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June 11, 1997

Moderator (Speaker) Dan Fogelberg is a true veteran of the music industry. In fact, Legacy Recordings has just released a deluxe Four-CD Box Set (featuring 62 classic tracks) that's simply titled Portrait: The Music Of Dan Fogelberg From 1972-1997. Dan, of course, has enjoyed quite a few hits during his career, including "The Power Of Gold", "Longer", "Same Old Lang Syne", "Part Of The Plan", "Make Love Stay", "Leader Of The Band" and many others... We have quite a bit to chat about tonight... So let's get started! Folks, here's DAN FOGELBERG! 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Good evening, everybody. It's great to be here on Prodigy. Fire away! 

Moderator (Speaker) Great to have you here, Dan. A New Yorker starts us out tonight... Tommy in NYC (Prodigy Member) Hi Dan, I was wondering if this new boxed set brought with it a lot of reflection and memories for you? I bet it doesn't seem like it's been 25 years--or maybe it has! : ) 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Yeah, a lot of pleasant memories for the most part. In reliving each album, and each song, it definitely took me back to the times that I was making those projects. For instance, Home Free reminded me of the beautiful summers in Nashville, when I was 20 years old. Nether Lands certainly brought me back to the first few winters I spent in the Rocky Mountains. So in many ways, yes, it was a journey through the past. 


Celia n Sue (Prodigy Member) Hi Dan, We're big ParrotHeads and we were wondering if you've played at all with Jimmy Buffett? Are you guys friends by any chance? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Yes, we're very close friends. We spend a good deal of time together, sailing in the Caribbean, and enjoying life around the globe. We actually wrote a song together called "Domino College", which was included on Jimmy's box set. I haven't seen Jimmy in a while, but we hope to connect in Atlanta this summer, where we'll both be playing the same weekend. Tell him he's got my razor and needs to return it! 


Lee on LI (Prodigy Member) Hi Dan, I'm going to see you perform at Westbury (on Long Island) in a few weeks. We're really looking forward to the show. Can you give us a preview of your stage show these days? Are you performing solo or with your band?Are you playing mostly acoustically? Thanks! 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) This will be solo acoustic. It's the first national solo acoustic tour I've done since 1988. I've done bits and pieces here and there, between my band tours, but for the first time since 1988 I will be doing the entire country solo acoustic. 


meowzza (Prodigy Member) Where can we find your tour schedule? 


Moderator (Speaker) Funny you should ask, meowzza... Here's the schedule... June 20 in Detroit, MI at Meadowbrook Theater... June 21 in Grand Rapids, MI at Devoss Hall... June 22 in Milwaukee, WI at Riverside Theater... June 24 in Indianapolis, IN at Murat Theater... June 25 in Cleveland, OH at Nautica Stage... June 27 in Warwick, RI at Warwick Music Theater... June 28 in Cohasset, MA at Cohasset Music Theater... June 29 in Wallingford, CT at Oakdale Theater... July 1 in New York, NY at Beacon Theater... July 2 in Westbury, NY at Westbury Music Fair... July 3 in Syracuse, NY at Landmark Theater... July 6 in Atlanta, GA at Chastain Park...July 7 in Myrtle Beach, SC at Palace Theater... July 8 in Vienna, VA at Wolf Trap Theater... July 10 in Melbourne, FL at King Center... July 11 in Clearwater, FL at Ruth Eckerd Hall... July 12 in Sunrise, FL at Sunrise Musical Theater... July 24 in Santa Fe, NM at Paolo Solari Amph... July 25 in Denver, CO at Red Rocks Amph... July 26 in Salt Lake City, UT at Wolf Mountain Amph... July 29 in Livermore, CA at Wente Bros. Theater...July 30-31 in Saratoga, CA at Mountain Winery... August 2 in Las Vegas, NV at Hard Rock Hotel... August 3 in Los Angeles, CA at Greek Theater... August 5 in San Diego, CA at Humphrey's...August 8 in Seattle, WA at Pier Theater... August 9 in Portland, OR at Sokol Blosser Winery. 


Tal 72 (Prodigy Member) What pisses you off the most about the music industry? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Probably the compartmentalization of radio and record companies that no longer allow freedom of programmers to use their own taste and judgment. 


Moderator (Speaker) In addition to your questions, please submit your comments to Dan as well, and we'll try to post them here for everyone to see! 


Pepper T (Prodigy Member) As someone who's enjoyed a lot of life over the years, I was wondering if you would share some advice with the men tuning in tonight? For you, what's the key to enjoying love and happiness in a relationship with a good woman--and how do you make it last? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) You're asking the wrong man. I've never been terribly successful in that particular arena. 


Moderator (Speaker) Sorry, Pepper T... : ( 


Tina O'Neil (Prodigy Member) Which song of yours surprised you the most with its success? Which song did you think would do better? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) "Leader of the Band" is the biggest surprise; I never expected that would be a hit record. I think "Lonely in Love" was my biggest disappointment. It went to number one on adult contemporary radio, but didn't get played on top 40. And I thought it was the best commercial record I ever made. 


Tina O'Neil (Prodigy Member) Dan, Do you have a favorite Jackson Browne story? Have you played with him much over the years? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) No. I've played with him over the years a little bit. I know him, but nothing in particular comes to mind as an anecdote. He's a great guy. 


Michele 99 (Prodigy Member) I was wondering what your feelings are about how drugs and alcohol influence the creative process? Do you think they help or hurt? Has your opinion on this subject changed over the years? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) I'm not sure that drugs and alcohol in any way enhance the creative process. I have used drugs and alcohol, until quite recently, most of my life. But they were mostly used as a sleep aid, or a party substance *after* the creative process was finished. I can't remember any substances being helpful in the creation of music. And consequently I have no use for them any longer. Even nicotine. 


Bill Wilder (Prodigy Member) Dan, Did you ever have the good fortune to play with or know John Lennon? Were the Beatles an influence at all on your music? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Yes, the Beatles were unquestionably a huge influence on my music. I doubt I would have been a singer/songwriterhad it not been for the Beatles. I never had the honor of playing with John, but I did meet him one evening at The Record Plant in Los Angeles, while I was recording Souvenirs. 


MRXOO7 (Prodigy Member) How many guitars do you own, and which is your favorite? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Ha! I've never counted. A lot. I can't say one is my favorite, but the rarest is a Gretsch White Penguin, which is one of the rarest instruments in the world. 


fileme (Prodigy Member) Hi Dan, I have listened to your music for many years. I just wanted to say thanks for writing such great music. 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) You're welcome. 


Mr mAcRo (Prodigy Member) What is the best thing that's ever happened to you? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Graduating from high school. 


MRXOO7 (Prodigy Member) I am sure that you have had the pleasure of playing with many great musicians. Can you name a few that you have enjoyed working with the most? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Oh, gosh. Don Henley, Glenn Frey, and Timothy B. Schmit of the Eagles. I love to sing with Crosby, Stills and Nash when I get the chance. It has certainly been a thrill to sing with Joni Mitchell from time to time. And I always enjoy seeing Jimmy Buffet, who's a dear friend. 


Lee on LI (Prodigy Member) As a guy who's been around a long time, I was wunderin' how you keep performances for your hit songs fresh ("Longer" or "Same Old Lang Syne," for example)? I remember Elton John saying that he was going to shoot himself if he had to sing "Crocodile Rock" one more time! : ) 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) (laughing) Obviously Elton missed! First of all, are you saying *you've* been around for a long time, or *I've* been around for a long time? : ) It is difficult to keep some songs fresh, and if I ever have to sing "Longer" again, I 'll shoot Elton John! : ) (I don't think that can be considered a threat, as long as there's a smiley face after it, right?) 


Celia n Sue (Prodigy Member) Is it true that "Run For The Roses" was actually written in a very short period of time? It's a beautiful song and always reminds me of horses running freely on a Kentucky farm somewhere. 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Yes, it was written in two days, in 1980. It was recorded in two days, and given to ABC Sports. It was one of the quickest things I've ever done. 


Moderator (Speaker) Our guest's new four-CD set is divided into four categories: Hits; Ballads; Rock & Roll; and Tales and Travels... A previously unreleased track on the box set is a song called "Don't Lose Heart", which was produced for this set in December of 1996 by the highly respected Peter Asher... Another unreleased track included in the collection is "Song For A Carpenter", which was recorded with one of Ireland's most famous groups, The Chieftains... 


Dream Dancr (Prodigy Member) Hello Dan..... I wanted you to know that my ALL time FAVORITE song since the mid 70's is and always has been your song called "Scarecrow's Dream." I wanted to know your reason for making it. 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) I've always loved that song, although I've no idea what it's about. It's mentioned on the liner notes of my new box set. 


caseyf1 (Prodigy Member) Are there videos to any of the songs? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Yes, but none are available commercially. I made about six music videos in the '80s and early '90s. There is, however, available from Sony Video, a 90-minute live concert video, titled Greetings From The West. (a shameless plug!) Thanks for asking! 


Camestress (Prodigy Member) Dan... [VeryBigSmile] I have tickets to your Aug 8th show in Seattle.. and I was wondering if you ever do "Meet and Greet" events? I have tried to locate ny fan club information but have been unsuccessful a... : ( Is there an address I can write to ? Thanks.. and See ya on the Pier in August! 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) I currently and never have had a fan club. And I don't do meat events, as I'm a vegetarian. (Actually, I'm a dedicated omnivore.) 




Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Neither. 


spiritrain (Prodigy Member) Where did you grow up? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) I was born and raised in Peoria, Illinois. But I grew up in Colorado. That's a joke. 


Moderator (Speaker) : ) 


spiritrain (Prodigy Member) What music did you listen to growing up? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) In my home, because my father and mother were musicians, I was exposed to all sorts of music...from classical to jazz to pop, and everything in between. 


Tommy in NYC (Prodigy Member) On the new boxed set, have the songs been re-mastered? What does something like that entail? Was this a huge undertaking for you? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Yes, every song has been re-mastered. It is not a huge deal. It is mostly getting levels up to modern standards and clarifying through equalization. We didn't re-mix any of the older music, as I felt, if it ain't broke, don't fix it! However, it's never sounded this good on *any* medium, other than in the recording studio itself. So I'm quite thrilled with this aspect of the project. 


Tommy in NYC (Prodigy Member) Any ideas how many performances you've done over the years? Any way you could guess? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Not a clue. : ) Somewhere between zero and a billion. 


clare7 (Prodigy Member) One of my favorites of yours is "Part Of The Plan"...Did you write that song? Who was it about....? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Yes, I wrote that song. It's not really about anyone, it's more of a philosophical piece. I suppose it's about all of us... and none of us. 


fileme (Prodigy Member) I really have enjoyed your last album with Tim Weisberg. As an ex-flute player can appreciate his great sound. I love the instrumental songs on that album. Great work! 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Thanks. It was all purely accidental! : ) 


fileme (Prodigy Member) I have to say that my favorite song is "To The Morning." I read somewhere that you went to University of Illinois. I graduated from Eastern Illinois University in 1982, about an hour south on I-57 in Charleston, IL. 


meswq (Prodigy Member) Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your music 


Esdacy (Prodigy Member) I love your music. 


fileme (Prodigy Member) I read that you injured your hand in a boating accident last summer. I pray that it healed well and you have full use of your hand now. 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Yes, I did injure my hand. I cut the little finger of my left hand by catching it in an anchor windlass. It didn't hurt as much as it bled. Thank you for your concern. The finger has healed to about 90 percent. I don't know that it will be as good as it was before, but I am very grateful that I didn't lose the finger altogether. 


Lee on LI (Prodigy Member) I know you're friendly with guys in The Eagles. Did you tease them about their "hell freezes over tour?" : ) I guess you should never say never. I hope you make those guys pick up the dinner tab when you get together. 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) (laughing) I haven't seen many of those guys in many years, except for Timothy B. Schmit, who was working in my band at the time of the Eagles reunion. It was obviously an inconvenience for me, but the best thing that could have happened for Timothy. So I'm very happy for him. Usually when we're all together, Irving picks up the check. That's why he's the manager! 


Siena NY (Prodigy Member) Dan, Do you still spend much of your time in Colorado? What do you enjoy the most about that part of the country? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Yes, my main home is a ranch in southwestern Colorado. I mostly enjoy skiing in the winter, hiking and mountain biking in the summer. 


Michele 99 (Prodigy Member) Dan, Is it hard to live your life as a celebrity? Can you maintain a private life when you want to? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Yes and no. I live in a remote part of Colorado for the reasons of privacy. And yet I still have to deal with the intrusions of fame, even in this place. I find fame to be a blessing and a curse. 


Tal 72 (Prodigy Member) Do you feel that your music has evolved or changed quite a bit over the years--or do you still pretty much play the same style? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) I think by the evidence of my recordings, the music has changed quite a bit. From Home Free to River Of Souls, I doubt that if anyone didn't know me, they would think it was the same person. 


spiritrain (Prodigy Member) Where did you study music? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) I have never studied music, other than basic piano lessons, from age 6 through 10. 


Whogins (Prodigy Member) Dan, What would be your favorite acoustic guitar for fingerpicking? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Martin D-41. 


Dansoletta (Prodigy Member) Have enjoyed all of your different styles...especially your instrumental pieces...In your early years of touring you played a song from Black Orpheus.....will you ever record it? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) I don't know that I will ever record the piece, which is titled "Manha de Carnival", written by Luis Bonfa. I am, however, planning to perform it this summer again, and will be recording the concerts for a possible future release. 


TamdShrew (Prodigy Member) In 1973, I was in Thailand with my new husband. I came across a cassette of a singer I had never heard of.... I fell in love instantly... :) I almost named my daughter "Wysteria"... I was wondering if you were happy with the result of that album, and which of the songs on it is your favorite? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) I really wasn't very happy with that recording until Norbert Putnam re-mixed it for compact disc. Now I think it sounds great, and no, I have no particular favorite from that record. 


nickit (Prodigy Member) Any Chance that "Maybe Time Will Let Me Forget" from your Coachman days will be on your new Box Set? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) When hell freezes over. 


TamdShrew (Prodigy Member) Will this new CD include all of your music, or just a few select ones, and will there be anything new on it??? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) It is 62 selections, which is by no means all of my recorded output. It includes five unreleased songs, one of which, "Don't Lose Heart", was cut especially for this package. Also included is "Hearts and Crafts", the original B side of "Same Old Lang Syne". 


Tal 72 (Prodigy Member) Do you write for yourself, for critics, for your fans--or for someone else? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Yes. 


WKLY WARRIOR (Prodigy Member) What's one major challenge you experience while writing songs? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) I never thought of it as a challenge. I've always thought of it as an incredible opportunity, and a magical gift. 


NORBEAR (Prodigy Member) Dan, have been a fan of yours for longer than I care to remember! I enjoy all of your music, but especially enjoy some of your earlier LPs, Home Free, Souvenirs, etc. Are you holding onto any earlier stuff that may ever be released? Also, any chances of a new video? And of course, we all would like to know when any new material is due out! Looking forward to seeing you in So Cal in Aug! 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Yes, as a matter of fact, I was planning a rarities disk for the Portrait box set. I decided not to release it, but I'm considering doing so in the future. Good question, thanks for asking. 


Whogins (Prodigy Member) Wasn't Fool's Gold your backup band in the early days? Where are those guys now? I thought their albums were great as well as yours. 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Rumor has it that they were indeed my backup band in the early days. Last I heard, most of them were in prison, gay, or married. 


JanW34 (Prodigy Member) Have you ever considered writing a score for a movie? Is this something we can look forward to? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) I've never been approached to write a score for a movie. I don't exactly know what that entails. I would be interested in writing some thematic music to a film, but I don't think I have the experience or the technical know-how to score a film on my own. You're free to look forward to whatever you choose... 


Whogins (Prodigy Member) Dan, What's the story behind "Old Tennessee"? Great Song by the way! 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) (laughing) "Old Tennessee" was written when I lived on a farm outside of Nashville, as a parody of east coast folk music. It was written about a young lady I briefly cohabited with, and her subsequent departure. 


meowzza (Prodigy Member) Hello Mr. Fogelberg, I am a DJ for MY 102.5 in Greenville SC. and every time we play "Leader of the Band" I get calls about how that song came about.. was it written about your Dad? and was he a Big Band leader? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Yes. The song is absolutely true, and my father was a bandleader all of his life. 


Ceolta (Prodigy Member) What was it like working with The Chieftains?? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) If I could remember, I'd tell you. Seriously, the Chieftains was one of the most enjoyable sessions I've ever done. We started the day with Guinness Stout and Fatburgers, and things went downhill from there. They were wonderful to work with, and I'm thrilled that in recent years, the world's attention has been turned more towards them. As a big fan of Celtic music and culture, I'm thrilled at their success. 


Moderator (Speaker) In the box set liner notes, Dan mentions the Guinness was being poured at breakfast that day! : ) 


tcwrz (Prodigy Member) Having been a fan of your early music as well as a fan of Joe Walsh's, I'm curious how the two of you started working together. 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Joe and I met on a carnival ride in Louisville, Kentucky in the summer of 1962. He was wearing a gorilla mask, and I was in drag. How could we *not* work together? 


NORBEAR (Prodigy Member) Another favorite is "The Higher You Climb", would you share briefly, your spiritual side with us? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) "The Higher You Climb" was written as a poem in 1978, while climbing the Matterhorn in Zermatt, Switzerland. It was later converted to a song that I used on my High Country Snows LP. 


spiritrain (Prodigy Member) When will the set be available in stores? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) No, it will only be distributed secretly, in the dead of night, by several brown-shoed squares. Beware! Cuidado! 


Moderator (Speaker) spiritrain, the set went on sale June 3... : ) 


Whogins (Prodigy Member) Dan, Did you ever have any regional records that were recorded independently before you were signed? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Yes. I was included in several anthology recordings when I was a student at the University of Illinois. I used to work at a club called The Red Herring, and they produced albums for two years while I was allegedly a student. 


Shadow Wind (Prodigy Member) I just want to thank you for your music. " Run For The Roses" will always be one of my favorites. 


Ceolta (Prodigy Member) I have enjoyed many of your tracks especially "Leader Of The Band" and "Same Old Lang Syne." I particularly like the Nether Lands album. Well done. 


malyd (Prodigy Member) Dan, what have you been up to these days? I was probably the biggest fan you ever had. You were all over my room at Mississippi University for women. 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Better question: What are *you* doing these days? :) 


caseyf1 (Prodigy Member) At what age did you start performing publicly and where? Schools, churches, etc? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) I began performing publicly at the age of 13, with my first band, called The Clan, in Peoria, Illinois. We played block parties, high school dances, and the like. They still owe me money! 


AriLove (Prodigy Member) Hey Dan...say something. 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) No. 


Dansoletta (Prodigy Member) There was some talk of you writing a children's book...where is that going? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) At present, it is being considered by a publisher in New York. Keep your fingers crossed! 


pbchoc (Prodigy Member) Was the song "Same Old Lang Syne" true, about you running into an old friend at the grocery store? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Yes. 


tcwrz (Prodigy Member) I am a drummer, singer songwriter and very familiar with your material, who is in your band for the upcoming tour, and are you auditioning drummers? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) I am performing this summer solo, without a band. But if you'll work cheap, we can talk. 


pbchoc (Prodigy Member) I guess my favorite song is "Make Love Stay", but I love all of your music. 


Shadow Wind (Prodigy Member) Between you and James Taylor, you made the 70's livable. : ) 


AlbanyMale (Prodigy Member) I'm an acoustic man myself! Nothing like it at all! I'm glad to hear that you are doing an acoustic tour! 


Psychopoet (Prodigy Member) Hi Dan. When I first heard your lyrics, I was struck by the romantic imagery. Was the poetry of Wm. Blake and other Romantic poets an influence? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) No, I am not as well-versed in classical poetry (no pun intended) as I am in popular music. My influences were the Beatles, Lightfoot, Joni Mitchell, etc. 


Cyberp (Prodigy Member) Also looking forward to concert...and thanks for using your abilities to express deep feelings and observations that many of us only observe in ourselves when we hear a poet or songwriter express for us. 


Dansoletta (Prodigy Member) Is there any other artist you would really like to collaborate with? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) I've always been a huge fan of Eric Clapton and B.B. King. 


spiritrain (Prodigy Member) How old are you these days Dan? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) I'm 45, if I'm a day. 


ibpauly (Prodigy Member) Dan...saw you many years ago at a New York concert with Peter Frampton..Great!!..will you be in the N.Y. area soon?? 


Moderator (Speaker) Beacon Theatre in Manhattan on July 1 and Westbury, LI July 2... (see above for full tour schedule). 


Pack96Fan (Prodigy Member) Dan, What music are you listening to these days ? - Paul 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Mostly Mozart. 


TAZZIA 16 (Prodigy Member) Have the tragic deaths of musical artists in the past 8-10 years put a stop to the use of drugs by musicians today, or at least a halt? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) I can only speak for myself. I haven't done drugs in many years. Drugs seem to be more prevalent among younger musicians. I certainly had my day, and it's a shame that some folks never make it through. 


Psychopoet (Prodigy Member) Can you explain the process that led to the creation of the song "Nexus?" 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) No. I haven't a clue. 


a350xtbandit (Prodigy Member) Hi Dan, can't stay in room but just want to say hi and that I love the music...:) 


blueskies29 (Prodigy Member) Where do you create and write best? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) I have a tendency in recent years to do most of my writing at my home in Maine. It is probably because there I have no television or modern conveniences. I therefore pass the time by playing acoustic guitar. 


mitsleep (Prodigy Member) Hi Dan. When are you coming to New Jersey? I have to tell you We Love your song "Longer", that was our song for our wedding in 1981, this Aug. 29th will be our 16th year. And the pages are starting to yellow, and we are still in Love. Thank you so much for that song it means a lot to my husband and I. 


NORBEAR (Prodigy Member) Did you ever meet Jim Croce? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) No. 


GADGETMAN36 (Prodigy Member) I saw you in Minneapolis when you performed solo. I thought it was the best concert that I've ever been to. You are a fantastic guitarist, and your songs are out of sight. Are you coming to Phoenix or Nashville in the near future? I am moving to Tennessee soon. Keep up the good work. We love hearing you. 


JanW34 (Prodigy Member) Dan, are you really doing the typing tonight? If so, you are doing a GREAT JOB!! If the music thing doesn't work out, you would be a wonderful secretary!:) 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) No, I'm not doing the typing. That distinction belongs to Peter Nemarich. I am, however, a wonderful secretary anyway. 


blueskies29 (Prodigy Member) Dan, not a question, just a comment. You have never been afraid to write and sing your mind. This is part of the miracle you have brought to us. 


tcwrz (Prodigy Member) I recently saw Joe Walsh and Glenn Frey in Ft Lauderdale at the Sunrise Theater. We are looking forward to seeing you there soon, 


SheHeiness (Prodigy Member) Hi Dan, I have no questions, just wanted to chat and that appears to be unavailable, but I do enjoy your music, good luck in the future. I am waiting for next album. 


NORBEAR (Prodigy Member) Thank you for writing such beautiful music that moves the soul. Just give me a long winding coast road and any CD of yours and and peace is mine! 


Shadow Wind (Prodigy Member) Your wit and charm.. and amazing comebacks are killing me! LOLOLOLOLOL :) 


tcwrz (Prodigy Member) Boy and all these years I thought it was you in the Gorilla mask and JW in drag. 


caseyf1 (Prodigy Member) Did your father know about" Leader Of The Band" Before it became a hit.....It was quite a tribute. 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Yes, my dad actually got to hear the song before it was released, and before his death, enjoyed a very brief flash of fame in his own right, with the press wanting to interview him. 


meowzza (Prodigy Member) I just want to say Thank you for all the Great music you have given us over the years.. Your music always seemed to fit my moods.. I think I wore out a few records... [g] Yep I am old [g]. Thank goodness for CDs. 


SweetBippy (Prodigy Member) Shoot Dan, we are all divorced, grown children and starting all over again...but some things don't change... the music brings back memories. 


cruisinone (Prodigy Member) A good friend of mine ALANLN is truly your biggest fan. He says your music has mirrored his life path for years. He was not able to be here tonight but sends his regards. 


blueskies29 (Prodigy Member) Your songs seem as if they come from your heart, all of them. What do you feel is the common thread that you touch us with in your song? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) I would hope it would be honesty. 


blueskies29 (Prodigy Member) Dan, this is the most enjoyable evening I have had on Prodigy. Thank you ! 


malyd (Prodigy Member) You played in Nashville the day after my wedding in 1977. I almost didn't get married. A friend of mine jammed with you at the Exit Inn and I was on my way to see you instead of getting married! I knew if you got me first, you'd take me away!!! Wish you would have! 


Ceolta (Prodigy Member) Best wishes with your tour this summer and for the future. Slainte! 


rkgm (Prodigy Member) Thank you for many years of enjoyable radio listening. Inspiration does wonders for the soul! 


Dansoletta (Prodigy Member) Will you be doing any TV to promote the box set? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) I don't know. We've been talking to Leno, Letterman, and O'Brien, but I don't know where things stand with that. Write your Congressman. 


Ageless1 (Prodigy Member) Can't wait to see you in Cleveland in a few weeks !! 


caseyf1 (Prodigy Member) Your Greatest Hits tape really mellows me out and relaxes me...I enjoy it and my 14 year old son does too..His favorite is "The Power Of Gold"...thanks 


rkgm (Prodigy Member) Dan, I have a baby to tend to, so I will sign off with a thank you for your music. My daughter heard it even in the womb. 


meowzza (Prodigy Member) I saw you on stage several years ago in Arizona "unplugged" so to speak. Do you still tour that way? It was GREAT!!! 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Yes. I will be touring that way all of 1997. 


caseyf1 (Prodigy Member) Thanks for the memories Dan.....and for refreshing them with the box set! Not a paid commercial for you. HONEST! 


DanielleMary (Prodigy Member) Was your father a singer/song writer like yourself? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) No. My dad was a bandleader, and a music teacher, and an arranger for big bands and marching bands. That was in Illinois. 


PhoenixVim (Prodigy Member) HiYa Dan ! I just wanted to say that your songs are wonderful - I have everything on CD now (still have the old records) and they will never be dated for me. Thank You So Much! 


Tal 72 (Prodigy Member) How difficult has it been for you to sustain popularity through 3 different decades? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) More difficult than you could ever imagine. Seriously, I think the key to any longevity in the entertainment business is the willingness to take chances, and change. It's not necessarily the most commercial way to go, but one must sustain interest if one is to survive. 


Whogins (Prodigy Member) Thanks for your songs and for your chat tonight. You have answered more questions than any other here. I enjoyed it & just sold another box set! :0) 


Tina O'Neil (Prodigy Member) Over the years, what's been the biggest disappointment for you, if anything? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Let's just say marriage. 


NJchoirboy (Prodigy Member) I know what you mean, Dan... 




Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Yes, and I do what I love. 


Michele 99 (Prodigy Member) How many shows will your do on the upcoming tour? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) I don't know the number. It should be somewhere between 30 and 40. And I will be touring the entire U.S. between late June and November of this year. But that doesn't mean every town. That would get a bit crowded. 


malyd (Prodigy Member) You've made an otherwise bad day great. Love ya, man! 


Camestress (Prodigy Member) Dan... My best friend is so touched by your music he has bought me every CD that we run across... He feels that every song you've sang describes his life..Do the lyrics of your songs come from experiences in your life? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) No, they describe *his* life. The secret is out. 


PhoenixVim (Prodigy Member) aaaawwwww Geez - Now you tell me you are MARRIED ?? You just broke my heart, Dan! 


JanW34 (Prodigy Member) Dan, you haven't met the right woman yet. Don't worry, you'll find her! 


NORBEAR (Prodigy Member) Can we get personal, you seemed to have such a love affair with Maggie just from reading liner notes, you seemed to be every woman's dream, any comment? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) No. 


Larabell (Prodigy Member) Dear Dan, I understand you went to the University of Illinois, where I attended also. Were you in a fraternity? If so, which one? A big fan. 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) I was blackballed from Lambda Chi Alpha, for being a left-wing, drug-using, long-haired freak. It was one of the best things that ever happened to me...along with graduation from high school. 


eless1 (Prodigy Member) Dan, I met someone online that lived on the other side of the country from me, one of the first songs he sent me lyrics to (he is a guitarist) was "Dancing Shoes". The line that we always reflect back on is, "though the distances divide us, there's a paradise inside us," he has since moved here to be with me but that song and those lyrics will always be special to us, thanks ! 


rkgm (Prodigy Member) Was "Leader Of The Band" about a true experience? It is my favorite song and now my husband's. Only song I have seen make him cry. That is a real compliment. You are a gifted musician. 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) That's nice. Yes, it's true. 


TAZZIA 16 (Prodigy Member) Have you ever been in love??????? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Way too much! 


PhoenixVim (Prodigy Member) {*{*{*{*{*{*{*{*{*{*{*{*Dan*}*}*}*}*}*}*}*}*}*}*}*} Hugs n' Kisses Dear @)----------]------------- 


ZOMBIE110 (Prodigy Member) I love your music. I even had "Longer" played at my wedding 


MotherTucker (Prodigy Member) How long are your average concerts? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Two hours. 


MotherTucker (Prodigy Member) Do you have any animals? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) I live with three wonderful cats. Buckaroo, Sasparilly, and MoJo. They are the subject of my children's book, and the stars. 


SmokinJoe13 (Prodigy Member) On Greetings From The West there is such a wonderful blend of acoustic and live/electric music. Which do you prefer playing? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) I don't prefer one to the other. I love playing guitar. I obviously have a lot more fun playing lead guitar and rock and roll with my band, but I find it more emotionally and artistically satisfying to perform acoustically. 


TamdShrew (Prodigy Member) There is a song on one of Garth Brook's albums (or CD if you will) that's sounds a great deal like your style....Have you ever done any collaboration with him, or is it just a coincidence? :) 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) No, I have never met Garth Brooks. I have been told that he, in interviews, has claimed to be very influenced by my work. I find that flattering, and confusing. : ) 


tcwrz (Prodigy Member) If you had to choose your favorite record from a songwriter's point of view, what would it be? Captured Angel perhaps? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) From a songwriter's point of view, I would choose Joni Mitchell's "For The Roses." It is my all-time favorite record. And Joni wrote the music to my life, as so many have said I've written for theirs. 


Ageless1 (Prodigy Member) What a great chat Dan, thanks for taking the time...see you in two weeks in Cleveland !! 


Shadow Wind (Prodigy Member) Night Dan. Thanks again for all the music that you've done, and all that you will do. :) 


Arthur Fan (Prodigy Member) Do you write your songs or do they tend to write themselves? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) No, I write them. If they wrote themselves, I'd have a lot more free time! 


Iodine (Prodigy Member) Dan, No questions, just want to say that I admired you when you first started. You were in Cincinnati at the time. 


Slogo (Prodigy Member) Dan, I've always liked the open, airy feel of your chords and songs. "Believe In Me" is my favorite. Thanks. 


tcwrz (Prodigy Member) From what period are the unreleased tracks? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Mostly '80s and '90s. 


rkgm (Prodigy Member) Your lyrics are so beautiful, have you done any children's songs? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) No. Unless you count my early work, when I was still a child. 


cc428 (Prodigy Member) "a magical gift" THAT'S THE TRUTH!! 


Psychopoet (Prodigy Member) The thing that I enjoy best about your songwriting is your ability to handle complex, abstract ideas and make them emotionally understandable. Is this a natural reflection of your thought process, or the result of the crafting of a song, or both? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) I would think more the crafting of the song. The synthesis of emotionalism into cohesive, poetic thought is I think more intuitive than structural. 


TAZZIA 16 (Prodigy Member) Do you regret releasing any of your songs? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) No. I was never too thrilled with Captured Angel as a production, but I still enjoy a lot of those songs, as songs. I think perhaps I was a little too young to be producing at that point, but no one could tell me that. 


JanW34 (Prodigy Member) It's been a pleasure chatting with you!! If you're ever in Northwestern Illinois, stop by!!! 


MediumOfLove (Prodigy Member) "When I was still a child" Hummm...sounds like a good song title :-} 


SheHeiness (Prodigy Member) I have no idea why I send this because I will never receive an answer, but my daughter, like my father, can pick anything out on the piano just by ear. It is amazing, but I have her in piano lessons and she hates it. She would much prefer to keep playing by ear. Is this natural? She is 9 and has been doing this for 5 years, no kidding! 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Not only is it natural, it is exactly how I played. I hated formal lessons, and played endlessly by ear, and that's how I learned, and that's what made me become a professional musician. People must play because they love it--not because they're made to. More power to her, and give her all the encouragement you can. She might support you in your old age! 


cruisinone (Prodigy Member) Dan, You have a great sense of humor as well as a gift for songwriting! 


blueskies29 (Prodigy Member) I have never laughed so much with a Prodigy speaker as I have with you! :] 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Neither have I. 


kellyd (Prodigy Member) Captured Angel is my favorite album of yours, it has a very honest quality. 


Want2Play69 (Prodigy Member) What is the one thing you enjoy most about your career? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Doing chats on Prodigy. Seriously though, the greatest reward is the real human contact I receive from people whose lives have been touched by my work. It's one thing to write popular music; it's another to touch lives. 


Ageless1 (Prodigy Member) Nether Lands is still my all-time fave !! 


Moondancin1 (Prodigy Member) no question here.......just a fond remembrance of a favorite song ......"house of cards" and a sincere thanks for the tunes :o) 


rkgm (Prodigy Member) I want you to know what your music did for me. I am 26 years old now and I remember hearing "Longer" when I was ten. I lived out of the country and I remember thinking it was the sweetest song I ever heard. What made you come up with the lyrics? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) I was laying in a hammock on Maui, Hawaii, on vacation, in 1978, with my then wife. All seemed right with the world. The song seemed to write itself. 


shmoo1229 (Prodigy Member) Dan, I love your music. Keep up the good work. 


TamdShrew (Prodigy Member) Do you find it hard to keep your sense of humor when recording? You obviously have one, I am glad to see... you seem very serious when you are performing...:) 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) When I'm recording it's very easy to keep my sense of humor, because I'm hanging out with very sick folks. *You* try playing for two hours by yourself, and see how funny it is! 


littleone 02 (Prodigy Member) hi Dan :} can you tell us when is your birthday ? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) I don't have one. Actually, I have two. 


Whogins (Prodigy Member) Do you use many open tunings? And if so, what would be your favorite? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Yes, I've always used many open tunings. Nowhere near as many as Joni. I would say my favorite is D modal. I use that for blues, slide, and a lot of my compositions. Both E's are dropped down to D. 


NORBEAR (Prodigy Member) Anyone special in your life at the moment? I'll trade in the Dan I have for another [g]! 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) (laughing) Funny... just what my ex-wife said! 


Pack96Fan (Prodigy Member) How did you get interested in Native American culture and spirituality ? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Mostly through the music of Buffalo Springfield in the '60s. And the counter-culture of that time. 


DebElen (Prodigy Member) Are you still painting? and wasn't there a coffee table book out or coming out with some of your photographic efforts? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Yes, I still draw and paint. I published my own book of photography, which I sold at concerts, and which are all gone. There was, last year, a book called "Musicians As Artists," in which my drawings and paintings were included. 


tcwrz (Prodigy Member) I work cheap,....lets talk 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) (laughing) HOW cheap??? 


blueskies29 (Prodigy Member) How many acoustic guitar tracks will you overlay on one song? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) It depends on the song. I think the most I've ever done was on the song "Phoenix", and we even made a joke as to how many we put on it -- something like 11, 860. 


Ageless1 (Prodigy Member) What's the story behind "Dancin' Shoes"? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Never you mind! 


Pack96Fan (Prodigy Member) Do you have a stained glass version of the "Greetings" CD ? If so, where is it hanging? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Yes, it's in my office. Thanks very much. 


MRXOO7 (Prodigy Member) I wonder why so many people think all of your songs have some deep inspirational meaning to you? It's what you do for a living. 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Yes, it's a deep, inspirational living. 


Pack96Fan (Prodigy Member) I'm listening to "Tucson Az" right now, great song. Any plans to write similar "story songs?" 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Who knows... 


yiasou2 (Prodigy Member) I still sing "Wishing On The Moon" to my girls whenever we are out at night. They are now 19 and 13 and still get a kick out of their Mom breaking out in song to them! Thanks for the inspiration. 


yiasou2 (Prodigy Member) Any plans to do more jazz? I loved the Exiles music...of course I love it all. I have followed your career from the first time I saw you perform at the U of IL when you were a baby! I really enjoy the No Resemblance CD also! 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Not at the moment. I seem to be writing a lot of instrumental guitar music, but most of it resembles medieval lute stuff. I have no idea why. 


ELYSIANWELL (Prodigy Member) I have an older brother (retired now) who had a country western band for years. He could play just about any instrument by ear. I too play piano by ear, and just purchased a Yamaha Clavinova. I love it and play by the hour. I only have to hear a song once and I can play it. My wife says it is a special gift. I enjoy your music and am thrilled that you too hated formal lessons and played by ear. Are you terrible at math also? I am... it bores me to death. 


Pack96Fan (Prodigy Member) How long have you been using online services, and what's your opinion of them as a way to communicate about music ? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) This is my first online chat, and I am having a great time. It's great to talk direct to the fans. 


Lynxa (Prodigy Member) Do you have any insight for those of us who want to perform but need to get used to being the one up on stage? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Drink heavily. That's how I did it. 


ZOMBIE110 (Prodigy Member) I said earlier you were in Nashville in 1985 when I saw you but I'm showing my age. It was really 1975. Guess I'm older than I thought. 


cruisinone (Prodigy Member) Dan. There is no doubt that you have touched many lives. Though this is just a silly computer, if you are still for just a moment you can sense the respect and love we all have for you :) 


MakeMeMind (Prodigy Member) And thank God (or whoever is up there?) that not just geeks and poindexters come from the U of I! 


SSMinnowBear (Prodigy Member) So many of your songs are gentle and soft. But "The Power of Gold" feels almost violent by comparison. What inspired the song, and what inspired the emotion behind it? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Actually, the song was a response to the growing materialism in my own life, and that of many of my successful colleagues - I won't mention any names. 


TamdShrew (Prodigy Member) Thank God for a man with a sense of humor! :) As a frequently married person as well, do you think there is a common thread that causes the break up of marriages? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Divorce. 


Camestress (Prodigy Member) CHAT is Awesome.. hehehe.... Watch out Dan its addictive!! You will find yourself.... saying hmmmm just 10 more minutes.... hehehehe.... 


SSMinnowBear (Prodigy Member) Do you get royalties every time someone sings "Longer" at someone's wedding? Seems every wedding I go to they sing it. Glad I really like the song [G] 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) I receive a slice of cake from each wedding. I have filled a room with them, and someday hope to build, using them as the bricks of my future. 


Whogins (Prodigy Member) Dan, Your music and your wit is top notch. I've enjoyed the chat. Best, Tom Hudgins 


SSMinnowBear (Prodigy Member) Do people ever mistake you for some other singer? I have a friend who thinks you and Kenny Loggins are the same person 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) I have frequently been mistaken for Hoagy Carmichael. 


Pack96Fan (Prodigy Member) Ever think of doing a CD of "covers" like Shawn Colvin's "Cover Girl?" 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Yes. I find it an attractive idea, but have never found the time. I also don't know if my fans would sit still for that, as I am considered so much a songwriter. Write your Congressman. 


meowzza (Prodigy Member) Will you come back and chat with us again soon? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Sure. 


Pack96Fan (Prodigy Member) Thanks for introducing us to Beth Nielson Chapman's music. Have you heard anything about her new CD that is scheduled to be released next week?Are you still in contact with Beth? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) No. I think Beth is terrific. I haven't seen her since we toured together in '94. 


Lynxa (Prodigy Member) Dan, if you hadn't pursued music, what might your career have been about? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) I would have been a painter, eating cat food in an upstairs apartment near Grant Park in Chicago. 


littleone 02 (Prodigy Member) Dan... it has been a great chat... glad you were here... [and Alan missed a good one] [pout] 


kolyma (Prodigy Member) Hi!!! I just want to thank you for all the wonder songs..that you've given me over the years...I say "me" because they feel so personal to me... 


clare7 (Prodigy Member) Do you play any sports? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Yes. I am an avid skier, single-handed sailor (no pun intended), and broke three ribs on a luge this winter. I play too many sports. 


MakeMeMind (Prodigy Member) Hey, this is the first time chattin with us proggies, maybe he'll write a song about us? hehehehehe 


Teddd (Prodigy Member) Dan, you seem comfortable with the computer. Are you using them when composing nowadays? 

Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) No. I can't figure out how to get the strings on it... 


Slogo (Prodigy Member) Hi Dan , Do you play in only one key? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) No, I play in many keys. 


PhoenixVim (Prodigy Member) Dan - do you ever *sneak* and see other performers or groups - and if you do which ones?? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) I can't remember the last time I attended a concert, other than my own. I don't live in places where concerts are given. If they are, it's usually a string quartet on a lawn by the sea, or something of that nature. 


meowzza (Prodigy Member) Do you write songs about your cats? Anyone who loves cats is all right in my book [Big Grin] 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) I write songs for my cats, but only they can understand them. 


Ageless1 (Prodigy Member) Will you be playing a lot of the oldies but goodies in your concert tour or can we expect more new things? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Yes, there will be plenty of chestnuts roasting by the open fire. Come warm yourself this Yuletide season, at the bright and merry Yule log of my life. 


ZOMBIE110 (Prodigy Member) Do you remember playing at the War Memorial Auditorium in Nashville, TN in 1985? I worked there at the time and a friend and I watched you set up for your show. You were singing Eagles songs and acting silly with your band. You seem very down to earth and nice. 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) You must have me confused with Hoagy Carmichael. It happens all the time... 


Iodine (Prodigy Member) Dan do you still have your beard? 70's era? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Yes, I keep it in a jar in my bathroom. I like to scare the kitties with it. 


Lynxa (Prodigy Member) Have you ever performed at the White House? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) No, I've never performed there. Write your Congressman. 


NORBEAR (Prodigy Member) If you could sum up your life philosophy in one line, what would it be? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Where's the beef? 


malyd (Prodigy Member) So, are you as hard to live with as any other man? Surely, not! 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Harder... so I'm told. (laughs) 


Lynxa (Prodigy Member) I am looking at the painting of a half-face inside the cover of Nether Lands -- did you draw this? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Yes. Actually it was painted, in watercolors, in a fit of ambition. 


ELYSIANWELL (Prodigy Member) Dan, the reason I asked you about disliking math, is that I read somewhere that people that do not do well in math also do not do well at reading music. 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) If you say so. 


ELYSIANWELL (Prodigy Member) Do you really ever stop and think about how much pleasure your music brings to so many people? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) I can actually think about it without stopping. I can also walk and chew gum simultaneously : ) 


Lynxa (Prodigy Member) Do you still have your first guitar? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) No. It never made it out of Peoria. Thank God I did. 


kolyma (Prodigy Member) What advice do you have for beginning songwriters??? What's the best way for them to get their work before a performer? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) You're better to get your work to a producer. Performers either write their own, or have it mostly chosen for them by producers. I would suggest getting with a good and well known publisher who can pitch your songs to record producers and performing artists. 


cruisinone (Prodigy Member) Your humor gets better as time goes on.... are you getting punchy yet from all the questions? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Bite me. 


Tal 72 (Prodigy Member) Is it tough (or should I say tougher?) to be a public figure these days? What do you think of papers like the Globe or the Enquirer? Have they ever given you a hard time? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) No. I have never made myself accessible to publications of this nature, because I keep my private life private. If celebrities didn't want to be in these papers, they could try behaving themselves, and not advertising their lives. 


KaVa KaVa (Prodigy Member) How is life treating you now? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Been better, been worse. I play the averages. 


tcwrz (Prodigy Member) Will the upcoming tour be primarily acoustic and to what extent do you plan to 'play the hits"? 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Yes, the upcoming tour is solo acoustic, and there will be plenty of hits. But I plan mostly to lean on older, non-hit material, and some newer stuff. 


Moderator (Speaker) Our thanks to Dan Fogelberg for a great chat tonight. We really appreciate your time and your insights, Dan....This has been a lot of fun for everyone involved... We wish you the best this summer with the box set and the upcoming tour! 


Dan Fogelberg (Speaker) Thanks folks, I've had a grand time with this. Hope you have. I urge you all to have a nice glass of wine, and get a good night's sleep. Adios! 


Moderator (Speaker) Thanks for the great questions, everyone... Until next time, Good night from New York and Colorado! 


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