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July 26, 2000

Dan, welcome to MSN Live! It's great to see you again!

Dan: Hi everybody! Great to be back on MSN! 


valkyre_2000 Asks: Who came up with the title for the new CD?

Dan: I did. I have been using that as a joke in my solo show for a number of years to describe the show's content. I think it perfectly suited this live album, so I finally got the chance to use it.


Stuart says: Dan, one of your favorite albums of mine, Souvenirs, was produced by Joe Walsh. How did you meet him, and have you kept up with him? I noticed you're credited with 'snorks' on his "So What" album--tell us how you came to do that?

Dan: I was introduced to Joe by our manager Irving Azoff. I don't see Joe often, the last time I saw him was for a tribute concert for Nicolette Larson a few years ago.


Failsafe says: Hi Dan! was it hard to choose the singles for the new CD from your vast collection?

Dan: No. As far as I know, there has been no single released from my new CD.


danfankaren Asks: When is the new album out? Any new songs on it for us die hard fans?

Dan: The new CD came out June 6th. There's a new unrecorded song "Don't Let That Sun Go Down."


TNFAN_1 Asks: Dan, other than your music, what do think you are most passionate about right now in your life?

Dan: Sailing.


Sueluvsbears says: Dan, do you think, perhaps in the future, you might consider doing a C.D. just focusing on Spanish guitar as the theme of the C.D.? I think you have a gift with this area, and I know the C.D. would be a huge success! Yeah! Susan K. from Illinois

Dan: I don't think I would focus an entire record on just Spanish Guitar music, but I do intend to record an album of guitar music with many different styles. Thank you for the compliment, but there are many other guitarists that are much better at it than I.


SR says: Your song "Longer" is the most played song at weddings--did you have any idea when you wrote it that that's how it would be used?

Dan: None whatsoever. I find it very flattering that the song has such meaning in people's lives.


arejay1 says: Dan...I thought it was very clever to incorporate a few lines from The Beatles' "Rain" into your remake of "Falling Rain" many people caught that?

Dan: 752.


rainbowsong Asks: What is your favorite song out of all of the songs you have ever sung and written?

Dan: "Paperback Writer" you didn't say it had to be written by me. I did "Paperback Writer" as an encore in 1981 and it was a great deal of fun to perform.


mscscorpio says: Heard Dan lost his voice. Is he feeling better?

Dan: Yes, I'm fine. My apologies to the fans of San Francisco. I was very much looking forward to that show, but the road is the road. Unfortunately my voice was shot by the end of that tour. Thanks for asking.


Soupman58 says: Dan, are there any plans for another tour? My husband and I saw you in St. Louis at the Fox in 1991. Great concert!

Dan: Yes, I will be touring the east coast of America starting September 15th.


musicsue says: Dan, I just loved the remastering work on your box set. Are there any plans to remaster your entire catalogue?

Dan: No, I don't own the catalog, Sony owns it. They didn't even remaster it when they re-released it. Which of course I didn't like. I have no access to that catalog any longer.


SiriusTheDogStar Asks: Have you ever considered touring in Europe?

Dan: People don't know me well enough to tour in Europe. I should have gone to Europe in "The Innocent Age" but I wanted to go home and get some sleep.


RenoRed Asks: I know you have Scottish ancestors. Have you ever visited Scotland?

Dan: No, unfortunately I haven't. I would love to sometime in the future.


Geriatric_Knave says: Is there a CD of completely new material planned?

Dan: Yes. But I have no idea when. I just completed 2 projects in less than 2 years. I think I'm going to take a break.


TheMinstrel Asks: I thought you were going to publish a CD of your acoustic concerts

Dan: I still intend to release an acoustic live album. I have been working on it over the last year, but I'm not finished. I plan to record a few more shows this fall. I hope this doesn't turn into a Neil Young type project that goes on forever. I guess I'll release it when I'm done.


Guest_A_Beirce Asks: Bought your 4 disc set loved it! You stated in the notes that two of your songs were inspired by trips to Maine. How many times have you been there?

Dan: I've lived in Maine for over 20 years. I love sailing and all things about the state. It's a wonderful part of the world.


LooseEnds888 says: Any plans for another concert video? Greetings From The West is wonderful and sooo enjoyable. Would love to see a more current one!!

Dan: No, I have no plans for another concert video. They are extremely expensive and Sony paid for that one. I doubt I'll make another. If I do, you'll be the first to know. lol


the_vampyre_jay Asks: Do you have your own website for fans?

Dan: No, I don't have an official website but some wonderful fans have set up a great site called The Living Legacy and another called The Fogelberg Homepage. I'm not associated with either of them, but they both have done a great job and I endorse these 2.


RenoAlexia Asks: Dan, where will you be for your birthday?

Dan: As little as possible.


Scarlett58 says: Hi Dan, can you tell me about the song you wrote for your cat? Is it called "Best Little Buddy"?

Dan: No, it's called "Buckaroo's Midnight Ramble." It's a fun little Grassroots blues number that I wrote a couple weeks before the tour.


copydude1 says: Dan, You are so talented at both guitar and piano. What is your favorite insturment to compose on?

Dan: I can't say I prefer one to the other. Each instrument brings something differently out in me when I play it. I feel fortunate to have the option of both because it expands the great creative possibilities.


Minstrel_2 Asks: When you compose, does the melody typically come first or the lyrics?

Dan: With me the melody always comes first. Melodies are easy for me, lyrics are hard. As I get older I find myself writing more instrumentals. lol


BardFan Asks: Who were the music artists that influenced you?

Dan: The Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Buffalo Springfield, Crosby Stills & Nash, Eric Clapton, and many others.


skiday Asks: Someone told me that you appeared at Telluride Bluegrass a few years back. Any chance you will make a return appearance?

Dan: I will if they ask me. It's not my decision to make, it's up to the promoters of the festival. It really was a lot of fun.


Scotlngr says: Dan, Nether Lands has always been one of my favorites. Do you plan on recording anything with more of a classical influence?

Dan: I thought I just did. lol. My Christmas record is Renaissance and Baroque and probably the most classical CD I've ever produced.


RenoRed Asks: On the Fogelberg main page, they make reference to a "signature acoustic wooden chair"... Does that mean something???

Dan: No, the chair I use on stage has no significance. My sound guy got that from his dad one night when I needed a chair. Somehow it got on the truck and it's been there ever since. I have been thinking about changing to a Lazy Boy Recliner.


We are talking with Dan Fogelberg. If you have a great question for Dan, whisper your question to Ask_Question and your question will be delivered to the stage.

Guest_cbearden Asks: I have been to many many shows in Atlanta dating back to your Fox Theatre shows in the 70's. The past shows have been all acoustic at Chastain (which were great). Do you have any plans to do a mix acoustic/electric show this year?

Dan: No, I will be returning to Chastain acoustic again and greatly looking forward to it.


Kris says: Would you ever consider composing a musical score for a movie?

Dan: I've never been asked. I think you pretty much have to live in LA and be part of that scene to get that sort of work.


importcds Asks: Who have you enjoyed touring with as a member of your band and how was recording with Doc Watson?

Dan: With very few exceptions I've enjoyed touring with all the guys in my band, they're good friends. Performing with Doc was one of the highlights of my career. He's a true legend.


majre1 Asks: Has the success you've achieved given you all that you expected?

Dan: Yes, and lots more I never expected. lol


Guest_Star704 Asks: After all these years of touring...Is the audience still heavenly?

Dan: Yes and the traveling can still be hellish.


pal syas: Is it amazing to you how much fans know about you?

Dan: It amazes me more how much they don't know about me. lol


Guitarman119 says: I've been playing the guitar for around 30 years, and started with alot of your music, over the years I've tried almost every kind of guitar strings around including cryogenic strings, still I can't get that sound you produce, what strings do you use?

Dan: D'Addario medium gauge bronze. I've used them for a long time and they've never let me down. That ought to be worth an endorsement.


JohnCC0 says: Hello Dan, What is the first song you remember that blew you away?

Dan: "That'll Be The Day" by Buddy Holly I heard it on my little hand held transistor radio in my mom's backyard in 1961. And it's still my favorite tune.


HipArtchick Asks: You have created a lot of original artwork on your past albums, are you still sketching?

Dan: Yes, but not as much as I'd like to or plan to in the future. I find it difficult to put the time in my musical career and also put the time in the visual side. In the future I plan to dedicate all my time to artwork and photography.


roz611 Asks: Recently purchased one of your pottery pieces - a beautiful piece. What does your future hold - more music or visual arts?

Dan: I don't make pottery and if someone is claiming it's me, it's not.


Guest_Tizzy Asks: Any chance you'd ever perform "Ghosts" in concert? Where is the location of the headstone on "The Innocent Age" album cover?

Dan: "Ghosts" would be very difficult for me to perform in concert. Many of the records I made were studio records like The Beatles "Sergeant Pepper" on. The grave is in an old old cemetery up in Maine.


Guitarman199 says: Besides your own music, who do you listen to when your at your ranch or out and about?

Dan: I listen predominantly to classical music. I don't pay much attention to pop music anymore. I like Celtic, some New Age, and Blues.


CApoet1 Asks: Would you consider playing live with an orchestra?

Dan: Sure, do you have a live orchestra?


Attainment says: When composing, do you normally need to write in complete seclusion?

Dan: Yes.


MusicLifer Asks: Is there anyone you want to record with that you haven't?

Dan: Mel Brooks.

Lots of comments Dan about the Mel Brooks answer!

Dan: Yeah, I plan to do a trio with Mel and Anne Bancroft.


simple413 Asks: Dan, I think I see you in one of the pictures included in the Eagles Desperado album. Is that you in the lower right hand corner?

Dan: No. I didn't know The Eagles when that was made. It might be Jackson or JD Souther.


Guest_FrancisK Asks: How did you bring in the new millennium? Think we'll make it better than the last one?

Dan: Unfortunately my girlfriend was sick so we had to cancel our party. So it definitely came in like the lamb, but better than the Apocalypse. lol


roz611 Asks: Are you interested in literature? Who do you admire?

Dan: Yes, I love reading. My favorite writer is Jim Harrison. I am currently reading Sterling Hayden's wonderful autobiography "Wanderer." I'm also trying to get to Tom Robbins new novel. I've also read the all Patrick O'Brien books and the Hornblower series.

Dan: Great stuff.


Fogeyfan Asks: Dan....Did you meet Georgia O'Keefe back when you recorded "Bones In The Sky"?

Dan: No.


MrsB says: What are the chances of a Dan Fogelberg Songbook Volume II?

Dan: Slim to none I would think. The publishers that did volume one never approached me about volume two. I don't make these decisions. At this point they would be committing to volumes 3, 4, and 5. lol


Ever_On Asks: Tom Robbins? Was he the one that wrote the book that inspired "Make Love Stay"?

Dan: Yes. Go to the head of the class.


MoonwatcherTheFirst Asks: What was the inspiration for "Spirit Trail"?

Dan: The plight of the Native Americans and their threatened heritage. I live in the SouthWest and am therefore very aware of the situation.


mkyness Asks: Any chance you'll ever perform "As The Raven Flies" and/or "Dancing Shoes" at a concert?

Dan: "As The Raven Flies" is featured on the new CD Something Old, New, Borrowed, And Some Blues. As far as "Dancing Shoes" who knows.


Jeff Asks: I know you're partial to your Martin d-45, but have you ever played a Taylor guitar? Are there other guitars or luthiers you appreciate?

Dan: I've never found a better guitar than Martin makes. I also use Guild Yamaha, Ibenez, Fender, Gibson, and Gretsch, I've heard Taylors are wonderful instruments.


MoonwatcherTheFirst Asks: I saw you do a great blues set at Red Rocks a couple of years ago. Any chance you will do an all blues album?

Dan: I really don't know. I really love blues, but I don't know if I will get around to making an entire album. Again, there are much better artists that do it better than I do.


Tizzy Asks: If you didn't make it as a singer, songwriter, musician, what would have you done? Did you have a backup plan?

Dan: Habberdasher.


Fishmonger Asks: I heard you sing " I Need You" in Boston. I am sure it carried all the way to Eagle Island. You should record it. Will you?

Dan: I do have it on tape and will possibility include it on the solo accoustic live album.


anjolia Asks: Thanks for sharing your talent with us Dan. There's a little song you recorded that still touches me...about a woman who is goes to the mailbox and there's no mail, sits all alone reading her McCall's...what is the name of it?

Dan: "Windows and Walls"


felicia says: With regard to movies, any inclination to act?

Dan: No.


ChristianFromGermany Asks: Are there more unrealsed treasures like "Mountains To The Sea" in the vaults?

Dan: I'll never tell.


Star704 Asks: Would you ever write a book about your life?

Dan: There have been many friends recently that have been encouraging me to do just that. I have many funny and whacked stories about this business. Usually a couple glasses of wine and I can go on for hours. I think someone should tell the real inside of what this business is all about and what crazed individuals inhabit it. Maybe it's me, we'll just have to see.


Dan, thanks for spending the evening with us talking about your new CD, Something Old, New, Borrowed, And Some Blues .

Dan: Thanks everbody, have a great summer!


It's great to have you back on MSN Live!

Please come back again!


MSNLive : The preceding is © 2000 MSN Live


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