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"Dear Dan" Letters

July 2007

 Hello Dan and Jean.  I've known about your cancer for a few years now, but have never written to you.  I sincerely hope you are winning the battle, and will be with us for many years to come.  I was just playing the Innocent Age CD a while ago.  It never ceases to move me, even now, so many years after it came out.  I still know exactly what song is coming on next, I can hear the tune in my head before it starts playing.  That proves how well I knew this album, I had it so memorized because I played it sooooo many times.  And that was 26 years ago!!!  My goodness, where has all that time gone?  It seems like just yesterday, and yet also like an entire lifetime ago. I was and still am in total awe of your truly amazing talent. God bestowed upon you such incredible gifts.......your voice, your ability to write songs, your ability to play musical instruments.  He must think very highly of you and love you very much, and I feel sure that you realize that.


Your music and your self, who you really are, have touched and impacted so, so many lives.  Even though we do not know you personally, we love you, we care about you, and we wish you only the best.  I've prayed for you, and will continue to do so.  Thank you so much for how you've shared your gifts with the world.  We are better off for that.  I'm sure it's what God intended for your life -- to use your gifts for the benefit of the most people.  You've truly done that. God bless you, and deliver you from this cancer.  He can do that you know, He has the power to do that.  I pray it may be so. ~ Valerie, a Colorado native


 Dear Dan, I've loved your music since your first album.  You're one of the few artists whose new albums I would buy without any preview.  I wore out the sheet music to "Be On Your Way" and "To The Morning" which are still my favorite pieces to play on the piano (no where near as well as you!)  Thank you for staying true to yourself and sharing beautiful music with all of us.  I wish you and your wife well as you face the challenges of attaining better health.  My prayers and positive thoughts are with you. Sincerely ~ Sue Scott - Enon, OH


 Dear Dan, It seems almost as though I should know you. You have been singing to me for the past 30 years! I discovered your music when I was a teenager in the '70s and I remember saying "If I can't have Dan, I don't want any man!" Silly youth. I didn't know about your illness and am very sorry to hear about it now. I'm going to read further and see how you are doing. Thank you for giving so many of us such beautiful music over the years. I hope you've conquered this illness and that you and your wife are living happy and healthy lives. Your longtime fan ~ Alex


 Dear Dan, I remember the Echo Basin, CO concert. Have never been the same. You have been a huge influence in my life through your music.  Wishing you health and peace, and would love to hear how you are doing. ~ Lisa


 Dan,  You are my favorite musical artist!  Your music got me through my high school and college years and for that I am eternally thankful.  I will never forget driving through a blizzard from central Wisconsin to Madison, WI, to see you in concert in 1974.  Wishing you health! ~ Sue


 Hi Dan, I can't begin to tell you the rich impact your music has had on my life over the years.  A musician myself, I've patterned much of my style, lyrics, arrangements, etc. after yours.  Unfortunately, none of my work really comes close to yours.  Though, I keep trying.  I too am a survivor - it's been 1 year post RP for me.  Yup, it runs in the family...  I'm doing well, now. But, as a member of the fraternity, I understand all too well what comes with it and I pray for you and Jean daily. Blessings! ~ Eric


 My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.  I looked up  this site to get the lyrics to "Part of the Plan" to send to my brother who is  going through some tough times.  I remember how it inspired and lifted me  up in years past.  I didn't know of your illness and I just wish you the very best.


 I wish to join your many fans to express my good wishes to you, Dan, as you battle this awful disease. I've been a fan for many many   years, have most of your albums, your music has touched my soul. I am lucky to be a prostate cancer survivor. When I was diagnosed, it hadn't spread, so surgery did the trick. I wholeheartedly concur with your advice to all men to have early and frequent PSA's done. It could save many lives. Dan, you and your family are in our prayers. God bless. ~ Jim Palmer and Laura Martin


 My son was diagnosed with P-net Ewings Sarcoma. The last year has been incredibly scary, not to mention humbling. it is truly a tough road. I love your spirit, which obviously comes through your music. There is not a day that goes by that I don't give a prayer for my son and for you. You are a blessing to this world as well as my son. I will continue to pray for you. Thanks for being here! ~ Doryl and Justin


 Hi Dan, My wife and I think about you often while hoping and praying that you are recovering from cancer and doing very well! Our hearts go out to you for all of the pain and suffering you have endured. We are happy that you have Jean in your life, she must be a tremendous support and blessing to you!  Every summer we check the concert schedules hoping that we might see you again. It gives us a greater appreciation for all of the previous shows that we were able to attend. We thank you for your music and the many memories along the way.


Most of all thank you for the gift that you have given all of us in your spirit, great music and your generosity in sharing your talents with the world. You are a wonderful person and an amazing talent. We'll always treasure that gift! We wish you the absolute best and God's rich Blessings upon you and Jean always! Thank you Dan and stay well, good friend! ~ Chris & Maureen Langlais - Aurora, CO


 Dear Dan and Jean,  I was just looking for concert dates. I didn't realize that you had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. I hope that you are doing ok. May God bless you always and walk life's path with you and your family. Your music has lifted me in my darkest moments and has been a part of some of the happiest times of my life. I saw you in concert twice. I hope that my words can lift you in dark moments. My Dad also had prostate cancer- it was hard. I am a nurse and have given chemo through the years- sometimes you have to "travel the Long way" as in your lyrics. Keep the fight, and as in your song "The Gambler" there is always light and calm during any storm. May you always see that light. Sincerely ~ Cathy Lapchak RN, Hazleton, PA


 Blessings to you, Dan and Jean.  You have friends all over the world, wishing you the very best and I am among them.  My husband and I are fellow musicians who have always enjoyed playing your music and we will continue, always. Sending you love and prayers ~ Kat, St. Louis


 Your music means so much to so many  people.  I hope you are still writing lyrics (i.e. poetry) because your poetry could stand alone without the beautiful music. I just wanted to relate a story that means a lot to me. I was a single dad for a while.  My son was just a few months old . (he will be 26 years old next month) and he was very hard to get to sleep.  One night, I played "Leader of the Band"  on the stereo, as I rocked him and sang along, he stopped fussing and soon was asleep.  I continued this ritual every night for several months until he was old enough to go to sleep on his own. Many years later we were in the car talking and "Leader of the Band" came on the radio.  My son who was a young adult, abruptly stopped talking and listened until the song was over. I tried to ask him, but he shsh'd me, why he got quiet all of a sudden. When it finished, he said "It's just that,  I've always liked that song."    I could tell that the song held a special place for him as well as it does for me. Best wishes for a full recovery ~ Danny Whitely


 Dan, We all are too aware of someone close who has suffered, directly or indirectly, through this terrible disease .I sincerely hope you make a recovery. There is a small book which sums up what we do in our time can have an everlasting effect. It is The Man Who Planted Trees by Jean Giono. You have planted many trees. Some have grown while others continue, and each plants a seed and so the circle goes on. Being in the UK I never had the good fortune of seeing you live in concert. I do hope that wish will come true. I found you in the 70's with Nether Lands. Thanks to the internet and a couple of visits to the States, my collection grows and so does the name Dan Fogelberg . I know you carry your burden within yourself and with those close to you but you have a huge extended family , as you obviously know , who care for a man who they will never know but who writes and sings songs that touch them. Good Luck and keep planting!!! ~ Mick Nagle, Enfield UK


 Dear Dan- I am so very sad to hear of your news.  Cancer has touched so many of our lives and taken so many of those we love.  This cancer can be beat, my father-in-law is living proof.  Stay strong and just know that there are so many of us out here who are thinking and praying for you.  Always know that you have touched so many with your music and we miss you at  Blossom in the summertime in Cleveland.  Your music helped me personally through so many troubled times in my life many years ago and for that I will ever be grateful.  Whatever the future holds, you will forever be in my thoughts. Please get well soon! ~ Jane K - Cleveland, OH


 My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time. Words cannot express what you and your family are going through. I lost my husband 5 years ago to esophogeal cancer- it has been tough.   I will be thinking GREAT thoughts coming your way. ~ Patti Auxier, Hillsboro, Oregon


 I just read the news about your prostate cancer for the first time tonight. I have been thinking about  you a lot lately and was wondering how your wife Jean is. I have had my own medical issues, life threatening to deal with for 37 years and am now a proud mother to a ten year old. Your music has sustained me through more than I could ever express in words. If I ever write my book you will be in it even though we have never met. I do feel I know you. A college friend introduced me to your music in the early 70's and named one of his horses Be On Your Way. I guess I  have unconsciously followed you over the years. I want you to feel well and vibrant, to play  music in your heart and entire body. You have helped me. I send you energy and  love. ~ lisa


 Dan, I attended one of your concerts in the, then, Compaq center in Houston Texas in the mid eighties. I can remember walking in and seeing only a guitar and a piano on the stage and thinking to myself, "this might be a little disappointing with no band". How very, very wrong I was. That single evening changed my life. You gave the most astounding performance. Your ability to be intimate with every single soul in that packed stadium was breathtaking. You grew in stature and filled the whole place until there was barely any space for the audience to be. You were bigger than any band could have made you, You displayed the passion and love that has impacted the world and those that have been privileged to hear you. You certainly altered me very positively. I salute you and who you are and the way in which you raise the consciousness of the planet thru your music.


I send you my love and blessings always. I call on the healing angels and the power of the violet consuming flame to do its majestic work and heal you instantly. "I Am" is the power that heals you without effort and without the concept of time. "I Am" that "I Am" and it is so. Truly, your light shines, it is the light that casts no shadow, and always will illumine the hearts of mankind. God Bless you forever. ~ Ted Vorster


 Dan and Jean, I'm a longtime fan since 1974.  Your Nether Lands concert in Nashville was the most awesome concert experience of my entire life.  I love going to that place still today when I put on the cd.  I only recently learned to go to websites on the computer, so I'm wishing you a full recovery at this point.  I know God provides miracles and I pray one for you.  I'll pray for your miracle recovery and wish you and your wife the best.  I'm assuming you're a Christian, so I know your salvation is intact.  Thanks for the music I've lived my life to ~ Susan Six Libby


 Listening to some pretty good stuff you wrote right now.  Are you getting better??  Thanks for the great music!! I can't find out how you're doing.  I just hope you're OK. 


 I have been a fan of yours since the early 70's when your first album came out.  I was in high school then and am a grandmother today. You are STILL my favorite artist and you touch me deeply whenever I listen to your music. I was so saddened to recently (I know it's late) read about the Advanced Prostate Cancer on your website. Just wanted to say that both you and your family are in my prayers. God Bless You as you have touched so many lives  with your beautiful music through the years. ~ Cheryl Rockwood, Wapakoneta, Ohio


 Dan, you and Jean are in our thoughts everyday. Much love ~ Mary and Doug, Seaford, NY


 Dan, I think of you often. And listen to you a lot, as I have since I "discovered" you in 1978. An entire drawer of our CD cabinet is the Dan Fogelberg drawer, as that drawer is full of only your CD's. Your CD's are the first I loaded onto my iPod. Your music has been such a part of my life for so many years. No Resemblance played during the C-section I had for my first child a mere 3 1/2 years ago. "Windward" takes my mind on a mini vacation every time I hear it. I can see myself flying through the clouds to the music, and I can see you playing the electric guitar solo. The Innocent Age just finished playing, and one of my favorites on that album is "Ghosts." The list goes on and on. I have so appreciated your music for so long, and you have so enhanced my life. I hope you are winning your battle against prostate cancer. I hope you are doing well. I'd love to hear an update now and then. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Ever on, Dan. ~ Linda D., Kenmore, WA


 Dan:   I hope you are managing well.  I just had to write this because you need to know how you have touched people's lives.  First of all, when I first heard "Part of the Plan", I went nuts.  Every time I hear this song, which I have, it brings back so many memories.  Especially that beginning guitar solo. Also, back in 1989, my husband was painting in his condo.  All of a sudden the clock in the living room stopped and "Leader of the Band" was playing on the radio.  About an hour later, he got a call from his mom that his dad died right at that time.  We cannot play that song without crying.  Also, everytime I listen to "Same Old Lang Syne", I can feel your story.  I could go on and on but I just wanted you to know how incredibly talented you are!!!!!  But I think you know that.  I hope you recover and are able to perform again.  Please know that you are in our thoughts and you will always have a special place in so many hearts. Also hello to your lovely wife and take care. ~ Diane Marzano


 I received a USB turntable for Father's Day and pulled my albums out of storage to upload onto the computer. Nether Lands, Souvenirs, The Innocent Age are such amazing albums. I spent a couple of hours telling stories  to my kids about listening to your music before swim meets in high school to psych myself up, and going to see my sister at college for your concerts. That was the first really deep bond that my sister and I developed as 'adults' and it  endures still. All the  best ~ David Duba, Jr.


 Dan , Best wishes. I met you backstage at a show at Park West ,Ut  in the late 80's . Your music has been there for me like a good friend through good and bad. It even has helped with the lose of my dad in 2005 from lung cancer. In 1997 we moved back home to Colorado and the spirit of your songs come alive in the canyons around here even when we're fishing at Capote Lake.Good luck and God's blessings to  you and your family ~ Kyle Guire


 I hope things are going well for you and your family.  Your songs have meant so much to me in my life and will continue to make me smile and shed a tear. ~ Susan Mathews, El Cajon, Ca.


 Dan - Your incredible lyrics and melodies have comforted my soul since the early 70's.I survived life threatening cancer in 1982 when I was 27 but found a brilliant doctor in Hanover, Germany that saved my life.I listened to your music when I was in the hospital there and it kept my spiritual cup full. I'm not sure you fully understand the incredible impact your music has had on so many lives.I will leave you with one of the most profound statements that I have ever read......."This era will pass so quickly,and the present stresses will seem insignificant and remote. What will matter to you at the end of life will be the loving relationships you built with your family and your readiness to meet the Lord." One VERY important thing to remember is NEVER give up.There are other treatment options in other countries that are better than ours...I'm living proof of that. ~ John Burch  Austin , TX


 To Our Very Favorite Dan, We miss your presence. You are in our  hearts! Please let us know how you are doing. Until then, we listen to  your voice everyday, and pray for you.  A day doesn't go by without  your voice touching our hearts. Thank you so very much!  We  honor you Dan!..Peace and Blessings ~ Mia and Sharon


 Dear Dan, My wife and I were shocked to hear the disheartening news of your health. We both want to wish you and your family all the luck in the world in dealing with this terrible disease. You honestly do not know how much of an impact on our lives that you and your music has had. My wife and I were married on Fathers Day 6-19-1977 and a little less than a week later, while on our honeymoon, drove nonstop,twenty one hours from Canyon City Colorado to Houston, Texas to see you perform with your backup band Fool's Gold. That was the first of many concerts we have attended over the years. We faithfully bought every album and video we could get our hands on. We have watched you and ourselves grow from young kids to late middle-aged adults. What a journey through the years.


I won't tell you what our favorite songs are because there are so many, it would be like picking a favorite child. We will just say that "Leader Of The Band" will always be at the top of our list. My dad, was a musician also, and came to me one day and asked if I had ever heard of a guy named Dan Fogelberg. I was happy to tell him that you were our favorite artist, and I loaned him a copy of "Longer" so he could learn to play it for a wedding. He was forever a fan afterward, and my dad was hard to please.


We can all only hope that your treatment will go well and I know that as long as you have your love Jean with you, it will make things a lot easier. I know that I, my wife, and the millions of fans around the planet will do our parts and include you and your family in our prayers. It is a frightening prospect of facing old age without your performances to look forward to. The most important thing is to beat this. If we only have what you have accomplished till now, that is enough for a lifetime of the most pleasant of memories. Thank you again for everything you have brought to our lives, as well as the many others you have touched. Just remember you are not alone in your fight. We hope we all get the chance to see you again on stage or in the studio. With all the love in our hearts ~ Mathew and Deborah Pitts


 Dan, I want to wish you well and hope your battle is positive. You have given me so many 'stars' which I am giving you back.  I remember the days at Glen Oak. I have your written page of 'silent night' framed, when Santa brought out Tim, and your performances at Red Rocks have been gold, the best I have seen.  My prayers are with the stars I send out, and may your battle get easier and you beat it.  My 4 girls have grown up listening to you and attended your concerts.  We love you, and hope to see you do your magic soon. ~ peg and family


 Dan, I turned 40 last month and I was going through my CD collection doing a little reminiscing and rediscovered your music.  I've always enjoyed your singing and songwriting.  I am sorry to hear about your illness and will heed your advice and see the doctor on a regular basis.  I hope you are doing well these days and on your way to a full recovery.  Best wishes. ~ Simon Thomas, Copley, Ohio


 Dear Dan and family: Over the past couple of days, you have been on my mind constantly and I  can't explain why. I have learned, however, that it is important to  pay attention when our thoughts seem to be focused in a certain direction by a  force outside of ourselves. Maybe you are at a point where you need a boost of support and love from the many of us who say prayers and think about you  often. Please know, Dan, that you are never alone, even if it feels that  way sometimes. Last night you appeared in my dream looking healthy and  vibrant, and you were excited about being involved in dedicating acres of land  to a wildlife park. I could easily visualize you in such a scenario!


Well, I just wanted to send a message of encouragement your way, to say again that I am one in a vast sea of fans who believe that you are our  "voice," expressing for us so beautifully what exists deep within our hearts. I pray that soon we will hear that voice again, for it is sorely missed and greatly needed. With love, gratitude, and best wishes to  you and Jean. ~ Robin Rose, Liberty Lake,  WA.


 Good luck, Dan. You are a definite "Part of the Plan" and have a great inspiration to our generation. ~ C E Drake, Wichita, Kansas


 I just want to say your music shaped my life and meant so much to me in my early years of living out on my own. I owned every album (then cassettes and CD's) up until the mid 80's and saw you in concert more times than I can count.  You're just a fantastic poet and songwriter and your illness grieves me to hear of it.  I did hear it on the radio a few years ago but I did not know the prognosis. I am a surgical nurse and know what you are up against.  God bless you, Dan. You are an awesome person.  I used to be SO in love with you and would tell my friends that if you showed up at my door I would disappear with you, ha, sort of like the rapture ;-). Much love ~ Joy in TN


 Dear Dan, I'm praying for you.  Have loved your music since the late 70's.  You touch my heart and soul.  Recently lost an old boyfriend who I'd always hoped to have a "Same Old Lang Syne" moment with, but it didn't happen.  Have worn out your Greatest Hits CD trying to console myself over losing him. I pray for you and your wife.  God Bless.  ~ Kris B.


 Dan, I have been a fan of yours since the 70's.  The world has changed so much since those wonderfully free youthful times. I moved away from your music as my life moved on. Then, one Sunday I heard this heavenly music coming from my son's bedroom.  It was "The Reach".  He remembered me playing this music when he was a young boy. He was visiting and just wanted to listen to "some good music".  He chose your music and lyrics.  Your music is a positive gift that reaches into the soul.  thank you, Dan. ~ Patricia Russell-Quan


 Hi Dan, I think of you often and want to send my best wishes to you again today. Love ~ Linn


 Dear Dan: I am 48 years old.  I have recently been re-connected with your music, of which I was a huge fan in the seventies and early eighties.  I have a 13 year old son who has proven to be a very gifted musician.  In an effort to enlighten him as to what true song writing is, I pulled out some of your albums to play for him.  I wept as I listened to many of the songs, not just because of your current situation, but because in the CNBC-talk radio world in which I live. I had forgotten what your music has meant to me in the past.  The majesty of the music and the profundity of your lyrics have touched my soul once again, and I will never allow myself to be separated from them again.  I truly pray for your recovery.  My son has brought me back to your music, and for that I am very grateful. God bless you ~ Duane Jusko


 Dan, I've been a fan for years. I learned to appreciate your music in the late 70s while attending college in NY; the girls on campus loved it and I would hear it in the background - then I learned to love it myself. Met my wife in college and wanted to play a song you sang, I think written by Judy Collins "Since You've Asked". The band couldn't play it so we did another of our favorites - "Longer". Kathy and I are praying for you. You've been a real blessing to us and we've introduced you to our six children. They've got you on their ipods. ~ Chris and Kathy Mahon


 Dear Dan,  I wanted to once again include my good wishes to you and Jean in the wonderful mix of love and admiration that your fans and friends have written here.  You are never far from my thoughts and prayers.  I hope that you're doing well and enjoying life.  That is my prayer for you.  I also hope that one day you will once again grace us with your presence on stage.  No matter when or where, I will do whatever it takes to be there if you do decide to perform again.  I'm sure a lot of others have that same dream.  To see you again would be so wonderful!  That may sound like a selfish statement but I'm just speaking the truth.  First priority...we want you well and happy....secondly, though, another chance to see you perform onstage would be a dream come true!  All the best!  ~  Pam in La.


 You have a song for almost every feeling, reason and season.  When I hear many of your songs, my heart wells up.  My boyfriend and I have seen you several times, including your last tour.  Like so many others, we love your music.  I love your lyrics.  I love knowing that when I'm feeling a certain way, I can pull out one of your songs and know someone else out there knows Exactly how I feel.  There is nothing like the feeling of music and lyrics that can move me to laughter or tears - yours does that.  Through your music, you are loved.  Our best wishes and prayers are with you and your loved ones.  Peace. ~ tea pennisi


 I wish all good things, love and peace for Mr. Fogelberg. Nether Lands never fails to bring me to tears of joy. "Anthems to glory and anthems to love and hymns filled with Earthly delight. Like the songs that the darkness composes to worship the light". You are a true spokesman for a higher power. You are blessed. Thank you for sharing this gift.


 Dan, I've been coming to see you and been inspired by your music for the past 35 years.  Please accept my best wishes and prayers for you.  You ARE a true  "Living Legacy". Best ~ Sherry Mohr


 As I sit here at work needing a little help from a friend I pull out yet once again, as I've done so very many times, my Nether Lands CD.  I've gone through my album and cassette tapes and now I am listening on CD, but it never fails to ease whatever pain or calm whatever fears I am currently facing.  I can only hope that your music brings you the peace and enjoyment that it has brought me for so many years.  My thoughts and prayers are still with you and your family as you go through your battle.  I thank you for your music and God for your life!  What a blessing He has given me by giving you your gift.  I lift you up! ~ Carolyn Greene


 Hi, Dan.  Every six months when my husband has a repeat PSA I think of you and check your site for some good news.  His cancer is still in remission & we are so grateful.  Continue to fight, we will continue to pray.  I have loved your music since my college days in the 70's and your albums are the only ones I keep in my player all the time.  ( I've got over 300 in my collection now!!)  You're still the best.  Blessings to you and yours ~ Debbie in Kansas


 Dear Dan and family, I am a long-time fan, and have seen you perform several times, from the massive arena at the Meadowlands to the intimate tent at Waterloo Village, both in NJ.  Your songs were the framework of my young-adulthood, and as a singer I find great joy in wrapping my vocal chords around your soaring melodies.  "Nether Lands" was an awakening of my pagan soul at a time when I was just realizing environmentalism could be a spiritual path in and of itself.  I sang "Longer" for my brother-in-law and his wife at their wedding. More than ten years ago, my father was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer.  Today he is 73 and enjoying his life.  Remember, when things look hardest, and it is a challenge to see the beauty around you, in your own words, "there is light in the depth of the darkness...let it shine."  Your fans are like an extended family and we all wish you only the best.  Shine on. ~ Anne Nadel in Vermont


 Dan, you are the "Leader of the Band" and always will be in my mind.  When my father died at 83 years of age back in 1984, I could not shed a tear for reasons of my own.  One day, two years later, I heard "Leader of the Band" on my car radio and cried my heart out over the loss.  It came as a relief for me and gave a closure that I desperately needed.  Thank you, gentle man - for all the songs and all the memories. ~ John Orser, Burlington, Ontario, Canada


 Dan and Jean, God bless and keep you now and always.  My heart goes out to you and my prayers include you.  Miracles abound and are evident for all of us who seek and recognize.  I love you both.  ~ Sam in Georgia


 I remember that I first heard your songs on the radio and though I liked them, I loved the albums and alot of the other songs more.  There is not a 6 month period that I do not search in hopes of finding another album but now I know you are very sick. My prayers are with you and Jean. She is very beautiful and has what appears to be from her photos, a kindly spirit.  Sometimes, peace shows.  Don't forget we have been listening to you since I was in College and you are still to this day my favorite artist of all time.  Yeah there are alot of artists but no one captured the imagination and the wonder of life, in many different areas, including metaphysical as you have. My favorite album is River of Souls, and I like the alternative photograph as well.  Also I loved your bluegrass album and had alot of fun singing along to it as I went back to Illinois to visit my mother.  My father passed away in Jan 1, 2006 and I remember listening to all your albums as I went across the country. Thank you for all your wonderful lyrics and poetry through your music.  You can sing a ballad that would make someone weak and turn around and let us whoop it up with bluegrass. My deepest respect goes out to you for your courage and your talent.  All my prayers are with you and Jean and I will continue to light candles as I did today. If Lance Armstrong can fight this thing and it was in his brain and lungs I will pray for results that are worthy for a man that brought so much into this world. Dan and Jean, no one can tell you how to fight this fight but deep down in your spirit when you listen to the voice of spirit, you will know what you have to do and when. Please keep us posted of your progress when and if you feel up to it.  We all care so much. Love to you and yours from us and ours ~ Victoria Norwich


 Dear Dan - I am and have been praying for your complete recovery along with thousands of other fans around the world. I am so thankful that I was able to drive from western Kentucky to Atlanta a few years ago and see and hear you in concert at Chastain Park. Full Circle had just been released and the night was pure magic. I will never forget that show. I am 54 and have had the PSA and DRE exam and will have follow ups at every physical from now on. Thank you Dan for urging us older guys to get checked. You have probably saved many lives. Thank you and God Bless ~ Phil Davis, Kentucky


 Dear Dan, I'm sure there is nothing that I can say to you that hasn't already been said. I will share with you that I am a 47 year old lady with a new IPOD. I downloaded your entire Nether Lands album the other night and I haven't been the same since. The flood of memories and feelings that returned to me after so many years was unbelievable. Your music had a profound affect on me and it felt wonderful to feel that way again. I wish for you a return to good health and I will pray for a full recovery. ~ Susan Potter


 Every time I return to my hometown, I find myself playing my Dan Fogelberg CD's.  They bring me back to when I was young, carefree, and thought I had all the answers.  Right now I am back in my hometown, dealing with my elderly parents (ironically my father has prostate cancer, along with Alzheimer's.).  I can't thank you enough for your music which has helped to guide, soothe, and restore me.  May God be with you.  Remember, God is in the hard stuff.  I often use your lyrics with my English students with lessons on imagery, tone, and voice. Take care ~ Bridget Davis


 You're in my prayers every day. Your music has been my "therapy" for over 30 years and I hope you have special music that you listen to that means as much to you as yours has meant to me. ~ Anita Spicer


 Dear Dan:  I was just checking out your website to see what your touring schedule might be. I had just been playing "River of Souls" the other day so I thought I would check your schedule. I was shocked to hear of your battle with prostate cancer and my thoughts and prayers go out to you.  Your music first touched me in the late seventies when "Phoenix" came out and then I had to get all of your albums to that point like "Souvenirs", "Nether Lands", "Home Free" and "Captured Angel".


 My wife and I were living temporarily with her parents as we were expecting our first child and I played these records constantly. When our first child Daniel was born (coincidence perhaps) I would play and sing to "The Innocent Age" to calm him down.  I was fortunate to see one of your few Canadian concerts several years ago in Orillia, Ontario. You commented that the last time you had played in Canada was as the opening act for the Eagles. It was a great concert. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that your music has touched my life and draws me back to special moments. We often never know how we touch each other's lives. Thanks for touching mine. Get well! ~ Stephen Lance


 At 38 years old, I am only now discovering your music. Each time I hear a new song, it is amazement all over again.How could I have missed all of this?!  Your lyrics and melodies are simply works of art.  At this point I’m just grateful to have discovered you, even if I am 30+ years behind.  I pray for your thorough and swift recovery, Mr. Fogelberg.~ Elise in OR


 Words seem small to capture the spirit of love and hope you have always given. May that gift you have given give you joy and help you heal.  Your music is eternal. Love and blessings to you and your wife Jean and family. ~  Jane


 Hi Dan - I'm deeply sorry to hear bad news about the cancer you have. May God be with you Dan ~ Niyada


 Hi Dan - I have been a huge fan since the mid 70s trying to enlighten the small part of the UK public that I had contact with to your superb music, which has seen me through both good and not so good times over the years. There is always a song somewhere for every mood. When I found out about your illness when the announcement was posted on your website, it was as though it was happening to a close friend. Take heart from Chris Rea's experience. His recovery from pancreatitis has inspired him on to bigger and better things.


I now live in New Zealand and I am making sure that you have a steadily increasing audience here - my one regret is that I have yet to see you in concert. Let us know when you're going to be in Christchurch! All the very best wishes to you and Jean. ~ John Borner, Christchurch, NZ


 Dear Dan and Jean,  I hope you are both well.  Dan, you have been a prophet over the years, bringing forth your messages of the mysteries of  love and life for all our hearts and souls.  Your songs have carried me through some heartaches, and I mean that!  You know there are many  people who feel the same, and they think of you for that.  So please continue to find some measure of wellness every day for all you have done in this world, for there is a difference between a cure and a sense of inner wellness.   We love you! ~ Joe  


 Dear Dan, my constant prayers for you. I could never adequately express how much your music has meant to me over the years. It's a gift that just keeps on giving. My children love you too. We look forward to that next album whenever it be. Godspeed. ~ Cindy from Ojai, CA


 Dan... Hope that you are doing better. Have been a true blue listener of your songs for many years....lived in Peoria and now Pekin for several years. A friend of mine knew your Dad and showed me the place where my favorite song of yours was written about. Hope you are better...and wish the best for you and your family. ~ Mary from Peoria


 Dear Dan and all of you who are fighting all types of diseases.  Please look into the "Gerson Therapy".  I just listened to a radio program and the author of the book "Healing for the Hopeless", Howard Straus, was completely incredible. He is the grandson of Max Gerson, who inspired the "Gerson Therapy".  I urge you all to at least look in to this because, as Howard said, there is ALWAYS hope as long as we're alive!  My prayers are with you, Dan - I love your music and spirit so much!!! ~ Debi


 Dan and Jean - May Moneto watch over you and your family and friends. You are a great friend to the People. ~ Shawnee T  Ohio


 I just read the biography and it helped me appreciate your music to a lot greater level - most especially the part about when you wrote Nether Lands, which is my favorite.   I am very familiar with the early music - the first 5 or 6 CD's, with my personal favorites being Home Free, Nether Lands and Souvenirs.  I purchased Captured Angel,  and Phoenix and need to listen to those more and I am sure I will come to enjoy those also.   I plan on purchasing Full Circle.   I am very sorry about the illness and did not even know until I read the homepage.  Your music is truly amazing and I will enjoy it throughout my lifetime.  I will keep my thoughts with you and will plan on keeping up with you via the webpage. ~ Rhonda Watson


 Dan, I am sure you will have heard what I have to say many, many times, but I feel like adding my voice to the chorus.  I have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, your music for many years.  Your songs are inspiring and your voice a treasure.  I wish you well and a long and comfortable future. ~ Paul Lukehart, Reading, PA


 Dan, I remember when you worked at Byerly Music in Peoria Illinois in the record department many years ago. My grandfather, Eldred Byerly,  owned that business.  I have followed your music career over the years.  I have all your albums and your music is just a fresh today has it was when I bought the music many years ago.  I will keep you in my prayers as you battle your cancer praying to God for your full recovery. This cancer hits home with me because that is the cancer my Grandfather got many years ago. Your encouragement for men to get a yearly PSA test is so important. My God bless you. ~ Jeff Ringness, Peoria IL


 Dear Dan and Jean, once again I send my prayers to you.  I truly hope you are well on the road to recovery.  Your music is so incredible!  Since I learned of your cancer several months ago, I have been collecting your albums and finally have all of them (so far!).  Wow, what a treasure!  Your talent is surely a gift from God.  Each album is fantastic.  You give so much of yourself on each song.  I was always a fan, but I've missed so much.  I only wish I could see you in concert. Please take care and continue to improve.  Eat healthy, pray every day, and know that we all love you. ~ Kathy in WV


 Dan; As my life gets less hectic (kids moving on, etc.) and things settle down, I search my music library for memories and comfortable feelings. More often than not I pick out one of you cd's. It brings me back to a place that makes me feel good. So many wonderful memories! My thoughts & prayers are with you. Please kick this thing! I need to see you in concert again at Red Rocks! ~ Steve from Boulder


 Dan and Jean, I haven't heard how you are doing recently, but you have been on my mind a great deal. I hope you continue to heal and get stronger every day. The World needs your bright spirit now more than ever.


I have no idea why, but your songs have always helped me celebrate and helped me get through some of the most lovely and sad times of my life.  When "Longer" came out, I was in my first serious relationship, when "Leader of the Band" came out my father was dying from lymphoma and I have to tell you, I don't know that I would have made it through losing him (I was a Daddy's girl), if not for you and that song. To this day, when I hear that song I think of him and smile (and cry a little). "Sweet Magnolia"  and "Believe in Me" found me in another serious relationship, and the whole album of "Exiles" got me through a very painful divorce."Forefathers" was especially poignant for me as I would look at my young son and wish he could have known my father- his Grandfather. And I wanted to let you know that once again, through your illness, you have shown me the way. I suppose it could be that all humans live something of parallel lives. Maybe that is why your music reflects what so many of us, your fans, have gone through in our lives, following what would seem to have been your path. I recently learned my doctor suspects I may have leukemia.  I gave in for about a day and a half, letting the fear take over, then I listened to "To the Morning" (and the whole Home Free album). It gave me peace. Thank you for helping me pull it together for my kids. For that and for all the beautiful music you have shared with the world, I am eternally grateful. Dan, I continue to pray for your complete recovery. Jean I pray for you as well.  Many blessings ~ Julie Hopkins, Little Rock, AR


 As a struggling, 58 year old guitar 'strummer' who daily wishes he had stayed with music instead of living a 'normal' life, there are times when I've wished arthritis strike your fingers. Your mastery of guitar, piano, composition and lyrics has made me jealous as hell ever since the first time I heard 'Looking for a Lady.'  As one whose father and paternal uncle both had prostate cancer, I live in terror each year when its time for my PSA test.  I can only imagine what you are feeling, but do know that you have people who care, and pray, for you. ~ Dan Layton, Albany, NY


 Dear Dan and family, I just wanted you to know that I've followed your career since I first heard " Wysteria" back in the 70's in Hawaii. My husband and I have seen you perform many times from Hawaii to Pennsylvania. You have always had a fantastic show and your music just moves me. I think I know every word to every song! I even took friends to one concert because they said they had never heard of you but each song you sang they would look at me and say "I didn't know he sang that song!" Your music has been a part of my life for over thirty years and now that you are not performing I am so glad that I've seen you all of the times that I did. We wish you the best of luck with your illness and hope to be the first to see you if you decide to perform again. All our love and best wishes ~ Bob and Judy Labs name is Keith Stegall. I'm a songwriter and record producer in Nashville. I just wanted to extend my thoughts and prayers to you. Besides a little advice from Kristofferson to move to Nashville,.it was the work that you did on Home Free with Norbert that inspired me to move to music city. Thanks for your gift of music and for your spirit ~ Keith


 Dan,  I have thrived on your music for several decades.  It always seems to touch and revive my soul like the divine spirit stirring within me.  Not everyone has the blessing of knowing that they are doing the thing in this world that they were born to do.  However, every time I listen to your music that I love so much, I marvel over and over of how it seems to me that you were created to do this - and you touch so many people in a way that lasts a lifetime.  God bless you for following the calling of your heart.


I hope that you are doing well in your fight with prostate cancer.  I was diagnosed with it just this past February, so I know a bit of the impact it might have had on your life. A few times when I have been hit with the reality of it, I have been blessed with the message of faith that has come through your song "Don't Lose Heart..."  It lifted me up and strengthened my resolve to see this as another challenge to take on and find a way see the miracle of life through it.  I have a very good doctor and so far the outlook is promising for the future.  I pray the Lord's healing hand is on your shoulder.  You have certainly touched my life through your music.  I pray the grace and faithfulness of God's love will bless and reside with you and Jean.  Thank you for the years of expressing your gifts for all our enjoyment.  You truly are a gift to all of us!! ~ Jeff in Missouri


 Dan, may God bless you and keep you in His way for all your days.  You can beat it!


 Hi Dan, I, like you have been diagnosis with a form of cancer. Mine is Melanoma (skin cancer).I've had the surgery to remove the spot on my back and a wide margin of skin around it.The good news is that they removed the lymph node it was draining to and it had no sign of cancer. My surgery doctor says I have an 80% chance that the cancer won't come back. I go to see a true cancer doctor this Thurs. to see what else I need. My pact with you is if you get back up on stage to sing...I'll be in the crowd no matter where it is. I always felt indestructible and strong at your concerts when we were young. I want to feel that way again! Something in Common ~ Jerry


 You are and have been one of my very favorite artist ever If I am down or need something to make me feel good all I have to do is play Fogelberg and I am instantly better. Both my husband and myself think  you are one of the  greatest musicians of all time. My husband also is a musician and plays your  music. Just know that  our thoughts and prayers are with you. We feel very positive about you and your treatments. Keep your chin up and please please keep writing your beautiful  music. I think the music will heal you as much as the medicines. Dan Fogelberg,  you are loved by so many for your wonderful talent both singing and  writing. Stay will lick this! Get well soon!!! ~ Andrea and David  Kurtz


 Dear Dan and Jean; I thank you for your music,harmony,love,peace.and the beauty in your heart, which you put into your songs and shared with us. I pray that you are healed and that this experience will inspire you to keep on playing. It is truly a gift from God. You can't return it,so might as well figure out a way to use it. I play guitar and sing in Lafayette,Louisiana. Come see your friends down here when you feel better. We would love it. My prayers are with you! ~  Lisa Shannon


 Dear Dan, We were just sitting here on a lazy Sunday afternoon listening to our favorite music and of course yours was amongst them.  We spoke about how some music can immediately take you back to another place.  In this crazy world, we thank you for letting us return to a place that's safe, warm, familiar and wherein lies our youth.  While we still had so many hopes and dreams for the future.  Please know that your music allows us to reawaken those hopes and dreams, making us realize we're never too old or settled to have those dreams. You continue to inspire us even thirty years later.  We want you to know that you are in our thoughts, hearts and prayers, and that we wish for you special blessings. May the goodness and joy you have given and continue to give the world come back to you ten fold.  Warm Wishes & Friendship ~   Carolyn & Carole, Staten Island, NY


 Dan, I hope you are winning your battle and that your health is improving every day.  I was just reading some of your other good wishes and I, like others, have been so touched by your music.  I discovered you in the late '70's  when I was in high school.  Every time I hear your songs, it takes me back  to my youth.  Your songs were/are so poetic and soothing.  I only got  to see you once down at U of I in the early '80's when I was in college. It was a fantastic show and I still remember it.  I send you and your  wife love, prayers, and hope.  Thanks for all you've given me ~  Jennifer , Kankakee, IL


 We love you and your music and have been fans since 1972.  I have every single album you recorded, and have seen you in concert 4 times beginning in 1976 and recently in Biloxi, MS at the Beau Rivage.  I just turned 50 and will heed your advice on getting the screening tests PSA, DFE.  Good Luck and Best Wishes ~ Dave


 Dan.....When I hear your sweet voice coming from the radio in the physician's office where I work, it brings back such fond memories of the first time I saw you at Princeton University (with Tim W.) (I'm thinking 1977?) I can still remember what you were wearing---Levi's, of course, a denim shirt and a red bandana around your neck. My friend Mary and I were so infatuated with you (and Tim) that we ended up driving all around Princeton that night just to see if we could find you! Thirty years later, and twenty-something concerts attended, I'm just as crazy about you now as I was then.  Even after turning 50 last month, celebrating 26 years of marriage and raising two incredible sons, 21 and 17, you still hold a very special place in my heart. I think of you so often, I check your website almost daily, and I hope and pray that you are on the road to recovery....A DanFan forever ~ Maureen in Asbury, NJ


 Dan, As I was flipping through stations today on my commute home from work, I was fortunate to find a channel playing "Leader of the Band."  I realized it's been way too long since I've sent well wishes your way.  Your songs always touch a special place in my heart.  They would anyway, but knowing you're from Central Illinois makes them even more special. Thanks, as always, for the music.  God bless your day today and everyday.  You and Jean are in my prayers. ~ Ann from Heyworth


 Your music was like a best friend for me over the years; words are not adequate to express my gratitude to you for sharing your gift. There were "big" moments, like when I first told my father that I loved him by way of "Leader of the Band," but mostly there were countless hours spent enjoying the magic of your music.


Around 1990, when I lived in Durango, I saw you perform in the gym of a nearby high school as you wrapped up a solo tour. In the middle of a song, the lights cut out. The sound was unaffected though, and without hesitation you kept singing and playing piano as if nothing had happened, and we had not just been plunged into darkness. With grace, you turned an unexpected partial power-loss into a most power-full event. May you and yours find strength through the darkness of this journey. ~ April


 Dear Dan, I have a 19 year old daughter that I've been turning on to "old music" like Manassas, Buffalo Springfield, and Dan Fogelberg!  She fell in love with the romance of "Dancing Shoes" and asked for me to suggest more of your music. I went to your website, not knowing of your illness, and I wish you all the best in your battle. Please know that a new generation - a girl who likes rap, Beyonce, The Fray, and Scissor Sisters, has discovered the charm and depth of your music.  God Bless. ~ Ginny


 My thoughts and prayers are with you as you face the biggest challenge of your life. I can only pray that you beat this terrible disease and live a long life with your wife by your side.  When I read that you had cancer, it upset me very much; more so because you always seemed so "normal" and not a"typical" musician.  You are so right to encourage men to have a PSA test. None of us like being poked, prodded, scanned, and stuck with needles; and it is so much easier to avoid doctors and tests because of our fear that we might have something wrong and it's better to be kept in the dark.  But with you as a spokesperson, perhaps more men will go for tests and save themselves a great deal of heartache.


I wanted you to know that I have listened to your music for many years and you have always been one of my and my daughter's favorite performers. Since we are the same age and my mother died of cancer very young, it has always been a fear of mine; or, I am always waiting for the other shoe to fall.  Sometimes I forget that we are all growing older - not old - and life begins to challenge our faith, health and stamina.  May God bless you and keep you safe ~ Marlene Peluso

 Hi Dan.God has blessed you with a soul that is indescribably talented and gifted. For the lyrics that you write, and the way you express it, is so God-like. It's always kept me in touch with my own spirit. I've listened to your music through the years. I used to play a saxophone, so I have a little bit of music talent in me. When I was younger, and I heard a song that I really, really liked, and it stuck with me for 20 years or more -- and I didn't hear it for a long time. When I did, it sounded even better then it ever did before. Now I listen to it all the time. This song still gives me goose bumps and tears because it's like you're singing for my soul's expression. So I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart. for the song, "Lonely in Love."  Wow!!!! I even tried to play it on my sax by ear, with no sheet notes. Still haven't fingered it out yet! Anyway, Mr. Dan, thank you once again for expressing my soul. I pray for speedy recovery. I hope this little note finds you better. God bless you, Dan. ~ Patrick


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, Born in 1980, I was raised in a house where your music provided the soundtrack for our lives. My Dad is a great fan, and as I am most definitely my father's daughter, I am too. I can't count the number of times he and I sang your songs in the car or simply sat side by side, headphones on, listening to your records. Your music and poetry has meant a great deal to both of us over the years -- "The Reach" always painted wonderful pictures for me and to this day, I tingle when listening to that song. Thank you for sharing your gifts with all of us. You are in my thoughts and prayers. ~ Katie K. in Seattle


 Mr Fogelberg, I cannot begin to express how much your music has meant to me. When I about 20, your "Leader of the Band" inspired me to learn to play guitar. I am now 45 and been playing 22 years and what a joy and "door opener"  music has been to and for me. I think you know what I mean. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful music! I would like to leave this with you... Say unto this mountain, be ye removed and cast into the sea.. The power of positive speech can move mountains. I KNOW this to be true. A prayer has been said for you (and has been heard)and once again, Thank you so much for all of the joy you have given to so many. ~ Jim Rhodes, Tennessee


 With a sincere smile and tear...I wish you peace, love and healing.  I last saw you perform in Huntsville AL in 1983.  My mother scraped all she could fiscally and physically to take me to your concert.  She was diagnosed with terminal cancer and that was my last truly happy moment with her.  Now 20 plus years later, I look back and recall how lucky I was to have a mother that encouraged my love of folk music and my fondness of your talents and music. My family will be praying for you and yours... With love ~ Diana


 Dan, I am heading to Woodland Park, Co. to visit my daughter in September so I got online to see if you were playing anywhere. It was during my search that I found out you were suffering from cancer! What a shock!  It seems like just yesterday I saw you in concert in the Buffalo, NY area! 


I think it's important to take the opportunity to thank people in your life who've made it a little better by just  being a part of it...... and for me, you are one of the countless individuals  I need to thank. Your beautiful melodies teamed with your "from the heart" lyrics have made you one of my "all time favorite artists" throughout  the years (and if you knew the range of my musical interests, you'd realize what a compliment that was!) Thank you for sharing your gift  and talent with us, and for acknowledging and respecting its roots (in your mother as well as your father).  It seems you got to a point in your life when you were able to reflect on "all that you are" and be grateful for the contribution of others..and that's what it's all about, isn't it?


I am glad you have Jean, your extended family, and friends to be with you on this difficult journey.  You also have the love and encouragement pouring in from the thousands of individuals who've come to "know" you through your music.  I wish you well and pray you are given the strength to fight this disease and the courage to accept whatever outcome it brings.  I also want to remind others reading these postings to take time to remember those individuals who cross paths with them, who maybe aren't famous, or are suffering in solitude. Take time to reach out to them as well. ~ Jo (from the hills of North Boston, NY)


 Mr. Fogelberg,I pray this e-mail finds you in the best of health. I love your music and have listened to it since the first time I heard it in 1972. Every album is even better than the last. Your music inspires me and I love to listen to it when I paint. Best of health to you and your wife. ~ Jeff Bailey


 Dear Dan, I am a longtime fan since 1974 when as a freshman in college heard "Souvenirs" played over the radio. I purchased the album and have been hooked on your music ever since. I am especially fond of "Twin Sons of Different Mothers" and your collection "Portrait". You and Jean have been in my prayers much, and I hope that you are doing well. I am also a 6 yr breast cancer survivor and felt such peace during my treatment. It was as if I felt the presence of God right with me comforting me, and was very thankful for the prayers of my family and friends. My prayer for you is that you will also feel God's presence and the peace that only He can give you. May you know how many fans you have worldwide who are praying for your recovery and would love to hear you sing again! ~ Kim L.


 Dear Dan and Jean,  Just a note to let you know that you are in my families prayers each day.  Hope this note finds you healing both physically and spiritually. ~ Becky - Kansas


 Dropped by the website just to see if there was any new messages. I truly hope you both are doing well, and enjoying a nice summer. I think about you often and hope some day in the near future, we can hear some good news! Take care and God Bless. Hugs ~ Cathy in NJ~


 Dan: I've always enjoyed your music and groundbreaking path that it took. I felt a special connection, having grown up in Illinois and going to college at Bradley University in Peoria and meeting your dad at Spaulding. I wish you the best and thank you for calling attention to prostate cancer. It seems that breast cancer gets all the publicity and all the money, despite prostate cancer afflicting more people. Your efforts are truly appreciated (my dad was a prostate cancer victim). ~  Mark


 Brother Dan, My wish is that somehow the energy we send your way is in some small way as influential and meaningful for your continued recovery as your musical gifts have been to the lives of countless people like me....people you've deeply touched and moved. Personally, I can't thank you enough for the hours of joy and pleasure you have brought to my life through your gifts. Peace and Love ~ Steve Cy -- Boulder


 We send loving and caring thoughts to you and your family often. May you feel the waves of positive energy sent your way! Love ~ Mary and Doug, Seaford, NY


 Every season of my life has a Dan Fogelberg song tied to some ahaa-moment.  My first boyfriend- "Souvenirs", our breakup -"Changing Horses" (LOL). Most favorite college memories-the entire Captured Angel album, divorce-"Next Time", my father's death- "Leader of the Band" and one of my first band auditions- "Morning Sky." I loved Twin Sons of Different  Mothers, until my big brother took it off to college with him. I have had to replace albums with CDs, and ipod ready Fogelberg tunes, and I have hiked many miles to "Heart Hotels" and "Run for the Roses".  What a blessing we have in you and your timeless music. Not only have you entertained me, but you have spoken to me through your music, made me laugh, sympathized with me, consoled me, and most of all you have just been a true friend.  How amazing that you can feel like you have grown up with someone who has been a real wonderful friend, and yet-you've never met!


I believe in the Lord, and I believe that a lot of times we draw the most comfort in things that we cannot see or touch- only believe.  I believe in the power of music, the healing power of God, and the powerful blessing that I have realized in a good friend and talented artist like you, Dan.  I pray for you, my friend, and wish you and your family well.  Peace ~ Cindy M.


 Dear Dan, I keep a little angel over my desk here at work and as I was looking at it today, I spoke the words "Captured Angel".  I do not know where that came from, but it came out and as I said it, a co-worker looked up at me and said Dan Fogelberg!   You still have many fans! I saw you in concert at Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center a lifetime ago.  Now that I think back on it, that must have been pretty heady stuff for you to play a venue like that at such a young age.  It is still one of the best concerts I've ever attended!  I believe my mother would have enjoyed your music as much as I did, if she didn't have to listen to it over and over and over again!  Thank you for the hours of enjoyment I've had listening to your words and music.  ~ Sharon/Nashville


 Dear Dan, Thinking of you and praying for you still. Your music is such a part of my life and is precious to me. I have written before but want to continue to send love and good wishes to you and your family. I think of you so often. You have been a tremendous blessing in my life. God Bless ~ Nita


 I just read a handful of notes from well wishers and people who have been touched by your music for years.  There's nothing different I can say.  Believe it or not, I still listen to your songs on CASSETTE TAPES from the 1980s and 1990s.  My step-son-in-law just transferred some of your music from some of my old cassettes onto a cd for me and so now I can take you with me and listen to you without the fear of my precious cassettes being eaten.  You have been my favorite singer since I was little.  When my friends were into punk-rock, I was listening to you throughout my whole teen years.  I'm pushing 40 now and still love your music.  I thought I had a lot of it until I saw on the website all the other albums you made.  Guess I gotta get on the hunt.  Love you and praying for you.  God Bless you.  Love ~ Rebecca Whitbourn


 Dear Dan,   It's been a while since I bought any of your music, but I have to share with you that a line from one of your songs resonates deeply in my life. I'm a teacher of English, and during my poetry section, we always study "Leader of the Band." Combining song lyrics with poetry keeps my students interested and shows them that, despite what they think as teens, poetry is NOT dead, and that you can actually make a living writing it.  I've read a TON of poetry, but the line that continues to bring a full picture to my mind every time I hear it (read it) is "thundering, velvet hand." Perfect!  May you be well and live well. I am sending good thoughts, and eternal thanks. God bless you ~ Eileen Griffin


 Dan and Jean - May the positive energy of all our love and prayers continue to give you strength. You will prevail. Thank you ~ Diana Weeks


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg -  I am hoping this email finds you and your family in the best of health and spirits. Your music has always been a part of my life.  Some of the best (and worst) moments of my life have been intertwined with your music.  The first time (and one of the only times) I ever played my guitar in front of an audience that wasn't mostly my family, I played "Looking for a Lady" and "Be On Your Way".  Mind you, it wasn't one bit as good as you, but it was heartfelt and went over pretty well.  It has been almost 30 years since that time and I still listen to those songs from time to time and they,  as well as most of the songs you've written and performed,  still resonate with the joy and the pain that surround us.  I take my "Home Free" CD (I wore out my album) out from time to time and listen to it and let the words, the melodies and the beautiful memories flow.  It never fails to touch me like it did the first time I listened to it almost 30 years ago.  Granted, the album is a little older than 30 years, but I wasn't introduced to your music until the late 70's. My sister had all your albums and she and I spent most of the 80s and 90s calling each other to brag that we had just seen or were going to see you in concert. Anyway, I guess I just wanted to "thank you for the music..." and offer my hopes, prayers and thoughts that all is well with you and your family. Sincerely ~ Alan Castaneda, San Francisco


 Dan, Just a quick note as your birthday approaches. I am a five and a half year breast cancer survivor and want you to know that you and your family and friends are in my thoughts and prayers.  I am blessed to be part of a very strong community of faith and I found my faith to be pivotal in my illness as it remains today.  Cancer is a fierce enemy but you and those you love and those who love you are fiercer still.  Be encouraged, be strong and be certain that you and your battle have not been forgotten.  Blessings ~ Cindy Johnson


 Dear Dan, I just want to wish you the best in your fight.  I want to thank you for the amazing help your music has been in my life.  I am a high school English teacher, and I use your music to teach everything my students need to know about how to analyze literature.  Your message touches them as it has done me since I was their age.  I hope you will be healed physically as your music has helped so many heal emotionally. ~ Lisa Van Gemert


 Hello Dan, It's been awhile since my last note, but I wanted you to know that you're in my thoughts and prayers.  I hope you have been enjoying the summer and frequenting Jericho Bay.   Take care and drop a line soon. ~ Mark, Taylors, SC


 Thank you for sharing the music that you were so greatly blessed with. It is hard to understand when things go wrong, when the unexpected happens, but God is good. He knows your pain.  I don't know if you are a believer.  If you are, Praise the Lord, If not, spend sometime talking to Him.  He loves you and will carry you through. I will keep you & your family in prayer. In His love ~ Paula


 Dear Dan,  I wish you knew, in the depths of your being, the wonderful qualities you have brought forth to so many lives with your inspired gifts.  I feel that if you completely understood the immenseness of the love felt for you, you would just be aglow.  I've listened to you since the seventies and saw you in concert when I could --- have molded my acoustic sound around what I heard you do. I played your songs as the backbone of my repertoire and mostly just felt lucky to have come across such a magnificent soul!  I was always hoping to meet you, but how does a guy do that?  I lived in Boulder for years, just after you left; and always figured we'd cross paths somewhere (preferably with guitars in hand working out some new material or bringing life to your old song I grew up learning).  My wife and I listened to your "Ever On" as the recessional at our wedding in '92.  The experiences are too many -- my appreciation goes too great---  words just can't convey!  


I'm sorry for what you and Jean have gone through.  I had no idea you were struggling with dis-ease.  I hope you see that as intended... the you of you is still every bit the strong effervescent life that it ever was! You are experiencing a condition that you can change.  It can be as temporary as you allow it.  You know that!  I would do anything to help you recover.  You have done so much for so many that there are millions who feel the same way.  I know that the thoughts and prayers from all your fans help you and Jean heal.  Just think of the warmth you felt from us as you shared your music on stage all these years! Share that with her! With LOVE ~ Robert Messinger


 Dear Dan: I wanted to add my positive thoughts and prayers for you and your wife as you go through this very difficult time.  I first discovered your music at a friends house years ago.  We were listening to Nether Lands, and I was changed the moment I heard it.  Your music has touched my life in many ways, and in fact I was able to discover myself as a visual artist because of your music and album covers.  I can never repay the gift that you have given me in my own life, and I just pray that healing will come to you now. Thank you for the beauty, feeling and integrity of sharing your gift with all of us. May all you need come your way. ~ Carolyn


 Dan and Jean, My wife has had several bouts of cancer over the years and I can truly say  that miracles do happen. The doctors had written my wife off 18 years ago when she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. "Days, maybe a few weeks" is what they said. We had a 3 month old baby at that time, giving up was not an option!   I thank God every day for the gift of her life that we still share together. I'm sure that you have heard all of this before but you kept me company on  those long trips back and forth to the hospital for 6 months. At that time and still today I listen to your music and know that you helped me through some difficult times. I know that my prayers for you and those of your other friends, fans and  family will help get you through this difficult time. Years ago I bought an album so that I could be familiar with your music before seeing you in concert. Hearing you sing those songs in concert was a wonderful experience and I look forward to the day that my wife and I can attend another of your concerts. My best to you both, and may God speed your healing! ~ DF


 Dear Dan, I would like to wish you and your family strength and love during your battle. My wife and I have listen and loved your music for more than 20 years and  have seen you in concert twice. Your music and lyrics can touch a person's soul  like no other and even today I reach for your music when I need to feel  inspired. As an amateur drummer I love to play my drums to your music. I was in my office when I first learned of your illness and I was sick to hear of such shocking news. I hope  you can find the strength and desire to  win the battle and tour again. Thank you such beautiful music for a life time. Sincerely ~ Bob H.


 Dan - I was so sorry to hear of your battle with prostate cancer but I also know that you can beat it.  I've been a fan of yours since I was a teen in Illinois and my older sister gave me the Phoenix album for my birthday.  It was love at first listening and I collected every Album/CD you've ever recorded.  I even heard a song you sang at a coffee house in Urbana when you were a student there!  Later, when I attended U of I's art department, I learned you were also a student there. Now that I'm in my 40s, I still listen to your music and am thankful for the joy it has given me for 30 years.  I've been blessed to see you in concert many times and look forward to your next tour should you decide to. Best wishes and good luck in your fight!  Our prayers are with you. ~ Dory, New Jersey


 Dan: Many years ago, I was up late one night and watched the movie "FM".  You may remember it as the story of a small, independent station refusing to go off the air and surrender the station to the corporate buyers.  The overnight DJ, a smoky-voiced woman who reminded me of a mix between Stevie Nicks and Janis Joplin, bids a final adieu to her listeners by playing "There's a Place in the World for a Gambler".  It was sad, poignant, and it introduced me to your music.  I went out and purchased "Souvenirs", and your music has been on my list of favorites ever since.  When I first heard "Face the Fire", I was immediately struck by its power and it awakened me to the perilous situation our planet faces every day.  I later introduced your music to each of my three daughters while they were still infants, often playing "...Gambler" or "Illinois" on continuous repeat while I rocked them in front of the fire on a cold Minnesota night.  I'm older now, scarred by life as we all are, yet wiser an d still needing good music to recharge my batteries and soothe my soul.  Your thought-provoking lyrics and wonderful melodies do that for me, and I thank you for your gift.  I'm praying for you and for Jean, and in my prayers I visualize you on the stage, healthy, with your guitar, under a canopy of stars, and I'm there surrounded by my daughters.  I'll be there, no matter where it is.  May God bless you and keep you, and may you accept my humble best wishes as a small token of thanks for the peace and serenity your music has given me. ~ Steve


 Dan, I do not believe I could say more than others have already said about how great you and your music are.  As an elementary aged kid I took piano for three years.  I remember back then hearing your piano tunes on the radio, and for years, er decades, thought no more of it.  Well  at the age of 26 I decided to teach myself to play the guitar.  I wanted to play electric, Van Halen style.  Edward is the reason I picked up the guitar.  Well, hear I sit 41,  I rarely pick up an electric,  an my homemade song book is filled with your music.  My buddy Brian Is a huge fan and he only knew you as a guitar player. Now we know both sides of your music.   As Brian says, "Your music will bring a tear to a glass eye!"  I sincerely thank you for the music and only wish I had seen you live. ~ Bobby in Memphis


 You are in my prayers. Your music has been a part of my life since your first album.  I look forward to your next one! Sincerely ~ Freddie Simpkins, Yorktown, VA


 My dear Mr. Fogelberg; Forgive me, but this is like writing to someone who has been one of your best friends, always by your side for more than thirty years, although you've never met each other. I hope this letter finds you feeling well and enjoying your day. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the magical and wonderful songs that have played such an important part in the soundtrack to my life. From "To The Morning" on, I knew, at seventeen years of age, that I had found a voice that was like a soul mate to my dreams and aspirations. As an aspiring singer/songwriter/guitarist, you inspired me to learn the piano(just so I could play "To The Morning!) I have followed you through your albums and concerts and have always been better for the experience.My apologies for going on like this; I'm sure you've read this a million times, but I just wanted to say something. I am now coming on 52 on the 29th of this month, and am heeding your advice to go in for a PSA and a DRE.  My thoughts and prayers go out to you and Jean always. You have been a candle in the darkness for so many people.I know that there are right now millions of candles burning for you. Take care. ~ Willie in Stockton, California.


 Just to let you know that you are thought of and prayed for. My husband had testicular cancer and his father prostate and colon so we understand colonoscopies.  I hope that you and your family enjoy every sunrise and what the days bring for a long, long time.God Bless ~ Lora Adams


 Mr. Fogelberg, I had no knowledge of the situation that you are in. You and your family will be in my prayers every day. Thank you for using your God given talents to entertain and inspire so many people through the years. Most Sincerely ~

Gene Mayotte


 I have had a secret crush on you, Dan, since I was a freshman at NIU (Dekalb, IL) in 1980! Loved your music then, still love it today. Your greatest hits CD is always in my car.  Wishing you love and laughter... ~ Linda from Chicago

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