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"Dear Dan" Letters

September 2007

 Hello Dan. I found your website today and a shock ran through my body when I heard of your health concerns. I wanted to thank you for creating such beautiful music. Your songs belong amongst my very private collection that I play in those special appropriate moments. I can still remember where I was when I heard "Same Old Lang Syne", driving in the car in Australia. A thousand tingles ran through my spine and when the sax started up at the end it was emblazoned into my memory. Having recently supported my wife through breast cancer treatment, I can certainly feel empathy for you and your loved ones. Our hearts go out to you and your family. Be strong. The mind is a powerful thing and has the keys to turn around those mutant cells if only we can find a consistent method of accessing these depths less travelled. Do lots of meditation and maybe you will have the good fortune to turn those keys. Hopefully soon they will make those important breakthroughs in research that I know will come eventually.


Aurora and I had the good fortune to see you on stage unplugged at The House Of Blues in LA in 2000-2001 as I lived there for a time before returning home to Australia in 2003. It was a great privilege to see and hear you in the flesh. All the very best to you Dan .. you have enriched the lives of many. ~ Brian MacKrill  Melbourne, Australia


 Hi Dan. I hope you are having a good day. I just wanted to say I have been a fan for years. The Innocent Age got me through a really hard time in my life (bad marriage) and I thank you for giving me that music. I can still remember the first time I listened to Home Free. I was a waitress in Tucson at  a steakhouse , and after hearing that album (they were albums then) I mailed my brother in Kentucky a five dollar bill so he could go and buy the album too. I bet you hear tons of stories like this from your fans. To this day when I here the piano opening  "To the Morning" the hair on my arms rise and I get choked up, nostalgic in a way I can't describe. I remember how excited I was for you when I saw you on television at the Kentucky Derby. Anyway, I hope you and all the people you love are getting as much as you can from this time. These are the lives we get.  Good luck, thank you again. ~ Jeannie


 Dan, I was sitting here at work and your song "Same Old Lang Syne" came on the radio. I wondered what you have been doing now so I looked you up on the web.  I was saddened to hear of your diagnosis of cancer.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.  I will pray for you personally to be healed and that God will bring you and your family through this with strength and courage.  I want you to know that your life has brought so much joy to other people and I want to thank you for giving so much of yourself through your music.  Thank you for helping me with your words and your music through my life.  Your songs brought me back to a time in my life when I was young and impressionable.  Your music filled my days then, and got me through some very trying times.  Your music was there as I grew up.  Your words inspired and moved me.   You have truly touched my life more than I can say. God Bless you ~ Karen


 Dear Mr Fogelberg, I have been a fan since the early 1970s and wanted to say you have touched me deeply with your songs. I was introduced to your music by my parents and you were part of a trio of artists that received a lot of play time on our stereo ( the others were Harry Chapin & Jim Croce). Thank you so much for the pleasure you have given me. I was deeply saddened to hear of your illness and I will remember you in my prayers and thoughts each day. All your albums are special but my two favourites are The Innocent Age and Windows & Walls because they were there to give me comfort during difficult times in my life. Take care, stay strong and be positive. ~ Patrick Caruana, Geelong, Victoria, Australia


 Your music has made a big impact on my life. I have many favorite songs, but "Leader of the Band" is it for me. I wish you peace in this difficult phase in your life. ~ Debby Curl


 Dear Dan, I've been  a fan of you & your music since  the beginning. You have helped me through so many bad times with your songs& your poems. I also sing & play guitar myself and so many of  the songs that you wrote & sang gave me  a lot of happiness. I wish the best for you and family. Remember your faith and songs are forever. ~ Jim Chandler


 Dear Dan, not a day goes by without your music. You have been with us since the eighties. We are buying CD's of the vinyl. Times change. It's worth every penny. Much love to you and your wife ~Mike & Eithne XX


 Your gentle spirit has touched me (and so many others) over the years. Your music has been an important part of my life -- encouraging, healing and inspiring me to reach higher and deeper. I hope that you are surrounded now with that same loving energy. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing your gifts with all of us and I hope that you are exploring all avenues of treatment. There are many paths to and laughter being among the best of them. Please know that you are in my prayers always and remember that our expectation often creates our reality. Expect a miracle! Love and Light ~-Elizabeth


 Hello Dan, your music followed me in all these years. I have a cancer in my head for 3 years and I know your situation. God help you in this moment like your music helps me in my bad moments. Thanks Dan and good luck! Sorry for my English, I am Italian. ~ Alessandro


 Dan (& family) - Dude...I hope & pray the best for you. Thanks for all the great music you shared. My personal favorites are: "Nether Lands" (takes me to the mountains!); "Missing You" and "Leader of the Band." My brothers and I practically "learnt" to play the guitar on your songs back in the 70's & 80's. Incidentally, my older brothers and I sang "Longer" at my sister's wedding back in 1980. I got drunk and ruined it. Not a good memory. My sister has since passed on from a cancer. Horrible.  God Bless and hope to hear news soon.


 Dear Dan, I am 46 years old. Yesterday, on impulse, I bought a record player. I have hauled along, from move to move, from marriage and kids to divorce and empty nest, packed and unpacked, time and time again, my old vinyl collection. While not having the necessary equipment to play these old records, I couldn't bring myself to part with them. I have a lot of Dan Fogelberg in my collection. I started revisiting with you. Hello, old friend.


There has not been a single sunrise I have witnessed in the last 34 years that I have not heard "To The Morning" in my head. As I worked my way through my collection, spreading out before me, I remembered all the lyrics, and where I was and who I was with. It all just flooded back upon me,rich and tangible and satisfying. I reach for you and connect with an elemental part of me....and then I "googled" you. And I want to are you today? And I want to tell you I'm sorry I did not think to ask before. I have lost dear friends throughout the years...and have many regrets for not being there to lend my prayers and profound feeling to their struggle. Blessings be upon you and yours ~ Janet


 Mr Fogelberg, It has been sometime since I last wrote and I regret that, but I would be remiss if I didn't once again try to thank you for the enjoyment your music has brought to my family and me. I first heard of Dan Fogelberg in 1975 and have been a true fan since. I'm sure thousands of others have told you how you have helped them through tough times and my name should be added as well. I can't put into words the respect and gratitude I have for you, except to simply say THANK YOU! I think I speak for thousands of your fans who are either bashful or afraid to take the time to write to you and let you know that we miss you and are praying for your full recovery. It saddened me when I saw that your plans of returning to the stage was pretty much on hold, as I have been checking papers of any venue remotely close to my area to hopefully see some dates of your return. I've had the pleasure of only seeing you twice (Cincinnati and Murfreesboro, both outside) and what a thrill it was. Matter of fact, "Cincy" was my niece's high school graduation gift from my family. That gift has been giving for almost 20 years. I will close with saying you may have heard countless times, but I find it both comforting and true, "If God brings you to it.... He'll bring you through it."  Our prayers for you and Jean continue....God Bless. Sincerely ~ Jack Amonett


 Dan,  My wife and I were listening to your live album in the car the other  day and I said to her "We need to get tickets to go see him and his band". When I went on the web site and read about your battle, it devastated me.Your musical and poetic talent have touched me more than any other musician that I have listened to. From a very young age and though my adult years I have enjoyed your music. You have been an inspiration through many chapters of my life. You  need to get well and get on the road again! Our thoughts and prayers are forefront and with you and your family. ~ Stephen W.  Diettrich


 Dear Dan,  Hopefully this is a positive for you.  I live in Torrington CT and a local radio station does a ten-minute community service spot for airing whatever. Today, our local hospital is sponsoring a free clinic for PSA.  I called the station and told the DJ about your plight and how you strongly encourage all men to get tested.  Considering the larger percentage of your fan base are of the same age prime for it, seemed to make sense to put your name with the program.  Chin UP and God bless you.


 Mr. Fogelberg: For many, many years, you and your music have been an integral part of my music library.  Your music has been a source of inspiration, relaxation, and pleasure that is immeasurable.  I started listening to your music in college (late 70's) and have continued to enjoy it since.  My regret is that I never have had the pleasure of attending one of your performances.  I had tickets to one of your performances here in Indianapolis many, many years ago but unfortunately my job as a firefighter/paramedic required me to travel to Florida and my wife had to go to your show without me. I was given tickets to Gordon Lightfoot to make up for missing your show by the business who sent me to Florida and although he put on a great show, I'm sure I would have enjoyed your show more.     


 One memory that I felt compelled to send to you is this.  I was on one of the first FEMA teams to be sent to Ground Zero on September 11th.  We spent 16 hours on buses and fortunately I had the foresight to bring along some of my CD's for the long trip from Indianapolis.  Thankfully, your music was a big part of the selections I brought.  During those long 16 hours on the bus and during the next 8 days, your music provided a source of relief and relaxation during our stay in NY. Although nothing could take away the stress, your music did provide a respite from the terrible things we saw. In closing, I wish you and your family all the best in your struggle with this disease.  Hopefully you can make a full recovery and maybe I'll finally get the chance to see your music in person.  Till then...keep the faith! ~ Greg Hess, Carmel, IN


 Mr. Fogelberg, I own a cabin just across from you in Colorado. I recently was told that you have some health problems. I hope you're doing better and please remember, you always have this wonderful valley to come back to when you need to re-charge your batteries. Best wishes ~ Donnie


 I'd like to tell a story about a time long ago, in the late 70's at an outdoor Dan Fogelberg concert in St. Paul, MN.  I've always lived in the shadow of my elder brother of 1 year, also a Dan, and a natural musician who had a comical flare.  The skills came easy to him, while I had to work hard.  Music was a competition between us; he chose rock and I gravitated towards the gifts you brought to all of us.  Your complex mix of instruments brought together in beautiful song, frosted with wise words that exercised our imaginations and emotions.  You gave me the inspiration to write, and I believe you can take credit for much of how I've handled life's ups and downs -- always coming out OK, learning and growing from each experience, and maintaining deep beliefs.  My brother surprised me with the tickets to that concert, and we went together, alone.   My brother wasn't familiar with all of what he heard, but when the final curtain fell, he expressed his approval with you (and me, for recognizing a musical genius.)  I specifically remember my breath being taken away by the acoustical version of  "The Reach". I remember being so proud walking back to the van.  This memory I take to heart, as my brother and his wife were killed in a car accident five years ago.  I am now raising their three girls and hoping he is looking down with that same approval he gave me that day.  Through it all, I continue to find out over and over how precious and wonderful the gift of life is.  The beauty in the land, the feelings we feel, our experiences we share, good and bad.  I've also learned that death is as much a part of living as life itself.  Dan & Suan you are missed.  Dan Fogelberg, you are always held in my prayers.  Thank you for a lifetime of music. ~ Nancy, Mantorville, MN


 Dear Dan, My hope is this letter finds you healing well. Your music has been a wonderful source of pleasure for me through the years. I live in the metro Detroit area and have seen you perform live for decades. Your solo acoustical tours have always amazed me. I fumble at the guitar and piano so to witness you gracefully execute complex instrumental pieces almost subconsciously while singing your heart out to near perfection truly touches me. You have used your gift of talent superbly and have shared your talents for the joy of many. For this I thank you ~ Jim


 As seems typical in my life, I am the last to hear news. Music has always been a big part of my life. My mother sang and the house was full of music ever since I can remember. As a consequence, there always seems to be a tune rambling through my brain. Through the years I have heard some pretty great music (and I'm getting older so it adds up to quite a bit). The two artists I played until the vinyl wore through, never get tired of hearing, and whenever I hear them I am home again, are Joni Mitchell and Dan Fogelberg. I now work in the medical field, in the laboratory and I run the test for prostate cancer. Every time I see an elevated result, I pray for that person and their family that things will work out well for them. So, I send even more good thoughts to you, as much as I can. May you find the comfort that your music has brought me throughout the years. Be well. ~ Karmell, SLC UT


 Boy, Dan! It's a wonder any of us are still here after the 70's, but we're here, a little worse from wear. As I lit the candle, I thought back to all the times I have listened to your music throughout my life to help me get through a lost love or just to make me feel better. I wish there was something I could do to get your through this, but I have no magic pills that will help. But with the combined effort of all those souls that love you, maybe our spirits will guide you to be a peace and beat this foe in your life. Thanks for all you have done. Bless you and yours. A forever fan ~ William H. Turnbough


 Dear Dan, I was sitting here at work listening to one of the many CD's of yours I own, amazed at the quality, feeling and meaning you are able to express. Having tried to play guitar a little it is always amazing to see someone with a talent such as yours who has mastered so many instruments and has become and instrument himself with his incredible voice and mind for music. I wish you the best and pray for your recovery and long life.  While you have blessed us all with so many beautiful songs I would love to continue to follow you on your musical journey.  Sincerely ~ Ron


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg - I've been sitting here in my office flipping through songs from my past and I happened upon "Longer", a song I've loved for such a long time as it takes me back to being a very young and innocent girl. "Longer" was always such a sweet song to me and I remember hearing it and wondering how I would possibly ever feel that way about someone - plus it has one of the most memorable flugelhorn solos I've ever heard. Thank you for such a pretty song.


In 2001 I joined a community band and started playing my flute after a 16-year rest. It was there I met my flugelhorn-playing husband. I joined his big band as a vocalist and we began dating. Several months later in January 2003 at the age of 33 I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. Two days after my first surgery I was playing my flute at Sunday night rehearsal. We made an announcement and it was then my band family came together to support me through a very rough time. Five surgeries, seven weeks of daily radiation and two years of chemotherapy later I married the man who stood by my side through every tough day. I know your Jean is doing the same for you as you fight prostate cancer. There are really good days and there are really shitty ones. I just want you to know that I know on some level the struggles you're facing and want to tell you guys to really hang in there. Keep music, your first love, an important part of your being as it will pull you thru those rough days. My very best to you and my prayers will be with you and your family.~Sue Lampson, Newberg, Oregon


 Dear Dan and Jean, I've been a big fan since the 70's. I remember hearing "Part of the Plan" on the radio and liking it, but the album Nether Lands and the song "Scarecrow's Dream" made me take even more notice. I've been lucky enough to see you in concert both with the band and solo acoustic on numerous occasions. I've always been drawn to great harmonies and was drawn to so many songs. I've enjoyed playing and singing your music and look forward to the day that you can get back in the studio and on the concert stage once more. Our thoughts and prayers have been with you since we first heard about your cancer. Best Wishes ~ Carl England and Family


 I realize that I am probably about a generation late, but I just wanted to say, Mr. Fogelberg, that your music has touched me more deeply than just about any. Since I was very young, my dad played your records for me. I have to say that the thoughtfulness and care that are obvious in your music have had a significant impact on me. Now that I am in college and have chosen to pursue a degree in music education, I hope to be able to touch my future students with music the same way that I have been inspired by you for most of my life. Thank you, God Bless you, and my prayers and good thoughts are with you and your family in this tough time. ~ Dani Johnson


 Dear Dan:  What would my life have been like without your music?   I would not want to know.  I have had the pleasure of seeing you in concert  three times, and have been moved to tears by your beautiful lyrics and music every time.  Your words reach down into the deepest part of my heart.   I have never heard a song by you that I haven't loved.  The Nether Lands  album is one of my favorites, along with The Innocent Age, but I have been  listening to your music since the mid-70's.  Your music has been the  soundtrack to many happy and sad times in my life, and I cannot thank you enough  for all your songs and all the memories they evoke.  You are one of a kind,  and you are loved and admired by so many!  I have your concert "Greetings  From the West," on DVD, and I watch it now and again, and never tire of  it.  I was especially enchanted by your performance with Tim  Weisberg.  When you and Tim play "Power of Gold," I am always mesmerized by  it.  Truly, you are two geniuses at work!  I feel that you  are one of the most gifted singer/songwriter/musicians ever - anywhere - anytime. I know you must feel so fortunate to have lived your life doing something you truly love, and we, the fans, are much the better for having you and your music in our lives.  Dan, I sincerely hope and pray that you are  recovering from your illness, and that the worst is behind you.  Please  know that you are in my thoughts and prayers, and may God Bless You in every way imaginable.  You have given so much to so many, and I thank you!  Much love to you. ~ Karen McBride, Georgia


 Dear Mr. Fogelberg, I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I was very sorry to learn of your illness.  I was first introduced to your music through the vinyl album of Souvenirs which a sister of mine gave me as a Christmas gift decades ago because she liked the song “A Place in the World for a Gambler.” Since then, I have spent thousands of hours listening to your music while praying, running, biking, walking, working, driving, thinking, and numerous other activities.  Sometimes even just listening.  I have seen you perform live several times in Oregon and the sheer joy in life and music which you communicated was truly dazzling to experience.  I am grieved to know of your current suffering.  I hope that the support and concern of the thousands of people whose lives you have enriched is a comfort to you in this time. God’s peace ~ Fr. Kevin Connell, SJ


 Mr. Fogelberg, It is with great sadness that I visited your website this morning and learned for the first time about your battle with illness.  I too have recently begun a battle of sadness of my own.  On August 19, 2007, my father, Bruce W. Scott, the man who introduced me to your music, along with so many other things, passed away at the age of 64.  My dad was such a lover of music, and was a lover you your music above all others.  I remember so many days in the car and evenings in the family home listening to so much music at my father’s side, mostly rock and jazz, but classical and pop as well.  Quite often it was your music that we shared.  At his funeral, one of the three songs that was played to celebrate his life was “Leader of the Band”, a song that seems to be a ballad for fathers across the ages.  What a magical piece of work that song is! 


My dad passed along his love for so many things, including his love for music to all three of his children.  It is with pride that my wife and I look forward to passing on that family legacy to our two children as well, both daughters who are just two years and 8 weeks old.  I hope that they will grow to appreciate your wonderful music and the feeling that comes through all of your work.  Thank you for the gift of your music, a gift that has spanned and will continue to span the generations, as all true art does. I look forward to continuing to enjoy your music with my children and also look forward to once again sharing your music with my father when, some day, he and I will, together, gaze upon the face of eternity. All the best to you and your family. ~ Kevin – Atlanta, GA


 Dear Dan and Family, I hope and pray this message finds you on the path of healing.  To you, dear friend of my musical heart,  I pray for the same happiness, joy and strength that your music has given me over the years.  My best to you and your family as you  take on this challenge. I will be praying for all of you. ~ Maggie from PA


 Very sorry to read of your condition.  I will keep you and your family in our prayers.  Keep the faith, and continue to fight the good fight by reminding those who would listen about the love of life that is given us, as you have done so through all the years - with song.  We'll be listening.  Joy and Love.


 Hope you can keep a positive outlook. My dad lost his battle, but not before he had a chance to let everyone he cared for know how he really felt.  It was some of the best times and memories to get to know someone on that "real" level - nothing to hide and nothing to be afraid to share.  It changed me for the better and I know that it is a battle that can take all your strength to fight, but the struggles and trials are worth the rewards you share with those you love.  Good luck with the rest of your life. You've shared a lot with your music and I hope to be able to see other aspects of your artistic talents in the future. ~ Maggy


 Mr Fogelberg, I suppose you hear it every day, but your music has been a huge part of my life.  Now, I can't say I was a fan until 1979 ( though I  loved "Wysteria" but didn't know who sang it...long story...drunk DJ, never told  the artist, late nights...LOL), but the man who was to be my husband was.   When we started hanging out together (dating is way too grand a word for it) he  played your music all of the time.  He loved "Scarecrow's Dream". I think it  was his favorite.  He never declared one.  But one night he sat me  down, played "Looking For A Lady" and I knew he was pretty serious.  And,  inevitably, I became a fan.  Your writing is magical.  Honestly, the  song "Souvenirs" may have the best lyrics I have ever heard anywhere, and "Phoenix"  is fantastic.  I could give examples until the sun sets and never say all  that I love about your way with words.  Oh, and you're a fair player too.  LOLOL.  Anyway, the reason I finally wrote is to tell you thank you.  


You seem to have been the bookends to a big part of my life.  My husband  died in 1998 (bacterial meningitis) and we played "Scarecrow's Dream" and "Along  the Road" at his funeral.  I thought I might never be able to listen to you  again, but it hasn't turned out that way.  When I play one of your CDs  there is a moment of sharp pain...I miss Wes so much every day...but the pain is always replaced by warm thoughts and the memory of his laughter.  To me listening to your music is like reliving the best years of my life.  I  thank you for that.  You have made me a more content person.  Thank  you for some of the best moments a woman ever had...with the best man anyone can imagine. I have been thinking of you a lot over the past couple of  years. I could have written earlier, but I am now.  I wish you health and  peace.  Take care and know that you are ever in my thoughts and  prayers. ~ Lori Hart, Kentucky


 Dear Dan and family.  First I hope it OK to use your first name, but I feel you have been part of my family for so many years. I just now found your site. I am so very sorry for your illness. I have had the privilege of seeing you in concert 3 times. Your albums have gone from vinyl to cassette to CDs and I still have them all . When both my girls were born your songs were what I sang them to sleep with. Now I sing them to my 2 year old granddaughter. Your songs are my ring tones for my phone. I just wanted to thank you for sharing so much of your self with so many. I will keep you in my daily prayers and pray for Gods blessings on you.~ Benita Wilkerson Tennessee


 I don't know how to say thanks for saving my life. After visiting your web site I called my physician to have a PSA test (I am 53) The test showed that I needed further testing. As it turned out your website saved my life. God bless and thanks!


 Dear Dan, I am deeply saddened to hear the news of your battle with prostate cancer.  My grandfather was diagnosed with it in 2003.  For many years I have loved and enjoyed your music.   I have been a big fan since I was young.  Your songwriting and voice have always reached me and I have always thought that as a musician you never received the recognition and respect you deserve.


I used to play and write myself but destiny took me into a different direction within the entertainment industry (TV and film) which I enjoy very much.  Your music had a great influence on me and I used to try and play along to your songs on guitar.  I was never quite good enough to nail down those great solos of yours though!  I remember when I first heard your album "The Innocent Age" I was blown away.  It was absolutely amazing. Your music has also gotten me through difficult times like when my grandmother passed away many years ago. Know that you have my support as well as the support of all of your fans, family and friends.  We love you. You're in our hearts and we thank you dearly for so much great music over the years. Best wishes, hope, love and prayers ~ Troy - Los Angeles, CA


 Dear Dan, Where to begin?!  First, my heart has been SO heavy since the announcement of your battle with cancer, and you have been in my thoughts and prayers ever since.  I can only imagine the emotions and pain you have been dealing with.  You WILL beat it...of that I am sure.  You were my first album that I bought (10 yrs old) and I continue to be amazed at how your music nourishes my soul!  Whether I'm in a mood for a ballad, rocking out or needing the blues  (or wishing to see you live) I put on one of your CD's and life is good!  There are none that can compare with your talents and the gifts you have given to your thankful, dedicated fans!  We love you!  ~Christie


 Dan- We've never met. I wish we had. I think that you and I would have much in common. I haven't walked the roads you are walking these days; but you have been one of my companions on my journey, for the last 30+ years. I've been listening to the Twin Sons album, thankful for Mr. Edison and all that traveled his roads, making recordings available to us. I was realizing that a young flautist I know may be young enough to have never heard you and Tim play. I need to change that.


Remember to keep the music alive within in you, even if you never perform again; and even if it doesn't sound right. Music is a rare gift from our Creator; one that many do not have, myself included. But music, yours, Pavarotti's and a host of others has lighted my way when there was little illumination from any other source. As with my drawing, it comes from somewhere I don't really control. Even when I can't draw the way I want to, there is still a 'magic' there, when I allow it to flow. My hope is that you and your family have years of joy ahead of you; whether or not that proves to be true, I pray that you have moments of joy each day that you remain here with us. Blessings ~ Marty Jones


 Dan, just wanted to let you know that I recently re-discovered your Twin Sons CD.   It was one of the albums that somehow got lost in the shuffle and I never  upgraded it to a CD.  I love it-- it brings back such great memories. There weren't many albums I could enjoy along with my parents during the 1970s, but this one was a constant at dinner celebrations.  "Longer" was played at my wedding 20+ years ago. I've never written to a performer before, but when I heard about your struggle with cancer, I felt I must let you know how much your songs meant to me. My thoughts and prayers are with you. ~  Carol


 Dan, not sure how you are doing. However, I think of you often and, of course, listen to your music regularly. Prayers and best wishes to you as you continue your fight. ~ James C. Gouin


 Dear Dan,Your songs (especially the "Nether Lands" album) have been a sound tapestry in my life since college days; they are a place I often return to for strength, solace, joy and hope even now - nearly 30 years later. Thank you.  As a person with a physical - though not life-threatening - disability, I know the power of love and faith. May God hold you and yours close ~ Nancy in PA


 I took a trip up to the mountains of North Carolina this weekend and chose the Portrait boxed set for my traveling tunes.  It was the perfect sound track for the drive, and memories came flooding back as I sang along.  I have been a fan from the beginning, when I bought Souvenirs for my boyfriend's birthday in 1974. I have always been amazed at the way you are able to put your feelings into words. It is a true gift.  Your musical talents are phenomenal, and I want to thank you for sharing them for these many years.  I was overwhelmed when I heard that you had prostate cancer and moved to let you know what you have meant to my life.  I send my prayers and good thoughts your way.  It takes great strength and support to face cancer. I know that you have both on your side.  Bless you ~ Leslie Williams, Winterville, NC


 Dan, Your music has made me a better person since I started listening to you in 1974.  I remember the first time I saw you solo at the University of Miami.  Two things stood out; the first was while you were singing "Looking For A Lady "  you made a tongue in cheek comment "not in this town."  That was pretty funny.  The second and most incredible one was when you were singing "There's a place in the world for a gambler".  You got to the final chorus of "Let it shine" and the sky had a thick over cast to say the least.  You asked the crowd to join in singing the chorus and no sooner you said "let's see if we can bring out the moon."  Well, I'll bet you know the rest of the story.  The moon was almost as beautiful as your concert.  You wrote a lot of songs that made me and millions feel better so why don't you simply write yourself a song that will make you stronger and make you want to hit the road again starting in Seattle!  Warmest regards ~ Peter Sullivan, Seattle, WA


 Dan, Thank you so much for your music over the years. Your music has always had a place in my heart and at times, in my soul. May your faith, family, friends, medical personnel and fans provide you comfort and strength during your illness. Thank you for being part of my life through your music. God is always with us; we just do not always recognize Him but he will give you and your family strength. ~ Randy Brantley


 Dan...a close college friend from the late 70's and I have been in contact over the years. I turned him on to your music and he learned a few tunes on his guitar for when he played on campus. It's funny...years later when we email one another now and then the line..."Qui pe dire le faux et le real..." opens our emails to one another. Just last year he beat early prostate cancer. Yesterday I went in for my PSA test because he was on my mind. I introduced you to my wife a couple years back when you played at The Warwick Musical Tent in Warwick RI. She wasn't impressed but what does she know! I had to share with her a big part of my days in college. My test results are due back in a few days. I wish you the best. Keep on playing!


 Hi Dan--I am another of your 40 something avid listeners. I always listen to your albums as summer ends and fall begins. Nether Lands takes me back to heading off to college. I blasted your albums throughout the freshman dorm and was constantly getting "written up."  I find it amazing that you have affected so many people so profoundly for so many years. ~ Diane


 Dan...Each of us has moments in our lives which we remember  with such clarity that even the slightest reminder sweeps us back to that  precise moment in time.  I remember where I was when Kennedy was  shot....when Challenger exploded....when Elvis and John Lennon died....and I  remember the exact moment that I heard "Longer" for the first time.  I was  parking my car outside a mall where I was going to buy new clothes for  school.  I remember sitting there....mesmerized.  I was brought to  tears.  It was truly the most beautiful song I had ever heard.  I was  hooked...and I listened to every DF recording I could find.  Over the years  I have collected many of them...including your anthology. There  are now many other songs that have come to mean as much to me...."Paris Nocturne", "Wysteria", "Old Tennessee", "Seeing You Again", "Since You've  Asked", "Heart Hotels", and "Same Old Lang Syne."  I have been lucky enough to see you in concert as well....The Amphitheater in Portsmouth  Va. The breeze from the water and beautiful music is another fond  memory.


I was so saddened a few years ago to hear of your illness.  I  pray for your well being and I wish  you and your family  well. Thank you for the music and the memories.  God Bless You ~ Donna Craft


 Dan & Jean, I just found your site. My wishes for a complete recovery. I have lit a candle in your name. Your music has inspired me for many years - thank you ~ Mary B


 Hi Dan, I just recently (today) read about your situation. I don't know your current status since your statement was from 2004, but I hope this finds you in good spirits and at peace. I have been a fan of yours since Home Free. I caught your solo show at a small theater in Houston back around '78 or '79 and then saw you with a band in the Chicago area a few years later. I used to play guitar and sing with other people in the late 70's through late 80's and we always played some of your songs. The music scene changed. Priorities changed. Commercial radio changed. Thank the Universe for XM Radio!! Exposure to quality music for fans and exposure for established artists changed. So I lost touch with a lot of the artists I used to listen to. My tastes and the music I created changed as well. But I still have a place in my heart for the musical pathways you created in there....and for you. So today, I decided to get on the 'Net and see what became of you. It's a bummer, Dan. I hope that you are getting all the care and comfort you can. I hope you are getting all the love back that you inspired in so many people. And I hope that you are able to remain strong and positive and can find some peace through all of this. May you get in touch with the purity of spirit that lies within you. You're still the man. Lots of love ~ Harry Woodum


 I am not sure what to write, especially after reading all of the marvelous thoughts coming from people who obviously care about you and your family very much.  You may count my wife, Ellen, and myself in that group. She introduced me to your music when we were dating in 1979-80 and our slow dance song at the Log Cabin at school was "Along the Road".  Of course we have gone to concerts and have all of your music - different albums mean so much to me at different times of the year.  Some of your music will grace our special 25th anniversary renewal of vows we did recently here in Vermont.  I want to echo Maria from WIndham Maine (my hometown) in our prayers for you and hope that you are finding more of the truth about life through this very trying time.God knows all you are going through and has a special plan and purpose for this. We pray you will find healing and increasing love daily. ~ Kevin, Randolph Center, Vermont


 I wish you the very best. Your music has been a big part of my life for 30 years.  After reading your home page, I made a Doctor's appointment. Continued success! ~ Brad Larson


 Dear Dan, While listening to Souvenirs, I write to send you Best Wishes. I first heard your music in the mid 70's and it brings back memories of a lot of  wild times, a lot of good times. I heard of your illness just as others  had, researching your music online and looking for a possible tour. Traveling across the country to Colorado in 1980 made me realize what a spectacular inspiration the Rockies must have been for you, as your songs were the perfect soundtrack for the visit. I also had the best time with the folks out there, no wonder why it's your home base. Here's wishing the best for you and a return to the magic of your music! Sincerely ~ Dave May


 Dan, Thinking of you and your thoughtful spirit. Hope all is well, pray for you often. ~ Kathy


 May you continue to grow stronger with each new day!  Your music is uplifting and through my life. May you and your family find peace and good health.  Peace ~ John


 Hi Dan,  I hope you are doing well & enjoying the beginning of Fall.  I've posted several messages to you in the past, but this one is more to others who are reading here. TO EVERYONE WHO CARES ABOUT DAN:  THERE IS SOMETHING YOU CAN DO TO BE OF HELP.  The Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) website sends out email updates, & 2 recent updates asked for help.  For the first time in 30 years, the federal government is planning budget cuts for cancer research, starting in October.  Established projects may be safe, but new ideas which could lead to a cure for prostate cancer could be cut. The lack of funds would have to be made up by organizations like PCF, which depend on donations.  From this "Good Wishes for Dan" page, you can follow links to send a pre-typed message to your congressmen, telling them to say "no" to budget cuts for cancer research.  It is easy & costs nothing, but must be done this month.  TAKE ACTION link.. Fill in your name & address, click "send now," & you have done something that could help Dan.  ~Charlene, OK


 Dan, You and your music were key to my teenage years. Thanks for everything up to now. I look forward to more in the future. Oh, and you've not only inspired me musically, but I will be having that exam you recommend in the next month. (I'm 49). Best of luck in the battle with your illness. Give it hell. ~ James Province, Culver City, CA


 My husband and I are natives of Peoria.  Cliff grew up on the “Bluff”, near Wisconsin, and he went to Woodruff, I went to Richwoods. Cliff remembers you, and more clearly, your brothers (he is your brothers age), I am yours. Cliff went into broadcasting, radio, TV, we’ve lived all over as al result. In more recent years (about 7-8 years ago) Cliff, myself, and our son (who is in broadcasting now), went to a live concert of yours in Tampa/St.Petersburg. You were wonderful, and we all remarked of how proud we were to have such a solid representation of Peoria, Illinois giving proper credit to our hometown. Over the years, being a devoted radio/TV wife, and mother, I have enjoyed listening to Cliff, and Jack play your music. Obviously, they too, have a strong appreciation of your music, and have represented their profession, and played your music quite a lot.  We all send you our most heartfelt prayers, and blessings to you.  Your music, and soul searching lyrics, tell a great deal of the person inside.  You will always shine!  God has smiled on you, and his grace has been extended to you– a long time ago.  “Many are called, but few are chosen”……reminds me, and assures us, that you’ll be just fine.  May God continue to bless you in all ways possible.


 Tears are streaming down my face as I sit here listening to "Leader of the Band".  I wish you nothing but good thoughts and healing for your health concern.  I don't know how I would have gotten through college without your music!  Seems like each song is speaking right to me, which shows how wonderful they are considering the millions of copies sold.  I saw you at Indiana University in I think '81 or '82, where you were billed as "Dan Fogelberg and His Acoustical Guitar", and it was outstanding.  I always think of my old college love when I hear "Same Old Lang Syne", and of another old flame for "Missing You", and of course had "Longer" played at my wedding.  Thank you for sharing your gift with so many; your music is truly inspiring.  Peace be with you ~ Tammy in Indiana.


 Dear Dan, I am very saddened to hear of your bout with cancer and I hope and pray for your recovery. I have been a fan of yours since I first heard Souvenirs and have followed your music since.  Your songs reflect life, love, and display a genuine sincerity not found in any music written today.  You are truly one of a kind. Thank you for enriching so many lives with your music and allowing us to share a small part of your world.  May God bless you always. Sincerely ~ David Alkire


 Needless to say I was shocked to learn of your advanced stage of prostate cancer.  I hope you are faring well.  I'm all over my 55-yr. old husband about his prostate health...he's another one for putting things off.  My heart goes out to you.  My memorable Dan Fogelberg concert was in (maybe) 1981 or so.  You played piano and guitar on the WSU campus, Pullman, WA.  I went by myself, having a small baby boy at home that Charlie, my husband, stayed home with.  I took my husband's Nikkon and sat about 50 feet from you.  I remember bluish light, and I was in heaven.  I quickly sent my film in and waited a long week for it to return.  I'll never forget how I felt when I saw those pictures--they would have been perfect had there not been two yellow streaks running right through your face, horizontally, the entire length of the print--the entire roll of film.  I actually cried, as none were salvageable.  I had so badly wanted to capture just a tiny piece of that magical night. I hope you are still making music that soothes your soul.  I hope for you long life, undying love, and peace within.  You are an earth angel to many uneasy souls.  Thanks for softening life's rough edges for me, way back when.  Hugs ~  Nancy


 Many years have passed since I first laid eyes on you but I still remember that black jeep truck, the blue jean jacket, the scraggly long hair and that worn hat.  Looking at you walking up to the backdoor of the lodge I had no idea you were famous nor did I really care. To me you were just another guy coming to the lodge for a week or two who I would have to clean up after. Needless to say I was not the most hospitable. Your ranch was under construction up the road so you were in and out dealing with that but there was an air about you, an aloneness.  One night you came in and our little group was sitting around with their guitars. You asked if you could play and if we would mind you singing a song. You said you had not yet released it so we would be the first to hear.  You sang "Leader of the Band" to this small group of strangers. There was no accompaniment, nothing but you and that guitar in a room of strangers. I don’t think I ever felt closer to anyone I didn’t know than I did that moment in time. It startled me. When you finished I had to leave to keep everyone from seeing how deeply the song had touched me.  I really regretted not getting to know you for you but I was just a simple worker at a lodge in Colorado.


For many years I have listened to your music and songs. Each time I listen I am taken back to that distant time, a time of youth and freedom.  A time when sitting by a blue-green lake under golden Aspens and blue skies filled with billowy white clouds made all time cease.  Thank you for giving so much of yourself for so many years to so many strangers.  Thank you for being a leader of many bands and giving voice to heart songs.  I am praying for your healing as a friend and brother yet known.  Though many years have passed, many more will come.  God has blessed you with wisdom of the heart, a soul touched by his creation -- able to string together thoughts and words that create pictures with sound. You are a blessing and your blessings are still yet to come. ~ Devonna


 Dan, I just finished playing on my acoustic your song "There's a Place in the World for a Gambler" when I got the inspiration to look up on Google to see if you were playing anywhere; maybe and hopefully nearby myself in Phoenix.  My search lead me to this site which gave me your update. In this song you wrote, "there's a light in the depths of your darkness". This is so true as life takes you deep in the depths at times and as you now may be reaching out for just that light to pull you up. I am very personally aware of cancer being that my father passed from lung cancer at the age of 52 and two years ago, two very close friends died from cancer as well. Dan, in my darkest hours, I reach up through faith for my light which is music and your music has been with me throughout the years. Being now in my 40's, I have played this particular song of inspiration over and over again all around the USA and even overseas  in Japan while I was in the service. The song has lifted me up many many times. I just wanted to thank you and remind you that "there's a calm at the eye of every storm". Get well soon and keep pickin'. ~ Owen


 Dear Dan - a friend asked me if I had heard about your illness.  I had not.  I immediately found your website and am writing to you to let you know that you will be in my thoughts and prayers.  I have a son-in-law who recently underwent a stem-cell transplant to arrest Hodgkin's-lymphoma, and I know, all too well, the pain, and anguish that comes from a devastating illness like cancer.  But, I also know, the joy and hope that can come from a loving and powerful God.  God bless you, Dan, and may we all receive good news from you through your website very soon. ~ Maria~ Windham, ME.


 My prayers and thoughts are with you daily and have been ever since I heard of your illness. I hope and pray that complete remission is imminent. I could say the usual -- I've seen you in concert at various times throughout my life and was enthralled each time. I own almost all of your cds. I am particularly fond of "To the Morning" and "Nether Lands".. But your music goes beyond human understanding and mere words on paper or via the internet just can't express it for me. The depth of meaning, the power of the music, the emotion, the ability your music has to bring healing and comfort to the bruised and broken is impossible to describe here in a forum like this. I hope and pray that the healing you have brought to wounded hearts like mine will be yours very soon. -- "A bruised reed He will not break and a dimly burning wick, He will not extinguish" (Isaiah 42:3 NASB).  ~ Megan


 Dear Dan and family,  My prayers are with you during what I know is a difficult and stressful time.  Thanks for sharing your craft with us, your fans!  My ultimate favorite is "Dancing Shoes"...ahhhh the memories! Praying that God will grant you healing.  ~ Carla, KY


 Dear Dan, I have loved your music since high school (I am now 45).  As a matter  of fact, "Longer" was my senior prom theme song.  I was surfing the web  today on my day off from work, looking for info on different interests and loves  that I have..and was saddened to hear of your struggle with cancer.  I just  wanted to convey a hug to you and your family..and let you know I said a prayer for your healing and continued strength in fighting this battle.  My  boyfriend who is also named Dan just had a lump detected in his private area and  is about to undergo an ultrasound.  Thanks to your website I will also let  him know about the blood test to detect prostate cancer. God Bless you. ~ Tisha Gutjahr, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida


 Dan - my husband and I fell in love the same time your recording of "Longer" was released and  your music has been in our hearts ever since. I have been through cancer (ovarian) and I can somewhat relate to what you are experiencing.  It's a very personal and at times demeaning struggle but with the help of a higher power and my family I made it through and you will too.  I can feel lots of great music coming from you because of this experience and I truly can't wait to hear it.  My husband and I send you and Jean all the good thoughts and strength that we have and most importantly our prayers.  Let us know through your web site how you are doing.  Keep your spirits up and know that you are truly loved by all of your fans. ~ Cathy M. Sarrocco


 Hi Dan Fogelberg, I just learned tonight after a search for some of your lyrics that you haven't been well, and am not finding any evidence of things turning around for you yet. How are you feeling? Much better, I so hope.


You wouldn't know me but I have been listening to your music since I was in high school (mid 70's) and played 3 of your record albums of that time over and over until I could finally put them on cassette tapes and not beat them up any more under the needle of my old turntable (I still have them). When I was still in the midst of a pretty difficult (aren't they all?) teen-age, your music ranked right up with CSNY and Jackson Browne's as one of my trio of musical sources of comfort and inspiration. I admired you for never holding back, and speaking about yourself through your music just as personally as anyone dared. And when I picked up the guitar too as a mid-teen and was choosing musical heroes to imitate I learned some of your songs among the first, just because I loved them so much.


And my appreciation for Dan Fogelberg lives on, and on. What a gift you have. You have become too, in your own right, the "legacy" that you most humbly wrote about admiring in your predecessor. What can I say to you to inspire you to keep fighting, if you are still sick? What could ever be as encouraging as your words to everyone listening when you sang "Love when you can. Cry when you have to. Be who you must, it's a part of the plan?" Knowing you as little as I do I think I may know enough to try, in my own humble way, to encourage you to keep close and continue to find strength in the parts of your life which have guided you thus far.  Your loves: Your woman and family.Your friends.  The sea. The new musical story that you must hear but which hasn't been told yet.... You still have so much to say. Your Friend ~ Mark

 Dan: Stopped by your web site today to check in and see when your next tour was going to be. I was floored to learn that you are in a battle with prostate cancer. Your music has touched my life in many ways - I am sitting here listening to "There is a Place in the World for a Gambler" as I write this. Thank you for sharing your music with us over the years. I've had the privilege to see you in concert here in the Cleveland area several times, and completely enjoyed all of them. I have heard that you were paired up with a local Cleveland guy, Michael Stanley, years ago. Wish I could have seen the two of you together back then. I'll always remember the release of The Innocent Age, as that coincided with my freshman year at college.


My dad did battle with the same enemy you have right now, and so far, he has been free from any recurrence for over five years. I wish you every bit of strength in your fight, and will ask God for his help in finding a way to cure you as well. In addition, I wish your wife and family the strength to stand by your side to help you win this fight. Thank you again for the wonderful music over all the years. It has helped provide a soundtrack for my life. ~ Scott


 Dear Dan, Other than hearing your hits on the radio, I didn't really become familiar with your music, heart, and spirit, until stationed in Australia with the US Navy in 1982.  A friend there allowed me to tape his vinyl of "The Innocent Age".  Since then, "Leader Of The Band" and "Same Old Lang Syne" always touch me quite deeply.  I met my wife in 1983, and we wed in 1985. We moved to the Denver Metro area in 1994, and when she requested "The Wild Places" I had the good sense to honor that request, when "Forefathers" became yet another very moving and important song to me.  We saw you on your "Solo Acoustic Tour" at Red Rocks on July 25, 1997. Unbelievably moving - THANK YOU!  Like some of the others whose messages I've read, I, too, enjoy playing your songs.  I pray for your strength and return to good health, as Jean and you face your fight.  You are a shining light and a beacon of hope in a troubled world. God bless you. With Love and Warmest Wishes ~ Randy Aykroyd, Centennial, CO.


 Dear, Dan & Jean - My thoughts & prayers are with you & your family. Dan, I have your CD. It's wonderful. I'm a huge fan of yours! My prayer for you is that you continue to keep your beautiful smile.  I will keep praying for you & your family that Our Lord & Savior will continue to give you the strength. Love & Prayers always~ Rachel


 I just heard. You and your family will be in my prayers. Thank you for all you've given us...all you've given ME.


 Just checking to see if there were any updates on how you are doing, Dan.   Just thinking of you, wishing you good things and hoping you are feeling well.  Keep fighting!!! ~ Dayna


 I hope each day is a blessed one.  What does it take for all of us to live that way? Your music is an incredible gift.  I performed one of your songs last night. Peace ~ Phil Round


 Dan, To put it simply, yours is the most gorgeous voice I have ever heard in all my life. As a singer and musician myself, I have been constantly moved, touched, and inspired by your songs. The voice that you have been blessed with staggers me with its beauty. I saw you in Maine in concert one summer, an all acoustic show. I was absolutely blown away.  You need no back-up, the majesty of your voice held me captive, almost motionless, the entire time. I sang along with you and felt that this was indeed one of the absolute peak moments of my life. Blessings, love and light to you and your family. May you recover fully and share many more years with those you love and who love you. With endless gratitude ~ Iliana


 Dear Dan, I have loved your music throughout my life.  I thank you for your words that have lifted my heart and strengthened my mind.  I pray for you through this difficult time and wish you a speedy recovery. ~ Cheryl LaForest


 Dear Dan: I was glued to every record of yours,especially Nether Lands and Captured Angel.  We are pulling for you like you cannot imagine.  I wish you a full and complete recovery and all the happiness in the world.  You should be damn proud of what you have done up to this point in your life. ~ Russ


 Dan:  Here I am in a cubicle in Minneapolis with your "Home Free" CD playing in my ear.  I've known these tunes by heart for 30 years.  I've depended on the salve of your music since I was 16 and in love-and subsequently heartbroken.  Your melodies and lyrics have been so much a part of my life that they're part of my personality.  They are laced among the memories.  And I thank you for enriching my life.  May your recovery be swift and sure.  ~ Susan McKibbon, Minneapolis, MN


 Musically, you've been a part of my life since high school. Like an old, dear friend, my prayers and good wishes are with you and your family. ~ Carol Burns


 Dan, As with many of your fans, I first heard your music while in High School in San Juan Puerto Rico.  My family moved there while I was a senior in high school (February of my graduating year).  The move was not the easiest for me however it was on that tiny island in the Caribbean that a friend of mine introduced me to your music. Years passed, yet your songs always helped me feel at home.  Living overseas as an American is eye opening, as you know from your travels.  There are things which link you to familiar faces and places.  For me, it's been your music.  On web sites for my various schools, your music is mentioned as something we all enjoyed.  When I was in Brasil two years ago I was playing your music as I exercised in the gym.  One of the hotel workers came by and instantly recognized your work.  He said, in Portuguese, "Dan Fogelberg, he is very good".  Simple and true.Now grown, with children moving on, we share your songs.  They link us as a family.  For that, and all that you have done, I am thankful.


Jean, You must be a wonderful woman to have captured Dan's heart.  My prayer is that you two enjoy each day as it is given.  If it is not too much to ask, please keep us posted on Dan's progress as you see fit.  With respect ~ Tom


 To Dan Fogelberg and family: I have just recently learned of your illness. Prayers go out to you and your family for a quick recovery.  Your music will live on into eternity.  I wish you well. (Love all your musical abilities and talents). Stay strong and live well and listen much. ~ Teresa Cooper


 Dear Dan and Family,  I've listened to your music since the 70's and after reading your biography found we're two years apart in age. My thoughts and prayers are with you always. Your music has touched me so very much.  Whenever I'm lonely or sad your songs always make me feel better.  God Bless you. I think of you often. ~ Kathryn Voltz-McLain, R.N.


 Dear Dan, I was listening to "Part of the Plan" tonight really loud and my 16 year old son came out and looked at me like I was crazy. It took me back in time and I got that same rush from the song and the words and how the music just carries you away. You are just so talented and it is an incredible gift to all of us. I too was so disturbed to hear of your health issues. I am praying right now that you will feel God's Love around you every minute. Please know that you are loved. Your music gives me hope and touches me in ways I can never get to intellectually. God Bless you and your family. Please send new word on how you are doing. ~ Barbara Rouse, Charlotte, NC


 Dan, I have written before and continue to pray you are improving. I had a hard day today, I was reminded again of your thought let faith be your strength and love be your guiding star. Every now and then I get criticized for being an upbeat positive person. Your music got me through some hard years and I am happily married to the love of my life for 29 years. Last year I fell and had a serious injury. I am fully recovered. Strangely enough, others who have never been grateful or happy, are even more surprised I have been healed and am even more happy.  I have to always prayer for patience with those who do not know love and strength as you. I like what Ghandi wrote, When we are busy  loving, we do not have time to judge. I live by that. Like you I love and am grateful for all I have.  God bless you, please know you saved my life with 

your music in the 70's before I found my wonderful husband, and then we dated to it.  With love and gratitude ~ J


 I just took action and emailed all my representatives to stop budget cuts on cancer research.  I continue to pray for your full recovery and will do all I can in the arenas that are important - hence, research and cures.  Thank you for your music, your poetry and we light a candle for you every 48 hours.  Your music touched my heart since the  70s and have every one of them.  I cherish all of them thank you for all your music and we all hope you get well perfectly well and yes, we all wish you could return to the concert scene, for us, but if it would be detrimental to your long-term health then of course we hope you do not do that.  Be well and we continue to pray for you.


 Dear Dan,  Looking at your biography I didn't realized until now that you were born in Peoria, IL. I was born in a small town 70 miles south of Macomb, IL and went to school at Western Illinois University. I first heard your Souvenirs album in college and have been a fan of yours since then. My prayers are with you and your family.  God bless you! ~ Karen Birch - Griggsville, IL


 Dan, I cannot tell you convincingly enough what your music has meant to me over the years. I was first turned on to you in college (1974) and saw you open for the Eagles on the campus of the University of Cincinnati. Being a fan of Joe Walsh, I was intrigued by your style and voice, moved by your guitar and this concert was an epiphany for me. I sincerely hope you are recovering, in remission and on the road to good health. Please take care of yourself, heal and find some way to share your experiences and/or life story for those of us who truly wish to know you as a person, in addition to an amazing artist. Warmly ~ Mike Summers, Lancaster, Ohio


 My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I was at your concert in Peoria, when the news came on you winning, I think it was best new recording star. The group I was with were proud and happy for you. It was like a family member winning an award. I hope in the future you will receive good news like this. God be with you. ~ Jim Hofer


 Dear Dan, I just wanted you to know that you are in my prayers and thoughts. I just learned of your diagnosis. Fortunately, the big C word has come a long way in the area of treatment, so I know it's not the death sentence that it used to be. I have every confidence that you will be like the phoenix in your song and rise above this. Sincerely ~ Rita McAfee


 I miss you, Dan.  I'm 47 (crazy) and started listening to you when I was 16.  My father had a recording studio in the SF Bay Area and I begged him to invite you to record there so that I could meet you....I was convinced you knew my heart.  I would go into my father's studio and put the head phones on and listen to your albums over and over again. Captured Angel was the first album I bought.  I have continued to be a true blue fan through out the years.  In fact, everytime I have seen you in concert (Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA my favorite) I have felt like you should wave to me because surely you know who I am (wishful thinking of course). When I die, people will say..."she loved Dan Fogelberg"...and I do.  It's easy to love someone who has touched your soul with art, words, passion.  My son is now a "rock star" in SF and every once in awhile his band will do a country rock kind of piece....I just know that all of that Dan Fogelberg music I played rubbed off on him somehow.  I love ya Dan and I feel like you are part of my family.  I'm praying that God's Perfect Will continue to bless you in this life and the life He has prepared for you in the future.  Definitely your biggest fan (at least I thought so until I read this blog...everyone loves you!) ~ Rochelle from Cali


 I wrestled with your talent and music for many years. As a talented singer-songwriter who after many years of trying I never got a break in the music industry  I was jealous of your success for a long time. About 5 years ago I had a powerful spiritual experience in mountains outside of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Meditating in a valley a wonderful sense of oneness drenched me to my very core, I found true peace that I never knew existed before. I  realized then it's not who you are in life but how you live life day to day. I learned what your music really speaks of Dan: "humility". I know now that even though I will never be a star like you what's more important is having gratitude for the life I've been given. Your songs have taken on new meaning through out  the years, echoing my personal and spiritual growth. My wife and daughter become the fountain by which I drink to enliven my passions. I see them joining with yours in their faith and hope strong for your recovery. Dan if ever there was a need for a miracle it is now. This is our prayer. That God with his divine intervention find you the healing grace to burn the cancer out of you. We ask this in Jesus  name, amen. ~ John Seitz, Chicago


 Dan, I have been a fan of yours forever, and now that my children are grown, my husband was going to take me to one of your concerts.  When I found out about your cancer, my first thought was for your well being, and it continues to be so.  I have been checking the website for years, and this is the first I have decided to write to you. For selfish reasons of my own, I hope you return to the stage. More importantly, I pray for your continued recovery and want to tell you I have had health problems of my own.  What has helped me is my faith, and I have chosen to look at what I HAVE and not what I don't have. It really is as simple as that. Blessings and hugs, Dan ~ Debi


 Dear Dan: Gosh ~ I 've never written any fan mail before in my life ~ but I "grew up" on you ! "Grow up" meaning most of my adult "growth" years were spent enjoying your music. You have been a part of my life  for so many years. . I have attended many of your concerts, and listened for many hours to your music, loving your gift of words, music and appreciating your appreciation and longing for love. How I loved listening to your heart in the songs you wrote. Feeling as though I "knew" you in some strange way.  I went to your website  tonight  after listening to your CD  which I hadn't heard in "many moons." I was shocked to hear of your plight. . I'm so very sorry, I'm 3 years late. May you be well and recover.May strength, peace and comfort fill you and your wife. May blessings follow after you and lead your way in every way. I have loved you and so loved your gift of words and music. Peace, well being, long life and health be yours and your wife ~ Nancy Cooper


OK Dan--- We're missing you out here.  Wouldn't be sitting in front of a computer to draft what could be deemed silliness; writing a letter to such an amazing talent such as yourself, but the 'net has nothing new about you.   Since a kid in '72 I was captivated by your writing, your playing----song after song it captured the thoughts and emotions of my own heart in those years so crucial to a young person's success.  No doubt you've heard it be-zillions of times that "you saved my life" as a teenager.  You certainly did mine.  " Part of the Plan", "Below the Surface", "Looking for a Lady"-- the page isn't long enough.  "The Lion's Share" was the first song that popped in to my crying mind when my dear mother died in 1998.  You've just been there. I can only imagine where you are with such a horrible brush with cancer and I pray you are well.   At 44 now, I heard for the first time the word "cancer" regarding my own health.  And also that of my youngest sister.  We're lucky. We're also like you; scared, encouraged, brave, contemplative, angry, hopeful.......all of those emotions that you so strongly stirred in your writing.


Bless you and your family at this time.  I listen to your legacy very often, and hope that you will be well enough physically and emotionally to spend some time with those of us whom your talents changed and positively impacted........forever.  What a tremendous legacy at that. Blessings ~ Sarah Jean Adams


 Dear Dan, I pray God keeps you safe.  My family are all affected by your wonderful music.  In fact I listen to it each morning before work. God bless you. ~ Constance


 Your music has gotten me through some very rough times in my  life now, with you going through this, I wish I could return the favor. I have  been a life long fan and listen to your music daily. Thanks for ALL you have  done to make this world a brighter place.  Peace. ~ Denise


 Hi Dan. Thinking of you & Jean and hoping you are comfortable and at peace. Love ~ Celeste Miller, St. Petersburg, FL


 Hi Dan, I have just spent the most amazing half hour listening to snippets of your beautiful voice and music - transporting me back to a time when I was young in the mid 1980's and bought a copy of "Windows and Walls". I loved that album so much and its poetic resonance still holds strong to my memories today. I am very sorry to hear that you have been so ill, and my prayer is that you find joy and laughter in your memories of the past, hope and peace in the present, and renewed strength and good health in the future. Somewhere there is a light shining. Love ~ Debbie (N. Ireland.)


 Dan and Jean- Our family wishes you the best and pray for a speedy recovery.  My wife (Lisa) and I have followed you for many, many  years. Dan, I want you to know that we are a happily married couple, but there is one issue:  My wife is the most loyal woman that you'd  ever know, but if you came knocking at our door, I think that she'd be a memory  to me!  You are by all means, her favorite! You always have been. I'm not good at writing letters, but I hope that this one gets to  you...  May God bless you and you are in our  prayers... ~ Kirk Sutton


 Was just surfing, looking for a "blast from the past"and found your site. Was reminiscing about favorite 1970's concerts that I had been to in Jackson, Mississippi (obviously, you were 1st on the list).  May I just say that you are as good looking as you ever were back then!....Jean (very lucky lady) takes some great pictures of you. My husband has made it through the ordeal of having the same type of cancer as Lance Armstrong.  My prayers and good thoughts are certainly with you and Jean.  Continue to LIVE STRONG! Love and big hugs to you both. ~ Anne in Mississippi


 Boy, Dan, it's a wonder any of us are still here after the 70's but we're here, a little worse from wear. As I lit a candle, I thought of all the times I have listened to your music throughout my life to help get me through a lost love or just to make me feel better. I wish there was something I could do to get you through this but I have no magic pills that will help. But with the combined effort of all those souls that love you, maybe out spirits will guide you to be at peace and beat this foe in your life. Thanks for all you have done. Bless you and yours. A forever fan ~ William H. Turnbough


 DF, you are the one thing that kept me moving forward and functioning in the '80's.   I was at Texas Tech, trying to extricate my self from the on going war in my family.  They lived a life of violence.  Your music was introduced to me by Lubbock musicians.  Friends who turned me on to Batdorf and Rodney, Willis Alan Ramsey and you.  During that time I fell in love with the hope in your music. I just recently downloaded some from itunes.  I have been thinking about you a lot lately. All of my albums are in the attic. It has been years since I have listened to you,  only catching glimpses of your work on the radio occasionally. Thank you Dan for reminding me about the romance of life.  That untouchable, unknown,  excitement.  Like seeing some one across the room that you can't keep your eyes off of...that time before they speak and ruin the illusion.  Thunderstruck by the possibility of it all. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Dan! ~-samantha


 Mr. Fogelberg -Others have spoken more eloquently than I can in regards to your ongoing fight. Your music has been a touchstone I have used for 30 years whenever I needed some healing. You are an inspiration to millions of musicians and songwriters around the world. For every message you receive, there are countless hundred others pulling for you silently. You are one of the world's few free spirits. Use that energy in your struggle. I truly wish you the best, and hope that the mountain wind fills your lungs, my friend.  ~ Carl from Hebron, Ohio


 Dan, I was very saddened to hear of the news of your illness. I am positive you will win and continue to make beautiful music. I saw you in concert some  years ago at Red Rocks and I remember it being a pleasant evening with a thunderstorm in the distance. Your music is so meaningful and has stayed with me throughout the years. You have inspired me and many others to be proactive with our health. Thank-you. ~ Rachel


 Dan, I just wanted to tell you that I miss you and I hope you are doing good. Take care and God bless you and your family. ~ Alan


 Two weeks ago today I underwent a non-nerve sparing radical prostatectomy with an 80 percent chance that my cancer had spread. I was lucky, among the twenty percent and my oncologist/urologist says that I will not require further treatment. During the four weeks between discovering that I had prostate cancer and the surgery my life and everyone in it seemed clearer and more precious than ever in my life, as if someone had cleaned the windshield on everything I saw.


I bought your first album while in college and those that followed. My wish for you is that each day is clear and full of smiles. You will be in my thoughts and prayers to beat this in the end. ~ Lane Kidd


 Dear Dan, You are in our prayers, as we too are battling prostate cancer on both sides of my family, including my Grandfather (Mom's side), several uncles (both sides) and now, my father. Your "sermon" hit home with me, especially considering my family history with the disease. Although I work hard to stay in good health, next year I'll be 47 and the odds of me (and my brothers) contracting the disease increase with every passing year. One of my younger brothers is a cancer surgeon in York, PA. He too reminds us of the risks. Thank you for so many incredible songs over the years. You inspired me (almost 30 years ago) to play guitar and compose, record, and perform my own songs. God bless and get well soon. ~ George Johnson, Mechanicsburg, PA 


 Dan, I want you to know that unbelievably I am a *new* fan and I just bought my  first cd by you.  I purchased the Captured Angel/Nether Lands set a few days ago.  Actually when I was a kid I didn't  much care for your music. :)  I am 47 years young now and much more open  minded and have much more eclectic and wide spread taste in music.  I was  reading an interview with Mark Kozelek  from The Red House Painters/Sun Kil  Moon.  I knew that he was a big John Denver fan but he was talking about  how influenced he was by a fella named Dan Fogelberg.  I immediately knew  that I had missed the point, message and atmosphere of your music and decided to  purchase this cd.  Now I am completely smitten with your music and plan to buy your whole collection.  Better late than never huh Dan? I read  that you are battling with prostate cancer.  I was deeply saddened to hear  this and I am now sending you out my very best wishes, prayers, good vibes and  love. Bless You Dan ~ Michael Barone


 Hello Dan, it was  anxious news to hear that you've been ill, and I sure hope for the best for you.  Just the other day I as looking up lyrics for "Go Down Easy" - because it's that time of year, hard to lose a lover in the early part of autumn. Wanted to tell you that I was at UI  back in the old days and heard you at the Red Herring, at what might have been one of your first open stage nights.  A lot is lost in the mists of time and recreational drugs - but I think it was cold - winter of '68?  First up was a girl with a thin little voice - polite applause - then it was your turn.  And boy, you blew that room away!  I've never seen anything like it.  Thanks for so many years of great music, which is still the sound track of my life.  All good thoughts ~ JLT


 Dan, Because you highly recommend these prostate tests yearly I'm going to not play around here. Life's too precious to fool with. Your thoughts, songs and daily fight give me courage to do the next right thing. I do wish you the best. ~ Mark S.


 Dan, I can't begin to tell you how your music affects me.  You put so much emotion into your music!  I pray that soon you will be back to making much more beautiful music.  God speed... ~ Jane-Pittsburgh, PA


 Dan, Big prayers are with you and Jean. I was so sad to read about your illness. Your music means so much and is such a part of my life experiences. Your songs take me vividly back to college in the winter of 1975. As I watched the snow quietly fall outside my window, I played Souvenirs over and over and it always kept me warm. It was the best music to dream by...I can't even count how many relationships I listened to "The Long Way" (way too many long ones :-) but it was always therapeutic. I could listen to "Changing Horses" forever. In 2007 I am still playing your music and finding nostalgic comfort in your voice. Thank you for sharing your soulful gift of music with so many. I wish you comfort, warmth and peace during this challenging time and pray that you will heal. ~ Nancy Lattanzi • New York City


 Hi: I recently have been re-introduced to your music after I downloaded a song that affected me at the age of 12 back in the mid-70's.  My husband and I were talking about songs from the past I remembered your name but not my favourite song by you.  It was almost like John read my mind and before I knew it he was playing "Same Old Lang Syne"  before I knew it I was crying. There is something about that song that hits my "soul".  Since then I've purchased as many of your albums that I can find.  You are a lost art and I am making up for the years that I missed out on knowing your music.  My tastes have varied through my 20's and 30's but now in my 40's I'm back to listening to classic songwriting and true music that have "soul and meaning".  Thank you for coming back into my life. Wishing you and your family all the best. ~ Paulette Furey


 Mr. Fogelberg, Where to begin? I'm very sorry to hear about your battle with Advanced Prostate Cancer. I think about you often and hope that you are able to beat it. I first began listening to your incredible music in the 70's with Souvenirs. The wonderful blend of rhythms, harmonies & lyrics are outstanding. Although I have always enjoyed music, I never really played an instrument (clarinet briefly in grade school). Your music, along with other artists, inspired me, and at the age of 45, I bought a guitar. Slowly, but surely, over the last 5 years, I have improved and enjoy playing a selection of your music. As I am about to turn 50, I have taken your advice to heart and scheduled a physical exam with DRE & PSA screening, as a birthday "gift" to myself. Your music and personal battle have been an inspiration. Thank you. ~ Rich Graham, Twining, MI


 Hi Dan, Thank you for all you inspirational and heartfelt music. A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She caught it early and is putting up a strong fight. From her experience and your recommendation, I scheduled my DRE and Sigmoid Scope. All is clear. You are in my prayers. ~ Tony


 Hi Dan- I live in Africa and am in the wilderness most of the time, without access to e-mail or computers. I only recently found out about your illness and wanted to send my thoughts and prayers to you.


You, through your beautiful music, have been an incredible blessing in and influence on my life and the person that I am today. I am 34 and my father was a huge fan of yours and played your music in the house from before I was born. I feel so privileged to say that I grew up listening to your music and I love it more and more every time I listen to it. I find that all my favourite songs speak differently to me as I go through different aspects of my life and I continue to draw inspiration from your music in so many aspects of what I do. When posted to a remote part of the Serengeti in Tanzania for a year and living in a tent, I had very little with me in the way of creature comforts as space was very limited. I did however make space for a small cd player and five cd's. Four of those cd's were yours and I was very soon regretting that I had not brought my whole "Dan Collection" with me. Your music has seen me through so many events and situations in my life. It lifts me up when I am down, calms me when I am strung tight, brings peace and serenity when I need it and helps me to think about the important questions in life. It truly inspires me so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for your exquisite music. I am now expecting my first baby and I have been putting earphones on my pregnant belly and playing your music to my unborn son. Yours was the first music that he has heard and he hears it in my womb every day. Dan, my thoughts and prayers are with you and will be with you every day. Thanks for the poetry, the stories and the hauntingly beautiful music. May it keep coming for years to come. Be strong and may all the blessings of Mother Nature be with you as you fight this. ~ Maxine


 Hey, man, I stumbled on your website today and I want to thank you for your talent and the love you have shared with the world through your lyrics and your voice. In my days as a lounge lizard in Alaska, I often invoked your talent, poorly mirroring it with my own slight skills. "It's going to be a day..." Love from Nashville, Tennessee, where I came to leave behind my singing and raise a family and teach little kids. You have brought peace, beauty, and hope to thousands of your fellow human beings, friend. How many of us can claim that as we look back at the paths we chose? Good for you! Love to you and to yours ~ Scott


 Dan, it's impossible for me to describe how important your music has been to me throughout my adult life, from college through to this day. Living in Colorado, your music has always touched my soul, with High Country Snows, Nether Lands and The Wild Places especially evoking strong emotional ties to the natural beauty and life-giving importance of our land. And Exiles paralleled my own life as I went through a divorce with my first wife just before it was released.  All this is to say that you have played an important role in my own life, and I know many others feel similarly.  My thoughts and prayers are with you as you face this new challenge within your life.  I think I can safely say that you have an extended family of fans and friends who want to see this through with you. And when you are healthy, and wanting to play for us your fans again, we will still be here.  In the meantime, thank you for all the many songs and memories you have given us... and focus your energy on beating this cancer and getting healthy again.  ~ C. Gary Rupp

 Mr. Fogelberg, God I hope you are doing well - life changes with such speed, and it's so hard to recover sometimes. During these challenging times in ALL of our lives it gives me great comfort listening to your songs. Thanks my man!! ~ Gary B


 Dearest Dan & Jean, Happy Autumn!!  Continued love & prayers for healing. Your "friends" from Connellsville, PA ~ John & Lisa Andursky


 Dan, Saw Babyface Edmonds' concert with Trisha Yearwood yesterday and you, of course, were mentioned as one of the creators of the great music that has influenced Kenny. What I would give to see you create and sing more music! I would still love to know the story behind my favorite song, "Believe In Me."  May God hold you in the palm of His hand. ~ Jan in Dallas


 Hi Dan, Just this evening I read about your illness. I am shocked as it made me realize that time moves on so fast! I have lovely memories of  "The Innocent Age" album, particularly "Hard To Say" & "Same Old Lang Syne". Hope you are feeling well and that you make a full recovery. It must be a fantastic feeling knowing how much you are respected all over the world...what a beautiful clear voice you possess. I stumbled onto your music by virtue of listening to Joe Walsh, The Eagles , James Taylor etc. I Have really great taste in music don't I? See ya ~ Michael in Ireland


 Hope you are doing ok right now. Your songs are always in my spirit.


 Dan & Jean, Dan, at 52, I am nearly a lifelong fan of your music, hearing your release of, "Part of the Plan," in the bush near the Cambodian border, and then seeing you perform your spiritually moving music indoors, due to rain, in  Hawaii, circa, 1976. I enjoyed your conversation with the audience, as it seemed to  enhance your amazing performance.


Then, in 1990, you were in Dayton, Ohio. An obvious Cincinnati Reds fan had a transistor radio on, during the World  Series, and while I couldn't hear it, you certainly did by asking, between  songs, "What's the score of the game?" This brought a mild chuckle from the  audience, as, I believe, you asked the person to keep you updated.


As a cancer survivor, I can only say the same as any person who has or hasn't been ill with cancer: Please listen to Jean, and don't miss a treatment, no matter how badly you feel. I'm sure her love for you, as well as what love, we as fans, can  send to you, spiritually, will hopefully, be of some sort of  comfort. Jean, this has to be so very hard on you also. My prayers are with both of you daily, with hope that some good  news will be coming soon. Of course, the new CD is beautiful, and as is the case with each CD  release, I am left yearning for more. The glass is always half-full, and in your case, I pray for both of  you, that the water will continue to get deeper. Sincerely ~ Ross


 I would like very much to thank you for the music, Dan. Unknown to you, you have been a part of my life for 35 years now. Like a brother you have sent me messages of love, hope and life through your songs. And now a little message to you from me.... your light shines in me and all of your fans, and we send you the healing warmth from this light through every thought, every meditation, every prayer we have for you and I wish so sincerely that the glow is with us all for many many years. Love and peace to you and thanks again Dan Fogelberg.. you are in my prayers. ~Randall Owen, in Brynna, South Wales, UK


 Dan and Jean, The courage to create enduring relationships requires the sharing of one's soul.  This is the greatest challenge and the greatest gift.  Thank you for allowing so many people into your life through your music.  Life is indeed the path rather than the goal, as your songs have so eloquently demonstrated for decades.   You will deservedly never walk it alone, for your sharing earns you the thanks and love of so very many.  For every one of us who express our thanks, know that there are dozens more who feel the same and have not yet found the courage or perhaps yet discovered the means. Get well and find strength in knowing you have helped many find the means to express love. ~ Steve Fullmer


 Dan: I live in Charlotte, NC.  Every time I hear the opening bars of "Same Old Lang Syne", I start missing playing my favorite record album of yours.  Even if your life isn't going the way you had planned, how great it must be to know your voice is out here for all eternity.  I am 56, and my daughter (who is now 35) used to love to sing along with "Run for the Roses" when she was a young girl.  She loved the lines "Born in the valley and raised in the trees of Western Kentucky on wobbly knees, with momma beside you to help you along, you'll soon be-a-growing up strong". And who can forget "Leader of the Band?"  I played clarinet in my school band for five years and was really touched by that song.  Just know that there are so many of us all over the country who still sing along with your songs and miss hearing your voice more often.  Take care and I hope you beat this cancer.  And, yes, I will insist that my husband have a checkup. I will pray for you and yours. ~ Kathy Fain


 Dear Dan, You were brought to my mind today and I would like to send you my best wishes and to let you know I'm praying for you. May God grant you His Peace and full Restoration of your health. Like everyone else has said, your music has been a very special part of my life for a very long time. Your words are always an inspiration and your music is a gift to the soul. That's your living legacy! My teenage daughter and walk for cancer research every year here in Phoenix (since she was five). We wish you a return to good health, and all the very best of love to you and your family! God Bless! ~ Elley in Arizona.


 Mr. Fogelberg, I have loved your music for as long as I can remember.  I pray God's choice blessings on your life.  I encourage you to stay encouraged and keep the beautiful music in your heart.  I've appreciated your voice through the years --writing exactly what I was thinking or needed to hear. God Bless you ~ Demetria Dixon


 Reading the posts on this site, it's easy to see that you are so very loved.  I, as many others, came of age listening to your music.  It is forever a part of us - it shaped us into who we are now.  The gift you've given to all of us is so very incredible. You'll never know what it has meant and still means to each one of us.  You've placed a piece of you into each of our hearts.  You are a part of us.  We carry your energy.   Thank you.  Healing energy surrounds you.~ Darcy Rose in Arizona


 Dear Dan, I just now found out you were ill. I hope you are doing well. I have a few funny stories about my family and the search to meet you. About 30+ years ago my sister Melanie and her husband were in Colorado looking for you and never found you. I couldn't tell you how many concerts we attended from D.C to Newport News Va. 14 years ago you played in Richmond Va and my sister and I  followed you to the airport. We drove past the fence where your limo was and security said they were going to arrest us but we didn't care we were going to meet you. You stepped our of you limo and we were so excited. It was a dream come true. We went inside the private airport and someone was nice enough to take  our picture with you. At that time we were in our 30's and we felt like teens again. We will never forget that night. Your music touched our hearts for the last 30+ years as it has for so many people. I still remember all the words to your songs and always will. You are in our prayers and I will wait for emails with updates on how you are doing. Much love ~ Stacey McCann

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