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"Dear Dan" Letters

May 2007

 I have been a fan of yours since I first heard "To The Morning" at camp in June of 1976.  I was still in high school, but it was the first of five summers that I would "work" at camps (hard to think of so much fun as "work").  Many people felt that rainy days with younger campers were just awful - to be survived in the craft shack or with long naptimes.  But I would bring the youngest campers into a large room and dim the lights and get them to curl up into "seeds" and close their eyes.  Then I would put on "To the Morning" and ask them to "grow with the music" which none of them had heard before. It was amazing to watch and they almost always begged to do it at least one more time.


The best concert of my life (and I have gone to many including 10 straight years at the Philadelphia Folk Festival) was one of yours in which you played for over two hours all by yourself with your piano and guitars the day after you had gone on a tour of the Martin Guitar factory here in Nazareth, PA and received your very own signature guitar. You played all of my favorite songs and some newer ones which were also fantastic. It was a very magical night for me. So I was looking forward to seeing you again for my birthday in the fall of 2004 and was shocked to hear of your illness. I cried long into the night as I played all of your albums again. I gave the money they returned to me for my tickets to the American Cancer Society. I hope that you are doing well now and enjoying time outside surrounded by the woods and wind and sky.  Be happy, be strong, but mostly, just be....... Best always ~ CCA


 Dear Dan;  My wife and I were married 27 years ago, May 17th 1980 to your song " Longer" and have continued to enjoy your music ever since, It still brings wonderful memories and special feelings whenever we play it. It has been our song and traveled with us from coast to coast in Canada listening to your albums.  It has never failed to cheer us up in rough times and make whatever situation comes up seem just a little more palatable.  Thank you for your music and incredible lyrics and for sharing your gift! We wish you all the best in your fight, with all the wishes from your fans I hope you can take strength!  Sincerely ~ Steve, Peterborough Ontario Canada


 Dear Dan, Thank you for your incredible gift of music. There isn't a day that I don't have a DF cd in my car!  How you have blessed both me and my family with your beautiful melodies and poetic lyrics.  I myself am a cancer survivor, and after going through intense chemotherapy and radiation, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones.  May the Lord give you strength..~ Cindy K


 Dear Dan, My name is Erika.  I believe your music is the most beautiful of all!!!  I pray for you every day and keep you in my thoughts!! God bless you Dan!! I lost my Father to Prostate Cancer at the age of 72. He always told me to do the best you can and that is all the Angels can do!! Love ~ Erika


 Dear Dan:  I love you.  Plain and simple.  I've followed and have become intimate with all of your music since the 70's.  You are a modern master musician and a great poet.  I wish you health, hope, faith and love.  I eagerly await news of your progress and hope my prayers for you can lift you out of bad moments.  May angels surround you.  I love you.


 Dan, I just became aware of your prostate cancer.  I'm praying that you'll beat this awful disease.  Your music has inspired me for years.  My favorite songs have been "Seeing You Again" and "Believe in Me."  Your music has taken me through loves, breakups, challenges of life, and otherwise day-to-day issues.  Thank you.  You have been a inspiration.  I hope you'll be able to resume your recording and touring someday.  Thank you. ~ Max Hill


 Dear Dan - My daughter graduates this June and I was wanting to show her the song my class graduated with.  We played "Along the Road" for our grad song.  I was even the one who suggested it to our class to play.  I heard it on my brother's album and thought it was the best song ever.  I often think of your music and listen to your songs. It has helped me through some good and bad times, and I thank you for that.  I hope this little note helps you through the times that you are faced with now.  May you be surrounded by love and laughter always. Sincerely ~ Janet Saskatchewan, Canada.


 To Dan Fogelberg and Family - My prayers are with you all that you will have strength to endure whatever your futures hold. I pray that you are able to conquer this illness and return to your normal life with your family.  I, of course, would love to be selfish and say I hope to see you out on the road or in the studio soon, but I truly just hope you are well and with those who love you.


You have provided the soundtrack to so much of my life. In 1977 I saw you the first time in Houston and the 4 of us who went have had you as our common denominator to this day. I just sent your Portrait CD to one of them in Arkansas. He was thrilled. My  youngest daughter was born to me singing "The Last Nail"  in the delivery room in 1982 and my Dr and nurses just laughing at how I could sing - I told them Dan Fogelberg was my favorite and always would be!  I still cry when I hear that song! In fact, my internet music played it today, and it made me go to your website and see how you were, and to send my message of hope and faith for you and yours.   You are in my thoughts daily as I listen to one of my CD's daily, my favorite still being Home Free or Captured Angel.  My prayers are with you and my God  (or whoever you believe in!) bless you and your family. ~ Lorrie Newmann (True Houston fan for 30 years!!!!)


 To Dan Fogelberg, I have never written a fan letter before,  but I felt I had to send one to you.  Your Exiles CD is on at this very moment.  As a soon to be 55 year old male,  I know the importance of being checked yearly.  Thankfully,  so far all is fine.  I sincerely hope you make a full recovery.  Your music has inspired and motivated me since the early 70's.  Again, my best wishes to you and your family. ~ Charlie


 Dear Dan - God bless you. I have been a fan for many years. I was recently injured myself in an auto accident and was having my neck massaged the other night, by my 17 yr old daughter (Deborah). She asked me, "I wonder how DF is  doing?" I was so touched! Here she was thinking of me and remembered how much I have loved your music. I think because of her seeing me suffer, she was more in  tune. Dan, I pray you're well and enjoying every day. Remember the Lord is  with you and I pray he is healing you daily. Your music has touched so many, I  know I have been blessed so many times. You are a beautiful thread in the tapestry of time. Hope, healing, faith and love to you and Jean....always. WE MISS YOU!!! Blessings ~ Veronica, 44, social worker, Grand Junction,  Colorado


 Dear Dan, We are a family of four with two children, Holden (10) and a girl Emerson (5).  We wanted to write to let you know we send our best wishes for a healthy recovery.  My wife and I have fond memories of your music starting before high school.  Since we still listen to your music, our children have become fans also.  They particularly like to go to sleep with yours songs playing.  It makes them smile. Let us know if there is anything we can do in your name.  Love and good wishes ~ Jim, Roxanne, Holden, and Emerson, San Diego, CA


 Hi Dan, It's been about 3 years since we've heard from you and just hope that whatever you are doing,  you're feeling good. Come back whenever and if ever you're ready. ~ Bob-  Cape Cod


 I'm so sorry to hear of your health issues. Your music has given me hope and inspiration for all of these years, and I sincerely hope you will overcome this and return to the studio. I was lucky enough to get one of your autographed cd's in Atlanta a few years back, and I even listened to it again  last night. It always brings a tear to my eye, but it's a good kind of 

tear. May God watch over you and comfort you during this difficult  time. Words cannot express the impact your music has had on me, and for that,  I thank you! You will always be in my prayers, and again, a heartfelt thanks for the memories..All the best from Ol' Mick in Virginia! ~ Mickey Hutton


 I'd like to be added to the list of so many people that have been touched by your music...having attended concerts in 3 different states, and loved every one of them! Thanks for sharing your stories and beautiful music, adding to the happiness of our lives. ~ Lynn


 Dan: When I was 13 years old, I saw the 1973 movie Sunshine about a young mother who had cancer and I never forgot one thing she said...."Take it easy...but take it".  I wish you healing peace of mind, body and soul. Love~ Mary, Prospect, CT


 Dear Dan, I wanted to take a moment and let you know that your music has been one of the mainstays in my life. I have a chronic intestinal disease which keeps me in pain much of the time. Your music has lifted me out of my misery many times. Your music has been one of the threads that my wife and I have woven into our marriage of 22 years. "Longer" was our wedding song and is still something we hold hands to. Thank you for writing and playing the music that I wanted to play for my wife and saying the things that I was feeling. Thank you for providing a vehicle to free my soul from my physical discomfort when I have needed it most. I wish for you all the peace and love that your music has delivered to so many others. Peace! ~ Dwight L. Gray


 Dear Dan, There's not a day that goes by that I don't listen to a song by you. They have all been special in so many ways and evoke so much emotion that I can't imagine a day without your music in it. I wish you peace and happiness and hope you know what an impact you have made on this world and on the lives of others. Music transcends everything and music is eternal. God Bless you.~ Vic


 Dan, I too keep checking your website for current news.  Your music has been the soundtrack for much of my life, and I pray you are feeling well.  Please know that all of us whose lives you have touched with your brilliant gift of music continue to keep you and your family in our thoughts.~ Pam


 Dan,I know you receive a lot of E-mails about your great career. What stands out for me, I am sitting in a High School classroom, and  I have a year book--says "Peoria's own". It is always great to have someone from Peoria achieve their goals, besides the late Richard Pryor. I went to school with Richard Pryor Jr., at Peoria Heights High. Best of luck in all your endeavors and Shall God Bless your health. God Bless. ~ Rev. Doug MacPherson,Peoria Heights High School 1979


Dan, I've been a fan since I saw you playing with Fools Gold in San Jose in 1976 and have made sure I attended your concerts in the Bay Area since then.  I've been playing guitar and singing since I was six years old, and have played many of your songs while entertaining friends over the years.  I played "Gambler" at a Cal Poly talent show, and won! You have been my favorite entertainer, bar none.  I wish you all the best, and my prayers are with you. Since I will be turning 50 next year, I will take to heart your advice re getting checked each year for prostate cancer.  All the best ~ Marty


 Dear Dan, It is with great sorrow that I learn of your illness. You have touched me deeply with your music over the years and for that I thank you. My favourite song of yours is "Leader Of The Band".....this is such a beautiful song and to be written by a son about his dad is inspirational. My ambition in life is to be such a father that one day a song like this may be written about me. I particularly love the line"...his gentle means of sculpting souls took me years to understand"......that to me is poetry at its best. My own children select it for me on the ipod when we are traveling in the car and everyone gets to pick a tune, and they know the story behind the song. May God bless you and your family and help you through this difficult

time, and please know that there are so many people in so many corners of the globe that your music has touched and they have you in their thoughts. God bless you. ~ Brian McMahon (Ireland).


 Dear  Dan, Just a quick note to  say I think of you often and wish you and your family love, health and  happiness.   I'm sure I speak for  the many who love you that we all would love to see an update on your  website. Respectfully ~ Terri


 Mr. Fogelberg - Just heard your "Run for the Roses" song today and thought of you.  Hope you're hanging in there, trying all the best medicines and treatments that are available.  Your music really makes me think and  listen, and try to do things differently. God bless you and your wife.From a fan in Saginaw, Michigan ~ Kay Kemerer


 Dan, I can say that one of the very few peak moments of my life was spent sitting alone in my car in the woods listening to you sing.  You were singing "Beggar's Game" on a cassette.  I was eighteen and knew when listening to this that there was a powerful force for good in the universe. Dan, you have touched me so deeply that I am forever changed by your music and your soul.  I know you know the joy and hope that you have given so many, but I want you to know that you have made my life better through the work you have done.  I am deeply thankful and sorry to know of your suffering.   In my suffering, your music lifted my spirits many times. It is my humble wish that somehow, through God's grace, that your spirits may be lifted today by hearing these words from one who truly cares and wishes you peace. ~ Bill-Atlanta


 The wife and I are long time fans. You are a consummate entertainer (singer/ songsmith/ musician). You put your finger on emotions and life stories so melodiously and lyrically. It's the personal revelations ,through your music, that draw us in and endears you to us. Had the privilege of seeing you in concert. Heard "Forefathers" for the first time and told Toni ,my wife, "what a great song" after the first chorus. When my granddaughter started talking and I was asked what to be called, I said (and meant) "forefather"...and so it is. We are content with listening to what ever you give us. All the best ~ Ron


 Like many of our generation, Dan Fogelberg songs are the soundtracks of our lives. I was just listening to you sing "Run for the Roses" on Radio Margaritaville and it brought tears to my eyes thinking about those lovely songs, and the memories they invoke. So with immense gratitude I send my best wishes for good health and speedy recovery. Thanks for the words and music through  three decades and all the days of music to come. ~ Laurel Ferns


 Dan, you're my dad's favorite musician.  I surprised him with a 4 cd set of your music on his birthday last year, and he still enjoys it most over every cd he owns. (that's saying a lot!)  Growing up, I was surrounded by your music; be it trips to Trail of Tears state park, or just trips into town, your music is imprinted in my memories.  I want to thank you for giving me a soundtrack to my most cherished ones.  Remember, "It's a run for the roses". So keep on chasing your dreams.  My thoughts and prayers are with you, my friend.


 Dear Dan - I really appreciate the education on prostate health awareness and have and will certainly continue to follow your advice regarding the prevention of that awful disease.  I have lost my paternal grandmother and every one of my uncles and father to cancer (colo/rectal) and have been educating myself since I turned 40. 


Ever since I heard the news about your illness I have listened to your music with even more appreciation than I previously had.  I have always admired your musicianship and as a guitarist have often learned many of the guitar parts on "Captured Angel" and "Souvenirs."  I really love your storytelling ability and the beauty of your harmonies.  My wife of 25 years first introduced me to your "albums" and body of work.  I was of course familiar with your commercially successful tunes but found an even greater appreciation for your work as a whole.  I have found that solo artists have a much harder time creating the diversity needed to put together projects that continue to inspire and sound fresh through time.  Your classic approach and tremendous artistic vision have always been an inspiration to me and my wife.  We were so pleased when you toured some years ago and we were able to experience just you and your music without your band.  It was at the Grove in Anaheim and was the only solo performance I had experienced before or since and it really allowed your audience to experience "you."  I would hope that your recovery will allow you to write and perform again if you wish but most of all I wish you all the love you can share with you and yours. Thanks for all of the beautiful music you have shared with me and best wishes to you and your family. Sincerely ~ Paul Fay & Family, Murrieta CA


 Dan -  My wife and  I have enjoyed your music since before we met each other I saw you back in 1977 in Germany while I was stationed there you were opening for the Eagles.   So sorry to hear about your illness but with God's help you will be okay.  My wife and I have saw you in concert at least 5 times in St. Louis and have always enjoyed your shows.  Fight the good fight and hang in there.


 Dearest Songwriter Dan, Only a few years younger am I, thus I have enjoyed your music since the beginning (at least beginning with Home Free).  I only recently heard of your cancer.  I know that prayers work and therefore will send up a few for you and your family. My wife, of 28 years, and I have been through plenty.  She has survived pneumonia (darn near killed her), 3 child births, 2 open-heart surgeries, installation of a synthetic aortic valve, breast cancer, surgery on her right eye 3 times, and another extremely rare form of cancer (she was # 156 in the world).  Through it all we listened to your music (and some Buffett as well), kept our faith, and knew things would turn out they way they were meant to be.


In October we'll celebrate our 29th anniversary and we're looking forward to many more years together.  That would be my prayer for you and your wife.  I know first hand how tough it can be.  You will get through it. Best wishes for a successful recovery. ~ Bill Barber


 Dan,  I check your site daily for updates and pray for you, Jean and your family daily.   I hope no news is good news.   I am slowly collecting all your albums and they bring such sheer joy and happiness.  You have a way with music and words that few do.   You have touched my life in ways you will never know.   My one regret?  No seeing you perform live.  But I never give up hope and maybe some day, when you are feeling better, you may decide to hit the road again and when you do, you can believe I will be front and center.   God Bless you and Jean.   Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers and every good wish is sent your way. ~ Susan


 15 years ago my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 metastic melonoma and given 6 months to live.  She was and still is a huge fan of your music.  She has been cancer free for 9 years and is living testament of the power of positive thinking.  I love your music.  So many of your songs are inspirational and true for so many people.  We wish you a full and speedy recovery. ~ A.S. Brannan


 Dan, Saw the pic from Amalfi from 2002. It looked like a place that my wife and I stayed at called the Miramalfi Hotel and brought back some wonderful memories. I hope you are well and have found peace in your journeys. ~ Tom



 Dan, I've loved your music since 1974 when "As the Raven Flies" was introduced to me by a friend. While I enjoyed your popular songs heard on the radio, my favorites are the "not so well known" songs such as "Stars", "The Long Way", "The Last Nail", "Next Time", "Nether Lands", "Loose Ends", "Scarecrow's Dream" and "Crow." I've always respected an artist who writes their own music. As someone who is not musically inclined, it is incomprehensible that a person can create such beautiful and inspiring sounds. I thank you for sharing your talent with the world. I've been to two of your concerts. One was an acoustic format with just yourself, and it began with you playing "Nether Lands" on the piano. The auditorium was mostly dark and the music was so haunting. It was breathtaking, actually. For the entire concert, you went from one guitar to another, then back to the piano. It was quite amazing. Like others, I started with albums and have changed over to CDs. Your music is timeless, for sure. All the best to you and your family. ~ MJW in Euless, TX


 To Dan - I just read on your site today about your cancer; I wish you, Jean and your family the very, very best, and offer prayers and good thoughts to all of you. I have so many different memories of different places in my life when I think of your music. Though most of the songs make me cry, "Captured Angel" was always my favorite; "Old Tennessee" is my absolute favorite song of all time. I requested that song months ago from a guitarist playing in a corner at a small party, and he was shocked that I'd requested it, or even knew it - said it was his favorite too. I remember driving through the desert for hours listening to "Tucson Arizona" over and over. I remember trying to "play" my harmonica to "Run for the Roses" on a trip years ago, and getting misty over "Same Old Lang Syne", many times. I was fortunate to see you at San Diego State years ago; I honestly don't remember what you played, but I remember running into friends of mine there. I wish you the best and will keep you and your family in my thoughts. Kindest regards ~ Theresa Mullins


 I'm sorry that it took me so long to find this out. Just heard "Part of the Plan" on the radio, and it made me think of the impact it had on me back then. Still does. An amazing picture comes to my mind when I hear it--an indescribable one--but it's all about hope for the future.I work in Medical Imaging; please know I've seen miracles happen, at any stage, and I am praying for one to go to you.


 Thank you for all you have given us, we look forward to more. Sincerely ~ J.D. Beard

 Dear Dan and Family - Just wanted to take a moment to let you know you are in our prayers. We'll light a candle for you tomorrow at our chapel.  Hope all is going better. We miss you and would LOVE TO SEE YOU AGAIN. No pressure though. I've seen many of your concerts. You're amazing.. With our love and prayers, always a fan ~ Diana 


 Dan, I cannot say how much the impact of your music has made on my life. I am a musician (sort of) and write songs and play mostly at church but your music is always in the back of my mind. Since the first time I heard you sing I have listened in awe as you wove your tales of life to the world. Your talent for sending messages in both prose and music is a beacon to the world and I wanted to tell you just how much I appreciate the effort you put into the music.


I want you to know that I prayed for you today. I believe that when we know that people pray for us it makes a difference. I hope that God fills you with a spirit that will let your attitude and contact with this world soar to new heights. Like the line in “Jerry McGuire”, “You complete me” with your music. I have never been so affected by another artist. Keep the faith and I will continue to have good thoughts for you. ~ Philip Duncan, The Woodlands, TX


 Dan...I have been a fan of your music it seems forever. Just sending my prayers for you and your family and a word of thanks for the wonderful music you have shared with many of us who listen to it.  I have been blessed to attend two of your concerts at Red Rocks and they will always be my very best memories.  Your music and the CO Rockies -- who could ask for more? When I hear your music or you cross my mind I lift you up in prayer.  Thank you for your legacy ~ Dawn


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, I would like to share a short story with you about your song "Run for the Roses."  I just heard this 1981 hit for the first time today, May 18, 2007 and started to cry because it's such a great song!!  Okay, about 3 years ago I started following horse  racing, but this year I was so excited for the Kentucky Derby, because I knew  there were so many talented horses in the field.   Well, on our local radio  station, Star 104.5, every Friday they do an 80s request party, and my boyfriend  said "Hey, I think there was a horse song in the early 80s"... so we looked it  up in the Billboard Top 40 and found out that it was an 81 hit.  Well,  turns out they didn't have the song. But tonight, with the  Preakness in mind, I thought to myself, "Hey, maybe I can listen to it on  Napster," and they had it!! I listened carefully to the words, and thought to myself, what a sweet song!  I automatically thought of  Barbaro.  So I wanted to say thank-you,  Mr. Fogelberg, thank-you so much for writing such a sweet, sweet song!  :) ~ JayCee Synowiecki, Omaha,  NE


 May your spiritual journey bring you peace, and your physical journey bring you healing.  You have been an inspiration to us, especially during our younger years (we both play guitar); your lyrics are timeless. ~ Lisa and Mark


 Hi Dan, I have been a fan for many years and your music still gives me goose bumps.  I refuse to think we have heard the last of you. Just take into your heart all the love your fans have for you and I know you will gain the strength you need. My thoughts and prayers are with you and  your family and I look forward to your come back. Love ~  Michale


 Hi Dan, I would just like to say when I was younger (I'm in my 40's now) I was a total fan, had all of your albums, and saw you in concert I think three times! As the years went by I stopped listening to a lot of the music I listened to growing up. I finally got with the times and got off of my old dial up modem and now have Verizon Fios, and just for fun was searching around the web and got to your website. I'm really going to pray for you about this situation.  I have to tell you, my prayers are often very effective.  Sometimes it takes awhile, but usually, the Lord listens to me.  I will pray for you, for your healing.  I don't know what your faith is, I'm a Christian and will pray God will show you why this is happening to you, and will pray for your healing. Thanks for your wonderful music throughout the years ~ Pam Coath, Wayne,PA.


 Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks"...and in this context, the finger types.  Music helps define a person, it speaks to the soul, and it brings rhythm to life.  Dan, you are a pioneer and an artist that has been an instrument in the hand of God.  This has enabled you to impact millions of people...people who identify, as I have, with the fullness of life...the ups & downs, the good & bad, the LOVE that defines life itself.  My wish for you today, and in fact my sincere prayer of faith that I put up before that He heal and restore you to fullness of life, so that you may carry on your life's mission. God is the Great Physician, and healing is His nature, because He is Love.  I ask you to extend your faith in agreement with mine, for this healing in your physical body to manifest.  "Where two or three agree on earth as touching anything, it shall be done by our Father in Heaven." I believe it is done, and I look forward to hearing of the great news soon.  Your music has touched my soul and comforted me through many life's circumstances through the years.  I have recently been playing my four favorite CD's in my car....Home Free, Captured Angel, Souvenirs, and Phoenix.  Your music is timeless, the lyrics are sincere, and I consider you a true musical genius of our times.  God Bless You ~ Bryan Sibley


 Dan... My utmost wishes for your recovery. I started listening to your music, out of curiosity, 20 yrs ago. I was in my early 20's looking for my musical identity. To this day  "Run for The Roses" is a song I listen to every spring, more than a week before The Kentucky Derby.. It always brings tears to my eyes, as you capture the essence of the Sport of Kings. And,all your other songs, you have painted such a clear picture of what you are singing about, in the mind's eye, so to speak. People listen to probably millions of songs in their lifetime, but you have achieved a great gift, like a storyteller, where the listener is there. May God bless you richly...and GODSPEED to your recovery... ~ Ed


 Dear Dan, I was shocked to read of your illness.  I have been taking a trip down memory lane, checking out websites of my favorite artists, when I came to your site.  For years, and still to this day, your songs have given me hours of enjoyment. Your lyrics touch the soul.  When I listen to your songs I can recall past experiences, both happy and sad, and for this, I am grateful. I send you thoughts, prayers, love and support.  You are truly a gifted artist and I believe that you will have many years of continued happiness. ~ Debra


 You are a tremendous musician and I’ve followed you over the years and you’ve always been respectful of others and gracious.  My husband had prostate cancer and has been free of it for 4 years. Good luck and God bless you and your precious family!  Keep you faith and a positive outlook – look for good karma and miracles at the same time – we love you in Jacksonville, Florida!  In fact, my son-in-law is a local musician and has patterned his singing after you and written an album.  Our family have all been big fans for years.  We wish you good luck and prayers.  May your Guardian angel never be far. ~ Inez Goodson


 Dan, I hope this brief note finds you ever-improving. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers daily. I long for the day, as I'm sure you and your family confidently wait for, when you will have defeated this Ca 100%. I know that day will come. And I know one day you will once again reclaim that distinction of the greatest composer, artist, multitalented musician and performer of all time. No one has or ever will come close to your musical brilliance (obviously I have strong opinions on this subject!) Take care my friend. Take care of yourself and those closest to you who love you deeply..your family and friends. I hope our paths may one day cross, if only to shake hands. Mizpah. Sincerely ~ Greg Tuttle, M. D. Chapel Hill/Durham (age 55)


 Dearest Dan & Jean, We just wanted to let you know that you both remain in our daily thoughts and prayers and our hope is that you are enjoying each moment to the fullest.  It is so comforting and uplifting to see all of the messages of love and prayers being sent your way.  We hope you both are feeling the awesome power of it all and that it is bringing you much strength and peace.  You have a huge "family" in all of your fans that love you and are praying their hearts out for you. Too bad we all can't get together and give you one big hug!!  Our Lord is truly pleased to hear from so many of us!! Through your own struggles you continue to do His work.. AMAZING!!!  Thank you for all that you have given and continue to give.  May you be blessed and healed... In friendship & love ~ John & Lisa Andursky, Connellsville PA


 Dan.. You are and will remain a lasting influence on my decision to become a songwriter. Consider me an unmet, long distance pupil. Your work cuts through even to this day. The music industry is what it is, but your art hovers above all that. Get well, be well and god bless you and your family. All the best ~ james f curley


 Dear Dan and Jean, I am so sorry to hear of your illness. We don't know each other of course, but isn't it amazing how the life of one you've never met can have such an impact? As a younger person, your voice gave me such comfort when I was going through my own issues or just as a fellow traveler through life that felt strongly about the issues I also value. Your gift of music and words has been an important part of my life and I thank you for that. My only gift to you is the gift of prayer and positive wishes for both of you. I also wish to thank you for giving voice through your website of the importance of getting those important tests performed. Godspeed. - Sheila


 Dan: I can still remember the first time I heard "Home Free" and the chord it struck with me.  By the time "Souvenirs" was released I was in a band which at one time was performing no less than six of your songs. I remember working very hard to mimic your vocals, and must have succeeded to an extent. My father asked me who was this guy, and why didn't I sing like myself anymore! I haven't missed an album yet, and pray you make a full recovery.  Thanks for all you've meant to so many of us! ~ Doug Freeland


 Dear Dan, I am also a musician from Central  Illinois, Pekin to be specific. I am 38 and have been a fan for years of your songs. In fact to this day every time I hear the last verse of  "Same Old  Lang Syne" , it brings me to tears. I can't explain why but I almost become the character of the song for that moment and feel what he was feeling. Your songs have inspired millions and I really hope that you tour once more if your health permits it. I have the DVD's but never got a chance to see you live. I will pray  for you and wish you many more years of happiness. The same happiness you have  given the world for so many years. I wish you well, friend. ~ Shane Tassart


 Dan, As I listen to the "Portrait" collection I can't help but wonder why it is that those, like yourself, who have helped many of us through life with words and songs are always the ones who suffer. Your songs are the cornerstone of life that many of us can associate with and do at many times. May God continue to bless you with his grace and give you a second chance in life so that you may continue to bless our lives and minds with your words. ~ Ralph Blessing


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, my thoughts and prayers have been with you and your family for the last several years. Thank you so much for the music that you have given us to enjoy!!! I am 51 years old next month and have been listening to you since the mid 70's. Thank you for allowing me and your many fans the opportunity through all these years to listen to the songs that you created.  We all have our favorite songs by you.We all have our special memories of "who we were with" when we heard one of your songs for the first time.


 I was lucky enough to see you on your acoustic solo tour in 1997. Oct. 29th at Ovens auditorium in Charlotte,North Carolina. -- 3rd row..left center stage.. I really enjoyed your rendition of  "I Need You" with your strings upside well as "If I were a Carpenter". After your 1st or 2nd song ( it was almost 10 years ago) some jerkoff in the rear hollered out " Go Steelers "(There was a small ovation). Then as you stood there with a sort of confused look on your face....someone else hollered out " Go Panthers"...( The ovation got much louder) as well it should have...being in "Panther Country". After that, a moment happened that I will never forget...I hollered out  "Go Fogelberg".   The crowd went wild. The ovation was tremendous.Dan, you looked at me and gave me a point with your finger and you gave me a wink of your eye to say 'Thank You". A precious moment that I will never forget. My Prayers are with you and Godspeed ~ Michael Murphy


 Amazing.  I've read over these well wishes and I'm struck by how your music has affected many so profoundly - an awesome achievement in a culture where everything is a thousand miles wide and an inch deep.  If Einstein had not discovered relativity - someone else would have.  If Newton had not discovered the laws of motion someone else would have.  But if the artist had not written his song, where would it be?  Where would we be?  What you've created will live on - and in my opinion - be rediscovered by future generations long after we're all gone. Now, on a more serious note, I've worn out my "High Country Snows".  I really need more bluegrass played to perfection! ~ Jay in Utah


 Gosh, if I could only find the perfect words to express the boundless hope and appreciation I send your way.  May all the love you've brought out in our lives come bouncing back to you tenfold, each and every day and in each and every unique way.  Keep on fighting, laughing, singing, hugging, breathing the crisp air and saving our world.  Your wisdom, vision, and spirit inspire always.  I'm still praying and planning on good news soon. Thanks heaps!!!!  ~ Cindy in Minnesota


 Dear Dan, I've seen you in concert eight times - met you on The Wild Places tour at Red Rocks. Of course Red Rocks. All ten plus thousand of us standing, swaying at the end of your show, "There's a Place in the World for a Gambler." Oh let it shine, won't you let it shine...that's how you closed every show I ever saw. Saw you on the Nether Lands tour in 1977, I was 18. And saw you in June of 1991 on the Wild Places Tour and many times in between. You signed my copy of The Wild Places (pre concert party) and I told you I had heard every song you'd ever played, read every lyric you'd ever written, and had thought about leaving my husband for thought it was funny. So did I. Turns out you brought us good luck that night. Took an early pregnancy test the very next morning and sure enough - that little blue line said yes we were. And so, I began a journal for my tiny one moment old daughter and told her all about you. Kept it going with daughter number two and she knows all about you, too. Fifteen years later, the journal is a living, breathing part of all our lives. And you're in there. A very big part. We listen to you a lot. My daughters are 13 and 15 and they've grown up with all the great music I grew up with.


I'm sorry that you're ill. I said a prayer for you a little while ago. We as a family will say a prayer, too. I lost a close childhood friend a month ago. We had known each other our entire lives, since kindergarten. My younger daughter fired up "Part of the Plan" during those weeks to help. It did. I played "Along the Road" a lot, too. They seem to get it. And in my quiet moments of solitude, I listened over and over to "Bones in the Sky." Whatever road awaits you, Dan...thank you for the unending gifts and joy you've provided along my road. You are with me always. Keep on rocking in the free world ~ Robin Singer-Starbuck


 Thinking of you today!  Love and Prayers ~ Nita


 Always remembering you in our hopes and prayers.  Wishing you love and peace.


 Dan & Jean, My prayers are with you both for the peace that passes all understanding, for your complete healing and renewed strength, and for the joy of the Lord to be in your life every day.  Your music has been such an integral part of my life through high school, college on into adulthood.  I have been blessed to be able to see you in concert a few times.  One of the most memorable for me, (besides seeing you at Red Rocks, who can beat that?) was at McNichol's Arena in Denver.  I had the best seats I've ever had at any concert, and it was so great to not only hear your music, but watch your face and expressions as you sang and spoke to us.  It was so wonderful.  You really connected and made it feel intimate, even though it was an arena full of hundreds of people.


When I was a high school girl in the 70's (first graduating class Columbine High School 1975) I knew that if I ever got married, "Longer" would be a prominent song in my wedding.  I was married in 2001, and yes, "Longer" was a prominent song in my wedding.  What a gift God has given you.  The gift you have, in turn, given back is this wonderful music that helps us remember and define very special times in our own lives.  For those of us unable to eloquently express ourselves, your music has done that for us.  Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift. You are in our prayers and in our hearts!  ~ Leslie - Midland, Texas (but always a Colorado girl!!!)


 The  world  misses your music from your heart & soul. I wish you good health and the peace of mind the universe can offer. Thank you for all that you have given me through your music. Peace Dan.... ~ LVB, Cincinnati-Ohio


 Dear Dan & Jean,  I continue to pray for you daily.  I pray for your healing, your peace, and your faith in God.  We all love you so, and can only imagine what you are going through.  You are a part of us, and you seem like family.  You have shared so much of your life that we feel like we know you as we do our families.  I know I speak for others when I say that I check the website every day for news of you.  We care very deeply, as you have cared for your fans over the years.  Your music has been such a part of my life for 30 years (I'm 54).  Your music is timeless and deserves much more recognition than it ever got.   We know that you are more than your music - you have other artistic talents, you love your cats, etc.  If we can help you in any way, please let us know. In loving care ~ kathy in WV.


 Dear Dan,  I used to listen to your song “Longer” that was recorded from the radio to a cassette tape (I don’t even remember how and where I got it from) when I was in 5th grade and always wished that someday I would find out who the artist was behind it. That was in the Philippines, about 9 years ago. I now reside in the U.S. and just graduated a 2-year bible college in Texas. Finally, I remember the song that I used to love, listen to, and sing all the time when I was a kid. Yes, I was young then, but the words in that song really touched my soul. Hah, I even put it in my journal to make sure I didn’t forget that I wanted that song for my wedding day. Tonight as I was looking up your name I came across a page on Myspace that serves as a tribute to you. That’s how I found out about the condition you’ve been battling. Well, here’s my faith: Jesus Christ died on the cross to save you and me, to heal you and me. I don’t really know what you believe in, but that is my faith, and with it comes God’s promises. So I want to claim that promise I’ve gotten for YOU. I’m praying that at the end of this battle you will be the victor. I pray for God’s Word to be a light unto yours (and Jean’s) feet and a lamp unto your path. I pray that you will always be surrounded by people who will lift you up and not pull you down. I pray that you will get better even though the circumstances show you otherwise. I pray that you will not lose hope, but that you will keep on believing. I pray that you will be strong until this battle’s over. Mr. Fogelberg, please know that you have truly touched my life with your music, and I will forever cherish it. I am praying for you like all these people before me have promised you to do. God bless you and all your family. ~ Karissa B., Rockwall, TX


 I'm sitting here with candles lit and a glass of wine watching my newborn grandson sleeping and listening to DF.  I can think of no better moment than this one and you are a part of it.  My thoughts are with you and your wife as you seek a path through this difficult time.  I wish for you both the courage you need to get through a moment, the strength you need to get through a day, and the love you need to get through this lifetime. Prayers of hope ~ Steph Kuntz 


 Dan, I can't express the happiness that your music has brought to me. I have always loved listening to your music. It touched something in me. I am a poet, and when I listen to your music, it inspires me even more. I am a child of the 80's and I didn't know a lot of your music, yet, after the first time of hearing it, I was hooked. I consider myself to be one of your biggest fans. I have turned many of my friends on to your music. We all agree, YOU ARE THE BEST! You're never far from my thoughts, and you're always in my prayers. I have faith that everything is going to improve for you. This world needs more people like you. God bless you. With love and prayers ~ Donnie, Kentucky 


 Dear Dan (and family): I am torn to make this yet another wish and prayer for your health and to let you know, once again, how you have always touched my life and now my daugher (who saw you twice when you were in Konocti, California) a few years ago.  Your mastery of the written/sung language has always been beyond excellence to me.  When my father died of cancer, we played "Leader of the Band" in honor of him, not literally because he was a musician, but a "leader of the band" of a family of (what we thought) intelligent renegades!  Not a family easy to raise! So, once again, I want you to know how wonderful and how much you have influenced not only my life, but my family's futures to come. Please, please take care.  We miss you! ~ judy jackson


 Dear Dan, As much as I listen to & love your music, I have never checked out your website to get the news and know what you are going through.  Though it may be no consolation, my husband went  through cancer treatments 7 years ago, given the odds were poor, he is alive & well today.  I pray for the same for you.  There is always hope with God.  So keep your faith strong - may you be blessed as you have done for many with your gift of music. God bless you.   Kathy Stoker - La Salle, Colorado


Dan, I would just like to say thank you for sharing your gift with so many of us. There have been so many times in this journey that your music has spoke for my heart. God bless you and your family. Be Well. ~ Rick Koehler


 Dear Dan, I'm stopping back in to see how you're doing.  No new news that I can see - that makes me sad and nervous. How are you?  Oh, I hope you're feeling better!  This must be so hard - I'm sorry that you've had to go through this illness.  I'd take it for you, if I could.  You have the prayers of my children and I.  Know that we wish you the very best, always, but especially at this difficult time.  I respect your need and desire for privacy.  I don't expect constant updates.  I don't feel like you owe us that -  I just really want you to feel how much I care about you as a person, not simply as an artist and a musician.  I know, of course, that we have never met, and likely never will - and that the only part of you that I really know is what I hear and have heard in your music for decades.  The thing is, I know you're a human being.  You eat and bleed like anyone else - and even though I don't know you intimately, nor do you know me, I feel connected to you in the way that all living things are connected.  Each life matters - yours, mine, the Aspen tree in the driveway and the wild animals in your woods.  Olivia Newton-John wrote a song recently, Pearls On A Chain, that illustrates that beautifully.   "...Every little thing that I am, so you are..."  You've probably heard it? 


You serenade me constantly - every twist in my life has been tempered by your amazing artistry.  I hear you when I dream, even.  I feel I owe you more than I'll ever have any way of paying you. I've followed your career since the first time I heard the lovely piano intro to "To the Morning" on a friend's turntable.  I was hooked from the first melodic phrase.  I want to be sure that you know your music - your soul through your music - has touched me.  Today I am not the same person I was becoming when I was young and still in college.  The woman I've finally morphed into is stronger, more sensitive and more ready to believe that life is what we make it.  We are shaped by our experiences; but we are fine-tuned by our choices.  From you I've learned that love is beautiful, hard work, sometimes frustrating, sometimes heartbreaking, always worth it.  I've learned that there IS a way to say what I feel inside myself, even if I'm not the one who finds the words - I can borrow your words to express what I feel.  You are an absolute poet!  Such talent just doesn't come along every day. You have bettered the world by blessing us with your music and your art - by having a heart open enough to first find the way to express your feelings; and then, by being so courageous as to record it all and let us in - even though at times, that mustn't be easy.  You've shared your joys and your sorrows with us; and in doing so, you have helped carry the rest of us through all of our trials.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  You have saved me hundreds of times over.  I'll never be able to thank you enough.  God bless you, Dan.  May He hold you in the shadow of His wings. Yours -ever on ~ Liisa Dickson, Logan, UT


 Dan: What a blow.  I was thinking of you today as I was searching for Colorado "exports" for my 10-year old daughter's state project.  I wanted to use your music as she is going to have a portable CD player with headphones at her table with a selection of music and went to your website.  I am completely shocked by the news.  I will say a prayer for you.  I want to see you performing again!  I love you and thank you for all of the joy and memorable moments you have given me growing up. In fact, I just saw Chris Hillman, Herb Pedersen and Richie Furay last weekend out here in California...awesome work.  I first learned of you and your music in 1979 at CU-Boulder.  I can only think of the snow falling and being in the car with a girlfriend at the Liquor Mart off campus in Boulder when I hear "Same Old Lang Syne."  "Captured Angel," "Nether Lands," and "Souvenirs" will never leave my collection - LPs or CDs!


I have truly enjoyed the many musical skills and talents God has given you.  You are truly a great influence on all of your fans and the world through your advocacy of nature and the environment.  May you be healed of your illness and pain. God bless you, Dan. Regards ~ Scott Manning


 Dear Dan,   I just wanted to let you know that you are still in my thoughts and prayers. Our community just had a "Relay for Life" event.  You may have heard of these events.  I work at an elementary school where we organize a team every year.  We raise money for cancer research, walk laps at the football stadium, and camp out all night.  At 9:30, there is a luminary walk. The stadium lights are turned off, and the only light is from the more than 1500 bags lining the track.  Everyone present walks the track in total silence to pray for those fighting cancer.  It is a very moving and emotional sight.


Your name was on two of those bags, so many prayers went out to you that night from Union County, NC.  We love you so very much, and are blessed by your music.  May God send a miracle your way. With Love ~ Wanda Aldridge, Monroe NC


 Dan, I am 25 have been around and in love with your music since as early as I can remember. My dad is a huge fan and your music is all we would listen to as kids on vacation in the beautiful back country of Utah. I hope your health is improving and hope that I will have a chance to finally see you in concert.  Get well and continue to inspire us all. ~ Guy Whalen


 Dan, I first fell in love with your music, and ok, maybe you too, as a Sophomore in college in Virginia, in 1975.  My then boyfriend introduced me to you!  When I think back to that "innocent age" your music plays in my head.  Oh, how I loved him, and listening to you.  Then I introduced your music to my now husband, about 1980.  We saw you several times, and still listen to you.  Your poignant lyrics and beautiful music (love the harder rock ones too) were always loved.  I'm fairly musical myself, and appreciated how talented you are.  I so hope you are getting better, and pray I'll get to hear your strong voice and see your handsome face again-live! ~  Beth, Atlanta, GA


 The simplest of wishes...peace to you, with the greatest desire for it to be so. You are in the continued thoughts of your fans. ~ Kelle


 Dan, So sorry to discover you are battling through such a difficult experience. I recently came across your CD Souvenirs and have been revisiting your music. My God, you were so young to be so profound in your lyrics. You surely have an ancient soul. I used to listen to you for hours in the 70s, when I was young, artistic, and beautiful- I kept wondering why I could never find a man of your depth, sensitivity, and beauty. What a soul you have.

I would like to share something the English poet and mystic William Blake wrote: "And we are put on Earth a little space, that we may learn to bear the beams of love..." I think you have borne those beams so well that you have illuminated others. Love is what we are all made of and it is eternal. I hold you and your wife, Jean, in my prayers of healing and comfort. With Love and Blessings ~ Cindy


 Dear Dan, I'll pray every night for you and keep you in my thought's. I was 14 when "Souvenirs" came out. WOW!!!! I immediately went to check your catalog,  and found "Home Free". Double Whammy!!!!!! "Stars", "To The  Morning", "Wysteria", etc. It's T-O-U-G-H to not only find one album where EVERY  track is awesome, but two?? I was hooked. I'd give $10,000,000 for your voice  alone (if I had it), but with your guitar and piano skills, it ought to be a crime for God to give SO MUCH talent to ONE person, but I thank God he did.  And I'm sure you thank God you got "The Leader of the Band's" genes, along with  your Mom's. Guess I'm just a little jealous  being a player and writer  myself. I can sing backgrounds pretty fair, but not lead vocals. I saw you  several times live, solo, and was blown away. Anyway Dan, I know you have thousand's of emails to read, so I just wanted you to know how much joy your music has brought me. And to the many young ladies I serenaded with your music.  I batted a thousand if I had "Star's" or "Souvenirs" on the old turn table. And arose to "To The Morning" more than once. God bless you, and we love you. And  "Part of the Plan" is still one of my 5 favourite  songs of all time. It's  one of those songs like Don McClean's "American Pie". No matter what mood you're  in, you can play either of those and it's instant happiness.God bless ~ Norman Scott Mixon


 Hello Dan, My name is Graham Preece; I live in the South Wales, part of the UK. I am really very sorry to learn that you are not well - I genuinely and truly hope that all works out well for you, and your family. I have never actually written to any body in this way before, please be patient if this message to you comes across as a little different!!


I first heard you singing the song "Longer" on the radio in the UK about six years ago, and immediately thought you had the most wonderful voice. Ever since that first time of knowing of your existence I have tried to obtain more of your songs, failing completely to try the most obvious way - the internet. However I am now the proud owner of your "The Very Best of Dan Fogelberg". It is quite funny in that, I had never heard of you before that evening when that song "Longer" came on, and yet I knew by instinct that I had to acquire more. I have to say that I was not disappointed; the songs on this CD are absolutely wonderful. I can listen to certain tracks and relate them to a part of my past and current life. I think that individuals like you are truly gifted by means of a superior being, writing such songs with meaningful words, and being able to sing them with such passion with a voice second to none, in order to give so much pleasure to others around the world in all of their circumstances.


My life has changed so much over the years, I am 50 years old, was once married now divorced and have four wonderful children. Having to go through the divorce after 30yrs of marriage is soul destroying, especially when the person who your separating from was not only your wife, but your best friend, (or so you thought) It took a lot of self believe to pick myself up and continue in a positive way. I have to say in the four years since that awful time I am now much better, like I mentioned earlier in this message to you. The words in your songs are an inspiration, they give strength.  The only thing I ever wanted in life was to sing songs, at sixteen I had a great voice - and a shocking stammer, which took my confidence away to sing more freely in public, and well we can't all be superstars eh!!


I send my thoughts to you from across the Atlantic and hope that all turns out good for you - hopefully that "superior being" will take care of you. Who knows - I may actually meet the person who was a tower of strength to me without knowing it!!! Kindest regards ~ Graham


 I am 54 years old today. When my wife asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I said I would love to be able to hear that you are on your way to recovery. Best wishes ~ Alan from England


 Wishing you good thoughts here once again.You are still very much in our thoughts and our prayers. And still very much a part of our lives, through your music. Earlier this month, we headed out to Dillon/Silverthorne, Colorado for a last "fix" of snow. And there we lay, gazing out the sliding glass doors of our motel room, toward the gorgeous and awe-inspiring, snow-covered peaks, to the soundtrack of "High Country Snows." I tell you, it was overload! We've always loved that CD, but it has even more memories behind it now. Your music isn't just music. It's memories and experiences. We hear nothing of how you're doing and always hope "no news is good news." But we wish you and yours love, peace and healing. You are in our hearts! ~ Myron and Terrie Ens, Galva, KS


 "Dr. Dan"' - I call you that because for the last several years I would attend your concerts in "The Rockies" at the outdoor venues in Park City and Northern Utah. I called it going to "therapy" and this term became familiar to my family and friends. Sitting outdoors in the beautiful Rocky Mountains and listening to you share your unbelievable talents was not only relaxing but actually healing to my soul. My life as a young and then not so young mother was hectic and your concerts would take me away to my college days at Northern Arizona University playing the "Home Free" and "Twin Sons" albums over and over in my dorm room. I love who you are - real and genuine - and feeling. This permeates your songs. I am concerned for your health and hope so very much you will be the victor against your cancer. I struggle to imagine summer night concerts without Dr. Dan. Peace and Be Well ~ Sandy Seifert


 Dan, I thought about you tonight and started surfing the internet. I wish you strength and happiness. Your music has touched me so many times. When I lived in Nashville I saw you several times at Starwood. What a gifted person you are. My prayers are with you. ~ Judy


 Dear Dan, You've given us such a golden gift all these years and I thank you.  I live in Colorado--my favorite song is "High Country Snows", which brings back memories of many a starry night spent by the campfire in the high country, with its sweet solitude and peace.  So many of your songs have deeply touched me in one way or another; I have all your albums and love them all for their many facets.  Best wishes to you and your loved ones. Be well my friend ~ Karen


 I just want to say thank you. I am always at a loss for what I want to be exactly the right words. I feel terribly inept at expressing what your music has meant to me through the years and what it still means to me today. Life is so hectic and crazy. When I feel as if I have somehow disconnected from my soul, I come back home through your music. It is a gift of the heart that I have relied on many times.


I know at times it had to be so difficult to be on the road - to give up your privacy. It had to be a conflicted path. I am sure it was hard to deal with all of us who felt as if we 'knew' you. but what is so hard to explain is that we don't know *you* but we know ourselves better through your willingness to expose and share your heart and soul in your music. It is a strong bond and yet one that actually doesn't exist in real day to day life. But that is why so many feel such love for you. So thank you for all the sacrifices you made - I hope the ride was worth all you gave up. Thank you for helping me learn about how I am through your music and for reminding me every so often of who I am when I feel lost. I keep you in my prayers - always will. ~ Shelly B - OKC


 D.F. - Our thoughts and prayers are with you from Pittsburgh, PA. God bless and keep the faith! We love ya! ~ Jan :)


 Dan, I have been a HUGE fan of yours since I was in college when my roommate introduced me to your beautiful music!  I graduated in 1979, so that tells you how long I've been buying your albums/CDs and how long I've loved your music!  I was devastated to hear that you are dealing with advanced prostate cancer.  I can only imagine how difficult and frightening that is - for you and your family.  My sister is currently undergoing chemo and radiation to fight stage 3 breast cancer and I live with fright and anger at the threat to her life every day.  However, her strong faith and courage have kept her spirits very high and her attitude unbelievably positive!   I am a strong believer that faith and attitude are more than half the battle against cancer and other illnesses!


A man who can write lyrics and sing with his heart and soul like you do must be a very deep feeling, spiritual person.  That will help you through your battle.  I hope the love and faith of your fans all over the world comfort you and your family, and help make you stronger and more powerful every day.  I will pray for you as I pray for my sister. God bless you...we ALL will cheer the day you return to the stage and recording studio! ~ Ann in NJ


 Dan your music lives on with all of us and your words are still spoken all the time. Please get well, we love you so. Cheers ~ Tina Rojas


 Like everyone else, I just want you to know how much your music has meant to me all these years. Your music was the soundtrack of my life back when I was in high school, and hearing any of that great music takes me instantly back to how it felt to be young, unsure, and in love. Your music helped me decide what exactly good music is and should be! Dan, hang in there, and rest assured, no matter what the outcome, your music has fixed your place in the cosmos -- it will live on forever -- and so will YOU! ~ Dean K. Fick, Davenport, Iowa


 Dear Dan & Family: I just wanted you to know that great songs and music touch lives in profound ways. Your music has touched my life and many others around the world.  My kids now listen to your music, so you've inspired several generations of music lovers.  Thank you.


Someone once told me that singing in church is like praying twice.  So I'm singing often and praying hard for you as you battle cancer.  Praying for a cure to be sure, but mostly, praying for peace for you and your family.  Keep music in your heart and sing if you can...even if it's just for your family and close friends.  Thanks for sharing your gift with us.  God bless you. Peace ~ Dan B.  (St. Paul, MN)


 Dear Dan, I've been with you since Home Free. I have every one of your albums. All of your songs make me feel good! ~ Steve Mannie, Steubenville, Ohio


 You are a blessing to many, dear  Dan. I listen to your music while at work with my BOSE earbuds in place and it helps me get through my day as a Nurse case manager for seriously ill heart patients. I live with the fear of facing breast cancer someday soon...and may opt for a prophylactic double mastectomy to save myself and my family members from going through what so many females have gone through in my family. Cancer is never an easy diagnosis, no matter who you are or what you do. I just hope for you a peace that only God can give. Not preaching here, but I will be praying for you and your family in whatever capacity you need...that you will be blessed and will in turn be a blessing and an inspiration to others. Love, Peace and Strength come your way... continue to fight the fight, Brother. You were born to fulfill a purpose, so give it all you have until God calls you home, Dan. If I never meet you here on earth, introduce yourself  when we meet in Heaven, where we all will be listening to your music! I'll be the one with the Bose earbuds and dansko clogs on...:-) ~ Beth from Indiana


 Mr. Fogelberg, Since I was a young man, your music proved to resonate the most with me and I have identified the many significant events and moments in my life with your songs. I appreciate your gift of translating the tangible experiences we all share into your unique texture of sound. In fact I'm quite jealous that I don't have your talent. At the end of the day, it is about living and surviving and loving those around us. Someone said that there is no Eden or Heavenly Gates that you will be going to someday. I concur with that and that makes it imperative that you fight with will and passion to slay the adversary who stands at your feet. Conquer, my friend! ~ Jomavrick


 I have sent you my thoughts and prayers before, but I wanted you two to know I am still praying for strength and healing. Every song of yours speaks to me and you are truly a great artist. God Bless You and Jean ~ LuAnn-Lawrenceville,GA


 I've enjoyed your music since my college days and have found the lyrics inspiring. I wish the best for you during this difficult time. ~ Laurie Kaufman, St. Paul, MN


 Although I enjoy all of your songs, I am especially thankful for your softer music. It is soothing to my soul.  Throughout the years, I have felt peace as I listened to your music. Thank You Dan, for giving your heart and soul to the world through your songs.  My heart is with you!  I wish you the best care possible!  May God Bless all of you during this time. Love and Prayers ~ Lana, RN (Ohio)


 Dan, Posting your message to men on having prostate and colon cancer preventative exams. This is wonderful and we need to hear this message more often. You're in my thoughts! Enjoy life, continue to do what makes you happy and know that you have moved millions. All the best ~ Frank H. Green


 I send my thoughts and prayers to you and your family!  ~ PM


 Dan....obviously I'm a huge fan of yours but more importantly now I want you to know I'm pulling for you with all my support thru my thoughts & prayers. You have given me, my family and my friends years of such joy and happiness through your music and lyrics along with your steadfast laughter & wisdom. It is time that I can give something back to you.  God Bless You! ~ Skip


 Dear Dan & Jean, I just wanted you to know that although the big C is scary, it can be cured! My husband had testicular cancer 2 years ago, after surgery and eventually Chemo he has been in remission for 1 1/2 years. I will say it was live changing for Dan (my husband), and myself. I don't know if anyone is ever prepared for the news. I believe that prayers helped cure Dan just as much as the Chemo did. He was on prayer lists all over the place. His aunt is very involved in her church and put Dan on the list at her church, and it escalated from there. So hang in there and know that you are in my nightly prayers. One other thing I am so glad for you that you found the love of your life! Your music touched my soul back in 1976, and I have listened to everything you have produced since then. I feel that if we ever met we would be kindred sprits. Keep up the good thoughts and vibes they will help heal you! Take Care ~ Linda


 My thoughts and Prayers are with you and your family. My brother had Prostate Cancer. Had the surgery and is doing well. I am a survivor of cancer (for 31 years)....different kind. I was 24 when they found mine. I had a 4 year old daughter, and a 7 month old daughter. GOD IS GOOD!   That is what saved me from mine. God Bless you and keep you in the fold of his healing arms. ~ Victoria Garing


 Dear Dan, I have been a fan of yours for nearly 30 years, and I think  that your singing and songwriting talent is absolutely incredible.  I am in my forties and continue to listen to your albums to this day.  Your song  "Longer" was sung at my wedding, and I have always held a special place for it in my heart.  I also want to commend you on the lovely way you honored  your father with "Leader of the Band".  I'm sure he was very  proud to have had such a wonderful son.   I have always loved that  song.  I was saddened to hear of your illness, and I want you to know  that I pray for you every day.  Be strong. God will help you pull  through this.  Best wishes to you and Jean. ~ Vicki from Greenfield,  Indiana   


 I have been listening to you since the early  70's....surely that has to account for something. My high school ('78') yearbook quote is "We used to live like there was no tomorrow , Tasting our trials a day at a time, Crying for justice and laughing at sorrow , such innocent crimes."  How I yearn for those easy days now. I wish you all the well being there is out there for you. You have brought me such solace and comfort and self worth. I cannot begin to explain. You are a gem to all of us with the ability to hear. Sparkle hard because you are surely someone who deserves the light.  Safe and genuine travels to you, my friend.


 Dear Dan, You may not know this, but you taught me to play the piano. Like a zillion other fifteen-year-old girls, I picked up "Souvenirs" because you were so handsome, but the music pinned me to the wall.  Not only your voice, but the virtuosity and the poetry on the record. And like a zillion other girls, I went and bought "Home Free" and then "Captured Angel" and "Nether Lands." It was the songbooks for "Nether Lands" and "Home Free" that I brought home to my grandparents house, and learned to play almost every song on their piano. My crusty old grandfather loved your music, too, though I never sang the lyrics. He would come out of his bedroom in the back, just to listen.


The songs have long fallen out of my hands, but not out of my memory. Just today, I got curious and Googled to see what you were up to, and found this website. I am happy to know you are leading a good and happy life, and that the support of your fans has touched you. I will light a candle (in my home) for your continued recovery, and pray that you might enjoy the treasures of this beautiful planet for a long time to come.


[Also, on a less serious note,  I just want you to know that, the night I waited on you in Nashville (Tavern on the Row), I was only kidding about wanting you to autograph my leg. Heh.] : D Be well, and thank you for all you have given to so many of us. Bless you and Jean, both. Sincerely ~ Tana Butler, Soquel, California


 Dear Dan, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time.  As a cancer survivor, I empathize with your situation.  As a writer, I appreciate your God-given talent.  That talent sustained me through some difficult times in my life.  Your music made my soul feel like it could prevail through anything and the lyrics reminded me of the power of the written word when written well.  <wink>  I still remember opening that first album, "Home Free," and it was hooked.  Your ability to tell a story in song and weave an indelible visual image has not been surpassed by anyone else to this day. You can listen to your songs over and over and never tire of them. They surpass time.  For their message is just a relevant today as when they were first recorded. Take care of yourself and keep writing. ~ P.D., Murfreesboro, TN


 Dear Dan, You and your music have been a major part of my life since the late 70s. You are one of the reasons I play guitar and sing today. You taught me of the joy there is in playing and singing a simple tune from the heart. I always get a DRE and next year I will be 50 and will have the colonoscopy as well. Please know you and  your lovely wife are deeply in my prayers and thoughts. I have always wanted to meet you and I know that one day that will occur. Please take care and know you are surrounded by love, prayers and our full support. Grace & Peace ~ Robbie Stewart


 25 years ago on May 22nd, my husband and I were married to "Aspen". We had never been to this eponymous place, and drove there on our honeymoon, en route to San Francisco where we lived and worked the next 7 years. June 10th, we will renew our vows to this hauntingly beautiful music again, in the presence of our 3 children (18,16,14) and our friends and family in our home now on the Oregon Coast. To say your music is a part of our lives is an egregious understatement. Thank you for your beautiful gifts of words and music. Know that you have deeply touched these strangers' lives, and that you are treasured. ~ Kelly Barnett & Rich Jany, MD


 Brother Dan: All is cool. Peace and light surround you. Be still and listen again for the voice. Your journey is not finished.

~ Hugh M.


 We are praying for you, and "missing you"! Please update us.


 Dear Dan, what can I say that others haven't already as to the power of your lyrics and beauty of your music.  I have been a devoted fan since 1973 when a friend of mine asked me to listen to this new album he had gotten.  WOW! I went out and bought it first chance I had.  As it happens, even as I write this I am listening to the first of your songs that I learned to play by ear " Looking for a Lady".  It was the start of many hours of enjoying and learning to play your songs with my Guild in hand.  I still remember taking my wife to the beach and playing "Stars" for her there.  So in addition to my prayers that God through Christ will show His purpose in this for you and give you peace that only He can give  I am doing the only other tangible thing I think I can do and that is to write a song for you.  ~ Kevin Smith, Orlando, Florida


 Dan, Thinking of you.  You have touched the lives of so many, including  mine.  I know I'm one of the many who are giving back.  You're in my  thoughts and prayers.  Continue fighting and remember the powerful healing hands of God.  That's what got me through a near-death illness a few years ago.  I was only 38 and too young to die.  I still had work to do.  Lots of love ~ Todd  Michaels, Dial-Global Radio


 Dan: Your music was a great light to me in the 70s. Thanks for being true to your gift.  Write a song before you go to bed tonight. ~ Joe


 Dan, I just heard about your illness and I want to offer you my wishes and prayers for you to get better with each passing day. My husband and I have been fans for years and, until now, didn't know what was going on. I pray for you to  have a full recovery, and get back on your feet soon. May God Bless You and make  you well again. I know that with modern medicine, in its advances of  today,  people are being cured more and more. You will have that  chance. Again, may God keep you well and healthy.  ~ Arlene  S.


 Dear Poetry Man, I have loved your music since first hearing it in 1978.  It was my vicarious emotional expression as I nurtured infant twin sons.  They listened to Captured Angel and Nether Lands daily. In 1981 we were blessed with a miracle and moved to Colorado, where we live today.  One of our sons was a member of the Colorado Children's Chorale and met you backstage at the inauguration of the Buell Theatre in Denver in the 90s.  He knew how much I loved your music and told you so.   I was so happy he told you.


I don't know what caused me to look at your website recently.  I had never looked at it before.  I think I was missing your beautiful voice and the feelings you express in your music.  There's nothing out there today that even begins to compare.  I was shocked and saddened to learn that you had been diagnosed with prostate cancer.  I felt that life was not fair. Two weeks ago, we learned that my husband has prostate cancer.  Now I know life is not fair.  I am optimistic about our future pray that you, too, will live a long, song-filled life.  You are truly a special man. I just wanted to tell you how much I love you and your music.  My husband knows. Hugs to you and your loved one ~ Alison Sandler


 Dear Dan, As everyone says:  I have loved your music from the first time I heard it back in the early 70's.  You have an awesome voice and a unique style.  I'm sorry to hear about your cancer and you are in my prayers. I shall keep your songs in my heart.  There is no one else like you.  I can see why you love Colorado. It's always been one of my favorite places although I haven't been in years. I have been wanting to go back for a long time.  I wish you and your wife the best and will continue to pray for you.  God bless you and keep you and make HIS face shine upon you. Love ~ Lori from Arizona


 Dear Dan, please accept my sincerest best wishes. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. As so many other people have mentioned here, my husband and I listened to your music while we were dating and I cannot begin to tell you how very much it has meant to us over all the years of our marriage. Your songs are in a class by themselves, simply gorgeous and so full of meaning. Thank you so much for the pleasure you have given us. I wish you all the best and pray that God will hold you in the palm of His hand. Sincerely ~ Bernadette Edens.


 So many people think that cancer is a 50+ disease.  I have worked with pharmaceutical companies on novel compounds for advanced stages of cancer.  To all you readers; it is not a 50+ disease.  I reviewed hospital chart after chart belonging to end-stage cancer patients in their 30-40s and a few in their teens.  A word to the wise: get educated, know your family history, stay in tune with your body but at the same time try not to get overly-phobic or preoccupied with dark outcomes.  If your doctor refuses to run a test based on your age find a new one. Dan and others, Fight the good fight.  ~ Paul


 Dan, just learned of your cancer and wanted to acknowledge your greatness and send you all the positive energy in your struggle to recover.  First saw you live at The County Bowl in Santa Barbara, CA back in 1977.  Didn't even own an album of yours then, but went to the show on a friend's recommendation.  Wow!  Opened up on piano with "Nether Lands" and finished first set doing duets with Tim Weisberg.  Your backup band then was called Fools Gold.  Saw you most recently on your 30th anniversary of your first release in K.C. MO.  Joe Vitale was drumming and you did an incredible rendition of  "Rocky Mountain Way."  Just wanted you to know what a great and positive impact your music has had in my life.  Thank you for all that you've taken the time to share.  Your music is special. ~ Tom Gardner


 I'll say a prayer to you tonight. Love~ David from Ireland


 Dear Dan:  I wish for you a speedy return to good health and the peaceful wonderful feeling in your heart and soul that you and your music has given us all.  I can never listen to "Seeing You Again" without crying deep inside.  Thanks for the music. ~ Brenda


 I heard you were not well. I hope you will recover and wish you all the best. Your music has been and is very important to me. When I was about 16 I first heard "Home Free" and that album became sort of my musical standard, still one of my all-time favourites. Now I am 48, I still love the album. "Nether Lands" with the beautiful "Dancing Shoes" and "Sketches" is also an album I often return to, and when I'm in an"I want to think about life" mood I listen to "Along the Road" from Phoenix. Wonderful melody, beautiful lyrics. Dear Dan, I really wish you the best ! ~ Jaap Nicolai from Holland.


 Dan, I pray for you.  Thank you for all the years of song you've provided.  I'm 43 years old and remember singing to one of your albums borrowed from my older brother when I was 14 years old.  The 70's and 80's was a very special time for me and I thank God for musicians like you that brought to us the best of music. Peace be with you ~ Sherry Mofield


 Dear Dear Dan, My husband and I fell in love to your music.  We met in 1979 and married in 1980.  "Longer" was popular but we couldn't find a band who could play it cos it was so new.  We continued to listen to you music and we raised our kids on it.  Today they are 24 and 22 and they KNOW  your music.  We took them to see you twice in Hoffman Estates at the old Poplar Creek.  I'm not saying they love you but they have a special appreciation for you.  They know your songs and enjoy them when they hear them.  Since I got an ipod I made a Christmas playlist and your "Same Old Lang Syne" is on it.  What would the holidays be without that song, right?  So you have been a major part in my family's life.  I pray for you every day.  I hate that this has happened to you.  I hate the thought that you are sick.  I hate that you might never write another song and I hate that I might never go to Best Buy and buy your new release.  I hate that I won't have something new of yours to share with my kids and now my grandson.  I pray everyday for you and your wife.  I know it's not easy for her either.  I pray for your recovery because I don't feel the world has had enough Dan Fogelberg yet.  My youngest is getting married in September 2008.  How cool would it be if you  had a new cd out and a song on it she could use for her first dance?  If not I'm sure that "Longer" will do. So in closing please feel better.  It's not just the old people who love you.  They have taught their kids to love you too.  There's a whole new generation waiting for you to get better.  God willing it will happen.  You have touched so many lives that I pray yours won't be cut short.


 I was just browsing through ITUNES and came across good ol' Dan Fogelberg.  I grew up listening to you - I  LOVED listening to you.  I browsed through ALL your songs and all your  albums and downloaded a number of things onto my IPOD.  I thought when I  was done ITUNING - I would search the Web and see what you have been up  to.  I am so very sorry to hear of this news, I hope and pray you are doing well and pray that you are strong, faith filled and happy.  I miss your music. Fondly ~ Carol Clarke

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