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"Dear Dan" Letters

January 2006

 Very relieved to hear that prayers have been answered in Dan's ongoing recovery.  Funny how 'celebrities' seem so far removed from us 'average Joe's' and then something threatening, scary and real happens to them and they become as vulnerable as the rest of us.  The beauty comes when folks from 'round the globe can empathize, send prayers, good wishes and good karma and thus make the unfortunate event a unifying one.  How blessed you are, Dan, to be a catalyst for all this!  (I am presuming the "why me?" phase is a thing of the past).  I have heard some cancer survivors say it turned out to be a good thing in their lives.  I am hoping you, your wife and your family are able to see the love and respect for you that exists all around the world and how it truly showed itself due to this life-changing diagnosis. 


You are also blessed in that you can express yourself and the feelings of the past two years through words and music.  It is inspiring to read your words (on the website) and so uplifting to see how positive your attitude and outlook is today.  I am sure your candor will inspire health checks for others.  I will continue to pray that you be blessed with good health and continued optimism.  Oh, and if the good Lord is feeling generous, I will pray for a Fogelberg concert in Cleveland in the not-too-distant future! (OK, anywhere within 200 miles!)  God bless, keep the faith and laugh as loud and as much as you can! ~ Kathy O'Brien-Carter


 As we all start a new year, I wanted to say that Dan has been on my mind. I'm delighted that treatment has been turning back the disease. I hope this year brings only greater health. A miracle of total healing would be welcome, indeed. We all want to hear new music again from Dan, but even moreso, we want Dan to be well and enjoy a long life. I have loved Dan's music since I was 14. That's a long time to get pleasure from someone's voice and words and sounds. I wrote a letter in the seventies to give Dan my simple thanks for his great talent and the joy it brings. This is the second letter in 45 years of living that I've sent to a musician...both to Dan. Both to say thanks, this one to say: May God be merciful and heal you completely and give you new songs to share. Thanks, Dan. Be well. Blessings to you and all your family this and every year. Enjoy our lovely mountains, the sea, your beautiful wife, your instruments, the sun, the wind, and every good thing on the earth. God bless ~ Mirta Ana Naranjo- Schultz


 Dear Dan, I am crying as I write this, as I was not aware of your illness, and only looked up to see when I would be able to hear/see you in concert again, and saw the news about your prostate cancer. Now, here I am, a stranger, who is crying for you as if you were an old friend, and believe me, if you knew how much your music has touched my life, that would make perfect sense.  I will pray each night for you and hold you in my heart.  Your poignant writings and music have given me strength and guidance throughout my entire life.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  


I am just another person in this huge world, will always feel blessed to have been able to have heard and seen you, experiencing your performance live in all of your glory, with your familiar chats with the audience.  I hope that since you are keeping your options open, that you find yourself in the position to come to the stage again.  If you don't, I will remember those times fondly.  I hope you have a beautiful new year, with more and more progress every day. You are so loved, that I am babbling now because I could never begin to tell you.  You are in my prayers.  I appreciate your "sermon", and will let every male I care about to be tested regularly.  You are truly an inspiration. God Bless ~ Mary Ann Teto - Long Island, New York


 Mr. Fogelberg, First, my prayer is for your continuing recovery. I have been a fan of your music since the first time I heard "Captured Angel" in the late '70s and have worn out two copies, LP's no less, of said album, as well as "Innocent Age". Although I have each of your other albums and enjoy each one, these two are my favorites. I've had the privilege of seeing you on stage only twice, but they remain some of my most cherished memories and I want to thank you for making not only me happy, but the millions of people you have touched and will touch for years to come with your music. I'm unable to adequately express how much pleasure you have given my family through your songs and shows and you may never see this, but I felt I would be remiss in not at least trying to let you know how I felt. I just hope that I will be able, one more time, to hear you sing "The Last Nail","Next Time", "Hard To Say", "Lonely In Love", and all the other great tunes....LIVE. If so, could you possibly throw in "The Reach"? Again, THANK YOU and from my family to yours, may God continue to bless you and your family and we'll be praying for your full recovery. Sincerely ~ Jack Amonett


 Dear Dan and Jean, I am so happy to hear that you are both doing so well in this new year.  I've been a fan for many, many years, having found in Dan's music the road map for my own life. When I first heard the news of the illness I felt so very sad, but also eternally grateful for all the music and really fine concert experiences over the last 8 years.  I was a fan from day one....but never had the opportunity to see Dan in concert until '95.  After that I traveled all over the west coast to attend as many concerts as possible.  What a blessing for me and my family to share.  Thank you, thank you Dan!  The music runs deep in my soul and has carried me through all the times of my life.  There is a strength in the beauty of it that has intertwined in my heart and helped me to be the best I can be.  Again, many thanks. This past summer my beloved husband had a devastating stroke from which he may never recover so I truly understand how hard life has been for you both in the recent past.  We can never imagine that bad things will happen to our loved ones (or ourselves) so when they do happen they either make us stronger or the experience breaks us. In my own life, I chose to let it bring me higher and to trust more in our Creator so that I can take care of my love for as long as he is here with me.  Not knowing how long one has to walk this earth, there is now a bittersweet quality to every second of every minute of every day of every week of every month of every year.  you cannot afford to waste any of that precious time.  I have offered my own small prayers on your behalf.  May you continue to improve in health, Dan.  I hope to hear very soon that you are free of this demon. And for Jean, she must be so strong and can see it in her photos....she is a blessing to you, and you to her.  Stay strong, take courage in each other and in the plan of Life and never, ever let go.  Joy is so important in how we approach life and its adversities.  If you can hold the joy of life in your heart, even though you suffer, it will all be worth it in the end. With much love and affection (from a stranger!) ~ Lin Downs, Spanish Springs, Nevada


 Just read your health update. Keep up the good work on spreading the news about testing. I had breast cancer 8 years ago and preach about mammograms, but nobody pays attention until it affects them! I have loved your music since the early 80's. You are and will always be my answer when someone asks, "who's your favorite artist?" My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. ~ Sue, San Antonio, Texas


 Dearest Dan and Jean: I can't believe I'm  finally connecting to you after all these years! Your music carried me through nursing school, relationships, my children and my 21 year marriage to my  husband.  "Part of the Plan" blared on my way home from work  today...your music is timeless and I will never tire of hearing it. I tell my 3  teenage daughters that you were the Dave Matthews of my era...that helps them  realize where I'm coming from.  Please know that you  are in  my  thoughts and prayers daily. You MUST have faith and know that everything happens  for a reason. Life is so precious and taken so much for granted. You remain an  inspiration, even as you go through this difficult time. ~ Ellen DeStefano, Bow,  NH


 I haven't been as up to date as I would like, so I apologize for not writing sooner. My mother just informed me of your cancer and, even though you're getting better, I would still like to leave get well wishes for you. Hang in there; stay strong. There are a lot of people out there that love you, and love your talents. I know you're going to make it. Don't let one of the music's greatest stars fade away just yet. You and your wife have so much left to share. With love ~ Erin M.


 Dear Dan, God Bless you in this New Year, New Strength, New Hope.  Still love your music as much as ever!!! Miracles Happen... ~ Sandra Bartkowiak, Blackhawk CO


 Dear Dan, I was shocked to hear the news about your prostate cancer in our local paper.  I sincerely hope you have a speedy and full recovery!  My  father was also diagnosed with prostate cancer but had his prostate removed and  his PSA has been "negligible" for ~7 years now.    So I am keenly  aware of your condition and options.  I am already following your  recommendations for check-ups. I have been a fan of your music since the late 70's.  I truly admire  your ability to write songs, sing the various harmonic tracks, and play so many  instruments - you are a true talent!!  I have also been to every concert  you've held in the Denver area.  Plus, I own and cherish every one of your albums that you've made.  As a piano player myself, I especially love your  use of piano in so many songs.  I have your "Complete Songs Volume 1"  piano book and love playing all your songs (and my wife loves hearing  them).  I think my favorite song of yours is  "To The Morning".  I'm also impressed with the lyrics you use - "slake the thirst" is  still my favorite!  So many songwriters today couldn't use original lyrics  even if record executives MADE them!  I even used your song "Longer" at my  wedding in 1982 (our marriage still going strong).  Please continue writing  and recording. God Bless you and yours. ~ David Gibbs, Westminster, CO


 Dan- It truly is wonderful news that you are now in control of your cancer. As a male over 50, it really has made me aware of the need to get tested every year, and I am making an appointment as soon as I get finished with this epistle. My wife, Ruth, and I watched the PBS Soundstage concert on New Year's eve, and it was a great reminder of when we saw you at The Forum in Harrisburg, Pa. on the Full Circle tour. What an amazing concert they both were...although I think your voice was a bit more clear at Harrisburg..but that may have been because I was there! I have been going to your shows for about 30 years now. The first was in about 1975, when you opened up for the Eagles at Hershey Arena, and I was also lucky enough to see the Twin Sons concert at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pa. and I remember the final song when you let the audience sing. I mustered up my best voice and harmonized like I was up on stage with you...and that will always live on in my fondest memories.  Anyway, our wishes go out to you for the best and safest year, and many more to come.~ Don Fatzinger, Reinholds, Pa.


 Dan Fogelberg is one entertainer that truly touches my heart when I hear his music.  His music was an important part of my life in my high school and college years.  My dream would be to hear him in concert.  My prayers and thoughts go out to you and your family.  Prayer can and will make a big difference in your full recovery.  My God richly bless the Fogelberg family.  I look forward to your return to the road...and hopefully a stop here in Pensacola, Florida or Mobile, Alabama! ~ Dustin Godwin, Flomaton, AL


 I was thrilled to see the news update on Dan's website, dated August 13th.  Seems to me, that is Dan's birthday.  How appropriate that he provide us with such positive news on that date.  After reading the feedback from others, it is clear the Dan's following is strong and represents all ages, backgrounds and walks of life.  His music became an integral part of my life in '82 while I was a freshman at Indiana University.  I'm much older now, but each time I hear any song from Innocent Age, or the song "Part of the Plan", my youth returns.  My husband and I danced the first dance at our wedding to "Longer."   Last summer, we had a cancer scare of our own.  Once we were clear of the immediate threat, we took a vacation to Maine, where we rested and recharged.  We sailed, kayaked, and hiked at Acadia National Park.  When I think back, it was both the best and worst time in our life; and Dan's music was with us throughout. Would really like to know we will see Dan again in concert.  Will keep a watch on his site and look for additional positive news of his music and life.


 I am so happy to hear your treatments and progress are going so well. My father was diagnosed with Advanced Prostate Cancer in 1983. Treatments and options were very limited back then. He lived a wonderful and full seventeen years with the treatments that were available to him. They have made great strides in Prostate Cancer research and treatment. I wholeheartedly applaud your "Sermon" to men regarding proper and timely testing. You are an inspiration to all men, and a lifesaver to their wives and daughters! May 2006 bring you continued health and happiness and maybe a little more music to those of us who love your voice and your songs. ~ Sukey


 Hello Dan, I have just reconnected with your music.  I recently found out about your illness.  I know that there are many like myself who found your work to be a soundtrack to their lives.  I have been listening to you since the early seventies with Home Free and Souvenirs.  It has been a pleasure to introduce my two daughters to your music - and they have loved it as I have. I hope that you are doing well.  Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us.  Warm Regards ~ Don Hornsby


 Dear Dan, I love to listen to your music and am glad to hear your illness has slowed. You made some beautiful music that will continue to have meaning for future generations of music lovers. ~ Carol Goldring, Havertown PA


 Dan: I am incredibly happy and relieved to hear that you are recovering your health. Listening today to The Innocent Age, the songs were all the more poignant as I had recently heard of your illness. You and your music have been dear to me since I first heard "Part of the Plan" in the '70s. I would often think of you as I would drive, hike, or bike in the mountains of Colorado in the '80s, where I saw you play several times (including once when you stumbled over the lyrics to" Leader of the Band.") Your music has always touched my heart and soul, and I look forward to the day when I hear your newest songs. Thank you! ~ Michael G, Loma Linda, California


 Dan- I was heartbroken when I found about your condition today, but I was heartened by your success in battling it when I checked your website. It is as though your music is the soundtrack of my life and through the personal nature of your music I feel that I know you almost as a dear friend. I am 53  years old and was at Northwestern University while you were at U of I. However,  I studied veterinary medicine at the U of I, graduating in 1983. Through the years I have purchased all your  music, including the wonderful collaborations with Tim Weisberg. When I got  married I turned my wife onto your music and we have not missed a concert when  you made it to Chicago, the last show being at Navy Pier. Your music moved  her as well, however, I was a bit disturbed as she seemed quite enamored by you  and I felt as though my favorite vocalist/songwriter was stealing the heart of  my wife.


Your music has brought me comfort so many times as well as moving me to  tears. When my wife and I went through some marital rough waters in the  past, "Exiles" took on an even deeper more personal meaning to me. "The Last  Farewell" being especially heart wrenching. (We are doing very well right  now). Many of your lyrics remain ingrained in my heart and mind. I wish that I  could truly eloquently express the depth of my appreciation for your God-given  talent but I hope in my inarticulate meanderings here you can determine  that. I wish you and your wife nothing but the best and I hope you can  continue to share your wonderful gift with your adoring fans. My wife and I eagerly anticipate the time when you are recording and touring again...we will  be there. Fondly ~ Peter S. Sakas DVM (Pete)


 Mr. Fogelberg,  My wife and I love and respect you so much. Your music has touched us deeply. I know one thing. When I am sick of the world and need to calm are IT. When I feel like rocking out (in the true sensible way)...YOU are IT!!!!! We saw you in concert in Cincinnati and I damn near cried on "Gambler." I love that song so much. It's a beautiful song. I'm not a gambler, but that song gives me hope. My wife has been afflicted with cancer too. We know how very tough it is. We wish God's Grace on you and your family. I truly thank God for you. You have the insight of someone who knows, who's been there and who would like to go there. My wife introduced me to you (other than the radio hits) and I was hooked. I have more of your albums and cd's than anyone (other than the Beatles). You are my personal Jim Croce, Harry Chapin and all of the other revered songwriters. You know what? I DEFINITELY CONSIDER YOU A GUITARIST! Your guitar playing is absolutely SUPERB!!! "Road Beneath My Wheels" was amazing in concert. My wife didn't touch the binoculars during that song. I just watched you play. You are an amazing musician, writer, singer and person. I thank God and you for your legacy. Take this time to enjoy yourself and your family. Get the most out of everything and then you can bless us with your music again, when you're ready. Love Always ~ Mike & Penny McGlothin

 Dear Dan, I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better and fighting hard.  How many times can you hear that your music has changed a life?  Can you stand to hear it one more time?  I hope so.  When I try to put words to how your music has influenced, inspired and uplifted me for the last 30+ years, no word seems deep enough or true enough.  All my heartfelt thoughts sound trite and cliche.  Please know the thoughts run deeper than my words will ever touch. I've lost count of how many of your concerts I've been to, but April of '83 in the Cole Field House at the University of Maryland seems lodged in my brain as a transforming moment in my life.  Front row seats didn't hurt!  You, a guitar and a piano, what else is there? That night, I can tell you, there was nothing else for me. I could spend all day on an inventory of songs and what each has meant to me, but no worries, I won't go there.  I will stick with the most recent way your music has brought me peace.  With Christmas just passed, your hauntingly beautiful Christmas album is still cooling off from constant play.  Since its release, it rose instantly to the top of my Christmas play (It shares the #1 space in my heart with Christmas With Chet Atkins - I hope you find the company acceptable).   Your music is the closest thing to church I experience during the holidays, and has become synonymous with Christmas in this home.  "Lift your heart to the glorious season, Bid all your sorrows be still" says it all for me.  It releases the negative and refocuses my mind and heart on the things that matter.  My hope for you is that your own poetry and music lift your heart as much as they do mine.  Your work is truly healing for the rest of us - I am praying that it helps to heal you as well.  I am forwarding a link to your letter (and "sermon") to every man I know.  We love you, Dan.  We need you, Dan. Be well. ~ Peyton, Kingsville, Maryland


 Dear Dan, I only recently heard you were fighting cancer. I just wanted you to know that I carry your music with me when I backpack out west and in the northeast, when I sail in Peconic Bay on Long Island and at other times. I´ve seen you in concert several times and grew up to your music in my brother´s farm house in Poultney, Vermont. It is said that when we finally leave this planet we are judged by what we leave behind. I´m sure that what  you´ve given to the world with your music & fretwork means something different to everyone, but for my own happy life, I consider it the musical backdrop for most of my young adult memories. Your appreciation for the great outdoors and the sublime beauty of the west and parts of Maine´s coast is ringing in your songs. I´ve been there with you by listening. And I´ve carried the essence of you with me through the woods and over the coastal waters of my own neighborhood. I thank you from a very deep place in me for creating lyrical, spiritual music. Thank you for Nether Lands- I courted my wife to that one. Thank you for Captured Angel- some of the greatest walking music. Souvenirs, Phoenix, The Innocent Age all my favorites. Please know that for me, it wasn´t just the music, it was the message. Good Luck to you and best to your family, I´m pulling for you. Best ~ Clay Burt, Mattituck, NY


 Dan, Having just completed a 9 month battle with cancer, I want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Your music has been a pleasure in my life and I wish your family all of the best. It is a very humbling experience, isn't it? Having to face the reality of "this could be it" provides a dimension to life that only others in similar circumstance can truly appreciate. Try reading Lance Armstrong's "It's Not About the Bike". A fast read that is inspirational as well. Best wishes ~ Tom (Beaver, PA)


 Dear Dan, I am a fan of your beautiful music. I played your song "Leader of the Band" for my friend whose father just passed away suddenly.  He was so touched by it that he cannot hear it without crying.  We made a CD of music to play at the memorial service, and included "Leader of the Band." Everyone who was there enjoyed hearing the excellent instruments and melody, and the touching lyrics.Thanks for sharing your incredible gift. ~ KSH


 Hi, Dan...I am so glad to hear that you're doing better. I am a breast cancer survivor since June 2004, (seems like a very, very long time) and getting ready to have a hysterectomy two days from now that I pray will be routine, and without any cancer. I don't know what your treatment was, but I went through only 6 chemo treatments and that was way enough for me. Still have some residual numbness in my feet, and no sense of taste or smell, but I'm alive. I think of you often - since I heard about you several months ago - I so appreciate the fact that I can check in from time to time and see how you my friends do with me.You're in my thoughts - I will keep you in the light and we can be survivors together. My very best wishes for your continued good health, and my deepest gratitude for the music that you have given all of us over the years. ~ Pam Biagi


 Dan, My sister and I were talking about you the other day and we were curious to see how you were doing. I am so happy that you are doing so well. I have been  listening to you since I was a freshman in high school in NJ. I am now 46. I  always dreamed that I would move to Colorado and was always so inspired by your  music. I have been to Colorado, but never got the chance to move there. Still  here in NJ, but hey, it's the Garden State! Seriously though, my very best wishes to you and your wife. Please know  that people here are thinking of you and wishing you all the best. I am still a  huge fan and will always love your music. God bless you. ~ Dina Hanlon


 I have listened to your music since high school. My collection has evolved from a full collection on vinyl, cassettes and now CD's. I have spent a small  fortune on your music. Let me tell you it was worth every penny and I am so thankful that you do the things that you do. Through your music you have touched  millions of people and have given hope where there was none. I can truly say  you have touched my life and I am a better person because I have listened to  your words and music. I want to thank you and pray for your continued  recovery. All my love ~ Pam Crawford


 Dan, I feel awful that I haven't been back to check up on you for a while, but am glad I finally did. I am sooooo very happy that your health is on the 'happy track' and recovery is going so well. I want to wish you a very happy and healthy 2006 filled with love and support. ~ Grenda, Charleston, WV


 I've spent a lot of time living with your songs. Your lyrics have helped me many times. Best wishes. Thanks ~ Glen Hale, Pawhuska, Oklahoma


 DF- I have always enjoyed your music. I have been an RN for 22 years, so I have an idea of what you and your wife have been going through. Our best wishes and prayers are with you!


 I really dont know what to say,just all the best. Your music has changed my life,and I think in some respect made me know what love is. Please come back to red rocks soon, Dan. ~ Mike Meli


 Mr. Fogelberg (Dan),  Maybe you'll get this, maybe not.  But, you are the reason I play the guitar (although not recently).  A friend in YoungLife - club guitar player (back in high school in the 80's) Brian Lindamood hooked me on your music, and the rest is history... I wish you the best of health.  I have been impacted recently by the loss of both my parents and grand parents (from cancer) and know that treatment medicine is a rapidly advancing skill/art. Regards ~ John F. Crawford


 I am so pleased that you are doing better.  I have this web-site under my favorites and check it from time to time.  I always hear "Same Old Lang Syne" in my head every New Years, and I hope that this is a beautiful New Lang Syne for you and your family. Thank you again for my wedding song of 25 years ago, "Longer".  Thank you also for playing that song at one of my anniversaries in a concert hall in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  My thoughts are forever with you. ~ Beth Collins


 Dearest Dan,  As a nurse working daily with life and death, my heart stopped when I read on your website about the ordeal you and your family are facing. I first heard your music when I was a child,and have never stopped listening. It has touched me in ways you could never imagine. Not a Christmas season goes by without "Nether Lands" playing constantly. Thank You for the beauty and enlightenment you have brought to my life. I wish you well,I wish your family well. All the best ~  Janet C, Connecticut.


 I'm so glad to hear of your recovery, Dan. Prayers of healing and positive thoughts continue to be sent your way. And thank you for the many, many years of beautiful music through which you have blessed my life. ~ Mickey Frith, Nashville, TN


 Good Lord!...I finally have found out how you're doing. I am not on the computer much these days and, was lucky enough to come across your web site. I am thrilled to hear that you are feeling better, Dan, and hope you are  continuing to write such beautiful music as you always do.  Much love to  you and your family. . I am a 40 year old man that has had prostatitis for 4 years and will  continue to keep up on the condition. Thank you for suggesting on getting tested  on PSA.~ Alan


 As I wish you and your beautiful wife Jean a very happy new year, I hope and pray for your continued good health this coming year and in the years that follow.  Your Christmas CD has been  in high rotation this season.  It is so beautifully done.  I wanted to  share a few thoughts with you on this new year's day.  So here they are:


First Dan, you are a true national treasure.  The quality, depth and breadth of your  work are unparalleled.  No one comes close.  Best of all, you never compromised your artistic integrity.  And your guitar playing is outstanding!!!  I saved up to buy a beautiful guitar upon graduating from college, headed straight for guitar lessons and asked my instructor to teach me how to play some of your songs.  It was the sound so beautiful and so full of thought that captivated me.  It still does.  And your electric guitar playing is equally amazing.  You can rock! Like so many who've posted their thoughts, your music has been interwoven through the years of my life.  I  took comfort in your music in 1981 when my brother died suddenly at the age of  23.  "Same Old Lang Syne" and "Hard to Say" were on the radio then.  The song playing in the hospital at the time he died was George Harrison's "Here Comes the Sun", which I was never able to listen to all the way through afterwards until you recorded it on Something Old, New, Borrowed and Some  Blues and somehow the comfort of your voice so familiar lifted my heavy heart all those years later and made it possible without the usual lump in my  throat and tears streaming down my face. I've been fortunate to see you four times in concert.  I'll never forget the first time in the mid 80's in Detroit as you sang "Leader of the Band", sniffles abounded as both men and women dabbed away tears.  You could have heard a pin drop.  


Thank you for sharing your gift of music and song so  generously throughout the years.  Your songs are like soundscapes with a richness and beauty that will  always stand the test of time.  Only you know for sure whether you still have more to say and if you want to say  it.  Whatever your final decision  with regard to recording and performing in the future, put yourself first and do  what's right for you.  You've  already given so much to so many. It is with utmost respect and appreciation that I wish you and Jean the  very best in the new year. I hope the many well wishes being sent your way comfort you, too.  With warm regards ~ Linda, Plymouth, Michigan


 For Dan and Jean..may the new year bring the joy of renewing life as now, there is for sure a second chance with the wonderful news of the cancer in remission, and yes Dan, thank YOU for the music that you have brought us through the years. Jean, thank YOU, for standing by him, through the good times and the not so good times. Dan, the truth behind a good man, is a good woman. Now with that said, I have enjoyed the music since '75..yes I did listen to the "Home Free" album, and have kept up since, missed the Eagles tour..but finally caught you at Waikiki (yes a small concert, in 84(?) --courtesy of a Navy Reserve 2 week active duty. Whether your return to the studio or the tours happens is not important. You have already blessed us with so many of your songs. So my friend, thank you for the memories, and the songs, as your father raised you well with a great gift that you have enriched all of our lives with. My wishes for a wonderful life, and peace, for you and your loved ones and friends. We will always have the blessing of your incredible volume of music to listen to, and pass down to the younger generation. May God Bless...Peter E, Loudon Tn


 All the words I hold in my heart for you and your beautiful music, the soundtrack of my life, as well as thousands of others have already been said so, I will just say...THANK YOU from deep in my soul for all you are and all you have given. My prayers are with you and yours daily.  May God bless your new year with happiness and continued and complete healing.  With much love and thanks, a lifelong fan (hardly an adequate term) ~ Audrey


  I truly hope that life is well for you.  I have always loved your music and had hoped to see you in concert. Take care, my thoughts will be with you in your continued journey.


 YES!!! Fanstastic news on your health!!   And I must say, WOW, you look healthy (read handsome) as well!  Here's to  more health and happiness 2006!  You're wonderful! ~ Susan in St. Louis


 Dan - As a person who grew up near Glen Oak Park, Grand View Drive and a graduate of Woodruff High School, I wish you the best in your dealing with this illness.  I know you're strong will and love of life will get you through this and you will become a stronger and better person.  Thank you for your has kept me on solid ground in relationships, careers and in raising a family.  God Bless. ~ Trent


 Dear Dan: I have been a fan of yours for a long time.  Seeing several of your concerts.  Each and every one as fresh and alive and the other ones.  Your songwriting has been one of the most inspirational and moving to me among all of the other songwriters I admire.  Your words in some of your songs seem to sum up different phases in my life.  Your song "Longer" was our wedding song 20 years ago and throughout our marriage the words in the song hold true. My thoughts and prayers are with you during your recovery. ~ Susan in Louisiana


 Hello Dan. I've been reading about your bout with cancer on your website. Just before Christmas this year we lost our stepmother to a shockingly fast spreading lymphoma. When I was 14 we lost our mom to brain cancer. I'm 49 now and every year that goes by reminds me of how precious life is. Your music has always been an inspiration. Gentle lullabies to great rolling waves of sound with lyrics that tug the heart and reach for the sky. Every time I climb to the top of a mountain it feels just like that. I courted my wife with your music playing in the tape deck, sunrises on the Cape signaling the promise of a shiny new day, sunsets feeding lover's dreams. Life's loves and losses are mirrored in your music and from time to time that music is the inspiration that helps steer this ship of life. For Christmas I treated myself to some new CDs to replace the tapes of your earlier years that I have worn out. I just felt compelled to send you my best wishes for your continued good health. These days the list of people I know surviving your type of cancer is growing. I hope your experiences help you to see each dawn in a renewed kind of light. And I hope you never give up on your music. A bunch of us will be waiting intimate sized arenas across the country to hear your latest tales when you're ready to tell them. Best wishes.


 Dear Dan , I am very happy to hear that things are improving for you at this time , I hope you continue to do well in your battle with this terrible disease. I commend you for your effort to use your misfortune to make others aware of the importance of having these test done yearly . You have always been an inspiration to me , as an amateur musician the first song I learned to play and sing was "Crow". I have been playing and singing your songs for over thirty years and I can't tell you how much joy they have given me , my family and friends. One of my personnel  highlights was seeing you in concert at the Metro Center in Rockford Illinois in the early 80s . There will always be " A Place In The World For A Gambler "  God Bless You Dan My Prayers Are With You . ~ Beau Brannan, Rockford Illinois


 There was a "Ring Around the Moon Tonight" in Bowling Green, OH this evening  (Jan 12, 2006) and I thought of you, Dan.  I'm hoping you are well.   I wrote you awhile ago to tell you that my Dad had "advanced stage" also and he is still well too.  Good to see you are on the same path too!  I say a prayer everyday for both of you.  After seeing the recent pictures of you, can I say... Oh Baby!  You are looking healthy! ;o)  Stay that way! Stay well! ~ Laurie Ladik


 Hi Dan, My best friend from high school recently pointed me to your web site and told me of your condition.  I pray for you and your family and hope that you are managing the disease well. Sounds like you are. 


Thank you so very much for your incredible gift of music!!  I cannot tell you what a HUGE influence you have had on me over the years. I first started listening to you in 1976 when my older brother brought home Nether Lands.  Your sound, guitar playing, singing, multi-instrumental production talent, songwriting, and passion changed me!!  In 1980 I rushed to the stores to pick up The Innocent Age, and that was when I decided to become a professional musician myself.  Over time I bought all of your albums and studied your lyrics, liner notes, and chord progressions.  Many times I have felt that you were one of my teachers.  After college I recorded and released my own album and toured the college circuit, playing solo acoustic shows at over 150 colleges and universities.  It was an amazing way to spend my 20s and see the country.  You also helped me discover the magic of Colorado, where I lived and worked for a few years outside of Aspen. Twenty years later I'm working as a web producer for an ad agency in Connecticut.  It's challenging, creative, good work, and I'm able to support my family doing it.  My husband and I have been married almost 12 years and we have a beautiful 2 year old daughter.  We used to listen to Wild Places over and over when we were dating and I think it probably helped us fall in love.


Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate what you have given me, my friends and loved ones over the years.  Hang in there and keep the faith.  Thank you for inspiring and educating me with your incredible talent.  I wish you all the best and pray that one day soon you will be cancer free. Warm regards ~ Mary Shaw, A 30-Year Fan :-)


 Dan, I am so thankful that your tests have been so positive and I will keep praying for the road ahead.  I have  been hesitant to check your website for awhile in case the news wasn't good.  Now I am elated at your progress.  My older brother and I are huge fans and when asked, I always say that you are my favorite singer. My favorite concert of yours that I went to was at Red Rocks  and you played the guitar and piano and that was it!!!  It was all pure Dan and I was in Heaven.  I will pray that a concert like that will be in our futures again.  Stay strong!!!! ~  Krista Lewis


 Any one with the grace and centeredness you have always demonstrated in your life, and music can never be crippled by a disease. It might set you back a bit, but whatever you face, you will find the courage to go through.  Having faced death you deal with life differently.  May your future journeys be blessed.  I first encountered your music in the 70's and have been a fan and follower since.  Your lyrics are magic.  They still touch me in ways that will always be remembered.  Thank you, and know that you are in my prayers and thoughts. ~ Nanette Wilkins


 Dear Dan, I am so very pleased to hear that you are showing positive signs in your battle with this disease.  Having had two prostate biopsies which, thank God, have had good results, I know the importance of the PSA and DRE that you recommended.  Thank you so much for your body of music that has meant so much to me through the years.  You are one of a kind. God Bless ~ Herb Dubin


 We are praying for you, the "Leader of Our Band" ~ David Bartine, Katy, Texas


 Dear Dan, You are so right about the healing power of prayer.  It is my honor to  keep you and your family in my prayers.  While reading your August update letter I was totally shocked at your statement: "It is truly overwhelming and humbling to  realize how many lives my music has touched so deeply all these years."


Have you been living in a cave???    I became an  instant fan when a college roommate introduced me to  "Captured Angel" in 1975.  What always amazed me was not only did you write  MOST of the songs, but you played many of the instrumentals  AND did background vocals as well!  You are one of the most talented musicians of our  time.  It doesn't take a lot to get up and sing, but you do it  ALL! I'm so thrilled to know you are moving in the right direction with the cancer.  When your time does come, for whatever reason, to me will be equated with the reaction heard around the world when  John Lennon  died.  To the people who know you and your music, you are an  icon!!!  Not  to be confused with idol worship.  Those familiar with your talent and  music just stand in awe of you.  Best wishes and good health to you and your family.  Please live a good long time and share your God given talent with us for a good long  time. Sincerely ~ Cathy Hiepler, Millersville, PA


 Dear Dan, I was so happy and relieved to hear about your good news!  Your music  has been a very special part of my spiritual and emotional growing-up, and  continues to bring me great joy and solace.  I was fortunate enough to see you perform in your solo acoustical tour in the early eighties, and it is still  my favorite concert ever... yes, you even beat out James Taylor at the Gorge in  George, Washington, and that was a hard one to top... : ) I think that you and Paul Simon are the greatest lyricists writing today,  and I feel so fortunate to have had your music to keep me company all these  years. Your album, High Country Snows, has had a very special meaning for  me; I had a sister named Linda who was severely mentally ill with schizophrenia  during her adult life.  The image of your lady in solitude always  reminds me of her, and helps me to accept her need to have a life apart.  Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, for all you have given to  all of us'; you put your heart and soul on display, and the magic of that helps us become more.  What an amazing gift!  Sincerely, and with gratitude ~ Lorinn Coburn, Eugene, Oregon


 Hi Dan..Thanks for the August letter and the "sermon".  I am a huge fan and  about  to turn  48. I take what you say seriously and  I am getting my first rectal exam on Thursday!   Wishing you the best. ~ Scott King. Malibu, California.


 Dear Dan, Your words and music have comforted and inspired me through many phases of my life.  You actually sang at my wedding without even knowing you were there!!  May God Bless you and your family through your recovery, and I hope you are singing again for me and my new family very soon! ~ Kari Lukken


 Since I first heard "To the Morning", when the sun was indeed just coming up over the mountain and the mist was rising up off the water, your music has enriched my life.   I thank you for making the music that makes memories such as those so sweet, so special.  I truly believe that.  My thoughts and prayers, as well as my thanks and gratitude, are with you and your family. I look forward to your continued and increasing good health. ~ Gail Gale


 Hello Dan, I am writing this to let you know I too have been affected by this horrible disease. I lost my mom in '95 to cancer. I am the drummer for Walter Trout and the Radicals. I play abot 130 dates per year and trying to sleep,eat,and live on the road is hard,as you know. I get a psa every year and so far so good. I am 47 and I grew up with your music and "Hearts Hotel" is my favorite. You are very brave. I pray you continue to have success with your treatment, and I am sorry to hear about Mike Botts. You are one of the best. ~ Joey Pafumi


 Dear Dan and Jean,   My thoughts and prayers are with you through this challenge. Dan, your gift of song continues to inspire me.  May you find strength and solace through the many you've touch over the years. Respectfully ~ John Gibi


 Hi - I recently heard of your illness and wish you a very good recovery. My father had it so I'm going to get checked every year. I've been a big fan of yours for many years. Get well soon ~ Frank from Ct


 Dan and Jean, Glad to hear you are on the mend.  That is wonderful news!!!!  I  will happily walk a lap for you during our Relay for Life in Lebanon,  Ohio.  Never miss you when you come to the Cincinnati or Dayton  venues.  Be glad to see you play " Same Old Lang Syne" in person  again when you are ready! Best wishes ~ Susan Cook


 Dear Dan,   Just a quick not to say that you, and your family are  in my prayers. Your song   " Longer" will always be my theme song, for  the greatest love I ever felt for a woman. The LORD works in mysterious ways, and it sounds to me that HE has already  given you many more gifts, since your diagnosis. ALWAYS KEEP PRAYING NO MATTER  WHAT. You are in my thoughts, and thank you for sharing your music with all of  us. ~  Mike in Maine


 Dear Dan, It is so wonderful to hear that your health challanges have become more manageable.  As one who has survived heart surgery and kidney transplant, I know how consuming the medical "trip" can get.  Your incredible music has been with me throughout my whole life.  College, relationships, decisions, life.......  all orchestrated by your lyrics and melodies.  Singers may come and go, but it is your music that it is a constant for me.  I've had the good fortune to have seen you several times in concert and for that I will be ever-grateful.  My husband has become a fan by association.  We both send you and your family our love, prayers and healing thoughts.  God Bless you ~ Diane Michaels


 Dear Dan and Family, I have NEVER emailed a celebrity before, but your music has been a part of my life since I was thirteen years old.  My older siblings listened to you and I just loved everything you have done.  And, yes, even HOME FREE! I hope this email finds you in recovery and looking forward to the future.  I am a Catholic and will remember you in all my Masses and daily prayers. God bless ~ Eileen Chambers


 Mr. Fogelberg, Your music has blessed me over the years in so many ways! May you and your family be blessed as you go through the healing process. Blessings ~ Christine Bean


 Hi there,  I was so delighted to read your website news that you are doing so  well with your cancer treatment!   When the news broke out,,, I was  very very sad for you.  I am a musician myself, and your music truly  has insired me. I started with the "Home Free " album, which to me is the  best!  I've done "Looking For A Lady" at open-mics - everyone  loves that song!  Anyway keep up the positive attitude, and you will remain  in my prayers. I will remain one of your biggest fans ~ Tuesday.


 You are in my thoughts daily, especially during the holiday season.  Your CD "First Christmas Morning" was constantly playing since Thanksgiving.  My 3 year old loves "I Saw Three Ships".  Besides trying to sing along, during the intro and in between verses she "do do do's" with the beautiful music. Just yesterday she was getting restless in the car, and I popped it in and it instantly changed her mood.  Along with your other music, it is a CD she and her 7 year old sister enjoy periodically throughout the year because they hate seeing the Christmas season end.   I am so happy your recovery is going great. Hopefully if you feel as great as you look (judging from the pics you've posted), you will think about touring again.  Would love to see you back at the Fox Theatre in St. Louis.  Well, my friend, I wish you Peace and Happiness and continued good health in this New Year.  Take Care! ~ Linette in St. Louis


 Dan,  Please keep us posted as you get better all of the time (some of us check regularly!).  I can't say it better than the thousands before me...ditto to all the mushy stuff..)   You are a beautiful person, in very sense of the word.  Thank you especially for your wonderful spirit.  I have sang along with you for years, I feel like we are friends! Keep the faith ~ Lisa, Los Altos, California


 Jean and Dan,   So glad to hear that your treatment has gone well and your prognosis is excellent. Thanks for the website update. Of course, I send my very wishes for your continued recovery and for only good things for the two of you. On a side note, I just finished listening to my copy of "No Resemblance Whatsoever," your effort w/Tim Weisberg. I know Tim through an affiliation w/the Blue Angels and was never truly aware of his talents and of his work with you until recently. I guess as I've gotten older and my tastes have become "more refined," I've come to more greatly appreciate what the two of you have accomplished together. That, and learning to play my Martin guitar has only made me appreciate your talent more and more.   Should you decide to perform again in the future, I will make the show, no matter where or what venue you choose. Again, my very best wishes for you and Jean. Take care and be well ~ Darren Martin


 Just wanted to wish you a belated happy new year. I sincerely hope and pray you have the absolute best one possible. I've been a huge fan since Souvenirs days. Shortly after that fine album (still one of my all time favorites) came out, I had the pleasure of seeing you open for the Eagles in  Des Moines,Ia. You came out unannounced, played a couple tunes, then introduced yourself as the Pointer Sisters! Gotta love it! I have to admit I became a fan of yours because I was a big Joe Walsh fan (hence the Souvenirs reference) but it didn't take long to see what a talent you are! Long story short, I own everything you've ever recorded and as a guitar player, I never miss a chance of seeing you perform live.


 Dan, my wife, Allison and I have enjoyed your music for over 30 years. There's no doubt that a man who has graced so many people's souls and emotions with his words and music will continue to find new and meaningful ways to continue for a long time.  We look forward to your complete recovery. ~ Mike Steinbach


 Dear Dan and Family- I just wanted to say how incredibly happy I am to hear of your successful treatment for your illness. Your songs have shaped who I have become and how I have lived my life.  It's impossible for me to describe to you how my own interpretations of your amazing music have touched my heart and soul. Since I was a child these songs have been a part of my life, and I never tire of hearing them.  Thank you so much for sharing your amazing gift with all of us.  Please know that my heartfelt appreciation and prayers are with you, not only for your music, but for your continued health and happiness. Take care ~ Julie Rowe


 Mr. Fogelberg, I have always listened to your music and loved it. I have seen you perform a number of times. Your music was the most influential of all in my formative years. You have such an incredible talent. My father passed away in 1988 from prostate cancer, he was only 57. As you state in your "lecture," early detection is so vital. Unfortunately, my Dad did not find out early enough. I'm so thrilled to hear you are doing well. I wish you and your family the best of luck and will continue to follow your web site. Thank you for your music. ~ Chris Bown


 Dan, Been a fan since the Red Herring days at the U of I.  Sincere wishes for a good life, and may your next day be better than the last....for a long long time. ~ Rob.


 Dear Dan; This is just a note to let you know that your music is timeless. My daughter is growing up fast and she just loves "Earth Anthem." It's also one of my favorites on your Full Circle CD although I've loved all of your songs since the Souvenirs and Home Free days. I have every CD you've recorded and now I'm wondering about a possible DVD of your shows and other stuff...just a thought when you're feeling up to it maybe. It continues to amaze me just how talented you are. Every time I hear one of your songs, I hear something new. The Lord has truly blessed you with gifts that have inspired many. In fact, it is these gifts that can make an enormous difference in the way I view the world around me. For that, thank-you and take good care ~ Cindy Fabian


 Dear Dan- My name is Dawn Dehring and I am 40 years old.  I was first introduced to your music through my dear friend, Wolf, who got me up on stage performing at the age of 11, and I am still singing to this day.  Your song, "To the Morning",  epitomizes the strength of a spirit who has total faith. I send my love and prayers to you and to your family.  May you be blessed with good health as you have blessed so many others with your beautiful music.  ~ Dawn


 I have followed Dan's career since 1972 and have always loved his music. Indeed, my brother sang "Longer" and "Since You Asked" at my wedding in 1984. I have had the privilege of attending his concerts in each decade of his career. Now that my husband is in his early 50s, I will urge him to have the exams necessary to ensure his continued good health. I hope and pray you will return to recording and performing, but if not, I will always treasure your music. Best of luck and good health in the years to come... ~ Arden Allen Dufilho


 Dan - I have just read about your ill health.  I have listened  to your music since I was a child in the early seventies and when I am asked who are my favourite singer/artists the name Dan Fogelberg is always mentioned. Your music and the visions it portrays have always been a source of inspiration and comfort and a source of beautiful, peaceful dreams. You can portray the goodness of our world, your great country, the real America, in a way that no artist I can think of has done.  I close my eyes and think of the beauty of nature and the beauty of people generally when any Dan Fogelberg  song is on the stereo. My best wishes and prayers to you and your loved ones and thanks to you for being there! Come to Ireland"!!!!! ~ Nessan O'Brien


 Dan, I have been a lifelong fan and am so thankful for the great new of your continuing healing.  I can't tell you (very well) how your music has influenced me over the years.  Every song brings with it a memory of amazing times in my life that you will always be a part of.  I pray for your continued good health and hopefully you will return to the stage, knowing that your friends will be there to support you.   Warmest wishes... ~ Marie


 I am as deeply saddened,  Mr. Fogelberg,  that  a course of the natural world is interfering with the depth of the music that I have found  in your purpose,  your song,  your view of the living set in key notes and rhymes,  and what I consider beautiful harmonic settings.   I will have been true to my heart if I  had told you at the end of my days that I am blessed to have heard you,  been introduced to you yet by your song,  your presentation.  Loving, heartfelt message of comfort~    Marybeth Hurt

Dan, You took me through my college years and now through my forties.  I'm  still spinning your music (lol) and my prayers for your good health  continue.  God bless you and your family. ~ Becky


 I've had your CDs playing all afternoon.  Listening to your music always renews my spirit.  My fantasy for today is that you are sitting looking out on a snowy landscape and playing around with a new song that I may someday hear.  As a devoted fan, I continue to pray that you will be totally cured and have a long and happy life.  I don't think I've ever seen you look happier than in the picture you posted on your web site at Christmas.  I hope your health is good and you are as happy as you look in that picture.  Take care of yourself.  ~ Linda B.


 Dear Dan, I'm writing for a couple of reasons:  one, to wish you well in  your recovery and send you my thoughts and prayers.  And two, (and  hopefully this won't be too lengthy) to tell you how your music played a part in  my brother's life.  My older brother, Lon died in 1981 at the age of  19.  What he thought was a bad cold, turned out to be cardiomyopathy,  a virus that basically attacks your heart muscle, requiring a heart  transplant.  He was diagnosed in April 1981 and died in July 1981, while  waiting for a heart.  He was so courageous during the time he spent in the  hospital - not once did I hear him complain. Growing up in Littleton, Colorado, Lon was an avid skiier, artist,  photographer, singer/ songwriter, and guitarist.  He had most of your  songbooks and albums.  He and his friend sang and played "Heart  Hotels" on guitar during his high school talent show.  He had the artistic  creativity that the rest of our family did not.  While most of my  family went on to have careers in business, he wasn't one to be stuck in a  "desk job".   At one point, his doctor recommended that he take  business courses in college, since he may be in a wheelchair due to his  illness, something that I can't imagine him doing.  I know that it's not  uncommon for people who have lost loved ones to move them to a type of  "saint status", but I truly believe that he was one in a million - always  looking out for others - there was a just a warm and comforting calmness about  him.  My parents and sister and I found out things that he had done for his  friends after he died that he was too modest to mention. Lon's high school choir teacher sang "Nether Lands" at his funeral - it was  standing room only at the church.  Since I was just 14 at the time,  I didn't realize the significance of the lyrics that I do now.  It's  almost like you wrote the song about Lon standing in a fork in the road,  deciding which way to go.  I often think that Lon was too good for this  world, and I truly believe that he is in a better place.


As a busy mother of two small children, I rarely sit down and play the  piano anymore.  But on Christmas day, I sat down to play "Nether Lands"  from Lon's songbook.  I can barely read music anymore since I don't play  much, but for some reason, I can play "Nether Lands".  It's a song that  will always remind me of my brother.  So, I just want you to know how  reassuring and inspiring that song is to me.  Although I miss my brother  very much, I know that he's looking down on me and is a special guardian angel  to my kids.  Thank you for your music -  I'm sending thoughts for  good health and happiness to you and your wife. Warm regards ~ Lesli Dumler, Highlands Ranch, CO


 Dan, I am very happy to hear the good news on your recovery. Your music continues to inspire me . I will never forget the times you played with the band in Santa Fe, and to know you was the icing on the cake. Live a long and prosperous life my amigo...can't wait to hear you play again. ~ Will Bell


 Dan, In this life we will never know why some things happen.  We can only observe them, hoping and praying that the worst things won't happen to those we love.  I was looking up a song in your discography and just happened to click on the news link, finding the shocking news of your medical condition. My parents always told me that life is not fair, but what has been happening to you just seems incredibly mean.  Your music, with its strong emotional content, loving, yet intelligent lyrics, and singability has never been duplicated.  Songs like "Wysteria" and "The River" from your beginning times, all the way to your very latest compositions connect for me in ways that I cannot express.  You have a deep soul.  Though we've never met, and I always seemed to be 200 miles away from your nearest concert, I've counted you as a friend that sometimes understood me better than I understood myself, ever since that first time I heard "Wysteria", at 2:30 a.m. on WZZQ 102.9 FM in Jackson, MS while attempting to fall asleep at a friend's house in the fall of 1972.  The lyrics were so haunting that I woke up and was not able to return to sleep that day.  I bought Home Free as soon as the record store opened that day - literally memorizing the entire album.  No other artist comes close to that kind of impact on my life. Best wishes, strong faith and grace to take this one day at a time.  I'm a better person for having heard your music.  Thank you for listening to your muse and sharing your dreams with us. ~ Jim


Dan--WOW--good news at the end of the summer.  Your music has touched so many.  I don't know how people could get through college in the 70's without your words of inspiration.  I know all of us at the University of Georgia adored your work and would go to see you if you were anywhere in the vicinity.  My family and I are now living in Colorado, a dream come true for me.  The mountains are so healing in their beauty--there's no other place on earth to get so close to heaven.  I will continue to pray for the total healing of your body.  I know you and Jean must be cherishing every moment--so cheers to you both. We'd love to see you  in Winter Park.  It's a special place.  I'm still holding out to see you again at Red Rocks--maybe before I go to the other side--I'm thinking we all have at least 40 more years and maybe you can schedule one more if you are so lead.--What a celebration that would be! ~ Laura Meredith- Fraser, CO


 Since a young girl of 14, listening to friends strum your tunes on their guitars, I have been mesmerized by your music and soulful lyrics.  I was sorry to read of your ongoing ordeal and am glad to see you are keeping an upbeat attitude (pun intended!).  I dare say this experience, described by you as illuminating, will inspire further masterpieces.  We haven't seen the last of your touring yet!  We had the incredible experience of hearing you twice in Red Rocks, while we lived in Colorado.  Your music continues to soothe, inspire, and challenge our inner sensibilities.  May our wishes for your recovery provide you some of the same.  It's the least I, as a huge fan, can do after you've given so much! Sincerely ~ Diane Powell, New York


 Dan, I continue to pray for you and your family that complete healing would be yours in the near future. You are never out of my thoughts and prayers. Your music continues to inspire me and hold me in awe like no other. Take good care my dear friend. Sincerely ~ Greg Tuttle, M. D., Chapel Hill/Durham, NC


 Mr. Fogelberg,  I can't believe I am sending this to you. What an honor. I have listened to your music  28 years. And have attended many concerts, growing up in the Los Angeles  area,  I  even saw you in Portland Or. You are simply THE BEST!  Good Luck and God Bless ~ Terry de Waard


 Dan and Jean,  As I am typing this, I'm trying to decide which of your  cd's to listen to! (Too difficult).  As an avid fan of thirty years and  counting, your music has not only inspired and touched my soul, it has made me  the person that I am today!  I, like thousands of others, continue to pray  for your rapid recovery and wish you both a wonderful New Year!  From your  friends in Florida, God Bless You. ~ Sandy and  Gary


 Hello Dan, I hope you beat this thing, I'm sure you will and when you do come over to England I would love to see you perform, your records have been with me in my head from the day I first heard you sing in the late 70's. For me you are one of the greatest singer/songwriters of all time. It is great to hear you are progressing well. All the very best and thank you ~ Dave Bray, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg: My message is one you have certainly heard countless times.  Simply put, I wanted to express to you what a great influence you have been in the development of a very deep appreciation of music that I have.  I am 41 years old.  As a young girl or adolescent, my older sister became a fan of yours.  We would listen to your albums tirelessly.  As I come from a long line of frustrated musicians, our listening was perhaps a bit more in depth than the average kid.  As a middle school piano player my sister acquired a book of your  music and I played and sang them for years, (for my breaks from Chopin and Beethoven) and still do.  Long story shortened, through the years and my music education, I keep returning to your music for nourishment and enjoyment.  I have a degree in music from the Hartt School in Connecticut and have been a music teacher for almost 20 years.  This spring I will have my HS Chorus sing, "To the Morning" in honor of you. Thank you so much for your work, soul, songs, and self.  I pray for your health. With deep appreciation ~  Callie D'Addio


 I, along with others in my family are very happy for your status of this disease. I completely understand why returning to the stage or recording studio is not in the foreseeable future. If and when you do decide to return, know that we, your fans will welcome you back with open arms. In the meantime, I will keep playing the CD's that I have of you and enjoy what I have. Take Care ~ Beth, Pittsburgh PA


 Dan, Hopefully this e-mail catches you feeling better each and every day. I just wanted to share with you one quick story. My 5 year old son, Brian (Jr.), has become quite the devotee of your music. It started with some tunes I used to sing to him when he was just a baby: "Sand & the Foam", "The Reach", "Only the Heart May Know"... This past Christmas, he became thoroughly attached to "Christ the King" from your Christmas album. Even with Christmas having past, I'm still obligated to keep that CD spinning in my car when we take our car rides to points unknown. There is no peace with that boy unless that song is playing. With that song, I think you may have one of those Christmas classics that ends up transcending Christmas traditions in a family for many generations.  Just wanted to send that on to you. I thank you for the tremendous work you've done and look forward to what may come from your pen and guitar in the years to come. Your music has been woven into the fabric of my life ever since....ever since, Tommy Kramer was quarterbacking the Vikings. Get well and stay well. Please accept my best wishes for the quickest and most total recovery on record. Very sincerely ~ Brian Allen


 I am a fan of yours, and have been from the start of your career.  I am sending this note in hopes that it will find you in remission and feeling better.  Having lost a son at age 17 to non-Hodgkins lymphoma, I well know the kind of roller-coaster ride cancer and its treatment can cause.  Stay tough.  And tell Jean to do the same.  You WILL get through this! ~ Becky Garrett


 Dan, Warmest wishes for you. You are an inspiration. I hope nothing but the best for you. ~ Donald Clark


 Dan, we are so happy to hear that you are feeling much better. I need to have a prostate exam myself. I have an excellent musician friend in Tulsa who plays several of your songs in the clubs where he performs. Your songs are beautiful and you have a wonderful unique talent for songwriting. I gave your "Greetings from the West" dvd to my cousin for Christmas and he loves it. If you ever get back to Houston to perform I will be on the front row. God Bless. ~ Austin Brown


 Dan -What wonderful news! I am a fan, always have been and always will be. Keep up the positive and thanks for the "sermon".  God Bless ~ Dale


 The last time I posted on this site was on your birthday, Dan. Today it's my birthday, and I wanted you know that I chose several DF CDs from my collection to brighten my day. Driving in to work I was jamming on Twin Sons and The Innocent Age. Right now, I'm at work with Nether Lands loaded in my iTunes and keeping me happy on the job. Continued good health to you, Dan, and best wishes to both you and Jean. I just wanted to say again how much your music continues to brighten my life. I couldn't think of a better soundtrack for my birthday! ~ Diane Hughes -- Nashville, TN


 Hi Dan,  My husband bought me an mp3 player for Christmas this year and I just wanted you to know that of all the cds I own, your collection was transferred onto it first.  So sorry to hear of the loss of your friend.  I lost my childhood friend this past year - the one who introduced me to your music.  I hope they play Nether Lands for her in heaven, I miss her.  Stay strong and come back to us soon.  Best wishes. ~ Lauren Conte, Granger, Indiana


 Dan, as a person who has loved your music since first hearing the song "Nether Lands" on my college radio station in Louisiana in 1977, I just wanted to send my very best regards your way.  You and Jean are in our thoughts and prayers, and I was happy to read the good news of the latest update.  My wife, Kathy, and I have been blessed to see you live at Red Rocks on a few occassions, and we often play your music while driving to some of our favorite camping, hiking or skiing spots in various parts of Colorado, but especially in the mighty San Juans.  (I've lived in Colo. Spgs. since '92)   I also travel down to Ouray a lot because my photography is in one of the galleries down there.  For a long time you have been one of the artists who best represents the good things (gifts) in life like love, compassion, nature, mountains, etc., and you do it more poetically than anyone I know.  Not to mention your acoustic guitar work that blends so incredibly well with your vocals and lyrics.  I just love it!  I love songs like "The Last Nail" and "The Wild Places", but I also love the bluegrass on "High Country Snows" (what visions of Colorado!) and the jazzy stuff done on the two albums with Tim Weisberg.  You have used your God given gifts extremely well, and you have shared your inner-most self so well that I feel as if you are a long time friend that I'm driving down the road with. Thank you for all you've shared over the years and for the wonderful gift of your art, your music.  May the Lord richly bless you and Jean in the coming days, months and years, and may we all (your friends and fans) be blessed by your music for many years to come!  My church small group will also keep you in our prayers. ~ Rob


 Hi Dan,  My husband bought me an mp3 player for Christmas this year and I just wanted you to know that of all the cds I own, your collection was transferred onto it first.  So sorry to hear of the loss of your friend.  I lost my childhood friend this past year - the one who introduced me to your music.  I hope they play Nether Lands for her in heaven, I miss her.  Stay strong and come back to us soon.  Best wishes. ~ Lauren Conte, Granger, IN


Hi Dan, They say that you never forget your first. Well, you were my first. Concert, that is. I was 16 and what an experience. I have seen you numerous times since then and have always been blown away. I am 40 now and I feel like you have been a part of my life since I was a kid. I actually started listening to you through my sister , who by the way, has a towel that you wiped your face with from a concert in Princeton NJ in the 70's. My cousin has the glass that you used.  Crazy little things that we save. Well, I just wanted you to know that you have been in our prayers and thoughts and we HOPE that you do return to the concert stage one day. We will be there. Love and prayers ~ Jane Annunziata


Dear Dan and Jean, It's been about a month since I last wrote (de ja vu) but I check  in to the website daily for news or updated photos. Thanks for the Christmas  picture on the website! You both look wonderful and happy. Take care of  yourselves and enjoy the New Year! We would love to see you on tour again. ~ Alexia and David in Reno


 Dan & family,  I have always been a fan and I have most of your cd's.  In fact, it was when I was on your website looking for the lyrics to the song "Blind to the Truth" which is so much like the way I think, that I saw that you had prostate cancer.  I am so glad to see that you seem to be doing better. Although I am sad that you aren't planning on recording anymore, I completely understand.  Hopefully in the future when you are feeling absolutely wonderful (power of suggestion) you might think of recording again. I think you look wonderful, as always (sigh).  I have never written to a celebrity before but I felt that I must when I saw the message on your site.  Please know that you have fans who love you and your music and sincerely hope you feel better.  And also let's hope the ones in charge of our country don't stay 'blind to the truth' as they are now. ~ Brenda Ball


 Hey ya!  I felt the same shock to the heart when I read about your cancer as I did when my mom was diagnosed with it five years ago.  Her outcome was the absolute best we could hope for (five years and counting...) and I wish the same for you. For what feels like 100 years I've been a rabid fan.  Except for when real life intervened and I had to spend my fun time raising kids, working, and fighting with my husband.  Good times, all...  I think I missed some of those albums in between then and now...  I'm a relic from the 70s and remember stacking all your records on my record player, dragging my one working speaker into the bathroom, and blasting the volume loud enough so I could hear it through the shower noise.  I can only hope my girlies hold on to their favorite singer/songwriter for as long as I've been to you.  You are the best.  I wish you continued recovery and hope you beat the crap out of that cancer.  I'd love to see you at the Paramont here in soggy Seattle again.  But get well first.  All the way well.  I'll think good thoughts in the meantime.

 Dan/Jean- From my deepest soul, I send you my most uplifting thoughts and prayers.  Dan, your music inspired me to move to Colorado 23 years ago and I've been here since.  I've loved the Red Rocks Shows, but immensely more the message! I'm with you in spirit.  Thank you for all you have given me in spirit and song!! My PEACE is with you!!! ~ Mike Bracken


 Dan...My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. You have been  "there" for me for so many years with your beautiful lyrics and music.  You  have created such a wonderful musical legacy. Thank you for bringing me so many happy memories through your songs. I wish for you much love and healing. Love ~ Brenda Porter


 Hello Dan, Just want to let you know I'm sending positive thoughts and prayers to you. I'm so happy to hear you are doing better. If I may take this opportunity to thank you for all your beautiful music which has been a source of strength and inspiration during the good times and the bad times of life.  I do believe if you can touch people's lives in a positive way, God blesses you double fold in return. The Innocent Age album is very special to me because it was a gift from my late brother who lives on in my heart.  Take care and best wishes always to you and your family. Sincerely ~ Susan Martinez


 I am glad to hear all is well. An employee of mine is now fighting prostate cancer. Your advice to all men to have checkups is very important. My wife and I have loved your music forever. We last saw you at the Fraze Pavillion in Kettering Ohio. Even though it rained, you were awesome. It was a show we will remember forever. Take care ~ Bill and Brenda


 For Dan and family,  Every album you ever recorded has been special to me.  If not every song, most of them reached out and touched your fans' hearts (like mine)  Just for being you and being able to express that through your music.  I believe that music is a special way of expressing thoughts and feelings we can't always express on our own.  But you help that to happen whether you believe it or not.  And from your music and story telling I can see and feel your family's love and closeness,  you are connected to.  That is worth more than any thing else in the world,  because it makes your soul whole and free. It makes you very fortunate and lucky.  When you have all of those qualities you can fight anything and beat it.  We pray for you and carry you and your family in our thoughts. God Bless and thank you for just being you.  ~ Julie Kaminski  Kansas City Kansas


 Hey God, thanks! Hey Dan & Jean, happiness, strength and long life!


 My wife of 34 wonderful years (Feb 18, 1972), introduced me to Dan's music. I must admit, I felt jealous of his talent, and the obvious effect he had on "Gigi". I admit this now that I have matured, and grown to love and appreciate this man for all his incredible abilities, his magical way of weaving words into a beautiful patchwork quilt, beyond compare, and the love he has so richly blessed my life with. Everyone that knows the music, has at least one song that holds special meaning for them, and Gigi and I are no different. "Longer" is "our song", even although I am moved to tears by dozens of his writings. The blend of guitars, piano, and sweet vocal harmonies, all bear witness to the incredible man God has blessed so richly. If I could be granted one final wish when my time is ending, I would choose to pass on listening to Dan singing "Leader of the Band", "Run for the Roses", or "Minstrel". Surely, the sweetest sounds of heaven will include the music of the gentlest soul I know, Dan Fogelberg. God Bless you Dan, may he comfort you, and bring you to the other side of your affliction. For all the joys and love you have shared with mankind, God will treasure you in the palm of his hands forever. With love and appreciation ~ Kevin Hanley


 Dan: My wife and I hope you are feeling better and you will be in our thoughts and prayers as you recover from this disease. Best Regards ~ Angelo (a fan from the No Va area- saw you in concert at Wolf Trap)


 The first album I bought was Bad Moon Rising...CCR; the second one was Souvenirs. And I bought it in Cali, Colombia very shortly after it had come out. My father battled prostate cancer for 17 years and finally lost his fight on September 14, 2005. I will say my prayers, in my fashion, for you and your family. And will continue to enjoy your music. Be well. Your music has been part of the fabric of my life since the first time I heard it...when , as you put it, I was a little girl...though I'm now 46. Music for life...and of life. ~ Julie Rehfeld, Juneau, Alaska


 Dear Dan:  How WONDERFUL to hear you are recovering & doing very well. My brother-in-law is in remission from Stage IV Leukemia/Lymphoma. Seeing first hand through his experience I know what a tough road it has been for you & your family so keep fighting the good fight.  This evening I caught your concert on the PBS Sound Stage program.  What a relief that aired when it did as I was in no mood to watch the President's State of the Union Address.  Your concert was a very pleasant replacement.  I've been a huge fan since Home Free and own all your music on cd not to mention the many concerts I've attended at Red Rocks.  As a matter of fact, the other day I listened to a Dan Fogelberg marathon on my iPod & just purchased the Greetings From The West  dvd. Also, thank you for your strong advice on Prostate Cancer which I will pass on to my husband.  Honestly, I urge (nag) him every year to get a complete physical & he eventually does.  We're both 44 and becoming more health conscious.  I'm glad to be able to write & personally thank you for all your wonderful music that has touched my life for so long.  So, God be with you & your family and I'll keep you all in our thoughts & prayers.  Take care ~ Sallie Schaper, Englewood, Colorado.


 Dear Dan,   I share your birthday though I was born 10 years later in 1961.  I too love the mountains and live in the Sierras in California.  I have been a fan since the 70's and greatly appreciate your songs as they have touched my soul on many occasions.  To this day I listen to your music when needing peace of mind and rejuvenation of my soul.  The words to your songs are timeless. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world and may God bless you and be with you on your journey through this battle.  I know you are going to be all right and when you are up for it, how about a concert in California!!  The east coast is not the only location of your fans! : ) We love you Dan - keep on fighting!  Much love and prayers, ~Jyl, Arnold, CA


 Dear Dan...I grew up in the 70's, but came to your music in the 80's. My first introduction to your music was "Phoenix", when tapes were replacing albums. I had to re-purchase that tape several times, because I kept wearing it out!! I've since had three other pieces of music mean a great deal to me, all from "The Innocent Age": "Nexus", "In The Passage", & "Lost In The Sun". These songs tug at me more than others, because they contain wonderment, bewilderment, confusion, struggle, perseverance-the search to find one's place in the universe, to not let life's issues or problems get to you, to realize each and every breath a person takes is a blessing, and to never, never quit! And I'm glad to hear you're living out the convictions of these lyrics!


I check your website occasionally for any details on how you're doing, and it's been several months since I've done so-and found very good news awaiting me! I'm very happy for you and your family that you're doing better! The mythological creature called the "Phoenix"-well, we'll never be able to literally raise ourselves from the ashes-but after an ordeal like this one, I can't help but have that song ring through my head! I know you're not out of the woods concerning this disease, so I give you my warmest thoughts and prayers on the struggles that lie ahead for you and all of your family. I am a sentimental fool, but please allow me to say I am filled with great hope and pride that someone I admire, someone part of the human race, has "fought the good fight", and continues to do so. It may not seem like much, but I believe in this day and age, others need to see the darkness of life, and continue to struggle to the other side-because hope is a contagious virtue. The struggles you've faced, and will continue to face, I'm sure will grace others in their battles, no matter what level they may be on! And when those tough times do fall upon you, I offer this verse: Matthew 11:28-30.


On a more personal and fun note: My wife and I had the great privilege to see you in concert at Navy Pier in '03. My wife is almost 9 yrs. younger than myself (I'm 44). As she looked around the audience, she observed herself to "be the youngest person here!" It was a very fun night for us! And she's come to enjoy your music almost as much as I do! And we both commented we'd love to see you in concert again! Here's to "Hope!!" (Hebrews 11:1) A long time fan ~ Wayne Hockett


 Dan, thanks for the many years of excellent songwriting and singing. I've been listening since 1974. I've seen you in concert 4 times, and would love to again. I am also battling cancer (brain tumor) and I am currently winning the battle. It does give you a different perspective on life, doesn't it? One of these days you need to write a song for all of us who battle cancer. We all need the encouragement and understanding. Best wishes on your continued recovery. My prayers are with you. "There's a light in the depths of your darkness, let it shine . . . ." ~  Mike M.


 Dan, Just happened to check your website for news and was thrilled to see you looking so well. Please know that you continue to be one of the most requested artists at Chastain. The 2006 series has just gone on sale and many loyal Atlantans want to know if this is the year you'll be back. As I told Charlie when you first got sick, I have done production on a DF show at least once a year since 1978.  It was always something I looked forward to. So, not only do your fans in Atlanta miss you but this jaded production manager that can barely stand to listen to most of the concerts we produce, has missed you too. Nether Lands helped me survive a breakup with my college sweetheart and the move from Tallahassee to Atlanta and again when Wami and I got divorced. Now, Full Circle keeps me company on the ride from my office in Buckhead to my home 90 miles north in the mountains of Georgia. Thanks for  the inspiration to keep plugging along......... With Love and Respect to you and Jean ~ Ruthie Marshall (Murakami), Production Manager/ Dir. Ops Chastain


 Mr. Fogelberg, My wife and I saw you in concert twice (Toledo Zoo Amphitheatre and In Detroit) I was just praying for everyone that we know and you came to mind. My wife has metastatic breast cancer and is 6 years out. The power of prayer is unbelievable and you are in ours.  When I am asked who is the most talented I have ever seen, you are it pal! Best wishes ~ Rob & Karen Smith


 Dan: I wish you the best.  I have advanced prostate cancer myself.  I am a bit younger than you (52) and want to be around for a while yet.  I have dealt with the cancer for years and the mental part is overwhelming.  Be strong, life is wonderful, and your music is the greatest. ~ Another DAN


 Hi Dan, Good to hear such good news. This is a greeting from Sweden, from a fan of yours since the early 70´s. I hope that you will continue to spread your lovely music around our globe. I wish you and your family all the best in the future. ~ Jörgen Andersén, from Venice of the north, Stockholm, Sweden.


 Dan, Your music makes me want to be a better musician. Thanks for your music. Your heart. Your truth. I hope to see you back on that stage soon. Just doing what you do.Get well. ~Kate.


 Dear Dan & family, My prayer is that you recover fully and can resume your life as you wish. I have been a diehard fan for thirty years,your music has moved me in ways that I could not express in mere words, you have enriched my life and I thank you for that!! The world is a better place thanks to you. Good luck and God Bless you. ~ Steve Scherrep


 God bless you!  I've been praying for this news for over a year and a half, but never visited your website in fear of hearing something horrible - I'll continue praying, you continue getting


 You remain in our thoughts and prayers, Dan.  It is good to know that you are healing well.  We are blessed to have your poetry and music in this world, so full of spirit are they!  Continue healing and getting strong.  Should you decide at some point to return to the concert stage, we would feel very blessed to see you at the Opera House in Woodstock, Illinois.  What a perfect venue for a talented artist such are yourself, needing only your words and instrument to capture our hearts and transport us to that thoughtful place of peace and oneness.  Namaste. ~ Suzanne and David/Elkhorn, Wisconsin


 Dear Dan,  It is wonderful to hear that you have been doing  well.  Your music speaks so directly to our souls, touching subjects at the basis of the human experience.  This is an  uncanny ability you possess and the genius of your music.  I hope you will always continue songwriting.  Also the generosity of spirit you share in  appreciation of your fans is so admirable, as is your concern for other living  creatures.  I send the best of good wishes for you and Jean and  your happiness ~ Linda McIrvin, Steamboat Springs, CO


 May God continue to grant you and your family peace, patience, time, grace, good health and understanding during this most trying trial of life, Dan. For the decades of your words, music and memories, I thank you. Your imagination and lyrics have, time and time again, been proof to me that music has SUCH amazing healing powers, if you allow it. God speed, friend. ~ Christopher Peterson,Birmingham, Al


 Your music and story are inspiring.  Please consider returning to writing and recording.  The music industry so seldom delivers the kind of substance, texture and depth that you were born to create. ~ twa


 Dan, I just want to thank you for your music. My brother introduced your music to me in 1976, and I fell in love with it. It is with regret that He passed away this past Christmas. His memory will live on in me forever, and with your songs great thoughts of him. Good health to you, and God speed. ~ David DeLost


 Dan, for every uplifting moment you and your music has given me , I bounce them back to you in your time of need. Love ~ David


 Dan,   I am so glad to hear you are recovering. Just was listening to your Greatest Hits tape in the car. Good stuff. You are quite a talent. Hope you can still pick up a guitar every now and then and let your creative juices flow. Glad to hear you are doing better again but know this is a battle and will be praying for you and your family. ~ Lindy


 I saw your "Soundstage" performance the other night on PBS for the first time, I didn't realize it was done in 2004.  But it reignited my love for your songs.  When I was growing up, around friends, family your music was in air often.  It surprised me that most of the old stuff I could still sing word for word.  I liken them to the hymns I grew up singing in church. I came to your website to catch up on you, as I'd been kinda out of the Fogelbergian loop.  It took the breath out of me when I read of your diagnosis.  My prayers and my thoughts are with you. I wish I could convey to you the inspiration your music has brought me, and I've not even scratched the tip of the fogel-berg (like you probably haven't heard that joke a million times).  Your words and your voice have moved my soul on more than one occasion.  The way you sang "Same Old Lang Syne" on "Soundstage" just awed me.  It took on a whole different mood, and yes, I cried.  "Make Love Stay" will always be my most favorite.  "Go Down Easy" was awesome storytelling and the video was great.  "The Leader of the Band" there are no words to describe it... Please take care of yourself, I want you to be around for a long time. Truly ~ Scott Curry


 Dear Dan, I found your music in 1972, as a college student, and have been listening with my ears and heart since then. My little boy and I include you in our special prayers every bedtime. We will  continue to remember you and wish you all good things in life and health. God bless you and your family ~ Betsy and Devon Monroe


 Dear Dan,  I remember the first time I sat with friends listening to Home Free.  It was an amazing time in my life.  I was 21, with three years of college and a beautiful baby daughter, Rachael.  We lived in Bloomington, Illinois, and never missed one of your concerts in Peoria or Champaign.   We moved to Austin, Texas 22 years ago, and I last saw in concert at a great venue that I am sure you remember - The Backyard.  We have every album/CD/DVD you have produced.  Your music has always touched my heart and soul.  You have an exceptional gift as a poet, to write and sing the words that express the human spirit.  I send my hope and prayers that your health continues to improve, and that each day is better than the one before.  It is my selfish wish that you return to the studio and perhaps the stage sometime soon.  Please come to Austin......there are many who miss you. ~ Barb Dotson


 Dear Dan: A fan of your very first recorded song, a fan forever.  You may not perform anymore, as you mention, but the way I see it is your music is deep inside my soul, my heart and mind.  Your gift has seen me through very difficult times and carried me through.  Please sit back and let the people who owe the most, do whatever they can for you, for these are your fans.  What you have given me is timeless and priceless and I thank you for that every day. My daughter (now 14) has been listening to your she now claims....months before she was born, Oct. 24, 1991.  My wife was into her eighth month of pregnancy when we attended your live "Greetings From The West" concert at the Fox Theatre in St. Louis, MO). Sometimes I think she tells the truth. Your music teaches, and we listen, intently.  We listen to understand the "Leader of the Band", to feel and sympathize with your loss with "Bones In The Sky", to appreciate "Illinois", to never disrespect our Native Americans in "Spirit Trail", to revere our ancestors and never forget in "Windows and Walls", to instill in our hearts, that there is a place for all mankind in "Gambler", to experience the thrill and beauty and hard work and dedication in "Run For The Roses", to learn and understand what we leave behind with our ignorance, for our next generation to deal with in "A Cry In The Forest", the loss of love and so much more, in every song you ever wrote. 


One man, sharing his rare gift in many ways...........many say they want to make a difference, well, you did with me and my daughter, along with thousands of fans.  I owe you a lifetime of thanks Dan, and I could not be any prouder watching my daughter grow, her singing is beautiful, unique in all manners of song, especially when she sings your songs that only her and I sing together.  Get well, live your life as you wish and take some time to turn around and look at all of the differences you made, all the lives you touched in more than 3-4 generations.  You deserve to look back for all you have done, this is your time and I (fans) would think it as selfish to be disappointed if you decide to step down from touring.  You have given so much and asked nothing.  You will overcome the obstacles ahead of you, for that I have no doubt.  Even now, you may not realize it, but you are still teaching. My doctor's appointment for the exams you point out is in three weeks.  Thank you for posting that, so many of us take it for granted.  You are now truly, the leader of the band.................please take care. Sincerely ~ Michael W. Ruddy


 Dear Dan, I was introduced to your music in 1976 as a 13 year old. My sister came back From Westchester State College for the summer and brought back with her your Home Free and Captured Angel records. I started listening to them as was greatly influenced by the tunes of loves lost and found. "The Last Nail" has always been a very haunting but beautiful song. I later went out and bought many of your other albums. Thank you for your thoughts on the prostate cancer. I am now 42 but I am contemplating getting checked. One of my dreams would be to hear you live in concert. I believe when you are fully recovered, that will also come to pass. Thanks again Dan and get well you are in my prayers. ~ Bill Meiswinkel


  I'm thrilled that at long last I can finally pass on my sincere thanks and appreciation to a most wonderfully talented musician, singer and songwriter. I first heard Dan's music when I was 16 years old (just over 20 years ago).The very first song I heard was "The Reach" and it's been one of my favourites ever since. If find it hard to choose which of his albums I like best, The Innocent Age, Windows & Walls, High Country Snows etc. I love them all but the one at the top of my list has to be Nether Lands.


His music has brought me so much pleasure and enjoyment over the years. The lyrics are so meaningful and powerful. What an amazing gift & talent this man has. My only disappointment is that I've never had an opportunity to see Dan in concert. I always hoped that he would perform here in Ireland but sadly no (at least not that I'm aware of!). Also unfortunately for me there is a very limited supply of his CD's on sale in Ireland but maybe I will be able to update my collection on line.   Please pass on my thanks for his special gift of song & magnificent music.  With best regards for good health and a happy life.  ~ Audrey Caffrey, Waterford City, Waterford Ireland


 Dan,  As an avid fan for thirty years, just wanted to express to you  what your music has meant to me over these years! You have touched my soul  more than any other singer-songwriter ever has.  You have not only inspired  every aspect of my life, but truly has made me what I am today!  Wishing  you a very speedy recovery and as always, my thoughts and prayers are with and  your family. Your friend in Florida ~ Sandy


 As I write this I am listening to High Country Snows.  I am so glad to hear that things are looking positive.  I have been in a similar situation and can tell you that it has changed my life.   It becomes very apparent what's REALLY important.  Good Health to you. ~  GL (New Hampshire)


 Dear Dan: I hope this morning finds you well and at peace, with snowdrifts adorning your windowsills.  Not much snow up here in Sandpoint, ID, as yet.  I just lit my morning candle for you, as has become my tradition.  I have had two tiny pairs of pink, satin ballet slippers "on the wall above my bedside" for quite some time now, and have now added the flicker of candles.  I continue to pray for your full recovery and that this message finds you gaining strength daily.  You still have so much beauty and light to give, and be given.  The world is just not yet ready to let you continue your journey elsewhere.  I know in my heart you will remain with us for many, many years to come. With love ~  Stacy Robin


 Dan,   By now you should be over your treatment for prostate cancer.  I hope that everything went well for you. I have had to endure two sessions of Chemo (ten years apart) and I know that it is no fun.  I am getting my strength back and looking forward to this coming summer. One of my all time favorite albums is your "High Country Snows".   Having worked around the mining industry, "Sutters Mill"  has special appeal to me.  Any chance that you will do another album of that flavor in the future? ~ Ken Gardner,  Murray, Utah


 Dan,  I am so happy to hear of the great news of your remission.   I have been listening to your music for ten years now, and  started at a time in my life when it was soothing and uplifting for me. You helped me through some tough times and I share your love for Maine as my  family and I own the house right past the Reach. I  was hooked when I heard 'The Reach' as we used to walk it daily in the  summers to visit the cemetery and an uncle. Whenever I'm homesick for Maine  I just put in your CD ;-) When I had first heard about your prostate cancer I felt as if a member of  my own family was affected and my thoughts and prayers have been with you ever  since.  Your music brings me such peace and I think of you often.  I  wish I had found the web site sooner. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and Jean. Sincerely ~ Donna Kerns


 Dan, My prayers and best wishes go out to you . Your music has been an important part of my life these many years and I thank you for this. I also thank you for the "sermon".....I have indeed taken your advice. May your health improve each and every day. Regards ~ Len


 Dan: Thank you for sharing your wonderful music with us. Your song, "Leader of the Band", encouraged me to tell my Dad how I really felt about him. I let him listen to the song and then told him how much I loved him and how much he meant to us. He recently passed away but the song, especially the last verses, pretty much expresses what I still feel for my Dad. God Bless you. ~ Rey


 Dan, your Sermon so to speak is basically the truth being told from experience.As a medical professional with a background in Radiology and Anatomy as well as being a fan of your music, I can also speak from an up close and personal experience.. not me but one of my best friends is currently living thru advanced Prostate Cancer treatment. Along with the anxiety of the unknown and the propensity of prostate cancer to metastasize to bone,as did with my friend,the recovery is still within hope and viablility. It does change one's perspective because in his case, lupron was the chemo of direction and its side effects are difficult at times. I can't thank you enough for your honesty and straight up talk. I live in SF CA as does one of my closest friends,whose an MD and we discuss among our friends the very plight of men in your circumstance and the education that's missed by men in general,that could prevent or at least manage better the ravages of mid-life cancers. L'Chayim. Shalom ~ J


 Dear Dan, My fiancee and I are so relieved at the news of your progress in fighting this deadly disease. May the angels continue to smile down on you and your family for continued and successful progress and better health.  My wife to be was devastated when the news of your illness was first announced. Both she and I have years of fond memories when your lyrics and music touched out lives and carried us through good and bad and  failure and success.  We're getting married March 4th, and in place of the traditional wedding march, she selected "A Love Like This" to be sung by a friend and soloist. Unfortunately, we have been unable to find piano sheet music for this incredible song, just the lyrics. It would break her heart not to use this song, so we may have the lyrics done as a reading instead. Best wishes and blessings from two of your flock ~ Jan and Jill


 Dear Dan, My thoughts and prayers are with you. You have created the most emotion-provoking songs and lyrics I have ever known. I have listened to you since 1975 when, at the age of 18, I left a troubled home.  I specifically recall the impact "Nether Lands" had on me.  To this day, that song reminds me of a very particular time in my life. I have been a fan for 30 years. God Bless You.


 Hi, Dan- 'Just a note to say that I was a sophomore at Bowling Green  State University in Ohio, in a record store one day in 1972  and  heard "Home Free". I was doing a little writing then, on acoustic guitar, and your songwriting and acoustic playing just captured me.   I stayed in that record store and listened to the whole album, then bought it.  Everybody I showed it to liked the music, and said "Dan  Fogel--who?".  But you were on your way.  What a bunch of great songs  you have done over the years, and your acoustic playing has gotten cleaner and more articulate with time.  I went to the University of  Illinois for a while, and would have liked to see you at the Red Lion (was it?), but by then you were probably on your way to LA.  I'm living in LA now . I work as a photographer, now, (for the past 22  years).  My wife helps me in the business. Thanks for the inspiration of your insightful songs. ~ Chris Lovdahl

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