has inspired and soothed my soul for many years now. On a brief side note, I found a old ticket stub, which I have passed on to my son, of a concert in Indianapolis in the mid seventies at the Convention Center downtown. You opened with the Eagles, and if I remember correctly, the ticket price was under fifteen bucks. What a great deal!!!  Thank you again, and God Bless. Sincerely ~ Ken Guarnery


 Dear Dan, My husband and I have been fans since the beginning of your career.   We were decorating our Christmas tree the other night, while listening to your  album, "The First Christmas Morning" and thought that it had been some time  since we've seen an update on your health.  Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers and trust that "no news is good news."  Thank you for  all your music and the delight we have shared in it.  God bless you. Sincerely ~ Rich and Jolene Lunsford, Clark, Colorado


 Aloha from Maui ~ Please know that you and your family are in our prayers.  You know full well the impact you've had on so many and now we pay it forward to you with our faith and prayers ~ that the God of the Universe touch you with His Healing Hand. Just this last month your songs (particularly 'Part of the Plan') moved me through a 'moment in my life' where I needed to understand a lost love and why 30 years later we again meet.  Erghhh. But thank you for your words and the comfort they elicit. God bless you.  Be well. ~ jody


 Hey Dan , I wanted to thank you for all the memories your music has given me. I thought of your music last weekend when I was hiking in the San Juan Islands WA.  I pray that you are fighting this Beast  we call Cancer . My family is affected by it too. My mother has been fighting it for 13 years now. Please never give up! You are too important to alot of us out here. ~ Brett


 Dan, wanted you to know that I am still sending prayers your way.  I  hope you are in good spirits. Your music has made my spirits go upward for years now, possibly over 30 years - YIKES! Now I play your albums to my three daughters and they are hooked too. My mom & dad have enjoyed your music for many years, in fact they attended a concert with me in St. Louis about 25  years ago. So we have three generations loving your poetic homage to nature and life. Thanks, Dan for all the beauty you have brought to me!!


 Hello Dan and Family- It's the Holiday season and with the thoughts of goodwill toward all. Nothing makes me feel that kindness in my heart more than listening to your music and with that I wish you and you family the most joyous holiday and prayers for you! I have been following you and your music ever since my first concert in the late 70's while at college. You are what music is meant to be...a feeling that stays with you in all times... Keep the fight and look forward to hearing and hopefully seeing you again soon.... Sincerely...a true fan ~ Steve Smith - Fort Edward,NY


 Hi Dan and family, I sincerely hope all is better for you Dan in the health department. It's that time of the year again where there's a chill in the air, the christmas trees are in the shop windows and your CD "The First Christmas Morning" is getting dusted down in our household. Believe it or not, I actually heard, for the first time, your song "Same Old Lang Syne" here on a local Seville radio station this morning. Anyway, have a great Christmas and when your artistic skills flow musically again it be great to hear another album. Here's hoping. All the best ~ Johnny "B" Good in Seville,Spain.


 I will never forget the first time I heard your album "The Innocent Age", it really touched my heart in a very profound way and I still, after all these years, have that feeling inside of me. You´re truly an amazing songwriter - may you live forever. All the love to you and your family. ~ Stig Nyman


 Dan, I heard "Same Old Lang Syne"  today on the radio and it made me feel so good (and a bit nostalgic) that I came home to play your albums again.  You now have four new fans.  My teenage daughters and 18 yr old son and 6 yr old son were all struck by your music and talent asked me for CDs for their cd players. Dan, your music has been in my life for so long it is like comfort food  ( I even had some on 8-track!) . The truth and simple honesty of it is a balm for the soul. I was shocked and saddened to hear of your illness. I will definitely be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers because we need you and your music in this world. Peace and Light to you and your family and have a Happy Holiday Season. Your friend and longtime fan ~ Jeff Kincaid (also James, Ainsley, Alexandra and fans), Lynchburg, VA


 To Mr. Fogelberg and family: I read the letter on your site, about your remission. I hope this email finds you still in that state. It is a true blessing, remission. I lost my beloved mother this year to her cancer. I will have no more Christmases with her. She loved your music as do I, so it was important to me to come say this to you. Hold your family close, my friend. Let them love you and hold you as close. I know you've been through hell, but so have they. They've received this gift as much as you have. Celebrate this gracious gift from the One who gave it. Peace, my friend ~ Ms. Jesse V Coffey


 Dearest Dan, I struggle to find words deep enough to express my appreciation. Like so many others, you have provided one of the soundtracks to my life. I am so fortunate that my friends and I discovered you in the early 70s while we were in high school. It has given me a trusted friend on this long journey - each step I took was accompanied by your words and music.


"The Last Nail", "Nether Lands", "To the Morning", "Believe in Me", "Beggar's Game": each and every one of your songs has a place in my life, but the most lasting and deeply felt came about when I was 20 years old. My father had been terminally for 10 years. He was my hero and protector, friend and father. The Innocent Age was recently released and with it, "Leader of the Band." The song came into my life at a time when I knew I was spending my last Christmas with my dad. As part of his gift that year I purchased the 45 of  "Leader of the Band" and gave it to my dad with a note telling him how much the song would always remind me of him (he was a very talented singer). When Christmas day arrived I put the single on the turntable and played the song for him. As you sang, unending tears streamed down my face as my father sat quietly and listened. My heart was breaking in a million pieces for this man who gave me life and was always a ray of sunshine to everyone he met. The song ended and I caught my breath. My father sat there for a few minutes, wiped a tear from his eye, and proclaimed, "You know, I couldn't understand a damn thing he was saying. I had the same darn problem with Elvis too." And to paraphrase you, we laughed until we cried. He, of course, understood every word but was trying to save his daughter's heart the agony, if only for just a minute. It's such a bittersweet memory that still to this day with a tear in my eye makes me smile and laugh.


Thank you, my friend, for always being there for me and with me. Just know that we are all here for you now; the ones who's journeys you traveled along beside. Be well Dan. Much Love ~ Maureen Valdes Marsh


 Hi Dan and Jean! I am enjoying the heck out of your Christmas album, Dan. It's only right after six years of begging, eh?

I hope you are well and warm at home. Here's wishing you both a very Merry Christmas and a safe and healthy New Year. Post a message soon. We all want to hear from you. ~ Alexia and Dave Rogers, Reno, NV


 Just thinking about you, Dan, and was concerned I hadn't heard anything for awhile.  I will pray for you.  You can beat this.  Words can't express how much your music has meant to me over the years.  I can't imagine not having had your inspiring and touching music to remember and listen to as I go through life.  I wish you the best for a speedy recovery. You are in my thoughts and my prayers.  Keep fighting.  Your fan ~ Randy.


 Dear Dan and Family, The last time I saw you perform Dan was at West Fest in Winter Park. You made fun of me while crossing in front of the stage with some of my funky shorts and a tank top on "nice all fit". You gave me a good laugh too. It was a great day of music and fun.  Your music -- It's timeless and you are one of my all time favorites artists.  Thank you for the Music.  Dan, I hope that this finds you and your family in good health and happiness. You and your family are in my thoughts and my prayers.  I hope all the best for you. Sincerely ~ Keith Ziegler, Arvada, Colorado


 I'm not sure I can put into words what your music has mean to me over the years. When I think of you, I immediately think of the "Home Free" album. When I was a young single mother in the late 70s and early 80s, life was so scary and felt so out of my control. Ritual was very important to me. Okay, control was very important. Control and ritual. My morning ritual was listening to "Home Free". Some mornings would include my flute but with or without my accompaniment, I would get the comfort and assurance that I could go out into the world and get back safely at the end of the day by listening to your beautiful music.


 I was shocked this afternoon when I looked your name up on the internet and saw that you had been diagnosed with cancer.  I am so sorry that you are going through this. Please know that you and your family are in my thoughts. I wish I could do something for you that would help you the way you helped me all those years ago. Much love to you Dan ~ Robin Freeman


 Dan, While flying across the front range yesterday, I could see forever from 35000 ft.  The first thoughts to come to my mind were of  "The Wild Places". " I was walking alone through the lofty San Juans, With a heart full of light and a head full of songs" and "High Country Snows".    I wondered if you might even be down there at that time, it looked just like the cover of High Country Snows.  As I look through my extensive song collection there's only one other artist who's albums I have as many of as yours,  Steven Curtis Chapman,. good company.  As I sit writing this I am listening to First Christmas Morning.  Even when I am away from home at this time of year, it keeps me connected with "home".  It's probably my favorite Christmas album of all that I have.  We continue to pray for you, your family and your health.  Let us know how you are doing. ~ Max and Karen Batson, Castle Rock, CO.


 Dan, if I could only say thanks for all the great music


 I think about you off and on all the time.  I have loved your music since the early '70s, when I first heard it.  And it is still my favorite music.  Your words have touched my soul so many times, getting me through many rough, great, weird, fun times.  I am praying for you and your family.  My good thoughts are going to you all the time, sending you positive healing and thoughts for a speedy, as painless as possible recovery. ~ Sally Cabanski


 Dan Fogelberg plays a key role in my personal story. He provided inspiration and a wholesome message about fidelity, permanence, beauty and love. During a period of music when many artists were tearing down the moral fabric of America, Dan was building up the moral fabric of America.


In my first audition for a Broadway show in 1981, I performed Dan Fogelberg's song "Longer". It was an open call with 2000 participants. I was cast in the show based on that audition. I went on to a successful career co-starring in films for Paramount and Columbia Pictures and a starring role in the US National Tour of "Cats." However, in my mad dash or success, I forgot the wholesomeness and integrity that was exemplified in Dan's music. I fell into addiction and lost everything at 24 years old. At the bottom of that terrible loss, I reached out to the God who touched Dan Fogelberg, and who was reflected in his beautiful songs. It has been a long journey since those days and I can say that I am grateful for all that I lost. I am currently happier than ever. I became a Christian, and I travel all over the world playing and singing in churches.  Dan, I thank you for your example as a Christian. Thank you for showing me that success and media acceptance are not the goal of a true artist. The goal should be artistic integrity and that we always turn our hearts towards the source of our gifts, God. Hopefully, on that day when we return to him, he will welcome us saying "well done, good and faithful servant." Thank you for being a light Dan. I will be praying for you and your family. Blessings ~ David MacDonald


 Always love your "timeless" music and wish you well.  As a cancer survivor, I will keep you in my prayers and look forward to good news regarding your future music plans. God Bless ~ Ellen Huntsman


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, I wanted to first of all say a thank you to you for your music. I secondly want to send my best wishes to you for continued health and happiness. I pray for your road to recovery,,, may it be smooth and the sun at your back. Take care ~ Lori Thornton


 Dear Dan: I am 32 and was raised on your music.  Every time my Mom put on one of your records, she'd remind me that you were from Peoria, just like us, and how fortunate we were to have a claim to fame like you.  I was further intrigued by the story that my Aunt Theresa knew your father when she was a high school student.  I grew up wondering which Peoria grocery store you were shopping in when you met your old lover, the inspiration for "Same Old Lang Syne."  That particular song is getting a lot of radio play this time of year, which has me thinking about you and praying for your speedy recovery. Thank you for being a part of my life, past and present.  I was fortunate enough to see you in concert at the Peoria Civic Center circa 1997 or '98 - a dream come true!!  I have a two-year-old son now and he loves music.  He will not be a stranger to your genius as he grows up.  Thank you, and God Bless. ~ Aaryn 


 Dan, A close friend of mine recently turned me on to where I entered your name to create an internet radio format of your songs and similar artists. A major benefit is the detailed biography offered of each artist. I read yours with great interest (although much was familiar as I have been an ardent fan since my high school days in Peoria in the 70's). Greatly saddened to read of your illness, I felt compelled to write and express to you, my sincere thanks for your music. I first heard Souvenirs in 1974 as a teenager in Peoria and was immediately inspired. Having taken guitar lessons as a child only to abandon it for years, I bought an old Epiphone acousitc at a garage sale for $20, picked up the sheet music to Home Free and Souvenirs, and taught myself to lay again. Upon hearing my relentless practicing  and playing of your albums on the family hi-fi, my mother inquired as to who this was that had inspired such action in me. When I told her your name and that you were from Peoria, she exclaimed "Larry's boy?"...and went on to tell me of her days in the Manual High school band in the 40s, with your dad as her leader and instructor. At that moment I felt a very kindred spirit with you that will always be with me.



Moving on to college, I met a girl one summer at Hickory Grove during one of the drunken German Schlock Fests. We hit it off immediately, and soon after I played her the song "Hickory Grove" on the guitar, we fell in love. Hickory Grove and your music carried us through a long distance relationship in college. Each of us wore the grooves of your albums thin while missing each other...her at Eastern and me at Western. Your songs sustained us. I'd like to say it was a happily ever after ending, but alas we went our separate ways. Then, Same Old Lang Syne" was life imitating art as we briefly reconnected a few years later in much the same way as your lyric....and that "old familiar pain" was unmistakable. You are a lyrical genius. Now at 48, living in Tulsa and spending my time as a dad and financial advisor, my guitar has been gathering dust in its case, patiently waiting to be played again someday.  Seems there is never the time and I guess my youthful enthusiasm has waned. But today I read your bio, listened to your songs again and have been re-inspired to take it out of its case. Please know that I will be praying for your full recovery and hope you will once again give the world the gift of your music. Thanks for your living legacy and all that it has meant to me, past and present. ~ Lorn Lyman


 Please know that you are constantly in my prayers. Not a day goes by that one of your songs doesn't echo through my soul. Your gift of music and inspiration will long outlive you and its reach is indescribable. The world is a better place because of your life. Thank you, thank you. These messages prove your tremendous impact on us all. I pray for your health, your strength, your peace and, when your time comes, your eternal rest. With sincerest love and appreciation ~ Nancy in Alabama.


 Cher Dan ~ Je suis francais et fan depuis que j'ai decouvert ton  premier album. Je te souhaite de te rétablir au plus vite pour pouvoir  t'entendre à  nouveau. ~ GILLES (I am French and a fan since I discovered your first album. I wish you to recover as fast as possible so I will be able to hear your new music.)


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, My earliest memories of hearing your music were when I was a teenager.  We lived in a rural area of Kansas and my brother put in Souvenirs as we were driving the backroads one Thanksgiving.  I think my husband and I now own close to every album you produced.  I think my favorite is Innocent Age, because it reminds me of the summer he and I met in Alaska. Last week, some 30-odd years later, I happened to be home with my family and that brother pulled out my son's guitar and began playing "There's A Place in the World for a Gambler."  We all began to sing, and believe me, I'm glad you weren't there to hear it, because we can't sing it like you (although my brother has become a fine guitarist). But now we've introduced my son and his cousins to your music (who are about the age I was when I first heard it), and they're fans. We will continue praying for your complete recovery.  May God bless you and your family. ~ Sharon Geiger, Dallas, TX


 I hope that you will one day write a song about this journey you have been on, the places it's taken you and the people you have come to know, the things you have learned and the love it has brought. I know that having cancer opened my soul and only another cancer survivor can understand what that means. You are always in my thoughts. ~ Jannine


 Hey Dan and Jean ~ my prayers and best wishes are with you both. Dan, I have always admired your talent since the early 70's and collected your albums.  Now, I've downloaded from the internet....... your music is classic and will last the test of time. Jean, you're a lucky woman. We all want a man that is in touch with his inner soul..... bless you both! ~ Beth


 Hello Dan, I just heard "Same Old Lang Syne" on the radio today and, of course, it got me to thinking about you and wondering how you are doing.  I hope you are strong both in body and spirit.  And I believe that one day you will look back on all you have gone through and realize that you have won the battle. I've always loved your music and admired your talent. Please accept my best wishes for a wonderful Christmas, surrounded by your loved ones, and a New Year filled with good health, happiness and love. ~ Teresa


 Dan,so sad and sorry to hear about the cancer. My prayers will still be in my heart for you. I also will add you to our church prayer list. I pray and hope that things are going well for you, but even more I pray that you have been blessed with healing and good health. I also want to thank you for sharing your gift of music with me over the past many years.Your music has been an inspiration and blessing. I pray that God will continue to bless you and your wife Jean,and that you will share many more wonderful times together. I was not aware you were a believer, but that is really awesome. My wife, Michelle,and I wish you both a very BLESSED and MERRY CHRISTMAS in 2006, may we stay the course on our journey, persevere, be true to our Heavenly Father,as well as to ourselves. Sincerely ~ Carey & Michelle Foerster


 Hi Dan, I have enjoyed your music for many years and a couple in particular I find of depth and music that helps give meaning to my life. I wish you all the best and sincerely hope from here in New Zealand you recover and go onto better things. Your music lives on and is a great legacy and strength to people who take the time to listen and is so short yet can be so rich if we choose to let it through all our trials, tribulations and the mountains we climb that enable us to look down on where we have been and to where we are going. God bless ~ Gary Narborough


 Dear Dan, I was so saddened to hear about your struggles with PCa.  Despite your difficulties, I know that you and Jean will become stronger and closer because of it.  Cancer is something that can be used as a positive influence, too.  I am a cancer survivor of 15 years.  I couldn't believe all the wonderful people I met because of the ordeal, and those people that I influenced.  You have even more of an opportunity to influence people  not only because you are well known, but because you are so beloved.  Like many others, your music means so much to me.  I had started listening to your music back in the 1970s  when I was a teenager (I believe it all happened with Souvenirs).  I collected just about every single album since.  I consider myself very lucky to hear you at a small venue in Lake Tahoe during Labor Day weekend of 1990.  You played your haunting "Paris Nocturne."  Every song you recorded seemed to be connected to some important facet of my life, so listening to your songs is a journey through my life, as well. Best wishes to you and Jean.


 Dear Dan, It is with great sadness I have learned recently of your illness; blame it on failing to keep in touch with the music of my college days.  I hope this e-mail finds you better and recuperating.  Perhaps with prayer and determination someday cancer may not be the debilitating disease it is now. My best wishes for a speedy recovery and know that as much as your music has touched millions, it would be fitting for your legions of fans to rally behind you to beat this insidious sickness. Warmest regards ~ Mike Hughes, Narragansett, RI


 Out of a clear blue sky...thoughts of sun drenched mornings, snowcapped peaks and your voice filling a void...

I haven't listened to or thought of your music in 20 years but today for some reason going to the web and finding I don't know you, but I wish you all the depth, breadth and spirit of your music -- that it rushes back into you and heals you; that the universe will give you grace for all the healing you and your music has brought to the matter what, you know the divine and have shared it with us all.  thank you. ~ linda


 Dan, Your music, your astonishing beauty, and skyward soul have touched me from the start. There has never been a musician or man who has grasped the depths of my spirit the way you have. I am also a singer and your songs have always been the most moving and emotional for me to sing. Thank you a billion times over for the magnificence of yourself and for the gift of your music. Truly a candle in the darkest night. May you always fly with the eagles. With much love and respect. ~ Lajca in Conifer, Colorado


 Dan - As I dusted off my First Christmas Morning CD for the season, my thoughts turned to the years of enjoyment  that your music and concerts have given me.  I felt compelled to write you and add my very best wishes for continued health and recovery, a beautiful Christmas season and a wonderful 2007.  Thank you for brightening my life with your music and lyrics. Forever a fan ~ Steve Turner, Atlanta, Georgia


 Dear Dan, I have written a few times since hearing of your illness.  It is the holiday season and I wanted to wish you and your family all the best for a happy and hopefully healthy time. I know you must be busy and hopefully healing well.  If you have the time and energy, I know that many people including me would love to hear how you are getting on.  I am constantly amazed every time I check your website at the thousands of people who have written in to wish you well.  I don't know why this should surprise me, as your music has touched so many so deeply over the years.  I am pulling for you and pray for your recovery every day. Happy Holidays to you and yours. ~ Teri Horn, Mill Valley, Ca.


 Dan, I hope this season finds you well.   Your words and music have made a big impression in my life.  Your wedding song was sung at our wedding over 26 years ago. We're still together with 3 grown children, loving life! My prayers, thoughts  continue to be with you and your family.  Take care and have a happy holiday! ~ Dwight Hayes, Westfield, MA


 I recently purchased your CD, Full Circle. I also bought one for my brother for Christmas since he is the one who introduced me to your music - and I will be forever grateful. I just wanted to say how wonderful it is to be here and experience your music coming "full circle". This CD is reminiscent of your earlier work - and some of your best - and I wish I had heard about the release of this CD in 2003. My favorite albums are Captured Angel and Nether Lands. In my humble opinion, some of your best work appears on these two albums and the music and lyrics still touch my heart and soul to this day. The music is symphonic and the lyrics are poetic and there are very few artists today who can rival his work. Dan Fogelberg, thank you so much for blessing us with your gift! ~ Lisa K. Gross


 From a fellow Peoria-ite - hang in there.  I was at Woodruff when your Father was there and respected him so much.   You are made of the "same stuff" - first class.  I have loved your music and the stories your songs tell.  Be strong and am praying for you ~ Jan Hastings Hodge

 The Holiday Season for 2006 is not only upon us.... but almost over. I just wanted to add my prayers and wishes for you and your family for a healthy and happy 2007. I have 'known' you for 33 years... and cannot imagine my life without your music or your spirit. Obviously there are many who feel the same. God Speed on whatever road you travel.... as the "Road Goes Ever On....." By the way thank you so much for "Nether Lands". It is my mantra. Forever your friend ~ Debbie-Mesa Arizona


 Dan, for me it all started with "To the Morning" and I was hooked! I am a big fan of your music. I've seen you many many times perform at Red Rocks over the past 30 years. Please, get well soon! I miss seeing and hearing you. ~ Jeff in Evergreen, Colorado


 Dear Dan, My name is Kathy from Ireland. I love a song you had out years ago called "Same Old Lang Syne ".Every Christmas I used to look forward to hearing it. It still it reminds me of growing up singing along to the radio. My younger sister Geri had no choice but to love it too, she heard it so much. This is our first time to visit your website so it's with sadness we see you're currently battling prostate cancer. We wish you every success in your battle & hope you find the strength to come through it smiling. After losing both grandfathers to the disease we know the pain & suffering it can cause. Our prayers are with you & your family at this difficult time. Best wishes ~ Kathy & Geri from Rep of Ireland


 Dear Dan, Your music has gotten me home on many a snowy night. It gave me strength and courage and for that I have always been extremely grateful. I am a nurse and working all kinds of crazy schedules and shifts, it sure is helpful having your soothing voice to listen to. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I miss your concerts, but I know this is a battle hard fought. You have touched my life and I wish for you all good things. May God bless you and hold you in His loving arms and give you peace, joy and hope. With sincere admiration ~Debbie Parish, Beavercreek, Ohio


 Dan...I sit here listening to my all time favorite song "Nether Lands". Your song brings me back to when I was an innocent high school kid without  a care in the world.  My ears have never heard anything so beautiful and  peaceful. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.  My prayers go out  to you and your family this Christmas and in the coming year.


 I am listening to your song "Same Old Lang Syne" and happen to have a minute  in between putting my  bathing my boys and putting them to bed so I looked you up. You were such a big part of my college years and whenever  I hear your

songs, I recall your support through your songs. Dan, please know that I think of you ever so often and I wish you peace, 

serenity and strength on your journey. ~ Donna


 Dear Dan, Wanted to let you know that I heard "Same Old Lang Syne" coming home this evening and I love that song.  I wanted to check out more on you since I knew you came from Peoria.  We live in Bartonville, so it is neat that you came from our area. Anyway,  we are wishing you a successful recovery.  We know some of what you are dealing with as my father-in-law died of prostate cancer in 1992.  He had just retired and was looking forward to traveling and spending more time with my mother-in-law and family.   Please take care and keep positive thoughts.  God Bless. ~ The Allen Family, Bartonville, Illinois


 Dan, this time of year I find myself listening to "Same Old Lang Syne" many times on my iPod.  The song makes me think of my ex-wife and her passing at 42 of cancer last year ... all those years of bitterness and defeat couples entrench themselves in when marriages split and all that regret for not making my peace with her before she passed.  So with that in mind, I was particularly distressed to read of your own battle with cancer and felt the weight of the irony descend. I wish you a full recovery from your disease and happy holidays to you and your family. Best ~ Bob


 Dear Dan, You have been a forever friend and true inspiration to me my entire life.  My older sister turned me on to your music thirty years ago and I have been “in love” from the first chord I heard.  Through all of the difficult times in my life – your music lifted me up and gave me inner peace.  For that, I am very thankful to you.  When I have had the happiest

moments in life I turned to your music for more joy!


Just the other day a co-worker of mine was talking about your Christmas album and I said – “let’s see if Dan is going to be out and about soon”. This is the first time I have been to your website.  I just learned about your illness and was so saddened.  I realized that during my darkest moments you were always there for me.  So now it is my turn to pray for you and Jean.  I hope you are getting better and finding strength in your friends, family and your devoted fans. “Believe in Me” is truly a beautiful song and one that I play every day.  I hope you believe in all of the love and support you have from your friends and fans to help you through this difficult time. I have seen you in concert at least a dozen times!  We even met once in a concert in PA.  Of course, I will never forget.  You have a spirit about you that is so radiant and a ‘sparkle in your eye’ that lights up the room.  But most of all – your lyrics and voice are the true beauty you have given to the world.  I pray for your health, happiness and a speedy recovery. Christmas Blessings and Happiness & Health in 2007!!  Your forever friend and fan ~ Kimberly Brown – Westfield, NJ


 Dear Dan, I wanted to share the dream I had last night.  I dreamed my 16 year old daughter was already at college and I was visiting her there.  She said she was able to see you in concert the night before in a small intimate setting at the college.  In my dream I was so distressed that I had missed your concert!  Then I woke up.  I've only been able to see you twice in the early 80s, in Nashville and Chattanooga, one with your band and one solo concert..and I have to say I loved the one with just you the best.  I would love to be able to see you in concert one more time, but I know your health comes first.  You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers and I wish you a very blessed Christmas this year with your family.   As you can see, you are loved by so many.


 Dan,  I just wanted to add my voice to the millions of people out there who are rooting for your full recovery. Music is a very important part of my life and one day I heard a song called "Part of the Plan" that led to "Souvenirs" and my lifelong love and appreciation for your music and your message. My heart is full of best wishes for you and your family for this holiday season and into the New Year.


 In my Senior year in High School art class (78) I was to paint a "hard edge" painting. To say it nicely... I received an "F", not what the "teacher" was seeking. What I learned that year was.... "one artist can inspire and teach another" in ways that

transcend this earth.  I thank you. It hangs on my wall to this day with many a compliments, a painting done "hard edge"

using only black and white in its truest form to create "our" grays in life.The Nether Lands cover -  4' x 4'


Many years later I met a fellow "Dan Fan". My husband and I attended each and every concert  with Lori and her husband faithfully. Lori became ill in 1992, a bad cold we thought....but she never came home. The next time you appeared in concert at Red Rocks I did not want to go.....I so missed her. My husband bought the tickets and at the twilight hour convinced me to attend. We arrived very late and at Red Rocks we should have sat at the top. But while walking across the stage I noticed two empty seats front row center of the stage. They were seats that had not been this a dream.

I watched, enjoyed, and participated in the first version I remember you performing of.."you and I were lovers along, had a good thing going strong and never doubted.." She was there with me to enjoy your concert........thank you for letting me have this time to say good bye. At her funeral we played "Souvenirs". You have and always will.. Touch Souls.


 Hello! To be honest, I did not even know who you were, till tonight. I thought of a song I wanted to download the other day, so I sat down and did it tonight. It was a song that came out when I was only 10, but I loved it then, and I still love it now. Hearing it brings me back to the sounds, smells, sights, and thoughts of my childhood. It's called "Leader Of The Band". I had to search the net, to find out who it was by, tonight! In my searches, I discovered that the song "Longer" is yours, too. Never knew it! And I discovered a song I've never heard, but instantly loved, "Run For The Roses".  Absolutely beautiful. Upon learning who you are, I learned also that you are fighting cancer. Yuck!! My Dad just had the PSA test, and it was a little high, so he had a prostate biopsy, and after a week of dreadful waiting, they said he was fine. I wish it was the same for you. I wish you all the best, and I thank you for the songs, especially the one, that will be in my memory and heart forever. Sincerely ~ Jen


 Dan, hearing "Same Old Lang Syne" numerous times during this Christmas season, I looked up your website and was shocked to learn of your illness.  I wish you my most sincere best wishes for a complete, total recovery - and a soon return to the music that you love.  May God bless you. ~ Rick


 Dear Dan, I hope you and yours have a very merry Christmas and may the New Year bring you back to health completely. I would love to "hear" from you on your website. Maybe something from "The First Christmas Morning" added

to the other tunes. Your gift is so unique. God has richly blessed us with your music. May He continue to bless you. ~ Phil in Kentucky


 Dear Dan, I wish you happiness and good health at this time of the year. It seems like forever that we have heard anything from or about you and I miss your music. I have been a huge fan since the mid 70s and have seen you in person on numerous occasions. So many memories of my life are associated with your music and lyrics. I just wanted to let you know that I am wishing you well and wondering if we will hear from you again soon.


 A most Merry and Warm Christmas To Dan and Jean and Family!!!! For you, who have given the world much in touching music, faith, hope and love, a wonderful Christmas is deserved.


I served a Mission for the Church of  Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, part of which at Brigham Young University Campus in 1982.  Dan Fogelberg was going to perform at BYU.  I knew the name, but couldn't put the music together with the name.  Allowed to attend, since we were able to make contact with the college population, I heard song after song that I knew very well.  "That's Dan Fogelberg????"  "So is that?" "That song too?"  I was stunned that so much music I'd heard and loved...but ignorantly, never knew the artist.  Strange.  Anyway, that became the start of my appreciation for the artist and music together.


In our religion, we can place names of family, friends---those afflicted with various illness or needs on a prayer roll in the Temples. Members of the Church exercise their faith and prayers in behalf of those on the rolls.  I will place your name on the prayer roll, and pray our Heavenly Father will bless you in ways that will most benefit you and your family. I know many prayers are offered in your behalf.  This will be one more, or many more.   For the record...the old songs are awesome.  The Christmas the top of my favorites.  However...the genealogy we live on through our children...those are your gems!  Thank-you so  very much for your music! I pray and pray that there is one more album (or two) still to come. The thought of no more new music from Dan Fogelberg is very disheartening...though I do very much understand!  God bless you and your family!  And a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!


 I just want to let you know I am having a Dan Fogelberg Day today.  I am playing  most of all the wonderful songs that I love by Dan.  Of course I could not possibly play them all, I'd never get anything done today and it is close to Christmas so there are lots to do. Anyway, wanted to let Dan know, I am thinking of him and I hope he is doing well and we get to hear from him soon!  Also, I want to wish Dan and his family a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Sincerely ~

Rita Marie Wincek


 Dear Dan, Thanks for providing part of the soundtrack of our lives. Your music has been part of mine since playing your records on my college radio station (WUVA) in the late 70's. You did a great solo acoustic show at the Kennedy Center here in Washington, D.C. to start the 80's where we first heard "Same Old Lang Syne" and realized something really special was . Thank you. Friends, family and I have all enjoyed regularly listening to your music and I and some friends had many good times with our guitars trying to sound presentable playing it ourselves. May God bless you, Jean and your

family and friends through your trying times and into the future. ~ Lowell Von Egger, Maryland


 Dear Dan and Jean, Thinking of you in your time of healing. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Have a peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year. Love ~ The Rockholds - Pekin, IL


 Hi Dan - I purchased a 3-cd set of your "greatest hits" earlier this week and have been submerged in nostalgia since. Now, I have spent more time on your website than I intended when I logged on, reading the postings on The Living Legacy site.  These words of encouragement convince me that I will say nothing new ... nothing that another fan has not said better than I, but I must make an attempt in sending you and your wife my best wishes.


It's fascinating to me the things that stir a heart.  As teenagers, I believe we all reach out for something to give us comfort and perhaps security as we go through the angst of growing up and finding our way. I thank God that your music is what I reached out for.  The purity of your lyrics and the joy of your voice filled many a lonely hour for me. You seemed to know my heartbreak when it came and you best described the soaring of my heart when there were thrills.  My husband, whom I met at 15 in high school, once accused me of thinking more of your music than of him.  With maturity, he came to understand how your music stirred my soul and we tried, unsuccessfully, to see you in concert more than a half dozen times.  It has been a lifelong hope that we would get to see you perform at some time.  You have left a mark on this world and that is all any of us can hope to do. While I hope you reconsider coming back to the stage upon your recovery, my prayer is that God gives you peace and strength.  May God bless you and your wife. Isaiah 41:10 Make a joyful noise! ~

Aliesa Gilstrap


 Dan, I have always loved your music.  It takes me to a peaceful contemplative place where for a few moments; I can escape the hectic world we live in.  I lost by beloved father this year to prostate cancer.  I am committed to helping fight the fight so that some day there will be a cure.  I hope that you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.  I will keep you in my prayers ~ Gary, Pittsburgh


 Hope to see you soon in concert. Good luck with your illiness.


 Dear Dan: I was indeed saddened to learn of your current problems. I have always thought you to be one of the great

song poets of our generation. I still have a 45 rpm of your first record with  the Coachman with " Maybe Time Will Let Me Forget ". It was gifted to  me by my cousin Terry Walters back in Peoria Illinois. I still remember a brief encounter we had when I was passing through and visiting with my aunt and uncle Alice and Lilo Walters. I think it was outside of their garage. You and several  other band members had arrived and if I recall I was leaving. You and Terry and friends  were in your teens. I was in my early twenties at the time. I did remember the meeting and your bright and intelligent eyes. I still have most of your releases in 33 rpm and others in CD. And I still go back to them and listen with pleasure and turn younger folks on to your work when the opportunity presents itself. My very best wishes to you and yours and my hopes for a speedy  recovery. ~ Robert Taylor


 “The First Christmas Morning” never fails to bring tears – tears over the awesomeness of God and for the powerful way the lyrics sing the message of Jesus Christ.  Just as exciting to me, though, is to know these words must be the result of a personal relationship with God.  Thank you for using your voice and talent to say what really matters.  Thank you for writing and performing what became my favorite Christmas song the very moment I heard it for the first time as you sang it on the Regis Philbin show years ago.  My husband and I both were diagnosed with cancer at age 48, just five years apart, and I am saddened to learn of your diagnosis, but trust that as you give glory to God you will be blessed beyond your wildest imaginings!  In Christ ~ Rhonda Mitchell, Huntsville AL


 Dan: It's been a few years since I was a huge fan, but 'Home Free' and 'Captured Angel' are still very important records to me. Still know all the words from those heady days in the early '70s.  I can still hear your influence in the songs I write today. Just wanted to say thanks, and wish you a full and speedy recovery. ~ Bill DeYoung, Stuart, Florida


 My prayers are with you and I hope you pull through with flying colors. My father is 75 and has prostate cancer, but it is a slow one and they say he will die of natural causes first. You are the light of my musical life and have the absolute voice of nature. My mother and I wish you all the best. Happy Holidays ~ leah and arlene keeney, grants pass, OR.


 Hi Dan, thinking of you and yours at this time of the year.  Hope you are in good spirit - there'll be a few "at Christmas time we raise our hearts" to be sung over the next couple of weeks undoubtedly! Have a peaceful Christmas Dan and Jean. Love ~ Pam


 Dear Dan, As so many of your fans do at this time of year, you are in our thoughts, and we are hoping your treatment and recovery are going well.     Thank you for your music, and particularly for the lovely lyrics.    You have the power to make so many, many people briefly, "just for a moment" go back in time when we hear the words to "Same Old Lang Syne." Each song is a jewel!    We have had the good fortune to have attended your concerts  and have fond memories of them . . sending good thoughts for your recovery, and best wishes for a great holiday.  Regards ~ S. Hawkins


 I have been such a huge fan for about 30 years now and many of your  songs have helped me through some dark moments. So I was terribly sad to  hear of your illness. I and the other members of my band will be praying for you - and the next  time we perform "Longer" (in our very amateur capacity), it will have an even  more special meaning for us. Much love from all of us at the parish of Christ the King, London N14,  UK.


 Dear Dan, its Christmas time again and your "Same Old Lang Syne' song is being played on the radio. Since your diagnosis, I've thought about you and your health. Your song brings that to mind again when I hear it. I've been meaning to post in the past few months, but life gets in the way of things. I am 50 now and have been blessed with 3 fine sons (2 in college and 1 still in middle school). My husband has been diagnosed with a rare muscular neuro disease which causes weakness in the lower extremities (both arms and legs). I truly understand what you are going through; I used to be a lifetime ago an RN, now I'm just a domestic goddess! I pray for your return to health and that someday we will meet again. I think the last time I saw you perform was at the Westbury Music Fair (now North Fork Bank Music Fair) on Long Island, NY about 5 -6 years ago or more. It was just you and the guitar and piano. My husband and I had a great time that evening. A very Merry Christmas to you and your family. ~ Chris Banigan

I just heard yesterday about your illness.  I have been a fan since the late 70's and can't begin to tell you how much your music has meant to me.  I wish you renewed strength and health this Christmas and in 2007.  ~ Angela Walker, White Plains, GA


 I was shocked to hear of your illness. You have been a major inspiration to me for 30 years. I am a singer songwriter and to me you are the MT Everest of them all. Get well.....I will pray for you. Drink organic carrot juice and green tea! Warm regards! ~ Steve Rouch


 I was just listening to some of your hits yesterday, "Heart Hotels", "Leader of the Band". Windows and Walls Lp has always been one of my favorites.   I'll never forget these songs. I hope you are doing better these days.Take care. ~ Brian in Boston


 I am thinking about you and your family during this Christmas season.  My husband and I have attended your concerts and really enjoy your music.  My Father-in-law has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and is now about to begin hormone therapy.  I am terrified for my husband.  Your website has been insightful.  Thank you for sharing the information.  I wish you and your family all the best. Sincerely ~ Denise Bellaire


 Dear Dan, As a teenager in the late 70's I discovered your music, and I can truly say that it changed my life, leading to my career in the music industry. Your musical integrity, poetic turn of a phrase and charismatic voice has lifted me many times. During my career when my path seemed to waver from my original intent, I found great inspiration and direction in

your songs. I pray that your race will be won and that the world will get to know you all over again with a renewed energy and appreciation! Keep moving forward knowing that you have left an indelible mark on this planet. God Bless and keep you! ~ Holly Dunn


 Dear Dan, I cannot think of your music without rushing back to my college days.  I even wrote a Philosophy paper based on "Leader of the Band" and received an "A" from my professor, who hated modern music!  Your creative lyrics and beautiful music fill me with a longing for mountains, a roaring fire, and love.  Thank you for sharing your passion and artistry with us.  Best wishes for the future.


 Dan, I was listening to the radio this afternoon and they played one of your songs.  I remembered how you are sick.  I can't remember the first time I heard of you - some 30 years ago perhaps.  Your songs got me through college and beyond and I still love listening to them. Since they are all on records, I've vowed to get them on CDs so that I can continue enjoying them. I hope you are doing well and that you can fight the battle.  Just know lots of fans out there think about you and wish you well.  God bless you. ~ Laura


 Dear Dan and Jean, I continue to watch for promising news. I survived a ruptured congenital brain aneurysm at 44 and living with left-sided paralysis has been quite the challenge. Probably the worse loss, other than my nursing career, is my lifelong ability to play classical piano, especially Beethoven. However, I still hear the music and love to sing. Despite the sudden misfortune, you can nurture your strength of spirit. The point is, the Lord will carry you through this struggle with your illness. May you find peace with God this holiday season. ~ Cindy Fabian


 Dear Dan, A fan since a I snuck off with my sister's Souvenirs album fresh out of the wrapper, I've always known that your music was one of the guiding lights that helped me through some rough rites of passage.  To this day I can barely listen to "Part of the Plan" or  "The Long Way" ..... without tears in my eyes with thoughts of my first love, from whom I was stolen away in our family's move across the country in seek of a better life.  At the tender age of 10 "Part of the Plan" was a message that brought comfort a soul otherwise uncomfortable in this world.  When I lost my mother in 1998, the only thoughts my mind could form in the blinding sadness was "lost lamb, asking the lion's share...."   You are obviously put here as a healing force; loved and appreciated by many who share "the path of heart as opposed to the path of

convenience".   May the forces of family and nature and spirit that inspired you to share yourself with us........hold you close and heal you.  May your body and soul heal and renew soon; as this is one world who needs to continue to hear your wisdom----both old and new-------for decades to come.  Godspeed and Good Health, Friend!


 I often wonder if a songwriter wonders which of his incredible songs live on in the hearts of his many fans.  I was born in December of 1950 and  listened to your music frequently, especially as a young adult.  To this  day, when these three songs come on the air -"Same Old Lang Syne", "Leader of the  Band", "Since You've Asked" - I have to stop nearly in tears. You struck a  chord that still deeply resonates.  Thank you for your music then and  now.  You have given me a gift.  I pray for your  health.


 Dear Dan, About two years ago my mother passed away from pancreatic cancer. She was a  huge fan and played your 1982 Greatest Hits album all the time. I'm now 17 and I still listen to that CD every single day. One of her favorite songs was "Run for the Roses." Your songs have touched so many lives as you know, and made my mother  very happy. And as a 17 year old girl, I love your music and am deeply saddened by the news of your illness. I am a firm believer of the healing power of music so I believe that everything will work out. Thank you for your music. ~ Amber B. New Hampshire


 Dear Dan and Jean: My name is Charlie Golden.  I, too, am a recording artist, trying to work my way up the ladder of success.  I had no idea that you were going through this incredible nightmare called prostate cancer.  I find a tear rolling down my cheek as I think of what you must be going through.  Dan - you and I are the same age.  I am also 55.  I am no stranger to health issues.  I've been thru coronary bypass surgery, benign Prostate hytroperphia, and a barrage of other health issues.  As I've gone thru this, my faith has strengthened.  That's my prayer for you, my friend.  Hold onto the hand of God.  He WILL take you thru the trials of life with a peace that passes all understanding.  Believe me - it works. Perhaps one day we will meet.  I would love to talk to you about music, family, friends, and most of all, FAITH.  Remember that God Loves you Both - and so do I. God Bless you both ~ Charlie Golden


 Dan, I am shocked and saddened by the news of your disease and pray for your recovery. I can only imagine how difficult your journey must be. Your music has meant so much to me and to thousands of others. Thank you  for

this gift. Merry Christmas ~ Tammy in Wisconsin


 Greetings, I am currently dealing with my second brain tumor in the last ten years. Thank God they've both been benign, but each have posed unique challenges. I'm recovering well, however, and should make a complete recovery. Your music has been a comfort to me in each case, especially when reading or television became painful. I hope this note finds you cancer free and enjoying your Christmas season with family and friends. I'm a teacher, and like you my illness has given me the opportunity to see how many lives I've touched. Know that your music weaves itself into lives in ways you can't imagine, and we're better for your creativity and talent.  Merry Christmas ~ Scott LaBelle, Alameda High School, Lakewood, Colorado


 Thanks Dan for all the wonderful songs you've blessed us with... Best wishes to you and the family.


 Dan, first I wish you health and happiness forever. Your music and lyrics first touched me in the 1970s when I was a college student. As the years rolled by, I lost touch with the music of my past, but recently I rediscovered it, and you. The lyrics still ring loudly in my head, although from quite a different perspective than decades ago. Some tempt me to tears, some warm my heart, others transport me to a bygone life. They all fill me with pleasure. God bless.


 Hi Dan, I just recently found out about your illness and I am just so sorry to hear it but I know you will fight it until it goes away.  I want to admit I am not a groupie or anything, I just always enjoy your music. I am a single mom since my son was born and I am battling a disease of my own and I can understand what you are going through, believe me.  I just wanted to

send my thoughts and prayers out to you and your family. You will prevail. You don't have much of a choice, do you?! Be well ~ Cindy Maresca


 I hope you are doing well.  I've checked the website a few times and haven't seen an update.  I wish you and your family all the best.  I met you back in 1989 when you were playing at Starwood here in Nashville and you have been probably my favorite male singer since the 70's.  Always play and write your music.  It helps so many people. My blessings are upon you and in Christ everything is possible. ~ Pamela McDole & Family


 Dan and Jean -- Sending you both warm, tender, and comforting energies and greetings of loving joy this Christmas and into the New Year.  Grace and Peace be yours.  Thank you for everything. ~ Laurel and MG 


 Dear Dan and Jean:  Wishing you peace, hope, love, and joy.  I pray for you daily and hope you can feel all the love coming your way.  Merry Christmas.  Love to you both ~ Mary


 Dear Dan, One of the zillion of people who listened to you in college and has ever since.  My husband still apologizes for getting  "dragged" to your acoustical concert at Hill Auditorium in Ann Arbor Michigan  several years ago. I take this time to tell you that your Christmas  album/CD is playing as we speak and my prayers are for your health and  recovery.  God Bless and Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate. ~ Suzie Weber, Chelsea, MI


 Dear Mr.Fogelberg, My name is Kelvin Fischer.  I am a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.  I have been influenced by your music since the early seventies.  Picked up your DVD,Greetings From The West, the other day.

This was the first time I've seen you play LIVE.  Very cool.  I am part Cherokee and could really relate to what you were talking about in regards to nature and Indian heritage.  I especially  liked the words to the song "Spirit Trail". Made me put on my Indian boots and necklace. My forte is drums, so the whole Indian thing is always hitting me in the face. 


I noticed you're having some health issues and I'm truly sorry for any suffering you may endure during this time. My mother is going through chemo treatments every two weeks right now and it is the hardest thing I've ever seen her go through.  I pray like I have never prayed before.  I do believe it helps.  I will pray for you as well. May God Bless You, Mighty Warrior, on your Spirit Trail .~ Kelvin Fischer


 Dan, I heard you for the first time in that coffee house in Champaign/Urbana.  I was in love with your voice and your messages.  I have a deep and devoted passion for horses (I raise the Irish Warmbloods and Irish Sporthorses) - so one of my favorites is "Run for the Roses".  I, also, dearly love "Same Old Lang Syne".  This world would never be the same without you.  Please get through this for all of us. I hear "Run for the Roses" in my head every time I ride a musical freestyle with my horse. And I would like to hear that you are doing  "just fine" and able to spend " another old lang syne with us" ~  Marnie Braun


 I am a cancer survivor. In 2005 I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. I know how harsh the treatments can be. You are in my thoughts and prayers. ~ Barbara Farley


 Dear Dan,  Just wanted to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and to let you know we are all praying for your speedy recovery.  God Bless you and your family. Sincerely ~ Kathleen M. Montrose,CO


 Dan, I've emailed you many times before...but especially at this time of year (and with 'First Christmas Morning' ) playing in the background..what a triumphal musical celebration of this special time of year. I sincerely hope you are physically improving and mentally well, along with your entire family. And, I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a joyous

and healthy 2007. I'm sure I speak for your thousands of fans and friends, we miss your great artistry but most of all seek your return to full health and vigor. Take good care my dear friend. Sincerely ~ Greg Tuttle, M. D.


  May the Holiday Season bring you love, warmth, and  maybe even some yummy goodies! It is not Christmas without your music in my home.   Thank you for making that Christmas CD. We have loved it ever since.   You and your wife, are always in our thoughts and prayers.  Thank you  for your gift.  You have enriched our lives beyond compare.  It  is priceless.  You are priceless! ~  Mia and Sharon, CA


 Dear Dan, I'm sorry I haven't written earlier, much earlier.  I don't write fan letters, but I thought it was important to let you know how much your album Home Free meant to me.  It was a beautiful, haunting album.  I was in high school and when I heard Home Free, it was like discovering a part of myself.  In a way, that album helped me grow through those times,

some of which weren't always the best of times.  Your music and lyrics somehow helped to give my soul legitimacy and meaning.  So, thank you for writing that beautiful, beautiful album.  Wherever you go, I am wishing you well. ~ Carolyn Hoff, Lakewood, Colorado


 When I was about 16 a friend of mine worked in a record store and he made sure I had the best new projects in my "tape deck" practically the minute they were released.  Captured Angel was my first exposure to your music - still my favorite disc.  I spent hours listening to/learning your songs on guitar and piano and was mesmerized by your skillful, soulful, powerful lyrics and equally amazed by your arranging and by the many instruments you mastered.  All of this was the backdrop for your incomparable, passionate vocal range and strength. To this day, when I cover your tunes, I often

reference you as the most gifted musicians of all time.  


I just discovered the news of your battle with cancer and before I could write, I had to cry.  Tears for your pain.  Tears for the uncertainty you must feel.  However, like many who have written to you, I believe God has healing power beyond comprehension.  You are in my prayers. With concern, love and respect always ~ Janie Plante - MN


 All the best to you and family. ~ Frank in Bonnie Scotland.


 Dan, I cannot tell you how important your music has been in my life.  I have always loved it and always will.  One of my most fond memories was attending the "Greetings from the West" tour when it was filmed live in St. Louis.  It was an extra special way to spend time after my wife and I returned from our honeymoon.  May God bless you and your family and allow your legacy to continue for many generations. ~ Pete (St. Louis)


 Dear Dan,   First of all, my husband and I want to thank you for all of your wonderful music through the years. We were very sorry to hear of your illness. We have been praying for your recovery. Your illness has prompted both of us to keep up with our own yearly check-ups, and last summer, during my annual exam, my doctor was suspicious of some of my "menopause" symptoms. Turns out that it wasn't menopause at all, but endometrial cancer. I had a complete hysterectomy last month, and my doctor says that I should be fine now. Too many men and women ignore the symptoms of disease until it is too late. If your illness can prompt others to stay aware of their own health, then maybe something good can come from your struggle. We are praying for you to have the strength to deal with whatever comes your way, and if love can give you that strength, then all of your fans together will keep you strong. We hope that you will win your own "Run for the Roses"  and live a long and happy life. ~ Michael and Dawn. Budd Lake, NJ


 It's Christmas, and you're everywhere on the radio.  This is the first year I heard that the *truth* about "Same Old Lang Syne" was posted on your site. I grew up near Champaign, and my early days were filled with your music.  I am sorry to hear of your battle.  I am praying for and believe in your healing Dan.  With God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!  Blessings ~ Cindy


 Dan, Hang in there and May God  help and treat you with Love and Kindness as have you done to all your fans all  these years... I hope all works out for you and your family. I too am a Cancer  Survivor and know a little bit of what you're going through. It's not fun I know.  My thoughts and Prayers are with you, Dan. Good Luck and God Bless. Thanks for all the songs and all the years of you giving to us the fans ~ Cancer free in Cleveland


 Get well soon and thanks for all those special and meaningful musical moments over so many years ~ Brian Whelan,

Dublin, Ireland


 All I want for Christmas, is for you to get well. ~ Diana Beatty, Indianapolis, Indiana


 Hello Dan and Jean, First I want to say what an incredible artist that I think you are.  I never grow tired of hearing your songs, especially "Same Old Lang Syne".  You lyrics always seem to mean something and that is truly incredible. I want to say that my Father currently has prostate cancer and his outlook is not that good.  I will add  you and your family to my prayer list and I hope that you feel better soon.  Take the time to do the things that you enjoy the most and spend lots of time with your family.  I am a firm believer in positive thinking, so I am sure that your wife can help you maintain a positive outlook.  Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. ~ Karen Jones


 Hi Dan, It's Christmas time and I was thinking of you and your family this morning. I haven't heard anything lately so I thought I'd check your website. I hope that wherever you are in your struggle with this disease that you know that you are loved and respected by many. Merry Christmas to you and yours. I am praying for you to my savior even as I write this. May you know His peace no matter what you go through. I have loved your music since 1980 when a friend of mine introduced me to it. You are a true poet. My wish for you is full recovery. You're a good friend. Even though I have never met you, your heart has been revealed through your music. God Bless you and get well. ~ Curt Schultz


 I'm praying for your strength and healing . You've got the radiation of all the love you've attracted from around the world directed straight at those bad-ass cells...let it do its work! Sincerely - thanks for all the beautiful music -- I wish you well. ~ Bonnie in Kansas City


 Dan & Jean, My prayers are with you both during this holiday season. ~ Laura, Murrieta, CA


 My wife and I were just listening to the radio and heard your song "Same Old Lang Syne", which seems to have become a Christmas favorite.  We were wondering what the heck happened to you.  We both had lost touch with your career when you chose to leave mainstream recording and get a little more back to your roots. I had listened to your lyrical gifts for hours on end in my younger days and have missed your talent tremendously. It was only upon getting inquisitive enough to google you that I discovered your illness.  I wish you the best my friend and hope that God's plan includes keeping you around for decades to come.  Hey, maybe some new tunes once you get better?  Deal? Best of luck to you Dan. ~ Papa Chuck - St. Louis, MO


 Dan, You don't know us, but you have given us so much of yourself through your music.  We all wish you the best and a speedy recovery.  We send you our best wishes and our thanks for sharing your gift of song. ~ Phil, Murfreesboro, Tn


 Dan, it's been so long since we have heard from you personally.  I believe the last time was on your birthday in 2005.  I visit your website several times a month in hopes that there will be an update regarding your condition.  I know I speak for all of your fans, but please let us know how you are doing. Sometimes words fail me when I try to express my feelings.  I know that YOU know how much your music has meant to not only me, but all of your fans around the world.  No one else's music has tugged at my heart strings so strongly as your personal life stories set to music.  You have a God given gift for words and music that are straight from the heart.  I am prayerful that you will continue to gain strength with each new day and that you will make a full and complete recovery.  I will keep you and Jean in both my thoughts and prayers always, but especially now during this magical time of the year.  I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a bright and happy New Year. ~Dianne O'Neal in Buford, GA


 Dear Dan, I have loved so much of your music for so long - thank you for putting into those songs that intangible something that connects with the deepest parts of us and as someone who has paddled at the edge of the songwriting sea, when everything comes together you sometimes have to wonder just "where did that come from". "Same Old Lang Syne" was played on RTE 1 radio in Ireland today just before lunch and while it always brings a tear to my eye, it did

doubly today because the person who had requested it mentioned that you were not well. My four children wanted to

know why I was crying so I read them the words and explained what was going on it the song and just how brilliantly it captured a moment when you have a bridge to the past and you can see it and touch it and feel it like it was today but you just can't cross it, and every time I hear that song I'm brought back to moments in my own life that are in the past but at the time the me who is now looking back at them would have been incomprehensible. Well I didn't say it quite like that but I promised to play them more of your songs, it could be part of our homeschooling! Words so easily don't say what you want them to say and so it is with this e-mail and so it isn't with many of your songs, but just to let you know that a little family in Dublin will be offering up what we do during the day, the ordinary everyday things of family life in all its joy and

messiness as a prayer for you and the people you love.  There's lots of other people in our prayer "pot" but I think with prayer that doesn't mean you get a poor house ration, but rather a full rich brimming bowl of wonderful broth! God bless and may you have many more Auld Lang Synes ~ Brendan, Breda, Ben, Robyn, Eva & Matthias


 Dan, Along with thousands of others, I have been listening to your beautiful music since the early 70s. I wish you and your family the very best. I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts.~ Elizabeth, Knoxville TN


 Dan, I just heard "Same Old Lang Syne" on the radio, and thoughts of you and all the great memories I have from your music and your concerts came rushing through my brain! This time of year sure makes me melancholy for my youth, and you were a big part of it.   I pray you are on the road to recovery and getting stronger every day.  Happy Holidays to you and your family.  God speed! ~ Tessie, Pennsylvania


 Dan, Thank you for the beautiful music that has been part of my life for so many years. I will be praying for you and your family. May God bless you. ~ Lynn  in Florida


 Dear Dan, I have been thinking about you and sending you healing thoughts and energy since your diagnosis. I hope this holiday season finds you in good health and surrounded by loved ones. Your music has healed my life in more ways than you can know.  May the good that you send out come back to you a thousand fold. ~ Susan Rockefeller


 Dan, I would like to share a moment with you about a concert in '85 or '86 in the Balto/ wash area, immediately after the death of my best friend along a Colorado highway 70. Your music was directed straight at my heart and soul that evening, tears flowed inside and out, then began the healing. Growing up, my friend Les and I always admired and ' turned up the volume'  to your music. Thank you so much for the songs that helped us find ourselves and who we really wanted to be, and shaped me to who I am today. Becoming a Christian in '99 only has made me more aware with joy in suffering, and the daily gifts we each have , the unbelievable love from the Giver of life now and eternally. John 3: 16.


Our church would love to pray for you. Our prayers will be with you all along the way. Thank you for allowing me to share with you. God bless, and Merry Christmas ~ Joe Bartell


 Dear Dan, Like the many other people who have written, I was deeply touched by your music over the years. Your vision, your inspiring lyrics, and that good old rock 'n roll made a big impact on a generation. In this challenging time, I too wish you the best in returning to health. May your steps continue in that sacred path that you shed light on for so many. ~-Rick Wheeler


 Dear Dan, I am sending this prayer for your full recovery and all through the years. Your music inspired me and helped me thru some very difficult times and it is now my turn to help you through this, Dan. I love you like a brother and your music is an inspiration to me. So lean on me, my friend, and I am here for you forever. Regards ~ George Wilmot


 Dear Dan, When I reflect on my life, I am very clear that music is intrinsic to the very fiber of who I am. You, dear sweet wonderful Dan, wrote the words to the secrets of my heart. You are a part of my tapestry and I am eternally grateful for your existence:) Thank you for your music and for sharing it with all of us. In this your time of trial, I wish for you hope and peace. You are in my prayers. Most sincerely and with great love ~ Kristine


 Hi Dan, As a fellow cancer patient, I can only say fight the good fight!  Since my diagnosis back in 2000 (Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia), I have come to know the many faces of cancer.  At the one year mark, I decided that I would take charge of the cancer and vowed to not let it rule my life.  I have been fortunate to be under the care of some of the world's best cancer Docs here in Seattle but I still honestly believe that it is more about the human spirit and less about technology.  You have spent your life inspiring others, Dan, and my wish for you is that you and your family will reap the blessings that you truly deserve.  The most wonderful thing about music is that each of us as individuals may hear the same tune in very different ways.  The chorus for your song "Run for the Roses" I believe carries with it inspiration that applies not only to future Kentucky Derby hopefuls, but for "Cancer Survivor Hopefuls" as well:


And it's run for the roses as fast as you can. Your fate is delivered. Your moment's at hand.

It's the chance of a lifetime in a lifetime of Chance. And it's high time you joined in the dance.

It's high time you joined in the dance.


I have no doubt that you will beat this, Dan, and my prayers are with you and your family for many, many, many, more years of love and happiness! ~ Jason


 Dear Dan, I am from Malaysia and have been a fan since I was introduced to your music back in 1994. I am sorry to learn about your illness and I pray that God will continue to give you and your family the strength to go through this tough time. I only wish that I can find your albums in the Malaysian stores!!!! ~ Kim Ong, Malaysia


 Merry Christmas Jean and Dan - I emailed your site a year or two seems I think of you every year at Christmas.  And not just because of  "Same Old Lang Syne". I think it's because, Dan, more than anyone's music I ever listened to, had a profound impact on me both personally and professionally.  I love your music and your writing to this day. God Bless you now and always. Praying for you and your family ~ Mary


 Dan, My prayers and good thoughts are with you. My wife and I have been fans since we met 30 years ago. I wore out two copies of Home Free in the vinyl years, and just finished converting all of my DF vinyl to digital, so the music will live forever. "To the Morning" still touches me when I hear it. Thank you for sharing your talents with us all these years. Keep the faith. Best Regards ~ Steve


 I hope you are well. Your albums are great. High Country Snows and The Innocent Age I find haunting. The old doll at the grave on the cover of Innocent Age sets the album's spiritual mood. "Gone are the pathways the child followed home"...can apply to all our lives. When my mom passed from cancer I had a dream. I was back at the house where I grew up. In the dream it was dark. The house was dark. The wind was howling. I kept thinking of the sunny days playing the back yard. A voice whispered to me.."they are all gone...they are all gone..." all the friends and happy days of childhood gone....A fathom of emptiness went through me. There is a spiritual feel to this album that has never been equaled. It is a work of art. So much of  The Innocent Age brings past and future together. To me it means the past is never really gone.   It seems we humans have the answers to many things, however we cannot formulate the questions. God bless you and your family ~ Joey Centofanti


 Dan, May God continue to bless you and your family.  I have been to numerous concerts in my life, The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, The Black Crowes (20+times), and too many others to name.  The best show I have ever seen was Dan Fogelberg in 1994 at Robinson Auditorium in Little Rock, AR.  You, my friend, are a true professional!  You are one of the great ones!  Never give up hope, that's all we have.  God Bless


 Dan, I pulled out an old cd of yours today to listen to on my way to work.  As I was listening to "˜To The Morning" I was wondering how you were doing.  I hope you are getting well and you have a Merry Christmas with your family.  I'm a local musician in Atlanta and always try to fit in one of your songs into my repertoire.  The music never dies and I hope we'll be hearing more from you at some point in the future.  Anyway, the main thing is just get well and know you are in our prayers.~ Marty Nickel


 Dear Dan, I hold you in my heart, in honor of your exquisite gift that you have given to so many, and sending healing prayers up to the Universe for you and your family. Namaste ~ Julia In Vermont


 Dear Dan, It was shocking when I recently learned of your illness.  I felt moved to tell you how much your music and words have meant to me throughout my life. Your ability to weave words and notes are awesome- every piece of your music has touched me in a profound way.  I hope your know that God uses you in lives everyday.  I listen to your music each day - it's hard to articulate the power of your music.  It more than touches my soul - it feels more like it reconstructs it. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift.  May God bless you and keep well. You are held in prayer. . .With eternal thanks ~ Lorelei Evans


 Dan, May God be with you. Your music has brought such joy to me. I saw you perform in Atlantic City, New Jersey some years ago and truly enjoyed the show.  I wish you strength and  healing. God Bless. ~ Linda Apgar


 I was just listening to "Same Old Lang Syne" on the radio and thought of you and double-checked to see how you were doing because being from the Peoria area, you are most loved here and my brother, Dennis Miller, had spoken of you way back when! My prayers go out to you and your family and I hope you are doing well at this point and that things are looking positive!  Your music is awesome! ~ Sharon Miller


 Dan, Your music has inspired me for 30 years. I too, as many of your fans was not aware of your illness until I read your website. I wish you my most sincere best wishes for a complete, total recovery. The best of holiday wishes to you and your family.   I look forward to seeing you again on the concert stage. ~ Rich, Staten Island NY 


 Dan, Today (December 18, 2006) marks 8 years since I had my first treatment for advanced Prostate Cancer.  I was only 46 years old at the time.  Your music has inspired me and challenged my thinking for many years (especially "The Innocent Age") - and I know that it has helped me cope during this period of time.  It is my hope and prayer that your journey in dealing with this disease (and its side effects) will result in the same peace that I am feeling at this pont in my life. ~ Steve (Atlanta, GA)


 Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, Dan, especially at this holiday season. ~Cathy


 Dear Dan, I apologize for sounding so familiar with you by using your first name, but I feel that I've "known" you since I was in college in 1974. Please know that you continue to be in our prayers. Best wishes for the holiday season. Sincerely ~ Missy Keith and family


 Dan - We miss you and wish you well. ~ Cindy in Louisiana.


 Dan, Few people have touched my heart with their music as you have.  Your ability to write poetic lyrics and put them to music as well, is an incredible give.  You have given me so much through your music that wishing you the best seems incredibly inadequate.  I wish I could write you a song that would provide the healing touch I have received from yours.  I afraid all I can do is keep you in my prayers and thoughts.~ Steve of West Virginia


 Dear Dan, It's already been too long since our paths have crossed, but the inspiration and memories that you have given to me - shall last more than a Lifetime.  I consider myself one of the more lucky people on this planet to have had the luck and fortune to not only meet you several times, but to get to know you as a true friend.  Our interests and beliefs were always very similar, and I truly have felt some of you emotion in and about Life.  I wish and pray to God for your battle to overcome  this Cancer.....and I will have a thought for you each day until your fully recovered. Please pass along my best wishes to Jean and know in your heart that the masses of fans and friends that you have in your corner will certainly help you in these trying times. We shall meet again, and hopefully enjoy some of that coastal pleasures up there in Maine.....Take care my good friend and God bless both of you ~ Rick A.


 Dan: You and your family remain in our prayers. I hope all is going well. ~ Steve  Brown


 Hello Dan, I am writing this from Tulsa, OK on New Year's Eve, en route back to Taos, NM. I heard "Sketches" on an NPR station last week while visiting family in Cincinnati and was so overwhelmed that I pulled your cd's from my collection and put them in my car for the cross country trip back to Taos, NM.  I listened to "Nether Lands" for 12 hours today...often singing along, sometimes just allowing the music to flow through my soul.  Early in December I was in Boulder, and drove up the mountain to Nederland, parked the car, and just walked around for a while, remembering my first time there in 1995, then drove to Estes Park and again, just parked and walked around. So I guess it's no surprise that I heard "Sketches" just in time to bring you along on this cross country trip.  My heart and soul are opening again after my time in Taos, and today's experience with your beautiful songs that pay tribute to love and to the soul were magical. My best wishes and positive energies are with you...thank you for sharing your soul with us. ~ Pam Miller


 Dear Dan - It is New Year's Eve and I am in Omaha. Even though I am blessed with many friends and family, I am spending this snowy evening in quiet solitude and reflection.I am listening to Home Free and Souvenirs. These two albums were wonderful friends in my high school years. Even though I love all of your music, these two records hold a very special place in my heart. Thank you for enriching my life in so many ways. I have written you twice before. I am a Registered Nurse,and both of my parents have battled cancer. My beautiful daddy lost his battle with cancer in 1994. My mother however is a cancer survivor of almost 5 years and just celebrated her 73rd birthday today. There are miracles and there is Hope. Please know that there are thousands of people daily praying for you, and your health, and peace. You have given so much to so many, it is the least we can do in recompense,for all the beauty and joy you have brought us. You are a wonderful Muse, and continue to touch and enrich many lives daily. Health and Happiness to you and Jean in 2007. Thanks and Best Wishes ~ Jeff White, Omaha Ne.


 Dan, Your music has been inspiring me for many years. The words and the melodies are timeless and have been playing in my head since I was in high school. I am sorry to hear of your illness, and I hope that you have a full recovery. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Thank you for your gift of beautiful music over the years. You are a living legacy and an important part of the lives of many people. Best wishes for a happy, healthy 2007. God bless you. Peace ~ Shannon Bruchal


 Dear Dan, I am listening to the Ballads CD from your Portrait: The Music of Dan Fogelberg CD right now and I heard "Same Old Lang Syne" this morning, I cry everytime I hear that song. Your voice always inspires me and I miss not being able to see you live in concert. I hope this message finds you in better health and spirits.  May the coming New Year bring you healing and as much happiness as your music has brought to me and my life.  May God Bless you always. Sincerely ~ Lisa  & Scott DuBois, North Granby CT


 I thank you for so many wonderful songs and memories.  I appreciate having been able to share your music with my children though the years.  I took them to many of your concerts in the Cleveland area and knew they would always enjoy your music with me.  They are now 26 and 28 and we still love you.  We wish you love, health and mostly peace in the future.  ~ Pat Stefano


 Dear Dan,  I had heard that you had been diagnosed with prostate cancer a while ago.  It seemed like such a shock then. As I read over your web site, I realized how many of the moments in my life have been punctuated by your music.  I can sing every word, of every song of yours and of course, "Longer" is sealed deep in my heart, as it was my wedding song.  I wish you well and I know that anyone who can write music the way you can has no business anywhere but here on earth!  Please know that my heart and prayers are with you now and always.  Thank you for all of the music and the memories.  ~ Claire Hardy


 A toast to you and your family as we ring in the New Year and continue to send our positive thoughts and good wishes your way.   Love ~ Mary and Doug, Seaford NY


 My husband and I were listening to "Same Old Lang Syne" this morning, remembering how much we loved your music when we were in high school.  You made us smile and really brought us back.  So I looked you up on the internet, and I'm so sorry to hear that you are having health problems.  We wish you all the best and would love to hear some new music when you are up to it.  Your music is so beautiful, your lyrics just the best. Thanks for everything ~ Susan Sterman--Jones


 Dan, thank you so much for your music & how much heart you've always included in each & every song.  I love to hear an old song on the radio, it makes me feel good.  However, there are special songs such as yours that are in a league of their own.  They are like putting on a familiar, comfortable sweater.  It fits so well, speaks to your heart & soul, & is like a wonderful hug from an old friend.  Though 'Same Old Lang Syne' is my favorite all of your music is simply wonderful. Thank you for sharing yourself with the world.  I wish you & your family much strength in your continued fight, you're in my prayers. ~ A. Griffin, Indiana


 Dear Dan - More than ever I wish you and yours a healthy and happy new year. Love from an English friend and admirer ~ Mark


 Dan, Wishing and hoping that you and Jean have a wonderful Christmas.I am praying for you both. I have seen you play in the Rochester NY area each time you blessed us with a performance. Peace. ~ John Costello


 Hello Dan, Jean and all - Although I am a HUGE fan, a very dear friend of mine in the HUGEST fan of yours that I know. He just got a used acoustic guitar that is the same model you play, and was playing your songs on it last night. Please, on behalf of myself, and Judy and Christopher Sagaot, accept our prayers and well wishes. Your music has inspired us all, and I fell in love for the first time to "Longer", then ran into my old lover (not at the grocery store, but at and we are going to try to keep the reignited flame going. "Longer", no doubt, will have enriched meaning if this happens, as we are both in our mid forties now. Nether Lands gave me lyrics to help me through some HUGE turning points in my life, and I could just keep on going, but you have probably heard this all before. You are a very talented and special man. Peace and love to you... ~ Christine Hanneken


 My Very Dearest Mr. Fogelberg ~ Thank you from my heart for your music. Through your words and melodies I have enjoyed many many happy and enchanted moments. I hope that my prayers and best wishes will help you to enjoy many many of the happiest and most enchanted moments of your life. I pray that you will be very well soon and happy always. God Bless. May 2007 be Kind and Wonderful to You and Yours. Love ~ Carla Afrika


 Your music has been, and continues to be, a huge part of my life.   During this Christmas season a local station played "Same Old Lange  Syne"  many, many times.  Each time brought back memories.  I  count myself lucky to have been in the audience during a concert in Mobile,  AL.  Your music always means so much.  It will go on forever!!  I wish you and your family the best and am keeping you in my  prayers.  Thank you for touching my life ~  SEMoore


 Dear Dan and to your family, Please know that the Lord is always with you.  My prayers are with you all. I had the opportunity to see you in concert in NY in the 80's and of all concerts gone to, I want to thank you for making us all feel like we are a part of your music family.  It was a heart-filled, lovely and exciting concert and the best I have ever attended.


Thank you for the information about Prostate cancer.  I will speak with my husband who will be 44 this year and urge him to have the proper tests done. Thank you for your courage and honesty about this awful disease. With much love for and blessing to you and your family.  Praying for us all to have a blessed New Year ~ Kathy Frischknecht, Garrisonville, Virginia


 2006 is rapidly coming to a close . In August, I was felled by a life-threatening stroke. The doctors did not expect me to make it  to surgery - or awaken from it. He warned by husband that if I did awaken, it would be most likely that I would not talk or walk again. Well, here I am and I give thanks daily that I will soon be returning to my job as a high school teacher. The human spirit is truly an amazing force. I wish for your full recovery - and look forward to someday seeing you in concert again. Tomorrow is New Year's eve - and,as always, I will listen to "Same Old Lang Syne" . .. but this year it takes on new meaning. ~ Sara - Durango, CO


 Dan, Our prayers are with you as you battle cancer. My father and father-in-law are both prostate cancer survivors. My wife is recovering from advanced breast cancer that was diagnosed in January of this year. I have been an ardent fan of your music since the 70s, listening to it in the quiet of night or when I need to get pumped up to run. Thanks ~ Steven Friedman, San Rafael, CA


 Dear Dan and Jean -As the new year starts, please know that prayers are coming thru the wind and clouds to find a peaceful place within your heart. Like all the people who love your words and music, you gave us comfort, made us believe, and helped us carry on with grace and class. I will think of you often and will say a prayer every day for you and Jean. ~ elizabeth


 Dan - I'd love to know more about your passion for photography and where it's headed of late. I hope you find it to be a way to release and acknowledge emotions from recent events. I can say from personal experience that life-threatening illnesses can have some positive effects. You certainly realize what's important in life and your relationships.  You sense life in richer ways, and the key is not losing those life learnings. Hope to hear more about your interest in photography -  from one image maker to another. ~ Paul S


 Dan, I wish to offer my prayers for you and your wife.  I hope that you are doing well and improving.  Please know that you have touched me personally and as a musician.  I would not be the same musician without your music.  I hope that your spiritual journey has brought you to the way, the truth, and the light of the world.  Mine has.  I pray for the same Joy in your life. ~ Dennis


 Hey Dan - I looked you up on the web and learned of your prostate cancer. I  am so very sorry to hear this news but grateful you discovered the problem!! I  am a nurse and have taken care of many patients with this problem. I know you  have gone thru much to conquer this disease, and am confident that you have the  strength and courage to fully recover. So here is a cyber hug and a promise you are in my prayers. Also I send you a pinesong from my home in Vallecito. God Bless you and keep you and family!! ~ Suzy and Mike  Burhart


 Dear Dan, Your beautiful music and lyrics have been a part of my life since 1973. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you fight the adversary. I believe we are more and there is more than here. When I look at beautiful skies and children and remember and remember, I think of your beautiful voice. On a light note.I saw you in Waterbury, Connecticut in 1975 and except for the guy who threw up in the seat in front of me , I remember you always.  I was 25.  Thanks for putting feelings and times in a most lovely perspective. Love to you and your family ~ Sharon


 Hi Dan and Jean: Hope you had a great Christmas. I want you to know I got your box I am totally complete with all your music. I also go the Book on Martin Guitars for my son, Billy, the musician.He loved it. For all that you are, for who you are, our love. Best wishes are with you on a daily basis. Godspeed for a healthy New Year. ~ Gail and Billy, CT


 Dan and Jean, I am also late in finding out about your struggles. Your music has been a calming factor in my life during times of trouble. May you find the peace in your life that your music has brought to so many of us. God does bless. ~  J.


 Dan, I just visited your web site and will be on my knees tonight to pray for you.  I am just turning 50 and will make an appointment with my doctor for January to have the PSA and DRE.  I know this is good idea because in 2003 I had a life saving and changing surgery.  I was morbidly obese weighing 577 lbs and now weigh 201 lbs, I'm 6'2" and have 30 lbs of skin that I could have removed but don't know that I will have that done, because is in not causing a complication, at this time. I just finished listening to The Innocent Age with the new TT, and it is as wonderful as I remember. May God bless you and may peace be with you. ~ Steven Stacy


 Dan: I hope and pray you are feeling well. You mean so much to so many. Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year. ~ Glenn Halberg


 Dan, I hope that the coming New Year finds you completely healed and recovered.  I, too, was born by that same river, about 3 years after you.  I found your music from a friend at the U of I, while at Purdue in the mid-70s.  Heard you play first time at Purdue, and then, over the years, listened to you play in Seattle, Minneapolis, and at Red Rocks.  Introduced my son to your music at Red Rocks.   Every concert, I have always yelled out for you to play "The River"...someday I hope to hear you play it in person.  I always seemed connected to your music, and I seemed to hit places that you had been.  One of the first songs I played after moving to Monterey in the late 70's was "Souvenirs", just hear to you sing about the leaf.  I now live in Boulder, and know people who know you from your years living in this area. My purpose is to tell you that your music has enriched my entire adult life.   From all these email postings, I am only one of many that feel this way. My sincerest hope is you do find healing and recovery in the coming year.  All the best to you, and may God bless you. ~ Terry


 Your music is so loved and that I am doubling up on prayers for you.   If you can beat this, you do not ever need to tour again... but it would be amazing if you recorded.   Your music is definitely a living legacy and an inspiration for all. Love and prayers. God Bless... ~ Lisa


 I'm a little late in finding out about your illness, but I have to say I felt as if one of my relatives had been diagnosed when I read about it on your website.  My first thought was "this shouldn't happen to someone like him", but then in the end we are all human and the ailments of this life catch up with us all.


I discovered your music by mistake.  My parents had ordered a Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass 8-Track, but it turned out to be mislabeled so they gave it to me.  I fell in love with the music, but had no idea who it was.  Finally I found someone who recognized your voice, and found out the 8-Track was the "Nether Lands" album.  Not long afterwards you came out with the "Phoenix" album and then I knew for sure it was you.  Two of my all time favorite songs are "To the Morning" and "The Reach".  I listened and cried to "Run for the Roses" when my childhood dog died.  Which seems really odd looking back now, but I think it was the spirit of the song that made me think of him.  When I was 12 I listened to "Rhythm of the Rain" the day I found out my younger sister who had severe cerebral palsey was gravely ill.  After her death I could not stand to listen to that song so when you came out with your version my first response  was "please don't sing that song".  But after hearing your version I began to like the song again and I'm sure along with listening to it came some healing.  So all this to say, thank you for music that has become an integral part of my life and memories and for music that can carry me high in the happy times and can touch my soul in the sad times.


Thank you for sharing a small part of your life with the rest of us and maybe in some small way it will make you feel better to know you have touched my life and the lives of others through your music.  My prayer will be that you find comfort and strength from your family and friends and may God guide the hands of the physicians that treat you. ~ LaDeana Peden


 Dear Dan, I was fortunate enough to see you in concert in 1982 and presented an original drawing to your soundman. I have been a long standing fan of your music and pray healing and blessings on you. May the love of those around you bring you peace, strength and hope. May the new year bring renewed health and much happiness to you. ~ Diane Temple, Morristown, Tennessee


 Dear Dan, You have my prayers.  Your music reminds me of my father who passed away over 20 years ago. Please don't give up the fight.  I would like to see you in concert---how about in about 10 years? ~ Salman Malik


 Dear Dan, I was introduced to your music by my first college roommate in 1979 and I have followed your career ever since.  You were the first artist I ever knew who had such depth and poetry to his lyrics.  I love that your work has such range in style and emotion.  Your songs have touched my heart, and seen me through happy and sad times.  I hope that you are feeling well and able to perform whatever art is in your heart to be expressed. ~ Debbie Parsley, Holmen, WI


 Dan and Jean, Today, 12-28-06 I learned of your struggle with cancer.  In 1976 I was active duty in Korea, on the DMZ, missing home and family when divine guidance led me to listen to Captured Angel and I have been a captive since.  Your music and lyrics have inspired me thru many challenges and wonderful memories.  Rest assured that now, my thoughts and prayers are with you and Jean.  Take care. ~ L.D.  Jamestown, Ohio


 Dearest Dan and Jean...I hope your Christmas was blessed and peace-filled for you both.You are in the hearts and thoughts of so many of us out here and we sincerely care about you and want more than anything for you to beat this disease.  I watched a video of one of your concerts, Dan, right before Christmas and it brought back such wonderful memories of the times my husband, Dan, and I have seen you live.  Your music is "our" music...I had come out of an abusive marriage whenever I met Dan back in 1980, and he seemed to always have your music playing when we were together. I grew up with your songs (I'm 54 years old) and loved them, but came to love them more as I shared them with him. You, Dan, are the one artist that we both completely love and agree upon and we enjoy listening to your songs over and over and over again.  My encouragement to you is that you keep your faith in God for He is loving and faithful to carry us through the rough waters of our lives.  I believe that He hears our prayers and it is obvious that there are many praying for you these days...find sweet comfort in that knowledge.  Hold onto each other tightly, thank God daily for the gift of your love, and don't forget to find things to laugh about.  Thank you so much for your beautiful music and we look forward to a brighter day when you will make that sweet music again. You are Loved! ~ Debbie from San Antonio, TX


 Dear Dan, I've never been a huge fan although I always liked what I heard of your music.  But recently I asked a friend to compile a mixed CD of modern Christmas songs - the ones you hear on the radio this time of year, by the likes of the Eagles, Kinks, Lennon, McCartney, Springsteen, etc. - when I heard your song again, "Same Old Lang Syne".  I asked my friend to add it to the CD.  The more I listened to it, the more I liked it and couldn't get it out of my head, usually the measure by which I judge a song.  If it sticks, it's a good song.  "Same Old Lang Syne" is a good song.  Nice job. I went looking for the lyrics, ended up at your web site, and learned of your illness.  I hope this finds you recovering nicely.  Thanks for the addition to my X-mas CD. A bigger fan ~ Pat Oberlander

 As I load the iPod given to me, I find a new opportunity to travel a musical journey with you, Dan. I continue to be amazed by the way each song brings very specific memories to mind and am so thankful for each one. A prayer is being sent with each song for your health and happiness. I hope you continue to find joy and peace each day and that your spirit is renewed and refreshed. Blessings ~ Sandi


 Dan I pray that you had a peaceful Christmas, and that the New Year will bring you Good news and Good health. I feel for you and your family. My husband also had prostate cancer, he was 42 when diagnosed, and luckily it was caught early enough. The doctor who did his surgery told him 2 years would have been too late. He just passed the second anniversary of his surgery and it is frightening to think that at 44, he would have been terminal. I still listen to your music almost daily on my iPod, and I am so happy that I had the opportunity to see you in concert, and pray that one day you will be back on stage and I will be able to take my daughter to see you. God Bless, and please take care.


 Dearest Dan - I hope and pray things are going well for you.  I lost my husband to lung cancer and know the ravages this disease causes. You are one of two singer/songwriters who has truly touched my soul and changed my life in ways.  My hopes and prayers are with you and your family.  Take care and hang in there ..... one day at a time. Much love ~ Laura


 Dan, Just wanted to pass along my prayers for your speedy recovery.  I became a huge fan of  your music when I was in college back in the 1970's. I kind of lost touch with it in the late 80's and 90's, but have recently started listening to my old tapes again (ie; Home Free, Souvenirs, Captured Angel, etc..) and now have an even greater appreciation of your music. I just bought your Portrait collection, and love it. I also discovered your Christmas CD this year, which I had no idea existed, and my wife and I absolutely love it!  Your music is magic and stands the test of time. Keep the faith. Regards ~ Pete Landmesser


 Dan I pray you're doing well. I can't begin to express what your music has meant to me. Your words and music inspire me. May the Lord bless you and keep you. May his face shine upon you and give you Peace.


 Dan, My 3 year old granddaughter fell into the most peaceful sleep  Christmas night while your Christmas album played in the background of her  St. Louis home while we were there. Once again, you have touched another life and generation with your beautiful music, Dan.  I could go on about how many times my wife and I have seen you in concert over the years and how two of  your songs were in our wedding..well,one because "Since You Asked" is a Judy  Collins song but it was your rendition that inspired us, but the point is that  your music is loved and I know you the man are as well. Wishing you and yours  all the best for the remainder of 2006 and the new year to come. May you celebrate many more.  Gratefully yours, in Topeka, Kansas ~ Larry  Latimer


 Dear Dan, After reading so many well wishers letters I am struck by how deeply and truly your fans can express themselves with great thanks given to you and your music. You are a blessed and lucky soul and I have no doubt you will draw strength and inspiration from this whole ordeal. I have had cancer 15 years ago and now I consider it a distant thunder that affects everything that I do.I look forward to bringing my two daughters who are 5 and 7 yrs old to many of your concerts so stick around,  and may you soon be listening to a very distant thunder. Thanks for letting us in and we will see you soon. ~ T. Guldemond Newburyport ,Mass.


 God bless you Dan Fogelberg, your words and music have been a big part of my life. Two of your albums are personal favorites, Souvenirs, and Captured Angel. Songs like "The Long Way" ," There's a Place in the World for a Gambler," "Illinois," and the title cut "Souvenirs" inspire me. And a Captured Angel cut, "The Last Nail", is my all time favorite song. God bless you for putting out music like that, music that will stay with me for a lifetime. Stay strong, be strong. Peace, love, health, happiness. ~ Frank Miceli, Warwick


 I just wanted to send you a little note to let you know how your music has touched me personally throughout the years. My very first album I purchased was "Nether Lands" and I was 11 years old, back in 1976. :-) I've collected most of your albums and your music has been a huge part of me. When I read that you were diagnosed with prostate cancer, it was like hearing a member of my own family was diagnosed and you are in my thoughts and prayers. Please know how much you've been of an inspiration to millions of people and that you've truly made a difference through your music! God Bless! ~ Shannon M Esopenko


 Hi, Dan:  I just found out about your battle with prostate cancer when I logged onto your website.  I am crying even as I write this. My daughter gave me your box set, Portrait, for Christmas.  I have been listening to and loving your music since the 70's.  Your music continues to touch me in a way that no other music has.  I believe in prayer, and you will be in my prayers everyday.  I want to see you beat this.  You still have so much to give, because your music always came from the heart.  Thank you for your music and what it has meant to me.  May God bless you and heal you. ~ Becky Rathel


 Dan & Jean, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you both.  Dan, our thoughts & prayers are with you and your family as you battle cancer.  Words cannot express the joy your music has brought to our lives over the last 30 years.  Your songs have bridged so many generations and are such a great testimony of your own life.  God Bless You for all happiness that you have given to so many people, through your music.  ~ Jeff & Jean Field, Bedford, VA


 Dan, I am believing the new year will find you with better health, your heart rejoicing in song. With your love still here to guide us; you lead us ever on. Love ~ Ken Harris YNP


 You sure do get lots of love.  And you deserve it. My neighbor in Florida had your dad as his band director.  Your music has made so many people happy.( I listen to High Country Snows every winter.) Good wishes from me ~ Nancy in Seattle


 Dear Dan and family,  Your music has been a gift to me for years.  I have been listening to it since 1980.  Please know you are in my prayers.  As a registered nurse who writes a weekly column on preventive health I very much appreciate what you have on your web site regarding PSAs and early detection.  Thank you for being selfless in a time of hardship. In HIS service ~ Wilma Woodford, Straughn, Indiana


 I began dating my husband in 1978.  He introduced me to your music, and ever since then it's been "our special music."  We've been listening and loving you for over 25 years.  We've been to several concerts.  Seven years ago my husband suffered a severe brain injury and nearly died.  During his recovery, I'd drive him around in our pick-up and we'd listen to your music.  It helped us through our most difficult times.  You're in our thoughts and prayers.  You have been and are a very important and special part of our lives.  You've touched our hearts and souls. God bless ~ Rick and Diana Vice,

Lafayette, Indiana


 Dear Dan, I'm a fan from the late 70's.  Your music has always brought a smile to my face and reminded me of a time of innocence.  As an adult, I've been thinking of taking up the guitar and have been listening to your music with a different "ear."  Wish you would update all of us with your medical status.  In the meantime, I will remember you in my prayers. ~ Laurie


 Dear Dan,  I have been a fan for many years.  Your talent with words and music has always given me great joy!  I heard about your battle with prostate cancer and sincerely wish you the best.  I lost a wonderful new friend to the disease several years ago, so know that the battle is not an easy one for you.  I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. ~  Patty Naquin, Orange City, Florida


 Dan, I have always been a big fan, even when I would talk about your music, and people would say "who's Dan Fogelberg", I have always loved music that tells a story, and your "stories" are warm and rich and full of love, longing and understanding.  I admire the fact that you've always stayed true to your music.  Many of your songs move me to tears, "in a good way", they speak to the heart.  My sister alerted me to your illness, she introduced me to your music when I was young, and I developed a big crush!! Your music takes me back.  And its a wonderful feeling.  And looking at all the messages posted here, I see you've had this effect on many!! I wish you all the best in your battle, and hope you emerge stronger and ready to continue your wonderful legacy for future generations. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. ~ Julia, Ft. Myers, Fl.


 Hello, I want to send warm wishes and positive thoughts to you. You have brought many wonderful times to my wife and I through your music and your lyrics.  We both wish you well and hope for a positive outcome with your medical tribulations. Sincerely ~ Bruce And Elaine Sandberg


 Merry Christmas to you and your family. I haven't written in a while but  you are always in my thoughts and I anxiously await any news . Wishing you all the love and happiness you've given everyone else all of these years. ~ Dana Rider


 Dan, Merry Christmas.  You have been on my mind so much through this holiday season and of course, I had to grin, when one of the local channels played "Same Old Lang Syne."  I hope, during this beautiful holiday season you are at peace and feeling well.  I miss you. ~ Jean Allen


 Hi Dan! Merry Christmas!!! I keep hoping to get an update on how you are doing!  I hope  well. I am a fan from 1972 or so.  Devoted beyond belief to you these many  years. Keep the faith and don't stop writing and singing!!! With Love ~ a middle-aged wife and Mom in Massachusetts


 Dear Dan, Merry Christmas to you and your family. My thoughts and prayers go out to you as you struggle with your illness, but magical moments happen at this time of year and my wish is that one happens for you. Some of my fondest high school and college memories are attached to your songs. When I hear one played, I close my eyes and I am right back in the early 80's. Your music was then, and still is now, some of my favorite music of all time. Thank you for the wonderful music and for the priceless memories. God bless ~ Kathy in St Pete Beach, Florida


 Dan - Your "First Christmas Morning" album is an integral part of our festivities.  It truly is a work of pure genius, and lifts our spirits every time that it is played. Eternal thanks to you for enhancing our lives. Our kindest thoughts are with you always. ~  Brian, Judith & Lydia


 Dear Dan, and Jean, Wishing you a Christmas blessed with love, and we hope and pray for  your full recovery.  We have been very blessed in many ways...and the  over-riding theme of every blessing we've experienced is love.  One of the  most profound ways we've been touched has to have been to experience your music,  which is truly heaven sent.  Thank you, from the bottom of hearts,  again.  I just listened again to First Christmas is so  beautiful.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you for all good  things. With love ~ Andy & Jackie


 Dan, I can't begin to express all of my feelings on hearing of your illness, but I wish you the best and certainly want to thank you for all of the great music over the years.  ~ Dennis O. Wasnich


 Dan- I was shocked to learn that you are dealing with prostate cancer- I was only listening to one of your songs today- "Same Old Lang Syne" and decided I needed  for some reason to look up your site and I learned about your illness. Your music has inspired me for years and I suffered an illness that made me look at my life and review all that had passed before me. Music was my healer- especially yours, and I will always remember the lyrics and melodies that I used for my meditation healing to ensure I could cure myself. I thank you for this gift. I trust you are fighting this disease and that you are coping ok. My love and thoughts go to you and I send out the white light of universal healing to help you get well. Regards ~ David Reynolds


 Merry Christmas Dan and Jean.  I hope your holidays are cheery bright  and filled with family and friends.  I pray your health is much  improved.  Still enjoy your Christmas CD so much.  Thank you for that  gift, it will never be out of fashion. I still keep you in my daily prayers.  Happy Happy  Holidays from Florida.


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg: Well it's Christmas Eve and I've just heard "Same Old Lang Syne" on the radio for the first time in many, many years. I can't tell you how touched I was and how many memories flooded back. If you never write or record another song, you will always be remembered in our hearts for "Same Old Lang Syne".  Some things are simply and deeply perfect. All the best. ~ Tom Douglas, White Rock, B.C.


 Dan, I'm about the same age as you, and all through my life I have heard and loved your music.  "Longer", "Same Old Lang Syne", "Leader of the Band" all touched me.  I remembered them, I sang some of them, and now I want to send you some of those same good feelings.  I want you to beat this cancer. I want you to be better. I want you to sing for us again. ~ Steve Wall, Altadena


 Dear Dan, As the holiday season approaches, we would like to take a moment to wish  you a very happy, healthy and beautiful Christmas.  We hope that you  are feeling better and better each day.  Please know our thoughts and  prayers are with you.  Happy Holidays.  With love ~ Chuck,  Kathleen and James.


 Merry Christmas and good tidings for successful treatment. ~ a fan from waaay back


 Dear Dan, I just bought your "Love Songs" CD with a gift card I received for Christmas. It was great to hear your voice again. You have such passion and soul -- such intensity. What a talent! I will pray that you recover fully from your prostate cancer. I survived breast cancer 10 years ago. You are right: early detection is the key. Happy Holidays to you and Jean! ~ Pat Rarus


 Merry Christmas to you and your family. I was so fortunate to see you in Konocti Harbor, Ca 9 years ago during your 25 year "acoustical" tour. I could have listened to you all night. I applaud you for holding on your true musical style and "not" bending to the pressures of "'the business." Your gift and your music are timeless and will always be in musical library. Take care and I along with all your fans are praying for your recovery. Thank you for your beautiful music and know that you are special and truly loved for sharing your gift with the world. May God bless you abundantly. ~ Sharon Trujillo - Farmington, NM.


 You are lifted in prayer.  Thank you for the beautiful lyrics and music that have brought me many hours of comfort and pleasure. God bless you!


 It's been quite a while since I visited the website and was shocked and saddened to learn of your battle with prostate cancer.  A friend of mine introduced me to your music in 1977 and I have bought every album since then; I've also been privileged to enjoy your music at five concerts.   I am hopeful that I'll be allowed that experience again.  (My dad was diagnosed 5 years ago and I can still enjoy his company.)


I want to say that I just recommended your Christmas album to a friend who'd been disappointed by the sellout to commercialism at a concert given by a Christian vocal group; she was looking for music that reflected the essential meaning of Christmas and was told that it's your album that I play each morning on my way to work. I live in a lovely old farmhouse in Maryland that's reminiscent of the houses I looked at longingly through the car windows when my family took trips out East when I was a little girl (I'm a Midwesterner too.)   I'm a lucky one who gets to live at least part of my dreams.   My house has a name, at least for the time that I'm living in it--it's called  "Along the Road".   Maybe a funny name for a place--but even as the realization of dreams that's still what it is, a place along the road.  The lyrics to guess-what-song are posted in the hallway?   Your words and music have often inspired and blessed my life, and I hope the joy and beauty you have shared return to you a thousand-fold.  Christmas is for new beginnings, for hope, and light in the darkness.  May all of these be yours. Thanks for all the wonderful Christmas gifts you've given me! Sincerely ~ Janna VanderWoude


 To Dan Fogelberg - I have enjoyed your music for many years and I, like most of us out there, thank you for writing the songs  for us to listen to on the radio and in person. I'm glad you got married so you have family and someone in your life to be there for you. I hope you have a good holiday season get through what you're going through . You have been on the radio alot this Christmas season. Take care.


 Dan - I myself am going through an immensely difficult time in my life, and thankfully, ran across your music on iTunes. Listening to "Nexus" takes me back 20 years, a time when my own life was more innocent, when I was writing music and singing it on the guitar in a hotel room in Honolulu. Your song now inspires me even more than it did then. Thank you for this blessing ~ Mark


 Dan, All the good you have done for others will come back to you tenfold.  You inspired me to start playing guitar back in the late 1970s.I have been a huge fan ever since and have made music my career now for nearly 20 years.  The power of your lyrics have been the source of many bondings for people all over the world. At our high school talent show in 1981, my best friend, Jack Seier, played "Leader of the Band" and dedicated it to his father.  His father passed away shortly after . After hearing that and feeling the emotion that filled the room, I knew that sharing the gift of music was my calling also. Jack ended up drowning shortly after graduating from high school.  His spirit remains strong in all of us that new him and were inspired by his openness of sharing his love. At a recent show in Eagle River, Wisconsin I was asked by an elderly woman to play "Leader of the Band".  I let her know it was my favorite song of all time.  As I played it, she welled up with tears.  She came up to me after the show and said " The leader of the band was my music teacher and the greatest man I ever knew." Your father raised a wonderful child!  God Bless and get well soon!  ~ Bret Miller, Land O' Lakes, Wisconsin

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