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"Dear Dan" Letters

November 2005

Dear Dan, I can only repeat what many others have already said,  I'm praying for you and your family as you unfortunately go through  this difficult time. Never lose faith. I truly believe everything happens for a  reason even though we may not know why. I unfortunately lost my mom when I was 13 to lung cancer. She didn't smoke but my dad did. I still don't  understand why I had to lose such an important person in my life at such a tough time, right before starting high school. Luckily, I had 5 brothers and  sisters to help me through.  I hope you stay positive and keep an open mind about different, natural ways to strengthen your body. May you live a long, happy life. I enjoy your music very much. So many songs bring back good memories of my childhood. God Bless and stay strong!! Sincerely ~Gina  Colburn


 Dear Dan, I have been listening to your music a lot lately, and it always brings me much needed joy.  I was so happy to read tonight that your illness has not gotten you down and you are doing well.  My dad had prostate cancer and was a survivor for many years.  Your message about PSA's is right on the money. Best always ~ Melinda


 Dear Dan,  What can I say that hasn't been said before?  Anyway, here goes . . .  It was the song "Longer" that hooked me for good.  We sang that from sheet music in grade school chorus; it must have been more than 20 years ago by now.  That led me to buy your Greatest Hits on cassette tape.  That makes me smile now.  I have since replaced my cassettes with CD's.  I was lucky enough to see you in concert twice in St. Louis, MO and I daydreamed about flying out to California to experience one of your winery performances.  Not only do I deeply appreciate your music, I feel like we have a number of things in common.  My birthday is August 13; I have a master's degree in Environmental Science and I teach that course, as well as other biology courses at a university now.  So yes, when I'm listening to your music-with-a-cause, you're preaching to the choir.  The other thing our families have in common is an ongoing battle with cancer.  My husband was diagnosed with Stage IV esophageal cancer in July.  We've been married for 15 years (high school sweethearts) but we waited to have children.  Our son was 2 months old at the time the doctors told my husband that he had 6 months to live.  It's 4 months later now, my husband is enrolled in a clinical research chemotherapy trial and initial results are hopeful.  Ok, I promised myself I'd type until the tears came . . . I know that you understand that every day is truly a gift; may you have the joy of opening many, many more to come, and may God continue to shine through you. ~  A Loyal Fan


 Dan,  I have been a fan of your music for over 30 years.  The profound words of your lyrics never fail to touch the very depths of my soul and move me every time I hear them.  I was saddened to hear, last year, of your diagnosis, and since hearing the news, I do say a prayer for you each day.  I truly do know what you and your family are going through, but I am sending you all of the positive energy I can.  I admire your attitude and the strength of your spirit. I lost the love of my life to prostate cancer 8 years ago.  "Longer" was our wedding song...... Stay strong!!! ~ Susan, Monmouth Junction, New Jersey


 I first heard of and experienced Dan Fogelberg's music in the fall of 1976, when I heard Captured Angel in the college dorm of a friend. Hooked on Fogelberg ever since...Of course, those were the days of 8 tracks...So, Dan, I have bought them all....albums, cassettes, and CDs. I guess I'll learn how to use the ipod...or whatever is the next generation.


Dan, your music and lyrics are incredibly touching on so many levels: intellectually, spiritually, experientially, and of course, environmentally.  And, in concert, you are humorous and entertaining. I have been praying for you, for Jean and your health and spirit. It is so wonderful to hear your good news and continuing recovery. And, I will spread the sermon to every man I know. Warm wishes ~ Lisa


 Dear Dan- I just found out the news about your illness and I'm absolutely devastated. I'm praying for your full and quick recovery-  I've loved you and your music since the 70's- All the best and keep us posted regularly!!!! ~ Karen H - Long Island, NY


 As a PC survivor, mine was caught early during regular physical when the doctor did not like the feel of my prostate. I wish you well. You are in my thoughts and prayers as is your family as it is just as difficult for them. ~ Bill Hopkinson


 Dear Dan & Jean: Just wanted to say Hello, and let you know that Bill and I are praying for you. Received your CD, The Essentials, in the mail this week and it is wonderful, we have been listening to it in our store, house & vehicle.  Our favorites are "Rhythm of the Rain" & "Run for the Roses", but actually we love the whole CD. We just found out about your Cancer fight, and believe me we will be in constant prayer for you. Keep the Faith!!! With Love, Your Friends ~ Debbie & Bill Bayer, Junction, TX


 Dan and Jean, All of our thoughts and prayers are with you and yours. I am sure when things become so personal it is a test of understanding and of the self and relation to the bigger picture of things.  Maybe questions about that great wheel of life and beyond. It must take some time and reflection to find the meaning of it all and place in it. Daniel, don't you ever doubt that you have impacted all of us and continue to. Impact yourself.  It is your time. ~ Nancy and best friend Sam, my dog.


 Oh Dan, I was so saddened to hear the news of your cancer.  It seems that it is all around us.  But sometimes it is also an odd sort of gift, as I have experienced since my own diagnosis 9 months ago.  I pray for your continued recovery.  I also pray that you might see the many unexpected blessings that are found on this path that nobody wants to take, yet so many of us find ourselves making our way through. Your music, your voice, your words have all been a source of every human emotion for me for so many years and for that I thank you.  To know how much you have meant to so many people must be awesome, and I'm so glad we have been given the chance to let you know.  Healing thoughts and prayers stay with you, my friend.  ~ Judy, St. Louis, Missouri   


 Dan, Thank you for touching so many lives, including mine, through your music and now, your message about prostate cancer screening. Awareness is key and hopefully many men, traditionally known for shying away from any type of medical test or procedure, will get the PSA and DRE. Thanks again ~ Maryann Merion


 Dan, I have enjoyed your music for years. I was saddened to read that you had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Today I read a small article about you in Parade magazine &  was happy to read you were doing so well. I hope that your progress  improves every day & that you have reached many, many men to encourage them to have their own prostates checked. Your songs were always inspirational  & moving. Let's hope this same will happen with your wake up call to all men! Sincerely ~ Fran Hoffman


 Beginning with Home Free, many a night I lie in the dark, with the Stereo low, listening, to the guitar speak and your melodic words chase away the cares of the world.  I also remember my 3 year old son singing the chorus, at the top of his lungs fastened to his car seat, to "Leader of the Band." His name is also Dan.  You have touched my life in a small way but one in which those memories bring a smile to my face.  Best of Luck with your recovery as I too, am a Prostate Cancer Survivor. God Bless, You and your Wife in all that may come in the future. Just Thanks ~ Charles 


 I have been a fan of Dan's music since the Nether Lands album was released. The music has helped me get through some very trying times so I am sending this email in the hopes that it helps return the favor in some small way. I am happy to hear that Dan is on the road to recovery and I wish good health for him, his family and friends. Sincerely ~ Roger Gilbert, Kansas City, Ks.


 Dan - I am a 55 year old man living in Davie, Florida. I have been a fan for many years and still today listen and enjoy your music. I was diagnosed with Leukemia 5 years ago and have completed 20 treatments of chemotherapy over the  past 3 years. I can feel your initial pain and anguish as the diagnosis was explained to you. For me , at first, it was a death sentence which wrapped me up  in fear and terror. I sold my home, boat and any other assets that I feared my  family would get burdened with...and crawled up in a shell...waiting to die.  That was 5 years ago and I realize that with modern medicine and a ton of faith that yes LIFE as I once knew it was over BUT a newer life has begun and I have  learned to cherish each and every moment. I was thrilled to hear that the prognosis is good and that you are enjoying a well deserved retirement.....God  knows you've earned it.  Well, you will always remain in my prayers and I  am sure that with the love and support of your family only BRIGHTER days are ahead.....GOD BLESS and GOOD LUCK. (Please say a prayer for me also as I could  always use the extra help)


 Dan, I'm still thinking of you.  I hope you are doing well with the cancer.  Play guitar often, if only for yourself and enjoy life. Regards ~ Stan Milam


 Hi Dan, I was so happy to read your letter from August, '05 about the progression of your cancer being slowed down. I'm hoping that as of this writing you are continuing to improve with each passing day. Your music has been one of the constants in my life since 1972. Souvenirs changed the way I "heard" music  "Part of The Plan" was just an incredible song both lyrically, and instrumentally. I can't think of a song that I have not enjoyed, and your musical ventures with Tim Weisberg were absolutely beautiful. You did an "unplugged" solo version in Springfield Illinois several years back, and that was the last time I heard you perform. Would love to hear you perform again someday, or even a new album. That would be just fine. It could happen. As you stated in your August letter, your keeping all your options opened. Stay Healthy Dan ~ John Clayton


 Dear Dan, I'm a native of Illinois, living in Colorado for 30 years, a physician, and a longtime fan of your terrific musical and lyrical talent. God bless you and grant you great success in your winning fight! When you are ready, let your emotions flow through your great gift of music; it will contribute to your healing, believe me! ~ Dr. Ron Jendry, Evergreen


 Hello Dan, As a longtime fan (over 30 years) I want to wish you continued success with your treatments. You were and still are one of my favorite singer/songwriter of all time, what talent you possess. Luckily we saw you here in Houston about 5-6 years ago on your solo tour.  We enjoyed it immensely!! Take care, our prayers are with you. ~ Paul Kleissle, Pearland, Texas


 Dan, just a brief note to my  icon -- simply the greatest musician ever..that you are never forgotten in your  quest for wellness and a complete cure. You and your family are in my thoughts  and prayers daily. Your music has brought me joy indescribable over the last 30+  years. I look forward to your total healing and future musical creative wizardry. Take good care my "old friend" and know how much you are loved for the  love your music has created. ~ Greg Tuttle, MD, Chapel Hill/Durham,  NC


 Dear Dan,Your music and lyrics have been a guidance and comfort for me since I was fourteen. To read of what you must have gone through in the past two years was a shock for me, and at the same time I was relieved to read the positive news in your letter of August 13, and deeply touched by the positive and hopeful charisma of your words. I would like to send you all my best wishes and warmest thoughts, and strength to get along with all that. Please excuse my "jolty" English, as I am writing to you from Germany. I would like to thank you so much for all you gave me with your music. My thoughts are with you ... Wishing you all the best! ~ Kirsten from Heilbronn, Germany


 Hello Dan: your music has meant much to me over the years, ever since I heard "Souvenirs" in 1974. I've enjoyed your music ever since.  Because of what has happened to you I have had my prostate checked and will every year from now on. Thank you for helping other men overcome their fears and getting this important test done. A fan for 20 years ~ Craig


 Dear Dan, after having listened to your songs for more than 25 years (the first I ever heard was "Longer") I feel that time has come to say a few personal words. First, I'm  enthusiastic to hear that your recovering from prostate cancer obviously is making progress. I'm overwhelmed by your courage to post all the details on  your web page. This is certainly the best you can offer to similarly suffering people. All best wishes to you, and I'm truly confident that we'll see you back on stage soon.


In brief: my name is Walter  Bauer, age 52, I'm Professor of Chemistry in Erlangen, Germany. When not busy  with my job, I play drums, keyboards, bass, and guitar. Listening to your songs has been one of the greatest experiences in my life. I remember  that the most touching moment came when my father died in 1993 and I put  an ad in the newspaper, posting parts of "Leader of the Band" (hope you don't  mind my violating copyrights...). I received so many responses, all of them asking who wrote these beautiful lyrics (though I actually added your name). My wife and I were hungering all the years to see you in  concert, at least once. From your web schedule I saw that you have been travelling extensively throughout the US, however, rarely a schedule  to other countries. Europe isn't that far away, and I'm very confident that the fan community here is numerous and sound. Could you imagine that, after -  what I truly hope - you have completely recovered from cancer, that you might undertake a trip, e.g. to Germany? We have such beautiful cities and performing areas here.


As far as I'm aware, you spent more and more concert time with your "solo acoustic tour" in recent years, which is something that I  strongly encourage. Your songs are so substantial that there is principally no need for being supported by a band. Of course, my personal dream is to be able to listen to your solo tour in the next future. Dan, again  my overwhelming thanks for your music and your lyrics. Certainly, this is  "intimitadely" (beautiful songs together with Tim Weisberg!) related to your  personality, your touching inside. I sincerely wish that you will get up on your feet again and that you will be writing many more of these beautiful  songs. You have demonstrated to people all over the world that music can have  such a dramatic influence on harmony, personal mood, and  - not least  - peace. Really! Go ahead, possibly all your music so far has been meant  to be a message from above. I'm not spiritual, but listening to your songs  brings about some magic. All my deepest wishes for your future and all  my best regards ~ Walter Bauer 


 Recently I was flipping thru tv channels, looking for something to satisfy my interest and hold my attention (which is hard to do these days!) when I found a concert on my local cable station.  Though I didn't recognize the song that the band was playing, I found that I liked it a great deal and decided to see what 'local' band this was; maybe I could support them. After watching a while, I noticed the lead singer looked a bit familiar but couldn't quite place his face (I found him extremely attractive, yet familiar).  I continued to watch for a while and appreciated the singer's passion and thought, "Hey, this band is really going to do well!".  Well, lo and behold, the next song that they played was a song I knew all too well and suddenly I realized I was watching Dan Fogelberg and his band.  Dan was my absolute dream man in my teens and early 20's-his lyrics, his music, his physical features and just his way in general: sensitive yet manly.  I quickly ran to my closet and pulled out all my old tapes (yes, tapes) and started playing them but couldn't find my favorites - Home Free and Souvenirs.  I had Barnes & Noble order a copy of each and have been listening ever since. I was absolutely CRUSHED when I heard about Dan's illness.  My heart went through the floor and I've been listening intently for news of his health ever since.  I'm glad I stumbled upon this website and to hear that his prognosis is relatively good.  My thoughts and prayers are with this special man who, through his lyrics and sensual voice, helped me through some tough times as well.   Best wishes for many happy and healthy years ahead ~ Bonnie Olguin


 Hi Dan, Just thinking of you. Hope you are feeling better. Best wishes ~ Tina in New Mexico


 A friend of mine passed the URL to me this morning. I was so glad to hear the good news. We had just been discussing Dan the other day and wondering how Dan was doing. My best wishes to you Dan and your loved ones. Hopefully your "sermon"  will be heeded.


I recently had a bout with Colon Cancer. It was caught at an early stage. I'm currently undergoing Adjuvant chemotherapy - Chemotherapy given to destroy left-over (microscopic) cells that may be present after the known tumor is removed by surgery.  Adjuvant chemotherapy is given to prevent a possible cancer reoccurrence. My prognosis is good because it was caught at a fairly early stage. However I may have avoided the whole scenario had I gone for a colon screening test at the recommended age of 50 instead of 56. I'd like to add my own mini-sermon with the intent to persuade people to get the colon screening. If you are of age or at risk due to family history, have a chat with your physician and discuss the procedure, ask your questions so that you can clear up any misconceptions or fears or concerns. Simply put the colon screening procedure (colonoscopy) itself is no big deal.  I was foolish to wait but lucky.  Please don't make the same mistake I did by avoiding something that can save your life.


 I am part of a group of women who sing regularly on Thursday mornings in Tallahassee at the home of a well-known local musician named Velma Frye.  She leads us in our singing group and selects our music for us.  She recently selected a Dan Fogelberg song called "Only the Heart May Know".  I had never heard it before but I have been so moved by the song.  Our group of women, about 15 of us sing the song so beautifully.  Not as beautifully of course as you and Emmylou Harris sing it on your album, but we do sound wonderful.  I just wanted to let you know that your music has had a great impact on our little group of women.  I tape the class on my little tape recorder every Thursday in case you want to hear us lovely ladies sing this lovely song.  Just a thought.  I was thinking of how much music heals.  When someone in the group mentioned this morning that you had had cancer, I thought about sending an e-mail.  The ladies will be glad to hear that you are doing so well. Thanks again for your music! ~ Julie S.


 Dan-- My father, who had prostate cancer as well, fighting  successfully for quite a long time, had passed away in 1996 from a different form. Being an exceptional and respected cantor, he was the person I learned singing treatment from, along with my mother, an accomplished opera performer. At his funeral, I read the chorus of "Leader of the Band" in his eulogy. Now that I have spent 25 years making a living in music and I'm still happy to have made such good use of your  lyric. Unfortunately and fortunately, I'm now using the song again to write a non-comedic parody for my friend, Ira, a bandleader who passed away suddenly a little over a year ago. His friends came up with the idea and  asked me to do the writing. A multi-instrumentalist and singer with an  uncanny ear and a mentor to so many musicians in the Jewish wedding business, he deserves the tribute and I'm honored to do it. I thank  you for the music and I wish you well for many years to come. ~ Gershon  Veroba


 Dan, So glad to hear the good news!  We have been fans of yours since the very first album.  Your words, your music, your passion are very  comforting and inspiring.  We don't leave the house without a Dan  Fogelberg cd in the car! Continued thoughts and prayers are with you  and your family as your health improves.  And thanks for being a part  of ours and so many others lives.  You have made the world a better  place!  Take care ~ Kevin Dunn and John Hoops, Eugene,  Oregon.


 Mr. Fogelberg, I just came to this site to find a couple copies of "Wild Places." One for a friend, and one for myself. I've worn out my cassette ages ago, but will replace it with a CD. For some reason I can't find a copy at the store. Anyway,  I came here and read your not-so-great news. So sorry about that. All the best of God's blessing to you and Jean. I've recently become engaged. We were listening to your "Essential" CD, so now it carries even greater meaning for me. Blessings in abundance ~ Fran Ponda


 Dearest Dan, I was so thrilled to hear   your good report awhile back...and to read it in your own words. It was like a giant weight lifted from my heart. This week, at the end of October, I had that beautiful song of yours on my mind, so played the album 'Promises' which has that and a collection of some other of your BEST songs.   It was so wonderful to just drink it all in again-your beautiful words and music! Later that same night I shared that album with a dear friend. Your music is the kind that brings me so much pleasure in sharing! Am hoping to hear the good news in the near future that you have reached the point where you are ready to come back to us.  I will be there wherever and whenever you are ready! A loyal fan, always ~ June - Ocala,Fl.


 Dan - Was just able to catch a re-run of your PBS Soundstage broadcast. A brief email can't articulate the effect you've had on my guitar journey over the last 25 years.  You're a major influence and inspiration - and I thank you for all you've done musically and lyrically.  Simply, I wish you the best in health and salvation.  You will be missed by my wife and me and, Lord willing, we'll hear more from you.  Kindly ~ James and Elizabeth MacDougall


 Dan, Recently celebrated my 50th birthday and received your Greatest Hits CD  which brought back memories of days gone by.  I'm so glad to hear you have  gotten thru this trying period in your life and look forward to the time when  you decided that it's time to do one more encore.  We  miss you in  Chicago! ~ Peggy Dassatti


 So glad to hear your good news! Thank you for sharing your music!


 GOD is good all the time.....All the time GOD is good!  Continued blessings, mercy and grace from Our Lord Jesus Christ for he knows we long to hear the songs praising His name that will come from this experience. Much Love to You and Jean! ~ Alisa & Emma Brewer


 Dear Dan: Just saw your letter on your web site. Best news I have heard in a long time! Continued good wishes to you, your wife and family. God bless and lots of love ~ Jo-Ann in Florida


 Dear Dan, we continue to keep you in our thoughts, and look forward to more good news from you. Thank you for your "sermon", because my husband took your advice, and with my pushing, went for his tests! You are continuing to do good things for this world!  All our best to you, Jean,& your family. ~ Cheryl - New York


 I checked your website this morning and saw the update on your progress. I cannot express how relieved and thankful I am to read of your great news! I have followed your music through your entire career--it has, over the years and through my life situations, been a source of consolation, inspiration, hope, and pure joy. Those of us who admire you and your talent today breathe a collective sigh of relief, and will continue to pray for your full recovery. I have also fancied that I have a sort of connection to you, being an Illinois native myself, as well as being a musician (who, with my band covered many of your songs over the years!) Please, Dan, accept my personal thanks for all you have given to all of us--we'll keep sending the good vibes and healing energy your way. All the best ~ Jane Voller, Columbus Ohio


 Dan, so glad to hear that you're keeping your head up, your spirits high and making progress with your illness. I've been a big fan of yours since the early '70s, when I first heard "Part of the Plan" and "As the Raven Flies". Saw you perform for the first time at Texas Hall on the University of Texas-Arlington campus. You had released Captured Angel by this time and I was quite familiar with it as well as Souvenirs. But I was completely unaware of your first album. You played almost all of the songs off Home Free and I was blown away. Have seen you perform several times since then, including a concert at the same venue in Arlington when you gave it your best shot despite coming down with food poisoning. You had to cut that show short, but rewarded your fans with a free concert at Moody Coliseum in Dallas that was fantastic. Your performances have always been moving, powerful and an absolute delight. Your music has given me so much pleasure over the years. Your guitar playing, sense of melody, lyrical talents, vocal abilities and the honesty of your songwriting never ceases to amaze. God bless you ~ Rob Stroope


 Dear Dan: God bless you as you continue to recover from your illness. My wife and I fell in love to your music and in many ways it has inspired us as we raised our children, one now ready to go to college. Just this evening, Nov.1, we were listening to Home Free with our seven-year-old son, Christopher. The memories prompted me to see if I could find out how you were feeling. Needless to say, we are happy to hear of your progress. Continued good health and thank you for a lifetime of memories and music. ~ John and Marilyn Altavilla, Branford, Ct.


 Dear Dan, My best wishes to you and Jean.  I am so glad that you found someone to share both your happiness and sad times.  You have taken me through both.  I remember your Home Free when I was a senior in college. I woke up the day after graduation to "To The Morning" knowing that I was leaving a stage in my life as well as my true love. As time has passed your songs often carried me back to a happier time and memories. I want you to know that after 18 years I was reunited with my love and my happiness.  Thank you for all you have done for me.  I still listen to you often and smile.  May God bless you and bring you the happiness and the laughter you so richly deserve. Sincerely ~ Debbi Burnett


 After reading all of the other well-wishers, I certainly can't add anything. I am a life-long fan if not lover of your music.  Playing as an amateur, my repertoire was nearly entirely your stuff.  I am also overjoyed at hearing of your winning the battle.  Not a day goes by that I don't include you in my prayers.  As a fellow 50 something, I have grown up with you and very jealous that I seemed to have all the same emotions, but not able to translate them like you can.  All my best to you and yours.  I'm having a tough time figuring out a couple of your new songs, but I hope to be able to share them with this younger generation.  My son is carrying on the music in our family and he loves to include "Fogelberg stuff" during his open mic sessions.  Thanks for all that you've meant to me and my wife.  You will always be our brother.  God bless you and yours. ~ Tim Felus


 Yes, we live each day in the hands of angels. Continued Blessings to D.F. ~ Lori A. Giles


 Dan, We are truly brothers! I was diagnosed terminal with Prostate Cancer stage 4, with mest to my pelvic lynph glands, no true treatment or cure. I went to 6 doctors and a major cancer hospital in Texas . Each had the same advice --come back when it gets worse and stay on hormone to stall the cancer.I kept going until I heard a Doctor who believed in me and was willing to take a chance on me . He recommended Laproscopic sugery to debulk my cancer. That was two years ago and now my cancer is still not active or visable.I go for regular PSA's and test to see if my cancer is active. But God has granted me life so I may help others survive. I also do advocacy in Texas and Washington DC for Prostate Cancer. We have so far to go to advance men's health.May God grant you a speedy recovery and health. Kindest Regards ~ Leibel B. Harelik, Austin, TX


 Dan as a disc-jockey for weddings I used your music to help young couples start there new lives and the joy of your music brought much happinees on those occasions, and I'm sure for years to come, I wish you the happiness that you gave them,  to you on your road to recovery. ~ "TJ the DJ"  Ted Jones


 Dear Dan, I send you my heartfelt wishes from across the sea in Germany.  I grew up listening to your music, and it helped me through the traumas of my childhood during the late 70's / early 80's.  Your music gave me hope when I didn't know what hope even was, and it gave me a reason to sing without ceasing.  I remain grateful to you for inspiring me to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I wish in the coming holiday season that all that hope and inspiration returns to the source from where it came all those years ago.  Namasté and my best to you and yours ~ Yvette


 Hi Dan, my wife and I have been fans since our college days, gasp, in the early 70's.  Many nights you were with us at parties or on nights when we were together on a quiet evening.  We have seen you in concert many times and are eternally grateful for what your songs and perspective on life circumstance has added to our lives.  Our 26 year old son is also a fan, recently a friend of his e-mailed us to get the names of two of your records, so the music and the message gets handed down from generation to generation.  The intimacy of your music has made your fans feel as if they know you personally, we too feel as if on some level we know you, at least when listening to your songs. Thanks for all you have given to the world, may you have a full recovery and be back in the recording studio to add to your legacy.  ~ The Myers


  I graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 1979.  When I  first arrived there in 1975 all the new people I met were listening to your  music. Of course, I fell in love with it as well. I to this day have all my old albums, cassette tapes and now CD's.  I actually prefer your "older" stuff.  I remember when people would ask about  dreams I always used to say back then "Dan Fogelberg sitting on my dresser singing me to sleep every night." Now as I am nearing 50 I still listen to your music often.  My dream  never came true, but, be assured my best wishes do go out to you.  Keep up the good fight!! ~ Owney Zerwer, Chattanooga, TN


 Dan, I fell in love with you at about age 8 and continue to enjoy your music almost 25 years later. I own all of your albums and my favorite birthday memory was the first time I saw you in concert at Kings Island. I am married and the "leader of the choir" at a college in Georgia. I used to sing your songs on horseback at Girl Scout camp in Kentucky. Anyway, I send you my best thoughts and wishes. You and Jean will be in my prayers. ~ Jennifer Flory


 Dan--You have touched my life since "The Innocent Age."  I took that album with me to college in 1982, and have been listening to it ever since.  In fact, as I am working on a paper for my graduate courses, I am currently listening to your album as I have done for the past 24 years (wow, that makes me feel old) for any work that I have to do.  I just found out about your medical condition, and was stunned.  I have seen you twice in concert, both times in Columbia, Maryland at Merriweather Post Pavilion, an outside stage under pavilion, and on the lawn.  Back in my twenties I could barely afford lawn seats, but it was all worth it.  Your songs are so inspirational, and they bring me back to earth when life sends me elsewhere.  They are the comfort for me, like an old blanket, hot soup, or a nice cup of tea or coffee shared with an old friend.  I am sending you this wish for well being, and hope that you continue to do well.  Thank you for your musical genius, and for touching my life as you have with your music.  I hope that my prayers for you will make a small difference in your recovery, miniscule to the difference you have made in my life.  I live in California now, and if you ever decide to come to concert again, I will be there in a heartbeat.  Take care... ~ Marlene


 Dear Mr Fogelberg...I read somewhere that you had prostate cancer.  Since I am a prostate cancer survivor I thought I'd pitch in my two bits worth and wish you well.  I'm happy to see that you issued a  "sermon".  I, too, became a poster boy for prostate exams in my web site diary.  One thing you should also push is for victims to tell all their male relatives about what is going on, since the disease is familial...I would have gone for years with perhaps more limited success had my brother not let me in on his "secret"....that he had it. Good Luck....fight the good are not alone!!!!! ~ Dave Hesse, Albuquerque, NM


 To Dan, I am very glad to hear that your efforts to fight this disease seem to be paying off.  My dad died from prostate cancer, but primarily because he refused to accept the fact that he had it and did nothing about it.  I have  the PSA and DRE tests performed every year and have had them done since I turned  40. It's the right thing to do. Passion for life, such as yours, is a  tremendous weapon against any disease. 


I just wanted to send my thoughts and prayers to you and encourage you to keep fighting.  I have greatly appreciated your music for years, which I  have listened to now since back in the early 70's.  I can still remember a  concert that you performed at Illinois State Univ. right before Christmas.   Tim Weisberg was your special guest; I believe the two of you were either in the  process of recording "Twin Sons" or considering it. Your music has been  very inspiring to me.  The music, the lyrics, the arrangements...all of it  was so amazing to me.  The talent that you possess is definitely God-given and because you have used it so generously, I know He will watch over you. Thanks for all you've done for so many people ~ Jim Mitchell


 My friend, Heather, and I were recently married on a point overlooking Lake Shelbyville here in Central Illinois. We chose "Run for the Roses" to be the song we first danced to as husband and wife. We are tremendous fans of the Sport of  Kings. I am a transplanted Californian now living in Ashmore (pop. 800). In 1974 my older brother Jeff passed away in an automobile accident. In the summer of ' 75 I found myself hitchhiking across the country. I was introduced to your music by a group of UK students while in Lexington ,KY. At a time in my life when I was confused and distraught and trying to find myself . Your music gave me hope and the strength I so very much needed. I thank you for that.You have been my adopted Big Brother for the past 30 years. I continue today to turn to you inspiration and hope. Both mine and my wife's thoughts and prayers are with you. Thank You again Dan. ~ Ed Taylor


 Mr. Fogelberg, You and Jean are in our thoughts and prayers. May your light shine for years to come. Your music is timeless and has given us all such joy. Thank you ~ John


 Dear Dan and family, I hope everything is well for you and your family. I was sad to hear of your condition when I first was aware of It, but felt with your determination and strength as you write in your own lyrics, that you will make your way through.Your music has been a personal inspiration for me for many many years, and I know that your own feelings and thoughts from your soul and that of your loved ones will make the light brighter for you in the coming  months and years. I wish you and yours the best and hope that you can remain in the area that you have grown so  to love and that has inspired you to write some of the best music of your career. Maybe we will still see you around this beautiful part of Colorado. my best ~ Jay "doc" Holliday, Arboles, Colorado


 Dan, I am writing you this note with the hopes that you are continuing to get better and beat this horrible disease. My prayers are with you, and although it is a long journey for you to fight this disease, I feel that your determination and spirit will prevail! Your music has been an inspiration to me since the time I first heard it. I was a police officer for 27 years in Atlantic City NJ, but now am retired after working with my K9 dog on the police department, and am now back to singing and playing my bass guitar in the casino lounges here in Atlantic City.  So you see, even when you are not touring, your music still gets to be a part of life and continues to become a part of people's lives. I guess you get a ton of mail and e-mail, so I don't know if you will ever get this note, but please be assured that I thank you for sharing your gift of music and song to all of us. Hopefully, in the future you will again be healthy to resume your songwriting and once again travel so that all of us can see and hear you again. Keep up the fight, stay strong, and I hope to hear and see you soon. ~ Joe Schafer


 Dear Dan, I was so sad to hear the news of your cancer, but am so very happy to hear that treatment seems to be going well for you. I fell in love with your work upon hearing "Souvenirs",and even though that wasn't your first album, it will always be my favorite. I even turned my Dad on to your music-"Leader of the Band " is his favorite because it reminds him of HIS Dad...Each of your albums seem to define an era of my life. Your music and words have been an ongoing inspiration,and when things get rough, I go back to "Souvenirs" Soul Food for the Heart...Best wishes and God Bless.. ~ Suz


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, I went to one of your concerts in Providence, Rhode Island in the late 70's or early 80's. I have been to a lot of concerts by the greatest stars in the music world but I will always remember yours because of the warmth all the members of your troupe conveyed that night. It remains the best I have ever seen. In 1999,I had a major heart attack, a stroke,which was followed by a triple-by-pass. My life changed in a few minutes. Due to wonderful care and a very supportive wife I am leading an almost normal life ( I cannot hike in the Himalayas anymore or climb mountains ). I have 8 grandchildren who I love and a wife who is my best friend. I am so thankful to be here and experience more of life.I am 62 and hope to live to be a great grandfather. If you need someone to write to when things get tough I am here for you. Bless you and your wife and always stay positive. ~ Dave Kinsley, North Oxford, Ma.


 Dan, May God Bless you and your family and he has blessed you with your gift of music.  I have loved your music for about thirty years.  If you never record any thing else in your lifetime, you have made enough beautiful music to keep me happy for my lifetime. Thank you for making my life life more complete by sharing your wonderful talent, your gift of music.  God bless, again. Your # 1 fan in South Texas ~ Joe Bolado


 I’ve been a fan (that seems too mild a word) of yours since I heard you sing in Aspen in, I think, 1975. My first LPs of “Home Free,” “Souvenirs,” and “Captured Angel” were worn out by playing them, all stacked together, over and over. To this day I really can’t say what songs are on which of those three albums, as they are all melded together in my mind. I saw several of your concerts at Red Rocks, heard “Frankie and the Aliens” at the Rainbow Music Hall in Denver, and also saw you once at Big Mac (McNichols Arena). Each concert was almost a religious experience for me, as I always felt such joy and peace listening to you perform. I know you are fighting prostate cancer, and you have my warmest wishes and sincerest prayers for strength and recovery. Please know, you are a living legacy to so many, and we will always carry your spirit with us. ~ Neva Kay Gronert, Littleton, Colorado


 Dear Dan, You are the Brightest of Lights and have seen me through the darkest of days.  May Health and Happiness be with you. Thank you for the priceless gift of your soulful music.  You are in my prayers. Always ~ Suzanne Picetti


 Dan and Jean, I am so happy to hear that your treatments are going well. Dan, your music has meant so much to me and I have prayed every day for healing and hope for you.  God Bless You! ~ Becky Stone


 Dear Dan and Jean,  Thank you so much for your encouraging letter.  While we all respect your privacy, it was very nice of you to let us know how things are going.  And just to let you know, your "Sermon" did not fall of deaf ears.  I have decided to go in for my 100,000 mile check up on the occasion of my 40th birthday which happens two weeks from now.  My family has been touched with cancer before, my mother included.  But for some reason, I felt myself to be quite invincible until hearing of your illness!  The soundtrack of my life would be so much different had I not received the gift of your music all these years.  I pray that we are all around for many years to come.  I wish you and your family the best for the upcoming holiday season, and for the new year.  Much success in your continuing treatment, and I hope that we can all look forward to hearing from you again very soon! ~ Eric, Princeton, IL


 Dear Dan,  I am glad to hear that you are feeling better. Like I have told you before I feel like you are always around every time I listen to one of your cds. Continued good health and I hope to see you next time you get to Denver. ~ Ron Zappolo


 Dear Dan, I have been listening to your music for the last thirty one years, and I can say that on more than one occasion you have pulled me through some sort of crisis in my life. Music has a way of doing that for most people, but you have a way with words that simply reaches out and touches. I will pray for you my friend, you and your family. Be well. ~ Rev. Daniel W. Leighly, Divine Light Ministry


 Dan, I was so saddened to hear of your recent battle with cancer. You have been and continue to be an incredible inspiration for me with your heartfelt music and lyrics. My wife and I are very encouraged by the progress of your treatment and send our heartfelt wishes and hopes for a quick and complete recovery. You have touched millions with your beautiful and emotional music. When I sit at my piano now, I close my eyes and send a musical prayer for you. I don't have the talent that you have but my thoughts and prayers are just as strong. With all of our combined good wishes and the heavenly blessings of the 'leader of the band', you will get better! I look forward to hearing more good news and hopefully seeing you again in concert.  If not in person, just know that you are always in our hearts and minds. Be Well! ~ Al & Iris


 Dan, Just sitting here working from home today, and listening to Nether Lands playing through windows media player on this same pc from which I am composing this thought.  How long has it been since I first heard your melodious, thoughtful and intelligent music which has touched my heart and soul so many times and through so many different life experiences?  This song takes me back to college at Virginia Tech in the early 1980s, and to the sounds of friends, and faces of lovely girls I will never see again.


I am happy to hear you are feeling better, and that peace is returning in your life.  Certainly, there will be hills to climb, but your health is improving.  I have thought about your plight many times in the last year, and like so many others, say a prayer for you and your family, and in my mind's eye, think of you in full health. Thanks so much for the music. It has timeless appeal for me.  A true gift from you to me and so many others... as it can not be repaid.  May you continue to be blessed by God's hand.  Your life's journey has miles to go. ~ Roger J.  (Allentown, PA)


 Dan,  I, too, just found out what you are going through from the Parade magazine in my local paper.  I also went to the website to find out more and was happy to see that you are doing well and hopefully, will recover from this just as you have any other obstacle in your life.  Your music touches me so deep in my heart that it brings me to tears thinking about it.  I always thought that you were singing just for me but I am sorry to see that wasn't the case - that you have touched everyone else who loves your music in the same way.  You know, God has a reason for everything that happens in our lives and I truly believe that He is giving you some new material to sing about!  I am praying that He keeps you in his loving arms and brings you back to all of us fans - better than ever! (if that's even possible). ~  Karen, Miamisburg, OH


 Yes! Praise our Lord Jesus for His healing touch upon you! Dan, over the years you have sown seeds of love and healing through your music. You remained faithful to the gift God gave you and blessed millions of people. I pray now that you receive the bountiful harvest from that seed and experience the full richness of God's Glory. I pray that anything lost during this past year is restored back to you and your family in ways that you could never dream or imagine. I thank God that He gave you Jean to love you through this. I pray that she is strengthened and refreshed and that she is blessed in a Mighty way. God is good all the time! Be well, be whole, and be ever in Christ. ~ Mary K. Pollmann, Blue Springs, MO


 I've been a fan since my daughter was in high school and insisted that I listen to "her" music.  I read all your album covers like I read books.  May you have a complete recovery with many more years ahead for you and Jean to enjoy.  May you know how much you are loved.  May you know how much your music has meant to so many.  The list goes on and on, much like your music goes on and on in our hearts and in our minds.  May you always have Wysteria.  :-)


 I continue to keep you and your family in my prayers.  My father had prostate cancer and beat it, so I know the battle and the possibility for victory! I'm sure I'm one grain of sand in a big bucket but I want you to know how much of an impact your music has had in my life.  I have seen you several times in concert and always been uplifted - the most memorable was 6 days after my beloved mother died.  Your music touched my heart then more than it ever did before or since - the comfort I received has stayed with me for 20 years!! Thank you for sharing your gifts with a large and loving audience! Be well - in body and soul! Peace & Joy! Kind Regards ~

Sue Smethurst


 Dan, We are thinking of you and want you to know that our thoughts and love are with you. Sincerely ~ Amy, Erin & Geni


 I just found out about your prostate cancer. My husband and I know exactly what you and Jean are going through as we are going through the very same thing. My husband, Dale, was diagnosed in Nov. 2001 with advance prostate cancer.


We started a campaign of awareness of our own and if you have the time please check out the link. I am sure you and Jean will find it very helpful and supportive. We are working on a new awareness program as Dale no longer has his motorcycle. It is called 'kayaking for awareness' and we have lettered our kayaks, applied the blue ribbons and we carry our brochures with us to share so that others might avoid what we have gone through and will continue to go through. Dale had double hormonal therapy immediately after his diagnosis, a radical prostatectomy in Jan of 2002 and radiation in Sept 2002. At his last check-up this past September his PSA was 0.001 - UNDECTABLE...this is reason to celebrate. You both are in our thoughts and prayers as you battle this 'black dragon'! To Your Continued Good Health ~ Dale and Carmen Bezzard,


 What you remember:

- where you were when Kennedy was shot,

-where you were when the Challenger exploded

-where you were on 9/11...........


Fortunately  I also remember a wonderful, sweet, musical moment in time that touched my heart.  I was in Houston, Texas, driving to work, thinking of my pending Masters degree, and on the radio came a voice that melted me. I walked in to work and asked a co-worker if he had ever heard of Dan Fogelberg.  When he said "yes" I remember my next words exactly ......."Do all his songs sound like that?"  And when the answer was "Yes"............I was hooked for life. Your voice, your songs, your words, ......inspire, lift, soothe, calm, and make me dance for joy at the sheer pleasure of being alive. How can I ever thank you?? Count one more who will pray for you, and hold you warmly, sweetly and lovingly in my thoughts daily.   All the love and beauty you have shared with us is now being returned.  You deserve it all and more. ~ Barbara Jennings


 Dan, I am so sorry to hear of your illness. I just wanted to tell you that I have been a fan of yours for years, and have turned to your music in both troubling and good times. My wish is that you conquer this malady, and soon be out touring again, for my own selfish reasons.  May God wrap his comforting arms around you, and yours, in your time of need. ~ Trish Strunk


 Dear Mr. and Mrs. Fogelberg, Dan, I am so fantastically happy that you are doing better.  Nearly three years ago Dec. 4th, 2003 a doctor told me I had a tumor just below my spinal cord and that I needed to prepare myself for a different lifestyle.  I never knew I had this tumor and now I needed to get my head around living the rest of my life in a wheelchair. Ya know what the first thing that popped into my mind? That I'd never, ever be able to ride a horse again and so I cried. I had lost my horses to the love of a man...I should have kept my horse instead.  Horses don't lie.


I'm a special education teacher out here (stuck for now) in the devil's playpen, Southern California. When you released FULL CIRCLE and I listened to "Half Moon Bay" ....Lord, is there more to that prelude?  I only wish that it had been longer.  It was so wonderfully presented; that piano, your style of playing it.   Was that really you once again?  Your preludes are priceless. Dan, I know you struggle now for life, and so do we all in one way or another, but Dan at least please compose again, please. I know I am being selfish by asking such a thing at a time like this..... How do you say goodbye to such a friend? I never enjoyed the pleasure of seeing you in concert, but that's all right.  Don't let your music stop.  There is still too much to be listened to, too much to be put down and into music. Thank you for your music, your ballads, your joyous love songs and your pain expressed in a poem to sheet music. Best Regards, I'm still walking ~ Lori S. Boneske


 Dan - My father is a prostate cancer survivor. He also let his faith be his strength,and like the blind man that screamed out to Jesus to heal him, I pray that you would call on Him for the same. Your music played a big role in my life and I became a better man because of some of your messages. Do you remember Bob Lilley? I sent him to Aspen to see if he could get his career going.That's when he met you,that changed his life also. Man,I will keep you in my prayers,really. I love to pray for people,cause I get to talk to God....Blessings ~ John-David Martinez


 Dan & Family, I was so glad to read on your website that things are looking up for you..I have been a huge fan of yours since the 80's and was thrilled to see that you were scheduled to perform in my (then) hometown of Morristown NJ...only to go home,check your website for further info and was dismayed to find out then about your "situation"...get better Dan, this world needs people like you! All the best ~ Will


 There were times in my life when I thought you were my only, and best, friend even though we had never met. Going to work, living a fairly colorless life, with the fondest memories of singing at the top of my lungs to Captured Angel (and others) in my car to and from work. In some deep and distorted way I was consoled that, while I lived not to far away from where I believed you lived, in Colorado, that I had a friend close by who helped me through those lonely days. Later, when I had met someone, I took her to a concert that you were having in Denver, and she and I were connected from that day forward. Whenever I am in a Music store, I look to see if there is anything new from you. I wish there was something that I could do for you, as no other Musician has touched me as deeply as you have- Thank you Dan, my prayers are with you ~ Craig Pearce


 Hello there, I have been listening to your music since I was a little girl and was very sad when I heard about your illness.  Now that I've read that you are winning the battle, I'm very happy and relieved.  My earliest memory of your music was when I was about 4 years old in 1978.  My mother and I were in our kitchen at our old house and she and I danced and danced in circles...I always think of that moment when I hear your songs.  I hope you and your wife are doing well and handling everything thoughts and prayers are with you.  Thank you for being a part of our lives. ~ Becky Orozco, San Antonio, TX.


 Hello Dan... My husband Ken and I want to add our good and positive wishes to you and your family in this fight you're waging.  It must be comforting to know that so many people are pulling for you. We also want to thank you for your music and how much it's meant to us over the years.  Every one of your songs paints a picture and every time we hear one, we have a memory of a particular time in our years together.  We were especially thrilled to see you in concert in Milwaukee quite a few years ago.  It was a rather small venue and we were lucky enough to have great seats.  It's a night we speak of often and will never forget.  You have an incredible gift to make and share music.  In turn, you give US a gift every time we hear one of your songs.  Thank you for that. May the living Spirit of our precious Mother Earth be with you and bless you in your fight and in your life.  May Her healing energy fill you and help to make you strong. Love and light. Namaste... ~ Liberty Blair, Clovis, CA

 Hi Dan: I am so very, very glad to learn that you are now doing so much better and that your treatment has been successful.  Like all of your fans, I was stunned to learn of your illness last year. Having lost my only sister to cancer in 1993, I am painfully aware of this insidious disease and am truly delighted to know that you are winning the battle. May you continue to progress and conquer this foe. I'm 46 years old now and grew up with the Beatles and AM radio.  But it was you and your incredibly beautiful and poignant music that remains forever etched in my memory when I think back to my college days and the greatest love of my life.  She and I spent many special moments together at the University of Toronto with your ballads playing in the late night background on my old turntable.   Sadly for me, she chose to move on. But I know one thing for sure - if I ever ran into her "at the grocery store", we would both be swept away to the early 1980s and your songs would serenade us once again back to a most special time in our lives. Thank you for your gift of music.  Please be well. Sincerely ~ Andy Tymoszewicz, Shanty Bay, ON, Canada


 Dan, I just heard about your health challenges. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I have been a fan since I first heard "Wisteria" on an FM station in the 70's. Remember when FM stations played real music? Anyway, I have always enjoyed your music and look forward to seeing you in concert some day. Glad to hear you're doing better. Remember, Love, Faith and Hope are the best medicine. ~ Danny Calhoun


 Dan, Great news that you are feeling better. I hold you personally responsible for my failed attempts at learning the *#@!! guitar.  I guess I should have tried taking it up before the age of 40. I've been to your concerts many times starting with one at Arrowhead with Linda Ronstadt and the Eagles.  I've seen you many times in K.C.. and Springfield, Mo. I saw Don Henley this last winter and he told the crowd about the party you and he went to at SMSU. I told my grandfather one time I was going to see you, he asked why?  Does he ever come see you? Just to let you know, I have listened and loved your music for over 30 years.  Hope you fully recover. Best of luck ~ Tom Atkinson


 Dear Dan and Jean,  I have been a fan since the early 80's and was shocked to hear the news of your battle with cancer.  Your music has touched my heart and inspired me many times in my life and continues to do so. You are a strong man and have a lot of love, good thoughts and prayers surrounding you.  I pray that your health will continue to improve and look forward to hearing soon of a clean bill of health.  God bless you in your journey. ~ Peggy Ayres  Rockvale, Colorado


 Dear Dan: Last Sunday I read a small article (Personality Parade) regarding your ongoing battle with advanced prostate cancer.  Went to your web site and read everything thus far.  You see, my husband Joe (who just turned 63 in October) found out that there is lymphatic activity -- we're at that scary beginning stage.  He was treated with external radiation combined with two hormone shots (each working for months) last year because although he has always had a DRE and PSA test annually...last Apr/May the number went to 25+...very high.  Cat Scan indicated two small tumor in the middle of the prostate the other on the wall -- cause for concern but the doctors felt optimistic.  Thus, we were feeling positive with treatment and initial results afterward.  His psa was 1.1, then 1.5 and approx. a month or so later it jumped to 56+ and a week later to 72!!!!   Very frightening.   We are now seeing Dr. Glenn Bubley, Beth Israel Hospital, Boston, MA.  who published a book on Prostate Cancer (He's made it his mission for 25 years) entitled, What Your Doctor May NOT Tell you About Prostate Cancer.  Very well done and a lot of info presented in an understandable way.   Right now we are anxiously awaiting another cat scan.I have a lot of bullets/ammunition to fight this war. I have never written a celebrity, etc., in my life, but for some reason felt compelled to do so.   So as we pray for you and your family, please consider us also.  So many people treat Prostate Cancer lightly because so many men seem to get it.  And Joe did all the "right" things but even at that, he didn't luck out with having it contained. Like you. Again, enjoyed reading your letters. Warm regards ~ Sandra Ventresco


 Dear Dan:  I continue to think of you often and look forward to hearing that you're well and thinking of touring again.  We miss you.


 Dear Dan:  Simply wishing you grace, comfort, and unwaivering faith.  ~ Donna Kenderdine


 I don't know how I missed the news, but I just found out about Dan's cancer. Count me in with the thoughts and prayers. I have been a fan since college when Twin Sons came out. Now, almost 30 years later, his music is as comforting and refreshing as ever.  I saw his concert in Raleigh, NC (03) and I listen to his CDs, pretty much EVERY DAY at work.  He gets me through the tough times of my life, especially when my daughter Whitney (who has CP) is going through troubled times.  Dan and his music are the love of my life, and my husband (the other love of my life) gives me a DF CD every Christmas. I will check the website more often now to stay up to date on his progress. Thanks for keeping us posted. Hang in there, Dan! ~ Jean Felts, Galax, Virginia


 My Goodness - I stop at this site pretty regularly - and even after many months, it amazes me at the number of people who have been affected by your message.  You have touched so many lives by opening your heart through your songs.  I can't believe how many years I've been listening to you - can it REALLY be 30 years ???? Praying for your full recovery, and PLEASE think about coming back to Philly to play if/when you decide to do us the favor of touring.  I want to relive my past for one night :) ~ MarieD


 Dan, You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.  I hope that in some small way that I can give you a little relief from what you are dealing with right now.  I have so many things that I would like to say to you.but the words escape me.  Gosh, I have called on you and your music a million times over the past years.  You see, my wife, Kathy is being treated for advanced breast cancer.  Her cancer has spread to all of her bones and now her liver.   BUT.......this has been going on for three years and she continues to put up the good fight.  So I know what your family is going though and to some extent what you too are going through.  Many times over the past three years, one of my few escapes has been with you and you music.  It has been a constant source of comfort and inspiration.  I will need to lean on you and your music a few more times in the future.  THANK YOU!!!! Like Kathy, I know that you too will win the fight and never give up.   I will continue to pray for your good health.  I look forward to hearing more good news about you.  Thanks again Dan. ~ Larry Lord


 Hi Dan, I sense great optimism in your struggle to control and possibly eliminate the disease and you deserve every opportunity to spread your message of hope, love and taking timley steps to fight out PC. Best of luck, peace and tranquility ~ Suren


 My family and I would like you to know, Dan, that we are thinking of you and we wish to send to you loads of light and love. Luv ~ The Hart family in Queensland, Australia


 I've listened to and loved your music for several decades.  As a fan from Illinois all these years (now living in FL) I just wanted to say that my thoughts and prayers for healing are with you and your family.  Looking forward to decades of new music from you in the future. THANK YOU for your inspiration.


 I have never before shared my personal connection to your music but feel compelled to now that you are in need of encouragement and well wishes. When I was younger I was going through a lot of personal pain and I guess I was what you could describe as a lost soul that felt like this world was a very dark cold and lonely place to be.    I had given in to the thoughts that I did not want to be  part of a world that was so ugly and thoughtless. Then I heard you on the radio. Your songs touched my heart and soul. I sat down and cried what I call my cleansing tears. Your music gave me such hope and for the first time in a long time I had the strength to look past the ugliness and regain a sense of  hopefulness. Your music has given me so much joy over the years and know that your words were like a guardian angel for me.I know that we all have a purpose in life and touch others lives whether we realize it or not.Your words have certainly touched my life and I hope that all the good wishes you get from fans can have a lasting impact on your heart as you have touched so many of ours. I wish you all the good health in the world. Always keep your heart and mind strong.Loving thoughts and prayers to both you and your wife as you travel this path to the next journey of your life. Best wishes and thoughts ~ Susan Daul


 Dan, My wife and I have listened to you for many years.  We always looked forward to new albums you produce.  We still listen to your songs and dance and sing along.  Since we found out about your illness we pray for you and your family every night.  My wife has had a couple of relatives pass away from this disease.  There is so much out there now to treat this, that I'm sure you will come out of this a ok.  God bless you Dan and all that you do. We love you and think of you often.~ Mike and Linda Cmar from Mesquite Texas (suburb of Dallas)


 Dear Dan, I just read about your illness in PARADE.  I was shocked and saddened by the news, but also heartened to hear that you are doing better.  I have been a fan for almost thirty years--since a college roommate introduced me to your music.  Never has any composer/artist touched me as you have with your music.  Thank you.  My sister and I saw you in concert about 15 years ago near Pittsburgh, PA.  I look forward to the day when we can again attend one of your concerts, God willing.  My mother is also a fan.  Her favorite song of yours is "Leader of the Band."  It came out the same year my grandfather, her father, died. She has always said that the song reminds her of him.  It is wonderful that we all can enjoy listening to the same, extremely talented musician.  I will be praying for healing for you, and strength and peace for you and Jean.  Your music has often healed me emotionally, and I will be forever grateful. ~ Betsy Leigh


 Dear Dan and loved ones, I recently learned of your health problems, and I felt moved to send you a message. I listened to you for years when I was younger and then somehow feel out of the habit. I admit that I still felt that same comforting thrill when I would hear a verse or strain of your music, but had stopped buying your CDs. Now, as I reach that age that cancer and other illnesses become a reality more often than not for either people my age or those that are near to me, I feel thankful that I have found out about your struggle to defeat prostate cancer and that I have a history of your music while you concentrate on that fight rather than tour or produce music. Your music now has more meaning for me...and I thank you for sharing your story against cancer. People like you, Lance Armstrong, Melissa Etheridge, my husband's two aunts, and others inspire us by reminding us of the transparency of life, the steps we can take to be guard against or be prepared for illness, and the hope that we too can be strong enough to stay aware and informed and believe that we can live through it. My very best wishes to you and your loved ones. I hope that your experience with cancer and life with and without it inspire lyrics and music that someday you can share. Thank you for your message about prevention and testing. If one person heeds your warnings, then it can be said that you saved a life by just being you and letting others in on your life. Sincerely ~ Theresa Russo, Sebastopol, CA


 Dan, Thanks for your music.  "The Leader of the Band" says and means so much to me.  May God give you strength and courage.  Hang in there in the Lord. Peace ~ Fred Reddel, Charlotte


 To Dan and family, Sending prayers and my thanks for you music all these years. My husband had a radical prostatectomy 20 months ago. It's rough stuff, but he is doing good. Prayers and good thoughts ~ Jeannie Wehrman


 Dear Dan,I wish you the very best.  Your timeless music has inspired me since the 70's.  I had prostate cancer surgery last week and just learned of your situation today.  From all the research I've done I know some of what you have been through.  I'm sure there are millions of us praying for you. Take care ~ Jim


 We are sending you another prayer and thank God that He gives us the privilege to pray for you:


"Gracious and Loving God,

Surround me with Your love and Your presence.

Lay Your healing touch upon my  body, granting me healing physically, materially, emotionally,

mentally, and spiritually.

Let me know that You are with me, giving me peace that can only come from You.

Be by me, Oh God, and help me through this time.

For it is in Your name I pray.  Amen"


May our Father in heaven be ever with you granting you all the prayers sent in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ our Savior.  God bless you! In-Christ ~ Pastors Richard and Josie M. Santiago, Tucson, AZ


 Dear Dan, I probably love reading all your letters as much as you do. I have  written a few times but it has been a while and I wanted to add my  voice to all of those that are rejoicing at the news you wrote to everyone on  your birthday. Not knowing how you were doing was almost as bad as  just knowing you were ill. Thanks for the picture. You look great. As  usual. I hope you are feeling good and was able to enjoy the beautiful fall  colors of either New England or Colorado or both. We miss you and hope you come  back to us very soon. You are in my heart and my prayers every day. Again, as  before, I thank you for a lifetime of music. ~ Bev Carroll, Castle Rock, Colorado


 Dear Dan,  I just want to add what probably all your fans are praying & thinking. That the treatment you are going  through,will completely cure you! You are in my thoughts & prayers.  I've never had the pleasure of seeing  you in concert, but hope & pray that I will, & sooner than  later!  Sincerely ~ Priscilla Soucy


 Dear Dan, For all of the hours of soul reaching music, the moments that brought hearts and love together from your songs, I thankfully send my prayers for light and health to surround you. If I could give back one tenth of the warm love that your music has brought me, then let this wish be for you, for your good health to return and flourish. Thank you for the music from your soul. ~ Vera Beal


 Dear Dan, Your music has added so much to my life over the years and I was so sorry to hear about your recent battle. With your beautiful spirit, Jean's loving support, and the prayers of all of us out here - it is impossible for you to not emerge victorious. You are in my thoughts and I look forward to the day I hear you perform one of your beautiful songs. ~ Lisa L, Front Royal, VA


 Dear Dan keep your positive attitude going. My mom was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and is currently going thru with chemotherapy.We were so down and out but she is doing well  .She's 85 but still thinks she's 40. Take care and may God bless you and your family. ~ Janine


 Dear Dan, I'm a long-time fan of your music.  I remember the first time that I heard my sister playing your record (yes, record!).  I was mesmerized by the beautiful music and lyrics.  I've been a huge fan of yours ever since. Please know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. ~ Susan Berns


 Dan,   My girlfriend and I have been listening to your music since the late 70's. We enjoy the lyrics and find you to be a profound musician and lyricist. We just found out about your illness and wish you the best of health. Although you won't be recording new material we will think of you and you never know. God bless ~ Ellen and Regina

 Dear Dan, when I was in the 9th grade, I won a large singing part in the school play.  My audition song was "Dancing Shoes" from your Nether Lands album that I sang along with you to get the part.  Your music has always been very special to me.  I think your voice is exceptional.  My prayers are with you and your wife.  I am going through a difficult time in my life right now also, and I want to give you a scripture that I have been holding onto to get me through - "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose" Romans 8:28.  God bless ~ Donna Provost from Rhode Island


 Dear Dan and Jean: Our thoughts and prayers are with you always. You have brought so much joy into our lives. Our wedding song was "Longer". It is our most favorite song ever. We listen to your music all the time. We just wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you and praying for you during this difficult time in your life. God bless you. ~ Brian and Kate Jelens


 Hi Dan and family, I love your music so very much. My very best to you and yours. You are in our prayers always.


 Hello Dan: I am a fan from way back...and just heard about your challenge with prostate cancer.  My brother has just been diagnosed and apparently, although slow-growing, his is a kind of aggressive cancer.  He is receiving hormones right now, and will be getting "seed" therapy and radiation therapy, and even some other treatments that I am not yet too familiar with. I will pray for you and I know you and your lovely wife will have many, many more years together.   Even though you may have no immediate plans, I just know you will be back in a studio or on stage one of these days. My husband Mike and I wish you the best. ~ Gina Stamper


 From the days at the Red Herring Coffeehouse (remember the "white" album and "Hickory Grove?") through all your albums and concerts, Thank you for the music and poetry that has soundtracked my life.  God and the beautiful energy of your music will always be with you, along with all your fans' hopes & prayers. A fan from way-back, U of I to present ~ Jim Brush


 Dear Dan and Jean, I just learned of your diagnosis of prostate cancer, and wish you the very best.  Also congratulations on your marriage!  How wonderful that you found each other.   Your music has been a part of my life since I began college back in the mid 70's.  My husband, Dan,  worked his way through Michigan State playing his guitar and singing songs by Harry Chapin and .....Dan Fogelberg, among others.    I am a New Englander, and a painter when I have time (acrylics).  We too are on our second marriage (2004), and we sail off the coast of Maine.  We are working toward buying a larger boat so we can run charters both in Maine and in the south.  I am glad to hear you are taking time away from the recording studio and concert touring, to spend time together, and to heal your body.  You have given this world the most beautiful songs...your voice and music and poetry.   Everyone I know has been moved by your songs... so emotional, and honest.  Thank you for your gift to all of us.  I will hold you in my heart.  Be well. Sincerely ~ Kathy and Dan Craig


 Dearest Dan and Jean, I read in Sunday's Parade Magazine that Dan had been diagnosed with prostate cancer.  I logged into the website and I am happy to learn that Dan is winning the battle.  I know first hand what the battle consists of as my Mother passed away in 1998 from ovarian cancer.  Best wishes for regaining your life and all of the pursuits that make life worth living.


I grew up in a river town also - Alton, Illinois.  I discovered your music in about 1976 when I was in high school.   We all enjoyed many special times listening to your music.  Our high school year book (class of 1978) opens with the words from Nether Lands. I went to Bradley University and married a cardiologist in Peoria.  I must say, the music from Exiles got me through that divorce.  My husband (of 17 years), I and our three daughters now live in the Chicago area.  Your music has been a very special part of my life and my heart and I thank you for it.  I wish you and Jean all the best for many, many more years of doing all that you love to do. A HUGE fan ~ Elizabeth Walker 


 Dan, I have been a fan of yours for many years. I love listening to your music/songs. You will be in my prayers; best wishes for a full recovery! ~ Lynette


 Dear Dan and Jean - I was unaware of your cancer diagnosis and treatment until the last week or so.  I wondered why you were not on tour in Denver.  I congratulate you on your recovery and willingness to share the news with all of us.   I too am a cancer survivor - five years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  The first week home from surgery, I played your music constantly and found that your gifts touched me at a challenging time in my life.  Specifically, 'Don't Lose Heart' was my spiritual rallying song.  I would stand in the middle of my living room, eyes closed, swaying gentling with the music, and my anxiety level would ease as God's grace filled my being.  I felt as if you had been guided to write that song for me and others facing health challenges.  I pray that the song has new meaning for you as well. I had an epiphany during my cancer treatment that God wanted me to have cancer and the accompanying anxiety so that I would grow spiritually.  I sometimes refer to as the 'divine thump on the head.'  I wish for you to continue to be awakened to God's grace - his love for you is immeasurable. ~ Lisa Curtis, Denver 


 Hello Dan, You have been a part of my life since 1973. I have often described your music as poetry with music whose lyrics are incredibly thought provoking with such feeling that often times I felt that you were reading my mind. My heartfelt prayers go out to you and your family as you deal with your cancer. Earlier this year, at age 52, I was diagnosed with CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia). CLL is different in every person but the doctors believe my case will also be slow moving so I am classified as stage 0 cancer with  "W and W" (Watch and Wait or for most of us Watch and Worry). Unfortunately there is no cure and there is not even a standard protocol of treatment but I remain very positive in my outlook and I do my best to supplement with a variety of supplements (many of which are in Kevin Trudeau's book). Your music has been and continues to be a comfort zone for me. Wishing you and your family all the best. ~ Jeffrey Warren


 Dear Dan:  I was shocked to read in Parade magazine of your battle with cancer.  I have been listening to your incredibly wonderful music for years, since I was a high school student in Des Plaines, IL. (FVHS ’77)  I carried your albums with me from college to college as I worked my way through school, attempting to share your light with all who would listen!  I now have three children who are rather musical and will often pull out my albums (or cd’s) and attempt to share my love of your music with them.  The oldest, a 15 ½  girl, is a bass guitar player, and I play all kinds of music for her and tell her to listen carefully and tell me which instrument is playing and what it is doing for the song melodically, rhythmically, etc.  I think she thinks I am crazy, but I want her to learn to listen so, ultimately, she can not only listen to anything on a deeper level, but learn to speak through her music, as well. The two younger children are musical, as well, and LOVE the ghetto/hip-hop crap popular today.  It drives me crazy!!!  I try to hard to expose all three of them to classical music, such as the great composers and to opera; to Cole Porter, to Duke Ellington, to your music, Lynyrd, Skynyrd, the Allman Brothers, etc.  Basically, I try to expose them anything I consider to be GREAT music in some way.  My hope and prayer, is that one day they will learn to love well-written music and that love will enhance their lives.  I know your music has enhanced mine. I listen to your music for so many reasons:  to quiet my soul, to hearten me, to help me to enjoy nature and celebrate its beauty, to reflect upon the love in my life, to inspire me, to get jazzed-up.  No matter what I want to do, your beautiful music helps me do that.  What a great gift you have and how happy I am for you and for me, you are blessed with that gift!!  Your music has also helped me to create my own art and to find my muse on days when I can only squeeze in 20 minutes of creativity and artistry. Sometimes, I think of the song, “The Minstrel” and hum it to myself when I run to get my camera and take a few shots for the greeting cards I create! I try hard to remember one must nurture one’s creativity if it is to grow…. As far as your fight against cancer is concerned, please know our family will be praying for you and your complete recovery.  One thing I have learned in 46 years of living is this:  the three most effective agents of healing are:  prayer, love, and laughter.  I come from a very large extended Greek family.  Many people in our family have been affected by illness, and many have survived and thrived.  In the Greek Orthodox faith, we believe very strongly in prayers for the healing of mind and body.  I promise to pray for your healing on a daily basis.  It is the least I can do for you, for all the joy you have given me over the years. May God richly bless you and your wife, and make His presence know to you at every turn, comforting you and strengthening you. Sincerely ~ Gigi Eugenis Ray


 I'm a 44 year attorney with 6 children and a wonderful, caring wife like yours. I played guitar in bands in high school and college before deciding to go to college for a mechanical engineering degree and law degree. A friend of mine bought tickets to your concert at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi/Gulfport a couple of years ago. He remembered how much your music had influenced me in my early years and wanted me and my wife to see you. Your concert was great (it had been probably 20 years since I had been to a concert). The great thing about your music is that it is so positive and I can be comfortable allowing my children to hear. As a guitar player your music always inspired me to appreciate the acoustic guitar (I have a Martin HD-28 but my wife won't let me fork out the bucks for your signature edition!); and seeing you in concert caused me to have a mid-life crisis. I had become so caught up in work and raising my kids that I forgot I had guitars sitting in my closet waiting to be played. I have played every night since, have joined the church choir to play and have a new outlook on life thanks to you. I was devastated to hear of your illness and we pray for your healthy recovery every night. Keep the faith and we hope you will be inspired by this experience to once again touch the lives of others through your music which truly is a gift from God. His plan for your life has thus far been a great inspiration to others. His Grace will guide you through the stormy weather. Regards ~ Danny Atkinson.


 Dear Dan, I have been out of touch for awhile and it came with great sadness when I discovered yesterday that you had a diagnosis of prostate cancer last May. Being a working musician (Blues) from New Orleans, we can kind of get "out of touch" with the world around us sometimes. I listened to and was influenced by all of your music back in the 70's, 80's and 90's, and I saw your perform in New Orleans and in Mississippi years back. Your music had a profound effect on me personally, and as a musician. It always surprises people given my musical genre, that your name is always mentioned when I am asked "who influenced you", and "what music did you listen to when you were learning and exploring". I guess music is truly a universal language, and inspiration can come from many musical genres and forms. It is with the utmost sincerity that I say "Thank You" for the gift you've given me through your music. You are truly the best. It is my sincere prayer and wish for you and your family to have continued success with the battle you're enduring. Stay safe, and stay strong. You are loved and admired by many, many, people. Sincerely ~ H. R. Ziifle


 Dear Dan- I am sorry to hear about your battle with cancer. I am a 21 year old young woman from Connecticut. I have 7 aunts and a beautiful mother who have loved your music for many years. Your tunes have been memories to me as the backdrop of my childhood. I often call my mother when I hear one of your songs playing and we smile with memories of baking for holidays, teaming up to clean the house, or play Dan Name that Tune :). For her, memories extended far beyond my lifetime to singing "Dancing Shoes" with her sister Marie or attending concerts in which the sky opened and helped you perfect "Rhythm of the Rain." In exchange for the each warm memory we offer a prayer. Thank you! ~ Jennifer, Connecticut


 I heard a song today and thought of you, hoping that good health was winning you back. Ironically,I have my annual visit today (they should come up with a better way !) and did the PSA last week. I am glad you are getting better and look forward to a good report ,as well. Our prayers are with you and your family. Life is a funny and sometimes difficult journey. We appreciate having your music and your being part of our soundtrack. Good health and peace of mind to you. ~ Jack


 Just wanted you to know that we here in South Alabama are thinking of you and are always saying a prayer for you and your family.  Keep your chin up and food down. ~ Mary, Jim and Haas Byrd


 I too have been battling a chronic illness for the past 4 years and also have a long hard road ahead. Your music has inspired me and helped me carry myself through the rough times.  On a positive note, your music gave me support through college and when my children were learning about music your songs were the first songs that they loved and learned to sing.  My  Daughter (wearing a concert tee shirt from the year she was born- 1986) and I have become partners to attend as many of your concerts that we could find. I even drove 7 hours to attend one of your concerts in the early 90's. I have worn through many a CD and have saved my Nether Lands LP, along with all the others that I can find. They will be framed and hung with care. I respect you for your strength and you intense faith. Keep you head up high and your heart full of love. Yesterday is the past, tomorrow is the future but today is a gift and that is why it is called the PRESENT.  Fondly ~ Renee from Houston, Texas


 Dear Dan, I knew you had been ill for a while.  I found out by going to your web page hoping to see a new album.  I was shocked, but today I'm happy to read how you are recovering.  God bless you and thank you because every time I listen to your music it brings me back to my first love and days of innocence and carefree.  Now my husband of almost 20 years is a big fan of yours and  happy to have experienced your concerts too.  You are a legend and what seems to be a very kind man.  I'm glad you are getting better and strong enough to keep fighting.  Good for you! With love ~ Kathy from Jericho, NY


 Dear Dan, best wishes from another member of the club.  I'm a nurse, diagnosed by a doctor friend whose face was suddenly a mask as he told me"You have a significant nodule."  Thanks for getting the message about exams and PSA out.  I'm convinced they are life savers.  My wife and I have been fans before we were married 28 years ago.  You and Jean are in our prayers. ~ Mark


 I have loved your music (and even had a silly crush on you too many years ago to matter), but when I learned recently of your brave and continuing battle with prostate cancer, I was so grateful that you have a website, and that I--as a lover of your music, and deep respect for you as a kind, and incredibly giving soul--could send this email to you.  Who knows--you may even read it someday!  I know all of your songs by heart, and have also married a musician (who thinks I'm nuts for writing this), so I know that Jean--whom I also don't know--must have a special and deep love for you.


Your face is radiant with God's love in all of your photographs. It is nice to see that you have made peace with the old "demons", and can accept the unlimited Grace that is here for each soul--including one who still has a (slight) crush on the "legacy" to "the Leader of The Band." Thanks for being who you are. ~ Susan


 I am a 53 year old woman living in Arizona. I have been listening to your music for half of my life and I just wanted to let you know how deeply it has touched me. I have turned to your songs in the darkest of times and the most joyful. It seems that you always have a way of expressing how I feel - from the fabulous lyrics to the heart-moving music. At a time when I was so far down I couldn't see anything but darkness I clung to the music that I knew had made me feel good and knew I would somehow get through. Thank you for your musical life saver! When my mother was diagnosed at age 88 with cancer that only had a 14% cure rate I also listened to your songs to still my heart and help me help her fight the long fight. I'm happy to say that she will be 92 this month and is cancer-free!  So all my good thoughts go to you and your family. I believe that positive thoughts do make a difference and know that you have so many coming from all over! I believe that you will get through this and may decide to use your option of touring again. But even if you don't want to do that I thank you for ALL the albums you have produced that I treasure so dearly and play such an important role in my life. There's nothing better than to be curled up with my husband and listening to Dan Fogelberg!!!! Best wishes for a speedy recovery! Who knows? Maybe I'll be able to add another tour t-shirt to my collection yet! Stay strong and believe! Sincerely ~ Carol Bernal


 My best friend Fran and I sat front and center at one of your concerts in the Summit in Houston back in 1979.  We were just mesmerized by you and your songs.  I had the Galleria Ice Rink play all your albums and I'd skate until I dropped.  To learn of your health issue was upsetting as you seemed ageless/eternal to us.  We are married with families now but still reflect back on you/your songs and how they shaped our youth in a good way.  Oddly, I just sold one of your "albums" at a garage sale to another fan in our neighborhood.  We don't have record players anymore!  You are in our prayers. ~ Toni L. Sharretts, Esq.


 Mr. Fogelberg, -  We would like you to know that we send peace and healing thoughts your way as you and Jean continue to travel this difficult road following your cancer diagnosis. We have listened to your music for many years (we even still have your earliest albums!) and while you may not recall, my husband had the pleasure of meeting you about 25 years ago at CSU Veterinary School when he helped take care of a horse you brought in for treatment (he was a senior veterinary student then.) My sister-in-law, who had the biggest crush on you, could not believe it when she heard that he had met you! Do not know if you believe in healing meditations, however, there is a great CD called "The Healing Waterfall" which is a lovely healing visualization (I used this tape so much many years ago that I wore it out....thankfully it now comes in CD format!) Blessings to you and Jean. ~ Jennifer and Keith Lorensen/Pueblo, CO


 Dear Dan, As a nurse, I was thrilled to read your plea for men to get a PSA and a DRE.  Coming from someone that they respect and that they see going through a very difficult time with cancer, maybe it will cause at least one man to be tested who otherwise wouldn't have been tested and save his life. I am thrilled that you are doing so well and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.  Your music has been the music that has colored by life and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Being from Kentucky "Run for the Roses" has very special meaning. Sincerely ~ Erin Nolte


 Dear Dan and Jean, First, thanks for being so open re: the news.  I grabbed on immediately, as my husband, the picture of health was diagnosed with advanced metastatic disease in 11/03 at the age of 52, now he is 54.  Everything we read, every support group we consider, every surviving patient we talk to is dx and treated with surgery and or radio... not an option for us...My husband had a "normal PSA" 24 months prior to the "abnormal one" and as you say, all men should go for a check-up....We are in need of talking to other young men and wives with this it is quite isolating and frightening.


 Thanks Dan for all your songs that help me get thru the day and I will get a check up with my doc and you are in my prayers. Hope to see you again on that stage with that great voice.   All my love ~ Michael


 Where do I start? The 70's.  My dad instilled a love of music in me.   Dan's music has touched me in so many ways.  Regardless of my mood, I could count on him to provide the background.  My husband and I were married August 28, 1982.  We chose "Aspen" to be the only song played at our wedding, as it expressed our love. On our 25th anniversary, now less than two years away, we plan to be in Aspen, Co.  for our first honeymoon.  We have had opportunity to go in the past few years, but we have saved this moment for a special occasion.   Dan, I want to thank you for the many moods you have written.  I am still enjoying the background music of my life. I am a Christian and believe in the power of prayer, as I have seen God work in our lives so many times through out the years. I will continue to lift you and Jean up in my prayers. God bless you both. ~ Gail & Dallas


 Dan...I was so shocked to read about your illness in the Parade last  Sunday. I just wanted to tell you that you are in my thoughts and prayers  and I am so glad to read your encouraging prognosis.  Your music has been a  part of my life since I was a freshman in college back in the mid '70's.  I  thought my roommate was going to smash my "Home Free" LP after I played it 5  hours straight!  It still remains my favorite to this day. I hope the  knowledge that you are loved by so many and you touched so many lives is a comfort to you now.   Maybe in some way you will receive back what you have  given to so many.  I hope you change your mind about the concert  stage....Indianapolis would be nice.....your forever fan ~ Kathy


 Dan, I was first introduced to you after listening to "Below the Surface", on a local radio station while stationed at my first USAF assignment in 1975.  I immediately went out and bought your Captured Angel Album and the rest is history.  I first learned to play guitar at 13, but after hearing your music, my desire to play music, especially yours, skyrocketed.  Today I'm a local solo acoustic musician (very humbly playing farmer's markets and street fairs) in my home area of northern Idaho and, needless to say, my repertoire contains a very large chunk of your music.  You have been a big influence in my life and it saddens me to hear of your sufferings and trials.  You will be in my prayers at the offering of the Masses I attend.  My best to you and your family.  Sincerely ~ Zeke Vasquez.


 My thoughts and prayers are with in your battle with cancer. Sounds if things are going in the right direction. I am from your old stomping grounds of Peoria and Woodruff HS. I graduated with your brother Marc. I have always told people that I, okay our Class of 1965, got you jump started on your way to fame and fortune. You (must have been in 8th grade or so) and your band played at our high school graduation party at , I believe, Willow Knolls Country Club. How about that! Best wishes for continued success in your battle with cancer. Keep the faith! I have always enjoyed your music and that connection to my youth. ~ Steve Anderson


 Best wishes from a long time fan in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Good luck and may God bless you and your family in your journey through  life. Thanks for the great music for so many years. As you said to your  audience in concert some time back  "You are the best". Back to  you on that one. Best Wishes ~ CAT


 I just read about your diagnosis of advanced prostate cancer.  I may have actually heard that you were diagnosed with it before; but did not really think too much about it because if a person has to "pick" a cancer this would be one to decide on.  That may sound odd; but the recovery is usually great as far as being treated. When I read about you in the Parade yesterday I had to check out your site and will read more after I send this out.   My husband has his first PSA level drawn, he is black and 42.  No symptoms, but perhaps because he is black this was drawn with routine labs as he FINALLY decided to have a routine physical.   Don is in the military and has been over 20 years; one would think they would be sure they have physicals yearly, but that is another whole discussion.   Anyway, my husband's PSA level was 11.3 so it was repeated and his subsequent PSA level is 8.?? and free PSA is 0.5%.   Not so good by what I have read.   I knew by his first reading that was WAY off just from my years as working as a nurse but when he told me any nurse/patient reaction was GONE.  I just stared at him as if he was dying right in front of me. He told me to stop staring even.  Then I wanted to keep my distance because I did not want to show any fear. Anyway, he had an exam and the MD could not feel anything but this week he goes for an ultrasound and perhaps a biopsy. I can say that I tend to like listening to my Dan Fogelberg ALBUMS when I am depressed and I hope come Friday I put on Salt n' Pepa or Nelly or something like that rather than Nether Lands. No offense. Actually, my son did purchase me a best of CD, but again, I don't that is not part of the plan (ha) on Thursday's music of choice. Maybe another date when I feel more spiritual for thanks.  


I hope soon you make it back to the Tampa Bay area and more so to Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater. Thanks and now I have to get back to reading your site.   I look forward to continue checking back to hear about your full recovery.  Sincerely ~ Jeanne C.


 Hello Dan; I was at my son's home over the weekend and happened to read an article about you in a magazine.  I was quite surprised to learn of your news and visited your web site because of the article. I have been a fan of yours for soooo many years.  Your music has touched my life in many ways--but especially, it encouraged a healing for me with my Dad because of "Leader of the Band".  I saw you live years ago at Tanglewood and it's an experience that I will never forget. You have my best wishes and prayers -- I am envisioning you in healing white light as I type. Your fan ~ Eileen Ricker


 Greetings Dan the Man -  Thank you for keeping us updated on how you are doing.  I have been a big fan for decades and admire your work and talent very much.  Your music brings unspeakable joy to my wife and me and something tells me that your faith and God-given musical gifts will continue to help others find their purpose in even more significant ways in the months and years ahead. Your song "This Heart" on your latest "Full Circle" cd is a testimony of our individual and collective need for soul completeness. The spiritual significance of your lyrics for such a time as this is no accident or coincidence.  "I believe for every wayward soul, Crying out for its completion, There's another that will make it whole, That's just waiting to be found, And I confess that I was losing faith, And I'd all but given up the chase, When you took hold of my heart, And turned it around." Thank you for singing from your heart!!!  Where would we all be save for the grace of God? All our love ~  Dr. Paul & Yvonne Tienda  Castle Pines, Colorado


 D.F.,  I live in Lexington, Ky., and saw you at Rupp Arena when I was 18 years old, some 25 years ago.  God, the musical changes, likes and dislikes I have been through since then are innumerable.  What's amazing is the fact I always end up right back where my musical loves were birthed. J.T., J.B., Eagles, and of course, Fogelberg are just a few.  So when I read of your health troubles in Parade magazine, I was immediately sent into some sort of romantic haze of the past.  I immediately whipped out some cd's and started conjuring up some old memories.  Musicianship is what it is called, I believe.  The perfect pitch.  The stage presence.  Then I realized it was that damn concert I remember most. (Even if I was SLIGHTLY under the influence).  I remember how enamored I was with your control of the axe's. I even remember how good the review was the next day.  So, thank you for getting me started on the road to musical "love" and always being there to come home to. God Bless you and yours. ~ Neil, Lexington


 Just a note to tell you how much I have loved your music.  Your music is just so beautiful!!  When I play the CD Nether Lands I am there on top of the mountain. Last weekend I read in the newspaper about your prostate cancer.  My brother at the age of 47 was diagnosed as well with prostate cancer.  He's doing fine, but like yourself has to watch it the rest of his life. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Sincerely ~ Louise Lascik, Alpharetta Georgia


 I just want to tell you that I have been a huge fan of yours for the last 27 years and love your music. I was very sad to hear about your illness but I am very happy you have good news to share with everyone. I went to see you in 1980 in New Haven CT. (the first concert I ever went to) and was captivated. I am looking forward to you hopefully recovering so I can see you in concert again. You were in my area in 1984 unfortunately and fortunately I was getting married when you were around and I was unable to attend. Again I just want you to know that I really hope you continue to recover and live a long life. ~  Scott Marhefki


 Sure do miss your concerts.  My husband and I have been to several of your concerts, New Orleans, Biloxi, etc. You are the BEST!!  We are so very happy to hear you are getting better.  We will continue to pray for you and your family.  KEEP THE FAITH, GOD IS ALWAYS WITH US.   Best Wishes ~ the Andy deLeon Family (Bogalusa, LA)


 We love you! ~ Connie and John Burns


 Hello Dan, I cannot believe the wonder of the web that allows me to communicate with you directly. Who would've thought 30 years ago, huh? I just recently read in our local newspaper of your battle with cancer and I was moved to send a note. I am a 52 year old grandmother who is also a hospital trained medical surgical registered nurse so I know what challenges you have faced and continue to face. I am also your biggest fan (I don't care what anyone else says!). Your music and lyrics have sustained me through many difficult times. I knew I could face another day if I could just have some down time with your music. Your Innocent Age album (yes, I have it on vinyl) has inspired me to quote your lyrics over the years in many situations. Your love of the environment and efforts to raise awareness of alternative energy sources has only helped to endear you to me even more. With the Bush administration threatening to lay waste to Alaska we need your voice even more today. Keep fighting. Your spirituality will not fail you and Mother God keeps you in the palm of her hand. I wish you health, happiness and love ~ Marcia Davis, Lees Summit, MO (suburb of Kansas City, MO)


 Dan- As many other fans who have written to you on the website recently, I read about your diagnosis in the Parade Magazine included in The Philadelphia Inquirer this past Sunday.  I'm happy to read your update and it seems that you are dealing extremely well with your diagnosis and treatment.  Continued best wishes for a good prognosis and good health. And I appreciate and echo your "sermon", since I recently have gone through a prostate biopsy, and will have it repeated in December.  Since I was in my early forties (I am now 54), I have had the PSA drawn and DRE done in my doctor's office.  Both my Dad and his brother (my uncle) have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, so my 2 brothers and I have been diligent about getting checked annually.


Surprisingly, my PSA had doubled this year, and put me out of the acceptable normal range.  Repeated PSA confirmed this, hence the reason for the biopsy.  The results from the biopsy revealed PIN (prostatic intraepitherial neoplasia), a non-cancerous cell, but an indicator of possible future development of cancer.  That is the reason for the repeat in December.


No matter what these next results show, I am lucky that I have tackled this problem early on, and believe I will have a great opportunity to beat it.   I guess I am writing to wish you well, and thank you for your music that has brought me pleasure over the years, and jump on the bandwagon with you to urge all men to have an annual PSA and DRE completed.  My doctor checks mine each year on my birthday - nice gift to myself! ~ Bob Ciesielka, Wilmington, DE


 Dear Dan, What a shock I received when I read my Sunday paper and found out that you have been ill.  My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer and they caught it early.  We are so grateful that he recovered, has been cancer free for the last 10 years and is still living a very good life at the age of 81!


Your music has been such a great part of my life that I can't remember you not being in it.  From my first love, listening to Home Free, through heartaches and joys, singing "Since You Asked" at my wedding and walking down the aisle to the theme of " Nether Lands" almost 22 years ago, to sharing a concert with my Dad in Atlanta listening to you sing "Leader of the Band".  Excited to hear you try many different styles on later albums, sharing with us your wonderful talents.


My mother plays the piano beautifully and we have most of your song books. Over the years my sisters and I have treasured singing your songs with our Mom.  Just recently she had a birthday and wanted us to sing songs from the 70's as a gift to her.  We really gave it our all, moving through "Sketches" and crescendoing into "False Faces".  Our teenage daughter's were most impressed!  You continue to give us precious memories, passing down your music to the next generation. My heart goes out to you and your loved ones and I will add you to my prayers. Best to you in life and love ~ Kathy


 Mr. Fogelberg, I, like many of the people who have written on your web site, also had not heard of your misfortune of having prostate cancer until I read it in the Parade in our Charleston, WV newspaper.  You, your wife and your family have my very deepest empathy and will remain in my thoughts and prayers while you continue to fight this illness. I wish you every success in your fight against cancer and wish you a wonderful, long life.  From reading your fans' emails, you've obviously touched many lives and deserve many good years to come.  We hope to hear more of your music. Take care ~ Cookie Shamblin (Charleston, WV)


 Dearest Dan, I didn't know that you'd been dealing with cancer until I read the Parade magazine in our Sunday paper. I just want you to know that I am very sorry for your illness and hardship. I have loved you and your music since I first heard your 'Souvenirs' album when I was 14 years old. Over the years I have collected almost all your recordings and since I'm a Tennessee girl I adore 'High Country Snows' --it usually goes with me in the car when I travel. I've been to a lot of your concerts over the years too and have such happy memories of those times. Your music has meant so very much to me over the years. You've given so much and I want to be able to give a small bit back to you by saying you are loved and I will be praying for you and your family. God Bless you. ~ Rose P., Knoxville TN


 Hello Mr. Fogelberg and Family ~ I was just devastated to learn  about your condition, but am very glad to learn that things are looking  up.  Please know that my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your  loved ones.  I lost my mom to cancer ten years ago, and my father went through his own battle with Prostate Cancer a few years back.  I'm glad to say that he is doing well (he is now 74) and living life to the fullest.   It seems that everyone you talk to, has been afflicted by some form of this devastating disease.  I have been a big fan for many, many years and will  always continue to be. I was born and raised in Illinois, however love visiting Colorado where my sister lives in Littleton and has a condo in  Breckenridge. Can understand why you love it so much!  It's definitely  God's country!  I've adopted a new slogan (although not original) to live  by, because our lives are miracles and way too short:  LIVE  SIMPLY, LAUGH OFTEN AND LOVE MUCH!   God bless you in your continued success in life, love and your  career! ~ PGM, Illinois 


 We are sending you all our good wishes and good thoughts. Your music was the soundtrack to our teenage years and when ever we hear it brings us right back to all those special days. We are four sisters that shared everything especially your music! We are sending you all the good feelings you gave us!


 Dear Dan, You truly have been an inspiration to my guitar playing and interest in music. I can't tell you how many times I have played your songs over and over and find new meaning in each one.  They sound better each time I listen.  My deepest prayers go out to you and your family during this bump in the road.  I'm sure this is one of thousands of e-mails but, I sincerely wanted to share with you how much your music has meant to me and I wanted to wish you the best in your recovery. Sincerely ~ Darryl Daily

Dan, Parade Magazine had an article about you and the prostate cancer.  I was really happy to remember some of your songs (I'm 61 years old) and how much I enjoyed them.  I was even much happier to hear the positive news of your battle with the cancer. 3 years ago, I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer and I had never had a PSA test because I didn't have time and I was healthy and I was ignorant.   After surgery, the biopsy showed that the cancer had spread.  That meant advanced cancer and statistically not a good chance of ever having any normal life again and possibly not living much longer.   Through prayers (many of our family and friends are strong Christian believers, but kind of quiet about it - Lutherans are like that),  proper nutrition (juicing carrots, etc.), and other very healthy foods now instead of sugars and fats, etc.,  and also a very unique chiropractic technique that promotes healing and the strengthening of the immune system to fight the cancer.   For about 2 years I am now cancer free (PSA tests every 3 months show a less than 0.1 which equates to "undetectable cancer." )  I will pray for your life, your health, and your strength, and the best possible immune system you can have.   I admire your strength in changing life style so it reduces stress.  Now is a good time to let career go and fight for life.  Reduced stress is also a big deal.    For me, I just retired after 40 years as a school administrator, coach, teacher.   It's a healthy thing to do. My prayers are with you and I share in the joy of an improved outlook from the time when you were knocked down by the first news of the cancer.   I pray that God will daily lift you up, heal you, bless you, and who knows... maybe someday you may have more opportunities to share new music. ~ Lowell Goecker


 Good Afternoon, My husband, Jim, and I read about Dan Fogelberg in Sunday's newspaper - and want to send prayers and good wishes to him.  My husband was diagnosed and treated (with seed implants) almost nine years ago.  Last year the cancer returned and he was treated with cryosurgery twice at Shands Medical Center - at the University of Florida in Gainesville.  After that treatment, he is currently receiving hormone shots every three months to stop the further growth of the cancer.  We are hoping that, plus lots of prayers will get him through this.  He is 57 years old - and we have been married for almost 23 years. We, too, urge men to continue to ask for a PSA test with their checkups - Jim's cancer was found quite by accident - he went to the doctor's for a sore throat - and asked for the PSA to be included in the blood test that the doctor ordered because his brother had just been treated for prostate cancer. Sincerely ~ Carole N. Yeske, Spring Hill, FL


 Dear Dan, I have always loved your music and still have all the old albums, now I enjoy listening to your CD's.  23 years ago my husband and I danced to the beautiful song "Longer" at our wedding and I had an idea that it would be wonderful to go to one of your concerts on our 25th Anniversary and hear the song again....  but you have bigger issues in your battle with prostate cancer... We want to send our prayers to you and your family during this time...We hope you are doing well and continue to do well  and if by chance you ever tour again that we are one of the lucky ones who get to hear your wonderful songs again. With heartfelt good wishes and love ~ Susan and John Dann


 Dear Dan, Thanks for your phenomenal music and your advice.  I had the PSA and the DRE (squirm) - AOK. I have so many favorites of your songs. I pray for you in the name of Jesus. ~ Clyde P. Neal III, Virginia Beach, VA           


 Hi Dan, Well, I'll make a very long story short.  I have loved your music (especially the lyrics) for many years.  Some of your songs actually mark major landmarks in my life.  I had a turbulent life and have now ended up as an artist myself, having released my 6th CD Oct., 2004 and still touring world-wide for the past 16 years as a Contemporary Christian Artists.  I say this humbly.  I lost track of you for a few years and just recently found out about your battle.  My father just died 4 months ago of this disease because he did not catch it in time.....I am happy YOU did.  He was my best friend and it has broken my heart, yet I go on. God Bless you my friend, get well, and please don't put your guitar down! <smile>  You are an inspiration to many and your kind heart is evident in all you do.  In His Love ~ Annie


 Dear Dan and Jean, I don't know where I have been but I just found out about the diagnosis. My heart sank.  As a long time fan (who shares a love for Colorado and Maine!) I was thrilled to no end when I was "stationed" to guard your guitars during a rally at Rocky Flats (in the late 70's?).  I don't think you ever performed that day but I took my job very seriously!  The picture I took of your instruments has faded but the memory still remains - the best ones do. I am happy for the love you have found.  I wish you nothing but the very best always and with each day I hope the sun shines a bit brighter. In peace ~ Lyn (Lafayette, CO)


 Dear Dan, I was among the crowd at one of your very first concerts many years ago around 1974 in Jackson, Mississippi.  Your music has always, and still does, touch my heart. I just wanted to let you know that I will keep and your family in my daily prayers and wish you nothing but good health and happiness in the future.  I was very glad to read that the treatments have been successful. I hope all of the thousands of your fans can encourage you with their good thoughts the way your music has encouraged us over the years. A loyal fan FOREVER ~ Deborah


 I just learned of Mr. Fogelberg's health concerns in one of the Sunday newspaper supplements this past Sunday.  I am pleased to see from the website that things are more encouraging at this point. DF's music has meant a great deal to me over the years, and I  had the good fortune to see Dan in a nice outdoor setting in Harbour Town on  Hilton Head Island a few years ago.  It was a great concert and one I will always remember fondly. All of us who care about his music and more importantly the man wish him the best. ~ Ken Johnson, Travelers Rest, SC


 Dear Dan,  I was just listening to your 1977 release Nether Lands which in my opinion is one of the most brilliant albums ever recorded, and thinking about how your battle with prostate cancer was going. It is coming up to the year anniversary of my father's death from prostate cancer and I am thrilled to hear of your progress. My father put up the good fight, but it exhausted him in the end. We miss him very much. My prayers are with you and your family, keep up the great progress. Fondly ~ Rick Soedler


 Dan- For may years you have been the music of my life, my loves, and my  memories. Best wishes and good luck in a speedy recovery. ~ RP..New York


 Dan, glad you are doing better.  Keep the fight going against this insidious disease.  My prayers are with you all at this time and always. Thank you so much for all that beautiful music, looking forward to more in the future. ~ Carolyn, a fan


 So glad to hear you are doing so good.  I so do love your music and do hope one day to hear you in person.  What you and your family have gone through must have been very frightening.  Life is so precious. Enjoy your future, stop and smell the flowers, and enjoy the miles you have to go ahead. Love ~ Patti McAlister


 Dan, I recently attended a Women of Faith conference in Hartford, CT and I was impressed by the words of one of the speakers there, Sheila Walsh.  She reminded us that God is in control and that he is with us every step of the way. My prayers are with you and your family.  Be strong and be well. God bless you. ~ Mary L.


 Dear Dan, I am editing this as I wrote you over a year ago after Soundstage ran a special of yours. I was inspired to write to you but did not know where to send it- I have JUST found your website (what kind of fan can this be, you may ask?). So now I send to you my heartfelt wishes. . . Last fall I had heard that you were canceling a tour due to treatment for prostate cancer. THAT morning I wanted to sit down and write, but life is messy and keeps coming at you. . . we don't always make time for the very important things. . . and after seeing you on PBS, well this is what I wrote and I continue to feel-


I won't tell you I'm your biggest fan because I'm sure others would take issue with me. I am devoted to you. I have seen you in concert in Chicago, Rockford, Wisconsin and most recently at Ravinia several years ago. My husband gave "you" to me for my birthday. It was wonderful as always, to see you perform. I want to thank you. Thank you for sharing your innumerable gifts. Thank you for opening your soul to me by putting beautiful melodies to the poetry within you. That touch goes farther than you could ever know. Truly, my heaven will be green, thick, lush grass, blue skies, fields and fields of every species of flowers in every color and above it all will be your angelic voice accompanied by your instruments and all will be right with the world. (How could you not look forward to that?) Anyway, I wrote to tell you to get better, but I have read that you ARE better, but I will continue to send you only good thoughts and best wishes for a complete recovery and long life. I will tell you that my father-in-law left this world 2 years ago today after living with prostate cancer for almost 12 years. He was one of the most wonderful, gentle men I have ever known. I miss him so, but we had fabulous time together, every day kind of time that I am SO grateful for. Now, you are a younger man than my father-in-law was and you probably have resources that reach beyond our modest life, but I do pray that you continue to do well with whatever helps you. I wanted to give you something, words of encouragement- it is the least I can do for you after all you have shared of yourself. Thank you and continue to feel better, stay strong and enjoy your life! You are so appreciated ~ Corrine Bachar


 Dear Dan and Family, I have been a fan since the 70's and just learned of your battle with cancer. You and your family will be in my prayers daily. My family and I have been battling our own illnesses related to exposure to toxic mold in a home we bought in 2001. Two years of home health and 55 IVIG treatments later, I am on the mend as are my husband and son. We understand all the fears and concerns you have over your battle with this illness as my husband was thought to have prostate cancer in 2002. It has since turned out his was a fungal infection that was treated with the drug Sporanox for three months. His PSA's have all come back fine since. But as a family going through serious illness, financial woes and even homelessness for three years, we have genuine empathy for what you and your family are going through. Long term illness can drain you, especially when you are accustomed to being in control and top of everything in your life. This is especially hard on creative people. Dan, I hope you can inspire yourself by believing in the very music you have written as it has inspired so many of your fans. Let it come full circle for you as you battle your illness, almost as if you had written these words as a prophetic shield to wrap around yourself and your family during this time when you need YOU most. Every moment is a miracle to be savored and weighed by our choices in how we have spent it. Your time has been well spent pouring your very self out on your fans--what courage! Now, that courage is to be spent working through your illness. Just as you used your life experiences to write deeply moving and inspiring songs in the past, I hope to see what this latest experience will invoke you to share. I was a reporter for a daily paper in Hammond, La. when I got sick--I have chronic inflammatory demylinating polyneuropathy from the mold exposure destroying the myelin sheath covering the nerves in my body and causing an autoimmune response. This means PAIN of varying degrees for me nonstop. I turned my situation around as you have done--educating people by my words. I tell my husband, God knew what He was doing to allow me to go through this experience because He knew I would not shut up about it. Keep writing your beautiful words and music. Thank you for all you have given your fans. We want MORE. Peace be with you and your family. Sincerely ~ Rebecca and Peter Guillot


 Hi Dan, I found these web sites to contact you thru the snippet in Parade Magazine. First off, I want to wish you the best of luck and wishes for good health. I'll think of you and try to help you with positive thoughts. I  just wanted to say that one of the most remarkable concerts I ever saw was back  in the 1970's when you were touring with The Eagles, and made a stop here in Connecticut. After a stellar set of your own,  you then came out to join The  Eagles for the second half of their set. It was outstanding to see and hear you along with Don Henley up front, also on an acoustic, perform 'Best of my love'.  There was something like 6 guitars and 5 or 6 voices. Even though I'm a drummer, it was clear to see that it was an extraordinary event. Best wishes, and thank you for your  art ~ Rick Smith


 Dear Dan,   I have been a fan of yours for as many years as I can remember.  Your words have inspired me as they have I am sure inspired so many others throughout the world.  It saddens me to know you are having such incredible problems but I know with your positive attitude and as you have said with the prayers of so many that you will not only beat this but will be stronger from it.  I am a disabled veteran from the Vietnam era and spend most of my life following the military assisting other veterans with significant disabilities.  Those with the best attitudes were the men and women who were the most successful in their recovery.  My best friend was diagnosed with Brain cancer and was given only a few months to live.  He refused to succumb to this, stayed positive and remained strong.  He did pass away but lived over a year longer than anyone expected.   His spirit will long be remembered by those of us who knew and loved him. God Bless you Dan and may His strength and the prayers of all your fans worldwide give you a long and happy life.  I certainly do hope you someday return to either the stage or the studio.  I know the words you could write about your current experience would be moving to many.  ~ Harry, Buffalo, NY


 Hi Dan & Jean, I would like to wish you the best.  I am very thankful that you are sharing your illness with the world.  It is very important that men get checked for prostate cancer.  My husband is 43 years old and was diagnosed with prostate cancer in April and had surgery in August.  His cancer was contained in the prostate.  It was discovered when he went in for a physical with the PSA blood test.  The doctors in my health plan don't usually check the PSA until the men are 50 years old.  He just got lucky that this doctor checked his PSA. The doctor did  not feel anything during a digital exam in August right before his surgery.  He is doing well now. God Bless both you and Jean.  I am sure by your sharing, you will be saving a lot of lives. Thank You for your Music & Sharing Your Prostate Cancer ~ Kay & Bob McGinty


 Dan, I did not know of your condition until yesterday in the Parade section of the L.A.times. Just Friday I played "Leader Of The Band" to my students and discussed it. I am a teacher at Nogales High School in La Puente,Ca. My name is Rick Farnsworth and I have taught English for thirty-three years.I use song lyrics for an essay writing assignment and a bridge into poetry. Even though most of the students I teach are into hip hop or the new stuff they have a lot of love for the music I play. I play songs that have deep meaning that have impacted my life. Your legacy has sent a ripple effect through lives and eternal time and will always exist as it lives in the hearts and minds touched by the sharing of your gift. A prayer my wife and I would like to share with you is Psalm 91:1 & :2 " He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty."  " I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust." God Bless you and you will be in our prayers daily. My students also send their love and prayers. Your friends ~ Rick and Martha Farnsworth.


 Very sorry to hear about your illness, but the latest post to your website sounds very encouraging! I had no idea you were ill until I saw a piece in this Sunday's Parade Magazine. My sister, one of your biggest fans, turned me onto your music. I had a chance to see you perform acoustically a couple years at Red Rocks - an incredible performance at an awesome venue. I used to listen to your Ballads CD of the Portrait Collection while running around Evergreen Lake in Evergreen, CO. I was often brought to tears from the beauty of the surrounding along with the moving accompaniment. I wore out the Nether Lands album in college, but I must say my all-time favorite song is "To the Morning". I walk every morning and frequently it's the only song I listen to...for the entire 5 miles! It's a beautiful song. I always thought it would be a great background soundtrack to a coffee commercial...fog lifting at dawn over a lake, lone goose flying, person overlooking the lake from their balcony with their first cup of coffee. I know it wreaks of commercialism, but I'm sure it would sell a lot of coffee!! Best wishes, Dan! From one of your many loving fans ~ Susan, Philadelphia


 Your music has comforted me, enriched me, and lifted me up for thirty years (Yikes, are we that old!?). I will never forget the first time I heard the album Nether Lands, I played it endlessly as a young teen. I especially loved the instrumental section on the title track. And, "Dancing Shoes" could reduce me to tears in its vivid portrayal of love and loss.  Also, the album High Country Snows introduced me to blue grass, and I now adore that genre. I taught high school English for years, and I love how your songs are such complete narratives. You have used your God-given gifts magnificently, and brought such joy and comfort to so many less-talented humans! Thank you for always saying in your songs what I feel in my heart. I grew up on a beach (Virginia Beach, VA), but lived in Colorado for a large chunk of my adult years, so I understand your love of sea and mountains. I will pray for you and your wife to bear up and weather this storm that you are battling. If someone ever tried to write a tribute song to you such as the one you wrote your father, it would be impossible to include all that you have meant to so many people. Your music will live forever. Thank you for sharing it with me. ~ Jane Lein


 Dear Dan, I've been a fan of yours for many years.  My friends always said "Dan who?" but then again they never did have the same appreciation for fine music as I did.  I must admit that I love cleaning my house to Exiles - it just gets me fired up! I was just diagnosed with Lymphoma in July and although I do not know exactly what it is that you go through every day, I do have a pretty good idea.  Faith and a positive attitude are key when going through something such as battling cancer.  The support and prayers of those around you are key.  I'm one of those who thinks that they can do everything on their own.  But I've come to find that if you just allow others to help you when you need help, things are much more tolerable. Keep your spirits up and let those whom you have inspired all these years shower you with prayer. Kind regards ~ Paula Addice - N.J.


 Hi Dan! I kind of feel as I know you through your music. I was devastated to learn of your issue.  I pray for your recovery and hope that God keeps you strong. I am also one of those people who constantly listened to your music which got me through a lot of tough times in my life.  Thank you for your gift! May Gods light shine upon you as you shined on so many people through this time.God Bless ~ Jayne


 We love you Dan! Sincerely ~ Amy, Erin & Geni


  Dear Dan and Jean and Family, Your music has touched so many peoples' lives in meaningful ways that we want to reach out and touch you with our gratitude.  We have seen you in concert at least eight times.  When you weren't on San Diego's Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay series last summer, we thought you were just taking a well-deserved break from touring.  Now, we have learned it was a much needed break, indeed!   We think you ended your concert with "There's A Place In The World For A Gambler."  Its final stanza is:


  "There's a light in the depths of your darkness. There's a calm at the eye of every storm. There's a light in the depths of your darkness. Let it shine...oh, let it shine. Let it shine...oh, let it shine... Let it shine...


In two or three years, when you start your "Don't Let Prostate Cancer Kick You In The Ass" concert in San Diego Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay, we will be cheering loud and long from our seventh row center seats along with the best fans in the world.  Every Dan Fogelberg fan we have ever met could be a best friend.  You attract the finest people to your music!  We will all envelope you in one great big, huge bear hug!  Please understand the boat people can't give you a standing ovation or they'll capsize their dinghy.  Both of our fathers have prostate cancer and are both responding well to treatment.  Annual biopsies are a pain in the butt, but they are necessary for early detection. Thank you for getting the word out on prostate cancer screening, and thank you for the music, the joy, and the inspiration you have given us for thirty plus years! Be well and stay well! ~ Lee and Eve Sigall - San Diego, CA


 My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time of healing.  After reading your last message to all your fans in August, you seem to be doing very well.  A quote by the wonderful actress, Patricia Neal:  A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug.   Sounds like you are living proof of that!  Keep up the faith and continue to get better. Your loyal fan since 1977 ~ Trish Mooresville, NC


 Dear Dan:  Sorry to hear of your sickness.  Pleased that you are doing well. I work as a chaplain in a hospital here in Tucson.  I know that attitude is so very important and what is going on between the ears is just as important as what goes on in the body.  Hope your wife and family are hanging together with you.


I was born and raised in De Kalb, Illinois.  My parents had a Firestone home and auto store on Lincoln Highway.  Your father, "The Leader Of The Band,"  was a regular customer.  My father is deceased but my mother (90 in March) remembers your dad as a fine man.  My prayers and good wishes to you and your family are with you.    Peace and Joy be yours. ~ Rev. James Modeen  Chaplain  St. Mary's Hospital,  Tucson, Arizona.


 Dear Dan, It is so great to hear you are doing better.  You have been in my thoughts and prayers.  I along with my twin sister saw you at Red Rocks twice.   The night was beautiful and we could have listened to you all night long.  These were two of our most precious memories.  Your music brings such joy and peace.  May God bless you and your beautiful wife.  It is great that you are speaking out for all men to have their psa checked.  I am a nurse and you would be surprised how many of my patients talk about you and your dedication to helping others.  May God watch over you and keep you healthy.  Thank you for all the beautiful music you have given us all these years and the years to come. Sincerely ~ Susanne DeGennaro, Littleton, Colorado


 I have no relative with prostate cancer diagnosis, but am a nurse and an avid Dan Fogelberg fan.  Your music touches me every time I listen to it.  I am sorry for the road you must travel now.  May you continue to keep your hope alive and I will say a prayer for you.  Thank you for your beautiful music. ~ Nikki D-Waverly, IA


 As a fellow high school graduate from Peoria, I am deeply saddened by your plight, however at the same time encouraged by your words. I have enjoyed those words since our days at Woodruff and though our lives took different paths, we do share the concern of cancer. I lost my mother last year to lymphoma and just last month my brother was also diagnosed with prostrate cancer. His PSA was a high 17 and he is going through the treatments. I also strongly encourage all men to have the tests. My love and prayers go out to you and Jean. Love and doves ~ Herman Martin


 I was so sorry to learn of your illness just yesterday in the Parade magazine of our local  paper... I don't know how any of us ever got this old, it seems like only  yesterday I was eighteen years old and listening to your first records.   I  was absolutely "taken" with your music and being a guitarist  myself, tried to play your songs. You have been a great inspiration to me.  I am still stuck in the 70's music although I am approaching fifty very soon :)  I still remember a concert I attended in Gainesville where the piano string broke in the middle of the song.  I remember you didn't  want to continue, but the audience was begging, so you performed it in another  key.  I was very impressed!  There are so many wonderful songs when I  think back.  I like to think that Souvenirs was my favorite but I had them all and really there were a number of songs that I loved on each album.  I  thank you for making that "star gazing " period of life so memorable.  We  should all be young again, when we know what we're doing!  I think we'd  appreciate it more the second time around. Take care and stay positive.  You will  be in my thoughts and prayers. ~ Karen, Gainesville. Fl


 Hi Dan: I was shocked when I heard about your cancer and am thankful that perhaps the worst is over!  I became a big fan of yours with the song "Leader of the Band".  I once owned 5 or 6 of your albums, but have lost them through the years, moving from place to place.  That does not mean that song, and the rest of your music, means any less to me. " Leader of the Band" enabled me to get what was a once-troubled relationship with my father to turn into a good one. I never was very expressive and I just gave him a copy of the song on a tape.  We are good friends now. Thanks, and prayers for your full recovery ~ Harold


 Dear Dan: Hello!  It's good to hear that you are doing better.  My family's thoughts & prayers are with you & your loved ones.   I grew up listening to your music.  My parents always played your music when I was a child...and still do today.  I believe my mom owns every one of your records. You are an amazing artist.  I was overjoyed to recently discover one of your t-shirts from 1984.  I was born in that year.  ("Same Old Lang Syne" is my favorite song).  I will wear the shirt proudly.  :)  I send you my best wishes & want to let you know that I'm praying for your good health. Take care & God bless ~ Katelyn Yowell


 Dan,  As a fan of yours I was surprised and shocked to learn of your fight with prostate cancer. My grandfather had this back in the 1980's and we were lucky that his was found early and he was able to overcome it.  My husband will turn 50 next Feb. and he has shown some signs of an enlarged gland the past few years so I have been really trying to get him to take this serious and have an exam.  He squirms at the thought of certain parts of the exam but I am glad to hear that at the age of 50 your doctor usually suggests to have this done.  I plan to show him your message and to continue on this bandwagon until I get him to break!  Anyway, I am truly happy to hear that you are doing well and I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers; you and all of your family.  Music is a big part of my life and your music has touched me during the course of my life and I can't even begin to thank you for all your sacrifices you made to give this part of yourself to all of us.  Take care of yourself. Peace. ~ Joyce


 DAN....I am one of those few people who has never heard your music..  I read about your problem in our Sunday paper and  here I am writing to you . There was a time when the word CANCER scared me to death. Not any more !  My husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer  13 years ago and we did a lot of research and second opinion too...after much discussing with our adult children and praying together we unanimously decided on a natural cure. Our resource was a book by Dr. Helen Ruger Clark - The Cure For All Cancers. Our Dr. was very upset and said I was going to kill my he plans on writing it up in a medical journal. l have shared this story  with more people around  the country and could keep you reading all day the stories of people being cured  of all types of cancer...all ages too... Wish we could  talk, but this will have to do. You get cured and then you can post on you web site. I wish you  well. ~ Pat


 Love you. 'nuff said. ~ Vanessa in Texas


 Dear Dan, my name is Bobby Tyran, and I am 59 years old, and a "candidate for prostate cancer". I have been and still a very blessed fan since your Souvenirs album blasted my soul away!  I wanted to send you my PRAYERS, and HEALING THOUGHTS to YOU!  I will send you a special e-card, which I hope you receive in good health, and take it to HEART. I hope you don't mind that I say I LOVE YOU ~ Bobby Tyran.


 Dan--your music has enriched my life and been a part of all the ups and downs over the years, bringing me great joy.  I am saddened by the news of your cancer, but will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Goddess bless you! ~ Carol Porta


 Dear Dan, I was stunned and saddened to read a recent article telling about your fight with prostate cancer. My thoughts and prayers for your  good health go out to you.  Thank you for all of the hours of  pleasure your singing has brought to your fans. ~ Adrienne Singer, Chicago,  Illinois.


 Dan, Just wanted to say thanks for your Aug update letter and your urging to go get a PSA test. I'm 43 and went in and got a baseline which I now understand is important. Everything is cool for now. Along the Road... brother, this Pilgrim' s faith in not going to fail. You are in my prayers.  Semper Fi. ~ JMW


 Hey Dan, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer at 48. Luckily it was caught fairly early, biopsy staging 7 and 7. I elected to go with a radical retropubic prostatectomy and two years later I am still disease free. Hindsight being 20/20 I would probably consider an alternative treatment. Natural reaction when you are diagnosed is to get it out as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. There are definite ramifications to consider... Anyway whatever treatment course you select I wish you all the luck and best wishes. - Jon


 Dan, I join the sentiments of all who have posted here for continued recovery.  My husband and I discovered your music together when we were very young, before we were married. Your music and lyrics have been interwoven through our lives all these many years.  We have shared our love of your music with our now-grown children and took them to see you in  concert.  Thank you for all the joy and comfort you have given me through the years.  May God grant you healing comfort and strength.  ~ Karen  Cockerham


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg and family - Blessings to you and your family first and foremost. I've never written a "fan" letter and don't plan on it now - really, though that may come through because YES, me like millions others have been honored in having your music  touch my heart and soul so deeply. In fact, I recently downloaded your album Souvenirs.  You see, I was downloading a few albums from the 70's to help me rekindle some of the joy I had experienced at some of the moments of conception of my own career in music.  Though, I never reached the level of fame and fortune of many of my mentors like yourself, I have enjoyed a most meaningful and spiritual expression of life through music as my career for the past 25 years or so. Putting on 40,000 miles a year driving around Arizona singing and performing for who ever would listen.  I actually made a living at this I am happy to say. Then two years ago, I got cancer. The world as I knew it changed - dramatically.


I downloaded your album the other day to get me through one more day of pain and to turn my attention to something that brought me so much joy and something that inspired me to pick up a 12 string guitar and pound out some tunes many years ago, though currently holding a guitar is painful. I had no idea you had cancer.  I only heard this yesterday.  And when I heard it I was so sad, so sad.  Then  in a moment I was so happy because I felt a kind of kinship in some distant and strange way, like it made me feel less "ashamed" about it.  Imagine that, feeling ashamed about cancer.  It made me feel like I had a brother far away perhaps,  a brother in the business who might be feeling the same things I have.


You don't know me and most likely never will, but I do believe we are all one.  Our purpose here on Earth is to, as corny as it may sound, realize this oneness, the flicker of light we all are as part of the one spirit that lives way beyond this skin and flesh, way beyond our dreams, way beyond what we think we are supposed to be doing, way beyond our Earthly goals. I know it doesn't lessen the pain, nor take away the deep sentimentality of the potential loss of being near those who we love.  But I do feel more and more a part of a magical whole.  I pray that you feel this too and that somewhere in there you find comfort.  I pray that you feel your sisters and brothers all around you, those who are healthy, those who are not, those near, those far and can focus on the idea of alchemy. That in that visualization, you connect your healthy cells to the healthy cells of all others and they to you and to feel that that healthy state IS God's original divine pattern of perfection and you are it. Close your eyes and connect to all who have "miraculously" healed and those who heal.  Be the "woman" who touched Jesus's robe.  Be Jesus the alchemist.  Be Baba G and Ghandi and Nelson Mandela and the Dali Lama and anyone you can imagine who transformed "evil" to good.   Contemplate on creating arteries of light and love between you and the magical transformation that these great people have endured. I am praying for you and keep you in my tapestry of light and love, accepting only the truest nature of God, without judgment, without religion, without self-service, only the oneness, the atonement or at-one-ment of all that is bliss and divine. I will continue to pray for you and hold you in the vision of love and light.  You CAN do it. You will!  And thank you, thank you for "Part of the Plan."  It pretty much says it all. Much love and many blessings ~ Lynn Lynton, sister cancer survivor at large


 For Dan - Just sending good wishes and hoping that your cancer treatments continue to go as well as they have been. My father was diagnosed with "very aggressive" prostate cancer last November. Although he is much older than you (81), he has survived for almost a year now getting lupron shots and taking Casodex. Your music has touched so many people, including me and I truly wish you and Jean continued strength as you continue to go thru this difficult time. :-) ~ Mary Ann Donohue


 Dan, I first heard your music in 1976 when I was an art student in college. Needless to say, over the years I saw you in concert whenever you came to Pittsburgh, your music has inspired this artist to create many an illustration... Although I am married now, my former boyfriend and current friend had advanced prostate cancer, I was with him thru his surgery to remove the prostate and his treatment. He has been cancer free for 4 years now. God's Blessings to you and Jean, I wish you many more years of good health, thanks for 30 years of beautiful music and memories. ~ Susan Castriota Hamilton in Pittsburgh, PA


 We love your it often and are praying for complete recovery. ~ Ruth and Russ Bennett


 Hi Dan, I just heard about your bout with cancer yesterday in the Parade magazine.  I immediately thought about your song "Forefathers" and now that tune has been going through my head for the past 24 hours.  Many of your songs have touched me deeply, and I was lucky enough to hear you in person here in Bend, Oregon several years ago. You hang in there.  There are lots of people sending good thoughts your way.  I'm hoping that some good music will come out of all this that you have been through.  Don't be afraid to share them! ~ Jude Fulghum, Bend, Oregon


 Dan & Jean: I know many thousands of prayers and good wishes have gone out to you and I will add to them. Your music has indeed touched my life.  Your lyrics have enriched me.  Inspiration to be a better person. I know first hand God can do miracles, so don't give up.  Your life's journey has only begun.  Wouldn't life be boring if we didn't have some little (or big) ruts in our road during our journey?!   My best wishes to you and your family.  Run for the Roses, Dan! ~ Bev McCormick


 Dan, I have been a huge fan of yours since 1975 (Senior in high school)... my brother and I would wake up on the weekends and listen to Home Free. Love that album/cd... kind of a funny story around that album... long story short... he came home with the album (which at that time no one heard of you)... and said that he met you and you gave him the album... we actually believed it for a minute :-) I am very sorry to hear of your illness and you and your wife are in my prayers.... Stay positive and I hope you are back touring one day soon! ~Victoria~


 Dan, First, my thoughts and prayers are with you for a full recovery and many more years of writing and performing. I'm a 61 year old man, a fan of yours since the mid 70's, who has just returned from 9 weeks of Proton Beam radiation therapy in Loma Liinda, CA. I was biopsied a year ago and diagnosed with prostate cancer (PSA 2.2, Gleason 6).


My wife and I spent almost a year researching the options and I came to the conclusion that Protons offered the best possible curative results with a very low probability of unpleasant side effects. I'm happy to report my results lived up to my expectations. You write that you have been in treatment for some time and I'm not sure if you chose to have your prostate removed or not, but I would urge you to at least investigate the treatment available at Loma Linda Univ. I suspect that many friends and well-wishers have written to you about different forms of treatment; my own experience was that I was overwhelmed by the amount of information that was offered to me that required investigation or verification. I talked to a number of men who had received "conventional" therapies and some of them had good results: Some did not. The most amazing thing about Proton Therapy is that everyone I talked to, had a positive experience. The second most amazing thing about Proton Therapy is the fact that its existence is not widely known and it is sometimes denigrated by the urological community. There is a website,, that will give you information about this remarkable protocol and I now know hundreds of men who have benefited from it. I wish you a full and speedy recovery. ~ Scott Gamlen, Kemah, TX, Cancer Survivor


 Dan, I was introduced to you through a friend in 1979, and I immediately purchased your Home Free and Souvenirs albums.  They became staples of my turntable ... as have each succeeding album/CD.  I've been fortunate enough to hear and see you in concert.  Unbelievable!  Each time, I was more impressed by your voice and guitar playing.  They were special evenings then and now I relive each with overwhelming emotion. Over the years, so many of your songs have become anthems of my moods.  There's never a moment when one of them doesn't strike just the right and needed chord.  You are deeply appreciated and loved for your many gifts of music.  I pray for your full recovery, and look forward to experiencing your live performance again. Be well! ~ Liz White - Dublin, OH


 Dan, Jean and Family, This prostate cancer crap is out of control! Yeah, I'm 54 and I had it too. Diagnosed in March, surgery in June.  My older brother, father in law and dad are in the club.  I didn't really want to join the club.  Dan, your letter is an inspiration. Your sermon is "right-on", the earlier the treatment the better.  Thank you for all your music and your continuing messages of love, hope and caring.  I often thought that going through this was even harder on my wife. Jean, you and your family are also in our prayers. ~  David and Paula and

Family,  Carlsbad, CA.


 Dear Dan, I have followed your music career from the 1970's and you have been in my thoughts an prayers since I heard of your diagnosis.  I will continue to pray for your complete recovery and strength for may God Bless you and your wife always ~ Lorraine


 Just wanted to let you know that you are in my prayers, Dan!  I've been a big fan of your music since Home Free, and I share your love for the mountains.  Now we have something else in common - I was diagnosed with advanced Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in May of last year and have gone through chemotherapy, radiation, and a bone marrow transplant.  It's been almost a year since my transplant and I'm still cancer-free!  I had many people praying for me, and you really find out how many people love you. My wife was my caregiver, and I think it was hardest on her, I could not have survived without her.  The thing I learned the most is that I could trust God.  I couldn't trust anyone else - not treatments, not doctors, but I could trust God, I believed Him.  Not for a specific outcome, but I believed what He said - that He would be with me, that He would use me, no matter what happened.  And He has used the cancer and the transplant to inspire others, to get their attention, just as He will use your cancer in the lives of others.  In my case there were little miracles that happened all along the way that contributed to my survival, and you can probably see the same things in your experience. Just trust and believe! ~ Dusty Rhodes, Overland Park, KS


 Dan - Just a quick note to you about your illness....NEVER give up!! My wife and I are praying for your continued recovery. We love your music, especially "Lonely in Love." Take care ~ Reegan


 Thanks for all the beautiful years of lyrics and music.  I can't think of high school or college without you in them, Dan.  Your lyrics still come back to me and I'll find myself quietly singing part of one of your touching songs.  You and your wife are in my thoughts and prayers. ~ Janice Rysinski


 Dan - I've been a fan of yours since my college days at San Diego State in the late 70's.  I was first introduced to hearing Nether Lands, wore that album into the grooves and loved every track, and your soothing voice singing "Lessons Learned" and "Give Me Some Time" set the ambience for some great fireplace dates.  Then your collaboration with Tim Weisberg was true brilliance, and for me "Guitar Etude #3" is one of the cleanest acoustic guitars I've ever had the pleasure to hear and always brings joy to this day.  I quickly discovered Souvenirs and then over the years have picked up every album you've released on sight ever since.  It was joy seeing you many times in the 80s and 90s, especially one rainy night at the Greek Theater in LA when you played "Here Comes The Sun" in a torrential downpour during the encore.  Along with the Beatles, Bruce, Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothers, you have been an integral part of the soundtrack of my life.  It is a pleasure to write and tell you that your gifts of singing, writing and playing guitar and piano reflect a depth of soul and truth of spirit that continue to touch me and my family to this day.  It is easy to pick up any of your CDs and enjoy it as sip a glass of wine or prepare family meals together. I was saddened to recently learn of your illness, but heartened by your progress and even more so by your courage and willingness to be open to share with your extended family of fans. Please be encouraged by your own words, from Nether Lands which have been a source of comfort for me many, many times over the years:


Once in a vision I came on some woods

And stood at a fork in the road

My choices were clear yet I froze with the fear

Of not knowing which way to go

One road was simple acceptance of life

The other road offered sweet peace

When I made my decision

My vision became my release.


You are in our prayers. May God bless you and continue to give you strength, comfort and peace. With sincere appreciation and gratitude ~ Randy Noe, Carlsbad, California


 Hi Dan, I knew you at the University of Illinois...still have my Red Herring album. I am a hospice RN in Portland, Oregon now.  I see too many young men and women with problems that could have been prevented, or nipped in the bud. Wish you all the best. AND PLEASE never stop telling your fans and family to get a PSA..throw in a colonoscopy, too. Sincere regards ~ Kathy Graham Gadler


 Thank you for putting beautiful music in my life for a long time. I have listened to your beautiful words and you have helped me through many trials and tribulations in my own life. I wish you strength and courage in your fight. ~ Robin Benschop


 I send you and your family much love and support. I am so happy for your good news. Your music has had such a huge impact on my life. I've grown up with you (I'm almost 40 and started listening to you in the 7th grade!). Even today, when I face my greatest challenge, your music sustains me and gives me hope. My daughter has a degenerative cerebellar disease and the outcome is not good. But I find strength in her smile, her life, and your music. "Nexus" especially helps me and feeds my heart. Thank you for sharing your gift, and I send you much good energy and happiness. ~ Terena Scott


 Dan: We are great fans of yours and did not know you were fighting cancer until recently.  From your update, it sounds like you are doing well and we are glad to hear that.  We wanted to send you a note of encouragement since you have inspired us over the years through your music.  It would be hard to describe in words the uplifting effect your music has on our family.  Our five and three year old daughters ask for your greatest hits CD when they ride in the car.  I am sure they will be a life-long fans also.  It sounds like you have a very positive attitude about your illness.  That is an important thing along with support of family.  You will be in our thoughts and prayers which I know will help.  Thanks for all the great things you do for people. ~ Marty & Susan Dennis (Daughters Emma & Lilly), Rogers, Arkansas


 Dear Dan,  It feels good to talk to you as if we have been friends for a long time. I just recently read of your bout with cancer and was filled with sadness.  Your songs in the 70's and beyond helped me through a very trying time in my life, and I will never forget what a comfort they were.  It felt like you were singing just to me and I was so moved.  My children and I would sit on the floor of our living room with your album covers surrounding us in a circle and belt out your songs with you.  It was almost like you were there with us.  When my daughter was in college, I would tell my parents that "Dan" and I were going to see her.  You kept me company for the long drive.  I've often told my husband that if I ever got a last wish before I died, it would be to meet you in person.  I've been to several of your concerts, but I live in Pennsylvania and don't know of any close enough to make it a day trip.  You and Jean will certainly be in my prayers every day for your continued recovery.  God is amazing and He will see you through this. Love ~ Chris


 Dan and Jean,You are in our prayers. As soon as you feel able , we hope you will be back" working ". You are an inspiration and voice of hope for the many who are facing the same battle. Your educational efforts surely save many lives.  Sincerely ~ Joe  & Carol


 Dear Dan and Jean, God bless you both and keep you both in His healing hands. Keep your positive outlook and enjoy every moment you have together. Dan, you have given so much of yourself to all of us fans in sharing your talents and I thank you. Take care of yourself and be well!


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg: Since I have heard of your illness, I am praying for your complete  recovery. Your beautifully written and sung music has always been important to me.  I listened to it for the years when I commuted one hour each way to work; now that I'm retired, I listen also because each song is a  remembrance of those days.  You music lifts your fans up from the daily grind and is so very enjoyable. I pray you will become better each day. Sincerely ~ Mary Watford, Bend, Oregon


 Hopefully you're aware of how much your music has touched, and changed lives..I pray God's Blessings on you and your family. ~ Eileen


 Hello Dan:   I am thinking and praying for you.  Your music has given me so much, it's time to give back! Newly divorced with a 1- yr.-old son, I was very apprehensive about the future.  I hardly had money to spare but I bought your Souvenirs album (yes, it was album days--this was mid-70s!).  It nourished me--and my soul--and was good medicine for a very trying time.  Later, when my father died 3 weeks after diagnosis of liver cancer, my niece and sister recited your "Leader of the Band" at the funeral.  You have touched so many lives and I thank you for your beautiful music which has carried me throughout my life.  I just read about your ordeal with prostate cancer this weekend, which saddened me greatly.  You and Jean are in my prayers and I will continue to pray for you. Take care, Mr. Fogelberg.  May all the love you have shared with others be felt by you and Jean now. Thank you for touching my life ~ Nancy Swanson


 I discovered this site yesterday and wanted to take the opportunity to assure you of my family's prayers and thoughts for your health.  Your music has always impacted my spirit in amazing ways-- I first was introduced to it in a larger way (other than hearing an occasional song on the radio) when I was in college, about 27 years ago, here in the Midwest.  Two of my closest college friends were Denver natives and they, though somewhat possessive of you as their own regional artist, were gracious enough to share their enthusiasm.  Their appreciation of your music, both as writer and performer, carried over to me.  Some of my fondest memories involve those late-night philosophical discussions typical of 19 year olds, with your albums as background. Often, your lyrics served as inspiration for our thoughts and ideas.  I attended a concert in Kansas City(Kemper Arena, or Municipal Auditorium),  probably in 1980.  My husband and I attended one at Starlight Theatre here about 4 years ago. Anyway, enough reminiscing--we pray that your health continues to improve and that you and your family sense God's care for you! ~ Lori Withers


 Dan--I'm a guitar player from the age of 7 (now 52) and a huge fan of your work in the 70's. I basically memorized Souvenirs and Captured Angel and am the proud owner of a '54 Martin D-28 and '61 D-21. In March, 2005, I was diagnosed with melanoma, pretty serious in nature. I've had 3 surgeries and a month of Interferon and now am in the self-injection phase of Interferon for the next 11 months. Right now, I'm cancer free. Heartfelt wishes for your continued recovery. It's a challenge like no other I ever faced and I'm sure the same for you. Hopefully, complete and long term recovery for us both is "Part of the Plan". All the best ~ David J. Elliott, Esq.


 Dan, Thank you for your music.  I am keeping you and many others in my thoughts and prayers.  God Bless.

~ Eileen Fitzpatrick Curosh


 What a great blessing that you have come through this phase.  All hopes and prayers that your recovery continues, and that perhaps one day we'll again see a new album and a concert. ~ Jay Linden


 Dear Dan, I grew up in Pueblo and had the pleasure of seeing you in person in Colorado Springs many, many years ago. Many of us listened to your albums for hours and I truly appreciated all of your music. My best wishes to you and your family. Thanks for all the great music. ~ Steve Gunter in Redondo Beach, CA.


 Dear Dan: I just read that you had prostate cancer, and I wanted to wish you  GOOD LUCK and a SPEEDY RECOVERY soon from the bottom of my heart. I have enjoyed (not strong enough a word) your music for almost 30  years, and I still listen to your albums (now CD's) Nether Lands and Souvenirs on a regular basis. The first time I ever made love was listening to the song "Dancing Shoes,"  which still often brings tears to my eyes. Anyway, PLEASE GET WELL SOON.. the world needs you to continue giving us such wonderful wonderful music !! Love ~ dan harary, beverly hills, ca


 Hi, Being of the same generation as Dan, I would like to share something. My husband and I have been through the prostate cancer scenario. Last year, during routine blood work to apply for life insurance, it was discovered that my husband had a elevated PSA at the age of 50. Subsequently, after biopsy confirmed malignancy, he had surgery on October 19 2004.  This was such a life changing event for both of us. Being deeply in love and having been together since high school. (we won't talk about how long ago 1972 was !!), our coupleship was so threatened. But with God's guidance and a wonderful doctor, we are doing great today. We were so blessed that his malignancy was found very very early. His recovery was rapid, with no further treatment needed and today his PSA remains at zero. Continue on your campaign to encourage men to go see a doctor, get checked and take care of themselves! I pray for you and for your recovery. Will you please pray for us today? We are hoping to become grandparents. However, our daughter's baby is in danger. She is 19 weeks pregnant and the baby is struggling. Please pray for baby Emma Kate and her mom, Kim and our family. We are praying for a miracle for baby Emma Kate. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. ~ Donna J. Climer, Memphis, Tennessee

 I was so shocked to read in the Parade section of the LA Times about Dan's battle w/ prostate cancer.  I immediately went to his website to check on his progress. I have been a fan since 1981 when I came to this county from the Philippines.  I have gone to his concerts and have all his records/tapes/cds...He is my favorite performer and I love all his songs. I myself just went thru kidney cancer surgery - I was going for some other tests when they found the cyst in my kidney - it was exactly four weeks ago that the doctors removed my right kidney but thank God, the cancer was caught at an early stage that I don't have to go thru any treatment. I will include Dan and his family in my prayers that he will successfully beat this.  I hope to see him in concert again and also look forward to his next album. ~ Agnes Walker


 My stomach turned over when I read the news.  I have all your music and will never forget the first time I saw and listened to you.  You were the opening act for the Eagles in Harrisburg, PA many years ago and the following day it was a must for me to have your music.  I have been to three or four of your concerts and hope to see you again.  My thoughts and prayers are with you since last year my daughter had a bout with cancer and it was not easy to go through.  I sincerely hope and pray that you will overcome this and someday be able to hear you sing again.  Take care! ~ Becky Wagner


 Dear Dan, Having just seen my best friend go through a total prostatectomy in September,  I can only say how important it is for men to get the PSA. He just turned 50, got the test and his whole life changed.  Please continue to get the word out to other men and my very best wishes for your continued health and resumption of living as you know it.


 Dan - Hoping for continued good news for you and all who suffer from illness. Life is short, too short for too many, but a beautiful universe this is - and your music has made it more so. Nice to see the 'famous' beard back... ~ Matt Kambic, Pittsburgh


 Dear Dan and Jean, 25+ years ago you touched our hearts with your music - the music we listened to and loved to while dating and have retreated to over and over again as we lived our 25 years of marriage.  Now today, you have deeply touched our hearts strings again as we learned, for the first time, of your prostate cancer (Parade magazine). My husband, Steve (45), has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and will undergo surgery (prostatectomy) on 29 November 2005.  It will be an abdominal surgery so they can check out his lymphs to see if it has spread. We are hoping for the best. We know one thing, as you two probably do too, love goes on.  In fact, I think it gets stronger when something like this happens. During our 25 years together, we have had 7 children - all of whom have grown up with your music since infancy.  Your music was also there while my husband served in Iraq.  Thank you for sharing your cancer struggle via your web page.  It is a source of strength and encouragement to us both as we face the struggle ourselves.  It's always good to know you are not alone. Thank you for sharing not just your music but your life as well.  Our prayers are with you both. ~ Steve and Cyndy Parrott


 It sounds so trite and cliche to say that Dan Fogelberg's music has touched and affected me in so many ways--but I can't put it any other way. Who among us cannot relate to a masterpiece like "The Innocent Age"? I've always thought of Dan as a kind, caring man who puts his heart and soul into his work. Dan: My prayers and best wishes to you ~ Michael Stein, Moorhead


 Dear Dan Fogelberg. I am hoping that somehow you will actually receive this message from me. I have loved your music for so many years. I am a songwriter, pianist, painter. Your music has touched my life in so many ways, it has fed my soul, lifted my spirit, truly you are a gifted  artist. I know that my praise means very little considering the thousands of people who have appreciated your talent throughout the years, I am a nobody to you, but to me you have unknowingly been my mentor, and my admiration for you is truly sincere. I am so happy that you are overcoming this prostate cancer. I was happy to hear that you are happily married to a wonderful lady. I am 48 years old now, from Hawaii, and your music has always been one of the most meaningful things in my life.  From the bottom of my heart I want to say THANK YOU for having made my life richer, because of your willingness to share your incredible God-given talent with the world, and with me. With Gratitude and Aloha ~     Susan


 Dear Dan,    I was saddened to learn that you are dealing with prostate cancer.   I have always loved listening to your music and I am looking forward to pulling out your Christmas album soon.  It was because of your music that I met your mom and dad while we were on our honeymoon.  You gave your mother the trip to Hawaii for a Christmas present.  We went snorkeling with your dad (your mom was worried because he was on Coumadin after his open heart surgery and asked us to watch out for him ) and we had drinks with both of them.  I still hear from your mother at Christmas every year. Thank you for all the wonderful music.  We will be praying for a full recovery for you.  My father and uncle both have had prostate cancer and they are both survivors.  With God's grace you will continue to be a survivor too. Sincerely ~ Jill Borgardt


 Dear Dan: I am so glad to know of your good news!  I will be praying for you and your wife, and I hope you continue to do well.  Your song "Same Old Lang Syne" has always been among my all-time favorites.  I think you're great! Best Wishes! ~ Lisa B., Bernie, MO


 Dan, Thanks for bringing awareness to all of us men folks about PC.  I have experienced this disease and by early detection (digital) I avoided the advanced variety; however, in the aftermath of surgery my PSA has shown a very gradual increase and I wondered if you would share the type of treatment you received, since I may be faced with something similar. Best wishes for continued recovery ~ Jim Call


 Hi Dan,  I have been a fan of yours for many years. Life was very busy, so I never had time to really enjoy it. In May, at age 50, it was time for a checkup. Wake up call. Nothing like Prostate Cancer to put the brakes on life. With every dark cloud there is a silver lining. One of them for me was realizing there is more to life than rush through it. When I listen to your music now it has a whole new meaning. You keep fighting and writing and I'll keep fighting and listening, we'll beat this thing together. Good Luck ~ Bruce Betram.


 Dear Dan - I am really happy to hear the news. Your music has touched so many people, your lyrics are, well, they're incredible. Your music was a big part of my early relationship with my wife  It's great music to fall in love to. Got to see you at the front row theatre in Ohio years ago. You did a one man show that was fantastic. I wish you all the best in your life and thank you for your music  ~ Ed


 Dear Dan, My family has a history of cancer, so I know  something about it.It definitely rocks your foundation and makes you look at life in a different way.There are so many blessings that will come your way out of all of this as is evident from your message. God can use you in just the most amazing ways to touch others and bring them closer to God. What a gift to have the ability to be able to communicate your message. I pray and hope that your message of hope and how the Lord is working in your life through the miracles that come your way will be a legacy not forgotten. You and your family are in my prayers. May God's face shine upon you. Be bold and do not be afraid. The Lord is with you. He is the Great Physician and your Comforter. I pray that mercy and grace will be with you all of your days. Let your light shine for others and see the blessings continue to be harvested.Your seeds will be sown, he ground is fertile.You may not see all of the harvest here but we will all see it together one day for eternity.My Jesus is the way, the power and the truth. Let Him be yours also in all that

you do and how you live your life. In Him ~ Denise Britt


 How very sorry we are to hear of your battle with Prostate cancer, especially the advanced stages. My husband too has had it and he by chance had a PSA test earlier than originally scheduled and discovered an 8 gleason level aggressive cancer. He was one of the lucky ones with removal and radiation .  Thank you for using your celebrity to spread the word to get tested. Our best wishes go out to you and your family for continued success. We have really enjoyed your music over the years, have been to concerts and have your CD's . Hope at some point you decide to return to the concert stage. Best wishes to you. ~ Penny  Ewing


 Dear Dan, I cannot begin to describe my feelings when my wife Michelle first told me of your prostate cancer. I immediately went to your website to get the facts and I am encouraged after reading your take on your battle with this disease. My grandfather died from prostate cancer back in a time when there was very little research done for prevention. My father is a prostate cancer survivor, something I thank God for every day.


Your music and lyrics has been a very inspirational part of my life and have helped fill an emotional void in me. I am grateful to God for your life. I am also very grateful to you for publicizing the need for an acute awareness of this disease that kills so many, so needlessly. May God bless you in your recovery and keep your spirit bright. With much adoration and love ~ Alfred Ray DeMatteo


 Dear Dan, I have listened to your music since the 70's and seen you in concert several times. Your music has been such an inspiration to me. I know almost ever one of your songs by heart. I was so glad to hear that you are doing better and will continue to pray for your recovery. You are a blessing to me and I can not imagine my life without your music in it. Thanks for your songs and words and inspiration that you have given me over the years. God bless you and your family as you recover. ~ Robin Erickson, a long time fan!!


 I am very glad to hear positive news about Dan's cancer..........I wish you the best. ~ FR


 I fell in love with my husband of 26 years listening to your music.  "Dancing Shoes" still takes me back to the "clear" heart of a young girl. Thank  you humbly and profoundly. Where words cannot go, my prayers will carry you to find peace. Love always ~ Karen


 My 51 year old husband, Norbert, was diagnosed 3 days ago with PC.  Next week he has an appointment to discuss his options for treatment.  We both feel very lucky to have each other and after 26 years together we know a positive approach will get us through this tough time.  My girlfriend reminded me that "our favorite" singer was diagnosed with PC.  I went on to the website first thing today and was so happy to read that you are doing so great! Dan, I wish you continued happiness and health and appreciate you telling guys to get the PSA test! As we turn into our parents :)  more and more of our friends need to be aware of this disease.  I told my husband that it's unfortunate that he is the first and maybe the only one in his group of friends to have PC but it will encourage his friends to get their asses to the doctor! By the way,one of my first concerts in the early 70's was seeing you, Dan, in Philadelphia.....and have loved you ever since.  Jean, you are one lucky-lucky lady :) Thanks ~ Linda Frontel


 To the Fogelbergs; My thoughts and prayers are with you during the fight. My husband was diagnosed about the same time as you and with advanced as well. It has been a struggle for him but the psa is very low at this point but not without 6 months of chemo. We are desperately hoping with coming off the chemo it will hold steady for a while. I send my wishes for you for some smooth sailing for a very long time as I wish for our family. ~ Kathie Scott


 Dan, I read with interest, in Parade Magazine, about your battle with advanced Prostate Cancer. I checked your web site and commend you for urging men to take control and be aware of the consequences of this disease. I send you my best wishes and will pray for your continued success with treatment. As a word of encouragement I was diagnosed with advanced PC. In May of 2003. Hormone deprivation therapy controlled my cancer for 2 years. When the lymph nodes became active again my doctors at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston started me on  aggressive chemotherapy. I saw almost immediate improvement. After 7 months the cancer is stabilized and they have taken me off chemo. for at least 3 months. As you probably know this is a real blessing. Besides the prayers and good wishes from friends all over and faith in GOD, I firmly believe continued activity has played an important part in my response to the chemo. I have continued to work out, play golf and travel. In May of this year I traveled to China with my family and climbed the Great Wall among other things. Even though some days I was too fatigued to play more than 9 holes I worked through it. My message to you is stay active and do what you are passionate about. God Bless you and your family.~ Jack Crawford


 Dear Dan- I only heard today. Please know that your music has been one of the most cherished and enduring gifts throughout my life.  There were many times the solace of your beautiful music helped me through some of the rough times of my young life. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift.  You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.  As Margrit Mondavi said at your concert in the vineyards in the Napa Valley,a few years ago. "We all fell in love with you 25 years ago!"  Thanks and blessed be. With love ~ Dona Meierdiercks


 God Bless You Dan. I too have Prostate Cancer -My Name is Michael Kalmus. In  brief  1994, then age 53, PSA  27-   45 radiation treatments Sloan/Kettering NY seemed to work almost for 2 yrs, PSA started to rise, Had a  radical  Prostate removal, thought all good, wrong, PSA started on up scale,slowly 1st started PC SPECS is & was working, we switched to triple Hormonal blockage this has been working since my surgery in 1996 my PSA presently is 0.21. Good Luck, again GOD BLESS & BE POSITIVE at ALL times. You will WIN !!! I do not know of your music, but will be following you from now on. Your web site is very good. So long for now. Your most recent fan ~ Michael, from New Jersey


 Hi Dan! Having been a fan of your music and you from the beginning, which is to say, more years than I want to admit--I wanted to take a couple of minutes and say how much you and your music have meant to me through the years. I have 5 kids--4 are now grown, and #5 (Zoe) is 4 yrs old and loves singing along as the others did. I am happy to say that car travel was always most enjoyable with your music playing in the car, and the kids all singing along together to your songs....and that was no small thing! Your music touches many hearts and lives, and is timeless, so I think it always will. I know that is true for me, anyway. I never missed a chance to see you when you came to my state (Utah) and loved the outdoor concerts at ParkWest, Wolf Mountain (or the other names it has been over the years), Deer Valley, etc. Such beautiful, perfect settings for your concerts--I also had an opportunity to see you in your state of Colorado at Red Rocks too----and it was wonderful. Also lived in Arizona and saw you there a few times too. I certainly hope you will be able to tour and record again very are missed very much. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. I look forward to the day when victory is completely yours! May God continue to richly bless and prosper you--body, soul and spirit... and continue to hold you in His hands. Always a "friend"  and always a fan ~ Kristie


 Dan, I read today in the Parade magazine that the progression of the cancer has slowed way down. That is an answer to my prayers for you for the past year. When I found out about the cancer, you have been in my thoughts continuously. You probably have no idea how many lives you have touched. Every Christmas I make it a ritual to wrap my gifts at my dining room table with "The Innocent Age" playing loud and clear though out the house. I am 52 and my friends and I have your songs marked by a certain memories. You are such a dear gentle soul. I am happy that I have been able to see you in concert a few times. I am an Alabama girl. My prayers will continue. This news made my day!! God Bless You. ~ Marilyn Heath


 Dear Dan and Jean ~ My father was also a "Leader of the Band" (Eastside Institute of Music, Detroit) in the 40's. Though I was fortunate to play bass in some decent commercial-type bands for many years, my brother and I considered ourselves small"chips" compared with dad's broad-range of musical talents. We both get quite emotional hearing that song, and enjoy many others you've written. My husband, also a musician and fan, took me to see you in Ann Arbor in the late 80's. It was one of the finest concerts (all acoustic) we'd ever attended. Was so sorry to read in today's Parade Magazine that you've been ill. Our prayers to both of you for a complete recovery. And thanks for the uplifting music you've given us through the years! ~ Susan, Traverse City, Michigan


 I fell in love with your music while living in Durango in the 70's and 80's.  I had the pleasure of seeing you at Ft Lewis College - just you and your guitar.  I moved to Bend, Oregon and mourned Durango for years, but your music never left my heart and with each song I heard, I was back in the mountains, fishing on the Animas, staring in amazement at the variety of color in the aspen trees and puffy clouds.  I can hear a song on the radio or put on a CD and it takes me back to a time and place that has sweet sweet memories.  I watched you play at the Bend, Oregon Athletic Club, luckily from the front row.  You were magnificent.  Years had passed but your music touched a part of me that no other songwriter has.  You talked of all the horses you had seen coming in from Portland, and then for me... for us who know that horses provide a freedom unlike any other... you sang "Run for the Roses."  It was just incredible!


Now when I hear your music, I'll pray for you.  For your family.  For your friends.  For your soul and for the music you have yet to make.  Be strong.  You are amazing and have such a gift.  I am so extremely grateful that your music became part of my life.  Seek the Lord and may His mercy extend to you for many many years and may this coming holy season be an extra special one of celebration for you. God bless you ~ Deb


 Dan, Your musical creativity inspired so many.  Now, you are an inspiration to so many others, by sharing information about your PC condition.  By further sharing more details about your battle plan, you will further inspire so many more men to "get with the program," so to speak.  God bless you.  Thank you for being who you are. ~ Dakota Clark


 Dan, Like millions of others I learned about your PC today in parade magazine.  A diagnosis like that certainly causes one to pause and re-examine one's life.  It puts things in prospective doesn't it?


I was diagnosed in February of 2005 with a Gleason score of 6.  I had a radical prostatectomy in April.  The tumor was not encapsulated in the prostate gland and although the surgeon tried to get all of the tumor that he could he was certain that he did not.  It had spread to my bladder and seminal vesicles and my cancer was upgraded to stage t3b with a Gleason score of 9.  I have just completed 43 sessions of IMRT radiation along with an injection of zoledex and 4 months of casodex.  My PSA was up to 8.75 prior to surgery and was .30 after surgery and .46 shortly before my radiation began.  After radiation and short term hormone therapy it is at .10 and I go to see my urologist as to what the next step will be. So I have some idea of what you have been going through.  I am sure that like me you have experienced some very positive things also.  My wife and I have grown even closer and more intimate (something I did not think was possible), I have felt tremendous support and encouragement from friends and family, I am eating better now, and my relationship with God has become more real.  Indeed "God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them."  Romans 8:28. As of today you are in my prayers.  May you feel His love and care for you. ~ Ray Rasmussen


 To Dan and family...I have loved you and your songs for many years. I wish good health for you. I just read about you today in the paper. This world is a better place because of you and the gift you have given us with your music. Please take care. All my love, your fan forever ~ Shevawn Milburn


 Hi, Dan,   I wonder if the good Lord picked you to be his voice to help our men to wake up and get their check ups. You have been such a God-send to us with your music and inspiration, it seems some how in line with His reason to have you lead us in this protection-healing. I lost my wonderful  Dad to this illness, a healthy, vivacious, non-drinking-anything kind of guy to prostate cancer.  So I know it must be recognized as soon as possible. Thanks to you I sent your message to my brother, who also is a fan of yours, and maybe from you, he'll check it out. Our prayers are with you and your family, God bless ~ Nancy McAlpin


 Dan, God bless you and your family.  Your music has been with me for many years. I pray for your recovery.


 Dear Dan and Jean, I have only recently learned of what you both are going through and I pray for you. Dan, I used to lie in bed and listen to "Stars" and "To the Morning" and wonder how someone could write such great songs. I have always been in awe of your songwriting.  I am encouraged at the news that your cancer has been slowed dramatically. In the words of William Shakespeare "Heaven give you many, many merry days!" I will continue to think about you and I wish you both all the best. Love ~ Donna


 Hello Dan, Last year I had a "scare" in regard to an "abnormality" on my prostate. I was treated to a biopsy (negative) and six months later I was told the bump was gone! Praise God! Thank you for your wonderful music and your fighting spirit. You remind me and my wife of your father... yes we knew him well. He attended our wedding 31 years ago as he was a "second father"  to my wife since she lost her dad at a young age. My wife Bonnie (Carson) and her twin brother learned alot from your dad and we still think of him often. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and Bonnie & I will be praying for a victory for you! God Bless ~ Pastor Gordon D. Lofton, E. Peoria, IL


 Dear Dan,  I must join the outpouring of well wishes on this site from just today. I'm another long-time fan who grew up listening to your albums in the 70's, and read about your cancer in today's Parade.  I've had the good fortune to live in Colorado and enjoyed seeing you several times at Red Rocks, and more recently at the Boulder Theater.  I lost track of your recorded music for a while but recently found The Wild Places, River of Souls, and Full Circle at my local CD shop, and am deeply moved by all of them.  I hope you continue to do well.  Sending healing wishes your way  ~ Bev, Louisville, CO.


 Dear Dan - My husband also named Dan has advanced prostate cancer and had it prior to age 50.  You are definitely not alone in this fight. I have very strong thoughts on prevention though.  Testing should be  done much earlier than age 50 for all men.  Not all men know if their fathers had prostate cancer not even their fathers.  If an aggressive cancer is present at a younger age, it can be too late for curing if not tested earlier.  Why not do earlier testing for everyone to save  lives.  50 is too late for many men.  No wonder the experts do not know whether PSA's are saving lives, one reason they wait too late to be  tested.  All men should be tested probably in their 30's and then maybe checked periodically along with the DRE until age 45 and then every year after that. I must also say that urologists rather than family practice physicians might be better at checking the prostate.   Maybe you can influence many men to make the decision to be checked earlier regardless of whether the insurance will pay for it or they can just say it runs in the family.  My very best to you. ~ Pamela Blue


 To my idol of the 70's from a big (old) fan, Your music has always been so beautiful, full of life and heart and messages which touch the soul.  So sad to hear of your bout with cancer, but it sounds like you are doing well and bearing it with strength and knowledge that you can rebound even stronger than before. You were such a tremendous comfort and soother and entertainer in my life 30 or so years ago, and I wish you all the joys you gave to me as I listened to your fabulous songs (albums) and sang along, over and over again.  I will be praying and wishing for your optimum health and strength and whatever you so desire.  You are an amazing man and talent and I wish you and yours all the best.  I would love to hear you sing live again (as I did in the past).  What an awesome experience that would be.  You are in our thoughts and prayers and we LOVE you, Mr. Fogelberg!!!! ~ gail goldman, aliso viejo california


 Dear Dan and Jean, So happy to hear about your progress in fighting cancer. I know you and Jean have really been through a terrible battle, one that continues today. Your music, Dan, has lifted me many times to places I never knew existed. Many of those times were at Red Rocks. May the love and prayers of people who have received so much from you over the years, help to keep you both uplifted and walking on the path to healing. Thank you for being who you are ~ Martha Ulmer


 I only just found out that you have prostate cancer.  You see I spent the last year with my husband going to chemo and fighting prostate cancer.   Unfortunately, my husband lost his battle with cancer on July 31st of this year.  I pray that your outcome is much better.  My husband was diagnosed in November of 1999 and had a radical prostectomy the same year.   He had radiation in 2001 and we thought we had won for awhile.  In February of 2004 it came back with a vengeance and the rest is history. You and your family are in my thoughts and my prayers. Sincerely ~ Norma Carter


 My husband died from prostate cancer 6 months ago. I am happy for you and hope things continue to go well. ~ Katie Register, Miramar Beach Fl  


 I too graduated from Woodruff (77). My mom, Mary, had your Dad for band, and spoke very highly of him. Since my mom has passed away, "The Leader of the Band" has a very special place in my heart. It still brings tears to my eyes. Coincidently, I waited on your Dad at the drugstore that I worked at in Bartonville. He was very nice, quiet, and patient. I have passed your music, along with this story, down to my own children. I hope your good health continues and may God bless you and your family always. Should you ever choose to perform again, I hope that I have the opportunity to see you. ~ Cynthia Murray


 As a long time fan, my prayers and best hopes go with you. I miss the music. Come back soon.


 Dan, I have been a loyal fan of yours since my freshman year at college...a friend in the dorm introduced me to your music one evening and I was hooked on your lyrics ever since. Well, after browsing through Parade magazine tonight, I saw the article about you having cancer...needless to say, I was shocked and searched out your website to see if I could at least send you an encouraging note. You see, I am a cancer survivor myself and this weekend is very special to me, because it will mark 14 years since my last cancer treatment.  Only another cancer survivor can understand what that means and I hope we can share that as a common bond someday.  I remember the words from the surgeon as if it was yesterday...the diagnosis, prognosis...and then the endless tests and treatments.  I was also told that I would not likely be able to have children...well two years later, Alexandra Rose was born and is now a healthy, beautiful 11 year old girl.


Well, am sure you are thinking...gee, that's a nice story, but that is not why I am see...I never really dealt with what happened to me. I was a young, driven Air Force officer, still thinking he was bullet proof. I showed up at work probably sooner than I should have and even volunteered for Desert Storm duty as soon as my oncologist cleared me   Well, without going into a 10 page email...I went on my way and never looked back. I treated it as a head cold...hearing people feeling sorry for me was just not something I wanted to hear. A few years later as an executive officer at a major command, I met a really great guy named "Buddy". He was the kind of guy that would give you the shirt off his back...until one day, his supervisor came into my office and told me that Buddy's wife had called very concerned about him and that he was just diagnosed with what would likely be terminal cancer.  I guess after getting to know Buddy and how he brought so much joy into the office just by being there caused me to think about how I was so lucky to be alive and now a colleague was facing an even more serious diagnosis. Well long story short...not only did I face my cancer finally and admit that I really was sick and almost died...but I promised Buddy to walk with him throughout his long road of treatments.  Well, Buddy turned out to be a candidate for experimental treatments that have now become routine. He is alive today and has happily retired from a second career. As for me...I kept that promise to walk him through the surgeries, tests and treatments...told him how I dealt with the constant sickness from the treatments to handling the constant fatigue associated with the treatments. At my going away luncheon...Buddy sat at the head table with me and amongst the speeches and joke gifts...he stood up and told the story of our journey together in the last two years..something I only shared with a few of my coworkers.  Needless to say, his words touched everyone, especially me...because it was at that point...almost 7 years after my last treatment...I had truly healed all the scars from cancer. I recently retired from the Air Force in January of this year...and just a few weeks ago returned from a deployment to Iraq as a consultant...holding my child when I returned reminded me how lucky I was to be home safe and just how precious every life is. So be strong Dan...face this head on, which is what it sounds like you have been doing according to your website, and let yourself be touched by people that care to heal the emotional as well as physical scars you have right now...besides...It has been far too long since I have seen you in concert and I want to be in the front row to cheer you in your return. Your music has been an inspiration for me in almost every facet of my life...even inspired me to pick up the guitar to be able to play for my little one.  So with that a way of saying thank you for the lyrics and music that marks so many personal moments in my life...heal quickly...never take for granted what you are going through..and know that you are not alone in the fight. Warmest regards and my prayers for you....~ Frank


 Dear Dan, I don't think you will remember me, but I wanted to say how sorry I was to hear about your cancer. I went to high school at Pekin Community High School, and was very fortunate to have your dad as my band director. When I was a Freshman in High school, I was so small that your dad couldn't find a uniform that would fit me, so he brought an old blue suit that was yours, so that I would have something to wear that was close to the color of the band uniforms until such time that he could get me a regular uniform ordered. I am very thankful that I was able to have your dad as my band director, and often think of him and the opportunities that he has given me. I am still very active as a french horn player in the greater Peoria area. I just wanted to let you know that I have been praying for you and will continue to do so. Take care and I hope you continue to improve. Sincerely Yours ~ Larry Gottman


 Dear Dan, As a 30 plus year listener of the most heartfelt music ever written I can only say thank you from the many souls that I know you have helped understand some of life's more difficult moments.My deepest thoughts of recovery are with you always. ~ Baxter Cromer


 I also am fighting Prostate Cancer. The Head of Oncology and Urology has told me that I am not now nor will never be a candidate for surgery. I was diagnosed on Dec 8th 2003. I am  now 52 years old. Anyway I was curious as to how your Cancer was found and what your PSA was. Mine was a "59" first and then a week later it was 61.5. After that it was a biopsy and all kinds of scans and tests. Every 90 days I am given a Zolodex injection. I have completed 8 weeks of radiation and my last form of defense according to the doctors is chemotherapy.  I have no intention of giving up the doctors gave me 6 years I aim to prove them wrong.  I have always loved your music. Saw a bit about you in the Personality Parade today. Thanks for your time good luck and may God bless and keep you always. ~ William D. Timmons


 Dan, our whole family will have you in our prayers from now on.  We have loved your music for over 20 years.   ~ Gene and Mary Lue Thomas


 Dear Dan, I am not sure where to start.  I want to say something, anything that is meaningful enough that you will hear me, but I'm not sure I have it in me? You see, I too have advanced stage PC.  I am 42 and was diagnosed in February of this year.  I guess if I were to say one thing that I hope you and others might here it is we have to be louder.  We have to get the word out, we have to make a difference. 


My wife and I decided almost immediately that we would do everything we could to make a difference by raising money for the PCF and by educating others.  Our works can be witnessed at our website  I encourage you to visit and I encourage you and others to keep making noise and raising awareness for the cause.  Most people are shocked to learn that among other things, a man has a 33% greater chance of getting PC than a women does breast cancer.  From what one reads in the press, you would never know. I will pray for you and your family and will continue to be a fan for as many years as I blessed with on this earth. ~ David Emerson


 Dan, It looks as if many of us found out about your illness for the first time today in the Parade magazine.  I too have been reminded of how much your music has touched me during the past 30 years.  I began listening to you in college and heard you for the first time at a ski lodge in Wolf Creek, Colorado.  I've been listening to you ever since.  Thank you for sharing your gift and talent with us, your fans, for all these years.  My wish for you is continued remission and days filled with joy and love. ~  Melanie, Okie in Texas 


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, Please know that I am praying that your cancer stays under control for a long time. As I am writing, I am watching my wife die from metastasized colon cancer. Hospice indicates that she will pass on within the week. I know the pain you and your family are experiencing, and I am anticipating the emptiness that I will be experiencing in my life. At present she is feeling no pain due to medication and that gives me a great deal of comfort. Please take care of yourself as your great music has given many people much pleasure over the years. I hope to hear more of Dan Fogelberg's music career once again. By the way, I used to be an instrumental music teacher in Peoria from 1967-1970 and I knew your dad well. That's why your song, "The Leader Of The Band" is my all time favorite song. What a tribute to your dad. Sincerely ~ Fred Cherny


 Dan, for many years your songs have kept me centered as I drove through the Midwest for my job.  Now you are facing a courageous battle with cancer and I want to give back to you & Jean.  I pray for your recovery and the strength to battle this hideous disease!!!  For Jean,  what a blessing for you to have her in this time of need and treatment.


You will never know how much the depth of your music touches the simplest souls.  God has a plan for all of us.....I did get my DRE & PSA test... my father is a prostate cancer survivor for over ten years... so keep the faith.  I have been present at every concert you have performed in Columbus Ohio for the last ten years....  it is my "part of the plan" to see you sing for many more years to come....


My brother Robb is a leading scientist in the field of genetics and cancer research.  Robb introduced me to your music 30 years ago.  He heads the largest private research foundation in the USA.  He loves your music and would love to help you if you ever want information from a second source.  I know you have a hectic schedule but log onto the website and see how God worked in a man's life who is making a difference today!! Once again  GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!! ~ Doug Krumlauf, MT VERNON, OHIO


 Hi Dan, Your big hits in the 70's and 80''s were during the time I was just getting into music as a teenager. I must have played your Phoenix LP so much I wore the needle out. Just plain awesome! Thank you so much for all your wonderful music! I still enjoy it just as much today as I did then. Get well soon and God speed! ~ SG, Glenview, IL


 I am very happy for Dan and his family and friends.  The hope in his situation will give my Dad and I similar hope.  Until this past February Dan remained a fond high school memory.  "The Leader of the Band" became my pound-the-steering wheel, try to see through my tears as I drive down the road anthem this summer as we grappled with my Dad's diagnosis of advanced prostate cancer (Gleason score 10, PSA 32) I must plead ignorance to knowing that prostate cancer was what Dan was dealing with until reading the L.A. Times this morning.   My Dad is heavily in the throes of hormone therapy and will have his second chemo infusion next week.  We'll know around the new year what's next. Thanks, Dan, for putting your story out there and educating everyone, especially men.  The Prostate Cancer Foundation is an astounding organization and their website is incredibly helpful for anyone dealing with this. I wish you good health for many years to come ~ Jennifer Bogda Lomeli


 Dear Dan,  I remember working at a record store when your first album was released. I purchased it immediately and attended your concerts every chance I had. Your words always rang true to my heart and left me breathless. I too, am going through prostate cancer – only as soldier for my husband. It takes great courage and understanding to deal with every emotion as well as the physical challenges! My husband will be well – as you will too! Please make music when the time is right...~ Linda


 Aloha Sir , I like thousands of others wish you the best and many , many years of health. You have touched my heart from day one with your words, music and concerts , Santa Monica Civic - 75 - Maui and the rest of Hawaii sends tons of prayers and Kokua for you and family - Thanks for all your Pono !!! A Hui Hou ~ Mark


 Dear Dan and Jean, Your music and lyrics have brought so much joy throughout my life.  I've been a fan of your music for over 20 years.  Thank you so much for sharing your talents with the world. I too am a 6 year survivor of cancer.  This message is to encourage you to continue to be positive throughout the treatment and beyond.  I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Sincerely ~ Pat Matysek, Charleston, SC


 Dear Dan,  Your music comes from your heart and  soul.  Thank you for sharing each word and thought with us.   I have listened to you since the 70's as I am a year younger than you. I hope you get better enough to tour soon and make Houston a stop on your  2005-2006 tour.  I do not go to a lot of concerts because the huge crowds overwhelm me.  People in Mass become way too aggressive. Thank you for listening and Bless you. Keep your strength and faith. ~ Jan


 Dan, I am 56 years old and your music has enriched my life.  My prayers are with you and your family.~ jerry


 Hello- I'm a 70+ great grandmother, and have enjoyed your music since you started. Just know that God walks with us and Holds our hands through  the darkness into the light. Are you the same Fogelberg kid who used to  live on Avon Circle in West Peoria ILL back in the 50's? There was a backyard  band we used to listen to from our backyard and my daughters used to climb  our on the "flat top" roof of our house to see this band play. My  daughters took me to a concert when you played at the Bronco Bowl in Dallas about 7 years ago. We sure enjoyed the concert. Even the Bronco Bowl is gone,  Dan Fogelberg is still around. God Bless. ~ GG Saye, Arlington TX


 Dear Dan,  Sharing your illness with the thousands of people who access your website is a truly wonderful and unselfish gesture.  Every man needs to know and understand the importance of a PSA blood test and a DRE.  I'm 56 years old and go to a urologist twice a year for an exam because my father has had prostate cancer for 11 years.  Studies show that  it does run in families.  I wish you good health and may you live to be a hundred and twenty.  ~ Howard 


 Dear, Dan .I have been a fan for many years and this spring I was diagnosed with apc at 54. I will pray for you and we shall fight this fight together though apart with prayer, strength and resolve. I sincerely wish God bless you and yours and guarantee you miracles do happen. ~ David


 Dan, I have loved your music for many years, especially during college while attending CSU in Fort Collins, Colorado and UNC in Greeley, Colorado. I am 47 years old and a native of Colorado, a wife, and mother of two boys, age 15 and 12.


I just read today about your prostate cancer diagnosis and had not known about it until now. My husband Steve is 48 years old and was diagnosed with prostate cancer Nov 1 2004 at the age of 47. You said it perfectly when you said that you are just now starting to catch your breath again. It has been just over a year for Steve's diagnosis, undergoing a prostatectomy on Feb. 1 - actually he had 'robotic surgery', a very high-tech, non-invasive surgery which shows promising outcomes for nerve-sparing. Steve's PSA was only a 2.6, his Gleason was a 6, and the cancer was confined to the prostate. I'm convinced that no one really understands the realities/fears of this disease until they are faced with it. My father was diagnosed at age 67 with advanced prostate cancer, with a PSA somewhere in the 80's and a Gleason score of 8. He will celebrate his 75th birthday in January and he has done remarkably well! He underwent seed implants, beam radiation, and is currently undergoing hormone therapy. Our hearts, our prayers go out to you and to Jean. We know that there is great hope for you. We will keep you in our prayers. Take Care ~ Susan Dille'


 Dan, My Daddy is a survivor of prostate cancer and you shall overcome also!! ;-)   " Longer" has always been Daddy's song to me, his " Baby Girl! "  I was eleven the very first time I heard it and it forever remains with me!! Graciously, Love and Light ~ Robin Lorraine Neil


 Dear Dan, I wish you a speedy recovery.  As I sit here in Shawnee, Kansas, I wish for the very best.  My wife and I enjoyed your music, lyrics and the performance you did in Kansas City Starlight Outdoor Theatre two or three years ago. Every time I listen to your music I think of Colorado and the great outdoors.  The stories you tell and the way it comes together, I look forward to your next album. Wishing you the best. God Speed. ~ Steve B.


 Dear Dan,  In light of the tremendous joy your gift of music has brought to my life, it is only fitting that I now return the favor with prayers and words of encouragement!  We both know that in whatever good is to be attained, struggle is necessary. I was taught never to fear temptations or struggles, but to rejoice in them, for they lead to achievement.  I won't embarrass either of us by saying how long I've been a fan (she grins), but in lyric and melody, you spoke my guts when I was rendered incapable of expressing any emotion.  Through those struggles I was gifted with true empathy and compassion.  I have no doubt that this new road will bring about an even richer vein in the legacy of Dan Fogelberg.  May you and your wife continue to recognize the many blessings in your life.  You remain in my prayers .. Peace and all Good ~ Paula - Taos, Missouri


 Dear Dan,  I have been your devoted fan since I was a senior in high school (I am now nearing 48).  I learned about your illness a while back, and I have thought about you and prayed for you often.  My family was touched by cancer several years ago when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.  It's an experience that no one wishes on anyone, yet it was probably the single most life-altering experience of my life.  I believe that God has a reason for everything in life, and I had to find something positive in the experience in order to be able to deal with it.  The positive side of mom's cancer was that she found out just how many people REALLY loved her, and it allowed us the chance to SHOW her how much we truly loved her.  And so, today I wanted (and needed) to let you know just how much YOU are loved.  You have spent a very significant amount of time "with" me throughout my life, and I want to thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts with all of us.  You are and always will be my VERY favorite performer.  I am very happy that your cancer is responding well to your treatments,  and I will continue to keep you in my prayers.  It's my turn to give something back to you.  With all my love and prayers, Dina Schweizer -- Canton, OH


 Dear Dan, I just opened my Sunday Parade Magazine and was shocked to read about your prostate cancer. I have been a huge fan since my days at Boston University. Now that I am a 47 year old mother of two boys, it is important that they know the finer music in life, yours. Living in Norfolk, VA, we attended your concert here a few years ago. I smile when I hear my 14 year old working out" Leader of the Band" on the piano! My older brother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 18 months ago. At stage 3 we did not expect him to be here today. He is, thank God, still in remission. I drive home from his house, listening to your music, to lift my spirits. Only good wishes for remission, freedom from pain and peace of mind. Kind regards ~ Cyndi Tessler


 Dear Dan, I pray God heals you and keeps you strong through your cancer recovery.  You are an amazing artist and one we hope remains faithful to yourself, strong and positive. Keep believing. All the best blessings ~ Jan


 Dear Dan : Hoping all great things pass through to you and your family. I've been a working musician  in Kona, HI for many years and still with great frequency, my fans request that I play your songs for them, and Oh how I enjoy singing them. I'll wager that a new song or two will arise from you as a result of your ordeal. I  can only hope! I've been battling Kidney Cancer for a while now (Cheryl and I call it "The Nuisance"), and can only pass on these words to you in hopes they make a difference. In an odd way it was the best and worst experience of my life.  I'm not a very religious man by nature, but can say without doubt that my healing progress has been directly related to the love and support I've received from my family and friends.  It's changed my life in many ways. I hope the same for you and your family. Aloha Nui Loa ~ Phil Mancuso  Kona, HI


 Dear Dan, I am 49 and just wanted to say that I have enjoyed your music since I was in high school.  You are so talented and an inspiration to us all. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.  I hope this finds you feeling better as each day passes. Thank you for touching my heart as well as so many others with your beautiful song writing and music. ~ Kathy Zachmann, Long Island, New York


 Dan. You've been my favorite singer/songwriter since the seventies. I love your lyrical poetry and your music is just the icing on the cake. Your music still means a lot to me. I got to see you in concert in Portland Oregon in the mid eighties and that remains my favorite concert experience. My best wishes for your complete recovery. ~ Jeff Johnson


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, sending my positive thoughts to you again. Hoping your gaining strength and power each day.  So many many hearts are concerned and care so deeply about you. I imagine you can feel renewed  in your fight.  Sending God's Love ~ Debbie


 Dear Dan, I have been a fan of your music for many years, and have seen you perform at Blossom Music Center many times. I was so saddened to hear about  your fight with cancer.  But I am glad that you are doing so well!  Our now ten year old daughter Kathryn is in  recovery from having a medullablastoma (cancerous brain tumor) removed when she  was six years old. She had a year of chemo and also had radiation treatment. She has inspired many people. Especially to never give up, and to always keep trying.  She has re-learned to eat, speak, and  to walk again, when many said she would not.  Kathryn was gifted in art, and for a  long time she wouldn't do anything artistic after her surgery, because she couldn't do it as  well.   With a lot of encouragement she is creating again. Creative people need that  outlet. It helps us to heal.  So please, keep writing your wonderful music.  For  you.  You and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers! ! Sincerely ~ Lori


 I am 44 years old and have been a fan of DF since I was 13 years old.  The music got me through many a love, breakup, and more.  I was shocked to hear about your illness.  I wish you health and courage.  Your inspirational lyrics should put you in good stead to weather the storm.  Just know that you are in so many people's thoughts.  Thanks for the this day I can probably sing every single song from the early years.My best ~ Alison Hagen

 Hi Dan,  I grew up in Macomb, IL. and have been a huge fan since first hearing "Illinois" and "A Place in the World for a Gambler" around a campfire at a YCC camp in the Shawnee Forest. I was 19 then and now 48.You have always been my favorite musician and songwriter. There has always been a bond for me between your music and my love for nature. I lived in Montana for seven years and saw your show in Missoula. I've since moved to Raleigh and saw your show in ' 92. I particularly respect  how you guarded your privacy and didn't commercialize your music.I want to wish  you well and I'll be praying for you. Take care ~ Mike  Watson


 Dear Dan,   Today I was shocked to read about your illness in the paper.  I immediately went to your website and was relieved to hear you are doing better.  I've never written to someone I personally don't know, but your music has touched my life in so many ways.  I can't tell you how often I have listened to Nether Lands, first the LP , now the CD.  I have seen you in concert twice.  Your music and lyrics are just so beautiful.  In the photos, you and your wife seem so happy.  How wonderful the two of you found each other to share your lives.I send you my heartfelt prayers.  Please be well and know how much happiness your music has brought to so many people. Sincerely ~ Doreen Bernasky


 Dear Dan and Jean, My father in law has had prostate cancer for 14 years and is still going strong.  There are many advances being made in treating it.  The University of Washington in Seattle has been taking care of him and their staff is on the cutting edge of prostate cancer treatment. May God bless you and keep you through this trying time.  I have loved Dan's music all of my life and consider it a gift that you have shared with all of us.   Love and Prayers ~ Gayle Parker - Boise, Idaho


 Dear Dan, I just read about your fight against prostate cancer.   I just wanted to join the others and tell you how much your music has meant to me over these years.  I got all of your albums (LPs) and then, when CDs came out, I got all of them on CD, too.  Your music as touched my soul in a way that few singer/songwriters have been able to do.  Your gift has touched many people. I, too, am battling cancer right now -- advanced uterine cancer.  I've finished six months of chemotherapy, and now, it seems I have to have some more, since this first kind of chemo didn't kill everything.  So, I have to say I am scared and sad now.   Hearing of your struggle and positive spirit has given me strength today.  We are not alone in this struggle,   Along the road, life gives us challenges to overcome, and I agree with you that it can be very illuminating.  You do learn and discover things you never would have learned otherwise.  I already have felt that in these six months, and I guess I will be furthering my education as I continue the struggle. I know God is with us, and the same healing power that Jesus Christ exhibited when He was on this earth is available for us today.  I will pray for your complete healing, Dan.God bless you and Jean richly. Love ~ Martha


 Dear Dan & Jean, My thoughts are with you.  Sometimes from our greatest tragedies comes our greatest joy....May that which holds us close bring health and peace to both your hearts. Blessings Always ~ Laura


 Dear Dan: My prayer and hopes go out to both you and your wife. I know first hand what you are going through. My husband was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer 8 months ago. His has spread to his bones. His doctors said for him the only treatment is hormone therapy. Wishing you a peaceful journey ~ Dorisa Ligotti


  LOVE TO YOU ... much love my friend.  I've been one of your  biggest fans for years & years & years and learned only today of your  medical condition. Keep the faith and find comfort in knowing that people like  me, who've never even met you, care about you and are pulling for you. Hugs ~ Melanie in Alaska


 Dan, You still do it to me...with all your songs..playing them now for my son! You bring such joy to so many lives and now it's time to give back to you. Our prayers and hopes for a brighter future are with you!!! Keep the faith and don't give up. Peace and love ~ Cindy L. Slavens and Jonathan


 Hi Dan. I am so happy to hear of  your positive progress.I am an old fan and grew up just outside Cheltenham, PA. which I know you passed through once or twice. Best wishes


 Dear Dan, My husband and I have been fans for over twenty years.  You write the songs that people think were written 'just for them'. We are in awe of your talent. We were grief stricken to here about your battle against cancer. We hope and pray for you health and happiness. Best wishes for you and Jean ~ Carla and Gary


 Dan, I heard that you had advanced prostate cancer a year ago and had been trying to find out more about you for the past year.  Today, in the Parade magazine, I saw the website, learned of your improved condition and wanted to send you a note.  Before I did, however, I read a number of entries from people and realized for the first time how many people out there feel the way I do.  Your music has so deeply affected me, especially in the 70's, and every time I hear a tune, or put a tape on of your old songs, I am literally transposed to an earlier time, when my feelings were so intense and my soul was so inspired.  Regardless of whether you read this or not, I've always wanted to have a way to tell you this -  I too was born in Peoria, Illinois (in the late 50's) and attended the University of Illinois in Champaign.  It was there that I not only became an avid fan of your music, but also learned a bit about your story (a similar path).  I moved to Colorado in 1980 (thanks, in part, to you) and have been here ever since.  I've seen you in concert many times (at Illinois State, Red Rocks, Colorado Springs, etc.).  I don't have the words to describe your music's impact on me. I'm rooting for you all the way, Dan! ~ Tina Gibson, Longmont, CO


 Dear Dan, I just read about you in the Parade Magazine.  I am so sorry you had to go through all that you have thus far, but I am also thrilled the treatments are working.  I am sure the love of your family, friends, faith, and the love of your music kept you going. I grew up with your music.  When I look back at my childhood with my sisters, it is always with your songs singing in the background.  My dad died when I was twelve, and your music really helped me cope with the struggles of loosing a parent and adolescence. Your music was very inspirational during those trying times but also during those happy times. You came to play in Woodinville, WA, where I live.  Unfortunately, I was away both times when your concert was scheduled.  Please try to come back to Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery - Woodinville, WA. again.  I will make sure to be there.  It could be your be you " I'm Baccck and Feeling Great Concert!" Keep looking forward and enjoy life.  I know you will be here for a very long time, spreading your wonderful music for all generations! Stay well ~ Peg Jatekar


 Dear Dan and family, Just wanted to wish you all the very best as you continue with your treatments and the ordeal of cancer.  It is difficult for both the patient and the family, but the good thoughts and prayers will help you. Your music has brought me great joy for many years, and I thank you. Sincerely ~ Sandy Chmie


 I am one of the many fans of Dan Fogelberg's  beautiful music and poetry over the years.  I just read today of his battle with prostate cancer.  Cancer has touched the life of my family, as well,  and I know the difficulty and struggle that ensues.  I just want to say  that I send many good wishes, prayers, and healing wishes for Dan and his  family.  And, a big "thank you" for sharing your heartfelt thoughts and  ponderings with all of us who have benefited from your unique gift! Sincerely ~ Linda  Slauson


 To Dan Fogelberg: I grew up listening to your music - some of the first I ever listened to (I'm 47).  I was (and still am) a huge fan.  I had such a huge crush on you as well!!  You have always been the staple of my musical influences.  Your music inspired me to learn to play guitar and write my own words.  Your songs were some of the first I ever played!!  I loved your lyrics/writing = so special, so deep - they spoke for me.  Your music took me to my special places - I always found my solace (always in the mountains). I was so sorry to hear of your battle with cancer and I just wanted to send my prayers and thoughts for a full recovery!!  Stay strong ~ Sandy Atherholt - Waynesboro, PA


 Dear Dan, I too, first learned of your diagnosis today in the Parade magazine.  Your music has touched my heart and countless others. Your lyrics are pure poetry.  Thank you so much. I have sent your "sermon" for men to be checked for prostate cancer to my husband.  He turns 50 tomorrow.  Hopefully, he will pay attention and be checked. Prayers for your continued healing and thankfulness for what you have given to so many.  God bless you ~  Linda


 Dear Dan, I can't express how much your music has been such a part of my life. I currently am fighting breast cancer, and I was really glad that the news you have about your own battle is optimistic You are right, this will be a  battle that will continue the rest of our lives. With all the love and prayers that are said for you, from all the fans that continue to follow your life, how can you lose? I only know that your voice and lyrics are some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard and continue to listen to as I write. I pray you have a full recovery, and a full life with Jean and all the people that love you. I only  wish the best for you. ~ Pam


 I prayed for you today.  Your music touched my soul so many  times. " Run for the Roses" still makes me cry when I envision that wobbly kneed foal.  Not sadness, just the beauty of it. You look great. God bless you always.


 Dear Dan, I just read that you were diagnosed with cancer last year and I wanted to let you know how much you and your music have meant to me. I have been a fan of yours since 1976 and have seen you in concert 3 times.  I played your cassettes so much that I wore them out and could hear both sides at the same time (thank goodness for CD's).  During my wedding in 1984 I had them sing the song "Longer".  I  am still a huge fan of your music and I want to thank you for sharing your gift with the world.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.   ~ Ann Marie Shepherd, Upland, California


 Dear Dan, I've listened and enjoyed your music for a long time. I am sad to hear of your illness and I pray for your complete recovery. May God Bless you for a full recovery. ~ lloyd Mogelberg



 Dear Dan, I've been listening, singing, and  playing your songs on my guitar for over 30 years now and you still  have the power to reach down deep in my soul and make me say, "Rats!!!  Why  didn't I write that!!!!"   Seriously  though, your music has touched me in ways no other musician has and when I found  out about your battle against cancer, (just today...really late it seems), I was  so saddened that you have to face this. However, I am heartened to know  that you're making progress and will say prayers to the Great Spirit that  you will continue to heal and that remission will be the byword of the day. Many Blessings be to you and yours for health, happiness and peace ~ Lynn


 Dear Dan & Jean,    I read about your illness sometime ago and was deeply saddened to hear that cancer has struck one of my favorite musicians and artists. But I suppose none of us are immune from this or any disease. Your music and lyrics have meant much to me in my life. I know there are many, many others too, that feel this way and I know that you have heard from many of your fans. I have never been fortunate enough to actually hear you live in concert. But every time I hear one of your songs on the radio, I sing along and remember how I felt the first time I heard that particular song. I hope that one day you will return to the stage so that perhaps I will be in the right place at the right time to hear your beautiful voice and lyrics. I pray that you and Jean survive this disease and live long and healthy lives. You are in my thoughts and prayers Dan. God bless you!  Fondly, a fan ~ Marla Jean Bretches


 Dear Dan, My name is Spencer Shiffman. I am a 3-Time Cancer Survivor over the period of my adult life, starting at age 24 with the diagnosis of Testicular Cancer in 1986, again in 1989 at 28 years old, and Peritoneal Mesothelioma (Cancer of the Bowel) in 1994 at 33 years old.  I have endured 5 major surgeries of which the last 2 in 1998, 2001 respectively should have left me dead!  In late 2002, I made a miraculous comeback and since, I have dedicated my life to not only curing cancer especially in children, but bringing the awareness of the devastation cancer brings to a person and his/her family.


Musically, I'm a prodigy of the 70's and early 80's.  I saw you at the Universal Amphitheatre in an acoustic setting and was moved deeply ever since.  I find myself playing Nether Lands over and over in my car while driving.  "Longer" was the wedding song for one of my high school friends back in the early 80's.


I was sorry to hear of your diagnosis and battle with Prostate Cancer.  However, hearing that your treatments are working and you are thriving makes me feel much better. I speak to local high schools about the effects of smoking, steroids and other forms of abuse kids are "high" on these days.  I travel the country for City of Hope as a Patient/Speaker.  I host my own Spencer Shiffman Annual Golf Tournament in Los Angeles annually for pediatric cancer research.  In 4 events, I have personally raised over $500,000.  In addition, I have motivated losing football teams to victory and at this point have a 3-0 record for doing such.


Without knowing your diagnosis, I had been planning on promoting a 70's Rock Concert for Cancer Research, and you were high on my list. Although I am considered "disabled" for life, I manage to make a difference daily in my speaking and through my website. I would sincerely appreciate hearing the continuance of your good fortune.  I also would like you to think seriously about coming back.  There's a strong need for your music as this Rap community continually ruins the statement of what great music truly is. Additionally, I have spoken for the American Cancer Society, Leukemia/Lymphoma Society and other smaller cancer organizations.  I feel we are making great strides in Breast, Prostate and Lung Cancer, and I feel compelled to continue inspiring other cancer patients to believe they too can beat this dreaded disease. My thoughts continue for your good health. Sincerely ~ Spencer Shiffman, 3-Time Cancer Survivor,


 I am glad to hear that Dan is doing so well.  Obviously, he will need to be routinely evaluated to keep his cancer in control.  I have had metastastic kidney cancer for over 3 years, and have made tremendous progress under the supervision of Dr. Robert Amato who is now with the Methodist Hospital in Houston.  He also treats prostate cancer, and if Dan has any problems that cannot be fixed, he can get a second opinion from Dr. Amato. Having a spiritual attitude toward life certainly helps. ~ Bill Kuester


 Dear Dan, Your poetry and music have been in my heart since the late 70's and will be for all my life. Your music has been playing here at home and in my car for the last several weeks when I gave myself a treat and purchased the "3Pak" of Captured Angel, Souvenirs, and Nether Lands. I took the cd's to work yesterday and have had only positive remarks and inquiries from those who know of you and those who weren't familiar. Some of my most special memories are tied to your music so I want to thank you and wish you well. I learned of your illness today in the Sunday Parade and will keep you in my heart and prayers. All the best to you and your family. Sincerely ~ Marilyn in Oklahoma City.


 Dear Dan, As a college freshman in Champaign, Illinois, circa 1977, "Souvenirs" was played every day.  Your music and lyrics helped to define my college experience, and consequently, my life.  If there is one person out there, who brings back my youth, and defines that rollercoaster ride of early adulthood, for me, it is you.  I thank you for sharing your talents with so many of us, the profound effects of your music upon my life are impossible to quantify, but I'm trying!   I remember you closing a concert in St. Louis in the early 80's with "Along the Road". Not your most well known song, or the most popular with a majority of the crowd.  Yet, at that moment, sitting way up in the "nose-bleed section", I knew that you were singing to me.  I'll never forget that moment - how the power of song can completely lift up one's soul, and take it to another level. 


I just read of your diagnosis and was so comforted by your website.  Thank you for reaching out to your many fans during what has to be an incredibly challenging time.   I wish you love, courage and strength in your battle. Be a warrior, and fight with everything in your being.  Cancer can be such an insidious opponent, but faith, courage and your own words, from your aptly named "Phoenix" will serve you well.  "Cursing the quest, courting disaster, measureless nights forebode.  Moments of rest, glimpses of laughter are treasured along the road.  Joy in the start, fear in the journey, joy in the coming home.  A part of the heart is lost in the learning, somewhere along the road." Godspeed Dan, you will be in my thoughts and prayers, just as a part of you will forever be in my heart. ~ Robyn Christopher


 Dear Dan, My heartfelt prayers are with you. I just today learned of your challenges with prostate cancer. As you state in your letter on your website, your music has moved me for many years. I've seen you live numerous times - and was extremely fortunate to have seen you at the Paulo Soleri in Santa Fe as you were just returning from your  time off following your sailing accident. You were mesmerizing - I've never seen such joy in performing, as you returned to what you loved doing. It was the most moving and intimate concert I ever attended, and I felt I had received a really personal gift from you that night. Please stay strong and keep fighting - we want you around for many years to come. Prayers, too, to Jean as she fights the good fight with you. Blessings ~ Diane Grover



May the trail rise up to meet you

May your heart rejoice in song

May the skies be fair above you

As you journey ever on


Your music has been so inspiring and healing. Peace, Love, and Clarity ~ Donna, Spring, Texas


 I have been listening to your music since the age 14. (reversed now 41) Never knew a web page existed. I never had the opportunity to see you in concert. I almost had the chance about 5yrs ago, and the practical side took over not to be spontaneous. How I wish I went with my gut and heard you play live! I'm a nurse. Treated many and have close personal friends that were "cured" with their prostate Ca.  I'm sure you are getting the best treatment available.  A cure is an actual goal. A selfish request for me. I  hope you do perform again and I don't miss out on the opportunity this time. Until then, I will continue to listen to your music on my turntable (yes ,old albums) and now say a little pray for you and all your family that love you. Sincerely ~ Llisa


 Hi Dan: I have been a fan of yours for many, many years. "Leader of the Band" still brings a tear to my eye as I recall fond memories of my father every time I hear it. I was diagnosed with Advanced Prostate Cancer at the age of 51. I had a Radical Prostectomy in December '01. Unfortunately, the cancer spread to my lymph glands. I began an experimental study at the University of Chicago in April '02 that consisted of Chemotherapy for  3 months and  Testosterone Ablation therapy for about one and a half years. For the last year and a half I have been cancer free. I hope you are experiencing similar success. Best Wishes ~ Steve Mitchell


 I was thrilled find Dan Fogelberg mentioned in Parade magazine and saddened by the news of his cancer. I'm way overdue in relating this, but -  is better late than never... In 1985, I completed my Ph.D. thesis in chemistry - and I'd like him to know that he's the subject of the closing  paragraph of the acknowledgements..."One other person deserves thanks  for keeping me sane over the past few years.  Although I've never met him in person, he seems to know my soul. Thank you for your music Dan  Fogelberg."


More recently, I've spent a lot of the last few months again finding great solace in Dan's music.  To make a long story short, I was  "downsized" and, instinctively, I went back to the music in which I've always found a vibrant peace. I've now landed a new position, but will have to be  separated from my family for a time.  Needless to say, there'll be a lot  more Fogelberg music in my life.   Optimistic, reflecting inwardly,  looking forward - there are so many reasons why I'm drawn to the music. Dan, I want you know that your have repeatedly reached me over the years.   I'd like you to know how grateful I am for your music... and wish  you well. ~ Steve MacLeod, Portage, MI


 Dear Dan:Your music shaped my life in the 70’s and I still listen to “Twin Sons of Different Mothers” The intro to that first song is so breathtaking! I was sorry to read of your recent illness with but will set aside time each day to pray for a complete healing! Isaiah 53: 5-“But He was pierced for our transgressions, He was crushed for out inequities, the punishment that brought us peace was upon Him, and by His wounds we are healed” God Bless Dan and Jean Fogelberg. Sincerely ~ Jeff Sheaffer


 Dan and Jean, I too, like many was not aware of your illness (but wondered why I had not seen or heard  of your concerts being anywhere anymore). I at first was overwhelmed with grief for you...until I saw your website and saw what progress you are making! My prayers are with you...your songs brought me through some tough relationship breakups.Thank you for that. Every time I hear your songs on the radio now, I get to think back on the way they helped me heal, and I will also say a prayer for you to do the same.~ Gail Cook, Springfield, Oregon


 I have enjoyed your music immensely over the  years.  I am 56 and in May 2004 I also received a diagnosis of advanced  prostate cancer.  I have undergone extensive treatment, radioactive seed  implants and external radiation in addition to hormone therapy (still receiving that).  My doctors are very encouraged and feel that they have taken care of the problem.  I guess time will tell! Good luck with your  treatment. Best Wishes ~ Bill


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg.  I just read of your fight against cancer in the Parade section of the Toledo Blade and wanted to add my wishes for a complete recovery to the hordes of others who have listened to and enjoyed your music over the years.  My particular concern is that you were stricken with the same type of cancer that cost us my father-in-law several years ago.  Since then science has discovered a whole new field, that of glyconutrients, that might have benefited him as it is helping to ease things for many of those currently under-going treatment for cancer (as well as other diseases and afflictions), by working in concert with the medications and treatments prescribed by their doctors. I am writing to you both as a fan and as a person who is interested in helping to ease suffering in those around by passing on helpful information that I have gathered along the way.  Many people adopt a glyconutritional regimen alongside their medical treatments (chemo and radiation for example) with their doctor's knowledge and approval.  Wishing you continued improvement on your journey back to good health.  Sincerely ~ Audrea Brown


 Hello Dan, I just heard about your prostate cancer. I was diagnosed around this time last year. I had a routine PSA test that came back 15.5. Ironically, the test was on the 31st anniversary of the day my mother died of breast cancer. I had been having PSA tests since I was 40 (56 now) because my doctor told me there is reason to believe a link exists between mothers with breast cancer and their sons developing prostate cancer. Also, my father had it in his later years. The diagnosis was somewhat of a shock, but not a surprise - if that makes any sense. I had surgery last January to have the prostate removed because my Gleason score was a little high and the doctor thought it may be aggressive. I was very fortunate - there was no spreading and the cancer was contained well within the prostate. Now, 10 months after surgery, my life is mostly back to normal. I had one of the easiest and most successful treatments of most of the guys I've talked with about this, but it is still one of the most difficult experiences I've been through. It brought back memories of my mother and the 13 years she struggled with her cancer before dying in 1973. At the same time that it stirred up great pain in me, it also gave me some amazing growth and insight. I tell people it was the worst and best thing to happen to me. I'm so sorry for what you're having to deal with - I know how hard the very idea of having cancer is to live with. Having to go through ongoing treatments must only make that more difficult. I know you are a very strong and talented man and you will find the strength to go through this and come out a person with even more to offer the world and, most importantly, yourself. I wish you all the best. ~ John


 Hello Dan, I wish you the best---my husband also has been treated for advanced prostate cancer ( in 2003) The cancer had advanced outside of the gland but so far nowhere else.  He was on hormone therapy for 18 months and received 40 IMRT radiation treatments.  PSA is now down to  .01.  The oncologist states to us that "the cancer appears to be gone."  Best of everything to you and your  family!! ~ David and Clytis Engel, Valparaiso, IN


 I am also 54 years old and have been battling Advanced Prostate Cancer for 4 years now. I go to Houston every Tuesday (I live in Lufkin, 120 miles away) for experimental treatment at Methodist Hospital, in the Houston Medical Center. After 2 rounds of chemo, one 8 months and the other 13 months, along with another period of treatment of experimental treatment that didn't work, I am well aware of what Dan is going through.


Since I'm a big fan of his music and just found out about his cancer, I felt compelled to write this..... Keep the faith. There are a number of new drugs being tested right now that are very promising, so if one doesn't give the results you are looking for, there are others to try. I have one of the best Oncologist in the world treating me, and if he can't help me, no one can. His name is Dr. Robert Amato, and he believes in aggressive treatment, using the new drugs he is developing, along with the standard methods of treatment. The local doctors here in Lufkin gave me 3 years at the most to live and after 4 years now under Dr. Amato's care, the tumor has shrunk, my PSA is low and stable, and the outlook is good, even though I know I'll have to do this the rest of my life. I could go on and on, but I'm sure by now he has read and heard it all concerning this cancer. I'm living proof of a treatable cancer. Respectfully yours ~ Mike Reid, Lufkin, Tx


 Dan:  I've experienced a recent death of my niece Stephanie to cancer at the young age of 17. She was a full of life woman to the end. She is the reason I get check for cancer with a check-up every 6 months. It never hurts to be looked over. We change oil in are cars more often the we get checked out by a doctor!!!!  I wish you a long life because I've been a long time fan of yours. I'm turning 50 on January 1 and will always listen to your music. Your songs touch me personally and pray that more will come. Good Luck to you and your wife with your new mission in life. And Thanks for letting everyone into your personal life and your message on going to see your doctors. When detected early, treatment can be administrated, earlier the better. Good Luck Dan ~ Dan Koziol


 Hi Dan: We wish you the best in your recovery. I lost a brother to colon cancer in 1988 and it resulted in our entire family getting checked out and found my youngest brother to have a couple polyps that they removed. I have recently had the PSA test and everything was fine. I am 49 yrs young and love to hear of your lifestyle around the rocky mountains. I love snow skiing and grew up in the midwest. When I was in college, we made regular treks to Colorado and I love it there. I was the President of our college ski team in Whitewater Wisconsin. I tell people that I have gone to Colorado on nearly every type of transportation, bus, train, car, plane but not by taxi or boat! Through your music, I feel at ease writing to you as I have been a fan of yours for many years. I hope you get this e-mail, and good luck with your treatment. At least you have a beautiful back ground to be proud of with both your music and where you live. Take Care ~ Mark Miller, Brandon Fl. 


 Hello Dan, I only just learned of your diagnosis and wanted to forward my prayers and wishes for continued progress in your treatment. I, along with probably millions of others in this country and beyond, grew up with your music and lyrics during a time when so much was happening around us all. Sitting alone or with friends around, I would listen to your calming voice and absorb your words and put the world outside away for awhile. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your gifts with me over the years. As my life grew, with a husband and two beautiful children, yours was the music they listened too as well and today, when I take out your old albums and put them on the even older turntable, I will once again give thanks to my higher power for the gift of you on this earth. I know that the universe will protect and heal you and I will send some light your way. Take care old friend and have a blessed day. An old and faithful fan ~ Debbie Tucci


 Since Alan Tulving played your music for me in 9th grade, you have been a source of comfort and security.   "Nether Lands" will be played when my ashes are sprinkled over Mt Bachelor in Bend, Oregon...I know you will understand that isn't a morbid thought, just an extremely comforting one for me and my husband of 24 years. THANK YOU for your spirit and your ability to share with us and connect with us to enrich our lives.  Many concerts are memorable, but two favorites were the acoustic show in Portland Oregon Schnitzer Concert Hall when you said , if we remembered "Part of the Plan", we needed to get a sitter to attend the concert.!! And the show 4th of July in a Bend winery where my mom surprised me with front row sitting outdoor venue where I stood at the edge of the stage with my elbows on the stage in awe of you and feeling like I was back in 9th grade with a major crush on you!! Continue the good fight and continue to feel all our prayers and good wishes to you and your loved ones...KEEP WRITING-- let us hear you again!!! We need you! ~ Pamalee-----Boring, Oregon (seriously, it is my town real name)


 Dan, Saw the brief article in the Sunday Morning Parade newspaper about your diagnosis with prostate cancer. I don't know you, but what I can share with you is that I know prostate cancer well.


On June 14th of last year my Colon and Rectal Doctor detected a nodule on my prostate during a pre colon exam. He was immediately concerned and acted very quickly upon his medical suspicion to have me do blood work that day, then setting an appointment with the Urologist right away. My PSA was very normal at  1.4 but was advised by the Urologist that we needed to do a biopsy. On Monday,  June 28th of 2004 my Urologist called and delivered the devastating news, you  have cancer. The mental shock and the delivering of this news to my family was almost overwhelming. Later on that same day my immediate family, wife and only son met with the Urologist and learned that I had a very aggressive cancer ( Gleason 7 ). We were instructed that I begin taking x-rays that evening to further determine if the cancer had spread to other areas. It was all almost too much too fast especially to see my family in as much mental anguish as  I in dealing with this life threatening event. Due to the seriousness as to the  aggressiveness of the cancer we no option but operate for complete removal.On  Monday, July 19th, 2004, I had a full Radical Prostatectomy, week later the  final biopsy noted that my Gleason score moved to an 8. Through prayer and from prayers of others I am a survivor today, my 90 day follow ups have been clean with zero Gleason results. At the age of 56 I now deal with the trivial issues of ED and a little incontinence. Am rebounding well  as I have always been active and good shape. My wife Jackie has been so supportive in adapting to some of the change created by this type surgery. As I have shared my personal testimony, having a disease like cancer is like being held hostage, in many ways you are helpless, so much mental anguish.   My support from family and friends was great but my strength only came from my spiritual connection with my creator. I found that I had to be strong for my wife, my son and those who were sincerely concerned for me. Read Ecclesiastes 9: 9,10. My prayers will be with you. ~ Bob Spining, Knoxville, TN


 I read in today's Parade magazine (my source for hard news) that one of my writing inspirations, Dan Fogelberg, has been battling prostate cancer. Here's to you, Dan. May you write many more beautiful song and poems from Colorado's Rockies. Hang in there...~ Bill Silverman


 I miss hearing you - and seeing you in concert.  I hope you'll be well enough soon to get to Memphis! Prayers are with you.


 Dan, Keep that POSITVE attitude. You're going to be A-OK !!! Keep the Faith ~ Rich


 Hi Dan, I heard that you had been diagnosed with cancer last year but I didn't know it was prostate cancer until I read it in the newspaper this morning.   My wife and I had been very saddened when we heard the original news and we had wondered how you were doing.  We were very happy to learn that treatment has been successful in limiting the cancer growth.  I am a young 65 and I was diagnosed last August with Stage II prostate cancer and I will begin my active treatment in a few weeks.   (I haven't decided yet whether to go the radiation route or robotic surgery.) I hope you find the courage and desire to enjoy each and every day.  I hope you never give up the fight and you find something to laugh about each day even though cancer is no laughing matter. I try to live my life by telling myself that today is not my day to die, so I am going to go out and hike, walk, travel in my sports car, look at the flowers and experience all the beauty that can fill my senses with pleasure.  And by doing that I feel I won a big battle against cancer today.


You are one of the great singers of our times and you have thousands of fans who enjoy your music.  I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and perhaps we will see you performing your great songs again. God bless ~ Gary Hermanson, Albany, NY


 Dan, I have been a fan of yours ever since I heard "To the Morning" and that was a long time ago. It is still my favorite song of yours although I love everything you have done. Please get well soon ~ Dee


 Dear Dan, Today, in Parade Magazine, I was taken back by news of your plight. I am often checking the newspaper and concert announcements to get my yearly fix of Dan, but I am remiss in saying that I rarely go on the Web. The last time I saw you (in Westbury), you were so full of energy.  You played with your band, rocking like I've never seen you rock. You were smiling alot and the mood was electrifying. Life is so unpredictable. Since then, I have been dealing with the untimely death of my Father from lung cancer. My father, like yours, was a quiet man who surrounded himself with music. Thankfully, he instilled this appreciation into all eight of his children. "Leader of the Band" just about says it all.  When he had a heart attack in the mid-eighties, he became a health nut who always encouraged his children to eat right, exercise, take vitamins and get checkups regularly.  Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, his cancer went undetected until it had spread to his brain and liver. I imagine now that he is somewhere over the rainbow, with my Mother. I thank him for his music and I thank you for your music.  It has been cathartic.


Twenty years ago, your voice and lyrical poetry captured my heart and accompanied my emotions, ever since.  I first saw you perform live on November 20 1977. You arrived late that night to the stage at Stony Brook University, in New York.  I recall the night well.  "Freebird" was playing on the radio, as we parked our car. (This later became a ritual prior to each of your concerts!) You apologized for being late, that night, and called the University "Storybook." The crowd chanted, "STONYbrook," and you laughed.  Your voice was different then. Innocent and sweet. I kept the ticket stub and the beautiful pen and ink poster from the show. From then on, I made sure to see you at EVERY New York performance (and keep all of my ticket stubs). Carnegie Hall (April 17,1979) was most memorable. I was so proud that you were playing there. (I still have the full page announcement from the New York Times). Before you took the stage, I actually climbed on stage and placed a rose on your piano, with a note attached.  I also have a piece of paper that has the scribblings of each song you played, that evening.


In a way, I'm where I am today because of you!  My first husband won my heart back in 1988. I was having a drink in TGI Fridays and, strangely, "The Reach" was playing in the background. I looked over to see this cute guy singing.  I was shocked that he knew such an obscure song.  He was an avid Dan Fan. It turned out, that's just about all he was good for!  I believe everything, good or bad, happens for a reason. Eventually, wih his help, in a round about way, my life led me to the right guy; my husband Kerry, who blessed me with two beautiful children, Matthew and Brendan. He has since discovered your music, seen you live, and happily appreciates your talents. He can also sense my mood when your voice fills the house or car. 


Dan, your words, energy, pain, joy, insight, voice, compositions, and light have been a constant comfort to me. Thank you again, for this transcending gift of music. I am encouraged by your August letter, and can only hope that you beat this unfair disease. I am happy to hear that you have been attacking your cancer aggressively.  I only hope that your spirit remains strong and that you surround yourself with laughter.  I do believe that laughter has amazing healing powers. I'll be wishing on the moon tonight.   Believe ~ Jill McGovern


 Dear Dan, I'm from Minneapolis, MN but I graduated from CU in 1981.  I'm one of those fans who used to hang around the record stores (and Yocoms, Walrus, on the Mall, at the Boulderado,  etc.) hoping to meet you. You wrote all the love songs that moved me.  Recently I resurrected my turn table and the first records I played were, of course, yours. I'm not a star-struck kind of person-it's just that your music sang to my soul like none other.  I saw in the Pioneer Press (St. Paul, MN) newspaper today, a story about your fight with cancer and this web site so I decided to write to you to wish you well (my chance to give something back to you).  Just wanted you to know that I am working with the Prostate Cancer Foundation raising money through corporate sponsorships to help find a cure. All the best to you and Jean.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing the music within you. ~ Carey Ide


 Dear Dan & Jean: Have been a huge fan of yours for many, many years and in learning of your diagnosis and battle with PC wanted to let you know "we" have been there. My husband was diagnosed last April and had treatment, the side effects we are still dealing with today. However, we pray for your recovery and continued success in bringing wonderful music to the world. So many of your lyrics have been inspirational to me in trying times. Just know that God will bring you through it.  Depend on God. Sincerely ~ Jodi Sparks


 Dear Dan, I'm so sorry to hear of your illness, but so happy that you're doing so much better. Our family has also been touched by this horrible disease, as my dad successfully fought it 7 years ago. I wonder if you remember coming to the University of New Hampshire back in the late 1970's? You brought your friend Tim Weisberg that night. We cheered and clapped all night; the people up front told me you had tears in your eyes by the end, the love for you and your music was palpable in the auditorium that night. I hope you still feel the love and caring your fans have for you, and the prayers and wishes for your recovery we are all sending to you. Thank you for the beauty of your music; wishing you many more years of good health and happiness. ~ Sheri


 Dan: I feel like I can call you by your first name since your words have spoken to me since the first time I heard them. It was a coffee house in college (Greensboro, NC) and a student was singing "There's A Place in the World for a Gambler." The song captured me and I've been hooked ever since. You've been there through all the stages of my life, including my many moods. I feel like I've seen a glimpse of life on the coast of Maine, the solitary beauty of the Rockies and sailed on the Minstrel. You were there to sing to me when I was lonely and your music was played at my wedding. Your unique combination of poetry, heartfelt feeling and music have reached my soul as no other musician/lyricist ever has. I thank you for that. I am glad to hear that the months of treatment have slowed down your prostate cancer. I would like to join my voice with the many others who have listened to yours for decades in saying that I sincerely wish you continued success in your treatment. Of course, I selfishly hope that one day soon I will get to hear more new music from you. I will treasure it as I do all of my collection. But most of all, I hope that you will be able to fully enjoy life as you wish whether it is creating music, playing music, painting or just being with the ones you love in the places you love. My thoughts and prayers will be with you. ~ Vickie Cribb - Raleigh, NC


 Dan  - I have loved listening to your music since Home Free.  I actually have three Home Free albums.  When my husband and I were married in 1984, he couldn't understand why I had three of the same album.  Well, I played the albums so much on my parents' old record player that I actually made skips in the songs.  Therefore, I kept buying copies of the album and still have every one.  One of my favorites off the album is "To The Morning". You are in my thoughts and prayers.  Please keep us posted on your progress.  Thank you for bringing joy into our lives over the years through your music.  We  have been blessed with your talents. ~ Maria - Burlington, CT.


 I am glad to hear that you are doing better and I offer my best to you and your wife.  All too often during conversation people ask each other who their favorite singer is and you are at the top of my list consistently. Your songs remind me of my youth and I still remember when I first "discovered" your music. Thank you for your music and, again, my best to you and your wife. ~ Tim Clark, Atlanta


 Dan, My life also changed forever in August 2004. I was told my PSA was elevated --what does that mean? Not having a PSA test for 10 years, I soon found out how this has affected my life. Being told I had prostate cancer that had leaked into the lymph nodes put me in deep trouble. As you  decided to be aggressive in your treatment plan I did also. Twenty nine Tomo Radiation  Treatments and a strong hormone plan has put a stop to the spread of the cancer. I am not out of the woods but there is hope for all of us. Your efforts and the efforts of other prostate cancer patients are what's needed in educating the male population in getting a PSA test regularly. The American Cancer Society is working day and night to make cancer a chronic illness,something we will live with and not die from. Those of us with advanced prostate cancer are praying that will be our destiny. There is joy in all this difficulty---life has taken on a different vision. Each day, each song, each hug and each family member and FRIEND are so special. Keep up the good attitude and we will make it. The load is a little heavier but we are built to handle this one also. ~ Dennis O


 Dear Dan, My dad lives in the same town as you and has also had prostate cancer. I often wonder if there are environmental reasons for getting the big C. I am also a member of "the club" and am a breast cancer survivor.  Hang in there and know that there is life after the big C. The first year after treatment is the hardest.  After that it gets easier and life does return to normal.  I will celebrate my five year survival anniversary in July 2006.  I made my first napster cd last night and you are on it! Positive thoughts being sent your way.  Love ~ Kim Korsgren from Sacramento


 Dan and Jean, Here in northern Minnesota as fall begins to show signs of the approaching gray, bleak winter days, I am so very glad that I have your music to warm my soul.  God Bless and Keep you and your family. ~ Tina Meier


 Dear Dan, Sending you my prayers, thoughts, and love.  I've had a crush on you for almost 30 yrs.   You've enhanced my life, my imagination and spirit with your talent. You are so loved by your fans, more than you can imagine.   I can only wish you the best.  Stay positive and remember that the angels that surround you are singing and holding your hand.  Love to you ~ Mary Butler


 It's Maine and It's Autumn and I always play "The Reach" at this time of  year. I crank it up loud and sing along and my dogs stare at me in confusion.  I was reading something on the web this morning and saw that  you had been diagnosed with cancer.  I had no idea.  But I am so glad  that you are doing so well and my prayers and good positive thoughts are being sent to you.  After watching Lance Armstrong, I totally believe in miracles.  Good  Luck Dan. "soon the northers will bluster and blow and the woods will be whitened  with snowfall" and I will be saying a prayer for you. ~ Janice Brown, Rockland,ME


 Hi Dan: I had prostate cancer also, detected a year before I finally decided to go thru with the biopsy and rectal exam. What a mistake, like you said, only If I decided to do it the year before when the psa was a 6. When I finally decided to do something it was at 12psa. Then I needed an operation, radiation, and finally hormone therapy. I am at 0.2 now, still need more lupron shots. Didn't need chemo, but the radiation did a number. Also I needed a hernia operation, due to the first operation. I am getting this tomorrow. Hopefully this will be the last .I have problems with leaking etc. People with this condition reach out so they don't feel like they are the only ones with this happening. I just read an article about you in the Parade magazine. I hope you have a wonderful life ahead, keep up your spirits. ~ Paul Lore


 Dan - I have been a fan of yours for years and was very unnerved to hear of your illness just recently.  It really struck home because my husband has recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Fortunately we have a wonderful cancer institute in Buffalo and he going there for treatment.  We are also fortunate in the fact that his was caught at an early stage. Please know that you are not alone in this battle and don't give up.  I feel very strongly that prayer works so please know that I will keep you in my mine. ~ Sarah Domster


 Dear Dan, I loved you since Home Free and always will.  I finally saw you live in Atlantic City in '03 for your last album and have been grateful for that since.  Please get better soon.  Love lots, laugh lots, keep on keeping on w/your tunes.  You've got a great life and I love you.  Hope every day is a good day and you're feeling better. My best always ~ kt


 Dan:  The news of your prostate cancer and your willingness to share your experience is overwhelming to me.  As a fan for over twenty five years, a practicing urologist for 16 years, and a member of a family with a strong history of prostate cancer (father died of Grade 10 PCa), I appreciate your efforts to make the public aware of how easy the screening the process is.  Very simple: PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen)  AND (not OR) DRE (Digital Rectal Exam).  Your music helped get me through college, medical school, and residency.  I am fortunate to have seen you in concert (solo in Nashville in 1978) and in Memphis around 1982.  My 14 and 16 year-old daughters are big fans also, helping to spread your music to generations to come.  Best of luck!!  We'll be praying for you. ~ Lee S. Moore, M.D., Cookeville, TN


 Dear Dan, I have been a long-time fan and at the age of 55, I still love your music and know all the words. I must tell you that my husband was diagnosed during a routine physical exam with Prostate Cancer in 2001. His PSA was not that high and he was given permission by his doctor to "watchfully wait", which he did. Unfortunately, his PSA numbers did not match what was actually happening in his body. When he finally did have a radical prostatectomy in 2003, the cancer had spread outside the capsule. Gratefully, there was no distant metastasis. However, the doctor told me that he had maybe two years to live because the cancer severity was not reflected in his PSA. His PSA was 8 and the Emory University Head of Urology said it should have been 50 with the amount of cancer that was present. He said Buddy was 1 in 17 men whose PSA's were falsely negative and were not reflective of what was going on in reality. Thankfully, we are 2 and a half years post surgery and he is doing pretty well - no energy. Cancer sucks the life out of you slowly but surely. I am just grateful to have him around. Thankfully, also, you seem to be winning your battle. The world would be a much darker place without you and your music, so keep fighting and I will keep you in my prayers. Please add this to your warnings on your website: Don't depend only on the PSA number. It can be deceptive and deadly. God bless you and your beautiful family. I hope you continue to win the battle. ~ Sue Rogers, RN, Columbus, Ga


 Dan - you're my hero. Although you never knew it you have been there through all the highs and lows in my life - and your philosophies on life that come through so loud and clear in your music helped me so much.  So when I found myself looking at Parade Magazine today, I was shocked with the now old news of what's been going on with you.  But so glad to see upon visiting your website that things seem to be on a positive trend.  So among other thoughts, know that it's all Part of the Plan - continued well wishes as you recover - and continued love and strength to Jean. ~ John Padgett, Atlanta, GA


 Dan... I have been a fan of yours for years, heard your concerts in Norfolk, and twice here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast (Remember the gal begging you to do "Wysteria" the last time you were here ?!?!).. I did not know you were fighting the prostate cancer thing. I have been getting checked annually since I was 45. Your message all men deserves repeating again and again. Good luck and God speed in your continued recovery. ~ J. R. Wilson, Gautier, MS


 Dear Dan, I was reading the Parade section of my local paper and came across the news about you and your prostate cancer.  I just wanted to extend my prayers to you. My brother was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of 50 - no family history.  Interestingly, at that time my father was fighting lung cancer at the age of 83 and I, a health care provider, tried to tell my brother his psa was likely secondary to prostatitis  - though in my mind, I feared otherwise.  Thankfully, he chose to have surgery and his cancer was self-contained and he is doing well.  During that same year a favorite uncle was diagnosed with prostate cancer that had already metastasized and regretfully, he died despite aggressive treatment as has my father. I applaud your message to your fans regarding screening. I will be loading The Very Best of DF - one of my favorites - into my car today so I can listen to "Same Old Lang Syne" while driving to the office tomorrow morning.Good luck ~ K


 I read about you in Parade magazine this morning and wow!- a stream of wonderful memories of listening to your music as a young fan came flooding back to me. I know I went through several of your earlier albums and regret never seeing you in concert. While modeling in Houston in the 70's  I used to  make the back stage crew at fashion shows crank your tunes up- You and Todd  Rundgren will always be my very favorite singer/songwriters that take me back to these wild and carefree times! I am settled environmental artist/social worker these days and admit to being into classical more than anything but your music is as classic as anything else out there- it is a joy to hear that you are recovering from the dreaded C. I wish you my best and hope to hear that you are touring again- I'll even travel to catch you live. Take care  and warm regards to you and your loved ones ~ Claudia


 I have loved Dan Fogelberg's music and am much relieved to hear of the improvement in his condition.  I will continue to pray for him. ~ Rosemary Williams, Mesa, Az


 In March of 2004 I was diagnosed with breast cancer despite diligent efforts with mammograms and self-exams (a stupid internist didn't help).  I subsequently kicked its butt with the help of my fabulous oncologist and her truly vile chemo.   I wish the same result on Dan in his struggle with prostate cancer -- tantrums and a bad attitude do help -- and I would just like him to know that about 25 years after the album came out, my favorite relaxing evening still begins with "Phoenix" on my old turntable, a glass of white wine, and candles lighted as I climb into the tub singing "Heart Hotels" and "Wishing on the Moon Tonight" happily to myself. Thank you for many hours of listening pleasure and be aware there are many standing behind you supporting you in your fight. You will win. ~ Denise in Sheffield Lake, Ohio

Dan, Three months after you heard your diagnosis, and one month before my fifty-first birthday, I was sitting in my urologist's office one week after having a biopsy done on my prostate. A couple months prior, during a routine annual visit with my GP, although not feeling anything significant during a DRE, my PSA scored on the high side which prompted a follow up visit with a urologist. A Free PSA test (you're probably familiar with this) scored a low 12% which called for further testing via biopsy. Sitting in the office of my urologist waiting to hear results will be etched in my mind forever. "We've received the results of your biopsy and I'm so sorry to tell you Mr. Perez, but malignant cells were discovered." I don't think I have to explain the next part. Total devastation and dread. The bottom dropped out of my sense of an open ended life - the concept of not knowing when you're going to die to feeling immediately threatened by a short closing. I remember driving home around 5PM, that mellow time of day when the sun is beginning to set casting an orange glow that makes everything look serene. I remember seeing a breeze blow through a palm tree reflecting this orange glow and realizing how beautiful that really is and how, Dear God, I will miss that. I did what every reasonable person does in times like this and armed myself with information. Subsequent CAT and Bone Scans, MRI's and an Endo-rectal MRI mercifully suggested the cancer was confined to the prostate with a T-2 staging. Again, I don't need to go into detail the angst one experiences in deciding a treatment method as each comes with its own price. It was felt, and I agreed that for a man my age, in the lower percentile of occurence (which I, as I'm sure you feel, a gross injustice), a prostatectomy was the best method for long term results.


Like so many other fans whose lives you've touched with your music, I stand with the masses. More now then ever. Some of your music brings me back to times of incredibly endearing memories. People and places that were so very special and enriching in my life. These trips back become more imortant for me now in that it reminds me how truly wonderful some parts of my life have been and these can be savored forever - prostate in stock or not. Some things come back full circle in life if you're patient while keeping your eyes and heart open. ~ Bob Perez, Vero Beach, FL 


 Hello Dan, I am a fan of yours...owning a few of your nice albums. I was diagnosed with a "minor" case of Prostate Cancer, last year.  I am 67 years-old.  Having a relatively high PSA #. I also had done, a Prostate Biopsy. With the Thera-Seed treatment, I got to it early enough - later resulting in a very LOW PSA number. Essentially, I am cured (at least for now)! Good luck to you in the future! ~ Jim C.,  Nashua, NH


 I, too, am dealing with recurrent prostate cancer and can only offer Dan and all sufferers my hope and support, and emphatically echo Dan's advice to get checked, in fact, women should drag their men kicking and screaming in for the quick simple checkup.


 Dear Dan, I moved to Florida back in the late 80' here and music came to a screeching halt!  Elton John, Abba, etc is all they played here....I like them, but moving from the NY area it was depressing.  Dan Fogelberg is never played here....I live on the West Coast.  So after reading today about your Prostate C., I immediately went to the site and am overwhelmed at everything I have read.


First, let me say I am so happy you are recovering, sounds like you are doing well, I will pray it stays that way and you will continue to progress.  I realize this has got to be your first priority, but the thought of no more music from Dan is something I can't think about....hopefully you will be inspired to write music drawn from your experience in the last couple of years.  That always seems to make the meaningful music. I want to take this time to tell you my absolute favorite, all time DF album was Nether Lands.  I wore out the first cassette tape, bought a second, and still play the vinyl.....and one of the best songs I've ever written was inspired by your "Nether Lands" song.  It's called "Life and Times", I wrote it for my sister who died in a car accident back in the 80's.  I can hear in my head all the orchestration of beautiful instruments in it, just as your song was so magnificently done....I never get tired of listening to it!  You need to do something like that again, your music is absolutely beautiful.  Thanks so much for enhancing my life with your wonderful ballads. (love " Dancing Shoes" and "Sketches"!) Please stay well.  My prayers are with you. ~ Joanne Sturm, Brandon, FL


 Dan: Since I discovered you in college 27 years ago, (and swore I was going to go to Colorado and find my soul mate!) your songs have been interwoven in my life through a 28yr marriage, four children and now one grandchild. Whenever Dan is playing on the stereo, my children know what kind of mood I am in; reflective and spiritual. Thank you for all the joy you have brought into my life through your gift of music. Your lyrics touched my soul and helped me through the death of my parents and other turns in my life. Keep fighting the good fight and thank you for sending a message regarding prostate cancer. I work for Hospice of the Western Reserve in Cleveland Ohio and know that experiences like this change you. You will go on to write even more beautiful lyrics and music because of this experience. Everything happens for a reason and you will continue to inspire through this "gift" of cancer which seems to hone down life to what really matters-love. You are in my prayers, ~ Jennifer Stonebrook


 Dear Dan and Jean, I read about you in this mornings' Parade magazine. I had no idea you were ill. Just wanted to send our very best wishes and prayers for a recovery. Every time I hear your song "Leader of the Band", it reminds me so of my Dad. I enjoy your talent of music very much. God Bless you and your family in the days ahead. Sincerely ~ Deb and Al Massey


 Greetings to you and your family. Your music has been a part of my life since I heard you first sing.  My beloved husband and I danced our first dance as a married couple to your music (can you guess which song?) We were very sad to hear of your illness, but we've just read that you are doing better!  Oh, joy!  We continue to pray for you and your family and we want to thank you for the tremendous gift your music has been in our lives.   Sincerely ~ Jane and Jeff Kelly


 Dan,  So good to hear you are doing well.  My husband and I were just hit with the news 2 days ago that he has aggressive prostate cancer at the moment T2a waiting for CAT scan this week etc.  Suggested treatment at this point has been radiation and hormonal therapy.  He is 54, extremely healthy otherwise, physically active, runs, kayaks - very fit, always seemed younger than his age in that regard. When I saw a Q and A in Parade this weekend, it gave me such a spring of additional hope.  We want to attack this vigorously.  We have kept positive from the first moment, however , as you know, this is such a trying time.  Our daughters, my husband and I  have been researching,  hoping to make the best choices. We want to be aggressive,  pull out all the stops to beat this and keep him alive and healthy. Thanks for your inspiration and your music ~ Cheryl Nikituk, Manassas, Virginia


 Dear Dan, Only today in Parade magazine did I even learn of your fight.  It is such great news to hear of the success.  I am 50 and have screened every year since I don’t know when.  The message for men should be to get an annual physical period!  I lived through college in the mid 70’s and you were there all the way.  Recently I attended a Neil Diamond concert in Dallas and have just purchased the new Stevie Wonder CD.  You guys still have the magic and I hope someday that you will bring your style to this new techno world.  It is this kind of music that is the grounding of life and its true meaning. Best to you and your family. ~ Marc Miller, Dallas, Texas


 Dear Dan, I am so glad to hear that you are coming back from this horrible disease. Our family went through this last year when my Dad was operated on for prostate cancer. Ironically it was diagnosed when he was being looked at for another problem. Thank God they got it in time and that his team of doctors at Mass General were so awesome. Your song "Longer" was played at our wedding 21 years ago and just recently our oldest son, Dan, (imagine that!) put together a CD of our favorite songs and there it was. So we think of you often as we listen to your helped start our life out together and now hopefully our thoughts and prayers will be sent back tenfold so that you may live the kind of life that you deserve. Our best to your family as well. You have a lot of support. Sincerely ~ Sue and Bill


 Dan, I was introduced to your music by a friend some 15 years ago -  the two cassettes I have I play often and they are a source of inspiration to  me. May God grant you the strength to continue to be an inspiration to us  all ~ Mike Fahy, Bolton. Lancashire, England.


 Dan, You are in our prayers and thoughts. Keep up the good fight !!!!  ~ Jeff


 Dan, I was shocked to hear the news of your illness.  I wish you all the  best and hope that all is well.  I have loved your music since I was 15  years old.  Your Innocent Age Tour was the very first concert I ever  attended.  I have seen you in concert several times over the years and  always keep and eye out for concert info. I even won tickets once from a radio station.  I tried the entire weekend and I was  the last person at midnight to win!  I phoned in every hour that  whole weekend!  I was determined and on a mission!!!   Although  I'll miss seeing you in concert...till you feel up to it!  I want you  to conserve all your energy to getting well again!  That is the  priority!   Your music is unbelievable!  Keep working hard  at getting well and I will have my 1st grade students pray for you...I teach in  a catholic school!  WE can pray in my school!!!  ALL MY LOVE ~  Rosanne De Simone


 Your music has always been there for me in my times of need. Now I give you my prayers in your time. Be strong and overcome. ~ Sandy


 Dan, Wow!  I am very relieved to hear that you are doing so well.  Your music has been such a big part of my life and will continue to be for years to come.  Thank you for sharing. Best wishes to you and your family. ~ Chris Runnells, Windsor, Colorado


 You have given me so much with your music. I listened to some of your songs today and I am instantly transported back to the time when I first played them...many albums over and over.  They bring joy and sadness and it is all good.  Thank you. Here is another prayer heading your way, hoping for strength, continuing courage, and luck that you beat this cancer. Blessed be...


 Dan, I pray all the best for you and your family during these times. I was just reflecting back on some of my youth today and made my way to your website. I was sorry to learn of your battle with cancer, but glad to read that you are apparently progressing well in overcoming it. I appreciate your stand for faith and strength. I first saw you at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. way back in 1973 I believe it was. I was hooked. Thanks for all the years of sharing your musical talent. I know first hand the rigors of cancer. I lost my Mom and Grandmother, as well as my Mother-in-Love to the disease. My heart goes out to you. Keep the faith! It's not what's behind us or what lies ahead, but what lies within us that is truly great! God Bless. A fellow artist ~ R G Edwards


 May your days be filled with peace, kindness and courage. May music fill your heart and life as you have filled ours with your music.  May healing and happiness come your way, and may your loved ones be there when you need them but retreat when you want time alone.  Above all, may love surround you and wrap you in comfort.  As an American Cancer Society volunteer for several years, you have given me one more "Reason to Relay" in the Relay for Life.  God Bless you and your family, now and always.  Thank you for the passion and love of your music, which you have so freely shared with us.  ~ Dave Ewick, Rochester, IN


 Dan, Truly, your music has been an inspirational component throughout my  life. It has touched me in many ways. It brings to light that which  is real, meaningful, true, and beautiful. Your music, smile and life will forever touch my life, as it will  others. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Be well! All the best ~ Connie, Minnesota


 You have the perfect attitude!!! I'm so proud of you.  I grew up with your music, heard "Same Old Lang Syne" today. I still cry at that one.


I had a mastectomy last month, removal of 35 lymph nodes, all were negative. Visit an Oncologist next month for next step. Was a shock, I've never been sick in my life, don't smoke, still have my tonsils.  No family history, have mammograms every year.  This kind, lobular, is invisible, go figure. As soon as they told me I immediately went to the health food store and changed my diet. I'm taking supplements all day long, drinking all kinds of concoctions.  I've never felt better in my life. It's amazing that it takes cancer for us to actually take care of our bodies and slow down. I highly recommend Flax.  My husband Lee took it harder than me. He's been a saint.  I'm going to show him your web site because he'll never go to the doctor to take any kinds of tests.  Drives me crazy. Saw the article about you in the Parade section. This will save millions of men, thanks !!! ~ Leslie Edrington


 For the enjoyment and calm that your music has brought to me thru the many, many years, Dan, I can never thank you enough.  To know that you are having to go through this tough medical condition just breaks my heart. The impact that you have had on so many lives, should in itself, make God think twice about putting you through this.  I hope everything works out for you and your family.  Although I love seeing you in concert and listening to your new songs, relax, take it easy, and get well. Sincerely ~Diane Gutzweiler, Crown Point, Indiana


 Dear Dan and Jean - I have often thought of how you are doing since I heard about your diagnosis. My own husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer and after all of his treatment has been cancer free for many years, but his father had both colon and prostate cancer so we keep an eye on my husband. Thank you for educating people even as you move forward with your own battle. Nothing is as difficult as dealing with a catastrophic medical condition (my step dad had a heart transplant), but nothing can be more life affirming than being thankful for each day. Your music has lifted my spirits in down times and is a constant joy. Thank you. And please know that this stranger wishes you and yours every blessing. ~ Lora Adams


 I wanted to pass this information along from the "Bottom Line Health Newsletter": "Doctors have just developed a vaccine that harnesses the power of the body's own immune system to destroy metastatic prostate cancer. The new compound, called APC8015, teaches the patient's immune system to recognize and kill prostate cancer cells that have spread throughout the body." I would encourage Dan and anyone else facing prostate cancer to do a google search on this compound. God bless and best wishes ~ Penny M.


 Dear Dan, I want to let you know of a project I'm working on for my family and how you are a part of it.  Last July, my sisters and I lost our 90 year old father who was so dear to us.  I know the holidays are going to be hard for us this year not having him with us, so I wanted to do something special in his memory.  I'm making a slide show DVD of photographs (from our 'Davidson' ancestors to present) with music playing in the background. This is where you come in!  During the slides of the ancestor photographs, I've selected several of your songs: "Forefathers", "The Sand and the Foam", "Only the Heart May Know", as well as a couple of your instrumentals to play in the background.  It is so beautiful and fitting.  Daddy and his brothers had all ends the Davidson name, but we were truly blessed with a wonderful father and his legacy will live on (I know you can relate!).  So will your music.  It is timeless.  You and your family are in my prayers.  Take care ~ Sherry 'Davidson' Worsham


 Hello Dan:  I am a 1966 graduate of Woodruff  High School in Peoria, Il., where you and your brothers went to school and  graduated.  In fact, I was in some classes and activities with your middle  brother, and often wondered how he was doing.  I remember the first  time I heard your music on the radio--I felt so proud!  I thought "is this  the little guy that was playing Beatle music at the school dance (I remember  your brown hat)", and sure enough, it was. After reading more about you  and your family, especially about your father's musical background, it made  perfect sense.  You made me as a Peorian, a Woodruff graduate, very proud,  although I hadn't known you personally.  When I heard "Leader of the  Band" , it was (and still is) one of my all time favorites, for the beauty  of the story and of course the wonderful music it was set to.  From that  point on, I have followed your music and enjoyed it very much.  You have my  most sincere good thoughts and prayers for you and your family during this  difficult time in your life.  Your openness and bravery in facing this  head-on and fighting with all you have, is an inspiration to everyone . Keep the faith!  And please say "Hello" to your brother for me.   Sincerely ~ Mrs. Donna (Bowen) Sobczak


 Hi, Dan... Just wanted to say how very relieved I was, to read your recent health update... My prayers are with you and yours always. Love Always from Nashville ~ Peter Rodman 


 Just a quick note to say how happy I am to read your letter back in August pertaining to your successful response of treatments with your prostate  cancer! I've had a tough year myself, that's why I'm now able to send my thoughts and deepest wishes to you,Dan,like so many of your dedicatedfans have which is such a reflection on how you and your music have touched so many lives! You  were there for me lately and now I just want to share one of your many gifts of  music with you,the healing process that has always gotten me through...Thank you  and be blessed always. Sincerely & with love ~ Cathy


 Dear Dan & Family- Your music has been such an incredibly important part of the many threads in my life.  I first heard your music when I was 12 and have loved it all through the last 30 years.  I've been blessed to  have seen you in concert 4 times, the first being in Knoxville, Tn.  I  called out to you at a quiet moment, "Along the Road", and you played  it. Thanks SO much!! (also saw you in Dayton, OH, Indianapolis, IN and  Ravinia, Ill)  I keep most of your music in my car for long road  trips.  You've sung to me and blessed me with peace during long drives back  to Tennessee when my mother was terminally ill, when my father was ill and  during the loss of my ill fated marriage of 23 years.  From first love  to 42 and single, your music speaks to me still.  I pray for your continued  remission, wonderful holidays and blessed time with your family.  God bless you and Jean as you continue along the road. PEACE. ~ Anna  Marie


 It is times like this that you realize how important the simple things really are. Keep the faith and never never stop believing. See you out on the road in the near future. God Bless.


 Dear Dan and Jean: Just a personal note of thanks for the music you have created and sung for us for all these years. You have touched me in so many ways as you have touched countless other fans, I'm sure. I am so happy to hear that the disease is now  under control. As a surgeon, (you and I are the same age), I agree  wholeheartedly about the PSA and rectal exam you encourage on a yearly basis for all men over forty. As you say, the discomfort of these tests is minimal compared to the differences in prognosis and treatment when the cancer is found at an early stage. I wish you continued good health and a  quick recovery. I have seen you at least a dozen times in concert, and listen to your music in the operating room nearly every day....God Bless you. With all our best wishes from the east coast ~ Steve Palumbo, MD, Quogue, NY


 Dan - My wife and I had the good fortune to see you and your band in concert in Portsmouth, VA in the spring of 2003 (?--2002?).  We remember that you had a guitarist with you who was a member of Firefall, and you were gracious and allowed him to perform their pair of hits. Your music has always been a blessing to both of us (as musicians, especially -- I grew up playing along with "Part of the Plan"), and your personna in concert was just as we would have expected it. I just saw, in Parade magazine, I think, that you were fighting prostate cancer, and popped in to your website. I'm glad to hear that you're gaining the upper hand in this fight. We hope that you will feel led back in to the studio and back on tour, and that you will grace southeastern Virginia again with your music and spirit. We hope that through this adversity, you have grown to trust the One who will never let us fall, who gave His life to prove it. Our prayers and best wishes ~ Charles & Heidi Strauss


 Dear Fogelberg family, My family and I think of you often. My husband is a physician in Edwardsville, Il and he often recommends and does DRE's and PSA.  It is amazing how many physicians do NOT order it because of training or insurance regulations that prohibit it.  I sincerely hope you health improves and you can return to the music world. It is not the same without you. ~ Janet Ayres


 Dan, First know you are in my prayers for a full recovery.  I had not heard of your diagnosis until recently.  I had the honor of seeing you at Humphreys in San Diego 8 years ago and have to see it was the most amazing concert I have been were as always amazing!  I pray for a full recovery so that one day soon I have the privilege of hearing you in concert again. ~ Gayle M. in ND


 Every once in awhile, I stop down at Dan's website to see how he's doing.  I'm so happy to read his latest note.  He certainly touched MY life back in the 70s and 80s and now today, everytime I hear that voice, I go back. Thank you too for encouraging all men to get the tests you've gotten.  My husband keeps TALKING about it but as I always say, "Talk's cheap."  Maybe your words will inspire him enough to get off the fence. My best wishes go out to you.  Thank you for sharing your life with all of us. Sincerely ~ Laurie Ward


 Dan, I saw an article in last Sunday's Las Vegas newspaper about your prostate, I had no idea. Guess I need to check your website a little more often.  I'm happy the news is so much better now.  My own father had prostate cancer, and had surgery.  His PSA levels fluctuated up and down after his surgery.  He died in 2001 from Supra Nuclear Palsy, which is a Parkinson's-like was the same disease the entertainer Dudley Moore succumbed to.  As far as I know, there's not necessarily any relationship between the diseases.  Prostate cancer has been in my family...and I've been getting a PSA test and rectal exam every year since 1993. 


On a personal note, I've been a big fan since 1975...I first heard about you in Rolling Stone magazine.  They were reviewing "Souvenirs"...I was intrigued, so bought that album and loved it.  I have the vast majority of your works...I'm proudest of "Portrait".  What an awesome collection. My wife and I saw you perform in the Universal Amphitheatre in Aug 1977...before it was covered.  We were close to the top of it, but could still hear you as if we were right next to the stage.  Saw you again there in 1982, after they'd covered it (and mostly ruined it!).  It was an all-acoustic concert.  Continued best wishes for a complete remission of the cancer...I'll share your experience with others. I know how important it is to get checked every year.  God Bless, Dan.  I hope you record and tour again.  We need your music! ~ Frank Misaege


 Dan, I wore out "Souvenirs" in the '70s and figured out the tunes on my guitar so I could sing them to potential girlfriends...and I thank you for that! I remain a fan of yours and other singer-songwriters like Joni, Jimmie Spheeris, Jackson Browne, John Martyn, Tim Buckley, Shawn Phillips, and others who evoke longings and renderings of all that love and life can bring. Sounds like your health situation has improved and some balance has returned to you and your family, friends, and fans can rest a bit easier now...... good to know you're doing well and must add that all of your songs have stood the test of time and still stir the soul along with the more recent offerings. I'll have to grab my guitar tonight...thank you! Warmest Regards ~ Rick


 Dan - Your music has been an inspiration and a comfort to me through the ups and downs of my life.  I want you to know I'm praying for you now as you battle cancer.  May your health continue to improve, and may each cancer cell be eradicated from your body.  For you and your family, I pray that the peace which passes all understanding will guard and guide you.  Stay strong and optimistic - you can beat this!!! ~ Wendy V. in CO


 You have brought many happy moments to me thru the years. When I listen to your music and the emotions that go with such lyrics stir my heart. May God continue to bless you and bring you many more years to use such an incredible talent to touch people's lives. 


 All right Dan,  It's wonderful to hear the news of your improvement. I have been listening alot to "Full Circle". That is an excellent album. Thanks. And though you say you have no plans to tour or not return to the studio, I believe you should. You still have so much music to offer. I have been touched once again by more death in my family and I find your music always offers healing and motivation. From the depths of my heart, thank you! ~ Martin Gibson in "Old Tennessee"


 Dear Dan, I am so amazed to see how many peoples' lives have been touched by your music. I am included in that number. Your music has been a soundtrack for my life. I've even played (attempted) your music down through the years. You came to Springfield, MO. in 82-83 at Hammons Arena and played a solo acoustic concert. WOW! I was moved! I was awed by your musical ability. That concert was a lifetime highlight. I believe you were granted a gift in your life by God Himself. Now those who've been blessed by that gift are pouring out their appreciation back to you. You're doubly blessed! Know that there are plenty of people who are calling out your name to God in earnest prayer, including this pastor. (Did you ever think your music would play such a role in a preacher??!!) God Bless you and your wife this day and always! ~ Jerry Beers, MO.


 Dear Dan, You and your music have been a strong inspiration to me since I was a freshman in High School (I am now a shade over 40).  It has been with  me through every celebration, low point and turning point in my life. I never missed a concert when you were in the Detroit  area.  My son, Bryan Daniel, is now 11 and knows where he gets his middle name and is as much of a fan as I am.  I lost my dear father to advanced cancer in 2004.  We later found out it started in his prostate.  Early detection is the key.  Kudos to you for spreading the word. 


You, your music and your goodness are still needed here. May  the Great Spirit fill you and continue to guide you.  May  you be strong in body, mind and spirit.  May Mother Earth, Father Sun and the Spirits of the Four Winds uphold, nurture you and strengthen  you as you continue to gracefully touch the lives of those who are  your family, your friends and your fans.  We will hold you and yours in our prayers. With sincerity and thanks ~ Irene Lakey, Pontiac, Michigan   


 Dear Dan, I am a 50 yr. old singer /songwriter/musician who’s been a fan of yours from the beginning. Haven’t heard much news since the official press release in August but just wanted to let you know my thoughts and prayers are with you. There are few artists, other than some of the folks that you list as your inspiration and your friends, who have made such an impression on me. God bless you lad and keep on fighting the good fight. Regards ~ Brian Colgan


 Dear Dan, I am very happy to have read your letter on your website and am so encouraged to hear the good news of your improvement. I posted a best wishes post to you earlier this year, as I'm sure you will remember ;) but thought I'd write to you too.


I have been listening to your music since your first album and am still listening to your music today. I never get tired of it. Every time I play "To the Morning" it never fails to start my day off better than if I didn't. So many of my favorite songs are ones you have written. I wish you and your wife all the best and thank you so much for all the pleasure your music has brought to me throughout my life. Love and hugs ~ Karen, who lives on Barefoot Lane, in Washington state. :)


 Dan, I hadn't been to your site for a while, but when I did, it was so reassuring to read the recent update on your improving condition. Your words about getting a check up are wonderful to read. I know, I have had a bit of bad luck with my prostate. Whether you ever perform or not, and I hope you do, may the rest of your long life be filled with joy and be prosperous. You have given so much to fans like me; I just wish we could give back to you somehow. Another one of your many fans ~ John O'Neil, Fort Lauderdale Florida


 Dear Dan, I am wishing for you continued good health and healing through the holidays and into the New Year. You and your  family are a permanent part of my prayers. Your music continues to inspire,  uplift and enlighten me while on my journey,it also gives me such hope and  JOY!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving (I hope you are not  suffering). Be assured of my prayers and please do keep us informed of your  progress. Much Love and Peace to you and  yours, Dan. ~ Laura  Boughner


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg: I am 30 years old and you are one of four singer-songwriters to come out of the same era (others being Denver, Lightfoot, and Joel) whose music I cherish and has meant a lot to me. My mother was a fan in the Innocent Age era and during a trip home from college in the 90s I became re-familiar with that album. Within a year I had purchased all of your albums up to that date. I would buy 1 or 2 a month until I was caught up.


You were my first musical hero and I have been fortunate to see you live 3 times, all solo. The most recent time was at Villa Montalvo in California. Those concerts were amazing. I still vividly remember such songs as "The Reach," "Don't Lose Heart," and "Forefathers," played in these concerts and affecting me deeply. I am glad you have pulled through this illness and wish you continue success in your battle against it. Of course I hope you will still put out another album, but if not, we still have a large and wonderful library to draw from. I cannot name one favorite song. I always have loved "The Sand and the Foam" (I write poetry and it inspired a poem which appeared in our college literary magazine). "Full Circle," "Hearts and Crafts," "Promises Made," "Bones in the Sky," "What You're Doing," "Sweet Magnolia," "Snowfall"...there is really so many it hardly seems fair to try name them. Thank you for all you have given to us, your fans, and for following your heart. You have created truly intelligent, beautiful, and unique music. ~ Scott Anthony Giorgianni


 Your music has always touched my heart.  You can be assured that you and your family will be in my prayers.   Namaste'


 Dear Dan, my wife Cheryl and I want you to know that you are in our prayers. Your song "Longer" was our wedding song way back in 1980 and it always seems that when things get a little tough to deal with, all we have to do is play that song and we realize how much we mean to each other. We're glad to hear that you are doing better and we will always be grateful for your wonderful music. Sincerely ~ Bob & Cheryl Haskins


 Hi Dan, I was sorry to hear about your battle with prostate cancer. My dad has advanced prostate cancer and it's been an uphill battle. He's had it for 16 years, but managed to keep it at bay with hormone therapy. Just this month we found out 'the horse was out of the barn' so to speak and he has a year to three life expectancy. He's 85. It's a terrible disease, but when caught early, it can be very curable. My dad was advised to have radiation and not surgery when the cancer was discovered. His doctors told him he would die of something else before the prostate cancer got him. Looks like he got bad advice. He should have had the surgery. I'm happy to know that your prognosis is good. I met you a long time ago in Champaign, Illinois when you were in my first year art class at the University of Illinois. Remember we had to draw a self-portrait in pencil of ourselves? I believe you used your portrait for an album cover. You switched from the Fine Arts School to the Performing Arts School. I switched from art to photography and became an entertainment photographer. Keep positive. All the best ~ Jorie B. Gracen


 Surround yourself with good doctors and people who pray for you. That's kept me going for 4 years now of treatment of Advanced Prostate Cancer. I'm 54 also, so I can identify with what you and your wife are going through. We'll be around for a long time, as they are adding to the list of treatment options all the time. I'll be thinking of how you're doing.  Stay cool and help others. Thank you ~ Mike


 Dan, I am a bit older than you, born in 1937, but I lost my left kidney to renal cell carcinoma last year, and on my annual followup/checkup this year, there was no sign of recurrence, but my prostate turned malignant and aggressive (Gleason score of 8 with 10 being the worst).  I have decided to become aggressive in return, and am scheduled for prostatectomy on Nov. 28 with the robotic surgery device, followed by external beam radiation.  I sure wish you the best with your own struggle, since it serves as an inspiration to others. ~ Gerry (Gerald Looney, MD)


 So glad to hear of your success recently in your battle with cancer.  My prayers and good wishes go out to you and your family.  I had heard of your illness a week or so back on an entertainment show, where they gave this website.  I saw you perform in 1980 at a Peace Sunday concert at the Rose Bowl in California.  Your "Souvenirs" album was always my favorite.  I recall writing the lyrics to "Changing Horses" in my sketch pad in different colored inks.  Then, I illustrated what I thought the song meant. You mean a lot to me, and I thank you for your music and talent. Be well ~ Leah, Ventura, CA.


 Dear Dan, I first started listening to your great music at the age of ten in my college age brother's bedroom.  I'd sneak up there and look through his albums. Somehow the Grateful Dead and New Riders of the Purple Sage did not appeal to me, but a cool looking guy with long hair holding a feather did.  So I slid the LP out of the jacket and listened on Mike's brand new Pioneer turntable.  Wow, it was unlike anything I'd ever heard before. My love affair with Donny Osmond was over!! (I was ten years old).  And so it began... throughout my life your music has been the one constant. First date, high school, prom, college, marriage, birth of four children, and even now my children,ages 10,7, and 4 yr.old twins listen in and sing along. When I first heard of your illness, I was so saddened, but I am thrilled to hear the good news of treatment success! Mike Milken(the junk bond trader of  the Drexel Burnham 80's scandal) was also diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer.  He completely turned the disease around with a combination of traditional treatment,and a radical change in his diet.  He collaborated on a cookbook called "A Taste for Living".  In it he shares recipes for foods that helped him change his prognosis. He is still cancer free. Finally, thank you for sharing your music (poetry,really),love, and life with all of us, and for speaking out about this dreaded illness. You continue to touch so many lives! Go and make each day count --Revel in the sunrises, relish the sunsets and enjoy it all in between. I wish you peace, joy and love, my old friend. Love and admiration ~ Alice Evola -Northern Virginia


 I only recently heard of Dan's health challenges though I had wondered recently what he'd been up to.  I have been a "fan" for as long as Mr. Fogelberg has been recording but to me, in my heart, he feels much more like a close and dear personal friend. That is how deeply his music has always touched me.  Dan, if you are reading this, my husband David and I wish you a speedy recovery and many, many years ahead to create more beautiful music.


 I remember the first song I heard you sing-"Longer"-and I've bought every album since. I'm living in El Paso, Il. now. In 1981 or 2 I attended a concert you gave in the fall at U. of I.  Champaign. It was a sell-out crowd. Your father was in the audience when you sang "Leader of the Band".I don't believe there was a dry eye in the place. After the concert as we were walking to our car we joined in singing all your songs with the other concert-goers until we finally were out of earshot. I only remember the feeling of love that seemed to circle and protect us all as we went back to our usual lives. It was a feeling that I have never experienced from any other concert and doubt that I ever will. In 1979 I lived for a year in Nederland, Co. not far from Caribou Ranch. Back then we had a 5 acre mining claim high on a hillside over-looking the town. Perhaps you'll remember the "Sacred Dogs" of the town that were left behind when the drug culture was forced to leave. Ah, for the good old days! I am especially saddened to hear of your struggle with cancer. I pray you will be able to overcome this battle and continue to lead a productive and satisfying life for all of our sakes, but especially for you and Jean. I find it extremely significant that God blessed you with true love at this time that you so need it. You are more than deserving of her.  Thank you for the music! ~ Marcy


 Your music has always touched my heart.  You can be assured that you and your family will be in my prayers. Namaste'


 Dan, I am so thrilled by your latest posting on your condition:-) I will always remember your appearance on June 6, 1982 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena as part of "Peace Sunday"--which was the first time I had ever seen you  perform live. Needless to say, all of your albums are in my possession and I look forward to a time in the future when I can both add to my collection and see you live in  Los Angeles. When I first read about your prostate cancer, it hit me like a ton of  bricks and I was quite depressed, so this recent bit of positive news has awakened my being considerably:-) Wishing you a belated L'Shana Tova ~ Howard Cohen, North Hills, CA


 Great news that you are doing well and taking the positive from this experience.  Thank you for using your influence to spread the news about prevention and awareness.  I know there is beautiful music forming in your heart throughout all this, and someday soon, I hope you will share it with us.~ Sandy Nixon, San Antonio, Tx


 Dan, First, I'm a fan.  Second, I'm a 10-year survivor of aggressive (Gleason 9), advanced prostate cancer with widespread metastasis (with a great doctor, needless to say!).  Third, I'm an amateur singer, guitar player, collector of guitars, which is one reason I particularly enjoy your music.  From all these perspectives, I wish you well.


The type of news that was so shocking to you and Jean is ancient history to me now, but this can serve as a source of encouragement to you and your family, because it demonstrates that there is plenty of hope for even the worst cases, such as mine.  Just be alert for the time when your cancer becomes "hormone refractory."  It's then that you will appreciate the very best, most specialized cancer care (from a PCa expert like mine).  Even now, there are many treatment options that weren't around when I wondered if I would be able to watch my kids grow up; and who knows, if and when you get to that point in the journey this nasty business may even be curable. Good luck and take care! ~ Gene Derryberry, Roanoke, VA


 We have been fans since the 70's and even named our oldest son, now 18 years old, Daniel in honor and celebration of you and your wonderful gift of music. Our prayers are with you and your family. Forever fans ~ Beau & Robyn


 Dan,  You have brought many hours of peace and spirituality into my life over the many years as I came to know your music. You brought me calm on stormy days and a feeling of love when it was all too absent. My home often rattled with the joy of your music seeping through the walls, much to the question of my neighbors, I suppose. Now that I have recently heard of your walk through a diagnosis such as prostate cancer, I wish that somehow I, as an Oncology nurse could repay those hours of peace and harmony. I only know how to do this by offering many prayers for this same peace and harmony and of course years of health, for you and your family. I was overjoyed to see on your site, the information and education that you have shared. Even if you prompt just one man to go out there and have himself checked, you have done a tremendous deed. I feel however, that you will touch many more than that. I applaud you for putting your story out there, there is tremendous strength in a person who will offer up their privacy and self in doing so. I am sure that you are surrounded by wonderful people who can offer you information, support and guidance throughout this living journey, yet I would be delighted to share knowledge or support along with the prayers. Thank you for the gift of your music. ~ Mary Scott, Lexington,Ky.


 To Dan and family...with best wishes from a couple of admirers of your music and, now that we've visited your website, admirers of your faith in the difficult journey you are encountering. We live in Nashville, Indiana--the noted Hills o' Brown County, 38 years married, 5 grandkids. Our prayer is that you will soon return to share your marvelous gift with the rest of us who are looking eagerly to your full recovery. God's blessings ~ Jim and Lu Brunnemer, Nashville, Brown County, Indiana


 Dear Dan -Ever since I heard the opening notes to "To the Morning"  I was hooked...  your music has been the foundation music in my household for many years, on the stereo as well as the piano.   Many of my favorite CD's have mysteriously ended up in the music libraries of my two grown daughters as well. Fifteen years ago, my dear husband and best friend died when he was just 39 years old.   Now, whenever I play your earlier music memories of our  happy times together come alive.    Also,  whenever I need a good cry, I'll play your tunes, especially during the onset of  Fall.   "Old Tennessee" is my favorite  for that.  On the lighter side- I saw you at the Landmark theatre in Syracuse- solo- and during the concert, I and a young woman sitting next to me began to cry-  I reached into my coat pocket to find a scrunched up tissue-  The young lady asked if she could have a tissue as well, but that was all I had, so I tore it in half and shared it with her.  We both giggled as we dried our tears. Thanks for the music.....Thanks for the emotion.....You've been a friend to me for a long, long time.   May God continue to walk with you during this challenge. ~ Deb C. Seneca Falls, NY


 Glad to see you are taming the Dragon! My wife and I are both R.N.’ s, and the advice you gave for men to get their PSA checked is right on. Vince Lombardi passed because he didn’t want to suffer the indignity of a digital exam. I would venture to say that he wishes he had the opportunity to re-think that fatal decision… Our best wishes and prayers are with you for a full recovery. On a selfish note, we would love to see another album and tour. This would be a two-fer, as if you did this, it would mean your health has returned fully. It would also mean that we get some great music and a live show in this era of unimaginative lip-synching. I hate it so much. The only two shows that we consistently go to are yours and Paul McCartney’s. We’d love to see you back in the mix. Until that time comes, concentrate on healing and know there are thousands who wish you the best! Best Regards ~ Roger & Kimberly Hill, Knoxville, Tn.


 Dear Dan: My girlfriend told me the other day that she had heard on the radio that you might have some kind of cancer.  Knowing the magnitude of my being such a fan of yours, she was so thoughtful to let me know of your illness.  I will pray for you and your medical team for graces and blessings and healing. May God and His angels protect you and keep you safe.


I have been an avid fan of your beautiful poetry, art and music since the '70's.  I have sung many of your songs at weddings, coffeehouses and just for my own pleasure.  Your words resonate a heart that feels deeply and a soul that magnifies peace and caring.  You are always ever in tune with nature (no pun intended!).  I feel close to you because of how your gifts touch my life still! I am 52 years old and ecstatically happy with my 2nd husband of 6 years.  We have known each other and have been best of friends for more than 18 years while we were in other marriages.  Our friendship bond and our Catholic faith journeys joined us together in marriage on November 6, 1999.  Tom is now a fan of yours also!!!!  We have seen you perform at Chastain Amphitheatre in Atlanta, Georgia many times, even in the rain! We miss your touring, but truly understand.  May complete healing come your way.  Please know that you are loved even though I have never had a face-to-face conversation with you. Your music has touched the depths of my soul.  I pray that you will enjoy each day with whatever it has to offer. Dan, you have blessed me with so much that has filled voids in my life at times when I needed it!  You have also given me great joy when I am joyous! God bless you and Jean.  I wish you peace. Love and prayers ~ Terry Irving, Conyers, Georgia


 Hello Mr. Fogelberg, I cannot express enough how concerned I was to hear of your diagnosis. After hearing many horror stories and sadness related to the subject I just couldn't bear the thought of having another one of music's major contributors fall to the same fate. Your advice is heart felt and cannot be heeded enough! So many misdiagnosis happen as well, take Mr. Zappa'a case, so any and all testing is never too much. SO glad to hear you are in a stable mode with this. Your songs have touched and inspired me from the very early days! Some of the first songs I learned to play on the guitar were from Souvenirs!! I also practically lived the song "The Last Nail" and still get choked up whenever I hear it. Then I still can't get over the bluegrass album!! That record smokes!!! Thank you so much for all the music!!! Best of wishes to you and your family! A Fan ~ John B


 Hello from Germany where I've been living for 5 years. I just recently heard about your prostate cancer Dan, and send you many prayers and best wishes for continuing health. I'm sure you don't remember, but I met you at an Osteopathic Doctor's office in Tucson, AZ in the winter of 1982. The "Innocent Age" album had been out for a while and doing great. We had "turned on" our friend, the doctor, to your music and he couldn't believe you actually came to his office!  My 3 month old son was crying like crazy and I was so nervous I didn't even remember to ask you to autograph my copy of it! We went to your concert that night and it was such a memorable experience. There are more CD's by you than anyone else in my collection and all of them are treasures. Maybe you will get back out on tour someday-- I'm sure many people would be thrilled... God bless you and yours, and again, good luck ~ Chris Johnson


 Dan, I only recently saw an article about your battle with prostate  cancer.  I read your letter and so glad to read the good  news.  I hope God continues to bless you.  I have been a fan of your  music since your career started and, was lucky enough to see you in concert many years ago. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. Sincerely ~ Joyce Fisher


 Dear Dan, I am sending my thoughts and prayers your way in hopes that one day your pain and suffering are no longer. I have been fighting cancer myself for the past few years and know the frustration and the wondering why.  Your music has always been an inspiration for me through many phases of my life, and there are so many songs that I can relate to both mentally and spiritually.  I hope someday again to see you and hear your beautiful words and music in person.  Until then, may God bless you, and watch over you and your family, and know that your light will shine through the darkness. Sincerely with love ~ Sharon Perry


 Dear Dan - my wife and i were shattered to hear of your bad news last year and we are buoyed by your good news now. I first heard your fantastic double album "Innocent Age" on a surfing trip "down south" in South West Victoria at Port Campbell some 25 years ago. I can't tell you the amount of reminiscing that occurs when I play that recording now. At one stage I had every album you made, but alas most were sold by my wife by mistake at a garage sale. I am currently trying to replace them all with CD versions. Hope you continue your recovery and stay free of this awful disease. Regards ~ David  


 Hi Dan, There is no way you could possibly know how much your music has affected my life.  It's because of you, I began to play the guitar.  I've completed my own CD.  I, too had a tumor (of the pituitary gland.)  Each day is precious.  I'm cured, but my life is different and my heart went into the CD. My prayers are with you, your music is the best, we couldn't do without your music.  I've been to your concerts and would love to open up for you if you come to Salt Lake City, Utah. I hope you can soon be well enough to make your music, it affects so many people.  We love you.  Good Luck!!!! ~ Diane King


 Dear Mr.. Fogelberg, I almost feel like I could call you Dan.   I have not listened to your music lately, but was an amazing fan of yours in my 20's and 30's. I am now 47. As I listen to your music today, feelings of warmth, great memories, and happiness fill my heart and mind. I have attended and enjoyed many of your concerts and would love to see you again, if your life takes you in that direction. I am sorry to hear about your health, but it sounds like you are winning the battle. Your music will always have a very special place in my heart and mind. I am thankful for your talent, music, and humble ways. I too live in Colorado and love the beauty among us. God's best to you and your wife Jean.   I am still and will always be a fan of yours.  You are loved by many people that you will never meet. Thanks for the impact you have had on my life. Respectfully ~ Jeanne  Gerhardt


 When I was in college I was a Dan Fogelberg Freak I guess you would call me. Your music and lyrics said so much to me at that time. I am 46 years old now, have lost both my parents and have for personal reasons had to move away from the rest of my family.  I have come to many crossroads in the last few years and somehow managed to go thru and get thru the hard times. Now, I have reached a better time in my life and am looking forward to my old age. But often I do look back and look for good times and things that lifted me up. Your music was such a thing. Now I see that you too are going thru a cross road time in your life but are gettting thru. I think God has given you a gift, Dan, because you gave so much to so many others. Sometimes as you know we have to go thru trials in order to come to some realizations about our lives.  I know........blah...blah...blah as my friend would say.  But I believe it. I do wish you the best with your health and your life.  You have made my life richer by your music and made my spirit better as well.  May the great spirit watch over you and yours for many years to come! God bless ~ Carla.................big df fan!


 Dan;  our good wishes are sent to you from Kalamazoo, Mi.  I have most all your music. I remember a silly thing from many years ago.  I was dumbfounded when my daughter came home with a huge poster of you.  I mean it was huge!!  She was working at a record shop at the time.  Believe it or not it is still in my attic somewhere. Just thought you might like to hear that. May you continue to improve and when you are ready to write again the music will  be even better than before, if that is possible. ~ Mary E. Smith


 When I'm having a bad day, I love to listen to your music. I hope you find it in yourself to write music and to someday return to touring. I've only seen you in concert once in Omaha, Nebraska, but it was so serene spending time with you if only in the 7th row.  Wishing you the best always. ~ Eileen Campbell


 Dan, My son Michael, and myself have put you in our prayers since we first heard of your illness. Mike was put to sleep in his crib listening to me sing your songs, very poorly. Although we are not super religious, with your great news, we believe in the power of prayer. Bless You ~ Julie Rosenbaum-Engelhardt


 Your music has guided me through many tough times.  I wish you a complete return to health as soon as possible and strength to you and yours along the way. ~ Gloria Hobbs, B.S.N., R.N.  and loyal fan.

 Hi Dan, It's a nice, quiet, rainy morning here in Tennessee.  I live in Kingston Springs, I saw where you use to live here at one time.  It's a very pretty little town but probably has grown alot since you lived here.  I have thought of you alot since I heard about your cancer.  You have been in my prayers, and I am so glad to hear that you are getting good news now days!  I have been listening to your music this morning and thinking how I will never get tired of your beautiful music. I have been a fan for many years, so this means I am middle aged, but enjoying life still.  Innocent Age will always be my favorite album of yours. I went through many vinyls of it, now I have all of them on cds.  I even have Portrait with all of your songs on the 4 cds.  And I saw you in Concert at the Grand Ole Opry back in the 80s.  You were awesome and you were all by yourself --best concert I have ever been to. I do hope you continue to heal, and I know the Higher Power will be with you! Thanks for the wonderful music! ~ Beth

 Dan Fogelberg has brought me so much inspiration and loving thoughts through his music. My very dearest friend, ever, passed 2 years ago at the age of 48 from a brain tumor.  Dan's music helped me mourn her passing and made me remember her forever fondly and for that I thank you.  Dan, you are an inspiration, a truly great poet, musician and intellect.....My deepest thoughts are with you and Jean and all your worldwide family. ~ Jill Obrock, Kingman, Ks


 Mr. Fogelberg, You and your wife are in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for sharing your beautiful music. ~ Bette


 Hi Dan and Jean, We're just sitting around my house in Sonoma County, CA, having wine and cheese, watching "The Birds" movie.  Anyway, my friend happened to notice my stack of albums, and there was you and Tim Weisberg on the front!  She proceeds to tell me she recently heard of your battle with prostate cancer.  We have both been huge fans of yours for  years!  We then found your website, and want you to know, you and Jean are in our prayers.  We wish you the best in your recovery.  Stay strong and keep the faith. Hope to see you in concert again one day ~ Donna and Deidre

 Dan, Your music has been a part of my life, from college in the 70's until now, and it has never failed me. I remember you in my prayers every day.  Stay well, friend. ~ Nancy


 Dear Dan, Congratulations on your success with your cancer.  You have made such a huge impact on my own life and I think of you often....hoping the best for you.  While your music has touched many many people, your life story will now touch so many more.  Thanks for sharing.  Best of luck to you for further success with your health.  You remain in my prayers.  May God's bless you over and over.  ~ C.D.--Colorado


 Dear Dan, You can be sure I am praying for you. I am three years older. You have no idea how God has used your music during the most difficult times of my life. You have left a mark that will last forever. God be with you and your family. Sincerely and God Bless ~ Betty Savery


 Dear Dan, Happy-Happy Holidays to You, Jean, Family & Friends!! I was in Maine 4 weeks ago, a quiet time, off season, a 3 day trip to decompress and be by the ocean, hear the waves and walk for miles along the beach, take lots of pictures and dig my feet in the sand....  I sent you many prayers and blessings on your continued journey in good health, succulent living and hope you are surrounded by many friends & loved ones!!!! Your music continues to be a fabulous blessing on this planet! ~ Denise, Massachusetts


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, I was searching one day online for some of your lyrics when I saw that you had prostate cancer..then I read what alot of people have written to you. I don't know you personally. I only know you through your music. Get well and live long my friend. ~ Rich Kelly, Fayetteville, Arkansas


 Dan, I have enjoyed your lyrics and beautiful harmonies for many years.  I first heard, "Changing Horses" on the radio and have been listening ever since.  I found out last week that you have been going through this change in your life.  My prayers are that your continued treatments are successful and that you and your family are given a measure of strength and promise for a bright future.  I hope you can continue to write and share your music because I believe that your gift has blessed listeners for years and will for years to come.  Thank you for sharing your hopes, dreams, experiences, and love through your music and my hope is that these shared prayers will give you a blessing of health. ~ Phil


 I can't stand that fact that you got sick. And I can't help but marvel, scanning the Living Legacy, at how many wonderful people from all over felt the need to reach out and send love to you and your family, as do I. You've built a wonderful community in the world through your music. Your dad leading a band in heaven must be so proud. Love ~ Jo-Ann in FL


 Dan,  My thoughts and prayers are with you each day.  I know with your fighting spirit and your faith you will pull through this trying time.  You are an inspiration to people for the courage you have shown during this trying time.  Your wonderful music has touched so many people over the years and your dedication to your fans has been remarkable.  Thank you so much for your music and for the courage you have shown.  Sincerely ~ Bill Russell, Conway, AR


 Dearest Dan, My dad must own hundreds of albums from his glory days in the late '60s and '70s.  My brothers and I were raised on these albums; nights and days spent fingering through them and listening to them on the turn table.  It was the coolest.  But I remember one day when I was 13 (the summer of 1992) fingering through those albums again and coming across one I didn't recall having before seen .  The cover grabbed my attention and my adolescent heart determined I was in love.  The album was Souvenirs and the cover was a picture of you in a rocking chair... long hair... beautiful eyes. Needless to say, I was hooked from then on... I made it a goal to get my hand on every album you ever made, to own it and listen to it.  Now, at 26, I'm still working on that goal.  Your musical abilities astound me.  Your songwriting is ... genius.  You've a way of capturing the listener and taking them to a whole other place.  It's incredible. 


My baby cousin (she's 14) and I listen to you avidly.  You're like 'home' to us.  I know that sounds weird, and I mean it in the least weird way.  But, as much as my life is colored with your music, so is hers.  As a little girl she would sit with me and listen and I remember very early on when she was only 3 or 4, she had already deemed you her favorite.  When we listen to you together, it's not only common ground for us, it's like a time warp- everything slows down and it's as if we are transported back 10 yrs...  Your music is in the background of so many of my memories and what better music to be there... I know I'm rambling on and on here, but my point is your music has offered me an escape when I needed one, comfort when I needed it, it's encouraged me, challenged me as a writer and strange as it is, gives me this indescribable connection not only with my baby cousin, but with my father as well.   My life has been full of personal and family tragedies.  And in times when there was so much hurt and anger and confusion keeping us apart and unable to speak to one another, your music has been the difference.  I'd stick in one of your albums and next thing you know, we're all sitting together listening, and remembering and just enjoying. 


It broke my heart to hear about your battle with this yucky cancer, but how much elation came with reading you're fighting it and seeing much success.  I don't know where things now stand, but regardless, I'm praying. I cheering you and your wife on in this battle.  And I wish there was more I could do.  Yet, prayer is powerful. Thank you so much for sharing your music, your words, your pictures with the world- with me.  I will never be able to adequately explain or express what a beautiful impact they've had on me.  It's a gift you have, a wonderful, powerful gift.  Never stop using it! I'll forever be your fan. Praying for you and your wife and hoping for the best. Sincerely ~ Mandi (Kentucky)


 Dear Dan Fogelberg - You have no idea what a fan I have been of your music since the 70's. I found your website about a month ago and immediately bought 9 cds of the nine albums I have since the 70's and 80's. My band in the 70's played a lot of your songs and I must say we did an excellent job. Even in my will I have stated that I want "Wysteria" played at my funeral (which I hope won't be for a very long time.....I am 53). I was sad to hear about your prostate cancer but hope you are doing much better now. I have seen you many times in concert, and you are the best vocalist I have ever heard. I hope to see you in concert sometime again close to my home in Connecticut. I wish you good health, peace and happiness for the rest of your life. ~ Janet Eriksson, West Hartord, CT


 Hi to Dan and family. Such good news to hear that your treatment for prostate cancer is helping. Steve, my husband and I have been huge fans of your music for almost 30 years. We call ourselves the "old fogey fans". Our son Sam, who is 21, is a newer fogey fan. He loves your music. He is a very accomplished pianist and likes to play your tunes. Of course "To The Morning" and "Same Old Lang Syne " are particular favourites. We wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and a happy 2006, and hope that the new year brings you as much joy as you have brought to us over the years, and of course good health too. All the very best from Steve, Angela and Sam Bastable of Yorkshire, England. xxx


 Dan, While I have been a fan of your music since the beginning, your music was instrumental in helping me heal from cancer (a brain tumor) in 1996-7. I used music to help me relax and find peace during that scary time and I truly believe that it helped me recover.  I have been cancer free since then and I hope you will be too. Thanks. ~  Jackie Pounds, League City, Texas


 My thoughts and prayers are with you, Jean and your family. I'm very happy the cancer has slowed down. Take Care...and Merry Christmas!!! ~ Micki Jo Morton


 On this Thanksgiving Day I am so happy to learn of your progress and your positive attitude.  I have been a big fan for years and wish you all of the best for a very long life and return to your wonderful music!  Thanks to you!


 Dear Dan, I am grateful for the opportunity of being able to thank you for all of the beautiful music and lyrics you have created and shared. You have lifted my spirit and have given me a great peace throughout the years. I have loved your music since the very beginning! I'm glad you decided to do a Christmas album, Dan; You did good! I look forward to hearing your latest album.


I was looking up the lyrics of "The Last To Know" when I came upon the shocking news of your cancer. I am so sorry! Back in 1997, I lost my older brother, who was only fifty-five, to this horrible disease. Last August, I turned fifty. The year before that, I had some tests run (PSA) and my numbers were high. I returned for different tests and those numbers were even higher. I was told by my doctor that I had a twenty-eight per cent chance of having prostate cancer. I'm sure you know the fear I felt. A biopsy was performed and by the grace of God, it was benign! My follow-up test numbers have remained low. We are so blessed to live in these days of modern medical miracles! That being said, I might add that we have always lived in days of faith and prayer! Though our faith may sometimes dwindle, the power of prayer is forever mighty. Our Heavenly Father always listens to our prayers! He knows you by name! Keep strong in your faith, Dan. I will pray for your faith, your health, your happiness and your peace.Thank you again for the Joy you have brought to my life and countless others, through your wonderful talents! And again, may God bless you and yours with all you need and all you desire. With love ~ Russell Jackman


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, I just wanted you to know how much you and your music has meant to me throughout the years. Your lyrics and music got me through some trying times and I thank you. Keep the faith and remember you're always in someone's thoughts. ~ Amy Furlow, Houston Tx.


 Dan: I just found out last week about your fight with cancer.  I wish you all the best and salute you for being so open about this...this cancer will affect many of our lives. It is brave of you to open up...your openness will probably help save many more lives. I, too, began to listen to your music in the 70's, and it got me through lots of rocky days.  I always felt a kinship to you since I attended college in Peoria and had friends that knew you and your dad. I wish you peace and happiness at the holidays. Your music has always brought that to me. My best ~ Laura


 Dan and Jean, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Hope all is going well. Your music will be getting us through the holidays once again. My husband will certainly be getting both of the tests you mentioned in your letter. Having had a colonoscopy, it is really no big deal for him! Best wishes once again ~ Karen M.


 Hi Dan - I've been a big fan of yours since my parents bought your 1982 Greatest Hits package.  We listened to it frequently when we drove from Toronto to Vancouver and back in the summer of that year.  My favourite song was (and is) "Leader of the Band"  Thanks for many years of great music, and I'm glad to hear that you're doing better. Best of luck in the future, and I hope someday we will be fortunate enough to have a new CD by you. Thanks, and have a good evening. ~ Mike R.


 Dan, wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving . Still not a day goes by that I don't listen to your music,  think of you, and wish the best for you every day. Much love. ~ Dana


 Dan, I hope you and your family have a wonderful, blessed, and RELAXING Thanksgiving. My prayers for your complete recovery and the sustenance of your family continue daily. Take care my dear ‘friend’ and musical icon. Sincerely, Greg Tuttle, Durham/Chapel Hill, NC


  Dear Dan, Like so many others, I discovered you about 1974, you were apart of my high school years and later there when I rocked my daughter; (one of the VERY few times I got caught singing out loud) . You are one of the few who moved me enough to sing when someone could hear me, heck, you even made me sound good. It took me about thirty years to finally see you in concert at Starlake. It was so worth the wait. "Wysteria" could still move me to tears. Your words and voice have lightened my heart and comforted my pain like no other artist. My prayers are with you and yours. May you be healed so that your gift may continue. We love you still ~ Sharon Stamm, Wheeling WV


 Hi Dan & Jean, God is good and I know by His grace, you will find the healing you've been seeking. Just heard one of your songs on the radio, and decided to look up to see how you're doing. You look more handsome than ever, and so many of us miss your voice heard over the airwaves. Keep your spirits up, and look to Jesus, he will never disappoint you. Love and Prayers ~ Jayne Keene.


 Dan, as so many have said in previous well-wishes, it is an honor to express to you how much your music means to all of us fans. I, too, discovered your music in 1974 with your first album (when FM radio was SO new!) and was completely hooked. My sister and I have all your recordings, and I've played"The Long Way" on the piano as entry music for a wedding. You are an extremely gifted lyricist--and it is that: a gift. There are many wonderful recording artists but in my opinion, none so adaptable and creative as you. You are in our prayers. Keep up your strength. ~ Kim, East Texas


 Hello Dan and your loving family,  I have just retired from 20 yrs of Oncology nursing. I have worked  with many patients and families on a personal level to help guide them through this life altering experience. I had the privilege to share many personal moments with my patients and I know as a person I have learned so much. I hope as this letter reaches you and your family you are doing better. Education from your experiences is invaluable, keep sharing it. I would hope you do what is best for yourself in regards to music. You have given so much and  I enjoy and never tire of hearing your songs. My best to you. A longtime fan ~ Barb vanWingerden, Kingsville, Ontario Canada


 Our prayers and thoughts are with you. For all you have given me over the years, my thoughts seem very small in comparison. Would love to have the honor and opportunity to meet and sing with you someday. ~ Mack and Rachel


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg,  I just recently heard about your illness on TV and was stunned.  You have been a favorite of mine since your early albums in the 70's, which I still have on the old 33 LP records.   Your music has always touched me in a moving and positive way.  I used to turn folks on to your songs back in the day when you were a new artist.  I am happy to know that you have a loving family to support you during this difficult and trying time.  I believe that God will see you through this and that you will then become "the Lance Armstrong" for prostate cancer awareness and encourage thousands if not millions of middle aged men around the world to take preventative action.  You will remain in my prayers.  Thank you for all that you have given to the world with your music and thank you for all your future "gifts".  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! ~ Raul Ramos


 Dan, I am grateful for the beautiful music, its healing qualities, and the love it has evoked within myself and my father who passed away last month.  We shared many music moments listening to our favorite songs. These memories will continue and I thank you for your creative life and sharing it with others. May you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving and continued health improvements in the coming year.  I am putting my Dan Fogelberg Christmas CD in the car this week to carry me into Christmas! Blessings ~ Sally


 Best of luck to you, Dan. You gave us great music then and it still lives on for us all now. We hope you continue to live on and thrive for a long time. I met you in an elevator (after a Tampa tour) at the airport hotel in the late 70's . You were so nice and genuine and what a thrill for us. be well and may all the love you gave to us come back at you and yours!  Love and health ~ Barry Klein


 I am praying for you, Dan. Your music is great. May our loving Lord touch you with his healing hands. God bless you. ~ Glen

 Dear Dan, May God give you and your wife the healing in your prayers. Give it all to Him, Dan. Live your life. You only have one. Never stop singing. Your voice is like an angel singing. Just keep saying to yourself, "I can do anything through Christ, who strengthens me." God bless. You're in my prayers. Be well ~ Carolanne, Long Island, NY


 Dear Dan, Of all the artists there are, you are my absolute favorite. I was saddened and then relieved to read the positive update on your health. My thoughts, prayers and healing energies will be focused in your and Jean's direction. May God Bless You and continue to heal you. Thank you so much for your gifts to the music world. You are truly a miracle. Fondly ~ Diane Sylvia


 Dear Dan and Family, Around the holidays I start to hear more and more of Dan's music.  I remembered your cancer diagnosis and I am pleased to hear you are making great strides.  I was diagnosed with a particularly horrible case of breast cancer at the age of 29 (no family history, I found the lump myself, thank God).  I am now 36, it was after many surgeries, many types of treatment, but I too am cancer free.  I am so thrilled you are doing well.  Please know that you are in my thoughts. A long time fan and fellow survivor. ~ Sharon Donahue, Esq., Ocean Pines, MD


 I'm 52 and discovered you while in college, in 1974.  I can't begin to tell you how many hours of enjoyment your music has given me since I found you. I "grew up" to be a CPA and my winters (January 2 to April 15) are grueling, but your music helps me through. Too often we don't get a chance to thank people who have been important to us.  Although the circumstances that opened this email opportunity suck, I am grateful to be able to tell you that you have been an important part of my life.  I have everything you ever produced (all legal, for the record!) and have seen you in concert (Cleveland area) 5 or 6 times.  Please take comfort in knowing that you mean so much to so many.  My thoughts are with you as you battle your cancer. ~ Bill


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, I've grown up listening to you since the 70's!  Thank you SO MUCH for all you have given of yourself and your talent to me and the world.  I'm sure you've heard this plenty, but my prayers include you too! Many Thanks to You for music, words, and art that provide a meaning of life ~ Jane


 Dan, Your music and poetry has been a huge part of my life for over 20 years. All my children have experienced your music over those years in our car and in the home.  There has never been a time when your music has not moved me, inspired me, or just made me smile.  Dan, you are the most gifted person I have ever heard in the business and I have been made a better person to have had your music in my life. 


I hope and pray that your life will continue on the upswing and one day soon you can commit some of your recent experiences to music so we can all share your journey, because we have already been let in your life through your music up until the most recent few years.  I hope we can all continue the journey together! Have a happy and wonderful holiday season, I hope your encouraging news continues for your and Jean. Very Sincerely ~ George Wilk


 Dearest Dan - Wishing you and yours an especially Happy Thanksgiving this year ! May all of life's precious blessings surround you ! With much love always ~ June / Norwalk, CT


 Dan:  At this special time of year, I do wish you and your family the best, especially during these trying times.  I, too, have enjoyed the message behind the music as well as the music itself.  My spirits have been uplifted by your creative abilities and I pray for your family as you fight this dreaded disease ~  Marilyn


 Dan, I am 54 years old and have played drums since the age of FIVE.  I've followed your music for decades, covered your music for decades and admired your music for decades.  I am personally going thru some of the same prostate problems now.  I'm encouraging all of my friends to get checked. You remain an inspiration to me still. Thank you & God Bless You ~ Glen Garnett


 Hi Dan,  Just finished listening to "Same Old Lang Syne" on the radio. It is such a popular song around Christmas. As I was listening, I noticed my daughter of six was singing along with you and I realized then, you had a new fan. What we  as parents try to do to bridge the generations, is often accomplished with a song simply and innocently. Your contributions of beautiful, thoughtful and engaging songs will always be your legacy for generations to come and I just thank God for you being there with your music and pray for you and your family every day that God will continue to bless you. Thanks ~ William


 Hi, Dan!!   Well, I have been a total loyal fan for so many years !!  I have so much to thank you for.  But before I do......I would like to say that I am so thankful that your health is getting better.  God must have more plans for you !! I have been listening to you since I was in high school.  And when my parents decided to "call it quits" and got a divorce, I listened to you a LOT through all this.  Sometimes, I would stay in my room and play your music over and over again.  It really helped me.  Your words are so comforting.  Plus, the music adds such a soothing "note" to it all. I have attended many of your concerts in Nashville.  WOW!!! Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving and God bless you!!! Much love ~ Nancy Flatt


 Since hearing of your illness, you and your family have been in my prayers.  I wish you nothing but the best.  I can't imagine the last 30 years without your music in my life. Thank you!


 Dan "The Man" Fogelberg, there is no way, or words, to describe the impact you have had on me and my friends for all of your music, words and songs throughout the years.  I have sat with my friends on top of mountains in Colorado with a bud, a Bud and songs and words from many of your great songs.  I have been on beaches, sail boats, mountain tops, and traffic in Dallas wearing out every 8-track, album, cassette and Cd you graced us with in your career.   I know you are going through a battle and by reading your progress through your web site I know the spiritual side of you will always prevail.  I have scheduled an appointment with my doctor today on your request.  I wish you success on along the road.  As much as I will miss that you won't be touring, I am praying for you and your family, and I will remember all the tours I have seen you perform.  From Fools Gold to solo acoustic sets to rockin' the house, your concerts have never disappointed.


I became a huge Dan Fogelberg fan in 1974 when I first heard"Souvenirs" in high school.  I bought the album and since then have  bought all your album/cd's since then.  At my college in Texas I was known as the Fogelberg connection (which introduced me to many a fine coed fan of yours)... because I always bought up as many tickets as financially possible and I sold them at cost or for a discount so as many people as possible could come hear you.  My first Dan "The Man" Fogelberg concert ended abruptly as you were sick from food poisoning and left after the 3rd or 4th song.  You returned later that summer and blew everyone away.  My school was 200 miles from Dallas, but I  drove in and stayed up all night long on a curb with 100 or so other knuckle heads to buy 54 tickets for my "list for Dan" tickets. At last count I have purchased over 320 tickets for your shows.  I may have built one of your houses on what you made off my friends. Rainbow   (now Ticketmaster)  thought I was a scalper.  I am not a scalper, or stalker or psycho.  I am just a guy who has enjoyed your words, music, poems, artistry, humor, spirit and travels since the early days.  I have had friends for 30 years who call me up every time they hear your music and we trade your lines back and forth like musical baseball cards.  I have used your songs and words to make new friends, keep old ones, coach my players, to win my wife, to wed my wife, to bury my grandmother and to ease my life.  I am a high school coach and I tell my players the most important things in life are not as much about winning, as they are about being a positive impact in someone's life.  You, Mr. Fogelberg, are that.


Someone asked me one time if I knew the Bible as well as I knew your songs?  My response was it is important in life to know as many books as possible... but it is also important to know as many songs. Thank you and may the road rise up to meet you. I'm just a fan. ~ Chuck "Flash" Locke


 I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers at this holiday season!! Take Care ~ Kathy, Chicago, IL


 Living in Utah, my sons and I have had the great opportunity to see you in concert several times. They are among our favorite concert memories. We wish you all the best and may your future be as bright as you have made our lives. Regards ~ Russ Ogden and family


 Hello, I am so happy to read your treatment is working and you are on the mend. I heard at some point this year you were fighting cancer and I began praying for your speedy recovery.  I am 47 years old and you are probably a few years older and at our ages, we start to hear of friends as well as famous people who become ill. When I was in my 30's, I remember my parents commenting on those from their generation who became ill, etc. Now it is our turn.  Now, let me tell you how much you were a part of my teens and college years!  I mean what 15/16/17/18... year old from 1973-1979 didn't own Souvenirs, Captured Angel and Nether Lands? You hit Atlanta big!!  The UGA and Emory campuses too!  I at the former and my boyfriend at the latter.  We spent many nights in his dorm room listening to Souvenirs.  I still listen to Souvenirs and Nether Lands. When I fondly remember those coming of age years, I always remember the music to which it all happened and before Disco.  I think of Cat Stevens, Van Morrison (Tupelo Honey), Fleetwood Mac before Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham (Bare Trees and Mystery to Me), Bruce Springsteen before he hit the cover of Newsweek and Time, CSN without Young, and of course, YOU!  Thank you for your music!  You and in my thoughts and prayers!  ~ Lori Lewis


 Dear Dan, At this time of year we are all reminded to be thankful. I have been thankful for you since the 70's and after reading your letter on your birthday I am very thankful for your good news.  Please know I pray for you every day. I hope you and your wife have a nice holiday. ~ Vida in TN


 Dear Dan:  My family and I will be praying for you and Jean as you go through your battle with prostate cancer.  It was encouraging to read on your website that your treatment has gone well and that your cancer is in remission.  I hope you will continue to improve over the months and years to come. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer last May (at the age of 51) and underwent laparoscopic surgery this past July.  I am thankful to be able to say that my most recent PSA score was zero and that it appears that the cancer is gone at this point. Before closing, I want to thank you for so many years of such incredible music.  From the first time I put "Home Free" on a turntable and heard "To the Morning," I knew I would be a lifelong  fan.  Thank you for enriching my life and the lives of so many others through your musical gifts. May God bless you in your efforts to be healthy and live life to the full. ~ Dr.  Chris Thurman


 Sending you good wishes doesn't seem enough! Having lived through my own, different "cancer hell" at the ripe old age of 41 in 2001, one of the rocks to cling to was music - yours. Attitude is everything with cancer - keep up the good fight, enjoy every day and be good to yourself and others. I'm 4 years cancer free and plan to stay that way! Best Regards ~ Karen


 Healing thoughts and warm wishes surround you. Thank you for your many years of inspiring music. May there be many more to come. ~ Jan


 Dan -Your songs have resonated strongly with me: from the time I first heard "Part Of The Plan" on my car radio (As a high school senior) all the way through the years to "Full Circle". As a listener, I have greatly enjoyed the many ways you have tapped into the muse. As a performer, I want to thank you for being one of the fellow musicians who has inspired me to do this as a calling and as a living. I was very glad to read of the success in treating your illness. You have been in my thoughts often, over the past year. Many of my friends and family have kept you in their thoughts and prayers, as well. We will continue to do so. Thank you so much, Dan... ~ Allan Evett, Chicago, Illinois


 Dear Dan and Jean, I am very glad to hear your good news that you and doing so well and that your health is improving!  You both remain in my thoughts and prayers, and of course, in selfishness I also pray to have the blessing of someday hearing you, Dan, in concert again. If another concert is not to be, then remember, what you have already given us all is still one of the most beautiful gifts ever.  I STILL marvel at the delightful harmony and beauty of your music, and of its timelessness.  My six-slot CD changer in the car is filled with it, and I never grow tired of it! Again, sending get well wishes and many thanks for your gift of music and poetry. ~ Donna Koch


 Hi Dan, What can I say to you..that many people haven't said already? You've  totally have been such an inspiration  to me. Your lyrics -WOW. Your music -- AWESOME. I've listened since the 70's. Thanks so much for putting in words what I could have never have said. I will pray every day for you Dan that Jesus will not need you !!! Would love to see you Chicago again !!! Thanks so much for the memories and the music. ~ Keri Klein


 Dan and Jean;  Blessings to you both and I hope things are going well for you these days!  I just Pray you are well and CANCER FREE!  Jean, you are truly a Godsend for Dan, staying by him taking care of him, praying for him, nurturing him back to good health.  Three years ago when I was diagnosed with colon cancer, my wife left me one month after I got out of the hospital -- said she was afraid and her life was for her and all about her.  I was holding her back, so now she's gone and I am single at 50 but I am single and Cancer free!  I hope the best for you both.


 Dear Dan, I hadn't checked your website in awhile but was so happy to read your positive news.  And kudos for your sermon to all the men out there who think it won't happen to them. Yes, those of us who adore you and your music miss you.  I still have such strong memories of the wonderful concert back in the early 80's at the Irvine, CA Meadows Amphitheater.  I've also seen you at Symphony Hall, Springfield, MA back here in my home state. But most important is for you to do what you've been doing--using all your energy for this battle of your life.  I know you have an incredible support system, both in an intimate sense and a larger circle of all your fans. I wish you continued healing, Dan. ~ Susan Kramer


 Dear Dan, Our sincerest well wishes are with you and your wife. We are going through your same health issues right now so we relate only too well. In our case, our family doctor didn't feel that a PSA that had doubled in one year and was over 4 was out of the ordinary or maybe we wouldn't be in such a serious situation. Please remind men to be aware of these two important PSA calculations when they DO get their annual PSA test. Your music is a delight! You have brought a lot of serenity to a lot of us. Please keep writing and singing and soothing our souls! We love it! ~ Bud and Gayle


 Dan, glad to hear you're getting a handle on your battle. My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer 5 years ago and his doctor prescribed lupron. It helped him dramatically and he is fine today. Every bit of information helps.  I have been a fan of yours for quite some time.  The first time I saw you was in the early 70's at the Academy of Music on 2nd Ave in Manhattan, you opened for the Eagles. Take care Dan and hope this info is helpful. ~ Joe Breitfeld, Islip,NY


 Hi Dan, first of all I must thank you for all that great music, writing it, recording it and giving us the chance to be able to listen to it. I have listen to your music for over 30 years now and have always loved it. You're up there with all the other great singers  and players like Karla Bonoff, Timothy B. Schmidt, Victor Feldman, Joe Vitale, Dave Mason, Rita Coolidge, Booker T. Jones, Carole King, Fools Gold (got their 2Cd's from Japan and would not know their music if it wasn't for you. I wish they still write and record music.) Hope you recover and enjoy life with your wife, family and friends. Funny, keep thinking I've known you all my life -- what music can do to you.  ~ Rainer and family


 Dear Dan, I've been a fan since the early 70's but more recently we have a greater connection than the wonderful words and music you have shared with myself and millions of others... I am a cancer survivor. I was sorry to have heard of your illness, but am happy to hear you are doing well. I'm in my 7th year since diagnosis and in complete remission.


I can remember hearing "To The Morning" for the first time... my college roomate playing it every morning when we awoke... it was a wonderful way to start the day. And then my sister moved to Nederland, CO., and I soon followed in her footsteps for a short while. Sis is still in Nederland, going on 31 years now, and I am 900 miles due north in Missoula, Montana. It was here I was diagnosed and went through my treatments. But it wasn't the treatments alone that "cured" me... it was family, friends, and sometimes strangers who heard of my plight, their love, support, words of encouragement, laughter, hugs, tears, smiles that got me through the ups and downs, the fear, the depressions. But I don't need to tell you that... your personal letter comes across clear and strong with that message. It's a shame more men are not so forth right with their battles against cancer. I do ads for the local Relay for Life, American Cancer Society fundraiser. A local TV runs the spots for a month prior to the event, but rarely do you seen men, cancer survivors, "coming out" and doing a commercial. No need to go into the question why, just a big thanks to you for being so vocal and proactive regarding your cancer... "The Sermon". I wear my LIVESTRONG bracelet proudly, and with good reason.Cancer is non-discriminatory and can effect each and every one of us regardless of our sex. No one is safe, no one is invincible, no one needs to remain/be uneducated. Again, Thank You for your music, your words, thoughts and love. Peace, Health and Blessings to you, your family and friends. Sincerely ~ Brendan R. Moles


 Mr. Fogelberg:  I have appreciated your music for thirty years and I think you are the only entertainer that I would write a "fan letter " to.  Hope your health continues to improve, and I will be scheduling a prostate exam as per your advice.  Thanks ~ Mark


 Dan,  I am a 41-year old white male currently trying to figure out the prostate problems I'm having. While they've ruled out cancer, they're not (yet) quite sure what it is. Reading your "sermon" has reminded me of the importance of following through on this, though it's frustrating having test after test done and finding out little (or nothing).  As a single parent with 2 kids, you've re-focused me on making sure they DO figure it out and making sure I'm around for a long time to watch my kids, and eventually their kids, grow.  I thank you for the inspirational words and for the entertainment over the last 30 years! My prayers are with you and your family as you continue your fight. Blessings ~ Pete


 Dan, Best wishes for a speedy recovery.  I have been playing "Same Old Lang Syne" for our 4 1/2 year old son, an aspiring musician.  He calls it the "classical song."  Have enjoyed your music and have seen you in in concert a number of times, here in NJ over the years.  Best to you and yours ~ John, Monica and Joshua, Oakhurst, NJ


 Dear  Dan, My thoughts and prayers are with you and Jean. You are the most spiritual, loving, talented individual I have ever had the privilege to have met.  I will never forget the concert I attended  at the Fox theater in St. Louis, Mo. in I believe it was 1992. You not only gave a most memorable performance, but came out to my car after the performance for a picture with me, because I had just been in a car accident and cracked some ribs but it wouldn't keep me from your concert.  You were so very kind to me, especially since it was 0 degrees out! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I treasure those pictures!!  Again, God be with you and bring you back to the concert circuit .  We love you!  ~ Corky Smith


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, I was crushed to hear about your battle with cancer. I am a daughter of a cancer survivor, and the granddaughter of a cancer survivor. I know first hand how hard and how long a fight is. My hope for you is a positive attitude. I also know when one person has cancer the whole family has cancer also. I can only pray that you will live your life to its fullest, you are free of pain and the treatments are bearable. You have given so much to us and please know that you are appreciated in ways you may never know, but just know it is true.


 Dear Dan- I often think of your music, which I came to know first, as a college student in Illinois during the late 70's.  If it weren't for my college friend Libby, having a "Home Free" album lying around in her dorm room...well, I may never have discovered your beautiful, heartfelt music. Some 30 years later, I find I can still escape into the beautiful stories you composed then.  What a world we'd have without music to lift us, and teach us about our own humanity and frailty.  We are all grateful you are rising like a Phoenix...~ Sue 


 Dear Dan, I wish to extend to you my greatest thanks. I am a 20-year-old college Junior. I am a vocal music (music theatre) performance major and am actually doing quite well. The reason I am telling you this is because it was you who filled me with the inspiration to pursue music. I remember my father sitting me down and putting on one of your albums (Innocent Age, I think) and telling me that you were one of the greatest singer/songwriters of his time. Ever since that day I have listened and sung along to your albums. In fact, I credit you as being my first real "voice teacher." I know that sounds odd, but there is great reason behind this. I had never really sung before I began singing along to your songs, but after I started singing, I never stopped. I began studying piano and composing songs of my own. Composition, however, is definitely not my strong point. Anyway, back to my accrediting you as my first voice teacher... I had been asked multiple times as a high school student who I studied voice with, usually after auditions or performances. When I told them "no one" they were simply blown away it seemed. I have been told by professionals in my field that I will one day aspire to great heights. And coming to the university that I have (Oklahoma City University) has been the first great step toward that goal, for OCU is one of the top five programs in the nation for music theatre. Now, I know that it probably seems that I am "tooting my own horn," but that is not what I have been meaning to do in the letter. I've told you all of this because without you, I may never have really gotten interested in music performance in the first place. So, I suppose all this letter was really leading up to was this... Thank you. Your songs have been an inspiration to me and have also been one on my father, who is also a songwriter. Trust me, he has never claimed to be anywhere near your level, but I hear, in each of his songs, a bit of you. Thank you once again and best wishes to your already speedy recovery. Sincerely ~ Christopher Russell


 Dan, as someone who also has felt prayers and love from others, I do know the feeling and how amazingly humbling it is.  God Bless you Dan and all those you love.  Keep letting the light of love in. Be well ~ Miffy


 What more can be said than already has been.   Like many well wishers before me, your music and the stories behind your music have been an inspiration to me since the 70's!  Hearing your music brings joy to my heart and soul!  The update on your health is very good news, and I wish you continued progress in your battle with cancer.  Best wishes and prayers to you and yours! ~ Tracy 


Dear Dan, As I sit here at work on this last day November 2005 listening to your great CD The Innocent Age, I want to tell you that my prayers are with you and I cannot express enough how your music throughout my life has touched me and affected me. All the Best ~ Robert D Henri


 Dear Dan, My husband and I listened to your albums in high school and college.You were there at the start of our relationship and your albums are my most cherished today. I found out about your cancer last night from a friend of my husband's. I believe in prayer because of my own personal hardships in life. I have found that the darkest experiences bring about the most gratification. What is gained is so much more valuable in the end! I wouldn't wish what I had to go through on anyone, but I wouldn't trade the experience for anything because of what I gained and learned. I prayed faithfully and had hope- even though on some days it was difficult. My husband read your personal story last night. As I was reading it this morning, I was so impressed that you gave what you called "your sermon." I know my husband read it and I wouldn't be surprised if he decided to get the test. So, thank you for helping other men with your testimony. Love, Faith and Hope is what its all about here on earth. I will pray for you and God loves you. ~ Tracy


 Dearest Dan, It was wonderful to hear you are doing better and I pray that your progress in beating this thing  continues. You should not have been surprised at the outpouring of love and affection we fans have for you. In one way or another you have touched so many lives through your  music... My sister took her own life not so long ago and I will admit that listening to the beautiful music of yours has soothed my soul in ways you cannot imagine. She introduced me to the music of Gordon Lightfoot (Sunday Concert) which led me on the path to finding you (nothing on the radio would have done that! Sorry) It is very selfish of us to  want you back.... Can't help it, but we do understand your health comes first and we'll be happy just knowing you are doing better. We have plenty of you on CDs and those of us lucky enough to have seen you live have those wonderful memories of how great you were in concert.  What shows they  were! Take care and know you are loved by many. ~ J. G.


 So good to hear things are going well. Your music has been a great source of joy to me since the mid-70's.Your ability to touch ones heart rivals the other great song writers like Gordon Lightfoot and Harry Chapin. Thank you!


 Dear Dan:  I wish you and your wife the very best while on this path to life.  I pray for your healing and for your abundant life to be enriched as you have touched so many with your God given gifts. Having experienced my Dad's battle and victory over this dreaded disease I have followed your advice and begin the testing process bi annual PSA and my first DRE this Spring on my 50th birthday. From one Illinois boy to another, may the peace of the Lord be with you always and my heartfelt prayers go out to you, your wife and family. Peace and Prayers ~ John Wheeler


 Dear Dan, I hope you do not mind the first name basis. Being a social worker and pastoral care person in health care, I think your sermon is quite to the point. We lost a dear family member to prostate cancer, and your words are to the point, spot on.


I would never be writing to you, nor would have known about your current health trials, if not for visiting your site to obtain a copy of the lyrics from "Longer." For many years, whenever I have listened to that song, I have always heard it, (perhaps this is not a novel perspective), not so much as a love song between a man and a woman or vice-versa, but rather as a song one would hear God singing to humankind. The reason I visited the site was to get a copy for an Advent Evening, I am preparing for a church I serve at as a Deacon. Bethany Lutheran Church, here in Brooklyn New York City. Instead using traditional Advent hymns, I decided after some prayer to use the following in this order-know that you are in good company. Bob Dylan's "When the Ship Comes In", Leonard Cohen's "The Guests", and, your song, "Longer." Sorry about your song being the last, but "the last shall be first and the first shall be last". The evening will be music with some psalm readings appropriate for the Advent Season, as well as some readings from Leonard Cohen's Book, A Book of Mercy .  


I don't know if you are familiar with this work of Leonard Cohen's, but it is actually a collection of contemporary psalms, that touch upon the themes of praise, despair, anger, doubt, trust, all stuff I know I have spoken with patients over the years as both a social worker and pastoral care person. I am sure you can relate to some of those themes, as we all from time to time struggle with them.


In a world where there is so much turmoil and struggle, both globally and on personal levels, I want to wish you the best and please know that in learning about your journey, we will be praying for you during this Advent Season, and throughout the Christmas season as well. Please keep us in your prayers as well. Actually one of my favorite songs of yours is from Souvenirs . The song is "Better Change." Wishing you, your family, and loved ones, continued healing and peace, now, and throughout the New Year. Thank-you Dan, for helping me create my Advent Evening Service. In reality I do not think I could of done it without you. Sincerely ~ Frank Attanasia


 Keep up the fight Dan! You have been, and are still, my favorite songwriter/singer of all time. I saw you the first time on tour with Fools Gold  in the early 70's. I often wonder what happened to that band. I bought the  tape back then and it's so old I can't even listen to it.  Through your  music I've made it through some tough times and for that I'm grateful. I wish  you all the best. Take it slow and when you're ready we'll be here!


 The recent death of my brother Steve from pancreatic cancer brings into focus the importance of music in our lives.  As we sat in his living room trying to select 4 pieces of music to play during a  service to celebrate his life,we cried, we laughed and we remembered various  stages in the life of Steve the adventurer, musician, husband, father,  businessman and true friend whilst listening to some of his favourite music.  From the moment his wife Vicki played "Only  The Heart May Know", there was unanimous agreement that this would be the main song. The Innocent Age had been one of his favourite albums -  so much so that he had given copies to friends and relatives (one telling me at the service that he took a copy with him whenever he traveled.) The funeral director approached me after the service,clearly moved by Vicki's choice of  music, saying that they were the most beautiful words she had ever heard. Dan's  music is timeless and will continue to be a source of inspiration to me and our family for many years to come. I wish him a speedy recovery from his illness and  hope he can continue to make beautiful music. ~ David, Gold Coast, Australia


 Hi Dan, I hope this message finds you feeling well and with the ones you love. I want to thank you for the music you have given me at such important times in my life and I hope my thoughts below bring you a smile.  I am from Kewanee, Illinois which is an hour northwest of Peoria."Souvenirs" was the first album I bought for my new stereo when I graduated from junior high.  When I was a freshman in high school, I tried out for the pom pon squad with a routine to "Part of the Plan." Of course with inspiration like that, I made the team.  I lived in California for 5 years in the late 80's and "Illinois" was always on my mind when I went home for Christmas.  In fact, every time I cross the Illinois state line, I hear your voice.  And every October, I make sure I have "Old Tennessee" on my car cd player.  When I was divorced, Exiles got me through some very rough times (I'm sure you've heard that thousands of times but it meant so much to me).  I remember seeing you in concert in Wichita, Kansas (one of many) where you started out by singing, "Longer than there've been fishes in my suitcase."  Now every time I hear that song I think of the fishes.  I moved to Colorado recently to be near my niece and nephew to watch them grow up.  It's easy to see why you were drawn to this region.  Thank you for being a part of my life.  My prayers are with you now. Sincerely ~ S. Nelson


 Dan, I pray that your health continues to improve each day.  I listened to your Christmas album for the first time this year and I will continue to listen to it almost every day through Christmas.  That album is truly inspired.  "At Christmastime" sets the mood, "The First Christmas Morning" is exceptionally beautiful, and "Christ the King" always makes me feel better. I hope you won't tire of my emails.  I've sent quite a few, but none recently. Your music has been such an important part of my life for over 30 years, that having an opportunity to tell you specific stories and to say thank  you is a dream come true.  It's terrible that the reason for this  opportunity is your sickness. 2006!  Something to look forward to. It's a miracle that I will see the new year and be able to again play your Greetings from the West  dvd and watch you singing "Same Old Lang Syne" at the stroke of midnight.(my New year's tradition)  My brain cancer has improved, much to the amazement of my doctors. This is so rare with my type of cancer.  I receive hugs  and tears of joy at every doctor visit. Every day is Thanksgiving, only without the turkey dinner!  I am  thankful that you are doing well.  I pray for you every day. You have so much more to give to the world.  Your music continues to get me through.  I look forward to the joy of experiencing new music from you. Love to you and Jean ~ Dani Janich, Las Vegas, NV


 Dear Dan, You have gotten me through so much in my life and I wish I could give all that strength back to you now.  No other musician has ever touched me the way you have.  You are in my thoughts and prayers.  Thank you, take care and God bless you. With much love ~ Sharon


 Dear Dan, I have been working with cancer patients for the last 15 years but you touched my life way before then!  I met my husband when I was 14 years old and this past August, we celebrated 23 years of marriage.  One of the first things we found that we had in common, was the love of your music.  Needless to say, "Longer" was our wedding song.  Your music has always been so inspirational and when Twin Sons of Different Mothers came out, it was a blessing in disguise.  You see, I hate quiet, so I always had music on in college, when I was studying.  The problem is, I start to sing along and then I don't get the studying done!  When your album, with mostly instrumentals, came out, it was a win, win situation for me!  I think I passed anatomy and physiology because I couldn't sing along!

Seriously, I just want to wish you all the best.  Remember, the more positive you are, the better you'll do.  Your mind is very powerful.  I think it's wonderful that you're speaking out about getting screened for your PSA.  Yes, it can be a touchy subject, but it needs to be said and as usual, you do it so eloquently.  I guarantee you will safe many lives, just by passing the message along.  Keep up the great work and God bless you for many years to come. Fondly a very devoted fan ~ Lesley B. Klein


 Dear Dan......I was thrilled to read your wonderful news.  I have checked your website frequently to see if there were any updates and I was so happy to read the good news.  Like so many others, I have enjoyed your music for many, many years.  I truly believe that prayer can, and has, saved lives. Your talent is remarkable and your music has been a wonderful addition to my life.  I will continue to pray for you and I know that you will make it through this ordeal.  ~ Elizabeth A. Bogucki


 Dan, Cathy and I think of you often. We saw you last when you performed near our home in Connecticut. Our four children listen to your music more than we do. How it has enriched our lives. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family for a joyous holiday season. ~ The Fines


 Dan and Jean, I am very happy to hear that your ordeal is showing a bright side. Since the mid 70's, I have been inspired by your songs of love, hurt, and hope, and saw my own life parallel yours in many respects. Several months ago as I first looked for your concert date in Tampa, and found out about your affliction, and must admit, I hoped that I would not have to endure what you were experiencing. However a few months later I learned of my own potential malady through the results of a very high PSA test. For the next several weeks I found the stress and concern to be almost debilitating. I realized the fear and uncertainty that you and your family must have been experiencing. Fortunately, a biopsy revealed no cancer and I am currently being watched very closely through the tests associated with this condition. I want to wish you a speedy and complete recovery. We all look forward to your return to the stage and hope that your holidays reflect a comfort and peaceful spirit. ~ Frank 


 I first listened to your music when I was in college starting in 1981,  My life took me to Canada the West and East coast moving frequently. I now live in Quebec and started listening again on CDs. I have collection of your albums on 33.  Anyway I never tired of your style of music.  I just read your biography since I never knew much about you.  I lost my Mother in 2004 to Inflammatory Breast cancer at 74yrs.  It was harder on me than her.  I will keep you in my prayers. People can survive Prostate cancer. My husband is a Pastor, I hope to head that direction too and am learning french.  God bring complete healing to you and may your music go on to touch more people.  ~ Clarissa Canning


 Dan, I was glad to see the updated news on the website.  Here's wishing you and yours a blessed and memory-filled holiday season! ~ Jan from Minneapolis


 Dear Dan, I want to wish you and your family all the best during this blessed Christmas.  I also want to thank you, as many others have, for the years of enjoyment of your music.  You have been there through all of the important events in my life - my marriage, babies, teenagers, teaching them to drive, weddings, grandbabies and the loss of parents.  I raised my daughters on your music and one of the biggest thrills was being able to bring them to your concert at Starlake many years ago when they were teens.  I was so thrilled that there was not one offensive remark or gesture made by you or your band that I would later have to apologize to my girls for. Thank you again and please know that you and your family are in my family's thoughts and prayers. ~ Kathy in WV


 Dan, I can't begin to explain to you what your songs have meant to me over the years.  I have been attempting to play/sing your songs for 30 years and still find them the most rewarding to play solo at home.  Your song lyrics have struck a sympathetic chord with me with an accuracy that I find quite amazing.  Best wishes to you both for these difficult times you are facing.  I know how you love your Martins, but I just had to buy a Taylor Limited in 01.  Take care. ~ Jim Osborne


 Another year, and another opportunity to listen to "The First Christmas Morning " and to once again tell you, Dan, how much your music has meant to me and to my husband, Tom. This year we had to move from our beloved Colorado after 20 years living there (the telcom meltdown, you know) and are now living in Washington state.  Beautiful, but just not the same, as you well know!  We kept our log house just a couple of miles from your old recording stomping grounds at Caribou Ranch and will hope to return there to live one day.  Thankfully your music travels with us wherever we go.  We are thrilled to know that you are beating your illness and send every wish and prayer for a complete recovery.  Love to you and yours always ~ Joan and Tom Hemm


 Dan, I want to thank you for sharing your gift of music over the years, and wish you the best of luck in your fight with cancer. God Bless ~ Mark Welle


 Relax, be fine, and don't worry about a thing. We do not need you in concerts, we need you well. And after you recover, and are in shape, and only if you want, return to skiing, sailing, the stage, the studio. Return to all the beautiful things. We love you! ~ Your friends from all over the world.


 Dear Dan, Thinking of you and wishing you good health.  I hope you are feeling strong and healthy and are enjoying life. Thank you for sharing your beautiful music with us. Take care ~ C.C.


 To Dan Fogelberg. I am not so much religious as spiritual, but I wanted to write this to send good wishes your way. I know you have probably heard this before but your music has touched my life in so many ways but one way that is immeasurable is a bonding relationship with my daughter Kelly. As with many teenagers, she made some choices that were not always in her best interest, which can be very trying on a parent-child relationship, but one thing we always had in common was a love for your music. Over the years , we have always attended all of your concerts in the Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Northern Virginia areas together, one especially memorable one in Portsmouth, Virginia in a venue by the water on a breezy summer night. Not many young people want to hang out with their parents, but your concerts are the exception. Your music has kept me company on many a lonely night, and I always marvel at your talent in writing the most beautiful songs. Again, I am sending love and my best wishes for a full and speedy recovery, and I look forward to a time when we can all share an evening together again. ~ Bettie McMoran, Virginia Beach, Virginia


 Dan, Many songs are enjoyed do to a catchy lyric or a great beat. For me your words have always meant so much to me. Thank you. Best wishes for a full recovery. ~ Brian


 Dan, The first time I saw you in concert was in Hawaii about 1980. Ever since that concert, you became my all time favorite recording artist and remain my favorite even today. Be strong, have faith, and may God bless you each and every day.


 Dan, I, like all of your fans, was deeply saddened when I discovered you were stricken with cancer. Reading the latest update is most encouraging. I have listened and loved your music for many many years and hope that someday you will be healthy and inspired to return to recording.  You have no idea how your music lifts our hearts and your mastery of lyrics is so engaging.  It is as if you are offering maps to guide our lives. I wish you and your family the healthiest and happiest holidays. Cheers ~ Wes Lewis


 Dear  Dan, What would a wedding be without your music? My husband and I married on  November 5, 1983. We had your music being played by a friend, and of course, on acoustic guitar. "Longer" is my favorite. May the Lord heal you!  And  yes, my husband gets his tests done annually. Sincerely ~ Myra Kay and David


 Dear Dan, I have been a fan of your music since the early 1970's!  I have been traveling a good bit recently helping my mother recover from invasive bladder cancer in a location about 300 miles from my home and family.  I find that listening to my Fogelberg collection on my trips to and from gives me strength and perspective. "Full Circle" has become a favorite as well as "Home Free" and "Souvenirs."  I was checking your web site to see if there are any new releases and I see the news of your prostate cancer.  My thoughts and prayers will include you and your family.  Just wanted to say "thank you" for a lifetime of inspiration and some much needed "therapy" through music.  Take care! ~ Cindy (Columbus, Ohio).


 I have been a huge fan of Dan Fogelberg's since High School when my boyfriend played "Part of the Plan". Wishing you the best in health & happiness. A fan in Vermont ~ Laura Reinders, Jericho, Vt


 Dear Dan, I was only 13 when I heard your first song and I've been a devoted fan ever since.  I am a native of Colorado and have felt a bit of kinship with you and your love of this beautiful state.  There's nothing like hearing you sing at Red Rocks amphitheatre; the moon, the stars and your music, WOW. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.  May the upcoming Holiday season be filled with wonder, joy and love. Thanks for the many years of song - I expect many, many more! ~ Gaye Y.


 Dear Dan, At this time of year we are reminded to be thankful.  I have been thankful for you and your music since the 70's.  I am also thankful for your letter on your birthday.  I read on CNN that olive oil extract is killing cancer cells in the prostate.  Please talk to your Doctors and research.  Hope that you and your wife had a nice holiday. ~ Vida in Tn


 I am 50 years young. You inspired me to learn to play the guitar at 14. Every time I am down or going through a rough time your music fills my home and heart. You have been my inspiration for more years than I can remember. You got me through boot camp in the army, every morning I was singing "To The Morning" as the drill sergeants were yelling. Thank you for being a part of my life through your words and music!!!! May God continue to keep you improving and bless you and Jean. With sincere love ~ Pam


 Our thoughts and prayers are with you always.  As the youngest of 8 children, I was introduced to your music by older siblings and have been a fan ever since.  All family gatherings involve playing one or many of your CD's.  Now my son is playing guitar and while he likes the junk played today, I have him listening and learning your music so he can know what true good music & lyrics (poetry, actually) is.  We are a strong family that believes wholly in the power of prayer.  We discussed you over Thanksgiving and want you to know that we are praying for you and know you will defeat this. Thank you for your music and we will continue to check your website for updates.  Much love ~ The Dolan Clan


 Dan,  I have not checked the LL site for a while but I am thrilled today to see the good news you shared with your fans on your 54th.  Hope you feel well enough soon to tour out East again.  In the meantime, I am going to have to find someone who has your PBS concert saved! ~ Joe, Clinton, NJ


 Dear Dan and Jean and family, I am so happy to hear that you are in a place where you are feeling relief. Your fans have been praying for you and thinking of you all these months, and sending much love your way.  I am glad to know you have received our love, and your body is responding.  You have given us so much love and comfort for so many years, and I am also glad to know that our love and response to you has brought you comfort.  How many days and nights we have all listened to your words and music, and it helped us to get through so many things, and to see a brighter day ahead?  We all hope we have done this for you in some small way.  We all love you very much, and know the beautiful spirit that you are.  Jean is blessed to have you, and you her. Continue on your journey of healing, and I know you see the remarkableness and exquisiteness of each moment and each person and event in this life of yours.  To appreciate each event and person and moment, however large or small in this life, is to be truly at one with all, and at peace. Love ~ Kathy Cheuvront


 Dan, Best wishes to you and your family and many thanks for your strong, supportive message for the early detection of prostate cancer. I am one of many who have recently started having the annual testing. Hopefully many more will also.  Take care and stay strong. ~ David - Tuscaloosa, AL


 Dear Dan, We just wanted to send our wishes to you and Jean for a wonderful Thanksgiving.  When counting our own blessings, we couldn't forget the two of you.  Somehow, you feel like a part of our family.   Please know that our thoughts and prayers remain with you both and may God's healing hand continue to rest upon you.   How many lives you have touched with your music; how many more lives you will touch with God's next "Part of the Plan" for you. With much love and gratitude ~ Lisa & John Andursky, Connellsville PA


 Hi Dan, I just read about your battle.  I feel that God gives us what we can handle...although sometimes it seems overwhelming. My wishes for you and your family are complete recovery and health.  You Dan, have touched so many of us with your words and music, you should be very proud.  I wish you the best. Your fan from northern Michigan. ~ Ron


 Dan, I have only gotten to know you through your music. I am the worst guitarist in all the world but your singing and playing touched me and so many others . My wife , a non music lover, loves your stuff . That being said , I only recently heard about your illness and I am heartened that good news has come your way . At 56 , it is easy to recognize the simple gifts as being the lasting ones. I wish you the strength to fight like " hell" through this . I know you will be back soon, making albums, frustrating no talents like me! I know you will get through this!  Peace ~ Joe Moore


 I was searching the web to see the possibility of a new CD release when I read the news. Your music has shaped my soul since I discovered you as a teenager back in 1979. I've seen you in concert in Chicago and Indianapolis and I will see you in concert again, I will allow nothing less. Until then ~ RK

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