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"Dear Dan" Letters

February 2006

 Dreams truly do come true... one of mine happened for my 40th birthday (May 1997), when my youngest brother, Joe, handed me a front row (and center!) ticket to see you perform at the King Center in Melbourne, FL.  Even though back in 1981 I had seen you and your band put on the most ROCKIN concert EVER at the Capitol Center in Landover, MD, it couldn't compare with what it felt like to be sitting directly in front of you, hearing you sing and play your guitars and piano, feeling as if you were singing only to me... WOW!!!!  I will cherish the memories of that evening for the rest of my life. :)  Dan, thank you so much for sharing with us your incredible talent.  Always know that you have touched so many people's lives in such a positive way. Heartfelt kindness and best wishes to you and your family ~Ann Kobilis and Family~


 Yes, you do not know me and I don't know you.  And the struggles you have been going through the past 2 years are personal and none of my business.  I did want to share this thought with you.  I have enjoyed your music for as long as I can remember.  During the good times and the's been a comfort to listen to your songs and retreat to a calm, peaceful place in my mind.  Even today I find it ever so comforting to listen to your songs. Thank you for sharing your talents with me and the world.  It's been so wonderful. I wish you all the best and hope you have more good days than bad.  I trust you are surrounded by your family and friends, those who mean the most to you.  ~ Ellen King


 Dan and Jean, My prayers are with you.  I just happened to come across your need for prayers on the web.  May God wrap around His gentle arms are you and heal you.  I know how powerful prayers are.  Please also pray to Father Solanus Casey.  He has performed many miracles.  Dan, you've been one of my favorite artists for many years and I've had the pleasure to see you many times in concert.  I was one of many yelling "I love you, Dan".  You have brought me many hours of peace by listening to your music.  Thank you very much. Love ~ Janice Zezulka, St. Clair Shores, MI


 Hi, Dan! I "googled" your name recently and was so disturbed to learn of your illness.  Sure wish you and your wife the best! I started dating my husband back in 1977 during the "Nether Lands" era. I moved from Virginia to attend college at Arizona State and this album kept me going.  And, I was lucky enough to be able to see you perform with Tim Weisberg while at Arizona State - on the campus, I think!  I subsequently realized how deeply in love we were and moved back home to attend Va. Tech. However, I started listening to your music when "Souvenirs" was released.  My goodness, the years have flown by.  I still listen to your music, now on CD, and just wanted you to know how much you have touched our lives.  Best of luck to you and may you conquer your illness!  You will certainly be in our thoughts and prayers! ~ Connie Naff


 You are one of my ULTIMATE favorite performers.  Best wishes for your  full recovery. ~ Jayne Parker


 Dearest Dan,  Your music has touched my soul since the 1970s.  You have been given a God-given talent to be able to put music and words together and be so meaningful to sooo many people continuously over the years.  May the wind be at your back and your sails full.  You and your family are in my thought and prayers.  Godspeed on your journey ~Vicki


 I did not know you had prostate cancer until I went to your web page.  God bless and keep you both.  Now for the reason I write.  I was putting on my makeup and heard your song "The Leader of the Band" come on the cable t.v.  I thought "What a talented singer and what a beautiful song."  It brought back memories of my father, who passed away a few years ago. As tears welled up in my eyes, I thought that you should know that your music affected me greatly.  I had to look at the cable T.V. picture, which shows the songs, singer etc., to see who sang it, as I had no idea.  I don't follow musicians very closely. Thank you for making my morning. I hadn't realized that I hadn't thought of my father as the leader of all of us 8 children for too long. ~ Kimberly and Kenneth Hayes


 Dear Dan, My wife and I always have loved  your music . As a matter of fact "Longer" was the first song at our wedding 24 years ago. Let me tell you that beautiful song, still brings tears to our eyes and a good feeling to our hearts. Your incredible & impeccable writing and playing is and has always brought out the sentimental side of both of us. Thanks Dan for the music and the memories. All the best on your recovery .God bless and take care. ~ Bill & Janet Mayer


 Dan - Thanks to my I-Pod that my 3 children got me along with Itunes - I have reconnected with your music that I loved going back to the 70s! I came across your website and was saddened - but relieved - that you are recovering from prostate cancer. I am close to your age - so your letter offers good advice. I am an avid lover of the mountains and ski frequently in Colorado - Beavercreek with my family. I travel extensively with my work and can enjoy your music once again. All the best ~ Jack Snyder, New Jersey


 Dear Dan, My wife and I just recently saw your SoundStage concert.  I had just the day before learned of Michael Botts' passing and so watched with great intensity, reminisence and sadness. Even with that you guys still rocked.  Your finish with "Power of Gold" long play was absolutely the best I've seen or heard anywhere. My wife, who has been a life long fan, still reminisces about your 1997 Solo Acoustic Tour concert at Red Rocks.  She was 7 months pregnant with our fourth child and wasn't about to miss it for anything.  You gave us a real treat with three encores! You are a true performer who treats his fans with great  respect.  We sincerely hope to see you soon again in concert or studio.  Our prayers are with you and Jean.  God Bless ~ Max and Karen Batson, Castle Rock, CO


 Dear Dan, Great to hear you are better and fighting. I went to the U of I when you were there in early 70's era. I was and am still amazed how your songs are crafted and sung by you. Your songs have always touched me from Home Free to now. Your concert at in 1971 with REO Speedwagon was one of my all time favorite concerts ever. Thanks for the great music touching my heart so deeply with your songs. ~ Barry


 I'm very late in getting in on this, I'm afraid, but I just found out you were fighting this disease.  I had thrown in my CD of Captured Angel while I working tonight and realized I hadn't heard anything of you since my wife and I had attended your concert in Sandy, Utah several years ago.  Hoping that there might be a new album or tour in the works, I went web surfing and quickly found out that you were ill.  Wow!  All that and the CD is only to "Man In the Mirror". So let me say that I'm very sorry to hear that you're having to fight this ugly disease.  I'll add you to the my prayer list and pray that the Dove will infuse you with peace and, if it is His will, complete healing. Please know that your music has touched my soul and been a part of my life since I became aware of music other than the 45s my sisters listened to.  That was about 1970.  I have been an evangelist for your marvelous mix of poetry, melody and harmony ever since, and am still deeply moved by so many different pieces you have recorded, as well as numerous concert memories. The first time I saw you perform in Utah you were a little hoarse from having spent the day at Alta.  I thought it was great--I moved to Utah to ski Snowbird and never left. I'll hope for you that you get a chance to get back here sometime soon and make some more turns. May God bless you real good.  If he gives you a small fraction of the blessings you've given to me through your art, you'll be healed immediately and live to happily be 120. Blessings on you ~ John Gumpper, Salt Lake City


 Dan, I am so happy to hear that you're doing better!  When I first learned of your illness, I took it rather personally, since your music has always played such a big part in my life.  I have so many fond memories of my roommate (and best friend still) singing your songs in our apartment CONSTANTLY way back in the early '80's, arguing about who was actually going to marry you one day since you were the perfect man for each of us (and you were . . .)  Well, Dan, I couldn't wait for you forever, so I managed to move on and fall in love with someone else (still together 20 years later).  I'm glad to see you've moved on as well (ha ha) and now have an absolutely lovely wife, Jean, who I'm sure is your rock and soulmate. So much of your music has touched me personally.  For starters, instead of the traditional wedding march, I walked down the aisle to "Longer" - I can't think of a more perfect wedding song and I still get choked up when I hear it.  Another song that has special meaning for me is "Leader of the Band".  It always makes me think of my mom, who passed away when I was 18 years old.  The line "I don't think I said I love you near enough" haunts me every time I hear it, and I swear I tell my family and friends "I love you" constantly because that song really hits home! Your music has been so inspiring over the years and has brought so much joy.  Stay strong and keep positive - you are fighting and winning.  You have the love and support of more folks than you can even imagine, and I hope you know how many lives you have touched. God bless you and keep you in his care. Love ~ Liz Taylor (yep, like the movie star - the last name is another reason I married Tom!)


 Dear Dan,   What would my high school and college years have been without your music??????  Even your song, "To the Morning" was our high school graduating class of 1979's song!  Your music, concerts and words have been an inspiration to me for all of these years, and I thank you.  I am sorry to hear about your illness.  I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts. You are a truly gifted artist, and I feel blessed to have had you provide the soundtrack to many of my life's great experiences.  God Bless you!  Happy Days to you and your family. Love ~ Mary Lynn


 Dear Dan, I am so happy to hear that you are doing better, please keep fighting, I always look at the picture of you with your hat on in the pictures from the 70's era, keep your hat on, and keep fighting. Live to be 100 years old!  I pray for you and I somehow feel you know when someone is helping you. I was listening to an old tape of yours the other day, and "Lazy Susan" came on, that took me back to my teenage years, and for a brief moment, I felt I was there, that is how long you have been with me. Keep getting better. ~ Christine Page


 Dan: I looked up at 'a ring around the moon (last night, and felt a comforting) chill in the air', and sent you some good thoughts - as I have at many moments in the past year since hearing about you having advanced prostate disease. At the time I first heard about it, it was a shock, and I was very upset; and yet, it is all too common.  I applaud and thank you for "the sermon" to all of us guys here.  A moment of embarrassment and discomfort in a brief "digital" exam surely is desirable to the alternative. I notice that you have no plans to tour or record in the [near] future, as is it completely understandable and a righteous thing to take as much time as you need for yourself.  Speaking as a two-time cancer survivor, I just want to remind you to keep singing and playing all "your wooden boxes", in the living room, in the yard, on the ranch - where ever - ESPECIALLY *for yourself*.  It is GOOD for the soul.  I am a musician and a performer too.  You have shared the music with all of us many times  - and it was good, because it came from deep inside.  And it was, many times, the music and lyrics that brought us through our own tough times. Use it now, for you. And remember, "whatever does not kill [you] makes you stronger". May the highest spirit(s) continue to bless you and Jean.~ Drew Ferraro


 Dan: I've written before and check this site often for updates.  I cannot tell you how relieved I am to hear of your good news.  It is really an answer to prayer.  I watched your DVD Live at the Fox Theatre in St. Louis last night and again for my staff this morning.  What a great piece of work like all of your others.  I tell everyone that my first concert I attended was in Birmingham in 1972 when you were on a summer tour with Fool's Gold.  I was 9 years old and am 43 now.  I've seen you countless times and am looking forward to seeing you again.  I now promote Montgomery, AL's Riverfront including a lawn seated Greek Amphitheatre and would love to have you play here.  Please keep up the fight and thank you for your work, your letter and your words of encouragement for every man out there.  Please know what an influence you have had on so many lives and how loved you are by so many.  You will beat this disease.  Take care and God Speed.  Branch Kloess, Montgomery, AL


 I have been checking your web site from time to time and am happy to hear  that you are progressing and feeling better. Like many of your fans, I  feel that I know you to some degree as a result of listening to your music for  the last 30 years or so!  You are one of my favorites and I hope to  personally see you perform on stage soon again.  I saw you perform in Columbia, MD many years ago, and it ranks as one of the best concerts I've been able to attend - I hear some of your old tunes today and the music takes me back  to nights cramming for an exam in college, or driving late at night returning  from a visit to see my girl friend, now my wife, from our school days.   Many memories that I'll carry with me as long as I shall live - God Speed and God Bless - you continue to be in our thoughts and prayers  ~ Steve A. Cantu


 Dear Dan and Jean, I was seeking information on concert dates and learned of your battle with prostate cancer.  Best wishes for a complete recovery and joyful peace. ~ Terri and Tadd


 Dear Jean and Dan,  We just found out about it. Thank God things are looking a bit up!  I have loved your music for 30 years, and now my Daughter is getting to love you! Keep up the good fight! Love~ Steve, Chris, & Kierstin, Nampa, ID


 Dear Mr.Dan, Where do I start? My life and those I love so much has been touched by that curious thing called cancer. When I heard about yours I was quite upset. Cancer is  nondiscriminatory-the most beautiful  people sometimes endure its wrath. That bothers me so much. To see such beautiful souls have to fight so hard.... I don't know you or your family, but I think you must be a a fine individual surrounded by loving souls. This must be an incredible  journey for you and them as it was for me. Know that I hear your music and feel so many things. Your music reminds me of pure first love, the mountains, and the loss and poignant pain we all feel in this human experience. I heard you last singing at Deer Valley, Park City Utah. You transported me to a wonderful and tumultuous time in my life. I look forward to hearing you again.  Be well. We love you. ~ m from Utah


 Dear Dan and Jean, I was saddened and shocked to hear the news regarding your health and am so pleased you are winning the battle.  I've only been a fan for the last two years having rediscovered one of your songs on an old tape recording I made back in the 80's.  Hearing it made me stop in my tracks (it really was a spine tingling moment!) and  I've been searching out every past recording ever since and chastising myself for not having done so years ago! I can't begin to fully express what it is your beautiful music has meant to me over these past few years.  It has touched my heart and my soul and I know that my life has been made far richer for having been able to share in it.  Thank you seems so inadequate but I truly mean it.  I thank God that he brought your music into my life and I prayer for you and your wife, that he will bless and strengthen you as your music has blessed and strengthened me.  What a truly beautiful gift you have given to us all! With love and prayers ~ Louisa, Surrey,England.


 Git 'er done, Dan.  From a couple long-time fans.  ~ Joe in Sweden/Darren in Missouri.


 Dearest Dan, I have been wondering where you've been, seeking you out for concerts...etc. Finally searching for your website, I was in shock to learn of your illness and relieved to hear you are doing well. Whew! I want to thank you from my heart of hearts for all the beautiful music you have given, for the 30 some years I have followed you, listening to everything of yours I can get my hands and ears on. Watching you grow, your music flourish, your life expand....You are a STAR m'dear, and the golden sparks of music you shine forward has cast rainbows upon my own life.  I thank you for all that you are, all that you share, all that is magic :)  Keep on, dear one, and may you be blessed with love and health seven times fold. Sage & Spirit ~ Jennequin


 Dan and Jean, You're both in our thoughts. My husband, Scott, will be 6 months post-BMT  (bone marrow transplant) next month. We know how harrowing cancer can be; how  shocking emotionally, traumatic physically and debilitating mentally. After  being diagnosed with mantle cell lymphoma, one of the rarest non-Hodgkin  lymphomas, given 8 months without treatment and 3-4 years with chemo alone,  Scott now has a shot at a nice, long, normal life.


I want you to know that your music got me through some very tough times  this past Fall when he was in Johns Hopkins for seven weeks. Sometimes it helped  me cry the stress out, sometimes it just helped. Period. I'd drive home from the  hospital, sit on our deck and look out at the river listening to your music and  just let it all out. Knowing you've been going through a rough spot of your own  has made it all the more poignant. Love, family, friends - these are the things that matter most in life. And,  of course, laughter. Lots of that! Everything else means nothing. Take are of  yourself... and, Jean, remember to take care of you,  too. The very best wishes to you both. ~ Carol & Scott Belskie, Prince Frederick, MD


 Dan, the first time I ever went to one of your concerts was at Red Rocks on a rainy night, the opening act played in pouring rain. Just before you came on, the rain stopped and the clouds cleared and it was the most wonderful night that I have ever experienced before or since at a concert.  I was sitting high enough that I could see the lights of Denver sparkling in the distance and you did an acoustic set and the sound of your voice was magical and as clear as the night air.  I have since moved away from Denver, but when I think of Colorado, I think of that night and how you sang what was in my heart and I thank you for that gift. I wish you and all the ones that you love, all the very best. ~ Pat MacVittie


 My best wishes and prayers goes out  to Dan and Jean.  I have been a fan for over 25 years ....  I also play a lot of  Dan's songs. My uncle Bill went through a lot of radical surgeries for his prostate problems, and almost lost the battle... he is now doing exceptionally well, with  no signs of it coming back. I actually learned a lot of my style of fingerpicking from watching Dan play at live performances, so thank you so much for that. I will take your advice, being 50 this past year, and have the PSA tests. All the best, hope to see you back in St Louis one of these days...  ~ Mark Nast


 I just wanted to write and let you know how deeply I have been moved by your music over the past 30 years that I have been listening.  Your words and sounds have touched my soul and will be with me for the rest of my life.  Such a great gift you have given to so many.  I wish you well, now and always.


  Dear Dan:  It is an odd aspect of our culture that  someone who has the gift of touching past our hearts and souls into our spirits can be, by necessity, a stranger.   Your beautiful music, angelic voice, and introspective wisdom nourish and  enrich us with a rare, intimate insight into the essence of the human condition  and the magnificence of our world.  You will never know me, but you will always be one my dearest companions.  Thank you for sharing  your gifts with me.  I am glad that  I get to say that to you because I think it every time I listen to your music. I  will keep you and your wife in my thoughts and prayers.  I wish you a lifetime of blessings.  ~ Mary Brennan


  I was SO relieved to read the August 2005 update letter from Dan. Inasmuch as I am sad that Dan is not returning to the stage anytime soon, I am glad that he and Jean have been given the opportunity to spend more time together. Way to go, Dan! P.S. My dad passed away at 90 years old last month, and "Leader of the Band" truly epitomizes him. We will be playing it at his memorial service next week. Thanks for that. ~ Nancy Prior, Lake Forest Park, WA


 Hey Dan,  For whatever reason, I've not kept up with your career since I saw you in Anaheim (for the 12th time) a few years ago.  Tonight I ran across your website and learned about your health.  I feel compelled to take a moment to let you know of the impact you've had on my life since I was a teen in the 70's. Dan, simply put, your music has been one of the greatest gifts ever given to me.  Your words have been a source of inspiration, education and entertainment to me since the 70's.  Your songs seem to have been sort of a sountrack to my love life.  From making out in the back seat of my 1980 Chevette (it can be done, I tell you) to falling in and out of love on more than a couple of occasions.  I do a lot of writing and, to this day, I always seem to be referring to your lyrics for your style of writing to help me through whatever issue or block I'm going through.  It doesn't always work but it's where I start for some reason.


Tonight my thoughts, prayers and energy are with you and your wife, my friend,  just as your words have been with me through many of my tough times.  My father is a prostate cancer survivor of 13 years now and I know it can be done, given the proper environment.  I'd like to share what my father said to me during his battle.   While walking near his favorite fishing place he shared his thoughts:  "Dan, I'm completely at peace with whatever happens to me.  I've lived a very full life and I have no regrets at all.  I've loved your mother well and have done everything I know how to earn her love in return and that's always been enough for me... but I'm not done living yet... I will do whatever it takes to keep me here with your mother, your brothers and your sister... I'm not ready to go and the Lord can not have me until I've exhausted every ounce of energy I have to live."  He said that to me in 1993.  He is cancer free since 1996.  Fight like hell, Dan.    We all want you here with us. ~ Dan Engle,  Seattle, Washington


 Dan - I'm listening to "Souvenirs", after just having bought the CD after all these years!  Most of your music I have on cassette and of course, still have my albums from when I was a dreamy-eyed, romantic teen in northern CA in the late 70's. Listening to it now, your music is still the most beautiful I have ever heard.  The early stuff -- "Souvenirs", "Dancing Shoes", "Nether Lands", "Twin Sons Theme"-- brings several feelings and memories to me.  The first is that it brings back great memories of my time in high school when it seemed that me and one of my best girlfriends were the only ones in the world that seemed to know of you and that you were our special secret; the second is that my then-boyfriend, now husband, took me to see you twice even though he wasn't into your music, but did it cause he knew it made me happy; third is that I had the words to "Since You Asked" printed in my wedding program and my husband agreed cause, again, he knew it made me happy; the fourth is now that I'm 44, I can listen to your music on my headphones and think of it as my own special thing; and last, I hope and pray that you are beating your life's challenge.  Whatever life brings you, I really admire you because it seems that you have done things the way you wanted to, with the love and respect of your family and friends.  That crazy time with Irv Azoff in H'wood makes me wonder however...there must be more stories there!   Please know that you and your music will be cherished for all time.  Thanks again for making my heart fuller. ~   Lynne Andersen Randolph, Sacramento, CA


 Dan, Keep up the good fight. ~ Jim Swift PC 1999


  Dan and Jean - I just wanted to let you know that there are and always will be continued prayers for your continued well being. Dan, You have given so very much to so many that there is no doubt in my mind why your light keeps shining! You have meant so much to me all my adult life - some 30 years - and I continue to find great joy in all you do. I know you must take all the time you need - but..... remember the love is always out here for you , and Jean, and your music!!!! Just one more? Peace, Faith and Love to you both ~ Kelly Schumacher


  Dan- Having been an avid admirer of your music and lyrics for all of my adult life, I was distressed to hear of your battle, and encouraged to hear of your progress.  I today live in Israel and work with a company that produces natural tomato Lycopene, which has been proved by clinical studies to shrink cancers of the prostate, and avoid the spread.  My prayers are with you, and wish you a speedy recovery, and long life with those you love and cherish. Sincerely ~ Mickie Tsiben


 Hello there..just heard about your battle with prostate cancer and I wanted to offer you my prayers and words on encouragement. I know several men that have battled this disease successfully due to faith and the great advanced medical treatments available. I would also like to take this time to thank you for touching my heart with your incredible songs over the years. Many of your songs got me through some rough teenage years and then several more challenges on my continued journey called 'life'. You were able to express what I was feeling. Wishing you continued good health. KEEP THE FAITH AND STAY POSITIVE. With prayers and appreciation... ~ Ronda Ramsdell


  My husband and I have enjoyed your music ever since our college days. My musician friends introduced me to you when they sang "Part of the Plan" at their coffeehouses. "Longer" was the song we first danced to at our wedding and my husband and I have been married now for 26 years come May.  I just recently heard about your battle with cancer and wish you the best of health for the future.  I just bought The Very Best of Dan Fogelberg today and every song on it is bringing back so many memories for me.  I love your music as much today as I always did.  ~ Debbie


  Dear Dan, Please continue to get well. I've been praying for you for about a year now - actually your Greatest Hits record is one of about two that is left in our old stereo system (Turtles is the other one) So I see it all the time and think of you. Sincerely ~ Jamie


 Hi  Dan, Since  hearing "Longer" in 1979 while serving in a UK prison I  decided to find out more about your music. Since then your music has encouraged  me to become a better person. Over the last twenty years I have collected your  albums and have been truly inspired me. I was  devastated  to hear of your PC and send you my sincerest best wishes and prayers. God bless  you and your music ~ Stephen J Riley UK


 Hi Dan! Wow!  "Praise God from whom all blessings  flow"!!!!!  I am very thankful that you are doing so much better and that  you and Jean are weathering the storm so beautifully!  Your Christmas CD is  my all time favorite and I have been listening to your music from the  start!!!!  It is beautifully done and magnifies Christ--the reason for  Christmas.  In this world--I appreciate that more than ever!  Thank  you. You will stay in our prayers. ~ Carol Anne Shrum Hanks and Billie Hanks, Jr., Salado, Texas wife and I have been fans since we first heard the album Captured Angel.  Have traveled many miles over the years to see you perform in concert.  Our favorites have always been when you performed at Red Rocks.  I still remember the morning my phone rang at work and it was my wife calling after having seen on the news a report about your diagnosis. Just letting you know what you've meant to us during the years as your music literally saved our faltering marriage.  Back in the 80's from the song "Hard to Say",  the line that says, "its hard to walk away from love, it may never come again". Those lyrics spoke to my heart and put any doubt behind me.  We just celebrated twenty nine years together with a vow renewal ceremony on the beach in Maui.  So thanks to you for what your music has done in my life and Godspeed on your continuing recovery. ~ Randy


  Dear Dan, Tanglewood Music Shed, mid-70's --There were 10 of us in the second row, and as usual we were in our seats at least 1/2 hour before show time.  As my seat was as far left as you could get, suddenly my friend Beth shouted, "look"!   We saw your  limo pulling up to the backstage area. Whereas security wasn't what it needs to be now-a-days, we simply slipped under the tent and ran to the backstage area.   We were the only two people there as you  hopped out of the limo.   Being a timid man of few words, I was speechless.     You  looked at us kind of funny and said something like, "wow, look at all the fans", and then walked past us into the backstage area.  Over and over through the years I've replayed this moment in my mind, and if I had it to do over again, I guess I would have asked you  if there were a few backstage seats available, and here's why.  After watching you  put on a tremendous solo performance, Beth and I, and our other friends headed to the backstage area after the show to see if we could catch another glimpse of you.  There were probably 200-300 fans waiting in the backstage area at this point.   As we waited, we could hear the muffled sound of  your guitar and voice coming through the closed doors, as you were now giving a private show to whoever was fortunate enough to be backstage with you.  This "private show" lasted at least a good 45 minutes.   But you never came out and we never caught another glimpse of you that night.   Beth and I often wondered, had we spoken up, and asked you  if we could come backstage, if you would have acquiesced. I would have nailed all the high harmonies at that backstage private show for sure!  Especially on" Wysteria", "when he got to the sad part"........


In the late 70's or early 80's, I took my parents to your solo show at the Centrum in Worcester, MA, and my mother was particularly happy when you played some classical instrumentals, and you actually played a few cuts from the Sound of Music (My favorite things).  That was her favorite part of the show!!   In 1986, I lost my dad, he died suddenly while with me  on a fishing trip.  His favorite song was "Old Tennessee" (which he called End of October).   I was so happy that he got to see you  play it "live".   He used to ask me to play that song for him all the time. 


Fast Forward-2006, being a Christian singer-songwriter myself, and having also played Fogelberg covers for years for all of my friends, I still wonder if a time will come when I will have the opportunity  break bread and become friends with the composer/artist who changed my thinking about what good songwriting is all about.  Songs that tug at the heart, offer hope, and make one feel so good inside. To let you know that you are not alone.    The last time I saw you  was at the Orpheum in Boston about 5 years ago, you were still the vocal and instrumental technician unmatched in a solo venue.  We had tickets for last fall when you had to cancel due to your illness. Dan, best of luck, I was so glad to read  that you're feeling better.   Sincerely ~ Paul J Savageau


 Dan, I am glad to here that you are recovering so well. I too am a prostate cancer survivor. Mine was caught in the early stages and I am 100% free of cancer. Your music has been a constant in my life (especially the Nether Lands album). You have always been a strong influence in my own song writing. Thank you so much for that. My prayers are always with you and your wife ~ Dale Rucklos


 Dear Dan, You certainly looked chipper in your Christmas photo of you and Jean posted on your website. The Holidays were probably more cherished this year I am sure! You too seem to be rising to the challenges you surely are facing now. I am thrilled that you have Jean to help you through this and I commend her for her faithfulness and Love for you. I continue to lift you up in my thoughts and prayers. I haven't posted anywhere much over the holidays, but I have held you very much in my heart. At midnight Mass on Christmas Eve I offered my prayers for you and your family and friends. I will continue to pray for you and them  almost daily and always. I often take a moment to give thanks for you and your music and for how much you have really influence who I am, and how much it had touched my life, and the lives of my family and friends. I also have to tell you how many wonderful people I have met through your Fan Websites and at your concerts. You have truly enlightened my life and my love. Hang in there Dan! Much Peace and Love to you and your loved ones. ~ Laura Boughner Richmond, Va.


 Hi Mr. Fogelberg, I have followed your progress and I just want to say I hope all will be well for you. I have numerous songs of yours and what a voice, the tunes are so  heartwarming. I'm happy for you and your wife, as life is a precious thing, not to be taken for granted. Be well ~ Linda L. Drake, Camas, Washington


 Dear Dan and Jean, I was just listening to "The Last Nail".  Remembered hearing about your being treated and wanted to know how your recovery was going.  I found good news! It is interesting how musicians/their songs become a part of the the extent that we 'care' and want to know how you are!   (I'm a painter-and it's not the same).  Thank you for taking on the task of sharing--crafting -"Life"- and sharing it so eloquently.  A true poet.  A true musician. Stay well! ~ Jessica


 Dan, Hello.I just wanted to let you know you are one of my favorites of all time and am glad to hear you are going in the right direction with your recovery.I first saw you perform in 1975 at the Tower Theatre in Philadelphia (Upper Darby really).Your warm up band "Fools Gold" opened and were awesome. You came out with a Minnesota Vikings football jersey with Fogelberg on the back with the number 1 on it. I sat 7 rows from the stage. You opened with "To The Morning". I still to this day remember how great you were,especially back then.I have been to over a 100 concerts and yours ranks in the top 5 of my favorites.Unfortunately ,I also saw Bruce in 1975 right before "Born To Run" came out and that's my concert of all time.Your music is very much a part of me and will always be.So I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for touching me and many, many others with your incredible beautiful voice and music. Keep smiling, my friend.  ~  Walt McGuckin


 Just wanted to say I was shocked to read that Dan was battling cancer, I was just listening to 'The Wild Places' and thinking how unique his music is when I came upon the web-site. Also it was  his music that got me through the worst week of my life back in 1996, and helped me to decide not to commit suicide. A few days after that Jesus got me and sorted me out, but  I have never lost my gratitude and love for Dan for the strength and emotion in those albums, especially 'Nether Lands'. Listening to the songs also reminds me how far I have come since then, to a place of wholeness and peace.Thank-you so much Dan, and I am asking Jesus to give you complete healing and many many good years still to come, and strength to your family, God bless you warmly. Lots of Love ~ Lucie in Guernsey, Channel Islands UK   xxxx


 Dear Dan. May the warmth of the sun and the romance of the moon be reminders of the love and passion you have shared around the world. Your music carried me through both love and loss. I wish you peace and comfort during your recovery. ~ Joan


 Dan, I heard you on Soundstage late last night on Rocky Mountain PBS, when you started playing the lead riff from "layla" during the jam at the end of "The Power Of Gold" that was awesome. Anyway, it made me think of you so here I am.  I, too grew up in Peoria along the banks of the Illinois, went to High School at Spalding in the late 70's and early 80's.  I remember hearing your music and buying your records when I could and thinking, you can live by some of these words and the world will be all right. I also could relate to some of the pain you felt growing up there. It also inspired me to become a musician as well. Anyway, I was troubled last year when I heard you were sick.  I also have and am fighting cancer and now reside in Colorado as well, so hearing you were sick as well was upsetting, as if a brother was seriously ill or something.  I hope you get a full recovery and remember the old folks in and around Central Illinois are thinking about you, praying for you and hoping the best for you. Best Wishes ~ Dan Tucker...a.k.a..Danny Django


 Dear Dan, I have been a fan of yours "longer than" I can remember.  Your  name, music, lyrics, album covers, sound of your voice all bring me back to when  I was in college at the University of Connecticut in the late 70s and early  80s.  I saw you in concert 7 times in four years back then.  I can  recall turning up the volume of your voice with my speakers in my windows  facing out to the quad -- my intention to be to share your voice and music with  all within earshot.  In my world, you are synonymous with my past -- which  I would not trade a moment of ever.


I had it in my mind to seek you out and attend one of your  concerts just as news of your illness was announced.  I believe you were  scheduled to perform in Massachusetts somewhere that November. I have held my breath and waited quite a while to log on to your web  site to see how you were doing.  I finally decided to do so this morning  and I am so glad that your report - although from last August -- tells of your  marked improvement.  I pray that you are continuing to improve.  I have never written a letter to any one of celebrity but seeing  as the option was easily presented to me I just had to.  Your lyrics are unparalled. Lessons learned are like bridges burned, you only need to cross them  but once....  Last summer we were up in Block Island, RI on our sailboat and I awoke  each morning and put on "To the Morning" to sit quietly in the cockpit to watch  the sunrise.  So perfect. 


Much as I would love to see you perform live again I am content to  find pleasure and solace in listening to your collection of albums which I know  I will do for the rest of my life.  Thank you.  Be well and be happy.  My thoughts and prayers are with you. ~ Barbara, from Trumbull, CT


 Dan, I know how much you respect and require your privacy so this note may come a little late as I have been mustering the courage to type it.  But I feel compelled to tell you that you have had (and continue to have) a tremendous impact on my life and my spirit through your music and your ability to capture the essence of life and love and to include my sincerest wishes for a full and complete recovery from the intruder that has disrupted your life.  Sincerely and with kindred love ~ John Green, Bear, Delaware


 Dear Dan, I have recently re-discovered your music. In my rekindled interest, I  went to the internet to find out where the voice that meant so much  to me during my years in Colorado (late 70's and into the 80's) had  gone to...only to find out about the battle you have continued to  fight. My prayers are with you and your partner, Jean.


You were an incredible influence in my life, at a time when I was  unsure of where or what I should be. I wasn't aware of how strong an  influence until recently. Your words and songs pop up in my head at  the oddest times, and I am a better person because of them. Hang in there and take strength in knowing that countless people are  sending their well-wishes to you. It's poor payment for your contribution to my life, but my prayers and thoughts are with you and  your family. Regards ~ Neil Nabbefeld, Denver, Colorado boy living in Perth, Western Australia


 Hi Dan, I just want to say thank you for all the beauty you've brought into my world through your music.  You were with my wife and I as we danced our first dance with "Longer", you brought these 2 Italian-American college students together as my friend Frank introduced me to "To The Morning" back in 1983 (it makes me smile that the same feeling washes over me when I hear it today) and your words in "Leader Of The Band" rang in my heart as I remembered my relationship with my dad who died in 1985. I send and surround you with healing white light. May you have peace on your life's journey and Godspeed. Humbly ~ Mark D'Ambrosio


 I wish I could begin to explain how much your music has meant to me  from the first time I heard one of your songs.  It has always been there  for me and so many times I have realized that what I am hearing you sing is what  is in my heart as well. You are one of the few people in the world who I  believe really "gets it" and I think of you as a kindred spirit. Though I know you only through your music, I have been there in the audience more times than I can count and I am there for you now as well in thought and prayer.  I can only hope that those prayers make even a fraction of the difference in your life that you have made in mine through your music.  Please know how much  difference you have made in this world.  Thank you and may God bless you and those you love with your continued healing.  Ever On ~ Julie...Central  Illinois


 Hello Dan (and Jean) - after being in a holistic medicine office today and hearing your music softly playing around me, I knew I needed to come home and send a message to you, to tell you that you are being thought about a lot and prayed for. Hearing your music just takes me to a different place - quite frankly I think your music is the most beautiful ever.  You have been given such a gift and we have all been blessed by it.  I hope you are still doing very well health-wise and enjoying the beautiful Colorado winter, which I know you love so much. ~  Christina Haltom-Farrar, Estes Park, CO


 Dan, Thank you for the gift of your music, it has always meant so much to me! Hoping this day and all your days are full of peace and love! ~ Crystal H. (Roanoke VA)


 Good luck and best to you and your family your music has been a blessing everytime I hear a song of yours on the radio I pray for your good health. You have been blessed to be able to bless others with your music!!!!


 I just heard your medical news.Being a native Illinoisian, I have cheered for you since 1976.Yikes! how old was I when I  played my sister's Captured Angel album on my brown plastic record player...over and over.Last night I smiled as my Fogelberg concert memories flooded my thoughts..While living in so. calif, I had many people say they would go to the Irvine concert with me, no one followed thru, so the independent girl that I was found one great seat (for a college student), walked in with a crowd (my friends were furious that I went reasons...I could not imagine a Dan fan harming me...) so thanks for that night, I had no one interrupting my thoughts and it was as if you were singing just to me. My fav concert was here in Rockford, at Coronado made the night so special when you sang "The Reach"...I could not believe tears rolled down my cheeks...if I have to choose one fogelberg song, that would be it. I suppose I am sounding disrespectful writing just "fogelberg"... it rolls off my tongue so much that my son at age 3 would ask for "fo-go-burr" in the car...just happened to have a few cds with me... always... last year at age 5, he played "the whistle song"(from Portrait) over and over in my children's clothing boutique...his soundless whistle accurate with every you have probably deducted, you have been a strong influence in my life and now my children's lives.My world will be a quieter place when there is no more new f-berg music to look forward to...with great respect,  I can't quite believe that you don't have another song stirring in that beautiful soul of yours...take your time, your fans are patient and definitely stay healthy and happy...peace always. ~ Pattie

 Dear Jean & Dan, Thinking of you on Valentine's Day and sending our love.  We hope this finds you both doing well.  Our thoughts and prayers remain with you for your continued healing.  May God continue to bless you with all the love and happiness that you truly deserve!  In "friendship"~ Lisa and John Andursky, Connellsville PA


 Dan: Being of the same age/era as you, I have always related to and greatly enjoyed your music and appreciated not only your talent as a musician and singer, but as a writer who reaches deep down inside himself and is somehow able to put his thoughts and feelings into words. After many years of only hearing your songs when played on the radio, I bought your 'Love Songs' CD last week (a Valentine's Day special for only $7.00-how about that!!!). Best $8.00 I've spent in a long time! Anyway, my point is, I am now, once again, back into your music full force and have really enjoyed reading about you on the Web and getting to know your history as a man and an artist. I truly hope, with all my heart, that you are doing well and that your gentle soul will continue to grace us here on this beautiful planet for many years to come... Love to you and your loved ones ~ Marsha


 Dan: I pray for you daily and think of you often.....I hope to see you on stage soon -- doing what you do best -- healing our souls with your music. ~ Michael, Lynchburg, VA.


 Dan: I heard about your illness and Web site and am glad to read good news about the former. I can't begin to express how you've enriched my life, listening to your words and music countless times.  They have enhanced my experiences with family and friends, but more often alone during an introspective moment. Since I began listening to music at about the age of six (pre-Beatles), you remain one of my favorite wordsmiths.  Like John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Paul Simon and Joni Mitchell, you are a gifted artist able to combine words and music that fill the soul and stand the test of time. ~ Gary Baden, Frisco, Texas


 Dan:  This is to let you know that you are thought of often, and I am hoping you experience a complete recovery from your illness. I have been a fan of yours since "The Power of Gold," and remain awestruck by the truly sincere  and thought provoking lyrics of your music. The world is a better place because of you and your words. I can't play a lick of music on anything, and my vocals sound like a screen door in need of oil. Some people are just blessed with a special gift for music, and you got it. I don't. Hang in there, and remain positive. Sincerely ~ Steve Loya


 Dan, My husband and I attended your last 5 concerts in Tampa and more than enjoyed each one. We were sorry to hear about your diagnosis of Prostate Cancer.  I am a physician assistant in Oncology so I know what you have been through both emotionally and physically with the treatments. I listen to your music daily and  hope that your remission will give you strength to return to your music. You have touched the lives of many. My high school children even listen to your music which they have downloaded on their IPOD. Your First Christmas Morning CD is my favorite Christmas album. I bought several of them this year to give as gifts. Please keep us updated on your condition and pray  that we'll see you again in Tampa. ~ Nelly, Tampa, Florida


 Dear Dan:   Thank you for the update.  So glad that your health is improving.  How thoughtful you are to give information about prostrate cancer prevention.  I will encourage my husband to get these tests.  I will continue to pray for your continued improvement.  I can certainly wait until you are totally healed before you start touring or return to the studio.  In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy my Dan Fogelberg music library.  Grace to you!!! ~ Debbie Pidancet


 Hi, Dan-- Feels funny sending you good wishes because I have adored you and your music since I was a high school girl in the 70s and you have no idea who I might be.  I recently found out that you were battling prostate cancer and have been thinking about you a lot lately-- the winter weather definitely brings that out, too-- from that first cold snap in the fall- my "Dan collection" goes in my CD player and all winter long I am your avid fan. I don't know why I never thought to go on a website and look you up until recently-- guess I still haven't fully arrived in the computer age.  It is Valentine's Day today and my husband, knowing how much I have loved your music over the 21 years that we have been married, gave me your Full Circle CD, to add to my collection of your CDs that I have been picking up here and there for years to replace my old vinyls.  I actually never had heard Full Circle and I am loving it and enjoying the difference in your voice as an older man and the maturity of the music itself. ( Of course, I have enjoyed some of your other recent musical releases, too-- The First Christmas Morning is my favorite Christmas album and although my children don't realize it now, they will be buying and playing that CD when they are grown and living on their own to remind them of the Christmas memories of their childhood.  I just have to let you know that I had one brief encounter with you many years ago after a concert that I attended at William and Mary Hall in Williamsburg, VA while I was a college student at Mary Washington-- one of my friends had heard that you were going to be dining in a little bar in W'burg after your concert so of course I raced over there with a couple of girlfriends after your mesmerizing acoustic performance (you performed without a full band and it was my favorite live performance ). Well- there your were with a couple of other guys and I stood there in the bar, completely starstruck, and left a few minutes later, too afraid to approach you and tell you how much I enjoyed your performance--- I have always regretted that, ... so now, at least, I am telling you.  My best wishes and many prayers are with you and your wife, Jean, as you battle your illness and I will keep on the website now that I have thought to do so-- to hear of what you are up to.   Still a big fan after 30 years in Richmond, Virginia ~  Donna


 Dan, Thanks for the many wonderful memories that I've been able to live through your music.  An old girlfriend of mine introduced me to your music in 1975.  We went to four or five of your concerts in the Dallas area around that time.  I still look back on those days very fondly even though those days are 30 years ago.  I've been watching your website the last few years hoping to take my wife and kids (14, 6 and 5 all girls) to one of your concerts and then to learn that you had been ill is really a sad day.  With all of the happiness and good feelings that you have brought into my life I hope you are rewarded with a bill of clean health as soon as possible. Take care of yourself and the best of luck. ~ Wayne Foster


 I was so distressed to see that you were diagnosed with prostate cancer. Being a nurse, I know how devastating that news had to be, and the resulting treatment.  I pray that you will have healing of body, mind and spirit, and that you will enjoy the rest of your life, which most assuredly will be long….you are such an inspiration to so many people and I have so enjoyed your music over the decades – wow that sounds like I am old.  My 16-year-old thinks I am… Your music has helped me through some dark days of my own and always pulls at the old heart strings whenever I hear it.  I have not had the money to purchase CDs, so since I no longer have any tape players, I have not heard your music in way too long.  I will have to remedy that. Best of wishes and all my prayers and love to you and your family. ~ Amanda


 Dan, God Bless You in your fight.  I have been privileged to see you in concert twice in South Bend, Indiana.  My name is Mary Jo Kalil and I am a fan for many years.  Your songs are a comfort and joy depending on where I am in my life at any given time.  Take Care.  We all love you!

 Dear Dan, I am very glad to hear the news that you are succeeding in your good fight for life.  Your music has been a gift of life for me and many, and we seem to reap what we sow.  I pray these blessings you have given will continue to pour back into you to bring you full healing.  Thank you. ~ Bill Groves, Cushing, OK


 Short and Sweet:   I'm so glad you are doing well with the treatment. You've given me so many wonderful musical moments over the past 30 years.   God bless you and your family. ~ Kathleen


 I was so relieved to read your most recent letter and to learn that your health is improving.  It was such a gut-wrenching experience for my family to learn that your life was threatened by this terrible disease. Your music has meant so much to us through the years. Your concert back in the 90's at the Starlight Amphitheater in Kansas City was our daughter's first . . .and she sung your praises for years to anyone who would listen.  I now live in Western Kentucky, so the "Run for the Roses" is especially meaningful, although this really isn't thoroughbred country . . . that's across the state.  And "The Leader of the Band" is, and has always been, my dad. "Longer" was our daughter's dance at her wedding. So here's to you and your family -- praying for you always.  ~ The Harder Family


 Dan, On September 11,2001 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Needless to say I was taken to my knees. Those days from the time of my diagnosis through my recovery were the darkest days of my life. I have admired your talent since the early 70's and my library contains all of your published work. Your music has always taken me to a special place in my mind where love and peace reside. Throughout my recovery I continued to find new meaning in your words and renewed my spirit with hope. Dan, my prayers are with you and your family. I cannot show my appreciation enough for the gift of your music. God Bless you, and LET It SHINE. ~ John Krizek , Hudson, Wisconsin


 Dan, I have often wanted to contact you to let you know just how special your music has meant to me. First of all, I graduated from Pekin Community High School in 1976. Your father was the LEADER OF THE BAND at that time. Every time I pull out my graduation brochure showing the itinerary, I look down to your father's name who was leading the PCHS band. When I hear "Leader of the Band" played-----I always make an attempt to tell someone that I knew the leader of the band mentioned in the song. That song also reminds me of my own relationship with my father---especially the part about not telling him that I loved him near enough. My father died of cancer in 1987. Secondly, the song "Longer" has been OUR SONG (my wife and I) for nearly 25 years. We never get tired of hearing it! Thirdly, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease in 1992. I had 40 radiation treatments at St. Francis Medical center in Peoria, IL. Though I go back to the doctor for follow up, I have not had any indication of reoccurrence of the disease. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. ~ Michael Feaster


 Dear Dan and Jean, Just wanted to let you know that you are still in my thoughts and prayers. ~Sharon


 Hey Dan! People play Christmas as a time for greetings, cheer, and sharing all the good wishes of love, the question; why only once a year? I think Valentines day is a great time to stop by with all those same well wishes for you and yours. ~ Ken Harris YNP


 Your music is a HUGE inspiration to me!!


 I first saw Dan in concert, in my home town of Plattsburgh,NY, back in 1976. At that point I realized what a gifted artist he was. I have raised 3 children who have all been rocked to bed, or danced with in the living room, to Dan's music. My husband and myself are dedicated fans. Every album has a magic that know other artist can compare to. I work as a nurse, when I heard Dan had prostate cancer, my first thought was if anyone can beat this disease he can because he has given so much inspiration to so many people through his music, now its his time to get the prayers and wishes through his fan base that will give him the strength to heal. You are in our prayers for a speedy recovery. It would be great to see you back on stage again! ~ Julie and Bob Olsen


 Hi Dan,    Hope all is going well. There is no current news on your web site.  My  63 yr old husband is going thru the same thing you are suffering from.  He was diagnosed April 2005; PSA 9.75; Gleason 9; 1 positive lymp node- Stage 4 metastatic disease which has not spread.  He has undergone 4 rounds of chemo- Taxotere and has just finished 36 radiation treatments.  PSA is now 0.01 and he is doing well at present.  He's also on Lupron and Casadex for 2 years. They are hoping for a cure. Unfortunately, my husband only had his physical every two years by an internist.  I get the message that it has to be a yearly exam and have been preaching to all men that I can.  We both wish you all the best in the world.  Hope to hear of your success soon! ~ Karen and David


 Dear Dan, I hope things are well with you these days. I pray the best for you and your family. I've seen to many family members and friends go through cancers of all types. I know this, which those that have passed are with the Lord. And the ones who are still going through cancer treatments are strong in the Lord. Know this there are many who are praying for you. God Bless you Daniel Fogelberg ~ Mindy Bruckler


 Dan & Jean, Cancer seems to be a disease that strikes all  families. I have several relatives battling various types of cancer. I am happy  to share with you that at this time they are all winning their battles. We  believe that the love and prayers of family, friends, and even strangers, has given them the strength to endure the treatments. And with that knowledge I'd like to offer my prayers for you. You do not know me, and I only know you  through your music and art, but we are connected all the same. My faith in God and his mercy and love are evident in the life of my mother. She is a 1 1/2 year cancer survivor. I will pray that  God will give you the strength he gave my mother. And I'll pray that you and Jean will know that you are not alone. That even the prayers of strangers will get you through the toughest times. How cool is that?  I'd also like to thank you, Dan, for the beautiful music you've written and performed. I feel blessed to have enjoyed your talents.  May life continue to be a blessing to you and Jean, and may you have many wonderful years of doing all the things you wish to do. Love and peace to you both ~ Amie Johnson


  Hello again Dan! LOVE hearing your improved health status!! I hope that all the warmth & caring sent from your bazillion fans has helped in part. I know your voice and your lyrics have kissed my weary soul many times in the last 30 years. Thank you for that! Take good care and my thanks to Jean for her unwavering support as well. Cheers! ~ RaNae - Eugene, OR


  Dan, "all the answers you seek can be found". Keep the faith and trust always in the "greater being". Be well..


  Dear Dan: My daughter's 17th birthday was this past Saturday, my little baby girl is now a beautiful and talented young woman of whom I am inexpressibly proud. Of course, as with any special occasion, sweet memories flooded my mind all weekend. One of the most dear is our ritual during the nights she and I spent together "bonding" in the wee hours. She didn't sleep through the night until almost two years of age and I, as a working mom, was very weary and desperate for anything that would buy me a few extra minutes of rest. Finally, we discovered a system and I swear to you that it worked every time. We would lie together on the couch, me on my back with our tummies together and her head nestled under my chin. In the stillness and dark of 2 or 3 a.m., I would softly sing to her "Only the Heart May Know." She slept like an angel, as long as neither of us moved, and I got those rare and coveted moments of quiet rest. We did this for almost two years! Even though she now teases me mercilessly about being a Dan Fan, we usually end up having a Dan sing-along when we travel together (she knows the words!) and she rarely complains about my CD selection. You've been a wonderful part of our lives and, wherever she goes and whatever she does, my daughter and I will always share this bond. Every time she hears you sing, she thinks of me and I think of her. Mere words seem so inadequate a means to try and articulate the depth of emotion that accompanies these thoughts. Like ripples in the water, your gift continues to flow through the generations and is woven into our lives. I thought you might be pleased to know what a treasure you are and what a priceless gift you have given my daughter and I. My wish for you is that the precious gifts you've unknowingly given will be returned to you a thousand fold. May happiness, health and peace be yours, along with my eternal gratitude. ~ Sandi


 Stay well and in remission for you are our Leader of the Band.......Sue Jepson


 I was deeply saddened to learn of your illness.  I was actually looking at your website to find out if you were on tour and read the news.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you for a full recovery and long full life ahead. You have given my husband and I years of pleasure in listening to your music.  It is such a part of our lives from our first date, to his marriage proposal, to having your songs sung at our wedding (“Since You’ve Asked” and “our song” is “Longer”) to singing and playing your music for my children before they were born and soothing them to sleep (my daughter’s favorite was always “Dancing Shoes”) as infants and toddlers (and someday, hopefully, my grandchildren will hear me sing these songs to them.  My children still catch me humming the songs to myself. Your music and lyrics have touched our lives in so many ways.  Unbeknownst to you, your songs have seen me through many moments in my life good and bad. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.  We wish you all good things and hope for your full recovery. ~ Lisa Halsell


 Dan - I am so sorry and shocked to read about your prostate cancer. It has been a few months since your postings and I do so hope you are staying well. Life is a fast moving and changing beast we try to stay upon and, oh man, can it throw a challenge in front of us...I know. I can hardly keep from tripping.


I am not any sort of rock groupie and just this moment felt compelled to look you up online and see what there was. I have been making a compilation of music for working out and taking with me and browsed through your "very best of" cd and am, as always, moved beyond reason by your songs. You probably speak for many people who grew up in the 70's and 80's and I am no exception. Thank you for realizing your talent and laying it down for us to listen to...and thank you for your ambitious positive outreach during your treatment and recovery efforts. God speed, Good Luck and Complete Recovery to you. ~ Stacy


  I have been around for 46 years. After listening to songs on my MP3 player, I realized that "To The Morning" is my all time favorite song. Thanks for writing it. BTW, get better and tour one more time (at least)... I saw you in Miami in the 80's (with Fool's Gold), and I would love to hear it live again. Thanks for the music. ~ Bill Ines


  Dan: I have been performing music for 40 years. My brother introduced me to your music at age 20 when your first album came out and I've not forgotten you since. I have seen your band in Ann Arbor Michigan at Chrysler Arena and again in Ann Arbor as a solo act at Hill Auditorium as well again at Interlochen. I have not been as moved by ones contribution to music as I have yours. I felt like a family member had taken ill when I heard your news and have watched with interest of your development. You have seemed to handled this illness the way I knew you would. I still play with friends of mine who I have played with for 30 of the 40 years I've played and "Run For The Roses" and "Believe In Me" are still sung with an emotion I can't describe. Thank you for your contribution to my music world and I do wish you the best in your fight and please know that my prayers are with you. I look forward to hearing your new music soon. ~ Dennis Brooks


 Your music has touched a part of my soul, and has helped me through some emotionally difficult times.  I was saddened to hear of your illness, and pray for you and your family.  God Bless you, and keep positive. Sincerely ~ Pamela Campbell & Family


  Dear Mr. Fogelberg (aka Dan), My wife and I have a ritual (a ritual we probably don't practice enough) of on Saturday mornings cranking up the stereo, filling the house with music and start cleaning. Last Saturday morning I put my collection of your albums on. The house was flooded with Dan Fogelberg music all morning. However, it got me to thinking, I haven't been to a Dan Fogelberg concert in a loooong time. So I went to your website to see if you were going to be touring in our area in the near future. It's then I read about your illness and felt bad I hadn't heard about it earlier. I was then compelled to sit down and write you a note. In the late 1980's (1988, I think) I attended your solo acoustic concert at the Sandstone amphitheatre here in Kansas. It was a dark and desperate time in my life, but when attending your concert, and listening to your music it lifted my broken spirits immensely. An indirect gift you gave me through your music, at a time I needed it most. The only thing I can offer in return are my thoughts and prayers and know they are with you and your family during these trying times and hope for your speedy recovery. Wholeheartedly ~ Martin Huerter (from Kansas)


 Dan the Man - I guess I have been living on the moon, only finding out recently the struggle and trying times you have been thru the last 2 years. Not a week goes by that I don't pop in one of your cds, having started listening to you with Home Free about the time I graduated from high school.  I've seen you in person several times over the years, but recently being remarried to a fine lady that lost her husband to lung cancer 3 years ago and losing a brother and dad to lung and pancreas myself, I can relate to the struggles that come with this dreaded disease.  I salute you for the awareness ad and closeness that has apparently become closer between you and your wife and family. We both prayer for your recovery and also for the research and hopeful cure of the big "C". My wife is a nurse practioner and I'm a Pharmacist and we both see how this disease plays havoc on people, families,and friends. We look forward to seeing you again on stage when we can listen to your beautiful and touching music. Until then keep the faith of God and each other and we will continue to pray for you and yours.   Chin up ~ Mike and Helen Cayce


 Hey Dan, I have been checking your web-site on a regular basis since last August to see if there is anymore news on how you are doing. I pray that the saying holds true - "no news is good news".   I have been with you since Home Free.  I recently replaced some of my albums with CDs (Home Free, Souvenirs, Nether Lands, and Captured Angel).  I now find myself listening to them all day at work and whenever I am in my car.  I pray for a full recovery for you!  Be well. Take care of yourself. I hope to see you on stage again someday should you decide to return - remember, you haven't done a farewell tour (or two) yet!  LOL ~  Nancy - Belvidere, IL


  Dan and family, I was heartened to hear of your progress and hope for as full a recovery as is possible for you. I do not generally write letters to famous musicians or performers ,as I think they deserve  as much privacy as they can achieve, in this world. But I wanted to thank you for a wonderful night of music I experienced at SARATOGA ,NY Performing Arts Center in 1987 or 1988. I expected a mostly acoustic concert and came away a new appreciation for the rock and roll heart of Dan Fogelberg. It was a great evening I will never forget. Thanks for your wonderful music and be well my friend. Sincerely ~ Kerry Noble


  Dear Dan, late last night..(2/25/06) I had trouble sleeping, so I turned on the T.V. to Soundstage--and to my delight, there you were!   When I was young I sang your songs in folk-inspired groups, and I listened and learned from your exquisite guitar and piano accompaniments.  You are the master of how to weave the lyric, melody and supporting instruments and harmonies together in a sublime whole.  Your art is one of respect for the human story and a quiet insistence on beauty in a decidedly unbeautiful world.  I can only thank you.


This morning I learned of your illness from your website, and pray that you will be blessed with a complete healing of body and soul.  May you and those close to you be blessed with serenity and comfort as you move through this difficult time.  I am a Jewish cantor, and I believe that prayer  works not in a magical way, but acts as a conduit to open the soul so as to allow the Divine flow into our lives.   And so, I will continue to pray for you.   I hope you will enjoy a full recovery so that you can do what you were sent to this life to do--to make music that is a balm for all, to paint and draw your visions, and most of all, to give love to Jean, your family and friends.  Thank you...and "Amen," which means "Believe" in Hebrew...


 A few months before Dan was to play in Reading, Pa., I heard the news of his bad health. Sorrowed that I couldn't see his performance,I instantly  thought of my brother who died this past spring.  He too lived in Colorado  for some years enjoying the life of a mountain man before coming home to us in  Pa.  How I wish he could come back now. I always listen to Dan's music  when I have troubles in my life so I got out his Phoenix album and played it.  The cover song and picture gave me an idea.  A tattoo of the Phoenix bird across my back with the words "rest in peace kenny" inside  it.  Now when I look at it I can see my brother and his memories raise from  the flames like the phoenix did and he is here again.  Thank you Dan for  your music, it's not just music, but a way for us to return to the past and  relive the most precious memories.


  Dear Dan: There is no way to tell you how much of an influence your music has had on me. When I was a teenager back in the mid to late 70's your music was one of the positive influences that help me cope with a lot of negative situations in my life. Your music has always had a relevance that so many other artists lacked. Unfortunately my life got busy and I've really lost touch with music and life. I recently went to a record store and bought your latest CD and really enjoyed it. I went to your website and read about your condition. I really can't covey how powerfully the news of my illness affected me. I felt like my own brother had been diagnosed. I also can't begin to tell you how grateful I am to hear that your treatment is going well. I was at a lecture at NIH on cancer and learned that they have made wonderful advances in cancer treatment and if I've learned any thing from your music is that there is always hope. I just want to close by thanking you again for all your music and the positive influence you've had through out my life and letting you know that you and your family are in my prayers. Sincerely ~ Edward Hand


  Dan, I have emailed you about every three months for the past two years.  I've told you how my husband was diagnosed with advanced, aggressive prostate cancer on 2-20-04.  My husband was receiving Lupron shots every three months and taking a Casodex pill every day. After being told my husband had several malignant tumors in his spine (and having this verified numerous times at M.D. Anderson), we were finally told in January 2006 that "my husband is atypical and the cancer is contained within the prostate".  This led to us being changed from "noncurative treatment" to "curative treatment".  He is now on radiation treatment (IMRT) number 10 and has 32 treatments to go.


At this point, all we can do is to continue to make the best decisions we can on whatever information we are given.  We, like you and your wife, are very hopeful.  This will be a lifelong battle for us but things are looking better. I told you in my first email that "Longer" is our song and it was sung at our wedding 26 years ago.  We love your music and will continue to pray for you and your wife.


  Hi Dan,  Really sorry to hear of your battle with cancer.  In January 2005, I was diagnosed with stage 3 - stomach cancer and ended up having 2/3 of my stomach and 1/2 of my esophagus removed.   After multiple chemo and radiation sessions, lots of praying by me, lots of prayers from friends and relatives, and some really great doctors and nurses, and a positive attitude, I was able to beat it.  The last set of tests and scans showed NO CANCER.  Dan - you can do it too!  Keep praying every day and have faith in the Lord and he will get you through it.  I know it can be hard at times, but don't give up.  During my illness, I lost 75 lbs and have now gained about 25 back - still have 50 to go.  Best wishes for a really fast recovery.  My wife and I will be praying for you, as I'm sure many others are too.  ~ Pete & Ginny Pulver - Crystal Lake, IL.


  Dan, Tonight I spent some time with my little girl before putting her to  bed (she's just turned 5) listening to some music on the computer.   As soon as I put on "Same Old Lang Syne", she broke out in this soft,  sweet smile and laid her head on my chest.  She loved it (as I always  have.)  I want to send you and your family all our prayers and  thoughts for a bright future and full recovery.  Your music has  brought immeasurable pleasure to millions, and we thank you.  I grew  up just outside of Peoria in the 70's and 80's, and loved your music  well before I knew you were raised there as well.  I missed seeing  you play at the Civic Center in 2003 as I no longer reside there.  I  just want to say thank you for all you have brought to us fans.  Your  music is timeless. ~ Amber in California


  Dear Dan-I have always been in awe by the way you paint a picture with your lyrics, and I always feel like I can just float away. What I'm trying to say is that you are far from being done writing for those of us who can't get enough; so we will wait patiently while you decide where you will take us next. Just don't make it too long, we're impatient!! Sending positive thoughts ~ Holly, on the road.


 Dan, hi again. I hope you are well and happy. We miss you in Colorado. While it is still cool here, the birds and others remind us that it is spring. I am sure that it is beautiful wherever you are, and I hope you are outside enjoying the sights and sounds that mark another season. Hi to your family and the friends in your circle. Happiness always to a great person, who is well loved!


 Dan, Where to start? I've never had the privilege of meeting you, but I feel as though I know you from listening to all of your great music over the years. I was sorry to hear of your illness, but it sounds as though you are doing as well as can be expected. That is wonderful news. I myself am a cancer survivor, I was diagnosed in 1988 with testicular cancer. I praise God that I have been cancer free for 18 years now. I pray God will continue to heal you physically, as well as spiritually. May God bless you in your battle against this awful disease. ~ Rick Knicley


 Hi Dan, I´ve just had a look at this brilliant site, after a few months, and it still amazes me the amount of goodwill messages you´re getting. They say, no news is good news and I sincerely hope that´s true in your case. You take good care of yourself as the world needs artists like you. Goodnight and all the very best from Seville, Spain. ~ Johnny "B" Good.


 Hi Dan, In a few weeks it will be spring again, and here in California , although it always feels like spring, waking up to the warm sun with your music playing in my kitchen, well, I never tire of the energy I get from the sun and your music and thoughts of sitting in the front row at one of  your concerts and watching my favorite musician, someone who inspires me every day and has since I was very young. I send you love and warm thoughts as always. ~Dana  Rider


 It is so wonderful to see how many people you have touched with your spirit and with your songs.  I have Portrait and I feel "hooked" all over again. I wonder if you are still writing music. Your words are amazing. Be well ~ Nathaniel


 Dear  Dan, I don't do this often.  Probably  like a lot of the other knucklehead 50 year olds who listened to your soulful  songs 30 years ago in college, I was blown away by  the news on the net about your illness.  I first heard  your music at Illinois State in 1973  and  continue to  play your cds  when time permits.  I actually won an ISU Talent Show playing "Old Tennessee"  - my favorite. I hope that  you know  how deeply your music affects me and thousands of others.  I guess what is says is that there are real  people out there (you) with  passion and  kindness who "get it."   Your songs are raw emotion and  feeling.  When you play your guitar, it's magic and your lyrics are spot on.  What more can you ask for? I will keep you in my prayers.  Beat this thing. ~ Jim Herbert


 I can only wish you well and I am so glad to hear that you are getting better.  You are one of the most sensitive musicians I have ever listened. Once there was "Longer" and then "Leader Of The Band".  The later one became the most special tune to me after my dad passed away in 1996.  I still cry when I listen to it and I¹ve tried it on my guitar and never cease to stop to shed a tear or simply think about my dad and what you must have felt that prompted to you to write such heartfelt song. I am from Venezuela, but I lived in Superior, Wisconsin for almost six years (1981-1987) I first encountered your music in Venezuela where "Longer" was played pretty often.  Thanks Dan for embellishing this world with your music. Sincerely ~ Leonardo


 I continue to pray for you and your family daily that complete restoration of health..mind, body, and soul would soon be yours. Your music has served as a source of comfort and healing to me and many close to me for over 30 can't imagine how much solace you have given. Take good care my friend..we will prevail by the grace of God. ~ Greg Tuttle, M. D., Chapel Hill/Durham, NC


 Hi Dan:  I have loved your music since the 70's (which doesn't make me old). You are a wonderful song writer, and your music always made me "feel". Listening to your music is like reliving my life, because different songs remind me of different times in my life (happy and sad).  I had the opportunity to see you perform in person twice; once acoustically and once with your band.  The acoustic show was one of my all time favorite concerts, even though my then fiancé' fell asleep.  Reason #23 for our divorce. I have to admit I hadn't listened to your cd's for a while, and today I just thought of you and dug them out.  Which, of course, made me look you up on the website and catch up on things.  I was saddened to hear of your cancer. Your guardian angel must have thought you needed more support/prayers and drew me your way.  I will definitely be praying for your strength/recovery. Thank you for all the wonderful songs and memories they bring. ~ Lori Mahlik


 I've only just heard the sad news on your condition, Dan. I do hope your treatment is going well and I wish you well for the future. I first heard your music when my older brother bought "Home Free" many years ago and I have loved it ever since. Here in Scotland, unfortunately, it seems not too many people know of your music but when I play a CD in the car or at home I guarantee people always ask "Who's that?" I consider myself one of the lucky ones to be able to appreciate your music, which always portrays open spaces, mountains and the outdoors to me. I wish you good health, Dan. ~ Bruce in Dundee, Scotland.


 Dan, what an inspiration your music has been to me and my family from the beginning of the day of my wedding with your song "Longer" a tribute to each other in our vows to one another to our 14 year old daughters kidney transplant last January of 2005 when my wife gave her life a second time with giving one of her kidneys and your music that gave me encouragement and light through those darkest times. Your music has touched and stirred the souls of many and wanted to let you know how saddened I was to hear about your health issues. I pray that this finds you in better health and may God Bless you and your family. ~ Jack Noteboom


 Dan, My name is Lauren Marie, and I have a story to tell.  It is very difficult for me to express in words my feelings for your music and how it has touched my life in such a profound way because they are so deeply rooted, but I shall do my best.  I first heard your music when I was fifteen (I am 23 now) when a friend of my father’s played a cover of “Same Old Lang Syne” on our piano.  I thought it was lovely, but was naïve at the time and found out later that the song was not one that he had written.   My father told me that you, Dan Fogelberg, were the artist and his favorite singer/songwriter.  I found nearly all of your albums up until High Country Snows in his collection, and decided to create a Father’s Day mix tape of your music for him.  I listened to every single album and rated the songs one through ten on each one, and then put the top four from each onto the mix tape.  During this process, I fell head over heals in love with your music.  The lyrics touched me in a place that no one else seemed capable of understanding, the harmonies inspired me to create my own, the instruments blended together in the most natural and creative way, and I grew up through your music.  I had a very rough time between the ages of 12 and 22, but then again who doesn’t.  My parents had gotten divorced when I was six, and my father re-married the next door neighbor’s wife.  It was quite the scandal, and I was caught in the middle.  I chose to live with my father and his new wife, who basically turned me into her indentured servant. She is an alcoholic/drug addict who was emotionally, physically, and sexually abusive to me and also to my father, and drove a wedge between us.  The psychological abuse destroyed parts of me that are just now beginning to be reborn.  I am a singer/songwriter myself, but I did not know that I had that fire in me until I began listening to your music.


In high school, all I did was listen to your music and study.  I would walk around campus with one of your many albums in my portable CD player, and turn it off only for classes.  I let myself fall into your world, and gathered your wealth of wisdom and personal experiences for my own needs.  I began writing songs myself and tinkering on the piano.  I found harmonies in between your harmonies in your songs and exercised my voice and tonality.  You are the best indirect vocal coach I could have hoped for.  When I went to camp at seventeen, I found the camp owner’s copy of Home Free.  Up until then, I had assumed that Souvenirs was the first album you had ever made because Dad did not have it in his collection.  Home Free is a true testament to your raw talent and artistic prowess.  As times became bleaker in my life, I used to wake up to “To the Morning” and it calmed some of my inner demons.  An eating disorder finally landed me in the hospital, I hit rock bottom, which in this case was necessary for me to snap out of my negativity.  I distanced myself from my family and found that I was strong enough to live my own life without letting their problems affect me.  It took several years. My stepmother finally divorced my father, and at first he was destitute.  Since then, he has grown to become a whole person who is not only happy, but spiritual, and the finest human being I know.  He and I have a real relationship now. Recently, my Dad has found several of your albums at various stores and has begun listening to your music again.  He stopped listening to your music for years because he says it reminded him of me and that it was just too painful for him at the time.  I kept his collection of your music, and have since begun listening to all of the albums again myself.  I want you to know that your music has been the only true common bond that never waivered between me and my father for years, and that it was the one thing that my ex-stepmother could not take away from us.  I always wanted to write you and give you a taste of what your music means to me as well as my father, and that I have just done.  I am grown up now and realizing that life can be happy and wonderful and it is.  I am in love with my high school sweetheart, have an incredible relationship with my father, have a wonderful job, a newly budding musical career with an incredible band, and very bright future ahead of me.  Your music has and always will be one of my biggest pillars of strength!  You are a great man and I am so happy that you found someone who appreciates you for the brilliant, sensitive soul that you are.  God bless you, Dan. Best Regards ~  Lauren Marie Wichelhaus


 Dan, Hello,My name is Joyce Menshouse and I am a Registered Nurse.  Nursing has been my career for thirty years. I specialized in Oncology for six years. " Remission" is probably one of the sweetest words to my ears. I am so happy that you are doing well. My mother was diagnosed with squamaous cell carcinoma of the nasopharnyx.  She was treated and was a cancer survivor for 28 years.  I have written one fan letter in my entire life and that was to you.  I would like to thank you for the musical inspiration that you have been in my life. Thank you so much for helping develop my love and passion for music. My prayers are that you and Jean will have a full lifetime  of love and joy.  May God bless you with the happiness that you have given so many.  Thank You ~ Joyce Menshouse


 Dan, may your strength come from within and that your healing be the inner guidance to your music and art. I hope one day that you will be well enough to come back to Massachusetts. My wife and  think  that your song "The Reach" is your best work so far. Peace! ~ Joanne and Chris Podles, Douglas, MA


 Dan, I just downloaded "Same Old Lang Syne" from iTunes. I started reminiscing about a very special time in my life when I was first introduced to your music. A friend and I drove from Newport Beach to Santa Barbara in a Porsche Carrera listening to your music. I have never stopped appreciating it. So glad to hear you are doing well now. All the very best ~ Ron Wright


 My brother... Last week, I attended a performance at Bass Hall in Fort Worth, where you kicked off your last major tour. I was lucky to sit right up front and loved your sense of humor. You started by saying "Good Evening, Houston!" After a jeer or two, you said, "It's just a joke folks." I have been following your progress and continue to keep you in prayer. I have an understanding as to what you're going through, my Father has battled six cancers in the last five years. Like you, he is an amazing man. Be well..Be well. You are needed in this world. Warmest regards ~ CMK


 Dan, I am one of thousands that are praying for you.  But the reason I am writing is to let you know about another life you touched.  When a person interacts with someone else, either physically or emotionally, these "ripples" continue to move on, past our short time here on this earth.  After reading about your treatment, I wanted you to know that my 9-year old grand daughter and I were at a family party and we danced to "Make Love Stay".  Since I was quietly singing along, she wanted to know the lyrics and who the artist was.  I told her what I knew and the next day she wanted to buy the Greatest Hits CD.  The ripple continues...


As for me, the first time I heard your music I was at Purdue, and was around '75-'76.  A female friend of mine had a class project and wanted to share it with me.  As I sat in her living room she proceeded to use the American Sign Language to "There's a Place in the World for a Gambler". I don't' know if she signed correctly but it was beautiful.  I asked to borrow the album and I was hooked.  And I saw your show at Purdue a bit later...I remember you coming out and commenting on the acoustics of the theatre.  Please don't think too badly of me but whenever I was hoping to get lucky, DF was on the turntable. I saw the first show of the Innocent Age tour in Indianapolis with a very dear friend who, later, was killed in a car wreck.  Now, when I hear "Same Old Lang Syne", I still tear-up. To end this, I would like to say thank you for you for sharing your gift of music. Please hug Jean and thank her from me for taking care of you. Good luck.  The ripple continues... ~ jim martin, sr


 Dan, I just wanted to say that the first time I ever heard "Aspen-These Days", I was hooked forever. We had a night DJ back in West Lafayette, IN that played alot of your work and that of Kansas!  I can still remember those lonely nights studying back at Purdue..1971-1976, and listening to "Aspen" on the radio. I have continued to buy your albums, CDs throughout the many years! I lost my father-in-law to prostate cancer back in 1991 and my wife to oral cancer back in 2001 so I have first hand experience with the devastation it can do!  Just wanted to let you know that I have been a huge fan for many years and was pained when I learned of your illness!  I pray that you will beat this foe that claimed two of my favorite people in the whole world. Thanks for the beautiful songs and memories. Get well soon! ~ Al Webster, Commerce Twp, MI


 I haven't been to the website in a while. I happened to pull out "Twin Sons of Different Mothers" today, and thought of you. WHAT WONDERFUL NEWS! I am so happy to hear that you are doing well. I lived outside Denver for 5 years and Red Rocks was just down the road. I will never forget seeing you there. It gives me chills just thinking about it. So glad to see you in the Hall of Fame. Very well deserved. God Bless You and Jean and may you continue, with great speed, on your journey back to good health. ~ Emily Fisher


 Dan: Thank you for your music.   I first discovered your artistry with  the release of Nether Lands.  Although I was able to see you but one time in concert -- at Brigham Young University, in Provo, Utah -- I have loved your  music ever since, and feel as if I know at least a part of you.  My family  has known the pain of cancer, and, as a result, I am able to empathize with your  situation.  Accompanying this posting is my prayer of faith, that the Lord  will bless you and keep you; that He will bring you strength and health, and  that His peace -- which passes all understanding -- will be the constant  companion of you and your family. ~ Doug


 Hi Dan & Jean! I am so sorry to hear your news of your diagnosis of Prostate Cancer after searching the web for upcoming 2006 Arizona concerts.  I have been a HUGE FAN since 1976 and absolutely LOVE your music!  I represent a chemotherapy product called Taxotere for Androgen Independent ProstateCancer that I'm sure you are already well aware of.  My thoughts and prayers are always with you and I am looking forward to an upcoming concert in sunny Arizona!  It's time to get back on tour! Sincerely ~ Susie Keefe


 I, like so many others, have been a fan since the beginning.  I am more than grateful for you and the many ways you have touched (and continue to touch) my life.  Since I learned of your cancer, I have been sending prayers and blessings.  And I was encouraged by your letter and optimism.  God only knows the deep wisdom behind such things, yet I trust you are receiving deep blessings in the process -- one of which should be knowing that you continue to bless the lives of all who hear your soul through your music.  You are a teacher and an inspiration to so many.  God bless you!  With love and light ~ Habiba


 Dan--best wishes ---Gods grace is on you. My prayers are with you.Prostate cancer survivor1999 ~ Bob Meek, Palos Heights, Illinois


 Dan - How all these years, you have touched my heart with your music! I felt closer to you thru it, and your life trials, in song, helped me thru a number of hard times.  Your gentle, yet strong voice, wonderful music, all of it touched my heart all of these years.  I am praying for your continued recovery, and hope that your future holds much love and joy - just a small portion of what you have given to the millions that have always loved your music!  You will be in my thoughts and prayers. ~ JP


 Dan: You've provided us with a lot of enjoyment over the decades. As a Heritage Preservation Specialist (a.k.a. "Ranger") with the National Park Service I found myself singing your songs throughout a career that included some special places in Alaska, Arizona, California, Louisiana, Montana, New Mexico, & Wyoming. The last time Meme & I saw you play, was here in Santa Fe (at the Indian School)- great memories. So many times, your music touched my soul to point where I wondered if we were "Twin Sons" but with different Fathers. I see that you're battling an aggressive prostate cancer, like a very good friend/former "partner" of mine (Tony Bonanno, former Chief Ranger for the NPS Intermountain Region, now a photographer) and that takes #1 priority of efforts. If you feel up-to-it, we'd love to see you in the Mid-lands. Of course, if you get down Santa Fe way we'd love to thank you for all the joy you've provided to so many. Our thoughts are with you; TAKE CARE- we are the living legacies. ~ Phil Young


 My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. The struggle may be hard, but, success is within your grasp, God has assured us that. With deep admiration, not only for your music, but, for you as a dear and kind hearted man. ~ Rick Killam


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg - It was so heartening to hear the positive news about your recovery.  I will continue to hold you up in prayer as our  Lord blesses you will continued strength and healing.  May you get back on  the road again.  We have missed your music. Yours In Christ ~  Debi Krueger


 I am a 57 year old woman, that has almost grown up with your music...or at  least matured with it.  I never got to attend any earlier concerts while I was living in Michigan, but since moving to San Diego in 1997, I have seen  you several times at Humphrey's By the Bay, and I must say you were awesome each  time.  The songs that touch me the most are "Ghosts", "Seeing You  Again" and "The Reach", and I still play them over and over again after all this  time.  I know I must be content with playing my latest purchase "Portrait - The  Music of Dan Fogelberg" and "seeing" a very multi-sided man through this  collection of music, but deep inside me I hope that I will get to see you in  concert again at Humphrey's, and even get to shake your hand and welcome you  back to our beautiful city. Best Wishes and you are in my thoughts and prayers. ~ Christine M.


 Hello   My name is Bradley Smith. I am 37, married and live in Kansas City, Missouri. I have been a fan of Dan's since 1978. His music has always been so great to listen to. His songs particularly "Leader Of The Band" and "Run For The Roses" have always been special favorites to my mother JoAnn. She passed away in June 1998 and she always told me before that she enjoys those songs of Dan's. I have not ever had the opportunity to see Dan live and I hope I will yet. I pray that Dan will fully recover. I'm glad to learn that he is staying strong always. Keep up that strength Dan! You're a great singer/songwriter/guitarist! All of your fans besides myself need you! Take care Dan. You will be in my prayers indeed.~ Bradley Smith


 Dear Dan, I only just learned of your illness after searching the web to find your next concert date. I'm so sorry to hear of the news, but am encouraged that the treatment seems to be working. I send you my love and prayers. I have been a huge fan since I first learned of you in 1979 and have been blessed to see you in concert many times. Your voice is wonderful and your musical skills unsurpassed. However, it is your lyrics that have always moved me the most and that I believe distinguishes you from all others. In my darkest times, I would lie in bed at night and read your music as poetry before going to sleep. It gave me great comfort and a sense of being connected to something and someone that shared my feelings, someone who had experienced emotions as powerful and profound as I. Someone who, despite heartache, had persevered....and grown. You even inspired me to try me own hand at writing poetry. It was a wonderful release. (Don't worry, I'm no Dan Fogelberg. Your job is secure!) I hope in some small way the inspiration you have given me over the years can be your inspiration to overcome. I wish I could do more. In my prayers ~ John Reeves, M.D.


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, I am 31 years old, and have listened to your music since I was very little. I just wanted to say thank you for writing the soundtrack to my life. Your music is a great inspiration to me, and every time I hear you play I always feel comforted. You are a very gifted person, and I am very grateful you have shared your gift with the world. Thanks again and may God deeply bless you and yours ~ Ken Blackman, Wheatland,Indiana


 Dan - I'm a 50 year old NYC litigator with a 2nd home in Telluride and have been an ardent fan since college in the late 70's. On my 50th birthday party, sailing with friends in the Caribbean, the image I will always remember is listening to your music on my ipod while looking at the limitless expanse of the sea. Your music has been integral to my life and learning of your illness has caused me more upset than you can imagine. Thank you so much for the gifts you have given me and the world. I will continue to pray for you regularly.


  Dan,  Glad to hear your good news from August.   I pray you continue to improve and if you desire to one day be able to tour again.  I've been a fan since the early 80's.   Your music helped get me through college.   Hang in there, man. ~ tim


  Dan, you've been in my thoughts alot lately.  Hope you are feeling well and enjoying the winter.  Peace ~ Catherine


  Dear Mr. Fogelberg: I have been listened to your music for several decades. One of the recordings that always has impressed to me deeply is The Innocent Age. Even today, I still have, the original albums, which are in excellent condition. Of course, I also purchased it on CD but was disappointed that it didn't contain the full liner notes.


Today I was reviewing my collection of LP's and, when arriving at The Innocent Age, I listened to it again and enjoyed the cycle of music once again. I decided to go a Google search on you and found your website, quickly finding out you have cancer. The news has shaken me much, but I see that you and their companion are in an optimistic fight and that already perceives a frank improvement in your health. I am so glad and thanks for the message directed at the men. In this year in which The Innocent Age reaches its 25th anniversary, what better delight than to offer wishes for your health while I listen to the inspirational melody of "Aireshire Lament", followed by "Times Like These"? Between so many wonders that its cycle locks up, the ascent to the supreme excellence occurs with the moving "Ghosts" that crowns its cycle with equal dignity and frightening force of which Franz Schubert knew to back culminate two centuries its devastating and eternally exciting cycle "Der Winterreise".


About these months of anguish and pain that you are confronted, I think that an enriching line ever written was one by you towards the end of this song ("Death is there to keep us. honest and constantly remind us we are free") -- in which the fear to the stranger is consoled with the invitation to be alive and to have lived so many and experiences and to have created as much beauty through music. And here I take leave, with the hope that you have many more years on this earth on which so many people as I have sent messages of light and gratefulness. ~ Ramon Arroyo-Carrio'n San Juan, Puerto Rico


 Dear Dan:  You and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers ever since I heard the news of your illness.  I have been one of your biggest fans for so many years.  I first saw you at Hofstra University on Long Island, New York back in the 70's after you released Souvenirs.  I have since seen you in concert 4 times at the Westbury Music Fair on LI, NY and look forward to seeing you every time you come!  I have all of your albums; I love your collaborations with Tim Weisberg, your latest Christmas album and the newest Full Circle.  I don't know how to tell you how deeply your music touches me, down to my very soul.  I know this sounds corny, but I wanted you to know how much your music has meant to me over the years.  My best wishes are with you and your family.  I look forward to the day when I can come and see you again on Long Island.  I am so happy to hear the news of your progress.  Please keep us all posted.  We love you!  Your biggest fan ~ Linda Smith. Long Island, New York.


 Hello Dan!  Greetings from Brooklyn, NY.  I'm sorry to hear that you are battling Cancer.  God awful disease, that's been around  forever.  You'd think in this day and age and after Cancer being around it  seems for an eternity that there would be some major headway into combating it.  Love your music, love your songs!  Love stuff such as "Same Old  Lang Syne" & "Longer".  VERY thoughtful, sentimental and  introspective song that "Same Old Lang Syne" is.  Love the lyrics  and the story to the song. Getting back to your battle with Cancer, I send you  my very best wishes and prayers for you and your wife and your great success in  fighting this terrible disease. Keep on keeping on and don't let Cancer stop you  from writing and performing all the many other great songs that you still have yet to write that is inside of you.  Cancer cannot touch that. My thoughts and prayers are with you, keep fighting the good fight, and I'm sure you will win! Take care.  Sincerely yours ~  Anthony


 Dearest Dan, family and friends, As true fans of yours since the 70's, we want to express our warm wishes and prayers for your everlasting recovery. You are a wonderful gift to us, for we experience life, love, happiness, sorrow and so much more through music.  Music truly is the fabric of our lives.  Your timeless melodies and lyrics will stay with us for the rest of our lives together.  We have been married for 26 years, and our first song of love was your song,  "Longer".   The image is so clear in our minds of the first day we heard it, where we were, what we were doing, etc. It seems like yesterday. We have all your music, and have seen you several times in concert.  What a wonderfully moving and timeless experience! We want to thank you for the music ~  Take care, stay well, we will have you close in our thoughts and prayers. Sincerely ~ Patty & Bob Cahill, Orange County, CA


 Dan: I am one of the lucky ones as I was able to meet you and speak with you for a few minutes after a concert in Detroit in 1991. You were so down to earth and friendly and I remember that time like it was yesterday. I have sent e-mails before. I continue to hope and pray you are recovering. Keep the faith ~ Glenn Halberg


 Dan, I wish you all the best and hope you are successful in your battle with this terrible disease. I have been a fan of yours since high school, I'm 41 so it's been a long time. We saw you in concert in Southern California I believe with Jackson Browne that many years ago. All the best! ~ Robert Lanxner, Millsboro, Pa


 Dear Dan, I have read many of the messages posted here and I echo many of the thoughts each individual has passed on. I would like to add a little bit to the list. I am a 49 year old guy and as the years pass on, most people often wonder what life is all about and what have we contributed to the world. You have probably heard this numerous times, but you have contributed much to the world and indeed have given a gift to everyone through your words and music. You seem like one of the few artists who truly care about the music you craft and present on each and every album. It certainly comes across that way. My wife and I have seen you in concert on a couple of your solo tours, most recently at Red Rocks in 2000. I particularly remember one of the last selections of the evening - "Along The Road". I remember looking around at the audience. Everyone was captivated, and I mean everyone, including people working the aisles and concession stands. Everyone was listening intently. I feel that is the ultimate in respect. I hope we can see you perform again. If not, thanks for the memories. God Bless You, Jean and your family. ~ Jerry from Dickinson, ND

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