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December 22, 1999

"Dish Diva" : Dan, we're thrilled to have you online with us tonight! Exactly how many times do you think "Same Old Lang Syne" will be played on New Year's Eve?

"Dan Fogelberg" : 74,321.6


"Dish Diva" : Carolina says: Was there an inspiration for "Old Lang Syne"? Or I should say who was?

"Dan Fogelberg" : A high school girlfriend I ran into by chance in a convenience store in Peoria Illinois in 1975.


"Dish Diva" : juney says: will you be touring soon?

"Dan Fogelberg" : I hope to tour in the summer of 2000.


"Ask Dan" : dfogelbergfan says: Dan, whenever I play "The Minstrel", I feel as though I am actually out on the water. Did you write the melody with that effect in mind, or do I just have an overactive imagination?

"Dan Fogelberg" : dfan, probably both. An overactive imagination is a wonderful thing to have.


"Dish Diva" : Pam says: Mr. Fogelberg, I was asked to relay these questions to you. "Did you know you have fans in Thailand? And how did you come up with the ideas when writing the songs for The Wild Places? Thanks for answering! Teenutv from Thailand"

"Dan Fogelberg" : Wow! I never knew anyone in Thailand had ever heard of me. Thanks for coming in tonight. Songs for Wild Places were inspired by my love of nature and my fervent environmentalism. I feel it is very important to fight to help to preserve this glorious planet.


"Dish Diva" : windreach9 says: Hey Dan , who was the note in the bottle to in Song from "Half Mountain"?

"Dan Fogelberg" : The note in the bottle was left on the top of Half Mountain for whoever would find it. Estes Park Colorado.


"Dish Diva" : Henry says: Your First Christmas CD - what made you want to do a Christmas album

"Dan Fogelberg" : I have always loved Christmas and I have always wanted to do a Christmas Cd. I started writing it about ten years ago and I wrote about half a CD and that started the process rolling.


"Dish Diva" : SusanK says: Dan, you reach some very high notes in your new Christmas Celtic C.D., ever thought of doing a remake of "Since You Asked"? Susan K. from Illinois.

"Dan Fogelberg" : Susan, no. (LOL) When I quit smoking 2 1/2 years ago I began recovering my high range. Much of what I wrote in the 70's is way out of reach.


"Dish Diva" : smittycdm says: Hi Dan, I attended the E-town show at the Boulder theater and wanted to tell you how much everyone enjoyed it. Will you be taping any other performances for radio programs? Is it something you like to do? Thanks.

"Dan Fogelberg" : I always enjoy the folks at E-town . I do not have any other plans to do radio shows at this time.


"Dish Diva" : magnolia says: What was the inspiration for "Old Tennessee"

"Dan Fogelberg" : Oh Gosh, "Old Tennessee" was written for a young woman I lived with briefly in 1972 outside of Nashville. It was my first experience with living with a woman and I am afraid I was less than successful.


"Dish Diva" : jodyAnn says: Dan, I have been a HUGE fan of yours for 20 years or more...saw you in Chastain Park in Atlanta... I want to know what you are doing in life (other than recording great music!)

"Dan Fogelberg" : I love to cook, sail, ski, great wines, draw and paint and photography. That definitely keeps my dance card full.


"Dish Diva" : Suz8 says: I love your voice Dan, but your new instrumentals are awesome. Any chance of an instrumental only CD?

"Dan Fogelberg" : Suz, I would love to do a guitar album sometime in the next century, Thanks for the encouragement!


"Dish Diva" : JoniJoni5 says: Dan have you ever considered doing a pure jazz album?

"Dan Fogelberg" : Joni, no, I am not a pure Jazz player. I enjoy dabbling but I am more of a pop folk rock artist


"Dish Diva" : magnolia says: Dan, What do you think is your best work?

"Dan Fogelberg" : Oh, I am pretty proud of this Christmas Album and I hit a high-water mark with The Innocent Age album.


"Dish Diva" : carolK216 says: hello Dan ...Merry Christmas Do you think you will ever tour outside the USA, if so, which country do you think you would want to go to?

"Dan Fogelberg" : I have no plans to tour outside the USA. I don't have a very big following overseas. I didn't tour much with The Innocent Age. My management really wanted me to tour but I just came home to sleep instead. Maybe I will tour Thailand.


"Dish Diva" : Jl says: Dan, when can we expect to hear any firm plans for a 2000 tour?

"Dan Fogelberg" : When I hear them you will be the first to know (LOL)


"Dish Diva" : squeat says: You credited your gift of song to your father and your gift of words to your mother. Did your mother write poetry too?

"Dan Fogelberg" : Yes she had a knack for rhyming, but she never wrote real poetry.


"Dish Diva" : jeanna says: Dan, did writing and producing this Christmas album affect you spiritually at all? If so, please elaborate. Thanks, Jeanna


"Dish Diva" : Dontloseheart7 says: if you could do anything other than be a musician or sailor for one day, what would it be?

"Dan Fogelberg" : Postmaster General.


"Dish Diva" : thespiritsdance says: "Snowfall" is such a beautiful, visual piece. What type/style of guitar was used?

"Dan Fogelberg" : Martin D45.


"Dish Diva" : Paso Dan fan says: What does Dan consider his best or most enjoyable concert?

"Dan Fogelberg" : Carnegie Hall solo 1979. My father and mother came out from Illinois and it meant a great deal to us. Especially to my dad.


"Dish Diva" : t-bird5 says: hi,dan..was your research for the ancient carols done on the web or more traditionally?Tess

"Dan Fogelberg" : Both. I actually found the lyrics and bio info to "In The Bleak Midwinter" online. Some of the other songs were found on older recordings and books.


"Dish Diva" : bmcscorpio says: Do you use the internet much other than these chats?

"Dan Fogelberg" : Yes, I did most of my Christmas shopping on the Internet. When you live as far away from retail as I do, it is a glorious invention.


"Dish Diva" : Aspen says: Dan, will you ever consider performing at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival?

"Dan Fogelberg" : I can only perform at Telluride if they ask me to. It is really up to the promoters, not to me.


"Dish Diva" : holly says: I have been a fan since 1973 when I first heard "Wysteria" on the radio. What is the meaning behind the song?

"Dan Fogelberg" : Holly, "Wysteria" is a very strange song about a ghost, a dead woman. I have no idea where it came from but I was definitely in an altered state when I wrote it. (LOL!)


"Dish Diva" : danfan says: Can you explain the process you go through to prepare yourself and your voice before a performance?

"Dan Fogelberg" : I generally begin warming up one to two hours before a performance. I do non-verbal vocal exercises working up to lyrics about half an hour before a performance and then I scream a little Blues right before a performance. Good question!


"Dish Diva" : Star704 says: Did you have any other titles for the Christmas CD picked out, before deciding on it?

"Dan Fogelberg" : No, it was always going to be titled The First Christmas Morning.


"Dish Diva" : henry says: What is the strangest thing that has happened to you during a performance?

"Dan Fogelberg" : Food poisoning in New Orleans sometime in the 80's. It was the most difficult night I have ever spent onstage. I did perform and then I went to the hospital.


"Dish Diva" : Tee Cee says: you've said in the past that you don't care much for interviews and prefer to "speak " thru your songs .....are you having fun tonight?

"Dan Fogelberg" : Sure!


"Dish Diva" : t-bird5 says: what is left to challenge you musically?

"Dan Fogelberg" : As I mentioned, I would love to compose a Guitar album or some serious classical works or Blues. That oughtta keep me busy.


"Dish Diva" : Bigeddy says: Come see us in Memphis and get some blues in you!

"Dan Fogelberg" : See you at the Rendezvous. You're buying!


"Dish Diva" : squeat says: how did you get started playing the guitar?

"Dan Fogelberg" : I was given my first guitar by my grandfather when I was 10. I bought a chord book and taught myself basically and I also listened to a lot of records.


"Dish Diva" : slohand says: Did your grandfather ever see you perform?

"Dan Fogelberg" : I don't remember. I doubt it but I could be wrong. He died a long time ago. I don't know.


"Dish Diva" : Steve says: How did you get to learn to play so many different instruments?

"Dan Fogelberg" : Pure audacity. LOL! No one ever told me I couldn't!


"Dish Diva" : Diane says: Dan, when you have finished a performance, are you exhausted or ready to start the night?

"Dan Fogelberg" : With a band I am generally exhausted. Solo I am exhilarated but not worn out. I am afraid I am not much of a partier anymore. It is usually a glass of wine or two and then off to bed.


"Dish Diva" : curious says: How do you amuse yourself while on tour?

"Dan Fogelberg" : Never you mind.


"Dish Diva" : bergman says: Dan, What type of guitar strings do you perform with?

"Dan Fogelberg" : Acoustic D'Addario Medium bronze electric Ernie Ball Super Slinky.


"Dish Diva" : Danfan says: Dan, love your new cd and how beautifully it was put together. But I'm dying to know, have you finished your Christmas shopping and if so, is your wrapping done?

"Dan Fogelberg" : Yes, my shopping is finally finished and my wrapping is yet to begin. I am a world class procrastinator.


"Dish Diva" : annmari says: Hey there Dan..Just wondering..who designs your album covers?


"Dish Diva" : Star704 says: Love your Christmas CD. What is your favorite song from it?

"Dan Fogelberg" : I like "Snowfall" quite a bit. I also really like "In the Bleak Midwinter." I am most proud of "The First Christmas Morning."


"Ask Dan" : Jan says: Real or fake Christmas tree?

"Dan Fogelberg" : Real, of course! We go out and haul one in from the ranch each year.


"Dish Diva" : Henry says: What music do you listen to, when not playing your own?

"Dan Fogelberg" : Mostly classical. I am not much for pop music. Not much interests me unless it is older stuff. I would say 90% Classical.


"Dish Diva" : DianeRyan3 says: Dan, if you are ever somewhere, and hear your music, how does it make you feel?

"Dan Fogelberg" : Prosperous.


"Dish Diva" : bergman says: Dan..How deep is the snow at Mountain Bird right now?

"Dan Fogelberg" : We have no snow. This is the worst winter I have ever seen in Colorado.


"Dish Diva" : JoniJoni5 says: Since you might do a pure classical album, who would you say is your favorite classical composer?

"Dan Fogelberg" : Mozart.


"Dish Diva" : Jay says: What song do you enjoy performing the most in concert?

"Dan Fogelberg" : I probably enjoy singing "Same Old Lang Syne" because the song continues to grow and evolve and I love singing it! Also "The Reach."


"Dish Diva" : Bob Silva says: What electronic equipment do you use on your solo performances for your acoustic guitar?

"Dan Fogelberg" : None really. My acoustic guitar is used a Sunrise Pickup which is run right into the House system. I rarely use effects on acoustic guitar. I have wonderful sounding instruments and great sound guys.


"Dish Diva" : gabe says: one of my favorite songs is the B side of the "Missing You" 45 do you ever sing it?

"Dan Fogelberg" : I don't know what was on the B side of "Missing You."


"Dish Diva" : kj says: What are your New Years Eve plans?

"Dan Fogelberg" : having a small party with some dear friends and my sweetheart at home with a good dinner, some great wines and much merrymaking!


"Dish Diva" : Dan, that sounds perfect! Thank you for creating The First Christmas Morning! Merry Christmas and thank you for being our guest tonight!

"Dan Fogelberg" : In the fast fading century as we spin through the years I pray that our fading vision clears. Peace on earth and good will to men.


This transcript was typographically corrected to allow better continuity. 

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