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"Dear Dan" Letters

July 2006

 Hopes and prayers for Dan. ~ Glenn Halberg


 I just found out about your condition Dan and I will pray for you often. Just thought I would tell you that after the first time I heard "Home Free" I started playing the guitar seriously. I'm from Muscle Shoals, Alabama and have many musician friends here. I will tell each of them to send the prayers and positive vibes to you and your family. Your music truly changed the direction of my life for the positive. Thank you and please get well. Love to you and your family ~ Greg Lovett.


 Dear Dan, I pray that your strength and spirit will help you through. I hope that knowing so many people love you and carry your songs in our hearts will multiply your strength. Take loving care of yourself.    Peace ~ Erika, CT


 Dan, I've been a fan since the 70's. My wife and I were there when "Greetings From The West" was filmed at the Fox Theatre in St. Louis, and we still talk about how great it was. You and your family remain in our thoughts and prayers. ~ Michael Dobson


 Dan...If I could turn the inspiration I've gained from you and your music into hope,strength and good wishes ...I would. I will ...and it's big, very big. Huge as a matter of fact... as well as timeless. You are in my thoughts... ~ nancy,  winfield, Illinois


 Hi Dan! So sorry to hear about your illness.  My prayers and thoughts are with you. I met you when I was a young teenager and was taking music lessons from your father back in Illinois in the '70s.  You came to my school (Pekin Community High) and we were so thrilled to meet you.  Your father also taught music to my father in Peoria.  We've always loved your song, "Leader of the Band." Wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery! ~ Sandy Frazier


 Hello to the Fogelberg Family - I am just writing to send my best wishes and thoughts to you all.  I am Australian and have been a fan of yours Dan for over 30 years now.  My husband introduced me to your music in 1974 when we first met.  We have been playing your music in the Errey household all of that time.  Our children know it and the extended family and friends know how much I love your music. I was delighted one Christmas morning when I was given Greetings From the West on video, so I could actually hear you speak as well as sing - what a pleasure it is.  I now have the concert on DVD so will have it forever.


I'm so sorry to hear of your illness and hope that all goes well.  I hope it is some comfort for you that there are so many people who have, like me, gained so much pleasure from your music.  I hope to be listening to your music for the rest of my life. I have recently been diagnosed with kidney failure and am probably looking to having a transplant in my later years so I understand how illness can change one's life. I feel like my body has cheated on me sometimes.  But I have support in my family and that helps immensely.   Anyway, I'm sure you know that there is a lot of love out there for you and that that, at least, makes life a little easier.  I am very envious of all of those thousands of people who were lucky enough to actually see you in person. With much admiration and love ~ Ellen


 Dear Dan & Jean, I just finished watching Soundstage which repeated Dan's wonderful show and I just wanted to send some positive energy your way.  I hope you and yours are all doing well and that you are enjoying the summer.   One of my good friends is a sailor and everytime she talks about going out on her sailboat (with her husband "Captain Chuck") I think of you up in Maine on your boat! I wish you well as always and thanks for the music.   Your cd's are always in heavy rotation in my car! God bless ~ Leila Soffen


 We love you Dan ...and wish you well. ~ Dave & Lorelei


 There are never too many prayers that can be sent for one who is ill, hurting, or just plain tired.  Please know that I am praying for you also. Good luck and Godspeed. ~ Linda


 I miss you.  God Bless You.  ~ Chris in Oklahoma


 Dear Dan and Jean, My thoughts and prayers are with you during this time of healing and discovery.  Dan, like so many others have reiterated here, your music had a profound impact on my life during those awkward teenage years, and still continues to impact my life to this day.  Anyone can sing a song, but a precious few are granted the gift of being able to share that song in such a way one feels comforted, safe and renewed when hearing it.  You have such a gift, and it can only come from one who is at total peace with himself and all those around him.  Though that faith may be challenged during your trials to come, always know that the legacy you have sown throughout the decades is one that is strong, will not unravel, and will carry on for decades to come.  You hang in there, dear one.  We're all behind you 100%. Hugs, kisses, love and prayers ~ Dena


 Dan, you have been one of my idols for some thirty odd years and a big reason I started playing guitar and writing songs .  I've seen you in concert many times, but a solo show in Portland, Maine is one of my fondest memories.  Just you, some guitars and a grand piano.  Your songs spoke to me in a way that seldom happens.  Thank you for sharing yourself   All my thoughts and good wishes to you and your family. I hope I have the good fortune to see you perform again. Peace ~ ed carter


 My name is Louise Catherine, and I've been listening to Dan since he started recording...way back!  :) I was given the opportunity to have met him twice. I've had major decisions in my life to make, and Dan's music had helped me through them. I am sending out energy to you now Dan, and Love and Blessings. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ENERGY, YOUR SPIRIT, YOUR BEING HERE. All the Best ~ louise catherine schultz-rushton


 I have listened to your music since 1975 and have appreciated your art in so many different ways. I learned to play guitar from studying your music and it's the reason I fingerpick today. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and I hope one day you can tour again bringing your unique style of music to the stage. ~ Mark Tilson


 A couple of years ago, sitting in a car and driving along the german coast of the northern sea, I remember that I had to stop the car and pull to the side of the road. The reason for this was a song on the radio, which instantly touched me so deeply that I simply had to stop and pay all my attention to it. Unfortunately the dj didn´t say the name of the song nor the artist, so I bothered all of my friends and family by singing the few words I remembered to them for - I think - months... Although I didn´t hear that song again nor managed to find find out its title or who had performed it, it stayed in my mind from then on. Some years later I stayed at a friend's place for the summer and while we were sitting in the garden talking over a couple of beers, I suddently urged my friend to go inside and turn up the music, that was running in the background, because I heard a song touching me on the spot that intensively. I had to hear it over and over again. My friend, who had been to America a couple of times told me that I was listening to Dan Fogelberg and that the name of the song was "The Leader Of The Band " from the live album "Greetings from the West". He also told me, the one time he had worked for DF at his ranch and talked of him as a kind, gentle and humble person with no attitude at all...which I believed just by hearing the gentleness of DF´s voice and the deepness of the lyrics. Nevertheless I got struck once more that night - because later on on that same CD I recognized that same song, that had been on my mind since that day in the car : it was  "Same Old Lang Syne." Since than Dan´s music has been quite an influence in my life - both as a listener and as a musician.


Dan - thank you for all the comfort and joy I felt - both in my darkest and my brightest moments - and thanks even more for the inspiration I received as a singer and guitar player just by listening to your music - you encouraged me. So - all the way from the rough northern shore of Germany - wishing to be able to tell you that in person I send you a lot of love and good thoughts and may God bless you and those around you. Sincerely yours ~ Christoph Bachmann, Niebüll, Germany


 Dear Dan... Just like the hundreds of people writing to you here, your music touched my life a long time ago and all those feelings are stored in my heart. And it's bittersweet meeting up with you again here so many years later. When "Souvenirs" was first released that was it for me. That photo on the cover!!! I was in high school....I played guitar....and I learned all your

songs....(yikes! ) Growing up in L.A. I was obsessed with music and you were my guy for many years. I saw you perform at the Santa Monica Civic..(when they actually had shows there) .Fools Gold opened!  Universal Amphitheatre (It was outdoors back then...) Nether Lands tour...


Music is a timeline for me and I thank you for taking me on the journey. If I were a more talented writer I would say something that no on else has said yet but no other words could ever mean as much as the ones already expressed. You are a brave man. An inspiration.... May all this love heading your way give you strength to stay healthy. Love~ Lisa K. -- Los Angeles, CA


 Dear Dan, I have been a devoted fan since I first heard your music when I was in college in the late 70's.  I introduced my husband to your music, and his sister ( who had only ever heard of John Denver before, IMAGINE!)  Needless to say, we are all praying for your speedy recovery.  If love and good wishes can work miracles, surely you will have one.  Beat this one for all of us who hope to hear you sing again!  And as for me, I hope to be sitting in Red Rocks in my 70's when I hope you will still be touring... ~ Wendy Pillard


 Dan - Your music was there when we were falling in love, when we married, when our kids were born, when our parents left this life. And most recently so many times in the last ten years while I was driving and listening to your music your songs turned into prayers from me for my wife who was battling cancer and is now a two time winner over breast C and ovarian C. Now your songs celebrate gratitude and relief; she's no longer a Captured Angel. She'll be 50 two days after your birthday this year. Fight this battle the best way you know how, you've given us enough of yourself--Thanks for everything. Besides if we don't get to see you concert again in this life we will have all of eternity to each have our own private concert. And you'll get to jam with Mozart, Hendrix, Goodman and the Leader of the Band. Another Illinois boy ~ Don


 To Jean & Dan Fogelberg - I was rather surprised to find out about the medical problems you are facing. Rest assured that my talks with The Father will include you both. First for divine healing, and second for your faith to be renewed daily by the grace of the Almighty GOD. Dan, I have been listening to your music since "Home Free" was released. Your music is so earthy and true to the heart. Your song "Leader Of The Band" has meant so much to me in that my father was an old time fiddle, banjo, and guitar player. Music was in his soul. He would rather play a fiddle than eat most of the time. Thankfully he shared that gift with me. Hence the reason I love that song so much. Now as I end, let me again wish for you peace and health, and for your wife my prayer is that our LORD, Christ, will gird her with strength that can only come from on high. Peace and Prayers. ~ Chuck Gibson, Thomaston, Georgia.


 Best wishes. You have been my favorite singer-songwriter since I bought Captured Angel in 1976. Love ya!! Your songs have meant so much to me. I have seen your concerts five times. Thanks. ~ Kathy Scurlock


 Dear Dan and Jean, You've heard everything I have to say so many times before, I am certain. Still, I find the need to speak. You've touched me with your music for so much of my life, that I cannot begin to tell you the amount of respect I have for you as a person.  It's not just the music, but the lyrics, and emotion behind them.  I thank you for that.


When the song "Leader of the Band" came out, I found that I had tears in my eyes.  You see, my father is a band director. And I, like you, am also a musician.  My life has taken a different road than yours, in that I am a semi-pro French hornist playing in B orchestras and once in the while playing for the "big names" that come through town.  I once had the honor of playing for Ray Charles, Bernadette Peters, Colin Raye, to drop a few names.  So, I too am a living legacy to the leader of the band. I wrote the lyrics to "Leader" out one Father's Day and put them in a card to my dad several years ago.  Mom said he cried when he read them and immediately went out and bought "Innocent Age".  Now he is also a fan of yours, and owns several of your albums.


My wife and I saw you in concert in Flagstaff back in the later 80's when you were there to raise money for arts on the reservations in the area, if I recall correctly.  I'll never forget how much fun it was to sing harmony to your songs on the stage, as it was only you with no band.  I was worried that I'd upset others in the audience, so I kept my voice low.  Then I noticed that everyone else was singing along anyway.  I'll also never forget how amazed I was that you, playing solo, could get that much sound out of a single guitar.  You didn't need a backup band.  "And every time the snow begins to fall, you Ski".  We laughed and laughed about that lyric change.  Still do, to this day.  I didn't get the chance to see you in person. But, that didn't disappoint me too much.  I can only imagine what privacy would mean to someone as famous as you.  I guess this letter, then, is my chance to finally say hello and to "thank you for the music". I sincerely mean what I say about thanking you.  As I play my horn, and listen to the results of years of practice, enjoying the privilege of being able to play what's written on the page in front of me..   I often ponder what gives me that ability.  Mostly, I blame God for the blessing.  But I also realize that a lot of what shapes my understanding of things like intonation, expression, and style comes from whom I listen to.  My dad got me started in music.  John Williams gave me my fire to play the horn.  But folks that force me to sing along and cherish their music, namely you and a very few others, gave me the rest of what it is that makes me who I am.  This is why I thank you for your music.


When I first listened to your Christmas album (published by Chicago records!!  My most favorite group), I was struck by many things.  Your musicianship, the history that you researched, and your faith in God and Jesus.  I was even more thrilled than ever that I had taken the time to become such a fan of your music and you.  Because of the faith that we share, I am certain you will you will understand that I have been and will continue to keep you in my prayers.  The list is always growing, as I find more and more people to pray about.  It gets quite long but I know that each and every one of those named is important to God and to those touched by them.  You have touched so many.  I am sure the prayers are flowing constantly.


My father was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer a few years ago.  Not the advanced kind, but serious enough that they removed his prostate.  It was a very scary time for us.  He got better.  I'm well aware that I will need to start being checked for this on an annual basis now that I have passed the 40 year mark.  Rest assured I will take your words to heart on this manner.  I've added them to the speeches my own father gives me on a regular basis. You don't know me other than from the words in this letter.  I feel I've known you most of my life through your music.  It's an odd sort of relationship.  From one living legacy to another, my prayers are with you.  I think I'm gonna put Innocent Age on my iPod while I drive to work..  and sing along (I'll try to stay in tune).  I have no choice really. Since I started writing this letter, your tunes have taken over in my mind...  best get them out in the open and let them loose. Take Care ~ Todd


  Dear Dan, I have been inspired by your music since the very first time I heard it in the 70s. You are a living legend in my mind. Nothing topped seeing you in person at Interlochen, Michigan, must have been in August 2001. It was my birthday celebration and I know just a few days before yours. It was your first appearance at Interlochen and you shared wonderful stories about both your parents. I'll never forget when you broke down singing "Leader of The Band"  in honor of your Dad. There wasn't a dry eye in the place. We all felt your love for him and his presence on the stage he occupied many years before. I hope and pray for your full recovery and look forward to your return to Interlochen or anywhere close to Kalamazoo, Michigan. Love and respect to you and your incredible gift of music to the world. ~ Kathy Cavanaugh


 My hopes, thoughts and prayers are with you.  I tried really hard to have a child and finally became pregnant.  My husband and I could not agree on a boy's name.  We had lots of girl's names picked out.  One day, while my sister and I rode our horses, we talked about my pregnancy and how happy we were, but I lamented about not having a name for a boy, because I knew I was having a boy.  I came up with my favorite song writer/singer and he is "Dan" today and he is 16 and wonderful.  You have meant something to me and so many.  I am for you.  Very sincerely ~ Cathy from Kentucky


 Just a quick synopsis of my thoughts of how your art has inspired my soul. It was your songs and how they were portrayed that led me on a path which will lead my spirit to freedom. Your inspiring voice and poignant song inspired in me a thirst to know my Soul . May you find the Path to the Heart as you have led me to the Path of mine. It's only a matter of time , and time is only a state of mind ,until you sing once more. In understanding ~ Julie


 Dear Dan and Jean, Every now and then I check out The Living Legacy website to see if there is any news about how you are doing. This evening I saw a message posted by Deborah and Laurie which would seem to indicate a large number of people are actively inquiring as to your health. In light of this, I just wanted to offer a word of encouragement not only to you, but to all of us who hold you so dear:


I am very thankful you had been able to arrest the spread of your prostate cancer, and your announcement last year on your birthday was a great gift and reassurance to us all (as well as a pointed sermon to us guys out here to have that annual exam!). And while I (we) would love to hear a quarterly update on your progress, or perhaps learn of some rare, one-off performance for some worthy charity benefit or something, over the years I have come to truly appreciate your desire to live a private, quiet life, to live a "real" life, not one on "the elevator," as I believe you once referred to it in an interview. I had the great fortune to speak briefly with you after a couple of your shows on your 1997 25th anniversary tour, and on the second occasion, after your Nashville date, I heard you talking at the stage door with some kind folks who announced they had come from somewhere up east to see you at the Ryman. Your reply was understated, but quite humorous: "You people need to get a life!" But all humility and modesty aside, you have touched so many lives through your music, and are pretty much unique in the popular music realm, so it is only natural that some of us would have made these pilgrimages to see you perform. Now, I hope we can all content ourselves by praying in the wings for you, hoping the next update, whenever it is, is a good one, and that you and Jean and your dear ones have many healthy years ahead, and beyond that, eternal life and light in the bosom of Love. We appreciate and respect your privacy, and truth be told, we are consoled by the fact that we never see you on the covers of the tabloids (can't miss the damn things in the checkout lanes!). If for that reason alone, for the preservation of your dignity, we hope you will remain "below the radar screen," and will do our part to quietly support you with continued prayers and positive thoughts. We need not see to believe! God's peace and blessings on you, Dan and Jean! You continue to be in my prayers. with sincere affection and thanksgiving ~ Hunt Sidway, Cincinnati OH


 Dan, Just a note to let you know that you and Jean are in my thoughts and prayers.  Your music has been a big part of my life, and I thank you for the many hours we have "shared" together.  You will always be my favorite artist.  (No one else even comes close.)  Please know that you are not alone in your battle with cancer.  You are surrounded by the love of all of your fans.  May God bring you strength and good health.  Much love ~ Dina Schweizer, Canton, OH


 Dan- Let me take this moment to truly thank you from the staff and management of Radio Scooter International. for your incredibly wonderful music, which I am sure you know  has withstood the test of time. One of the most popular artists I play on my show is indeed someone named Dan Fogelberg - heavily requested you are! From all of us at the station, and all of our listeners, we salute you for not only your endearing music over the years, but, for being there for us when we get older and need to call on those long ago memories. God Bless ~ Bill Bergadano


 Dan; It is late in Montana and shockingly I have only now discovered the news of your cancer.  I pray this finds you well under the circumstances.  As a single father for many years, my son and I fell asleep to "Innocent Age" and a cup of tea more nights than not.  It binds us to this day, and now blesses my granddaughters as well.  When I was selected for a cultural exchange in India, I chose this same album to accompany me, and my voice rang as I shared with them.  Some chided me as your music became a litmus test while I searched for the woman with whom I would want to spend eternity.  I can still picture her, and hear your music as she hit "Play" after the day's skiing--"Dew on the grass like the tears the night wept..."  Years later I phoned her to report that, in a twist, the rain literally turned to snow as "Same Old Lang Syne" played on the radio.  Alas, she was married..... And so am I now after a long wait.  Godspeed to you and your family.  Your poetry is without peer and I can only selfishly hope that our dream to some day see you perform will come true.  With every good wish ~ Ron from Montana.


 Dan... a fan, I am.  Living in Evergreen, Colorado during the 80s and  90s, I was in the crowd for each and every one of your concerts at Red  Rocks, Fiddlers, and the awesome old Ogden on Colfax.  So many  memories of those nights, especially the ones spent under the stars.  Thank  you, thank you, for sharing your art - the poetry of your lyrics and the  music of your soul - and for remaining true to yourself.  I think of you and wonder how you and yours are coping.  My mother was diagnosed with  Stage 4 colon cancer last spring... the highs and lows, frustrations and  fears, and the Hope and Faith necessary to balance it all out, well, it truly  is a struggle sometimes.  I keep you and Jean, and those closest to  you, in my prayers.  By the way, I'm back in the corn now -  Illinois, that is - but with the push of a button, and after closing my eyes,  I'm in the mountains again, with your song, "Nether Lands", echoing in the  canyon of my back yard.  Wherever I am, your music fills my home,  and breathes through my soul.  Be well, Dan... be well. ~ DeeDee in Princeton, Illinois


 Dear Dan, I just wanted to let you know that YOUR MUSIC, YOUR SONGS are the reason that I was able to survive in  this world. There was a time in my life that all  I knew was cruelty and abuse.  Without your songs such as "Believe  In Me", " Gambler", "Songbird" -- I just might as well say all of your music saved me. If I may use a line from your  song   'To the Morning'   you helped to realize that I could not say no to the morning. Your music also helped me with  raising my son.  He has special needs and when he was just 8 months  old I would play your music and sing to him and slowly he started to make noise and hummed along with your songs.  One can says that your music helped to develop my sons auditory area of his brain, sorry he is tone deaf but he still  loves music. THANK YOU for all that you have  given to me and others. God bless you and your wife. ~ Mystic


 Dan..thanks for your songs and thoughts about life. Your concern for the planet has made me join others in protecting it for all to enjoy. Your life has brought me much joy through your songs. Stay strong. Peace always. ~ Ron, Stevens Point, WI


 I have been enjoying your music for decades. I just introduced your music to my husband, by playing The Wild Places, and he was astounded by the beauty of your voice, music and lyrics. We're so sorry to hear of your illness, and will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. - RS in NC


 Dan, Although it is not Maine, nor autumn, it sure feels that way. A kind of loneliness and coldness that makes you shiver a bit. That is how I felt when I heard of your situation. Your beautiful song,"The Reach", has always been a favorite of mine as it surely is of many others as well. I cannot adequately tell you how much your music has meant to me. I recall having to buy second (vinyl media) copies of Home Free, Souvenirs, Captured Angel, and Phoenix to replace the worn-out originals. Of course I had to do it again when CDs took over. What a tremendous collection of music. And then you did The Innocent Age. your Masterpiece. Although your songs will never be silent and your strings will never be still, here's another prayer that this will be due also to the words and music that you have yet to compose, record, and perform for your legion of fans and friends. Get well. Thank you, Dan. ~ Greg McArdle, Lake In The Hills, Illinois


 Indulge us once again with a birthday letter!  Your music continues to be a gift to us all. Happy #55 on 8/13. ~ Becky in Texas


 May the peace that passes all understanding envelope and  embrace you. Yours is a sacred journey, Dan -- not a single step has been  wasted. You are God's.

 Dan and Jean, My prayers and best wishes are with you in your battle.  I can't agree strongly enough with your advice for men to get tested regularly.  I was diagnosed with prostate cancer a year and a half ago after a PSA test that was done completely by accident in the blood lab.  I was 43 when I found out, and am currently going through proton radiation after my cancer recurred earlier this year.  No history of cancer before me, so it really came as a complete surprise, so get tested, guys.  I hope everything goes well and that you do keep your options open regarding performing.  We'd love to see you on the stage again one of these days. ~ Orla Reese, Radnor, Pennsylvania


 Dear Dan and family, I cannot tell you how many times I have listened to your music over the past 30+years..."To the Morning" has always been my favorite.  I've seen you several times in concert, most recently 9 years ago when I was pregnant with my first son.  You had an influence on that night at the Bronco Bowl in Dallas because he has been playing guitar for the past 2 years and is now able to play some of his favorite songs from Phoenix.  At 8 1/2,  it is so great to hear him enjoying music that has been so special to me over the years.  Being busy with boys, I had lost track of you but logged on today to check on your status.  I was saddened to hear of your illness but wanted to let you know that you will be in all of our prayers for recovery and want to thank you for the peace that your music has brought to us all these years and is now coming full circle in my family.  Keep up your fight and may God bless you and your family.  ~ Denise Evans, Plano, TX

 Dan, thanks for getting out the message regarding your health challenge and examinations. I've lost too many people in my life to various forms of this disease, including my father at the age of 35 more than 23 years ago, when I was only 6. I'm praying that the support of your family and your fans will help you beat this. I can't begin to imagine what you're going through, but Lord knows I've seen enough family and friends go through this to know that support does help. Thanks, again, for making the issue of testing more well-known. Of course, I'll never tire of your music, either. Those glorious strings and lyrics have helped me through more than share of tough times --more than I would wish on anyone. God bless, Dan. I'm praying for you. Kevin Halaburda ~ Bedford, OH


 Hi Dan, Just wanted you to know how much your music means to me and my bride of 30 years this July 30. Hope you're OK ~ George Lee, Colorado Springs


 Dan, I just recently heard about your illness.  Be strong and good luck. My family will keep you in our prayers. ~ Your former "Stuka Pilot" Mike


 Dearest Dan, I pray you are holding your own, I am holding out for a Cantata from you. God bless and keep you and Jean always. You remain in my prayers. ~ Annie, St Louis.


 I'm so sorry to hear of your illness. I thought of you the other day when I was receiving radiation treatment (for breast cancer) and my technician was playing your music. It brought me back to 1975 when I was sitting in Driver's Ed class behind the cutest guy in school (he looked alot like you) and your song, "Stars", began playing on a transistor radio someone had smuggled into class. I could definitely relate to the lyrics since the guy I had a crush on didn't know I existed. I fell in love with your music that very day. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. You have touched our souls in a very special way. I wish you strength during this challenging time and I pray for your quick recovery. ~ Joni McMahon from California


 Dan, my thoughts and prayers are with you. As a musician myself, I have always had an understanding and respect for your gift. I started playing your songs from the very first album ("Stars") followed by "Part of the Plan" and on and on. I wanted to share with my audience the Dan Fogelberg genius always tucked deep inside every album. I remember the first chance I had to see you live, you were playing the St. Paul Civic Center in Minnesota so I assumed you would be with a band. When you came out by yourself, I didn't think you could pull it off with such a large crowd but you did. "Part of the Plan" with the 12 string at the end was fabulous. I finished many a solo acoustic night playing that song with my Martin D12-28 in D tuning with an instrumental intro so influenced by your work. A closing line from one of my own songs is deeply tied to your gift and the influence it has had on so many people over the years and is dedicated to you and the things you share. "For the Minstrels that paint the pictures, and the poets that tell us no lies. Can help us to see the things, we sometimes can't see with our eyes". My heart is with you. Stay with us. Many paintings remain unfinished. ~ Michael Breeding


 Thanks for all the great years of music. We never missed you when you came to St Louis and Illinois. Great memories of summer nights at SIU Edwardsville,  and various venues around St Louis -thanks and God bless you and yours. You  are in our prayers


 My name is Audra, and I first heard your album The Wild Places when I was about five. Every weekend my Dad would take me to Hollywood with him while he taped radio commercials for Trader Joe's. After he was done at the studio we'd get in the car and he'd put in The Wild Places, and then we'd make the trip up to Griffith Observatory to ride the horses or roam the observatory itself.  Your songs to this day stick with me and bring back those wonderful memories.  I'm almost 21 now and I'm engaged to be married in June. The only gift I knew would mean a lot for my Father is the CD The Wild Places. I don't know what happened to our copy of it, but I plan on giving it to my Dad in the hopes that it will bring back those same wonderful memories.  I just wanted to thank you for making such wonderful music, and to let you know that my thoughts and prayers are with you.  Thank you again!  God bless you and your family. Always ~ Audra Johnson


 Hey Dan, Thanks for being you. With love ~ Beverly

 Dan...hope all is well and selfishly,  hope to see you in concert one day again soon.  I promised my son several years ago that I would take him "next time."  Looking forward to that day. Best Wishes ~ Dawn and Jesse, Loveland, CO


 Dan, Hope you and your family are doing well. Thanks for the link to the prostate site. I read your message and immediately made a doctors appointment. I have always been in awe of your lyrics and song writing but the words you wrote leading me to make a doctor's appointment were much more powerful than anything off of Nether Lands. That's saying alot by the way. Thanks ~ Jeff E in Indy


 Your music has touched my heart many times. My prayers are with you and yours! ~ Grady Phillips


 I have been a huge fan of Dan Fogelberg and his wonderful music  for 20+ years - something of a rarity in England where not many people know of  him (sadly)  I was so shocked and saddened to read about his illness today  on the website .  May he come through this. I pray for his  recovery.  His music has touched so many thousands of people.  I felt  I grew up in my twenties to his haunting melodies and amazing lyrics which made  you stop and think and ponder.   I wish Dan and his wife and family courage and strength and please know  that so many people are thinking of you, Dan.  Love, thoughts and prayers ~ Suzanne Anstee


 Hang in there Dan. I look forward to seeing you again when you get back on your feet. ~ Barry


 Dear Dan,   Your music has been a force in my life for years.  "Leader of the Band" made me understand and become closer with my Father.  "Run for The Roses" made me appreciate life where I lived at the time just north of Louisville Kentucky.  I hope this finds you doing okay.  I know how your illness can be.  My wife works for a great urologist by the name of Kenneth Goldberg in Lewisville Tx.  I wholeheartedly agree that all men 40 and over should get their PSA level checked each year. May God bless you and yours and help you through this difficult time.  ~ Mike Eddelman, Denton Texas


 Dan: You have been a huge part of my life.  I have all of your albums, have listened to your music for years, and have tried to see you perform whenever you gave a concert in our area.  You have brought joy, peace, beauty and insight to my world, and I thank you for all of this.  My wife and I fell in love to your music, we played your music at our wedding, and we continue to listen to your songs during moments when the kids are busy and time allows us a few moments to ourselves.  My oldest son is now a chip off the old block, i.e. he is a huge fan as well.  His favorite song is "Sutter's Mill". I am very sorry to hear of your illness, but I have faith that you are up to the challenge that it presents.  Our wishes for a speedy recovery go out to you and yours. Sincerely ~ Doug Follett


 I just heard the news- two years after the fact.  A part of me is numb right now.  Dan's music has affected my life in such a way, it is beyond explanation.  I still cannot believe I just found out now.  I decided to Google, "Dan Fogelberg" which let me to his website.  Wow.  Dan, I want you to know that all the beauty that you created in the world is now surrounding you.  Thank you for everything.  You're in my thoughts and prayers.  God Bless You. ~ Paul


 My brother and I went to a concert of yours many years ago.  At that concert you sang "There's a place in the world for a gambler"  everyone lit a match or a lighter.  You could have heard a pin drop except for your beautiful voice.  I went another time to Jones Beach to see you, and it was raining. It didn't matter to me. Your words, your music --so beautiful. I played your cassettes so many times they finally wore out so my brother this year for my birthday bought me your cd's.  How nice to hear your voice again.  I will pray to the Lord for you, that you will come through this terrible disease called cancer.  I have had it too and the doctors didn't know if I would make it, but I did and so will you!  Geez, we need beauty in the world especially now and you are beautiful. ~ Kathy


 Dear Dan Fogelberg,  I'm so glad you've made this means possible for sending best wishes.  Your beautiful music has touched me greatly over the years in concert and through your albums.  My husband and I chose "Since You've Asked" for our wedding dance almost 16 years ago, and we waltz together to it still.  I will continue to pray for you.  God has given you a marvelous gift, and I thank you again for blessing my life by sharing it.  Sincerely ~ Laurel Uhlig Hansen


 Dan, I pray that God places his healing hands on you and your family. I hope that you will have the opportunity to wake to the sound of seagulls and buoy bells for many years to come. I believe Maine is THE perfect place for peace, serenity, and healing. During my recent sailing trip during the Great Schooner Race, all that filled my mind were the lyrics of your picture perfect portrait of the great state of Maine.  It really has put a more personal meaning to it. The Air Force has taken me to Delaware, but each time I visit my home in Maine, it makes it so much harder for me to return to my home in Delaware. Surround yourself with family and friends and you will be sure to smile each time new words come surfacing from the living legacy.  Please continue to share them with us when you are well enough to resume!!!! ~ Dave B.  Dover, Delaware via Topsham, Maine


 Dear Dan:  Your music has been an ever present influence in my life and I just wanted to tell you how much I truly appreciate all your hard work through the years.  Your music and words have encouraged me to look for the beauty in life and to try and understand my life on a deeper level, even the sad parts.   I truly hope that you will continue to feel better as each day goes by.  I too live under the shadow of chronic illness and I know how tough it can be at  times, but always know that the future is only an unwritten poem and that there will always be goodness and love to look forward to. I have found that there is a special kind of strength that comes to those who endure.  An understanding and compassion that blooms in the heart for others, and a new tenderness that shines in the eyes. Coming to understand that through the years has helped me to cope and continue to enjoy my life to the fullest.  Thank you again Dan, for sharing with us your beautiful thoughts, words and music.  With love and respect ~ Delisa Marchetti


 Dear Dan, I was a freshman when I was first touched by your music.  I was in the bar in the student union at West Virginia University, and I heard "Nether Lands" being played.  I was captivated and thought, "This man is a musical genius."  So I purchased the album, even though I was living on $200 a month and my rent was $125. I probably didn't eat for a few days to be able to afford it, but it was worth so much more.  I still have a turntable and listen to it on vinyl.  I am a musician (I earned a degree in music) but am in awe of the beautiful combination of music and poetry you have written. You are in my thoughts and prayers, and I thank you for sharing your music with the world. Sincerely ~ Laureen O'Brien


 Dan, I hope you're doing well these days. I've been enjoying the 'Twin Sons" CD I bought today to replace the LP I no longer have. Thanks for all the great music! ~ Brent McPike, Terre Haute, IN


 Dan, We just want you to know that two people, deeply touched by your music throughout the years, are praying for you and your family.  Your music and lyrics brought us together some 37 years fact the words from "Stars" were used on the cover of our wedding announcement.  Three teenagers later we are on our journey and have faced many trials of our own.  Keep your faith that the Lord will comfort you during this trial... We pray that God will heal you of your illness and restore your health. Amen. ~ Ron & Tina Bradshaw


 Dear Dan, I've waited too long to write. For the past 25 years your poetry and music has been the voice for my own deepest emotions.  It has been your songs in my head and heart that have kept me from falling so far that I could never get up again.  Somehow I always thought there would be a tomorrow, a next year-- a later-- when I would find a better, more eloquent way to tell you how much your music and artistry has meant in my life.  You're immortal in my mind, so I waited to find the right words.  I shouldn't have waited.  I'll never find language to show how I feel.  Though I've never met you, I have allowed myself drown in your music often enough that occasionally I think I've seen a glimpse of who you are---though I know everyone probably says that, and it's probably irritating as hell.  I hope that as you struggle with this pain in your body, and surely with the discouragement that must come with it, at least sometimes; that you can find some comfort in knowing how much comfort you have given to so many people.  I pray with all I am that you and Jean find strength and peace.  Thank you.  Love to you and yours. Ever on ~ Liisa Dixon


 Dear Dan, Had a dream with you in it last night.  Very unusual, asked your favorite song, it was something I never heard of, asked your favorite Dan Fogelberg song and you brought out your new 3-disc CD.  Wishful thinking, I guess.  Well, it was nice to finally "meet" you, you are on my list of "if there is one person in your life you would like to meet".  Good wishes to you, from one survivor to another.  ~ Bonnie, Santa Rosa, CA.


 Hi Dan- I am not a very good Catholic, but I am praying for you anyway!!!! My  husband just found out he has Lyme Disease. Yikes. Don't stop making music!!!!! It is the soundtrack of my life and it stopped at 46.  Lots of Love to you and your family from an adoring fan from the early  70's!!! ~ Carolyn Mulrain


 Just wanted to let you know how much your music has meant to me through the years. I lived years beginning each day with "To the Morning". Captured Angel and The Innocent Age were huge in my life, though I listen to almost all of it. All the pure prayer I can muster.   God's mercy is unfathomable--I know. Sincerely ~ Bill McCutcheon


 Dear Dan, I feel I can call you Dan, as we have spent many hours together, you and I.  First and foremost; thank you for the following:  Home Free, Souvenirs, Captured Angel, Nether Lands, and Twin Sons of Different Mothers, for I cannot go a week without listening to at least one of them.  Your music and lyrics have soothed my restless mind and life on more than one occasion, and I know that no matter what happens, I can listen to you and instantly feel alive. But most importantly, thank you for being there for me all thru the years.  No, we do not know each other "personally", but you are such an important part of my life - I'm not ready to let go of you just yet.  I and the rest of the world need you to stay, get better, and maybe one day, go back to the studio!  But if not, again, I thank you for what you have already given us. My thoughts, prayers, and good wishes continue to go to you and your family. Again, thank you so very, very much... Sincerely ~ Lori, Boston, MA


 This morning, while on my way to the oncologist's office, our local radio station played "Leader of the Band", one of my favorite songs.  It never fails to raise a lump in my throat.  I said to my husband, "I wonder what Dan Fogelberg is doing these days?".  He said, "You could Google him and find out".  That is exactly what I did and I was both shocked and dismayed to find out that you are a prostate cancer survivor.  I will add you to my prayer list.  I truly believe that the reason I am an 11 year survivor of non-Hodgkins Lymphoma is all the prayers of family and friends.  At the moment, we are waiting for the results of my latest treatment and praying like mad that it is successful.  Never give up and keep fighting. ~ FM, Kennedyville MD


 Mr. Fogelberg,   Your music changed my life - for the better.  You taught me how to play guitar, how to write songs and how to perform.  When I was growing up everyone was listening to REO Speedwagon and Journey - good stuff - but I was drawn to Gordon Lightfoot and you - the story tellers who could hatch the idea, compose it, arrange it, produce it and perform it.  I will release my second independent CD of all original, self-performed and self-produced music within the month...thank you for enabling me to do it...and my song "Somewhere in Maine" will be dedicated to you.  I will be praying for you and singing and playing for you.  ~ Jim Stevenson in Columbus, Ohio.


 Dear Dan - it is with great sadness that I read of your illness, and wish from the bottom of my heart that you overcome this sad condition. I want to thank you for your uplifting music and gliding vocals as you sing your beautiful songs: you have been such an integral part of my love of music and beautiful songs. As I live in Australia, I have never had the joy of seeing you until quite by chance I found "Greetings from the West- Dan Fogelberg Live" and I finally saw and loved your concert, and your explanations of some of the songs. I won't tell you of the songs that have most influenced me, because all of them are special, some more so than others to me, but special none the less. So I hope that you find comforting peace in your church in the mountains or by the sea and may you be surrounded by nature and the people and animals you love. Thanks for the music, the lyrics, the imagery and your message for nature and the environment. They will be cherished. With thoughts for you and your loved ones ~ Gigi, Geelong, Vic., Australia


 Dan and Jean, I am still sending out prayers and good wishes for you both. I hope you are having a good summer, and making many memories for years to come. Hugs ~ Cathy in NJ~


 Life becomes more precious when you live 15 seconds at a time. Godspeed ~ cw


 Mr. Fogelberg, I live in Camden, Maine and am currently working on organizing the first  Camden Book Festival.  I had thought of asking you to be our guest and join us in this celebration, when I came upon the news of your cancer.  I am so very sorry and send you thoughts of healing and peace, much as your music has  done for me over the years.  You truly helped me to get through some very  hard times, and I hope all of us, whose lives you've touched, can send you the  power you need.  In Peace ~ Cindy Reardon


 Dear Dan and Jean, First, I would like to say I am writing this while listening to Full Circle (nice and loud and a terrific CD) as I write this email. I just checked your web site to see if there was some update on your condition. I have thought of writing so many times in the past but this morning from Littleton. Colorado I would like to offer you our most sincere compassion, thoughts and prayers for your battle with cancer.


As so many do, I have long relationship with your music beginning in the early 70's, yes, a boomer born in '51. There is so much I would like to tell you about how your music has consistently touched me and those close to me. Your music has always been there, intertwined with my deepest emotions and life experiences. Suffice to say, that I connected with so much of my life journey while listening to your unique guitar, heartfelt lyrics and beautiful melodies.


My husband of 8 years (and partner for 13) shared a love of your music when we first met. I am not even sure how many times we have seen you perform, but we have every CD! We broke up long ago but at your concert at Red Rocks in Colorado in 1992 we got back together sharing a wonderful time and a deep and knowing connection through your beautiful music. Right off the top, my favorite song is "To the Morning". It has motivated me at my favorite time of day more times than I know. Thank you for making such awesome and passionate music.


We have a lot of personal experience with cancer and with family members who are survivors. We have also been caretakers at a very intimate level and believe all of the support and love can be hugely positive when you are fighting for your life and your health. We send you our heartfelt wishes for your recovery this morning while packing to move, after 30 years in Denver, to the mountains of Colorado. Of course your music will be by our side throughout this new journey, while we pack, as we move, in our new home and finally in the mountains where our hearts reside. Thank you for sharing your gift. Best Wishes to you and Jean and we look forward to hearing more music from you in the future. Sincerely ~ Romain and Reb Babcock


 Having been a devoted fan and supporter of your music since the early 70's, I wish you luck in your battles against prostate cancer.  I lost my father to this cancer three years ago, which might have been avoided had he taken the advice you so wisely recommend on your web site.  Good luck and keep that guitar tuned.


 When I was seventeen years old I'd been listening to a Kiss album like everyone else on my block when my best friend came over with an album by a young man with his face downturned on the cover of the album, a fellow named Dan Fogelberg, with an album that would forever play to the soundtrack of my life, Nether Lands. I played the first song of the album and to this day I can still feel the count of the beat as the voice began to speak of the places and of the things he wanted to do in his life. As I listened I began to think of what I wanted myself and to this day I still like to listen and think of the things I want to do and of the things that I have done. Dan, your music has meant so much to me and now that I live in the land you're from, Illinois, I find myself listening even more to your early stuff: "These Days", "Long Way Home", and "Souvenirs". But I still go back to Nether Lands often enough, and I can feel the soul of a young man who yearned for something else much as I did, a man resolute in his conviction but eager to learn more. God Bless You. I hope you're doing well and that each day finds you as eager and grateful for it as I do.


 Dan, I pray for healing and peace. Your music has inspired me and nurtured my heart since I was a young man. "There's A Place In the World For A Gambler", "Part of the Plan", "Illinois", "Leader of the Band", and so many more...your poetry and

music burns deeply inside me in ways words can't convey. On behalf of my wife and myself, may I convey my sincere gratitude, and sincere best wishes for you and your family.


 Our Dad just had prostate surgery on Friday.  My sister and I are  sitting here together, with my daughter.  He is 78 years old and doing GREAT!  He is such a trooper, just like you. We know that GOD will make sure that you both make it  through this difficult time. We have love your music which helps us though these challenging  times.   We both pray that you are getting healthy.  With your determination to carry on and not let this set you back. We both grew up in Chicago and feel such a connection with you. Your music has allowed us to cry and smile, at the same  time. Our hearts and prayers are with you. ~   Sherrrin From Dallas and Kerri From Illinois


 Just a note to thank you for all of the beautiful music you have made over the years. It never grows old. We continue to pray for your good health. ~ Tom and Nancy

Dan, you must win this battle. You are so gifted and your music has meant so much to so many. It has lifted me up when times have been especially tough. So I guess that now it's your fans' turn.. There is no one out there like you. We need you and your music during these especially troubled times.  I saw you many years ago in Boston and was an instant fan. You closed with "Gambler" and the entire audience was singing and swaying to the music.... I will never forget it or the words:

There's a light in the depths of your darkness

There's a calm at the eye of every storm

There's a light in the depths of your darkness

Let it shine...oh, let it shine

Please get better and know that we love you, we're  praying for you and we hope to see you again very soon. Take care and thank you for your many wonderful gifts.... ~ JoEllen Fredericks, Acton, MA


 Dear Dan, The last time I saw you in concert was in Florida several years ago. I brought my Mother who passed away a year ago, Father and Brother to see you. They were in awe and still to this day talk about it. Ever since I was twelve, I've played your music starting from Nether Lands. Learned the guitar and my style is very close to yours. I write music now because of you. You were back then and to this day, my mentor. When I found out you were ill my heart ached and cried for you and Jean. I can only pray that your recovery will be speedy and one day return to doing what you were meant to do... Being 'The leader of the band' . You have an Orchestra of people out here and I'm only one of the people you touched, just one. With great respect ~ Tamalyn


 To the man who brought me my own muse, thanks for everything! I will continue to keep you in my thoughts, and pray that your battle with cancer remains triumphant! ~ Elizabeth Marlowe


 Dan and Jean - As August approaches and the day of your birth, I am sending prayers, hugs, lots of love and best wishes your way.  I pray you are getting stronger and healing.  Never a day goes by that I do not listen to your music.  Words cannot express how much you have touched my life and many others.  You, Jean and your family are in my prayers daily. Good Speed, a most Blessed and Happy Birthday and my wish is for many, many more.  Know that you are truly loved. ~ Susan K. Nash


 I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the years of enjoyable music (and some of the background music for our wedding, 14 years Tuesday!) ~ Dave & Sara Wardamasky, Blue Hill Maine


 Dear Dan,  It's been a few months since I've last left a message here for you.  Even though I haven't written down my thoughts on a regular basis, please know that you and your family are always in my heart.  As others have so eloquently written, your music is such a huge part of my life today and has been for many, many years.  I feel very selfish in saying this but I need your music...the world needs your music.  My wish for you is continued health, happiness, and that you feel the warmth of the love that so many of your friends and fans hold for you.  You will forever be in my thoughts and prayers.  Ever on, Dan  ~ Pam


 Dan, I emailed once before a long time ago, but I wanted to share a story with you about your importance to my wife and I, and how your music has touched one of my former high school students through the song "Nexus."  I teach English at Woodstown High School in Woodstown, NJ.  My wife, Claudia, and I got to know each other better in high school largely because we would swap your albums.  We began dating in '82, married in '87 (after graduating from college), played "Only the Heart May Know" during our ceremony, and we've lived and taught (she's an elementary teacher) in Woodstown for 19 years.


About 2 years ago, one of my students, Ryan "Gootch" Nelson, was seriously injured in an automobile accident (he was a passenger).  It was touch and go for a while, but after much rehabilitation he came home about a year ago.  He is paralyzed from the chest down and this has also affected the use of his hands.  He always loved to play the guitar...very much into Dave Mathews.  Anyway, he has found that he can place a Gibson Les Paul guitar on his lap and play with a slide (he started with a Fender)!  He can play again and he's very good!  He also taught himself the harmonica while he was battling with his physical limitations.  On June 17, there was a "Beef and Beer" benefit for Ryan.  I'm in a local band called The Northern Lights and we played at the benefit and Ryan played his slide guitar with us throughout most of our sets.  During one of our breaks, Ryan and I performed your song "The Nexus" which we both love (I had introduced him to your music and this song).  He plays an AWESOME harmonica part to it.  I played it on my Martin DCME and I love to sing it, but without percussion, jungle sounds,  and a background chorus of "hey-yo", it needed something.  Ryan's harmonica was the perfect ingredient.  He is a very good musician and he is now performing at local coffee houses and hoping to have some kind of a musical career.  


My email is much too long, but hopefully you got through it.  Thanks for your gift of music.  The "ripple effect" passes it on to others like Ryan.  Ryan, Claudia, and I are all thinking about you and Jean and wishing you well.  Sincerely ~   Paul Kranz


 Dear Dan - I did not know about your condition.  I will pray for you.  But I thought I heard you today on the radio singing a standard, anyway it made me think of you.  Your music has been very important to me.  In 1983 my oldest brother Larry was killed by a drunk driver and I inherited his album collection, and introduced me to you.  You have always been that connection to me and Larry.  Love and prayers ~Terry Poole


 Hey Dan, Ii was thinking about you today, while humming and singing "Run For The Roses." That song, along with "Leader Of The Band" and "Same Old Lang Syne", are my favorite songs -- so good. I do pray for your recovery and good mental health while dealing with your illness. I lost my left leg in 2003 to acute osteomyelitis - and it was very hard on me alone everyday - read ROMANS 8:23. I know these things are hard to understand - but it is just life - and I am sorry you are sick. Your music inspires so many of us. May God bless you in your recovery. Best regards ~ richard w. giles


 Dear Dan, Your music has been with me for all of my life. I first discovered you as a kid and you've been with me ever since. You've shared my wedding day, the birth of my kids, a margarita by the pool and everything else in between.  I prayed for you this morning that God would place his healing hands on you and bring you strength. I know you take comfort in the support of your family and friends. Take comfort too in knowing that someone in Riverside, CA is pulling for you! Much love ~ Angela Eaton


 In 1978 I was mending a broken heart when my friend Jerry put on an album.  Who is that guy? Who's singing???  I bought Nether Lands.  I know each song and the order they're played (except those French words in "Dancing Shoes"...what are you saying??)  I was dancing a slow one on a Sunday morning when Larry asked me to marry him, I said yes and we kissed to "Same Old Lang Syne."  You can guess what happened when all I could think of ...How do you Make Love Stay?  I was spellbound in the church parking lot as my car radio played  "Run For the Roses."  Where does it come from, those haunting melodies, those words that speak our heartbreaks, hopes for new love, and "whew" when we find new love.  I suspect it comes from a sensitive little boy watching and learning from his dad, and his dad's love of music and a lot of lovely women in your life who managed to bring out the best in you, who broke your heart too and the women who mended it.  It comes from your articulate, sensitive nature and a soul filled with a bunch of good stuff.  Thank you Jean for taking such good care of his heart.  Thank you! ~ Carol Wilson


 Hi Dan & Family, Our thoughts and prayers have been with you and we will keep you there. We love your music from the past and the present.  Your music is so beautiful and great to listen to.  We are big fans of yours.  We both work in Peoria, IL and live in Groveland, IL. Take care and we hope to see you in concert sometime. ~ Harry & Linda Reneau


 Dan & Jean, As I wander thru the Bio, and listen to my old LP's you blessed us with, I have many "happy and sad tears" literally.  In 1987, I was diagnosed with metastatic, malignant carcinoid syndrome. Many surgeries later (2 last year), and almost 20 years gone by, I am still on the river of life.  I pray that you will be blessed with a new sunrise and a joyful heart, and that you are both able to spend your time doing things that make you happy.  Best wishes ~ CLK


 Dan - Music has always been my companion through life's ups and downs.  Your music is what I always reached for when I wanted to reflect or simply enjoy some peace and reflection.. I hope you find something to comfort and soothe you as you face this difficult challenge. I wish for you comfort, peace and a full recovery.  We miss you ~ Lisa


 Dearest Dan, Jean and family:- I have been a Fogelberg fan since 1973. Yes, Yes, my age is showing!! My thoughts and prayers have been with you since I heard the news. I behold you with eyes of love, you wonderful being you!!! You, Dan, are a wonderful man. You deserve all good things in your life, including (maybe ESPECIALLY) perfect health. You, Dan, are healed, whole and complete. You, Dan, are loved the world over. You, Dan, are blessed. You, Dan, are healed this MOMENT. I pray you continue to take wonderful care of yourself, getting stronger every moment of every day. My love to you and yours ~ Millie, Atlanta, Ga.


 Dear Dan, There is and old adage "Stop and Smell the Roses. I would like to thank you for the roses you have put in everyone's life by your music and songs. We are going to celebrate our 48th wedding anniversary in February. When we celebrated our 25th., we had a Folk Group sing "Longer". I know when we celebrate our 50th we will again have that song sung again. I love all your music. Please know we are sending Love,Hugs and Prayers. Thank you for all the Roses you have put in our lives with all your beautiful music. Fondly ~ Maryann Basil


 Hello Dan & Jean. Thinking of you today as I listened to Full Circle on my way to work. I truly hope your body and soul continue to mend and each day brings you closer to a total recovery. I think of you often. Hugs ~ Sue Tobin, Lake Zurich, IL


 Dan, Still listening, still praying.. ~ Becky

 Dan - I again pray and wish for full recovery and a long loving life. Your music continues to touch me and my wife in many ways. Our appreciation for your music and courage thru your illness is a model for others. I'll drink a toast to you and yours and pray for the best. Here's to hearing you play again.  ~ Mike and Helen Cayce , Hopkinsville,Ky


 Dear Dan and family... Cancer has touched my family so many times.  Through your music, I feel you have been a part of my life since I was a teen.  My husband has mantle cell lymphoma.  I am living, everyday, with the hope a cure will be discovered before it's too late for him.  My heartfelt prayers and hopes are with you and your family.  Stay tough and as my husband says,"Don't ever let it catch you slacking!" Warmest regards ~ Rebecca


 Hi Dan and Jean, Dan, your name came up in conversation, again, today and I knew it was time to write.  I feel your presence. I know I'll see you sing again. We're sending warm wishes as you approach your birthday. There have been letters from you two years in a row in mid August.  I'm looking forward to this year's update! ~ Alexia and Dave in Reno, NV


 Hello Dan -- In the seventies, my older brother David introduced your first album to me. "Part of the Plan" -- a forever favorite -- was only the beginning.  I recall several of your Red Rocks concerts as heaven-on-earth.  I am one of the innumerable who always did and always will adore you.  Thank you for making it cool for guys to strum a guitar and play a piano while singing their poetry.  I have often used your lyrics in my English classes. Long ago I proudly introduced my 3 daughters to your sentimental genius, as well.  I feel in my heart that you will create much more for us to hear.  As you continue healing, I wish you the deepest love from family and friends. ~ Sally


 Dear Dan & Family, I hope this finds you doing better.  It is with a sad heart that I read you won't be returning to the concert stage or recording studio, as I truly enjoy your work, however, your health & family should be foremost, so I am glad that you are taking the time for you. My husband and I will just treasure the works you've done in the past all the more now. Take care.  Blessed be. ~ Kathleen Chosa


 Dan,   In 1980, a sixteen year old girl heard a singer she had never heard before over the desert airwaves of Phoenix. She was drawn not only to the musical artistry and pure voice, but to the touching lyrics of “Leader of the Band.” She has kept a Dan Fogelberg album within easy reach ever since. Now a 42 year old wife and mother, your music is still played at my home, but there is a big difference. You now have three more fans - my husband and two teenage sons. Early on, they always joked about how mom had all the Fogelberg albums, moreso than any of the other hundreds of artists’ albums we have in our diverse music collection. But once they got to listen – really listen, they heard the artistry, voice and lyrics that had captivated their wife and mother in the first place.  We’d like to thank you for the unforgettable melodies, intelligent lyrics and damn good ballads you have treated us to all these years. Music is such an integral part of our lives – there is hardly ever a minute that it isn’t listened to or performed in our house. Your music is definitely part of that fabric.  Count us as four more lives your gift has touched.  We wish you and your family well. You are in our thoughts and prayers.~ Terri M.


 When faith is your strength, As the words to your songs are mine, A strong hand is there, just reach for it... My husband and I have you and Jean in our thoughts and prayers. ~ LaDonna

 Dear Dan.....I miss you. Your music was on during  the birth of my son, who is  now eleven.....and during my radiation and chemo treatments. "Here Comes The Sun" was one of the songs that got me through the darkest days of my life. I thank you and always wish you well.... ~ Joyce, in New Jersey

 I keep you and your family close in my prayers.  Your  gift of song has brought me through some difficult times in my life.  Peace be with you and lots of love and  admiration. I wish for you the best ~ Lisa from Tennessee


 Dan,   My wife of nearly 30yrs. and I wish you the best and thank you for all you've given us. We were at your concert in Phila. in 1976 as our first date. We were married that year on Oct 10th. Before the ceremony the Pastor allowed us to play "To the Morning". It is, of course our little piece of you in our hearts, forever. We will play it again this year and know that you cannot be closer to us than you have been so far. (The Pastor said "This isn't that rock & roll stuff, is it?") Godspeed from both of us. ~ George & Melody McGill


 Dan, you have the voice of an angel.  Thank you for the joy you have given to me and many others through your music.  My thoughts and best wishes are with you and your loved ones. With love and a huge hug ~ Pam in England


 Dan, We have never met but I feel I know you through your music. You are one of the best songwriters to have come into this world. When I write a song I try to make it as heartfelt as yours have always been. Best of luck to you and your family from one musician to another.


 Dear Dan, I have always really loved and admired your music.  A little over a year ago, my son was born 3 months early at 28 weeks gestation.  Our little miracle came to us after years battling infertility..  Tests, operations, procedures, 4 IVF attempts and multiple miscarriages.  The day he was born, I was at his bedside (isolette) when your song "Longer" started playing on the radio.  The first lines of the song mirrored perfectly my feelings for my son, and that song also seemed to soothe him as he was fighting to stay alive.  He spent his first three months in the hospital, and I sang that song to him many times each day.  I continue to sing it to him and it still quiets him and brings us both great joy.  Please stay strong in your struggle with cancer and know that your music has in fact deeply touched many people's hearts. ~ Monica B


 Like so many others, you were a huge part of my college and early adult years. I can't begin to tell you what your music has meant to the many chapters of my life. I was so sorry to hear and read of your medical problems. My father-in-law also has prostate cancer. He has been dealing with that for the better par of the last 12 years and he is almost 87. Keep the faith . My prayers and thoughts are with you and yours. I truly believe God's plan will come full circle for you.. Then you will use your many gifts to educate and entertain as you have before. Godspeed.


 Dear Dan, What can I add that hasn't already been said?  I too was saddened to hear of your struggle with cancer and appreciate your words of advice to "each and every man" on your web site.  Thank you so much for sharing your tremendous talents with us and know that your music will continue to touch the hearts of untold numbers long after you and I have left this world.  God bless you Dan and your family with strength and comfort during these challenging times.  I'm hopeful that you will once again return to the stage and recording studio as I know there are yet songs within you that need to be sung.  Save a seat for me in the front row!  No matter what, know that our spirits will live on, just as assuredly as your music will.  All the best to you and yours.  ~ Rick Gleason, Yakima, Wa.


 Dear Dan and Jean, Glad to finally hear something from you after all this time.  I was getting worried after nothing new appeared on the website for so long.  I didn't have the courage to write onto the first "well-wishing' site but now I can, knowing my prayers have been answered.  You must be doing better now, and you will be from here on out.  You may never return to the concert stage, which I wouldn't blame you for at all, but I'll bet you do return to the recording studio in the not-so-distant future.After all, this is your passion to create wonderful lyrics and music to the joy and self-reflection to all those listening.  You have been such an inspiration to my daughter, my grandchildren, and me.  We all know you have inspired our lives and believe you are one of the greatest artists to have ever blessed our planet.  I know one day I'll flip on the radio and there you will be, with the same eloquence you've always had, serenading me with a melody that is unforgettable and true to the moment.  I wish you a grand recovery for me and for everyone who has ever loved your music! Just think.we are going to be alive when the Aztec Calendar runs out!  How more exciting is life than that?!  Very best wishes to you and yours ~ Maryann


 The most sincere and the very best wishes from Belgrade. ~ Family Hinic


 Dan and Jean; This message is long overdue - I have been listening to and playing your music for over 30 years now, and when I heard of your diagnosis, I was dumbstruck.  Now a very close personal friend (also a professional musician) has been diagnosed with colon cancer, and I was immediately reminded that I had never written to you.  Your music has meant so much to me over the decades, and 'Leader of the Band' could have been written about my own father.  I saw the 'SoundStage production in 2003, and had my guitar out and playing the whole concert.  So many of those songs were anthems of my 20's and 30's.  I pray for your recovery and return to the industry.  We owe you a great debt, my friend, for enriching our lives with your music.~ Kurt Wurster, Cincinnati, Ohio


 My prayers are with you and your family, Mr. Fogelberg.  I have loved your music from the very beginning.


 Hello Dan,  I was driving in the car today and heard your beautiful music coming from the radio. I happened to be in summer traffic, but your music takes me to a calmer more beautiful place. THANK YOU!!!   I know you are battling for your life, and I want you to know that there are people that truly care and would love to hear how you are doing and would love to here more of your music.I wish you well and may God bless you and cure you. ~ Pam


 For all the moments of joy your music has brought to me, I hope this wish for your recovery and for Jean's endurance brings you a moment to smile. I once received a kiss on the cheek from you after a concert in Clearwater, FL. I now send one back to you both ~ Ellen


 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in March of this year.  Thankfully it was caught at an early stage because I had an annual PSA/DRE testing beginning at age 50 (I am 57).  I had surgery last month and the cancer was found to be confined to the prostate.  Thanks for your efforts to promote prostate cancer awareness. I wish you well in your ongoing treatment for prostate cancer.  You and your family are in my prayers. ~ Tim


 Dan, I hope this finds its way to you feeling well and in good spirits. Knowing you must get hundreds of e-mails a day, I will be brief but feel the need to thank you for your gift to humanity. Over the years you have provided all of us critical links joining the musical note to the poetry of the heart. Somehow, through your gift and talent you have brought these elements to beautiful music for all of us to enjoy and relate to. In my case, I do not  possess the necessary skills to adequately replicate it on Guitar or vocals the way you do, but enjoy trying very much. For many folks, emotions and feelings are like a complex puzzle...the pieces are there and make a great picture, but many of us can't put them together the way you do. I wish you well Sir. I believe you have the ability to persevere and look forward to reading your progress and recovery as soon as you can. Whether you return to the stage or studio, I thank you for all you give to me when I hear your beautiful music. Kindest regards to a speedy recovery ~ Ray Davenport


 "Strive to be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. To be too wise for worry, too tolerant for hate, and too courageous to be fearful. In short, to be happy." ~ Anonymous


 Dearest Dan, I am 48 years old, a school teacher and part-time musician with a family. I have followed you since 1976 when Nether Lands arrived; have all your albums; seen you several times in concert from Concord, to Tahoe, to Oakland. Sounds like you're recovering.  Would love you to see your return to the stage for a Finale "Times Like These" (with this f*cking Bush Administration) we need people like yourself, Jackson Browne, Don Henley, Bruce Springsteen.....all the true musicians who represent what they truly believe. We need you. Come back to reunite the spirits of this lost land. Love and best regards ~ Robert Cortes, Sacramento, CA


 Dan, I hope that you are recovering well.  When you are up to it please consider visiting San Diego for a show.  I, for one, will be there.  Plus I'll bring my wife and four kids ages 10, 7, 6 & 3.  They love to hear me play your songs on my guitar, but they would surely love to hear you more than me. ~ T.J. Tischer, Santee, CA


 As you sit by the window and struggle to make sense of what is happening to you, you must try to smile and be still. You may feel so alone asking "where were you?" Lost in thought, and lost in time. I watched my wife of 23 years leave this planet with a couple of angels last year in April. She fought her fight as long as she could with cancer. The way I see it, her faith was strong and a mansion was being built in heaven for her. She's there now. Your music touched and moved many lives including ours. I just got through listening to a few of my favorites, "Phoenix" , "Along The Road" and a song I took to heart of Marianne and I when we were young, "The Last Nail". It brought goosebumps to my skin and some tears to my eyes.  Dan, I pray when the time comes, two angels will arrive for you as well. and right now angels of courage and love surround you and your family.Thank you my friend. Peace to your heart. ~ Matthew


 Dear Dan, I started listening to your music in 1979 when I started college and it has always given me insight, courage and belief in life and especially genuine love. But a quick story for you.In 1986 I was driving to the New Jersey shore, listening to the Nether Lands album, deep in thought and praying to God, asking him for some kind a change in my life as I was not in a very good place at that time. Well my prayer was immediately answered, as I was listening to the song "Sketches", very deep in the moment, I was hit by a drunk driver going 80mph. Well that driver passed away but I was lucky enough to live by a miracle. From that day forward I have never looked at life the same way. I thought it to be all too appropriate that when that

happened to me I was listening to your unbelievable music. I will always love your music and it will remain in my heart forever and thank you for all that you have given. You are a wonderful and inspirational man. ~ MLW - Scottsdale, Arizona


 I was first introduced to your music by some very dear friends of mine in the early eighties. I subsequently fell deeply in love with a woman with whom I spent many hours listening to your music. Alas, but it was not to be as she found another. During the  time I spent contemplating my fate I continued to listen to your music and found comfort and peace in its lyrics. A number of years later I was fortunate to find another young lady with whom I have now been joyfully married for 15 years. At the beginning of our relationship we found ourselves listening to your rendition, of  "Rhythm Of The Rain ". This version of this song has become "our" song and continues to bring a smile to both of our faces whenever we hear it played.


My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1989 and was subsequently given 2 years to live. Well Dad lived until the age of  77  which was 13 years past his predicted demise. When he finally did pass it was not of prostate cancer but of heart failure. At his request I have gotten my PSA test annually and go for the finger tickle every two years now. I know that with faith and prayer you will beat this and one day return to the concert stage so that I might carry my lovely pride to hear you live and in person which I have always promised her I would do. Once again best wishes and my prayers are with you. ~ Barry in Bama


 Although I have never met you (save for seeing you in concert), there is a connection due to your music - - your lyrics - - your words.  I wish you much strength and hope.  Please know how far your music has and continues to reach.  Your stories have the ability to wake people up - - your words ring true in our hearts.  All my best ~ Karyn


 Dan, I hope this brief note finds you continuing on the road to recovery, your spirits bright, your family well, and your optimism never failing. I continue to pray for such healing every day for all of you. I selfishly long for that day when you can unleash your unparalleled musical genius if you so choose. I'll also take this opportunity to wish you an early happy 55th birthday. I trust this year will find you healthier than the last! Take good care, my friend. You've given so much through your music...and to me, I know a debt I can never repay...except to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the most profound music of my life.  ~ Greg Tuttle, M. D. Chapel Hill/Durham, North Carolina


 I recently heard about your condition and wish you all the luck to make a full recovery.  I know you can beat this.  It may be harder than anything you have ever done but I look at it this way.  You never know what you can go through until you are forced to do it.  God doesn't give anyone anything they can't handle.  It may be hard but keep telling yourself I can get through this.  I know it may be hard sometimes but keep pushin' and things will work out. ~ Gary


 Dan: This is the first time that I have ever written to a world famous entertainer. I would just like to wish you a speedy recovery from this dreadful disease. You are in our prayers. My wife and I celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary this year. Our wedding song was "Longer", a truly amazing song, a classic. I agree with your comments on your website that a PSA test is so important and an easy  test that can detect this disease. I work in the medical field and I promote this test often along with a digital exam. Get Well Soon. ~ Frank & Linda


 I have never written to a celebrity before, but you are so much more than that!  I feel like I know you.  I started listening to your music in college and I immediately fell in love with it.  I went on a date one March evening in 1980 and my date put in a cassette and it was "Nether Lands".  I thought that any guy who listened to Dan Fogelberg was  the guy for me and next year we will be married for 25 years!  We both send you our love and prayers.  We know you are strong, and that you will beat this.  Whether we see you in concert or are listening to you in our living room we feel close to you.  Please know what a difference you have made in our lives!  We send our best to you and Jean. ~ Tim and Robin


 Dan and Jean, Just wanted to say you are still very much in my prayers. ~  Patrice, Macon GA


 To Dan, his family and friends, Your music is the best.  I saw you in concert at Humphrey's in San Diego a few years ago and will never forget how magical that night was for me. Yesterday I bought THE VERY BEST OF DAN FOGELBERG cd. Have not stopped playing it since I got it. What timeless, beautiful music you make. I also have the DAN FOGELBERG  dvd. Not only can you write beautiful music but your voice is really nice...must have gotten that from your mom, the opera singer.  I am so sad about what you have been going through. You are in my prayers. I am a nurse.I want to see you on stage again to hear that wonderful music. Please get better.  ~ Nancy LaBarge


 I just wanted to say I miss your music and shows.  The heartfelt emotion you put into each one.  "Leader of the Band" was one of the first songs I learned how to Travis pick when I learned to play guitar when I turned 40 a few years back.  I'm grateul for all the great music you have made.  I always enjoy my copy of Portrait.  Never mind that I have all your early stuff on Vinyl.  Best wishes and get well. ~ Bill


 Dan Fogelberg, God bless. I still want to meet you someday so get well.


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, You touched my life at so many different times...when I was a lonely high schooler, a college coed all by myself in a college town, later in my life while I worked in a career that took me all over the world.  It seems like I could always put on your music and find comfort.  Your voice and your lyrics either helped me believe that situations are not as bad as they seem and that there will always be a tomorrow.  I was mentally blindsided when I heard of your illness and want you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers.  I wish I could give back to you the gifts of comfort and hope that you brought me so often.  You are truly a blessed person that you were able to touch so many people and bring so much happiness and peace to this world.  Thank you so much for your gift of music.


 I thought I'd give myself a treat and find a concert to attend.  I went to your website and was saddened to read the news of your cancer.  I have to tell you what your music has meant to me for the last 20 years or more.  I celebrate with your music . I mourn with your music.  Each song speaks to me in a way that heals, nourishes or strengthens my spirit.  I wish for you the comfort in your healing that your music has provided to all those who love you.  You are in my thoughts and prayers. ~ Nancy


 Dan,  It's Saturday night and I'm watching Greetings From  the West. In all the years I've lived in California, I never once missed any of  your concerts here. I miss you so much now. ~ Dana


 Dear Dan, Recently you and your music have been on my mind.  There have been no updates since last summer, and with your upcoming birthday, I'm hoping we will hear something positive in the next few weeks.  Your music continues to be one of the most inspirational parts of my entire life as I have been a fan for thirty years.  You and Jean are in my prayers as I continue to pray for your recovery and for strength for you and your family. Sincerely ~ Tammy, Belleville, Illinois


 Dan,first of all keep fighting. Never give up. The answer could come today!  I have seen you in concert many times and have enjoyed your music for decades. I only wish for your speedy recovery,anything else is a bonus. God bless and get well soon ~ Ed Healey


 Hi Dan! Hope you're doing better. I'm so sorry to here of your illness. I've always been a fan of your music. In fact, I saw you in concert sometime in the late 80s in St. Louis, which is my home town! You were great! And two of my favorite songs of yours are "Phoenix" and "Face The Fire" --really love those tunes. I remember sitting around and trying to learn them on my guitar, and I still try sometimes. The lead work is really great on both songs and not easy to figure out. I know a little about chronic illness myself. I had surgery for crohns disease in 1993, and still suffer from it to this day! I take my meds every day to help control it, and the thing I'm learning about Crohns is, if you don't take care of it, it will take care of you! I'm talking strict diet! But I know if I stick to what I know is right for me and believe in myself and my music, I think things will work out just fine! I wish you lots of luck and all the best to your famlly. Sincerely ~ Rod Larue


 Dear Dan, I wanted to tell you a story I've related numerous times throughout the years: It was sometime in the Fall of 1981, I believe, and I was in high school.  I was at home alone, washing the dishes and listening to the radio. There was an unusual silence after the song I was just listening to faded out. And then the bright, simple finger-picking melody of  "Leader Of The Band" began to play.  The best word for its affect on me was "mesmerizing."  I reached over with my soapy fingers and turned up the volume, and just stood there enthralled by the beautiful lyrics and soaring harmonies. It was truly an epiphany. The announcer said it was a new song by Dan Fogelberg when it was over. I suddenly recalled that my sister, who was now away at college, was a big Fogelberg fan for many years. I hurried back to her bedroom closet and discovered to my joy that her entire collection of Fogelberg records, going all the way back to Home Free, were there on her closet floor. It was like discovering a hidden treasure. Over the next few months I practically wore those vinyl albums out. But so that you understand the full weight of this new found love, let me add that up' til this time I was only interested in hard rock, and played drums in a rock band.  I soon sold my drum set and purchased an acoustic guitar. I had dabbled with the guitar some over the years, but your music inspired me to plunge headlong into songwriting. To this day the "Innocent Age" album remains the single most influential album I've ever owned.  It taught me the power of mixing beautiful music with thoughtful lyrics.  I truly believe it was even used by God to bring me to the source of all beauty and power, God Himself, of which your music is a beautiful echo. After all this time, I still hear bits and pieces of your music coming through the songs that I write. I was very saddened when I read of your illness. I do continue to pray for your healing, and that you would know the depths of the grace of that One you sang so beautifully about in "Christ The King," and that He would truly  "banish (your) misfortune away". Thank you so much for sharing your gift of music with the world. God bless you! ~ John Oliver, Lititz, PA


 Dear Dan: My wife and I have been devoted fans of yours for many, many years. We would see you almost every summer on tour, when you came to our local venue, Merriweather Post Pavilion, in Columbia, Maryland. You are in our thoughts and our prayers. ~ Stu and Cathy McLin


 In 1975 I walk into a record shop a picked up a copy of a lp called Nether Lands by a guy calling himself Dan Fogelberg, that day changed my life. Now some 30 years later, I am still playing it. It's a special record and since then I have followed your work through the years. I wish you God speed in your hours of need, and I send all my best wishes to you from England ~ Scott


 Haven't seen any updates lately so I thought I'd send along my best  wishes. I pray that no news is good news, and that we all get a happy surprise  in the near future that Dan 's condition is in remission and he's itching to get back to performing once again. True that this is kind of a selfish  wish. I've been a big fan since the first album, and hope that Dan's creative genius continues to bless the world. ~ Brian Burgess, Norwalk CT


 Hello,    I have been a fan of Dan Fogelberg since I listened to my sister play his records in the late 70's. I'm 41 now and have been to concerts at Great Woods, Warwick and I think it was Providence also, hard to recall it all. I have many tapes and CD's of his. I remember going to a concert in Warwick, RI and it was a solo concert without a backup band and it was the greatest!! I have never heard such a talented singer or musician as Dan Fogelberg.


I have felt so much love and pain from listening to your songs, Mr. Fogelberg. Your songs have made me feel deeply, and when that happens, you know it's the best music you could ever experience. I moved from CT  to MI  four years ago and kind of lost touch with all the music I used to keep up on and for all I know I missed a concert of yours out here. I hope not.The other day I was online and looked you up to see if you had any concerts and got the bad news. I want you to know that my life wouldn't have been the same without your music and lyrics. I'm so sorry to hear about your cancer and I hope you will eventually be completely recovered and rid if it. Best of wishes and thank you so much for the gift that you have given me and so many other people. ~ Bonnie


 I  cannot begin to tell you how much your songs have  touched me. "Forefathers" is the song of my soul..........I substitute Anastasia's eyes for my sweet saviors eyes. You have touched me. Your essence changes and improves this existence, and I thank you. ~ Jacqueline


 Dan, Yours was the first cassette I ever owned.  My sister Laura bought it for me for Christmas. I HAVE QUIETLY LISTENED AND LEARNED FROM YOU FOR YEARS. I lost my father to prostate cancer after a six year battle. It IS something you can beat.  His was advanced too, but...if I may...he made one mistake...he had his dendrite cells removed. They were to be returned, but he got so ill, they would not do the procedure.  Think twice before you do. Your friend, and student ~ dj


 Dan, I hope only the best for you. I wish you well and pray for good health and happiness, for you and your family. I am a part time musician in upstate New York and have recently added "Love Gone By" and "Leader Of The Band" to my solo acoustic play list in your honor. Best Wishes ~ Terry


 Dear Dan - Thanks for sharing yourself with the world, and for getting me through all my daily trials and tribulations., I couldn't have done it without you!!! All my prayers, happy thoughts and best wishes for a full recovery and a peaceful loving life for you and those you love!!! Also Thank you Jean for being what he needs, behind every loved man is a loving woman! Love ~ Katherine Archuleta, Pueblo, CO


 Dan was one of the most influential people in my life. I went to ISU in Normal in 1973. Played guitar and just about every song from the Home Free album. I used to get more dates playing "Looking For A Lady" than any man could handle. But then again, that was the 70s. I hope he remembers his roots and what really got him where he is today (Home Free). The rest was all gravy!! God bless for the best ~ Mark A McCallister, formally of Erie Ill. Pop 1260


 Dearest Dan ,  I want you to know that I pray for your strength, and for your healing physically and spiritually. I am a marathon runner, and have been listening to your haunting voice for years. I have my favorites,but there isn't a song on  your albums that I have not listened and learned from. Your music calms me as  run. Please continue to write, and sing, and play. I know that this pain and horror that you have been going through will inspire more of the gifts from your soul - lessons of life, pain, and love. Please honor us with your music always. I  am heading to sleep now, and I will pray before drifting off  that God will grant you peace, and the hope for more. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ~ Jeanne Dorton in WV


 Hi Dan, Just to let you know that my prayers are with you.  You have enlightened all of us with your gift of music.  Now it is our turn to support you with prayers.  My hopes to you for a speedy recovery and thank you for your educating the public on early detection.  ~ John


 Dear Dan;  I have loved your music for years.  Keep up the good  fight!  I am over 50 and I will be getting an exam.  Best of luck Dan and may God Bless. ~ Larry Willis


 Hi Dan, About 14 years ago my girlfriend was such a fanatic of you and your music (and still is) that I agreed to see you in Lake Tahoe, CA. I am a full-fledged rock music lover and drummer, and thought  I would be doing her a favor spending a couple of hours at your show and then I'd be happily on my way to the black jack tables. Well, I think it was the most eye-opening concert experience of my life. Not only did you and your band put on a great live show (with great sound quality), but I was amazed at your guitar playing, and the melodic (!!!), rocking guitar solos that fill so many of your songs. Ever since that show, I never miss an opportunity to tell my fellow "rockers" what an amazing guitarist and song writer you are! I wish you the very best. Sincerely ~ Alan Sansoucie, Cape Cod Massachusetts


 Dear Dan, I want you to know that I will be praying for you and hoping you will be blessed with a complete recovery.  I learned of your illness through Tim Wooley's horseracing website.  I have been checking his website daily for updates about Barbaro, this year's Kentucky Derby champion who broke down in the Preakness.  Thankfully, Barbaro is doing much better now.  He still has a long way to complete healing but with faith, hope, and prayers, I believe he will recover.  I feel the same for you.  I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.  You are the man who wrote that incredible song, "Run for the Roses" - the song tha moved me so much when I first heard it; and the song that continues to move me whenever I hear it.  I want to thank you for your beautiful music Dan. I will light a candle for you and pray for your comfort and recovery. Take care.


 DF~ Thinking of you here in July of 2006 and hoping you are well. Waiting to hear your voice again...~ JA


 Dan, I was told of your web site by my husband who has listened to you for many  years and still enjoys your music.  My daughter Melissa who is 25 now,  listened to you as all 4 of my children have.  Melissa's favorite  song when she was little was "Run for the Roses"  She would  ask her father "Play raised in the trees, Daddy" when they were in  the car.  I believe it was on cassette at that time.   So when she got  married in January we had them play it for her dance with her father. Needless to say you have been a very big part of our family with your great  music. We are all blessed to be able to enjoy your music. May peace be with you and your family as you overcome this disease. ~ Donna Poole, Magnolia, Texas


 Dear Dan - I was shocked and dismayed to hear of your illness.  I have loved your music since I first heard it in college in 1975.  So beautiful, and soulful, with such strength of feeling.  I just wanted to tell you that I survived ovarian cancer even though it was not discovered until it had already spread to distant lymph nodes that could not be removed, and you can beat your cancer too.  I know all too well how long the road feels sometimes, how frightening and overwhelming your feelings can be as they descend upon you sometimes despite your best efforts to maintain a positive attitude.  Just continue to take things one moment at a time, knowing that you are loved by so many, and when you sometimes feel too tired to go on, have faith that a power greater than any of us is there to carry you until you regain your strength.  You can do this.  Others like me have - you must believe that you can too. I'll be praying for your recovery.  ~ Lori


 Dear Dan, I have been enjoying your poetry and music since the young age of 14.  Now at 45, your music and lyrics are more heartfelt than ever. Since my  mind and emotions are more mature now, I hear your music on a newer level  of sensitivity. It also makes me realize the depth of the artist's soul.  Since you yourself were only in your early twenties at the time of your  career beginning, it is amazing how a person at that age can be so  incredibly creative and expressive. Your music always brings me back to  such a wonderful time in my life, when I sat in front of my portable record player and sang every word ( very out of tune!! ). Thank you for  your talent and sharing it with us! Bless you and your family. I too am a cancer  survivor and it gets a little tough at times, actually a lot tough. It gets so  much better though and probably has already ! Keep your chin up and remember  there are so many concerned people sending you love and prayers every moment !! ~ Ellen Chisholm, Saint Cloud, Florida


 Stay strong and be that Phoenix


 Dear Dan, Your words and songs have touched so many people in so many ways for years. I am so pleased that so many people are now touching your life with their words of encouragement and support.  That's how it should be...the circle just keeps getting bigger.  I am a huge fan of yours but for this moment I am just an ordinary person sending positive words to another ordinary person in hopes your healing/recovery is 100% and permanent.  Whenever you're inspired and able, it will be great to hear the results of your thoughts and experiences over the last 2 years put to song.  We have missed you.  With

Warmest and Positive Thoughts ~ Felicie Leech, Santa Rosa, CA


 Dan, I was first introduced to your music in my early 20's.  (I will be 50 in a few months!!!)  As a fan of many different types of music I found myself actually falling in love with the first album that was played for me.  Fortunately this guy had your entire collection to date and I was gifted with hours of amazing music I had ever heard.  I just stopped everything and sat and song after song....totally transfixed on the words and melodies.  To say that your music has brought me infinite pleasure is not enough.  I have in turn shared my love of your creations with as many listeners as possible throughout the years. Please know that your work......your efforts....your music...has changed my life.  You have made a difference in my have brought many, many hours of pleasure and peace to the otherwise chaotic thing that we call life  .  How wonderful to know that you are the creator of so much pleasure.  I wish you good in life...pleasure in just being.  I wish you peace and tranquility and I truly wish that there were some way to let you know how your music has truly changed my life. Thank you and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family ~ Teresa Duke


 Thank you for the words, the music and the songs. So  many are a huge part of my life. I can hear your song and remember what I was doing in my life when I used to hear it on the radio or play  the album. "Longer" has been a favorite song since I was a freshman in high school. I am sending well wishes and positive thoughts. Thank you. ~ Debbie Ball-Odeh, Kalkaska,  MI


 Dan, Enjoyed listening to your music, when my daughter and I (friend of Sara Hickman) opened for you a few years back. I am so sorry to hear of your trouble, and thank you for sharing your recent "sermon" for the benefit of others. Have always enjoyed your talent. Thanks for sharing your music with us.  I will continue to pray for your recovery and a long, peaceful life full of joy. ~ Rob Schrull


 Dear Dan Fogelberg,  I'm 48 years old, living in Lexington, KY.  I've never felt compelled to contact a celebrity of any kind, never join a fan club, or such.  Somehow it has always seemed a bit strange to me that people do this.  But when I learned of your illness I decided to visit your website.  For some reason unknown to me, I now find myself sending this e-mail which I don't really know you will ever read.


I've been a fan of your music since 1978.  First album purchased was Home Free.  Have seen you in concert three times over the years. (Lexington, Louisville and Cincinnati). Your music has been with me through every phase of my "adult" life as a constant source of comfort and joy and I'm sure it will continue to be as I have many of your albums.   I perform occasionally with another gal here locally (she's 58) - we both play Martin guitars, sing harmony and have a wonderful time. One of our favorites tunes to play is "Morning Sky".  From now on, we'll ask those in the audience to join us in sending you prayers and good thoughts when we play it.  A small tribute to you from  two long time fans.  I guess I'm sending this to say thank you for sharing your gift of music with the world. God bless you and yours ~ Ann


 Dear Dan, This is my first visit to your website--I was checking to see if you have a  concert schedule, as my husband and I are planning a trip to Colorado  (we're from Wisconsin).  We were stunned and saddened to read of  your illness.  I was introduced to your music (and Colorado) about 30 years  ago (can't believe it's been that long!).  My husband and I are both  musicians (he a beautiful tenor voice, and I a pianist), and we so appreciate  and admire your eloquent gifts.  We wish you love, healing, and  peace ~ Becky & Alan


 Dan, I've never gone on a web site before but when I plugged in your name and this site was the first one, my heart cracked. My husband and I had not heard about your illness and I'm not sure how to know if you are okay. I'm hoping you are well. You are a genius with words and music. We were married 26 years ago to "Longer" and have seen you several times in concert.  Our Hearts and prayers are with you on the open ocean off the coast of Maine. We wish your family many more happy memories to create and share. Love ~ Dawn and Mark in the White Mts. of NH


 Dear Dan - I was deeply saddened and shocked to find out you have prostate cancer.  Sadly, we don't have the internet or a PC at home and what access I gain to the web is done during what limited time I have at work.  On checking out your biography page today, I couldn't believe I'd not known of this devastating news for nearly two years!  My first encounter with your music was way back in the early 1970's when I was teenager, stuck in bed with a really bad cold.  My brother lent me his recording of  "Souvenirs" and following that I was hooked.  Being in the UK meant it was extremely difficult to learn about any of your music in the way of latest releases etc at that time.  A year or so later I stumbled across "Nether Lands" in a shop which stocked rare records and from then on my goal was to find out as much as I could on this wonderful inspirational singer/songwriter whose words and music struck a deep chord within me.   Little did I know what a profound effect he would have on my own musical background. 


Dan, your music has meant a lot to me and will continue to do so - I don't know why so many of my friends couldn't see the gift you possess - such that I felt I was probably the only person in the UK who was a total fan!  I'm only sorry that I have never seen you in concert - there are a lot of lucky, privileged people in the US and I am truly envious of them all.  At least I can share the "magic moments" on the two live CD's that I now have.  Your music will live forever and I hope you do too. May God give you the strength to pull through.  All thoughts are with you and your family and friends right now.  Although never seen, you're always heard - never forgotten.  Take care. With love ~ Gillian Barber, Cambs, UK


 Dan, I address this to you as if I know you. Guess that is because your music has touched my soul for years. I've been to three of your concerts at Chastain in Atlanta. My prayers are with you.  Just wanted to let you know how much your music means to me to this very day.  I love the instrumental in Full Circle. Please fight this illness with everything you have.  God Bless You!!!  ~ Dottie Meadows


 While recently on vacation, my family/siblings and I listened to a lot of Fogelberg during the evenings. We started reminiscing about our high school days (we're all in our forties), and how much Dan's music has been a part of our lives. We are from St. Louis and claim Dan as ours. Anyway, we got to talking about Dan's illness and just wanted to pass on our prayers that Dan's good health will be restored. Here wishing God's Blessing to Dan, Jean and the Fogelberg family. ~

Stacey Lein, Foristell, MO

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