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"Dear Dan" Letters

January 2007

 Dear Dan,  I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.  You have been my favorite ever since I first heard "To the Morning" in college in 1979.  I even played your music at the hospital during the delivery of each of my sons, who are now 16 & 17.  I finally got to see you in concert at the Keswick Theatre near Philadelphia a few years ago.  Full Circle was amazing, too.  For Christmas, I finally got the only 2 CD's of yours I did not have -- Phoenix and High Country Snows. I hope this finds you well.  Thanks for sharing your extraordinary gift. ~ Gail Ortenzi


 If I could say there is one person more than another that had a very large impact on my life, it would be you, Dan.  In 1973, when I first started listening to you and your songs, I was a 17 year old girl not even out of high school.  Just a girl from St. Paul, MN...but you brought me the world.  Now, at 51, I feel like I grew up with you, to you, by you.  How can I ever adequately say what a positive impact you have had on my life through your words and melodies?  What a gift you have given, Dan.  Immeasurable.  When my husband died in 1984 at the young age of 30, I would sit for hours and listen to the Windows and Walls album and it would give me gave me peace.  Thank you for that. I pray God in His wisdom and mercy will send you healing and peace. I pray He bless you and your family.  Thank you, Dan....from the depths of my heart. ~ Cat (Catherine) Kingston


 To Dan, You, in that rocking chair, facing down the camera lens with those deep, beautiful eyes and that feather in your hand, singing songs from the depth of your heart, touched me in a way that no other singer songwriter ever will. Your soaring melodies and emotion filled words were a constant in my life in the 70's and 80's. When you released Twin Sons with Tim Weisberg, I was floored by the intensity of your instrumental compositions and longed for more.


I've searched for many years for both lasting love and another singer songwriter who knew his way around my head and heart, the way you did, I've found neither. But off in the nether lands, there must still live hope for all of us. I'm happy that you found a love and a companion to give back to you what you've given to us all these years. I've been listening to the Christmas album and your beautiful, haunting voice has captured me again. So I'll be getting out my complete collection of your albums to look again at the delightful artwork and sing along with songs that I will always know by heart.


Thank you, Dan Fogelberg, for all the spirited, haunting, earthly, intense, and ethereal music that you have given to us over the last 30 plus years. I wish you daily joy, peace thru nature, and send my blessings to support you through these times. May you find strength in painting and poetry and love. ~ Deborah Rudy


 Dear Dan, I've been writing you from time to time about my husband's battle with prostate cancer.  Feb. 20th will make three years since his original diagnosis. For two years, we were told he had two years to live, then M.D. Anderson said he was "atypical" and allowed him to get IMRT (42 treatments).  He finished IMRT April 2006 and we just got back from his second or third checkup since then. He appears to be fine and we are very grateful for this good news.


As the wife of someone suffering from the diagnosis of prostate cancer, I want to thank you for spreading the word to help other men prevent this disease.  My husband and I live in a small town and we are trying to help as many people as we can but we can't reach the large numbers like you can. I check with your website every few months to see if you are doing okay.  We really do care about you and wish you the best. Sincerely ~ Paula


 Dan, You have been part of my soul, my tears and my smiles for so many years. Your music never fails to move me. How can one person have such an effect on so many people's lives? You seem to conquer all that we feel, all that we fear and all that we love.  The three strongest emotions anyone can ever wish to experience. Thank you for the melodies the music and joy you have brought to my life. You are an inspiration to many and a comfort to most.  Quite simply put, Thanks Dan. Godspeed and good health in 2007. You have earned your wings.....~ C. Bellino Lake Milton Ohio


 Dan, I hope things are going better for you.  If you are able to hold a concert then terrific.  If not, that is just fine. Please let your fans know what to expect. Your faithful Colorado fan ~ Marci


 Dear Dan and Jean, Another Christmas has come and gone, another New Year's Eve has passed. We so hope you are well and happy. You've been on both our minds this week. David had a dream that we bumped into you in a shop somewhere and had a chance to chat. You said you "were fine". Take care of yourself, my friend. We're praying for you. ~ Alexia and David Rogers, Reno, NV


 Thank you for the many joyful memories evoked by your music. May 2007 bring the restoration of your health, happiness and peace of mind. ~ Laura, Tempe, Az


 Wishing you well, now and since I heard of your diagnosis.  I hope your Christmas and New Year's were filled with love. ~ Rona (from Boston area)


 Dear Dan,  My family spent the Christmas holidays in Winter Park, CO and your music was right there with us. Listening to Nether Lands while looking out at the snow-covered mountains was just too perfect for words.  Then, again, listening to your music down here in the swamps of Louisiana, or anywhere else for that matter, is pure joy.  I said a prayer for you on the way back to the airport in Denver.  Just as we passed the highway sign that read, "Red Rocks Park/Morrison", I said, "Be well, Dan".  I hope with all my heart that my prayers, and the prayers that so many others have offered up for you, are answered this year.  Wishing you and Jean a blessed and happy 2007!  Be well.  Love ~ Pam


 Dan, I often tell people of the great concert I attended at the Spectrum in Philadelphia in 1975.  The headline act was the Eagles.  However, for me, the treat that night was the opening act - Dan Fogelberg!  Even at the "Rectum", you sounded terrific.  The crowd didn't want you to leave the stage.  I was a fan before that night, but became an evangelist after that night.  Keep fighting this thing and remember....Be who you must That's a part of the plan Await your arrival with simple survival. And one day we'll all understand. ~.Rich F., Chadds Ford, PA


 Mr. Fogelberg,  You just crossed my mind as you often do and I hope you are well. The best to you and yours in the New Year. Our thoughts and prayers for your continued recovery. Peace and Music ~ Bill Frank


 Dear Dan... Your music has simply become a part of my thinking... sponged into my mind like a heavy lesson in Theology.  My Mom used to own a cabin up in Florrissant where I spent a good deal of time painting images on canvas and working as a logger at the local Tiger Timber Saw mill.  I so miss the changing of the seasons and the simple lifestyle of mountain living.  I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much your words have captured my heart.  ~ Jim Cochrane, Single Daddy in Southern Cal...


 Dear Dan, I have written before, but again want to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.  I have enjoyed your beautiful music for over 25 years, and have many of my favorites on my MP3 player, which I listen to while walking.  I am often able to contemplate on the many gifts we are given in this world, and your music has been a very special one to me and all your fans.  As a Nurse Practitioner, I know enough about your illness and its treatment to know that you need much strength and support.  Please find peace in wherever the road may take you, and bask in the love and support around you.   Sincerely ~ Nona Wolosin


 Dan - I've been listening to your music since "Souvenirs" came out when I was in high school.  I think you are one of the most talented songwriters ever.  I think so not only for your creation of beautiful music, but also for the complicated and meaningful lyrics that touch my heart.  One of my favorite songs is "Nexus"; although I love so many of your songs, I could not name them all.  I work in clinical research, so I am acutely aware of the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases.  I worked on a clinical trial for bone pain in prostate cancer years ago and remember how hard it was for these men.  I pray that your cancer will be cured and that you will be able to do all the things you'd like to do again. Bless you for all you have done for us with your music. Kindest regards ~ Karen L. Baouche


 Dan, I hope this message finds you well.  I first saw you in Moline, IL in 1991 and had purchased tickets to see you in Jacksonville FL in 2004 prior to your diagnosis.  I admire your desire to put forth your message for prevention and screening.  Your music is so inspiring to me that I turn to it often in time of need.  My prayers are with you. ~ Lisa Thompson, Panama City FL


 Dan, I will never forget the night a girl friend brought me to one of you concerts in Anaheim.  We sat down and you came onstage by yourself and said something like " it's just me tonight"  the whole arena got dark and you pounded a big chord out on the piano. And started singing "Nether Lands". Wow, it was so powerful and moody at the same time. I loved that edge on your voice. I can't say I will pray for you, I think God is a little too complicated for that, but I do believe that goodness works. I hope for the world's sake that you beat this stuff. We need you. Now more than ever. ~ Bob from Encinitas


 Hello Dan - I am listening to "The Reach" right now and feeling the power of your song. I wish you all of the power of the ocean and the sky to get well!! Your music has touched me very deeply over my 53 years and it still moves me into great places and wonderful memories every time I hear it.  Please get well Dan....we need you (and your music) now more than ever. ~  Bryan C. Klinesteker


 Hi Dan - Today, on my 45th birthday, I wanted to let you know that I still think about you - pretty much my savior from my teenage years. I hope you are doing OK and that you are enjoying your life, seeing its beauty and peace even with illness. My daughter will be 16 next month. Music too is what is getting her through her teen years. I happen to like her music 'alternative rock.' I see so much of me in her.  I know there is something greater than us in which we can put our faith. Perhaps it is just the river. ~ Terri Goldstein, Tampa


 Hi Dan - I turn 40 in two weeks. Guess what, I'm requesting a PSA test from my PCP as a birthday present to myself. Though we've never met... thanks for the gift! Your legacy now goes far beyond melodies, chords, harmonies and stories in song. ~ Garth Cormier, Bangor, Maine


 Dan, I have your Captured Angel album, which I hope to buy in CD, now that we rarely use our turntable.  Well, thinking about that album, made me wonder if you were still creating music. I had no idea. So, I googled your name, found your official website. That is where I learned that you have prostate cancer. I am so very sorry.  I lost my Uncle that way. I pray you win the battle. I will keep you guys in my prayers. I just wanted to say thank you for your music, you have created a lot of joy.  I read on your website that you love to paint.  I thought I would share with you that I do too. Have you been painting? Well God Bless and take care. Sincerely ~ Lisa Tyler


 For many years I have meant to send a thanks for your lovely music- it has enthralled and sustained me from early "Nether Lands" to a song like "River of Souls". Thank you so much it is wonderful that I have heard your music - blessed with your lovely gift of writing and singing it so well. In my thoughts and prayers I believe that our God is and will forever be minding you. In the early days of 2007 I send my best wishes to you and yours for your happiness and comfort in coping with your illness. ~ Charles K, Dublin, Ireland.


 Hi Dan, Just want to let you know that I, like so many others, continue to pray for you and yours.  Thanks for the lovely, lovely music that has touched me for so many years.  I am going to share your "sermon" with my husband when I get home tonight.  Thank you for caring - it has always shown... Your Christmas album is my favorite - such achingly beautiful music and you sing it like no one else could.  It touches me each and every time. Thank you and God bless always ~ Susan Wong, Snohomish, WA.


 Dan & Jean, As 2007 is off to a start, I hope you had wonderful holidays and pray that it will bring you and Jean  much good health, joy, remission/cure and Peace. Know that you are loved more than you can imagine.  Thinking of you and sending you best wishes & prayers now and always.  Remember, "He will raise you up on Eagle's wings, bear you on the Breath of Dawn, make you to shine like the sun, and Hold you in the Palm of His hand."  You are never alone, He is with you always.  We love you and Jean, your music and soul!!!  We thank God for his gift of you and your music and pray that it continues. Love ~ Susan


 Dear Dan, I was just talking about the night Nether Lands was released; the day I became one of your greatest fans.  I had the wonderful opportunity to see you in California many, many years ago.  I just received an iPod for Christmas (good for a 48 year old woman!) and started downloading all of your albums.  My curiosity about where you were at prompted me to do a search and I learned of your cancer only today.  Words cannot describe how I feel.  I will be lifting you up in prayer each and every day, and I want you to know that your music has lifted me up more times than I could count. May you be blessed with miracles. ~ Victoria


 Dear Dan, I am a 47 year old mother of two, happily married to a wonderful guy from Colorado. I want you to know that we will pray for you and your family. All through my high school years I listened to your music, and still do. I am a chef and a ballet dancer and danced to many of your wonderful great songs. I play the guitar now because I listed to you. As a senior in high school I did a charcoal drawing of you and copied it and gave it to you at a concert once. Your music is inspiring and will go on for lots of generations as I hope and pray for you and your family that you do too. I hope you beat this fight  because the millions of peoples lives you have touched will be right there with you pulling for you. All the best ~ Alison Metsker


 Dear Dan, it sounds a bit forward to address you that way, but indeed you are.  You've always been in my home, and in my heart with the beauty you brought all of us in your music.  I've just heard of your battle with PC, the very disease my dear father died of years ago; I know there's more help available these days (Oh, that was a great song) for you and others. Know that you'll be in my prayers.  I've burnt up countless recordings of Nether Lands, and probably now burn up my newest. May God strengthen and heal you. ~ Mara Grady


 Just wanted to write & say you were my inspiration to picking up the acoustic & start writing again. I've been a big fan of your music since I first bought your album Nether Lands back when I was in High School. I hope 2007 brings you healing. Greetings from Toronto Canada ~ A devoted fan, Al


 Dan, To you and your family, a fantastic 2007! Health and blessings are what I wish you. Your songs, your voice and lyrics have been with me for such a long time. You are great, I AM sure you will win this battle. God bless you and keep you and your family in His hands, always. Love ~ Dulce Toledo (from Brazil)


 Dan, I finally hugged my father before he left forever; I finally found peace after lost love;  I finally discovered gratitude and grace. I finally claimed a purple mountain for my soul -- all this because of your musical journey, always more than lyrics and melodies.Your music is timeless; your heart, boundless. If you should despair, remember it's part of the plan, then set it free. Here's the hope you've given us ... back at you. Let it shine, brother. ~ Brent


 Dear Dan - We know that you have been fighting a battle with prostate cancer for some time. My father met your grandparents when they arrived in your hometown an and attended the same church on the south side of town at the time..  My Mother was in the same nursing home as your Grandmother for several years. You are in our thoughts and prayers as you continue your battle.  ~  Bobbie Cation


 Dan, Sorry to hear about your PC. My thoughts and prayers go with you. Been listening to "Same Old Lang Syne" all week.. Great melodies on that song.....and the solo sax at the end is really moving. ~ Mike Klempin Jr., West Frankfort, IL (U of I grad)


 Hello Dan, Just to let you know I am praying for you today.  Thanks for all the beautiful music (understatement). Your music  has always been an inspiration to me and others. Thank you for giving it (music) your best effort and passion. May God Heal Dan. Sincerely ~ Chaplain Major Gaston Jones, United States AIr Force


 In 1975 I heard your songs for the first time. Somewhere in the  distance wicked black and low....... I have no words to express my admiration  for you and your music. Please get well soon. ~ Tim Farrell Horton,  Mi.


 I can't express enough the serenity your music has always brought to me.  I attended every concert you played in Tulsa,OK back in the day. When albums became "extinct" I sought out every one on cd.  My prayers are with you and your lovely Jean.  Please don't give up writing even if you don't perform them.  Your thoughts and words, your music will last on forever and you cannot imagine all the lives your music has touched.  May God bless you and keep you!  "Longer than..." your fan ~ Shirley, now of Arkansas.


 Dear Friend, As a devoted fan since the old days (I'm in my 50's now), I am ashamed of myself for not being aware of your struggle sooner. Your music has touched me more than any other artist. At times it felt like your lyrics looked right into my soul. My life has taken many wrong turns over the years but your music has always been there for me. I was always so anxious to be at the store for the first day of a new release! After a 25 year abusive marriage I found the strength to get out and start over. I have found my way back to the love of my life from my teenage years and we will be married this year. I have found such a sense of peace,inner strength,and such a feeling of love that I never imagined could happen. May God give you all those feelings ten-fold. May He keep you safe and loved. God Bless you and thank you for touching my life as you did.


 Happy New Year Dan!  My prayers are with you and your family in this new year.  Peace and God's blessings to you always.  ~ Terena in Ft. Worth, TX


 Dan - During the Holidays, I was outside our home in Nashville looking at the sky. There was a ring around the moon .... and a chill in the air. While I have most of your music on my IPOD, I had not listened to The Innocent Age for many years. The music and lyrics came rushing back to me, and have been a great comfort during a rough time in my life, especially "Stolen Moments." I pray for you and wish you health and peace.


 Dan, God watch over you and heal you and hold you in the palm of his  hand. Your music brought me through so many challenging times my self. In my  20's I made it because of your music, from my past and on to helping others and  marrying a wonderful man. We have been married 29 years and have a beautiful 27 year old daughter. Last year I fell at work and had a 6 month recovery. When I first got my car back and went out on some errands, I was not feeling too  courageous. I put my CD player on. There came on your song, "Next Time." It  gave me the courage to trust life and continue healing because that very song had gotten me through the hard times of my 20's. I am totally recovered now and  my family and I know it actually was a very blessed year and angels were watching over me.  God bless you and your loved ones and help you heal. You have helped so many of us. With love and gratitude, for the courage you have  given me set to beautiful music.  ~ Jane Roesti


 I want to let you know that my husband and I will be praying for your full recovery.  You and your music have meant so much to us.  I saw you in concert at Universal in Burbank when it was still an outdoor theater in the mid 70's.  It was only the second live concert I had ever been to and it was my little brother's first concert.  We still talk about it to this day.  Your music always touched me deeply and has always brought me to a better place when I listen to it.  I feel like I am listening to an old friend whenever I hear a song by you.  Thank you for all you have done for me and countless others.  I hope and pray for the best for you and your family and hope for the day when you can make more great music.  God Bless you and your family. ~ Kathleen and John Goss


 I think of you often in your fight against prostate cancer.  I knew your father when I was a student a Woodruff High School and was very moved by "Leader of the Band". Lawrence was an amazing musician and what he did with our band in those years was wonderful. I still have a record that was made and placed in my Senior year book.  It was the year we went undefeated and only scored against once.  The record contains a recording of the band with your father directing.  It was an exciting time for all! Sincerely ~  Judith Moldenhauer Burgdorf


 Dear Dan, I am praying that you and yours enjoyed the holidays and have gotten the new year off to a great start. You remain in my prayers and the prayers of many. I truly enjoyed your Christmas CD this year even more than in past years. As I get older I appreciate your music more, it means more to me and I appreciate your genius, and marvel at your music and lyrics with greater wonder. I can tell much thought went into your Christmas CD and for that I am very grateful. I can only hope that you have experienced at least a fraction of the Joy that you and your music have given others. I believe that if EVERYONE listened to your music the world would be at PEACE right now.   I wish you great health and a great 2007!!!! " The Map is in Your Soul, and the ROAD in in Your mind"!!!! "So many mountains before us..." You again have my best wishes and many prayers being offered for you and yours. Please do let us, your fans, know if there is anything we can do to help you. "Don't look down!" Much love and Peace ~ Laura Boughner Richmond, Va.


 Hi Dan, I just want to add my name and thoughts to the wonderful list of both here.  Though I have adored your music through the years, I want you to know how especially important The Innocent Age was and continues to be to me. Talk about impeccable work--no song in the mix less than amazing.  Plus, this work came at a time in my life when I for reasons I'll keep to myself needed precisely what you were offering, and I'm not talking so much about the "hits" as lesser-known pieces like "Sand and the Foam" and the title song.  I have felt saddened to know of your health misfortunes; but I also know people can recover from some of the most terrifying predicaments and I am sending my well-wishes and prayers out to you.  It looks like you've got quite a loving bundle of like-wishes and prayers coming your way.  I am not surprised about this, nor am I surprised to read here what you have meant to peoples' lives, because I know what they're talking about.  So Get Well Soon Mr. Fogelberg.  "Let It Shine" right back at you. ~ Ernie Osborne, Rollinsford, NH


 Dan, You moved my soul beyond imagine. In my youth, I cried so hard in my private dwelling of pain with you playing on my record player. You'll never know how you saved me. Saved me from myself. I wanted to marry you, and I did in my imagination. I just heard a song of yours on the radio, I had so many memories come streaming back into my brain. Many thoughts of your music moving me, deeply. I am saddened by your diagnosis. I will pray for you Dan. I have keep prayer close to me. Thank you dear Lord, for blessing me with Dan. ~ Holly


 Dan - I was shocked to recently learn of your health issues. I wish you to absolute speediest speediest recovery! Just to let you know, I'm a huge music fan. Played music all my life, etc.  Incredibly influenced by the Beatles in 1964 at the perfectly impressionable age of 12, etc..So we're in the same era in terms of musical influences, similar age, etc.


And I must say to you that YOUR music has had the strongest emotional impact on me than that of any other artist's music -   PERIOD.  Sometimes I kick myself and deny it and tell myself to not give in to 'sentimentality' because it isn't cool - but your  music is honest and heartfelt and the sincerity comes through and if there is some sentimentality there - hey what's wrong with that?  To me as a listener, the honestly and sincerity and emotion and musicality and exquisite melody and pure talent that comes through your music is overwhelming.  Not only are your lyrics very touching and engaging - but more importantly - the lyrics would mean nothing without the great melodies and songs they are attached to.  Your overriding send of melody and harmony and arrangement comes though with every song and the consistency of your albums is tremendous. No filler throwaway stuff, as is the case with so many artists. Anyway, in summary, you have created an incredible body of work and thanks thanks thanks!


Your music has indeed had a major impact on my life and I wanted to communicate this to you.  I hope that this communication in some small way helps to uplift your spirits. In closing, thanks for many many great musical experiences and again get well soon. I do hope to see you someday again when you resume touring. Take care ~ Derek Morris, Santa Barbara, CA


 Dan, May God bless and strengthen you and your family in this time of need.  Your music has been an inspiration for me for years, and I will pray for your full recovery. Be strong Dan, and keep the faith. God Bless ~ Chris Hilson


 Dear Dan,  I have been an avid fan of yours for years. I live here in Colorado and when I think of the mountains and their beauty I also think of your music and how it has touched me and my wife. I am a physician and unfortunately have dealt with many cases of prostate cancer so I understand to some degree what you are going through. My wife and I pray that God will heal you and maybe someday you will get the chance to make more great music and even perform again. Trust in God for He is good and will never abandon you. God bless you Dan. Sincerely ~ Terry and Susan Wade


 Hi Dan, I have enjoyed your music for decades and I want you to know I’m praying for your healing. You probably have had many suggestions from doctors and fans and your closest loved ones.  It is impossible to say I know how you feel. But I hope you are having more and more good days where you feel good. I want to encourage you, Music can be therapeutic and I hope you haven’t put your God-Given talent on the shelf.  I’m not saying perform for the public, but making music for you, that’s pleasing and edifying for you. God has blessed you with special gift and I hope when you are feeling up to it your using that gift. Dan, stay strong and keep the faith.


 Dan ~  You're in my prayers.  As others have mentioned, your music has been and is part of my everyday life. ~ Linda, Tinley Park, IL


 Dan, I feel I can call you Dan, in the familiar, because your music and I have been such good friends for so many years (since the mid 70's). I still listen to you daily, and with the advent of the iPod you now travel with me everywhere. When I'm feeling down, your music is my shelter. I wish I had the same to offer you. I just wanted you to know, in a very un-poetic way, that  your music has been a great part of my world for the past 30 years. Would love to see you back in the studio giving us some new classics but it won't matter, the oldies still play like new everyday for me. I wish you health and happiness in the new year. Sincerely ~ Dave Marynak


 Dear Dan: I have listened to your music for many years. It has been a real inspiration to me and I really relate to it. I always wished that I had seen you in concert, but I did not take advantage of the opportunity and spent a lot of time out West. I was both shocked and saddened to hear of your battle with prostate cancer. You are one of my favorite musicians and we have a common ground: we were both born in Illinois. I am originally from Chicago but have lived out West for most of my life. I presently reside in Bozeman, Montana and am an avid fly fisherman, hiker, and backcountry skier. Prostate cancer can be prevented with yearly checkups and if detected early enough, the person can be saved. Thanks again for your music and your legacy.You are the best! I wish you a speedy and complete recovery. Peace. Sincerely ~ Frank C. Benestante


 A long-time fan wishing you well. ~ Jim, Chapel Hill, NC


 Dan,  I wish you and your family hope, love, and encouragement.  Your music has inspired me since the beginning and I only wish that the music of today portrayed the love, inspiration, and respect for mankind and nature that yours does.  I know God is with you and I am planning on seeing you again at Red Rocks soon.  There will never be another album like Nether Lands.  Thank you for all the years of listening pleasure you have provided so many and we all await the news of your total recovery. God Bless! ~ Jennifer Booton


 Dan: You and your music has been an inspiration for me since 1974 when I first heard "Stars" and later "To The Morning".  As a guitar (hacker) player I have always enjoyed your intricate playing skills and thoughtful compositions.  I write a little and play (make noise) a lot - and mostly it is your music that comes from by D-41DF, one of the few earthly treasures I have (other than my family).  I have seen you perform many times and once at Irvine Meadows you had to compete with the dragster sounds from a nearby race and you found humor in the moment.  I wish for you much laughter and joy in each precious moment given by the creator.  And I pray for you to have many many moments. ~ Dale in Atlanta, GA.


 For Dan Fogelberg... I hope things are well for you.  We haven't heard anything for quite awhile, hoping things are well.  I have no family, and worry about prostate cancer and colon cancer now that things have taken a turn.  Thank God for Faith and Prayers from friends. I Pray you are well. May God bless you many good and loving things! a fan ~ Gary Hillson


 God speed total healing to you and strength for your family at this time. Your music has meant so much to me as a musician for all of these years. Thanks especially for your Christmas album. Remembering you ~ Clark Williams and family, Crawford, GA


 Just wanted to know what an impact you have had on my life. A friend introduced me to your music in 1978, and I now have all of your albums.  As I listen to them I realize what a talented musician and artist you are.  I hope for the best in your time of darkness, and pray that you can overcome your cancer. I pray you and your wife will find strength and hope together. Love, a fan for life ~ Lea Martinez


 Dan, I owe you a huge debt of gratitude that there is no adequate way to express.  Your music has inspired me since my college days in central Illinois.  Your vocal abilities taught me how to sing.  Every night I go onstage and do concerts around the world, the audience is unaware that what they are hearing is only possible because your concerts inspired me to pursue a singing career and your voice is what I imitate every night.  Thank your for the music and being willing to share them with the world.  I will always be grateful to you. ~ Bobby Poynton, The Lettermen/The Diamonds


 I have been a fan for years. I hope all is well.  I fall asleep most  nights listening to your voice. If ever there is a chance that you may sing  again, I will be there to hear you. Much love to you & yours.  ~ cinder


 Dear Dan, If I could say a prayer for every minute of happiness your music has brought into my life, I would be praying for the next twenty years and still owe a debt. Your music has made me smile, made me cry, made me many things. From the time I was a little girl, your music has been a part of my life. I was introduced to your music by my older brother. I can still remember riding around with him in his '67 Chevy listening to "Home Free" on 8-track.  My favorite then, and now, is "To the Morning". I could talk for hours about how much your music has meant to me but I will just say "thanks". Much love and many prayers to you and your family. ~ Teresa, Mississippi


 Dan, I pray for you and your family for restoration of your health. I would love to hear the music from you written from the point of view of the wisdom gained from your journey through this fight for your life. As a girl from Illinois I have always loved your poetry, and felt kinship in being the daughter of a leader of the band as well. My father was a band director of the John Phillip Sousa variety as I surmise your father to have been. My best wishes to you in this new year. May 2007 be a year of recovery for you ~ Michele


 I wrote you some time ago and hope all is well and you're doing much better.  Your music is such an inspiration and was my reason to take up guitar.  I just had to learn to play "Leader of the Band".  What a wonderful, talented song writer you are.  You reach the very core of my soul.  I've written some songs myself and you definitely are my model writer.  Good luck to you.  I hope to see you on tour again sometime.  I've seen your concerts every time you were in SLC, Ut. Thanks for sharing your talent with the world.  You really have made a difference.  Love your music. ~ Diane King


 Dan, As a lifelong guitar player and songwriter I do wish you the best.  I have not noticed any updates on your condition on the website, and am hoping you're beating this thing!!!  I have admired your music since you first started in the biz. Thank you so much for your insight and outpouring in your songwriting.  I have always counted you as my major influence. I remember hearing "The River" from Home Free back in '72 and was just blown away (I was only 12, and just starting to play).  From there I have followed you through every album, every song and finally got to see you live at Wolftrap in Vienna, VA just a few years ago (solo), and that concert will always stay with me as the most emotionally moving experiences of my life.  I introduced my oldest daughter to you that night, and she, as well was blown away. Keep fighting bro', there is strength in those mountains of CO.  I know, I've lived and loved it too.  For The LIVING LEGACY (You) ~ Tony Jackson,

Fredericksburg, VA


 Last week I was driving in the Smokey Mountains and suddenly I started singing a song  to myself that I haven't heard for years! ! "Dancing Shoes". I had the album Nether Lands (in fact I still have it) and honestly I haven't thought of it for years. I got this urgency to hear my favorite song "Dancing Shoes" again and ran right out and bought the CD. I enjoyed it so much that I got on line  to see where you may be in concert. Even though you are unable to perform at this time, I am looking forward to the day that you will come to Naples Florida as you had originally planned! God will bless you - keep the faith!! ~ Sally in Florida


 Dan,  Thirty years ago a friend said "you have got to listen to this  guy". I did and to this day I am still listening. Since then I have heard you  play at 11 different concerts. Your music has gotten me through the worst of  times, the happy times, it's been an inspiration for my painting and drawings.  You have been a part of my life for so long you are like an old friend. And like for any good friend, I pray for you that you will be well again. I pray for your strength and courage to keep fighting this disease no matter what. Come back to all your fans!!! we miss you. Sincerely ~ Denise Snyder


 We just want to let you know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. You have so touched our lives and our marriage. On New Year's Eve our daughter, Rachel, was married to a sweet man, Freddie, and "Longer" was played on the organ as part of their service just as it had been played and sung at our own wedding 26 years ago. Your words have guided and inspired so many people. We wish faith, love and hope that only our Lord can give us and our families when we face our times of trials. I pray for peace for you both. ~ Melissa & Matt Brown


 Dan, I'm sending you the very best of wishes. I hope you and Jean were blessed over the holidays and that you are stronger and moving forward in your battle for a healthy life. Your music will continue to fill my life and wrap my heart and soul in serenity and joy. My prayers are with you both. May 2007 have lots of good things in store for you. Sincerest love and gratitude ~ Nancy C. in Alabama


 Hey Dan, The song "To The Morning " is "our song" for my husband and me (32 yrs married). We treasure the two concerts we went to. The first in Colorado Springs when you sang "Leader of the Band" for the first time to an audience. The second was at the Red Rocks and of course it was magical for us and everyone else in the audience. We have "To The Morning " in our cd alarm to wake us each day. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you for a healing and recovery. Please check into and their recipe for four herb tea. It has healed a close friend of ours. Your music has been an inspiration to us both and please know how much your words have touched millions. I have left instructions for "Ghosts" to be played at my funeral some day. I spent many years teaching and have now been helping at my husband's funeral home. Many songs have been heard during the services we have helped with and the thought of your words at my service someday are a comfort. You are so loved and if all our positive energy can help you in your battle, you will find peace and comfort and will be healed. We wish you the best. All our love and prayers ~ Mike and Suzanne Donelson, Rocky Ford, Colorado


 Dearest Dan, For all the joy you and your music have given me personally, I thank you.  With all my being I wish for you health, healing, and strength to face whatever comes. You and your family are often in my thoughts and prayers. Remember: There is no day but today. ~ Glenna Montgomery


 Dan, My wife and I have treasured your music for many years and even selected "Longer" as our first dance for our wedding day in September 1982.  One of our greatest thrills was to have practically front row seats at an intimate acoustic show you performed in Lake Tahoe back in the winter of 1989.  I'll be 50 in May and I still keep that faded ticket stub in a special place.  We were skiing at Squaw the next day, but when you mentioned during the show that you would be at Kirkwood it was very tempting to head over that way in hope of sharing a lift ride on the mountain with you!  As you courageously battle through health issues, please know you are loved and that you have touched the hearts of many people like us who only wish you the very best and pray for a full recovery.  Although we have never met, we somehow count you as our friend.  In a sense, what you have given us without even knowing it, is a lift ride to the summit every time we hear your music.  Thanks Dan, for everything.  Love and returning health are our wish for you. With love ~ Mark and Lisa


 Happy New Year Dan and Jean. Hope to see you back soon.  ~ R M, Lakeville, MA


 Dan, Thank you for the wonderful work! I wish you the best with your prostate cancer. Regards ~ John


 I just heard about the news of your illness and felt a deep ache. Few people in my life have put so graciously into words the emotions  of my daily living and searching as you have. Your music inspired me to start playing the guitar in college. My first song was "Leader of the Band", and I continue to play today, nearly 3 decades later, thanks to you. Best wishes for a prompt return to health.  My wife, Cathleen, and I wish you and yours much love, laughter and happiness always ~ John Banister-Marx, Byfield, MA


 Dan, thank you so much for the incredible body of work you have given  the world over the span of your career.  As a Kentuckian "Run For The  Roses" of course has a very special meaning for me as does "Lonely In Love"  which truly represented a magic moment in my life upon hearing for the first  time when it was released.  Every subsequent playing of it since instantly  transports me back to that day when I heard it on the radio while in route to my  weekly drum lesson.  On that note let me thank for you employing the talents of one of my all time drum heroes, Russ Kunkel, whose playing has always been a perfect compliment to your music.  I learned so much from his playing over the  years and I'm grateful that your music served as such a pleasant source of music  education for me as it did a source of enjoyment and inspiration. 


You are in my prayers for a continued recovery from your illness as is  your family.  I wish you all the very best as you have always given music  loving world the same. God Bless and thank you again!!! ~ Eric, Louisville, Kentucky


 Dan, About the same time I rediscovered your music I learned of your fight with prostate cancer.  I only hope, and PRAY you are one of the lucky ones. Your voice mustn't stay silent.  Back in 1978 I discovered your fine songwriting by way of your collaboration with a long time favorite of mine, Tim Weisberg.  "Twin Sons" is a classic, and so is its follow-up. I must have blinked when "No Resemblance" was released. I discovered it while I was looking for a CD to replace my old vinyl of "Twin Sons" -  the same time I learned of your illness.  God Bless. ~ Lydia Bishop, Everett, WA


 A little late, I know, 'cause it's been a while since your diagnosis. But, I hope and pray all continues to go well. I owe you, after God, of course, a huge thank you. You were a big inspiration to me. I write and sing locally in Waynesville, NC (as a matter of fact, my Pastor has asked me to sing a new Christmas song of mine tomorrow, 1/7/07, called " Christmas Moon"). He still considers it Christmas season, and it is Epiphany Sunday! Your beautiful songs have touched my life. You are GREATLY appreciated. ~ Walter Comer


 Dear Dan, Hoping you had a lovely Christmas and wishing you a Happy New Year.  The holiday always brings out the Dan Fogelberg Christmas CD--my absolute favorite Christmas CD.  Now that Christmas is over,  I'm fixing dinner for my family and listening to the Home Free CD while enjoying a glass of wine on Saturday night.  Too bad it's 70 degrees in Virginia or my fireplace would be going, too.  Just wanted you to know that there are plenty of us in Richmond, VA who still think about you and are loving listening to your music.  With many fond memories of many years as a fan ~ Donna Moore


 As a new year has begun I have turned to thoughts of precious moments from previous years.  Each and every year since 1984 Dan Fogelberg has been a part of my years and special memories.  When I studied for my finals in college from 1984 - 1988 I listened to your albums. When my husband Michael and I were married in 1988 we had "Longer" played. When each of my daughters was born (1996 and 1999) your music was the first thing they heard when coming into this world.  My favorite album has been Innocent Age  (although since I have pretty much all of them it is hard to say that I truly do have a favorite for I love them all. ) and it was playing in the background of my hospital room.  I won tickets in 1996 in Lubbock, Texas to a concert you performed in Amarillo.  I listened to the radio night and day for weeks to win tickets and was so excited to get them.  I was about 6 weeks away from my due date with my first daughter and although my doctor said I could not travel, I went anyway.  Katherine danced in my stomach during the entire performance and she still enjoys dancing to your music.  I pray for your recovery from this devastating illness and I feel a lot of beautiful music will come out of this for you.  You are blessed with a wonderful gift and you have changed many people's lives with the lovely words in your songs.  This year for Christmas my husband presented me with an MP3 player with hours and hours of Dan Fogelberg tunes.  I will spend many wonderful moments running to your words.  Thank you for being a part of my life for over 20 years.  God Bless you and your family and do not give up the strong fight.  God will persevere for you. ~ Michael, Karen, Katherine, Meghan and the Potato Chip Gang (Sam, Princess, Kerchak & Rio ... "Can't Stop At Just One")


 Hi Dan - Greetings from a very snowy Colorado! Dan, I continue to look on this site periodically hoping so much that there will be a message from you. It brings tears to my eyes to see how many people, like me, have been touched by your music, your very being. The lack of your voice in the wilderness is deafening. We miss you so. Yes, we have your music, but it just seems that your voice is needed now, more than ever. May you find strength knowing that all of our hearts are with you and Jean. ~ Cherie Orwig, Denver


 Dear Dan, I have been moved by your music since my late teens and throughout my life.I was very upset about your prostate diagnosis. I am praying for your recovery and good PSA levels. I pray for lovely Jean as well during these times. The power of prayer will touch you as Jesus wants his music disciples to remain providing positivism in the world, especially with our world situation now. I believe you will receive guidance from good health providers who I will also add to my prayer list. Your music is quite uplifting to the masses. It's part of the plan for you to create as long as you feel up to it. My last was at the Kleinhans Music Hall in Buffalo,NY at which I cried while you performed on the baby grand & acoustic set. It's funny that you enjoy Mozart {also another of my #1 artists}. I feel that you have much of his intensity in your own music. Thank you for your legacy and pray you may possibly even do a remote performance to beam out to fans on the WWW if you cannot travel.I don't want to sound selfish but how we love your wonderful talent. ~ Michelle Froewiss


 Very sorry to become aware of your battle with prostate cancer and many well wishes and prayers. Warmest Christian Love ~ Randy Nagel


 Hi Dan, I have so many memories from high school to college listening to your music.  I can recount countless nights sitting around trying to learn your music, and watching my (more talented) roommate master all of your songs on the guitar.  I love the story my roommate shared with me about his uncle sitting in a New York City park and as the story goes, you came along and sat down and asked if you could play.  He did not know who you were at first, but he was shocked he had the opportunity to do that with you. I want to think that story is true...if it's not than it's a nice dream!!   Anyway, sorry for the rambling!!  I will lift you up in prayer concerning your illness.  We have an awesome God who has a plan for all of us, and he obviously has had and still does have a wonderful plan for your life, and you are truly loved by many.  I pray for a full recovery and healing of your body.  I would also like to throw out a verse that is found in the bible.  It is Jeremiah 33:3.  It encouraged Jeremiah in his time of tribulation and I hope it will be that to you....Blessings to you and your family!! ~ Brian Patterson


 Thinking of you and wishing you a New Year filled with hope and renewed health.  Thank you for your wonderful gift of music. ~ SE, OH


 Dear Dan, I wanted to let you know that the Benedictine Monks of Clear Creek  Monastery will be saying 7 consecutive Masses in the Traditional Latin Rite  sung in Gregorian chant with some Masses said in silence on your behalf.  Those will be said every morning at 7:15 am Low Mass and some days at 10:00  am High Mass beginning January 21 through January 27, 2007. May God bless you  during this time. ~ Gretchen Murray


 You have to be in awe of all of these wonderful email well wishes you are receiving. Yes, I too grew up with your first album and thinking back then that you surely went through some of the same things I was going through. Thanks for the advice on the PSA test. Just know that we are here to help you through the tough times just as you were there for us. Momma raised us to have the love of Jesus in our hearts and the older I get the more I lean on him. God bless you and yours. ~ Bufford Skipper PMD Elkhart, IN


 Dan, For 30 years I shared a friendship with a very special person.  Three years ago, when she was in her mid forties, she found out she had cancer.  I struggled at times to find words of encouragement when we would talk, but the words never came that easy.  Then I realized that being a songwriter, as you are, or actually a lyricist, that I should convey my feelings the way I knew how and the way I knew she would expect and understand. I wrote the lyric 'A Whisper Away' for her. We all want you to know, that you will never be alone in your fight with cancer, that we will all just be 'A Whisper Away' when you need us. You and your music have always been there for us. We will always be there for you. ~ William Polson, Glasgow, KY


 My family wishes you and your family all the best.  We will pray for your full recovery.  What would the world be like without such a beautiful person and musician?  We have been fans since the first album and have driven hundreds of miles to see you in concert.  I could not begin to tell you how many hours I have listened to your music.  When I first bought the album "Nether Lands" it was on my player for over a month straight.  Every time I had company over, I would make them listen to it and get angry if they talked while it was playing.  I have introduced many people to your music and they were all, without exception, instant fans.  Oh, my late teen years spent seducing my hopeful lovers listening to your angelic voice on "Dancing Shoes" (my all time favorite) I miss that.  You have inspired me to play the guitar and to move from Illinois to Colorado, just like you did. Our prayers are with you and your family.  Dan, you have been blessed by God with your talent and music and I am sure he will bless  his special child with a full recovery and this experience will inspire you to create more beautiful music and art. I cannot tell you what your music has done for me over my lifetime and can only say "Thank You" you are a very special person. God Bless ~ Jeff Glasgow


 Dear Dan,  It is a new year and I am thinking about you, as I am sure all your fans are. I hope you are doing well. Happy New Year to you and Jean. I was listening to your music the other day (and I have all of your music) and wondered how you are. I visit your web site to see if there is any news. Please take care of yourself and keep warm in the Winter's cold. You are in my heart and my prayers.~ Laurie, Enid, OK.


 Best wishes!   My wife is a Peoria girl and we LOVE your music.


 I hope God's blessings may find you each day just as your music has found all of us, your devoted fans. You have filled so many moments for us with such beautiful music that it has become really a part of us. May this message find you well this day with all our prayers for you and your loved ones. I've requested to my family that "Along the Road" be played at my passing for it sums up what life is about and the humble part we play. Thanks for all. God Bless.


 Best wishes to you, Dan, and your lovely wife in this difficult time. I've been a fan since the first of your albums to come out. Your music has always put me in a better place when times were tough. Again , good luck to you and God speed. ~ Jim Petersen


 How quiet it seems without you. You are always in our prayers. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us. The world has brightened because of you. May this wish of hope brighten you in return. Peace and Blessings. ~ Mia


 After being away from your music for a while, I sought out your website and read about your health.  It prompted me to get a complete physical including a PSA test as you suggested.  Everything turned out fine, thank the Lord. Thank you for your music,and your willingness to share it with us.   You and yours will be in my prayers.  Take care and God bless.~ Brent Grimes, Columbus, GA


 Hey Dan, Doug here.  I hope everything is going well for you and yours.  The thing is, anytime one of my friends or family has a medical problem it reminds me how fragile we really are and life is sometimes controlled by other means.  We, however, do have some power to prevent or rectify illnesses.  Your advice of regular check ups is well heard here.  I gotta tell ya that over the years your voice, music and lyrics have been a leader for me and as a matter of fact I have one of your cd's in my car cd player as I write.  I'm sure things will work out and good health will be all yours.  If there is anything I can do to help please let me know.  Best wishes ~  Doug Gilchrist


 As a cancer survivor myself I can relate to your battle and my prayers and thoughts are now with you and your family. As a fan of your music since the 70's, I grieve at the thought of your not returning to the studio. It has always been an occasion for me and one of my true friends to get together and listen to the "new" Fogelberg. Good luck and with God's mercy we'll thank him for your deliverance...~ Bob

 Dear Dan & Family,  I just wanted you to know that I still pray for your recovery each day.  My father has been prostate-cancer free for 5 years, so I know it is possible.  The performances of yours that I have had a chance to attend have been the highlights of my concert experiences.  You have been my favorite performer for most of my adult life.   Thank you for sharing your great gift with me and the rest of the world.  ~ Jill  


 Dear Dan, In high school I first heard you play with John Mabee at one of our chili suppers.  I'd never be able to describe my thankfulness for the blessings of your musical gifts, and for all the years you've shared them with us.   Keep hangin' in there and accept my best wishes for the new year. ~ A fan from way back when.


 Dear Dan, I visited your website for the first time and would like to offer my sincerest and most heartfelt wishes for your recovery.  My prayers are with you and your family. The reason I visited your site is that, for years, I've been using two specific instrument performances from one of your songs as examples of virtuosity.  I've been a musician for 40 years in countless bands and have often cited the bassline and sax solo from the song "Same Old Lang Syne" for their ability to be both intricate and fit the song perfectly. I was certain the saxophone was Michael Brecker--it had his signature all over it.  But, for years I've meant to find out who did the extraordinary bass track (I figured that you put together a group of studio hot shots for this piece, including bass).   I was very pleasantly surprised that you played the bass track on the song.  I would like to know how you feel about the results of this particular bass line and if you've received the recognition you deserve for it. Thanks from a fan and fellow musician ~ Michael M. Fisk


 Thank you for the gift of your music. I have been a fan for 30 years. I love the intricate harmonies and unique use of instruments in your music. I love the variety of sounds and the poetry of the lyrics. God bless you in your battle with cancer. I wish I could wrap up the peace and joy that I have found in a life guided by the Spirit of Christ and give it to you as a gift-like you have given me the gift of your music. Sincerely ~ Juli Lane


 Dear Dan, As I read through some of the messages posted by fans,  I was reminded that I too started listening to your music back in 1979. I too am 46 and your music is still as powerful to me now as it was then.  Thank you for your gift of song.  I truly believe in the power of prayer and I will continue to pray for you and your family. Stay well. ~ Elizabeth B. Wayland, MA


 Dan: Your music continues to make me spiritually happy. You are a tremendous musician and someone who actually cares about our planet and its inhabitants. My prayers go out to both you and Jean.   I hope to see you back on the road again.  ~ James G. Osgood


 Been thinking of you so very much in the first days of the new year. Wrote you here before Christmas and maybe it was the annual playing of your Christmas album, but since then, you have really been on my mind. I'm hoping that means that things are progressing as they should and you are doing well. My love for your music and our mutual love for those Colorado Rockies make me feel particularly close to you -- even with you being "a celebrity," and all -- and I'm hoping that very soon, you will again grace us with your amazing talent. Much love, peace and blessings to you, Dan, and to your family. You're in our prayers! ~ Terrie Ens, Galva, KS


 Dear Dan, I have been a fan since 1976, when I first heard you in California. I hope that you are doing better. I found out about the cancer when I went to your web-site. I had been thinking that I needed a Dan Fogelberg fix. The last time I saw you was at the Starlight Theatre in Kansas City 2003. So I was going to track your next gig when I saw the news. I thought about sending you an  e-mail and then thought it was silly, so here I am being silly.  Seriously, I thought that you needed some prayers. So here I am. May God bless you. I am Catholic and will have the monks at Clear Creek Monastery in Hulbert, Oklahoma say seven consecutive Masses for you. I will let you know when those will be scheduled. I will also pray the rosary and  the Chaplet to St. Michael for you during the month of January on a daily basis. In our Lady and Our Lord ~ Gretchen Murray


 Hi, Dan. Thought I'd share something with ya. I can now relate somewhat. A neurosurgeon has determined he doesn't know what a growth on my pituitary gland is. Could be a granuloma, really odd adenoma or cancer. Thus, I am to go for a biopsy ASAP. The growth has surrounded my carotid arteries, which is odd due to this being the path of greatest resistance. Scary part, strokes have occurred during both the biopsy and the surgery. So, I "am" scared. But, my faith keeps me going. That and, now nobody can say my life is dull. Best of wishes to you ~ Walter Comer


 Hi Dan,  I just want to send my best wishes to you.  I met one of your cousins a few years ago at one of our mutual relatives' birthday bash.  I had heard of you -- but (unfortunately) had not followed your music.  Well, after talking to her, I went to the library & checked out some of your CD's.  I found that my favorite was "High Country Snows" and I requested it for a Christmas present.  It is now in my car CD player & I was listening to it as I drove around this morning. My brother-in-law has been diagnosed with your very same illness -- and I am aware of what you are going through. Thank you so much for your music.  I LOVE listening to my CD -- you make this world a much better place!! ~ Carol


 Dear Dan,  I have been a fan since your first album. I am so sorry to hear about your illness. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.


 Dear Dan,  Wishing you all the blessings possible as you conquer "The Beast".   I also listen to your music daily, in fact our entire family has been blessed with your gifts through the years.  Thank you so much for sharing your talents and gifts with the world.   I too have been battling a "Beast" of a different sort, Esophageal Cancer, which allows for tremendous amounts of empathy and well wishes for your return to good health in the near future and beyond.  May the peace that passeth all understanding be with you.   Thinking of you ~  Jerry Jordahl, Mpls, MN


 Dan, I love your music and wish you the best.  I will pray for a speedy recovery. Best Regards ~ Sonja


 Hello Dan, I have followed and enjoied your music for many years since I found out about our common surname - even if we are not family. Five years ago they found this cancer in me through the PSA tests. I got the total operation and it worked out fine. I am somewhat older than you - 63 now, but my life is wonderful and it is my hope that it is going to work out as well for you as for me. ~ Leif Fogelberg (swedish and music lover)


 While searching itunes for my favorite Dan Fogelberg Tunes, I also popped into your website to check on how you're doing.  I believe in the positive power of prayer and what the prayers of many can do for the one. My earliest recollection of your music touching my life was in 1979 - hearing 'To The Morning" - I was hooked for life, and now at 46, your voice, lyrics and harmonies can take me back to sweeter, or sadder times in an instant. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world, and with me.  You and your family are in my prayers for healing, peace, & comfort. ~ Laurel Coote - Torrance, CA  


 Hi Dan, it's Richard Reau writing from Columbus, OH. Saw you here some years ago at the Ohio theatre, and you really kicked ass...especially on the slide acoustic...awesome. Best wishes from Kathleen and I...hang in there and we look forward to hearing you play again here ~ Rich Reau


 Dan, there is music left in you. Damaris and I hope for your speedy and full recovery, although if we are forced to choose between the two, we'll just take FULL..  We will stay tuned looking for the day when the message comes through that you are back healthy and ready again to give the gift of music to your legions of fans. Until then...stay strong; lean on Jean and any of us who can provide you with strength. We love you more than you know. ~  Eric Haviland  Durango, CO.


 Dear  Dan, Over here in Weston-super-mare UK my family wish you  all God's help with your battle against the dreaded Cancer.   I can tell you I had my annual check last week which my GP says the prostate is OK all though I do have other problems in that area, well  at 60 you have to expect some problems down there. All the best for the future.  Remember our  prayers are with you always.~ Austin and Stephanie in Weston-super-mare  UK.


 Dan.  It is the beginning of 2007 and I just read about your cancer.  I am blown away.  I googled to see where you have been and this came up.  Man.  Your music inspired me so much and still does.  Thank you.  My sister died a year ago and because of our mutual love for your music that was what we played and I know she was lovin' it from above. God Bless You and I sure hope you are doing better. ~ Cheryl


 Dan, Looks like a ton of people feel the same way I do about you and the music that has so deeply touched our lives. I started listening to your music back in the 70's and I can honestly say that it never gets old. Some of my fondest memories are from the times I went to several of your concerts from The Woodlands in TX to Red Rocks in Denver to Saratoga Spa Park in upstate NY. From driving around in the mountains of Colorado listening to the "High Country Snows" CD to canoeing on Lake George singing "Go Down Easy" with my wife, your music has always been a part of my life. "First Christmas Morning" is a staple during the Christmas season. "Nether Lands" is still my favorite album.I think I recently went over the bazillion mark in the number of times I've listened to it. I remember finding a song on the B side of an old 45 at a garage sale that had your "Hearts and Crafts" song on it. I wore that little record out and was really glad when it showed up later on your "Portrait" collection. I have to admit that I learned to play many of your songs on the guitar, though not very well. I even formed a band and tried to write and record music that was patterned after your style, but again it was a far cry from your stuff. I always hoped that I would meet you someday to let you know how much you have enriched my life with your music (and to ask you why you never played any of the songs from "Nether Lands" at your concerts, or at least the ones I went to :-)). God has indeed given you an unbelievable talent and I'm very thankful that you used it to bless us all with so many varieties of music (except rap, thank goodness). I wish you the best in your fight against cancer. Sincerely ~ Damian Cook, Round Rock, TX


 Dear Dan, I've been thinking about you so much lately. Please know that so many of us are sending you positive thoughts and energy in gratitude for all that you have done for us. Thank you so much for everything. I think about you every time I reach the top of a mountain I'm hiking and every 'end of October'. Thank you for all the gifts, and may  they all come back to you a hundredfold. Love ~ Eileen


 Dan, The other night I was driving home and "The Leader of the Band" was being played on the radio. My dad passed on in 1999 and that song has brought me an incredible amount of comfort. I first saw you in concert in Pittsburgh many years ago and have always been touched by your music. Both of my children were put to sleep by me in a rocking chair singing songs by either you or James Taylor. I hope that this message finds you feeling well and in good spirits. Keep up the fight and know that there are many people like me who have been touched and inspired by your music. Warmest Regards ~ Bill Valenta


 So sorry to hear of your illness. You are a strong person and I know will be able to win this battle; your wife, a stronger person I know will be the factor in which you will win the battle. The world is losing a little bit of love and life without your talent as a songwriter and musician everyday that you are not touring or recording.


You are the reason that my husband and I are together.  We live and love everyday through your music. Your song "Same Old Lang Syne" is a story about our life, but...unlike the end of your song, we ended up together! I know that Colorado is the most beautiful "country" in the world and you have written of its legacy in your songs and I thank you for that. Take care my friend ---- cura ut valeas! ~ Lisa Armstrong


 Dear Dan, You and your family are in my prayers. May you continue to be strong.  You are always an inspiration.  Peace~ Erika from Middletown


 Dan,  Of the ten or more concerts of yours that I have seen, the one with first row seats at the Peoria Civic Center had to be the most memorable - a sort of homecoming!  I just purchased a piano book of your Greatest Hits.  As a long time piano player (but not a really good one), I am truly enjoying trying to do the songs a little justice.  Best Wishes and prayers for strength, courage and healing! ~  Kate


 Dan, I listened to you during my formative teen and college years.  I often found a song whose lyrics validated my feelings. During my early professional career 1980-1992 I worked with Terry Walters (my manager).  He shared stories of how he (Terry) didn't believe the rock and roll gig would amount to much so he left the band with you and ???? (drummer from REO speedwagon) for a career with better potential.  Take good care my friend ~ David Tjon, Los Gatos, CA


 Dan: I was turned on to your music way back in the mid 70's by my own "twin son" of a different mother (my dear friend Dave, who gets copied on this).  Your music was literally the soundtrack to my life for those critical years in college and medical school.  I am saddened to just now learn of your diagnosis. If there is anything I can do as a physician, please let me know.  I am a pain specialist, working frequently with cancer and hospice patients. God bless and keep the faith. I will keep you in my prayers. Thanks for the wonderful, healing music you have made over the years. You truly found your calling in this life. ~ Greg Carter, MD


 Greetings from your snowy hometown. Thinking of you and praying that you feel all the love being sent your way.  Hugs ~  Joanne


 I hope you find strength every day, and I pray that you are feeling well. I love you, your music has been a mainstay as long as I have known you, which is from your beginnings. I am proud to say I have been to see you in person, a memory not easily forgotten. You have my very best wishes... ~  Vicki Hahn, Waymart, Pennsylvania


 Dear Dan, Words cannot express what your music has meant to me in so many ways. You are my favorite songwriter. My only wish is that I would have done it first. ha ha Living here in Wasilla, Alaska, I can relate to your inspiration with the natural beauty and awe of our natural surroundings and feel the divine providence each day as we can all adore our natural wonders. Your songs meld well with that (the melancholy ones). I'm a left handed guitar player and in our small town we have a music shop that will be selling (I hope) a limited edition Dan Fogelberg Martin D41-DF guitar. As a lefty, I don't know the prospects but if I can acquire one it would be one of my most honored possessions. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Jean as are thousands of others and the power of prayer can work wonders. May God bless you and yours ~ Michael Agen


 You will always be the 'Leader of the Band'  and I hope your next tour is leading the band of cancer survivors.  You are in our hearts and prayers.


 Please know that you have changed my life because of the songs and words through the years. I saw you twice when I was a teenager in Connecticut. Possibly at the New Haven Coliseum. Anyway, love to you and your wife and family and please know you are loved by so many.  Sincerely ~ Barbara


 Thinking of you and praying for you tonight. Feel the caring and the love.


 I am a 50 year old woman now, and I have been listening (& humming)  to your songs for over 30 years. I heard sometime back  that you were ill & I have been praying for you. There are times in my life  (like when my Dad had a serious illness this past year and then passed on) when  I find comfort and energy from your music.  Thanks for all  you gave each of us ..... I especially loved the concerts at the Greek. Lately I am really into Eva Cassidy's SongBird.   I would  have loved to hear you two perform together! God Bless You.


 Keep fighting Dan!  Your music brings me much happiness and positive memories.  Thank you for sharing your talents with the world. Best wishes ~ Ann Lischer


 Dear Dan, Thanks for all the wonderful music.  I recently started listening again (my vinyl is up in the garage) through iTunes and downloading my favorites brought back sooooo many great memories of the 70's for me.  I used to listen to you while at sea (in the Navy on a carrier off the coast of Viet Nam) and your voice removed much of the loneliness and took me all the way back home. As a side note, I have my PSA baseline and get on all my buddies to get over it and get the baseline and the DRE once a year. I wish you and your family all the best and keep up the fight. Thanks, again. ~ Charley Simpson, Simi Valley, CA


 Dan, I've been a fan since Nether Lands and wish you a complete recovery from your battle with cancer. As a 45 year old man, I appreciate  your recommendations about PSA testing. Hopefully by coming from you, more guys may heed the advice. May God bless you and your  family. ~ Ken Ryder, Virginia


 I was so shocked to read this news. I have been a fan since I was 15-which makes that 30 years now! I have so many great memories of going to see you at the Woodlands in Houston with my best friend. All my prayers are with you and your family. Stay strong and fight this thing. ~ Christine Sykes


"If children have the ability to ignore all odds and percentages, then maybe we can all learn from them.  When you think about it, what other choice is there but to hope?  We have two options, medically and emotionally:  give up, or fight like hell."  ~Lance Armstrong


 The most beautiful music I have ever heard was one night at the auditorium in Jackson, Ms --.A concert with Phoebe Snow followed by Dan Fogelberg. 30 years later I still smile and talk about it. You have shared your God given gift with us. Thank you. I did not realize you had been battling cancer. You have crossed my mind many times in my life and I have often prayed for you. One that you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Two that God would bless you for all the joy you have given others. I will now add 3 to the list, for your complete healing and that God would give you and your family peace that passes understanding. The peace that is only found in God. God bless you. ~ Cathy McCraw   Jackson, Ms


 Dan, Blessings to you and your family; as you have blessed me and mine over the years. ~ John, Roseville, MI


 Good wishes and Prayers that you are winning the battle ~ Jean


 Dan - My friends and I saw you at the Valley Forge Music Fair in southeastern Pa. Remember the stage that constantly turned in circles? Thank you for sharing your gift of music. Recently I have been listening to a Greatest Hits recording. I am a guitar player but I am not a songwriter. You have a great gift. I will pray for you, dear friend ~ joe


 Your spirit has seen me through some very difficult moments and it will see you through as well.  Keep the faith, brother. We all love and miss you tremendously. Peace and Love for all ~ Mike Crowe


 Dear Dan: My daughters, ages 12 and 13, are huge admirers of yours. They kept asking me, "Who is that?" when I had one of your CDs on. Now they have your songs on their iPods and my younger daughter is working on "Part of the Plan" on the guitar. So we're keeping that generational bridge open here. The point is, get well and hit the road. While "the traveling is hell," I think you will find so many, many people who will want to give back to you many fold what you have given them all these years. I am looking forward to bringing my daughters to see you! All the warmest regards and very best wishes for a rockin' 2007 to you and your family and friends.~ Jim Carroll, Alexandria, Virginia.


 Dan, I have been a fan since I first heard you play prior to the Eagles in 1973 and I said to my brother "Who is this guy?"  I bought "Souvenirs" and the beauty of the music and the lyrics blew me away.  34 years later, your music affects me in the same wonderful way. I hope and pray for your recovery and that you find strength and comfort from the many people to whom you have given so much. ~ Doug


 Dan, As a idealistic young woman, I packed all my belongings and moved to Colorado in 1986.  Through the long drive from Texas, the only music I listened to was yours. Here I am over 20 years later, still listening to your music and loving the songs as much as I did years ago.   I have seen you every time at Red Rocks and those are memories that will burn in my heart forever.  Fight the fight - you are so loved by so many people.


 Dear Dan, Living here in east Tennessee I know a lot about the snow turning into rain. Thank you so much for the soundtracks of a lifetime. I recently heard one of your songs on XM Satellite and decided to write you and thank your for all that your music has meant to me. Somehow I was not aware of your illness. I will pray for you and your family daily. With sincerest thoughts and prayers ~ Mike Watts, Johnson City, TN


 Dan-- The very first album my wife and I purchased after our marriage was Captured Angel.  That was 30 years ago--we have since purchased that one and many others on CDs.  We used to lie on the floor of our apartment living room--too poor to go out--and listen to such great songs as "Aspen", "Old Tennessee","Crow" and others for hours on end.  Those are some great memories.  I was sad to Google your name tonight and find out about your cancer.  We are all reaching that age when we treasure our health more and more each day.  I will say a prayer for you tonight.  I also think we will stick Captured Angel on the stereo, open a bottle of wine, and lay on the floor together once again.  Your music has been an important part of our lives.  May God Bless you in your fight against this terrible disease. ~ Mike and Cindy from Ohio


 Dear Dan Always have loved your music.  Sorry to hear of this trial you have to go through. Best wishes for the strength you need.~  Connie


 Dan, I hope you are feeling well.  Miss you.


 Hey Dan; My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer, it was caught early and radiation seeds killed it quick. I now get checked EVERY year because I know that prostate cancer is the first or second leading kind of cancer in men. I'm a really big fan, as I write this I'm listening to The Innocent Age, a truly beautiful piece, as all of your music is. I started with Home Free continued with every thing else. You are such a virtuoso of beautifully crafted songs, and that voice. I truly hope you can beat this. Your music has meant so much to me for the last 30+ years. Hang in there. All my best and my thoughts and prayers are with you 7/24. Sincerely ~ Terry




Now, at 45 years old (and after seeing many of your shows, though none in the last 10 years or so) I was looking to see when and where I could once again, feel young, inspired, and at peace as I always did at those concerts. I am so sorry to hear of your illness.    I  have thought about writing many times.  I am breast cancer survivor (twice) and am one of the lucky ones so far (my last bout was in 2004.)  My husband of 20 years and two teenage daughters have been an inspiration, but as you must know faith, humor, love and luck have so much to do with survival too. Keep the faith and keep singing! "And it's going to be  a day, there is really no way to say no to the morning." You are in my thoughts and prayers. ~ Penny Reiff. Merion, PA


 Dear Dan: I first want to extend my heartfelt best wishes to  you and to let you know that I too continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.  For the last ten years I've been dealing with BHP, and just this month was told my latest PSA was at 45. Now I'm scheduled to undergo a prostate biopsy on the 8th of Feb. For the first time in my life I am truly scared. I haven't told my  family yet because I don't want to alarm them, but I know that they will be there for me. Before I go let me say that it was back in 1975, on the campus of  Colorado State Univ. that I first listened to your music. I'll never forget "Home Free," and since then I've never missed a concert that you've given at Red  Rocks or most recently at the Paramount Theater. Your music has touched my life  in so many ways that will always want to listen to it. Take care of yourself and  know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. A loyal fan ~ Daniel Murrietta


 Dear Dan, you have one of the most distinctive voices that I have ever had the pleasure to listen to.  I love your song writing and acoustic guitar playing.  May God be with you and protect you.  I am a bank courier and spend about five hours a day in a car.  You are constantly playing in my CD player.  Thanks to you, the day goes by faster.   Thanks, again, for your special talent.  ~  Jerry


 I want to say I will always love your music. Your words hit the soul of all our beings. Get well and God bless you each and every day. Hope to hear some more music soon. But never lose that gift. Sincerely ~ Joyce, Denver


 Hi Dan! My big brothers and sisters introduced me to your music in the early 70's. I was in elementary school but still remember how all four of them would sit around and rap about your lyrics and sing them word for word.  I think "genius" and "brilliant" were very powerful words that I remember them using to describe your music.  Funny how music attaches to memory... after the siblings left the nest, I had many options for listening pleasure, but I kept coming back to your wonderful lyrics.  I would wait until the stores in the next big town would have your new albums and drive with eager anticipation to get them.  I can date my entire life by the songs you produced and shared with the world.  In high school it was The Innocent Age, in college and post college,  I remember living alone for the first time in a tiny rental home and playing "The Wild Places" over and over.  Somehow your music was able to connect me to all that was and I knew was to come. Always, always, I felt like I had been given some special gift, first by my siblings, and then because I was able to find and listen, take in and become immersed in some special lyrical imagery that always changed how I thought about some things and reinforced how I believed in others. God touched your heart, head, hands and gifted you with an ability to share deep and lovely things that always seem to remind me of things we were not supposed to be privy to here on earth, things that God knows, that God shares, and that God gifts certain people with knowing.  I always counted it a privilege to drive so far to purchase your albums, because I knew I would get a taste of that goodness and beauty that someone blessed by God had to share.


As you are suffering through this horrible illness, I want you to know that I am praying for you...that I know that you know God and He knows you and that no matter how bad things seem, it will be alright.  You are very special to God, not because you are Dan Fogelberg, but because you are God's child and  God gave you a tremendous gift and you used it.  You shared all that was good and beautiful from within your heart and changed thousands of lives forever.  What a testimony of a life so well-lived! Thanks for the changing of this life and as God heals you...I look forward to the majesty of lyrical beauty that He wants you to next share with the world.  My whole family loves you, Mr. Dan Fogelberg. and we always will. Sincerely ~ Laurie King Abbott


 Hi Dan, I was extremely saddened to read this for the first time, and here it is Jan. 2007.  You are one of my main inspirations of singing and playing that I have done over the course of the past 30-years.  I was able to play your music on numerous occasions for my friends at their weddings over the years, and also for when we would go camping.  I never used your music for financial gain playing on stage, but always around friends and family.  My favorite is "The Reach."  My father and I had some rough years in my youth, and then I heard "The Reach," and it had a special place for me.  I was raised in California, but my father is from Norway, Maine.  So, I play that song a lot.  I went through some medical issues myself (nothing as severe as yours) but I had forgotten some of the songs I used to sing.  That is what I was doing when I found out about your current problems.  I was looking up the words for "The Reach."  I will hold that song much closer and dearer to my heart now.  I will also always be proud to sing your music to my family and friends and make sure people know who you are. Gob Bless my musical Brother, and I hope the best for you during this time.  I will take your words of advice and have the tests, I am now 46 myself, and I think this is very important.  You're a blessing! Sincerely ~ Randy


 Dan, I had no idea you what you are going through.  Although I have loved your music for over 25 years, I have not stayed up on what is happening in your life.  I am sorry to hear about your situation and happy to know you are doing better. I just purchased your "the best of" CD and listen to it on the way to and from work daily.  Your music always brings me joy.  Thank you for your years of great music and thank you for making my day brighter and my heart sing...YOU ARE THE BEST.... Please know I am thinking about you and your family. Warm regards ~ Christy, Dallas, TX


 Hello Dan, We wish you the very best in 2007!  Loran and I are long time fans of yours from Peoria, IL. and we first saw you perform there in the early 70's!  We continue to love and listen to your music. Take care and God Bless ~ Cheryl and Loran Reeves


 Dear Dan,  First of all, since I learned of your illness, you have been in my daily prayers. My hope is that God will take care of you and your family. I have loved your music for 30 years. Being an Illinois boy myself I thought we had some sort of connection. Then when a friend of mine told me he had toured and worked on an album at your Colorado ranch in the early 90's, I knew there was some sort of serendipity.  In the last 2 months your music has never meant more to me.See, my wife of 23 years told me, out of the blue that she didn't want to be married any more. Your music has gotten me through many lonely nights. Be well my friend. You will continue to be in my prayers and thoughts. A friend ~ Shawn


 I've seen you on stage three times, traveling nearly 1,000 miles the first time.  My husband got a poster of you that I kept on the wall of my  office. It nearly covered the entire wall.  Thank God I worked in a  place where it was allowed!  When my son was a baby we would listen to The Innocent Age as I rocked him to sleep.  Can't believe that was nearly 27 years ago and your music is still a part of my life every day.  I think about you often with love and admiration, and I pray for you every day.  ~ Jolynn


 Hey Dan, Remember me! I proposed in Providence RI, 1979. That mean security guard kept me from hearing your response! Gosh I was 17 then. Now, nearly 30 years later I'm at work with "The Reach" piping through my iPod and decided to look you up and see if you were still performing. I am quite sad learn of your struggle. Your words and music have inspired, comforted and kept me company me through these years and I hope by adding my note to the many others here I can somehow return the favor and add to your strength. Your albums never got dusty on my shelves (though admittedly my first two copies of The Innocent Age melted on the back seat of my 1963 Plymouth Belvedere). On the drive to every one of your shows I so looked forward to "The Gambler", making sure I had a lighter to hold up. Even as I write and recall, I can feel in my heart the release that was felt when we all sang "let it shine" together. In my life, those times are counted among my sweetest memories. Gods speed to you and yours. Fight the good fight Dan, we all love you so much and we're pulling for you ! - Be well and Live Strong! ~ Frankie, San Diego


 Dan, just popped in on your website for the first time to learn of your cancer - I will keep you and your family and friends in my prayers.  I am listening to you on Itunes right now while I put together document books at work.  I am a guitar player and singer of 40 some years and have loved and cherished your gift for these many years.  Your tunes, lyrics, breathtakingly beautiful voice (incredible range) and mostly the beautiful production of all of your albums have been an inspiration for me for many years.   There is great healing in humor - please - through all your trials, don't forget to laugh!  Reflect on the funny times - and thanks for all the wonderful music - you are a great inspiration!  Keep laughing and healing ~ Florrie Hathorn, Wakefield, Louisiana


 As I currently listen to your "Greatest Hits" CD, I can't help but think of you and your music as something that I have cherished thru the years.  I also have been unable to actually see you in concert - but have the comfort of your voice, words, and music that helps me get thru tough times.  I wish you and your family all the very best, and hope that you can overcome and survive your present situation, and hopefully become stronger,and once again can write and record more incredible music.  Thanks again for YOU! God bless.


 Dear Dan and Family -  You have been in the recesses of my thoughts ever since I became aware of your battle with cancer.  I lament the idea of you having to pass through this period, but am comforted by the principle the "He never gives us more than we can handle with His help to guide us through to the end".  Please know you remain in our thoughts and prayers and that we send you and yours nothing but good wishes and prayers for a recovery.  May God richly Bless you and your entire family. ~ Robert Watters


 Dan: hope this day finds you in health and in good spirits, cancer came and hurt people in my family and I'm sorry that it is with you. However, strong wills and strong minds prevail! You can beat this thing champ! You should know that the world is praying for you and we are with you in this fight. Love and Mercy always! ~ Tom Pantaleo


 I have always enjoyed your music; my favorite song is “Along the Road”.  I know it probably wasn’t your intention specifically, but as a Christian, I always thought of Jesus and the disciples after a long day, around a fire cooking something, and the camaraderie they shared.  It has been an inspiration for my own journey.  You are in my prayers.~  jma


 Dear Dan, I'm angry, I'm sad. I've been a fan for 25 yrs, been to see you at 8? concerts, a few front row :)) and I'm not ready to lose you.  I just read about the prostate cancer online. This afternoon I put The Innocent Age and Phoenix cds in my xmas present  (karaoke machine) today out of sheer desperation.  I popped in my old faithfuls and sang my brains out for 3 hours. It was wonderful.I'm very  good at harmony with you btw. Your lyrics....can't fake 'em, would be a true  waste not to sing every word so I dug out the cd jackets and had to put my  $5.50 readers from the hardware store on!!!!!! I can handle the gray hairs  but the creaky knee and not being able to see close up sucks.   This has been the best exercise  for my lungs.  I hope you are doing something musically during your  treatment. Do the things that get those endorphins floating around your system.   I prayed my brains out for 2 people who wound up  surviving cancer.  You can survive this.  Much love ~ Diane


 Dear Dan, I hope steadily for the recovery of your health and also that you are able to recognize the "magic in every moment." Since my college days in Champaign, I've been an admirer of your artistry. Now, in my 50's I am getting married for the first time. As I plan my wedding, it seems only natural to select music from your repertoire. What a pleasure it is to listen to each of your albums again, one by one, hearing your poems to life and to love as though for the first time. Thank you for the many gifts you continue to share with us all. Peace and Blessings ~ Ellen


 Dear Dan, My name is Liane. I live in Joseph, Oregon. I wanted to tell you that for so many, many years I have loved your music and I think you are so blessed to have this wonderful talent that you have shared with all of us. And we are blessed to hear you! The sound of your voice and music have been with me through some of the hardest times of my life and some of the best . You and your songs have been of great comfort to me in my life. Since the news of your illness I have kept you in my thoughts and prayers and thought of you so often, as have, I am sure...millions of your fans. With all my heart I wish you all God's blessings of health, strength, happiness, and love and may you feel much better with each day that passes. And may God be a continual source of comfort to you throughout this hard time, and may He keep you surrounded by Love and Loving family and friends and lots of Guardian Angels too! I hope you're feeling better...and remember....all of us out here love you so very much and will keep you always in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. Thank you so very much for all the Beauty you have given us through your music. Love always ~ Liane


 Dan - My husband Steve & I want to send you prayers and best wishes to help you thru your prostate cancer.  Steve & I have attended several of your concerts at Red Rocks in Denver.  We even had "Longer " sung at our wedding!! You have a very special place in our heart!  We love your music!!  I participated in the Cancer Walk last Aug. what a wonderful feeling to see all the survivors that have beat this disease!!! You can do this, keep a good attitude and keep your faith in God.  With today's medicine anyone can be a "Survivor". Take care! You are in our thoughts and prayers always! ~ Betty & Steve


 Hello Dan...I was saddened to hear about your fight with prostate cancer.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago and am now cancer  free...and I'm sending strong positive thoughts your way for your recovery. Best ~ Jennifer


 Greetings from the East! Winter has come, at last, to the otherwise heather covered highland hills of Scotland and 'High Country Snows' playing on the return journey home to Edinburgh sounds as fitting on my car's CD now as it did over 20 years ago on an old tape player.  Indeed having just enjoyed a wintry walk in the Braes of Balquidder, with your genius now stored in my I-pod, the musical sentiment conveyed by your music and lyrics is as fitting here in these wild places as it no doubt is so many thousands of miles further west. For a person who loves the sea and wilderness, your gifted lyrics add that extra dimension that could not be more appropriate, but which make that enjoyment all the greater. Thank you ~ Chris Norman, Edinburgh


 Dan -- I was a DJ in Sacramento in 1980 and was fan, but the Phoenix LP blew me away.  Thank you so much for all the heartfelt music.  Sometimes it seems as if the words come straight from my own heart.  I am now a 50-something communications manager for a biomedical testing company, so I am now well aware of the importance of DREs in combo with the PSA.  Thank you for raising awareness of this.  I just wish it wasn't happening at your expense. Please feel the love from all of us.  Fight hard, hang in there.  We need you. ~ Kevin Kelley


 Dear Dan, I discovered your music when I was in college and I've been a fan ever since.  You and your songs have provided a large part of the "soundtrack of my life".  Thank you for sharing your artistry and your talents with all of us.  You have been in my prayers ever since I heard about your illness.  May God bless you and your family and grant you a full recovery. ~ Tim, Elkton MD


 Our thoughts and best wishes are with you. ~ Frank & Karen


 Dear Dan, For some reason I googled you today to find out what you are up to.  I am so sorry to hear that you have been so ill.  I will pray for your complete healing. God is good and He says, "He sent His Word and Healed Us".  Keep the faith! God Bless You and Yours. And, thanks for all of the great music throughout the years. ~ Renee D.


 Dan, not a day goes by that I don't think of you and say a prayer for you.  This just comes from years of you sharing your life with us through your music.  For that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Even though we haven't heard or read any updates for over a year now, we still hold out hope that you are on the road to recovery and we'll continue to light candles for you and pray that this is so.  That alone speaks volumes of the love that so many people have for you and for your music.  You have given us so much in your music over the years and, in turn, we are all trying our best to give it all back to you in wishes and prayers for your return to good health.  I hope that you can feel the love. ~ Pam


 Dan, As my family was falling apart in the mid-late 70s and, being a teenager at the time, full of angst anyway, your music served to escort me along a sane path towards a future that is now full of light. I cannot adequately thank you for what your music has meant to me. Many blessings ~ Victoria (and Scott) Simmons


 I wish you and your family the very best.  My husband and I were able to see you in concert in Merrilville, Indiana.  I was thrilled to finally get to see you.  I love you.  Do take care! ~ Marion Conerton


 Dan, my prayers continue to be with you and your family.  I'm a big fan and have enjoyed your music since my teenage years, many moons ago!  May God bless you with peace, healing, strength and a full recovery!  With best wishes~ Carol G., Thomaston, CT


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, I begin this letter of gratitude with an apology.  Your music has been with me for over thirty years, and I am deeply sorry that it took your diagnosis of cancer before I found the courage to write . Your path as an artist altered the course of my own journey.  Because you listened to your heart and followed your muse, you showed countless others what it means to believe in and follow an artistic dream. 


As I now follow my own dream of being a full-time writer, it is in no small part due to the influence your songs and lyrics had upon my spirit as a young woman.  Thank you for being one of the first lights in the night sky for this searching soul. Finally, I believe in the healing power of collective thought and prayer. So, please look up, Mr. Fogelberg. Each of those bright stars above you is one of us - one of the countless kindred spirits who is thinking of you, blessing you, and serving now as your sparks of hope in the darkness. Make a wish. ~ Maggie Moris, St. Paul, Minnesota


 Dear Dan ~ I left a short note for you the day I found out about your diagnosis.  Since then, I've made frequent visits to your website to check on your progress.  In October of 2006, I was diagnosed with Stage I breast cancer.  I underwent surgery in late November and just had my first chemotherapy treatment on January 15th.  Although I haven't had the time or energy to deal with much of anything else, I've found that you are on my mind more than ever!  I listen to the beautiful songs you've crafted over the years and I can't imagine going through this difficult journey without it!  I'm still hoping and praying, with all my soul, that you are able to beat your cancer and feel well enough to continue making beautiful music.  God bless you and Jean, your family and friends.  Sincerely ~ Sharon T. Glass-- Sandy Springs, Georgia


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, My thoughts are with you & hope you're doing well. I'm a songwriter & you've been a great inspiration to me. I can't thank you enough.  I'm a local guy from Middletown NY and play out locally & record music.  It would be an honor to meet you one day.  Thanks so much for all the great music.Take care ~ Gregg R. Woods, Middletown NY


 You are still in my prayers. God bless you. ~ Lawrence


 I'm sure you've heard it all by now.  So I won't waste your time on words that won't sum up how much I appreciate your gift of music and lyrics.  You are a true shaman in the finest, most ancient sense of the word - able to conjure and heal and draw out in amazing ways.  I pray that your strength and character, which are beautifully set free in your music, help you through this mess.  And help you heal yourself. It's funny - I feel like I know you.  That sounds so stalker.  But I mean it in the most gratitude-filled way.  Thank you for sharing yourself through your music.  And I pray for your complete recovery. Best wishes ~ Karen Manroe, Austin, TX


 1977 was a very difficult year for me.  Your music, your words helped me find my direction.  I wish I could repay you.  I do wish you the very best and hope that no matter what happens, you have no regrets.  Chris Hightower, Georgia.


 Hi Dan, Another huge fan, and another who has just found out about your illness. There will be a candle lit for you in my parish church in Dublin as well as in Lourdes France, which my wife and I will be visiting shortly. God bless and keep the faith. ~ Teddy O'Neill, Dublin Ireland


 My children and I love your voice, I always have. Probably my favorite album is The Innocent Age.  I felt that was a masterpiece and the songs are so heartfelt and inspiring.  I remember going through all of my teen aged angst with that album, even drawing your picture for a friend of mine. What a geeky teen I was, hehehe. But I was serious about my love for your music and your voice.  I thank you for the many years of beautiful music you have made for the world and pray with much of the rest of the world I am sure, for a total recovery to full health for you.  My sister is finishing a year long battle with breast cancer that was not detected for years. She is winning her fight, and I pray for you to have the same success. We would suffer a very tremendous loss if you were to leave us here so soon. So, do what your doctor says and please get well. God bless you and Jean and your family.. you are a tremendous inspiration and asset to this world..   blessings and good wishes. Sincerely ~ Mary and family.


 Dear Dan,I just checked out your website and couldn't believe what I read! I've been a fan of yours for sooo long and like all the others here, love your music .I wish you all the best. Your beautiful words have filled my life through the years and have celebrated many things with me. It's like you're part of the family! ~ Wendy in N.J.


 I saw you once years ago on the Innocent Age tour in Springfield MO acoustic tour and I was up on my feet and was mesmerized by watching and listening to you , I was so close to the stage. I was in a trace. I would love to meet you and/or see you again. Please come to Fayetteville AR. ! I wish you well and I wish you most of all peace. ~ Drew Williams


 Dan, I just wanted to let you know that I am still praying for you.  I would love to have an update as to how you are doing these days.  Thank you and God Bless You! ~ Krista Lewis


 God bless you and give you all the strength you need.  My husband has been through this. It was only at my urging for a PSA, he was found to be early stage at age 48 and surgery was done. He has done well, but only after changing his lifestyle.  So many things are lost to this insidious disease it is sad.  I know treatments are getting better and although I have not kept up with latest on this disease, my husband just said two days ago things are getting closer to a cure.  Our daughter, age 22,  was diagnosed with Hodgkins disease at the beginning of her senior year in college in September.  She is in the middle of her chemo and doing well. She is planning on a career in medical research graduate study starting in August.  I pray there is help for you and your are well served by the medical community.  My prayers are there for you and your wife. ~ Connie


 I just want to say...Please get well soon. If we, the fans , never  get another album from you it's ok. Just get well. You have given me personally,  a lifetime worth of memories and beautiful music. You have been my idol since my teenage years and I will love you and your music forever. I have gotten through so many tough times in life and your music always seems to be a part of  it and pulls me through it. I have only had the chance to see you once in my 50 years. I sang along and enjoyed  the show so much it is forever etched in my mind. I was also in line for tickets  for your Ky Derby show at U-L Redbarn and it sold out in front of me. I have just found your Websites and read your letter on prostate cancer and it has scared the hell out of me. Will call Monday to set up my  personal visit to get checked out. Thank You for opening my eyes. And thank you  for the wonderful years you have given me...Your Fan...Your Friend ~ Charlie Dietrich


 God Bless you at this time.  Your music has moved and inspired me for many years.  You are in my prayers.  ~  John T.


 Dan Fogelberg, your music is one of my oldest friends.  I treasure the relationship.  Don't give up.  God bless and good luck!  ~ Ed Dwyer, Springfield, Illinois


 Dear Dan and family, you are in my thoughts and prayers.  I have been a "fan" since the beginning... I went to dozens of concerts in the 70's and I still listen to LP's, tapes and CD's.  A dear friend of mine and I share our October birthdays together every year and we always include "Old Tennessee " in our celebration.  All is well... Best wishes ~ Susan


 Dear Dan, I always meant to write to you over the years simply to tell you how much your music has influenced me, and how you have truly been a very important voice in the soundtrack of my life. I'm writing now not just to tell you what thousands of others have undoubtedly told you, but to send you my sincere wishes for a full and speedy recovery. I am taking your advice and making a doctor's appointment to have the tests done. I've put it off for far too long with a huge variety of excuses. What you said on your website touched a CAN save my life. You have touched me for so many years with your music and beautiful, poetic lyrics. You may now have touched me in a way that will save my life as well. From the depths of my soul, I thank you for all that you have given to all music lovers over the years. I now thank you for your advice to be tested. You are surely saving lives right now. As someone else said, it does seem awfully quiet without your voice. With love and respect ~ Brian Gold


 Hi Dan, I know God has heard my prayers for you. In fact I have prayed for you for a long time and am comforted in those that you came to listen to years ago, such as Mark Heard, who we talked about, and Bruce Cockburn. How all our hearts bless you together and cover you with healing. May you hide under the bane of Aslan. Love ~ Sandie

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