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August 1997

OnlineHost: Your hosts tonight are AOLiveMC2 (JonEdE) and AOLiveMC4 (JimJMF.) OnlineHost: Legacy Records is proud to release Dan Fogelberg -- Portrait: The Music of Dan Fogelberg From 1972 - 1997, a four-CD boxed set retrospective celebration of one of America's most beloved singer-songwriters, Dan Fogelberg. Featuring 62 songs and five previously unreleased tracks, this 

collection is a real treasure for all fans of Fogelberg's 25 year career.


OnlineHost: Now digitally remastered, these tracks also sound better than ever, allowing the listener to hear them exactly as the artist originally intended. When Phoenix and many of Fogelberg's other albums were initially released on vinyl, because they were longer than the average LP, the overall sonic quality had to be reduced due to the limits of that medium.


OnlineHost: Now on CD, these same tracks can be heard without any loss of fidelity, an aspect of this project that especially thrills Fogelberg. "It's the best part of this for me," he said. "It's the first time ever that these tracks sound as good as they did when we were making them in the studio. I always found it so frustrating that so much would be lost when going to vinyl. This is the way I heard them when I made them, the way I always dreamed that these records would sound."


OnlineHost: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Dan Fogelberg to AOL Live!


AOLiveMC2: Welcome, Dan! 


DFoglberg: Hi! It's great to be on AOL! 


AOLiveMC2: Well, it's great to have you here! Ready for your first question? 


DFoglberg: Well, it's great to be here! Your turn! LOL! 


AOLiveMC2: OK then, here is our first audience question tonight:


Question: Dan, Thank you for releasing such a wonderful box set! I really appreciated that you re-released "Hearts and Crafts," the 45 was wearing out. By the way can you shed some light on _chord_structure_ on that song for all us "Dan wannabes"? 


DFoglberg: "Hearts and Crafts" is performed in an open D tuning. More than that, I really can't tell you, 'cause I haven't played it since 1981.


Question: Looking forward to seeing you at the Wente Vineyards ... do you prefer to perform in that type of venue ... i.e., smaller locations? And what determines where you decide to perform each year? 


DFoglberg: My agent decides where I perform each year. I enjoy an intimate venue for solo acoustic, as I'm doing this summer ... but a large place for band work.


Question: Dan - I heard you used to hang out with the Eagles a lot, and at one time could have joined their band. If this is true, what made you decide to continue as a solo artist? 


DFoglberg: I was not asked to join the Eagles, I was considered by Don and Glen. We all felt that, as my career was just beginning to take off solo, and as they and I agreed that the last thing their band needed was another temperamental singer/songwriter, we agreed not to.


AOLiveMC2: Question concerning the box set: 

Question: How many of the unreleased songs are recent compositions? 


DFoglberg: Only one, "Don't Lose Heart." The other songs were written in the 80s and recorded for previous albums.


Question: At what age did you begin writing songs? 


DFoglberg: I began writing songs at age 12. They weren't very good. But was not to be denied!


Question: Mr. Fogelberg, I would like to know if it was your own father that inspired you to write "Leader of the Band" ... that is my favorite song by you. Thank you for writing it. 


DFoglberg: Yes, my father was a life-long musician and band leader in Illinois.


Question: Is "Don't Lose Heart" dedicated to anyone? 


DFoglberg: No


Question: Dan, I saw you a Wolftrap in Virginia - great show. Did you draw the pictures of the ship and the horse (and the other images) that were used in the background scenes? 


DFoglberg: No, I draw better than that. LOL!


Question: What is your most favorite song that you will be performing this Saturday in Salt Lake City? My friend and I will be there, and we are both very excited! You are awesome! 


DFoglberg: I don't have a favorite. Any song I get through in Salt Lake City without mistakes, I'm very fond of. LOL!


Question: Will a live album come from this tour, and if so, will it include "I Need You"? 


DFoglberg: We are considering a live album, but I'm not 100% sure when it will be released.


Question: Dan, you were close to Georgia O'Keeffe in the years before her death. What are your foremost memories of her? 


DFoglberg: I never once met Georgia O'Keeffe. I was just a fan of her work.


Question: Do you still spend a specific amount of time each day writing? 


DFoglberg: No, I write only when inspired.


Question: : Question for Dan Fogelberg. I submitted this hours ago. Lord only knows who got it! What comes first, the lyrics or the music. What advice do you have for someone who has lyrics in their head but not the music? Can't wait to see you in L.A. 


DFoglberg: I always write music first. Music comes very easy to me. Lyrics are the hard part. I would advise someone who has lyrics but not the music to find a musician.


Question: Your music touches my soul, as I am sure it does to all your fans. What inspires you? 


DFoglberg: Life in all its permutations.


Question: Dan, I had heard you have written a children's book. Is it available yet, and what is its title? 


DFoglberg: I have not finished a children's book. I have just submitted it to a publisher. And I have not heard back if it will be published or not. If I do, and it is accepted, then I will finish drawing it.


Question: Are you still recording using overdubbed vocals that include you at different harmonies? 


DFoglberg: Sure!


Question: When's the last time you toured? 


DFoglberg: Last week. LOL!


Question: I saw you for the 5th time last week at the Sunrise theater--I remain in awe of your incredible musical gifts, especially your guitar playing, being an acoustic player myself. It sounds like there are 3 people playing! Did you have formal guitar training? 


DFoglberg: No, I have two other guitarists off-stage. LOL! No, I had no formal training. I am self-taught.


Question: What is the message of your new song, "Face Down." 


DFoglberg: I don't have a song called "Face Down."


Question: If you could do a cover of one song, what would it be? 


DFoglberg: "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida." LOL!


Question: Any musician you'd like to work with that you haven't, or any that you haven't in a long time? 


DFoglberg: I would love to work with B.B. King. He's one of my heroes.


Question: Dan, my husband and I saw you last month in CT. There were approximately 8 female fans waiting to get your autograph outside the stage door, but you quickly got into your limo and just sat there for 10-15 minutes. What is your policy on signing autographs? 


DFoglberg: It changes from night to night. Sometimes we have prior commitments or business that needs doing. Depends on the night. I'm human.


Question: Dan, we once met at Dave Evan's place. Do you get back to the old homestead in Illinois at all? 


DFoglberg: Yeah, I get back as often as I can to see my mother and grandmother, who's 103.


Question: Dan, thank you very much for the wonderful music you create and for never disappointing your fans. Do you ever find it frustrating that your music does not get the radio recognition it should? You truly are at best ever. Also, do you have any kids? 


DFoglberg: I've had more than my share of radio through the years and am quite satisfied with the success I've enjoyed. No, I have no kids.


Question: "Bones in the Sky" is such a beautiful tribute to Georgia O'Keeffe--one of my all time favorite artists. My idea of heaven would be being in a gallery full of her art while you were performing live! Any interest? Could this be arranged? 


DFoglberg: The new O'Keeffe Museum just opened this weekend in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I will be performing in Santa Fe Thursday night. That's close.


Question: How many horses do you have, and do you have any other pets? 


DFoglberg: I currently have no horses ... I live with three cats and a lot of hummingbirds.


Question: How is the music from this generation different from the one in your times? 


DFoglberg: I'm not a music critic. Ask Rolling Stone.


Question: Was it hard to omit certain songs from the box set? 


DFoglberg:There were a few that I would have loved to have included, but I think in the long run, what is in the box set really is the best work.


Question: Do you plan to keep making albums even after this one? 


DFoglberg: Oh, sure!


Question: Is "Same Old Lang Syne" a real experience or just a song? 


DFoglberg: Just a song. LOL! I've always wanted to say that!


Question: Are you superstitious? 


DFoglberg: I'm a sailor. What do you think?


Question: I think you are an excellent musician, storyteller and songwriter, but have you thought about using other people to produce your songs, to get a different perspective on your arrangements and songs? 


DFoglberg: I just recorded a new single, "Don't Lose Heart," with Peter Asher.


Question: Dan, your artwork was featured in a book of rock artists. Are there prints available of your art? 


DFoglberg: Not currently. Thanks for asking.


Question: I have 3 cats & 2 kids (ages 7 & 9). Your children's book would make a great gift. When will it be printed, & if it is not published, any chance you would make it accessible to your fans via the Internet or as a narrated CD with liner & pictures? 


DFoglberg: We'll just have to wait and see. Thanks for your interest!


Question: Have you had any thoughts of retiring from songwriting? If so, expunge them. 


DFoglberg: LOL! Define "expunge."


Question: I gather you are a pretty private person. Was it difficult to reveal so much about yourself in the book that comes with the box set? Between that and the stuff on the web page about you, I feel like I know a lot about your life! 


DFoglberg: I don't feel that I had to reveal much at all! It was fun reminiscing.


Question: A couple years ago, you said you weren't interested in touring after you turned 50. Have you reconsidered? (We hope you have!) 


DFoglberg: I'll look at that when I turn 50.


Question: Do you have a background in classical music? 


DFoglberg: I love to listen to classical music, but I am not formally trained in it. Any classical influence is assimilated.


Question: Dan, thanks for all the years of music. I have a daughter who's teaching herself to play guitar - the first song she learned is "Stars." Any suggestions as to any of your other songs that would be good for her to start with? 


DFoglberg: "Looking for a Lady" is pretty easy.


Question: Dan, we notice that you haven't toured much, and we were wondering, is it hard to play live since you played most of the instruments yourself? 


DFoglberg: First of all, I've been touring a great deal in the 90's ... almost every year. When I do tour solo, like this summer, I concentrate on acoustic type music ... when I perform with a band, we can obviously play a much wider range.


Question: Dan, who is your special guest at Red Rocks? 


DFoglberg: Gretchen Peters.


Question: What do you like to do in your spare time (if you have any)? 


DFoglberg: Sailing, skiing, hiking, painting, cooking ... and making a general nuisance of myself.


Question: Hello Dan, I hope you are receiving these comments, I love your new song selections on the Portrait CD. I wonder if you plan to record and release "The Nature of The Game"? I feel that is a sure hit ... love that song ... and by the way ... "love you, Dan." 


DFoglberg: I may possibly release a live album from this summer's concerts. If that's the case, I would certainly include "Nature of the Game."


Question: What kind of acoustic guitar are you playing these days? 


DFoglberg: Mostly Martin's D-45's Guild and Ibanez 12 string ... and a Yamaha high strung guitar.


Question: Hi Dan ... is there any chance of doing a follow-up to High Country Snows? Thanks! 


DFoglberg: Who knows?! Write your congressman.


Question: Why did you go acoustic at the Beacon theater in New York City? 


DFoglberg: The band is in jail. LOL!


Question: What were the criteria you used to select the tunes for the box set? 


DFoglberg: I had to make sure that I included the fans' favorites, but also the tracks that I felt were the best after 25 years. Happily, most turned out to be the same.


Question: Dan, I understand you are a "Spinal Tap" fan ... if so, what is your favorite kind of fish, and why? 


DFoglberg: Tuna! LOL! No bones! Hi, cutie! LOL!


Question: Some of us miss your usual closing song, "There's a Place in the World for a Gambler." Is there a chance that you will be adding this song to future concerts? 


DFoglberg: Anything's possible!


Question: Dan: Why do you never play "Longer" in concert any more? 


DFoglberg: Some years I do ... some years I don't.


Question: Greetings, Dan! I recall hearing that you recorded all or part of a live album in St. Louis at the Fox Theatre a few years ago. What is the album title, please? I live in St. Louis and visit the Fox frequently, but unfortunately missed that show. 


DFoglberg: It is called Greetings from the West: Dan Fogelberg Live and is available on Epic CDs and cassettes. We also recorded a live video with the same name, which is also available.


Question: I have all of your albums except your 1st one and have seen 2 of your concerts over the years. I'm very much looking forward to this 4-cd set. When will it be available in the stores? 


DFoglberg: It's been in the stores for a month.


Question: Your songs have taken a more optimistic turn in the past few years -- do you have something to credit for that? 


DFoglberg: Old age. Old age and wisdom.


Question: You and Joe Walsh seem to be as different as night and day. How is it that you came to collaborate with a personality so seemingly eccentric? 


DFoglberg: LOL! I don't remember a Joe Walsh. Is this someone you know?


Question: Dan, you are known for your privacy. Have you been cruising the cyber waves unnoticed all this time? 


DFoglberg: Never you mind.


Question: Dan, have you ever considered doing an album of Celtic music, in line with your Scottish heritage? 


DFoglberg: What a grand idea! Thanks.


Question: How old were you when you decided you wanted to be a professional musician? 


DFoglberg: 11


Question: Does the set have songs from Home Free? 


DFoglberg: Do you mean the box set, or the live show this summer? I think the box set ... I think there are 4 or 5 numbers from Home Free. Every album is included.


Question: Where can I find a schedule of your present tour? 


DFoglberg: Dan Fogelberg Home Page.


Question: How long does a tour last, usually? 


DFoglberg: 6 to 9 weeks for me. Some people spend their lives on the road.


Question: Do you have any more books on photography planned? 


DFoglberg: Not currently.


Question: : I saw you perform at Red Rocks in Colorado years ago. Do you still go back to Boulder for your inspiration? 


DFoglberg: I have not been to Boulder since 1980.


Question: Do some songs mean more to you than others ... if so, which are more sprecial? 


DFoglberg: Sprecial? LOL! Obviously, "Leader of the Band" is a very important song to my family and myself. I've always loved "Only The Heart May Know" that I sang with Emmylou Harris. And "Same Old Lang Syne."


Question: I found your performance more personable than all the others. Is there a reason for this humbleness? 


DFoglberg: I'm on Prozac. LOL!


Question: A lot of the lyrics on your older music is hauntingly sad ... was that just a phase? 


DFoglberg: Yes.


AOLiveMC2 We have time for one final question ... 


Question: This release marks a certain point of accomplishment in your career. Where will you plan to take your music in the future? 


DFoglberg: Milwaukee. LOL!


AOLiveMC2 Dan Fogelberg, thanks so much for joining us tonight in AOL Live ... it was fun. Any closing comments for our audience? 


DFoglberg: Have a great summer! Hope to see ya at the shows! 


AOLiveMC2: Thanks again! And thanks to our audience for their great questions. Good night! 


OnlineHost: Copyright 1997 America Online, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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