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"Dear Dan" Letters

October 2007

 Dan, I hope all is well.  Love and miss you. God Bless. ~ CN, Derby, CT


 Thank you for your words, thoughts  and music. I hope you are finding little joys to help counter your strifes.


 Dear Dan, Your song, "To The Morning" is my mom's favorite song in the whole wide world. I also want to send you best wishes! =)  Love ~ Hannah


 Mr. Fogelberg, I hope this email does not come off as weird but I felt compelled to write it. It saddens me to think of you in the same spot as me with prostate cancer.  I was diagnosed one year ago and thought I could "tough it out" or it wasn't really cancer, and that if the good Lord gave it to me I must have deserved it.  I looked for every reason to not go for treatment by dragging it out for a year, and thinking it would "ruin my manhood".  My family and friends were pressuring me to go for the treatment but I kept resisting especially after reading about the side effects. One of the reasons I finally decided to go for treatment was stumbling onto your website during some cancer research.  It shocked and saddened me to see you too had Prostate Cancer, but I felt a strange sense of fraternity (if that is the right word) at that moment.  I pulled out your music and listened again to many of the messages in your lyrics and it too had an effect on me.  I cannot explain it but I am now getting treatment, which as you know is not fun, but the tragedy you have endured may have helped save the life of a stranger in an unexpected way.  Thank you from me, my family and friends, for your music, your message and of course possibly even a new life. Wishing you and Jean, as much happiness as you have brought to others but even more so a successful recovery. A cancer survivor ~ Dave Landrum


 Preach on! The sermon about PSAs is not heard enough.  Throw in the one about colonoscopies, too. If our women can straddle up for pap smears and get their boobs smashed for mammographies, we can tough out 'the finger'. I know too many of us guys, (musicians can be knuckleheads, too) who are too cool, hardheaded or stupid to visit the doc.  Something about living long that takes courage too. Even if you don't feel like performing, Dan, don't stop writing. ~ Dave Paton


 Words cannot express the feelings and emotions that are running through me at this time learning of your struggles.  My warmest thought and prayers go out to you and Jean,  You can beat this and when you do, I pray that you will come back to us.  I would be one of the first to go to your concert.  Thank you so much for sharing your truly amazing talent with us.  You have been a part of my life since I first heard you in 1975.  Forever your fan~ Janice in Phoenix Az


 Dan, I am 54. I have been told that I am sensitive and empathic. When I started listening to you years ago your music touched me deeply...still does. I hope you are going to kick this thing! I thank you and I thank God for you and the gift you were given....thanks for using it so well. Blessings to you and your loved ones. ~ jeff


 Hi, Dan.  I can't remember what led me to your music but I was hooked the  moment the needle hit the vinyl.  After that first album purchase in  the 80s I backtracked, buying Souvenirs, Captured Angel, Home Free, Nether  Lands, Phoenix, and then onward to the later releases. 


Funny, but as my experience increased with my waistline over the years;-),  I kept finding new depths to your old songs -- messages that I missed until I'd gained the knowledge and maturity to hear them.  You've always been an "old soul", haven't you?  Wise beyond your years.  I'm in  awe of the insights you had at such an early age, and I'm so glad you felt  compelled to share them. I can't close without mentioning how much I've enjoyed seeing you  perform live.  The first time was in the 80s at Pine Knob Amphitheater  in suburban Detroit.  A thunderstorm roared overhead while you did an  acoustic set.  Lightning kept knocking your speakers out with a crack and sizzle but you just kept smiling and playing to the concerned delight of your  fans.  Ever the professional. Words aren't thanks enough for the gift you give us which has  been, and remains, a treasured touchstone in my life.  I wish  you improved health and many happy years ahead, my friend, and I thank you  for sharing so much of yourself with us.~ Sarah H. -- Atlanta


 Dan, ciao! You and I are truly contemporaries, as I was born in September, 1951.  I grew up in Providence,RI.  My father was a concert violinist as a boy, became ill at seventeen and overcame enormous obstacles to become a surgeon.  Of course, your "Leader of the Band" always touched my heart.  As did so many of your songs - the words, the emotions, the poetry of your voice and soul.


I, too, am a musician - a guitarist who learned classical, then rock, jazz, and country.  But I became a physician like my father.  I am a pediatrician.   But music has always been my center.  And I have always loved your music and played my interpretations of your songs since I was in my early twenties.  Music is my  connection with whatever is timelessly beautiful and noble in the human spirit in these dark days of humankind.  For love is the only thing that endures, the only salvation.  And I believe that music starts with a yearning for love and something ineffably beautiful.  Yet you somehow touched the face of God and gave to us your poetry and your heart in your music.  And for that, I will always be grateful to you.


I am deeply saddened by your tribulations, and I confess that tears are flowing like a river from my eyes as I write this note.  I wish you peace and renewed strength as you recover from your illness.  I know that the world will never know me as they do you.  You have touched so many, many lives, Dan.  You are the Healer.  Thank you.  Best wishes. ~ Jay


 I have grown with your music.  It is amazing how it has reached so many lives. I pray that you will overcome this struggle and when you do, take time to reflect your life in the same view we all do. You are truly blessed having inspired us with your honesty.  Due to that, recently I have decided to return to Colorado where I once lived when I was in my early 20’s. It has taken me many years to finally come to the conclusion that you can never be happy if you don’t follow those dreams no matter how old you are. Thank you ~ Silvia


 Dan and Jean, Your music has inspired me for years. It has brought me much comfort over the years. I've been a fan from the day I found a newly released Home Free in a record bin in Lafayette, Indiana. Hadn't heard any of the music, I just liked the artwork. Funny how life works. Many a night we went to sleep in our dorm room or apartment to your album, Joni Mitchell's Blue, James Taylor's Mud Slide Slim, and Carole King's Tapestry. Great company and music for the ages. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Our prayers are with you. ~ Dan Davis Maloney, author


 I truly am saddened to hear today that you have been battling prostate cancer. Your music and the feelings it's produced in me will be your legacy to me as well as everyone else who has grown up with your music. The very best thing I could give you is my fervent prayer that you has come to intimately know the One who you will meet one day so that you may live forever making music to our God in heaven. I look forward to hearing you again when all notes are crystal clear and stunningly beautiful beyond the veil of this life. ~ a fan


 It's been some time since I wrote. I think of you often. Your music is in the core of my soul. I am a  wife and mother. My son is deployed in Iraq. Your music continues to guide me through my saddest moments. I am living in Arizona, but, my heart and soul will always live in Colorado. I am from Horsetooth, West of Ft. Collins.  I listen to your music, daily. Thank you for being a major part of my life. " Be On Your Way" "To The Morning", these songs have been with me for what seems like an eternity. I hope you and your wife are well, and you are continuing to heal. Please, think about our troops, for me, and sing them a song. My boy is Alex, and he is with the 101st Airborne. He is my only child, and I miss him every day. Dan, you have gotten me through so many challenges in my life, and I  continue to listen to your music to get me through yet, another deployment. God Bless you and your wife, Jean. God Bless my boy, and all of his brothers and sisters in the Military. Thank you. Be well. Remember, " There's a place in the world for a gambler" . ~  Amy Sausnock


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, I am writing to wish you well and to thank you! I have been listening to your music since I was a teenager in the 70's. I also saw you in concert in Boston, MA a number of times.  I remember holding hands with people I didn't know, swaying from side to side as you played.  I remember waiting anxiously to hear you play "As The Raven Flies" and you finally did in an encore.  I remember you once opening with a singe light on you at a piano as you sang, "...and it's going to be a day, there is really nothing left to say but come on morning..." My 1978 year book picture included a quote from "Part of the Plan."


Your words have fit many moments of my life and I have shared them with others.  I find them to take on many meanings thereby everyone can relate to them.  They make me feel like I'm not alone and that I am understood.  Most recently I played "Leader of the Band" at my father's burial service.  My sister had recorded it for him years ago and he loved it. (We played your version) It was perfect for a man with 3 daughters who adored him! Thank you deeply for always giving me the right words! Respectfully and gratefully ~ Sheryl Wade


 Greetings Dan... I wanted to let you know that you have been on my mind a lot lately. I have been thinking of past tours, and how excited it was to see you up close (for a change) and hear you and the band do all the favorite songs that I have loved for years. I introduced a lot of friends to your music, and even had two friends become fans after taking them to see your shows. They are now forever fans.  :) 


I enjoyed hearing you talk about things from your past, while you sat in your wooden chair and had a conversation with the audience. Every now and then someone would yell out, "I love you Dan" and you'd have some snappy little comeback that had everyone laughing. From Rock to ballad, you brought us your gift and that is one thing we will all remember. Thanks for making those shows such memorable times for me. I hope both you and Jean are doing good and enjoying the fall season. God Bless.. ~ Cathy in NJ


 Dan & Jean- Even as a cancer survivor, it is still difficult for me to put into  words, or even imagine what you are going through. Having each other to hold onto, may be the best blessing of all, as you continue to fight, Dan, with the strength of the emotions you relay to all of us who have been touched, deeply. And with life changing force, given your grand delivery, with music, and lyrics, that open one's eye to a different  direction, that can take a person away from , or more importantly, help to deal  with the deepest pain, emotionally. I look forward to continuing this long distance communication, as  you deliver your form of karma, which I hope comes back to you in knowing that  so many people love you, for opening up your soul, to all of us. Thank you for the past, and while I'm on the subject, thanks for  the many years ahead, when we will be able see your smile, and feel your  warmth, from the stage. With Love, to you, and your wife, Jean ~ Ross


 Dear Dan,First of all, since I heard of your illness, you have been in my daily prayers. My hope is that God will take care of you and your family. I have loved your music for 30 years. Being an Illinois boy myself I thought we had some sort of connection. Then when a friend of mine (Tommy Lowery) told me he had toured and worked on an album at your Colorado ranch in the early 90’s, I knew there was some sort of serendipity. In the last 2 months your music has never meant more to me. See, my wife of 23 years told me, out of the blue that she didn’t want to be married any more. Your music has gotten me through many lonely nights. Be well my friend. You will continue to be in my prayers and thoughts. A friend ~ Shawn


 Hi Dan, good to know your still around. You've been a part of our lives since the eighties. Just started buying CD's of all the vinyl we have of yours. Times change,worth every penny. Much love to you and your wife ~ Mike & Eithne XX


 Daniel: I've been listening to the velvet of your songs tonight. At 44 years of old age, I bet I've enjoyed hundred of hours of your gift to us. Perhaps I've been spoiled by such excellence, and taken it for granted, which is a selfish indulgence,  and yet a grand thing, at the same time. I know of what you are enduring. Best of wishes, hopes, and certainty that you will be making music for us in the future. Your Friend Always ~ Drew Mason, Huntsville, AL


 Good luck to you and we wish you the best. ~ The Remington family


 As I'm sure you've heard a million times before, I'm a huge fan & have been over 20 living in northern Minnesota, I had the pleasure of seeing you live in a small cafe/bar when I lived out in Colorado during the 1980's.  I so do wish you/your family every bit of good wishes & support-and I thank you for the gift of your music.


 Dear Dan -- I just wanted to tell you how much your music has meant to me.  It helped me define who I wanted to be and shaped who I am today.  I didn't meet your music until 1980, during my sophomore year in high school, but it had an immediate impact on me.  Here are just a few of the lessons I learned from you:


"Longer" taught me the first and most important lesson, one I might not have learned in the home I grew up in -- that love is magical and boundless.  It gave me a soul-vision of my one true love and a hint of how I would feel when I met him.  I was twenty-eight the day we met, and the "Longer" feeling that welled told me he was the one.  He didn't fall like I did, and it took me four years to get him to the altar, but I knew love like this was once-in-a-lifetime and I couldn't let it pass without doing everything I could to keep it.  We've been happily married for twelve years now and have three beautiful children. "Leader of the Band" taught me that heroes need heroes, too.  It made being in marching band feel like the calling it was and drew us together in our love for our director. "Windows and Walls" and "Go Down Easy" taught me about the routine agony of life after love.  I hope it never happens to me, but if it does, I think I'll be able to cope with it. "Ever On" helped me to understand that a friend's death of ovarian cancer at 42 was just the first step in her journey.  I think of her with a smile whenever I hear it. "Mountains to the Sea" taught me to reach deep inside myself and embrace the pain of loss and hopelessness, and to bring them out in my writing.  It taught me that facing that blackest moment doubles the joy that eventually follows.


In my twenties, I found my performing voice by taking long drives through the mountains and singing along with your tapes at the top of my lungs.  I bought a second-hand acoustic guitar and learned basic fingerings from a book -- the rest came from listening to you.  By the time my thirties rolled around, I was confident enough in my abilities to lead the music for my church.  You gave me what I needed to share the joy of music with others. Now that I'm in my forties, I understand how to use words to evoke deep emotion in others, largely because of all you taught me through your music.  I wouldn't be half the romance writer I am today without you. You're one of my greatest heroes.  The endless depth and emotion and diversity of your music opened me in ways that growing up in an alcoholic family might otherwise have closed off.  My sister and I discovered our first common ground in our love of your music.  We attended our first concert together, one of yours at Red Rocks.  Though she was eight months pregnant and I was badly out of shape, we managed to beat most of the herd up the ramps and snag sixth-row seats.  Singing along with you together is a memory I'll always treasure. Thank you so much for everything you've given me ~ Dee Scheffler


 I have followed you closely since a friend introduced me to your music  in college in the early 1970's. I feel so fortunate to have you in my life  through your music. I resonate with you in so many ways and want to thank you  for all you give. I hope to move with my daughter to Colorado someday. I have a good friend who has lived successfully with APC for many years and hope your path is not filled with suffering. You deserve the best with your time. I feel a craving for something from you from time to time and don't know what. This sounds hokey, but, I do feel connected to you and hope my healing thoughts reach you and your family I know this is also an excuse, but I never married because I  reached too high looking for a man as handsome and beautiful inside as  you.  I think I can help you and will send you my healing notes. My father  studied psychics and healers for over 50 years and still does as a physician and  researcher. I have met many healers and learned from them too. I love you. Enjoy  the nature surrounding you.


 Dear Dan, Your music was part of the soundtrack of my teenage years and beyond - since we are about the same age. I bought your sheet music ages ago - when I was in my thirties (vs. now a mother of three young men/sons). I was playing "Heart Hotels" the other day on the piano - and marveled at the lyrics...which led me to Itunes to purchase some cherished DF songs which led me to your website and then the news about your challenge.


I too, am a writer  - and for whatever my words are worth - please let them, and the energy in them - help you recover fully. May you continue to give and find joy in whatever ways you choose - but may you also know how many lives you touched with your gift - and the truth in your music and lyrics. It has always shone through.~ Marcy Goldman, Montreal, Canada


 I just lost my brother, last week, to prostate cancer. It was a long 9-year battle which he did not win. Your site is wonderful, Dan, and so are you. Keep encouraging men to get their exams - starting at 40! By the time my bro got his PSA results back, it was too late. We prayed, and we will pray for you. We love you, Dan. ~ Hon. James M. Havey Family


 I cannot begin to express, like so many of your fans, how much your music has meant to me.  I've seen you in concert five times and enjoyed them immensely.  Enjoyed - not exactly the perfect word.  These concerts were moving and almost spiritual. I think of you every crisp Autumn evening and sing to myself, "there's a ring around the moon tonight...."  It's instinctive. Thank you so very much for sharing your talent with the world.  It's meant so very much to me. I wish you a speedy recovery and a long, happy life. ~ Dee Bueno


 Dan, I am sorry to hear about your problem.  I have been a fan of yours since I first heard your music in 1973.  I saw you with the Eagles at the Erie Crown Theater in Chicago in 1974.  You have been a big inspiration to me, and I have performed several of your songs. (no way near as well as you).  I would have to say that you are my favorite singer songwriter of all time, and I have appreciated your talent all of my adult life.  I find much of the music today to be lacking your insight, melody, and message.  I sang my kids to sleep with "Leader of the Band" and "Stars".  I do hope you are still writing and can return to recording.  The world would be a better place. ~ Mark Nolin---Rockville, Indiana.


 Dan, I'm a Vietnam vet who found your music in 73. Your Souvenirs album in 74 got me thru many tough military nights away from home. A shipmate from Pennsylvania turned me on to your tunes and made the whole ordeal much more bearable. I have a number of your albums (fair condition) and some replicas in CD. I'm planning on getting your Full Circle CD soon. Man, take care of yourself. I'm 53 and have been getting checkups since I was forty. We're getting older, the winds are getting colder so we must just take care. ~ Lance 


 Dan, I wish there was a way to give back what you've given me.  Your thoughtful and creative manner in which you interweave language, melody, and accompaniment has been a standard I still keep dear to my own writing.  The greatest compliment I've ever received was when someone would say:  "You sound like Dan Fogelberg".  You truly are my songwriting inspiration.  Thank You. I will again be inspired by your success with the battle and your imminent return to the studio. ~ kevin


 Hello Dan, I know you've heard it before but I truly am your biggest fan since the 70's... remember them? I hope you are doing well, and I send my best wishes to you and your beautiful wife, Jean. I have seen you in concert many times in a variety of venues (Hawaii, Biloxi, Seattle, and in Maryland, to name a few). Your music speaks from the heart and has helped me get through a tough time or two. I love your music very much, and unfortunately, two of your songs ( "A Love Beyond Time" and "Fire and Ice") I have only heard once in concert. Have these songs been recorded so that some day you or your label may release them? It would be a shame not to share these beautiful songs with your adoring fans. My thoughts and prayers are with you and I wish you peace. Stay strong!  Your biggest fan ~ Mark


 Dan, I just feel compelled to let you know that your music has been a part of my life since I was a child and one of my four older sisters brought home your first album (and later, many others).   I remember my oldest sister listening for the first time to, "To the Morning" and saying, "I want to marry him."  (She was already married, but I knew what she meant.)  Right now the book of sheet music of that album is sitting on my elderly mother's antique player piano in her Tennessee home.   I have made friends since junior high school by sharing that I was a fan of your music.   "The Innocent Age" provided the soundtrack to my high school romance and subsequent marriage.  "Longer" was one of our wedding songs.  I attended a private Christian high school where I was in the Glee Club.  I once, in all seriousness, suggested to our music teacher that we sing "There's a Place in the World for a Gambler,"  and offered to let her borrow my "Souvenirs" album.  You can imagine the look on her face, given the song's title and the setting (the school's chapel).  But I still think there's a great message there, and that it would be a fabulous song for an elaborate choral arrangement, with all the beautiful, layered harmonies.  Thank you for your all your gifts, and for being a supporter of our earth, who needs all the defenders she can find.  Count me among the thousands who are lifting you up and wishing you a return on all the blessings you have given others. ~ Meridith Benthal

 Dear Dan, Today I pulled out an old tape of yours, "Captured Angel", and realized how much I loved your music. You are truly a lovely, gentle man who has brought that energy to many over time. I checked out your website to find you have been ill - my prayers and very best go out to you, Dan. You are truly a special soul, one that we have been truly uplifted by. May you be lifted in return. Love and light to you and yours ~ Cindy


 I have been influenced more by you, Dan, than all other singers before and since. Through 12 of your concerts I was able to attend in Ohio at Circle Theater, Blossom Music Center (when you had KeKi Dee open and Fools Gold second), the Verizon Center, Marott Theater in Indiana, I have learned and loved all, under the magic of your thoughts and songs. My fondest moment was when you came out on stage at the Murat Theater in Indianapolis and sat in a wooden chair. You said nothing and proceeded to play an acoustic solo that sounded like 5 guitars. The song's name escapes me but when you were done with the first number the place went wild and you proved to all that you were more than a master at this venue the acoustic guitar. Thank you for your contribution to my life. We are naming our farm Hickory Grove after your song, it only seems fitting. My prayers are with you in this time of challenge. ~ Bruce S.


 Dear Dan, You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that things are going well for you and that you are feeling better and stronger. May God bless you and Jean and comfort and help you through the hard times. I listen to your music all the time and think of you so often and wonder how you are doing. I believe in the power of prayer and love. You sure do have a lot of people praying for you and thinking of you, always. God be with you always, Dan and Jean. All my love ~  Liane


 Dear Dan and Jean, I just logged into your website looking for upcoming tour dates - and was so very saddened to learn that you are ill.  Your music has always touched my spirit and charmed my soul - in fact, when I first learned to play guitar, yours was the first song book I selected to study.  That was many years ago - early 1980's.  I've since learned your music well, and shared it with the people I treasure most in this world. I truly wish you the very best and hope that you are in the throws of recovery.  Positive thoughts and prayers are with you.  Thank you for your music. Kindest Regards and Warmest Wishes ~  Linda J. Asher - Little Silver, New Jersey


 You have meant the world to me for so many years. Starting for me back in the 70's. I pray for you!   God Bless ~ Sammy


 Mr. Fogelberg, I will be brief.  Your music has inspired me for years.  It is in my reflective moments that I often think of your music and it "brings me such peace".  My father had prostate cancer and went through a successful operation 5 years ago. Just recently he was told that his cancer had returned.  We have since been informed that he is in fact clear of cancer and was showing a slight rise in his PSA level due to new prostate cells growing where the prostate used to be.  We are thankful that he does not have to endure anymore treatments.  I will pray for you and I hope that your life returns to "normal" soon. Thank you so much for what you have done for me for so long.  It must be pretty cool to touch the lives of people you have never met.  If you ever decide to play for a gathering again, I hope I get a chance to see you.  It has always been my dream to see you play or just to meet you. Take care ~ Joe Hudson - Knoxville, TN


 Dan, hope all is well. "Part Of The Plan" got me going all those years ago. Good luck ~ Steve S, Minot ND.


 Hi Dan, Like so many others, I greatly miss you and think of you often.  I was just reading the emails that fans have sent you, and they filled me with such emotion that I just had to take a moment and write you.  It is so heartwarming to be able to actually feel the love that is sent to you. I can imagine how it must fill your heart.  You are so loved!  Isn't it wonderful to know that when you poured your heart out into music and lyrics, so many souls felt a kinship and held you close to their hearts? You beautiful soul has touched and influenced men, women, and their children.  It's just amazing.  ~ Shirley Merrill


 Dear Dan,  Several years ago, I looked forward to taking my wife to your show.  When I heard the news, I was stunned. My jaw dropped. As your music has been so great, I hope that things take a turn for the  better and one day you will be back in Morristown, NJ again. All the best ~ Mark Z


 Dear Dan -- I've also been through prostate cancer and have been a big fan since college days.  We even look alike!   Best wishes, as you make your way through... ~ bruce


 Dear Dan, I have loved you and your music for years. I know most of your songs by heart and have always been a fan of your beautiful melodic voice. I was attempting to download some of your CDs today from the computer to my ipod. I googled  images just out of curiosity to see if you`d aged. Pretty shallow huh? I suppose I was interested in comparing your aging with mine. The last picture I had seen of you was from the Greatest Hits so needless to say its been some time. You know, it's just not fair, men really do get better with age. At the risk of making your wife, and my husband, (who I am 25 years happily married to)  incredibly jealous, lol, I have to tell you, you were always very cute, but now that the beard is gone and your eyes show the wisdom and richness of age my heart is skipping a beat!  I am currently 53 and every so often it occurs to me that I think of 43 as young. How did that happen? 


Dan, I went through the cancer thing 4 years ago, and I lived to tell the tale. It was horrifying and enriching all at the same time. Initially it was mostly horrifying. I had no family history of breast cancer, and it was the last thing I expected. How could this happen to me? I heard the "C" word and I instantly assumed the "D" word would follow.  Fortunately for now it has not. I can tell you that having breast cancer and the perspective its given me about the priorities in life has been a gift. I am not so sure it was a gift I ever wanted, but I can see now that my life has become much richer because of it. As I was receiving radiation treatments  in that scary room with the lead door all by my lonesome, on that cold steel table, I would picture the beams from the radiation machine as Gods healing rays into my breast. I prayed for acceptance no matter what the outcome and that gave me some peace. I hope you find yours Dan. Love to you and yours ~ Lise Ireland


 Hi Dan. Just a brief note to let you know that I continue to think about you and your family and pray for your complete recovery daily. And I mean EVERY DAY. Your musical genius continues to inspire and elevate me every time I listen to one of your albums/CD's. I hope that again one day if you are willing, you will grace us with more of your incomparable talents. To me you have left a musical legacy that will never be touched. Take care, Dear Friend, for that is how I feel toward you through all you have conveyed to me over 30 years through your music.~ Greg Tuttle, MD, Chapel Hill/Durham, NC


 I think that the words of your songs have been some of the most moving words I have ever heard.  And I know that countless others agree with  me.  Your music is a gift that has such a quality of magnificence, and I am eternally grateful to you for it. ~ Eric


 Dan, just found out this evening that you are sick.  It struck me like it was my best friend, even though we've never met.  I was blessed to see you in concert in Lubbock and Amarillo Texas back in the 90's.  You have some of the most touching music that's ever been performed.  God bless you and yours.  May you live to be 100.  If not, I'll shake your hand at the gates of Heaven. ~ Bobby McLeod


 Dear Dan, I cannot let another day pass without expressing the admiration and love I have for you and your music. What a beautiful soul, who has shared his experience and insight put to wondrous song.  I saw you in concert once, and I wish that it would have been more.  However, I have the memories of seeing and listening to you under the stars, and thinking about it makes me smile.  I have been a fan for over 30 years, and I begin my mornings with "To the Morning".  It is a great way to start the day.  I have collected a lot of your music over the years, and I love having such an array of songs that reflect my feelings, or how I want to feel.  You have made a profound difference in my life; helped me to relate and get through rough times, and to appreciate and enjoy the beauty in life and living.  My wish for you is to be well and happy and perhaps someday share yourself once again with your audience. You have given me and many, many others a gift that will always be treasured. Thank you ~ Paula


 We met around 1978 in Nashville. I was a friend of Marty Lewis. Your music has been an inspiration to me and you leave an impossibly rich legacy to music lovers everywhere. I still listen to Home Free when I wake up early on a Saturday morning and dwell on the beautiful memories it brings back to me. Thank you for contributing so much to my life. Peace to your soul. ~ Mark Shifman


 Dear Dan, Sending you loving thoughts and prayers. Thanks for all the wonderful music you have given us through the years. Your voice has been in our lives for many years and always will be. I don't know if you ever visited Alaska, but you have many fans here. We play your music in our breakfast/lunch restaurant and just through that I can tell you, many people sing along and the young people ask, "Who is that?" and get really turned on to your lyrics and voice. Thank you Friend ! Today here in Homer Alaska, the trees still have many golden leaves, but with freezing at night we know snow is coming. The mountains and glaciers across Kachemak Bay have been beautiful, the glaciers are white and blue. Lite snow on top. The sunrises have been spectacular -orange and purple streaks in the sky. Maybe you can visualize the rolling ocean swells, seal otters and seals cruising along the beaches -- air so crisp its as though you could reach out and touch the mountains 7 miles across the bay. The steady hum of the fishing boats around the harbor and the busy seagulls and eagles all around, and you will know our life and why your music is our music. Till next time, know we love you and are helping fight this battle with you. Love ~ Brad & Barbara Gamble, Homer, Alaska


 Dan, I just recently went through Prostate procedures and understand the need for testing. I'm 48 years old and have started being tested yearly for Prostate Cancer. We do miss your music and the ability to see you live. I'm sure  everyone agrees that your health is more important than being on the road.  However, what a way to come back after beating this disease and doing a benefit  concert. Especially in South Carolina! I too will join your cause for frequent Prostate screening. Please  get well and return to the stage. We, again, miss the beautiful music you have given us and look forward to your return. ~ Bobby Ray, Florence, SC


 Dear Dan, I have been a fan of yours since I bought your first album when I was 12 in 1972. I finally saw you in concert in 1984 and have never stopped thinking about it. Your work has touched my life deeply probably because of the similarities in our families. I was saddened to hear you were unwell. The last posting you left of the website says 2004. I just want to know that you are still OK. We would have loved it if you had contributed to LIVE EARTH since most of the groups today don't know how to write a song about the environment like you have written so many. Our good wishes and prayers are always with you. We hope to see you again soon, on TV or in concert. Your fans want you back. Sitting Among Souvenirs ~ Lisa Galli-Lise


 Dan, I've loved your music from the beginning.  I just discovered "Don't Lose Heart" and it is a beautiful song for anyone going through a tough time.   Trust God to bring you through this!! ~ Gail A. Muller


 My brother worked at a record store back in the early 70s and he brought home one of your records, and never got it back.  I started with Souvenirs and I have them all now.  I am a singer and songwriter, and I have always felt that your music is what I would like to have written.  So simple and yet so perfect.  I have seen you in concert twice, with a band and solo, both great.  Loved it, and I wish you the very best.  Stay strong, and live well. ~ JB


 Heard your sad news way back when and listening to your CDs, as we do every fall, could not help wondering how it is all going for you.  Just wanted to let you know I came across something amazing a while ago about orthomolecular medicine and what amazing things it can do for cancer.  Most practicing physicians are located in Canada, but please look into it.  I would want someone to let me know if the shoe was on the other foot.  Godspeed! ~ rm


 Dear Dan, Hope you are feeling well and have a very hopeful spirit. We just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary on 9/11. (What an anniversary date! )  "Longer" was our wedding song and we still feel touched by it even today so many years after.  We miss your fall concerts at Westbury Music Fair. They were always around our anniversary. Ed also was diagnosed with prostate cancer having been given a pretty grim diagnosis after which he underwent radical surgery in 2002.  We are so grateful to God and your music for getting us through this. Ed is cancer free today and continues to be monitored every few months. We pray for your continued recovery and hope you will be writing beautiful songs again soon. Best Wishes ~ Ed and Mary Ann


 I often find myself saying a prayer for you and sing the words that you have written that fill my heart and soul.  I am with you. ~ Laurie LaViolette


 Please know how often you are in the thoughts and prayers of all of us who have been touched by your music. I am so glad that you have a wonderful woman to love and to love you!! After all---that it is what this journey is ultimately about. Much love and hope to you both....


 Dan, Your music has been with me through the ups and downs of my life.  I miss you and think of you often.  I hope all is well.  You and Jean are in my thoughts and prayers.  Thanks for always being there with the perfect song for whatever was ailing me or making me smile. Love you always ~ Debbie W.


 Every year, October brings out my yearning for Dan Fogelberg music-- listened to all my Ipod downloads all day today-- thinking of many good memories your music has brought to me and wishing the best to you.


 We have had no word from you in a great while.  That tells me that you are doing what you need to do for your battle with this illness.  I am hoping that you are winning that battle.  I hope that this autumn finds you strong and healthy. Best wishes to you and your family.  ~ CLE


 Dan - I must say to you that your music has had the strongest emotional impact on me than that of any other artist -   period.  Exquisite melodies and touching lyrics and phenomenal vocals and harmonies... you are a unique creative force ... I have every one of  your recordings. Some examples among the many (I'm listening to these songs below again as I write this email...)


1)    'Stars' - the first song of yours I ever heard on the radio. I went out and got the vinyl LP that same day and played it over and over- still have it -

2)    'Souvenirs' - "and down in the canyon, the smoke starts to rise... it rides on the wind til it reaches your eyes... when faced with the past the strongest man cries". So powerful. I grew up in Monterey also and the lyrical reference of the poem on the leaf helps build the images... 

3)    "Scarecrow's Dream", "Sketches", "False Faces" ...a tour de force ...the sequencing of these songs is so powerful. 'Lover twice yearly, that last battle nearly, cost me the fight. Broke though the ice and got cut down to size and escaped through the night False Faces and meaningless chases - I travel alone ' .....  Wow.

4)   "Windows and Walls" - when I first heard that song it really struck a chord, the image of my own elderly mother at the time and the similarity of her situation at that point in her life brought an overwhelming flood of emotion ... 

5)     "The Innocent Age" - such a great tribute to the mid 60's and Buffalo Springfield and other pioneering inspirational bands.  Reminds me of the enthusiasm and creativity of that era.. and the sadness of its passing...'yearnings unanswered reckon the wage you pay to recapture the innocent age'....


I've seen you perform live (only!) 4 times at various venues in northern California - all great shows. The most memorable was Greek Theater Berkeley 1977 (outdoor show w/ Fools Gold).  Tremendous connected vibe with the crowd - everybody left happy .. most connected crowd ever and I've seen hundreds of concerts. In closing, thanks for many many great musical experiences and continued good health.  Please tour again soon - and come to Santa Barbara to play please! ~ Derek, Santa Barbara


 Dear Dan, I hope your challenge with prostate cancer is going well, and that you are healing and full of hope, strength and visions for a healthy future.  Your music has given my partner and I much hope and joy over the years.  I listened to your Home Free album in college in Virginia in the mid 1970's and have been a fan ever since.  Your wonderful "The Wild Places" album is one of my favorite albums of any time, and the "Bones in the Sky" song helped me in dealing with my older brother's death in 1992.


You are a great artist and musician, storyteller and songwriter, and thank you for creating such fine music over the years.  I always loved your collaborations with Tim Weisberg, and thought it was an inspired and cosmic match!  May your music and life continue for a long time!  Peace be with you and your loved ones, and may love be your guide.~ Larry from Durham, NH


 Dear Dan and Jean, As I've told you before, you are in my thoughts and prayers each day, as your music is.  For some reason, when I heard the following verse in church yesterday, it brought you to mind:  " For ye shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace: the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands. Isaiah 55:12. "


I believe a lot of your music has come from the mountains and I know it gives peace and joy to many, as it does to me.  We briefly saw Colorado in September on a train trip and I understand why you love the west.  And of course Maine is beautiful too.  I pray that you are enjoying your days and getting stronger and stronger, and we will hear from you soon.  Thank you again for the beauty you have given us.  ~ Kathy P. in WV


 I fell in love with your music in college.  I have enjoyed all of your music and have seen you perform several times.  During a recent hard time I sought solace in your music.  I thought I would look into your schedule to see if you might be performing, only to discover your recent bout with cancer.  I pray that you are fully recovered.  Thank you for your music!! ~ Nancy


 For me, one of the most amazing things about music is its ability to bring you right back to a place and time in your life. I was in high school and college during the 70's and early 80's and I spent many wonderful hours listening to your music as I studied. I'm sure everyone has a favorite artist whose work takes them back to a time they had almost forgotten (and leaves them smiling for the rest of the day!). I vividly recall playing your music for my children when they were young and your CDs are a staple in my office at work. My kids are grown now and my husband and I have more free time to devote to things we enjoy. Our anniversary was looming and I was online looking for a concert we could attend to celebrate (as we get older, we are ever more nostalgic).  I thought it would be a great treat to see you perform and went in search of your website to see if you might be touring anytime soon. I was so saddened to read about your illness, and wanted to send along my best wishes. I've spent over 25 years in healthcare, and have seen first hand the fragility of good health. I believe it is a wise decision to focus your energy on staying well and I hope you are successful far beyond your expectations.  It would be wonderful to have you back on stage sometime in the future, but it would be better still to know you are well and enjoying life. Thank you for sharing your gifts. All good wishes ~ Terry Morris


 Dan,  I just found out today about your illness. Prayer in numbers has profound affect on lives, so with that said, I'll pass the word along and keep the prayer strong.  Please keep your faith strong and never forget where music holds itself within your life.  Being a musician myself I feel that music has a type of healing power.  You have been a musical influence in my life, so keep the magic of your music in your heart, it means alot to others in the world. Take care of yourself, brother ~  Dion Frey


 Dan - I was in a record store sometime in about 1970 some thing and I came across a record called Souvenirs by some guy named Dan Fogelberg. I read liner notes,so I found that not only was Joe Walsh producing the album ,he played on all the songs. I bought it and have been a fan ever since . Thanks for all the great tunes and best wishes for a speedy recovery. ~ Allan


 Dan, I believe that you can overcome any obstacle, if you so desire! You have to want to. I also believe you're not done yet. You have more to music in you. Drink from the well! I'm not sure you fully comprehend the magnitude of the impact you've made on so many. Although I don't know you, I feel as though you're my brother, and my heart is deeply touched by learning of this.You've have been with me for a long time. I say that, but 30 years ain't long enough. I believe the best medicine is in the music and hope you take from it. I can't say "thank you" enough for being there.


 I just learned of your illness and couldn't walk away from the computer until I had sent a quick note to say thanks and best wishes. Your music has been an important part of my life since the first time I heard it as a young teenager.  My prayers are with you.  Sincerely ~ Roger Harrison, South Jordan, Utah


 You were my musical salvation through my teens and twenties.  But the lyrics speak to me now more than ever. You are a wonderful singer-songwriter and I truly appreciate you. I wish you well!  I will keep you in my prayers. ~ Terri


 Dear Dan:  I performed "Song from Half Mountain" at my High School Homecoming assembly. I fell in love for the first time because she loved Fogelberg. When I first heard "Nether Lands" it brought me to tears (it still does)."Tucson Arizona Gazette" may well be the most hauntingly beautiful song ever recorded.  Your music is a time line through lives.   I lost my mother to cancer in '85, but I have no idea what you, Jean and yours are going through nor would I presume to.   But please know that my prayers and hopes join other hundreds and thousands to strengthen you and keep you through this and beyond.   God bless your beautiful soul Dan. ~ D. McIntosh. Albuquerque NM


 Mr. Fogelberg, My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.  I sunk back in my chair  in disbelief when I read what you were going through. At 46 I can't tell you how long I've been listening, what I can tell you is that I have all the albums, they may be worn out but I still have them.  Each album brings back memories of a time and place in my life that that I can only revisit when I hear those songs and for this I thank you. ~ M.A Mannarino


 Dear Dan- I've have listened to your music since 1979 and have seen you in concert 4 times. I wanted to say how sorry I am you have cancer. I have cancer too and I know what you are going through. I hope you can stay strong and keep the faith and fully recover from this cancer. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.  God Bless you and your music! ~ Susie in Indianapolis

 Dear Dan: I did not you had been diagnosed with prostate cancer until today when browsing for lyrics to one of your songs. I will be keeping you and your family in my prayers.  I happen to work at a radiation center where we treat cancer patients, and I know the toll treating the disease can take on your body. I want to thank you for your wonderful music, which has been a part of my life since the 1970s.  So many of your songs are intertwined with events in my life. I hear a certain song and am transported back in time and living that memory again. You have such a gift. Thank you for sharing it with us all these years. Be strong, have have lots of people lifting you up in prayer... ~ Karen G.


 Thinking of you today and hoping life is good. Sincerely ~ Laura from Longmont, CO


 Hello Dan, Was listening to the radio the other day and heard your magical  voice. Hope you are keeping healthy and  strong. It would be great to hear how you are doing. God bless you. From An Aussie Fan. Yours in music ~ Marie  xx


 I saw you many many years ago at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA.  You were awesome, I even had a few 8 tracks of you. Wow, how old does that make me feel? I wish you nothing but the best, your music is wonderful, my husband and I listened to you today, with one exception, it was a CD !!!!! You truly are a wonderful gentle soul and I wish you a complete recovery and take care. Sincerely ~ Susan


 As we enjoy a warm coffee and listen to your beautiful music we are moved beyond words.  Our prayers are with you and yours as you go through this battle. God bless you with strength and healing.


 Dan: I have followed your beautiful music for over 30 years. I first saw you when I was a freshmen at the University of Florida in 1971and you were playing a dive called "The Great Southern Music Hall" in Gainesville.  Since that time I have never stopped listening to you and believing in your message of love. I am a college literature professor living in Florida and praying that you recover and play Florida once again. Best wishes ~ Jim Heck


 Here it is the "end of October," and I am playing my favorite Dan Fogelberg music, especially, "Old Tennessee." It's been 30 years since I left Nashville to come back home to Cleveland, Ohio but it still seems like yesterday especially when I listen to that song. I close my eyes and I am there! Actually the whole Captured Angel album, every single song takes me back there. The Home Free and the Souvenirs albums hold a special place in my heart too. Well anyway.... Hope you are well and we get to hear from you sometime soon! God Bless ~ Rita Marie


 Dan, It's been over 3 years since we, your caring fans, got the devastating  news.  You can't blame us for wanting to know how things are going since you are so loved. As a registered nurse, I am interested from a medical standpoint. Anyway, you are so loved and missed. Thankfully we all have your wonderful music you have produced over the years. Please consider posting an update so we can know better on how to pray for you and Jean and your family. I lost my mother to cancer and older brother to suicide in June 2004. So, I empathize with Jean and your family as I know the  road in which all of you are walking. I pray for you all...just know how very much you are missed. I believe that when God shuts a door, He opens a window. If He has silenced  your singing voice b/c of your illness, then perhaps you could still have your voice be heard in writing a book perhaps about your life and about this experience and how it has affected you and how it has changed you. It might be just as powerful as your never knows how God will use us in the various seasons of our lives. Blessings and prayers I send to you and yours... ~ Suzanne Farrar Davidson, Dallas, Tx


 Dear Dan, I have been a fan of your wonderful music and lyrics all my life. Your music has touched me deep within my soul and your metaphorical writing has painted the most beautiful pictures in my mind.  You are a true master of talent.  I was fortunate enough to see you in concert in Ohio during your Full Circle tour.  That album was extremely meaningful to me.  Your music wraps around my heart with the warmth of a fire.  I pray for your health and that I will one day see and hear you again.  ~ Laurie F. Columbus, Ohio


 Dear Dan, Fall wouldn't be Fall without your great lyrics ("Old Tennessee") and all the beauty in nature reveled to me in your music. I think of you often and pray for you even more often. I hope and pray we hear some good news soon! Many Blessings to you and yours and GODSPEED! ~ Laura B. Richmond, Va.


 My husband and I would try to see you perform live at least once a year.  The last time was a hometown visit for you in Peoria.  The concert was great and it was a very special time for us.  You were home and the town, and we, loved your performance, and you.  The feeling was obviously mutual.  We have missed seeing you and being able to hear you live very much, but so hope that you are well and taking good care.  Our thoughts and prayers will continue to be sent your way as we listen to your truly wonderful, inspired words and music.  God bless, Dan.  ~ Liz & Mac


 I have always loved your music. I send my love and best wishes to you. ~ Julie Gergash


 Dear Dan:  I wanted to send my prayers and wishes to you and your family. Stay strong and keep the faith in your battle and know that many are praying for you. I was introduced to your music through a friend during the summer of 1979. It was the summer before my senior year in high school.  I went to Long Lake, New York to visit my brother and his roommates. We stayed up late on the lake listening to your albums and it was a truly moving experience to listen to your words and music while looking out onto the moon lit lake. That summer you became my most favorite musician and have forever remained in my heart.  I had purchased your albums on vinyl initially, to then change into cassette tapes, and then had to purchase again in CD's!  Money well spent!!   Thanks for transforming my young life through your song.  You will never be forgotten.  ~ Maura


 Hey Dan. You're in my thoughts and prayers. I don't say it as a cliche but rather a promise. I hope you take comfort in this. I can't help but to encourage you with your own words... "don't look down". Look up Dan. (Psalm 5:3) ~ Rick, Ontario, Canada


 Dear Dan,  We have always enjoyed your  music.  A few minutes ago, the  radio station played "Run For The  Roses" and we wanted to let you know how much your music means.  My sister was your baby sitter when she attended Woodruff High School and was  a student in the band led by your dad.  I attended there years ago also, but was in the orchestra.  I always wished I had played a band  instrument so I could be with that group. Anyway, Dan,  we send our sincerest wishes for  your health and pray that God will bless you and your family. ~ Joan and Ron Duke, Kitchener, Ontario,  Canada


 Hi Dan, I will be praying for your complete recovery and for the well being of your family as well. I've really enjoyed your music though the years and pray that someday, you will return to share it with us again once more. May the Lord richly bless you and yours!!  ~  Jerry Arnett


 My daughter Sarah grew up listening and dancing, to your wonderful music!  It made me laugh, cry and always look forward to the next song. Take care, and never give up. ~ V. Kane, North East, PA


 Dear Dan, I am concerned as we have not heard from you, but certainly respect your privacy.  My prayers and heart go out to your mother and brothers, Dan.  You are a gift from God and He will hold you with love in the palm of His hand. The rains are falling softly now and the colors of the earth divine.  ~ T in Buckeye Country


 Dear Dan and Jean, Once again I want to send you many thanks for your incredible music.  I feel like I have known you through your music.  You put your heart and soul into it.  I just can't even express the joy it gives me each day.  May the Lord heal you and give you many years of health. ~ Kathy Piotrowski, West Virginia


 Dan, like myself and all your fans worldwide we truly want to know how you are.  Please update us soon. "Await your arrival with simple survival, And one day we'll all understand, One day we'll all understand". ~ Tim G., Pittsburgh


 Hey Dan, Thanks for your music! Many have told you-so let me join them! So many of the songs open our hearts and cause deep reflections. I live out many of your songs-I truly believe that God had you write them for all of us. I understand your love of Colorado! I went out here after my divorce. The mountains really help the healing process. I met so many wonderful people there. Cancer Prevention is a must! I get tested every year and will continue as I go along. So, thanks again Dan... Sharing your life and your music with all of us. Take care and God Bless ~ TJ Martin


 Thank you for being, Dan. My partner of 13 years and I have just spent a sublime evening listening to your poetry and music, woven into such perfect songs. They are timeless. I can't imagine a world where they didn't exist, and I don't think there was. Perhaps such creations are 'part of the plan' and the world had to wait for you to bring them into being. I don't mean to say that they are not your creations! Far from it. I think that these songs ARE you. I am not religious, Dan, and I don't know you..but I am spiritual, and I sense the strength of your spirit and the power of your love. After listening to the songs and coming down from the emotional high, I decided to look up the internet and see what you are up to. I was shocked and saddened to hear about the prostate cancer. I can't say I can pray for you, but I will channel my energy for your spirit. I have a mentor, Rich, who was diagnosed in his mid to late 40's and was not given much of a chance to be alive today. But he has an indomitable spirit and he lives in Colorado, now in his mid 50's, skiing and golfing and raising money for research when possible. I hope you pull through this. Your soul deserves more time to work your magic and to wonder at the mystery. I wish you love, art, wonder and joy, all of the days of your life. Respectfully and admiringly ~

Bernie Clark., a Brit somewhere in California.


 Mr. Fogelberg, Thank you so much for your music.  There have many times where the only expression I could find for the sadness and joy in my life were through your songs.   I only recently heard the news of your illness and have been praying for you since.  As your music has helped so many , I hope the thoughts and prayers of everyone you've touched helps you and lets you know how much you are loved.  God bless and keep you ~ Elin


 Dear Dan, I'm another fan since my college days in the early 70's and I just viewed your website and saw news of your cancer battle.  I last saw you perform at Chateau Saint Michelle winery in Woodinville, WA at least five years ago on a very cold, wet evening.  You were kind enough to shake my hand after your finale...your hands were really really cold and your performance was perfect anyway. Take care and I hope this finds you at peace with whatever stage of your illness  you are dealing with right now.  Perhaps you are already enjoying being well again. You are now on my prayer chain websites.  That should help.  I hope you find strength in the Lord, and that you can put your life in His hands, trusting Him 100%. Your birthday is also my birthday, but you will always be a few years older.  I pray that next 8/13 is a day of celebration and thanksgiving for your good health and my lack of further aging. Best Wishes ~ Deanna in Redmond WA


 Dan---We still miss you on the road, but your music prevails and is timeless.  Thanks for the music. We await more at your choosing.  Prayers and good thoughts are with you always, from the Heartland.  I spent some young years in Peoria and Pekin.  That makes us geography brothers.  Be well, most of all.  You gave us the songs. All we can give you are our prayers, healing thoughts, and continued wishes for a long and happy life for you and your family.  Peace. ~ Brad


 Dan: My expressed wishes for an expedited recovery from your prostate condition.  I assure you I will be prioritizing my prostate health in the coming weeks, too.  Thanks! ~ Thomas L. Ousman


 My sentiments are similar to so many others.  You have, for most of my life, been my favorite secular singer/songwriter.  Thank you for being true to the gift that is in you. My husband and I were separated thirty years ago after we first realized we loved each other.  We were reunited just four years ago.  I had several of your albums from 'way back', but he found several more in an out of the way gas station in northern Alabama recently and bought them for me because he knew!  He plays beautiful acoustic guitar and many times I play with him.  Music is our connection and the language of the soul. "Longer" is one of the most beautiful love songs ever written.  It speaks of a love that is without time.  That's a concept worth pondering.  Thank you.  We also really appreciate the originality and musicality of your Christmas songs.  Thank you, thank you.  God bless you and keep you during this time and may He return to you in many ways the blessing you have been. ~ Chuck & Rita Hilton


Dan- I grew up listening to your albums. Your songs gave me a love for music, but just as importantly, a love for words. I've become a writer, in part due to years of listening to the lyrics in your songs. I can't thank you enough for the work that you sent out into the world. It served as a beacon to me, at those most critical stages of a young life, and led me to trust and believe in the gift of creativity, in the gift of craftsmanship, and in the deeper gifts of the spirit that might be found in music, in stories, and in the human heart. I want you to know how grateful I am to you- for making me believe, and for proving that it can be done. Thank you, Dan. Best WIshes ~ bv

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